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Something lurks at the Galactic Center.
rolled 40 = 40

lets see if there interested in Zerg TV
Let's get that Long-Range Exploration Task Force ready, and send it most of the way to the Galactic Core via Heighliner. Not all the way, though. We want to make sure that whatever is there, doesn't get its hands on Heighliner technology.
File: 1342323665340.jpg-(29 KB, 635x340, gb603.jpg)
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Quick we need to weaponize Jupiter to blowup the galactic core!
Only correct response.
What forces are we sending?
A single Terran battlecruiser, a squadron of Wraiths, and a dozen dropservers, all with cloned Infested Terrans. A dozen Ghosts and twenty Marines, all clones.
A wing of Mutalisks, two wings of Scourge, and a trio of Guardians.
About 30 drones so that we can make new colonies as needed.
A small force of gausslisks, hydralisks, 20 zerglings, a pair of Siege Tanks, and a single Power Armor Ultralisk.

We want this scout force to be ready for anything, and creating Zerg colonies along the way.
A force of that size will require more than one heighliner. Is that alright?
Yes, as long as the Heighliners turn back before reaching the Core.
At most, 3/4 of the way.
Our heighliners bring the forces nearby, drop them off, and are gone in the blink of an eye. The scouting party travels the rest of the way under its own power.

When it nears the psionic anomaly drawing us in, the force drops out of warp and discovers a star system very near (in an astronomical sense) to the supermassive black hole at the Galactic Center. Immediately, we know that the single world orbiting this sun is the source of our feeling.

As we approach, our scans detect a bird-like entity that seems to be made of light hovering over a huge structure of some kind, which seems to be the only notable thing on the planet's entire surface.
Stream this data to Labrate, Internbrate, Cyberbrate, Nargil, and the others. See if any of the cerebrates can identify this thing or the structure.

Keep our distance from the bird; we don't know what it is, and energy beings are always bad news.
A Xel'Naga phoenix, interesting. Quick let's capture it and infest it, then explore the building.
How much distance? From how far away they are now, our forces can only make out that the bird-entity and structure are there, but no more details.
How about 1 AU?
(Um...sure. That works)

As we draw closer, our scans' results become more intelligible. The bird appears to be hovering over the structure, giving off strong psionic energy.

The structure itself...appears to be crystalline in nature, but in the shape of a perfect cube, at least a mile high. One side has a massive opening through which our scans can't seem to penetrate.
(There's a metathread about hating quests on the front page, but the mods thought it was more important to autosage Zerg Quest? Sensible)
Okay, we don't want to get too close to it.
Can Cyberbrate get some Terminators with remote control signals being sent from the battlecruiser readied and onto a Heighliner to bring it to that system? We can use the Terminators to pilot a dropserver closer.
Being purely machine, they may not rouse the interest of the psionic energy being.
Must capture the Cube! It might let us revive pops, or set up a warp network, who knows.
That'll take time. Roll 1d20 to see if it takes too much.
rolled 11 = 11

Cyberbrate packs up Terminators and two transmitter craft into a heighliner and sends them on their way. They arrive without incident, and begin shuffling around.

Now, how are we planning to send them in without losing the signal?
Have been reading through the archives for half a week now. :o
A few questions I've been dying to ask:
1 Why aren't we expanding exponentially? I mean why not sending out 10 overlords + drone and sufficient resources for a single hatchery. from EVERY border world?
2 Why did our brood not reach numbers in the billions back when we only had Xenta? Even the humans have billions on any one of their worlds.
3 Where did all the resources from plundering The Barrens go? As I understand it, we're more or less spending resources as quickly as we can get them. Shouldn't the Barrens have given us enough to make a FUCKHUEG fleet of trillions upon trillions of basic flier zerg, with tens of thousands of capital ships and hundreds of heighliners?
4 Why haven't we reinvestigated the actual usefulness of the zergleks after a regular Dylan Infected tore open the dome like tissue paper? They seem to be nearly as ineffective as the Daleks themselves (except that ours can aim).
5 If our Zergleks are NOT crap, we might conclude that the Dylan parasites have extradimensional muscles (the thing that took out 6 Zergleks must've had the size or at least armor of an Ultralisk!), why not have Labrate try to find ways to enchance our own warriors in similar ways?
Have the transmitter craft follow behind the Terminator-piloted dropservers at maximum range.
The transmitter craft are the ones that have the Zerg brain matter to be the psionic interface that Cyberbrate uses, right?
3.Setting up the CORE ai, and the general fund
4.Pretty sure we never stopped making them
5.No samples to study
6 Oh, and since the Zergleks are more akin to elite-shock troops than a Marine/Hydralisk/Goliath-grade unit, can we have labrate work on a (Using SC2 only for size comparison only, I swear) marauder-size battle-armor crewed in a similar way to the Zergleks (except entirely encased in decimeters of armor rather than a flimsy metal dome over the head)?
Okay, I think I'm done happygasming now.
1. It's hard enough coming up with things that can fight you guys as-is. If I let you grow like the Zerg reasonably would, the quest would've ended with the entire galaxy being consumed like, 15 threads in.
2. Same deal.
3. Investment capital for Accountantbrate's economic victory. Also, building a fleet from scratch big enough to topple the thousand worlds of the armies of Terra.
4/5. Those were the elite guards of one of the big sub-Dyles...things (I don't know if I ever actually said, but that one was supposed to be the ghost from Spooky Zerg Quest). They had spent days encased in the gas that made them super-powerful.

They have that as a backup, but only if there should be a failure of the main system.

The ships travel closer, of course remembering to cloak first.

The closer we get, the more obvious it is that the psionic bird-entity is channeling energy into the crystalline cube. Its green surface glitters and gives off a faint glow.
6.Marauders are just a heavier set of power armour, so I wouldn't think 'crewed' would be appropriate. Regardless, we don't know how zergleks work, we can make them, but that's it. Now if you're just saying build bigger power armour, then I suppose we could, but why? Making existing designs more durable would be better.
I think we should just storm the cube already.
Move the Terminators closer, try to get more energy readings.
Attack: 1
Zoom in and enhance: 1
1 Why would that impair balance? I thought the lack of need for balance (just challenging threats) was one of the primary points? Just give our enemies all the stuff he threatened giving them as well. :3 But I guess it's a bit late to retcon it.
It's just annoying to feel that we have precisely the same income no matter whether we have 50 planets or 300 planets.
3 But the CORE AI didn't get a substantial boost at ALL, it just seemed to get a few thousand ships (and a few dozen lovemuffins). I see the balance, but it still feels like we got the same amount of resources permanently stripping those worlds entirely as we would've gotten every day just colonizing them. I mean, we stripped what, 200 worlds down past the mantle? Even if we assume we only get 1% of what we realistically would've gotten, it doesn't seem to even scale up to the resource bonus we got after killing Bernie.
4 I said reinvestigate. As in "Can someone tell me why the brain in this supposed "masterwork" is protected by an extremely thin dome that even a zergling can tear off?" Redesign based on that. When your ultra-unit can be defeated by tearing off a thin plate and punching inside, something has been done wrong, either by the designers or the designators.
5 But we DO have 5th-dimensional materials and can ask Labrate if they can be used to enhance our forces by expanding their armor or muscle-tissue across it.
File: 1342329476783.jpg-(50 KB, 250x250, 12919200.jpg)
50 KB
Would you be storming the cube with the scouting party, or bringing in forces from outside?
Thanks. ^_^
>Hard enough to come up with serious threats.
.... Want suggestions? >:3
Because we don't actually have any heavy-hitting baseline technological units. The terminators are nice, yes, but they can only be controlled by cyberbrate and are only the size of a regular terran (as I understand it).

So far we've had no battles that cannot support at least marine-sized armor. Essentially, I want to ask labrate for a power-armored-marine-sized Terminator with a redundant zerg-brain alternitive control. Cheap and effective while stilll a good concentration of force multipliers.

Still, I should probably hang around a bit before fielding too many "OMG BUILD THIS NAO" suggestions.

Also, I approve of the sending of mechanicals instead of regular units against the Phoenix-Archon.
>don't actually have any heavy-hitting baseline technological units
Power armoured ultralisks, fire-breathing power armoured gausslisks with a psi-lash, out igegs, zergleks. Yep, no heavy hitting units at all.
Siege tanks, Goliaths, Reapers?
I said baseline. As in standardized shock troopers.
The Gausslisks are vulnerable to infection if their armor is breached (and I never heard that they were fire-breathing. o.O 'Then again, I don't remember that the gausslisks actually got power armor either, even though there was a lot of talk about it) and do not have a redundant cyberbrate-system.
The Ultralisks are our redefinition of "tank" not infantry.
The Igegs are Infiltration/Commando infantry and do not actually pack much raw material.
And the Zergleks are simply far too rare, even if their efficiency wasn't already suspect.
The Siege tanks aren't infantry either, Goliaths are a bit on the large side but have the core prospect down. Reapers aren't particularly heavy hitters either, nor can they take much damage.

What I'm proposing is, essentially, our very own Space Marine Equivalent unit.
But again, I should probably push it later when I've been around personally longer. :P

>Meekness. sadmre
See? Even Captcha is saddened by your forces' meekness! :P
I vote for bringing in additional CORE forces, but storming with part of our scouting party to gauge its reaction.

I'd rather it only blew up in our faces alittle.
I vote for zoom in.
I think the Starcraft equivalent of the Space Marine is supposed to be the Marine...

(Ok, since it's late and autosaging has been an issue, I should probably ask whether you guys want to do the 20th or the 21st for next thread, and get all archived so we don't lose another thread. So, BAM)

So it's metaquest after-effects huh. Are you sure we don't need to weaponize Jupiter?
You'd have to tell Kerrigan why you're taking a planet from her solar system...
20th for me.
Very well. An extremely powerful SME, then.
My point is to get something extremely efficient compared to its cost (possibly as low as a regular marine or a firebat), utterly dependable (Redundant Psi/Tech control and has barely any bloodstream to infect) and near unkillable.(being armor and muscle-fibres nearly all the way through).
That you have to actually hit the brain portion AND the control chip to reliably kill it (both targets that may be no larger than an infant human's head) is just bonus.

As I said, a more reliable and more powerful Terminator. Still, I'd rather not have it associated too much with the Goliath-Ultralisk cowboys, so I should probably not push the point until I have some support.

... Wait, that's the third time I've said that, isn't it? Dang, I am pushing it. x)

And both 20th and 21st is fine to me, so I vote for both, just to steal our Cerebrate's spare time. :D
File: 1342333758689.jpg-(40 KB, 400x581, Spider_Jerusalem_and_the_Chair.jpg)
40 KB
>to steal our Cerebrate's spare time
I am humbled by your eloquent response and will agree to your demands.
I also offer a mitigating point of view in that we wouldn't want to steal it if we didn't value it highly.

In other news, what happened to the vote?
Apparently, we're attacking, but I'm not sure whether everybody's for sending the scouts in, or waiting for reinforcements first.

Also, it looks like most of you have gone to bed. Weaklings.
Yeah! I got up at 3 to be here, you sissies!
If they're really gone, are you sure you don't want some suggestions for galactic-zerg-threats?
They can't even scream "Ohgodohgodhogod why did we leave him alone with the GM" until it's too late.
Just trying to come up with what should be done.
It's an energy being, does Labbrate even believe our weapons will affect it?
What about our psi-cannons?
I'm willing to listen, but I can't promise I'll use them, or that I'll leave them the way you present them if I do.
Labbrate's unsure, but it is certainly willing to gather that data from a field test...which is its way of saying to shoot the thing and find out.
Ohyeah, the psi-cannons!
Also ask Labrate if it may be possible to fire an overcharged telekinetic lash or possibly an overloaded Dragoon-style Phase Disruptor bolt (seeing as they are - according to the regular fluff anyway - created just as much by psi energies as psi blades are).
Or even just a massive telekinetic pulse or stab (or is this essentially what the psi-lash is?)
Alright then.
Get a trio of psi-cannon equipped Love Muffins ready and send them along with a signal booster satellite so that Cyberbrate can more easily control them.
To prevent as much spoiling as possible, I'm just stating the core concepts.
d1 Von Neumann Devices
d2 Extradimensional Beings with appendages in this dimension.
d3 Battle-cruiser sized (on average) psionic energy beings able to contest control of Zerg.
d4 Galactic Cyborg Anthive, no psionic control, just strong bonds of loyalty.
d5 Futuristic Necromancers with magitek fleets.
d6 Overlords that have grown themselves into cerebrates and are trying to survive, but fiercely independent, much like Kerrigan or Duran.
d7 Reptilian Aliens that can warp entire suns around without absurd costs.
d8 Any crossover with a universe with extremely dangerous elements, or maybe even running into their own galaxies (few universes go beyond the initial galaxy after all). And believe it or not, crossovers can be done extremely well and very many of them are able to take on entire galaxies. Even more options if you just give them a little tweak, like with d8b below.
d8a Warp-Capable Tiberium
d8b Flood
d8c 40k Daemons
d9 Demons/Angels of the old-testament variety (obscenely powerful, described as wheels with 8 wings).
d10 Any form of Galactic Empire.
d11 We create Xel'Naga. Xel'Naga "supersane"/not friendly/insane.
d12 Experimenting with Arbiter causes runaway split-second anti-stasis reactions, creating hostile hyper-evolved versions of whatever is trapped in the bubble.
d13 Overmind back. Daddy's insane/really friggin' not pleased with us taking over his job.
d14 Mix and match and of the above as necessary.
>and of the above
all of the above* dangit!
This vaguely reminds me of the Doc Aquatic chart, which makes me wonder if there's a sci-fi-friendly way to do

>Barbarian hordes burn down the sun
Didn't actually mean that you should just roll a dice and pick whichever came up (although it can probably be divided into potential encounters just about anytime we do something).
Explore a galaxy? This, this and this might happen, and it might be mixed with elements of ANYTHING else whatsoever.
Visit a new planet with funny readings? This, this and this, etc.

Huh, I guess you could probably roll't like a device to decide "FUCKHUEG STUFF HAPPENS". Let me simplify it.

System Exploration:
d2, d5, d8, d9
Galaxy Exploration:
d1, d2, d3, d4, d5, d7, d8, d9, d10
d1, d2, d3, d5, d6, d8, d9, d11, d12
Just fuckin' around:
d1, d2, d3, d4, d5, d6, d7, d8, d9, d10
Reviving Father:
d2, d3, d6, d8b, d8c, d9, d11, d13
Mix and match as necessary.
You! Why are you trying to incite a crossover? You know who has to clean that shit up? US, that's who. And we've got enough goddamn problems in this sector with the Orz running free and whatever handed Black Ops their asses without people starting unregistered crossovers.
File: 1342343688428.jpg-(117 KB, 800x539, infested-meta reagan.jpg)
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Hey Cerebrate. Sorry I'm late.

Also, I think this universe has enough problems currently without the Orz or something else attacking it.

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