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test bump. if this works a heads up to my players, this is the final part of this scenario, and it will be faster paced. so wrap up your loose ends and hold on.
I am doing a one year jump to show how the tribes have progressed and to get us moving. If you want to participate, say so, and i will do one for you too.
Roll for success in road linking farm community/city, development of community, discover the secrets of plant oil extraction, raft construction, magnet applications in construction, military drills. 11, 3, 20, 20, 16, 6 = 76

The link between the farm and city is established, and secured by a patrol. While unified, the tribe has trouble working together, families, and bigger organizations are still very competitive with each other...this is not a bad thing as it creates innovation thru conflict/ competition. Crushing the smoke root yields long burning oil, but so do many other plants. Some of the must first be fermented to give up their yeild, but the tribe has mastered oil extraction. Rafts are built that are among the finest in the land. Magnet assisted construction has proven to be a boon, allowing the city to grow, in new and unusual ways. Magnetic connection is in some ways just as good or superior to physical connection. Daring structures are built that seem to float, however they are mostly ornamental as the strong forces pull away all metal, this has led to these buildings being a place for debate and conflict resolution as weapons are unable to enter easily. The tribe lacks discipline, due to a fragmented community, and stronger ties to elders then the whole.
Gwiliak- scouts have mapped the entire river system and surrounding areas, becoming masters of cartography. Daki has managed to break the Higitains and saddle them. They now carry mounted heavy disk launchers for their riders to use and make up an invaluable part of the ground patrols. The beasts breed and grow at a decently quick rate so they are a common sight. Life has improved for the Gwiliak. Their children now play with drums that encourage musical development during their rapid maturation in the childhood stage. This keeps them alive and out of trouble. The tribe has grown in number, so much that a need to expand happened. Three larger settlements were established and numerous little outposts cropped up all along the river, some of the tribes closer to the Kharum ended up with a melting pot effect on their cultures. Hunting and foraging are still important in the tribe, but so is silk farming, tailoring and gas harvest. Fast riverboats get the tribe and their resources around quickly to their trade partners, the Silith and Kharum. The close relations between the Gwiliak and Kharum lead to a sort of alliance between the two. Qwia has recovered from her injuries and is the head of the silk trade, recently learning the methods of underwater building and dispatching several scouts to send the information.
The past year has been a busy one for the Kharum. Extensive research into explosives has yielded knowledge of primitive mortars, rockets, grenades, and more powerful bombs. Mixing their burning powder with azrach sap has created a thick and sticky, long burning, goo like substance. The local savages of the region fled from the explosive power of the Kharum, driven ever southwards. Extensive trade and mutual protection is provided between their partners the Gwiliak, who gifted them with disc launchers,armor and higitain pups. The Equipment was studied and modified to suit the Kharum's needs and the pups grew to become mounts and dogs of war. The tribe became more martial, setting up patrol routes and outposts to secure their volcanic home. They have taken to mining and smelting recently, getting a strange yellow and silvery ore from the mines. The metal was mostly useless as weapons or armor, but very decorative.
Hakel's time among the Za'Siel and the mutant govkar opened his eyes to the world. These souls were just like him, no different despite their affliction. They looked up to him, and looked for purpose. With the same ritual that made him what he is, so too was it done for the others. An order of giants, of warriors, guardians. They would dedicate themselves to protecting the region. First Hakel and his ilk visited the Gwiliak and Kharum, ensuring that all "mutant" babies were put aside for the Order, now called the Kaduk (govkar for: Custodians). They would take the children, raise them, and induct them into the way of their kind. The Kharum were uncomfortable with the giants, the old ways of viewing them as tainted would take a long time to fade, but the Gwiliak, it varied from each individual, especailly those that knew hakel personally. Many of the exiled govkar with skulk traits came forward, male and female, seeking out hakel, seeking a leader. This is how the Kaduk came to be. Close ties are maintained with the Za'Siel skulk as this is the only way to produce more Govkar Giants, as natural births are rare once the transformation takes place.
The za'siel expanded their underground stronghold by pruning, shaping, and crafting plants into what was needed. Their numbers have grown, and their flying machines have become more refined. Experiments into their "Whisper" have let them control certain elements of the Skulcrow "communal voice". They have been a bit more daring exposing themselves to the Gwiliak, a few receptive members at a time, while in the presence of the Kaduk to show they mean no harm.
The Friggan had become secret agents of the enclave many years before, the benefit was obvious, with no true drawbacks. They scoured the lands, and reported on tribal locations, politics and technology. Occasionally bringing back strange new equipment for their researchers to study and reverse engineer. Their southern island outpost had grown from a few tents to a fortress and harbor. Still the Enclave did not have the resources to truly invest in this continent, and would have to act more with proxy's and technological uplifting. The Gantu were of prime interest, as were the Za'Siel and Kaduk giants. Capable warriors, with balanced temperament...time would tell. The newest addition to the enclave, the Ry'Lai were still heavily invested in a massive war with the insect like Sandoni on their own continent and were unable to lend much aid to this effort, but a few token frilla sky ship scouts were put to good use.
The Friggan walked the beach around the fortress, reflecting on how much life had changed, for the better...Some things were lost, like the eternal run, but they still had the rain, and the smoke root. life was...better, good enough even.
File: 1339939389971.png-(192 KB, 695x560, Gantu War Memorial, Carved(...).png)
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The halls of the museum were lit by the tropical sun. The Lem'Uy professor and his students walked across the expanse, stopping at each piece. At each exhibit, and detailing it's significance in art history. Works from every intelligent species were present, from Friggan traditional instruments to Korroburg cinerary urns.

The teacher stopped at a particular work. A large wooden carving, and in it, intricate stylized Gantu and Noords grappled together in silent combat.
"Tell me class, what do you notice about the central figures?"

"Well, the line quality is all mixed up. Like it was... I dunno, done by a number of people."

"Very good, Vak. Correct you are. This memorial to the First Noord Invasion was the first of its kind, being a collaborative effort between the unknown artist, and as Mohu'awane oral tradition tells us, perhaps 2 others, along with the children of the tribe. Now, why is this important." Otok'ol looked, and saw the raised hand of one of the students. "You there, Tar, was it?"

Tar cleared his throat and began. "War Memorial is the originator of the Mohu'awane Disparate style".
The teacher was disappointed. "So you can quote the chapter review, all well and good, but tell me what that *means*." None of the students seemed to have an answer, Otok'ol sighed. He kept telling them, he didn't assign for his health.

"The Disparate style, to the Mohu'awane, is representative of community and co-operation. It'd probably be a good idea to start taking notes, since it seems none of you did the reading." They looked surprised. Otok'ol smiled, like their blank faces could mean anything else.
"Just as every artist contributes to the piece as a whole, each with its own subtle variations in line weight and style, so does society function by the pooling of talents of the individual. Alone, an individual's effort creates an arm or a leg. But when everyone joins, a complete picture is made. It's very poetic, no? Certainly a philosophy that Lem'Uy culture can appreciate, what with the demographics of the Enclave. Anyway, let's move on to the next piece, shall we?"

The Gantu are a physical and sometimes competitive people, and have a number of forms of sport wrestling. During the Noord attack, a few Gantu, finding themselves unarmed against the massive Noords, turned to the techniques used in these brawling games to take the larger creatures down. This, in years to come, developed into the martial art known as Kapui Kua. It is a style that focuses on upper body strength, grapples, and breaking an opponents bones, disabling them and preventing further attacks.
File: 1339942494699.png-(52 KB, 1304x680, eastern weapons 1.png)
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just some weapons, non are to scale, but here we go.

1.za'siel ballista. its fucking huge, it takes 3 sulks to fire it. or one very big individual. charges with an internal crossbow like mechanism of pulleys and tendon.
2.Za'Siel spear launcher - the baby brother of the ballista. one man weapon.
3.Za'Siel claw- big ass claw to go over their regular claws.

4.Kharum shank and shield. shank for stabbin.
5.Kharum Gutting spear - hook and blade. nasty.
6.Kharum throwing Ax-can also be used to not throw.
7.Kharum launch tube-multi purpose for primitive rockets or mortars.
7.Kharum hand grenade. a small example of them blowing up more shit.

The Gwiliak continue their efforts to better utilize the resources the marshes give to them. The natural gas allows them to use fire like never before. as they are no longer hampered by the wetness of the marshes. This, with the combination of the salt traded from the Silith, and the better clay containers, instead of the dried mud ones have allowed the tribe to store and transport food far better than they could before.
This has also lead to better health for the Gwiliak, as their food now far cleaner than before.

With the knowledge of the water construction, the tribe attempts to build flood proof bridges over the rivers, to ease their travels across the marshes. The bridges may not be made from the sturdy stone the Silith use, but many of the same principles that the Silith use in building the support struts of the buildings they make in water can easily used for making wooden bridges.

The skullcrows that occupying the downstream have become a growing concern for the tribe. They have hampered the Gwiliak attempts to reach to successfully settle the coast. Instead of permanent villages, there exist few outposts. Daki, has contacted Hakel, as she seeks his help in getting rid of these creatures. She is currently planning and preparing and attack on them that would drive the beasts out of the marshes before they claim any more territory.

The gohroks have grown into an integral part of the Gwiliak society, they aren't seen as servants, or slaves, more like members of the family. Macia's family is largely responsible for this, as they raise the gohroks and teach them to work well with the govkars. They provide the brawn and resilience and the govkars provide the brain and swiftness. Attempts to train the most aggressive ones into warriors are made too, as their brute strength would greatly augment the Gwiliak defense against dangers of the marshes.

Hakel's family has become integral part of the technological development and upkeep of the Gwiliak society. Nar is now mostly responsible for coming up with new stuff and information, discovering and inventing things, while his sister actually makes constructs them and finds the ways to make Nar's ideas actually work. She also overseers the manufacturing of the disk launchers and their variants. They are currently trying to figure out if the disks could be improved by adding clay to them. The added weight could increase their killing potential. Perhaps the Heavy launchers would benefit from it the most?

Jun's family has taken the mass production of silk stuff as their specialty. Sheets, ropes, disks, clothes and armor. They make all these things. They can afford the time, as the vindra farming has lessened the need to gather food outside of the village considerably. To quicken the process of weaving, she is attempting to build some simple system that would make weaving easier.
rolled 8, 1, 1, 6, 4, 20 = 40


Nufa has grown into an expert trader, although he mostly works on the Kharum routes, he also helps Qwia to overseer the trade with the Silith.
To ease the trade, he is trying to come up with a better system to keep track of stuff. The Gwiliak lack written language, but Nufa sees the need for one.

The relationship between Hakel and the Gwiliak isn't simple. Daki and the others who were present during the events of that fateful night respect him for his deeds, but the ones who are still not aware of his true identity either fear him or downright hate him, especially for the kidnapping of Kiknau. Because this, Daki keeps her connections to the Kaduk hushed up. The rare mutants that are born are sent away to the order, without much bravado and communications between the order and the Gwiliak are kept by Daki's children.
As for Kiknau, she still is somewhat suspicious of the mutants, but no longer as hostile about it. She has grown to accept the life with them, serving as some sort of grand mother for the younger ones. She has helped Hakel immensely with raising Qua, but at some level, she knows that the witches are involved in all of this. She also hopes she can return to her village one day, Hakel's reports of the tribe has made her proud of her children, who in such short time have managed to expand the tribe like never before.

Rolling for:
Bridge building.
Preparing the attack against the skullcrows.
Training Gohrok warriors.
Improving the disks with clay.
Developing looms.
And developing writing.
File: 1339968004853.png-(187 KB, 1024x768, GIGAA BEAK BREAKAAAH!.png)
187 KB
File: 1339979822472.png-(293 KB, 350x447, time for evolution!.png)
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You develop the FUCK out of writing! (that or you've found the language of the gods, the words that brought reality into being)

Back home now. My face when:
File: 1339983464313.gif-(85 KB, 485x213, Ur-Quan.gif)
85 KB

THE WORDS! The Words... The Words... The Words...
The Spirits have given me a gift of engineering, a gift I seek not to squander. Polyandos, on part of my masterful ability, has given me free reign in construction... Apparently he is too busy with administrative matters, I remember hearing something concerning the training of our military... No problem, with my abilities, Muskato, and the Silith people, will become the envy of Sildarin.

The raft is a success, such as success I seek for ways to continue to improve the design, I think back to that fateful meeting with the Trader, and his cart with a sail. The sail! It works fine on land, but why not by sea? My assistants report to me that it would take a ship a BIT bigger then our well-crafted rafts to use them to their potential, to which I responded by ordering them to make a prototype immediately. The sea, I will craft my legacy out there. Every building on land I have helped in with some fashion, but the as of yet untouched sea? The Burning Moons themselves will reek with envy with what I am envisioning... I have ordered all of our finest stoneworkers to begin construction of what I've dubbed the "Seran Shipyards." (humble, yes?) They will be useful for both trade and ship-construction alike, whenever that may be!
File: 1339985269367.jpg-(16 KB, 214x235, Seran Shipyards.jpg)
16 KB
rolled 9, 8, 8, 7, 10, 3 = 45

The Silith mastery of the sea must be done right. In other words, before we even sail out of the bay. A particularly ambitious assistant, whom I believe personally to be slightly insane (his egg might have been left in the sun a bit too long) has reported he has crafted some sort of... Spinning rod out of magnets suspended on a bit of wood in a water container. I have asked for a copy of his creation immediately!

As for the rest of the stoneworkers... They are to be sent to constructing defenses as which to keep our city unmolested by those who wish to plume it's immeasurable wealth, such as those FILTHY Gwiliak and brutish Gantu; they seem nice enough, but I personally do not see what Polyandos see's in them. Qwia, our "envoy" of sorts to the Gwiliak, report they live in wooden houses on stilts. WOOD! Without the aid of magnets! In the marsh! How primitive!

(pic related, it's what Seran envisions the harbor to look like)

Roll for military training, sails, bigger ships, beginning construction of the "Seran Shipyards," the compass, city defenses,

After all that huff and puff, those rolls sure were underwhelming.
Alright, nongent, hold off on a a result for those rolls here: >>19522792

My next update is relevant...
rolled 13 = 13

My time amongst the Gantu has been improving since I arrived in their midst. The language is easy enough to pick up, as are many of their customs. I tried doing what they call "boarding," which involves the swimming out to sea with a long board of wood, shaped roughly into a point at one end. The goal is to find a significantly large wave, get close enough to it to be caught parallel within it's crest, and then stand on the board as to "ride" the wave, as they call it. After a couple failed attempts, I managed to get the rough idea of it worked out.

Things were not all fun and games, however... One day, the Mohu'awane were beset by strange, furred beasts, fell and terrible with weapons made of soul steel! I gathered my things, and prepared to meet them in battle. The Gantu then saw the abilities of the Silith in action, a testament to the fury of our Ancestors.

Roll for Elerian's ability in fighting back Noord incursion.
rolled 6, 12, 11, 12 = 41

The tribe attempts to tend to the wounded as well as they can, they can't afford to have their warriors to be incapasitated like this. New methods of healing are tried to help the wounded to recover.

The Kaduk warriors keep on watch over the skullcrows, and try to hamper all their attempts of expanding. They wear similar armor as Hakel, while also using bigger version of the rapid disk launcher, which is sizewise somewhere between the heavy disk launcher and the normal rapid ones.

Jun, after hearing of the accident with the loom, immedeatly sets to improve it's safety. This kind of stuff shouldn't ever happen again.

Nufa's writing system is quickly taught to the children and the adults alike. It allows the tribe to keep track of trades and events like never before. Daki has ordered that the oral history and legends of the tribe are to be written down, so that they could be remembered easily. Some of the Gwiliak have also started writing down new legends, such as the victory the tribe had over the gohrok swarms. These new tales are often told in rythm with the drums of the children.

Rolling for:
New healing methods.
Monitoring the skullcrows and preventing them from expanding.
Improving the looms.
New healing methods.
Monitoring the skullcrows and preventing them from expanding.
Improving the looms.

((compounding your many minor failures into a sucess)) Healing methods improve slightly, certain herbs and extracts prevent infect or speed healing slightly, while simple prosthesis become slightly improved. They are no surgeons, but they can patch themselves up ok. The skulcrow threat is much worse then previously imagined, even the mighty giants are having issues keeping them contained, though they do hold the line. Gohrok shock troops are requested. The looms are made safer, but slower. Their only grace is that they are automated off flowing water and burning gas. The tribe learns simple, but pleasant songs, which are instant classics, like "kill our enemies" a charming little number about numerical force and ranged attack.
Primitive wood and bamboo like bridges are established, The gohrok are overly agressive in sparring during combat drills, many of the trainers sustain bad injuries that they will recover from, but it will be a while. The tribe's army is no shape to fight a war of aggression due to this. The disks are heavier and hit harder, but they also are slower, and very inaccurate, currently not worth it. A govkar weaver gets tangled up in the horrific machine, almost getting ripped to shreds and sewn into her own tapestry, but a passing gohrok heard the shrieks and smashed the machine...ah, how the fates like to repeat themselves, just ask notrip. Writing, apparently the Gwiliak are literary masters, and soon the written language proliferates amongst the tribe, even bleeding towards their trade partners, though they do not have the same command of it. Culturally, the gwiliak have dominated this aspect of life for their race. good job guys.
Elerian composes himself well in the battle, taking five heads, one of them being one of the terrifying clawed giants. Where he battles with precision and tact, the gantu...its more of a brawl. He looks around him to see no clear battle front. There are high speed disks flying around him, hitting limbs and heads. Necks jerking back in final movements. One Gantu even suplexes an invader, driving his head into the sand so well that the body remains upside down, almost comically so...the battle was just starting. ((fortune, this is just an initial skirmish, still not the real deal, so feel free to compose your fight to your own wishes))
rolled 7 = 7


Way too tired tonight for any fancy writefagging. Going to keep things simple.

The Gantu realized that they were at a big disadvantage, and Elerian knew it, too. The Sillith showed his hosts his sword, explaining the benefits of this material. He also explains that Polyandros would *love* to get his hands on sailing technology.

The Gantu load up a massive boat, ready to sail into the bay outside of Moskatu.
You know that one scene in the first Matrix movie? The Gantu are basically doing that. Walk up to Moskatu and go: "We need guns. Lots and lots of guns."
The Sillith are none too keen on giving up metal (since they believe it contains the souls of their ancestors) but perhaps Elerian can put a good word in for the Mohu'awane.

Also, nongent, since we moved the roll of "19" for the River Expedition exploration, this roll will be the new result for Polahu, Wave, and the gang.
File: 1340008334356.jpg-(9 KB, 320x240, maelstrom1.jpg)
9 KB

Polahu, Wave, and the gang are cruising up the river to see if they cant find any allies instead they find Rohas, three of them. They attack the boat and attempt to sink it, but a few minutes of spears and fierce fighting later they are back on course, with something to eat along the way.
the military conducts bi weekly drills, enough to have a "guard" they are not an offensive force, just a large amount of part time fighters. sails were easy enough, as was making the raft slightly larger. It was enough to transport single crates and small loads of some around the water ways, it was an improvement even if a small one. Testament that the Silith always move forward. The glorious shipyard is nothing more then plans at the moment, arguments between the rival guilds on how best to construct it are underway, new and experimental or old and proven. A simple magnet floating in a bowl of water is the current compass, it is crude, but it is also reliable...mostly. The city was laid out for efficiency, but not war. It is a ripe target.
The Gantu with their diplomat at the head of this huge ass ship slowly pull into Moskatu's harbor. The ship is massive, like some great beast of legend, as it slows down it groans and creaks in protest. IT should be in the open water, cutting thru the waves, testing itself against the storms...not in some still water like an insect. As it finally slows to a stop the Gantu look at this glistening black city, alive and in motion. It looks back, or perhaps one man looks back, and he grimaces. Seran sees that these horrible brutes, have wrought something in scale and form...that had never even crossed his mind. Digusted and frustrated he made note to do more, be bigger, grander, never again would he be outdone!
rolled 7, 8, 20, 18, 9, 11, 17 = 90


Daki, after the news of the unexpected strenght of the skullcrow monsters, orders that gohroks and higitain riders are to be sent to aid the Kaduk warriors.

To Hakel, it is clear that their weaponry is simply inefficient against these beasts. The disks do not cut hard bark like they cut flesh and sinew. They would need better weaponry, plain and simple. Requests of weapons trade are sent to both Kharum and the Silith, from the Kharum, the Kaduk seek explosives, and from the Silith, the hard shiny substance they call metal. Hakel also contacts the Za'Siel, as he hopes they could provide some insight on how to fight these beasts.
The Kaduk also attempt to improve their own weaponry to be better suited against the skullcrows. Some of them even attempt to weaponize fire against these plant monsters.

Jun has gotten the idea of making some sort of cloth that would allow the tribe to catch the water dwelling creatures better. She sets to work on the project.

Nar is now focusing on figuring out how the ever present dahon creatures keep afloat.
Niru has been tasked to come up with more musical instruments for the tribe.

Rolling for:
The effectivines of the Gohrok warriors,
The effectivines of the higitain riders.
Improving weaponry.
Weaponizing fire.
Fishing nets.
Finding out how dahons float.
Coming up with new instruments.

>nat 20 for improving weaponry.

DAMN! The disk launchers keep getting better and better!
Woah, you've just made them be able to ricochet!
File: 1340010933020.png-(194 KB, 1032x1424, Ancient Equipment.png)
194 KB
In the time since we had landed, the expeditionary force was undermanned, under supplied, and under equipped. just two gunships, and a single airship. Scout gliders, guns, spears, and the usual were in short supply as well. Stripping the immediate area for resources made quick resolution of that problem. The other half of the problem was the lack of lem. Those bastards work constantly, multiply quickly when needed, and are probably insane. Here we only started with a dozen. They ration the food to provide Frowgs, Joorods, and the Tentouz with plenty. They wont starve to death, but they also aren't multiplying at the rate that gives us our usual force of shock troops and engineers. The Tentouz are an odd bunch, flying jellyfish..things, but we like em. The Joorods are our newest addition to the enclave family, hell, the capital city probably hasn't even gotten our scouts yet telling em what to expect yet. They dont fight well, but they are smart, motivated, and fun to be around. When all you work around is Lem, its a nice change. I swear, its like they are from another world or something. I've been going on too long. Here's what we found in this place. Using the Friggan and Airship to scout, map, and research we find that the continent has no major power yet. We have dispatched emissary teams to each of the major villages with copies of our more obsolete technology, it should still impress, or be on par with what they have. with the growing threat they are going to need it.
File: 1340011406194.png-(9 KB, 418x286, tamirel Flag.png)
9 KB
::GROW, KILL, TAKE, KILL, WANT, DESIRE, HATE:: the skulcrow's "life" was simple. it lived by the directives of the hollowborn. It endlessly collected carrion and dead wood. When it was not available, it made more from the living. It had no desire of its own, no appreciation, just an impetus to act on what was it needed to do. It needed to make of its kind. every now and then a counter came ::sleep. still. slay kin. walk. fall. die.:: this voice was quieter, but occasionally was obeyed. All the while the numbers ever increased, and soon it would be time to make even more, to make everything, everywhere, like them. some where, in their collective imagination, was an image of something...familiar..old. angry. the time to move was now.

((the skulcrows are on the march, but its a slow, shambling one, taking many months to get to your villages.though anyone with a deccent scouting force will notice it))
File: 1340017689493.png-(14 KB, 520x314, kill it with fire.png)
14 KB

Gohrok warriors kill many, but they are reckless, and need to be replaced often, thankfully they breed and mature quickly. (yay expendable shocktroops), The higitain riders are Playing it safe they only attack when they are going to survive with no chance of loss. This is rare. Weaponry becomes death incarnate. Disk launchers problem wasnt lack of mass, it was lack of speed. Their projectiles now shriek thru the air, slicing off limbs and heads, ricocheting off rocks and bouncing around to kill more. The overall construction of the launchers has been refined across all models. The skulcrow threat is being contained for now. With some help from the Kharum weapon smiths and explosive masters Nar and Niru use the pressurized gas tanks to spray and ignite chemically treated azrach sap. The "nets" are more like fishing bags, the lack of holes makes them ineffective. Vague ideas on dahons are theorized, but more work must go into them. Stringed instruments come into play, some govkar combine them with a drum. ((banjos)) others tried less successfully to combine them with a horn...several died.
looking above them a strange floating thing is seen, it looks like the soul metal of the Silith, glinting in the sky.
combining the primitive valves with the pressurized tanks, then joining with cured intestines and clay pipes...you have...flame throwers! yay. Ill do art for just about anyone, but its going to be about this quality. just felt inspired tonight to crank that out.
File: 1340018292394.jpg-(71 KB, 783x377, hell-yeah-motherfucker.jpg)
71 KB

>mfw fucking flamethrowers.

Its all I wanted and more! Fuck yeah! I gonna burn down all the things! My people are swamp bugs with death incarnate supersonic disk launchers, god tier writing, promethium and promethium accesories, absolutely loyal gohrok servants and now FUCKING FLAME THROWERS!
File: 1340021455352.png-(365 KB, 1534x1174, an offering of earth and water.png)
365 KB
((response is mandatory, acceptance is not, this post is for everyone))

Outside your village a group of strange soldiers are seen, of races never before seen, carrying an unknown flag. Only a lone Joorod of the Friggan tribe is recognizable to all tribes, as a common trader...apparently not just a trader. Your scouts have already alerted your leader, and it is know they are heavily armed, but claim peaceful intentions, and indeed, they do not advance into your village, they wait near it patiently. ((either your elder, or a willing representative, and likely heavily armed guards comes out to see what is up, while the strangers speak, it is the joorod that translates))

"Simply put...we are here to save the world. We look for assistance, but see that you need it instead."
pausing for a moment a few of the metal clad soldiers point strange tubes at trees or rocks, and with a deafening roar the spew fire and shatter the objects.
"we do not ask you to believe us, only to join us. There is no consequence to rejection, it is your choice. We offer everything we have if you take up our cause, even if in word only, because we know in time you will see. Our technology, our resources, our military to protect you..and we are legion. So much do we offer. All we ask in return is so little, let our soldiers and people live in a portion of your cities, freely. Let us build a few buildings to house our forces and teach your kind what we know."
another pause, to offer the thought.
"imagine not having to worry about famine, your neighbors, old fears and superstitions...enemies made allies. Our peace keepers can ensure all of that." "if you accept this offer, the transition will be a gradual phase process, to ensure proper cultural adaptation"
((feel free to offer your response, ask questions, or anything else.))
File: 1340023400263.png-(82 KB, 397x252, local map.png)
82 KB
rolled 1, 4, 9, 17 = 31

NG, I want to do some catch-up before Enclave event. This'll take a few posts to do.

The small village has grown considerably from what it once was. What had started as over a few hundred years ago as less than twenty individuals living in three small teepees is now a small port with just over 150 citizens. Some however, begin to feel crowded, as they all still live in the communal longhouses. Three places are scouted out for settling, a bay to the east and west, as well as the large lake to the west.

The trips to the spring have become more frequent and difficult with the population at what it is. Carrying the large waterskins by hand is not practical any more.

Rolling for settlements (east, west, lake), and hand-pulled wagon.
rolled 20, 10 = 30

Forgot, one at the spring too.

Okay, east, destroyed by AggroJoorods. Survivors did manage to come back with knowledge of the crossbows. As those Joords made their crossbows from Silith designs, the Ca'rethill would make something from what they saw used. The stock and firing mechanisms would be eliminated, allowing for a faster draw, and the ability to fire multiple arrows at the cost of having to be more skilled to use the weapon.
West, it's started, but the fishing was mostly ruined there by oceanic dahons. Low food supply.
As for the lake, just takes a while to trek across the land to get there.
Keep in mind that these are all roughly fifty miles appart.

The old master steps forward to the stranger, asking where he's from.

Rolling for Bow and Arrow, exploring around surviving settlements. Since the spring has been long confirmed to be a safe place, I'm skipping that roll.
File: 1340028359086.gif-(18 KB, 146x62, FE_sniper_bow.gif)
18 KB
Did I just make Killer Bows? If so, the future setting is no longer Enclave cyberpunk. It's Fire Emblem.
((going to continue to speed your tribe up, with positive roll bonus power, anything in the (()) you can feel free to omit if ya dont want it.))

Hand cart is great, speeds up movement between settlements. (( One day an enterprising young tribe member attaches a seat and with a wheel that has pedals on it. Rickshaw gained. what took days on foot can now take an afternoon!))

The bow and arrow are perhaps the best traditional bow and arrow on the continent. ((gain a +5 to hunting, +2 to combat, permanently, gain a one time +5 to all attempts at previous settlement attempts. punish the wicked with your bows.)) please describe your new bow, and arrows, as to what makes them so great.

((an expansion settles around the spring, greatly facilitating transport of water.))
long distance scouts report strange monsters shambling their way towards the tribal area ((sculcrows)) it will be several months before they make first contact.

>roll 17 for developing new instruments.
>Several died.
Could you elaborate on this?

Also, from where can this floating thing to be seen, as the marshes have almost universally covered canopies? They were described to be under eternal twilight, so sky wouldn't really be visible from the ground. I assume it is from one of the colonies up the river, where the forest is less thickly grown.
This eternal twilight is the reason why the glowsheets were developed. Sun doesn't shine to the Gwiliak village, ( henceforth known as Gwilaak na Ke, which means tree that grows from stone.) With the glowsheets, they could better illuminate the darkness of the village. The govkars have very developed nocturnal sight, but additional light sources are always helpful.

With their improved weaponry, the Kaduk and Gwiliak forces keep the skullcrows from claiming new ground. They use their new flame throwers to burn the corpses of the monsters, and slowly, but surely drive them further away from the marshes proper, back to the plains, where they belong.
Daki and Hakel are currently planning the final strike on them, that would push them out from the marshes for good.

Nar continues his research on the balloon dahons. He requests that the hunters would try to catch young ones when they see them emerging from the water as small floating blimps. He intends to study these creatures as they grow, and perhaps cut open a few of them to see what makes them float.
rolled 4, 8, 9, 5, 6, 17 = 49


(Ng, I was actually just aiming at creating normal looms, nothing powered yet. I will however take your water powered looms. The fire powered will have to wait, as they imply that my tribe has the ability to convert the chemical energy of the gas into motion, which basically means that they have some sort of motor, which is in my opinion way beyond their current tech level.)
Niru is amazed at how Jun managed to build a semi automated loom that is powered by the flow of the river. This mechanism could be used for so much more! For example, pumping the water to the containers in the canopy, so they wouldn't need rainfall or manual methods for filling. Although in Gwilaak na Ke, rain is abundant enough, many of their outlying colonies are located in areas with little rainfall, making this kind of a device extremely useful. Niru starts working on a prototype pumping system.

Jun continues her attempts to improve the kafka trap. Perhaps a new design is required? She tries to weave silk threads into a loose net that would perhaps work better.

Nufa has realized that trading would work better with more goods. He has started experimenting on training the Higitains for carrying large bags of goods on their backs.

Messages traveling between the settlements often are carried out vocally, but now with a written language, proper letters can be made. Qwia has requested that specialized troops for carrying these letters should be formed, so that they would travel swiftly across the settlements and the trade caravans.

Rolling for:
Planning a strike that would push the skullcrows out of the marshes.
Dahon research.
Pump prototype.
Fishing nets.
Higitain training.
Messenger troops.
rolled 11, 5, 9, 1, 5, 1 = 32

Seran was forced to eat his words, once the Gantu arrived shortly before the arrival of the Enclave. Although Seran was furious, Polyandos demanded that they send a blade back with the Gantu as a gesture of goodwill. The blades will be massive by Silithi standards, and the smith disciplines take it as a challenge to try and out-do the others with quality. Whichever one turns out the best will be offered to their leader. Polyandos holds the same mindset to the Gantu that Elerian does, that of being potentially valuable allies, albeit for different reasons.

The Silith were in the middle of working out the Seran Shipyard when the Enclave arrived. Clad in metallic armor and wielding tubes that seemed to spew fiery lightning, they seemed more suitable for war then their offer of peace and prosperity. Polyandos firmly refused their offer, seeing it as little more then a threat disguised as kindness. Their departure made the Silith realize they're hopelessly outgunned; they must come up with some sort of weapon designed with war in mind. Seran offers the idea of a crossbow, only built on a large scale, they get to work on a prototype immediately.

With the heavy construction of the Shipyards going on, the issue of transporting large quantities of stone and steel to the construction site becomes noticeable. Some engineers propose that a cart with a magnetic strip on it, when placed above a repulsive magnetic strip, would be more easily movable then a cart with wheels, at a fraction of the energy needed to push it forward. Seran predictably gets ecstatic at the idea.

Roll for Seran Shipyard construction, ballista, mag-rails, Gift Sword quality from the heavy smith, thrusting smith, and slashing smith (three swords, three rolls.)
rolled 10, 14, 10, 13, 15, 2 = 64


I assume that the encounter is at one of the outlying settlements, as the location of Gwilaak na Ke isn't something that outsiders would be aware of, as no one from the other tribes has even visited the place yet.
Not to mention that it is in the middle of a freakishly thickly grown marsh, and that the Gwiliak patrol it keenly. The enclave troops wouldn't get even near the place before they were intercepted by Gwiliak higitain riders.
And really, how would they find it anyways? Marhes aren't easy to navigate at all. If they followed the routes Gwiliak had built, they would face the same problem of being intercepted before reaching the village.

Because of these reasons, I assume that the Enclave warriors are approaching one of the border settlements near the area in which the river enters the marshes.

As the Gwiliak are distrustful of outsiders, especially ones belonging to races they have never met before, they keep their distance for now. The village the Enclave has approached is simple fishing outpost, without any important members who could really even comment on these strange visitors. Because of this, they have told the Enclave troops to wait and keep their distance for now.
Meanwhile, the message about these armor clad warriors reaches Daki's ears in Gwilaak na Ke. She calls up and council to discuss these outsiders. Luckily, all the siblings, even Hakel and Nufa were present in the village.
(no rolls were intended in that post.

Daki's first reaction is distrust. They have many problems already, the skullcrows being the main ones, now these newcomers are spouting insane ideas about saving the world. She is also suspicious about allowing outsiders to their village, especially as strange ones as they are.

Jun is reserved about them, holding her judgment until she can get more information about them.

Nufa is curious about potential trade with the strangers, but he isn't sure about committing to their cause.

Macia is mostly neutral on the subject, agreeing with Jun that more information is needed.

Hakel, who now mostly represents the Kaduk agrees with Daki on the fact that the tribe has already enough problems as it is, but he thinks that
the strangers should receive the benefit of the doubt. He thought makes it clear that the Kaduk can't simply join up, as the group is sworn to be neutral in these kinds of matters.

Niru and Nar, who have grown to represent Hakel's house along with their mother are split on the matter. Nar is curious about the potential new stuff the outsiders could have, while Niru is skeptical about their intentions. She fears that they would simply steal all the technology that the Gwiliak have and turn it against her people.

In the end, the council agrees to send out an emissary, that will further inspect the strangers, before deciding on the matter any further. Clear orders are made that as little as possible about the Gwiliak people is to be revealed to these strangers, in case their intentions are less noble than they make them appear.
Gohrock cleared paths, i assumed it broke some skylights open. if not, retcon it into an exploration force. Either way i would appreciate a response to >>19527447 even if it is just "No thanks, now go away." by the tribe

the several died was a joke, based on your prior musical instruments, though with that 17 feel free to have invented a family of string instruments or whatever else was on your mind. you usually have something your aiming for.


The skulcrows make an unexpected push, driving the defenders back towads their village, even more then before pour thru. Dahons have been studied by the tribe for years now, what has been found out is that they float with a lighter then air gasses that are flammable, as one escapes, hovering near a lit gas flame. It dies with a loud pop. After creating a valve a pump was easy. A wheel with half circles cut out of its edge every few spaces creates teeth. the wheel is then seal inside a larger container that matches its external dimensions, and a hand crank is attached from a hole to the internal wheel. Water is delivered at a much faster rate. fishing nets continue to elude them. Higitain's are loyal, but dumb, with a strong sense of self preservation. Elite messenger's are now found running from region to region.

mini event- you recieve notice that the large tribe to your north has fallen upon very hard times, and are diminished. Natural disasters and skulcrow invasion have claimed 3/4ths of their population, most are now just children, the rest elders. They request absorption into your tribe, troops and aid will need to be sent. They are a community of fishers. ((it was i think drawbro's old tribe, now abandoned. he wont be picking it back up, so, if you take it, get some fishing knowledge and a good place to expand))

the shipyard finally takes shape, being a little smaller, but still functional, the tribe is quite pleased with themselves. The ballista collapsed under its own weight. The mag rails are erratic in how functional they are, sometimes the test cart will fall over. they are not yet ready. All three smiths were quite shocked at the enclave display, seeing something greater then what they could think of, perhaps cooperation is needed instead of competition if they are to make a great blade.
The Enclave representatives expected this result, but attempted to leave on good terms. Today's adversary, tomorrow's ally was their thinking. "it is regrettable that you do not trust us, at the same time it is no surprise. Though with our demonstration why did we not just conquer, instead of introducing ourselves? You need to be able to protect yourselves against future threats, and we seek to enable that, by independence or Enclave aid. We leave samples of our introductory technology for you to study. Should you wish more, you will see, it is not hard to find us." after the joorod is done speaking for the Enclave members he points up to the sky. A floating metallic vessel. With that they leave.

Entry six is left behind. 4 of them. the crossbow is both a weapon and a stringed instrument. the arrows are not supplied.
rolled 14, 12, 11, 10, 14, 19, 8, 6 = 94

I was assuming that this>>19527447 was part of this:>>19528345
So I kinda responded to it here:>>19529692

I am currently working on an update relating to the enclave anyways, but the skullcrows now require the Gwiliak's attention.

The news of the skullcrows breach and the request of aid causes the issue about the strangers to grind to an halt.
Daki orders that the emissary should just allow the Enclave to camp where they are for now, before any new approaches to them are made. This skullcrow problem would need to be handled first.

Hakel sees that the protection of the Govkar people is his main task, and he immediately dispatches warriors to secure and protect the coastal tribe.
Daki and Hakel try a new, more desperate tactic against the skullcrows, they will use the flame throwers to burn down even the marshes as they try to push the beasts back. This way, they hope they can't create more of their kind from plants.

The main fighting would be done by mixed group of warriors some wielding flamethrowers others disk launchers. The govkar troops would be supported by gohrok shock troops that form a living shield against the monsters, and by fast moving higitain riders who try to harass the beasts with heavy launchers. The Kaduk warriors will be present in the most crucial areas. Attempts are also made to mount flamethrowers on the higitains, so that the fast riders could burn down the shambling horde while running circles around them.

Rolling for:
Securing and protecting the coastal fisher village.
The effectiveness of the new burn down everything tactic.
Disk troops.
Flame troops.
Gohrok shock troops.
Higitain riders.
Kaduk warriors.
And mounting the flamethrowers on the Higitains.
Village is secured, and sculcrow threat is mostly purged. residual threat remains outside of the village proper. The villagers are glad to be safe, and go back to fishing. They will need to be integrated into the tribe proper. Scorched earth tactics work well enough, but they were not the miracle people were hoping for. Reports of charred still walking sculcrows are common. Disc troops manage to hold the line, neither gaining nor loosing ground, the same can be said for the flame troops. The skulcrow are surging with unexpected numbers, and the troops grow weary. An unexpected boon comes from the Gohrok, the closer the skulcrow press to the village, the harder they fight, managing to protect their supply lines from being cut. Higitains do not like flamethrowers near them, because with the thick fighting they are able to pick their targets to devastating effect with discs. The Kaduk suffer some losses in the fighting, but their bodies were rescued by their fellow warriors. Their armor will see another battle. The Enclave forces protects the village they are camped outside of with their cannons and bladed weapons.The little outpost is becoming known as a safe haven. >>19527447 4,3. A compound bow with an ignition flint at the tip, and a combat net, is given to the tribe for research.
"we realize these trinkets will not buy friendship, or loyalty. You may even turn them on us one day. What we do need you to realize is that the devastation we bring to your enemy is not even a glimpse of what we can offer you. Still, if you wish to decline, then we will offer you what we can, to ensure you are ready for the final war. make no mistake, it will come someday, and we must all be ready for it, united or not."

Daki orders that food and other spare equipment is to be sent to the village, along with some troops they can spare, so that the tribe can be safe from further attacks and the Kaduk warriors can be recalled to the battle proper.

The main battle line is fortified with heavy disk launchers attached to azrach trees. From there, the gwiliak can offer devastating fire support. The disk troops have also started using the modified larger versions of rapid launchers as stationary gun positions, allowing them to dish out rapid devastating fire. The disk troops become the backbone of the battle line, they attempt to fortify so that they can stand their ground.
The flame troops are more offensive, many Kaduk warriors join in their aid, as they can carry and flamethrower all by themselves. While the disk troops dig in and fortify, the flame troops try to gain new ground.

The Gohrok warriors are used to protect the main line of defense from the skullcrow advancement, as well as the supply lines. The higitain riders try to keep the skullcrows contained into one area, killing off the ones who try to flank and making traps for them in the surrounding marshes.
rolled 9, 20, 4, 2, 15, 20, 10, 4, 5 = 89


The weapons the enclave have given to the tribe are a boon for weapons research. Niru attempts to reverse engineer the tendon mechanisms used in the bow, while Jun tries to build more combat nets, as their design is pretty straight forward. Daki plans that these nets could be used by the riders to tie down the skullcrows.
With the new understanding of the floating mechanisms of the Dahons, Nar has plans for a floating device that he thinks could be useful for monitoring the areas outside of the marshes, due to the vantage point it gives to the user. But now, the war takes his attention, he has requested that skullcrow corpses or incapacitated living ones should be brought to him, so he could figure out what makes them tic and how to kill them.

The enclave offers are declined for now, Daki still thinks that the threat of the skullcrows would need to be dealt first. She is also too prideful to accept the help from the strangers.

Rolling for:
Seeing how quickly the recalled Kaduk warriors join the fray and how effective they are.
Fortifying the battle line.
Effectiveness of the heavy rapid launchers.
To see if the disk troops stand their ground.
Effectiveness of the flame troops advances.
Making traps.
Reverse engineering the bow.
Making combat nets.
Researching the skullcrows.
rolled 15 = 15


Forgot one roll for researching the skullcrows.

The departure of the Enclave forces, and their leaving of that odd, metallic object has forced the Silith to seriously re-consider their divided nature, upon bringing the metallic structure down to determine it's function, the Silith begin to unify. The smiths work together to forge a great blade, something that will be presented to the leader of the Gantu as a sign of our support for a mutually beneficial partnership. Polyandos believes there'll come a time when they must ally too with the Gwiliak, but for now the gentle giants are a more pressing matter.

Seran laments the "pathetic" size of the Shipyards, being not what he expected. He orders improvements to the shipyards so they fit his vision, and no one's exactly going to question him, for his word now carries the weight of the Danuri (that +3 bonus I got due to government.) He also orders improvements to the mag-rails, and to reconstruct the ballista. The Silith aren't a people to drop a project, and this is a prime example. All engineers agree, however, that our ships need to be bigger.
rolled 11, 13, 9, 14, 14, 18, 18, 8, 14 = 119

The infrastructure and military of the Silith see a massive overhaul following the Enclave's departure. Idle minds are put towards discovering new and frightening weapons of war, while idler minds still are sent out to develop the farming community which will rapidly reveal itself to be an important waystation into the Black City, as well as a vital source of food. One individual proposes filling glass orbs with plant oil topped with a long-burning wick, which upon collision with an object causes the oil to seep into the creases of armor, burning the soldier within. Another individual proposes returning to working with the Boomer, which are bountiful enough in our region. She proposes we find a way to extract their gasses without incurring detonation, using the explosive gasses to develop weapons which will smash formations and destroy cities.

Roll for mag-rails, ballista, Seran Shipyards (+3), determine function of the metallic object, Great Blade of the Gantu, incendiary grenades, developing farming community into a town, Boomer gas extraction, bigger ships.
rolled 6, 17 = 23


The Danuri and his ministers discuss fervently over what to do about the request for metal from the Kaduk. The discovery of metal was a long, painful road that the Silith believe was necessary to make them as great as they are today. Others note the talk of vast hordes of shambling plants, soulless beasts from the twisted Nether that seek to snuff out the lights of the Void.

The determining vote came from Sandril, who up until now has remained silent on most matters of State. Being the last true "Tribal Elder," Sandril claimed that she's heard from Elerian and others who have traded with the Gwiliak that the world outside of our Black City is in need of the gifts we have been given. If we want to establish ourselves as a great Power of Sildarin, she said, we have to cooperate with others through displays of our abilities. The spirits will understand.

With a prayer to the Ancestors, the Danuri and his advisers agree to the Kaduk's terms. The forges roar with fire as the Silith get to work.

Roll for quality of Kaduk metal armor, and Kaduk metal weapons.
Hey, ng! Could you mark the general area in which the skullcrow fighting is going on on the map. Also, do I need to make rolls for absorbing the fisher tribe?
File: 1340058784845.png-(199 KB, 800x600, Ancient bords.png)
199 KB
Bumb to ensure this stays here while I sleep.
Thanks Anonymous.

To the other players: I'm still here, but I'm busy today and tomorrow is also booked with "stuff I need to do". I'll be gone, but I'm still participating!
File: 1340059546097.png-(58 KB, 852x582, new warriors.png)
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rolled 7, 2, 19, 7 = 35

NG, I just have to say that at least two of us thought that this continent was quite a bit further back in the timeline, near when the Enclave was just forming. All but one of the active tribes are also still stone age I think.

With a village at the spring, water collection becomes much easier. Caravans come from the central village with wagons full of fish to trade for it. While the wagons work well enough, canals start to be dug for boats to travel through.

With the news of even more threats from the north, a warrior from the main village steps forward to say that they must take on a more offensive stance in the world in order to survive. Many of the others prefer to stick to the old ways, in which they only fight when necessary to protect the village. However, he gets a lot of support from some general citizens, which allows him to take a position of power. Under his rule, the warrior monks of old are no longer the main fighting force for the tribe, but rather highly trained archers and armored spear men. To aid in protecting Ca'rethill lands, a wall is started. A caste system begins to form as well, starting with this militaristic leader, city governors appointed by him, warriors, traders, and workers. The old warrior monks fall out of this system, their order being considered a modern relic (however, many still join it).

Rolling for building the great wall of fuckyouguysiwanttobeleftalone, new warriors, hunting ramels in areas near the spring (they're in the plains), and canals.
Regarding the Stranger...
the Stranger said that he came from the fiery mountains, son of a white Joord and a black Joord. From his childhood he fought against Bagrs, Noords, Gohroks and Govniks, and this is where his fight comes from. His martial arts is derived from what he learned from these fights. Now that his white Joord father had passed on, he seeks to learn of the world, and wandered into Ca'rethill lands.
At least that's what the Elder figured out from the Stranger's broken Ca'rethill.
File: 1340070994834.png-(119 KB, 792x427, comparison.png)
119 KB
For player knowledge, were the parents just different colored Joorods? I ask this because only the two Joorod species have actually developed intelligence. The rest of the Joords are simple animals like the one on the far right.

@NG, why did the Noords come to the south? They're arctic animals. They'd all suffer heat strokes or something while crossing the burning plains.
Apparently the ashen Joords of the volcanoes can interbreed with the civ-Joorods.

And as for the Noords... well, someone must scout the north to see what happened.
File: 1340074142792.png-(176 KB, 931x886, what.png)
176 KB
I'm sorry, but that just seems weird to me, for pictured reason.

I meant that Noords shouldn't really be able to survive outside of the arctic that well. Can't cope with the heat.
Ah yeah, the Noords are very encumbered here close to the tropics.
But they did start a massive exodus from the arctic.
So something must've happened in the arctic that drove the Noords south. (hint: it wasn't the Thalmor)
File: 1340081723187.png-(83 KB, 743x487, Gantu Boat Layout.png)
83 KB
>> 19529645
>> 19529868
>> 19530699
>> 19530788
Shown here is a diagram of the sailing vessel. The crew isn't numerous, but it does include Pa'aulapena, Elerian, and Saltdream.
Pa'a'ulapena has become the de-facto diplomat for the tribe, and during Elerian's stay he has learned as much as he can from the Silith about Sillithi culture, customs, and language. Both as a learning experience and to avoid any accidental insult when the time for talks comes near.
Saltdream is there to provide the Silith with technology of sailing, should it be agreed for such a trade.
Elerian is there to testify on Mohu'awane's behalf for the technology of metal. He knows that there metal will be a difficult gift to part with.

While the Gantu are pleased with this singular sword, they also communicate to Polyandros and the Council just what happened with the Noord raid. Elerian also provides witness to the events. The Gantu ask for either the technology to make their own swords, or, failing that, a number of swords. While the Gantu do not have money or purchasing*, Elerian has explained it well enough that they know what it is.
The ship has come with a number of items that, if sailing is not enough of a bargain, can be bartered for swords. These items include:
> Gantu-made spears
> surfboards
> bolts of ngung silk
> a number of Govkar-sized ata'e (Gantu discs)
> art objects, like seashell necklaces, carved horn/bone, a tiki or two

I leave it up to Solomon as to what the Sillith want in return for metal tech.
File: 1340082148671.jpg-(52 KB, 476x314, 1336296485675.jpg)
52 KB
I haven't forgotten the Enclave, but I imagine it's not concurrent right? I'm thinking the Enclave arrive in Moskatu during the Gantu's stay. The Gantu will finish talks with the Silith and then return home. Only then does the Enclave get around to the Mohu'awane.
Hopefully that's okay with the hosts, because I'll need that to make my next few updates work.

Let's just say Solomon and I have plans. BIG plans (and Solomon, don't tell anyone, not here or in IRC, alright? we want what we've cooked up to be a surprise).
rolled 14, 2, 16 = 32

Alright, back at the village.
The repairs of the village are underway (though they slowed down during the construction of the ship, they're back on schedule).
The Noord do NOT usually come down this far, what on Earth could have caused this? Tala'alahe feels that some scouts need to be sent out, to investigate. While she offered to do it herself, her mother feels that Tala is too valuable a warrior to go (but also because she is the only heir to chiefdom). Two scouts are sent out in search of answers as to the Noord's incursion.

The River Expedition has been venturing forth as well. Those roha were good eating, but the crew decides to continue heading up stream, seeing what they can find and explore, and learn.

Rolling for:
1) Scouts investigating the Noord incursion
2) Rolling for the River Expedition, do they discover anything cool/useful?
3) Tribe size increase, it's been a while since I did it, but, while it's a metagame reason, I'm going to need more than the 80-100 dudes I've got now.

Kaduk warriors are recalled within 4 days, its late but they make a massive difference in the war. The tribe has difficulty with defense the line is best as a mobile entity as opposed to a static defense. They are guerrilla fighters, not a true army. The heavy rapid launchers suffer from mechanical defects, a lack of numbers and slow deployment, as such they have not really pulled their weight yet. The disk Troops hold the line, because it is the last line to ever hold. The flame troops do their task well. A football field's worth of burnt forest and swamp radiates around many of the battle fronts. It is the new war zone. Simple pits are dug and covered, in a bid to slow the skulcrow advance. The enclave technology from the bow and net were easy to replicate, but the resources needed to implement them into full production were already tied up in the war efforts. Further resource management (putting the rescued govkar tribe to work) may yield progress. Multiple skulcrow "corpses" are researced, what is fond is that they are not alive, or do they truely die unless burned. They are animated by a strange purple slime tha soaks into the material of their husk. even badly destroyed husks can be dragged back, or slowly crawl back on their own volition to the reprocessing pools. In addition to the available material, their numbers are essentialy limitless. The effort it took to gain these few specimens was immense. Eventually the war will reach the Silith and Kharum.
> Eventually the war will reach the Silith and Kharum.
And Mohu'awane, I imagine, nongent? These sharkbros are about to find that, despite having little taste for it, they are gifted in the ways of war.

Also, since IG is likely gone again, feel free to do the result for this >>19538672.
I'd additionally, like your response to this here: >>19538544, since the envoy event was your doing.

6 Roll for quality of Kaduk metal armor,
17 and Kaduk metal weapons.

Mag rails are functional but cost prohibitive, they tax the somewhat scarce resource of neodymium that is used for the magnets. Deployment of them will have to be limited to the most important functions. A rudimentary ballista is up and running, it shoots a fair distance, and can even aim up slightly for an arc effect. The shipyards are finally up and running to just about what seran had expected of them. The object is a complex crossbow and musical string instrument rolled into one, superior to existing crossbows. The unified smiths create a fine blade, balanced in all arts of maiming. Incendiary grenades are a go! Farming gets pushed into full production. the town struggles to develop for lack of resources being supplied to it due to the numerous projects in the main city. Boomers are now farmed and tapped for gas, it is not an efficent method, but supplements the gas that the Gwiliak trade to the tribe. Bigger ships take the form of the next evolution of their improved rafts. they now resemble a wide 20 man canoe with multiple sails. Fast and sleek with sufficient cargo or personnel capacity.

Initial partnership with the Kaudk provides a challenge for armor smiths that is still in work, but the now cooperative weapon smiths make fine giant weapons based off the Gantu experiment, perhaps even better then their first combined effort.
rolled 11, 12, 18, 1, 15, 5, 13 = 75


With the new knowledge about the skullcrows, Daki and Hakel begin to device new battle plans.

As it is now clear that the disks are only useful for dismembering the monsters, new orders are issued to the disk troops. Instead of trying to kill the creatures, they are ordered to aim for the limbs so the beasts would be incapasitated. The flame troops will do the actual killing by torching the immobile skullcrows.

Many of the Kaduk warriors join the flame troops, as their strenght allows them to wield the flamethrowers with considerable ease.
The Silith weaponry will hopefully provide even more killing power to the Kaduk troops. The metalic blades and disks are ideal for dismembering the skullcrows.

The reprocessing pools become the main target of the Kaduk shock troops. They will quickly move in, and torch the pools with flames, thus depriving the skullcrows of their ability to create more of their kind as swiftly.

The Higitain riders provide crucial fire support and scouting information, while the gohroks form a living shield where ever they are present. Gohrok troops are used to cover the flanks of the Gwiliak advance.

Rolling for:
New combat tactics of the disk troops.
The Gwiliak advance.
Kaduk warriors.
The effectiveness of the Silith weaponry.
Burning the reprocessing pools.
Higitain riders.
Gohrok warriors.
> canoe
> with sails

Actually, nongent, Solomon and I haven't agreed to the transfer of sailing technology yet, and even if we did, given the Gantu designs, it'd have to include Coastal Boomers for flotation.

A flat "barge" with lots of Coastal Boomers along the front.
File: 1340090870216.png-(34 KB, 614x508, 1336052506933[1].png)
34 KB
Off to bed, but before I answer the siren call of my pillows, have a courtesy Bordle Bump.

(We developed sailing on our own, using what we remembered from the sail cart Trader and the silk sheets we've been trading for with the Gwiliak.)

For the first time since they've arrived at this bay, the Silith feel the hunger for more, more resources. The scarcity of Neodymium has made them send out scouts to search for more, and for more of other materials. The fires of industry requires resources, and the Silith do not want to be lacking. Sending out three parties (all that they can spare) they went to explore the as-of-yet unexplored regions of Sildarin.

The incendiary grenades are a boon, as is the means to extract boomer gasses. Improvements could be made, however, and engineers are trying to develop a means to make the substance within the glass grenades more sticky, burn hotter and longer... The gasses from the boomer are being handled out of the city, in a small area where the more "dangerous" experiments can be conducted in safety. The gasses are being put into canisters, the success of which is not entirely understood as engineers ponder the myriad of applications safely store-able, highly explosive gasses.
rolled 7, 14, 4, 3, 5, 16, 18 = 67


The town has been christened with a name, Storod, which means "Endless Bounty" in Silithi. The town is rapidly becoming a point of concern for the Silith, who see it as a potential fallback location should Muskato fall into the hands of... The sea, or perhaps a seaborne invader. Using their engineering potential, the Silith get to work building up fortifications and defenses for the town, intent on protecting a vital source of both food and trade, as it's position seems to be well-placed to accept incoming land-based trade (just assuming that's what a 19 for settlement location without assuming it means defensibility means.)

Roll for scouting for resources (around Storod, south, north along coast, includes safety of party), napalm, gas canisters, Storod fortifications.

>14 for resources
>3 for party safety

Sounds like I'm not going to be hearing about those resources...
The marshes were burning. The strong scent of charred azrachs was overpowering her, the smoke irritated her eyes and the ever changing shadows cast by the fires disoriented her. Despite this, Neeka continued to run. She could hear the horrible cackling sound the monsters made. She was sure that it was them, how the moving plants made that maddening noise wasn't her concern, she only knew that they caused it. The ever shifting shadows made it appear that these ghoulish plants were everywhere, making her extremely jumpy.
She kept running, hopping over burning branches and remains of the skullcrows. Where was everyone?

The monstrosities had attacked so suddenly, seemingly just appearing out of the thin air. The skullcrows had caused her steed to panic, and stampede straight towards the roaring infernos that covered the battlefield. The terrified higitain had dropped her from it's back, and fled. She knew that the skullcrows were close, so she had started running, as fast as she could.
If she could just find some of the other warriors, she would be safe.

The cackling seemed to intensify, as she looked back, she could see shambling figures following her, or were they just shadows?
No, they were definitely skullcrows, one of them had caught itself ablaze from one of the burning azrach trees.
She tried to run faster as panic started to get the better of her. Eventually, carelessness caused by fear made made her overestimate the length of her jumps which was a grave mistake. She tumbled down into a what seemed to be dried ditch. As she tried to get up, pain overwhelmed her. She had snapped her foot in the fall!
File: 1340127559529.png-(343 KB, 800x500, The marsh is burning.png)
343 KB

Neeka cursed and cried. This was not how it all could end! The rattles and cackling of the ghoul plants got stronger with every moment. Desperately, she tried to crawl into safety, away from the beasts. As she looked behind her, she saw one of them, standing between the burning azrach trees, defying the fire that should by all means destroy the foul creature. The moment her eyes met the creature, it turned it's "face" to her. It led out slow and silent cackling and began to walk towards her.

She cried for help from the top of her lungs, but to no avail. The monster kept getting closer, and she could see it's comrades moving through the burning forest. As it was just about to step down to the ditch, a sudden howl of the signature horns of the Kaduk warriors caused it to stop momentarily. The booming was a last glimmer of hope for Neeka however. With the last ounces of her strength, she screamed for help, and to her relief, it was answered. Within moments, the hulking stature of a Kaduk warrior surged forth from the canopy, and faced the skullcrow. The warrior was carrying a flamethrower, and without hesitation, he swathed the beast in fire. Neeka could hear it's infernal howls, and the sound of it's lifeblood boiling away. Before she started to black out, she felt the steady arms of another govkar warrior around her, heard the noise of the flamethrower lighting up the night and the bitter scent of burnt skullcrows...she was safe...
The great wall is laid down, right now it is just a massively long foundation...but that foundation is about 40 feet wide and very long. There are many older children on the cusp of adulthood, not quite ready to begin warrior training, try again soon. Plains ramels are found in bountiful supply. Their chitin is good natural armor, their meat is filling. Bones are hard and strong and their horns and spikes make great weapons. No research is needed to figure this out.

minor tribal event: the sculcrow have finally made it to your tribe's region, their attack begins with isolated individual attacks, then small groups of two and three. A trickle comes before a flood.
(please respond to the enclave visiting your tribe, or I will assume that they were hostile to the representatives and they left.)
notrip, some tribes move at slower paces then others. This continent is now on its fifth thread compared to the longest ones going at four, I assume there is a slower rate of development due to a lack of conflict compared to the other two games. Look at modern day amazon tribes that are still being discovered, stone age or lower (Wood/bone) in the year 2012.
@NOTRIP- many northern species can survive fine in southern climates. They shed to a thinner coat and tend to loose weight, some die yes, but mostly they live at a more sluggish pace. This game has flying trees, creatures that can briefly wade thru lava (baghrs), psychic gas octopus things,and more. Cold weather animals migrating to a warmer area, slowly adapting, can be assumed to be as normal as this planet will ever be.
@IG- Kharum's fault. agressive expansion in the mountains for resources and war with explosive weapons drove out a lot of the NPC tribal inhabitants.
it takes a while, but the scouts find activity of destruction on a scale that just blows their mind as they explore the western mountain range. It starts out slow, with piles of bones from the dead, like they were eaten and dumped, growing to burned villages, to craters in the ground. To eventually a massive mesa in the middle of the burning volcanic range. It is walled, with towers poking out from behind that. Explosions can be heard, and there is only one way up, a massive unforgiving ramp, lined with defenses to the top.

The river expedition finds a skulcrow rattle....rather many of them, many many, joined together, moving slowly southward in the direction of the village. They turn back and move with all haste to warn then the tribe!

Tribe has grown, while the expanded settlements were never mentioned, sure enough, they have always existed, stretched out along the coast. Gantu total population is probably somewhere in the total of 380s.

The Silith are torn on this issue, but given Sandril's words prior, they agree that it's useless to horde technology while others suffer without. In a stunning display of inter-species cooperation, the Silith agree to reveal the nature of metallurgy to select Gantu who are willing to stay behind in Muskato to learn the secret, given the deeply religious ties to Metallurgy, conversion may be necessary (although Silithi religion might not be incompatible with the Gantu faith.) Elerian is ordered to remain in Mohu'awane to continue his diplomatic relations with the Gantu as the Silith agree to take the offer of ngung silk and sailing as a sign of a "proper" trade.
n theory, but hard to enact in real world. The old standard of barraging the enemy with disks remains, that on its own slices off many limbs. The Gwiliak make a crucial advance across the scorched front lines, it is a little one, but it is an actual push. They are pushing the bastards back! A big part of thta push was from the efforts of the Kaduk and Gohrok ripping the enemy to pieces. The higitain riders are having troubles of their own right now, the recently rescued village needed a bolster of support as a small skulcrow force slipped in from the silith region, they ride with all due haste and make it just in time.
The silith weaponry cuts so well and fine, that the gooey cores of the skulcrow can fuse back together and move on as if no damage at all happened. The Closest reprocessing pools are burned, but it is not an easy process. Skulcrow Lemuy is not easily flammable, it will boil/burn away in constant intense heat however. A horrific thing happens, the purple pools midway thru the burning actually move, like a great wave moving on its own the slime starts to creep away under the cover of skulcrow advances, escaping.
The Emperor protects.

Storod has farmland, trees, and small amounts of surface found neodymium. To the south is found abundant iron, but it is polluted with traces of depleted uranium. The northern coast offers attacks from rohas, and the crushing waves. The party has many amateur smiths in it. They spend time with this new iron...it is odd. Attempts at improving the napalm are somewhat disaserous, what its made of is quite smokey when it burns. The smoke overwhelms and kills a few of the researchers. Carefully studying the gas canisters yeilds a truth to them. They are just azrach sap/ silk wrapped boomer gas sacks, carefully shaped. Storod goes from being a sleepy little town having its own garrison of guard, high walls, and deep trenches.

the remaining gantu return to their home, with no event, laden with the steel the silith would part with. (many of their giant blades were actually melted down from rejected and failed projects, cast into large crude swords. They did not have the same amount of soul that the Silith would normally demand, but they were going into the hands of strangers, and they would work well enough for them) When they return, they find a group of strangers waiting outside their village for them, apparently they have been camped there for a while, just waiting.

Skulcrow come, slow and fast, shambling and graceful...but all at once, a horrifying wave, come to wash over the Silith realm and pick it clean of life.
rolled 5, 8, 5, 18, 9, 13, 15 = 73


The gwiliak forces attempt to use their newfound momentum to push the horrid creatures from the marshes for good. The combined disk and flame troops cover each other, and try to continue their advance, using the gohroks to cover their flanks. They are also supported by the Kaduk warriors with rapid launchers and flame throwers.

The Silith weaponry is too good for it's own good against these beasts. The metallic disks are stored away for potential future use, but attempts of improving the swords and spears are made. One idea is that the blades would be coated with azrach sap, and then lit aflame, so that when struck with this kind of sword, the fires would keep the beast from regrowing itself.

Hakel is concerned about the reports of the foul slime from the pools escaping. He has tasked Nar and Niru with coming up with a way to prevent, or nullify the attempts of escaping. They try to fulfill their father's request by developing a sticky and flammable azrach sap mixture, that could be sprayed over the enemies and these slime pools, and then lit, making any attempts of escaping null.

The most experienced Kaduk forces attempt to engage in multiple raids of the areas in which the that would cause the hordes to fall into disarray. They use all the newest available tools at their disposal for this task. They will attempt to destroy all the pools they can find.

The higitain riders and the standing forces of the fisher village attempt to rout the skullcrow flankers as swiftly as possible, so that the riders can quickly return to assist the main battle.

Rolling for:
Disk/flame troop advance.
Gohrok troops.
Kaduk warrior support.
Improving the Silith blades.
Developing sticky flame sap.
Kaduk raids on the skullcrow territories.
Routing the flanking skullcrow forces.
File: 1340135552233.png-(6 KB, 542x231, pretty much evil.png)
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Those amateur smiths spend time with this new iron...it is odd. They are compelled to make swords...endless swords, day and night they dig, smelt and pound away on crude forges with crude tools. Forging it makes the smiths very sick, but yeilds the hardest and most cruel blades they have ever seen. The weapons are long, and savage, they demand the user's attention, with no room for a shield. They start to feel very sick, dieing a few at a time. The brothers throw their bodies into the forge...it continues, and the pile of blades grows. This goes on for weeks, in secret, until finally one smith remains...he has become a master of his art, this secret school of dark blades. Hidden away, just outside the town of Storod. The blades make their way into the hands of the guards of Storod.

Gained- Swords of the damned. A smith's final sacrifice, is himself.
The forces makes no further advances, and would have suffered losses if not for the sturdy Gohrok. The kaduk attempt to lend aid but the tide of bodies is too thick. The new flaming silith blades are a gift from the gods almost, they prevent the enemy from regenerating so quickly. The sticky sap was not made in time, though it does exist now. however the reclamation pools have retreated beyond the reach of the tribe. The kaduk are only a harassment, but a potent one, they can strike far deeper by themselves when they are not guarding the forces they fight with. higitain riders do their tribe proud and kill all the enemy forces quickly and decisively.

war update: while the tide of the enemy has increased, its not really pushing forward so much anymore, it steers to the paths of least resistance, going south east and west. The Gwiliak's war seems to be over, but they will have to be ever present on their borders, guarding, watching.

The enclave has watched this, with great curiosity. These things that bother this continent are a threat and must be dealt with. The Lem express an almost unnatural hatred of the creatures, calling them abominations. When the lem want something dead, they tend to make it dead.

Kaduk: Reports of the Enclave soldiers, particularly the armored tail heads have been sighted slaughtering and burning the arch enemy, attacking with thunder and fire, then descending upon them with blades, claw, and teeth.
Following glimpses of the Kaduk as they moved thru the canopy and then spotting small low altitude flying machines, the Enclave found the Za'Siel easily enough from the air.They were actually trying to find the base of operations for the Kaduk, and instead found both. First encounters followed the normal response on this continent. Fear, subtle hostility..the one difference was that the leader of the Za'Siel was actually interested in the protection the Enclave offered. A long talk with them yielded a history of loss and fear. There is a deep need for a feeling of safety among the skulks of the tribe, but they are unsure. It was the Lem who tipped the scales. They saw the skulks of what they were. One of their kind...or a derivative. They were able to exchange genetic memory to a degree, and what they found was a family, and history. The story of the lem, where they came from for as far back as they knew their own story. Memories to not lie, the world was in danger, worse then anything the Za'Siel had ever faced. The Enclave could be a family, A chance to do something bigger with their lives, and an escape from the swamps. The offer was taken.
The Kaduk were reasonably concerned with this development, as they shared a home with the Za'Siel, though it was the tribes home first. The Za'Siel govkar long ago joined the Kaduk as a few, then many, then completely. The skulk were happy to see them find purpose. Enclave forces assured the Kaduk of what they said once before, there was no interest in forcing their ideals, or conquering anyone. If the Kaduk needed assistance, it would be given. Good neighbors, that is all, but the enclave does remind them the offer will always stand.
File: 1340142429113.png-(35 KB, 407x222, first gantu blades.png)
35 KB
rolled 6, 5, 8 = 19

The Noord scouts will wait outside the city (far, far outside) and see if any of the city's inhabitants come out, who lives here? They will need to know. Perhaps it is the Noord, perhaps it is an enemy of the Noord.

Gantu scouts work alone (for routine missions) but in dangerous or new areas like this they're in pairs, first, so that they can watch each other's backs, and two, so that if one dies, the information can still end up relayed back.
These pairs do not interact very often with the rest of the group, though they regularly meet (perhaps once or twice a week) at pre-arranged locations to share what they've all found.

5 Gantu remain, to be trained in the Moskatu smithies.
Note that, while the Silith recieve the bolts of cloth, they were not given the technology of silk.
Saltdream tells Seran (who, while burning with rage, manages to hold his tongue) all they know of sailing.
The surfboards are left behind, but the Silith don't see the point in such a diversion. Seran might find some practical use for smaller floating boards though.
Remember, the Gantu don't know why Boomers float, but the Sillith probably have an idea, that it may have to do with the gas within.
Do the Silith share this info with the Gantu, Solomon?

They take the blades, all 150 or so of them. They shall serve the Tribe well. On the way home, they decorate the weapons with tribal designs resembling their tattoos.

Rolling for:
1) 5 pairs of Gantu, in hidden locations like cliffs (far away but still good line of sight) surrounding the city. Trying to see what they can learn about the inhabitants. What they look like, how many of them there are, etc.
2) 4 pairs of Gantu disperse, hoping to find more clues as to the Noord, just in case this city belongs to someone else.
3) Progress that the Gantu smiths make in learning metalworking.
Elerian, Saltdream, and the others return to Mohu'awane.
Pa'aulapena stays as the personal guest of Polyandros, to learn more about Silith culture and to teach the Silith some of the Gantu ways. Cultural exchange and forging stronger ties. All that diplomatic crap.

Strangers approach the village. While once they would be greeted warmly, the Gantu are a bit more wary now, considering the Noord attack. Watchmen with the new swords stand at intervals surrounding the village. The strange visitors, translated by the Joord, apparently wish to speak to their leaders. The guard calls for a colleague to pass the message on.

Chief Lumawaihe decides the entire tribe should be awake for this. More witnesses, and a show of strength. If these new people had hostile intentions, they would see what numbers of giants they had to face, as well as the Skulk. Tala'alahe, Elerian, and the Chief, of course are at the front row.
These strange visitors speak of their Enclave, of offers of alliance and technology. Elerian, and some of the Gantu that'd been to Moskatu recognize the creatures.
A small murmur ran through the tribe, until Lumawaihe raises her hand, silencing them. She turns.
"Elerian, you seem to recognize these faces, care to clue me in?"
"They came to Moskatu, our city, when we were collecting the blades. They spoke of peace, but our sage Elders felt that such offers were but veiled threats. They speak of brotherhood, yet they come dressed for war. They make a show of strength, to intimidate us, Sillith, Kaze, and Mohu'awane alike."
The Chief considers the Silith's words carefully. Tala'alahe feels that Elerian speaks truth, but also wonders why if they wanted to conquer, why they announced their presence at all. More consideration from the Chief. She closes her eyes, and thinks.
She opens her eyes. And she smiles, revealing her razor sharp teeth. She strides slowly towards the envoys. She slowly rears up to her full height, no longer hunched over her cane. It pains her to stand up straight like this, but she also knew that even an old woman can be intimidating. If that old woman happens to be a 9-foot tall Gantu.
"Oh, travel-weary strangers" she says, wryly.
"Had you only come but months earlier. We would have greeted you with a feast, with dancing, and singing. Yet recently, we were attacked, brutally, and without warning. Our tribe realized that not all in this world are quite so loving as our people and our allies. My little friend here tells me that you made similar 'offers' to his people, and that *they* refused you. Now, I have to wonder, what would perturb such a mighty race as the Silith, what would make a people who welcome my kin, despite our size and strength, and refuse much less imposing beings as yourselves? Perhaps they saw something beyond your honeyed words? I should think so. And frankly, I detect a hint as well..."

As the Gwiliak managed to push the majority of the skullcrows out from the marshes, at least for now, the tribe can start refocusing on other things.

Firstly however, the borders of the marshes are fortified. Hidden caches of supplies are prepared, canopy bridges are built and mounts for heavier disk launchers are assembled to guard key pathways.
In addition higitain rider patrols are doubled for the borders. All these preparations are done so that any future skullcrow incursions to the marshes could be handled before they became too severe.
A quick strike border watch force is also being trained.

Bridge routes are built to the fisher village, and efforts to repair the damage caused by the skullcrows are done. Many adolescent govkars move to the fisher village, mostly in hopes of finding partners for themselves and starting their own families. Slowly but surely, the fisher tribe starts to merge with the larger Gwiliak culture.

The fires had caused great damage to large areas of the south eastern marshes. Despite their ancient resentment towards the marshes, these burnt out swathes of land were no better to the Gwiliak. The scent of the skullcrows and death was still strong there, and the charred landscape simply seemed off to the tribe. Because of these reasons, the tribe begins to plant new azrach trees, vindra plants and so on. At the edges of these burnt swamps, the marshes have already started to reclaim the land. The Gwiliak seek to speed this process up by restoring the marshes.

These restoration efforts give Niru an idea. This is the first time ever when the tribe has this kind of opportunity to direct the growth of the marshes. She starts conduction a grand experiment, which aims to plant the azrach trees in such way that they would direct the flow of water in favorable ways, and also make natural canopy pathways for the tribe, so that they would need less bridges.

With relative peace, Nar returns to his research on the Dahons. He attempts make a floating device that follows the same principle that the dahon floating does.

Jun is once again, trying to tackle a problem that has been with the Gwiliak for eons. The food of the marshes, tastes horrible. Especially all the plant stuff. They are hard, bitter and cause stomach pains, but the tribe has really no choice but to eat them. She is trying to cook the vindra tubers and azrach fruits in boiling water, so that they might get softer.
rolled 5, 7, 13, 4, 6, 7, 18, 12, 18, 19 = 109


The Kaduk warriors dispatch hunter groups to finish off any remaining skullcrows in the marshes. They also send out small warrior groups to monitor the other two large govkar tribes, so that in case they also get into trouble, the Kaduk can help them out.
The majority of them however return to the north, and begin to improve their skills with the new weapons and write down all the things they learned during this conflict. Hakel too returns to the north, as he needs to lead his own kin. He urges his followers to meditate on the lessons the war against the skullcrows taught to them.

Rolling for:
Fortifying the borders. (all the stuff I mentioned in the post)
Training the border watch force.
Seeing how fast the fisher village is integrated to the Gwiliak.
Restoring the marshes.
Niru's azrach planting experiment (long term.)
Nar's floater.
Cooking, with boiled water!

Kaduk Rolls now:
Hunting down the remaining skullcrows in the marshes.
Training with new weaponry.

>18 for weapons training and 19 for meditation.

We Jedi monks now!


The question of the Enclave is now up for debate again. The Gwiliak tribe offer tokens of gratitude, such as silk and few canisters of gas for the help the strangers provided, but decline their offers for now. Nufa, with trade in his mind, managed to however convince the council to allow the Enclave to stay in the border town they made the first contact with, if they wish so. The tribe isn't very keen on allowing them to enter the marshes proper, as they see the location of Gwilaak na Ke as their own secret.
The Kaduk retain their previous stance on the Enclave, they appreciate their help, but Hakel doesn't think that their cause is the one of the Kaduk. To him, the Kaduk need to protect the govkars, first and foremost, though Za'Siel's alliance with the Enclave causes him some doubts. He fears that the skulks might try to extort the Kaduk to aid the Enclave, by declining to conduct the transformation ritual.
For now, the only act he does on his concerns is to seek out the one the skulks call predator, for she carries the voice within herself.
Hakel needs to talk with her again.
You remember the 300 film? Where the Persains come to Sparta? Not the kick-into-the-hole part, but the conversation leading up to it. Replace Leonidas with Lumawaihe and you'll get a good idea of the atmosphere here. The Gantu feel threatened, and they do *not* like being threatened, not so soon after the Noord.

"Frankly, if the Little Ones found that kind of *nerve*, then Mohu'awane... has their reputation to consider.
Your offer *sounds* kind, but you seek to intimidate us with your weaponry, and your armor. You offer technology, yet you seek to garrison troops in our village. For what? 'to ensure 'proper' cultural assimilation'. We have no problems with allies, just ask the Kaze, and the Silith. But if such an accord is to be struck then we shall do it as equals, we shall do it with the respect that *both* of our people deserve. We will not be cowed into becoming vassals of your empire, we will not be relegated to useful "pets". We are not your boomers, you cannot saddle us, you will not saddle us.
We love meeting new people, but we hate Returning* loved ones and neighbors.
For now, at least, your offer is denied, though we reserve the right to later change our minds.

Finished. The Silith don't trust the Enclave, and as a result, neither do the Gantu.

When capitalized like this, it refers to Gantu burial rites. They are put upon a bed of leaves, and put out to sea at low tide. When high tide comes in, the body is "returned" to Mother Ocean.
File: 1340157809560.png-(102 KB, 397x252, local map.png)
102 KB
rolled 15, 4, 7, 19, 5 = 50


So many of the new recruits were young. Before, most warriors were slightly older. They needed a way to motivate the new trainees. After this, they use the ability to draw back a bow to determine readiness to enlist.

Wall progress is slow, but steady. The most focus is put into the places which need the most protection, such as around the spring. Same goes with the canals.

The first settlement in the Skulcrows' path is the one by the spring, which happens to be well guarded as it is the tribe's main supply of clean fresh-water. A messenger is sent back to the first village (which is about 70 miles away and the closest)

Near the western bay village, contact was made by some Joorods from the west with some races never seen before in these lands. They are brought to the appointed governor of the village. He seems unimpressed with what they have to say, that is until he witnesses their weapons display. While nothing is decided yet, he welcomes them to stay for the time being.

With star charts in hand, a Ca'rethill sailor and explorer from the first village decides to follow in his great-great-great-grandfather's footsteps, and explore the seas to the south. Unlike back then, this crew has methods to navigate back. They wait until clear weather until setting sail.

Rolling for working on the wall, continuing canals, warriors, fighting off this first wave, and the Leif Bordickson roll again.

War has come to the Silith. Their "conflict" with the Gohrok and Joorod fade into mere skirmishes against this threat. They could've prepared, they should've prepared, but they didn't. Locked away in their city for far too long, they failed to notice the smoke that rose from the Marshes as they burned, or the plants that seemed to move on their own, slowly and with purpose, to their realm. It was time for the Silith to use their vast technical prowess to bear on their enemy.

The Silith once again muster and prepare their soldiers for the inevitable push of the enemy against Storod and Muskato, calling all available soldiers as the smiths work day and night, as though possessed by the Fury of the Ancestors, to produce weapons and arms for our men and women. Perhaps most notably however, is the attempt to intentionally set a fire the likes of which have not been seen since the Fury of the Moons. Daring scouts and priests of Muskato set out to set fires across our borders in an attempt to either slow, halt, or destroy the Skulcrow threat (not like they've never done this before!) Others following with these scouts are those who will provide observation on their numbers and patterns, as the Silith have done many times before. Research continues onward, however, albeit with a military fashion. Napalm is still on the table, but an interesting development is the military application of the gas canisters, as well as the mixture that produced large quantities of smoke.
rolled 4, 8, 16, 14, 19, 12, 18, 14, 4 = 109


The gas canisters will be used as explosive traps, or flung by Gohrok towards Skulcrow battle lines as to destroy them utterly. The smoke mixture will be replicated, to be used in smoke grenades as a way to mask troop movements, blind foes, or perhaps kill enemies if the gas itself is toxic. Some smiths flock to Storod even in these times, even under the recent orders to restrict travel for heavily guarded "caravans" between Muskato and Storod. They are determined to discover the properties of this Necrotic Iron, and to see if it has other applications.

The ultimate dream of one smith, however, is utilizing magnets to perform feats that could almost be considered true magic by some people. Integrating magnets seamlessly into armor and weapons. He seeks to find a way to cause the magnetic process to come at-will, most probably by finding a way to nullify it until the soldier wearing the magnets deem otherwise. Once that hurdle is settled, he will be able to realize his dream of using magnets to perform wonders on the battlefield.

Roll for napalm, observation of Skulcrow advance, troop muster and military training, weaponized gas canisters, smoke grenades, scorched earth along Silith border, determine properties of the Necro-Iron, find way to cause magnetic effect to be conditional (either by a cover or way to make de-magnetized metal.)
File: 1340165593940.jpg-(14 KB, 245x301, dr-evil[3].jpg)
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A bump from me... Dr. Evil.
The hidden scouts, and those that disperse only find out one thing. The city is owned by Govkar. Metalworking requires patience, dicipline, and a memory for procedure. Most gantu up until reccently are more content to "Wing it". This is a learning experience for them. The also have a hard time understanding why metal demands sacrifice.

The wall becomes complete in the coming weeks (the most important parts are up, but not all of it, one more roll to close it up during the skulcrow attacks, workers will need protection). Canals get choked with mud and need to be re-dredged. The grey visitor sees the weakness of the recruits, of the children. To him it was no wonder why the army was insufficent. Where he was from, children drilled at youth to make ready for true practice of combat. He would mention this, and perhaps find a way to get the blackhands off their meditating asses. What good is strength if it is not used, even if that is just to teach how to become strong? ((this guy strikes me as the Sith to the Jedi, the Mugin to Jin, but not necessarily in a bad way, he is action, while they seem to be reserve)). The powerful bows strike with such force that the forward scouts of the enemy are knocked back, some even pinned the the ground, they are gone by the time anything goes to investigate them. ((gonna need a refresher on the Leif Bordickson, not ringing bells, cant find in previous threads))
This time the inventors advoid death by napalm smoke, as the new mixture burns a lot more clean, sadly it is far too volatile, they die in a horrific fire. Their assistants live, but are quite turned off from continuing on the deadly project. ((your neighbors may trade with you, instead of you re-inventing the wheel)) An unnatural fog rolls in, dry grinding echos thru it, and little is discovered of their numbers or advance, one or two scouts disappear every so often.)) The new training efforts work, troops surge in number, and become moderately competent. Choking gas is developed, it will incapacitate those with lungs. ((those..with.,lungs)), smoke grenades are very rudimentary, more useful for a one on one fight, then covering a troop advance. The Silith burn the surrounding areas of their border, to create a clear line of sight for enemy advancement, sadly the thick fog prevents much sight for anything, though it is dispersed by burning fires slightly. The strange iron is lethal to smith and work with for some strange reason, but what it creates is heavy, harder then anything else they have, and holds a cruel jagged edge. The edge seems to self sharpen as it chips...Sacrifice of life in the creation of these murderous weapons, is this worth it?
The war has badly drained the tribes resources, the fortifications will take time. The watch force is currently made of surviving vetrans and a large amount of kaduk, the need for rebuilding has cost the tribe the bodies needed for such a force, there are many children coming of age soon though. The fisher village integrates into the Gwiliak fairly rapidly, encouragement from the tribe to pick a mate from the new village leads to a complete absorption, and mixture of culture. The burned marches still smoulder in places, testament to the fury of this war, life is slow to take root, but Niru's recovery project takes root. The trees will need constant tending to survive for now. ((bodies devoted to their care, diverted from other projects)) Nar's creation starts to float...then pops. Cooking! It works, eating is actually enjoyable now! ((children grow quicker now, due to a lack of malnutrition from not eating often.)) Kaduk exterminate a few skulcrows and burn the bodies, but many still linger. The new weaponry is easily added into their skill set. Kaduk become wise, carefully thinking about the outcomes of actions, and about the outcomes of theirs and others actions, and even words. They become the go to source for dispute resolution.
Hakel meets with predator, and is back handed quite hard, during his confusion she joins with him. "that was for doubt, and distrust. It was smelled from you, in your movements, your face. Who's kind murdered my tribe, then who uplifted your rejects to become Heroes to those who would have killed them at birth before? You worry that this new alliance will change anything? We go back far child....if anyone is to worry about betrayal, it is my kind." hakel is taken back from this, he has slipped into the role of sage elder, stoic guardian of his people so much so. Being talked to like this puts him off balance. "No..my once host, my valued." there was something unspoken about this he did not quite understand, predator was hurt, more deeply then he expected, about perhaps something more. "These strangers we ally with should be taken at face value, they mean what they say, but forgive disbelief. To show a potential ally their strength is to show respect for them." another pause to digest the thoughts "Nothing is asked of us that wasnt already said, they ask of nothing but share and help when we can.You who are curious, go speak with them yourself" The predator breaks the connection, looking very upset with hakel, storming off. He had not seen a look like that since his younger days. Perhaps he would go see them. They had set up somewhere in the caverns.
File: 1340180773539.png-(112 KB, 781x683, home.png)
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The enclave takes up the offer to stay in the town. They build a "small" fort to house themselves and their projects nearby, then start to set up expedited defenses around the town. deep trench circling the town, small plank bridges, wooden picket wall. (the fort is outside the defences to ensure this is not a method of occupation). The soldiers try to interact and learn with the villagers, learn their language, and help out where they can if it is welcomed, doping odd tasks, working to hunt, gather, farm, build. They always wear their armor and weapons, but it seems to be their culture.

(pic: simple tents for those of the enclave who sleep)

Thanks ng! You are awesome.
I'll try to make a pr4pr responce when I get the change.
It has been pretty quiet here, I haven't spotted anyone else in the irc channel.
File: 1340189224400.png-(30 KB, 563x335, warriors gifts.png)
30 KB
30 KB

The joorod translator is new the enclave, and is very nervous right now, in front of him is an angry Gantu. Behind him the unreadable lem. A sigh was heard, it was for effect. Lem have no real lungs. It puts a hand on the joorods shoulder, and gently pulls him back to the translators relief. "Wee Praktush your words" the lems voice is heavy and coarse like a rasping growl, heavily accented. "You.value..worth...worthy of Warriors approach. Know strength, not hide with lies of false weakness" It continues to struggle with its words "Show whut have...for give to new kin." It looks at the elder and takes off its helmet. Three eyes, large sharp teeth on a wide mouth. the Face seems familiar. "You not of...birdfriend...said of new kin. You word shay kind thing..have..mirror falsehood like north shells." it places it's helmet on the ground. "Came for find kin of big heart, big strength...disappoint to find strangers." the creature looks slightly sad, as if it lost something."offer of kin..still here..always here, for big heart kind" the lem gives a halfhearted wave to the soldiers near some crates. They pry the side off them and then leave back to their temporary camp. Inside is >>19527447 ((selection 5, right side)) loads of them. They stand about as tall as the Lem itself. The blades are like metal but lighter, if it were grown as bone or horn. The black helmet is still at her feet, staring up at her with empty eyes.

The Gwiliak continue to slowly fortify and restore the marshes. The work is hard with too little manpower, but despite of this, they work on. It will take many years and constant work for the damage to be undone.
(I assume that I don't need to roll for this again.)

The demand for silk has grown greater and greater, and during the war, the silk output of the tribe was almost completely taken by the conflict.
Even now, the fortifications are taking their toll on the silk resources. Jun has noticed that some, bigger ngung individuals provide more silk than the normal ones. She begins to breed them in hopes their children would also be more productive. This way, the tribe's silk production would grow.

The fisher village is located at the coast, in where the riverboats of the tribe aren't as stable as one would hope. With the aid of the fishers, efforts to improve the boats for open water are made.

Daki has requested aid from the Kaduk in training and teaching of the young govkars. She hopes that the now almost legendary warriors would inspire the children into greatness.

Nar attempts to improve the design of his floater with silk and azrach sap. Perhaps now, the makeshift gas bag would be more resilient? He is sure that the device would be useful for observing the areas outside of the marshes.

Niru is now almost completely occupied with her new project. To swiften the growth of the plants, she tries to come up with some sort of fertilizer from the ashes and other dead stuff. The idea came to her after she saw how the plants seemed to grow faster around charred and dead azrachs.

The outpost which enclave first contacted appreciates the help the enclave are offering. They are still somewhat cautious about these outsiders, but they are starting to grow on them. The help they provide is accepted and their questions are answered to the best of the abilities of the govkars. Nufa has made his way there, as he is interested in potential trading with the strangers. For now however, the history of the other continents has caught his interest. He is attempting to get the enclave troops to tell more about the other continents and their history, so he coudl write it down.
rolled 11, 20, 14, 15, 17, 5 = 82

Rolling for:
Breeding more silk producing ngungs.
Better boats.
Teaching by the Kaduk warriors.
Improving the floater.
Developing fertilizers.
Writing down the history of other continents.

Now for Hakel:

Hakel searches for the enclave forces that had settled to these caves. His encouter with predator had slightly disturbed him. She had reacted so strongly to his doubts...He moves faster. He would need to the matters between the enclave and the Kaduk.
He trusts in the voice...she wouldn't lie to him, but he needs to talk to these strangers himself.
He still thinks that the Kaduk will not join the enclave, as their calling is the protection of the Govkar people, not preparing for an apocalypse that might not even come. And besides, they simply couldn't join up if the people they were supposed to protect refused the enclave.

He plans to make the situation clear to the strangers. The Kaduk will co-operate with the enclave, on some level, sharing intel and so on if the enclave will do the same and in general, help each other with simple things, as they now are so close neighbors, but they will not join with the enclave cause. It isn't theirs, untill this threat the enclave preaches about is actually proven to exist, and it becomes a problem for the govkar people.
Its a small start, but the crossbreeding of the ngung's has begun, not now, but in a few years time, all ngungs will be an improved silk producing variety "small fangs". Gwiliak boats are made of local materials, but incorperate a lot of the technologies that they have discovered. Holding a crew of 30 they can often be seen deck out in cargo nets, fishing nets, rope, crates and barrels, silk sails billow triumphantly, their hulls low to the water. They are costal boats, not fit for the harsh waves of the wide open seas, but they are swift and agile. The Kaduk have few to spare, but their advice is put to work training the next generation, it seems the Gwiliak are beginning to grow accustom to their mutant brethren. The test floater floats, and does not explode, onward to bigger ones! Fertilizers enable the swamp to recover muck quicker (a little over a year), and make edible plants grow larger and tastier. ((that last roll, may be for the kids boredom, but the enclave keeps few secrets so its just pure RP)) It was one of the Lem who sat down with the kid and started to talk. Their memories go back to the dawn of their race and the boy sits wide eyed, rapt at the great legends and stories of war, of loss, of hope. He is intrigued that the Enclave doesn't care if even its members believe in the "tomorrow war", only that the world goes forward, improves, and seeks unity and strength. This achieves the same goal, beliefs or not, and benefits the client members. The lem talks and talks, enjoying the exercise and learning a new language, being corrected occasionally. The night comes, and dawn starts to rise, he looks over at the boy, he is sleeping with his journal open. The lem, if it could truly laugh, would, instead it gets up and starts on another project to help pass time.
File: 1340194756428.png-(1 KB, 79x146, EncFlag.png)
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Hakel approached and talked to the enclave members, said his words to which one responded "so you want to join?" hakel declined "you just agreed to almost everything we wish for." he was confused now. "co-operate. share. help each other. work together. you say our words, but dont think you should join?"..."you have a prior contract with the govkar, oaths are honored always. We really dont care if you believe in our cause, of the "Tomorrow war". By becoming stronger and progressing forward you accomplish what we want anyway. If you accept our help, that we can be good neighbors, share learning out of mandate, but culture out of willingness, then you are already part of our enclave." in short "share your technology and we share ours, let us learn from you, as you learn from us. When we have plenty we will give to you, when you have plenty please give back in times of need. Stay here, protect your people, when we can, we will aid your cause, if your kind is ever able to lend members to our cause, it will be accepted in kind but not expected." They leave hakel to think on it.
Actually, I was wondering that myself. I was curious as to some of the Kaze's reaction to the Gantu's refusal.

Honestly, this Noord thing... it's changed them more than a little. I didn't want them to change but that kind of hostility, plus the mistrust [of the Enclave] from the Silith, who have been allies, has introduced doubt, fear, and paranoia into a tribe that knew none.

It'd be the natural and expected response. They're scared shitless. Then these *new* strangers come? With guns and armour? It sure FEELS like a threat, and the Silith seeing that way just reinforces such an opinion.

General social stuff:

The Gwiliak continue their day to day lives in relative peace. The threat of the skullcrows is still present, but as they have mostly been driven out from the marshes, the tribe feels itself much more secure. Their day to day work consists of producing the trading goods, harvesting food, making repairs and building new equipments. The time they have to spare is spent with musical instruments, song making and enjoying the company of their families and mates. Many new eggs are laid in these times after the war.
The fishing from the coast is a boon on the tribe. The kafkas are dried and smoked and then stored in salt that is traded from the Silith. They lasts long and are welcome additions to the Gwiliak diet.

The children learn quick with the guidance of the adults and the Kaduk warriors. With better care, healthier food and cleaner environment, the child mortality rate has dropped, and the children are growing fast and healthy. This has presented a never before seen problem for the Gwiliak, they now have large population of adolescents, who lack mates but are eager to start their own families. Despite their population boom, many of the tribe's own people are still quite closely related to each others. The newest generation of adolescents are the grandchildren of the 5 siblings, and thus if they married each other, it might cause some ire from the elders.
Niru and Nar are both old enough to start families, and Niru has already done it with a member from the fisher village. Nar is still without a mate, as his curiosity is a bigger drive for him than finding a mate is.

To solve this population boom problem, the Gwiliak begin to quickly absorb and uplift many of the smaller tribes from the marshes, to get new blood to their population. Many of these tribes suffered heavily from the scullcrow and gohrok swarms that had swept the marshes during this decade, as they lacked the means to defend themselves.
Despite of this, many of the adolescents are seemingly still lacking a purpose. Some of them join the warriors to get new experiences, others tag along with the silk traders to see the world and perhaps find themselves a mate from either the Kharum or the Silith tribes.

Qwia has continued to study with the Silith during these years. The silk trade has been a great success, it has brought prosperity to her people as she hoped it would, and her people had managed to drive back the skullcrows from the marshes. But now, the threat of those abominations looms over the great city of stone, Muskato, which had become like a second home to her. A letter from her mother, Macia, had urged her to return home, for now at least. She knew that her mother was worried...she was the firstborn of her family, and was expected to continue to lead it, but for that, she needed a mate..which she lacked. Her years in the city had been spent learning and managing trade, and the Silith people always seemed rather distant and stuck up to her. She hadn't approached anyone, nor had anyone approached her. She would be forced to find a mate in the marshes...if she chose to return. No, she would return, it was what was expected of her. She was the successor of Macia, and she wouldn't abandon her duty.
She begins to prepare her departure from Muskato with melancholy. The city had been a good home to her. She will leave in a few days.
rolled 13, 1, 13, 13, 12, 15 = 67


Nar continues his research on the floating device. He attempts to build a bigger version of it. He is also trying to figure out safer ways of extract the poisons from the dahon tentacles. The poison is valuable, as it can be used as anesthesia when small amounts of it are diluted with water. He also makes notes on random ideas he gets to his head when working on other projects. Ideas like finding new uses for Niru's nearly forgotten pump project, trying to find out if the wind could be used to move similar systems that are in the looms as the river can, and so on. Perhaps they could work as future inspiration for him?
Niru is too busy with her own children to work on developing new stuff, thus leaving the technological advancement of the tribe largely on the shoulders of Nar.

Rolling for:
Seeing if any new good songs are made. (Yay! Cultural victory!)
Absorbing some of the minor tribes in the marshes.
Seeing if the preparations for Qwia's departure go well.
Bigger floating device.
Improved Dahon poison extraction methods.
Random ideas. (Go wild!)

Enclave stuff:
Hakel ponders the words of the enclave soldiers for a moment.
"It seems that the only way to avoid being practically your allies here is by becoming hostile towards you, which isn't what we will do. Very well then, we will work with you out of convenience, as doing otherwise would be downright stupidity, but do not label us as your members, we do not wish that the ones we protect would fear that we had abandoned them in favor of joining with you.
As for sharing technology, I am afraid that beyond the basic weaponry, we are not in a position to part with it. The metal blades we wield were not built by us. They were gifts to us, gifts that we do not wish to give away, as it would most certainly cause resentment in the people who gave them. We do not know how they were made, that you would have to ask from the Silith. Of course, we do not expect that you would share your technology with us either.
Are these terms agreeable?"

After dealing with the enclave, Hakel heads out to find Predator. He was worried about her. He had clearly offended her, and now, his guilt drove him to seek her out. He would need to apologize to her for not trusting her. These emotions confused him greatly. The voice had invaded his mind, and tried to take it over, but his resistance was too great...over time, they had to accept each other and start to work together for common benefit. The internal fights they had somehow had forged a kinship between the two..And by the time she was removed from him, they were like close friends. How could he have doubted her loyalty? She had trusted him despite all the odds. He had to find her and apologize! He had to!

The enclave have grown into a fact of life in the outlying town near the edges of the marshes. Nufa is continuing to seek potential trading opportunities with the enclave.

The time had come to prepare for open-conflict with the Skulcrow. The fire was enough to delay the horde while the Silith were able to amass a reasonably competent military force to face the enemy. Still, mere strength of Silithi arms would not be enough to combat this threat, and with a trade partnership with the Kaduk still in effect, the Silith send out emissaries to call on the Kaduk to aid them. Until the giant Govkar can arrive, however, the Silith are on their own.

The Necro Blades are truly a marvel to behold, even given their macabre background. Some Silith believe the iron actively draws in souls, particularly the soul of the smith working it. While the vast majority of Silith find this disturbing, some see it as a possible "magnum opus" for truly dedicated smiths, a dark but ultimately necessary procedure for the last, and greatest blades a smith will produce. Some Silith seem to take to training with these blades, and have in fact brought the swords with them into battle against the Skulcrow, their effectiveness against the enemy is currently unknown.
Fucking cloudflare goddammit!
File: 1340220067351.png-(344 KB, 1024x768, Kaduk warrior vs skullcrows.png)
344 KB
rolled 20 = 20


As there is already a squad of Kaduk warriors monitoring the Silith in case trouble emerges, recalling more assistance is quite swift task.
After the call for aid from the Silith reaches them, the Kaduk quickly rally many of the veterans of their previous war with the skullcrows to battle. They now know the weakness of these monsters, and that is fire, loads of it. This is also an excellent opportunity to test out the sticky flame sap that Nar developed to fight against the skullcrows. Unfortunately this substance wasn't finished before the war ended, so it was never used.

Rolling to see how swiftly the warriors manage to reach the Silith.

I might finish this picture tomorrow.
File: 1340220287719.jpg-(72 KB, 734x404, 1300812138270.jpg)
72 KB
rolled 20 = 20


>nat 20.

Praise the ancestors, for the calvary is already here!
I might as well roll for their effectiveness.
>inb4 nat 1
File: 1340220478436.png-(6 KB, 389x306, muesli man spits.png)
6 KB

I don't know what to say...so have this:
rolled 9, 6, 18, 9, 12 = 54


(I imagine the Kaduk will arrive mid-battle, or perhaps before it takes place? Here's to hoping we fight competently!)

The battle itself will be a simple matter; utilize our incendiary grenades (which all soldiers are equipped with 2-3) in a massive volley as the Skulcrow approach even under attack from crossbows and bows, then the Gohrok begin throwing gas canisters which will, due to either a shot from a crossbow or perhaps the surrounding fire of the combat, detonate and cause damage to the foe. It is then a matter of our strength of arms... With luck, Silithi technological superiority and ability in combat will see us the victor.

May the Ancestors smile upon us as we embark on this endeavor. For the Spirits, for the Danuri, for the Black City!

Roll for Necro-Blade effectiveness in battle, crossbow/bow volley, incendiary grenade volley, effectiveness of weaponized gas, Silith warrior competency in battle
Its more unspoken then anything, but the kaze are gone, they are absorbed into the gantu culture and mindset. They might be plant people on the outside, but inside, they have a face blade, and that's where it counts. as for the enclave, a loss of innocence first comes with what others take from you. Your sense of ignorant bliss, east of trust, unquestioning and immediate friendship, lack of concern. Then the pain from when you first hurt others. Knowledge that you do what was done to you, Confusion, Regret, self denial. Then as you murder the child that was once you completely, that is the pain, the emptiness you feel. The death of the you that was past...make no mistake, the core of who an individual still is remains. natures first green is gold....its hardest hue to hold...
The Kaduk were waiting, always. The moment they were needed, they were there, amplifiers in their helmet making their war cries into the things of gods, they strode out into the war as guardian avatars of destruction, much larger then life. The Silith who saw that battle, would recount it for years. ((that double 20 son. i know one doesn't count, but fuck it, lets make it epic.))
The necro blades are no more effective then any other blade, though the skulcrow cut down by them take a little longer to pull themselves together, just in different ways. opening volleys merely stick into the abominations, which are unconcerned by it. Burning grenades kill quite a few. Skulcrow do not breath, the gas has no effect but it does provide cover for their advance ((bummer)). The silith do fairly in battle. The ones who have the nerobaldes seem to fight a bit more savagely, as they have no shield.

Actually, ng, I intended for that second roll to count too. That is why I said that I would roll for their effectiveness.

I need to draw this battle at some point. Two nat 20, damn! The Kaduk warriors purging the skullcrows with their flamethrowers and burning swords. Freaking awesome.

But now, I need to sleep. I'll check the results for my earlier rolls when I wake up.
Trading with Nufa brought much news to the Kharum and they were unsettling. They now knew that they actually weren't that far from the marshes and also that great conlict is rising. These things caused the idea of leaving again spreading like wildfire and soon many started to prepare for departure. There were some who saw great falls as their home and even with coming difficulties didn't want to leave. One of those who would stay was Liak as this was his home and he didn't want to leave his original family in the marshes or his new family with Aval. He was already seen as leader of Great falls and with the departure of many he decided that the city would join the Gviliak as they were too few to fend for themselves. Meanwhile those that would leave gathered supplies and equipment for the trip and once again the trip to the north would continue. Early in the morning they left to the north to find their own paradise where there is no conflict...
File: 1340237541517.jpg-(11 KB, 217x200, HFW+_eed9a5301b09d4e179fb12c59(...).jpg)
11 KB
What the fuck was that supposed to mean?
rolled 19, 18, 20, 7 = 64


The Silith who watched the Kaduk in action came to see them less as mere mortals, but as divine fury of the spirits themselves, avatars of destruction and living embodiments of the furious forces of the Ancestors. The battle was a victory, and for a while the Skulcrow horde was beat back, if not for a few days.

The Silith decided to use this momentum to their advantage, ruthlessly hunting down stragglers while the others went immediately to burning the bodies. Those who didn't break off to hunt those who tried to escape the carnage, or remained to immolate the fallen corpses went off to fight the potentially dis-organized Skulcrow horde, now with the Kaduk by their side.

Miles away in Muskato, the Gantu still struggled to understand the exact points of what it takes to forge the blades that are now held in high regard throughout the continent. The smiths try a different approach, albeit one that was long-approaching; teaching the Gantu the religious aspect of smithing. Sacrifice is needed to create the swirling patterns of Muskati Steel, and with luck their teaching of the spirits, sacrifice and the binding of souls will stick with the gentle giants.

Roll for hunting Skulcrow stragglers, counter-push against Skulcrow horde, religious training of the Gantu Smith-Apprentices
rolled 16, 1, 11, 18, 1 = 47

I was writing those last couple posts as if several years have passed by, and the black joorod had been most likely been living with the monks (who are the superior warriors of the tribe. The ruler has new ones because the monks have their strict moral codes and whatnot. I went from loosely based on China to Feudal Japan. Current warriors are Samurai-Vikings).
Leif Bordicson is a joke name I use for exploration to other continents.
Also, the skulcrows survived the critical-hit bows?
By dispatching these invaders so quickly it has to be wondered whether if it was simply a fluke, or if the freshly trained warriors are better than they appeared.

With the main parts of the wall completed, it becomes time to work more at the other portions. Archers patrol from atop the completed portions. Not only will it keep things out, it also happens to trap things within.
With the ramel herds, it was only a matter of time until some reckless kid tried to ride one. When it ended up working in this one case, it made the hunters wonder if this could be done more.

Rolling for assessment of warriors, working more at wall, clearing cannals, taming ramels, and exploring within the walls (any interesting landmarks, resources, minor creatures, etc?).

I apologize for doing four rolls, but three roll results! I originally was going to add in a sort of "use experience for future engagements" which I removed when I realized it would be... Something you might not roll for, considering that's like asking for a Smith to roll to learn how to make swords after I do a successful roll to make swords.

The "Experience" roll result would've been the nat 20. I'll leave it up to you, nongent with what you'll do with this mistake.
Whew, the East tribal is slowly coming to a close, yes? Next up would be the South continent, which would only have one sentient from it (We've got more than enough already, I mean 20+).
Not to mention the amount of tribes is staggering already! I'd better get drawing the potential south continent evolvable organisms... and they'll be the ones that didn't receive much love in the past.
Hey, IG, if you've got the time, feel free to join us in the IRC.
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Skulcrows are hunted relentlessly and nearly exterminated in the region. Pushing back at the horde, they are driven back into the plains. Gantu smiths are thoroughly indoctrinated in the religion of the Silith, though while they understand why they do what they do, it does not mean that they personally believe in it, only that it is part of the ritual to create steel. That is up the the individual gantu.
The bulk of the Kharum, about 3/4ths of them, up and left, moving to greener pastures, or at least a place without war. The remainder had strong ties to their land, and their new kin of the gwiliak. The remnants joined the Gwiliak, with their technology and understanding, though their ability to contribute resources as sorely undermanned due to the population loss. They would need a stream of bodies to come, help them mine, hunt, and create weapons if they were to be anything more then an empty shell.
Warriors are top notch bowmen. Part of the wall collapses due to a sinkhole and will have to be rebuilt, multiple workers are killed. Canals are cleared easily enough, and some plants are put on the side to have their roots prevent further collapse. Ramel are made tame, and turn out to be rather affectionate and loyal to the joorod. The cartographer finds little of interested inside the great walls, but he is also a lazy fuck. bordle.
rolled 7, 18, 6, 14 = 45

Their distant connection with the skulcrow was a blessing, it let them bend the minds of the minions, keeping them wandering away and keep their region safe. Sadly, a far greater entity had finally heard their little whisperings, and it followed them to the source. The Skulcrow would march on their favorite prey, skulks. The Tribe was aware they had been spotted. A solution had to be found. It was the Lem guests who pointed it out. "your kind is a derivative of our ancestor. The skulcrow are as well. We all are parts of something incomplete. the Original whole can never be made again, but perhaps completion will bring about a resolution." Daughter, leader of the skulks was confused. "It is much simpler to show.." the Lem ripped out a chunk of its own biomass, a jiggling chunk of thick gelatin and offered it to the skulk, she took it, and on instinct, consumed it. Falling to the ground she experienced visions, pain, terror, and finally understanding. The skulcrow must be completed, to fill the hole that is their existence, to stop their search for wholeness by absorption of other life. Over the next few days the tribe gained a measure of completion from daughter, "upgrading" each member, adding the missing pieces to their genetic puzzle. The changes were subtle. They would take this and add to the puzzle of the skulcrow, and end this mad war.

rolling for: za'siel flying machines being prepared, a plan from the tribe, a plan from the "guests", plan b (ask for help from the kaduk)
The tribe's flying machines are in a state of disrepair, but at least they had a plan. They started to collect their own sap, containing the collected essence of the lem and themselves. These containers would be dropped into the pools of corrupt skulk lemuy goo. Much sap was needed, the process leaves the skulk weary, weak. Some are barely able to stand. The enclave response was to build up forces and kill the enemy with overwhelming numbers and firepower...not really an option given the rate at which the enemy was advancing. It was up to the Kaduk.
Nufa found the enclave was more then willing to trade their labor for resources. The secrets of their flying ship, or "Cannons" were off limits to him though, for members of the enclave. What they did leave him with was a much smaller thing. A toy that one of the members was crafting as they spoke. It was handed to him, and explained. "pull the ring, it shoots, dont put out your eye. look thru the top, like the Friggan trader's goggles. see further" He ran off to test, and take apart his new gift, this "scatter gun".
Hakel found predator easily enough, a connection of minds later, he apologized. She was happy, just to see him again. They talked long into the night, hand in hand. When the mind link finally broke, he found the creature that held his friend looking at him. "Ha-kel" it spoke just one word. That word contained more meaning then any speech, story, or poem ever could to Hakel. He did not know it now, but his kind would live a long, long, time. He longer then them again, and while he would be forced to see family and friends die of old age, he would have at least one constant companion down the road to oblivion. The reunion was interrupted by a frowg solider seeking him to go speak to the Daughter as soon as possible.
File: 1340265824381.png-(3 KB, 239x95, gwiliak pop gun.png)
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rolled 18, 16, 10, 6, 1, 18, 7, 4 = 80

After talking to voice it was explained in detail what was needed of him, and in a way, it followed the code of the kaduk. He would be protecting govkar...and the entire continent. His kind, and the available Enclave forces would introduce the skulk sap into the skulcrow reclamation pools. From there, the monsters would be modified, their urge to mindlessly consume removed, as they returned to be rejuvenated. Without that urge, they would do nothing most likely. For his people, not the strangers, it would be done. The nightmare would end, his children would know peace. The operation began at the end seven dawns from now. The enclaves only airship lent its support to their "neighbors" and allies. The skulk were recovered enough by now to aid in the efforts and begin their attack.
rolling for: efforts of za'siel flying machine "bombing" attempts. Enclave flying ship "bombing" attempts. Enclave ground forces. Za'Siel scouts, Predator, and the twins. Hakel and the Kaduk (initial roll, to be modified by nad if he sees fit) each one will be attacking a different set of pools, backing each other up, with hopes of at least one success.

The tribe makes simple, but beautiful songs. There were no tribes left in the marshes, all dead. only empty villages and the occasional egg clutch was found. They were taken back to the tribe to be hatched if still viable. Qwia is prepared. A bigger floating device is functional, and even drags an unlucky ngung (Nooooooo) up with it high into the sky as a test. A new method of collecting dahon poison is developed by simply massaging certain points on the creatures. ((random idea)) The tribe was stretched thin, but had a lot of adolescent members now. They were dispersed to the northern fishing village, and the great falls, formerly inhabited by the Kharum. The process was bumpy, but soon trade began to flow again, as the villages did not operate on minimal population. Kaduk members oversaw the young ones, to ensure they would thrive properly.
The Zasiel flying machines are nimble and fast, if low flying. They manage to get their pay loads into the pools without notice, as does the higher altitude enclave ship. They turn their efforts to supporting the ground forces of the enclave and zasiel. There was absolute chaos as the skulcrow became aware of the invaders in their territory, the two ground forces had managed to plant their payloads but only the efforts of the air ships bombarding the enemy saved them as they made a retreat. Predator became separated during the fighting, she was badly hurt, captured, and slowly dragged to a spike. "this is the end?" she couldn't believe it, where was Hakel? That was one of her last thoughts as she was slammed onto a spike. The dead would take weeks, in the sun, drying out slowly. She had time to ponder her fate, in relative agony. The twins found her, but there were too many of the enemy to do much, so they saught out hakel and his kin. They were easy enough to spot, just look for the firestorm. He was informed of Predator's location, but the words took a moment to settle into his head. He screamed, to the sky, his helmets built in amplifier making it into a howl from the underworld. Taking off at a full sprint, the rest of his kind in tow they raced towards the location of their fallen friend. The twins tagged long trying to keep up, where they gracefully flipped from branch to branch, the Kaduk crashed thru the burning forest like bulldozers.
There was screaming, and death, a few of his brothers and sisters even fell that night. The fighting was brutal, but there were few who would care to recall it in story. What mattered was this: By the afternoon, many of the forces that went into the skulcrow territory never came back out. Those that did emerge from the forest's edge were battered, blackened with smoke, and victorious in their mission, even if it felt like a loss. Holding onto schoolteacher's shoulders for support, limping, or just staring off into the day they made their way back home, behind them the fires blazed. Last to emerge was Hakel, carrying a broken skulk in his arms. He looked down at her, and she cracked her eyes open to look back for a moment before passing out again. "lets go home."
in the coming weeks the survivors would recover, and in the coming months, skullcrow attacks would being to slow down. The wars would rage on for a time, until the skulcrow population had been completely "inoculated" with the modified genes. An unexpected thing happened. They did something new. They thought. They argued amongst themselves. they even killed one another. The hunger was gone, and in its place something much more dangerous. Sentience. Awareness. They would have to deal with all the problems and benefits that brought.
It had been a few months since the raid on the skulcrow reclamation pools. Predator had made a full recovery, but hakel continued to stay at her side constantly, as he had while she recovered. Those two shared something special. He had gotten the monster of the Za'Siel to speak, and that in itself made him a legend. Now hand in hand, they faced the future together.The twins would in time make a trip to the enclave capital city abord the now battered and badly in need of repair airship. They would not return, and no one blamed them. Their calling was war, and they would spread future generations of skulk elsewhere. The daughter and Voice continued to lead their tribe into a blossoming alliance with the enclave, they no longer feared the world. The courtesan and Buzku continued to be good friends, with buzku a sub leader of the Kaduk he had his duties and she hers. The skulk could be found on the edges of their territory, and occasionally with the Kaduk helping to repair the damages of the war, gradually becoming a more common sight with old suspicions slowly dieing in the face of new truths. It wasn't so long ago that the Kaduk were the mutant cast off's of their tribe, now their sworn guardians...Enclave technology began its slow filter into the lives of the skulk, it would be many years before they were full members, but it had begun. As for the Kaduk, the enclave saw them in action, their flamethrowers and burning blades. They couldnt be made too much more dangerous...though they never formerly joined, years later the Kaduk could be seen with gleaming cannons strapped to their painted metal armor. a little gift from their neighbors.
High above, in an enclave tower a lone Ta'Mirel looked over this all and was pleased. They would have their peace, and grow, to a better future. To become stronger, and eventually be ready for the war that was yet to come.
So yeah, good show on the East continent, guys! At least this one didn't end up with endless wars!
We'll go to another evolution game, this time set in the South continent, the final evolution game in Primordial before we continue to the South's tribal stage. This will be set up sometime next week, though, perhaps at a weekend. Until then, rest up, I know most of you were getting a bit worn out.

Until then, feel free to discuss Primordial-related stuff, fluff, and anything in this thread, until its eventual 404.
Epilogues already? Oh well. I guess I'll get on that tomorrow.

The Gantu, as always shall write their OWN destiny.
The scars of the war against the skullcrows had started to fade. Rain and the new ways to cultivate the azrach trees were quickly bringing new life to the charred marshlands. Outwardly, everything was starting to look normal again, but nothing was the same anymore. So much had changed in the years since the great flood that swept away the tribe's food supply, of the days when Daki and Nufa still bickered with each other like children and when Hakel was simply seen as an absentminded fool. Life had truly changed, no longer did Jun work without no-one appreciating it and Macia had grown into something more than her mother's pet, as the gohroks had given her a true calling.

Daki continues to lead the tribe, and she shows herself to be capable in the task. Unlike Kiknau feared, she isn't a tyrant, instead her leadership is heavily based on co-operating with her siblings and forming solutions together. Her change of persona was truly throughout.
Jun's family has mastered the art of silk weaving and they are now the trusted artisans of the tribe. Farm duty also takes some of their time, but it is no longer their only task.
Macia's work with the gohroks has made them into full members of the tribe, and she continues to teach the creatures to help her people. Her daughter's connections to Muskato have also brought her family prosperity.
Nufa's travels and trade has brought new tools, wonders and riches to the Gwiliak, and his son is the leader of the Great Falls village. Together, they work on building up a better future for both of the villages.

>Until then, feel free to discuss Primordial-related stuff, fluff, and anything in this thread, until its eventual 404.

To be honest the biggest disappointment from East Continent was the arrival of the Enclave. Now I'm going to be brutally honest with what I'm going to say next to say exactly why.

In the slow, character-driven RP that was originally meant for the East Continent, the arrival of a continent-spanning, extremely advanced conglomerate of races is pretty jarring. I mean, you're not going to be hard pressed to find another player who agrees that we are at least 200-300 years behind other races in terms of tech, and suddenly the endgame consists of many players still wielding stone tools and wooden huts for the start of Civilization mode while other continents are using guns and massive, metal-garbed armies.

Hakel's two children have brought glory to the Gwiliak people. Their inventions have been one of the major factors that uplifted the tribe to it's current status so quickly. The disk launchers, warm water, natural gas etc, were all invented by these two prodigies. Because of this, the two siblings will be remembered as the great founder's of Hakel's house, instead of their father himself.
Hakel has forged a new path for himself that has already made him into a living legend. He is now something far greater than he ever dared to imagine, and his order has reshaped the way the Gwiliak see the world.

Niru's idea of cultivating and planting the azrach trees takes root, and over time, the Gwiliak begin to shape the marshes to suit their needs. To an outsider, the forests look as tangled as ever, but to the Gwiliak, the intertwined branches form countless natural bridges which allow them to move quickly across the swamp. The root dams of the trees form ponds, redirect river branches and create natural barricades. The marsh was tamed to their will, and they had finally grown to live with it in harmony.

But I sort of digressed in that last paragraph, so let me return to the Enclave. Just exactly why were they introduced into this RP? They're either some sort of insidious organization that can't be trusted, or they're a race of Mary Sues. You simply do not go to a people with a display of military force, offer to build military forts around their towns, and gradually assimilate them into your culture (even if you refuse to join in and of itself) without eventually finding some other way to achieve dominance. To simply say it's because "they're nice guys" makes the Enclave come across as unrealistic.

This isn't even my qualm with introducing the Enclave itself. Introducing the Enclave soured the otherwise unique nature of this RP. We had the potential to form a nice little multi-nation continent for Continent, but now what? We already got the Enclave assimilating the Kaduk and some tribes of the Joorod are already pledging loyalty while the Enclave establish garrisons who merely said "we don't want to join, but you can stay."

The Enclave already has a massive advantage over East Continent due to the game ending now, and now they're actively colonizing the continent? How exactly are you supposed to fight that when you're outmanned, outgunned, out-bought, out-classed, and they've already begun assimilating East Continent tribes to join their cause? At the rate this is going, there's only going to be Central Continent as the antagonist, Enclave as the protagonist, and a bunch of minor static nations that gradually fall into the fold to fight "Tomorrow's War."

The tribe prospers, and spreads across the marshes, as there is no-one to stop them. The few minor tribes that remain are absorbed quickly by the Gwiliak and the already existing settlements grow bigger and stronger. The Gwiliak nation now covers the marshes, and has small settlements at the banks of the river to the west. There are two central areas, with distinct cultural traits, the western areas outside of the marshes retain many of the traditions of the Kharum, and under Liak's leadership, the village at the Great Falls continues to onwards. They are allied with the Gwiliak, but are mostly autonomous, as the elder council of the tribe deems Liak to be a good leader. Trading of resources between the marshes and the falls grows, and Nufa begins to device simple currency that uses the fancy shiny metals found in the mountains, to standardize the trade.
The enclave is seen as a trade partner, but the Gwiliak see no reason to commit themselves any further to the cause of the strangers. They now know that they are fully capable of defending themselves. The marshes are their realm, and they are it's masters.

The Kaduk warriors are now widely respected amongst the Gwiliak, they are seen as noble protectors of the people, and their wisdom is often sought after. In the times of peace, they work as teachers and advisers to the villages, as well as recording the history of the tribe into songs. They slowly introduce the tribe to their skulk allies, so that the two races could accept each other and live in peace.
They continue to co-operate with the enclave for common benefit, but they retain their stance on declining full alliance.
Well, he was about 900 times as blunt and direct than I would have been, but yeah. Solomon's opinion is shared here. I felt kind of "invaded" when the Enclave arrived. I guess since Solomon's being open about it, I will too.

Being attacked by the Noord out of nowhere only gave me an in-game justification for refusing the Enclave.
I didn't *want* them to stop being happy, but their reaction, to me, was what the "character" would do, if you will. Their happy-shark bro demeanour is gone for many years, and then *you* give me lip about it here? >>19558328
You called me as bad as the Noord, there. That I killed my inner-child. Bullshit, man. YOU sent the Noord after me. I could have metagamed them as remaining happy bros, but that'd be a rookie move. Though the fact that such an attack gave me a non-metagame reason for refusing the Enclave was just delicious irony all the same.

Frankly, Solomon and I had talked about this earlier, privately. That our tribes had in-game justification to oppose these guys was just icing on the cake. Frankly, I wouldn't have minded just staying quiet about it and opposing them, using our own OOC butthurt and drama to tell a story in-game, a "Skyrim for the Nords" attitude for the East Continent. But I guess the cat's out of the bag now (unlike the original saying though, hopefully there will be no flogging).

I did not create a culture for the Gantu, a religion, art forms, characters, psychology, A FUCKING LANGUAGE, to have them simply annexed into the White Man's empire. Fuck, man, at this rate between Enclave and Solomon, they're in danger of ending up like REAL Hawaiians. At least I *chose* to become buddies with Solomon, we were slowly going to be bros. The Enclave invasion just gave us a reason to speed it up. Hell, Solomon and I, in IRC were coming up with a few weapon designs to fight the Enclave. I wanted to create something really unique with the Mohu'awane, instead I'd just be the Wales and Scotland to the Enclave's British Empire. Once a separate people, now just diluted into "another client-race".

One of the final straws for me was your "killing my inner child" nonsense but also, when Hakel declined, Predator chided him for not wanting to join the Enclave's super-special awesomeness.

Maybe it's my hot-blooded Irish heritage, but (and read this in a thick Irish accent for a full effect here):
Fuck off, man. 'Ya wanna jus' come over 'ere, and strut your cocksure self, askin' that we just roll over and let 'ye overpower us. 'Ya must be fuckin' touched in the head, mate.

But srsly. I feel bad just letting all this out because you're such a nice guy, nongent. A real pal.
I think you just got carried away with the Enclave's story. Yeah, it *is* cool, fighting evil, preparing for this coming storm and all. But that is YOUR tribe's story. Let us write our own here, let the other continents have a chance at taking pen to paper and writing a drama of their own, man.
File: 1340290441491.png-(240 KB, 597x309, Fortune's Attitute, for Be(...).png)
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Lastly, Solomon, this is directed at you. I didn't mind, because I was such a fanboy of the way you write, but there are a few others who felt like you were a bit of a powergamer.
Metal, magnets, rolling buckets of dice in a post. Like I said, didn't bother me, as I felt you explained it well enough, but others (who will remain un-named, unless they wish to come forward) felt like you were headin' into munchkin territory, that you were trying to "win".

Lastly, to all of you. We have a chance to create something really unique here, can we not just try and copy an Age of Empires tech tree here? You know, create really different, really *alien* cultures, using the resources and the strange wildlife to solve our problems, rather than "i make spears, i make metal, i know make armour, i now make boats that just HAPPEN to look like European sailing vessels." That's kind of why I made a weird-shaped barge for the Gantu boats. Make something that doesn't even exist or has ever existed on Earth. Same goes for the Gantu discs. It's got inspiration from shurikens, sure, but a thumb-axe-disc? That's weird, that's... different.

I know that over the course of these posts I probably sound *really* angry, but that ain't the case, but unfortunately A LOT of context and non-verbal communication is lost when all I can do is type/write this stuff. Not pissed, ESPECIALLY at that last one, the one to all of you. Hell, Nad's kind of got the right idea, with using glowing moss for light and what not? That's headed in the right direction. The use of Ramel horns for weapons? Hell yeah, there's a beast with a metal blade on its nose, you're damn right a tribe would utilize that.

That's my piece, hopefully I didn't drive anyone off or hurt any feelings.
Oooh, I sure hope they're just not around Fortune, and that they're not really pissed at you.
First of all, I fully intend to continue working on the Gwiliak, despite writing that epilogue. Fleshing out the story and so on. Maybe less amount of rolls and stuff and kinda work out how the true Gwiliak nation begins to form.

But, about the game itself.
My biggest disappointment was the fact that the map ideas we had were never used to their full potential. I honestly thought that they could have been quite interesting addition to the tribal game. Though they can of course be used in the southern continent or the civ stage too so I guess we can still try them out.
Over all, the game went along kinda smoothly though there were some problems towards the end of the game. Stuff like people dropping out were unfortunate, and the fact that IG didn't have the time to be here really affected the game (not blaming anyone here, real life stuff takes precedence over this game.) IG's absence left basically all the GMing on ng, and really, without him, the game would have died. We perhaps should have self GMed more, so that less work would have fallen on his shoulders. He however managed to keep the game running, and without that many slip ups.

The pace of the game started out good, but during the few later threads I think that we began to fall back to the faster pace that we had in the earlier games. I think that this was the combination of both quite quick tech advancements and ng's attempt to start wrapping the story of this continent up. Perhaps this was because he feared that other players would drop out too, like gaghiel and falc did? I don't know, but it was clear that the events began to roll must faster in the last two threads.

I expected that the enclave would arrive, but not this soon. In my mind, the tribes started here some time before the ones in the western continent, and that we would have our own empires and alliances by the time enclave got here. I intended to transcend into a less character focused play style before enclave's arrival, even before the skullcrow war. Well, I kinda did but not to the extend I had planned to. By the time I expected the enclave to arrive here, the original siblings would have been dead already, and their houses would run the Gwiliak scene. But, what is done is done. None of my plans were seriously hampered by enclave's arrival, as the Gwiliak did develop mostly like I had planned them to.

About the tech development, I tried to keep the tribe basing their technology on the stuff that they had around them, which meant that I never pursued metallic or stone tools. All my tech is basically cleverly applied mixtures of different organic things of the marshes. I usually tried to come up with a problem that the tribe could solve by using the environment to their advantage. I think that I did succeed in making the technology at least alien, even if I failed at making the Gwiliak people themselves alien at all (though I never really even tried).

Now, to my main concern. I feel like the tensions between the players have risen during the last few threads. I fear that these conflicts might cause people to drop out, and eventually kill the game itself. This is not what I wish for. I have put way too much of my time to this to see it killed because of internet drama. I hope that we can find solutions to these internal problems instead of letting them grow until they rot the whole game.

Perhaps we have invested too much of our own personas to this? This relates to another problem that I fear will manifest, which is the lack of new blood. As much as I like you guys, I think that if this ends up in a circlejerk with few regulars, I think the game would eventually start to stagnate. I think that from now on, we should do evo stages mostly without names, as they might scare off potential new players.

Few final words to all of you. Remember that "winning" isn't the point of these games, it is the creation of interesting setting. This world has great potential, and I hope to see that it continues to grow, so that we can keep enjoying it together.
When nongent introduced the Enclave, I didn't think much of it. They were technologically advantaged reps of another Continent. The Enclave is a collection of tribes from the Western Continent. I question what they are doing here in the East at such an early time of development. They're too foreign. I looked through the other threads, and they've been on each Continent towards the end of tribal development.

The Enclave I believe was supposed to be consolidation force in its own Continent. It isn't necessary for them to consolidate tribes on every Continent. That's impossible. If anything each Continent should have its own reasons for forming a collective. From tribe comes kingdoms, from kingdoms come nations, and so on and so forth.

The skullcrows were supposed to be the antagonist of this Continent. A big force that can threaten all tribes. The East Continent tribes now have this big problem. Here comes the Enclave with its advanced tech and military force that offers protection from this antagonist. This would have persuaded many Eastern tribes, if they didn't have a healthy amount of xenophobia. They just don't trust the Enclave, nor do they have reason to.
forgot name

Now they offer protection, but at the cost of the tribes own land and building bases on their land. This is something expansive Empires do. The Enclave is an Empire because they have started colonizing the world. This is un-fair to the player tribes who aren't able to do this yet.

I have a proposition. The other Continents have their own relationships with the Enclave. Let these reps be a small Rouge Trader force, having the right to trade and colonize on their authority but without the support of the Enclave. From there we have a small technologically advanced group, set against the player tribes. Have the skullcrows be a smaller threat compared to the Enclave forces that become more hostile to the player tribes. They start coercing deals from the natives and breaking their own contracts. They start developing on native land without permission.

The Eastern Metal Age could have a great conflict in the Enclaves Imperialistic efforts.

In case IG or ng is wondering, Apoe (Short for AwesomePoe) is a pal from IRC.

Apoe, this is a great idea. So, these explorer Enclave turn into jerks. Similar to the conquistadors. More like adventurers than government envoys.
One the game: I have limited time, experience has show its hard to keep it going past 3 threads. If you drag your feet, and dont want to keep pace, or Self GM, or find a friend to co-GM, expect my work. I will use what story resources are at hand to progress the game forward. This setting is fun, but it is facilitating the next era. I keep my mind on that, and what is to come.

On the enclave and to solomon: they are indeed consolidators, i like how people cry about them coming to conquer. yes, they are scary to primitive screwheads. Thats life, you fear something stronger and alien to you. Yet they killed attacked no one. Mary sues? no. They are out there to ensure the rest of the world isint killing itself, not living in the mud throwing sticks at eachother. arrogant? maybe. In time they would have pulled back to the central continent once the tribes reached a level of stability that was acceptable to them, they could "Stand on their own" again, arrogant? maybe. thats the nature of the game. dont cry about it on a personal level, because you dont like the style.

To my players- I know who got frustrated, and when. I really, really, asked you to do the above, and find an alternative method of self-GMing. you didnt. You got my story telling. Its bitter, and sweet for a reason. A few of you acted like first class pricks, that is all there is to it. but know what? its a thread, on 4chan. is it worth being upset over? Dunno. Fortune, this one, is not an attack, but advice. In the future, be 900 times blunter. Its called being open and honest. It works way better to be direct. I'm out. Gotta go save the world in real life.
File: 1340314464742.jpg-(24 KB, 350x350, sorry[1].jpg)
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You're right, I probably should have mentioned how uncomfortable the whole affair made me in the beginning, rather than just bottling it up until the end.

I probably should have self-GM'ed but I lacked the confidence to do it, I thought it would have been unfair to do so. Can't really blame anyone but myself for that one though.

I still like the way you GM, and we did talk in IRC, about how we probably should've said something, and that we should take it easy, especially since
A) by the end you were probably burnt out
B) we should've self-GMd so you didn't have to carry the whole damn game by yourself

I think we all dun' goofed here, everybody. I, at least, am sorry for my part in it all.
File: 1340320896213.png-(125 KB, 800x600, Bord trooper.png)
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Gotta go to sleep.
I hope that this thread stays here till tomorrow, so I can continue to work on my tribe.
So, have a bord bumb.
rolled 9 = 9

It seemed that these warriors were much better on the actual battlefield than in simple sparing matches.
The cartographer is known for being a slacker. When he returned and said there was nothing of note, he ended up being sent out again immediately, and was told to go and do his job.
After some discussion, it is decided that the Ca'rethill will not join the enclave. There is a bit of disbelief of what they claim. The evnoy is escorted out of the village. Guards around there are instructed to keep an eye on them, in case they should try something.

Rolling for exploring within the walls again.
Gents, would you like an observers perspective? Because I don't want to see this go away.

I've been watching you guys. I think I've been following these threads on the east continent tribes almost since they began. I've seen the Kiknaus master plan turn the Gwiliak into diverse, capable people. I've seen the Gantu become sharks that are Haiwans. I've seen the Silith do.... Actually I kinda skipped over the silith, because I was mainly here for the Gwiliak... But I lover your stories, and I love this world you guy's have built. I don't want to see this end becasue of story telling diferrences.

The enclave showing up was a bit strange, but I thought it was interesting. I thought it was an attempt to bring the stories of the continents to a new level, and to interminlge them with the prexisting stories of the enclave. I understand you guys are a bit upset how it was handled, but this is just my opinon, and I'm sorry if you disagree with it.

Finally: Can Join the next time you start tribes on another continent?
*Can I join the next time?
Sure thing! Heck, you can join in even at Metal Age, as a rising nation. And you are of course very allowed to participate in the evolution threads!
Of course! I'd say you can even join in now, but I think some others might say it's too late for that, and it'd mean that you'd have that one tribe that is still at the hunter-gatherer stage at the end, like my Burrahn were.
Thank you both! Though I'm not sure I'll join immediately, and I'd have to think long and hard about what I want my nation to be...

But I think I will join, eventually
Believe it or not, Bronze, we were just talking about adding new blood here, lest it end up a circlejerk of regulars. You're more than welcome here.
As quickly as it began, it was over. The death cries of the last Skulcrow as it was lit with purging fire heralded the start of a new age of peace for the Silith. It was fire that forced them from their ancestral homelands, fire that spurred them into adopting a policy of dogged determination, fire that smelted ore and allowed souls to cleanse the metal within, and it was fire that ultimately allowed the Silith to destroy the enemy that sought to consume their people. As charred ashes blew away in the wind like the remains of their Dundarin, the Silith gained a newfound respect for the Burning Moons. Once seen as a great enemy and rival, the Silith now perceive the Sun as merely another form of their cherished Void Guardians; one burns to remind them of what they can do, the other's glow reminding them of their mortality.

Within the Black City, the Dunari has firmly established himself as the one true leader of the Silithi people. Tribal Elders like Sandril are a dying breed, confined to lead as a spiritual figure, as a Sildun, or Spirit of the People. True power, the kind that builds kingdoms, rests in the claws of Polyandos and his advisers. The Silith during this time adopted a new practice for their Kings; upon death, the body of the Dunari is burned as to allow their mighty souls to enter steel that shall then be molded into a steel throne for the new Dunari, an acknowledgement of the Spirit that will guide, and a humble reminder of what awaits the Lord of Muskato.
Once mere refugees, the Silith have come into the continental spotlight. Masters of Steel, Tamers of Magnetism, Crafters of the Halls of Stone, the Silith have amassed a horde of knowledge and technical know-how, technology that has allowed them to become revered for their abilities in crafting fine steel blades and elaborate structures alike. Some Silith, such as the Great Engineer Seran seek to keep this technology for themselves, a treasure they rightfully earned through years of hardship and labor. Others with a mind for politics, such as Sandril or Polyandos see it differently. Technology was the Silith's greatest resource, and a resource kept to oneself is a resource squandered. With prayers to the Ancestors and the Spirits above, the Children of the Stars prepared to share their secrets with those who were willing to listen.

And with that, a chapter of the Silith's story was over. For what the Children's story held in the future, only the Spirits knew... And as all Silith knew, the Spirits would only reveal their destiny through toil and labor.
Dang, I'm not entirely sure what I want to do with the Mohu'awane. I have an idea, but... I'd like to talk it over with some folks, particularly IG and nongent.

I'll be here all night, lemme know if any of you are free for IRC. Need to bounce ideas off someone.
be there in a few.
Damn, that was fast.
Guh, computer froze during lunch break... What was it that you wanted to ask me, again?
terminal bump. go into the light
and so, the dust settles on this game. Is there anything else left to say?
File: 1340368067436.png-(291 KB, 1024x900, direct controll.png)
291 KB

I think that it is best for us all to rest and regain some steam for the next game. Although this continent didn't perhaps go as well as it could have, it was still far from a failure.
We should feel good for managing to pull it this far, despite all the schedule differences and real life stuff that hampered the flow of this game.
Overall, I might still do something with the Gwiliak, this thread is far from dead. We can use it to post potential ideas for new sessions as well as develop the fluff and other minor stuff of our tribes.
Finally, remember that it isn't about winning in this game.
We are aiming at creating an interesting world.

Well, I'm still working on what to do with the Gantu, personally. But if the thread 404's before I get finished with that, then I'll post it on the foolz archive.
File: 1340371901681.png-(145 KB, 482x390, GantuTribal_04.png)
145 KB
By which I mean, I have decided, but that I'm working on the picture and in writing the Epilogue up. Will post when done.

A final look at the Gantu, as they are now.
For those who might still be here, could you tell me what resources are available to your tribe? For example, I kinda remember the Silith having metal, but the exact source of it I forgot. Was it a mine?
I'm updating the East Map one last time, you see, and so far I've got the Kharum's final position, Silith's new position, added the Sama'Guchy to the map... also sad that Polemarch didn't come up with a tribe symbol, and left so soon.
Of course, this involves placement of new landmarks, such as Silith's metal source (drawn it as a mine for now), Sama'Guchy's cave, and the Kharum's trails.

My tribe's stuff is basically all made from quite commonly available organic stuff from the marshes.
Ngung silk, azrach sap, wood, bark, claws and armor plates of the animals that live there.

The only real resource they have is the natural gas that they obtain from the pockets underneath the mud of the swamps. Their food is mostly either hunted or gathered, although they have recently started fishing in the coast.

Oh, also, as onol gave the great falls settlement to me, I think that the resources over there are mine now too, which meas that I have access to sulfur and other chemicals that can be used for making explosives, as well as to gold and silver.
I would greatly appreciate a map, especially if you guys are going to continue to develop these guys past the tribal stage. I'll just develop my tribes as a more isolated nation, with its own developed history.

Also, a list of intelligent species would help
Though my tribe doesn't know about it yet, nongent told me that the Mohu'awane are sitting on *massive* oil reserves. It's possible I could become some oil shah with this. Bwahahah!

All in all, though, Mohu'awane is *rich* in terms of resources, especially fish and game. Such a vast amount of resources is part of why they developed so slowly, there was little need, as the land yielded its bounty easily.

There is also hard flat limestone along the beach (likely containing seashell fossils). These ended up inspiring the ata'e (gantu discs).

Beyond that, lots of game/fish, likely lots of wood, and oil reserves, I don't know. I suspect soil quality is poor, being on the beach, but this doesn't really affect pescivores like the Gantu.

The area around Storod (a town to the southwest of Muskato) seems to have rich farmland, as well as some minor sources of Neodymium and Iron laced with Depleted Uranium. Muskato itself has a fairly abundant source of black marble and iron-rich sands, which is where we get the majority of our steel.

We also have an abundance of salt, which we treat as a valuable trade resource and is produced in large quantities from the Bay.
File: 1340382033642.png-(205 KB, 1360x484, Sentients, names and locat(...).png)
205 KB

Well, here are all the current tribal species, plus an imperial bord in size scale with each other, along with the areas in where they live.
(I took the liberty of making gantus bigger, based on fortune's scale pictures of them)

Do you wish them to be elaborated upon?

I can do it shortly:
-4 armed frog people with bio electric powers.

-Hive bugs led by smarter queens.

Alun (tribal hoppas).
-Agile squid/dinosaur people with pheromone based communication. Can communicate with other hoppa species.

-Gelatinous people with ancestral memories. They reproduce by division.

-Predatory plant people with electric powers.

-Silicone based hive like macro-viruses that seek to absorb other race's genes to their own.

-Strong, heavily armored insecto/mammalian people with bio electricity.

-Wasp people that live in symbiosis with the giant god worms who they worship as gods. Can form neural links with both each other and the worm with their tongues.

-Floating octopus people with 360 degree vision and the ability to create deadly acid bombs.

-Deep sea crab people with pain inducing burning eyes. Evil.

-Beings formed from symbiosis between 3 different creatures. Hunt in packs. Presumably evil.

-Hive creatures that have common mutations and great genetic variance. They have 4 buts.

-Old race of sapients. They have notoriously bad luck.

Shrohan (Storm Lord).
-Flying squid people with extremely potent bio electric powers and electric "sight".

Hive rohas.
-Hive like armored squids that live in coral reefs.

-Strong and big shark people with metallic blade in their snouts. They have jovial attitude to life.

-Diverse race of dryad like plant people. Can reproduce in many ways and some live in symbiosis with large "mother trees".

-Agile insect/dinosaur people with 4 arms. One pair are strong pincers, the other grasping arms.

-Smart and fast bird people.

>Govkar: Insect/Dinosaurs


Alright, now I just need to see a map, and pick a location... are there any praries bordered by hills or mountains?
File: 1340383548480.jpg-(847 KB, 1300x1192, East continent biomes.jpg)
847 KB

I think that the burning plains area is pretty uninhabited by tribes right now. Unfortunately I don't have the bigger, black and white map right now, so this is only thing I can give you currently.
File: 1340385343858.png-(2.32 MB, 2810x3024, 1338563159935.png)
2.32 MB
I got this...
Hmmm... I like those southern mountains, and they jungles surrounding them.....

Is it all right if I post the details of my nation here? Or should I wait for another thread to flesh out my people?

I don't see why you couldn't do that, so feel free.
Remember that you need to make a logo for your people
I present: My logo. Its not as abstract as the rest of your logos, but its what I came up with in a few minutes.
And now, I begin the story of the people of Raiklund.

The Govkar of the Raik tribe had migrated south, and had crossed the ash highlands, and from their journey through that land, the gained the skill of shepedering. They herd ramels, and other creatures, keeping them for their milk (do they produce milk?), their meat and their skin.

When they reached the southern mountains, they found the valleys rich and plentiful. The tribe split into four parts, with the largest establishing the town of Raiksburg, which means "Camp of the Flock." The others established smaller settlements in neighboring valleys. The entirety of the tribe is ruled by a council, with represenatives from each of the outlying villages present in Raiksburg. The council solves disputes between families and individuals, and coordinates relief for families that are down on their luck.

During the time they've spent in the valleys, the tribe has learned to make use of some of the local plants. By harvesting and smashing local berries, and then allowing them to ferment, the people of Raiklund have discovered a great treat: Wine. It is only produced in limited quantities, as a famiies wealth in outlying villages is still more closely tied to its flocks than in Raiksburg, but all the adults enjoying a good drink now and then as they listen to old stories around a fire.

Thats all I have for now.
File: 1340388559503.png-(9 KB, 499x250, People of the south.png)
9 KB
SON OF A- kept mistyping the captcha and forgot the pic the time I got it right
I don't think they do. They're pretty far from mammalian. In fact, I don't know if any creatures here produce milk.
These past years, Kiknau had grown into a grand mother like figure to many of the younger witchborn govkars that lived in the cave she now called home. The older ones, who were aware of how normal govkars tended to see their altered kind, had been rather cold to her, but she could not blame them. The children however, had accepted her quite well. She had helped Hakel to raise Qua, and as the Kaduk order began to take more and more of her son's time, the responsibility of taking care for Qua had fallen increasingly into her hands.
At first, raising the child had been hard on her, as she reminded Kiknau of her firstborn son, who was also and abomination.
Over time, the traumas of the her past were healed as she helped the child to grow.

Qua was now nearing adolescence. Soon she could chose to join with the Kaduk...let the witches do their magic on her...Kiknau knew that the witches were involved in this..She had seen them occasionally lurking around just at the edges of her vision...but for some reason...she wasn't worried anymore...she hadn't been this calm in many, many years..in this place, her worries seemed to have vanished.
The news of her tribe's development under Daki's rule had made her quite proud of her children. Her people had spread across the marshes and driven out the monsters that tried to invade it. New technologies and wonders had been discovered and the marshes themselves were now safer for her people than they had ever been.
She needed to see the village and her people again. She knew that her age would soon overcome her.

Because of this, she is attempting to approach Hakel. She hopes that her son might take her back to the village, so she could see her people again.
To her pleasant surprise, Hakel agrees to her request, and after few days, they begin their trek back south.
Kiknau's reappearance in the tribe causes some confusion, as no one knew where she had been. Once again, she does what she can do best, tell lies. There is no use for the majority of the tribe to know of what really happened years ago, when she disappeared, so she tells that she had been helping Hakel to establish the order of the Kaduk.
She stays with the tribe, as an adviser to Daki, and a teacher for her descendants. She sees that Daki is suitable leader, despite of all the doubts she had had for her, and she now tries to help her with all the wisdom she has.
Good End.
As the population of Raiklund grew, new villages were established. One of these is at the base of the mountains, and sits near the jungles. This village, Ausburg, has become the main supply of wood for all of Raiklund, and has grown to rival the secondary towns that were established at the same time as Raiksburg. Other than Ausburg, Raiksburg, and the three other villages, there are four other villages, with only four or five families each.

Hey Bronze, I'm bored, you want a tribal symbol? If so, I'll need to know how many cities Reiksburg is made of (or started with).
Sure! Its made up of a capitol, three major settlements within the mountains, four smaller vilalges, and an outlying town on the border of the mountains and the jungles of the south
> http://mibbit.com/?channel=%23EVO&server=irc.thisisnotatrueending.com

Alright, go here, choose a name, and we can talk about what'cha want for the logo, what you have in mind.
Alright, I am Bronze
I just realized. We have no fungi!
Hey IG, if you see this, i would like to run a mini game on the giant coral island also known as "The cancer". just a place to make nightmare fuel, and horror. blow off steam and have fun. you know with this?
Last bump before going to sleep.
I say, go for it! But don't forget to save some steam for the South. Also, another possible biome I haven't touched on is the caverns, AKA Underground. Feel free to start a mini-evo game in the Great Caverns (which will be somewhere under South).
come to the primodrial caverns and blow off some steam.
File: 1340466004118.png-(253 KB, 768x1200, Kaduk warrior.png)
253 KB
IG, in case you see this, will you ad the expansion of the Gwiliak tribe to the map?
They have tree big settlements, one in the coast, at the spot where that one tribe settled, but never got anywhere (ng basically allowed me to absorb them), their main one and the Kharum village I got when the majority of the Kharum people decided to leave again.
There are also few minor outposts, such as the one at the area where the river enters the marshes, in which the enclave have built up some fortress or something.

The marshes are pretty much under the constant watch of the tribe, as they have built canopy bridges for fast movement, and their higitain riders can move around the marshes very quickly.
File: 1340484800706.png-(39 KB, 912x466, there has never been any kind (...).png)
39 KB
bumb in the name of bords!
Is there any evolution charts for the Sluck?

I can only find ones for the Fus and the Worem.
Could someone please post the tags to find this in the archives? I swear I've seen those tusks on some of the weapons before...
All the archived threads can be found linked from this page.

Unfortunately, no. A complete sluck chart hasn't been made.

There are things like rolls and questions that haven't been addressed still in this thread, so it can't die!
Bompon dos throd
gimme the links to the remaining rolls, and ask your remaining questions, i shall give to you the closure you desire.
There's my roll here, along with some response.

The enclave left politely, with no further discussion, their tents were packed and they boarded their airship to head back east. Your tribe experienced no further contact with them. There was little within your walled city that was not already known of.
and with that. feel free to do your epilog.
File: 1340526031865.png-(121 KB, 800x600, Cute govkar.png)
121 KB
Bumb in hopes that IG posts the updated map here, and to keep the thread alive.
File: 1340534167328.png-(2.23 MB, 2232x2050, 1339054238679.png)
2.23 MB
File: 1340536688964.png-(884 KB, 1405x1512, E Cont detailed 03.png)
884 KB
Thanks for the assist, nongent! Here it is with added notes from nongent's map. Kinda bit different but in the end, it's very approximative.
And a bumb!

The Silith settled down around the bay area to the right of where they're placed in that picture.

That being said, they would also be settled in that area on the map as well, considering they established a second settlement to the southwest of the bay.
File: 1340570058306.png-(334 KB, 800x600, Like a boss.png)
334 KB
Bumb in case No trip or Fortune still want to do their epilogues.

final bumb before sleep.
File: 1340590986349.png-(57 KB, 275x212, local.png)
57 KB
Epilogue? I've only set the background. Haven't even started building up to the climax. That may have to wait until we return to here though.
Also, what i had for my little part of the world. May have been mixing up east and west in my posts. Eastern settlement was obliterated.
When the Enclave left the small western village, guards were instructed to keep a close eye on them in the case of should they try anything.

IG, over the past several years living here, what would you say the stranger's been up to?
Whoops. Replied to wrong post.
He's teaching his wild-style martial arts, in exchange for housing and food. Married a local Joord, daughter of a carpenter.
the epilogue is just a summary of what is to come, sans rolls. big, basic, yet pivotal things. This chapter is coming to a close, next time we visit your tribe it may well be in the beginning of the metal age. Establishing things like your wall being finished, cultural shifts, small technological inventions, and establishment of trade with other areas can be summed up as easily as...well, i guess that list i just made. Up to you how you want to handle it though. Describeing if they become cunning expansionists, xenophobes living inside their great wall, or any other option is nice too.
as for keeping an eye on the enclave, they are long gone. packed up and left, taking all their gear and tents with them. The only remnants are spots where campfires were. not to return to this end of the continent in this era. Though keeping watch for them is likely given your tribe.
File: 1340634293895.jpg-(31 KB, 391x364, Ramona_Wat.jpg)
31 KB
Bumping, so that I can finally post my epilogue.
Also, I've included in my little epilogue a quick pronunciation guide for some of the Gantu words I created, both a standard dictionary pronunciation guide, which, while "close enough" is not as accurate as the International Phonetic Alphabet transcription that follows it.

If creating a language was difficult, then trying to write out how it's pronounced is even more so. A quick look at all the links I had to go through just to properly communicate just *how* these nonsense words I invented are pronounced.

> http://project-modelino.com/english-phonetic-transcription-converter.php?site_language=english
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Phonetic_Alphabet#Vowels_2
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phonetic_transcription
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:IPA_for_English
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%CA%BBOkina
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glottal_stophttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glottal_stop

/tg/, we take our fun very srsly.
Ko'uati. Ko'ati. Ko'uti.
To die. To dive. To sleep, or to rest.

These three words have similar roots and pronunciations. Their definitions are entwined in Gantu thought, as are the concepts behind them.

Death has been present for them, and it shall come again, though less violently.

The ocean continues to provide for their people, and the Gantu look evermore towards the sea for guidance.

Prepared for the future by friends and allies, the Gantu remain optimistic about their future, but remain vigilant against further attack, whether from beasts at home, or from strangers from distant lands.
> Ko'uati. ('koh-ə-'ah-tee) (IPA: ˈkoʊʔuːˌɑːtiː)
> Translation: to die, specifically, a natural death. sometimes euphemised as "to rest" (ko'uti)
The massive Skulcrow rattle would surely have destroyed the small tribe, but thankfully, the Gwiliak, with the Kaduk, and the Silith both, more or less, put an end to the coming invasion. The Gantu, however, had yet to discover the Gwiliak (much less their warrior-order of the Kaduk) and so credited the Silith with their salvation. The Gantu thanked the Silith by bringing boatloads of exotic (well, exotic to the Silith, anyway) foods to the Silith in appreciation, as well as a handful of Woolly Boomer pups. The Gantu also showed Moskatu how much fun Mohu'awane celebrations can be, feasting, dancing, storytelling.
It ended up becoming a holiday, the Day of Rescue. Every year, each Gantu in the village finds or prepares a treat or other type of food, and these gifts are then delivered to Moskatu, and handed out to random citizens. A Woolly Boomer pup is also delievered to the Danuri of the Silith.

Many years later, the old chieftan, Lumawaihe, finally passes away. The entire tribe mourns her loss. She has lived a long time, and some Gantu grew up their entire lives not knowing any other chief, until now. Lumawaihe is placed upon a bed of soft azrach leaveas, and is Returned to the sea.
Even Polyandros sends his condolences for the passing of his honoured ally... and perhaps friend. Near the end of her life, Lumawaihe and Polyandros cemented their tribes' alliance, and spent many days in Moskatu. The two leaders eventually grew to respect one another, and some in Moskatu say that they were even heard joking and laughing with each other, like old friends.
Tala'alahe, as Lumawaihe's only heir, now must take on the burden of her mother, and lead the tribe. Thus she takes her mother's place as chief and is faced with a decision. The attack from the Noords was traumatic for her people. For years afterward they were paranoid and frightful of strangers (this is part of why they denied the Enclave, for example).

Tala'alahe felt that to continue such a path would compromise who the Mohu'awane (Gantu and Skulk alike) were as a people. Her words help to salve fears, and she makes a bold mission statement, one that will likely determin the future of her people. The world is far more dangerous and possibly cruel than any of them had previously imagined.
To succumb to despair and become unkind in response, well, this is not their way. This is not Big Sister's way, this is not the Gantu way, this is not Mohu'awane. They will instead become a haven, for travelers and refugees, a place of safety for all. They will use their gifts of size and strength to protect those who cannot defend themselves. They will guard their beachfront paradise, that all kindred of the world may come and be free from the tyranny of fear, in the name of Little Brother, the Guardian.

The Gantu's trials have not taken their spirit, nor their joy, indeed, they treasure it all the more, and seek to share it, for if such is the world, than the joy of Mohu'awane is needed all the more. They guard it, for such is the flame of hope, the light and warmth of a friendly smile. As long as there remain Gantu willing to defend it, it shan't be snuffed out.
> Ko'ati. ('koh-ə-'ah-tee) (IPA: ˈkoʊʔˌɑːtiː)
> Translation: to dive, to jump into water; contains connotations of sleep, of returning to one's roots, and of immersing one's self in all the good things that the world has to offer; Phrases include: "dive into foreign seas" (to experience another culture) and to "dive into the gift" (that gift being the world. a phrase that means learning new things)
The tribe grows as time passes by, as children are brought into the world. The village moves further northwest up the coast, but another idea is offered. Houses on stilts, secured upon the shallow sea floor by divers. Often, these houses have a hole in the center, that a fishing net can be put into it, and food be caught. Many fishers make their homes in the stilt homes, and sometimes string fishing nets between nearby homes (almost like clotheslines dipped into the water).

The Gantu have slowly learned the methods of forging, and their spears of stone and roha-tooth are replaced by blades of bronze. The Silith may use steel, but iron is rare in Mohu'awane, copper and tin however, are abundant.
While in Moskatu and Storod, forging is a sacred art, taught by the priests, the Gantu do not put such ritual into the making. Some of the orignal blacksmiths take up the Silithi religion, though, and they influence Gantu culture a small bit. The moon finds reverence as a little diety, the third child, and she is called Little Sister, or sometimes the White Sun.
The Gantu decorate their weapons, with designs reminiscent of their body-art. They are taught how to make armour, but the hot tropical sun of their home means that such items are a novelty for now.
The blades left by the Enclave give the Gantu ideas... as they look eerily similar to the horns of ramels, especially slashers. Perhaps these beasts are good for more than just meat? The Gantu may begin to experiment with using ramel hide and horn as an alternative material.

Polahu eventually courts Tala'alahe. It's... awkward to say the least, because Tala doesn't want to admit her feelings (she also is "far too busy" for a relationship) and Polahu... doesn't talk much, even less about his feelings, he's just that kind of guy. Such courtship takes a long time, and by the time it's revealed to the tribe, there is a sense of "took you long enough". Their descendants will form a long-lasting dynasty for Mohu'awane.

A second river expediton, headed by two Gantu explorers (and a pet Coastal Boomer), eventually discovers the Gwiliak, a small outlying town, the "Wild West" of the swamp tribe. A river-based trade route is established, and it is discovered that the Gwiliak make silk of their own. A friendly rivalry develops between the tribes, as each seeks to outdo one another in the quality and beauty of the silk they produce.
Gwiliak come to adore the foreign food, as it's far and away better tasting than their local fare. Gwiliak cooking begins to incorporate foreign ingredients (though the Gwiliak prepare said things in their own ways, creating an interesting cultural blend of culinary styles).
File: 1340653775637.png-(300 KB, 800x600, Epilogue.png)
300 KB
> Ko'uti ('koh-ə-'oo-tee) (IPA: 'koʊʔˌuːtiː)
> Translation: to sleep/rest, connotations of refreshing one's self, and by getting ready for the day ahead by remaining healthy today
The sun sets... bathing the horizon in a warm glow. Little Brother (the sun) was retiring now, retiring to the home of the gods, the ocean. It is there that Big Sister lay, and from whence the Gantu emerged, they believe, long ago. Just as a warrior need rest after a long day, so must even the gods have their sleep.

An age of the world is coming to an end. Metal slowly replaces bone. Silk has replaced grass. The Kaze are no more, subsumed into the culture of the Mohu'awane, though they keep their ancient traditions and practices alive, remaining a distinct ethnicity amongst the Gantu.
Isolated no more, the Gantu now have trade routes, and alliances, some to the Silith, and some to the Gwiliak, as well as a very minor one running to the Walled City.

The sun sets upon this time, yet, a new day is ahead. The sun will rise again from the sea, and will bring with it dawn, a fresh era, a new age in the lifetime of the world. The Gantu, greet it, with the love and enthusiasm of a parent looking upon a newborn. Welcome, you new and brilliant future, welcome, child to the Gift. The gift of life, the gift of the world, and all its inhabitants.
File: 1340659931003.gif-(540 KB, 400x300, Clap.gif)
540 KB

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