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File: 1339730930516.jpg-(442 KB, 1700x1063, MassEffectQuest.jpg)
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Anyone up for playing tonight?

Password is "Geronimo"

The year is 2183, nearly a quarter of a century has passed since the First Contact War and humanity has taken it's place on the galactic stage.
You are James "Geronimo" Rennick a Sergeant in the Systems Alliance Marines and N1 Rank Special Operative.
As the leader of Jaguar Squad you lead your elite team into battle across the galaxy.

Character Sheet

Throw- Rank 1
Force 1d250+250 Newtons
Recharge 30 seconds
Radius 1 Meter

Pull- Rank 1
Force-1d125+125 Newtons
Duruation-12 seconds
Radius-1 Meter
Recharge- 30 Seconds

Shockwave- Rank 1
Force- 100 Newtons
Number of Waves- 4
Recharge- 18 seconds

Nova- Rank 1
Force- 1D300 Newtons
Damage- 2x Remaining Shields Minus 5%
(This attack drains remaining shields to 5 percent)
Shields must be above 5% to use.

Charge Rank- 2
Force- 7D100 Newtons
Damage 12d10
Recharge-12 seconds

Assault Mastery- Rank 2
+5% Weapon Damage
+5% Biotic Force
+5% Health
+5% Shields

Tomahawk- Rank 1
You have a Badass Tomahawk
6900 Credits

Onyx Light Armor-
DR 5
Shields 49
T/B DC 12
Recharge Delay-6 seconds of not being fired upon.
Recharge Rate-33% Per Round.

Stiletto Pistol
Damage- 1D73+73
Clip Size 15

Hurricane Shotgun-
Clip Size 3
Special Rules. Shotgun spread-Shotguns may still hit their target even on a miss. For each degree of failure subtract half the HD, may reduce to zero.

Bluewire MK III Omni-tool
Shield 5
Cooldown Bonus 0
Med/Hacking bonus 5

L2 Biotic Implant
20% Bonus to all Biotic Power Force
Special Rules-At least once a day you will be required to make a roll to determine the side-effects from your L2 Implant.
Depending on the level of use, more may be required.

3 Crazy Disc Grenades
Damage 10d50+250

Badass Tomahawk (Throwable)
Special Rule- Warrior's Stride- On a kill with this weapon you may take an immediate Charge as a free-action. At the end of this charge you gain full shields. If the kill was by a thrown tomahawk you charge to the tomahawk and pick it up, again as a free action where you regain full shields.
File: 1339731875257.png-(116 KB, 490x404, teamvanguard.png)
116 KB
Paging Team Vanguard
I'm here, what are we doing?

Hooray! I've tried to start up 4 times in the last 2 days and got nothing. Too many other decent quests =p.

The sandbag impacts Karri's position, it knocks over the top row weakening her cover.
She hasn't fired back yet.

>Fire from cover
Throw another Sandbag at her position while taunting to either get her to reveal her position and make sure we've got the right location.

You hoist another sandbag and yell "You're not gonna have much cover left in a second!"

Roll a d100, goal is a 40, higher the roll the better.
rolled 96 = 96

Our family is famous for its use of the Tomohawk, few have ever had to face the Rennick family when they have sandbags available, if they had we would be known for that instead.

Also, assuming you weren't in last thread.
This is a friendly training exercise. You have bet you can beat Karri without using your biotic powers.
Sandbags aren't biotic powers, though next match she might restrict them given how useful they are.

You hear an unexpected noise as the sandbag sails through the air. A metallic clank followed by an explosion. You're pelted with small pieces of shrapnel.


Training rounds pelt the barricade. Ok, you think Karri may be taking this a bit too seriously. She was always fiercely competitive but seriously? Explosives? Well good to see Biotics are out but she can do her techy shit all day. You need to rap this up and fast before she can send out another drone, you don't think you'll get lucky again.

>Wait for a slow in the fire rate
>CHARGE (Non-biotically)
rolled 6 = 6

She shouldn't have much cover left at this point and even without biotics we're damn good at this charging business. Charge, fire the shotgun at her as we go and get her into melee range where we shine.
rolled 87 = 87

Let's try that one more time.

I'm guessing that's a roll to charge.
I'll take an average cause with a roll like that you just tripped over your sandbags.

Much better. You get over the barricade and start charging her position.
Roll another d100. goal is to beat a 25. First roll wins.
rolled 5 = 5

rolled 20 = 20

Well, son of a bitch.
rolled 8, 7, 7 = 22


Bullets pelt you, even firing wildly over the barrier she gets in enough good shots to knock you prone.

Your shields take a solid hit. They're about half down. a few stray bullets pepper the dirt but you're much harder to hit prone.

>Get up and rush again
>Wait for the next lull in fire (Shield recharge will begin)
>Crawl towards the barricade
>Get up and rush again

Don't give her a chance to catch her breath or change locations.
rolled 86 = 86

>Wait for the next lull in fire (Shield recharge will begin)

then >Get up and rush again
File: 1339734857407.jpg-(48 KB, 600x591, 1313701399878.jpg)
48 KB
rolled 31 = 31


You're almost there, just 15 more yards.

>Need another d100 check, goal is the same, DC25

Lol well it looks like we got a little debate. You get that worked out gentlemen, I'll be back in 5 to see your decision.
File: 1339735080486.jpg-(187 KB, 1920x1080, BEEP BEEP!.jpg)
187 KB
rolled 86 = 86

hey now, i'm here to roll dice and chew bubblegum, and i'm all out of bubblegum

You rush the cover. Bullets slash air and ping off the fringes of your armor but you don't care, you're going right through that barricade and tackling Karri before she launches another drone.

The look on her face as you bullrush through the barricade can only be described as utmost shock.

She recovers and slams another thermal clip into the receiver. Her Omni-tool is coated with warning screens, apparently there is a drawback to all that drone's firepower.

She looks at you defiantly trying to get her barrel up to chest height.


>Grab her gun
>Go for quickest draw, your shotgun is readily at hand, you just need to aim.
> Other
rolled 63 = 63

>Go for quickest draw, your shotgun is readily at hand, you just need to aim.
shoot her
rolled 13 = 13

Headbutt to daze her and then grab her gun and continue to headbutt and otherwise CQC her.

voting for this but might want to be ready to switch to a different weapon just in case she fires off an overload
Why would you play this and not the actual video game?

Good quest threads tell a story. They let their choices be things that affect the direction of that story. What you are doing, op, is playing a FPS in text. It's just action, and there's no point in it. So please go play BF3 with the rest of your kind and leave this board alone.
rolled 45 + 5 = 50



You bring your own weapon to bear.
Beat my roll
File: 1339736917312.jpg-(57 KB, 750x600, bobthereaper.jpg)
57 KB
rolled 61 = 61

rolled 47 = 47

keeping our pimp hand strong
rolled 47 = 47


Click. Boom!
File: 1339737335317.jpg-(23 KB, 375x500, wat2.jpg)
23 KB

>Combat is a common thing
>Story shouldn't be decided by random chance to a degree

AC Quest also has combat though to be fair AC Guy has much better prose than I.

I can respect what you're saying and it's something I'm actively working on. However they elected to train which has a random chance of rewarding them with new and better skills. Mass Effect is a combat heavy galaxy. I would be fine if they had wanted to play the diplomat, but they didn't.

If you would sir/madam if you're a fan of the series tell me what would interest you more so I could improve future sessions.

Answer the following.
1. Do you like the current PC, please explain your answer
2. Would it be better if it was purely organizational and story driven like say... Planetary Governor Quest?
3. How would you set up a Mass Effect Quest? Railroad/Sandbox?

Thank you for your time.
huh, it seems that i'm actually getting more than one high roll tonight

Well there was gonna be more later on where you might actually you know die. With that in mind the dice gods are likely to abandon you later on Mick as is traditional. Lol

You manage to bring your shotgun up and fire directly into Karri's chest. She sprays wildly as she is hit her bullets slashing air to your left. You fire again and this time a klaxon plays alerting you the exercise is over.

You hold out a hand and help Karri to her feet.

She looks a little shaken, but otherwise ok.
She breathes heavily and finally looks up to you to say, "I thought you were gonna kill me..."

"Why would you think that?" you ask

"Just, the way you came through that barricade, there's such ferocity in the way you fight, it's like a wild animal. Pure instinct you know? I don't think I fired at you to win, but rather, I was gonna die if I didn't do something. Still you beat me to the punch. I don't remember you being so intense before the training." She brushes some sand from her armor.

>Let her continue

Still eagerly awaiting a response.
chuckle a bit and say "sorry about that, when i see explosions i sometimes go into "Everything must die" mode"
Make a small joke about it and then Let her continue.

Fucking hivemind.

You joke with her about the intensity and she seems unconvinced.

"I guess so, well as you can see I perfected making those explosive drones, I planned to use it as a distraction but you derailed that plan with a sandbag. I mean really, who throws sandbags?!" she tugs on her hair in frustration.

"Well, no matter now, I guess you won our bet. No biotics after all. Guess you've earned a reward.", she smiles mischievously at you, "What are your plans for the night?"


>Reminder, you were to meet Gardner's connection tonight in Scott's warehouse district to see about getting all the hardware you can get your hands on.
Well, I've got a quick meet with a guy about some hardware at midnight, so we spend our time until then being sweet and romantic, then I go to the meet, come back with alcohol and pizza and we spend the rest of our time being decidedly primitive.

Well spoken

She laughs and says "Sounds like a plan. Though who are you meeting?"


Realization if Mick isn't here it's entirely possible no one knows what the fuck is going on.

Karri has just been alerted you're going to meet an arms dealer. His name is Jack Harken, he wants you to come alone to a warehouse at midnight.
Friend of Gardner's named Jack, he has hardware, I need hardware. Should be a simple in and out meet.

You reply with a cool confidence. Karri nods and says, "In that case can I come with you? We'll just go out afterwards. We're not due back till 5 and I slept earlier."

>You're supposed to come alone
It said I'm supposed to come alone, just in case you should be nearby and in contact, but not at the location of the meet.

"...and exactly what part of this doesn't sound sketchy to you?" she asks putting her hand on her hips

"Don't really have much of a choice short of raiding our armory."

"So you're dealing with some black market guy who may or may not kill you to illegally obtain firearms for fighting a guy that you, Briggs, and Haskill are all terrified of? This is fucked up..."

"Come on Karri, I could really use you for overwatch."

"Shouldn't we clue the rest of the squad in as well? I mean, this is dangerous..."

The more people who know, the more likely it is that this guy freaks and the more we have to explain exactly what is up.

Have them on speeddial, but if there's a threat I can't get away from or take out we're already up shit creek sans paddle.

"That's comforting...", she replies, "Well you ready?"

>Let's go
>Not quite yet, there was one more thing I wanted to take care of.

>No armor off base, you're only allowed a side-arm to conceal and carry.
Can't think of anything. We've got a meeting for weapons from a black market source and then a date, we must be the strangest couple ever.

You take a cab to the warehouse district in Scott.

>You need to locate J11.

"I'll creep along behind you, my drone will keep overwatch you go on ahead and I'll be as stealthy as I can."

You proceed into the cluster of warehouses. It's hard to find in the dark but eventually you come upon a large warehouse with it's own landing platform. You find the door, there's a camera to the side and a bright security light over the door.

Wave at the camera, show that we're alone and knock on the door.

There's buzz and click from the door.

You proceed inside.

You immediately take stock of the room. Huge containers, some opened, many closed. The warehouse seems fairly pristine, it must see a fair share of activity.

The emblem for CDR Holdings is on the wall and the crates are labeled from Haribon Military Industries. You see a large office overlooking the warehouse floor and a man in a leather jacket walks down the stairs.
Sandy blonde hair, light build, a snaggletoothed grin.

"Ah, James Rennick, the Alliance's new posterboy in training. A pleasure to finally meet you, I saw your vids. Pretty incredible stuff, I can see why Gardner spoke so highly of you. So how can this humble smuggler assist you this fine evening?" he takes a small bow.

>Roll a d100 and respond
rolled 38 = 38

I'm looking for hardware, guns, ammo. I need gear.

Several men materialize out of the shadows, a private security force.

He nods as you answer

"Well then, you've come to the right place. If the money's right I can get you anything you need. Step into my office. 2 of the guards follow him up the stairs and another 2 stand guard at the bottom.

You follow him up the office.

The room is decorated lavishly, antique lamps, what appears to be a "globe" you believe is the word for it.

Bookshelves full of tomes cover one side of the room. Honestly you can't remember the last time you saw a book, they're rarities anymore, it's rare for anyone to have such a large collection. It must be nearly priceless.

And finally over his desk, from what you know of military history it appears to be an ancient infantry rifle.

He notices you eying it.

"Ah, you like the piece. World War II, an M1 Garand. It's the prize of my collection and an heirloom to boot. My ancestor fought in the war and brought his rifle home with him. Weird to think we thought with those once isn't it?
So...tell me Geronimo, how much are you looking to spend?"

i'm gonna do a wakeup bump for this thread in hopes the GM is still awake
nah, maybe i shouldn't bump
Actually I think I'll just continue this one. I spam /tg/ enough. It'll hit bump limit soon though.

So, how much are we looking to spend guys

>Be upfront about the amount you have
>Try to get more information on his goods
>Ask about something specific
File: 1339792045967.png-(67 KB, 307x280, fliptable.png)
67 KB
I suppose I'll just wait for 404

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