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  • File: 1336806484.jpg-(27 KB, 400x263, Foot_and_fist.jpg)
    27 KB Fist of Shadow Quest 11-2 Student !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)03:08 No.19075436  
    Old thread: >>19067210

    You stop by Erin’s shop yet again. She’s a little surprised to see you more than once a day, but she doesn’t seem to mind in the least.

    When you ask her if she can identify the potions, however, she doesn’t have the faintest idea.
    Well, shit.

    Heading back to the Inn, you gaze up at the sky. The pale orb is coming. You can feel it. A shudder jolts down your spine as you draw near. Greeting Ingrid, you make small talk before heading back to your room, where Jeanne awaits. When you enter, you see the small girl look up from some books. That’s weird, you don’t remember getting anything for her. A faint smile plays across her think lips as your eyes meet. She doesn’t say anything, but you didn’t expect her to. You present her with the potions, but she shrugs when you ask her to identify them. It makes sense- she was a weapon, she probably wouldn’t know anything more than experienced alchemists. But there’s a more pressing matter at hand…

    Where the hell did she get those books?
    >> Martial Arts Artist 05/12/12(Sat)03:10 No.19075450
    "What'cha reading, Jeanne?"
    Look over her shoulder.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)03:11 No.19075459
    Give her a hug. So you found some books, what are they about? Check one of the ones she isn't reading for markings that indicate it's from a library or a specific store. If we get nothing ask where she got them.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)03:12 No.19075467
    Guess our last choice is Blaine.

    Also, no I've never played Roguelike. But ingesting random potions, unless in an emergency never seems like a good idea.

    Risk is sometimes not worth the reward.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)03:12 No.19075472
    Why does that seem so creepy to me?

    We should tell her we're introducing her to our friends, maybe point out that Khan's kinda crazy and not threatening.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)03:13 No.19075477
    What is with /tg/ and hugging?

    Sometimes people don't want hugs!
    >> Martial Arts Artist 05/12/12(Sat)03:13 No.19075479
    We'll get to that once we solve the book mystery.
    >> Student !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)03:14 No.19075483
    I'm with this guy.

    What the fuck, man.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)03:19 No.19075510
    Funny, you and I usually post different views.

    I mean, if she initiates the hugging, sure why the hell not. She doesnt seem like the type to get all close and personal.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)03:20 No.19075517
    Hug the mentally crippled possible psychotic death machine.

    Good call.
    >> Martial Arts Artist 05/12/12(Sat)03:21 No.19075521
    Some fa/tg/uys think personal contact will make us more endearing to the small waif, much like an infant getting used to the smell and feel of its mother. It gets to be a little much.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)03:21 No.19075522
    From what i've seen, hugs are usually super effective cure alls in other quests
    might want to save them for when someones crying or something though
    >> Martial Arts Artist 05/12/12(Sat)03:21 No.19075526
    I didn't say "hug." I said "look over her shoulder" so we can see what she's reading.
    >> Student !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)03:24 No.19075540
    You plop down next to her on the bed. "What'cha reading, Jeanne?" She glances up at you and shows you the cover. A knight in shining armor charges at a dragon, sword glowing. You vaguely remember this book from Sifu’s small collection; it’s something you read as a child. A boy is born in a backwater town, grows up and finds a magical sword, slays a dragon, and becomes a king. It’s a simple story, but she seems really, really into it. She reads it like an old theological scholar would read over a holy tome.
    It’s a little creepy.
    >> Martial Arts Artist 05/12/12(Sat)03:26 No.19075545
    Maybe she never got the chance to read. She's gotta start somewhere.
    "Where'd you get it? I don't remember finding this for you."
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)03:27 No.19075550
    Well, I'm glad you found something you're interested in.

    Where did you find this, did someone give it to you? Ask some yes or no questions to determine the origin so she can respond with nods, was it given to you, did you borrow it from the library, did you buy it.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)03:30 No.19075569

    Whoah, lets not get so questiony.

    "Do you want me to get you more books, or a pass to the library?"
    >> Student !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)03:34 No.19075586
    You ask, "Where'd you get it? I don't remember finding this for you."

    She looks at you and opens her mouth. Upon realizing that nothing is coming out, she coughs a bit, clears her throat, and, in a hoarse voice, says, “Library.” You smile at her.

    "Do you want me to get you more books, or a pass to the library?"

    She shakes her head and proudly points at a stack in the corner. Looks like she already made a trip. Glancing at them, they look like the mostly revolve around the same two things: Kings and dragons. Some books are thin, some are far less so, but they all involve those two things. Interesting. Hardly a week from captivity and she’s already making trips to the library on her own. Sure, she’s not saying much, but that’s not something you really expected her to get over so quickly.

    Hell, she might be a quiet person naturally. You can’t know for sure.
    >> Martial Arts Artist 05/12/12(Sat)03:36 No.19075600
    If we can catch her attention long enough, give Jeanne a primer on Khan and Erin. Tell her what sort of people they are and that they are very good friends of ours who are to be trusted.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)03:38 No.19075607
    Well, in a few days I'm going to introduce you to some good friends of mine, you can trust the both of them. Their names are Erin and Khan. You'll probably like Erin, she's a nice girl. Khan is different, he's a great guy but he also is somewhat uncultured, loud and extremely excitable. I'd trust him with my life and there's no one I'd rather have watch my back, but he's going to be somewhat loud and intimidating.
    >> Student !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)03:43 No.19075635
    Oh well, it’s time to talk about what you came here for. She looks at you intently as you say,“Well, in a few days I'm going to introduce you to some good friends of mine, you can trust the both of them. Their names are Erin and Khan. You'll probably like Erin, she's a nice girl. Khan is different, he's a great guy but he also is somewhat uncultured, loud and extremely excitable. I'd trust him with my life and there's no one I'd rather have watch my back, but he's going to be somewhat loud and intimidating.” She nods understandingly and goes back to her book.

    Uh… nice talk. It looks like she’s gonna be busy for a while.

    Wait a minute.
    Speaking of books… You reach inside of the shadows and pull out a solid black tome. You haven’t given this thing any thought in a while, not since you grabbed it from Sifu’s room. When you touch it, however, it seems to pulse, calling out to you. Below you, your shadow moves a bit, as if it’s telling you something.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)03:44 No.19075642

    "Well Khan is no dragon, but he can spit out fire like on. And Blaine is probably the closest thing I met to a king. Hey. Jeanne, if you want to talk, you know I'm always ready to listen, right?"
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)03:45 No.19075647
    Reach into it as if it were a shadow.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)03:46 No.19075655
    Move our shadow over it. See if the book reacts to it.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)03:46 No.19075657

    Try to command the shadow off it (Incase the covers just a shadow)
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)03:46 No.19075660
    Listen to our shadow, see if we can glean anything from it.

    Then try opening the book with our shadow and try to treat the black tome like a shadow, try to manipulate it, see if we can do anything on that front.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)03:53 No.19075700
    inb4 it was a trap.
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)04:05 No.19075742
    Hmm. You sit and listen to your shadow. It doesn’t speak, of course, but it gives you this… feeling. You can’t really describe it.

    You cover your hand in your shadow and grab the cover… and pull it open, as if it were a regular book. The pages are as inky as your hand, and a white writing shimmers through the darkness. “Shadow Sun.”

    Shadow Sun? What the hell? You’ve never heard of that before. You turn the page, and are greeted by nothing but black. After a moment, writing appears as if written by an unseen hand. Turning the page, the same thing happens again. It… looks like techniques, skills. But nothing like what you’ve heard. Judging by the pictures and descriptions, it seems like a subset of the Fist of Shadow, but it’s… different, in a way. You leaf through it and arrive on the last page, where the hand scribbles yet again.

    “Your shadow is the key. With it, you can extend your domain over all other inklings.” It’s simple, and yet… it just clicks with you. Something about it just makes perfect sense, but you don’t know why.
    >> Martial Arts Artist 05/12/12(Sat)04:07 No.19075746
    I'll bet it's that dickass orb trying to teach us eeeeeeeeevil techniques.
    >> Martial Arts Artist 05/12/12(Sat)04:07 No.19075747
    Also, your name changed. Clever.
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)04:08 No.19075749
    New techniques possible to be learned!

    Basic techniques
    Touch of the Shadow Sun – After making a basic strike that saps energy from your opponent, you can lay your hand on someone to restore a bit of vitality. Ten minute cooldown.

    Light within Darkness – While in cloak of shadows, you may shine forth your inner light to temporarily blind all opponents who can see you. Twenty minute cooldown.

    The following requires advanced shadow mastery.
    Darkness within Light – You close your eyes and blind yourself… while blinding and deafening all opponents of your choosing within a hundred foot radius. Ten minute cooldown. (Requires Light within Darkness)

    The following require absolute shadow mastery.
    Void of the Shadow Sun – You summon a shield of pure unyielding shadow that explodes into unquenchable, controllable black flames when destroyed. 1 hour cooldown. (Requires Darkness within Light)

    Child of Shadow and Light – Dazzling light radiates from you, blinding everything that can see you while piercing through any visual obstruction such as night or magical fog. Every twenty seconds it alternates with a field of night that cannot be penetrated by any means, mundane or magical. 1 hour cooldown. (Requires Void of the Shadow Sun)

    The following does not have a listed requirements.
    Balance of Light and Dark – Your shadow becomes a portal of darkness, transforming your entire being into a conduit for the Plane of Shadow for five minutes. You are immune to magic and poison, teeter on the edge of invisibility, and every attack can severely weaken your opponent in both body and mind. However, for each attack in such a manner you make, you become permanently weaker, which can lead to death if overused. 24 hour cooldown. (Requires Child of Shadow and Light)
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)04:09 No.19075753
    You now have advanced shadow mastery, and therefore access to the second tier of techniques.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)04:11 No.19075757
    Will this allow us to learn the basic move sets quicker? I say we jump over the basics first, before we advance.
    >> Martial Arts Artist 05/12/12(Sat)04:11 No.19075758
    >Balance of Light and Dark
    >you become permanently weaker
    Fuuuuuuuuuuck that. I almost automatically refuse techniques like that out of hand. A limit break that gimps us in the long run is no limit break for me.
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)04:12 No.19075759
    You only grow weaker if you choose to weaken your opponent. You still gain the other benefits.
    >> Martial Arts Artist 05/12/12(Sat)04:12 No.19075760
    Agreed. Learn the basics before we get super-fancy.
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)04:12 No.19075762
    Shit man, you've already learned 8 techniques within the span of 4 months.
    >> Martial Arts Artist 05/12/12(Sat)04:14 No.19075771
    That's basic stuff that we were still getting the hang of. Now that we're stronger overall, it should be much quicker to grasp these basic powers. And you NEVER forsake the basics.
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)04:15 No.19075775
    I'm just saying that you're already learning them at an absurdly fast rate, but given that I just dumped 6 more on you, not to mention various techniques you'll undoubtedly learn from other sources, sure. A little faster wouldn't hurt.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)04:15 No.19075776
    So many options. The question is whether to start heading down Shadow Sun or to get some more stuff in Fist of Shadow. Given that we just got advanced shadow mastery we now can get things like Shadow Blink and Perfect strike.

    Lets however get some of the basic stuff out of the way first. I'd like to get Choking Shadows, it looks rather useful. Though if we don't count as having advanced shadow projectile experience we should get that dealt with right now given how much we use those, and then get Choking Shadows.
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)04:16 No.19075780
         File: 1336810593.jpg-(62 KB, 350x524, george_lucas_11.jpg)
    62 KB
    >eeeeeeeevil techniques
    >it's actually about harnessing your inner light as well as your shadow

    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)04:18 No.19075785
    The evil orb is playing a very subtle and very long term game. It has plots within plots, schemes within schemes. It thinks we're in the palm of its hand. Oh yes, we're onto you evil dark orb, we know exactly what you're up to.

    Or it really is just another side of Fist of Shadow, completely possible.
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)04:20 No.19075797
         File: 1336810829.png-(105 KB, 248x362, yesssss.png)
    105 KB
    Welp, I'm signing off for the night. We'll have that lunch with the gang tomorrow. I'll stick around to answer questions and such, but not for too long.

    >new techniques
    >> Martial Arts Artist 05/12/12(Sat)04:21 No.19075803
         File: 1336810894.gif-(1.89 MB, 300x225, 1239464937787.gif)
    1.89 MB
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)04:22 No.19075806
    Does the dark orb, which might be a Dark Shard or something like that, have anything to do with the legend of the phoenix that Enkidu told us about?
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)04:23 No.19075813
    Not directly, but yes.
    >> Martial Arts Artist 05/12/12(Sat)04:24 No.19075820
    So where are we on that sliding scale of crazy power?
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)04:24 No.19075823
    You're at a 4 now.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)04:25 No.19075829
    Bit of a wild guess there, but cool. My current guess is that it contains something nasty, either egg or prison.

    Does its appearance have anything to do with us not chasing Jameson into the desert made of equal parts hell, death and murder creatures?
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)04:26 No.19075834
    But you still fucked yourself over by not hunting him.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)04:28 No.19075846
    I am completely willing to accept those consequences for choosing not to visit murderland. We might have time to strengthen ourself, prepare and have a battlefield we can work with, rather than going to hell on earth full on sun, when we could only manipulate shadow at that point.

    Also do we have the advanced shadow projectile experience necessary to start learning Choking Shadows?
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)04:29 No.19075849
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)09:55 No.19077610

    What about the freaking date with Erin for which we had been preparing weeks in advance!? Not a single mention of it!
    What the shit guys, how could you forget that!?

    We even bought expensive, dashing clothing that always keep in top condition to impress her.

    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)13:36 No.19079121
    It's tomorrow. The lunch with everyone is in two days.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:40 No.19079148
    Well since it wasn't mentioned anywhere, you might understand my frustration.

    Also, did we get our armor back from Blaine?
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)13:45 No.19079189
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:48 No.19079209

    Hey, can we store it in Shadow Space and when retrieving it have it immediately equipped? Or do we need train for that or develop another skill?
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:49 No.19079217
    What do you mean? Weren't we even more fucked if we went to Hell's Gate?

    That's kind of unfair, fucked if you do and fucked if you don't. Especially when it had nothing to do with us in the first place.
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)13:51 No.19079229
         File: 1336845068.jpg-(174 KB, 720x540, disgruntled rabbit rubs face.jpg)
    174 KB
    Er, if you can somehow put on armor in the space of two seconds, then yeah, you can. Otherwise, no.

    Ain't I a stinker?
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:53 No.19079249
    Can't we even develop a technique for that? Because that would be damn useful.
    How long would it take for Shun to equip armor anyway?

    >Ain't I a stinker?
    Yes, yes you are, you horrible, horrible man.
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)13:54 No.19079257
    A technique for putting armor on super fast?
    Aren't there enchantments for that?
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:56 No.19079273

    >"What'cha reading, Jeanne?" She glances up at you and shows you the cover. A knight in shining armor charges at a dragon, sword glowing.
    >Glancing at them, they look like the mostly revolve around the same two things: Kings and dragons.

    >Knights in shining armors
    >Killing dragons
    >Probably saving Princesses
    >who are locked in towers

    >He’s bleeding, his insides are almost spilling out, his dark skin shining in the dim light of the hallway.
    > shining

    >Shun with shining shadows
    >Killing Richards the evil monster/dragon
    >Saving Jaenne who is imprisoned in the tower

    Well, gosh, I think /someone/ has a crush.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:58 No.19079290
    No, more like a sub-skill or development over the Shadow Space skill we have. Using which we can summon the armor (and maybe other equipment) from our shadow space immediately on our body as opposed in our hands.
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)13:58 No.19079291
    You may be looking a bit too deeply into this.
    But then again, I already know everything about everyone, so you may not be looking deeply enough.
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)14:00 No.19079300
    You could, once you get the Shadow Blink tecnhique, change your outfit while in the shadows. I'll even say that time moves more slowly in the Plane of Shadow so it doesn't take long.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)14:03 No.19079323
    You and your no answers.

    I like how when I was concerned that we might piss off Blaine you replied with "You'll know when you pis him off" in such a way as if implying "Don't worry guys, if you're going to make him angry I will make sure to make a hint so that you can avoid it."
    And then the next update was us pissing him off anyway.

    You're an awful man, you know that?

    Cool. It is even a basic technique. Can we start training for it right now?
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)14:03 No.19079332
    It's not basic, but you can learn it anyway.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)14:06 No.19079350
    Oh right, I missed the line where it said the advanced techniques begin there.

    Also, the pastebin hasn't been updated yet.

    And... uh.... are you waiting for suggestions for an update?
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)14:07 No.19079358
    No, I'm writing it while watching the new Avatar episode.
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)14:20 No.19079469
    The next day is spent with Erin. You two enjoy a pleasant lunch, walk around town, and end the night at the theatre. Turns out she’s an opera fan. You can’t understand a damn thing any of them are saying, but you can tolerate it for her.

    The next day you wake up and bring Jeanne to the Golden Dragon for lunch. Ordering for the both of you, you sit in silence while she pours over another book. She’s insatiable with those things. Before too long, you hear the yelling of a very, very dynamic entry.

    Khan bursts into the distinguished establishment, hollering, “HELLO MY FRIEND SHUN HOW ARE YOU THIS FINE AFTERNOON” Everyone in the room except for Jeanne looks at him as if he had a second head. Brazenly strolling over to your table, he sits down and announces that he would like half a gallon of the blackest coffee they have. He starts chatting your ear off, ignoring Jeanne entirely. She doesn’t seem to mind. Maybe he can tell how disinterested she is.

    A few minutes later, Erin joins you, red hair bobbing as she sits down. Khan jubilantly greets you, and she responds far less enthusiastically. Looking at you, she asks, “So, Shun. Why’d you want us here?” She glances at Jeanne. “And who’s this?”
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)14:21 No.19079485
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)14:25 No.19079514
    Funny. In one of the comics, a fan submitted a 'shadow bender' ( and a cookie dough bender)
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)14:26 No.19079524
    This is Jeanne, she was apparently one of Richards... subjects and has grown somewhat attached to me since I rescued her from his tower.

    Offer further explanation as needed.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)14:26 No.19079525
    introductions, all around
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)14:26 No.19079530
    "You don't recognize her?
    This is Jeanne, the three-time champion."

    ...Actually, op, I don't know why we invited them over. I wasn't here when other players made plans... why exactly did we invite them? To introduce to each other? To make friends?

    "Well, Erin, Khan is a good friend of mine and I wanted to introduce you to him. Jeanne has nowhere to go and no one left that she knows, so she decided to tag along with me. Khan is going to the Holy City and since it coincides with my journey I wanted to ask him if it is alright to tag along. -Is it alright with you, Khan?-
    Now, you told me that if you pass journeyman exam, you wanted to go traveling, right? So I wanted to ask you if you would want to travel with me?"

    I wanterd to ask her this during the date but you timeskipped over it ;_;
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)14:28 No.19079550
    "The former three time champion of Gold Tournament, Jeanne. Jeanne, this is Khan and Erin."

    Did we agree on telling them about her and rescuing her from Richard?
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)14:30 No.19079564
    >Did we agree on telling them about her and rescuing her from Richard?

    Why not?
    I mean, he kidnapped us so there it is not our fault he is dead... even though we were hired beforehand to assassinate him. Khan is unlikely to care either-way.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)14:33 No.19079595
    Well I meant, did Jeanne want to tell them?
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)14:34 No.19079610
    Oh... hmm... well, we could ask right now, couldn't we?
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)14:37 No.19079629
    You motion towards your young follower. "You don't recognize her? This is Jeanne, the three-time champion."

    Erin shrugs. “I could barely follow your fight. But it’s nice to meet you, Jeanne.” The girl nods at Erin in greeting.

    “This is Khan, a good friend of mine-“


    “- and I wanted to introduce you to him. Khan’s going to the Holy City and it happens to coincide with my journey, I wanted to ask him if he would be alright with us tagging along. Is it alright, Khan?” He nods, picking up his bucket of coffee and sipping it. “Great. Now Erin, you told me that if you passed the journeyman exam, you wanted to go traveling, right? So I wanted to ask you if you would want to travel with us?” She props her slim hand underneath her chin.

    “Where are you guys headed?”
    Um. That’s a good question.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)14:40 No.19079662
    "I suppose I should tell you all everything. But not here. Do any of you know a secluded place where no one can listen in?"
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)14:40 No.19079665
    ....To Holy City.... didn't we just tell her that?

    >Erin shrugs. “I could barely follow your fight.
    ....... didn't she tell us to surrender at the beginning of that round? You sure have short memory Erin. (don't say that out loud)

    what's with the secrecy? And what do you want to tell her?
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)14:41 No.19079672
    No, like, you two were moving so fast that she couldn't really see it.
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)14:42 No.19079679
    >....To Holy City.... didn't we just tell her that?

    There are many routes to a single destination.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)14:45 No.19079710
    Ah, I thought there we only two.

    "Well, first we will get to the harbor which has the ferry that goes to Holy City and see if we can work out something with them and secure the passage.
    Not sure how we will manage but we'll see when we get there.
    Khan and I have some funds but it wont be enough for everyone."

    Also, I realized that we did not even think about one route to secure passage to Holy City without paying. Namely, using our stealth to sneak on board and being a stowaway.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)14:50 No.19079751
    well we have a powerful party now, lets go through the darklands
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)14:51 No.19079755
    Nogram, I love how cavalier you are about doing blatantly dangerous things.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)14:53 No.19079765

    I'd prefer we take the safe route if we can help it.... of course if we take the boat, Student will have it be attacked by a Kraken, so I don't know which one is more dangerous.
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)14:54 No.19079774
    I don't need to send any monsters after you for the boat to sink. You'll still be traveling across a boiling ocean full of giant whirlpools.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)14:55 No.19079785
    My point still stands.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)14:58 No.19079821
    We should come clean about our sifu/father. Being headhunted, and such.

    Oh and anyone think we should visit the manhunter's leader in jail? Batman style.

    Of course torture was never a good way to get information. People often tell their captor anything in order to stop.
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)15:00 No.19079838
    You mull it over for a second. "Well, first we’ll get to the harbor which has the ferry that goes to Holy City and see if we can work out something with them and secure the passage. Not sure how we’ll manage but we'll see when we get there. Khan and I have some funds but it won’t be enough for everyone."

    Erin nods. “I’ll have to talk to my parents about it, but sure, I can travel with you guys for a while.” Next to her, Khan burps and sets down his bucket, now empty. Excellent, you’ve got a travelling party now!

    Anything else you’d like to talk about?
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)15:01 No.19079844
    It is very likely that he never met the person who made the bounty. It is possible that whoever made it, pretended to be Richards.

    I guess we can tell them about sifu and being hunted but we can do it later.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)15:02 No.19079860
    Our part in the big kerfuffle going on in the city, what with us killing Richards and rescuing Jeanne from him.

    Also vague details on the fact that yes we can manipulate shadows and we're looking for our Sifu. Don't tell them the style name or a lot of specific details.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)15:04 No.19079887
    "Khan, remember us exchanging techniques before? What do you say we do that again?"
    Could we teach him the philosophy behind Shadow Boost and Shadow Dimension so that he can adapt them to his own style?


    Also, I kinda expected her to have much more surprised reaction when she learned who Jeanne was considering we almost killed eachother during the fight.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)15:05 No.19079905
    These are our friends. If we're traveling with them, we should trust them.

    Just not trust anyone else whose around.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)15:07 No.19079924
    Burning people with fire from the fire dimension!
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)15:07 No.19079936
    i really don't want to share anymore like when we first met him
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)15:09 No.19079957
    I could see him getting use out of Fire Boost, I don't think Fire Storage would work for him. We don't know if there even is a plane of fire or something that he drags it from, I just think it's fueled by his burning spirit, that and it would not be anywhere near as good for storage.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)15:10 No.19079961
    also against telling them our story
    if you guys really want to, we should eeease them into it, not tell them all in one burst with a few things hidden
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)15:11 No.19079968
    I explained it in the second thread: he manipulates the waves of magical radiation from the Shards.
    Naturally, this is a problem in places that the Shards never visit.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)15:13 No.19079991
    Ok, Fire Boost might work for him, I don't think that he could make a storage space. And he should definitely not visit the Darklands. It'd be nice if he was around when we were supposed to go into murder desert, he'd have been really useful.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)15:13 No.19080000
    So he could totally benefit from Shard Boost... which will only work where shards are but I suspect it will be much more potent than our version.

    I'd really like to learn his version of teleport, it will be useful on top of Shadow Blink.
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)15:14 No.19080005
    You seem to have forgotten that even without his fire skills, he's an incredible martial artist that can withstand absurd amounts of punishment.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)15:15 No.19080014
    > I don't think that he could make a storage space

    Why not? He just needs to get into proper mindset to achieve it. We'll just teach him the philosophy behind it.
    Blaine's storage skill was not based on Shadow skills either but he managed to teach us it, didn't he?
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)15:16 No.19080029
    Protip: It was.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)15:17 No.19080044
    >He knows shadow fist techniques?
    The plot thickens.

    But you really aren't suggesting that it is the only way to have a spacial storage plane, are you?
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)15:18 No.19080057
    no no no we're not teaching him shit.

    he manipulates shard energy right?
    so, lets return to the temple, take our shard, and lend it to him.
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)15:19 No.19080062
    Anyone that has the knowledge can store things in a plane made of fairly solid material.

    Even if Khan did, fire is not a solid material and storing your shit there wouldn't be the best of ideas.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)15:20 No.19080075
    But you just said it was not fire based.

    Oh, that's a good idea... but he better teach us something in return.

    Hmm. But that would be meta.
    "Khan, how do your powers work anyway?"
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)15:21 No.19080091
    Exactly. Khan doesn't use anything from the Plane of Fire, and even if he did, it's hardly a suitable storage unit.

    And he explained how his powers worked when you first met, so Shun already knows.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)15:25 No.19080122
    Ah good.

    First ask him this:
    "Khan, what do you know about the Dawn Chasers? Any affiliation with them?"
    If he isn't affiliated with them then say this:

    "Khan, what do you think of another exchange?
    Your powers are Shard based, right? So having a personal shard would be a boost for you, yes?
    Well.... I know where we can almost certainly find a fist-sized shard. We could go and retrieve it.
    I must warn you though it is a dangerous place and.... uh... the Dawn Chasers might not be happy about it."
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)15:26 No.19080137
    I think by now the shard is a lost cause.

    Can we take Khan, Jeanne and Erin to the phoenix school? Showing Jeanne that fighting isn't life or death. Khan could learn the style, it would compliment his own, being another connection to the shards and the phoenix, and we get to show off for Erin.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)15:28 No.19080155
    >I think by now the shard is a lost cause.

    Maybe, maybe not. It is still worthwhile endeavor. How long the journey to there will take us?
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)15:28 No.19080156
    Bout a week.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)15:29 No.19080172
    but it was just so close from the entrance, a few feet away.
    only worried if the dawn chasers are still there trying to get it, already got it or will start following us when we get it.
    good luck to them though when we start traveling on the boat
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)15:30 No.19080177
    So there is a plane of fire? Well..if we are ever in an area without shards to manipulate (sudden thought, does this make Khan, a living solar panel? Since the shards were the shell of the...sun.) he could access that plane.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)15:30 No.19080178
    I thought it would take 3 days max.


    Then lets suggest sharing techniques again if possible.
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)15:32 No.19080192
    He *could*, if someone taught him how.
    Keep in mind, though, Shards are magical as shit. Being in unprotected close contact with one for too long is a very, very bad idea, and don't even bother touching them bare handed.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)15:33 No.19080208
    But weren't we basically doing that all the time with our shard? I mean touching it barehanded.
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)15:34 No.19080218
    No, it was wrapped in special Dawnchaser cloth. Shit's the sun, bro, it's fucking hot.
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)15:35 No.19080226
    You decide to come clean, voice dropping to a whisper. “Also, guys, I killed Master Richards and rescued Jeanne from his human transmutation experiments.” You see the look on Khan’s face and motion for him to shut up. This isn’t the place. Erin looks astonished.

    “So the rumors are true? The higher-ups are doing immoral experiments?”

    “They were. Not anymore, though. Blaine seemed to want to put a stop to that.” Erin leans back in her chair, a conflicted look on her face. “At any rate, that’s why Jeanne’s with me.” Khan nods. He seems rather accepting of… just about everything. It’s a little relieving. Speaking of which…

    “Khan, since we’ll be travelling together, would you mind sharing techniques with me?” he nods energetically.

    “Of course not, my friend! A true master has a variety of moves to keep his opponent guessing!” You can’t disagree there.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)15:38 No.19080256
    Lovely, why don't we take this outside of the city, where you seem to be breaking boulders with your fists and we can talk further of the things we shouldn't talk about in public.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)15:40 No.19080276
    "That's great. I was hoping you would agree.
    There is a neat little trick I picked up, my version works only with my style but I think I can teach you the general idea so that you can adapt it to yours. It gives overall physical boost, you out of all people would benefit the best from it. What do you say?
    And what could you teach me? I liked that teleportation move you did, really impressive but if there is something else you could teach, please tell.
    Also, I know the Stance of Cold Phoenix if you're interested in that."
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)15:42 No.19080296
    We can handle the trade at the end of the quest (which isn't too far off).

    Is there anything else you want to say to the group while you're here?
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)15:44 No.19080330
    We should check with Erin about Jeanne.

    If she might have any idea how to help her.

    Khan is nice, but I imagine his form of therapy is hitting something until it goes away.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)15:45 No.19080334
    Introduce Khan and Erin. Ask if they could sometimes keep an eye on Jeanne when we're busy with other stuff. Talk to Erin about alchemy and if she has any clue what is going on with Jeanne.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)15:46 No.19080343
    >at the end of the quest (which isn't too far off).
    Wut? End of the quest?

    Jeanne doesn't need therapy imo, she just needs good friends and people she can trust. Getting her a medical treatment would be worse.

    Dammit, don't treat her like nuisance! Or a defect that needs to be fixed.
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)15:53 No.19080400

    Er, do you really want to do that when Jeanne's sitting right next to you?
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)15:54 No.19080418
    As much as I like the idea of 'the power of friendship' she was experimented on, forced to fight, and probably developed stockholms syndrome with Richard (and may have developed it with us. We did kind of...whisk her away).

    There are things you can't get through with willpower or positive thinking. People need help sometimes. We have therapists for a reason.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)15:54 No.19080421
    That's what I'm saying. They are treating her like an object, what the hell guys?

    She doesn't need a /therapy/ or being looked after like a 5-year old. She can take care of herself.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)15:56 No.19080433
    Probably not, we'll talk to them in private about her later, introduce Khan and Erin. Ask Erin if she has any book suggestions for Jeanne, detail what sort of things she's been reading so far.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)15:56 No.19080447
    This quest runs on Comic Book/Shonen logic. It will be okay.
    Besides, she hasn't shown any signs of being crazy or nonadjustable to society ... just a little quiet.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)15:56 No.19080448
    hell no, we just watch after her and keep her afloat maybe talk about her experience if she wants but that's it. anything else would probably back fire
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)15:58 No.19080469
    >Probably not, we'll talk to them in private about her later, introduce Khan and Erin.

    We already introduce them to each other, what are you talking about?
    Again, no, she does not need any treatment or being treated like a dangerous child autist. Just treat her like a normal human being and it will be alright.
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)15:59 No.19080472
    “Erin, did I introduce you to Khan?”


    You rub the back of your head. “Well, Erin, Khan’s a good-“


    Erin looks at him and dryly replies, “Good afternoon.”


    “Um, I’m Erin. Of the Alchemist’s Guild.”


    Erin pauses. “Likewise.”

    … goddammit Khan.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)16:01 No.19080490
    rolled 90 = 90

    "Khan, you don't need to yell."
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)16:03 No.19080513
    Eh. I think the social interaction has been realistic.

    We're not equipped with dealing with someone like her. I'm not saying we leave her with Blaine (from every encounter, Shun feels wary of him. Even with our pendant on.) But we shouldnt just hope everything goes okay.

    Besides, most shonen and comic heroes, suffer from some sort of psychological problem. Even if it isnt adressed.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)16:03 No.19080515
    Khan, what have I told you about inside and outside voices? You probably recognize him from the final match at the arena. Now that I think about it he's the only one I fought in that tournament who I was at least somewhat okay with losing to.
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)16:04 No.19080526
    Your amulet only works on magical fear.
    Blaine's just a scary motherrfucker.
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)16:18 No.19080666
    "Khan, you don't need to yell."

    He blinks at you and looks around. People are staring at him again. He coughs and says, “My bad. I get a little overexcited sometimes.” More like all the time. You look over at Jeanne, who is still reading. Hmm…

    “Erin, would you happen to know any books that Jeanne might like? She seems pretty into stories about kings and dragons and stuff.” Erin glances at Jeanne’s reading material.

    “Maybe. I could show her around the library, if she’s okay with that.” Looking up, Jeanne nods.

    Khan interjects. “I can sing songs about heroes of old to her!” Jeanne emotionlessly looks at Khan and shrugs. “So it shall be!” Well, you’re glad that everybody seems to be getting along.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)16:23 No.19080724
    What's with them and not liking Khan? How good is Khan at singing his epics anyway?

    And yeah, that's pretty cool.
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)16:24 No.19080730
    Khan's ballin' as fuck.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)16:26 No.19080748
    "ballin'" is usually used as positive description, right? Are you talking about his singing skills or why they don't like him?
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)16:27 No.19080754
    You know Khan, that singing of the heroes of old actually sounds fun. I only wish I could provide musical accompaniment.

    Finish lunch, make enjoyable small talk with the whole group and go out to Khan's training zone to swap some techniques.
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)16:29 No.19080791
    Khan's a little... boisterous. And he's yelling in a tea shop. Nobody really appreciates that, Shun's just grown used to it.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)16:33 No.19080846
    Well...uh..we can make bitchin shadow puppets.
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)16:34 No.19080853
    So, anything else you need to bring up, or is lunch over?
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)16:35 No.19080865
    Nothing I can think of. Though we should make a little shadow play of a brave knight fighting a dragon for Jeanne some time. It'll be good practice as well.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)16:35 No.19080868

    Have them say something too? We can't be the only ones to lead the conversation all the time, you know?
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)16:38 No.19080886
    That can happen on the road. Everyone's still kinda awkward around each other since they just met and stuff. Jeanne won't talk, Khan talks too loudly, and poor Erin's the only normal one here and is still trying to process all this shit.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)16:39 No.19080902
    Okay. I don;t really have anything to say.
    Lets just have some smalltalk to ease them in and finish the lunch?

    Sounds okay?
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)16:39 No.19080903
    Ask Erin how she enjoyed the tournament, that ought to get her excited and give us, her and Khan a topic of conversation. Then smalltalk, finish lunch.
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)16:51 No.19081020
    You spend the rest of your lunch chatting with Erin and Khan about the tournament. Erin was on the edge of the seat the whole time, especially during the final battle, which Khan was proud of for winning. Turns out Khan fought a swordsman of impeccable skill and speed, a mage that excelled at fire spells (which he easily countered), and a grizzled old axeman. You insist that your fights were tougher, and Erin agrees. Jeanne nods her head when you say that she was undoubtedly far worse to fight than an old man. Khan admits defeat and orders more food.

    The rest of the afternoon is spent talking about meaningless things with Khan and Erin, mostly revolving around the city’s culture. You don’t pay nearly as much attention to the conversation as Khan does, but that man puts his soul into everything he does.

    When lunch is done, you all leave and head your separate ways into the gleaming marble city, future looking exciting.
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)16:52 No.19081033
         File: 1336855951.jpg-(32 KB, 580x325, d3monkymonk.jpg)
    32 KB
    That's that for this round!

    You guys know the drill by now.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)16:53 No.19081044
    Short one today but still great. See you tomorrow then.
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/12/12(Sat)16:55 No.19081057
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/13/12(Sun)00:46 No.19086224
    Shit's right here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/19075436/
    >> Martial Arts Artist 05/13/12(Sun)01:28 No.19086660
         File: 1336886881.png-(96 KB, 500x500, 1293594416205.png)
    96 KB
    You go and continue the quest while I go off and have a rockin' time with friends because two of them have their birthday at roughly the same time. I thought the quest was over.
    You lied to me, Adept.
    You liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiied.
    >> Martial Arts Artist 05/13/12(Sun)01:29 No.19086672
         File: 1336886960.png-(115 KB, 262x274, 1293595850605.png)
    115 KB
    Plus I would've totally made a pun in the archive description about a shadowmancer monk, a loud and fiery bardic monk, a rookie alchemist and a former human experiment walking into a bar.
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/13/12(Sun)01:48 No.19086875
    When did I say it was over?
    >> Martial Arts Artist 05/13/12(Sun)01:49 No.19086885
    For the weekend, I mean.
    >> Adept !!+u5zzp0LPDj 05/13/12(Sun)01:50 No.19086900
    You must've fooled yourself. Oh well, you didn't miss much.

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