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File: 1343412592481.jpg-(256 KB, 1502x961, wrath invasion.jpg)
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Mormark burns.

With ancient steel, inhuman logic and merciless endurance of a machine, Men of Iron advance on all fronts, crushing any resistance they meet. Arnstad already fell, Reikland is cut off and Telemark will soon come under siege. These are dark times for the Chapter and for the people of Mormark. But there is always hope. Valiant guardsmen and fearless marines, heavy panzers and swift fighter planes, majestic ships and gigantic Titans are ready to fight to the last man and to the last round in defence of this world. Daring attack under General Vult and unstoppable attacks by the Ghosts of Retribution have denied enemy many valuable territories and threaten to surround and destroy his troops. The battle that lies ahead will be the most dangerous Ghosts have ever faced...

been out of the loop for a while but... fuckin' called it.
IRC link:
File: 1343415743401.jpg-(182 KB, 795x530, 118ea9.jpg)
182 KB
Game will begin soon, I am preparing the new map where you will be able to see unit movements, remaking economics system for easier use, etc.

Also, visit out wiki here: http://chapterquest.wikia.com/wiki/Chapter_Quest_Wiki?&cb=268

Luigi recently made an awesome contribution about Xian Guay, Lord of Wladistan, thanks for him: http://chapterquest.wikia.com/wiki/Xian_Guay
File: 1343420530527.jpg-(931 KB, 4630x2865, war mormark extra large n(...).jpg)
931 KB
ok, let's see whether it works...

looks good.
File: 1343421473655.jpg-(1001 KB, 4630x2865, war mormark extra large n(...).jpg)
1001 KB
rolled 29 = 29

It seems it does. I hope that with these changes running planetary campaigns will become a lot easier in this and other quests. Important changes here:


So, the third month of merciless war on the soil of Mormark begins... Let's roll for initiative - who will act first, I roll for Wrath(more is better this time).
rolled 46 = 46

rolled 59 = 59

The 1st SA in territory 13 are to move to attack territory 11, supported by reinforcements brought in from the southern territory from the 6th reserve. The 1st SA are to be led by General Vult in a blitzkreig offensive, meanwhile the 1st Panzer 'Nord' are to remain in defensive position.

Fleet group Leviathan and Jormungadr are to move off the cost of territory 7 and 8 and begin long-range bombardment, lead by General lancaster. Priority targets are any troop movements deigned for the advancing front lead under general Vult.

Meanwhile on the East of the planet, the 2nd Panzer 'Sturm' under the command of General Werhun are instructed to move at speed to territory 36 and dig in alongside the 3rd Strike 'Hatred'.

'Kraken' fleet are ordered to provide priority support to the 5th Imperial guard strike army and 4th DA, who are also instructed to dig in and defend. Priority targets again include advancing enemy units.
Meanwhile, in orbit:
Our main priority is still to get our entire chapter and as many human combatants onboard the enemy flagship.
File: 1343422394363.jpg-(50 KB, 502x480, 405427_351137451576072_16(...).jpg)
50 KB
rolled 7 = 7

You begin the strategical turn first.
Food supplies decrease to 2 months.
You gain +10 = 12 War Production. Do you want to spend it on something?

Important facts:
+General Vult, who commands Panzer Army Nord now seems to be acting on his own, trying to flank the enemy far beyond the enemy lines.
+6th Reserve army suffers a lack of good officers, giving them Cannon Fodder trait. If you would spend 2 WP to train them, they would become proper soldiers.

What are your strategical orders?

rolled 79 = 79

The advancing flanks of the attack into 11 will be covered by the 2nd SA, who are to remain station in territory 13
File: 1343422826915.jpg-(105 KB, 600x537, wsg17_incoming.jpg)
105 KB
ignore dice.
great plans, Cap, i like them very much and they will guarantee you a strong advantage on the battlefield.

However General Vult and his Panzer army are out of reach, what are your orders for his replacement?

Do you confirm these orders?

Also, you can deploy Ghosts of Retribution in one of the operations or wait for operations phase and deploy them in more rp-like specific mission.
General Vult replaced with General Kastor, give him strict orders NOT to throw away men.

Deploy Ghosts of Retribution so that they're disrupting enemy movements within sector 16, to slow them down. They'll also be given priority when calling in air-strikes.

Spend 10WP on creating a new panzer army too, if no one has any objections.

Let's spend our WP on securing the oceans. They give food and transportation ways.
File: 1343423580536.jpg-(44 KB, 241x720, 375421_309327872423697_19(...).jpg)
44 KB
rolled 93 = 93

Rolling for enemy defence of Region 11
First encounters report enemy strength equal to 1 Army of Wrath infantry droid and they are supported by a detachment of their techno-heretical airforce...

Panzer Army will cost 8 WP, in which city would you like to form it?

Also, roll 2d3 for your offensive on Region 11, it's the number of ammunition you will use up.
rolled 1, 1 = 2

rolling for ammo
rolled 2, 1 = 3

rolled 70 = 70

Offense Roll
File: 1343424848903.jpg-(62 KB, 720x497, 316136_297146993641785_14(...).jpg)
62 KB
93 vs 59
With terrible resolve and promise of victory, General Kastor lead his armies into the Region 11, where he met stiff resistance. However after weeks of fighting a new player appeared in the game - armoured detachments from the Panzer Army 'Nord', sent by the General Vult from the North. Men of Iron were crushed like bugs under the armoured threads of the Imperial tanks... This victory was secured with minimal losses, both in supplies and men(and that is a very strange thing, having in mind that General Kastor is not known for really caring for his men...)

3 Ammo(2 + 1 for Vult's reinforcements)
2 Fuel(Vult's reinforcements)
General Vult and his army is again under your command. Regions 11 and 12 secure for the Imperium!
1 Enemy army is on the retreat to region 7 and their Airforce lost around 40% of the aircraft once we attacked their airfields.
1st Panzer Army 'Nord' [Blitzkrieg] 99%
1st Strike Army 'Hammer' [Attached A,C ; Bloodied] 88%
6th Reserve Army [Cannon Fodder] 91%
2nd Panzer Army relocated - cost for rapid movement 3 Fuel

Warning - low Fuel supplies(1)
Roll d100 for 6th Reserve army - under 50% they lose Cannon Fodder trait.
rolled 95 = 95

>Roll d100 for 6th Reserve army - under 50% they lose Cannon Fodder trait.

File: 1343425108990.jpg-(927 KB, 4630x2865, war mormark extra large n(...).jpg)
927 KB
Map. Now as strategical moves are more or less finished(except of WP allocation, haven't heard the decision yet), let's get some RP stuff done:

who wants to roll for opening the vault?
Current progress 2%
rolled 50 = 50

Rolling for vault
File: 1343425746966.jpg-(154 KB, 440x622, 1343081296075.jpg)
154 KB
Some men never even learn from the mistakes of the dead. 6th Reserve Army is composed of stupid children and senile old men, despite the baptism of fire they remain Cannon Fodder.
Our techpriests report, that they managed to find some patterns among the runes. Vault progress: 7%

Also, there are reports about enemy movements in regions 46, 48, 8 and 16... Their strategical turn will begin in a moment.

Also, for those who haven't seen it yet - an amazing new contribution from Berserk - Ghost Chaplain.
rolled 3, 2 = 5

We have 4 wealth left, 2 of those will be used for fuel and another 2 to repair 2 titans.

Rolling for fuel
File: 1343426926966.jpg-(1.15 MB, 4630x2865, war mormark extra large n(...).jpg)
1.15 MB
rolled 29 = 29

Terrible news - enemy has moved into region 44, taking out Vestos Industrial area and reducing our WP by one. even worse is his swift attack from Region 16 into Regions 14 and 17, effectively cutting off 2 million men - three Armies and a Panzer Group from our supply lines... Also, enemy ships have been sighted in the Eastern Sea, they must be protecting their forces that are crossing the channel. Furthermore - Kanihirium was bombed by enemy planes(2 detachments) from Region 8, dealing damage to our supply depots:
1-30 Fuel d5
31-80 Ammunition d10
81-95 WP (-2 next turn)
96-100 Food (-1 month worth of food supplies)

Also, we formed up 3rd Panzer Army near Weburg...

Now please roll d100 for Ghosts of Retribution
File: 1343427089546.jpg-(77 KB, 747x513, burning oil.jpg)
77 KB
rolled 1 = 1

Fuel cisterns explode easily, setting army's worth of oil alight...
File: 1343427212279.jpg-(81 KB, 720x540, 1282370472535.jpg)
81 KB
You have total of 5 fuel and you repaired 2 Titans.
rolled 83 = 83

Rolling for ghosts
File: 1343427376601.jpg-(180 KB, 450x636, chaplain.jpg)
180 KB
death to the enemy of imperium
File: 1343427917458.jpg-(47 KB, 268x340, chapter master profile.jpg)
47 KB
Chapter Master sits silently in the middle of the arctic tundra forest, just listening to the wind howl among the ancient trees. He is calm now, for he needs to concentrate before the battle that lies ahead. Suddenly, he feels that he is no longer alone. You may call it a sixth sense, telepathic touch or whatever else, but Revenant Stealth technology no longer worked for him. Or maybe it's just the simple truth, that one Ghost cannot haunt another. Seconds later, Gereon reveals himself:
>Lord, we have spotted enemy column heading this way sir. They will soon be in the canyon we prepared for ambush. Shall you join us?
Gereon is a good scout, but with sadness you remember Elegion, he would have been even better at this sort of thing. Interesting, how is he doing now? Well, it's not the time dwell on the past, but to act.
>Your orders, commander?
Let's assume, that you brought a Company of Ghosts of Retribution under your command, unless you want more/less.

which region is our chapter?
Yes, deploy predators at either side of the exit to the canyon, ensuring they can fire at the sides of enemy marching through, but enemies in the canyon cannot see the predators.

Meanwhile, Infantry deploys on the sides of the canyon, and rains hell on those bastards.

Well....that's my idea, who agrees?
1st strike army, supported by leviathan and a round of bombardment -> 7
6th reserve dig in
space marines, titans and 4th DA -> 44
kraken - keep their transports away from 47
3rd panzer -> 17 - it's still contested, so we must take it before they can fully take over
2nd panzer -> 27 we neeeeed that city
5th imperial guard - dig in

use war production to make food, spend the rest on fuel
File: 1343428833499.jpg-(126 KB, 1223x571, ambush.jpg)
126 KB
Region 16, this is happening as enemy army advances towards region 14 trying to cut off our army. Depending on how this action goes, you might actually safe whole territory or at least inflict heavy casualties.
You can show me on the map.
Green - tundra
Blue - river
1 squad - X
light grey - ground level
grey - hill
dark grey - mountain

So you agree with troop deployment as follows:
9 squads
1 squad of Revenants
Chapter Master
+? anything/anyone else?
Posting ScarredVerteran's idea:

1st strike army, supported by leviathan and a round of bombardment -> 7
6th reserve dig in
space marines, titans and 4th DA -> 44
kraken - keep their transports away from 47
3rd panzer -> 17 - it's still contested, so we must take it before they can fully take over
2nd panzer -> 27 we neeeeed that city
5th imperial guard - dig in
use war production to make food, spend the rest on fuel
I mean PlatedWyrm's idea, but I see he managed to post it>>20062360
Yeah, sorry. It told me i mistyped captcha and then kept rejecting my posts for flood detection.
File: 1343429510491.jpg-(148 KB, 1223x571, 1343428833499.jpg)
148 KB
Okay, here's my idea, what do you guys think?
File: 1343429685110.jpg-(38 KB, 248x363, brethorius.jpg)
38 KB
As you scan the horizon with magnoculars, you soon notice a blat dot in the ice wastes.
>Indeed they are coming through here. Is everyone ready?
Brethorius smiles at you:
>Better than ever, milord. We shall crush those metal bugs for daring to come here. They should have known the first time when Humanity destroyed them. Hm. I just wonder - why did they come here at all?
You put down the magnoculars and turn to your most trusted warrior, trying not to show your doubt:
>I do not know, Breth, I do not know. I guess we can look at this only as if it was another challenge, sent to us by the Emperor. Too much things don't make sense lately... Us, the Chapter, those ancient secrets, Faceless and his games with Quixos, split with the Ecclesiarchy. Dark times, my friend. But let as leave deep thoughts for the time after the battle. Now we fight.
File: 1343430753355.jpg-(207 KB, 980x766, wrath warhound titan.jpg)
207 KB
Very soon, enemy comes close enough to see with a naked eye. A column of war droid is marching with mechanical precision, even from far away you can understand that no humans ever march this way - they are all moving in unison, their steps seem to be measured with a ruler. Even Mordian Guard on parade do no march like this, not even speaking about common soldiers. Columns is huge, you estimate at least 3-4 thousand Wrath troopers, supported by dozens of walking tanks and heavy droids. Such a force would decimate your company in the open field, but in this situation, you are sure that you will be victorious. Then, as if in a fairytale, from a mist giants appear, three of them. The middle one bears scorched name of 'Imperator Invictus', they not only desecrated the noble machine, but didn't even bothered to remove the name, as if mocking the Emperor. From the scale and markings, you realise that this is one of the Reavers, that bloody machines took from Legio "Lux Mechanicus" in the first weeks of attack. But it is not the only one, it is followed by two more titans, both of which are remind you of warhounds, but they are too clean, too simple... You realise, that they were built here. It means, that Wrath has already managed to set up a base of operations somewhere and prepare it for serious industrial production. If it is not destroyed, this war will soon turn for the worse. You see Horim, one of your Shadow Guards, running towards you through snow, he is using every cover imaginable and when he finally reaches your hideout he dives into snow.
>Chapter Master, they have Titans! What shall we do? Are the orders unchanged?
As everyone is more or less asleep, this will be a good starting point for the next session. Session over.

Thanks Skargan.
Always appreciated.

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