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File: 1337772897191.jpg-(234 KB, 604x652, MSQ header H2.jpg)
234 KB
These are the on-going chronicles of SWAGZILLA, nothing will stop his conquest of all the bitches.

>archive.foolz HERE
-=-=-=-=-=-=-LAST TIME=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Down in R&D, enroute to Rood's lab.
"Hey Ursula, Rood gave me this, but I don't really know what to do with it," you say as you show her the sonic screwdriver he gave you.
"oh he gave you one too?" she asks
"yeah, during the party."
"It's pretty useful you know, I have one and I've been using it around the lab." she says as she pulls out an identical piece from her labcoat.
"Is that that fancy magic wrench?" Shirley asks as she looks at the two screwdrivers.
"Something like that, yes." Ursula tells her.
"So what can it do other than turn screws and bolts?"
"lots of stuff. Some thing's even I can't explain very well. But at the most basic level, it can disassemble and reassemble anything mechanical using soundwaves."
"So it's an electric screwdriver?" The softness asks
"Something like that, but it requires no contact."

You arrive at Rood's lab, the massive wooden doors greeting you again.
You push them open and step inside with the girls.

rolled 100 = 100

Here we go...
...Well, we're all done here.
File: 1337773307958.jpg-(14 KB, 325x297, trenchesreactionface.jpg)
14 KB
Guys, I have a good feeling about this session.
File: 1337773436471.gif-(1007 KB, 320x240, 1329538360409.gif)
1007 KB
a fine way to start.
File: 1337773465880.jpg-(20 KB, 389x400, haqua.jpg)
20 KB
>around for a Mahou Shounen Quest thread from the beginning
>my face

That what I call a REAL GOOD roll!
File: 1337773638587.jpg-(15 KB, 220x280, 220px-Tesla3.jpg)
15 KB
You open the doors to reveal a familiar looking man there with Rood.
You recognize him from books you've read for school.
That lanky frame, that iconic mustache, the lightning shooting from his fingertips.
It was Nikola Tesla.
And he was flying around on a levitating picnic table.

"See?! I told you it would work!" Rood tells him as he sits across the table.
"True, but the controls seem too... finicky." he answers
"Not finicky, SENSITIVE!"
"Truth be told I would have preferred a couch."
"But couches have been done before! You know Joe would go ballistic if he saw us encroaching on his thing."
"EH. Set us down Rood. We have company." he tells the wooden titan.
"Ah, so we do."
Rood lands the picnic table and the two of them disembark.
"So, Hayate." The doorforged artificer asks you as Tesla observes, "What can I do for you this afternoon?"
rolled 66 = 66

>"So, Hayate." The doorforged artificer asks you as Tesla observes, "What can I do for you this afternoon?"

"Can I have a go on your table?"
"Im here to observe, or if possible, help for the afternoon."
Then we ask if we can shake Tesla's hand.
Guess I'll copypaste the to do list from the previous thread

To do list:
Continue work on original potions (BEARMODE, genderswap, Swag brew, Sexual Stamina, chibi, speed, melmo, invisibility, clones), read Alchemy book.
Read the books Yuki gave us(Cyrano, Don Quixote, Shakespeare).
Plan a day long event with one of the Bureau’s facilities at our disposal during a break period (Steampunk/Victorian London Murder Mystery, Warehouse 13/23/51, Alice in Wonderland).
When the Doctor returns, ask for help tracking down Cogbeard the dorfen clockwork specialist, see what he knows about the PoP’s dagger(waiting to hear back from Dr. Jones about that).
Cultivate Snowberry bush
Further lab investigation required, make sure Evangeline didn’t leave any unpleasant surprises.
More training with Mike/Ryuu?
Plot prank-revenge on Mike for the psychic paper.
Further care packages for Nanoha
Court Mio
Test Ursula’s strikers
Prank the Gnomes
Court/Troll/Seduce Keima (entirely accidentally).

Added Keima on the end as we haven't done much about him lately.
"I need a co-conspirator for an exceptionally good prank against Mike. Bananas may or may not be involved. Also I came to help Ursula test her new strikers."
This, pretty much.

Rood and Tesla helping us troll mike? We could scare the living fuck out of him totally
File: 1337774709600.jpg-(7 KB, 221x207, untitledsdasd.jpg)
7 KB
"I need a co-conspirator for an exceptionally good prank against Mike. Bananas may or may not be involved. Also I came to help Ursula test her new strikers, and if possible help around the lab."
you tell him.
"A prank? What's this about a prank?" Tesla asks.
"Well Sir, my handler played a not too tasteful prank on me yesterday. It involved burying me in in the sand and a sheet of psychic paper."
"Ah, and your handler is Mike? I want in." he says.
"So. What have you been planning? We replace his tobacco with banana trees? Maybe replace his cigars with exploding ones?" Rood asks you.
"Actually, I wanted to try something more... long term." you say.

Tesla pulls Rood and you into a corner, as Ursula and Shirley ignore you and get back to work.

Minutes later, with your initial plans formed, Tesla leaves Rood's lab whistling a catchy tune, lightning shooting from his fingers in unison to the song.
Rood and you head back to the girls and also begin to work.

"So what can I do to help?" you ask Ursula
rolled 50 = 50

rolled 66 = 66

oh dear

rolled 83 = 83

rolled 76 = 76

File: 1337775754173.jpg-(95 KB, 500x500, fecf73d85785b5d57c667da1deb391(...).jpg)
95 KB
"Well, could you strip that Striker down and place the magic crystals in that containment box next to it?" she tells you.
"Err... I don't know much about these things." you tell her.
"Oh. Wait, I'll show you how it's done." she says as she moves to another pair of strikers that have yet to have been opened up.

Minutes later, after the easy disasembly of most of the mechanical parts, she reveals the crystal in one of the Striker units.
"This is the tricky part." she tells you as she picks up a tool that looked like modified large forceps.
"You must get the crystal out of the cage holding it and through the frame without it touching anything..."
She does this as she talks.
"If it touches anything, it's gonna release some of the magic stored in it and-"
Ursula coughs up some smoke.
"And explode. Just like that."
"Are you okay?" you ask her
"Perfectly fine. The crystal is too, it will eventually recharge itself after some use."
She says as she places the crystal into the lead lined box.
"Okay. Now it's your turn." she says as she points at the other striker unit from the pair.

Taking the 3rd roll
rolled 19 = 19

No way this can go wrong
rolled 60 = 60

Rollingu! Rollingu!
rolled 61 = 61

rolled 48 = 48

For Glory!

Eh, this works.
File: 1337776978633.jpg-(432 KB, 1790x1266, c61d1a0b960afe5442b4d06d5fd087(...).jpg)
432 KB
Tools in-hand, you quickly remove the paneling and most mechanical parts in your way.
The bolts and screws coming out easily with the sonic screwdriver.
After setting aside the parts you removed into the piles Ursula indicated, you come face to face with the crystal.

It's a little purple gem the size of a postage stamp, shaped like an elongated diamond.
It was placed in a cradle of what appeared to be bronze and tucked in a cage of steel.

Taking the special forceps, you clamp onto it and slowly pull it out.
The minimal clearance on either side, and the tricky angling on the cage makes it difficult, very difficult.

You try and control your breathing to keep your hand steady.
The forceps tough a part of the machinery and you stop moving.
Slowly you pull it away.

After a long breathless moment, the crystal is finally free.
After carefully placing it into the box with it's mate, you close it and continue the dissasembly of the strikers' mechanical parts.

After finishing your first pair, Ursula asked you to move to a second one, and then a third.
Feeling much more confident after three successful attempts, you begin chatting with the others.

Shirley, ask her how much longer she is here for and if she caught up with Zuchinni
Ask Erica if she'd like to help Mio explorate the mansion. Maybe she's got some cool gadgets to use.
i think you mean ursula. and yes.
Wrong twin
Uh yeah. Brain fart.
File: 1337778092851.gif-(24 KB, 240x240, UrsulaHartmann1b.gif)
24 KB
"So Ursula, would you like help us explore the House further? maybe we could find some cool stuff."
"I... I have my hands full with renovating that lab. I think having just the major with you would be okay."
"Really? don't you have anything we could use? Maybe a metal detector or ground penetrating radar."
"I don't I left my radar setup back in my lab in the castle, it as far too bulky to transport here since it's built onto a jeep." she answers as she continues working.
"Ah. Well, don't you want to come? It'll be fun." you try and convince her.
"No, I'm sorry, But that lab really has me tied up right now." she tells you.
"Oh. Okay." you answer, a little disappointed.
The two of you continue with your work.

Now you turn to the Softness.
The one with the huge forward guns.

rolled 43 = 43

[X]Sexual innuendo revolving around food
How much longer she is here for, did she catch up with Zuchinni etc
File: 1337779691857.jpg-(29 KB, 562x315, yeager0401 (1).jpg)
29 KB
"So Charlotte, how much longer will you be here for?" you ask the Super Heavy Destroyer SS Softness.
"I'll be here until this evening. In the morning I'm shipping back home." she tells you.
"Oh. And have you been able to catch up with Lucchinni while you were here?"
"Yep. I was with her last night."
"Great. I must make sure to bake something for you to take back with you, maybe some cookies or muffins."
"How about I take you back with me and you can bake there?" She says sultrily over the Striker she was working on.
"Sorry, Like I've said before, I can't do that."
"Awww... Spoil sport. Just a month? A week?"
"Sorry Miss Yeager, but I really can't."
"Well that sucks. I guess I'll have to make some memories to take back with me." she grins at you.
Ursula is again engulfed in an explosion.
"Are you okay?" you ask her again.
"yeah. I'm great." she says as she wipes the soot form her glasses.
"And Charlotte, I don't think you'd want him around a training ground full of young, inexperienced witches. You'd have so many of them running around after him, the classrooms will be half empty all the time." she tells the fluffy one. "besides, we'dd never hand him over."
"... stingy." she tells the science witch.

Ask her if she was able to get caught up with Lucchini and if she enjoyed her stay at the Bureau.
To Rood: ask him who we would talk to for getting our data manipulation skills tested. Also if there's anything that the Bureau has for either amplifying majaik throughput or increasing bandwidth.
Consider stowing away in her bags on the way back and enjoying that sweet, tender softness all around our kettle.....

Then ask Rood what the other things he has made fly lately
Ask about sciencey things, like data manipulation and so on.
>>19209218Not just amplifying majaik throughput or bandwidth but also increasing efficiency.
File: 1337781302555.jpg-(101 KB, 500x691, 7PFQsTzUCpevqb9x5jCmSgIdo1_500.jpg)
101 KB
"So Rood, I've been told that I have latent data manipulation abilities. Who should I go to to get that checked out?" You ask the wooden wonder.
"Eh? There's the Director, but she's always too busy.Oh wait, there's Wubby. Yeah, you can go to Wubby."
"Yeah, his name is hard to say, I just call him Wubby. I think it as Wabisooke Jinowtsi, or something. Anyway, he's also pretty good with that data stuff, not really a physical guy like yours truly, he's more attuned to codes and shit." he tells you as he quickly dismantled a pair of strikers. "He's on the programming team for Devices."
"Ah, I see. I guess I'll have to make an appointment with him." you say as you extract another crystal "So Rood, I've seen that cabinet you once flew, and now that picnic table, what else are you gonna fly?"
"Oh? Well, I've been trying to make a teleporting barstool to swap with one of those in Ryuu's place. But I just can't get around his device detecting me whenever I try and make the switch."
"So Johnny always catches you huh?" you chuckle.

Work continued much like this, pleasant talk with relatively easy tasks.
And soon enough the sets of striker units have been dismantled into piles of parts and a stack of containment boxes.

"Okay. That's it for that I guess." Rood says as he throws a final panel onto the pile near him.
"Now we take a little break."

Go see Ryuu and ask about some new potions
Fertilizer potion and a better healing potion are probably the top two
Mentilate Ursula, ask if she needs to let off some stress.
It's just occured to me we're hanging out with two witches at once.

We need to fit in.

Remove pants.
And Rood. Sill applies though.
We regularly hang out with three or more witches

And they mostly wear pants while at the bureau, unsure about softness
rolled 90 = 90

If this rolls above 50 we need to remove our pants.
Well, if we're taking a break, let's whip up some refreshments.
Ask Ursula, Shirley, and Rood what they'd like to drink.
File: 1337783025785.jpg-(13 KB, 266x368, fresh_loli-su-b69b10c45c47dc0b(...).jpg)
13 KB
You mentillate Ursula as she sits on a bench with her usual clipboard.
'Elevator. You. Me. Now.'
'What?! You mean...'
YOu walk up to her and take her hand.
"Rood, we're just going out to get some snacks. Want any?"
"Get me some sticks of cinammon" he answers.
"HAMBAGAH!" Shirley yells from across the room.
"Okay then." you say as you pull Ursula out into the hallway.

"No.... Not the elevator." she tells you as you walk with her towards human moving device. "Here."
She turns a corner and into what appears to be a storage closet.
A large storage closet.
Large enough to do some Biological Experimentaion in.

Some time later, the two of you climb out of the closet adjusting your clothes.
Your tie was a mess, and your shirt half tucked-in.
Ursula's hair was disheveled and she had a tired/satisfied look on her face.
"Wow." she says in a daze.

Quickly, you help her get straightened up and summon some food.
The two of you walk back into Rood's lab like nothing was amiss.
File: 1337783645860.jpg-(62 KB, 720x500, strike-witches_charlotte-e-yea(...).jpg)
62 KB
The four of you sit around the picnic table that as flying just a couple of hours before.
Rood is slamming cinnamon sticks into his mouth.
Shirley takes a huge bite out of one of the burgers you brought for her.
Ursula and you share some muffins and tea.
"Wait... You can generate food right?" Shirley asks as she reaches for another burger. "Why did you have to go out?"
You and Ursula share a look, she blushes slightly, you try and come up wit ha reasonable alibi.
"Err... I had to, go back home to water the dog."
'Smooth...' Ursula mentillates you.
"I mean... Feed the plants." you correct yourself.
"Ahuh... then tell me, Why is your fly open and why do you have a strand of Ursula's hair tangled with yours?"
"Uh... We tripped." you say as Ursula tries and hide herself behind a blueberry muffin.
"you tripped?" Shirley asks with an eyebrow raised.
"yeah, haha.. I'm such a clutz." you say with an obviously fake chuckle.
"Suuuure... You know, you never did get me that hotdog I want-OW!" She gets interrupted by a kick.
"Anyway, Charlotte. Don't you think we should test those strikers you tuned?" Ursula says in a low voice.
"Ah... yeah. haha. You're right."
"Yes. Let's do it after we finish this." Ursula says as she gets back to her muffin.
Well, Erica's going to want some equivalent attention when we get home.

Let's see, after classes, we need to go to Therapy with Dr. Ikari, set up that appointment to get our data manipulation checked, and oh, we need to contact the guests for Tea Time Tuesday.

We should have asked Hina and Perrine to do the invitations, so that Perrine interacts with the guests more.
She probably wouldn't invite anyone or do it badly so no one came

She can do it next time

Also we should see Ryuu and learn some potions, been a while since we have done that. Maybe spar with mike as well, that's something we have neglected
>Ryuu and his potions
Yeah, you're right about that. We haven't made any new ones, but we could tell him the good news about the snowberry bush.

>spar with Mike
Oh, you know what we need to do? Ask him about that battle clone technique he has. Even if we can't make 5 clones like he can, even making 1 would be enough.
For a potion version, I'm thinking of using a combination of memories about creating a clone, and when we were so busy we were like more than a single pair of hands. For ingredients, I was thinking about either vodka (since it's used in mixtures so much), or soy milk (because it's a clone/knockoff of the real milk).
File: 1337784365930.jpg-(20 KB, 141x203, 189210_124233.jpg)
20 KB
After the quick snack, the four of you walk to the other side of the huge room to look at the modified strikers.

They sat there with some panels still waiting to be reattached, the control unit hooked up to a console of indeterminate function.
"Here you go. Fully tuned and roaring to go." Charlotte says proudly as she attaches the final panels.
"We're gonna need a larger space to test these though, So I suggest we head outside." she says, to which Rood and Ursula agree.
"How about we do it in the bottle again, Flying over water reduces the risks somewhat. and the controlled weather will be a boon for us." The sciency witch says.
"Yes. Let's do that." You tell her with a smile.
"Well, lets get you into these and head to your place then." Shirley says with a gleam in her eye.
I think the soy milk is better
Maybe some artificial sweetener as well

I was thinking better healing and maybe something like a fertilizer potion for our garden

We should see if we can get anything cool for kraus as well, he hasn't really had an upgrade yet
Oh, we can do that.

Turn invisible while we put the strikers on.
rolled 88 = 88

File: 1337784794462.jpg-(22 KB, 432x317, zzzz to be coninued.jpg)
22 KB
Fly you magnificent bastard. Fly!

New thread on THURSDAY 2200 4chan time.
>can't thread tomorrow.
>will be out of the office in the morning
>dentist's appointment in the afternoon
More funny tweets?
If his past encounters with painkillers are any indication?
And showing his penis to police officers.
Well we don't know what his appointment is for, it may not involve painkillers yet...
Before we forget about it entirely

Next time we see rood and/or tesla we need to talk to him about weaponizing Ted, getting twin linked chailguns and something else mounted on him would be awesome
File: 1337787108475.jpg-(125 KB, 766x956, Cyber T-Rex.jpg)
125 KB
You mean like this?
>not involving pain-killers
It ALWAYS involves pain killers. Just maybe not the sort that make you loopy.
Yes our mostly forgotten idea courtesy of arch magos winter I think it was

Struck me that there was tesla and rood the two maddest scientists we could trust with such an awesome task
If we actually meet him, would we want the MC from Mad Science Quest to mount the Sunder-Ray on Ted?
I have had many dentist appointments that didn't end with painkillers. Sometimes I wish they had but thems the breaks
File: 1337787970884.jpg-(395 KB, 1300x1000, techdino.jpg)
395 KB
Did someone call me? Yes. Weaponizing Ted was my idea, to deal with another Bluebeard-esque fiasco.
No because we can trust him for shit

Also twin linked chailguns sounds cooler than a sunder ray to me, even if it does malfunction and cause tsundere when fired at a refractive surface
NOPE. That thing is dangerous. It could kill him.

>mount the sunder-ray
>use the sunder-ray

Oh, wow, I really misread that. Eh, still, naw.
So you want a gun that can make anyone tsundure to the wielder of the gun, on Ted.

We're gonna need Ted's permission to do that
Huh always wondered if that would work, mostly lurking n stealth mode these days winter?
I actually thought it was tsundere in general but that raises some interesting thoughts

Also Hayate, Erica, Shirley, Zuchinni and Mio must never be allowed to touch it
Abandoned actually, after it became more Harem Management Quest, and less BUTLER FUCK YEAH Quest. Still browse occasionally.
But it only has the tsun/dere/kuu effect when it's been fired through the diamond so far. Along with 4(?) other beams doing different things.
I think that's happened to quite a few people sadly.
I still turn up for the occasional bout of PTSD and trolling that slips in
One will be yandere. No doubt about that.
Mad Scientist Quest is awesome though. Only redeeming bit about this. Plus, I love the shops. Landing Gear was always good about making each one.
I think it covers the entire spectrum of dere or the 7 major types anyway
So the beam actually has the combined effect of all 3, plus more? Thats dangerous son.
I like it.
This might actually have some good weapons capability
Greetings Winter, how goes the raid/rp?
Agreed on the Mad Scientist Quest, that was glorious. It was like MSQ of old
Well it actually sunders things into their base elements was the plan but shooting it at a refractive surface causes it to change the personality depending on which beam hits

At least that's how I understood it
No clue on the status, I dropped out. One moment of glory was enough for me. Praise the Omnissiah, and Activate the Super Weapons.
I think our biggest loss was with the MST guys, I did the occasional good joke but they really kept us going on crazy shit and laughs.

It's good you are sorta back ADF because at least we get cool pictures every now and then still
Well the only thing that makes me NOT go to these threads are the things that you do that remind me of some shit. If Wonderland-anon is still here, Id like to say that I understand your problem.
File: 1337789436523.jpg-(442 KB, 2118x1558, 1337401660951.jpg)
442 KB
Speaking of Amateur Drawfag, he'res something he did. I'm the dude in the drivers seat.
I can understand that.

I am mainly here for the times I can do something stupid like try and weaponize Ted or push us to hat another incredibly deadly creature in the hopes it turns out either amusingly awesome or amusingly terrible
That blaze of glory you and those anons pulled off, Winter, was fucking glorious
That is awesome
What was it anyway? I heard nothing about any rp/raids
It's even more awesome in context.
Because suptg is being a bitch right now.
The diamond refracted it into the four 'dere types, a heat beam, ice beam, and the standard "sunder" as the seventh.

Take that, Edison.
And arch-magos, 2 servitors and a naked cyborg ninja were roleplayed by the group in a SUE-infested RP site. When one of them slaughtered a cleaning robot, it sparked a chain if events that lead to said cyborg ninja playing the Star Spangled Banner on an electric guitar with speakers on a pickup truck coaxed by the servitors to run, into the heart of the city, and blowing its reactors to kingdom come

Man, that doesnt even do it justice
Actually, it was three techpriests. I was a Magos, another was an Enginseer, and the last was my faithful Acolyte. We also nuked the city from orbit, just to be safe.
I think I'm in love

You guys are credit to /tg/!
Oh, and the Cyborg Ninja.
A full-on Exterminatus? Damn you people have been busy.
File: 1337790387390.jpg-(69 KB, 543x622, 1337401116771.jpg)
69 KB
It's stated in the screen grabs. I'll post them here.
1 of 3
File: 1337790433322.jpg-(72 KB, 548x516, 1337401174888.jpg)
72 KB
2 of 3
File: 1337790465256.jpg-(78 KB, 554x556, 1337401369583.jpg)
78 KB
3 of 3
These pictures reminded me of something; whatever happened to the /tg/ Guild on Neopets?
No idea.
On the note of dentist appointments, now remembering the removal of my wisdom teeth.

Only time I've had a dentist appointment that involved painkillers (general checkups and cleanings don't involve them at all), but not the fun stuff. This just made everything in my mouth go numb.

And I think the dentist did something weird when applying it, because one half of my tongue was near-unresponsive for about a month. Not pleasant.

There is no way we're getting out of this unmolested is there.

Think about it, if the strikers cut out, Shirley will be the one catching us.
Yep, she will most likely be our safety net

If the strikers DO cut out we will end up in marshmallow hell
I really want to get working on the melmo or Chibi potions just so we can do a chibiyate and friends episode

Random side bits like that and mahou Shirou quest seem to be a nice break from the usual
For either one, we'll have to wait for the snowberry bush to bear fruit.
And given that it's a magical fruit, I doubt that simply putting berries in a blender will be enough.
I don't think the Chibi potion will need them since it is a size change not an age change

We will probably need some other hard to find and majaikal ingredient for it though
Or maybe we can just throw some small things in a cup think some depressing memories about being small and picked on and boom Chibi potion
Oh god, now I think about it it's even worse.

She's going to challenge us to a race.
Maybe once we test it a little to make sure it is running yeah
>random thought. SW Dimension is in the past. What if in that place, you are your on grandpa? [through relations with a certain pirate]
Shit that makes sense. Well except for our descendants sucking that hard.
It's an interesting thought, though I'd think having the Hero of Japan for a ([great] grand)mother would have an effect on the antics of Hayate's parents.
True. Im terrified of this thought.
Then again WW2 happened in our dimension.

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