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Okay who likes steampunk. What's that? You do? I say its time for a steampunk Civ game.

Okay our choices work like this.

Agricultural Society: Good at farming, Double Population, penalty to Weapons, and tech advancement. Restricted to forest or River.

Martial Society: Good at Fighting, Penalty to farming, bonus to weapons development. Starts with Fortifications. Restricted to Forest or Desert.

Technological Society: Bonus to tech development, starts with double the techs available to others, penalty to weapons and agriculture at start. Restricted to River or mountain.

Mining society: Bonus to Resource aquisition, starts with a network of tunnels throughout the mountain that can be used for storage and fortification. Penalty to agriculture at start. Restricted to mountains.

Raider Society: Incapable of Agriculture, raids other societies for food. Bonus to weapons and combat. Restricted to Desert.

Okay First five votes lock in the type of society we start with and Where we start! Go!
Raider society sounds interesting
Well one for raider society.

Evil feels good after all.

Sure, get raiding. If anyones still there.
File: 1341426589252.jpg-(97 KB, 450x383, steambot.jpg)
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I'm still here.

Evil gets another vote!

Try posting some steampunk stuff...Sadly my steampunk folder is...non existant. Have some Steambot.
Another vote for raiding! Lets go reavers on their asses
Fuck it lets just cut to the chase. We're Raiders and we live in the desert. Gimme a second... I need to find a picture of our leader.
File: 1341427232976.jpg-(56 KB, 480x360, steambot-chronicles-2006053002(...).jpg)
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I would go reaver on Connie's ass for sure.
File: 1341427825996.jpg-(35 KB, 408x300, 738245.jpg)
35 KB
You are DESERT RAIDERS and have lived in exile from other Societies for generations. You have spent many years hiding in the shadows of the Desert as fractioned tribes But in the last Ten Years LUCIOUS BLACK has come to unite the RAIDER TRIBES. Most raiders now work under your auspices. Its time to revenge yourself upon the weaklings who rejected you. (If someone could provide a map I'd be much obliged. Ps3 user...)

You live in the tumble down ruins of an ancient Palace that has been Named by others the Reaver's Den.

Weapons: Bolt Action Rifles, Revolvers and Semiautomatic weapons for elite warriors.
Defenses: Tumbledown stone walls. (not very good honestly. you could use some better fortifications.)
Food: You've got enough for one turn at the moment, after this one you're gonna need to raid for food.
Technology: Bullet MAnufacuring, Weapon Manufacturing, Salvage Expertise.
Agriculture: You have no idea how to farm, hell you have no interest in farming.

What are you going to do?
A: Rai for food.
B: Improve your weapons (converting a single shot weapon to semiauto can't be that difficult right?)
C: improve fortifications
D:Improve technology. (fuel distillery couldn't hurt...)
E: Other, write your own suggestion.
I say we scout out for some caravans to raid
So we could scout the desert. What will we be looking for, deserts, trade routes? Slaves? Slaves could really increase our productivity, course feeding thier lazy asses mught get old quick.
File: 1341429502548.png-(646 KB, 850x565, sample_8489d4930b18732afda8d0a(...).png)
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Okay scouting it is.

Your scouts return and report that the site you've chosen lays close to two major trade routes, one leading to an oasis, one leading to several townships. More importantly there are two caravans that are within attacking distance. 1 consists of 50 poorly armed people who are carrying food and supplys. The other consists of 25 well armed people gaurding an armored carraige. What do you do?
Raid food and supple caravan. Armored is too much trouble at this point.
raid the unarmored caravan for the food and supplies
Bolt-action rifles actually sound ideal for our environment.

Low cost
Simple mechanism
Low/easy maintenance
Better reliability than semi-auto
More accurate than semi
More forgiving of ammo than semi

At the distances we're probably working with IN A DAMNED DESERT, the aimed firing speed of a bolt isn't going to be much more than a semi, since the biggest time proportion of firing at a long distance is going to be the aiming part. When engaging at <100 yards or so, yeah, revolvers and semi-auto rifles are fantastic.

Just remember, A DAMNED DESERT.
Clearly we need zeppelins and mecha if our rifles are adequate. And explosives.

agree. how about steam powered horses.
File: 1341430961051.jpg-(72 KB, 378x363, 1340674963884.jpg)
72 KB
Okay Lucius Black assembles an army of the most hardcore sunsuvbitches ever to ride a trotemobile. They set off in thier alchohol powered trucks and trotmobiles and set forth to attack the trade caravan. You take along enough ammunition and hauling vehicles to ensure both victory and the capability to hauil back the goods.

After Action report.
Resounding success in between you combat skills and armaments you easily overwhelm the caravan guards and set about a good old fashioned rape and pillage. The food supplies are loaded into the haulers and the women and children tied up and forced to walk back to the camp.

Food raided, you have enough to live off of without worries for the next 5 turns.
People captured, can be ransomed or enslaved. Tradegoods captured, minor increase in wealth.
Caravan destroyed this could have repercussions, you did kill about 30 people after all.
Lets sell the captives back to the people, or trade them for tech. Maybe the fuel distillery and/oe refrigeration so the food can last longer.

By trading the people back, we shouldn't expect the locals to come looking for us
Seconded. The distillery would greatly increase our potential raiding area.
File: 1341431862971.jpg-(65 KB, 893x505, 1955-Thunderbird.jpg)
65 KB
okay for the moment consesus is ransom for parts to build a better fuel distillery.


okay your tech consists of basic firearms, roughly equivilent to the stuff earth had in the 1920s, IE gunpowder, bullets, fairly dependable weapons depending on the manufacurer. Semiautos are rare and machine guns have been produced but haven;t caught on.

You mechs consist of Trotmobiles, steam, or combustion powered walkers that are usually modular in nature look at the PIC in the OP, that's a pretty standard model, also you have cars, usually modified for rading, that run on fiel alchohol, they need to be tinkered with a bit on a regular basis but they're dependable when maintained.

horses and other animals are also in use.

So whats it gonna be guys, ransom? anything els eyou wanna do?
Get some explosives. Even fairly small mines would be great for blowing out tires, treads, or driveshafts. Not to mention the antipersonnel value of grenades. And we can crack open armored stuff with them.

sounds good to me.
The negotians don't go as well as they could have. You did manage to ransom off the children and women [mostly unharmed.] but aside from gaining (most) of the parts for building the Still you haven't aquired much. If you want explosives you're going to have to get them yourselves.

upon ransoming the hostages you learn that the nearby townships, once counted all together number something like 1500 people all told. You're going to have to increase your population if you want to be able to conquer this desert.

the good news is you were able to jury rig a new fuel still and now have enough to double the range of your vehicles. At least one reaver has begun questioning the possibility of weaponizing the fuel.
Weaponized fuel, eh? Flamethrowers and molotovs maybe? Since we got food, let's start doing some weapon research
File: 1341440912303.jpg-(25 KB, 300x235, 300px-USm2flamethrower.jpg)
25 KB
seeing as how we don't have much in the way of activity here...

You put your best minds on it. I.E. the ones who aren't drunken psychopaths. Your smartest reaver (Lets call him tesla) comes up with a unique delivery system and a gooey chemical substance that sticks to targets when it burns. The only problem is....well fuel is fucking heavy. For the moment your best bet is to mount this stuff on a vehicle or something, maybe some of the trotmobiles. In the words of Tesla; "Look this is more complicated than it looks. Just take some of this burning shit, put it in a bottle, and hand it out."

You have 4 more turns worth of food. Whilst word has spread of your desert misdeeds, you've only managed to lure in 1 group of three immigrants, thankfully they're all fairly smart (If a bit strange and perverse in thier sexual tastes) they actually have some experience with arcitecture and weapons construction. They might just be able to Help you Main engineer Tesla with his "Burn those motherfuckers" plan.
Scout a for a while.

Find an easy target.
Fuck you OP why did you have to remind me they cancelled Steambot Chronicles 2
scout again perferably begin mapping the damn desert beyond weapon research
because I want you to me as miserable as I am.

You dedicate your forces to scouting and come to an unpleasant discovery. There's a Nobleman whose son was killed during your first raid, he's going town to town, town drying to drum up support for obliterating your settlement.

It looks like you've managed to scare off most of the easy targets from the typical traderoutes. You're either going to need an informant or you're going to need a better army, FAST. Thgings have just gotten a lot more difficult.

on the plus side, the least armed caravan consists of 10 guards armed with semiautomatic rifles and a man on a machinegun mount. There's no telling whats in the mechanical mashup machine their guarding but it looks like an interesting (and comparitively easy) target. Your scouts describe it as "A steel turtle shell on treads. No lie, I wasn't even high that day."

There happens to be some very good news though.
File: 1341442712245.jpg-(21 KB, 220x220, 220px-Def_Leppard_-_Pyromania.jpg)
21 KB
Your flamethrower experiments have caught the eye of one of the local desert tribes. Their leader is a preiestess who worships a fire god and she has declared Lucius black to be her new consort. Your population doubles overnight.

and half your people and pyromaniacs now. This could get messy.
Population: 212
Weapons: Basic Firearms, Melee weapons, Flamethrowers, and Molotove cocktails.
Defenses:Tumbledown stonewalls.
Food: 4 turns worth.
Tech: Fuel Distllery, Napalm, walkers, Cars, amm manufacturing, gun manufacturing.
>half your people and pyromaniacs
Make the other half pyros as well.

This is going to be fun.

As for that caravan, get your vehicles and disguise yourselves as another caravan. Hide your flamethrowers, molotovs and assorted burny fun things and drive along side the caravan to ask for directions.

When they let their guard down, roast em.
Also upgrade our defenses if that's possible.
"So what do we call it?" "Ask Tesla He's almost never high or drunk." One drug addled conversation later. "Operation: Burn the Fuckers. is a go."

[For the record I'm rolling d20s as skill checks for the Reavers and thier oponents.]
At first it seems Like just anyone is going to be in charge of disguising our troops, thankfully a well sexxed Lucius black knows just who to put on the job, and extremely volatile, foul mouth albino. It means he won't be developing weapons for the Reavers but being a fairly level headed person tesla forces the reavers to ditch thier leather and rivets look and wear clothing like normal people. He also demands that all human remains be removed from the raiding vehicles, and the spikes, and the lewd imagery and... Lets just say he was declared to be a very unfun person by much of the horde.

[wow, natural versus 1 a 19. the guy who runs this caravan must be dumb as hell. stay tuned for the after action report.]
"Operation: Burn The Fuckers" may not be well named but it is a resounding success. Using the most charismatic members of both the flame cult and raider alliance Lucius black manages to lure the guards and the caravan leader out of the MEtal Turtle and manages to capture every single one. No one was burned. Thanks to the quick thinking of your crew you even managed to capture the scientist who was trying to transport...well he's been tight lipped about what's inside the shell but you can figure it out when you get back to base.

You manage to improve you defenses a cultist by the name of Leeta happens to know how to make a pretty decent flame retardent paint. After rebuilding the walls to the compound you coat it in the paint and put some marksmen and flamers on the walls.
Arm the Metal Turtle with burny stuff. After checking whats inside.

Offer the science guy drugs/alcohol should he start working with us.

Send some people armed with flamethrower trots to pretend to be mercenaries or people wronged by our group to go join the Nobleman's little army.

When they try to attack have them barbeque the sons of bitches.
Population: 212+captives.
Weapons, Basic Rifles, Flame tech, melee stuff.
Defenses: Repaired, fire resitant, Stone walls. Marksman, flamer units.
Food: 3 turns woirth of food.
Tech Resources, One Captive scientist, Flame tech, walkers, cars, basic guns, fuel distillery.

The Turtle machine is odd. Its engine could drive a machine twice its size and whatever its running on, its poisonous. The engine was sabotaged by the scientists and some of the guys went in to turn it off, all of them died of cancer before the week was out. Tesla questioned the scientist, with extreme prejudice, and he's come to the conclusion that the engine can be safely repaired and used as the core of some sort of war machine. It'll take him awhile though and he's going to need the scientist.

The Caravan crew are scared shitless and more than happy to cooperate. If you let them live they'll give you thier trade route maps, and they're sure they can get thier trade company to pay for thier lives.

What do you do?
Ransom them off for food, keep the scientist.

Make it look like another raider group did it. We have enough heat on us already.

Research some better weapons, we'll need them later.
"Operation: Burn the Fuckers 2, Burn Harder"
This could have gone better. 8 more guys dead via rifle fire, the good news is we have working models of the rifles that were used. The bad news is the nobleman is still alive, in face aside from having his legs burned off he's in pretty good condition. We lost 4 trots to this and 8 raiders, but we have some armor piercing rifles, tesla thinks he can start producing them and mounting them on the trots with 100 round magazines.

Tesla wanted to be the one to offer the scientist an attempt to join us, but some of the mooks got there first. Thankfully it turns out the scientist is batshit insane. Either from the sun, Tesla's elctroshock interrogation, or just his personal baggage he's decided killing other people is a profitable business. Doctor Badass has become a technological resource.

The metal turtle uses something called an "Atomic engine" Turns out the only ore it will run on is in the desert.
Also remember to get those trade route maps, they'll come in useful later.
sorry for jumping the gun on the decision, my computer is glicthing up a bit. anyways...

Population: 197
Weapons: Basic firearms, Flamethrowers and Molotovs, melee weapons.
Defenses: Fireproof StoneWalls, marksman, some crazy bastards with flamers.
Food:2 turns worth
Tech Resources: Fuel Distillery, MEtal Turtle prototype Atomic Engine, Combat Trotmobiles, Cars, Doctor Badass (mad scientist)
Ask Doc Badass where we can find the fuel.

In the meantime we should find a caravan to raid for food.
Dcotor badass states that the trade maps alsso contain directions to the various resources in the region. Apparently there's a large underground resevoir of a naturally occuring substance called "Petroleum" as well as natural flammable gas that could be harnessed. But we'd need the notes and the Caravan leader has been ordered to guard those with his fat, wobbly life.

Tesla thinks that A: We need a name, and B: We need to find a long term solution that doesn't involve raiding. He beleieves if we offer our protection to several townships in exchange for food that we could build a sort of protection racket. When asked about weapons development he states that the flamethrower design is as good as its going to get with its current materials, but he could build an artillery piece that launches fire bombs, personally he wants to research either the atomic engine, or those anti-armor rifles that were recovered from "Operation: Burn the fuckers 2"
Name: The Black Inferno
Plan: Offer Mafia-style protection to neighboring cities
>He believes if we offer our protection to several townships in exchange for food that we could build a sort of protection racket.
Do this.

Drug the caravan leader until he's high enough to give us the notes. Then we can ransom the caravan crew off for food, cause we really need that.

Get Tesla to research some anti-armor rifles, the artillery is to heavy for raiders to carry around and we don't have the fuel for the engine.

As for our name... I have no idea.
for the protection racket idea we should aim for a community that a lacks fire power and b produces alot of food
Okay we've begun to call ourselves the black inferno, By now most of the gang members have taken to wearing red clothing with black fire insignias.

The caravan leader gets overdosed on Opium before he gives away the secret, sadly for him, the codes were in his pocket the whole time. Whoops! Doctor Badass is able, just barely to make it look like he died from a heart attack. We're able to get the caravan leaders to give away food in return for thier members, we even throw in a coffin and burial shroud for the dead guy.

Tesla is able to reproduce the Anti-armor rifles, they're enormous and they're now way we'll ever be able to use one if it isn't mounted on a trot, or a vechicle but they're quickly becoming standard issue on Raider trots.

We send out a delegation of "diplomats" to the nearest town nearest town, the town accepts our benevolent protection. Just as we begin to celebrate the news a runner delivers some very unpleasant news.
The town has been taken by a small military force from a group of people who call themselves "The Bloodholt Empire" Thankfully they weren't very subtle when they moved in, they have some armored vehicles, 4-6 of them, and about 50 troops all told. From what the runner can tell the armored vehicles use a mounted machine gun as thier only weapon, except for soldiers firing through rifle slits he supposes.

Population: 190 (7 people are now stuck in the Town tuhawt)
Weapons: Basic firearms, Napalm, Anti-Armor rifles.
Defenses: Flame resitant stone walls, Marksmen and psychotics carrying flamers on the walls.
Food: 2 days worth
Tech Resources: Doctor Badass, Metal Turtle, Fuel Distillery, Decrypted Resource map.
Get anti-armor trots to start sniping the armored troops from a distance.

While they're distracted ambush the infantry with flamethrowers and use the molotovs against the armored vehicles. Have the 7 guys stuck there shoot the imperials up when they're fighting the trots.

Also can we get a overview of the trade routes we got from the dead guy?
{i'd post a map but... PS3, fuck. anyways.]
(6Vs3 I was worried for a second there.)
Operation: Burn the Fuckers 3, Burnination
We could have done better, but the bloodholdt guys couldn't have done worse. The Second the anti-armor trots opens up they began spritzing the surrounding buildings with machine gun fire. Apparently it never occured to them that someone other than the townspeople would take offense to thier invasion. By then our diplomatic delegation had gotten around to putting up some kind of resistance. They found an old tavern that used to be some sort of fortifcation and set up in there tpo ride out the storm. Somehow the bloodholdt soldiers convinced themselves this is where THE REBEL SCUM were hiding. Smitty lost two fingers to a bullet and delilah lost an eye but everyone is still alive. The troops found themselves Burnified once the flame trots showed up. The armored division actually consisted of 5 transports but 3 of those were taken out before they surrendered. Time for the after action
17 blood holt troops made it to the stables and raced off into the desert.
7 were captured. The rest were burned.

You've got a sneaking suspicion that the town mayor knew the bloodholtians were on thier way but fuck it. They refueled your trots, helped you treat your wounded, transported food to the Fortress and didn't put up a fight when you claimed every ounce of blood holtain equipment.

Further Examination of the decrypted map has shown you a place where you can get more or for the atomic engine. Tesla beleieves he can safely remove the atomic engine with DR. Badass's help and turn it into a more conventional device. You have added the bloodholtian combat vehicles to your spoils. Tesla thinks he can dismantle them and use the knowledge to improve your current fleet of homemade cares, the transports run on petroleum anyway.

Leeta thinks there's some quarries nearby that could be used to improve your defenses. 58 people from the surrounding townships have come to join your gang.
Population: 255
Weapons: Basic Firearms, Napalm, Anti-tank rifles.
Defenses: Flame Resistant Stone walls, Marksman, crazy guys with flamers, AT rifle emplacements.
Food: Enough for current Pop, going to need to add more towns to your protectorate if you want to expand though.
Tech resources: Dr. Badass, Atomic engine, Fuel Distillery, unencrypted map.
I have to clear out after this last post dudes. but its been fun, mak eyour decision and I'll tell you what happens. Can we archive this thread?
arrange regular supply shipments from towns under our 'protection'. began upgrading and fortify our base. breakdown captured vehicles for tech. send out scouts to map our turf so we no where the ambush spots, resources, ruins, ect are. including better positions to build up bases. outposts be constructed perferably near the towns were 'protecting' as well as near caravan routes so its easier to raid them

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