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File: 1341068892106.jpg-(134 KB, 1024x768, sqtitle.jpg)
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Spider Quest time!

Sup/tg/ contains the earlier threads under the spider quest tag.

1d4chan page on this quest:

You are a little female jumping spider named Bibi currently living inside a hole in a tree, with your mate Dorpou, your eight young siblings, your newborn brood of spiderlings and your pet centipede Isaac.
In addition to your family, the hole also is a home for old spider named Ranou, who agreed to let you stay there, a honorable warrior ladybug named Andor and a light headed parasitic wasp you befriended and named Chyrsi "Bubbles" McTitty. You also managed to convince the massive ancestor worshiping dragonfly you captured to work for you, who you then named Kahless Nidhogg.

In the last session, you requited a wasp named Shelq who was left behind in the beehive when the other wasps retreated. In doing so, you saved her from what would have been a certain death in the hands of the bees. Although she swore loyalty to you, many of your allies were suspicious of her true motives. Because of this, you assigned your sister Webby to work as her guide of sorts, but also to keep an eye on her.

You then started working on multiple plans during the following days.
-Try to get a leg, or several, in the bees' door. They're powerful allies and will, hopefully, make good friends.
>The bee's are busily recovering from their recent upheaval, 313 has risen into the ranks of the overseers, and the queen is getting better. They are grateful for the assistance you provided, but they are currently too busy with their internal stuff. The door is open for further diplomacy however.

-Consult Shelq on things that might convince the wasps to stop their raids on the bees.
If the wasps want the bees honey that much, maybe they'd be willing to trade for it?
>Shelq is not sure of anything. The wasps see themselves as superior, and thus to them, the bees are not in a position to negotiate anything. The wasps have formerly been strong enough to just force the bees into agree into their demands, but things might have changed now. If the bees could defend themselves against the wasps, they would be forced to negotiate.

-Spend more time with our friends/family. Hugs for everybody.
>You also manage to spend time with your family and allies, which serves well to strengthen your ties to them.

-Ask Andor if there are other ladybugs around.
>Andor tells you that there are many, but they tend to be solitary, only gathering when great events were about to transpire.

-Did our plan to develop a writing system ever go anywhere?
>You try to revisit your idea of developing some sort of writing system, but unfortunately you keep being disrupted by the other events around you. You manage to get down the basics of the system, which works with simplified pictures of things around you, but you don't manage to write anything down. For drawing them, you watered down red sticky stuff one of the mushrooms excretes.
File: 1341069049703.jpg-(229 KB, 1024x768, sq654.jpg)
229 KB

-Try to find a useful job for Bubbles.
What are her strengths?
>Thankfully, Bubbles finds your scribbling entertaining, and joins in. It turns out that she is actually quite talented in it. You tell her that from now on, it is her task to write things down as they happen, to which she agrees, after you tell her how important and special the task is.

-Build shelters/domiciles for our non-spider allies.
>With the help of Dorpou and Ranou you build more shelters that can house your allies.

You are currently at the entrance of your nest. Ranou has finished his scarecrow prototype, Dorpou is out hunting with Andor, Bubbles is writing stuff on the writing wall, Kahless is on a patrol and Shelq is inside one of the new shelters.
What shall you do?
File: 1341069159399.jpg-(74 KB, 800x600, Happy bibi.jpg)
74 KB

And for you, this for being so speedy.

Alright, I am back from my unintentional two week hiatus. Now, shall we begin? This might be the last session I am able to run for some time.
Yay, Spider Quest.

>What shall you do?
Meet with the bees and see if they'd be willing to work out a deal with the wasps. And if they've begun to recover from being drugged and the wasp attack.

Do you wish to leave right now?
You currently lack the means of flight as both of your flying allies are away currently.
They will come back soon, but in the meantime, is there something else you wish to do?
Okay, in that case we should probably wait.

>but in the meantime, is there something else you wish to do?
-See if Webby has already managed to drive Shelq insane.

-Spend some time with Isaac. He hasn't spoke yet, right?
File: 1341071636998.jpg-(135 KB, 800x600, sq655.jpg)
135 KB

You first check on Isaac, but he is currently molding his shell, so he isn't really quite interested in socializing with anyone.
The steady amount of food is making him grow very quickly.

You check on Shelq in her hut.
She is with Webby. It seems that the two have gotten their hands on the red material you collected earlier. They are excitedly playing with it.

Well, no reason to disturb them. See how Bubbles is doing. Can we actually decypher what she's writing.

>Kinda slow start, hope the quest is gonna pick up speed soon.
File: 1341072676470.jpg-(183 KB, 800x600, sq656.jpg)
183 KB

Bubles is concentrated on her work currently.
She seems to be pretty good at the simple figure based system you developed.
The sketches she has painted to the wall seem to illustrate past events well enough, although only events in which Bubbles herself took part in.
Congratulate her on the drawings. She's really skilled.

>although only events in which Bubbles herself took part in.
Not really surprising if nobody told her about the other stuff in detail.
File: 1341075566204.jpg-(116 KB, 800x600, sq657.jpg)
116 KB

You congratulate her for her exceptional skill with the paintings. She is quite taken by your compliments. It seems that this is a first time when she actually is appreciated for something she herself did.

Sorry, I might need to go for an unexpected errand. I'll try to get back as soon as I can. Hopefully, more people will be active by then.

In the meantime, feel free to come up with plans and so on.
I will now tell the general status of the backyard, let's just say that Kahless gives you a report of it as he returns from his patrol.

The Wasps have retreated to their nest, their usual patrols have all but vanished.
The bees are still regrouping, only few gatherers could be seen.
The ants are on the march towards west (from your point of view.)
The giant has been spotted, dragging away the broken metal beast. Other, smaller giants also were seen advancing towards the backyard.
Winged monsters were spotted near the pond.
>The ants are on the march towards west (from your point of view.)

We're probably going to regret this, but if they're marching towards the wasps, we should probably warn them. Otherwise, the ants might surprise them, with the wasps' usual patrols not being around and all that.
>smaller giants
>Winged monsters

Let's stay as far away as possible from these.
Fucking cloudflare.
I am back, but is anyone still here?
Friendly bump

Damn it is getting late.
Cloudflare really messed up this thing.
Would you guys hate me if I tried to run this quest tomorrow, when I am not this sleepy?
How many people are here right now anyway?
I'm in, but 4chan it's being a bitch with me. And yea, tomorrow will be fine.
I've been missing spider quest!
I hope I will get to lurk on bibi tomorrow!

Alright, I'll try to run this tomorrow.
Sorry about my chain of failures relating to this quest.
Still just keeping this thread around so I can continue from where I left.
File: 1341124382319.png-(165 KB, 275x360, 1335051052220.png)
165 KB
I love spiderbro :)
File: 1341124437515.jpg-(88 KB, 400x315, wecanbeSPIDERBROS.jpg)
88 KB
So yeah. We're keeping this bumped till op shows up again?
Alright, I am back.
Anyone still up for Spider Questing?
Yeah. Could take a bit for everybody to nice you're back, though.

Have you thought about setting a twitter account up? Could help avoid those slow starts if everybody knows when to be here.

The twitter account was suggested earlier. I might do that.
Fuck yes spider quest!
heel yeah!!
Ok then.
We shall continue from where we left.
Kahless has just given you his report of what is going on in the backyard >>19687202

You are still in your nest. What will you do?
see how the scarecrow project is going, with the prototype done, can we move on to the real thing?
Ask Shelq what she thinks about the ants' actions. Could they be trying to use the current weakness of the wasps to kill them off?
...could we make a cloak for our armour out of the red stuff and silk?
YES awesome, do this!
File: 1341155559958.jpg-(119 KB, 800x600, sq658.jpg)
119 KB

You check on Ranou and his project.
The prototype stands tall before you two. It is made from web and detritus scavenged from the tree hole.
Ranou is confident that with proper resources, he could build a bigger one quite easily.

After that, you meet up with Shelq again and ask her about the Ants.
She seems to be concerned. According to her, the ants must be utilizing the withdrawal of the wasp patrols to move forth towards the areas from which the wasps had kept them out, mainly towards the Pond, Giant structures and the flower fields.

Also, I made that twitter account
Isaac is still busy with his shell?
Maybe ask Kahless about the ants.
File: 1341156047383.png-(45 KB, 800x600, sq659.png)
45 KB

It is done gentlemen.
fuck yes!
>Also, I made that twitter account

>She seems to be concerned.
Does she think we should help them?
File: 1341158063084.jpg-(70 KB, 800x600, sq660.jpg)
70 KB
(Sorry this took time. Had a slight disruption here.


"What! You would help them? After they tried to kill you? Why?...I am not sure if my sisters would even accept your aid..but they might need it, if your friend is correct about the wasps."
Did we ask shelq if the wasps would be up for diplomacy after their defeat?

I think you did.
She told you that the wasps see the bees as lower beings, not in any position to negotiate anything. She doesn't know if their utter defeat in the hive changed that attitude.
Uh, well.
Seems there isn't much to do right now.
Didn't we want to expand our aphid pen some time ago?
Well, seems like it's time to pay the wasps a visit.
They're probably still mad as hell.

Aphid pen was expanded.

(Really, I am starting to have problems to run this quest. That is why it seems that there isn't any things to work towards. I have no idea where to take this quest. I am sorry about how these sessions have started to suck.)
Voting let them crash and burn.

What will the bees think?
In that case, you should probably use your involuntary break to come up with new ideas. Don't force yourself to do this if you think it's not up to your usual standards.
hmm maybe we could make some defences along some of the ants travel routes, like basic pitfalls, walls of webbing, even some twigs on webbing like the logs from return of the jedi.
Lack of creativity on the part of the players perhaps.

Last session was the basic climax .. where do we go from here?

Probably exploring the world for further trouble .. cook up a plan to conquer the giant .. change characters and poke around ..

I don't want to add this but it sounds like the OP is going to be incognito for the foreseeable future and we may need to conclude this quest as it stands.
Why the fuck don't we try defeating the ant as well?

I vote for scouting them out on Kahless, now that he's back from patrol.

That might be for the best.
Honestly, this has grown to be like a chore to me. I do like this quest and all, but running it isn't that enjoyable to me anymore. It is mostly because of the reasons I already stated, which were the fact that I have no idea of what to do with this story or where to take it.

Don't take this wrong, I am not really fond of the idea of abandoning this quest, I just feel that my quality has been steadily dropping over the last few sessions. I have no ideas and the story is a giant question mark to me.
Perhaps I will get new ideas during my armed service.
I will inform you people trough the twitter when I am gonna run this if I get the change during my time in the army.

The ants haven't really done anything to piss us off. They've only served as an occasional speed bump.

The wasps have shaped up to be our main antagonists.

And the closest thing to sexy we've seen here .. hmm.
File: 1341160965434.jpg-(4 KB, 126x126, wut.jpg)
4 KB
>And the closest thing to sexy we've seen here .. hmm.
Dropping the quest happens, quite frankly OP it sounds like you have quite a lot on your mind anyway. Real life makes its demands and the creative well stretches only so far and so deep.

You've learned a few things about running a quest, one thing being be careful what you start. This came out of left field and really took off with a respectably sized following, even if it's not the largest quest out there. I'm impressed with the quality, I've not had this much fun since Bad Guy Quest and Dorf Quest.

I've leaned a few things too and this has made me want to lay into the art drawing thing and maybe fire off a quest of my own.

I thank you for that!
Now I have to create a twitter account.

( Welcome to the 21st century? )

I am honestly surprised how relatively successful this quest was, despite the rather odd premises.
I am also relieved that I started my first quest with this one, as it was pretty simple in the end.
My other ideas would have been either impossible for me, or they would have burned me out after a few sessions.

I am not comfortable about abandoning this quest, but really, as I will go to the army on the 9th day, and I will stay there at least for a half a year, so I will probably be unable of running anything anyways.
I don't know what to do. Should I wrap things up in some sort of epilogue, or something.

I had this idea of a sequel to this quest, if I ever managed to end it successfully, (which I clearly didn't.)
In that, you would play as Bibi's descendant and see the spider empire she created.
Perhaps that way would be the best for potentially restarting the quest when I have more time?

Run with you dream OP!
>Should I wrap things up in some sort of epilogue, or something.

That was rather disappointing when maid quest did it.
I'll just keep my fingers crossed you come up with some good ideas while you're away.
File: 1341162137385.jpg-(31 KB, 400x283, sad spider.jpg)
31 KB

Thank you.

I tried to deliver an ending for you guys, but I failed.
For that, I apologize. I simply ran out of both time and creativity.
Perhaps one day, we may all return to the back yard, and see what Bibi managed to create.
sequal should be about a different spider not just a descendent. since u are unable to finish up the quest to give it that good of a base. plus it would also give players u didnt play the orginal on equal footing. sometime in the sequal actually have a encounter with bibi's descedents or bibi herself perhaps. this would be for the veterans of the orginal spider quest.
>I simply ran out of both time and creativity.

I, for one, hope Bibi will return once you've managed to acquire more of these two.
The quest has been fun OP, we'll be here when you get back.
May the megalomaniac conquering tendencies of bibi serve you well in life
that would be awesome.............
File: 1341162953560.gif-(899 KB, 238x200, 1339990506634.gif)
899 KB
Welp, I've been lurking this quest since the beginning, but have rarely posted except at the most important decisons.

Just wanted to say that I trust whatever decision you make OP, whether you come back a year later to continue, or wrap everything up in a week.

Thanks for the quest (Whatever you do, please don't come back really bitter like Goshujin-sama did, I mean, that hurt, how bitter he was,).

Here, have a mantis.
File: 1341163194335.png-(16 KB, 800x600, No more spider quest .png)
16 KB
Thanks to all of you.
I am terribly sorry for having to end this (for now at least) in such a shitty fashion.

If I get the change, I will try to do something with this, but I can't promise anything.
Again, I am sorry.
You guys made my first quest into a relative success, despite the stupid premise and my scribbles.
Without you, this quest would have been nothing.
For this I am in your gratitude.
Thank you.
You delivered hours of fun and entertainment for free. We can't really complain.

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