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The year is 2183, nearly a quarter of a century has passed since the First Contact War and humanity has taken it's place on the galactic stage.
You are James "Geronimo" Rennick a Sergeant in the Systems Alliance Marines and N1 Rank Special Operative.
As the leader of Jaguar Squad you lead your elite team into battle across the galaxy.

James "Geronimo" Rennick

Character Sheet

Throw- Rank 1
Force 1d250+250 Newtons
Recharge 30 seconds
Radius 1 Meter

Pull- Rank 1
Force-1d125+125 Newtons
Duruation-12 seconds
Radius-1 Meter
Recharge- 30 Seconds

Shockwave- Rank 1
Force- 100 Newtons
Number of Waves- 4
Recharge- 18 seconds

Nova- Rank 1
Force- 1D300 Newtons
Damage- 2x Remaining Shields Minus 5%
(This attack drains remaining shields to 5 percent)
Shields must be above 5% to use.

Charge Rank- 2
Force- 7D100 Newtons
Damage 12d10
Recharge-12 seconds

Assault Mastery- Rank 2
+5% Weapon Damage
+5% Biotic Force
+5% Health
+5% Shields

Tomahawk- Rank 1
You have a Badass Tomahawk

Onyx Light Armor-
DR 5
Shields 49
T/B DC 12
Recharge Delay-6 seconds of not being fired upon.
Recharge Rate-33% Per Round.

Stiletto Pistol
Damage- 1D73+73
Clip Size 15

Hurricane Shotgun-
Clip Size 3
Special Rules. Shotgun spread-Shotguns may still hit their target even on a miss. For each degree of failure subtract half the HD, may reduce to zero.

Bluewire MK III Omni-tool
Shield 5
Cooldown Bonus 0
Med/Hacking bonus 5

L2 Biotic Implant
20% Bonus to all Biotic Power Force
Special Rules-At least once a day you will be required to make a roll to determine the side-effects from your L2 Implant.
Depending on the level of use, more may be required.

3 Crazy Disc Grenades
Damage 10d50+250

Badass Tomahawk (Throwable)
Special Rule- Warrior's Stride- On a kill with this weapon you may take an immediate Charge as a free-action. At the end of this charge you gain full shields. If the kill was by a thrown tomahawk you charge to the tomahawk and pick it up, again as a free action where you regain full shields.
Well there doesn't seem to be any info as to where we are.

I vote we give the cameraman a winning smile!

Mandatory trailer
Reformatting posts, I love how everything I do to /tg/ is spam, maybe there is some deep meaning in that.
We're on tinychat now. Search for the typical keywords, Mass, Effect, Quest, Illusive, Geronimo
Sorry, think I just booted one of you on accident. Closed wrong tab.
Try again
I can't find the right place for the life of me

If you take out the periods that link should work.
and where the hell is the search function?
Tinychat seems to have been designed by someone who has never even heard of bubblesorts. Shit if I wanted to look for someone a page at a time I'd just go get a phonebook.
and now it's asking for a password?

*facepalms* Oh right. "Geronimo" is the password. Somehow it's now telling me I'm a guest in my own room. Jesus, I work for tech support and this software makes me wanna yank my hair out
Basically everything that happened last week can be summed up with this.

>Brigggs and Haskill are not who they said they were. Their real names are Steven Pollard and Henry Ferris respectively.
>They worked for Cord-Hislop Aerospace as security consultants over a decade ago.
>It was from there they met "Volkov" a sociopathic mercenary and from the description he matches the man who attacked you in Brazil.
>You were unable to save the life of a little girl who was running from a hidden facility on this jungle planet. She jumped off a cliff rather than return with Volkov to the facility.
>Shocked by the cruelty you are on your way back to Cronos station with Chief Marton, Ferris and Volkov who didn't seem to be phased in the least by the cruelty.

You dock once again with the massive station and are on your way to meet with Ms. Lawson.
Chief Marton, a man of business and more than a few battle scars seem to be put on edge by Volkov, he's still not sure what happened in the jungle by judging by your and Ferris' demeanor he can imagine you too now know how cruel Volkov can be.

Volkov can only smile at you while Ms. Lawson and Chief Marton discuss his presence in private.
Ferris comes over to you, "I don't like this, how tied up into this do you think CDH is?" he asks sitting down staring at the deckplate.
"That guy is a monster, and I don't even wanna begin to guess what was going on at that place. What do you think we should do?" he continues

"Take the money and run!"
"get paid and get the hell out, i don't even want to know what goes on here"
get paid get out make report with human/ sentient rights commission

"You gentlemen may join us in here." Ms. Lawson says sticking her head out of the nearby room."

You step up and walk over with Ferris Volkov follows and you can't help but feel uneasy with him behind you.

"The room is elegant and rather minimalist, there is a large conference table with a single leg in the middle supporting the glass tabletop. A large bay window shows off an incredible view of the star, tinted to unbelievable levels you can look out onto it's beauty. Blue and red spectra separate. You can see this place wasn't just chosen for practicality. It's quite stunning.

You take a seat beside Ferris on the side opposite the chief. Ms. Lawson sits at the tablehead, she pushes her hair over her ear as she lifts one of the many tablets on the table.

Volkov takes a seat beside Chief Marton and puts his feet up onto the table. It earns a deathstare from Ms. Lawson which he promptly ignores.

"So, Steven Pollard and Henry Ferris, both earthborn. Pollard born December 6th 2156 in Tortonto, 2 parents, estranged. Biotic potential discovered after Eezo exposure during mother's pregnancy. Henry Ferris born July 4th 2154, London. Exposure in womb, mother died from complications, Father unknown. Graduated from BAaT training, then hired by Cord-Hislop Aerospace as security consultants after a brief stint in mercenary work which ended when you encountered the Blue Suns on a competing contract. Your unit was nearly wiped out." Ms. Lawson reads off in a casual practiced tone.

You flinch as you feel the scar along your leg begin to ache.

"So gentlemen, what is it you want out of life?"

>Remain silent
"Enough money to comfortable retire with a wife and kids."
Remain silent. She may be going somewhere with this.
i vote that we stay quiet
"No answer?" Ms. Lawson drops the tablet, "Well I suppose that's fortunate."

She stands up and starts pacing the room
"Gentlemen I'm a part of a group that owns Cord-Hislop Aerospace, we're dedicated to advancing the cause of humanity, and you two would be a great addition to our cause..."

"Why do I get the feeling you're a bit more serious than Terra Firma?" Ferris says sitting back into his chair.

Ms. Lawson laughs a little "Terra Firma wouldn't even exist if we didn't help guide them. No, we want human dominance in this galaxy, and we need humanities best to accomplish that."

"Shit, they just promised me more cash than I could ever spend, I love the ideals speech though" Volkov mutters picking up a tablet nearby.

"I can promise that as well, if that's your interest. What do you gentlemen think? Will you work with us to assure humanities future?" Ms. Lawson turns to you and Ferris and he looks to you, confused.
"Depends entirely on how you seek to accomplish your goals. Obviously you have a military arm, but I don't want to be attacking civilian targets..."
That depends on whether or not you want us hunting kids again.

"Our goal is to never harm humanity as a whole, it's counter productive, I don't expect you to be madmen, but I do expect you to eliminate any resistance to our goals or obstacles to your missions." Ms. Lawson says leaning over the table looking you dead in the eye. Unshakable confidence exudes from this woman.
"Right, humanity as a whole. How long until a town isn't humanity as a whole, a colony, a planet..? I understand the slippery slope is a logical fallacy but I don't like this."

"What?" Miranda looks at you a little taken aback.

Volkov shoots you a stare that could have blasted through battleplate.

I say we continue. We were child experiments, we just ran across a child that would rather die than go back to a facility, and we won't work for a group that does that.
File: 1338491972416.jpg-(20 KB, 500x400, 1337981978200.jpg)
20 KB
you got my vote on this

"There was a child on a jungle planet, one of your facilities I presume. Volkov had us chasing after them through the jungle. He had shot and wounded her, when we cornered her at the edge of a cliff she jumped off to her death rather than go back."

Volkov had planted both feet on the floor and was staring at you. His hand was already reaching for his holster when he is slammed into the ceiling by biotics.

He turns his head to Ms. Lawson with her hand in the air.
"Explain, now!" she says, biotic energy ripping across her arm.

"Fuck you bitch..." he replies meekly before being slammed into the bulkhead.
Another arc of energy leaves Ms. Lawson and he goes flying into the far wall.

"Awh, what's the matter bitch? Daddy didn't tell you about Pragia? That's why it was my purview, you never had much of a stomach for that sort of thing." He chokes out getting up from the ground.

"Operative Ajax, we'll speak of this with our leader once this meeting is over, you are to wait outside for the duration. If you so much as make a move on these two I'll see you jettisoned into that lovely star over there. Understand?" Ms. Lawson says blowing her hair back off her face. Chief Marton and Ferris sit speechless.

He grunts and makes for the door, he throws you one last glace, those slate eyes promising this isn't over.

Ms. Lawson asks you to forgive the mess and asks you to step towards the window, away from the glass remains of the table Volkov had been put through.
dammit, wish i could hang out
glad to see MEQ is back, will catch up on archives, i guess
"My apologies, I hope you gentlemen can forgive whatever you saw, that is NOT how we operate, our leader will be informed and that operation will be shut down. Volkov will be punished and he won't bother you anymore. I'm sorry but I really need your answer now, will you please work with us, you obviously see our need for good men rather than skilled." Ms. Lawson says looking a little sad.

"I think you should join.", Chief Marton says finally breaking the silence, "They've treated me right and Volkov is not a good indication of this organization."

>What do you think?
Well, it does seem like he was an outlier, so I suppose we could give them a second chance, assuming something is done about that facility anyway.
"Okay. We'll join." Lean over and tell our buddy as soon as we're out of there. "First sign of evil shit, we skip out."
Taking suggestions for how people want the story to progress from here.
bump to keep thread alive

Thank you for the bump gentlemen.
I have returned with good feelings and subway.
You may of course rejoin the chat.

"I can respect your goals, however I never wish to see what I just saw again. If I do, I'm out, period." you state to Ms. Lawson

Ferris nods in agreement.

"Gentlemen, that I can happily oblige, welcome to Cerberus. It's great to have you with us." Ms. Lawson extends a handshake to each of you and even the Chief nods with approval.

"You'll be a part of the Aegis cell, and will be known as Operatives Achilles and Hector respectively, and I have a mission for you already...the room dims and a screen lights up on the wall behind Ms. Lawson's chair at the head of the table...


"So...that's it? What happened Hask...Ferris?" you ask at the end of their story.

"First you can still call us Haskill and Briggs, second, we had a falling out. That's all I can really say for right now. Volkov misled our handlers into thinking we'd betrayed Cerberus and they came after us. How that happened isn't important right now. What is important is Volkov is still with them and he knows where we are. We're not safe here anymore, and we plan to run." Haskill says crossing his arms. Briggs paces not sure what to say.

Is the thread still bumping?
"Well, I'm an N now, so I'll be traveling plenty...surely you don't have to just up and disappear."

"They'll come here looking for us... I don't know if there's any way for this to have a good end for everyone." Briggs says leaning against the wall
"they come after my buddies, the'll definitely won't have a good ending"

Briggs smiles, "I'm glad you feel that way, we very well may need you help. I just hope we don't drag you into the same mess we're in, doesn't sound like it can be helped now though if Volkov sees potential in you." Briggs says walking over and putting a hand on your shoulder.

"Ok, here was our plan..." Haskill begins

"We already asked time off from Sardis, we're good on that end, we won't be missed. We're gonna fall off the grid for the most part and stay in contact with you, we need to lure Volkov out and end him once and for all. If we don't Cerberus will have us all before it's said and done. They've been content with leaving us alone until now, I don't believe it will stay that way long.
Ideally we need to get him into an enclosed space, if he can use his rifle we're all in trouble." Haskill continues.
,"Have any thoughts? Cause really killing him seems like the best choice to us, we've known him a long time and I don't want to give him a chance to find us ever again."

"well, i could take up a couple of lessons from Kerrigan on electronic skills, i mean since he's a biotic he would have an implant and since's that's electronical i figure that an overload would shut it down, giving us at least a bit of an chance"

"If you could break his barrier, yeah...If not you wouldn't get a second shot." Briggs muses

"Not to mention, Karrigan would be suspicious of your sudden interest in electronics. I bet short circuiting an amp is very precise work, I'm not keen on bringing her into the loop personally. As far people we can get involved the better." Haskill adds
File: 1338508890789.jpg-(266 KB, 2048x1605, 1338244402849.jpg)
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"listen, what's not to say that they've had eyes on everyone we've been close to in the past five months, and besides I've been wanting to learn how they do that trick ever since i've found out that they can overload a biotic's implants"

Briggs shrugs to Haskill, "You make a good point." Haskill says.

Gotta bail again, storms heading this way, and I need to get things in order. Continue possibly tomorrow, if not, on Sunday as normal.
well have a good week guys

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