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...and they would know no Fear.
That was the promise, given to the sons of Emperor. But that icy grip in the guts that brother Renard felt was uncomfortably similar to that feeling, which mortals called Fear. He jammed his last magazine of ammunition into his battered, muddy bolter and opened fire without aiming into the oncoming wave of greenskins. Splattered blood and shattered bones covered jungle floor, orks hit by bolt rounds exploded like bugs squeeshed by an armoured fist.But there were too many of them, attacking from all sides...

This was the first battle for Renard, unless you count that skirmish on Mormark. It was nothing like the simulations. Space marine column was ambushed while stuck in the swamp that orbital scans failed to notice. It was a massacare. Mortals, scitarii and engineseers were wiped out within first few minutes of the engagement, among them wise Magos Explorator Galeus, that Renard's squad was supposed to protect. Grenades, heavy machine guns and waves after waves of mindless beasts turned this strip of jungle into a nightmarish killzone that even Ghosts couldn't survive.
Renard knew, that so far he had lost at least three brothers - Mornah was chopped into pieces by an ork nob, Klinius stepped onto a mine and Pristarion was knocked unconcious and dragged into the jungle by a mob of squeeling grots. Others were gone, lost in the action, except Horim, who stood back to back with Renard, covering his rear with a half-empty flamer from treacherous xenos. Before vox chatter died down, there were even desperate whispers in the waves that Leutenant Pacinos fell to the orks... This truly is a dark day for the Chapter.
Just as the last round left the barrel, orks started screaming about coming back the other day and routed, but Renard knew that not for long. Horim turned to him:
'Frater, I am empty. We must rejoin the main force, we will fall without ammunition and support!'
Renard took of his mangled helmet and threw it into the bushes in rage and despair.
'No, brother. There is no main force left. We must retreat and inform others.'
As they left the bodies of their brothers behind, Renard still wondered what was it that inspired him for this decision - reason or fear?
Is this the old rapefic copypasta?
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In the grim darkness of the 41st millenium there is only war. Imperium of Man, once strong and proud, now is slowly crumbling, whole regions of space are lost to the horrors that lurk in the darkness of the void. Sector Deus is just one of thousands of Imperial provinces that form the frontline in the war to defend Humanity itself. Corruption from within and aggression from without threaten it. But Emperor sends us hope. High Lords of Terra commisioned a Chapter of Adeptus Astartes to defend this region of space. They are the last line of defence that hold Age of Ruin at bay. They are the Ghosts of Retribution.
Last time we left off when our Chapter was attacked by orks on planet of Varda in Sub-Sector Cryptus when we went to retrieve ancient colonial ship in a joint expedition with Adeptus Mechanicus.

At the moment half of our forces hold the ancient ship, commanded by Chapter Master, while techpriests try to figure out is there anything of worth there.

The rest of the forces were almost anihilated by the ork ambush, you'll have to roll d100 for regrouping.

I will provide more info soon.
pretty much. i've decided to make this thing a lot more grim dark and in tune with how I see 40k. here, have some music to fit the theme

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Total: 659 marines
602 First Generation marines
23 Assault marines
17 Apothecaries
17 Techmarines

Updated numbers after losses suffered in the ambush.

pic. battlefield
File: 1339433943704.jpg-(220 KB, 1078x527, 9.jpg)
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first phase
File: 1339433984979.jpg-(239 KB, 1078x527, 10.jpg)
239 KB
second phase
File: 1339434199570.jpg-(285 KB, 1078x527, 11.jpg)
285 KB
third phase

Current situation:

03:00 AM local time:
You are located near the Ancient Ship, you have managed to entrench yourselves quite well if you would come under attack. You control 4 landspeeders, 60 marines, Predator and a Rhino, you have no contact with the rest of your forces.

Techpriest will finish exploration in about half an hour.
What do you do?
File: 1339434661389.jpg-(66 KB, 500x382, 1155120290310.jpg)
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Estimated forces enemy forces:
Troat Rippaz(blue clan) = around 2800 orks
Rok Eataz(red clan) = around 200 orks, ROUTED

Troat Rippaz seem to favour close, brutal combat and have very little vehicles, however they are many and seem to be coordinated by tough ork nobz.
File: 1339436462079.jpg-(799 KB, 659x1000, 1221473466312.jpg)
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self bump with art
Organize the group that got fucked up and send the group that won towards them, have the two groups meet in the middle and reorganize.
File: 1339436915622.jpg-(188 KB, 1078x527, book of the dead 1.jpg)
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please roll d100 for that.

Here is the first part of the Book of the Glorious Dead...
rolled 100 = 100

I still don't understand how you come up with so many names and make them sound cool.e

I have to use a name generator whenever I create characters(thanks, VBCoder)
File: 1339437183983.jpg-(124 KB, 1280x1024, 1283942698991.jpg)
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In total your Chapter so far suffered 175 casualties, here you can see the names of the first 156 heroes who have laid their lives down for the cause.
No offense, but you're obviously not an Ork player, and know very little about them other than to use them as a punching-bag adversary.

Anyways, carry on.
Thanks, most of them are made from placenames, battles, famous people, my native language, etc. with latin and greek endings.

>Lord, it seems that orks are using some kind of feral technology to block ALL of our communications!

Meanwhile, a techpriest appears from the shipwreck:
>Master, is there any word from Magos Galeus? Our findings are greater than we expected! I must brief him at once!
Indeed I don't play for orks(or anyone else for that matter) in wargame, but I always assumed that tabletop rules and fluff are two different things. However I fail to see my failing in representing them, could you please elaborate?
"Last we heard, Magos Galeus was in the midst of combat and presumed deceased."

Send teams towards our lost brothers, while the rest set up defensive positions around the target shipwreck. Use signal flares or anything else at our disposal to gather everyone at the shipwreck.
rolled 54, 50 = 104

Rolling for ork perception(1) and space marine perception(2).

Orks are a lot closer, so they need to pass below 70 to notice your flares, while marines need to roll below 40.
I don't really care if they notice them or not. That's why we set up stationary heavy weapon positions beforehand, if they try to attack, they are attacking space marines with a defensive advantage.
rolled 26, 33 = 59


If not for the mask on techmarines face he would probably go pale white.
>I assume, that you are our commander then. What should we do, sir? We have found three modules:
1. Construction STC module, presumably something related with colony developement, maybe economy or agriculture.
2. Machine spirit module, it's very valuable for it's ancient knowledge of warp-routes and might lead us to other colonies.
3. Intact weapon modules, if we could decode them, we would probably get access to ancient armoury

Removing each module will take us about d5 hours and even then we will be hardly able to transport more than one of them(we have only one rhino left). What should we do? If we will not figure a way to beat those orks or hold them at bay for long enough, they will slaughter us,,,

As flares rise to sky you hear loudening
>...orks, orks, orks, orks, orks...
battle chant in the jungle. it seems to be closing to your location.
>>I assume, that you are our commander then. What should we do, sir? We have found three modules:

Right now, just make sure to keep them safe and get ready for the ork attack.

>battle chant in the jungle. it seems to be closing to your location.

Dig in, prepare ambushes, lay down mines if we have any, consult the codex astartes, etc.
As I do no wish to shitpost your thread, or cause a debate, this will be my final post (the only other one being the initial). Red is the Ork color for speed, or going fast. Blue is for luck. Generally speaking, most kult-of-speeds will focus on red for their primary color, and be composed of mostly vehicular setups. Blue is mostly associated with the notoriously superstitious clan known as the Deathskulls, who loot everything and rewire it. They generally prefer a much more balanced, or more 'shooty' oriented outlook to their fighting style.

>favour close, brutal combat and have very little vehicles, however they are many and seem to be coordinated by tough ork nobz.
Orks that prefer close, brutal combat, with few vehicles and plenty of large nobs, tend to be heavily influenced by the Goffs. Though in general, those clans/tribes/warbands/waaaghs that focus heavily towards that style of fighting will be favoring black and white, but especially checker themes. A tendency for more 'old-ways' style of fighting, eschewing technology in general, is a mark of the Feral tribes or the Snakebites, who prefer browns, leathers, and more 'savage' approaches to everything they do.

The 'clans' are more of a frame of mind and a galaxy-spanning ideal that Orks tend to follow, defining their characteristics, preferences, and attitude towards warfare in general. Generally speaking... Blue is a color most associated to 'weedier' ork that would prefer salvaging equipment, and using rewired weaponry, with a heavy emphasis on ranged combat and stolen, vehicular manslaughter.

In short (tl;dnr) your descriptions would be like describing a second founding chapter of Iron Hands who have strong ties to the church, no ties to the Adeptus Mechanicus, and follow a style of combat/organization similar to the Space Wolves.

That is all, carry on.
File: 1339439182189.jpg-(63 KB, 1078x527, defence.jpg)
63 KB
rolled 37, 93 = 130

At which walls what kind of defence would you like to concentrate? (numbered 1 - 6)
At your disposal:

60 marines
Rhino(mounted with HBolters)
4 Landspeeders
15 Techpriests(good for repairing vehicles and power armour)

Vehicles can be dug in, using them as immobile turrets with doubled defence or for mobile counter-attacks.

Also, would you prefer to draw orks into an all out battle and destroy them at once or try to delay them and let techpriests take out module in the meantime?
rolled 94, 88 = 182

forgot about how seriously orks take colours into account. blue/red was supposed to be only for players to distinguish them on the map. Well, but thanks anyway, i will keep that in mind and you are welcome to stay.
rolled 31, 18 = 49

also, when you will be assigning defensive forces keep in mind some obvious things: grey is impassable mountain, green is thick jungle, sprayed green is not very thick jungle and blue is river. orks may attack from either side.
focus on wall 5, the thick jungle is the best cover they have around here. The Rhino is to dig in, while the landspeeders are mobile support, quickly moving to relieve pressure from whoever is dealing with the most orks. The predator is our best anti-armour platform, so it is to stay mobile as well, reacting to incoming ork vehicles. The techpriests are to stay on support, dealing with ammunition hauling, repairs etc. We are surrounded by open ground from all other sides, so make heavy use of that.

>Also, would you prefer to draw orks into an all out battle and destroy them at once or try to delay them and let techpriests take out module in the meantime?

Leave the modules for now, just dig in, stay on the defense and kill.
rolled 41 = 41

It seems that orks have decided to test your defences with a 'small' raiding party of around 200 boyz commanded by a nob sitting in a wartruck.

Just as you thought, they are rushing through the thinner jungle, using it as a cover towards your trenches...

My d100 is for their attack.

Roll d100 for your defence.
rolled 1 = 1

>rolled 1=1

In this 1 Is success, 100 failure, so dem orks dedz
rolled 1 = 1

Warboss Armbreaka had a very good day. Those armoured humies proved to welcome relief from fighting other orks all the time, Armbreaka himself rushed into the final stages of the battle and now three fresh humie heads decorated his armour spikes. Now his skoutz reported seeing skyfires near the old ship, so he marched his clan there immediately and found even more humies. But Armbreaka was smarter than to rush into attack without thinking, he lived for more than a century commanding his clan and was one of the most cunning orks on the planet, so he sent his favourite nob, Fastchoppa, to try enemy defences first, while he with he retinue took up their position on the mountainside to enjoy the spectacle.

Armbreaka with mild amusement watched as Fastchoppa mounted a wartrak and led his band towards the silent marine trenches - stupi humies probably were sleeping. Shouting and cursing, boyz rushed into the space marine trenches, throwing grenades and unloading their gunz at close range, slaughtering poor stupid humies. Armbreaka was almost sad, he hoped that he will also get to participate in a fight before it's over. He stood up from his cover and grunted for his nobz to follow him down the mountain, maybe they will catch a humie or two before the fun is over.
rolled 24 = 24

Then, all of a sudden sounds from the battle changed, boyz were squeeling in fear, but nothing was visible, because they were in trenches. Then Armbreaka noticed Fastchoppa jumping out of the trench and running fullspeed towards his wartrak. Damn coward, he is not worth to be called a nob. Armbreaka roared and started giving commands to prepare for full scale assault when out of nowhere a bolt round came and took off backside of his head. Armbreaka blinked a few times, but the next bolt round smashed right into his face, topling the Warboss. Surrounding nobs jumped looked at each other and then one of them grunted.
'Me is da boss, I was closest when he died.'
In a few seconds brother Elegion, while still reloading his sniper rifle, noticed that mountainside, where he eliminated his target, lit up in gun flashes and explosions. It seems orks decided to have fun among themselves.
ignore dice, forgot to remove.

Ork losses: 192 boyz, 6 nobz, Warboss
Result: orks are fighting with each other, but they still are a significant threat and will unite against you if attacked directly
Have the scouts keep an eye on them while the techs start working on the ship. Establish a landing zone and restore communication with the ship, then tell them to prepare the landers for extraction.

If the jammer is still operational, start searching for it.

When the orks are done killing eachother, move in and take them out.
Then burn the spores.
roll d100 for restoring communications. It seems Ork jamming device was powered by their waaagh! field, so now it's a lot weaker, if you will roll under 60, you will manage to make contact with the ship.

Roll 3d5 for techpriests removing STC modules.

Also, I guess I don't need to say this, but that ambush you just pulled off on orks brought no losses on your side.

for each hour you will take here orks gain +5 chance to regroup under a new boss and attack, current is 10 from a d100.
rolled 13 = 13

Rolling for com restoration
rolled 5, 4, 2 = 11

Rolling for modules.

Also, if the snipers observing the orks notice that one faction is winning, they have permission to shoot and hinder this faction if they believe that this will prolong the infighting.

Meanwhile, keep digging in, prepare trenches, traps etc.
I get the feeling that we will have to fight them again and soon.
You've managed to get in touch with 'Destiny', Synius took over command of the ship while you were gone.
>Heh, so you've made it, marine. Good, we almost started to worry why there was no contact. We can try to send down landers, but we register some ork AA sites in the nearby mountains. You will either have to leave the are on foot, take out those sites or risk getting blown out of the sky.(40% per lander). Also, drop pods from reinforcements can be reused if we could retrieve them... What are your orders?
I don't want to leave until we have dealt with the orks in this area, so send all available forces to our location. The currently squabbling orks are sure to attack us soon and I want to surprise them when they do.

Once they have been dealth with, we can proceed to the AA positions and take them down.
rolled 26 = 26

it seems that you will have to spend here at least 11 hours until techpriests will free the ancient technology from it's tomb... Chance for orks to regroup:
10 + 11x5 = 65
however under your wise command, Elegion continues to try to disbalance ork forces, so it gives them 5 penalty. total - under 60, rolling
rolled 45, 24, 67, 51, 96 + 100 = 383

It seems orks have managed to gather up under a new banner and the first order by a new Warboss is 'smash 'em up good!!!'
This is the number of orks in this attack, next roll will be for their luck.

Roll d100 for defence.
rolled 16 = 16

Brothers, it has been a long time! I am happy to rejoin you once again.

At any rate, what is the status of our speeders?
rolled 39 = 39

383 orks, supported by 6 vehicles make their way towards your front lines. This is just a little more than 6 orks per each space marine you command, you should deal with it, unless they have prepared something special for you...
Another good roll, brother, the Emperor is watching us closly this day, forever may he reign on his golden throne.
rolled 74 = 74

Good of you to join us. We have 4 landspeeders that are being used to guard your flanks and to make small scale counter attacks, mobile support.

Dice gods favour you today...

With thunderous clash battle brothers met the furious green beasts. With masterful tactics and inspiring presence, Chapter Master himself ripped out victory from grasp of xenos. Fighting in the first lines, with Wrath of Corax in his hands, he managed to beat back wave after wave of relentless orks. Because of your heroic achievements casualties on your side are very low, but each lost battle brother is a tragedy.

Brother Jenaro was killed by an ork Nob.
Brother Vilkas lost half of his head to ork grenade and was granted Emperors Mercy.
Brother Etyrus defended a breached trench alone against five Nobz for three minutes, but then was killed by accidental friendly fire from our Predator.

Orks lost 5 vehicles and 322 orks, Warboss managed to escape to rally more troops...
rolled 3 = 3

11 hours have almost passed. Orks are trying to organise one last time, but it is a lot harder for them because of previous failures. They need to roll under 30 to mount an attack.

rolled 53 = 53

He shall not escape us, have our speeders peruse him down and finish him before he may return.
rolled 14 = 14

welp nv,
rolled 54 = 54

you have sent landspeeders to catch Ork Warboss? smart move, let's see how he fares against them...

rolling defence
I was going to suggest that we attack their AA defenses and call in aerial support, but I guess that we don't have the time for that now.

Get ready for another ork attack, ready our battle brothers and get ready to defend while another group ambushes them from behind.
rolled 90 = 90

as results is inconclusive, we both reroll.

rolling for defence of warboss
rolled 75 = 75

On the winds the Lords fury
Your speeder caught up with the fleeing Warboss and engaged him in a furious fight, beast managed to bring down one of the landspeeders crashing down into the ground, killing Brother Gunner Thadeus and Brother Pilot Filor, but other Ghosts took a bloody revenge for him, turning that ork into a red stain on the ground with their Heavy Bolters...

Attack is cancelled, but jungles are still infested with around 2000 orks.

AA guns in the mountains are easily accessible now.

There still are 3 drop pods that you may recover.

For any of the actions, roll d100
Since the orks are so disorganized right now, let's start a systematic purge before they can recover.

Also, recover the geneseed of the fallen, burn the ork bodies to get rid of spores etc.
rolled 24 = 24

forgot dice
After the AA sites were taken down, Icarus Pattern Valkyries came down from the 'Occulus' and covered jungles in fiery death, cleansing these beautiful mountains from ork infestation... Battle brothers were honoured and their geneseed harvested with all the respect they deserve. So fat this is the greatest tragedy and victory in the history of Ghosts of Retribution and name of Varda will be remembered by our initiates for centuries to come. To commemorate this day, all battle brothers who fought today inscribed on their armour two simple words - Primo Victoria.

Your marines get:
Alright, time to pack up and loot everything.
The orks' equipment may be mostly useless to use, but we can still probably smelt it down and use it as raw materials.
Once everything we are interested in has been trasported to orbit, map out the planet, check for anything else of interest and take a closer look at those modules.
rolled 11 = 11

I wouldn't bother picking through Ork equipment even for scrap, there's still likely some Orks on the planet who'll be looking to do the same, and the less time we spend on this planet the better.
I agree with this notion
post post post
been following this quest for a while thought i would post, great job so far OP keep going
It is a sad day for the Chapter indeed. But to business.

1. Did we manage to grab all three of the STC devices from the ship, and are they safely on board our fleets?

2. After getting back to the ship I'd like to find whoever is in charge of the Ad Mech forces and give my deepest condolences. Inform them that the remaining Space Marine forces will be staying in orbite to wipe the Ork menace from the planet while they are scattered and in disarray.

3. Call for chapter reinforcements from Mormark. At least to bring our numbers back up to 200 or so. Until they arrive have scouts squads perform night surveillance on what remains of the ork forces. Mostly I just want to know where they're going and what they're doing. If they see a Warboss rising above the rest, they are to terminate, but only if the perfect opportunity presents itself.

Lets try to salvage some of this disaster.
bump bump bump.

Just got all caught up and i will be playing now if anyone is still here
This thread was lost to the warp because OP couldn't access /tg/. Something must have angered machine spirits.

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