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  • File: 1336771106.png-(44 KB, 700x431, OP.png)
    44 KB Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)17:18 No.19069844  
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/11/12(Fri)17:23 No.19069878
         File: 1336771408.png-(760 KB, 1115x1094, MHRSheet.png)
    760 KB

    (Whoops, forgot to turn my trip back on)

    Or, The One where Dan spends several hours in Airports (That you don't see)

    >Previous Threads:

    After some deliberation, Dan decided to first sojurn somewhere inside his solar system, before setting out on an anticipated journey to the stars, and decided to check out Japan. Deciding to bring Roxy with him, Dan attempted to find a third party. Johnny refused, but both Anna and Jeanne wanted to come. Dan too nice to straight up choose between the two, they had a little contest to decide who would go, with Anna winning.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/11/12(Fri)17:33 No.19069962
         File: 1336772008.png-(1.18 MB, 1324x1194, MHRPowers.png)
    1.18 MB

    It is now the day of your flight. You wont call it the first day of your trip, because with connecting flights and all, you'll be spending most of your day flying or in airports. And of course, the complication of flying into the past, but then ending up in the future, so you'll actually be arriving somewhere in the small hours of tomorrow morning. That'll be fun.

    You review your luggage, and check on the items your bringing with you, beyond normal clothing and toiletries.

    You have:
    -Ritual Kit (sans knife)
    -Protective Jacket
    -Basic Japanese Phrasebook
    -Some books from the Workshop as reading material
    -Disposable Camera
    -Free space to bring back souvenirs

    If there is anything else to add to or remove from this list, now is the time.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)17:37 No.19070000
    Cellphone, other than that it looks good.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/11/12(Fri)17:42 No.19070047

    The phone was assumed. I mean, this is the 21st century. I never use my cheap-ass phone and *I* carry mine whenever I go out.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)17:53 No.19070151
    I suppose basic necessities are also take care of? Like toothbrushes, clothing ,etc...

    I don't have any more ideas
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/11/12(Fri)18:14 No.19070328

    >I don't have any more ideas

    If the previous threads were any indication, this is the cue for someone to come along and have some.

    But I'll get on the next update anyway. So long as you guys think of it before, like, I actually say you're on a plane, I wont mind retconning stuff in.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)18:15 No.19070343
    >this is the cue for someone to come along and have some.

    could you rephrase that? I don't think I understand what you're trying to say
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)18:19 No.19070379
    He's saying that when someone says 'I don't have any ideas' people normally come in with a ton of ideas. In all seriousness, though, I think we're set. Most of the rest of the things that we own wouldn't make it through customs.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/11/12(Fri)18:19 No.19070393

    Normally when somebody says "I don't have any ideas", another person will pop out of the woodwork and have some.

    Just seems to be how things work.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)18:22 No.19070418
    I think we actually are strapped for ideas, though.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)18:22 No.19070419

    Ah, alright. Thanks.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/11/12(Fri)18:23 No.19070434

    Well, when you can waggle your eyebrows and suddenly be clad in full alien combat armor, what more do you need?
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)18:23 No.19070439
    Yeah, I think most of the rest of our ideas would get confiscated if we tried to bring them on a plane.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)18:24 No.19070448
    >waggle your eyebrows and suddenly be clad in full alien combat armor
    >waggle eyebrows
    >implying we need to do anything but think a bit harder than usual
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)18:26 No.19070468
    "Sir, I need you to check your psibolts. I can't let you take them on the plane."
    "I can MAKE and DISPEL these at no cost. There's no harm in them."
    "Sir, I need you to check your powers into baggage."
    "I can't box my powers and just throw them in a suitcase! That doesn't make sense!"
    "...Sir, I'm gonna need you to step over here please."
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)18:28 No.19070489
    We might need to declare our powers and get a dampening bracelet or something to get through security. Like how you can bring a firearm onto a plane, but it has to be unloaded and put in a safety box that only the airline company has the combination to. Or maybe airliners will be played as fast-and-loose as other security laws in this setting.
    >> Martial Arts Artist 05/11/12(Fri)18:29 No.19070502
    Do metahuman powers have to be listed in a passport?
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)18:30 No.19070519
    I certainly hope not, we'd have to renew ours to keep up every week or so.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)18:34 No.19070551
    Well, not lately. The last time we got new powers was in Vermont, and the last time before that was during the whole Red Star affair. It's been almost a month since the Vermont thing, if I remember correctly, and the Red Star thing was almost a month before that.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/11/12(Fri)18:36 No.19070571

    I'm going to say no, but your "status" as a metahuman does. Powers go on your registry card, if you have one, and not producing your card when asked can be a serious crime.


    More like a week between Red Star and Vermont, but all in all it has been like a month and a half since Dan got super powers.

    (And now I'm actually going to write the update!)
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)18:41 No.19070612
    Are there any 'blank' registry cards or registry cards with redaction bars if a person's civilian identity or specific powers are classified? How do Japan's registration laws look compared to the US's?
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/11/12(Fri)18:55 No.19070705
         File: 1336776930.jpg-(35 KB, 638x480, Universal_translator,_2267.jpg)
    35 KB

    Deciding you've got all the stuff you need, you finish closing up your couple of bags, to hear a knock on your door.

    Roxy enters, says, "Got you a little something. Catch!" and tosses you something. You easily catch it, and examine the object. It looks a bit like a Bluetooth headset, only it has a more chromed look, and some purplish highlights. "What's this?" You ask. She clips one of her on onto an ear. "Wayland-Utani special. It's marketed as a 'Universal Translator', but it isn't really. It's preloaded with a dozen popular languages, and it does live translation. It's got a directional mic, so it only translates stuff being said *to* you." You nod, and clip it on. Little unusual, but it fits. "There's a little lag, but other than that, it should translate almost anything said to you." You slip it off and stick it in your carry-on.

    "And if I want to talk to somebody?" You question. "Well, then you'll need to rely on your phrasebook, or my limited understanding I picked up talking with Japanese robotics nerds over the internet. Though they teach English in Japanese schools, so hopefully people should be able to understand you." You nod, slowly. Roxane pats her laptop. "I'm going to try and code a patch into your Armor while were on the plane that should reverse the process, so you can talk into the helmet in English, and the speakers will spit out the appropriate language." You nod your thanks, then gather up your stuff to go to the airport.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)18:57 No.19070724
    >patch the armor t speak Japanese
    So... We actually are going to be KamenSentaiMan?
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)18:58 No.19070735
    Make sure she installs the translator software working normally into the helmet as well, so it does both.

    Other than that, lets go to the airport.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/11/12(Fri)19:11 No.19070834

    >Are there any 'blank' registry cards or registry cards with redaction bars if a person's civilian identity or specific powers are classified?

    No. While the legality of vigilante superheroes depends on your exact location, Secret Identities (at least from the Government) are kind of a thing of the past. Though I suppose if you have some good Samaritan cred, you could get a card with your masked ID on it. In the US anyway, the very limited nationally recognized Capes who are not sponsored aren't registered (They also may or may not actually be metahuman, and just have human skill and some equipment behind them). The only people who come close are government sponsored heroes (Like Miss Mystery), who have a special Government IDs they can show to LE to let them know they're on the up-and-up.

    >How do Japan's registration laws look compared to the US's?

    Their registration laws a similar to the US's, but Japan requires all metahumans to register and carry cards. In the US, it's only if your powers need to be known to LE or otherwise need to be easily noted (Like if you have Super Strength, you'd need to let that be known before joining a professional sports team, in which case they probably can't hire you.) and referenced.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)19:18 No.19070900
    Okay, so we're solid either way, since we make a point of listing all of our powers on our card anyway. Can we use our incredible military-tech combat powers for simple convenience? Like using a fire evocation or a low-powered burn to keep our coffee from getting cold? Because in all honesty, that's the sort of stuff we would actually probably use it for on a day-to-day basis.

    >That and free running. This greentext's for you, ParkourAnon.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/11/12(Fri)19:20 No.19070917

    Magic is probably the loosest regulated form of powers. And since Evocation is kind of like Bending, only +Verbal and -Somatic, yes, you can use it to keep your coffee heated.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)19:22 No.19070945
    Fantastic. I assume we use it all the fucking time, then, to make consumables the perfect temperature, steer bad smells away from us, not get wet in the rain, and so on. Can you use Earth Evocation to prospect for valuable minerals and/or crude oil deposits? If so, we can have a backup career constantly waiting in the wings, so to speak, in the event that our money runs out before we find another solid get-rich-quick scheme.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/11/12(Fri)19:39 No.19071124
         File: 1336779589.jpg-(2.31 MB, 3264x2448, Adelaide_Airport_Terminal_One_(...).jpg)
    2.31 MB

    With your stuff organized, you depart for Liberty City's International Airport, where you meet Anna before getting on the plain. She's dressed a little warm for the weather, but with the way planes and airports are she'll be plenty comfortable in jeans and a long coat, with leather gloves. She's wearing sturdy work boots, which you notice are only loosely laced. You notice one of her carry-on items is a polished wooden box which is approximately sword sized. You raise an eyebrow at her. "You sure they're gonna let you take that on?" She nods confidently. "It's not metal, and it's actually not sharp, if you look at it. It's a valuable family heirloom that I can't be parted with." You shrug. "Whatever, it's you getting indefinitely detained, not me." She waves you off, "Don't worry about me, I checked all this stuff before hand. So long as I keep it in a locked case, and not 'readily accessible', its fine. "

    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/11/12(Fri)19:41 No.19071142
         File: 1336779662.jpg-(16 KB, 280x309, everythingsensor.jpg)
    16 KB

    You check in, and run through security, where you have the pleasure of the metahuman security check, which includes a very interesting everything scanner, which millimeter-wave radars you for anything weapon-like concealed on your person (and unregistered cybernetics) , and also are checked to verify you're not actually an async, and one guy runs some rod with sulfurous yellow smoking runes carved in it. When asked, the guy says its for "Demonic Taint". It starts acting up as it passes over your right wrist and arm, but the agent checks the reading and declares a false positive. Your baggage is put through an even more thorough investigation in the scanner, which checks for nanotech, chemical or biological weapons, and any exoflora or fauna you may be taking onto the plane. Luckily, you and Roxy (Who, being a mad scientist, also has to get all her items examined) are the only ones in the line, so it actually doesn't take you much longer, all things considered. You are now in the terminal.

    >Any last minute things before you get on the plane?
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)19:42 No.19071161
    They've got a Cinnabon, right? I mean, it's an international airport in the US. They must have a Cinnabon.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)19:42 No.19071163
    Get some food at the food court, we'll be in airplanes for a long time, and even in this world it won't be good.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)19:44 No.19071178
    An "asynch?"
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)19:45 No.19071190
    I'm rather curious about that too.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/11/12(Fri)19:48 No.19071213
         File: 1336780081.jpg-(330 KB, 900x1165, eclipsephase_cover_phs.jpg)
    330 KB

    A term I stole from Eclipse Phase. Proper scientific term for a person with psychic powers.

    It's short for Asynchronous, as in Asynchronous brain waves, which are a sign of proper psychic ability. Dan would only display some in brief spurts when actively using a module. Someone like Dr. M, who is proper psychic has them all the time.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)20:05 No.19071373
    >getting on the plain
    I don't usually go all grammar nazi over your typos but that one's really jarring for some reason.

    >everything scanner, which millimeter-wave radars you for anything weapon-like concealed on your person
    We're not that good of an enchanter and we managed to make it so we can summon our armour anywhere. What's the point of all this if somebody can just get a gun onto the plane half way through the flight with lolmagic?
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)20:09 No.19071410
    I get the impression that being a magister is actually a rather very rare thing. The fact that we got that power set unlocked by a person and then made a pair of deals with minor Greek deities makes us a rather remarkable enchanter, from where I'm standing, simply because even being an enchanter at all is a rather rare thing, isn't it?
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)20:12 No.19071441
    Well I guess. I'm sure the aspiring terrorist could find somebody willing to make them a summonable gun for the right price though.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/11/12(Fri)20:19 No.19071524
         File: 1336781993.jpg-(123 KB, 800x640, firstclass_01.jpg)
    123 KB

    You get some delicious food before you board the plane, knowing that you will be traveling for some time. And god knows when you'll intersect with a meal time, all this globetrotting. While you're out getting food, you notice Roxy and Anna in the bookstore, Anna picking up a couple of her paperback romances. Roxy seems to be skimming some cheap-ass paperback sci-fi, but puts them all back. Later, you ask her about it, and Roxane says that she'd either read it all, or wasn't interested in their subjects. Apparently, she likes to read them for "ideas". The way she says ideas sends a cold shiver down your spine.

    You finally board the plan, and settle into first class, because when you've made as much money as you just have, how else do you fly? (Also, if you don't travel 1st class now, you have no idea when you'll be able to, since ground-to-orbit-travel does not have 1st class. It just has "strap in and hope you don't get sick on roller-coasters"-class). Now that your comfortable, you need something to do to idle away the hours while you cross the breadth of the United States.

    >Peruse In-Flight Entertainment
    >Read Phrasebook
    >Read whatever cheap fiction you bought/brought with you
    >Read Magic books
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)20:23 No.19071567
    We can't have the helmet on all the time, and there is no way thats not going to come up.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)20:25 No.19071580
    >Read Magic books

    Magic study is always appropriate.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)20:30 No.19071636
    This. Here's hoping Dan acts like less of an ass when they finally touch down.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/11/12(Fri)20:30 No.19071637


    FFF-. And I thought I'd gotten past the point of glaring errors in my writing.

    Also, like >>19071441 said, proper magical talent is pretty rare. (I think my mental figure is like, 1% of the population world-wide are metahuman, with magic then being subdivided into that number). And Dan put a lot of time and effort into that enchantment, which most Magisters with that kind of talent and access to knowledge would not put in to do magic for hire. If they do magic for hire at all. Dan's circumstances are unique, and you don't actually know a whole lot about how mages are handled within their own community.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)20:34 No.19071667
    We have the magic headset, we'll be fine. I wonder if magic has the same effect on sub-orbital planes as turning on your cell phone/handheld/laptop's wifi.

    Also, /tg/, while we've been maxing our stats (and we really do need to get 1 or 2 of those stats to 5), why haven't we thought about Roxy's stats? Clearly she isn't a Peak Performer, so we need to consider, at the very least, what we can do to get her Mind to 8 or 9.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)20:35 No.19071681
    The headset only helps us understand other people.
    We don't have anything besides the helmet to let us talk to them, so we'll need to learn some phrases.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)20:47 No.19071801
    Good point, Phrase-book is more important then Magic for now.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)20:50 No.19071824
    Agreed. Plus, it's not like we wont have time to read some more stuff later. Sounds like this is going to be a long flight.
    Followed by another long flight.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/11/12(Fri)20:55 No.19071883
         File: 1336784117.png-(5 KB, 700x431, paused.png)
    5 KB
    Just letting you guys know, taking a quick meal break before the next update.

    Normally, I'd just put out an update then go eat but I want to cover some ground with this one so I can stay true to this thread's little subtitle up there.

    (Also, I never use this image anymore)
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/11/12(Fri)21:16 No.19072065

    Deciding to do something both productive and useful in the short term, you pull out your Phrasebook, and begin studying it. Your memorization skills have improved over the past few weeks. Your pronunciation is probably terrible, and you know enough about Japanese to know that your language will be super-polite, gender neutral (Roxane probably speaks Japanese like a Teenage boy) and probably make you sound like a dumb tourist, but you know enough to ask people basic questions. After a few hours of learning some basic tourist questions (Like "Do you speak English", "Where is the bathroom", and "No deadly pufferfish for me, thanks".) you decide to take a break. You help Roxane figure out some of the stuff in Cyrean she needs to properly interface the translation software with your helmet's BIOS, and after that, she goes back to coding. You go back to your book.

    After some hours, you depart your initial flight now on the West Coast of America, and now find yourself only slightly after when you left (Yes, time-zones, you know. You're making jokes.), and have to wait a relatively short period for your connecting flight. Now back on terra firma, you have some time to do something, like Roxy, who is busy uploading the new Translation software back to the home computer.

    >Anything you want in this airport, or skip to next flight?
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)21:17 No.19072074
    Nothing in particular unless Roxy wants to check the book shop for anything new.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)21:17 No.19072080
    Check on Anna; see if those romance novels are holding up.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)21:18 No.19072089
    Check the book store. Acquire a loaf of bread and some meat and cheese to make sandwiches midflight if possible. We're not really that hungry now but we will be during the flight over.

    Talk to Anna, see how she's doing. Ask about her cheesy romance novels.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)21:22 No.19072122
    Ask Roxy about some of the things we should see in Japan.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)21:23 No.19072131
    We're in the same time zone as our mother for once, so may as well shoot her a call. Are we in a coastal city? May as well take a look at the Pacific.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)21:41 No.19072325
         File: 1336786868.jpg-(184 KB, 532x508, I'm ready!.jpg)
    184 KB
    Let's do Roxy!
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/11/12(Fri)21:41 No.19072332
         File: 1336786900.jpg-(209 KB, 1000x1031, 1306556579248.jpg)
    209 KB

    You find yourself the necessary components of a sammich, and got back to sit by Roxane. She gives you a level look over her glasses, as you pack the stuff up. "If you ask me to make you a sandwich, I will perform a field test of how far I can throw you." You make a pacifying gesture. "Easy killer. I've lived in a college dorm for the past few years. I can make myself a sammich." She thinks about it for half a second, then concedes. "Fair enough." "So, any thing you think we should see while we're in Japan?" You ask her. "Well," she says, scanning some things on her computer, "I talked to some of my old friends, and while we're there, the JSDF is going to do a public demonstration for some of their experimental new mecha." You raise an eyebrow. "Public demonstration?" "Yeah, well, since mech design is the wet dream of thousands of scientists everywhere, the designers employed by their military tend to come up with lots of interesting experimental equipment and models. Most of which are way to expensive to mass produce cost effective. So they do public tests and raise money to recoup some of the R&D budget. And other than that, they tend to wallow in storage until they get a good pilot who is crazy or skilled enough to operate them efficiently." "They do this a lot?" "Dan, if you could build giant robots, wouldn't you be doing all kinds of crazy stuff?" "Point taken." She pauses for a second, then continues. "Other than that, apparently if you go to the right parts of Tokyo at night, you can find a bit of a bazaar for metahuman related stuff. People hawking personal inventions, one-of-a-kind gadgets, and so on. Might be worth checking out while we're too jetlagged to care what time it is."

    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/11/12(Fri)22:00 No.19072533
         File: 1336788027.jpg-(579 KB, 2816x2112, 16_ocean.jpg)
    579 KB

    You then decide while your on the ground in her timezone, you decide to call your mother, and chat with her for a short while about various things, including how handling your finances are going, and she gives you standard-issue grief about going to Japan instead of seeing your mother.

    When you're done, you return to find Anna has returned from wherever she scooted off too. As you sit back down in the waiting area, you decide to ask something that's been bugging you for a while. "So, Anna," You begin. "What's up with the romance novels?" She shrugs. "Simple pleasures. When you deal with all the complex and cerebral stuff I do in the daily course of my school-life, you gotta have something to do to relax." You nod slowly, then examine the cover of the one she's busy perusing. Well, might as well get your questions out of the way. "Okay, forgive me if I'm being rude, but, aren't you gay?" You ask. She snorts, and looks up from the book. "So? A girl doesn't have to be straight to enjoy a romance novel. " You think about it for a moment, then say, "Okay, fair point." "Though now I'm curious," Anna continues, "How you knew that, since I don't think I've ever actually stated as such in your presence." You're about to play the Wizard card (Well, okay, Psychic), when Roxane looks up from her computer a bit surprised. "Why, is it supposed to be a secret, or something?" Anna looks at her, then looks back at you. "Okay, now I'm curious how *she* knows." "SRMD is hyper-intuition as well. They're very good at picking up on small details and social cues. The other reason why she's terrifying." You explain. Roxane beams at you.

    Then you go look at the Pacific Ocean for a while, because why the fuck not.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:02 No.19072555
    I could've sworn Anna was at least bi. I dunno.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:05 No.19072606
    I suppose it's a good thing we brought a lesbian along, no need to worry about Roxy getting her Irish up.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:08 No.19072630
    >getting her Irish up
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:09 No.19072653
    So SRMD is like... The evolved form of autism or something? Where the old weakness is a strength and the strength is a bigger strength?
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:09 No.19072655
    I still think Roxy leads a cursed existence.

    >by law, cannot drink unless under police(-approved) supervision
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/11/12(Fri)22:10 No.19072665

    BTW, just wanted to say that this pic is probably what some of those advanced prototype mechs that they have no hope of efficiently mass-producing in Japan probably look like. The mass produced models have more in common with Tau Battlesuits.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:11 No.19072672
    Hey. Drinking is both the Irish past time and the Irish kryptonite. Now she doesn't have to deal with hereditary alcoholism, consumption, and so forth.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:11 No.19072678
    SRMD is basically "mad scientist disorder." It makes you hyper-intelligent and imaginative at the potential cost of stability.
    Roxy, fortunately, has the benign case, meaning she won't go crazy.
    Dr. Eve Moreau has the malignant version, which is far more common and made her a supervillainess.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:12 No.19072690
    Oh, I know what it is. I've been here since thread one. It just seems like super-anti-autism or something to me. Especially BSRMD.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:12 No.19072692
    I REALLY wouldnt mind seeing what Roxy could do with a mecha.
    I really reeeaally Wouldnt.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:13 No.19072700
    Then again, when Roxy brought out her knuckle-dusters, she said her dad taught her how to fight and drink like a proper Irishman.
    Maybe she's got a super-secret stash somewhere.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:15 No.19072724
    I can just imagine her pulling up the floor boards and typing in the secret code, the bottle of whiskey rising like a nuclear cooling rod out of it's hiding place, steam billowing out across the room...

    >My precious!
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:16 No.19072749
    We could always fix that by becoming a Policeman.
    Not that im advocating that, just saying.

    Anyway, Japan also has a pretty good history of supernatural stuff as well right? I wonder what we could find in the way of magic around there, and where? Maybe Anna has some ideas?
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:16 No.19072756
    Well, Dan's Maternal (Chinese) grandfather was in the Russian mob, so I would imagine that his family knows how to drink pretty well too. If/when she ever gets proper supervision, the two of them will probably drink like champs.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:19 No.19072795

    Oof, that reminds me, they drink a lot in japan dont they?Culturaly its a pretty big deal or something isnt it?
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:20 No.19072802
    It's the only reason the island is still populated. Drunken humping and forgetting their problems.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:21 No.19072816
    Yeah, it's like what breaking bread with someone is in some parts of Europe.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:21 No.19072819
    I'm not sure if they actually drink a lot, but there is something of an obligation, if you do drink, to at least ACT like you're sloshed out of your gourd. It's why they have the necktie bandanas and sway so terribly.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/11/12(Fri)22:24 No.19072857

    >Dan's Maternal (Chinese) grandfather

    That was never stated canonically.

    But it can still be true, it just means that Dan's maternal grandfather is Revolver Ocelot with a fu manchu.


    Roxane's dad was also an airplane mechanic. She probably makes her own stuff.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:26 No.19072892
         File: 1336789595.jpg-(7 KB, 251x142, 1265315365764.jpg)
    7 KB
    >She probably makes her own stuff.
    Jesus fuck.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:28 No.19072915
    >That was never stated canonically.
    I know. I'm just one of the people in the Dan-Is-Blasian camp. I'm also picturing him with an odd but awesome mix of Triad and Mafiya tattoos, with little-Dan only becoming aware of what those tattoos meant later in life.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/11/12(Fri)22:30 No.19072949

    Don't forget the knives.

    So many knives.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:31 No.19072971
    Wouldn't be right without knives. He probably taught Dan how to play with a balisong when he was little, much to his mother's horror.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/11/12(Fri)22:39 No.19073071
         File: 1336790388.gif-(24 KB, 412x380, dateln.gif)
    24 KB

    After enjoying the pretty ocean, you head back in, gather up the stuff you brought off, and get on the next plane out to Hawaii, because the ocean you were just watching is that fucking huge that you need two plane trips to cross it normally. This still means you're still traveling into the past, as well.

    >More hours on plane. What do now?
    >Peruse In-Flight Entertainment
    >Read whatever cheap fiction you bought/brought with you
    >Read Magic books
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:40 No.19073080
    It means she's hyper-intelligent, but still has a mostly-human brain. And as Omega pointed out, she can spot small clues, but can still screw up socially due to complexity (more choices, so more ways to screw up) and a lack of skill at it (just because you know something, doesn't mean you understand how to apply it effectively).

    Incidentally, did we include a sammich for Roxy?
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:40 No.19073090
    Mile high club?
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:42 No.19073107
    Let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet. We can do that on the way back (with both ladies) after Japan.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:42 No.19073115
    >with both ladies
    At least one of those ladies isn't into man-parts, and the other likely has an Irish-sized jealous streak.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:43 No.19073123
    Hence why it's in parentheses.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/11/12(Fri)22:44 No.19073136

    If I understood the post in question correctly, Dan didn't so much buy a sandwich as a sandwich making kit. So presumably he can manufacture enough sandwiches for everyone.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:45 No.19073145
    Moar Phrase-book practice might work (or hell, we could use the on-flight entertainment for some animu, and broaden our knowledge of the language).
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:45 No.19073154
    I assume a sandwich making kit involves some kind of assembly line, with little robotic arms. It turns raw materials into marketable sandwiches.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:45 No.19073156
    >sandwich making kit
    >manufacture enough sandwiches
    This is what happens when you try to make an engineer into a chef. Dan is a History-major, though.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:46 No.19073167
    >sandwich making kit
    >assembly line
    >robotic arms
    >raw materials
    Today I learned that /tg/ can't into sandwiches.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:48 No.19073178
    You could definitely use robotic arms to make sandwiches.

    Not great ones, but it'd work well enough, assuming it can 'see' the materials well enough to manipulate them.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/11/12(Fri)22:48 No.19073181

    Omega, however, is currently a Liberal Arts major, and likes using big fancy words whenever he can. If only I could swing the manufacted/deifacted thing in more often.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:49 No.19073192
    Yah, you know. Raw materials. Flour, egg, sugar, salt, yeast, animal flesh, a head of lettuce, mayonnaise...
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:51 No.19073215
    Get the fuck out.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:52 No.19073221
    What, you don't put mayo on your sandwiches?
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:53 No.19073248
    Why would you even think robotic assembly lines? It's a little thing meant to be taken on a plane. It obviously involves nanomachines. You put raw biomass into the little hopper and it sandwichizes it.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:54 No.19073255
    >raw material
    I'm pretty sure it's processed.

    Also no.

    Anyway, I say we check out the magic books.

    Using the in flight entertainment for learning Japanese is a good idea, but that'll probably be on the flight to Japan, not Hawaii.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:54 No.19073256
    It's the culinary equivalent to wearing socks with sandals.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/11/12(Fri)22:55 No.19073271

    Mr. Sandwich
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:55 No.19073274
    Well if I had said horseradish sauce would it have been any better? Because that shit is good on a sandwich.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)22:58 No.19073317
    Don't forget onions, pickles, the relish trolley, 82 types of cheese...guys, I think we need to get away from the black-hole that is sandwich-making, otherwise the rest of this thread will look like Dr. M's drunken field-experiments on sandwich creation.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)23:00 No.19073329
    There were no survivors, but she did make a perfect Reuben sandwich and almost made a perfect BLT.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)23:04 No.19073374
    Read magic books and talk with Roxy, talk about science, japan, space.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/11/12(Fri)23:04 No.19073381

    Twist ending.

    The sandwich is people.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)23:05 No.19073390
    Maybe, maybe not but they were really good sandwiches. Though she made the bacon a bit too crispy on the BLT.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)23:06 No.19073398
         File: 1336791960.jpg-(57 KB, 439x480, 1245996355977.jpg)
    57 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)23:06 No.19073399
    ...why would it be in sauce form? Straight up horseradish is great on a sandwich, assuming it has a robust enough meat base to support the horseradish. Some kind of red meat, a sharp cheese, horseradish, a bread with a thick, flaky crust...
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)23:06 No.19073400
    Going with this as well, read the magic books and when bored or taking breaks talk to Roxy or Anna.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)23:18 No.19073521
    While making a sandwich.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/11/12(Fri)23:33 No.19073686
         File: 1336793595.png-(959 KB, 4146x1947, 1334352361909.png)
    959 KB

    For this leg of the trip, you decide to crack open your other set of books. After all, if you're going to be some kind of Gentlepsi Wizventurer, you need some good ole' book-learning. You've brought a couple with you, but this one is a collection piece of articles and essays by some European guys comparing magical (Esoteric) phenomena with Psi (Parapsychological). It's a bit of a heavy read, but you're able to understand most of this stuff at this point.

    Other than the fact that they seem to come from entirely different sources, Psi and Magic seem to have only a few major dividers, even though they both have the same outcome, which is the user of the ability is able to influence the universe and its forces in ways that violate the day-to-day operating procedure of physics. Psi abilities seem to be more internal. Something happens in a Psi-users brain with Asynchronous Waves, which translates their will into the world around them, usually with a narrow focus. Psychokinetics can manipulate objects as if they were holding them without moving a finger. Pyrokinetics can manipulate fire, which is more a chemical reaction than anything else, or start them spontaneously. The energy to do this comes from a Psychic's own body and metabolism.

    Magic, on the other hand, is driven by something external and internal. One invokes the power internally, then the external forces are moved to mimic the shape in your mind. Your energy is expended in the transition from inside your self to the outside. A couple of writers theorize this is why even those with limited talent with magic tend to have broader abilities than most psychics. The Psi ability is purely intrinsic to the person, hence why many people express the same Psi ability slightly differently, but mages can teach another to perform a spell identically.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/11/12(Fri)23:34 No.19073694

    If that's enough magic-y exposition for you, we can keep on keeping on.

    If not, feel free to ask the mighty vaguely defined books more detailed questions.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)23:35 No.19073710
    Sounds straightforward to me.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)23:35 No.19073716
    So, can they be mixed in any ways?
    I know we can use both, but can we use both at the same time?

    Is the energy expended for both the same metabolic energy, or can you tap into something like a leyline for magic?
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)23:37 No.19073729
    Are there confirmed cases of naturally occurring psiwizards? Which one is usually more efficient? Can Psi people tap into natural sources of energy like leylines like wizards can, are they psychic leylines? When did Psi come about, or did we not know as a good number of supposed magic users in the past were actually psychics?
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/11/12(Fri)23:53 No.19073917
         File: 1336794809.png-(1.18 MB, 4146x2390, 1334352445719.png)
    1.18 MB

    >Is the energy expended for both the same metabolic energy, or can you tap into something like a leyline for magic?

    The energy drawn on to perform magic is different, something more intrinsic. Normally. Technically, if you build a spell or ritual right, you can draw the energy from all sorts of places, and you may need more or less of it.

    >So, can they be mixed in any ways?
    >I know we can use both, but can we use both at the same time?

    Mixing seems to be rare. There are people who possess both Psychic and Magical talent, but most of them only use it one at a time. More often than not, they use whichever is most useful at the moment. At best, they can employ them at the same time, though this is apparently kind of stressful, and takes some practice. Some of the works talk about theoretical enhancing of one through the other, but none of them had hard examples at the time this book was made.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/11/12(Fri)23:54 No.19073924
         File: 1336794841.jpg-(109 KB, 660x660, 1336013145451.jpg)
    109 KB

    >Are there confirmed cases of naturally occurring psiwizards?

    See above.

    >Can Psi people tap into natural sources of energy like leylines like wizards can, are they psychic leylines?

    Not normally, though some of those above theories include using magic to basically set up a converter to psychic energy. The Greys actually had a piece of field equipment us humans called a Psi Booster, which boosted Psychic abilities in a certain radius, but all of those are destroyed, or in the hands of government labs.

    >When did Psi come about, or did we not know as a good number of supposed magic users in the past were actually psychics?

    Psi powers have apparently been a part of the human Genome for about as long as we can check back. Protohumans may have even had it. However, due to mysticism, ancient cases are hard to sort out Magic from Psi, except that Psi talents in humans tended to be much smaller and less pronounced. Subtler. That changed in the 50s, with the Grey Invasion. Their experimentation enhanced a lot of humans with Psi, and made it a much more frequent, and much more powerful occurrence.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)23:55 No.19073943
    So, If Im understanding correctly both psi, and magic, at a very fundamental level, are different ways of doing the same thing, which is enforces the universe to do something according to your wil
    Also, They both seem to start with energy from within.
    So, hypothetically, it SHOULD be possible that with the proper method, or go-between focus, we could use that internal part to Influence a psi power, or vice versa?

    Captcha:but elownsho
    BUT nothing Captcha, im trying to revolutionize psycho-magical theory here!
    >> Anonymous 05/11/12(Fri)23:59 No.19073999
    Cool, make a mental note to try to combine the two for hilarious and/or disastrous results.

    Close our book, talk to Roxy, spend some time being adorable together, partially for it's own sake and partially to give Anna diabetes from how sugary sweet we are.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/12/12(Sat)00:01 No.19074023

    You are pretty much understanding correctly. Magic's energy is derived from a little more fundamentally within (Because MAGIC) but ultimately, they start similar and end similar. It's all the stuff in between that's different.

    And, in all Honesty, Dan kind of has a Psiwizard power already. His Magesight and Psi Sense are contiguous (I hope I'm using that word right), and both are used simultaneously. It's just really hard to sort one out from the other, actively anyway. The Spookysense feels different for psychic stuff than for magic stuff.

    >him, dergala

    Thank you for telling me who he is.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)00:05 No.19074053

    Why dont we asks Roxy what she thinks about this? It coudnt hurt, and we're thinking about it anywa. Good conversation!
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)00:07 No.19074070
    Hmm, yeah, and make those Sammiches if we're hungry enough.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/12/12(Sat)00:41 No.19074451
         File: 1336797663.jpg-(276 KB, 1328x601, sea_of_stars_by_bloknayrb-d46h(...).jpg)
    276 KB

    (And now we fast forward a bit, because I need to finish up and I actually have a good leaving off point for once)

    Sammiches, made.

    After your study, you banter some theory back and forth with Roxy for a while, which kills the rest of that plane ride. She's not an expert by any means, but she's a quick study, and offers some interesting ideas and points you might be able to use for later.

    Your time in Hawaii is much shorter than you'd think, and soon you're on the final plane ride over to Japan, and now it is either very late or very early. What with all the flying, you actually feel quite tired, and decide after a while playing around with the in-flight entertainment to settle in and get some sleep. Which is maybe kinda sorta appropriate. Or not. You don't fucking know anymore. You slip into sleep, and into a dream.


    You sit mounted on a horse, standing in a vast sea of stars. The horse stands on what looks feels like a solid plane, but ripples like water when it moves, and is marked with thousands of millions of tiny stars. Above you, in the sky, stretches an infinite city of lights and buildings, towering down in your direction. Each light in the city above is a reflection of the stars below. You settle yourself more comfortably in your glistening white armor, and move the visor on your helmet up to see the landscape better. You set your lance more comfortably, admiring its banded white and electric blue coloration. The blue matches you and your horse's decoration. You hear a whinny over in the distance, and look up to spot a black knight, mirroring you. He looks much like how you must look, but his armor and horse are deepest black, and his chosen colors a red-orange shade. He salutes you with his lance, and you lower your visor and make ready with your own.

    >wat do?
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)00:43 No.19074467
    rolled 15 = 15

    Salute him, and CHARGE!
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)00:43 No.19074469
    Well obviously we charge.
    You don't just reject a symbolic representation of antagonism when he challenges you.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)00:44 No.19074476
         File: 1336797842.jpg-(25 KB, 500x372, joust-video-game.jpg)
    25 KB
    We're sitting on a horse, holding a lance, decked out in armor, with our opposite across the way from us.
    What the fuck else IS there to do? Time to joust, punk. Except we're not on ostriches.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)00:44 No.19074483
    rolled 84 = 84

    Charge !
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)00:45 No.19074489
    Try to Psibolt him from a distance, then CHARGE. No reason not to get the easy win option out of the way first.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)00:47 No.19074497
    rolled 33 = 33

    PsiLANCE friend, psilance.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)00:53 No.19074555
    I am honestly a tad disappointed that you would suggest something like that. This is a dream, and it isn't about the victory so much as the righteous struggle against our foe. So no psibolt nor psilance. We will do this justly. Also, how terribly unsporting of us if we actually went through with this, honestly.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/12/12(Sat)00:54 No.19074572
         File: 1336798494.png-(29 KB, 700x431, ED.png)
    29 KB

    You return his salute with your own lance, then set your weapon. He does the same. You both charge. In an outstanding amount of mirror coordination, you and the black knight's lances meet tip to tip, and both shatter, as you ride past each other. He curses under his breath, and draws a replacement lance. You reach behind your back and do likewise, then you both salute again. Thunder rumbles in the sky, black-hued lighting jumping from building to building. You charge again, and the mirror instance is repeated.

    You are now both on your last lance. As you draw, the thunder rumbles again, and it begins raining upward. With your visor down, the rain does little, other than make you a little cold inside your armor. You two charge again, and time seems to slow, and you watch the poetry in motion that is you and your opponent charging each other through the rain drops. This time as he closes, you pull slightly to the side, knock his lance aside with your shield, and slam the point of yours into his helmeted face. Your lance shatters in a shower of stars, and his helmet breaks away as well.

    Revealing your own face, with glowing, orange-red eyes. Lighting crashes above you, a black serpent of force comes screaming down at you both.

    Something on the plane dings, as it begins its descent, and you wake up, a bit groggy from what just transpired, only the vaguest recollection of the dream in your mind.

    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)00:58 No.19074591
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/12/12(Sat)00:58 No.19074593
         File: 1336798711.png-(335 KB, 673x601, 1320808592248.png)
    335 KB

    >assuming this is not just a metaphorical struggle, and you actually have superpowers in your dreams


    I have archived this thread.

    So, there will totes not be a thread tomorrow. However, assuming something I'm not aware of happens, there will be one Sunday.

    As usual, I'm here for questions for a couple hours, or probably tomorrow, if the thread keeps alive that long.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)00:59 No.19074603
    I saved that image as laughing_superwhores.jpg Thank you for the awesome quest Omega.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/12/12(Sat)01:01 No.19074620


    I believe I last did vague meaningful dreams in Thread 25
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)01:06 No.19074668
    What? Vague foreshadowing? No way! I must start speculation right away! Do we have an evil twin or something? Maybe Dr. M totally cloned us for more research matter! Goodness me, whatever could all this mean!
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/12/12(Sat)01:08 No.19074683

    Well, this one will actually have a pay off way sooner than the other one. Relatively speaking.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)01:08 No.19074685
    So we're going to meet our opposite number in japan? Either uplifted by Dr. M or just a person with opposite ideals that we'll have no choice but to clash with, and something else is going to use our distraction to either attack us or achieve a goal we're against while we're fighting or opposing in some way?
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/12/12(Sat)01:11 No.19074698

    That is both incorrect, yet so close, it's scary.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)01:19 No.19074754
    Perhaps an anti-Dan uplifted or otherwise granted power by someone or something that is an anti-Dr.M, so to speak.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)01:23 No.19074775
    I bet we're either going to get possessed, or someone going to end up using our image to commit crimes.

    Also, Did Dan pick up a Prophetic Dream module by mistake somewhere?
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)01:28 No.19074807
    Or it could be his natural, used to be dormant Psi ability? And all the Psi and Magic he's been shoving into himself has awoken it and started making it more powerful.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/12/12(Sat)01:36 No.19074867

    Dan's a protagonist. He automatically gets prophetic dreams (that he never really remembers).
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)02:02 No.19075031
    Omega, have you read the Republic Commando series of boooks by Karen Traviss that started that epic fan-war? I ask because there were some pretty epic uogrades to their armour that we might want (I can list a few if you haven't).

    Secondly, I wanted to thank you for the guest-star bit with Dr. M, it really fleshed her out as a character. Also, the whole voices-in-her-head/4chan-quest-similarity was well-handled.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)02:04 No.19075049
    Just list them, I'm betting he hasn't.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)02:54 No.19075353
    The armour being completely shielded on the thermal & microwave wavelengths (invisible beyond a physical inspection), thermal & em sensors (ghz penetrating radar for an extra-special/expensive upgrade), some sort of magnetic/suction system on the boots for space-walk, and a massive encyledpedia of info on anything the commandos might need. Besides the fact that this was basically shock-trooper armour, the commandos also trained since age 2 till 10 (accelerated aging). Their armour, while top-of-the-line, really just complemented their balls-of-steel nature.

    Roxy may have read the series, and I recommend Hard Contact to anyone who hasn't read it(beyond the first book, you either love it or hate it).
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/12/12(Sat)03:35 No.19075592

    I've read a number, including her last one, before she fucked up something with the canon by using a character who was supposed to be elsewhere. Now she writes for Halo, where I'm sure her supersoldier fix is much better settled.

    Kataran Commando armor is awesome, though. (I've played the Republic Commando game)
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)09:19 No.19077451
    >Warning: Higgs Field
    >Wiki: The Higgs field is a quantum field with a non-zero value that fills all of space
    Giant warning sign at the entrance to the universe? I hope Red Star paid attention to it.
    >Warning: Neutrino Oscillation
    If neutrinos oscillate, they oscillate. Where would you even put the sign? It's not like you can avoid neutrinos. And it can't be that dangerous because we're all still alive.
    >Warning: de Broglie Wave-Particles
    The fuck?
    >Warning: Flesh-Melting Properties
    I don't think that needs a separate sign, you could just mark it as corrosive.
    >Warning: Mind-Control Device
    What kind of shitty government conspiracy puts warning signs on their mind-control devices?
    >Warning: Object with Light-Bending Properties
    Oh shit, an object with mass? Run!
    >Warning: Gyroscopically-Stabilised device
    I don't think that's very dangerous.
    >Warning: Religiously Significant Artifacts
    Why do these need a hazard sign?
    >Warning: Cyberspace Neck-Jack Terminal
    How is that a warning sign?
    >Dream-Recording Device
    >Quick-Cloning Station
    >Organ Cloning Station
    >Warning: Event Horizon Limit
    How are you going to put sign on the event horizon? What use is it if you probably can't escape the black hole by the time you reach the sign anyway?
    >Warning: Ergosphere
    See above. Also both this and the event horizon one are both things which happen around black holes and only black holes. You already made a black hole warning sign. Seems kind of redundant.
    >Warning: Absolute Zero Temperature Hazard
    You know, 0.5K is quite dangerous too. So's 2K. A general "extreme cold" warning would be a lot more useful.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:13 No.19078068
    >And I thought I'd gotten past the point of glaring errors in my writing.
    You will never be past it, Omega. You're writing quickly and proof-reading right after writing something hardly catches anything. Every quest thread ever has typos because nobody's perfect. Usually nobody mentions them because it's not a big deal.

    >Dan too nice...
    That whole sentence doesn't really work. I'd write it as "Dan was too nice to straight up choose between the two so they had a little contest to decide who would go, with Anna winning."
    >items your bringing with you
    >to hear a knock on your door
    Not sure what the "to" is meant to be. "You"?
    >She clips one of her on onto an ear
    on -> own
    >getting on the plain
    That first sentence is way too long.
    >one guy runs some rod...
    I presume there's meant to be an "over you" or similar at the end of the sentence to go with the "runs".
    >its for "Demonic Taint"
    Must be a typo because you're talking about airport food.
    >board the plan
    plane, again.
    >your comfortable
    >and got back
    Think that's meant to be "go back".
    >any thing you think we should see
    >way to expensive
    >mass produce cost effective
    >while your on the ground
    >you decide, you decide
    Should probably cut the first one.
    >a Psi-users brain

    Also you capitalise everything. Demonic Taint, Teenage, Translation, Psychic, Magic, Wizard, Genome, Asynchronous Waves... None of these are proper nouns.

    Just saying.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/12/12(Sat)12:15 No.19078544

    >Also you capitalise everything.

    Yeah, I do that.

    Also, this is clearly why professional writers have editors, to read their stuff and say "Did you mean to being your sentence twice, get your you're/your and to/too/two wrong, and end up with a word that doesn't make any sense at the end?"
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:16 No.19078550
    Omega, I'm not the dude who was pointing out mistakes, but really, don't have editors type like that.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 05/12/12(Sat)12:17 No.19078559

    See, even in a casual post I make an error.

    should be

    Though this time I can write it off as typing too fast.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:19 No.19078574
    Yup, and even in published books you see errors occasionally.

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