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I come bearing gifts: http://chapterquest.wikia.com/wiki/Retribution_Pattern_Baneblade

Wiki(check out usefu links):http://chapterquest.wikia.com/wiki/Chapter_Quest_Wiki

Our chat: http://cbe005.chat.mibbit.com/?channel=%23RisingSons&server=irc.Rizon.net

New players are always welcome and I don't bite - you can ask questions and tl;dr will be provided if requested.
ho boy
Good to see you, Berserk, I was about to write an email to you.

Labas broseph

I hope the others are here tho, got emergency situations 'ere
File: 1340987193206.jpg-(135 KB, 500x727, Faceless.jpg)
135 KB
Faceless looks at you(at least you think that he looks at you, for all you know he might be blind behind that mask of his):
>I'd like to hear your story before I start interrogating you.

"Quod Pro Quo, Inquisitor, where should I start ?"
"Where would you like me to start, Inquisitor?"
Capital is with us, come join us in the chat.
Faceless takes out a vox recorder in a visible manner:
>All that you say can and almost certainly will be used against you. And if I don't like you, some of the things you didn't say will also find their way onto this tape. Why Henrikus killed himself? What happened with the Sisters?

"an answer for an answer, friend, Henrikus killed himself to frame me of heresy, and I have no idea about the sisters"

"tell me your name and your gender, esteemed inquisitor"

> i imagine its like hannibal lecter interrogation scene..
File: 1340987941330.jpg-(134 KB, 1280x823, crime and punishment.jpg)
134 KB
>I ain't gonna fuck you, so my gender is of no use to you and I don't think you'll send me birthday cards, so I'll keep my name to myself. If you want to whine, official title - Inquisitor, will do. Otherwise just call me Faceless, or you can shorten that to Face. Enough of chitchat, you overgrown sack of muscle. Something is very rotten in this part of Sector. Local Inquisitors are not worth a shit, so I have to waste my time with you instead of finding the real enemies of the Imperium. So Henrikus tried to frame you, right? He gave us transcripts showing your transactions in the last decade. It seems, that you were gaining stable influx of money almost every time Imperial trade vessels were lost. You know what is punishment for piracy, marine?

"warp is a fickle thing, face, its not like i want them to disappear, now, steady income? we are at 10% treasury level currently, steady income to where?"

"an answer for an answer face, how far is your investigation brought you? what is your hypothesis?"
>I started investigating this matter last night, but I hope to finish it by the end of the week. Your treasury may be low at the moment, but you could have hidden the money, so accusations of piracy still stand, supported by hard evidence and confession of a man who worked for over a decade for you. So what can you tell me about the incident on Attero, when you demanded that Magos Fram would be released from official custody of the Sisters? You know, that he is now missing?

"could, everything you accuse me is based on could or evidence left by a man who killed himself, and conveniently leave a data slate which not only using different forge pattern than my real accountant data slate, also has no other data beside it, you all that a balance ledger friend? i called it BS i tell you...let me take alook at that if you don't mind"

>lean to the wall

"about fram, he is missing again? boy he sure is busy body isn't he, thrice damned daemon...should have put a leash on that guy, he do look suspicious, Regon of Nestorium is my ally and friend, i can get you a commendation letter to had his trust and gain leads, for free to boot!"

> laughing wholeheartadly
File: 1340989428954.jpg-(76 KB, 576x768, mind scan.jpg)
76 KB
>You make sense, as strange is at might be. And Magos Fram indeed might be hiding just because he's afraid of my overzealous and narrowminded brothers.
Faceless thinks for a moment and says, as if to himself:
>I guess there is only one way I can resolve this quickly...
He approaches Chapter Master and takes his hand.
>Open your mind and I will see the truth.

Do you open it?
If yes, roll d100 for your perception. If no, roll d100 for your willpower.
"Inquisitor...face, what exactly connects us to the lost ships? A transcript which cannot be verified, from a man who killed himself. Ask yourself, why did he kill himself, he had nothing to fear from us, we were in an imperial court of law, there was no way we could have taken action against him. There is absolutely zero evidence, not that we have engaged in any pirate activities anyway.

Henrikus approached us claiming to be in the service of a friendly trader. We believed him, in hindsight a foolish mistake."
rolled 86 = 86

rolled 50 = 50

rolled 83 = 83


"I see you are a good man inside face, men like you are the reason i keep faith in humanity and Emperor"

"go ahead, see my best and my worst of all"

roll perception
File: 1340990693789.jpg-(288 KB, 410x597, jaildoor.jpg)
288 KB
You feel that your mind are completely out of synch, maybe it's because of this terrible fatigue that you feel in him or maybe because of your stress... But in the end you feel, that your secret remains hidden, Faceless doesn't know that you are a psyker. However your attempt to scan his mind also fails.
>It's hard to scan you, Astarte. I guess I'll have to try doing this more thoroughly next time, but for now I see no signs of sin in your mind. I will sign the papers for your release, but remember - you still are in deep shit and I own you to the last purity seal. Everything you do from now on will be monitored by the Inquisition unless I say otherwise. Do as much as fart without my knowledge and you will feel Grey Knight cock up your ass before you can say "Emperor protect me". Documents allowing you to leave the planet might be prepared by the end of the month, but I am still not sure about that. Now get the fuck out of my sight until I change my mind.
He shows you to the cell door. It seems you are free slave now.
"Thank you, Inquisitor"

Now, lets see if we can contact any of our brothers to tell them the good news.
File: 1340991393927.jpg-(464 KB, 1442x882, hive.jpg)
464 KB
You stand now in one of the numerous balconies that surround the spire from all sides. Underneath you like a huge black shadow lies the city, all the way up to the horizon. Other spires, even though most of them are a lot smaller, still look intimidating and powerful, especially when you think about millions of people that inhabit them. It sort of reminds you those days that are now lost in the mist of the past, when you were just a teenager playing the ruins of Terran Underhive. Back then all you dreamt of was to climb a spire such as this and be a Lord, a Space Marine or a General. It seems reality is not like what you imagined it would be... You see a lone dropship approaching you from the horizon, this must be faithful Brethorius. It's time to act. What do you do now?

Days until the invasion -986-
bump for new players
another one

Mmkay, once Brethorius takes us back to the 'Dominus', we should start with our unfinished business.

We should dispatch Brethorius to investigate the whereabouts of Dresos Kand, tell him to ask about Tachion Primaris, and see if he can apprehend him.

Meanwhile we should go to the nearest Administratum outpost and look for any records of planet 'Hades'.
If possible, maybe we can use our spy network to try and find out who sent Henrikus?
File: 1340992461644.jpg-(29 KB, 300x225, palatium.jpg)
29 KB
Going to "Aspera Dominus" would be considered a breach of Inquisitor's orders(you are to stay in planet). Do you want to breach them?

Brethorius seems to be a little bit confused about the mission, because intelligence work isn't his strongest suit, but he agrees:
>Yes, milord, I will try to find and apprehend Dresos Kand.
He takes a squad of marines and departs into the hive.
Roll d100 for seeking Dresos Kand, you need to roll under 15.

There is Palatium Administratos Sectorialis on Tachion Primaris, if that planet ever payed tithe, it will be recorded there. Do you perform the search yourself? If yes, roll d100 under your Intelligence
Yes, that is possible, but hard, because there are no leads.
>Whom would you have me to follow, milord?
Asks Xyptus.

Depending on your choice whom to investigate, penalties or bonuses will be given. Roll d100
rolled 48 = 48

Don't go to the Dominus then.

As for Kand, tell Brethorius to work with Xyptus, utilising our spy network to get any information about him, just information at the moment, no agressive action.

Rolling for intelligence.

Xyptus' spies managed to locate a semi-hidden club for rich merchants, that is rumoured to be frequented by Dresos. Brethroius lies down a plan in front of you:
>My friend, I could take him with a single squad of marines, if you would have me to. However we all know how stupid civilians act once bolts start flying around, there might be casualties. And merchants will not like that we take one of them as criminal from under their very noses...

Chance to capture Kand: 65%(alive), 95%(dead)

(also - where do you stay, while you are on the planet? There are many nobles who would be more than interested to take such celebrity as you in just so that they could boast to others about it, but are you sure, that you can trust them?)

The problem is we don't actually *know*t hat Kand deals in xeno artefacts...do we?

It would be most unwise to start shooting shit up without concrete evidence, especially with Faceless on us.

As for where we stay....can we stay with Dercius D'anger?
After asking him about Henrikus, of course.

And as a Space Marine we can go weeks without sleep so we don't have to be worried about a knife in the throat while we sleep, but just to be sure we should bring a squad of Shadow Guard, is that allowed?

Gott go eat dinner now, be right back.
Avoid the nobles.
Are there any churches or maybe an imperial guard compound we could stay in? They are more secure and not as much an open spectacle than nobility
Maybe we should ask them =][= to investigate Kand.
Brethorius agrees with your opinion. Roll d100 for apprehending Dresos(under 65). They will go in without using lethal force, but still might break a wall or two.

Dercius D'anger is more than happy to accept you in his manor:
>I am terribly sorry about that business with Henrikus, I never knew that man... Probably must have caught soulwords sent by your astropath and imitated a reply from me, I've never received a word from you. Can I help you anyhow?
File: 1340994104780.jpg-(59 KB, 726x480, ionian veterans.jpg)
59 KB
There are plenty of Churches, but all of them are under the watchful eye of Ecclesiarchy. As you have recently had problems with their militant arm - Sororitas, you are not sure whether it would be safe there.

As for Imperial Guard compounds - that can be easily done, you just need to contact Kerius Dermont and he will ask one of his buddies from Ionian Crusades to take you in with their regiment for a while.
rolled 14 = 14

Rolling to apprehend Kand with non-lethal force.
File: 1340995474598.jpg-(43 KB, 290x290, loot.jpg)
43 KB
rolled 10, 10, 9, 8, 10 = 47

Oh, I forgot one thing - you get my roll of Heresy for the situation with sisters and being followed by Inquisition.

Brethorius contacts you minutes after operation has begun:
>Master, we hit a motherload here, you won't believe this...
It seems that your ambush succeeded perfectly - you managed to apprehend Kand with his accomplices in the middle of a deal. You have seized money worth of 3d50W, 20+d10 xeno pulse rifles, xeno drugs worth about 200W and a few containers that are sealed, probably with more artifacts.(roll)
>Oh, and that scumbag wants to speak with you. Should we waste our time?

what do you do?
rolled 29, 4, 39 = 72

rolling for wealth
rolled 3 + 20 = 23

rollin for pulse rifles
Sweet heresy roll. Your chapter attracted A LOT of heat with their actions... You are more than halfway through to becoming Excommunicatae Traitoris.

Heresy: 54%
rolled 79 = 79

rolling for the boxes (i presume i roll a d100)
File: 1340996340484.jpg-(27 KB, 500x400, Burning_building1.jpg)
27 KB
72 Wealth
23 Pulse rifles(they seem to be of Tau origin, that is strange knowing that they live almost half a galaxy away)
200W of Xeno drugs(mostly Spook - drug that activates and increases psychic potential, but there are others, you can ask what and I'll randomize)
and four artifacts:
+Necron Gauss Rifle
+Book of Imperial Truth
+Digi-tech ring that can generates power field around wearer
+Starcharts with a dozen not explored worlds

Now technically you should give all of this to the Inquisition/Adeptus Arbitres(including money). If you keep something, Inquisitorial spies are more than likely to report you. What do you do?

Brethorius sets the building afire to cleanse the taint. Or maybe just because he misses some proper action.
We should turn over exactly half of the weapons to the Inquisitor and see if we can get him to lower our heresy percentage at all.
Yep, definitely hand over ALL the drugs to Face, keep half the weapons and give them to Regon, make a copy of the starcharts and give those to Faceless as well, see if he can lower our heresy points.
Keep the digi-ring, sounds useful for tight situations. Keep some spook to see if we can increase our psyker powers, give everything else away.
Roll d100 for how stealthy are you in hiding away the rest of the stuff...
rolled 98 = 98

Oh fuck me.
Wee!!! Heresy for everyone!

Oh shit, i suspect to see the "YOUR CHAPTER HAS CRUMBLED" Animation very soon if we keep rolling like this.
File: 1340997846493.jpg-(37 KB, 393x481, 539523_373990879290729_4388982(...).jpg)
37 KB
As soon as your marines start hiding things and destroying evidence that there was more stuff than you claim to be, you hear this:
And you see a dozen Valkyries approaching you. As soons as the first one lands in front of you, Faceless steps out with a smile that you can almost see through his mask:
>Oh boy, I love the smell of Heresy in the morning. So, what are we? Stealing heretical goods from a man I followed since I came here?
Inquisitor, if we were stealing for ourselves why would we give half of them to you? These are gifts for my good friend Fabricator-Genral Regon, I'm sure the Adeptus Mechanicus would find these very interesting, they are of no use to me, for I have no understanding of them.

Oh and we also found a large stash of mysterious substance, the Mechanicus would have no use for this, I'm sure you are more suited for investigating it.

Wait.....you knew of Kand?!"

Can we like... admit that we are a heretic?

Mind me, this is bold. Because technically we are, what with Cegorachs Laughter in our mind. If we turn ourselves in our chapter might survive this, and only get sent on a penitence crusade, which would conveniently send them away from the INVASION.

Thoughts on this one?
If push comes to shove, we could use out 3 favour with the HLoT to clean up this mess....
>Naturally, he was a smuggler of xeno goods, but we allowed him to continue his business to attract other rotten apples, like you. Yeah, you just wanted them for research. Sure. And Empeor banged my grandma.
Killtroopers that escorted Faceless look at each other but stay silent.
>Listen, let's go for a short walk with me, for a private talk.

Do you agree?
This could work.
We should stand our ground with our marines, that look between the killtroopers sounds bad....

"And what, pray, do YOU think we intended to do with the weapons? Yeah, I'm sure gonna outfit my chapter with those *11* rifles...."

Well, i just thought we should consider it. There might come a time when the Chapter Master has to take a bullet so his Chapter may live.

And we really have been fucking corrupted since our stay with the Eldar and trip to the afterlive.
>Please, come with me, I really need to speak with you in private. I insist.
He seems getting angry.

What do you do?
CM's been outliving his welcome ever since we came back totally fucked in the head. I'd *BLAM* ourselves to save us the rep if I thought any other marine in this chapter could prevent APOCOLYPX or whatever it is that's coming.
Go for a private talk with faceless. Make sure our marines stay with his kill teams and keep an eye on things
Let's just go with him...what's the worst that can happen?
Tha's an inspiring way to think.
>Fuck off!
Faceless sends his troopers away and goes with you towards the burning building.
>Good. Heat waves will fuck up any radio tracking and sound of burning building will not let anyone hear us. Well, marine, do you remember that Grey Knight cock up your ass I promised you? Well, you sure do deserve it and it's already hot and hard. This situation is more than enough to execute you and your commanding officers for heresy and send the rest of the Chapter for reindoctrination and penitence. Fucking new marines. Not half a century has passed from your founding and you are close to dissolving your Chapter. Now listen up, there's still one way out for you. Just one, you understand me? You do as I say. I teach you to play the game and Grey Knights go home sad. As long as you serve me, I protect you. You fuck up and you are out in the void. Is it clear!?

It seems we have no choice....
I'd say submit to his demand. At least that should let us get back to kicking faces in. Something we are good at.

Our moves in the political arena have been rather... Insatisfactory as of lately.

May as well, can't possibly muck up any more than we already have...
Sounds fair enough, all this political bullshit is annoying anyway all we wanted was to kill the emperors enemies wherever we found them

This guy has quite a mouth on him as well. Almost thinking he got trained by Fuklaw
>Good. We have a deal then. As long as you continue sucking my dick, I continue tapping your head.
It seems that bastards take pleasure in humiliating you.
>Well now, here's that document I promised you.
He takes out a piece of paper, writes something and burns his signature with his ring on it. Then he gives it to you. "Let him through" is all that is written on it. >Now I will need your services in two months on Inaria. Bring at least a company with you. Be there or die. Just kidding, don't be so serious, big guy. See you there!
Faceless takes off and leaves. He left you ALL of the stuff you found, didn't took a single throne gelt. What do you do?

Organize our guys to pack up the gear and move it. Take the cash for our chapter and the guns and drugs for whatever nefarious purposes we had planned
You ship all of the stuff to the orbit, it will be safe in the holds of "Aspera Dominus" in crates labelled as "Humanitarian aid".
It seems we are no longer stuck on this dirtball so we could stay on our ship.

Or we could keep up the pretence we are stuck there and have our men get ready to move out.

I am leaning more towards getting away from there since it seems the longer we are on the the faster we accrue our heresy
72 Wealth and 23 Tau pulse rifles added.

Days slowly pass as you prepare to leave... Or do you? What do you do?

We should take the Pulse Rifles to Regon right away.
Then we should see what he can do for us regarding equipment.
i suggest we do as the venerable inquisitor does except we bring an excessive amount of armed forces (2-3 Companies) as a show of good will and to quickly wrap up whatever operations we have to perform over there
File: 1341002756207.jpg-(38 KB, 500x333, exp.jpg)
38 KB
btw, guys. You cleared one of the tasks in the Unfinished Business section. You gain 1 experience point.

You can use this to:
-Gain ANY new skill at(+d5)
-Gain +1 to any statistic
-Gain new Psychic power/upgrade existing one

what will it be?
excuse me chapter master wine has dulled my mind i meant to say "as the venerable inquisitor ordered"
Welcome, Aurelius! It will be as you say then...

Your fleet prepares to leave for Inaria, but you send a single escort to Nestorium, bringing Plasma Rifle(how many?all of them?)

Please roll for warp travel d100
rolled 36 = 36

tell the escort to take half the pulse rifles (in case something bad happens).

Rolling for warp travel....
What do you guys think? Willpower (to keep our inner demons under control)? d5 to Leadership? Intimidate? I would suggest not exploring our psychic powers, probably.
I say, we should improve our chapter's stealth skills.
This is about Chapter Master, not Chapter.

I am sorry, I am afk for a while, please decide here/or in the chat about what do you want for xp.
This has to be saved for future generations(excerpt from chat):
Luigi: we're NOT gonna use our xp to make our dick bigger......
mmkay I think we're going for +1 to our Willpower.
Chapter master gains +1 to willpower then by common agreement.

I feel tired tonight, so we'll have to wrap it up, but I hope to see you all next time. I would be very grateful if someone would archive this thread and put it on the wiki, just like the last time. Emperor bless your soul and goodnight.

Next thread:
We are going full Heretic with the help of Inquisition... maybe.
If that inquisitor asks us to to heretical things then I say we BLAM him on the spot.
that is a possibility. thanks for playing.

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