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You are Gerald DeFlynn, and currently you are enjoyingsome much earned R&R with Eri. After clearing some rocks for a budding town, and digging a water tunnel for the same using your Molga(all the while running it to what turned out to be a harmless random encounter), you made your way back to base and watched Sarah Paler's debut team battle. Despite her previous emotional state, she managed to avoid getting herself hurt, and managed to best her opponent.

Also you met a young man named Tom, who may yet become an opponent for you in the battle circuit. And he seems to be sweet on Audrey, despite the younger girl not realizing.
Personal Assets:
32,800 credits
One side arm
One heavy Anti-Zoid Rifle.

Team Assets:
One Demantis
One Zabre Fang
One Hound Soldier
One Cannon Tortoise
One Gordos
One Heldigunners
One Guysack
One Malder
One Sinker
One Gustav (Moderate Damage)
42,000 credits
1,500 credits worth of ammo

Red Horn, Sub weapons missing.
Guysack and Malder spare parts
Sinker (Damaged)
30 mm Beam cannon
Electromagnetic beam cannon
1 Molga's worth of parts

Sidewinder base:

Storage-Lv. 3 =10 Squares(1medium zoid per square)

To upgrade to the next level:

Team members
Eri Lowe-Totaly digs you tier.
George Lowe-Grumpy old man tier.
Vince Mcman- Might be cool tier.
Audrey- Little sister tier.
Rick Seeker-Migh be cool tier
Rob Hatchman-Bro tier.

Sarah Paler-Heartbroke tier.
Vlad Paler-Likes you a little too much tier.
ZOIDS QUEST. Fantastic. I knew you wouldn't disappoint ZM. So.. Where did we last leave off exactly? I'm having trouble remembering and the recap, while helpful, doesn't detail out immediate circumstances. Are we just hanging out with Eri? Do we have free time?
(also you got 15,000 from the job you completed, derp)

You feel relieved that Sarah is doing somewhat okay right now. Eri looks at you funny across the couch.

"What's with you?"

"Ah, nothing." you cough. It's still the middle of the day. You could keep busy, either with work or training. Or you could kick back and relax, hell if you haven't earned it.

>Work on base
You made it back from your job, just in time to watch Sarah's battle, Her team swept the enemy, despite her Uncle not participating.
Huh. Bad timing?

Had to go back and read the last thread again You said friday this is what happens when you miss a day and screw up peoples schedules.

So, we had a parts delivery coming to finish up the Redhorn. Have those arrived yet? If no I don't see a problem with just taking a break since we have no outstanding jobs or matches coming up.
File: 1338687681365.png-(82 KB, 800x600, R.horn.png)
82 KB
Red horn is finished rearming and repair.
Really? That's not what it says here: >>19341213

Anyway I think we were trying to give Eri a break from repairing stuff seeing how she was overworking herself. So I suppose we can do something that doesn't involve going out and getting one of the zoids shot up again. What exactly does "work on base" entail?
and i once again forget to updat my notes
File: 1338688883986.png-(115 KB, 634x739, edb.png)
115 KB
(just doing repairs and custamization)

You stretch your arms and eye the amber haired girl next to you.

"You done any maintenance?"

Eri shakes her head. "I have abstained, since you were so insistent before."

"Good girl. Let's both do something relaxing."

"What do you have in mind?" she asks.

>What do?
A date I say! How about a movie?
Sure, this will do fine.

Actually I never paid much attention to the zoids world outside of the giant robots, so I really have no clue what's available as far as social stuff is concerned.
"Why don't we catch a movie?" you suggest.

"Oh, I haven't seen one in a while. Where do you want to go?"

>ZBF Terminal

I heard about this great movie that just came out. It's got John Travolta in it, and he's great! It's called "Battlefield Earth"...what could go wrong with a name like that backed by John Travolta?

Sorry ZM, busy with some other stuff. I say we go to Haden and watch a romance-y movie. Let's chat up Eri some, how has she been feeling about how things have been going for the team?
You think for a moment. "I guess we can head to Haden, they have a movie theater, right?"

"Yeah, it's nothing impressive, but they'll have a few different movies to pick from." She thinks for a moment. "Is it just us going, or should we invite the others?"

"Nah, we all went for dinner last night, let's make this a private night out."

She nods and excuses herself to get ready. You change into a simple t-shirt, no sense over dressing.

You go to the hanger. Rick's still nowhere to be seen. Pity, you were hoping to borrow his Sinker, since the extra one still isn't fixed up enough to fly.

In the end, you decide to go in your trusty Molga. Eri comes by, wearing casual clothes rather then her work attire, which isn't that different, really.

You both hop in, and head out. You bring up the current state of things.

"It all feels so surreal." she admits. "Like it hasn't really hit home. We're actually doing this, we really have a chance to make something of ourselves. I don't really know how to feel, honestly."

"I'd tell you to be happy, but it may still be a bit too early for that. Don't worry, though, we'll get there."

"Yeah." she smiles. "Thank you."

>Skip to town

Talk about the same thing we talk about every night.

Talk about trying to take over the world.

And ask why she's stopped saying "Narf".

Talk about Minna, but avoid bringing up Trude.

yeah, I'm done. I'll pick this up tomorrow morning
Let's talk about Sarah.
That we'd been hanging around with her because she seemed nice, a zoid pilot, grew up like us with a merc family. It really gave us someone to relate to now that we were out on our own. We noticed she was starting to probably have a thing for us, and... That we saw her at the restaurant, she was the singer that ran off stage.

"I think she was more into me than i thought, and i never got the chance to tell her that i wanted us to be friends... Just that."
that is a very good suggestion, and I wish you had posted sooner. but I'm still tired from moving, and it's getting late already, so I'll be responding to that tomorrow
bump for the night
I'm not sure if we should since the thread is so short, but should we archive this just in case it falls off the board?
File: 1338716503221.jpg-(107 KB, 640x480, valkyrieceaser.jpg)
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We havent given Eri any Lessons recently. We should do that when we get the chance.

And when this whole Sarah heartbreak situation is done with, we should do something nice for her to make it up, since it's kinda sorta our fault.Or at least it might make her feel better. Like bringing her by the garage and suping up her zoid, or buying her a new one or something. She said her viper was a kinda hand me down too right?

Helping her repair and supe up her Zoid I'm fine with. Giving her one might be a bit too much. Giving her first crack at any Zoids we capture is fine, pointing her towards dealers she doesn't know is fine as well, even helping with jobs so she can get funds for one or a Zoid as a reward.

But outright buying her one seems expensive, makes us look like we don't think she can do it herself, and could be taken in strange ways.
File: 1338717556765.jpg-(343 KB, 768x1024, 6092102461_bd596f6de6_b.jpg)
343 KB
Good point. maybe A better idea is to capture one and supe it up ourselves and then give it to her? OR Capture one, Ask her to help us Supe it up, while asking her advice and stuff, and then give it to her by surprise when we're done?

That covers the troll angle AND the gift angle!
Assuming that we don't want or need it for ourself or a member of our team, then giving her first shot at it seems like a good plan. It'll make her feel better, cement us as a good guy and she'll owe us big. Not to mention it actually apologizing.
File: 1338721089448.jpg-(55 KB, 700x525, SeaDrache8.jpg)
55 KB
Sounds like a plan
I'm kind of against this, mostly because we have nothing to apologize for. We acted nice and friendly because we ARE nice and friendly. It sucks that she misunderstood but it happens. Giving her an enormously expensive gift is a huge mixed message, it will confuse Sarah and probably anger Eri.
File: 1338731044102.jpg-(60 KB, 1024x251, TySting-1.jpg)
60 KB
How is giving a friend, who's also a pilot, a death machine as a token of friendship a romantic gesture? If Anything it's an investment considering yhow often we take her with us on missions.
Even if it could be misinterpreted that way, it's as simple as opening our mouth and explaining beforehand to make it clear that it's not. And Eri doesnt seem that petty.
File: 1338739619011.jpg-(24 KB, 200x305, 200px-GabrielTosh_SC2_Head2_60(...).jpg)
24 KB
DA Bumps man DA Bumps
You go ZM!

I've been pushing for us to do this for awhile. This is a good opportunity.
I'm not saying it was Death Stingers.... but it was Death Stingers.
overslept, but whatever. Quest resumses shortly
he forgot his name! hehehehehehe!
Can we get a look at Gerald's current pilot stats, by the way?
You take a deep breath. "So, there's this girl."

"Uh-huh." Eri comments.

"This OTHER girl."

You can almost feel her eyes narrow on you. "Go on." she says in a lower tone.

"She and I didn't really get along at first, but once we got to know each other a little more, she was actually pretty cool to hang around. And after I saved her life, she's kind of had a crush on me."

"What makes you so sure?"

"Uh," you say a bit uncomfortably, "she sort of told me to my face, after she grabbed my head and kissed me."

Oh, the daggers. You literally feel pain from her gaze.


>What say?
current stats are

Shelling: 6
Maneuver: 4
CRC: 2
Affinity: 3
I forget when exactly that happened. If it was before we were really going out with Eli, go with "We weren't really together when it happened, you and I! And it's not like I was the one who tried to get her to do it."

If it was after we got together, leave that out. Either way, continue with: "As far as I was concerned, she was just a friend. I was going to tell her about us, but.... well, she saw us kissing on the dance floor before I could, and I think that she took it badly. I'm not bringing this up because I feel guilty about what I did; we were just friends, like I said. But because we're friends, I feel bad for her being hurt like that. Would you help me try to apologize to her for having it sprung on her like that?"

>2 CQC
>People want us to get a Blade Liger
What the christ people? A Gojulas Mk II would be far superior for Gerald. Or a Gordos with the Supercannon attachments.
>CRC 2
This is bothersome. We need to rectify this soon.
>experience carfug
Car fag? WTF mate!
True; I mean, even most ranged combat zoids have SOME CRC weapons. So being competant with CRC as well as great at shelling would be good in case the enemy manages to close. But to say that we should completely try to respec at this point is cray.
A 2 is low, I just want to bounce it up to average which is 3-4.
Mkay. I was mostly saying it for the benefit of those people who've been saying we should get like, a Liger Zero or Energy Liger or something.
"Nothing happened, Eri, I just considered her a friend. I was trying to find a time to tell her I didn't feel that way about her, that wouldn't be awkward. But she saw us together, and took it badly."

Eri sits quietly for a minute. "You really didn't do anything?"

"No." Well, you did sort of see her naked once, but that was an accident, so no harm in leaving that out. "I want to patch things up with her, without hurting us in the process."

Eri sighs. "That's not going to be easy, you know?"

"Yeah, I figured as much. Especially given her temperament."

Eri tries to give you advice on the matter, but she doesn't really know what to do either. She brings up giving flowers as an apology. Soon, though, you arrive at Haden, and disembark from the Molga.

You hunt the theater up, and find it after some searching. Seems there's time to catch a number of movies.

>Something romantic
>Action flick
Ask ERi what she likes.
rolled 1 = 1

"Hm. I want to see..." Eri begins.


Howdy ZM! I will try to be active in the thread (Though I am painting some rooms today), so good to see it up and running. Looks like a romance movie for us. Cue obligatory teasing for being girly, but only lightly. Insist, of course, on paying for everything. Have we gotten a gift for Eri in our relationship yet? If not, later we should sneak off and buy her something nice. Like a new set of tools with her name on them, and some flowers or a necklace to make sure she knows we're not forgetting her feminine side.
You both get some refreshments, and head into theater one. You're just in time for the last movie preview, a war drama that tells the story of Stormer, arguably the greatest pilot to ever live. Might be cool.

The movie itself is about the Global 3 spaceship that crashed land on Zi some generations ago. A Republic woman falls in love with an earth immigrant scientist. The man is highly discriminated against, at one point being beaten up by a security officer while their superiors looked on. Eri actually tears up a bit.

>What do?
Avoid d'awwwing audibly at her emotions, and offer her a handkerchief, gentlemanly like.
You lack a proper hankerchief, but you offer a clean napkin you have on hand, which she accepts gratefully,

The movie goes on with the development of many technologies you are all too familiar with, Particle beams,manufactured zoids, high yield explosives. The argument is that they have to protect themselves from the Zenevas forces that are also growing, While this is technically true, you can't help but note that the Republic never really tried negotiating with their foe, whether they were on the loosing or winning end. Though that may have been due to the emperor's stubbornness.

The movie ends, somewhat happily, as the 2 main characters get married, and the man gradually stops getting treated like a second class citizen. It must have been rough back then.

You walk Eri out of the theatre, her leaning against your arm.
"I wonder if that really happened." she notes.

"The credits didn't say anything about it being based on a true story, but it's not hard to imagine taking place."

"So now what?" the amber haired girl asks.

>What do?
>Amber haired girl
>Always pictured Eri as a redhead
>"That can't be right"
>Look at her pic from earlier
>"Well shit, it IS amber"

My own silliness aside, howsabout we try to find a nice scenic overlook or something?
You both find a tall general store with an open balcony. Facing north, you can see the canyon where you fought the bandits in the mine. The sunset hits it and lights up the sand.

"This is pretty nice." Eri says.

>What do?

(Taking a break, will resume in an hour or 2)
Engage in small talk. Tell her how beautiful we find her. Let her know how much we care. How when she can't be with us we sure wish that she was there. We can have a sappy side.
We have a sappy side yeah, but it was mostly killed after bandits killed our old sweetheart and we hunted them down like dogs to a man.
Only to meet a sweet young mechanic (Eri) who opened our heart to the wonders of the world. Critics rave, a tornado of emotion. Coming to a theater near you this November.
Let's NOT bring that up shall we?
You five her a hug from the side. "You're beautiful, you know that?"

She looks at you. "Oh yeah? I bet you say that to all the girls."

"Just one." you begin, though your tone drops. "She...died."

Her expression falls. "I'm sorry."

"Don't worry about it." you assure her. "I got you, and I don't plan on letting go of you anytime soon."

She smiles again, and hugs you back. You both just stand in place, quietly watching the sunset. After a while you go back down to the town floor.

>What do?
Hmm.... head home? Not good to keep the young lady out too late.
It's not that late, the sun is still setting. If there are any nice restaurants around we should take her out for dinner before returning home.
Fair nuff.
File: 1338765856181.jpg-(56 KB, 209x175, torty.jpg)
56 KB
You decide to take Eri to a nice dinner before heading home. It's a classically sound formula, after all. Is the dinner suppose to come before or after the movie, though?

You both window shop as you make your way around town. There isn't a very big variety, Haden's a rather small town. There's the diner you both went to before, a few burger joints, and a pizza and roller rink called...the Turtle Dome. Huh.

>Turtle power!
While it is traditionally Dinner and then a Movie, Movie and then Dinner is a perfectly acceptable variation.

Turtle Power, we get pizza and to roller blade. Everyone loves roller blading.
Fucking turtle power, man.
Oh, and by the way ZM; would you mind if I ran War on Zi quest tonight as well?
not at all. im wanting to keep this one breif while im still deciding what days to run this now

"You know what? Let's go get some pizza. Maybe work it off after with some skating."

"Ooh, I've been wanting to go here for a while." Eri says excitedly.

You walk inside, and are greeted by a very green motif, with lots of scales from actual zoids. In front of the counter where people are taken to their seats is a model of a wild turtle zoid. Eri barely contains a squee as she looks it over.

You're taken to your booth, which has turtle shaped tables(Eri fails to hold her delighted display in). The young man wearing a beret, who introduces himself as Raph, takes your order and excuses himself.

"So, you like turtles?" you tease.

"Maybe." she answers snubly.

>Look around
>Wait for your order
Look around, get a feel for the decor. Nerd out about Zoids with Eri. Don't tease Eri overly much about turtles, though her like of them explains the cannon tortoise, or maybe the tortoise explains her like of turtles.
>look around
"So Eri, why dont you tell me a little more about you growing up? Every do something a lot you hadnt been able to do in a while?"
Tell her we think it's cute.
File: 1338770790815.jpg-(221 KB, 864x811, zoids_bear_fighter_artillery_b(...).jpg)
221 KB
Dem Tortles mang

>>look around
We're in no hurry, might as well get the most out of the place.
You and her both look around the place while you wait. There's a small arcade game where you...play as bipedal turtles time traveling and...you sort of loose track after that. Pretty damn fun, though.

As you're looking at the center roller rink, which has a sloped 'pool' in the middle, you bring up Eri's zoid. "Oh, the Torty? That used to be dad's, I started using it when," she pauses and let's out a sigh. "When he started being intoxicated for the majority of the day."

"Have you had to take care of him all this time?" you ask sympathetically.

"Yeah. I had to do what little work came our way, scrounge the sand for parts I could sell without getting jumped by bandits, and even then, I could only keep food on the table while our debts piled up. It wasn't till Vince came to our base that I was able to start taking time for myself. It was hard."

>How feel?
Feel sympathy.

Give her a hug and tell her that we're here now, that she isn't going to have to worry about debts or being alone any more.
File: 1338773063908.jpg-(50 KB, 432x380, raphael-c-face-half.jpg)
50 KB
You give her a quick, reassuring hug. She says nothing, but seems appreciative. You head back to your table, and directly Raph comes by with your order.
"Sorry, but you'll have someone else serving you afterwards, I got to get to a team meeting."

"A meeting?" you inquire.

"Yeah, battle's tomorrow, got to be ready."

He leaves as you wander what he meant.

You both enjoy your pizza, mushrooms and sausage for you, while she simply got peperoni. You only half finish it, so you don't feel too full.

"So, we gonna skate?" Eri asks.

>Maybe next time
Hell yeah. We'll show her our skating skills, or complete lack there-of depending on how it goes.
This. So very much this.
File: 1338776093043.jpg-(489 KB, 1024x768, 5067733910_375ca73451_b.jpg)
489 KB
Skate, skate so much. It's likely that with growing up in the desert and being a merc, we never learned. This will be hilarious one way or another.
You both get fitted for rental skates, and make your way into the rink. You don't recall if you skated before, but after a brief wobbly start, you begin gliding across the floor, albeit far from gracefully.

Eri takes one step onto the rink, and promptly falls forward. You hurry over to her as best you can.

"You okay?"

She groans and pushes herself up. "Yeah, I'm fine." You help her up to her feet, and have to catch her before she falls again. "I've never actually skated before." she says sheepishly.

>What do?
If I have skated before it's been so long that I no longer remember.

We'll take it slow, do it carefully and if we fall on our face the other will be there to catch us or help us up. Just stand up, keep your balance and push to the side and back with your back foot.
You take her hand, and carefully lead her around the edge of the rink, being sure to keep her steady. Around 5 minutes later, she seems to find her skating legs, so to speak, so you don't have to devote your attention to keep her from falling, and can divert to making sure you yourself don't fall.

In the skate pool in the center, someone seems to being making a ruckus, not only doing tricks, but break dancing. You here someone shout angrily at him, and realize it is Raph, the man from earlier.

"Mike, quit screwing around and get a move on! Don's gonna kill us if we miss the meeting!"

A young man with a wryly grin and curly hair exits the pool and skates around.
"Come on, Raph, I don't need to go to the meeting, I got the plan right in here!" he says confidently while tapping his head.

"Oh really?" the other man says, unconvinced. "Do tell me, what was our plan?"

"Well first we, uhm, and then we.."

"That's what I thought. Get your ass over here."

Mike's shoulder's slump as he exits the rink in defeat.

"Who are they suppose to be?" you wonder aloud.

"They seem to be part of a zoid team." Eri says as you finish one last lap. You decide that that's enough for now, next time you might bring your own skates.

>Head home
>Head home

We've had a meal and some exercise to work it off. Time to go home, maybe watch some movies there.
Head home, found a soft couch to sit close together and watch old movies.
File: 1338779508138.jpg-(19 KB, 513x388, Rick.jpg)
19 KB
You head to the Molga, and make your way back to Sidewinder base. Halfway back, you get a call from Vince.

["You kids have fun?"]

"Yeah, and before you even ask, yes, we kept things clean." you respond.

He smirks. ["Glad you know how to recognize patterns. When you get back, I want to have a meeting."]



You are Rick Seeker. You have been trying to get a hold of a certain redhead since you got up this morning. When no one answered your call, you realized that the team had likely already left their base.

Quickly hopping into your Sinker, you left the base to try and find them before their battle starts. Now you need to decide where to search.

>Using Valkyria Chronicles images.
Fffffffffffff I need to get on making that quest.
Which way is their base and where would we find a good swampy muddy battleground. We know Sarah's team composition and that they would fight as hard as they could for that type of battlefield.
Their base is north of you. I'm not telling you the other bit cause Rick doesn't know that detail.
It won't be south, but I'm not sure what direction to go other than that. Maybe go north and see if there are tracks or flip a coin between east and west.
File: 1338780698932.jpg-(80 KB, 750x417, delpoi_small.jpg)
80 KB
rolled 3 = 3

You head eastward. On the way, you pass a sight for construction of some sort. A Liger zoid eyes you warily as you pass, but otherwise nothing happens.

The Svodi Mountains come into view, and still no sign of movement. You bring up a map to decide your next move.

>What do?
rolled 1 = 1

You're currently positioned under the capital S of 'Svodi' btw
This may have been a bit too abstract. the maps scaling is all fucked up too. Let's back pedal

Since East was no good, you need to pick another area to search.

I vote South
File: 1338783350266.jpg-(97 KB, 800x600, Stealthvipernjr.jpg)
97 KB
rolled 7 = 7

You head south, heading toward Red River Minor. You scan the horizon, worrying you chose wrong, when suddenly...

"Yes!" you decree victoriously. You spot dust in the distance, and further investigation you find the source is a Gustav, carrying to Barrigators. And siddling along beside, is a Stealth Viper.

>What do?
Hail them from a distance; we do not want to surprise them if they're jumpy. Especially in the mood Sarah might be in, yikes.

You send them a com, as you ease up on them.

["Oh, it's you."] Sarah says over the radio. ["What do you want?"]

>What say?
"Hey, no need for that, we're all friends here. I've been trying to find you all day. Wanted to make sure you're doing alright after what happened."

Oh yeah. That's playing it Seeker smooth.
File: 1338784990298.jpg-(11 KB, 225x350, 116647.jpg)
11 KB
(Which unfortunately, is about as smooth as sandpaper)

["Oh really?!"] she growls. ["And you just decided you'd come in and stick your nose into my business?"]

She's angry. Well, you expected that much to start with, given her personality. You need to pick your next words carefully.

>What say?
Let's bang, Ok?
"Yyyyyup. It's how we do in the Seeker clan. Noses all up in everyone's business."

Come on, try to make her laugh. There's little out there a good long laugh doesn't make better, even if only a tiny bit.

Follow up with some serious, after she's done with the inevitable laughter; "You know he didn't mean for you to find out like that, right?"
rolled 9, 4, 6, 6 = 25

yeah, that's seeker smooth, right there
That's about the size of it. Decided to see how everything was going on your end.
"Well, I would stick my nose in your business, but I think you're usually suppose to wait till at least the second date."

["Gahahah!"] one of her teamate bellow, reminding you that you were still on an open com.

["Sh-shut up, Skiff! I'm fucking kill you!"]

["Oh wow, didn't know you were open for business, young lady!"] another comments.

She's now reduced to incomprehensible garbles as her teammates continue laughing. You can't help but chuckle a bit yourself.

Things quiet down, and you await her angry screams.

["..Pfff- Hahaha!"] she responds with a hint of exasperation. ["You guys are all retards!"]

Ok, she actually laughed. That's good.

>What do?
I suppose we are, but hopefully of the adorable variety.

So, how're you feeling about that fight you got later today?
Now switch to a comm with just her and go with the "He didn't mean for you to find out like that" bit. Also offer conciliatory recreational sex.
You switch over to a private channel. "Hey, you feeling a little better?"

["..Yeah, I guess. Why'd you come all the way out here though?"]

"Just wanted to try and pay you back for the kick in the pants." you assure her. "And I was worried about how the battle would go today. We both were."

["Hmph. That guy can go die for all I care."]

"You don't mean that."

["Oh yeah, and how would you know that?"]

"Just a feeling."

["I see Deflynn likes hanging out with other knowitalls."] she says sarcastically.

>What say?
You're right, that is if you realize he hangs out with you too.
Poke fun a bit more, it seems Rick is good at it.
You know, he was really trying to find a right time to kind of let you down softly.
It's what brings us together. Us being knowitalls and being concerned about people, wouldn't want you to end up in the spot I was before you gave me a quick kick in the ass.
["Oh, haha, asshole. If he was so concerned about me, he should have told me up front he wasn't interested."]

"The fact he didn't tell you up front is proof he cared about how you felt." you counter.
She goes quiet. You wait, but she doesn't say anything else.

["Hate to interrupt you two lovebirds."] Skiff chimes in. ["But we're almost to the battlefield, so your boyfriend needs to get lost."]

["HE'S NOT MY-!"] she barks angrily.

"I'm not her boyfriend." you finish for her. When it sounds like she's calming down, you add "Just a friend with benefits!"


"That was on a private channel, Sarah, they didn't here it."

["...you're a fucking dick, man."]

"I rather you'd be mad at me. G-man doesn't deserve it."

["Fine, whatever. I'm tired of thinking about this."]

Seems she vented a bit, if nothing else. You have to leave soon.

>What do?
Well, if it's any consolation you're a damn good singer, I'd like to listen to you again sometime.

Take care Sarah, make sure you win this one. I'd hate for my work to have been for nothing.
File: 1338788553179.jpg-(56 KB, 454x714, kainji0005.jpg)
56 KB
["Y-yeah..."] she trails off. You wager 2 to 3 odds she's blushing. Seeker smooth, man.

"Let's talk some more later, ok?"

You veer away before she answers, heading back to the way you came.

And the rest, well, you already know how it goes.


You are Gerald DeFlynn. You just had a grand old time with your girl Eri, and made it back to base. You pull in and stow the Molga, and help Eri down gentleman like.

Vince said he wanted to have a meeting tonight.

>What do?

When we help Eri down make sure to pull her into a hug and maybe a kiss.

Ask how she enjoyed her evening out, if it was enough to convince her to try relaxing more often or if we'll just have to this sort of thing again and again.
(no, no it is not)

"Oh, I don't know," she says sarcastically, "I think I'd need at least another 3 to get used to taking it easy."

"Well played." you say dryly.

"I know, right?"

As there is nothing else you feel like doing, you head into the meeting room. Vince and Audrey are there, even Rick is present.

"Nice for you to finally show yourself." you jest.

"Figured if I was going to be part of the team, the least I could do is attend a meeting or two."

"Did you, you know.."

"Yeah," he says with an assuring smile, "everything's cool, dude."

"Alright, everyone, settle down." Vince decrees in a serious manner. "We got some important things to discuss."

>To be continued
File: 1338790214866.jpg-(67 KB, 446x500, 2540897537_40a778a94b.jpg)
67 KB
All done for today ZM?
afraid so, my eyes are starting to hurt
File: 1338790663988.jpg-(47 KB, 1024x326, Ortho_Final_History.jpg)
47 KB
Alright, it was a great thread dude. Cant wait to se what the next one brings! One more awesome image before I go
ah, you finally found that one. been to that guy's site? It was a huge inspiration for me
Yep. Inspiring has definitely been the word.

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