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File: 1339809559460.jpg-(443 KB, 1700x1063, MEQuest.jpg)
443 KB

Password is "Geronimo"

The year is 2183, nearly a quarter of a century has passed since the First Contact War and humanity has taken it's place on the galactic stage.
You are James "Geronimo" Rennick a Sergeant in the Systems Alliance Marines and N1 Rank Special Operative.
As the leader of Jaguar Squad you lead your elite team into battle across the galaxy.

Character Sheet

Throw- Rank 1
Force 1d250+250 Newtons
Recharge 30 seconds
Radius 1 Meter

Pull- Rank 1
Force-1d125+125 Newtons
Duruation-12 seconds
Radius-1 Meter
Recharge- 30 Seconds

Shockwave- Rank 1
Force- 100 Newtons
Number of Waves- 4
Recharge- 18 seconds

Nova- Rank 1
Force- 1D300 Newtons
Damage- 2x Remaining Shields Minus 5%
(This attack drains remaining shields to 5 percent)
Shields must be above 5% to use.

Charge Rank- 2
Force- 7D100 Newtons
Damage 12d10
Recharge-12 seconds

Assault Mastery- Rank 2
+5% Weapon Damage
+5% Biotic Force
+5% Health
+5% Shields

Tomahawk- Rank 1
You have a Badass Tomahawk
6900 Credits

Onyx Light Armor-
DR 5
Shields 49
T/B DC 12
Recharge Delay-6 seconds of not being fired upon.
Recharge Rate-33% Per Round.

Stiletto Pistol
Damage- 1D73+73
Clip Size 15

Hurricane Shotgun-
Clip Size 3
Special Rules. Shotgun spread-Shotguns may still hit their target even on a miss. For each degree of failure subtract half the HD, may reduce to zero.

Bluewire MK III Omni-tool
Shield 5
Cooldown Bonus 0
Med/Hacking bonus 5

L2 Biotic Implant
20% Bonus to all Biotic Power Force
Special Rules-At least once a day you will be required to make a roll to determine the side-effects from your L2 Implant.
Depending on the level of use, more may be required.

3 Crazy Disc Grenades
Damage 10d50+250

Badass Tomahawk (Throwable)
Special Rule- Warrior's Stride- On a kill with this weapon you may take an immediate Charge as a free-action. At the end of this charge you gain full shields. If the kill was by a thrown tomahawk you charge to the tomahawk and pick it up, again as a free action where you regain full shields.
Several men materialize out of the shadows, a private security force.

Jack nods as you answer

"Well then, you've come to the right place. If the money's right I can get you anything you need. Step into my office. 2 of the guards follow him up the stairs and another 2 stand guard at the bottom of the stairs sizing you up as you pass.

You follow him up the office.

The room is decorated lavishly, antique lamps, what appears to be a "globe" you believe is the word for it.

Bookshelves full of tomes cover one side of the room. Honestly you can't remember the last time you saw a book, they're rarities anymore, it's rare for anyone to have such a large collection. It must be nearly priceless.

And finally over his desk, from what you know of military history it appears to be an ancient infantry rifle.

Jack notices you eying it.

"Ah, you like the piece. World War II, an M1 Garand. It's the prize of my collection and an heirloom to boot. My ancestor fought in the war and brought his rifle home with him. Weird to think we used to fight with such primitive weapons isn't it? So...tell me Geronimo, how much are you looking to spend?"

>Be upfront about the amount you have
>Try to get more information on his goods
>Ask about something specific
[X] Try to get more information on his goods
rolled 36 = 36

>Be upfront about the amount you have

Need a tiebreaker

Nothing has appeared, how about a mutual statement.

"I'll be honest, what I'll be able to get may be limited by my resources. Could you tell me a little about what you have available?"

How's that?
rolled 98 = 98

sounds good to me

"Hmmm, well that presents a bit of a problem. I usually only deal with the best of the best. But I'm sure we can work something out. I have everything but the bleeding edge military hardware. Name the manufacturer, I'll show you a catalog. I also deal in many other difficult to come by items as you can see but Gardner mentioned you were looking for something along the lines of kicking down doors and blowing shit up. Which I'm more than happy to oblige. You seem a cut above the normal riff-raff I have begging for my help. So how many credits are we talking. 100 K?" he kicks his feet up on his desk and leans back in his chair. One man stands beside his large oak desk and the other has taken up position by the door to the room.

>You have 6900 credits.

>Tell him you don't have that kind of money
>See if you can come to some sort of arrangement
>Get out of there

>Not all questions have to be in character, feel free to ask anything you don't understand
[x] See if you can come to some sort of arrangement
rolled 79 = 79

wouldn't have any odd jobs?

"Heh, well let's just say I was hoping we could work out some kind of deal to get what I need." you say

"Eh, I kind of figured, you don't look like someone who's pushing red sand on the side. Well I have a few things that could use doing. However before I tell you anything I need you to understand something."

He stands up and paces the room a moment before turning to you and smiling.

"Rule number one, Do not fuck with me." he says putting up a single finger.
"Rule number two, Do not fuck with my money." he says adding an index finger.
"And rule number three, Do not make me ask twice." he says adding his final finger.
"You do that, and we'll get along just fine. I have some work that needs doing. However it may require getting your hands a little dirty. Decide now, if you want out, there's the door. We both forget we ever met and you never try to contact me again. You do this, we're friends and I'll help you out in any way I can. I'm a man who pays my debts." Jack finishes and walks back over to his desk, plopping down into his oversized chair.

>I'm in
>I thank you for your time but I think it would be best if I'm on my way
>Other (Questions/concerns)
On a scale from 1-10 how dirty are we talking? I'm flexible but there are reasonable lines that I won't cross.
rolled 5 = 5

>I'm in

"Once again, I tell you about the job, you're locked in. But, you seem like one of those stupid lawful motherfuckers so trust me, you'll be ok. I won't ask anything you'll want to shoot me dead over. I think that's counterproductive to business. I'm a business man, not a sociopath. I have 3 jobs for a little variety. Complete all 3 for me, I'll break my back for you in any way I can."
Very well, I'm in.

Ready to roll?
rolled 42, 53 = 95


"Ok." He says taking a deep breath and leaning towards you.

"First I need a package delivered to an Asari dancer in Elysium Fields. You know, the big club downtown. It's pretty popular with the military from what I hear, you've probably been there before. Her name is Nara L'tone, just ask around. This package is for her hands only."

He lights a cigar and offers you a smoke, you politely decline.

"Next is a debt collection, I sold a man a very expensive sub-machine gun and I've yet to receive so much as a thank you. His name is Mark Regal, he lives in the Skyland Apartments near Elysium.
And finally I need someone killed." You let your face drop into mild shock.

"HA! Just joking, I don't know why people always expect me to drop that one on them...too many vids I guess. I need you to find someone and aquire all the information you can about them. Here's the catch. All I know is their name. Weyrloc Tyran. He's a krogan merc and I want to the know what the hell he's doing here and what he wants. He's to be considered extremely dangerous and I wouldn't approach him unless you're ready for a fight." he blows the sweet smelling smoke to the ceiling of his office.

"So, any questions?" he asks kicking back again to enjoy his cigar.
What can you tell me about Mark Regal, standing in society, job, finances, appearance, family, that sort of thing?
rolled 74, 16 = 90


Jack looks lazily over to the man on his left.

"He's a nobody. Works some shit job as a busboy in a restaurant. Though from what I understand he quit about the same time he got the gun, we've already tried shaking them down. He payed half the cost up front and was supposed to get back with us a couple days later with the rest."

Jack cuts in. "He didn't. I had my boy here call him up, leave a voicemail to get in touch asap. I made it clear I wasn't after him, just my money. Once again, I'm a business man, no need to crack heads over something so minor. No response either to his phone or leaving a message with who I presumed his co-workers are.
He's broken all 3 of my rules and if you don't either get my money or get my gun he will be on a slab." Jack slams the butt of the cigar into the ashtray on his desk.

"We don't know if he has any family or what his financials look like, we haven't been able to locate his accounts yet. He doesn't seem to have one at any major bank typically used on Scott." his body guard finishes.

>I'm ready
Can't think of anything else to ask.

Let's go.

Jack walks out with you with his body guards following behind. He hands you a small package.

"It goes without saying it's for her eyes only as well. I'm a reasonable guy, don't be the next Regal will you. I have enough shit to deal with without having to track down some military brat and planting red sand on his corpse so they don't launch a manhunt." He salutes and heads back up to his office.

You head out of the warehouse and meet up a couple rows of warehouses

"I can't believe that guy..." she says.

"How much did you hear?" You ask as the cab arrives.

"Enough.." she grabs your hand, "Are you sure about this."

"Don't have much choice now. Lesser of two evils I suppose."

"Well let's get to it. How do you wanna handle this?"

>Go together
>Split up
>Call in back-up
[x] Go together

Going alone is risky, but bringing in more people makes it obvious and suspicious. As it is it looks like two people going to a club.

Ah and it looks like you want the delivery job first then?

You head downtown to Elysium Fields. This is the time of night when the club really hits it's stride. The bass is easily felt outside the club. Problem sighted however, there is a huge line for entry.

Karri spots the problem as well.

"Eh, got a plan James?" she asks looking to you.

Two well built human bouncers stand at the door along with a large Krogan. There is a side alley leading to some dumpsters, you can't see much past that.
A soldier seems to be arguing with one of the humans in a suit. The soldier seems a little intoxicated already.

>What would you like to do?
Go up to the arguing soldier, calm him down, break up the potential fight. We know soldiers, being one ourself, and how to get them to chill out. If we're lucky we can leverage this with the man in the suit and get in.

"No! You listen to me jackass, you're not getting in. I don't give a fuck how long you've waited, you can wait a little longer or go home." the man in the suit says to the soldier.

"You serious? After all we do for you assholes and you can't even make a little more room? We're out there dying for you douchebags and you can't even make a few exceptions for fighting men. I mean really, you act like 2 more people are gonna ruin everyone's fun in there."

"We're at capacity, I've explained this to you several times over, and I resent that, my father served in the Alliance to and you all get free admission, we love having you. But we have our safety regulations." he says crossing his arms

"You didn't have them 5 minutes ago when that little shit in the Stretch Skycar showed up. He was let it like it's what you'd been waiting for all night! Which I could understand if he hadn't have piled out with an entourage of 20 other people. The fuck is that man?"

>Jump into the coversation
>Ask a question
>Walk away
>Jump into the conversation

Tell the soldier to get a hold of himself, that the guy with the stretch probably had a reservation of some kind. It shouldn't be that long of a wait, we're supposed to be calm and protect these people, not get into fights with them.

"He did have a reservation, for himself and all his guests. They booked it a week in advance. I'll do my best to get you in as soon as I can." the man in the suit says relaxing a little.

The soldier looks to you. "That's alright I guess."

Situation defused.

The man in the suit turns to you. "Thanks, is there something I can help you with?"

>Walk away
Yeah, I have a friend in there and they called me and asked me to bring something, do you mind if I pop in for 5-10 minutes instead of having to wait when I'm just running a quick errand.

"What's their name?" he asks

>Respond (Free-form)
John, if he presses for details that we don't have we'll shift tactics and say that it's for one of the dancers and she didn't want us to go spreading around that she forgot some of her stuff.

He looks skeptical so you switch modes.
"It's for one of the dancers, it's one of those private matters you know. She didn't want it spread around."

He nods and whispers back "That's ok, if you want I can pass it on to them. Who's it for?"
Nara L'tone and she asked me to bring it to her myself. It might not be a big deal, but I'd rather not annoy her.

"I see, well I really can't let anyone in to see the dancers. Security, you understand right? Do you wanna wait or are you sure I can't just take it to her for you?"
I was asked to bring it right to her hands. If there's one thing I can do it's follow directions. I'll wait.

Thanks man, if it makes you feel any better if you'll let me walk you in and out I'll get you as quick as I can. Right after our soldier buddy. Just wish we'd get some more tired people but honestly this time of night we're in for a pretty heavy wait. No one wants to leave, the party is just getting started and no one is drunk enough to curb yet." he laughs and you walk back over to Karri.

"Well what now? Wanna check out that alleyway?"

>Action (Free-form)
Sure, I'm always a fan of investigating suspicious alleyways. It'll give us something to do while we wait.

You head down the alley and find a door with a keypad.

She looks around. "I don't see anyone. Want me to hack it?"

"You can do that?" you ask

"Please, did you forget who you're talking to?" she laughs.

>Hack that shit
>We shouldn't do that.
Hmm. There could be someone on the other side and I'd rather not burn through the good will I just got from that, but I dislike waiting.

Can you check if anyone is on the other side of the door and where this door goes to in the building before you open it up?
File: 1339820437778.jpg-(66 KB, 548x298, 1338275467155.jpg)
66 KB
voting for this

"Hmmm..." she types away on her Omni-tool.
"No schematics readily available on the extranet, likely security related. I just noticed something. There's no camera back here."

"Yeah?" you look around to see nothing but barren walls.
"But that's a good thing right?" you say.

"Not necessarily. If they did I might be able to get into their system and view their security feeds. As it stands we're blind unless we can find something with access to their network. Any thoughts?"

>(Free form)

welcome back
File: 1339820919923.png-(199 KB, 700x480, 1333129357960.png)
199 KB
also i am unfortunately able to stay up and help out since i need sleep.

so as a token of my gratitude for OP continuing this quest, have a pic of some Geth babies playing with blocks
*unable* drat, i am pretty exhausted to miss a typo like that

Still here man?

>Hack it
>3rd option

Last bump, if anyone is in speak now. At 12:30 central standard I'm out otherwise.

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