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You are Gerald DeFlynn. After a somewhat hard fought battle, Team Sidewinder emerged victorious against the Road Hogs team. You unfortunately had the embarrassment of being the only one taken out during the fight, thanks to a lucky shot from one of the opposing Hog Wars.

Rick on the other hand is in high spirits, having downed 2 enemies in quick succession. Your team suffered little damage all around, and even your Red Horn is a quick fix. So you stow your bruised ego and return to base.

Upon arrival you decide to take on a job in your off time. Your mission: explore the remaining wild lands on this side of the continent. You've yet to decide what zoid to depart in, or who, if anyone, you'll be taking along. It is currently the early afternoon.

>What do?
File: 1342568655463.jpg-(82 KB, 1213x400, Combatsta.jpg)
82 KB
Personal Assets:
Molga, DeFlynn Custom
Red Horn
8,300 credits
One side arm
One heavy Anti-Zoid Rifle.

Team Assets:
One Demantis
One Zabre Fang
One Hound Soldier
One Cannon Tortoise
One Gordos
One Heldigunners
One Guysack
One Malder
One Sinker
One Gustav (Moderate Damage)
55,900 credits
1,500 credits worth of ammo

Guysack and Malder spare parts
Sinker (Damaged)
30 mm Beam cannon
Electromagnetic beam cannon
1 Molga's worth of parts

Sidewinder base:

Storage-Lv. 3 =10 Squares(1medium zoid per square)

To upgrade to the next level:

(theres a storm brewing, so I may loose power randomly)
Let's go in the Red Horn. It has firepower and can handle any stranger terrain. See if anyone else wants to take a trip out to the wilds.
File: 1342570230082.png-(115 KB, 634x739, edb.png)
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You track down your amber haired mechanic. She's currently fixing up Audrey's Zabre.
"Hey, Eri, how soon can you have the Red Horn back to 100 percent?"

"Already done." She replies, focusing on her work. "You heading out?"

"Yeah, got a frontier job."

She pauses, and eyes you with concern. "You're going to the wild lands?"


She climbs down and walks up to you. "Gerald, I know you're tough, but the wild lands? Isn't that bit much?"

"It's fine." you assure her. "I was born in wild lands. I can handle it."

She looks surprised, then relieved. "If that's the case, I guess it's fine."
She than puts on a serious face. "Still, you shouldn't go by your self."

"Yeah, you're probably right." you admit. Though the name caries less meaning now, you know the dangers of un-reclaimed land quite well.

>Who do you have come along? (Max 3)
If you insist Honey. Give her a hug and a kiss first.

See if Audrey and Vince want to come along.

We'll pack a picnic basket along and enjoy ourselves.
Ask Rick and/or Eri if they would like to come.
We should get to know Rick better and we could probably fold in some zoid practice Eri into the trip.
File: 1342571284220.jpg-(80 KB, 750x417, delpoi_small.jpg)
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Rick is enthusiasm in a can right now, and is totally down with heading out with you.

Audrey is a bit hesitant when you ask her, as she's heard some bad stories about the wild lands. You assure her most were likely exaggerated.

Vince was looking forward to a romantic evening with a bottle of liquor, but says he'll join up if you really want him to.

Eri says she's fine going with you if you'll give her a little more time to finish up repairs.

Hell, you could call Sarah or Tom up if you wanted to. Three's a crowd, though, and your aiming at 3 plus one.

Who's going?

>Choose up to 3
Let Vince enjoy his bottle. It'll be fun.

I'm thinking Rick for some flyovers. Sarah so that she and Rick can bond more and he can be Seeker Smooth with her.

For the last one either Audrey or Tom, Audrey for little sister stuff, or Tom to get to know him better.

I'm personally in favor of Audrey.
I think rick sarah and tom sound cool
Rick, Sara, and either Tom or Audrey.

Can I get a tie breaker?
Gonna say Audrey since we should really keep these jobs mostly within the team (so larger portions can go towards team) and so she can extra zabre fang practice.
Throwing in my vote for this.
Let's go with Audrey. We can show her all the best stuff about the Wild Lands, assuage any fears she has.
Alright then. You give Sarah a call. She doesn't seem particularly enthusiastic, but agrees to come along. You agree to meet up along the way.

Your destination is the Arbi Desert, far south from your base. You'll likely arrive at the outpost late at night, and perform the actual job from the morning on.

>Choose your load out
see here for whats available
We're in the Red Horn, Audrey in the Zaber. We should probably have Rick in the Sinker as that's where he is best, he can keep above us and do preliminary scouting.

We'll obviously bring along our Rifle and Sidearm just in case.

Also supplies, food, water, tents, probably 2 of them, sleeping bags, rope, other assorted survival gear.
Holy shit ZM is not dead. You guys lied to me.

That was just a joke no one said that, please come back everyone. It's good to have zoids quest back again.
Under the interpretation that ZM is typing up something, might be wrong.

Anyways definitely take the Red Horn.
reports of demise were not necessarily false, but greatly exaggerated

You load up the Red Horn on the Gustav, as well as some spare parts and equipment, on Eri's advisement. Audrey follows in her Zabre, and Rick speeds ahead in his Sinker.

Momentarily he see him coming back toward you, another Sinker at his side.

"Hey, Rick, who's that?"

["Take a wild guess."] comes a familiar, grouchy voice.

["Hi Miss Sara!"] Audrey says.

["Heya, squirt."]

"We all ready?" you ask, receiving an affirmative on all ends. "Ok, we have to head south and over the river to reach the outpost. Try not to waste energy."

Your group makes their way to the Arbi Bridge, to cross into the desert,

>roll 1d10 for travel stuff.
rolled 9 = 9

c'mon excitement.
rolled 2 = 2

So us and Audrey are the ground pounders while those two love birds fly up above. Makes sense.

Make conversation with Audrey, tell her everything we know about the Wild Lands. Make them out to be less scary than everyone has heard.
rolled 5 = 5

Another roll, just because.
this is par for the course, dude. typical post process goes like this:
make post, ask for decision.
one person posts.
wait for more opinions that never come because lurkers.
someone else posts
wait for tiebreaker. ask for tiebreaker
someone else finaly posts
lost momentum, so writers block
repeat from the top.

its cool though, since you guys put up with my slow updating

Oooh, this is gonna be good. gimme a minute.
yeah I guess i forgot how slow this quest goes sometimes, GoT quest has spoiled me.
GoT quest spoils everyone in it by sheer virtue of how good it is.
before you posted I was about to say
>please respond
>One person makes suggestion
>Six people nod their heads in silent agreement
>No posts anywhere
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You reach the bridge in good time, with a sizable amount of daylight left. So when a pair of Godos' in Garison colors block you at the bridge entrance you're a bit miffed.

"What's the hold up?"

["Sorry, sir."] speaks one of the pilots. ["The bridge is currently undergoing maintenance. We can't permit you to cross at this time."]

Well damn. This is the only bridge big enough to haul your zoids across the river. "How much longer will it be?"

["Shouldn't be more than another hour or so."] He assures you. ["Really you did well to come here now, they've been working on it since this morning."]

You sigh, and grumble for everyone to make an extended rest stop. Further ahead, Guysacks built to work on large structure scitter about, using their tail welders and setting new material onto the bridge.

>What do?
There any way we can help with this? Make it go faster?
Not really. this is a bit more technical than you can manage with your equipment
Well we can't really go across. So set down for a bit, have a short picnic.
It's about time anyway, so you get out and set up a spot for dinner. The others join you soon after. Sarah and Rick chat about Sinkers. Audrey quietly observes the work on the bridge, which the hill your gives a good view of.

>Talk? Who?
Let Sarah and Rick talk about Sinkers.

Talk to Audrey about the Wild Lands, things to be careful of, how the dangers are exaggerated if you know what you're doing. Ask how she's been doing lately and what her thoughts on Tom are.
You strike up a conversation with Audrey.
"Just so you know, there aren't any giant wild zoids that devour anything that sets foot in there."

"I sort of new that one wasn't true already." the girl says sheepishly. "But what about the hordes of marauders that ambush travelers."

"That use to be true." you admit. "But a good deal of the bandits and deserters have been cleaned up in the past decade. The authorities have a wider influence now, and they can't really bunch together in really high numbers anymore. This is a relatively small area we're going to, not likely any bandits will have found a suitable place to use as a base."

She smiles, a bit reassured.

"No way! Really?!" you hear Sara shout, diverting your attention for a moment. Rick's rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment.

Audrey's started looking at something attentively.

>Ask Rick what they're talking about
>See what has Audrey's attention.
See what has Audrey's attention.

If something has her attention it could be a threat. If it is confirmed as nondangerous we'll ask Sara is so impressed by.
File: 1342581932023.jpg-(63 KB, 620x500, ZC014.jpg)
63 KB

"What you lookin' at, Audrey?"

The girl eyes you briefly, then looks back toward the bridge. "That Guysack there is moving away from the others." she says, pointing at the lone zoid scuttling along the underside of the bridge.

"He's probably double checking something they worked on earlier." you say.

"Shouldn't they have done that already?" she says. "And isn't it going too far down the bridge?" The Guysack moves further and further away, almost at the middle of the mile long bridge. Audrey looks to you.
"Mister Gerald, I got a bad feeling about this."

>What do?

Go notify the people working on the bridge.
Notify everyone working on the bridge while getting into our Zoids. There is something seriously strange going on here.
"Guys, mount up." you say authoritatively.

"Huh?" Rick replies, puzzled.

"Now!" you bark, as you yourself hurry along, breaking into a run as you get to the bottom of the hill. The others quickly get the idea and follow after you.

"What's the deal, DeFlynn?" Sara gripes.

"Yeah, G-man, what's going on?"

"Not entirely sure, but I don't like it. I'll explain later, just be ready to move."

You make it back to the Gustav, and get on the radio. "Garrison! Come in, Garrison!"

["What, what?!"] comes crabby response.

"Sir, one of the repair Guysacks is making a suspicious move."

["What are you talking about?"] the man on the other end chides. ["I see all eight Guysacks right here."]

Your mouth gapes open for the briefest of moments.

>What do?
There's a ninth one on the underside of the bridge. You might want to deal with that, who knows what they could do to the bridge.
rolled 22 = 22

he is o the under side of the bridge

get a target lock on him and hold fire
["What? Are you sure?"]

"Positive, he's headed to the center of the bridge." you say.

["...Damn! Everybody out of the way!"] the man barks. The construction personnel get out of the way as the Godoses charge down the bridge.
["He's too far ahead of us! You in the Sinkers, can you do something?"]

["What do you want us to do?"] Sara pipes in.

["One of you could go under the bridge and see what he's doing. You could also take some one up ahead."]

["What's your call, G-man?"] Rick asks.

>What do?
Go for it, Rick you head underneath the bridge, keep your distance and ascertain what's happening. Sara, head to the air and look beyond the bridge, see if anything or anyone is coming.

I'll get in the Red Horn but there isn't much I can do about it.
File: 1342585551069.png-(36 KB, 415x615, Audrey.png)
36 KB
["Ok, dude, leave it to me."] Rick says. You see his Sinker zip by and deftly wind his way underneath the bridge. Sara shakily hovers overhead.

["Flying's not really my thing."] she admits as she banks forward. ["I'm not getting anything ahead."]

"Just keep a look out, i don't want any surprises down the-"

You see Audrey's Zabre run past you. It quickly gains on the Godos' and leaps over them.

"Audrey! What are you doing?!"

["I can make it!"] She says.

"Make it to what?"

["The bomb."]

"What bomb?" you say bewildered.

["What else would that Guysack be doing?"] She sounds rather sure, and you can't really argue.

"Audrey, don't do anything dangerous."

She chuckles over the radio. ["I promise I won't."]

File: 1342586254641.jpg-(413 KB, 800x924, Ultra_stomp.jpg)
413 KB

Rick sped down the bridge, like an inverted track. He soon spotted the Guysack ahead, and quickly closed in on it.

"What are you up to?" he mused to himself, adjusting his cross hairs. Maybe if he shot out its legs...

["Caught on, did you?"]
Rick flinched at the sudden radio com.
["But too bad, you weren't fast enough."]


["Now..."] the voice said, before the Guysack began plummeting from the bridge.
["Catch me if you can!"] the other man taunted.

"Oh no you don't!" Rick shouted in defiance as he twisted his Sinker and dove at the other zoid. Closing in, he thought he had him, when up from the water burst an enormous object.
"HOLY SHIT!" Rick screamed as he desperately avoided the new zoid.

He veered around and watched the Ultrasaurus catch the falling zoid with its mouth, before trudging down the river.
"That was cheating, asshole." He looked back to where the Guysack had been, and his face fell.

["Dude."] you hear Rick over the radio. ["We got a problem."]

"Let me guess." you say grimly. "There's a bomb under the bridge.

["You won the grand prize, man. What do we do?"]

>What DO you do?
Ok, Audrey is on her way there. Tell me everything you can about the bomb, size, how it's attached, if you can get anything on detonation mechanism. If it's looking too bad we might want to just cut the part it's attached to from the main structure and let it drop into the water.
rolled 5 = 5

take some shots at the Ultrasaurus
["Ok, ok, uh...it looks like a pretty simple charge, but pretty large. Seems he just welded it to the bridge, it has some long metal leads attached to it, pretty gutsy to just weld it on like that."]

"What about detonation mechanisms?" you inquire.

["Sorry, man, I don't know enough about this sort of thing. I can't even guess-"]

["Is there an antenna?"]


Sara groans. ["Is. There. A goddamn antenna. On the fucking bomb!"]

["Um, no, not that I can see."]

["Ok, they probably don't have a remote detonator for it at this range. That means it's either on a timer, or they want to shoot it with something from a distance."]


["My dad's in the army, remember?"]

["Their Ultrasaurus has gone under water, so they probably aren't going to shoot it with that."] Rick offers.

["That leaves a timer."] Sara muses.

["I'm at the center."] Audrey announces.

>What do?
rolled 7 = 7

shoot it
Hell no. At least not the bomb.
Drop the thing into the water using whatever means necessary.
They might also have some other mechanisms to prevent tampering and taking it apart.

Audrey, how thick is the stuff it's welded to? Could you just slice or cut what it's connected to off from the rest of the bridge or is that not practical, as I don't have much confidence in defusing the bomb fast enough with a giant robot.

Do not shoot the bomb, it'll explode, which is bad.

["The leads aren't terribly thick."] Rick informs you. ["I could easily blast through them with my guns, but...I can't do it, dude. I'd hit the bomb, even by just a little."]

["I'll do it."] Audrey says.

"How? Audry your on the other side of the bridge."

["I grabbed a harness and laser torch before heading this way. I can climb down and cut the leads."]

"By hand?!" you stammer. "Audrey, that's nuts! You could fall before you reach the bomb, never mind if it goes off with you there."

["Mister Gerald."] the girl says confidently. ["
I can do it. Trust me."]


>"Ok, good luck."
>"No, we'll think of something else."

Trust her on this one.
I don't want you to do something you're unsure about just to impress us, but if you're confident and know you can do it than go for it.

I'll buy you a bucket of ice cream the size of your head afterwards.

Rick, you can hover on the Sinker right? Stay below Audrey, be ready to catch her if anything goes wrong.
She more prepared for this than the erst of us could ever hope to be.
She knew there was a bomb when she took off. She also knew the bomb was welded to the bridge, and took the appropriate tools with her.
Have Rick hover/stay close beneath her so if she loses her grip or anything Rick can break her fall quickly and only minor bruising will happen. Also have her check for any timer before hand to make sure she has enough time to actually remove it.
"Ok, good luck."

["Thanks!"] she says sweetly. Then then radio is quiet, leaving you to wait in the agonizing silence.


Audrey checked her harness again. Satisfied that it would hold, she slowly began shimmying down the side. Using the various bars as footholds, she climbed down slowly. When her foot could no longer find any purchase, she started shuffling through the bridge's support structure. She slipped once, gasping as she caught herself. She saw the river below, and felt dizzy, but shook her head clear. She inched her way across, reaching the bomb. The cartridge was almost as large as she was.

"DON'T WORRY GIRL, I GOT YOU COVERED!" she heard Rick shout from his open cockpit. She smiled to her self, as she repositioned. As she readied her torch, she heard a faint noise. She eyed the bomb. Her eyes were sharper than most, so she could faintly make out the digital display.

Her eyes widened. There wasn't much time. She quickly lit her torch and went to work.
She carefully cut the lead while making sure to guard her eyes. It felt like an eternity, but it was only 30 seconds. The lead ruptured, and the case of death shuddered do to the lost support. She winced, but the bomb barely moved.
Now the other lead..

Audrey shuddered as she found herself unable to move forward. She looked back and saw she'd run out of length on her safety harness. She eyed the clasp on her vest nervously.


She undid her harness cautiously, slowly slipping out of it, and began inching her way down at a painfully slow pace. She couldn't rush. Easy does it...


"She WHAT?!"

["She undid her harness, dude! What should I do?!"]

"J-just stay under her. If she falls you're her only chance."

["I'm on it, man."]


Audrey almost could reach the lead. Just a little further. She didn't need to see the timer, it was counting down in her head. She tried not to think about it, but the image was in her vision.
Focus! She berated herself. She wasn't a sniveling coward that needed to be rescued. She couldn't fail here. She reached out with the torch.
Not close enough. Need to go further. From here?
Maybe with the harness. Just another inch and a half. She did the math in her head. Right here.
She stretched as far as she could. The torch lit and began cutting into the metal. Slowly. She leaned out as far as she dared. The lead was about halfway cut.
You can do it Audrey, we believe in you.
"FALL DAMN YOU!" she screamed. The bomb lurched. She gasped as she stumbled, dropping her torch. She barely caught the bridge support as she watched the tool tumble down.
The lead groaned to support the weight attached to it, but it did not break. Audrey grit her teeth, and raised her leg, kicking the metal with her foot. It burned from the recent cutting, but she pulled back and kicked it again.
"I will not loose to you!" She kicked with both her leg, and there was a sickening creek of metal. She nearly slipped, but caught the support, her legs dangling over the drop below.

The bomb sunk, the lead groaned, then finally snapped. The cursed cargo fell to the rivers surface, a large splash punctuating its decent.

The Sinker hovered up to her. 'Need a lift?" Rick said casually. Audrey smiled weakly.

There was an explosion. You jumped, even though it sounded rather muffled.
"Rick! What happened?!" you yell into the com.

["It's alright, mister Gerald."] Audrey says. ["I'm fine."]

You lay back into your seat and heave a long sigh of relief.

>what do?
return home, attempt to drink yourself into a coma with fermented cactus juice.
You don't have to keep calling me Mister, just Gerald is fine.

I'll get you a bucket of ice cream when we get back, just choose a flavor.

You did a very brave thing just now, but don't make a habit of it. It's dangerous.

After that tell the bridge builders that the problem is dealt with and they can go back to work. Ask why someone would want this bridge taken out like that.

Then once they get the bridge finished we can continue with our job.

Only a single bucket? Make that a freezer full of the stuff.
Too much ice cream would be bad for her teeth, her dental health is important to us. We'll make sure she gets the really good ice cream to make up for it only being a keg sized bucket of it.
You bring up the bridge with one of the Garrison troops.
["Who knows, could be pirates that want to keep having ferries to rob, could be extremists, the list goes on."]

You grumble at the unanswered question and move out, them telling you you were clear to go on ahead.

["Fifteen people."] Sara says over the com.


["Just got a head count. Not counting us and the rent-a-zoids, there were 15 people on the bridge when that thing blew."] she explains. ["That's how many live the squirt just saved."]

You can't help but smile. You reach the Zabre, where Audrey was dropped off by Rick. You exit the Gustav and walk up to her.

"Audrey," you begin, but she runs up to you and buries her face into your chest. Her emotions get the best of her as she cries into your shirt.
"Shh..." you say, patting her head. "Let it all out, I got you."

After some time she pulls away and wipes her nose.
"I'm ok now." she says shakily.

"Alright, champ, now get in your Zabre, we're holding up traffic."

She nods, and climbs into her zoid. You follow suit, and by sunset everyone's on the other side.

["Damn."] Sara comments. ["And we haven't even gotten to the job yet."]

"Don't remind me."
and that, boys and girls, is what happens when you roll a nine on the shit happening die.
Damn, that is one hell of a die. What would have happened if we hit 10?

No one got hurt and Audrey is a fucking hero who deserves to be spoonfed ice cream while watching Danlaiga. That is an acceptable result.
File: 1342594650784.png-(273 KB, 567x447, colonydrops.png)
273 KB
Ten is a colony drop. always.

>but seriously, probably would have been an attack by the mystery orginization while you were out in the open
Anyway, I'm gonna take a break, and if this threads still here when I get back, we'll continue from there
Bump to keep it alive.
reschedualed bump.
quest resumes in a few hours
bump to keep alive, someone should archive this.

My patience has evaporated long ago, but I shall keep waiting.

Having crossed the bridge, you make your way south. The sun is starting to set, and you finally reach a town on the outskirts of the desert. Not having much time in the day left, you stop here for the night.

Stowing the zoids, you all dismount. Rick and Sarah take the opportunity to stretch. Audrey still seems a bit shaky, but she's holding up. It's currently about 8 in the evening.

>What do?

Ask Rick and Sara what was so funny.

"What were you guys talking back at the bridge?" you inquire.

"Oh, that?" Sara replies. "Rick was telling me about something he did as a kid."

"It's kind of embarrassing." Rick admits sheepishly.

"This idiot snuck into his old mans Sinker and brought it to a race. And crashed right away. Ha!"

"I broke my arm and some ribs."

"Ouch." you say sympathetically. "So what what happened after that?"

"I snuck out of the hospital and went racing again."

Sara doubles over in laughter. "That's the best part!"

"So did you crash again?"

"No, I won." he states flatly.


>What do?

I'm out of ideas... Any suggestions?
I do hope I'm not the only one here.
You may well be. alright then, I'll list some options.

>Go get Audrey some Ice scream
>Look for a place to stay tonight
>Find something in town to do

I missed the town part.
So fetching ice cream for Audrey sounds like a good idea to me. Maybe we could get some for the rest of us too.

You call Audrey over.
"Yes?" she says weakly. Seems her nerves still haven't recovered. Time to fix that.

"Come on, I'll get you some ice cream, whatever you like."

"Hey, buy me some too!" Sara bleats.

"Did you disarm a bomb today?"


"Then piss off. Buy your own damn ice cream."

You and Audrey find a snack parlor, and you order parfaits for both of you.

"How about it," you say after some minutes of silent eating, "feel better?"

"A little." the girl states. "I don't think I'll be able to completely calm down for a while."

You hum in understanding. You're a bit of a wreck yourself. Today scared you even more than the time the bandits had you surrounded with a frozen computer. Not being able to do anything to help her in that situation was also frustrating. You'll have to make up for that someday.

>What do?

Explore the town with what time is left, might find something interesting.

I'm feeling lonely right now.
Lets also go and try and dig up in info the locals have on where were going
You head out with Audrey and tour the streets. It's a simple town, with little memorable features. You ask around about the area you'll be investigating tomorrow. Most don't know much, not wanting to have anything to do with unclaimed territory.

One traveler did have some information though. Seems that the area in question has frequent electrical storms, and heavy magnetic activity can be detected from far away with long range instruments. He advises you to make sure your zoids are well insulated.

>Head for the local inn
Call up Eri, wish her good night, ask about insulation.

Then head to the inn.
So, uh, anyone know much about zoid insulation?
Putting one vote here
Thinking it prudent to have your bases covered, you find a phone and dial up the hanger. It takes some time, but you finally get an answer.


"Eri, hey."

["Hey! you guys get to the outpost ok?"]

"We stopped a little earlier at a town. Got held up at the bridge."

["Aw, that must have sucked."]

"You have no idea. Anyway, I got some info on the area we're headed to. Seems it has a lot of electric storms and magnetic activity.No anyway we can guard against that?"

The girl hums thoughtfully to herself. ["Your Red Horn's armor should double as insulation already, just engage the pulse guard and you should be fine. Audrey should be ok too, if she doesn't stick around at a high activity spot. The Sinker, on the other hand, will be in trouble, their engines are sensitive to this type of thing. You can apply some internal shielding, but even then, your better off having Rick avoid area's with any noticeable activity altogether."]

Hm, if you want to get some extra shielding, you'd either have to find a shop that can apply shielding, or get the material and attempt it your self. Or try and do without.

>What do?
Where would I find the sort of thing to use as internal shielding? How hard is it to install?

After we get some more details wish her good night and blow her a kiss over the phone.
Ask around for a mechanic that can get the job done quick and cheap. also what time is it?
It's getting late, so even if you find a mechanic who will do it, they wouldn't likely work on it now. Most shops have already close too. Eri suggests you wait till you decide what to do, then try again in the morning. If you want to try and do it yourself, you can call her back.

You wish her goodnight, and head to the inn your group had designated as a meeting spot. You feel you could use a good night's sleep after today.

>Something else
Time for sleep.
Give Audrey a hug and see if she wants us to tuck her into bed.

Then sleep.
You hug Audrey good night.
"Want me to tuck you in?" you say with a smile.

"That was a one time thing, remember?" the girl says. "I'm not a little kid. Besides, I got this." She holds up the plushy you got her.

"Not a little kid, huh?" you jeer, but quickly apologies when she pouts. "Kidding, kidding. Sleep tight, Audrey. You need anything, come get me, okay?"

She nods and smiles. "Good night, Gerald." She opens the door for the room the girls are using and slips inside, and you make your way back to your room. Rick's already asleep, and you get in your bed and soon follow suit.

"Ah," you mutter before nodding off, "she didn't say mister this time."
File: 1342666498783.jpg-(139 KB, 1920x1200, D'aw.jpg)
139 KB
>"Ah," you mutter before nodding off, "she didn't say mister this time."
I think I'll end this here for tonight.

Really need to write some more stuff ahead of time. Maybe make an outline of possibilities instead of doing everthing improv

any closing questions?

That is what AC-Guy does. Seems to work for him.
thread still needs archiving, can i get a hand with that?
Sure thing. It's really not that hard by the way- simply copy and paste stuff from the previous threads and write a new description.

I am not a good role model. In any form.


In all seriousness though, it's generally a good idea to have a vague idea of where things might go, and then flesh out the possible scenarios and such the closer they get and the more likely they seem.

Where you draw the line for detail in advance might vary. For instance, I never write dialogue in advance, and build encounters only a couple of steps ahead of the players. But the current battle thing going on was on the horizon as a possibility since the beginning. And I've got similar threads out all the way to the line's end.

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