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There was a thread on /tg/ asking for people's favorite tropes, stereotypes in a campaign. There were many good ones, but one seemed relatively new and interesting. A manly bruiser type and a reverse trap in the same team. The thought of a hulking behemoth of muscle making manly bonds with the thin-looking waif of a boy who is really a girl seemed awkward and hilarious.

I ended up posting a scenario that could occur in this group, which is this:

"Ah, you're in here too! I see you've still got those chest bandages on. How's the wound going?"

"O-oh, fine, thanks. I'll just get out for you-"

"Nonsense! We're brothers-in-arms! Times like this are perfect to bond as a team!"

"...If you say so."

"It's nice finding an inn with a sauna. The girls are quite a sight to behold as well, eh?"

"Y-Yeah! They're pretty good."

"Got your eyes on any girls here? I'll make sure to steer clear of them while I'm out looking for a warm body for my bed, haha!"

"Oh, not really..."

"Seriously? I don't think I've ever seen you courting a nice woman! They can't all be bad, are they?"

"No, it's nothing like that!"

"Well then, what sort of girls do you like?"

"Um... Well I... I-I just don't know."

"Ah, so you haven't had much experience with girls. I get it! Don't you worry, I'll make sure that a fellow team mate will go no longer without the pleasure of a good girl! Leave it to me!"

"Th-That's okay, you don't have to-"

"It's fine! Don't worry about it. I'll find you someone nice."

Then, the idea was encouraged by others. So, I admitted that I wanted to make a character that fit either trope, and interact with the other trope in a campaign. Others were in full agreement.
I quickly thought up two characters to represent the Bruiser and Reverse Trap.

Lance, the Muscle Bruiser.

Lance is a man truly larger than life. Spending his childhood with his similarly musclebound father, he looked up to him and learned his father's many skills. He admired his father's position as a famous mercenary, who broke the standard mold by being an honorable warrior. When he became an adult, a hulking behemoth like his father, he left with a semi-childish mission to spread the qualities of a true man to others. There are a few things he enjoyed, such as cooking and artistry, that his father didn't understand. Therefore, he had a habit of hiding those hobbies.


Natalia, The Reverse Trap.

Natalia is a young woman who thirsts for knowledge. Born in a city that had won many wars and would be in many more, she was interested in learning about the arts of war. As she studied tactics and asked for audiences with some of the military's strategists, they suggested careers more befitting of a young woman. As there was no way she'd go further in her current state, she turned to binding her chest and assuming the alias Nathan. Her studies were going well, well enough that a competitive student ended up learning she was a girl and telling the strategist who was teaching her. Unable to continue working at that city, she instead decided to leave, to find another place where she could become a strategist.
You should writefag this.
Well, I've already written up a few scenarios, and I have decided to connect them into a sort of diary-esque series of posts. I have only a few scenarios, and I'll be writing the connections on the go, but I hope they're good enough to read.
A specific scenario I've never seen in anything like this, but I think would be great:

>bruiser tries hooking the girl up with a waitress who's into the androgynous look
>girl tries getting out of it by explaining she's not really interested in women, accidentally gives the impression she's a gay man
>bruiser thinks it over for a second, roars with laughter, slaps the girl on the back and announces that he's going to find the hottest gay man he can for his pal
My name is Natalia. I have been hired to work on an adventuring team. I have not had much experience in actual fighting, but my knowledge of strategy is what has made me valuable to this group.

The man at the back of the group is a man named Lance, a tower of muscles. As I figured he would be our ace in the hole, I quickly went over to learn more about him.
((Ooh, good idea, thank you. If I could, I'll add it to the ones I'll be writing up after. It may be posted in later threads (If I get to them), but I think I could write quite a bit on it.))
Better if this is further along in their partnership and the reverse trap is getting somewhat attracted or attached to the bruiser
Lance: Ah, a brother in arms! Welcome, friend!

Natalia: Thank you. I'll help out any way I can.

Lance: Speaking of which, what is your method of fighting? Your muscles seem too slight for a mighty blade or axe.

Natalia: Well, I can swing a sword, although I much prefer to use a bow-

Lance: A ranged weapon? Nonsense! A true man bests his foe in close quarters! You've surely seen that in your battles, right?

Natalia: Oh, um... Yeah!

Lance: ...My friend, you have been in a fight before, right?

Natalia: S-sure, I have, uh... I fought with... No. Not really...

Lance: No matter, it's okay. Everyone's path to becoming a mighty fighter begins with a single, confident stride! Just remember those times when you were a strap of a lad, fist-fighting! You did have to fight when you were a kid, didn't you?

Natalia: O-Oh, of course! I-I just thought those didn't count, that's all!

Lance: Then assume your stance, as if ready for battle!

*Natalia readies a sloppy fighting stance*

Lance: *Sighs* With form like that, I understand why those childhood fights didn't toughen you up...
I wish we could combine this with the suggestion of the littlegirl/big guy team where the little girl wields a giant hammer and the big guy fights with agile martial arts
((Hmm, I'll see if I can make a different set of stories for it, no promises, though))
I am glad my disguise is serving me well. He truly believes I am a young man. Coming out of the the conversation a little embarrassed, I asked him if he could help me train in his ways of battle. A good fighter must have a broad range of abilities, after all.

Before we could do so, we were attacked by bandits. They must have been a few branches short of a tree to accost a figure like Lance. The fight was short, but a little distressing. I received a small cut near my sternum. It opened my eyes as to how vital fighting is to live this life.

As we set up camp, I quickly refixed my bandages, and moved back near the group. Now enlightened about Lance's skill, I was more inclined to follow up on the training the next day.
Lance: Well, now is as good a time as ever to hone your skills as a fighter. But first, are you completely sure that chest wound is properly dressed? I saw the bandages before.

Natalia: Y-Yes, I'm sure. I've had experience with bandages.

Lance: That's odd. I thought you didn't get into fights.

Natalia: W-well I, uh, thought that maintaining the body when one is injured was, um, m-manly! So I made sure to learn it.

Lance: You... You think that as well? Me too, haha! The others would say “Leave the healing to the cleric women, any word with dress in it is girly!” But I thou- Apologies, I digress. Now, prepare yourself!

*Natalia clumsily unsheathes her sword*

Lance: None of that! Like my father once said, “A mighty tree spreads its root far and deep, lest it falls under its own might!” No matter how good your blade is, it is nothing if you do not have the hands to wield it with! I loved this so much I now crush my enemies using only my two fists! Perhaps we might get to that after your sword training?


Natalia: U-um, let's just see how this goes.

Lance: Alright then! Now, until we get around to our wilderness training sessions and build up that physique of yours, I shall be teaching you how to use all of your strength in your blows. Under your might, the enemy's hand will falter, and you will overpower them! Now, take a swing at me!

Natalia: Punch you? A-are you sure?

Lance: Haha! I appreciate your concern, but give the opponent none of that! My manly body has reflected many a blow, it is my pride and joy! I will make sure not to tense too much, to avoid hurting you. Give it your all, so I may gauge your hidden strength!

Natalia: Okay... H-here I go!


Natalia: Ah! Ow!

Lance: Hmm... You just need to get into the rhythm! Your fists will warm up, I'm sure! Again!


Natalia: Agh!

Lance: A-am I tensing too hard? I'm sorry! Here, try now. Punch, as if your hand must be through me! As if I am a tree that you must fell! Gather your strength! GO!

Natalia: Hrrragh!


Natalia: OW!

Lance: Hm! I think I can see some talent in you yet! Wait, hold on... Show me your fist.

Natalia: Wha? O-Okay.

*Limply clenches fist*

Lance: … That explains it. Friend, your thumb must be OUT of your fist, on the side.

Natalia: ...I guess it shows that I didn't fight much.

Lance: Nothing to be ashamed of! An animal that has not needed to fight to survive still holds the flames of strength inside them. It only reveals itself once it has been stoked in adversity! Despite your... Inexperienced form, I could tell that on a normal man, it would have left an impact. Had I not built myself like a stone wall, I would feel the same. There is hope for you yet! Now, let's begin the training!

Natalia: That wasn't the training?...
Fate/Zero has that exact pairing.

((I've been meaning to watch that. How do they pull it off?))

Waver's a guy.
I now understand that Lance's stature may not be entirely from natural talent. I shudder to think how my body would turn out if I had trained like that for as long as he has. I could tell he was going lightly, but it still hit me hard. By the time night fell, I was truly exhausted. My muscles dully ached, and moving was difficult. Fortunately, Lance seemed sympathetic...
((I mean, do they do it well? Is it funny? Pairing like that are one of my favorites.))

Lance: Ah, Nathan. Couldn't sleep?

Natalia: My arms were feeling a little stiff after the training. I figured the heat would do them good.

Lance: Smart man. You will definitely be feeling the pain in the morning.

Natalia: R-Really? Will I be alright?

Lance: Ha! Think nothing of the pain. It means that you got stronger. I could apply some healing gel to your muscles, if you'd like.

Natalia: Oh, th-that's alright-

Lance: Please, don't be embarrassed by it. It is only us men here! I may have commented on your lack of muscle, but I was only talking in comparison to me. You are fine, nothing to be worried about!

Natalia: Well... Okay, B-but make sure you don't remove the bandages. I... I've just got the dressing in the right place.

Lance: Very well. It will also help cultivate the scar into a indelible display of your might!

*Begins to apply the gel*

Natalia: Where did you get the gel from, by the way?

Lance: I-It was a gift! Yes, from a... Lady friend back home, yeah! All I know is that it helps the body.

Natalia: It's made from Aloe Vera, right?

Lance: ...Yes, how did you know?

Natalia: Oh, w-well, I made sure to study the plants around here! You know, just in case I needed to help an ally bleed out some poison!

Lance: I suppose knowing about herbs and that is good for a warrior... I made the gel. It's great for after a training session. Now, apply some to me!

Natalia: Wait, why?

Lance: I may not be injured, but this gel is perfect for keeping the body limber during sleeping!

Natalia: …

Lance: Relax! It's merely bonding between men!

Natalia: If you say so...
Lance is definitely a big advocate of the bonding of comrades. It makes my predicament a little difficult to work through, but I've been alright so far.

I guess I learned more about him tonight. He seemed so confident in himself, but I suppose even he had things to hide. Why did he? I mean, sure, you do not expect a large warrior like him to be into medicine making and first aid, but it's not that bad.

That's actually quite hypocritical of me, but I digress.

I had a bit of a revelation about the dangers of this adventuring, but I am glad that I have someone to train me in the ways of fighting. I will rest with an easier mind, even if I wake up with a bit of an uneasy body. Until next time, I will end this entry here.


So, what do you think? I know it was quite short, but I wanted to just test the waters. I've never done anything like this before.

Beautifully, TBH. Nasuverse is sort of whack when it comes to real history, but the way they captured the whole 'wanting to see the sea on the far horizon just because it's there' thing with Iskanders done really well. They captured his essence, I think. And there's this really good bromance between his somewhat wussy, chip on the shoulder, unsure of himself reverse trap master, and the loud, bombastic, hugely powerful Iskander servant.

Plus Ionian Hetaroi. One of the most awesome scenes I've seen in recent times.

Again, Waver Velvet is male. There's no reverse trap element to it, he just looks effeminate next to Iskander because anyone would.
Great work, I would like to see this either as a continuing story or as a CYOA

Either way would be interesting
Well, I will probably be writing up a second thread for tomorrow, then I'll be doing this each weekend (it is weekend for me, at least.) I'll be writing up threads for each day of the weekend.

If anyone has any ideas they want written along the way, please post them, and I'll see how I can fit them into the threads.

Eh, same difference.
So, this seems like an interesting thread. Does anyone want to archive it? OP, would you be able to?
It's really fucking awesome and ends with Waver becoming a true mean.
The big guy in that relationship is the spirit of Alexander the Great, though.
Alright fellas, first thread is archived ( http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/19977780/ ).

Thanks you for your support. I hope you enjoy the next coming thread, where we view the next few scenarios in Lance's perspective.
You guys want a drawfag on this? 'Cos I can drawfag for you guys if you like.

Just a heads-up though: I might take a bit to finish.
That would be cool

Take your time, anon. No need to rush yourself making cool stuff for free for us.
Shit, sorry guys. My internet is acting up and refusing to post. Gonna be delayed more than a bit, I'm afraid.
File: 1342894016964.jpg-(104 KB, 460x643, Kanji and Naoto 02.jpg)
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> manly man bruiser
> intelligent introverted reverse trap
> this is my OTP
One last bump before bedtime so I can find it when I finish my drawfaggotry.
File: 1342904795918.gif-(1.66 MB, 250x198, 1342434353235.gif)
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Bumping to keep the dream alive.
>Manly man and reverse trap writefagging
File: 1342907048821.jpg-(356 KB, 597x879, aaecae72da9fed11b5e318443(...).jpg)
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That's some really useful art. Ignore the gay stuff.
These two guys are just awesome.
File: 1342908140037.png-(146 KB, 199x200, 1335374369701.png)
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>Ignore the gay stuff.


>Corrupting the beautiful friendship of two bros with gay

This is the only thing that I hate about the gay movement.
It degraded all awesome friendships.

Just look at the Madoka yuri fanatics.
Madoka and Homura, at least, are canon gay for each other.
Rider and Waver, on the other hand, is just a manly bro teaching a not-so-manly bro how to be a manly bro.
What the hell is that bump on his solar plexus?
>Complementing the friendship of two bros with gay.
Maybe "he" could fall in love with a trap.
>Madoka and Homura
>Canon gay
Fuck off. That's what I mean. There is fucking nothing saying that both are gay for each other or that even Homura is gay. Homura is obsessed with Madoka, but that got nothing to do with sexual orientation or sexual love.
Her being in love with Madoka degrades the whole story. Instead of Homura starting off as an idealistic girl, trying to make things right again and slowly devolving into obsession with saving Madoka as her only purpose in life she's instead obsessed from the very beginning and a stalker.
File: 1342975044034.jpg-(36 KB, 450x331, 1339936074933.jpg)
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Bumping to keep hope alive.
File: 1342975210487.png-(562 KB, 666x721, 1329111721789.png)
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Leverage compensates for not having much strength and having the strength already makes weapons unnessiary
> all love has to be love at first sight
> love can't develop over time at all

> There is fucking nothing saying that both are gay for each other or that even Homura is gay.
> except the creator of the series in an interview.

> this shit isn't even worth a non-greentext response.
Part of the point of the story was Homura and Madoka drifting apart.
Love wouldn't grow in such a situation. Or it wouldn't be real love and instead more like Madoka being Homura's waifu.
>implying love has to be sexual

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