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Got really set back on this one so I only have like 5 pages of material, which means you guys are going to have to put up with me going REALLY SLOW after an early point. That said, I'm prepared to go all goddamn night if I have to, as this is one of the more...tense stories from our Shadowrun campaign. I hope that you enjoy it!

As per the usual, previous threads except 3 are here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?searchall=shadowrun+storytime
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Rotten pizza.


Was that…

Was that spunk?

Geppetto awoke to a cavalcade of smells. He could feel something squishing against his eyes and mouth, so he deigned to open neither. Instead he slowly, ever so slowly lifted himself, hearing the clatter of bottles, cans, and other assorted detritus as he sat up in his dumpster. It was late in the morning, and even with his Health focus activated and minimal sunlight trickling down into the alleyway, he was rocking a killer sunburn. Something cool that smelled like shit oozed against his cheek, and he was alternately thankful of and hateful for its presence.

Dervish leaned over the edge of the dumpster, his wide nose wrinkled in disgust. He had changed out of his suit into his motorcycle leathers and bandana, and aside from a few cuts and scrapes was not looking particularly worse for wear.

“Morning, babyface. I’ve been looking all over for you.”
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There I was.. ready to go to bed!

Not no longer.
>I am monitoring this thread
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Geppetto squinted up at the street sammy, before surveying himself. His brand new white designer suit was ruined forever. Brilliant.

“Dervish. What the fuck happened?”

“You tried to speedball human blood, novacoke, and jazz, vomited blood all over some Aztec corper, and then you passed out and Adversary started some shit. The bouncers left you out here when they were done trashing you. Lucky banshees regenerate, or otherwise you’d still be out three teeth.”

“Fan-fucking-tastic, Dervish. Good to hear you had my back. Where are Wildcard and Bend?”

“Wildcard chipped an unfiltered personafix and is currently applying bandages from the first aid kit in his car after a little stint swinging a dislodged bathroom pipe around, thinking it was a sword.”
File: 1343532611651.png-(1.31 MB, 1200x675, renrakuarcology.png)
1.31 MB

Geppetto stood and brushed himself off, a completely futile gesture. Resigned, he began summoning a water spirit as he stumbled over the lip of the dumpster, hitting the ground hard with his shoulder.

“Oof! What about Bend?”

“Neurotically calling up his girlfriend about a whoring binge last night and telling her that he wants to go steady.”

Geppetto glared at Dervish as a horrible tenacled monstrosity emerged from the shadows of the alleyway and began hosing him down.

“I notice you haven’t stopped smiling throughout this whole update.”

“I guess it’s just really funny seeing you three cut loose for once. Now let’s get to the bar to start planning this Universal Omnitech thing.”

“Can we stop at my apartment first? I smell like a parking garage in Redmond.”
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The team sat at a reserved table at the Faulty Bar, their usual spot. Brianna McReary had a few more running teams and independents contracting for her now, and combined with local traffic the joint wasn’t quite as empty as it had been. The bartender/backup fixer, Abe Heep, was having a loud conversation about guns with a group of street hoods who seemed to just be getting into the game. A large cybered-up troll guzzled hurlg while what was obviously his running team—a slim, dignified-looking human, a dwarf in steampunk gear, and an orc in a cheap business suit—cheered him on.

Wildcard spoke first, drawing up a map of the Vancouver Universal Omnitech Complex in AR space.

“Here’s our target. It’s only about two thousand by one thousand feet within the perimeter fence, barely bigger than Alcatraz Island. O’course, it’s just as hard to hit.”

He gestured to two gates in the fence on either side of the complex.
File: 1343533007505.jpg-(351 KB, 1024x576, 1333665209598.jpg)
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“These are the entrances. Both are open to the public; bottom three floors of the main building are a gigantic shopping mall with medical and pharmaceutical offices. There’s public parking adjacent to the main building. Since it’s technically sovereign territory, there are SIN checks at the border. Shouldn’t be too much of a problem if we all check out.”

Next, he pointed out a series of unmodified suburbs city blocks on the south end of the complex, still within the perimeter fence.

“This is employee housing. UO bought out a big chunk of the suburban neighborhoods to the south of their building about a decade ago; the higher-ranking employees like our doctor, Jennifer Chang, get their own houses instead of the communal living most employees get within the building. Speaking of which—“

Wildcard pointed at a 3D model of a small arcology, smaller by far than, say, the SCIRE, but still ludicrously massive.
The details of the suits, (matching them to the player roles) was that your GMs idea? or was that in the book somewhere and I missed it?
File: 1343533126067.jpg-(185 KB, 1150x867, 1296221208135.jpg)
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“This is the UO home office, and it’s where most of the action is happening. Employees enter through a special security extension that leads up to the fourth story; the bottom three levels have their own elevator system, with only a security elevator for transport between the labs above and the civilian floors. We don’t know too much about the exact layout; the main research nexus is probably in the middle of the building, equidistant from all possible entry points, and the labs are probably situated around that, but that’s just an educated guess.”

Geppetto suggested,

“I think that we need to get Doctor Chang to actively help us to stand a chance.”

Bend nodded his agreement.

“Plus, she’d be able to sneak things past the security scanners at the employee entrance easier than us. She’s a smart woman, ingenious even; she knows she’s getting extracted, so she’s probably trying to subtly assist us already. Bring up her P2.0 profile.”
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I think it was a bit of kitsch from one of the earlier editions. It was a throw away line, but our GM liked the idea so much he kept it.

Technically, Attitude has brought that up to color-coded "halos" that different runners wear in AR (red=combat, black=wetwork, green=hacking/finances, et cetera), but I think that's kind of stupid.


Wildcard obliged, bringing up social networking profiles for Jennifer Chang. They narrowed her down to a single P2.0 profile; a Chinese-American dwarf from the California Free State with a deep love of cinema and a PhD in pharmacology. Her status updates for the last few weeks were insipid; every day she commented on her lunch, how the guys at the security checkpoint annoyed her, and other minor things.

“Hold on a moment,” noted Wildcard, “each of these comments has a date and time. She’s just given us her entire work schedule, including when she walks down to the employee housing subcomplex. If we want to meet, we can intercept her in between.”

Geppetto looked between his three teammates.

“Alright, I’m going to go ask around my contacts about possible ins on UO. Bend, you get to intercept Dr. Chang when she’s heading home. Wildcard and Dervish will sneak you in under cover of visiting the mall, and they’ll also be your backup. Sound good?”
File: 1343533385893.jpg-(63 KB, 680x269, Stacey_Diana_Clark_06a.jpg)
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Wildcard raised his hand.

“We have a problem, Geppetto. Dervish’s only fake SIN is that of a UCAS military sergeant, and my best fake SIN has me as a migrant from the UK, and nowhere are we listed as having any relation to each other aside from obviously being shadowrunners. On top of that, if we compromise those SINs, we both lose our best identities.”

Dervish grunted.

“Yeah, it’d be a shame to lose Garrett Jordan this way once UO catches on. Some new SINs might be in order. Who was that corrupt guy at the registry who cocked up on Tank’s SIN? He owes us one.”

Geppetto chuckled.

“Oh yeah. I think his name was Aidan Remenalt. At the very least he owes us a discount considering he makes such terrible fake SINs. Well, all in favor of a quick shakedown?”

Everyone nodded or made grunts of affirmation, and the team set out for their first day’s work.
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Alright, this is the last post I'm copy-pasting, so expect CONSIDERABLY longer times in between posts from here on out. I also need to microwave some dinner at some point, which I might as well do now before I get back to posting.


As Wildcard and Dervish pulled into the UO complex, they examined their brand-new SIN data.

“So, remember,” said Wildcard, checking in the rearview mirror to make sure that his SIN matched up with his meat face, detail by detail, “I’m Bill McDonach, second generation American. And I guess we’re bounty hunters?”

“With a name like ‘Dirk Steel,’ I’d better be,” grumbled Dervish. “These are so fake it’s unreal.”

“Well, that’s what happens when you threaten to bash down a registry worker’s door if he doesn’t make you a new SIN, champ,” countered Wildcard. “And besides, these are obviously show names, anyhow. We’re rednecks who changed our names, or something.”

“Scottish rednecks.”

“Hey, American accents are fucking hard.”
Its a neat idea, im glad he kept it.
I always laughed at trouts inability to create his own unique flair. He just copied everyone.

Also, consider me waiting here for further development of Geppetto and Adversary. We always knew that was trouble.. But it seems Adversary has been taking bigger risks lately
Well, I'm staying up tonight.
Aww hell yeah, 2D storytime. Got coffee and all the time in the world.

Also, Gepetto is a scary looking bastard in that opening picture, 2D.
So, KITT from Knight Rider.
Drone, or Vehicle?
Also, Sixth World Almanac
Time Paradox or Pime Taradaox?

I've really grown to love Wildcard, I don't know if he could ever live up to 2-D but he's got a shot I'll give him that.

Also, forgot to ask, what's Bend's magic at this point, and how much of it is split between Mystic / Adept ?
File: 1343535064678.jpg-(120 KB, 680x876, Brink_Concept_Art_Laurel_(...).jpg)
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As Wildcard pulled his black sedan up to the border, he and Dervish surveyed the two guards in pristine white ballistic armor standing at the toll booth. Universal Omnitech was a pharmaceuticals and cybernetics giant, and even their graphic design policies reflected cleanliness and surgical sterility. Although the guards were built like bricks and had hardened features to match, the armor made them look like man-sized iPods more than anything else.

Wildcard made a point of turning off the nexus in his trunk before he rolled his windows down. One of the guards, a human with imposing mirrored cybereyes, leaned down to look Wildcard and Dervish over.


"Bill McDonach and Dirk Steel."

"You're kidding."

Dervish grunted.

"Just 'cause I got it changed don't mean it ain't legally my name."

The guard rolled his eyes, causing the reflection to distort.

"Okay, sir. Reason for visiting?"

"Combat ware. We've got the relevant permits."

The guard's brow narrowed at Wildcard. Dervish covered,

"We're bounty hunters."

"I'm going to need to see registration on both of you gentlemen."
File: 1343535736839.jpg-(160 KB, 680x482, district_9_10.jpg)
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Wildcard was always my "professional" character, to counter 2D's rampant unprofessionalism. The UK bank-robber backstory, obsessive-compulsive speeding, and weird Venetian masks quirk (that one's a little bit of author appeal; I own 4 Venetian masks myself) were essentially my way of distinguishing him from an otherwise completely competent and effective, but totally boring combat hacker build.


The guard produced a portable SIN scanner and ran "Bill McDonach" and "Dirk Steel"'s cards through. He frowned, and ran them each again. Then Dirk Steel again. Putting the scanner on his belt, he drew his sidearm, but made no aggressive moves, at least not immediately.

"Sir, you're going to need to come with me."

Wildcard blinked.

"You're serious?"

"Not you, sir. You passed twice. The big one. His SIN's faulty."

"This is the third goddamn time this week," grumbled Dervish, stepping out of the car with his hands up.

"Third time this week or not, sir, we're going to need to scan you with the inbuilt scanner in the security kiosk to make sure you're not SINless. A precaution, sir."

Dervish gave Wildcard a pleading look, but gruffly announced,

"Go on ahead, Bill. This'll get worked out."

Wildcard didn't need to think too hard about the hint. Scrolling a message of "STALL HIM" across Dervish's field of vision, he pulled into the complex, booted up his nexus, and began an on-the-fly hack of the security kiosk.
File: 1343536217970.png-(769 KB, 640x480, Geppetto_wakes_up_in_garbage.png)
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I made you fanart, but lacked a scanner, so it is unfortunately all blurry.

Interesting. Any advice for other combat hacker characters? I'm working on a troll one, on and off, for if my current character hits the bucket, and I'm trying to balance 'shooting people to death with a troll-sized burst fire shotgun' and 'still being good at hacking', and I'm not sure if all programs at rating 6, 6+ in all my matrix stats, Computers and Cracking at 4, and three passes in hot sim VR will be enough to do good at hacking. I only have three agents, is my biggest worry, all rating-4.

combat-wise I'm looking at dodging at only 5 dice, but I'm soaking 22 for both ballistic and impact, and my weapon of choice is an Enfield AS-7, 13 dice, with regular, ExEx, and stick and shock rounds. Gun's modifications include a shock pad, external smartgun, extended clip, heavy barrel, foregrip, underbarrel weight, and additional clips, plus troll customization because, well, troll. Also have hardliner gloves and shock gloves and decent unarmed for if I have to punch people.

'ware's cybereyes, cyberears, muscle replacement, a simrig, implanted commlink, and wired reflexes, with a plan to pick up a simsense booster ASAP.

Quick question... What happens to Gepetto's clothes when he uses "Turn to Mist" ?
File: 1343536582781.jpg-(59 KB, 680x440, Walter_Kim_24a.jpg)
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"Hey, you still have my buddy Bill's card," said Dervish, peevish. "You should go give it back to him."

The guard sighed.

"You can give it back to him when your SIN checks out, sir."

"Look, I really don't have time for this."

The guard stopped just short of the kiosk, and turned to face Dervish, exasperated.

"You don't have time for this, sir? You were going to be spending an entire day shopping for 'ware. It is eleven in the morning, sir. Unless you're going in for surgery in five minutes, you aren't missing a thing."

KEEP STALLING HIM, read Dervish's eyes.

"Look. We're tailing a fugitive, right now. We think he's going in for ware. We have a warrant. You're interfering with justice. I didn't want to tell you this, but there it is."

The guard huffed angrily.

"You're a bounty hunter, sir, and you're on Universal Omnitech territory. That means that law and justice are MY jurisdiction right now, not yours. I'm scanning your damn card again."

Dervish's eyes read, KEEP STALLING HIM!
File: 1343536863032.jpg-(39 KB, 440x440, 440px-Enhanced_Medium_Arm(...).jpg)
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Only one tip: invest in a datajack/datalock. Otherwise you won't be able to use your implanted commlink on wired networks. Other than that, your combat hacker is looking pretty damn good.


They merge into his form. This is distinctly unlike when Bend shapeshifts himself and others into animals, because the clothes fall off in that case.


As the guard lowered the card to the kiosk scanner, Dervish shouted,

"HEY! You're doing this because I'm gay, aren't you?"

The guard's mirrored cybereyes widened and his nostrils flared. He stopped mere moments before scanning the card.

"Sir, I can assure you that I had no idea--"

"Bull SHIT you had no idea! You scanned Bill's SIN, you saw that he was a gay rights policlub member!"

"Sir, we pay no attention to--"

"You fucking hater! I oughta put up a lawsuit."

The guard finally exploded at Dervish.


The guard slammed the card through the reader, got an error, and slammed it through again.

File: 1343537102124.jpg-(89 KB, 541x405, 1343119151750.jpg)
89 KB


Ah, right, I have a datajack too, yeah--I just always forget to list it, since it's so standard-issue on characters I build. Plus it's late and I couldn't find the sheet for a minute there.

My biggest worry is only dodge of six, but then, as a troll... and rolling 22 dice for any sort of resistance test... I dunno, maybe it's just I'm not used to 'split' characters like this, most of my characters in the past have been specialists at one thing instead of trying to do two.
File: 1343537414786.jpg-(304 KB, 1100x1514, 1299172967533.jpg)
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In the parking lot, Wildcard unlocked the doors when he heard Dervish tapping on the passenger-side window.

"That was a close one, big guy. Two seconds less and you would have been toast."

"Yeah, I get the feeling we may have worn out our welcome with security, so try not to push it."

Wildcard gestured toward Dervish's jacket.

"You got the payload?"

"You know it."

Dervish reached into his jacket pocket and produced a live fox, before placing the fox in the back seat of the car. Reaching into his other pockets, he produced a folded-up stealth suit, a pair of tactical goggles, a commlink with subvocals, and a taser.

"It's all good, Bend."

The fox twisted, bucked, and exploded into a very naked Bend the infiltrator.

"You dumbasses could have just put me in the back seat."

"I think they checked there. And don't complain unless it doesn't work."

Bend began sliding his legs into the stealth suit.

"You guys still have time to fuck this one up, especially if you mouth off to any more guards about your deep love for your fellow orc."
File: 1343537979411.jpg-(265 KB, 654x850, 1299795812486.jpg)
265 KB

I guess technically I should do the thread title once just in case anyone is looking around on foolz for "Shadowrun Storytime."


Dodge six is fine for a troll. You'll be soaking more than you ever dodge. Do invest in armor, though.


"Get outta my car, you ingrate," laughed Wildcard, stepping out of the Hyundai. He shrugged his shoulders, letting his blazer settle into place.

"Alright, Dervish, you ready to go shopping? And before you ask, I've already set your cyberes to record, so once we get in go crazy with radar and thermographic."

"I'm good. Hold on a sec."

Dervish punched a credstick into one of the pay-per-space machines, and turned to catch up with Wildcard as a very invisible Bend brushed past him, headed for the employee village.

"Try not to trip any more alarms, Dervish."

"Shut the fuck up, Bend."

The two orcs crossed the street and entered the mall through the main door, and an alarm promptly began blaring overhead. The entrance had a MAD scanner.

As Dervish was surrounded by white-clad guards with shock batons, he growled to Wildcard,

"If you laugh I'll kill you."
File: 1343538507922.jpg-(138 KB, 680x425, ADRIFT_Concept_Art_07a.jpg)
138 KB

"Sir, put out your hands."

Grumbling and making half-intelligible cursing noises, Dervish extended his hands as the guards fitted razorboy bracers to them.

"I'm assuming that you have a license for those cyberblades, sir?"

"Yes, I have a goddamn license. I'm a bounty hunter."

"Technically this is sovereign territory, sir. You'll need to renew the license."

"And how much is that gonna run me?"

"Five hundred. Plus the one thousand fine."

"A fine? But I didn't even know my licenses didn't apply!"

"You should have thought of that before you walked through the door, sir."

Now cursing like a sailor at the top of his lungs, Dervish began filling out the requisite forms while Wildcard stepped on an escalator up to the second level of the mall, surreptitiously taking trideo pictures of the security elevator and guard posts with a handheld camera.

I have. Right now it's full-body FFBA and a suit of Riot Control Armor with a helmet. Plan to buff it up furthur with armor mods as I get the nuyen.
File: 1343539045305.jpg-(275 KB, 1280x720, brink-agents-of-change-20(...).jpg)
275 KB

Doctor Jennifer Chang was not surprised to be approached by a shadowrunner, at least not in the sense that it was something she was not expecting. However, she had to take a moment to adjust to the sudden weight of a subvocal microphone settling onto her throat, and to recognize that her eyes were deceiving her, preventing her from seeing the shadowrunner that was following her at an intimate distance as she walked home through the security posts. Putting her hand to her throat, she tested out the device;

"My extraction team, I presume?"

There was a brief whine as the audio feed calibrated, and a soft male voice responded,

"One of us. We're going to need a little help."

"I'll give you everything that Mr. Johnson didn't tell me not to tell you. Protection of his company, and all."

"We understand. We have more practical concerns, such as the layout of the upper labs and possible extraction methods."

"I see. Well, to start, I have a few requests if I'm going to be collaborating with you fully."

"Name them."

Chang waved to a passing intern, he waved back with a smile.

"I need to take my research data with me. There's three years of work on the system, and I don't want to lose it all in the extraction. You help me get the data out and I cooperate in every way I can."

"Done. Give me an idea of what we're up against, here, Doctor Chang."
File: 1343539778790.jpg-(545 KB, 1000x563, 1303685652152.jpg)
545 KB

Oh, FFBA. The munchkin's delight.


"Well, to start, there's my two handlers. Equal parts bodyguard and captor. I have carte blanche to leave the company premises, but I'm a valuable asset so they go with me when I'm outside of the UO complex. I'd prefer you didn't kill them; Scott has a daughter on the way and Mike's an okay guy."

"We'll try not to harm them if it can be helped, ma'am. What other security are we looking at?"

"You mean aside from UO's private army? There's guards spread all up and down the complex, you've probably seen them, the whitesuits. There's a small helibase on the roof and a couple of SWAT tanks in the lowest level of the parking garage. The windows are bulletproof glass, and there are impact detectors that deploy steel shutters, so don't plan on going through that way. The only way up to the labs from the mall is the security elevator, so you'll need clearance for that. The employee extension has a military-quality weapons scanner, as well as a special tag eraser. Of course, my clothes all have UO security tags; the eraser doesn't get those. Most of the middle floors are labs, with the research nexus in the central research lab, but I don't go in there often; the nexus' data is partitioned to relevant offices depending on research topic."

"And the security nexus?"

"Security runs the upper floors, but they've got little enclaves all throughout the building. It's UO's home base; they can't afford anything going wrong."

"So no hitting the security nexus wirelessly."

"What is this, amateur hour? No."
File: 1343539851442.jpg-(205 KB, 1023x725, OrcsAreOrcsome.jpg)
205 KB


It's just too good not to take. Unless you're Body 1 for some godawful reason.

Though another character I'm working on (an aztec tradition mage) doesn't have armor at all. Or technology, for the matter. Or... a whole lot other than her focuses. Would have a couple trained wolves, but I didn't have the Nuyen for one with decent training.
File: 1343540163329.jpg-(327 KB, 1920x1080, 1318213404624.jpg)
327 KB

"Do you think that, if we equipped you with an analog stealth camera, you could sneak it past the security in the employee extension?"

"Ceramic components? No wireless link? Old-school film?"

"Of course."

"That could work. Drop it in the bushes outside my house and I'll have it back by the same time the next day."

"Excellent. We'll continue pursuing angles on your extraction, Doctor Chang."

"I look forward to hearing from you...?"

"Call me Sean."

"Using names is bad form for a shadowrunner."

"It's not actually my name."

Bend retrieved his subvocal and peeled away from the employee village, skulking back towards the parking garage.

"Wildcard, what's the state of affairs on the mall levels?"
Quick question for you, 2D: Out of all the traditions in Shadowrun, which one do you think works best/is your favorite? I've been thinking about playing a Rastafarian troll priest, but I've been told that doesn't exactly say subtle.
File: 1343540942854.jpg-(301 KB, 1199x750, 1316581663488.jpg)
301 KB

Aztec tradition mage, you say? You may find the next Shadowrun Storytime to be...interesting.


"One security elevator, heavily fortified. All internal workings, probably runs off the security nexus. Whitecoat depots on each level. Have you seen this ceiling fresco they've got on floor 3? It's a mimicry of Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel fresco, but everyone has cybernetics. The cybernetics haven't aged well--Adam's reaching out to God with a Louisville Slugger brand cyberarm from at least fifteen years ago--but it's an interesting message."

"I've never been a fan of deifying technology, Wildcard, especially not when you're dicking around in an arcology. How's the camera coverage?"

"Total, but no more than one redundant camera for any given angle. If we wanted we could probably jam them, but that's assuming Doctor Chang would be coming through the mall level in the first place. I heard something on the subvocals about getting her research, too, if I'm not mistaken, and that would require lab access."

"I hear you, Wildcard. I'm thinking our best bet to get her and her research is an extraction from the labs through the employee partition, maybe even separately. In fact, I think we should work on getting her research first, and then extract her completely separately, maybe someplace where we only have to deal with her handlers."

"Alright, let me grab Dervish and we'll get out of here. Don't mess with him too much, he's in a bad mood."

"He tripped another alarm, didn't he?"

"As I said, he's in a bad mood."

I can smell the blood magic from here.
File: 1343541886713.jpg-(98 KB, 1299x720, 1335375286391.jpg)
98 KB
>there's the image I was looking for


The team rejoined each other at their table at the Faulty Bar, and exchanged information. Geppetto had spent the day calling up contacts, but for the most part his search had been fruitless. Most of his contacts were mafiosos, Ares corpers, black magicians, and Merlyns gangers (or some combination of the four), and none of those gave him any ins on the world's foremost pharmaceuticals and biotech firm.

"Wildcard," noted Geppetto, "didn't you have a street doc contact?"

"You do, too. Have you tried the juggalo, yet?"

"You and I both know exactly how helpful he'd be. And yes. He asked me if I wanted to buy a third kidney."

"You spring for it?"

"No, it wasn't fresh enough. But we're getting off-topic. Tomorrow you should talk to Doctor Granger, or whatever her name is."

"Doctor Julia Greene. Emily Granger is Bend's girlfriend."

Wildcard cocked a thumb in Bend's direction. Geppetto rolled his eyes.

"It all kind of blends together when you're immortal and don't give a shit about people. Can you follow up on that lead or not?"

"Yeah, I'll give her a call tomorrow."

Not every Aztec tradition mage is a blood mage. The vast majority are not, even! Aztec mages just have a bad rap because of Aztechnology.
File: 1343542391774.png-(621 KB, 800x1131, 1336680725095.png)
621 KB

Well, there's so much personal input on traditions that there's functionally infinite choices. That said, the shamanic and hermetic traditions are good standbys for a reason. I personally have a soft spot for Christian Theurgy, if only because I can send angry seraphim (read: fire spirits) after my runners. If you're reading this, Bloodhound, Nukkles, Cakes, or Asmodeus, you know this is addressed to you!

But seriously, tradition is more a fluff thing than anything else. I often find that I come up with a mage's personality and tics before I try to find a tradition that works for him, and which I can use to expand on his character.


The next morning, Wildcard called up Julia Greene.

"Wildcard? Brianna told me you were working this week. What do you need?"

"I was hoping you could forward me to someone."

"Oh? Who's the someone?"

"We need an in on the Vancouver Universal Omniplex Complex. I figured you have your ear to the ground on medical news..."

"So naturally I know every doctor from here to Aztlan, am I right, Wildcard?"

"Well, it's a long shot, but we figured we'd at least try you."

"Well, good for you. You're in luck. Sort of."


"I've got a girl for you. She was my freshman roommate in college. Not exactly a friend but at least my name will mean something. Doctor Hannah Levine."

Wildcard took a moment to write the name down.

"Okay, and what's the catch? Is she a loonie or something?"

"Funny you should mention that..."

I like Christian Theurgy, personally, though lately I've been trying to avoid charisma-based traditions. There's just so many of them, and for once I'd like to play a mage that wouldn't also be an amazing face.

I wish there were more intuition based traditions, personally.

Alright, then. Looks like my "King Willy" style superweed-dealing troll priest of Bob Marley Yardie Boy is good to go! Thanks!

Yeah. Personally, I'm always wanting to play a Psionics Mystic Adept I've had lined up for a while. Mind over Matter for 'I use my intuition for Reflexes because I have precog' and a heap of 'Classic' Psionic style abilities.

I'm aware, I'm just voicing a fluff based stereotype.

Also, while I'm here might throw in my 2 cents, I'm generally not fond of the more shamanistic religions due do a distinct dislike of elemental or animal based spirits so I generally make my own with Guardian, Guidance, Man etc

Also, are metal spirits possible?
File: 1343543089897.jpg-(26 KB, 320x463, YouAteMyBurrito.jpg)
26 KB
Trust me. I'm watching with bated breath.

And that does shed some light on our last little recon mission. Fookin' irish.
File: 1343543099377.jpg-(73 KB, 680x332, Jos_Kao_11a.jpg)
73 KB

Wildcard gulped audibly, shorthand for "what am I getting myself into" between him and his contacts.

"Hannah's a goody-goody. I mean, REALLY a goody-goody. Completely incorruptible. She joined up with UO right out of med school to help veterans of the Aztlan conflict and the border wars down in CalFree. She's been trying to create a long-lasting synthetic analogue to dopadrine, the anti-psychotic. She thinks it has applications as a PTSD medication for the UCAS military Veteran's Administration. I'd suggest sending Dervish to the Veteran's Hospital down in Fort Lewis if you want a convincing cover story. He's got a military SIN, right?"

"Yeah. You know, UO must not like Doctor Levine being so altruistic."

"Well, they play it off as a PR thing. Point being, you frame this as a charity move or "for the greater good" and you're in. Just don't tell her whatever you're actually doing."

"Hey," commented Wildcard, faux-hurt, "what we're actually doing could be altruistic."

He and Greene shared a brief mutual laugh.

"Just kidding. I'll see you around, Greene."


Be careful of 'Mind over Matter', It only effects dice pools so while you will be able to use it in dodge tests, your initiative will still be your reaction + intuition.

That's fine. Mainly wanted it for dodging and driving anyway.

I accidently homebrewed the most broken, by any man's standpoint, of all mage traditions once, when I was new at maging. Called it The Spartan Way, the basic idea of a tradition of mages (mostly mystic adepts, actually) who viewed their magic through the lens of military use and service.

Willpower + Intuition drain, and the follow spirit setup:
Combat: Guardian
Detection: Guidance
Health: Man
Manipulation: Task
Illusion: Fire

and they were a possession tradition.
File: 1343543763902.jpg-(12 KB, 200x300, AmonAmarth.jpg)
12 KB


File: 1343543850842.jpg-(185 KB, 610x788, 1335376454510.jpg)
185 KB

You know you loved that chase scene with the idiotic cherubim watcher spirits.

Which reminds me, for the edification of 4chan, before it becomes relevant in the future of Storytime; both myself (when I'm GMing) and the GM of Shadowrun Storytime fluff watcher spirits as the mage basically balling up a bunch of astral fluff and tossing it out into space, like Zeus creating Pegasus in the Disney adaptation of Hercules. Watchers are supposed to be taken seriously in the fiction, but given that they have a logic, intuition, and willpower of one, I play them more like retarded mistake-prone mini-minions.


Dervish, or rather Sergeant Garrett Jordan of the UCAS military, approached the gates of Fort Lewis on his pimped-out Harley. Flashing his SIN to the soldiers on guard, he made his way to the Veteran's Hospital.

He walked through the doors to find a sad, weirdly introspective sight; a half-dozen young man with extensive modifications, all shuddering with symptoms of psychosis as they held appointment numbers in quivering cyberhands. Dervish was blessed with a Type O system that adapted to 'ware easily, but these men had been made into monsters to fight for their nation, and left to rot with the side-effects when they came home.

"Um...Sergeant Garrett Jordan. I'm here for my checkup."

The receptionist, a bored-looking middle-aged orc nurse, pulled up an AR window.

"Sergeant Jordan, we have your last checkup as being years ago. Have you been out-of-town?"

Dervish put on his best expression of sorrow and looked down.

"I've been...I've been looking for a home, actually. Pension ain't much."

The receptionist nodded somberly.

"Take a number."

Very close to what I was thinking of, but I was going to have my tradition be more based around necromancy and life preservation (A doctor on the who worked on a cyberzombie experiment gone wrong: Big Regret Quality) His stick was trying to overcome death itself through a mix of magical and medical means
File: 1343544604167.jpg-(83 KB, 680x374, Andreas_Rocha_11.jpg)
83 KB

Dervish was ushered into a room with a tired-looking doctor, in his fifties.

"Jordan, Garrett. I haven't seen you around here before. Been transferred?"

"No, sir. Just homeless."

Dervish maintained the best puppy-dog face he could muster. He resembled a pug.

"Well, what are you in for today?"

"I'm getting the flashbacks something bad, doc."

The doctor produced a handheld scanner.

"Well, let's give you a brief once-over to make sure you're not--"

The doctor stopped over Dervish's head. He tooled around with an AR window, then moved the scanner around, then took a sharp breath.

"Oh my god, why didn't anyone take care of this earlier?"

"Take care of what earlier?"

Dervish's voice rang, for once, with legitimate fear.

"Some of this synthetic brain tissue is improperly connected. We have nothing on record for this modification. Wait...your skull..."

The doctor's face contorted in an expression of horror.

"Did you get shot in the head!?"

"Uh...yeah. But a street doc patched it up, so it's all good, right?"

The doctor stood up, and yelled into the hallway,


Dervish exhaled loudly.

File: 1343544632753.jpg-(37 KB, 360x485, harlequin.jpg)
37 KB

It was amazing fun, don't get me wrong. I'm just not looking forward to when we catch up with the summoner of those things. (For those of you late to the party, Two-Dee's a hell of a proficient GM as well as a player. If you ever find yourself in a game with him, though, be wary if you ever say 'I want a Halloweener contact,' because... well, that's a story for another time, and this is Two-Dee's playground.)

Also, it's difficult as balls finding a picture of an orc mage on Google, so please enjoy this picture of the worst mary sue to ever enter the Shadowrun universe!

>Cumannn sacred

There is NOTHING sacred about Harlequin, captcha!

Fuck you Harlequin, and may your rat ass burn in hell for all eternity.

Sincerely, all Shadowrun players ever.

>darteri authority

he is not my authority, captcha. Shut up about Harlequin.
>Dervish was blessed with a Type O system that adapted to 'ware easily

That's just bioware, right?

You know the old saying... When life gives you lemons, go murder a clown...

All cyberware and basic bioware are treated as deltaware level implants for the cost of standard

No, it's just Bioware.

I just looked it up. Just bioware.
a drunk clown hurt me once...

So it is
File: 1343545581873.jpg-(87 KB, 680x283, Sidharth_Chaturvedi_01a.jpg)
87 KB

Dervish woke up with a fresh new forehead scar, naked but for surgical scrubs, in a hospital bed. The doctor sat across from him in an office chair with wheels, looking relieved.

"How do you feel, Sergeant Jordan?"


Dervish sluggishly attempted to put his hand on his head, and ended up smashing his knuckles into his face. Given the superdense bone growths added on to his skeletal system, he gave himself a hell of a nosebleed in the process. A nurse quickly wiped the blood off his face.

"Well, Mr. Jordan, we removed the synthetic tissue and replaced it with a vatgrown substitute derived from a sample of your own brain tissue. You're lucky you're Type O; you should be recovering very soon. The schizoid manifestations you've been experiencing should be much more controllable now."


"When your personality seems to "shut off." You probably experience it during moments of extreme stress."

"Nod recendly noooo."

"Shh... Rest, Mr. Jordan. I'll sign for your prescription when you're up and moving."


"Yes. We're giving you a year's worth of dopadrine--it'll be closer to a month for you, given that your suprathyroid will metabolize the drugs quicker--and some immunosuppressants. You're lucky that your condition hasn't been progressing, given how long you've neglected it!"

"Yearword Doperdin?"

"Yes. A year's worth of dopadrine."

Cash register sounds ran throughout Dervish's addled mind as he passed out again.

>rang throughout, rather.

Also I think I used "man" as a plural when describing the veterans.


Dervish is mostly a bioroid. The point was more that a fuckton of ANY kind of ware will mess you up if you're not special in some way.
>You're lucky that your condition hasn't been progressing, given how long you've neglected it!

What's wrong with Dervish!?

Don't die on me you sonofabitch!

You're not getting this one, lord!
>Dervish is mostly a bioroid.

Would you post a full list of Dervish's wares or maybe just his starting wares?
File: 1343546677728.jpg-(104 KB, 680x533, Andreas_Rocha_09.jpg)
104 KB

It's a callback to the schizoid personality that developed after Dervish got an impromptu .308-caliber frontal lobe surgery back in Shadowrun Storytime 4. That was still a thing, he just didn't know it.


"Okay, so we have a possible in," said Geppetto, sitting with Bend and Wildcard across from a spread of Italian food. Geppetto had ordered a glass of wine just for the sake of ordering something, and was trying to choke down little bits of it, his hemovoric metabolism causing him nausea with every sip.

"Aye," said Wildcard, sprinkling some pepper over a seared salmon. "Hannah Levine. And now we've got an extra edge on her--veterans in need, and a fuckload of dopadrine and immunosuppresants."

"Have you considered that maybe selling drugs to a UO doctor is a bad idea?"

Bend looked from Wildcard to Geppetto incredulously before slurping up a long noodle of soygetti, never once taking his eyes off them.

"Considered it, and decided it's worth the risk," noted Geppetto. "We pass it off as a charity thing, even if it's a sketch charity."

Bend was nonplussed.

"What charity?"

"We'll make one up. Is it Christmas yet? We could do a Santa thing?"

"It's fucking October, Geppetto."

"I don't keep track of Christmas. Too many kids. Okay, how about, I don't know, United Veterans'..."

Geppetto stalled, twirling his hand in circular motions. Wildcard finished,

"...Outreach Group!"

Bend glared at Geppetto and Wildcard.


"Hey, the acronym doesn't have to be pretty. We're a fairly shit charity."

I'm curious, up until this point right now in shadowrun storytime. How much cash do you think you guys have made with your shadowrunning
File: 1343547799145.gif-(35 KB, 463x282, moar4.gif)
35 KB
File: 1343548212384.jpg-(268 KB, 1963x449, 1282165886050.jpg)
268 KB

I'll have to ask his player for the full list but at this point what I can remember he had was cyberspurs, cyberblades (arms and legs), lower cyberlegs with skimmers, synaptic boosters, a suprathyroid gland, a pain editor, cybereyes, cyberears, a bunch of cheese for his eyes and ears, shock hands, bone density augs, and platelet factories.

Dervish was a fucking MONSTER. I think he might have had cybercompatibility, too.


Bend placed his chin in the palm of his hand, and gestured wanly to Geppetto with the other one.

"Well, make the call."

Geppetto frowned at Bend, flipped out his commlink, cleared his throat, and called Hannah Levine's office number. After three rings, there was a female voice on the other end.


"Hello, Doctor Levine?"

"Yes, that's me. Who's this?"

"My name is Michael Salvatore, and I'm calling on behalf of The United Veteran's Outreach Group. We have a charitable offer that we believe you'd find amenable."


"TUVOG, Doctor Levine. The 'The' is part of the acronym."

There was a dull thud as Bend's face made contact with the table. Geppetto shushed him silent.
File: 1343548422359.png-(407 KB, 1327x798, 1318227885801.png)
407 KB

I have no fucking clue. Well into the triple digits.


"Look, Mister...Salvatore? This is really unorthodox. I'm going to look up your website real quick."

Wildcard and Geppetto briefly made panicked eye contact before Wildcard hissed out,


Wildcard turned on his Wired Reflexes, mashed his mask onto his face, and began spasmodically torquing in his chair, bringing up an impenetrable cylinder of at least thirty AR windows around himself. His knuckles snapped loudly with the unearthly speed at which he began typing, while all ten of his agents activated their edit programs in concert. Wildcard's fingers gestured out a symphony of hasty web design at the speed of a fast-forwarded VCR.

Three seconds later, the team had a website. Of approximately the quality of a "Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff" comic.

"You'll see we come very well recommended."

"I...see... Who exactly is 'Doctor Laughsalot?' "

"He's a very talented man with a few character quirks that are irrelevant to this conversation. Also, a foremost expert in the field of reconstructive surgery."

"I think I read the quote you're attributing to him in a periodical. But in the magazine there were less typos."

"All errors are reproduced as submitted, ma'am."

My face, man, my fucking face, this is hilarious.
>I'll have to ask his player for the full list but at this point what I can remember he had was cyberspurs, cyberblades (arms and legs), lower cyberlegs with skimmers, synaptic boosters, a suprathyroid gland, a pain editor, cybereyes, cyberears, a bunch of cheese for his eyes and ears, shock hands, bone density augs, and platelet factories.


I just want to say, right here, that suprathyroid gland is best gland.

Best use of 14 BP on my current street sam right now.
Is there anything preventing a person from making a meta into a possession-based Ally Spirit? I have a Shinto mage vaguely considering a spirit in a cloned Fox Shapeshifter body to get a mythical kitsune ally Spirit (Instead of the shapeshifter that shares the same name)
How can you even start with it?

Can't have anything with an Availability over 12, right?

GM Handwavium?

Restricted Gear.
File: 1343549283543.jpg-(35 KB, 347x304, 1182.jpg)
35 KB

That could be used really fucking cheesily, but I'm not sure that there's anything stopping you. Technically you'd just start with the spirit, though, not the body.


"What exactly was the offer you were going to make me, Mr. Salvatore?"

"Dopadrine and immunosuppressants. A year's worth. We know you've been doing experiments on synthesizing a longer-lasting dopadrine derivative for use by veterans suffering from PTSD and other psychotic disorders, and we want to support that cause."

"You...really? Wow, this changes everything."

"We're glad that you understand, Doctor Levine. Would you care to meet tomorrow, at a restaurant near to the UO complex perhaps? We can hash out some details there."

"That sounds excellent. Oh...and...Mr. Salvatore?"

"Yes, Doctor Levine?"

"Your website has you as 'VUOG,' or "Veterans United Outreach Group." "

"Oh. Silly me. I'll see you tomorrow, Doctor Levine."

"Yes, I'm sure we can make a deal."

As Doctor Levine hung up, Geppetto angrily prodded at Wildcard with a fork.

Runners Companion lets you choose a quality called "Restricted Gear" that you can use to grab anything up to an availability of 20

>That could be used really fucking cheesily, but I'm not sure that there's anything stopping you. Technically you'd just start with the spirit, though, not the body.

Yeah, I figured it could be kinda cheesy...which is why I was thinking 'If I ever do this, I'm not actually taking them on a run'. They will just be a friend for helping learn spells and guard my home (Also go out drinking with).

The Kitsume option just seemed...appropriate.

Still doesn't change the fact it's incredibly creepy and you're enslaving a sentient creature... Then again this is Shadowrun so morals really don't apply.
Just looked it up, hard to justify 5 of your precious quality points for one piece of gear that you still have to pay for.

We're sticking with the standard cap of 35 BP worth of Qualities, Type-O System and Celerity ate up all my points.

Hence the cloned, mindless body. But yeah...I'm stuck between 'Cloned, Mindless Fox Shapeshifter' or 'Just a damn fox'. The latter has...fewer moral issues and is a bit less cheesy...but the shapeshifting spell doesn't actually allow human form I believe, just critters.

Eh, just tossing ideas about (have yet to get the initiation for Ally Spirit anyway)
File: 1343550149342.jpg-(109 KB, 680x339, Matt_Tkocz_02a.jpg)
109 KB

Geppetto strolled into the unremarkable bar and grill, scanning the patrons consciously for any sign of a UO presence. There was one heavily-augmented human at the bar. He had Dervish sit at the bar to keep his eye on said human. Dervish had bandages on his head and wasn't taking to the painkillers so well since they'd sprung him from the veteran's hospital, so Geppetto figured he'd stick the big guy with an easy job.

Wildcard and Bend were outside, monitoring communications from Wildcard's car with a signal scanner, and also keeping an eye on foot traffic. The bar and grill was as safe as it ever would be.

Geppetto cautiously approached the young doctor sitting at the booth by herself. Hannah Levine was a human barely out of grad school, blonde and rosy-cheeked and insufferably naive. She wore large sunglasses and a thick coat, as if those made her less conspicuous and not more.

"...Are you Mr. Salvatore?"

"Yes, Doctor Levine," said Geppetto, dropping his white noise generator, "and you have by now doubtless figured out that we're shadowrunners."

Twodee, that shiny Red, White and Blue armour that Dervish has so much fun in, what is it?

Is it Heavy Milspec? or something custom made by your group? Also I remember you mentioning he saved up a lot of money for it. How much exactly?
File: 1343550670689.jpg-(437 KB, 1920x1080, 1341894400901.jpg)
437 KB

Levine looked to either side of the booth, as though she were in a bad spy movie.

"What do you want for the drugs?"

"We want access to the research database."

Levine immediately hardened and withdrew, leaning back in her seat.

"Why would you want that?"

Seamlessly, Geppetto transitioned,

"Believe it or not, we're runners who actually have a veteran among our numbers. One of our fixers gave us good intel that UO is withholding a next-generation antipsychotic because imitators would jeopardize their stranglehold on the Veteran's Administration. All this at the expense of good soldiers."

"You want to sell it?"

"We want to publish the chemical formula for free on the Matrix."

Levine's face was one of unadulterated starstruck love.

"I need to...I need to think about this."

"Take your time, Doctor Levine."

Over subvocal, Geppetto commented to Wildcard and Bend,

"This looks like it's finishing up. You two should go get that ceramicam."

"We'll stick around till you've called a taxi for you and Dervish and made it out of eyeshot, boss," commented Wildcard. "I'm getting some weird readings here. I think there's an invisible mage in the alleyway out back.
I believe it was Heavy Milspec with rocket foots and hydraulic jumps.
>I think there's an invisible mage in the alleyway out back.


Can you put Skimmers in Heavy Milspec? If so, I know what I'll be doing!
File: 1343551326725.jpg-(380 KB, 700x889, the_drop_down_colors_by_s(...).jpg)
380 KB

It's a suit of Heavy Milspec he got from Ares. Ares' PR department is why it's so insufferably...spangly.


Tense, Geppetto and Dervish made their way out to the street corner and called a cab. Wildcard and Bend watched as the cab peeled away, and then the sonar outline of the invisible figure slowly dissipated.

"This is all kinds of weird," commented Wildcard, over the team's tactical network. "Bend and I are going to get that camera into the employee village tonight, but you two better lay low. What were the plans for the camera again, Bend?"

Bend responded,

"Already ordered it from my spy toys dealer. Ever heard of a guy named 'The Eyes?' "

"Can't say I have."

"Good. He chloroforms you and takes you to an undisclosed location before he lets you order, like a goddamn nut. Lucky for you I got this order out of the way while Dervish was having surgery. If you see a grey unmarked stepvan dropping off a package, avert your eyes or he'll probably shoot you for being a witness."

"Brilliant. There a place we're meeting this mystery stepvan?"

"Yeah. Parking lot back out by the suburbs. You should probably just stay in the car."
File: 1343551891328.jpg-(83 KB, 837x1196, 1343275523870.jpg)
83 KB

I don't think that you can. It's just how we justified the fact that in crunch Dervish's skimmers still worked despite him clocking in at nearly a ton in his armor.


It was close to eleven at night when Bend returned to Wildcard. In his hands was a tasteful, unobtrusive Chinese-style hairpiece with a patterned bauble on the end.

"Here's our camera. Don't ask me what I had to do to get it."

Wildcard looked over the hairpin approvingly.

"Nice worksmanship. You'd never know it was a camera."

Bend brushed a thin layer of grime off his tacsuit's shoulders.

"Yeah, only the best for The Eyes. Now comes the fun part, getting this into the bushes outside Chang's house."

"Well, that's on you, buddy. I'll park in the 'burbs outside the complex, I'll be there to drive in real quick if you need me."

"As per usual, Bend gets to do the dangerous part. Let's get to it."

As Wildcard and Bend pulled into the suburbs around the UO Complex, something was...off. There were lights on on the helipad, and movement on the ground. The rumble of heavy-duty engines broke the ambiance of the night.

"Huh. Musta been a security breach."

>As Wildcard and Bend pulled into the suburbs around the UO Complex, something was...off. There were lights on on the helipad, and movement on the ground. The rumble of heavy-duty engines broke the ambiance of the night.

Yep, nothing could possibly go wrong here.
>As Wildcard and Bend pulled into the suburbs around the UO Complex, something was...off.

This is where I *NOPE.JPG* my way to the nearest suborbital port and fuck off to the other side of the continent.
File: 1343553509687.jpg-(174 KB, 400x480, 1333550881203.jpg)
174 KB

"Don't get yourself killed. If security's been upped around the village, Bend, then return to the car. Also, activate your signal scanner, see if you can't make heads or tails of the situation."

"Roger that."

Bend pulled down his goggles, hood, and mask, before gecko gripping over the perimeter wall. Beelining to the employee village, he found that security in that part of the complex was roughly the same as always. However, his scanner was picking up a massive amount of traffic. UO was wide awake this night.

Suspicious, he dropped the camera in the bushes, twisted a few flowers off to mark the camera's location, and then snuck towards the main arcology.

His signal scanner picked up a broadcast from a mercenary commander, whom he could make visual contact on, gesturing to dozens of white-armored soldiers in front of a stalling VTOL;

"...Repeat, this is NOT a drill, we have concrete PROOF that this is an attempted datasteal. We fuck this up, and it's everyone's jobs--maybe even some lives. We have three suspects; orc, male, tall, goes by "Dirk Steel." Last known location, Seattle, Tacoma. Elf, male, awakened, goes by "Michael Salvatore." Last known location, Seattle, Downtown. Human, male, goes by "Bill McDonach." Detected in the suburbs ten minutes ago, Chopper 9 should be receiving clearance any minute...speak of the devil!"

A fantome attack helicopter buzzed low over the heads of the mercenaries, spurring a raucous cheering.

"You have your orders, gentlemen! Get to it!"

Bend took a moment to fumble for his subvocal.

"Wildcard. Drive."


"Fucking drive."
>we have concrete PROOF that this is an attempted datasteal.

Yep. My suborbital tickets have tickets. Time to shoot myself in the foot and use my Platinum Doc-Wagon extraction. Di di mau like Lofwyr's standing next to me with a wicked grin and a bottle of lube.
File: 1343554493129.jpg-(66 KB, 680x440, Walter_Kim_02a.jpg)
66 KB
I really wish The Raid: Redemption was out when we had played this session, because this would have been the perfect thing to play: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbBXFwuEzu8


"Oh shite."

Wildcard leaned out of his side window to see the white-painted UO attack chopper buzzing low over the rooftops, its minigun barrel spinning.

"Oh, SHITE!"

Wildcard let his Scottish broque get the better of him as he gunned the engine, flipped all four turbochargers, popped a burst of nitrous, and began roaring through the suburbs as his car spat flames from its rear.


Wildcard tripped his Wired Reflexes and began spinning the car into tilting turns through every narrow thoroughfare he could manage, as the helicopter slowly got closer. He was burning for the sprawl of Vancouver, trying to put buildings larger than two-story houses between himself and it.

Vancouver was still a few miles away.
That cunt squealed, didn't she?

Never trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn't die.

And if it wasn't her, I apologize to any cunts that were offended by my previous statements.
File: 1343554634243.jpg-(378 KB, 1680x1050, 1332765121778.jpg)
378 KB

With its powerful targeting computer, the minigun achieved lock and began peppering away at Wildcard's car. Every time he ducked behind a house, it had to take a moment to recalibrate, but would swiftly reposition itself and begin putting holes in his hood again. Luckily, Wildcard had invested in a preposterous amount of stealth armor for his vehicle, but the hood wouldn't hold out for long, regardless. Lights turned on, sparsely at first, until the entire suburb was lit up. Someone in the distance screamed.

Being that off was the general direction in which Wildcard wanted to fuck, he threw himself onto the freeway and began hauling ass for downtown Vancouver, dodging the few cars that were out this late at night as though they were stationary objects. The helicopter followed, although it pulled away to a slightly further distance.

Wildcard's nexus alerted him to an attempted wireless lock.

"Oh, they're not going to try that. They're not going to try that on a public freeway."

There was a distant 'PAF' noise as flames were shunted out behind the helicopter, and a chrome streak flashed through the sky toward Wildcard's tail, trailing smoke.


Nope. Doc was followed. They were made at the bar.


I'm not exactly 100% on my UCAS law, but isn't a corp using a heavily-armed attack helicopter to assault "private citizenry" that they have ZERO legal reason to pursue outside of corp-owned airspace... kinda illegal? As in HERE COME THE HEAVY HITTERS illegal?
File: 1343555743125.jpg-(20 KB, 640x262, 1327422928909.jpg)
20 KB

Well, that was an adorably venomous comment.

But yes, what did you expect? We were idiots, Chang even TOLD us that the researchers had handlers.


Wildcard uncorked the rest of the nitrous, turning the highway into two streaks of blackened rubber shreds on heated asphalt. Streaking across the pavement at over two hundred and fifty miles per hour he almost managed to race the missile that was determined to play tag with his car.

Well, two could play at that game. Recognizing exactly how much this was about to suck, Wildcard slammed on the brakes and threw his car into a tailspin as the missile soared just overhead and then smashed into the asphalt in front of the car. It exploded when it was still four meters out from Wildcard's car, and the force still removed what was left of the hood and blew out every glass surface on Wildcard's car. The car swerved to the left, tilted, hit the crater that was once a chunk of road, and corkscrewed through the air nose-first for two rotations before smashing down back onto its wheels. Acting on pure adrenaline, Wildcard gunned the engine again, and responded to the barks of the powerful racing model with thankful tears as he threw his new convertible into forward motion again. As sirens approached from the opposite direction, the helicopter tilted back, and then there was a shimmer as it disappeared from the night sky. Wildcard's nexus, miraculously intact, picked up the swift work of an Edit program; its node was being erased. As far as anyone except him was concerned, the helicopter had never existed.


Not UCAS. Salish. And so long as UO could cover it up, they're in the clear. Recall that a datasteal is an attempted accessing of a central research nexus at a base, and therefore access to ALL the files therein...

...and this was UO's HOME BASE. At this point, no fucks were given, especially when it's midnight in the middle of the suburbs.
File: 1343556204898.jpg-(253 KB, 1024x576, 1323851414639.jpg)
253 KB

A few Data Searches and a call to Luca later that mostly consisted of screaming and sobbing, Wildcard found himself at an ask-no-questions garage deep in the middle of urban Vancouver. He had no illusions that this was a safe hiding spot; he'd already spotted the node signatures of three surveillance drones orbiting overhead. However, he was amongst people, awake, witnessing people, and witnesses meant safety. For now. Hands shaking as he nervously lit up a cigarette, he used his backup commlink to put in a group call to Geppetto, Dervish, and Brianna McReary:

"Job's off. Run and hide while you can, chummers. UO is coming."


I say "temporary end" because if you can keep the thread alive I'll pick this up tomorrow evening; it's after 3 in the morning here and I promised that I'd help a friend move into his apartment tomorrow afternoon. Until then,

>Well, that was an adorably venomous comment.

It was intended to be

Some of my best friends are cunts

I love cunts


Also, whoever misspelled "new" as "nwe" in the thread archive description box, son, I am disappoint. Now it's going to be like that forever, messing with my OCD.

(I kid, I kid)

Also, a belated thank you to this anon who I totally don't know in real life at all.

(Go to bed, honey)
Quick question? If I were to remove my Move by Wire, how much cellular regeneration are we talking about before I regain the function of my body?
Hey, TwoDee, I might have missed it if it was asked in an earlier thread: Does your group have any house rules, and, if so, what are they?
Good evening, /tg/

First time I've stumbled on one of these, live.

It is he!!!! The ork beyblade!
Does you DM come up with all these witty rejoinders and complications on the fly? Or is he ridiculously well prepared?

Going to start a Shadowrun game in the very near future and wondering which is the better approach.
If your playersd aren't taking the time to come up with counters to your counters, plans will work alone.
Good players will take more time planning the job out of game than playing SR.
You are australian?
If you are summoning a Ally Spirit, can you invoke it into a Great Spirit? It says that you summon an Ally Spirit like normal...

If so, can you give it Great Spirit Powers?
oh god dammit, I missed it again? Neeehhhh...

Well now I'll just stick around and wait for it to pick up again.

Hmm...seems fine to me. You'd still need to use one of the power slots on the Great Power but it seems like it would be fine.
So I asked it in the last Shadowrun General, but I don't think it's all.
Are cybersenses worth shit? The archetypes on the shadowrun4.com forums never contain them, but Dervish had both cybereyes and -ears. So, what is the profit besides not being able of being torn off and small boni in tacnets?

Well, for mages, you can target spells through cybersenses. But for non-awakened types... they can't be torn off.

Easily, anyway. Let it never be said I've never had a set of cybereyes gouged out before.
File: 1343564977979.jpg-(43 KB, 599x282, fox slide.jpg)
43 KB
Well, thank you. I try to understand if they are worth their BP (and essence).

2D and Dervish (if you're still here): Why did Dervish take cybereyes?

Also: has anybody ever tried eyebands? How was it? Isn't getting Rating 4 cybereyes and a single cybereye on the back of your head better?
I've never had contact lenses gouged out either.

Can't shove as much shit into contact lenses, padre.

IIRC, they can (barely) fit a smartlink and that's about it.
They can fit 3 things, actually.
That's why you have goggles AND contacts.
Imo, unless you don't have much ware, they aren't worth it, especially on a starting character. A hacker or rigger that won't have a lot of ware can get away with it. A sam needs every point of essence he can get, a mage can get buggered by it unless there is a considerable point.
Smartlink and 1 more option. I use either enhancement or magnification.

They're quite useful if you're a ghoul, I mean considering the whole blind thing...

They have 3 capacity, max, though, and Smartlinks take up... 3 capacity. And stacking goggles over glasses over contacts is just asking for one to mess with the other. I prefer to put it all in one package that's harder to strip off in pieces or in whole, is tougher than your fleshy eyeballs, AND isn't PAN-reliant so you can keep your fancy visual toys when you have to go wireless-off.
u wot m8

Image links (prerequisite) take up 1 capacity, and smartlinks take up 1 capacity. You still have one slot left.

Ah, wait, I see. For some reason I'd always assumed that contacts, goggles, etc, always used the same capacity numbers as cybereyes, My apologies for being dumb.

My point on being non-wireless-reliant stands, though.
Ghouls are friggin cool. With 150 BP (iirc) you can quite easily build a starting char with 15 Body without using any 'ware. After that, just find deltaware cybereyes and you're golden.
Ok, I have to mention at that point that you can put skinlink on everything.
Skinlink, man.
Turn your pan off, tell hackers to go fuck themselves.
Unless you have essence to burn and absolutely no need of it, the need of cybersenses is low.
The other side of it is if you have a GM who will take called shots to your glasses and such, but that is a.... route less taken. It is usually a player/GM agreement that the player's gear isn't to be fucked with outside of exceptional circumstances.

And skinlinks can be disrupted, if I remember, easier than a 'wared connection.

... I just like cybereyes, okay? They're like datajacks, so part and parcel of the Shadowrun experience that I don't want to go without them.
>And skinlinks can be disrupted, if I remember, easier than a 'wared connection.
Turn off PAN, laugh at hackers.
Guy, yes, they are a classic part of the old cyberpunk feeling, however, from a usefulness standpoint on a player character, they are either obsolete or nearly harmful.
Is there anything stopping a charismatic adept from using Commanding Voice to wipe out groups of people by telling them to shoot themselves in the head (or engage in some other fatal course of action)?

Player-GM courtesy.
IIRC they get boni for resisting openly suicidal stuff.

…That's why you don't tell them to shoot themselves, but to shoot their neighbour. Or to eject their clips in the worst case. Also great is "run in that direction" and pointing to a cliff. It's not so easy to resist as "jump down there"

Also they have to be able to hear you, so a smart group of enemies have Select Sound Filter out on your voice.
If they have intel it's an adept and he has Commanding Voice

Never assume they won't have intel.

Always assume they will have intel.

One way or another, their intel will fuck you. So, prepare for the worst. Have a backup plan. Have backup plans for your backup plans. Know sixteen ways to get the fuck out.

And bring along at least twenty kilos of high explosives.

I'm a new to shadowrun and I want to avoid getting my ware hacked, what exactly is the PAN. I've got a brief idea of what it is but what does it exactly do and what happens when you turn it off?

PAN: Personal Area Network. The wireless network keeping all your devices talking to each other.
In 11 hours I'll be playing a physad infiltrator/generalist over IRC in my first ever shadowrun session. I've read Runner's Companion, SR4A and every thread tagged "shadowrun" in the archive. Does anybody have some last minute advice/problems with my build?

No FFBA because I couldn't find an accompanying piece that is both under my encumberance limit and fits the motif of a stealthy character.

Chummer says I have a +12 modifier to social tests, but I'm pretty sure that's a bug.


Ok so turning my PAN off means I won't be able to
1. Contact and coordinate with my teammates
2. Use my Smartlink
3. Use my vision enhancements in my glasses

This sounds all round pretty dangerous...

That's why you skinlink everything and set up laser connections between you and your teammates.
Alright, another question regarding adepts:
Would purchasing Synaptic Booster and Muscle Toner biowares instead of getting the corresponding adept powers be a bad idea?
Most of the time a rating 1 attribute boost can do the job. Roll Magic+attribute boost, and for (Magic) turns you add hits to the attribute, resisting (attribute boost) points of drain. If you spend edge on your rolls, it lets you ignore a physical attribute for .25 PP each.
what is the best way to pimp out a Panther XXL assualt cannon?

I ask for reasons of wanting a pimped out Panther.
Get it customized to be semi-auto, versus single shot.
Standard suite of things to cut down on recoil.
The rest depends on you.

Couldn't you customize it to be burst fire? Think that'd be worth it at all?
So, /tg/'s favorite shadowrun drugs?
Red Peyote, eX, and Novacoke all at once.
>implying you'd still be lucid enough to take advantage of the charisma bonus
Zen, novacoke, longhaul, and deepweed all at the same time.
File: 1343580089055.png-(27 KB, 800x480, Flag_UCAS_(actually).png)
27 KB
Small gripe: America san shouldn't exist, as the united states don't either. He shold be UCAS-San and the correct flag is attached.

Speedballing Betameth, Cram, Jazz, Kamikaze, and Nitro.

The crash'll kill you, but hot damn.
File: 1343581061879.jpg-(50 KB, 431x512, 1251424914294.jpg)
50 KB
So, if Shadowrun 4e were to receive "from the ground up" drone-creation rules with standard chasis, arms, propulsion systems, heads, etc. etc. etc.
How long before someone runs a medabots game?
I'm no expert, but I think you can already do that, more or less. Bipedal mod, stack armor (or don't), add weapons at will, chasis storage space and all kinds of ECM and ECCM, etc. I don't think you could make a four-foot tall robot armed with a minigun, but you could probably end up something pretty sharp.
File: 1343582718802.jpg-(44 KB, 615x461, Minivs.jpg)
44 KB

.22 rimfire miniguns?
No radio frequency scanner?
What is Speedballing exactly?
And to further crontribute:
What do you think of martial arts, bare handed fighting physads?
Is the elemental fist stuff worth taking?
Which especially?
What I know about Shadowrun, I know form Storytime so pleas enlighten me.
Thanks, I'll add one.
File: 1343587516032.gif-(41 KB, 344x150, 1341638120844.gif)
41 KB

...to answer questions. Just woke up, and still need to help my friend with that moving thing.


Yeah, a few house rules:

>character creation uses a modified form of karmagen
>Mages can initiate for more spirit types
>Hacking still works in the metaplanes, just...weirdly

Those are what I can immediately remember.


>implying he didn't get his American flag from a cowboy-themed Japanese bar deifying retro American culture, and is themed after a specific contemporary country rather than an American ideal


Essentially, both. The GM prepared each session for HOURS, although planning for Shadowrun as a GM is more about what the enemy COULD do than what they WILL do. Keep track of the baddies' resources and motivations, and the answer will generally come to you.

And if you're talking about the dialogue, about half of that is my rewriting and about half of it is the original thing.


K10 turns your druggie into one of the zombies from "28 Days Later!" It's good shit.

For Dervish, specifically, it was the can't-be-torn-off-ness. Dervish made his living fighting in melee combat, and pairs of sunglasses and clunky headphones do not do so well in melee combat.

Plus, they're cool.
Speedballing is the practice of doing multiple drugs at the same time.
There generally isn't any reason to use anything else when you can deal electricity damage, so take elemental strike for electricity. The most useful MA maneuvers are outclassed by the respective adept powers (critical strike gives you +1DV for .25PP instead of 5BP, nimble fingers and quickdraw replace krav magga)

Can you offer feedback on >>20085663
File: 1343588219482.jpg-(146 KB, 680x776, Stanislav_Poltavsky_01a.jpg)
146 KB

Speedballing means mixing multiple drugs that have counteractive effects and taking them at the same time. In the real world, it typically refers to taking cocaine and heroin/morphine at once.

Also, a bare hand physad can be built pretty well, but he requires a big karma investment. You could probably get away with one at basic BP but since we used karmagen it was more difficult. Also, a bare hand physad is DEFINITELY one of the physad builds that can benefit from 'ware.


Hell, you bipedal mod a dobie and you're already halfway there.


Oh, totally. It's bordering on overkill, but a Narrow Bursting assault cannon would be fucking murderous.

To elaborate:
+Requires a Body+Willpower(3) test not to convulse on the ground for 2+(net hits) turns.
+Even if they pass the above test, they suffer -2 to all actions for the same duration
+Impact armor only applies at half strength
+Is nonlethal
+Can make electronics fail to work for 2+(net hits) turns

-Is nonlethal
File: 1343588953352.jpg-(254 KB, 900x1200, 1323854316251.jpg)
254 KB

I'm a little worried about his low natural perception. The contact lenses help, but remember that perception may be standing between you and instant death. He's also got pretty middling attributes, although I understand how those can get expensive fast.

I do like that you didn't skimp on knowledge skills, and on first pass without looking up each of his adept powers individually/comparing them to others, he has a good suite of powers (tee hee, I love Killing Hands). I'd suggest looking for a way to get more initiative passes at some point. Since initiative passes cost a BUTTLOAD for an adept and would waste you a point of magic anyway, you might as well save up for 'ware. Synaptics would be the best option, but realistically speaking they're fucking expensive. In the meantime, rely on your cram and jazz doses in emergencies.

The Defiance Ex Shocker is a fantastic choice for a primary weapon. It's what Bend used. Believe you me, your submachine gun will be getting less use.

His commlinks are a little iffy, and you may want to up the firewall. Then again, you're the infiltrator, so you'll be running with your 'link off a lot of the time.

Those are just some of my tips/criticisms off the bat.
Still doesn't justify how the armor from Ares' PR department would have stars and stripes, with no maple leaves to be found. Still, an easy mistake to make and the UCAS flag is a grosteque parody of a well-designed flag regardless.
File: 1343589342668.jpg-(209 KB, 1020x1320, 1320001450041.jpg)
209 KB

Recall that Ares is the "Mom and Apple Pie" corp that hearkens back to an old, idealistic America that never really existed. They have a vested interest in keeping their image as "the cowboy corp."

That said, yes, officially speaking he should have been UCAS-san. But no one likes the UCAS. It's an atrophying shell of corrupt bureaucracy that desperately tries to fill in the shadow of the United States, and fails at every turn.

Also; just a warning, you're going to be having a hell of a time maintaining that lifestyle indefinitely.
I'll adjust the ammo counts accordingly, and drop a rank of automatics for a comparative increase in pistols. I had actually predicted the Elan+neurostun capsules/gel to be my primary when sneaking as it's -6 to see when in the suit, and invisible to MAD. Because Cram lasts 7 hours with my body and is 10 bucks, I had planned to take it before every run and RP a tweaker for the rest of the run. Jazz was for SHTF. Considering I can sustain an attribute boost indefinetely, would it be worth it to drop a rank in the Stealth group for 2 ranks in perception and making my talislegger C5L6?
How much do you fellows get paid per mission, on average


What'd be good things to get for a extremely fast close-medium combat specialist?
Thank you!
So I guess I will adopt a "melee => cybersenses" rule for myself. Sounds about right. And well, they ARE almost the epitome of cool.

Do you happen to have any experiences (or hearsay information) for eyebands?

And btw, a noob question: I can take cybereye equipment that exceeds capacity if I pay for it in essence, can't I?
oh god I hope this thread is still live. I have drawings.
Bare handed physad guy here.
Thank you very much, very nice of you.
I think I'll try to find some nice people to play Shadowrun with me.
Hands up for Shadowrun Storytime!
IPs, further stuff depends on if you are cybered or magic. Although, pushing your strength with a single cyberarm (and/or adept powers) and having a high Body and being good at soaking damage is always nice.

I'm not sure you can sustain it indefinitely.
Do provide!

You'll have a hell of a time explaining why that talislegger has the same connection rating as an international mob boss and would give his life for you.

Nah, larger-karma investments are better to have at chargen. Keep the stealth group and bring up perception with your early karma.


I'm afraid I'm not sure about either of your questions. I personally have never used cybereyes, at least not beyond capacity (and thus never bothered to look up the rule), and the eyeband always seemed like the detriment was punishing to me.


It is indeed, although it'll be more busy later tonight when I don't have stuff on my plate to do. How's it hanging, RMH?
Extra comment

Even if you're a boxer extraordinaire who can punch through a tank, having a gun is generally wise.
I'm afraid I'm not sure about either of your questions. I personally have never used cybereyes, at least not beyond capacity (and thus never bothered to look up the rule), and the eyeband always seemed like the detriment was punishing to me.
Well, dammit.
And I don't know if you mind the 'detriment' to be the -2 to all checks while moving – if yes, that can be turned off. The only real trouble is less capacity and more costs.
File: 1343591649375.png-(397 KB, 713x802, Scootish.png)
397 KB
Like a boss.

Well, that always struck me as something that your GM could fuck you with if you didn't pay attention or clarify.

Also, I'm headed out to help a friend move in. RMH, you glorious bastard, I'll still have the thread up on my phone, so post away.
File: 1343591903264.gif-(487 KB, 263x150, 1329786165083.gif)
487 KB


My girlfriend has just informed me that I have "the coolest fans." I'm not sure I could phrase it better.
I guess I'll explain my obsession with cybersenses (besides being cool). I am the guy from the last thread who tried building an (ex-)bodyguard.
My ideas so far have been
– high Perception and senseware (including a radar and what not)
– skills concentrating on close combat with Unarmed or (Cyber)Blades and Pistols, plus Athletics. Also some Cha-based skills for not compromising the client
– more or less evenly spread attributes, with dumping Logic
Any further ideas?
File: 1343592917688.jpg-(504 KB, 764x744, 1327945562447.jpg)
504 KB

Sorry, I tend to take my writing clarity seriously. Of course, that wasn't the only mistake I made. Take a look at the tags.
File: 1343593482468.png-(474 KB, 636x700, FUCKING TAKA.png)
474 KB
Oh you're going to love what I've got coming up.

But first, this little fucker.
Yeah, that's kinda cheese.
As for the lifestyle, with the discount from the sustenance power it comes out to 6.3k per month, 5.3k if I put my day job income directly to rent payments, which is only 300 more than a middle lifestyle.

Because I only have a single rank in attribute boost, it's 1S of drain per use, which can be absorbed with no problem.
I am curious, what exactly IS blood magic? I know that it is on par with Toxics and Bugs in terms of evil/baditude, but what is it specifically?
Sacrifice metamagic is the biggest part, lets you hurt another living thing to reduce drain by an equal amount. Not a viable PC concept due to the Draco Foundation's 1m bounty on you.
Is there any mod to make a weapon with an internal magazine use a clip?

At first I thought this was a super-deformed caricature, but then I realized that his head really is that damned big. Nicely done.
…or a viable char concept for exactly that reason.

BTW, what are the conditions for getting the 1m?
>conditions for 1m

AFAIK, proof of practice and a body, dead or alive.
File: 1343595374773.jpg-(423 KB, 1000x665, DSC_6504.jpg)
423 KB
>dead or alive
Can anyone tell me yes or no?

Ok...so if the blood mage in our team ever bites the dust...we are dragging his body to the Draco foundation.
Thank you. Though he is actually kind of deformed in my mind, based on the images that accompanied his appearance in Storytime 7.

As a side note, when I read his voice, I imagine him sounding like George Takei, by way of Ricardio the Heart Guy.
Just make a little recording of his use of Blood Magic and keep it in storage, for a rainy day
That's wrong.
>To further encourage an end to the use of blood magic by Aztechnology and other parties, I offer a bounty of 1 million nuyen on any blood mages captured alive and delivered to the Dunkelzahn Institute of Magical Research for the purposes of studying the effects of blood magic use on metahumanity. I further authorize the Draco Foundation to provide suitable rewards for the receipt of verifiable accounts of blood magic use, the rewards to reflect the usefulness of the information provided.
Reading through the Sixth World Almanac

"Today I’m pleased to announce the merger of my corporation, Novatech, with the European tech leader Transys-Erika. Our combined companies will create the second largest corporation in the world,"

Who's the largest?
Here's a fun question: What would you consider to be an Anti-runner build?

Aww...need him alive. Oh well, I guess we can just taser some Aztechnology Blood Mages if we meet them.
What's everyone's opinion on the "complex forms as spells" optional rule?
Also, where is it? I can't seem to find it again.
I'd search unwired.
Ah! Thank you for finding and properly citing that information. I should have taken the time to look it up.
Fuck yes I found Shadowrun Storytime!

I had a question for the people who have read the entire thing.

Back in the Shiawase, Tokyo run in the Two-Time arc, I was confused at what happened with one of the runs. It was one of the jobs they had to do for that bastard fixer, Taka, involving a weird corporation acting very Stepford Wife-y, before their heads exploded and the Japanese SWAT team invaded.

What exactly happened? And why did they try to kill Taka afterwards?
Well there was some [REDACTED] going on between [REDACTED] and [REDACTED], but the REALLY crazy shit was in [REDACTED]
The Police showed up because of the overall strangeness, I presume, or a prior stakeout.

Taka got burnt cause he was an awful, cheating little fuck that messed with the wrong shadowrunners.

Hope that helps a bit.
I don't remember exactly, but iirc the office of the corporation was about to get busted.

And what I know exactly is that Taka set them up for multiple suicide ops, not warning them about the risks. And he tried to abuse them but delaying his promised information.
File: 1343597894379.jpg-(58 KB, 1191x670, shadowrun__ork_by_levihoff.jpg)
58 KB
Figured I might as well post this here. Core-only game set in New Orleans, tried my hand at a combat hacker. Anything important I missed?

So, what do you guys think of a rigger in a Revolution bike with rigger adaptation, smoke projector, weapon mount (fixed, remote controlled), rating-10 concealed armor, sensor 6, system/responce 6, rating-4 ECCW, maneuver, defense, and tragetting autosofts, pilot 4, an ingram white knight with smartlink, banked up by four Contrails with.... basically the same setup, but each with two ammo bins?

A one-man bike gang.
But why?
Especially in New Orleans. New Orleans needs some voodoo magics.
Your Hacking skills seem to be lacking. Stuff like Computer and Data Search.

>evacui soon
Well, captcha, a soon evacuation is always a good idea in SR.
Sounds cool. Take some delusions about your invisible gang comrades.
File: 1343598625868.jpg-(167 KB, 577x640, 1341540316286.jpg)
167 KB
I'd like to put together a customized revolver for an upcoming character. Searching through SR4 and Arsenal, I can't seem to find solid rules for an underbarrel grenade launcher. Can someone point out where such rules exist?
Arsenal page 153, it's with the other weapon mods. It seems pretty silly to have a UGL on a revolver in my opinion.
SR is a simulationist game, and you can't actually do that.
>This mod is generally only available for longarms, machine
guns, and assault cannons. It is also possible to install this system into melee and other unconventional weapons—popular op-tions include single-shot weapons installed in parallel guns with an under-barrel one-shot shotgun barrel and smart swords with a small pistol in the hilt to fire a bullet along the blade, etc.
I was trying to find a single-shot USG rather than the 4-shot one with odd reloading baggage that would result from using those rules. Sort of an "oh shit" button.

...It might be easier for me to put an underslung revolver on my grenade launcher. WTF.
File: 1343600820769.png-(758 KB, 2124x2533, Teacup Ride.png)
758 KB
Probably one of the funnier moments in Shadowrun Storytime.

>impulsively ctoringm
Yes, Captcha, it was moving impulsively.
oh jeez wow. Sorry about the huge resolution.

Shut the fuck up, Bubbles, no one likes you you creepy stalker son of a bitch.
File: 1343603219722.jpg-(457 KB, 1102x1181, Pictures_of_Buttercup.jpg)
457 KB

Don't, you'll scare him off.
Get out.
File: 1343606016125.jpg-(166 KB, 541x405, Bubbles Rage.jpg)
166 KB
File: 1343606423232.jpg-(44 KB, 500x333, scrubs-nigger-and-jew-scr(...).jpg)
44 KB
File: 1343607010150.jpg-(72 KB, 500x375, 1295915901386.jpg)
72 KB
I knew Octi would get to you one day, Bubbles.
Just look at him there, whispering into your ears, corrupting you...
Please come back, TwoDee, this is rapidly devolving into Bubbles General. Save us.
TwoDee is Bubbles. And a Force 15 Insect spirit. And Cyberzombie Dunklezahn.

>Force 15 Insect spirit

Well, hello my Character's nightmares.

That should be every character's nightmare.
That should be every PLAYER'S nightmare.

I dunno about you, but my nightmare as a player is finding out the 'simple milk run' is actually us going against an Aztechnology cyberzombie factory.
My nightmare as a GM is/was a player doing horrible, horrible things that will completely fuck him because he misinterpreted several critical story elements.

And then getting really goddamn petulant afterwards.
File: 1343611647790.jpg-(189 KB, 819x1024, 1336342838060.jpg)
189 KB
That's funny, my GM nightmare is just petulant players. They make this face.
File: 1343612462981.png-(470 KB, 853x480, chel's body is ready.png)
470 KB
That sounds like an interesting story.

Do tell.

Oh, no, my cyberzombie factory story actually involves knowing it was there, and calling in every goddamn favor we could to clear that bitch out.

I just have nightmares about... if we hadn't been prepared. If we hadn't double-checked our Johnson's job well enough.

The terrible, terrible things...
File: 1343612761861.jpg-(27 KB, 469x469, alucard_proceed.jpg)
27 KB
Still, tell me anyway. It DOES sound interesting-and I love a good curbstomp.
How much fire/how many explosions did you throw at the problem?

Well, okay. It started off with a simple job--go clear out a 'gang cellar' beneath a few blocks in Seattle.

We looked it up and found some fishy bullshit going on. Like each of those blocks being owned by Aztechnology, but not being developed. Missing person reports from the bums living there (the blocks were in the barrens). We had our mage poke around, and when he got back from the Astral he started pissing himself in fear and crying like a little bitch.

It was around that time the first cyberzombie assassin got to us, and we got our asses handed to us before we dropped it in a vat of molten steel and flash-froze it. We got a tersely-worded letter from Totally Not The Aztechs to keep our noses out of their business.

Well, none of us particularly liked Aztechnology, none of us particularly like Cyberzombies. We call our Johnson and inform him that we'll keep doing the job at his normal cost, but we'd need a credit account. We got one for 400k.

So, we called in our contacts, and our contact's contacts. In the end, it was our team--six runners--heading up two Ares Firewatch teams (retired, with all their Ares signals scrubbed off), one DocWagon HRT team (Same as the ares teams), and every two-bit and up ganger, 'Family' member, yak, junkie, script kiddy, shadowrunner, PI, street doc, and crazy magic bum in Seattle, with additional help from a couple AIs and a handful of free spirits.

Aztechnology pisses off alot of people in the shadows sometimes, see. And alot of people are willing to help out for revenge and a paycheck... especially when there's blood magic and cybermancy afoot. Charity's mostly dead, but you can get it's corpse to talk sometimes.

So, in short: ALOT of fire, and ALOT of explosives.
What's the difference between Otaku and Technomancers?

Princess Hitomi of Japan is an Otaku, right? Does that also make her a Technomancer?

Editions. Technomancers are MOSTLY Otakus. Otakus were technomancers before people knew about technomancers.
File: 1343615940277.gif-(42 KB, 193x217, bearclap.gif)
42 KB
There, was that so hard?

I'd love to hear about the aftermath-you're no Two-Dee, but ShadowRun fiction is quite light on the ground.

We burned the place to the ground. Up to the ground. It was... it wasn't pretty, what they were doing. Mass sacrifices. Blood magic. Experiments with Shedim of all things. Making zombies out of random people. Men, women...

Goddamn children, man, cyberzombie goddamn children. We filmed the whole thing. Everyone who could had a simrig. We got everyone's data. It was alot of data, but we got it. We worked at it. Editting it, making it presentable.

Then we unleashed that shit on the world. Yeah, it was gonna get stomped down. But we had to try, you know? Fucking... CHILDREN. Cyberzombies out of CHILDREN.

From then on, we weren't really shadowrunners. We were vigilantes. Yeah, we got paid... but Aztechnology got fucked. Even our black-hearted son of a bitch rigger was hard-up mad for this. There's some shit you just don't pull. Some lines you just don't goddamn cross.

There ain't much sacred in the Sixth World anymore. But goddamn.

I am legitimately shaking with rage now, and this game's been over nearly a year.
How did it end?

And what on earth did they need/think cyberzombie children would be useful FOR?
File: 1343617110275.jpg-(19 KB, 450x332, futurama-dog-baww.jpg)
19 KB
Come back to us 2D

We miss you

We'll just wait here for you to get back...

We punched Aztechnology in the dick. We ended up going to their HQ as they were doing this... fucking huge ritual to summon what was basically the Free Spirit that would represent all of Aztechnology. My astral adept punched it in the dick so hard the entire megacorp exploded, pretty much.

As far as what they were gonna use cyberzombie children for? They were gonna use the factory to frame EVO and buy out their corporate assets, is the best explanation we managed to find.
File: 1343617325699.png-(45 KB, 384x221, NotOk.png)
45 KB
>yfw Bender's Big Score (the one with the paradox-free time code on Fry's ass) craps all over this sad-end
never seen it
what happens?
Fry goes back in the past, reunites with the dog and sees it nearly every day before going up north to the arctic to... find a narwhal? I forget.

Point is, the dog saw Fry again
What are Shedim? I'm not fully up to date on SR fluff.

Basically? Exceedingly powerful free spirits that possess dead bodies and want to murder everything.

And is turned into whatever he is now by the explosion from bender.

At least his dolomite (?) form is explained now.

The bodies aren't ALWAYS dead you know... hehe
Guess that ruins the only moment a series made me cry.
Zombie spirits for the zombie apocalypse

Also: I'm surprised that there are sapient critters on Quebec's Harmful Paranimal's act as
>2021 - April 30, Goblinization occurs, and Québec is quick to extend full rights to all Francophone metahumans.
Which was a fairly quick acceptance of metahumans, therefore if a Free Spirit spoke French... et bien, mon ami, voici ta citoyennete

Though I do like the big-game hunting thing

But a f is worth 0.5nuyen, so the bounties aren't that big.
Still moving boxes and shit, my buddy's roomie was a fucking idiot and packed all of his textbooks and notebooks into one huge box that was impossible to carry.
no tripcode... could be a trick
He packed?
Consider yourself lucky
My little brother didn't pack anything until we showed up
The fucker didn't even throw away the rotten milk, juice, and fucking DECOMPOSING POTATOES that were strewn about the apartment.
I was nasally assaulted, I say!

Son, I have an original-generation Blackberry Curve. I tried twice and it couldn't even load the page if I tried to post with a number sign.

But what the hell, let's take another shot.
In the last session that I played, my Israeli ex-Black Ops sammy two-shotted a Sea Wolf (retarded looking orca whale thing) and blew up its head. I learned immediately after that that the Athabascan Council offered a 1,000 nuyen bounty on a full hide and head. I was... disappointed.
How much would it cost to turn oneself into a cyberzombie... mere curiosity I assure you
Your soul and sanity, to start with

Check... and check... Go on?

The cost of enough deltaware to drive you below 0 essence, hiring four or more crazed blood mages, a clinic more advanced than a deltaclinic, three or more normal mages to stabilize background counts, and the staff of doctors needed to do the surgery itself.

Then your soul and sanity.

Plus an extra 2k nuyen a month in living fees.
and your character's autonomy

Sweet, something to look forward to. I'm going to start saving my money...

You are a crazy bastard.

Why thank you.

Well...given a good Psychologist they COULD keep their sanity.

But it would be 'Holding off the inevitable' not 'Curing the madness'

I thought as much, which is fine by me. Should my psychosis grow to the point where I'm just on the edge of permanent berserker, I'll have my team drop me off in a big box, adorned with Christmas wrapping paper and ribbons, at the local corrupt corp headquarters.

Also, If this cyberzombie has Type O System would that mean that they could still build him with standard level bioware (excluding the cultured variety of course).
If you become a cyberzombie the GM takes your character away and you reroll.

There is no redemption for a cyberzombie, your mind is destroyed, your soul in agony, and you body nothing but cold steel and vat grown meat.

There is no "character" left to play.

The GM can still wrap him up like a big parcel and let it cause havoc though right?
Oh yeah.
When the GM takes your character, he becomes an NPC, the GM's new murderpuppet.
Back from helping my friend move. I know it's late; there was a fuckton of stuff to move. More storytime incoming, just need to take a massive world-ending shit first. If the California fault line finally cracks tonight, you'll know who to blame.

Also the "teacup ride" fanart is wonderful and I love it.


Actually, you'll find there are some very specific guideline in the Augmentation splatbook (this is assuming the cyberzombie guy is talking 4th E) that make playing a cyberzombie completely possible.
Just... don't expect to be able to play one for long. Either you'll end up crazy and start murdering and your fellow runners will put you down, or they'll just put you down BEFORE that happens so they're not the ones that get their asses murdered. Cyberzombies are BAD NEWS. Now cyborgs on the other hand, are much more reasonable to play, though still kind of out there. If you removed some of the BS stuff being a cyborg can do to you mentally you could play Ghost in the Shell straight up.
I believe those rules were for playing someone with cyberpsychosis which is very much not the same thing as a cyberzombie.

There's rules for cyberpsychosis, too, but the rules for cyberzombies are WORSE.

I'm playing a character with cyberpsychosis, and she's a perfectly sane example of metahumankind compared to your average cyberzombie.

Pg 163 Augmentation. Cyborg and Cyberzombie Negative Qualitites.

Plus a majority of "The Cutting Edge" outline what's necessary and what will happen to you.

It's still absolutely nutters to even try something like this, but the asker doesn't sound like he's the most stable of sorts.

She's fine. That point eared bugger needed a stabbing anyway.
File: 1343628826357.jpg-(77 KB, 680x568, Donald_Yatomi_12a.jpg)
77 KB

"And how long did you say you'd be needing this for?"

The warehouse manager looked over the credstick he'd been slipped. He seemed to be trying to find a way to flip through it, as one would a wad of paper cash, and failing. Geppetto did not relish doing business with this man.

"At least a week. I'm moving between houses and need interim storage."

"And a shipping container in a dockside warehouse was your first instinct?"

Geppetto scowled.

"Friend told me you were cheaper than self storage."

"Well, you got that right."

The pudgy man pocketed the credstick and pointed out a long red shipping container to Geppetto, tucked away near the back of the warehouse.

"That would be yours. Don't go getting into no trouble, you hear?"

As Geppetto stalked toward the crate, he could swear that the man winked at him.

He threw open the doors of the container and was greeted by the foul stench of human offal. There were makeshift mattresses--more rag piles, really--on the floor. There was a bucket overflowing with shit in the corner, surrounded by flies. Geppetto grunted in disgust.

"The prior tenants could have at least had the decency to clean this out."
Fuck yes it has resumed! No sleep for me!
File: 1343629309162.jpg-(3 KB, 160x120, futurama-dog-happy.jpg)
3 KB
The depths the team has fallen to!
File: 1343629918858.jpg-(66 KB, 680x383, Matt_Kohr_02a.jpg)
66 KB

It took Geppetto around an hour or two to begin getting bored. His commlink was compromised, so he couldn't even play with it to keep himself entertained. Magic could only go so far, too; it took a lot out of him. And to top it all off, he had no idea if his team was alive or dead.

He turned gaseous and drifted about the stockyard, eyeing the dockworkers. It was early in the morning, which meant that bleary-eyed workers were just beginning to drift in for work.

That was good. Geppetto needed a messenger.

Materializing atop a large stack of shipping containers, he spied his target: a worker, separated from the others, untangling a long length of chain. He called up a Control Thoughts spell, and forced his will upon the man's mind:


The man clutched at his head, as though in pain, and then began looking around, wildly. Geppetto knew that mistakes had been made when the dockworker stumbled towards other workers, pulling out his commlink and yelling to his comrades.

"Someone just done tried to fuck with my head!"

Geppetto grimaced. It was a thing that he was doing a lot of lately.

"That could have gone better."

This is just not their day, it it?
Y'know, they're pretty good at what they do.

Almost makes me suspect some kind of curse or hex on them. That invisible mage in the alley had them made. Perhaps the mage did a little more...?
I am glad you liked it.

I have another drawing, of the whole party this time, but I'm very lazy and tired, so it may not go up this thread. But you will love it, it has the best TwoDee expression ever.
Maybe ritual magic to jinx them?
File: 1343631092332.jpg-(356 KB, 607x768, 1334093644417.jpg)
356 KB

A lone kangaroo approached the back door of the Faulty Bar. Despite the fact that kangaroos were not native to Seattle (or, in fact, North America), this was a most incongruously stealthy kangaroo. It was, in fact, an invisible kangaroo. Were one to see said kangaroo (which they wouldn't, because it was invisible), one might suspect that it was not, in fact, a natural kangaroo, but rather a shapechanged MysAd choosing the form for its capability to pouch valuable mission equipment while still running at forty miles per hour.

The invisible kangaroo snuck its way through the back door and the kitchen, then carefully up the stairs towards Brianna McReary's office. However, just as it was reaching for the door, there was a click from behind it.

"You pinged on sonar, motherfucker," growled a deep voice. "Turn around slowly."

The kangaroo dropped invisibility.


With a noise best described as "SCHLORP," the kangaroo turned into a naked Bend. His clothes shot towards the ceiling comically as his pouch rejoined his stomach, squeezing them upwards at a high speed.

"It's me, idiot."

"Oh, fuck. Sorry, Bend."

Dervish put his shotgun back in the shotgun scabbard on the back of his armor, deactivating his ruthenium polymer cloak.

Bend really enjoys his shapeshifting spell, don't he?

Also: Invisible kangaroos seems hilarious.
I didn't know they made tac suits in kangaroo sizes
File: 1343631954470.jpg-(94 KB, 500x489, sleeping_kangaroo.jpg)
94 KB

Are you implying Bend is a furry?
File: 1343632078763.jpg-(96 KB, 940x528, 1329340154990.jpg)
96 KB

Oh man, I'll just have to do the next Storytime in more timely fashion, then, won't I?


Chuckling softly at his own paranoia, Dervish grabbed the handle on Brianna McReary's office door before the entire door exploded outward with a KABLAM. The wind flew out of Dervish's lungs as he fell flat on his ass with an equally loud CLANK, snapping one of the floorboards in half. However, given that Dervish was wearing articulated heavy milspec armor, he was left with a few dents and scuff marks on the paint job but not much else from the two shells of buckshot and the shrapnelated remains of the door that had struck his chest.

Bend stuck his head through the new hole in the door.

"A little on edge, Brianna?"

"UO's been asking about you."

Brianna stood up from behind her desk and nonchalantly began reloading her shotgun.

"We gathered," grunted Dervish, just walking clean through what remained of the door rather than bothering to open it.

"They've got snipers outside. Wanna keep those cloaks up. Make for the barrens, they won't follow you there." Brianna pointed towards her work nexus, which was turned off. "Comms are compromised, so keep out of contact if you can. I'll work on clearing this up. Till then you lay low. Good?"

Bend and Dervish nodded in concert.

"Dervish, please tell me that you have another vehicle aside from your stupid fucking bike."


Brianna sighed.

"Better make a sprint for Redmond, then."
>Oh man, I'll just have to do the next Storytime in more timely fashion, then, won't I?

Drawfags, assemble!

If the promise of pretty pictures can get us more frequent Storytimes we need to all do our part.

And by "we", I mean you people.
File: 1343633595159.jpg-(26 KB, 475x429, Zlifestyle5.jpg)
26 KB

"You sure you ain't been followed?"

The mafioso looked behind his back nervously as he walked Wildcard behind a Renton public school, passing by a few children just leaving the playground for pick-up.

"I'm sure. Had to hack three different drones but I'm sure. Car's parked in a parking garage in Auburn, plates switched, silver paint job, had the whole car EMP'd to kill every tag I coulda missed. Where's the saferoom you promised me? Not to sound ungrateful to Luca or some such. He's really bailing me out of a pickle, here."

The mafioso approached a boarded-up door in the back of the schoolhouse, and pulled a few of the boards free.

The smell hit Wildcard.

"Did someone die in here?"

"Yeah, back during Crash 2.0. Teacher was wired into the school network. It used to be a PE closet but the corpse became a biohazard before city services could pick it up, so they just kind of boarded it up. Should get wired matrix access just fine, and the room isn't included on maps anymore so you'd need someone to actually come looking for this specific hidey-hole to be in danger."

"Sounds good. You want beer money for your troubles?"

"That'd be great, chief."

Wildcard tossed a credstick to the gangster.

"Forget you ever saw me. Standard corp emergency policy is to move sensitive data by courier, and that's probably got me locked down till they've got it all sorted out."
File: 1343634063301.png-(920 KB, 847x1300, somewhere over brazil.png)
920 KB
Hot wad incoming.

Geppetto's face was really hard to draw, for some reason.
File: 1343634131241.png-(243 KB, 453x760, I gotchya data packet rig(...).png)
243 KB
I believe the thread is autosaging, gentlemen. Will you continue the storytime here, or in a new one, 2D?
File: 1343634579072.jpg-(42 KB, 800x600, 1297982658040.jpg)
42 KB


Geppetto ducked back into his shipping container. Alarms screamed from all directions, the siren call of the police interceptors circling the docks. There were Department of Paranormal Security cops--essentially Awakened super-cops in sexy trenchcoats and with good publicity--all over the dockyard, throwing containers open, one by one. Geppetto should have paid more attention to wiping his astral signature: Control Thoughts was an illegal, ILLEGAL spell.

It was only a matter of time before they caught his aura. Geppetto was a manipulation magician first and foremost. These were hunters. Combat mages. Ex-military, mostly. And nothing screamed good publicity like taking out a Black Lodge member.

Geppetto had no intention of becoming an advertising campaign for a bunch of spoiled magecops. He was taking the inevitable into his own hands and wringing the life out of it.

Ironically, the first step was letting go.

He stepped out into the hated sunlight, his mind dulled to the shouts of the cops as they raised their guns. His gun was deadlier than they could even conceive of. He put his fore and middle fingers to his chin, and pulled the trigger.

A Control Thoughts spell rocketed through Geppetto's brain, screaming one word:


Geppetto slept.

He awoke.
Oh god that scene. That fucking scene.
File: 1343634844594.jpg-(57 KB, 451x771, 1296255132841.jpg)
57 KB

Oof, difficult question. I'd like to try to finish this one up if I can, because I'd hoped to start the next storytime at the end of this run.

Plus I have no art for a new thread! Oh noes!


Ba ha ha ha ha, that is the greatest expression.

Pic unrelated to my commentary, but very related to current in-storytime happenings.

very well then. WE are only on page 3 or 4 right now, so you should have time, 2D.

>He awoke.

I'm so hard right now

and yes, this thread is autosaging

Bah, new thread at >>20098708

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