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Past Threads

My blog http://ecchiquestgamer.blogspot.com/

You are Hito Hijikatai the current master of the mansion in Japan, and sometime you become your alter ego Sénior Jalapéno a luchador of Justice. Genki Shirou is your current butler who can randomly shift into his alter-ego June. Your half-sister Tomoe is magical girl from different world and she fear male rapist.

You have also got four maids. Katherine the delinquent maids, Sasha the mini-gun wielding maid, Akari the fortune teller and doctor maid, and Rachelle the sexy southern maid. Then also you have a cute crocodile ninja girl who are living in your mansion. Then you have your own steam robot Garenn who are quit hotheaded.

Your Current Favor: 15 points
Mansion Facilities
18 Bronzement Room (Count as dangerous training room)
Game Room
Luchacave (Formely Batcave)
Outdoor Pool
Maidlover's Bizarre Shop
Magical Portal Room
Secret Passages

Genki/June, Your Butler (Friendly/More than Friendly?)
Sasha, Your Maid (Friendly)
Katherine, Your Maid (Warm) BJ-SEXED
Akari, Your Maid (Warm)
Rachelle, Your Maid (Warm) SEXED
Croco-Chan, The Crocodile Ninja Girl (Warm)
Tomoe, Your Half-Sister (Warm)
Hana, Your Big Sister (Sisterly)
Garenn, The Steam Robot (Friendly)
Your Abilities

Jackie Chan's Training: You can move around like Jackie Chain and you become more skillful to use any objects as weapons.
Houdini Successor: You are natural born escape artist.
Martial Arts Training: You gain training on martial arts training and it improve your hand-to-hand combats.
Spicy Resistant: You had suffers too much of spiciness that you developed resistant against it.
Unlimited Ladder Works: You can pull out unlimited numbers of ladders from nowhere.

Your Items

Ancient Tachi: It is an ancient tachi sword that belong to the Hijikatai clan. It had been told about it may contain mysterious power.
Dandy Ninja Suit: It give wearer some ninja abilities.
Holy Sandwiches: When you throw the sandwich into the air, you can summon Heavy from Team Fortress 2.
Sénior Jalapéno Mask: When you wear it, you become Sénior Jalapéno the Luchador of Justice. It also increase your hand to hand combat skills.
Utility Belt: You can pull out almost any useful tools in most situations but you must make a dice rolls check for it.
File: 1340467867807.jpg-(29 KB, 267x400, 4803343-unfinished-building-ba(...).jpg)
29 KB
Last time, you had defeated Yongyuth the drunken thaiboxer in a match. The crime boss Mr Tong lost bet with Yukata because you won against Yongyuth. Now Mr Tong kidnapped the little boy Tau and demanded 20 million dollars from you. But your master Kovit became very furious so that he already headed to the meeting place. You and rest of your servants took a taxi and heading for one of the unfinished construction site.

The traffic in Bangkok is quit heavy and it took you time until you arrived at the unfinished construction site. You and your servants are getting out the taxi, and then you slowly heading there until you saw least two shady men who are lying ground with bruised face.

What now master?

>MQ: Fuck yeah!!

Looks like Master Kovit has already started the party without us. Let's sneak our way in and see what's going on. Rachelle and Croco-chan in Ninja Mode are the stealthiest girls so they can take point and carefully scout ahead.

Be ready for a fight.
File: 1340469505355.jpg-(710 KB, 1024x683, 6256998517_1577e2abb2_o.jpg)
710 KB
It seems that your master have already started with the party. Genki start to doodle on the thug's face for fun until Katherine smacked his head.

You send out Rachelle and Croco-chan to scout ahead. They come back later and informing you that all the from first floor to fourth floor is cleared.

As you walk through the building, you see many unconscious thugs who are lying on the floor and some of them are stuck against the ceiling and walls. When you finally arrived at fifth floor, you see your master is fighting against other martial artist but they are not at the same level as your master. The karateka tried to punch your master but Kovit simple counter karateka with powerful overhead strike with elbow.

You see least 4 karateka, 3 judoka, 5 thaiboxer and 3 wrestler on fifth floor.

What will you do?
File: 1340470932291.png-(279 KB, 370x399, JushinLigerPoint.png)
279 KB

Master Kovit's doing well holding his own, so we should focus on the fighters not currently engaging him. Back Master up and take them out so they can't sneak-attack Master from behind.

Sasha, Tomoe, and Araki should use their ranged attacks first to soften them up. Then Genki, Croco-chan, Rachelle, Kat, and Hito engage in melee.

Put on the mask because it's Lucha Time! Señor Jalapeño should focus on the thaiboxers first since they'll probably be the toughest.

"15 on 1 hardly seems like a fair fight, Señores....we're going to even those odds up a bit!"
File: 1340472047935.jpg-(52 KB, 613x439, lucha-libre-1.jpg)
52 KB
Araki is standing behind whiles Sasha and Tomoe firing off their attacks at the hired martial artist. The martial artist flew up the into the air as they get hit by combination of bullets and magical explosion.

You, Genki, Croco-chan, Rachelle and Katherine are charging into the melee. Genki grabbed the wrestler and slamming them against the wall with his idiotic strength. Croco-chan leaped on the karateka and biting on his poor head. Rachelle swinging her scythe so that most of the hired fighter slowly back off. Katherine grabbing on of the fighter's head and start to dick punching him until he overcome by pains so that he simple faints.

You rushing into other fighters and performing double flying lariat so that they fall hard on the floor. After a while, all the hired fighters are defeated and your master Kovit turned to you.
"I apprise that you come to help me but I want to do it alone, because I am the one caused this problem for the first place." Your master said.

What will you say?

"Are you sure you want to do this alone, Master? I understand that Tong considers you his enemy, but it seems that he and Yukata are working together in some way."

"Yukata is a very rich and very vindictive man with a huge grudge against me, so this involves me as well. If you still wish to do this alone, Master, I will respect your wishes but at least let us come with you."

"We'll follow your lead and won't act until you tell us to. I don't think Jintana or Tomoe would forgive me if you or Tau got hurt and I just stood by and did nothing."

If Master Kovit accepts, have Genki and the girls put their weapons away. We follow Master and only fight when he tells us to. He must have some type of plan in mind.
Seconding this.
File: 1340474716147.png-(27 KB, 237x445, 1.png)
27 KB
"Are you sure you want to do this alone, Master? I understand that Tong considers you his enemy, but it seems that he and Yukata are working together in some way. Yukata is a very rich and very vindictive man with a huge grudge against me, so this involves me as well. If you still wish to do this alone, Master, I will respect your wishes but at least let us come with you. We'll follow your lead and won't act until you tell us to. I don't think Jintana or Tomoe would forgive me if you or Tau got hurt and I just stood by and did nothing." You said to him.

Your master Kovit closed his eyes until he open them again. "I can understand Hito... but...!" As he tried to say something, suddenly everybody become quiet. Everybody except Genki and Kovit are started to shake. Suddenly you start to feel very cold and your body is started to shake too. You could feel overwhelming cold presence, the presence had same quality as your former butler Gouki but with coldness and deadlieness.

You suddenly see an old man who have a strong physical body and his eyes look very cold and calculated.
"Guten tag! You must be Kovit the master of Muay Boran." The old said as he refer to your master.
"And you must be Conrad Jaeger the Assassin and master of Kampfringen." Your master said.
"Ich bin beeindruckt! You are very informed man Kovit but sadly I'm here to stop you...." Conrad said as his killing aura start to increase.

What will you do now?
A: Let your master handle the assassin.
B: Try to help your master some way.
C: Try to talk with Conrad.
D: Something else.
File: 1340475469084.jpg-(21 KB, 187x253, OhShitMike.jpg)
21 KB

>presence as strong as Gouki

I don't know if Hito and the girls can take this guy. If Tong hired a guy like this to take on Master Kovit, that can only mean one thing: Yukata is bankrolling him.

Do C first, then A. Maybe see if Herr Jaegar will confirm to us if Tong hired him or if Yukata is his employer.
I agree. Tell Herr Jaeger if his employment is another grievance to be added to the feud between Yukata and us.
You gathering all your willpower to overcome the presence of Conrad and finally decided to ask him, "Who hired you? Was it Tong or Yukata?"
Conrad turned to you with calm expression.
"I'm hired by Tong, and me had never had a pleasure to work with Yukata before." He said and then he continues on.
"So you must be Hito Hijikatai ja? I am quit surprised that my old foe had a grandson." Conrad said.

"Wait what! You know my grandfather!" You asked in surprised tone because you have no memory of your grandfather.
"Ja! He was a very formidable foe and caused lot of Austria women to fall in love with him. But not more history for today because I have job to do." He said as his face become very serious.
"Stand back Hito! He is in S-Master class like me! Go save Tau!" Your master yell at you.

You nod and you continue heading. As you and your servants head up, you see more thugs with firearms. You and the rest take covers as the thugs are firing at you.
Sasha turned to you and say, "Let me handle this master! I can try handle with them while rest of you keep going."

What will you do master? Will you let Sasha handle the thugs herself or not?

Sasha seems pretty confident that she can handle them, so let her do that.

"Okay, Sasha, but please be careful. I don't want you getting hurt or killed."

Perhaps we can ask one of our group's "fighters" to stay here and assist Sasha if needed and cover our escape.

>grandfather had swag
>Dad has swag
>Hito has swag

I was right: the Awesome runs strong in our family. I wouldn't be surprised if Nee-san and even Tomoe have swag too (or whatever the female equivalent is called).
>"I am a Swag Master, like my father before me, and his father before him."
I agree that if Sasha feels like she can take care of the goons, to let her.
Maybe have Croco-chan stay with Sasha?

Yep. Don't know about our sisters though. Tomoe hasn't shown any signs of it while Nee-san just uses hers to troll.


That's a good idea. I second it.
File: 1340479546512.jpg-(26 KB, 250x300, 6684.jpg)
26 KB
"Okay, Sasha, but please be careful. I don't want you getting hurt or killed." You said to her.
"No worry, it is not first time that I encounter this situation." She said.
You then turned to rest of you group and asked them, "Ok, who will aid Sasha?"
"Meeee!" Genki said with childish expression.
"Ok.... Genki just stay nears her and beat up anyone who getting too close to her." You said.

You left Genki and Sasha behind as you keep continue heading up. When you are at seventh floor, you see a really large fat man. He slowly walk to you as he is eating a whole steaked pig.
"So you come here for causing problems 'uh? I heard you beated Yongyuth in the match. "
"Yes I beated him, he shouldn't drink those alcohols." You told him.
After the fat man finally finish with his steaked pig, he throws away the rest at wall.
"Give me 20 million dollar so that our boss will be very happy or else I will flatted you up with my weigh!" The fat man said as he patted his large stomach.

What now Master?

We do have our briefcase of mostly counterfeit money. I imagine the bundles having a few real bills on the front and back with the counterfeit ones sandwiched in between so it looks legit to anyone who only does a quick check.

But first things first. "Where is Tau? I want to see Master's grandson so I know that he's alive and unharmed first."
"Proper negotiation etiquette requires that we show each other our respective goods at the same time.
"Where's the boy?"
File: 1340481130363.png-(519 KB, 489x698, Tomoe1a.png)
519 KB
"Where's the boy?? I want to see Master's grandson so I know that he's alive and unharmed first." You asking him because you want to make sure that he is ok first before giving the briefcase with counterfeit money.

"The kid? Yes he is with Mr Tong at top of the building.... You know what? I'm gonna kill you anyway because our boss never planned to give the boy back. He is planned to sell the boy to the underground brothel at Pattaya for extra cash!" He said as he start to laugh.

Suddenly you could see your half-sister expression. Her expression start to become darker and serious.
"Darkness from twilight, crimson from blood that flows; buried in the flow of time..." She started to chant as she started to covered with magical aura.

What now?
A: Let Tomoe finish her spell.
B: Oh shit! Take cover!!!
C: Stop Tomoe's spell.
D: Something else.
Let her finish the spell. We need to be able to act quickly as soon as the spell connects.

Oh, shit: Fat Boy just pissed off our little sister.

A combined with B. As >>19595621 suggests, we should be ready to act when Tomoe finishes the spell. That chant creeps me out though; I hope Tomoe's spell doesn't do something that she might regret later.
File: 1340482252891.jpg-(64 KB, 750x600, Dragon-slave.jpg)
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You decided to wait for her to finish her spell. But then you realise that she gonna pull out a REAL powerful spell!

"In Thy great name, I pledge myself to darkness! Those who oppose us shall be destroyed by the power you and I possess! DRAGON SLAVE!!" Tomoe yell as she release a powerful blast from her staff.

The blast was so powerful that you almost got blown away and the other already took their cover. The fat man scream in fear as he got hit by the infamous Dragon Slave spell. You finally took cover behind the pillar. You realize something very important thing... Tomoe can be scary when she is really pissed off.

You peek out from the pillar and almost 1/10 part of the building is destroyed and you don't see any sign of the fat man. You see Tomoe who are still standing there and then she fall down to her while she start to cry.

What no master?

>Tomoe cast Dragon Slave...a BLACK magic spell!

This is why we must be very careful when we start pursuing Tomoe romantically. Carefully approach our half-sister, hold her, and try to comfort her. After she's calmed down, take her by the hand and say, "Come on; let's go rescue Tau."

Also glance at the other girls' reactions: see if they're as horrified as we are.
Pretty much this.
Horrified is too strong a word.
I'm more shocked and awed.

"Horrified" may be too strong a word, I'll admit, but it IS scary nonetheless.

Gelding random thugs via fireball to the groin is one thing, but this is the first time in the whole quest that Tomoe just flat-out obliterated somebody.
You are very surprised that Tomoe are pulling off a very powerful spells and you turned to your servants. They look pretty surprised and Katherine finally commented something, "Holy SHIT! I'm very glad that I don't even try messing with her..."

You carefully approch Tomoe and hold her. You tried to comfort her as she still crying. You let her cry until she finally calming down. You took her hand and say, "Come on; let's go rescue Tau."
Tomoe tried to stand up but she fall down to her knee again.
"Sorry... That spell drain alot of my mana... I don't have energy to move..." Tomoe said with tired look.

Croco-chan walking to edge of the building and it seem that she spotted somebody there.

What now master? Your half-sister Tomoe seem to be very tired after she used Dragon Slave.
Ask Katherine to check out what got Croco-chan's attention; we'll catch up with her.

It's dangerous to leave Tomoe alone when her mana is drained. Put her on our back, and join Kat and Croco-chan.
File: 1340485211827.jpg-(50 KB, 565x409, InuyashaPiggyback.jpg)
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I'm not comfortable with leaving Tomoe behind. If Tong's goon squad shows up to investigate that explosion, she's pretty much helpless.


Seconded. Carry Tomoe piggyback as in pic related: it might slow us down a little but leaving Tomoe behind is NOT an option.
"Katherine, can you check with Croco-chan? It seems that she found somebody?" You asked Katherine.
"Ok, I will check it out..." She said as she head to Croco-chan.

Aware that Tomoe had drained out her mana, you put her back to give her piggy ride. You joined Croco-chan and Katherine, but suddenly you could smell awful stench! It smells like.... piss and... shit!

Then you see the fat man who are hanging on the edge of the building. His body is covered with burn, and it seems that he was real frighten that he both pissed and shitted...
"I want my mommy!" The fat man yell as he look very shocked.

What now?
A: Leave the fat man alone and continue heading up.
B: Make him fall off from the building.
C: Help him up.
D: Something else.
I don't think it's our way to beat a man when he's down.

Give Tomoe over to Rachelle, and help the man up.

Agreed. As much as I want to let that fat bastard fall to a well-deserved death, our alter-ego Señor Jalapeño would not do so.

C with slight changes: pull him up, bind and gag him, then ask Araki to give him enough painkiller to knock him out for a few hours. Find a broom closet or something out of the way and lock the sedated, slightly-toasty hambeast in it.
File: 1340487199489.png-(690 KB, 800x600, ArakiNew2.png)
690 KB
Even you are willing to push him down to his dead but as Sénior Jalapéno you must do the right thing. You hand over Tomoe to Rachelle and then you pulled up the fat man with aid of Katherine and Croco-chan.

You bind and gag him up so that he can't move or make sound. You let Araki used her weird injection to knock the fatty out. Sadly you don't find any good hiding place for the fatty so that you simple cover him with red blanket. Now it look more like a weird shaped bed. It should be good enough for now.

Araki checked with Tomoe conditions and then she says, "Master... I think that you should leave me and Tomoe here. Tomoe is too tired to move on and worst case is that enemy will take advantage it. I will not be much help in the fight so that I will stay with Tomoe."

What will you do?

Even though this worries me, Araki is the wise one so if she thinks they'll be okay, I'm willing to trust her judgment.

"I don't like leaving you and Tomoe behind, Araki, but all right. Try to find a hiding spot and we'll pick you both up on the way back." Take Araki's hand and give it a gentle squeeze. "Be careful."
Trust in our doctor-maid.
"Be careful, Araki. Run with Tomoe if you have to."
File: 1340489068604.jpg-(153 KB, 410x600, 271795-13080144_m.jpg)
153 KB
"I don't like leaving you and Tomoe behind, Araki, but all right. "Be careful, Araki. Run with Tomoe if you have to." You said as you take Araki's hand and gentle squeeze. "Be careful."

Katherine suddenly stand behind you when you touched Araki's hand and then she started to pulling you away.
"We need to hurry!" Katherine said as she still pulling you....

As you continue heading up, you suddenly see a beautiful girl who are staring at you.
"Hello!" She greeted you.
"Hi!" You greet back.
Suddenly you could scent a very strong smell. You don't know why but you feel very attracted by her.
"Come over here!" She orders you while she give you a wink.
You feel something is very wrong but it feel difficult to resist her words. Katherine and Rachelle are looking strangely at your behavior.

What will you do?
A: Get closer to her.
B: Try to resist going to her. Roll 1d100
C: Ask your maid to slap your face.
D: Something else.
rolled 16 = 16

Resist. It's obviously some kind of pheromone attack.
rolled 90 = 90


B! Come on, dice gods....

Forgot the music. ML's pic of that girl gives me the creeps.


You are aware that she uses weird pheromone attack on you so that you used all your willpower to resist it.
"Sorry.... I will stay this spot...!" You said as you still try to resist her pheromone.
"That is bad... I hoped that you could pass through the ultra thin strings so that you could lose your head!" She said as she plays with her strings.
Suddenly you smell even more pheromone and feel like you will completely lose your will until Katherine slapped your face.
Katherine and Rachelle are now standing in front of you and them don't look very happy.
"I can't allow you to kill my darling." Rachelle said as she is holding up her scythe.
"I don't like your attitude bitch! Let me change your face with my fists!" Katherine yell as she lights her cigarette.

What now?
A: Let the girls handle the fight.
B: Try working on resisting the pheromone attack.
C: Something else.

>ML's pic of that girl gives me the creeps.
True she look little creepy when I take another look on it.
Let the girls handle the fight.
A Master needs to know when he should let his employees handle a situation.

A. Let the girls handle the fight. We resisted that pheromone attack once; we might not be so lucky a second time.

>"I can't allow you to kill my darling." Rachelle said as she holds up her scythe.

Oh yeah, we're close to tripping Rachelle's LOVE flag.
File: 1340492433757.jpg-(74 KB, 450x350, tumblr_m5nmchXoB31rsc22uo1_500.jpg)
74 KB
You realize that your maids don't seem to be effected by her pheromone so that you decided to let them handle her.
"Girls! I' will keep going. I trust that you can handle!" You said as you try to keep going up.
"Hi wait! You... UGH!"
"Shutup yer bitch! Time to change your face!" Katherine yell after she punching at the femme fatale's face.

You finally arrived a the last floor. You see Tong who are sitting on his chair while a large wrestler are standing near him. You finally see Tau but he is chained to the pillar and he look pretty bruised.
"This kid can't even shut up so that I simple punched him to make him quiet! " Tong said as he refer to Tau like he don't care about Tau's condition.
"So you do have the money?" Tong asked you as he take a large blow with his cigarr.

What now master?
Hold up the briefcase and set it on the ground in front of us.
"Now, release the boy."

Get ready to throw a ladder at their faces if they do something stupid.

Seconded. Tong is lucky our half-sister used up all her mana on his fat goon and stayed behind.

If she saw Tau in this condition, I don't believe anything would stop her from killing Tong.
File: 1340494247484.jpg-(11 KB, 324x387, bigshow-1.jpg)
11 KB
Tong is lucky that you don't brought along your sister Tomoe or else she will properly use all her power to kill him.
You holding up the briefcase and then you placed it on the floor in front of you.
"Now, release the boy." You said as you prepare to summon the ladders when they try to do something funny.
"You know what? I will simple kill and take your money! Because I simple get rid of the annoying pest and earn more by selling this kid to the brothel. You know that many farang like the taste of the young flesh!" Tong said.

Now you real get disgusted by his behavior so that you summon a small ladder and tossed it right at Tong's face. The small ladder hit directly on his face and broke his shades.
"Gaaaah! Big Jeff! Kill that bastard!" Tong scream as he cover his injured face with his hands.

The big wrestler Big Jeff charging into you but you side flip to avoid his tackle. He swings his mighty arms at you, and it connected at your chest. You roll backward to reduce the impact and now you are standing in front of the big wrestler. You took some step away from him as you are prepared some moves to defeat Big Jeff.

Quest End, Continue on part 21. Lucha Spirit vs Big Wrestling

Ok I will leave the cliffhanger for now because I start to feel sleepy. On next weekend I may not have ability to run the quest on Saturday because I'm gonna have a family trip. I maybe could run the quest on Sunday at 1400 london time or otherwise I will post the date on my blog. See you later guys!

If you can run it next Sunday, that would work for me, ML. I'll keep an eye on the blog. See you next week!
See you next time, ML!

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