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  • File: 1336675559.jpg-(108 KB, 384x500, 2551252494_dd76516ebb.jpg)
    108 KB NearFuture Cyborg Quest 15 Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)14:45 No.19055759  
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)14:46 No.19055763
         File: 1336675584.png-(151 KB, 400x600, NFCInv.png)
    151 KB
    >>Previous threads can be found at: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=NearFuture%20Cyborg%20Quest

    The year is 2025.
    Your name is Dave, and you never asked for this.
    Once a generic white-collar worker who lived alone save for your cat, you were hit by a car and spent three months in a coma.
    You awoke to find that your unconscious body had been taken in by the corporation 'Emulsified Electronics', and implanted with an experimental augmentation. You soon found that it allowed you to control electronic devices with your mind. And if Jun's theory is right, your power is only going to grow...
    At almost the same time, it came to light that the company called Cadmium Dynamics had hired a PMC, ArmaTek, and started to mobilize against EE. However, you and your companions have been almost too much for them, defeating them at nearly every turn.
    Just after you thought you had a breath of fresh air, a new, mysterious corp showed up, mostly utilizing some kind of stealth technology.
    >You have 14450 credits.
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)14:47 No.19055771
    >Abel Rowling: Your coworker\drinking-buddy. Used to be your roommate years ago before you got him a job at the place you worked. He's currently hiding out in a safehouse, and apparently was trained to be an Agent.
    >Jun Viridian: The 38 year old neuroscientist who implanted you with the prototype, and from what you can tell, was the one who designed it. With your help, she has her son again.
    >John Grayson: A security specialist and agent who works for EE. He has implanted forearms and broad shoulders. He used to be military, and you currently owe him a favor.
    >Verne Tolstoy: A quiet, overweight man who used to be a cop. Most of his internal organs are all augmented versions, and he has an augmented arm; Ever since a mishap with an EMP, he's been unable to do any kind of mercenary work.
    >Amy Tolstoy: A teenage mercenary girl with neon hair, augmented legs, and a wrist computer full to the brim with random AI constructs. She has all sorts of strange friends. Now works for EE as a researcher, technician, and agent. Is somewhat keen on Dave, but he's just starting to realize that.
    >Azure, Onyx, and Cyan: Your bullfrog's three onboard AIs; Cyan specializes in networking, Onyx specializes in combat, and Azure bridges the gap between them. After an intense integration session between Azure and an enemy AI, Azure had changed.
    >Mark: The mechanic who works for EE in B-4, building and maintaining the gear of all Agents. He's a capable pilot and has saved your skin multiple times.
    >Goggles: A strange person who you found in CD's computer core, wearing a skintight suit and hat, their only notable feature being strange blue goggles. Apparently they're an agent of the new company in town.
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)14:48 No.19055777
    Your name is Dave, and the world is burning.

    You look out of the window from boardroom at the top floor of Emulsified Electronics. Through the pane, in the distance, you can see the cloud of ash and smoke getting ever closer. You look down to the streets, and see the people rioting, shoving cars aside, smashing and looting the stores.

    You look up to the cloud of ash and smoke once more, and then the world shakes, and you hear a massive, earth-shaking roar. The window you're looking out of, besides being made out of molecular strengthened glass, cracked.

    Out of the cloud of ash and smoke, a great winged beast burst, it's wide maw spread as it's wings clawed through the air to get to you. Unearthly fire lay behind the beast's eyes, and when it looks at you, you understand exactly what this beast is.
    This beast is Death itself. And on top of that, it's hunting *you*.
    >WAT DO?
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)14:51 No.19055809
    Wake up?
    >> Oskarr !!rEkSWzi2+mz 05/10/12(Thu)14:51 No.19055814
    rolled 21 = 21

    >> HeadRox 05/10/12(Thu)14:52 No.19055821
    rolled 9 = 9

    I suppose so. I had to jump back and forth to find the continuation of 14, and I don't see it. Nice try, Exabyte.

    >> HeadRox 05/10/12(Thu)14:53 No.19055829
    rolled 78 = 78

    Oh, fuck.I want to roll nat 1 now and to break my hand falling off the bed.
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)14:54 No.19055840
    You give a wild grin to the winged beast. It might be hunting you specifically, but you aren't meek prey to just lay down and die, or run and cower.

    You raise the javelin; now more than just a machine- It's a weapon, something to balance the unnatural adversary before you. You don't understand how you know this, but you know that it will only fire once. So, without hesitation, you pull the trigger. The spear of deadly, roiling plasma splashed against the beast to no avail; it simply bounced off the beast's flesh.

    You shrug, and you bring your mechandrites to bear. With a powerful, shockwave-aided leap out of the window, you roared, your own voice matching the monster in front of you, as you collided- Cold, mechanical efficiency tempered with the most organic sort of wrath, fusing the two into a deadly, deadly dance as you rage against this unnatural, unearthly hunter.
    Your eyes snap open.
    <You have been asleep for eight hours.> Azure said dutifully.
    >> HeadRox 05/10/12(Thu)14:57 No.19055866
    Well... Iamshockedandappalledkindsir.jpg

    Thank you.
    <Azure, what has been happening to my brain in that 8 hours? I had a very strange dream, and somehow, I feel more ... secure?>
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)15:00 No.19055900
    <Azure, what has been happening to my brain in that eight hours?> You ask.
    <Nothing abnormal; not for you, anyway. Standard neural repathing and dreaming, once you entered REM sleep.>
    <So. . it was just a dream.>
    You sit up, and suddenly remember you have something to do today. Amy's friend is in town, and he may have some extra mechandrites for you. But that's not for a few hours, so you're free for awhile.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)15:04 No.19055947
    >> Oskarr !!rEkSWzi2+mz 05/10/12(Thu)15:04 No.19055948
    <Cyan, patch me to Amy.>
    >> HeadRox 05/10/12(Thu)15:05 No.19055956
    Amy, what's up? How are You doing?
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)15:07 No.19055985
    <Cyan, patch me to Amy.> You say.
    "What's up?" You ask.
    "Blegh." Amy responds. "It's too early, Daaave. It's like, only. . wait, it's not actually that early. I need coffee. Or medical-grade stimulants."
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)15:13 No.19056036
    "So, what's the plan with Oleg today?" You ask.
    "Well, he's docking today at. . noon, so that's only a few hours from now." She said. "Hang on."
    You hear some rustling as she sets down the headset.
    "So, we can kill some time before that." She called. "Maybe I could work on those stealth drones you snagged for us?"
    >> HeadRox 05/10/12(Thu)15:16 No.19056057
    What about that neoncolored sallon I've mentioned earlier?
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)15:17 No.19056068
    "Always work with you, huh?"
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)15:18 No.19056071
    "Sounds like a plan.
    Need my help?"
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)15:21 No.19056102
    "It's always work with you, isn't it?"
    "Well, you know what they say; do what you love." She responded, picking the headset back up. "I'm on my way there."
    "Sounds like a plan. You going to want any of my help with the stealth drones?"
    "No, I think I've got it for the most part. I remember Jun talking about needing to speak with you, so you could go check out what she wants- she should be in her office this time in the morning."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)15:23 No.19056128

    Go see Jun.
    >> HeadRox 05/10/12(Thu)15:24 No.19056135
    A Jun is fine too. :D
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)15:27 No.19056161
    You nod. "I should probably get to that, then." You say.
    "Have fun!" She responds, and hangs up.

    You take the elevator up to her floor and then knock on her door.
    "Come in." Jun says.
    "Yo." You say. "I heard you wanted to talk to me?"
    "Yeah. . It seems that you're no longer in a state where you need to be observed, so we no longer need you to sleep in the building." She said, turning to you. James is sitting off to the side, completely absorbed in a vid he's watching on a headset.
    >> HeadRox 05/10/12(Thu)15:30 No.19056180
    rolled 69 = 69

    So, where do I sleep now?

    We need a lot of fun, awesome, and BUMP.
    >> Oskarr !!rEkSWzi2+mz 05/10/12(Thu)15:30 No.19056183
    "Yay. Apartment hunting."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)15:31 No.19056200
    "Are you kicking me out?" D:
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)15:34 No.19056222
    "Well, it's going to take me some time to find a new place to stay. I doubt my old apartment is secure (or still mine) at this point. Can I stay at EE until I find a place?"
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)15:35 No.19056231
    "So, this is my eviction notice?" You ask.
    "...You could say that."
    "Yaaaay, apartment hunting." You say in a deadpan voice.
    "I am sorry about this, but we need that room for experiments. You'll have a few days to find somewhere else." She says.
    You shrug. At least you don't have many belongings that you need to bring with you. And even if you did, you could carry it all in your power suit.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)15:37 No.19056251
    We could always check out what happened to our old apartment.
    Lets go.

    I assume we will not be going out alone without wearing our power-suit at least.

    Heh, would be funny if we have to take a bis or subway in that thing.
    >> HeadRox 05/10/12(Thu)15:39 No.19056258
    WELL, James, do you know any good place?

    Also, we go by subway and scare people. OR!
    Just touch chicks with 'drites and pretend it was someone else. :D

    Also, we need a car. And AI onboard on it.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)15:39 No.19056260
    "Does that mean I can keep the 'armor at my place?"

    <Azure, look for available apartments near here.>
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)15:40 No.19056266
    rolled 69 = 69

    Damn! I'm late. Lemme catch up.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)15:40 No.19056270
    >need room for experiments
    Probably just wants to stuff James in there.
    >> HeadRox 05/10/12(Thu)15:42 No.19056283
    Or James stuff her in your room. Yeah, most likely.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)15:42 No.19056288
    "Experiments? You've got a project that outranks gen-3 testing?"
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)15:48 No.19056350
    "Does that mean that I keep my armor and equipment at my place?"
    "That would probably be best, what with all of the unauthorized missions you take." She says.
    "And experiments? Is there something that outranks gen-3 testing?"
    "Not. . exactly." She says. "It's still gen-3, mostly because it has to do with that chair we found. We've been calling it the IDW artifact, for lack of a better name."
    You shrug. "I'd better get to looking, then." You say.
    <Azure, look for available apartments near here.> You ask your AI. Soon enough, she gives you a map with a list of open apartments and houses.
    You shrug, and end the meeting with Jun. Now you need to find a place to live.

    First thing you do, you ride the bus to your old apartment- wearing your full, medieval-esque, matte black suit of armor complete with a creepy, faceless helmet, of course.

    Your old landlord is there, it seems, sleeping on a chair outside of the apartment itself, a cigarette dangling from his lips.
    "Hey, Fergus." You say, removing your helmet.
    "Eh? Dave?" He asks. "Thought you were dead. Rented out your place."
    "Any chance you still have some place open?"
    "Nah, not anymore. Just a few days late, Dave."
    You shrug, and sigh.
    "Speak of the devil!" Your landlord says. "Ey, Lucca!" He says, waving to a girl with long braided hair. "This is the dead guy who used to rent your place."
    The girl just stares at you, her face paling as she saw your armor.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)15:49 No.19056351
    Guys, this is great. We can get our own place; full of secret traps, deadly lazers, high tech computers, and a weapon room!

    And with our salary, maybe a spare room so we can start our 40k army again.
    Seriously; Dave blowing his funds on a tech priest army whilst painting them with his mechandrites : This will be glorious.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)15:50 No.19056376
    Look over at her, smile, and wave with a mechandrite.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)15:50 No.19056378
    "Hello" :)

    "So, where did my stuff go.... hmm, not like I really had anything useful."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)15:51 No.19056388
    Our landlord is surprisingly cool with us striding in a faceless powerarmor.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)15:52 No.19056396
    I hope we can make the helmet do a little smiley even if we're not wearing it.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)15:53 No.19056409
    >"not anything usefull"

    Dave's a Warhammer fan, I'm sure he left behind a few miniatures. And after being in a come for 3 months the prices for new ones probably shot up 100%, so we best be finding our old ones.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)15:55 No.19056426
    Warhammer doesn't exist in this universe. If anything, he has been seeing disturbing visions from parallel universe before the beginning of this quest.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)15:55 No.19056430
    Wasn't it established we were the only person in this universe who know what warhams was?
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)15:56 No.19056438
    >That's just how Fergus rolls.

    She pales even more as you wave to her with a mechandrite.
    "So, where did all of my stuff go?" You ask.
    "Well," Fergus says. "I put it all in a storage container, waiting for your next of kin to ask for it." He shrugged, and grabbed his keyring, pulling out a key. "Here." He said, tossing it to you. "You owe me."
    You nod, examining the key- it's not far from here.
    "Yeah, I do." You say. "Thanks, Fergus."
    He shrugged, and Lucca slowly crept back into the building, obviously unsettled.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)15:57 No.19056446
    Too bad we don't have cloaking technology yet. We could just phase out and pretend to be a ghost.

    Go up and introduce ourselves to our replacement tenant. And find out what she did to all our stuff.
    >> HeadRox 05/10/12(Thu)15:58 No.19056454
    I guess it was. Got my vote, bud'.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)15:59 No.19056462
    >> Oskarr !!rEkSWzi2+mz 05/10/12(Thu)15:59 No.19056465
    I agree. 1st priority is reclaiming our minis.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)15:59 No.19056479
    >He said, tossing it to you. "You owe me."

    "I guess I do. Thanks for holding on to them. I can easily compensate you, if you want."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:00 No.19056480
    She's obviously an agent for a rival corp.
    >> HeadRox 05/10/12(Thu)16:00 No.19056484
    Well, why don't we stalk her? Just for shits and giggles?
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:01 No.19056491
    Haha, this.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:01 No.19056498
    Go check out our gear. Worst comes to worst we can sleep in our storage container.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:04 No.19056520
    So the plan is to scare her out of our old apartment?

    Not sure how I feel about that.
    >> HeadRox 05/10/12(Thu)16:05 No.19056532
    What about a car? We NEED a car.
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)16:05 No.19056533
    You approach the storage container, checking the number on the key. Fergus had always been like that- overly casual about everything. You unlock the container and open it, checking to make sure your stuff is still there. .


    You fall to your knees, after checking the assorted furniture.
    Your army.
    Your beloved army.
    It's. . It's gone.
    <Null zone behind you.> Cyan warns, and you spin around.

    "H-how did you find me?!" You hear a woman say, and then she appeared; It's Lucca, and she's holding a very large handgun, wearing the same, strange bodysuit that Goggles had worn, sans a helmet or mask.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:07 No.19056549
    Mechandrite gatling guns out!

    "Uh, because your renting my old apartment. What, you didn't think I'd check?"
    >> HeadRox 05/10/12(Thu)16:08 No.19056555
    rolled 96 = 96

    Also, why YOU STALK ME, EH?

    *catch her, and keep her entangled in that container 'till she tells us the truth?*
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:08 No.19056556
    Before we decide on something: think about this: She was stealth ed behind us for a good while, and she had every opportunity to shoot first ask later. I think best course of action would be to stall until we can subdue her and ask questions.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:09 No.19056564
         File: 1336680549.jpg-(186 KB, 739x960, 1314802132674.jpg)
    186 KB
    96, does that mean we get our Admech army back?
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:09 No.19056565
    Let's do this, then!
    >> HeadRox 05/10/12(Thu)16:09 No.19056569
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:10 No.19056577
    Called it.
    >> HeadRox 05/10/12(Thu)16:12 No.19056595
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:12 No.19056597
    rolled 96 = 96

    Restrain, close the door, notify EE of the situation, interrogate. Don't be forceful unless we have to.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:13 No.19056606
    "Find you? Woman, I just want my AdMech army back!"
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:13 No.19056607
    Can the 96 still count?

    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)16:13 No.19056610
    "Uh, because you're renting my old apartment." You say, your mechandrites swiveling toward her, the gatling function making them whirr as you prepare for combat.
    You notice that her gun hand is shaking.
    "I don't believe you." She says.
    You shrug, and your mechandrites swing forward. One 'drite throws the gun out of her hand, and the other grabs her by the throat, pushing her into the container. You pin her there, and she activates her cloaking device, trying to use it to escape. . But Cyan give you an outline of her null space. Her arms and legs twist as she tries to get away.
    "L-let me go!" She calls.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:13 No.19056613
         File: 1336680822.gif-(1.88 MB, 267x200, Swag.gif)
    1.88 MB
    The dice gods favor us this day.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:14 No.19056623
    "You were just holding a gun to my head, the fuck is all this pleading for mercy crap? Calm down, god damn. No dignity..."
    >> HeadRox 05/10/12(Thu)16:14 No.19056628
    I was about to delete my post, and then the second 96 came in, and I thought I cannot do that, starfox.

    Also, same thing, same roll, good job, man.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:15 No.19056632
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)16:16 No.19056642
    "You were just holding a gun to my head, the fuck is all this pleading for mercy crap? Calm down, god damn. No dignity..." You say, and she, surprisingly does what you say, calming down, so you let her go.
    "I'll- I'll tell you what you want to know." She says. "Just don't hurt me."
    >Wat ask?
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:16 No.19056646
    Lucca, if that's your actual name, calm the fuck down, I'm not here to hurt you or hunt you down, I just want my stuff and my miniature figurines. You can check the previous tenants, you can ask Fergus later. I'm seriously here because I came to get by fucking stuff.

    But now that we're together we can have a chat, let's be cool and friendly like, ok?
    >> HeadRox 05/10/12(Thu)16:16 No.19056647
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:17 No.19056658
    "Where are my little red platic soldiers?"
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:17 No.19056662
    Well the first and most important question is do you know what happened to my miniatures? They wear red robes, pray to machine gods that sort of thing, little plastic or metal men.

    Secondly, who the hell are you and who do you work for?
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:17 No.19056670
    Admech army, but she probably doesn't know where or what it is, so next question.

    (Speculation here: Maybe she's shaking because use of the chair makes her dependent, and she's gone a day without using it.)
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:18 No.19056679
    "First things first...
    where are my toys? I know I had them around here somewhere."

    "Also, if you fancy me so much, why not do it the proper way? Approach me, have a coffee, talk, etc. Instead of stalking me?"

    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:18 No.19056680
    I love how /tg/ always has its priorities straight.
    >> HeadRox 05/10/12(Thu)16:18 No.19056682
    I need my minis back. Also, who do you work for, and if he looks for someone to do dirty work, eh?

    *doublecross them :DDDD*
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:19 No.19056686
    Ask her for her company, what the chair is, and what their orders are about EE. It's obvious they don't consider us too much of a threat, since they are just monitoring us with a small amount of personnel.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:19 No.19056690
    Apparently we did! Because Exabyte says we did!
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:19 No.19056691
    Yes we did:
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:20 No.19056697
    Also, supporting the way you question her. It seems calm and collected.
    >> HeadRox 05/10/12(Thu)16:20 No.19056706

    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:20 No.19056707
    <Cyan, jam any radio signals she might be sending out>

    Dave is just acting crazy because of the posters.
    Unless W40k was a small fan-project between in a close circle
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)16:22 No.19056718
    >>Dave's insane- 40k never existed in this setting, but he's CERTAIN he had an admech army. . BUT IT NEVER REALLY EXISTED.

    "The first and most important question is; do you know what happened to my miniatures?" You ask. "They're in this red case, and they should be here, but they aren't."

    She stares. "I- I don't know. I don't even know what you're talking about. I swear, I swear."

    You shrug. "Secondly, who are you, and who do you work for?"
    She shakes her head. "My name is Lucca, and I'm a Gen-3 implantee." She says. "I work for. . Kawasagi Infinite."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:23 No.19056732
    I'd like to beleive that, for whatever reason, Dave knows about Warhammer lore, the tabletop, and everything. He knows its a thing that people play. But for some reason he can't find anybody who's played it, or even heard of it. Maybe it's popular somewhere else, but he doesn't know. This has made him a little crazy, and he decided that if an Admech army doesn't exist yet, he'll make one from the memories he has. And so he painstakingly sculpted and built a small army; just so he had an outlet for all these memories in his head.

    That Admech army is REALLY FUCKING IMPORTANT.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:24 No.19056735
    "A please to meet you Lucca. I'm Dave, and I'd like to know why you guys have been stalking me these past few days."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:24 No.19056738
    "My name is Dave, I'm also a gen-3, and work for Emulsified Electronics... but i'm sure you already knew all that."
    "Now, what does Kawasagi Infinite want with my benefactors?"
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:24 No.19056749
    "Hey, you;re surprisingly forth-coming. I had to decapitate the female rival agent.
    What a shame. She was such a looker too."

    "So why are you stalking instead of asking me out properly?"
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:25 No.19056755
    Nice approach; calm, cool, collected. She hasn't directly gone after us. Only in defense, so we should be diplomatic as possible.

    Supporting this.
    >> HeadRox 05/10/12(Thu)16:25 No.19056757
    rolled 43 = 43

    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:25 No.19056758
    Oh, nice to meet you Lucca, what type of name is River Swindlers anyway, family name or something like that?

    So you've been stalking me for the past week and I seem to have stolen your magical chair. Is most of the implant in the chair or in your spine? What does KI want with EE anyhow?

    By the way as much as I hate to tie a woman up with tentacles and bring her home with me, I am going to have to politely request you come with me to visit EE, you have my assurance you'll be treated kindly and not hurt.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:27 No.19056771
    rolled 70 = 70

    Also, "text" Grayson and get him over here with a small contingent of security personnel. She might have hit the panic button. Tell them to be on standby if shit hits the fan.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:27 No.19056777

    If it was SO important we would have looked for them earlier.

    <jam radio signals from her, please>
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:27 No.19056778
    rolled 95 = 95

    Thanks man.
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)16:28 No.19056789
    "A please to meet you Lucca. I'm Dave, and I'd like to know why you guys have been stalking me and my benefactors these past few days."
    "My br- Lu-" She starts, stuttering. "O-one of our agents saw you in Cadmium Dynamics' headquarters."
    "So you've been stalking me for the past week because of that?"
    "Yes." She said, nodding to you. "B-but I have to ask. How. . how can you see the drones? And- and cloaked units?"
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:28 No.19056792
    I was under the impression (and I guess so was Dave up to this point) that our informant buddy grabbed most of our stuff. Maybe we should check with him again.
    >> HeadRox 05/10/12(Thu)16:28 No.19056794
    It turns out you did not need my support.
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)16:29 No.19056801
    <Jam the radio signals.> You ask Cyan. <And signal all of this to Grayson. Get a team over here.>
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:30 No.19056811
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:30 No.19056816
    "First you can't bring yourself to shoot me, and now you just agreed to tell me everything on the spot. Something tells me that you're not very good at that whole agent thing."
    Seriously, she doesn't seem vey trained or prepared.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:30 No.19056817
    I can explain, but not here. Please, if you'll come with me peacefully I can assure you that you'll be treated with dignity and respect; no harm will come to you if you are cooperative.
    >> HeadRox 05/10/12(Thu)16:30 No.19056822
    Why won't we let her free? Sounds like a fun idea.

    And we got an ally in KI.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:30 No.19056824
    Ask her if she's okay. She's stuttering, her hands are shaking; somethings wrong. A dead agent is no good to us.
    >> HeadRox 05/10/12(Thu)16:31 No.19056832
    We would get an ally... :D
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:31 No.19056835
    Sounds good. Seconded.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:32 No.19056837

    "Now, you still haven't answered my question. Why are you stalking me?"
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:34 No.19056860

    Eh, lets not promise to explain our massive advantage

    and neither this
    we wont gain an ally just like that

    "...So... why are you crashing in my old apartment?"
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)16:34 No.19056864
    "I can explain, but not here." You say. "First, you can't bring yourself to shoot me, and now you just agreed to tell me everything on the spot. Something tells me that you're not very good at this whole agent thing."

    "I-I'm new." She said. "They chose me because I could get gen-3."

    You nod. "If you come with us peacefully, I can assure you that you'll be treated with dignity and respect- no harm will come with you if you're cooperative."

    She pauses. .

    >ROLL 1d100
    >Taking first roll only
    >> HeadRox 05/10/12(Thu)16:35 No.19056877
    rolled 86 = 86

    >> HeadRox 05/10/12(Thu)16:36 No.19056884
    I will praise to you, DICEGODS, today.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:36 No.19056887
         File: 1336682180.gif-(481 KB, 141x141, Good job bro.gif)
    481 KB
    Today, HeadRox, I love you. Tomorrow, I might hate you, but today is what matters.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:37 No.19056905
         File: 1336682266.png-(45 KB, 743x565, internet_fist_bump.png)
    45 KB
    You magnificent man you.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:38 No.19056909
         File: 1336682284.png-(28 KB, 500x500, 4c3f9193ec81f1e47f4b279e3b99bb(...).png)
    28 KB

    Today is a good day.
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)16:38 No.19056915
    ". . Okay." She says, and gets up.

    Grayson's car swerves by. Him and another security officer step out, and nod to you.

    The drive is quiet; Lucca seems intimidated by the two officers in the front seat, and hardly says anything.
    "I- I think they'll look for me." She says. "They don't have many gen-threes."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:38 No.19056918
    "And your brother?"
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:39 No.19056930

    it could be an ambush.

    or her people might be inbound as well.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:39 No.19056931
    "What makes a gen-3 anyway?"
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:39 No.19056933
         File: 1336682360.jpg-(21 KB, 720x480, 1274941031866.jpg)
    21 KB
    >>19056555 >96
    >>19056597 >96
    >>19056778 >95
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:39 No.19056936
    "We've got plenty of security."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:40 No.19056947
    "Don't worry. This will probably not take too long."
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)16:41 No.19056958
    "What makes a gen-3 anyway?" You ask.
    "They didn't completely explain, but. . a certain genetic disorder is needed." She says. "And sometimes they reject the implant."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:42 No.19056971
    "Well, I'm glad it worked out for you. It's so nice to have another agent around who doesn't try to kill me immediately."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:42 No.19056972
    If/when we answer her about our stealth seeing abilities, this should be our response: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1sZ0ek7LLk
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:42 No.19056978
    "Well, I hope you're ready for tissue samples. They'll want some from both of us."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:43 No.19056992
    "Was your brother also selected to be an agent because of his ability to integrate with gen-3 technology?"

    <Azure, patch Jun in with a live feed of this conversation.>

    "Do you think you two were chosen simply on a genetic basis?"

    <Azure, has Kawasagi been doing genetic research?>
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:45 No.19057013
    "I see.
    So what is your level of adaptability?"

    Also, check her out more closely now. I's like a better description.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:46 No.19057024
    "What were you guys doing in Cadmiun Dynamics anyway?"
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:46 No.19057032
    Where are we getting brother? I didn't see mention of it. Have we met her before?
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)16:47 No.19057034
    "I hope you're ready for some tissue samples; they'll want it from both of us."
    <Azure, patch Jun in with a live feed of this conversation.>
    "Was your brother also selected to be an agent because of his ability to integrate with gen-3 technology?"
    "How do you know about him?!" She asked, suddenly firm. Then she sighed. "No, he was with KI before they invented the chair. He's. .a better agent than I am."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:47 No.19057040
    Okay, so she said that the only reason she was stalking us was our presence in the CD base. It seems that her corp isn't actually hostile towards us (at least not yet), so I think we should release her after questioning. They will come for her sooner or later, and we don't need new enemies.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:48 No.19057051
    Fuck, no matter how nice we are with her, her brother is going to be out for blood.

    Unless we can bring them both over, which I doubt, we got a fight on our hands.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:49 No.19057072
    "I'm more informed then I let on."
    Yep. Totally did not make a wild guess here. Gotta appear like suave, super-professional James Bond.
    Look at Grayson's expression with the corner of your eye.... or the camera on the mechandrite.

    In pure power, it seems we are leagues and leagues above him.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:49 No.19057074
    Guess work,,you said it was genetic based and after seeing a male goggles and a female goggles I worked it out.

    Don't worry we'll be friendly, maybe we can even get our two corporations on good terms, no reason for us to fight given what we have in common.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:50 No.19057086
    "....So, why were you crashing in my old apartment, anyway?"
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:50 No.19057092
    Very much seconded. But I'm quite sure we'll kill her off the first chance we get to do so.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:50 No.19057093
    "What do you know about the chair? All those spikes make it seem like a pretty grisly piece of work."

    We haven't hurt her, and KI hasn't been openly hostile towards EE. Could be a partnership in the future.
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)16:51 No.19057103
    "I'm more informed then I let on."
    You look at her more closely; she's tall for a woman, with dark braided hair, brown eyes, and along her spine are small metal sockets; seven of them in all. She's twitching every time your hands or mechandrites move, but she's slowly acclimating to you.
    "What is your level of adaptability?"
    "I- I'm not very adaptable. They had to train me for a few weeks on the chair, and I'm still not very good. H-how did you steal my drones the other day? And you didn't answer my question before. How can you see cloaked people?"
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:52 No.19057110
    >Not being against each other all the time

    We wont tell how we can bypass their cloak tech though. Sorry about that, Lucca, it is just too great of an advantage
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:52 No.19057118
    "Not at all." Trollface.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:53 No.19057133
    rolled 63 = 63

    >How can you see cloaked people?"
    Like >>19056972
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:53 No.19057136
         File: 1336683238.jpg-(76 KB, 600x398, baths-cats.jpg)
    76 KB
    Stop being so /v/.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:53 No.19057137
    "Magic" *Hrrk*Hrrk*

    Point with one of our mechandrites to our own implant. "With this baby's help"
    And leave it at that.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:54 No.19057139
    Magic! No really, it's pretty much magic.

    That looks like a rather unpleasant augment to get installed. And calm down, we're nice people at EE, I'll ask for someone to make a hot mug of tea for you when we arrive.
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)16:56 No.19057166
    "I'm augmented as well." You say, leaving the answer vague.
    She widens her eyes. "But- You aren't in a chair. You can't be-"
    "Calm down." you say, in what you hope is a soothing voice. "We're not going to hurt you- it sounds like your employers aren't hostile to mine, so there's no reason to harm you."

    She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.
    "Th-then. Can I call my brother?"
    >> monotreeme 05/10/12(Thu)16:57 No.19057181
    "oh, and for the reccord you did move into my old appartment. ask old fergus and he'll tell you. sorry about the orange stain on the wall, just don't ask."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:57 No.19057182
    But I spend entire days in there. I cannot!

    Ask her why she was renting our old apartment.
    Ask her what they were doing at CD.
    Ask her why they were stalking you beyond the reason that they met us in CD

    "I don't know.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:58 No.19057192
    rolled 79 = 79

    Our response to this will determine whether we have a mutual relationship with the other company. They will take this action as hostile, but if we play our cards right we can make some friends with this other company.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)16:59 No.19057202
    Tell me honestly, what would his immediate reaction be to you telling him what happened. If it's going to include assaulting EE then no, if he's likely to take it calmly and not fly off the handle then I'll leave this decision up to Grayson.

    Just tell him you're alright and safe, not to attack us and that we'd love to talk to him and try to work out a mutually beneficially arrangement with him and the company.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:00 No.19057219
    Sigh, look at cellphone, look at Grayson, shrug, do >>19057202
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:00 No.19057223
    I think it's time we did things a little full-circle.

    Let her call, but on a rigged phone. Listen in and record what is said. We've encountered code words and names before, KI might as well.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:00 No.19057228
    I like this.
    >> monotreeme 05/10/12(Thu)17:01 No.19057237
    ((rout the call through our implant and phone))

    did you have to be in a coma for the implant?
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:01 No.19057243
    tell her she can call using the reception desk phone when we get to EE
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)17:02 No.19057262
    "I don't know." You say, and eye the driver. "Grayson?"
    He shrugs. "It's up to you, Dave."
    "What would his reaction be to you telling him what's going on?" You ask her.
    "He- he would try and save me. But then he would get hurt. I'm not going to tell him."
    You hand her a smartphone, and she puts it on, wiping her eyes.
    "Hey, Lucas." She says- apparently she's leaving a message, rather than calling him directly. "I'm going to be busy today, so don't worry about me. I'll be back later. See you!"
    Then she hangs up, and gives you back the phone.
    "Did you have to be in a coma for the implant?"
    "Coma? No, they just put it in my back in surgery." She said; she looked a lot more comfortable than she had been.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:03 No.19057272
    "Ah, but you can only interact with your implant because of the chair?"
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:05 No.19057300

    <Azure, can you trace where she called?>
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:05 No.19057301
    "So you guys didn't even know I was augmented.
    What were you trying to learn by spying on EE?"
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:06 No.19057318
    rolled 2 = 2

    "Busy Today" might have been a code word for bug out and get me; rolling for perception check.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:07 No.19057332
         File: 1336684020.png-(16 KB, 200x300, 1317093912559.png)
    16 KB
    OH WOW. I suck.
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)17:07 No.19057335
    "Ah, but you can only interact with your implant because of the chair?"
    "The implant is- it's like, a . . gateway to the chair." she says, looking for words. "The implant by itself does nothing. The chair is the important part."
    "And what were you trying to learn by spying on us?"
    "We were trying to figure out how you did it."
    "Did it?"
    "The mission in CD's headquarters. You did things that. . shouldn't be possible."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:09 No.19057368
    "Like what?
    Blowing it up to hell?"
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:10 No.19057383
    "My implant isn't like yours, it's hooked directly up to my CNS." That's informative without giving too much up, right?
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:10 No.19057388
    And you can control a hundred or more drones at once with your chair. Most people would say that isn't possible and would break your mind. Who's to say what is possible and what isn't? We just blew up a facility after infiltrating it, not really impossible.

    I'm sure our researchers would love to pick your brains. That was a poor choice of words on my part, they would love to talk to you.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:11 No.19057403
    Lets not say ANYTHING about it. Better to change the subject.
    Remember, our implant is our life and blood, we shouldn't tell anything about it even to friendly people.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:12 No.19057416
    I think it's time to show a softer side, let her know we aren't just grilling her.

    "I'm really not sure how I do it either. I don't understand even the basic theories behind the stuff, but as far as I know, I break all the rules."
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)17:12 No.19057421
    "Like what? Blowing it up to hell?"
    "Not only that, but, like- walking up to the cameras, opening the door to the mainframe without having a code or hacking it, and the AI. . Subverting a security AI like that was impossible, even for Lucas. But you did it."
    "Most people would say controlling a hundred or more drones at once with your chair is impossible, wouldn't they?" You say, twisting the conversation away from your own implant.
    "I- I can't control that many yet." She said.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:15 No.19057457
    "I'm sure you'll get there." Cheer her up, pat her.

    "I'd like to say what Lucas did was far more impressive what we did. He sounds like a top-tier agent."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:16 No.19057479
    It's time we found out more about Lucas.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:16 No.19057481
    Take your time getting there, practice makes perfect.

    I'd love to meet your brother Lucas sometime, he seems like a good guy, and a remarkable agent.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:17 No.19057483
    We've been talking to her for a while in the car, are we there yet?

    Actually, I'd like to imagine that Grayson already drove us to EE, he's just doing circles in the parking structure until we're done talking. For dramatic affect.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:18 No.19057498
    If the call used code words, I'd imagine Lucas is going to show up soon.

    <Scan for stealthed individuals>
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)17:18 No.19057500
    "I'm sure you'll get there." You say.
    She doesn't say anything.
    "We're here." Grayson said, pulling to a stop. "Ma'am, we're going to escort you up to our lead researcher's office, if you're okay with that." He says, opening the door for her.
    Hesitantly, Lucca nods.
    Amy approaches the car. "Dave. You ready to go see Oleg, or are you. . busy?" She asks, looking to the girl sitting next to you.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:19 No.19057507
    I wonder if trying to foster Stockholm Syndrome would work out well for us...?
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:20 No.19057514
    "This chick is renting my old apartment, oh, and she works for those ninja stealth people. I wasn't crazy!"
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:20 No.19057518
    "We're busy"

    Use <;)> Emote
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:20 No.19057525
    "Oh, hi Amy. May I introduce you to Lucca? She's goggle's sister. Gen 3 as well."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:20 No.19057526
    Amy, meet Lucca, Lucca meet Amy. Lucca this is Amy researcher and agent, Amy this is Lucca, novice agent and she has a magical spine that plugs into a chair. I found her at my old apartment, small world.

    Sure, I'd love to go out and get some more drites.

    Grayson keep a close eye on stuff while I'm out and let me know if anything happens. Oh, and somebody make the poor girl a cup of tea.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:20 No.19057527
    She seems to be hesitant about the whole implant thing. Maybe she doesn't want to get better with it?

    "Nothing Grayson and the security team can't handle, Amy. Let's go."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:20 No.19057528
    "Maaaaaaaybe." teasing smile
    "What's it to you?" ;)

    then explain to her what's happened.

    we never asked her why she was renting our appartment
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:22 No.19057547
    I'd like to be there during the interrogation. We did promise we wont let her be harmed.
    We can always buy the mechandrites remotely and transfer payment for them.... or ask them to wait. I'm sure that with the business they conduction, unexpected things happen all the time, so they would be understanding.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:22 No.19057549
    let grayson deal with her and with us observing them with our aug
    lets go with amy for more arms in case shit goes down
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:22 No.19057554
    No, we're going to talk with Lucca. Shes the only one she has any trust for, and remember what happened last time we brought in an agent and left to do something else?
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:23 No.19057564
    *We're the only one she has any trust for
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)17:23 No.19057567
    "This chick is renting my old apartment." You say. "Also, she works for the invisible super ninja people. I told you I wasn't crazy." You say, as Amy raises her eyebrow. "It's nothing grayson and the security team can't handle. Let's go."
    Grayson leads Lucca to the elevator, and the doors close, presumably up to Jun's office.
    "So. . what happened there?" She asked. "I mean, what, did you just walk into her and she recognized you, freaked and pulled a gun on you?"
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:24 No.19057571
    oh fuck, can we delay the meeting with amys friend for an hour or two?
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:25 No.19057585

    Wait. God DAMN. We wanted to be around during the interrogation!
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:26 No.19057595
    More or less, except how in hell would she know our face and recognize it on the spot? And doing something like that is a bit much of a mistake, even for a complete amateur. Amy, this just started to ping my something is fucking odd meter, I hate to bail on you but this is hitting my paranoid buttons.

    If you can delay the meeting for an hour do so, otherwise you know what I'm looking for. Give he a quick kiss and run up the stairs.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:26 No.19057597
    Agreed. I'd prefer to be present for that as well.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:27 No.19057604
    "Well my former landlord had to introduce us first."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:28 No.19057617
    I know my post was a little late, but I think, and >>19057585 agrees, we should be present for the interrogation. Not sure we've gained Lucca's trust, but we're the only "friendly" face in EE for her and she'll be more respondent if we ask questions. Ask Amy if we can delay the meeting with Oleg.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:28 No.19057620
    Yeah. Tell her to get 2 'drites, the same that we have right now .... or that Oleg waits a bit.
    I can't imagine that he would be too pissed. We don't have regular work-sheldue and shit can hit the fan at any moment.
    Just tell him that we had a situation with a rival agent. He should understand.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:29 No.19057633
    Well I'd prefer two slightly heavier duty tougher ones, artillery and power claw platforms.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:30 No.19057652
    Mark can modify them after they get here. He'll give us a better price than Oleg... probably. Besides, that is such a specific order that I doubt he would have anything resembling it.
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)17:34 No.19057692
    "More or less. . But how did she recognize my face so quickly?" You ask. "I hate to bail on you, Amy, this is hitting my paranoid buttons. Any chance you can delay the meeting for an hour or so?"
    She sighs. "I'll do my best." She says. "I'll tell him you're having a situation with a rival agent or something. If I can't. . you're looking for two drites, right?"
    "Yeah." You respond.
    "Good luck." She says, and you give her a quick kiss before getting in the elevator and going up to Jun's office.

    When you get there, Lucca is sitting in a seat as Jun is asking her questions. The room was suprisingly empty, save for Grayson, who was pretending to look out the window.
    "I see. . " Jun says. "And is there any chance we can borrow your cloaking device to reverse-engineer it?"
    "I- I don't think that's a good idea." Lucca responded. "It's company property."
    "That's alright. Now, all we need you to do now is stand on that scanning device. This way, we won't need a tissue sample."
    Lucca got up from the chair and stood on the circle. "You don't have any more questions for me?"
    "No, we got most of the answers you gave Dave." She says, then notices you. "Speaking of Dave. . Hello."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:35 No.19057705
    Hi. How have they been treating you?
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:37 No.19057725
    Wanted to make sure they treat you right."

    Are we wearing our helmet all this time?

    "Hey, I've got a question. Why were you renting out my old apartment anyway?"
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:37 No.19057728
    "Hello, Jun."

    "I have a couple more questions for you, Lucca. Namely, you were tasked with observing me; did KI give you any reasons for doing so? At this point, you guys haven't been hostile, but it is pretty suspicious."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:38 No.19057737
    "Just here to make sure she doesn't get snatched away, like... what was her code name? Well, like Nat did.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:38 No.19057746
    Hey Jun. How's Lucca doing, they treating you nicely?

    Ping Lucca for anything electronic, see if she's broadcasting.

    Just wondering Lucca, why were you renting out my old place, why did you pull such an overt move on me. Also just making sure you don't get snatch and grabbed, it happened last time I had a guest.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:39 No.19057754
    >But how did she recognize my face so quickly?

    >"Hey Lucca, this is the dead guy who lived in the apartment you rented out."

    Gee, I wonder.
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)17:39 No.19057768
    "Hello." You say. "Wanted to make sure they treat you right."
    Jun raises an eyebrow.
    "Hey, I've got a question. Why were you renting out my old apartment anyway?"
    Lucca slouched. "I didn't know. I didn't actually know it was yours. It was. . coincidence."
    "And when you saw me. . "
    "I recognized you as the guy with the mechandrites that chased my van, and I panicked."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:40 No.19057783
    >Ping Lucca for anything electronic, see if she's broadcasting.

    Yeah. And see if she's leaving any bugs or something.

    "Huh. Small world"
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:44 No.19057821
    Weird, small world I guess. Must have been one hell of a panic to cause you to pull a gun on a guy with powered armor and tentacles, I'm glad it worked out ok, I would have to have killed you.

    Make sure she isn't broadcasting anything, use our technopathy and Azure to get a better idea of her spine implant.

    Ask if she'd like to sit down for a cup of tea to calm her nerves after a few tests.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:44 No.19057829
    I would hate to have hurt you, typos.
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)17:45 No.19057844
    <Cyan, can you scan any bugs?>
    <No, nothing.> He says. <Not even cloaked versions.>
    "Huh. Small world." You say, and Jun hits the button to activate the scanner.
    "Well, it seems that after this scanning, you can go." Jun says. "We've no reason to keep you here."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:47 No.19057870
    "That was quick."

    "Come on, Lucca, let me escort you out. I need to go somewhere anyway."

    Contact Amy "This was shorter than I expected it to be. I'll catch up with you in a few."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:48 No.19057885
    Then again... is KI really going to be okay with a gen-3 of theirs walking into a rival corp and getting scanned?

    Giving out secrets sounds like good ground for punishment.

    If they really let her go after this, why don't we treat her to a hamburger across the street for her trouble. Check the dropbox while we're there, maybe leave a message for Abel about what we've learned.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:49 No.19057896
    They wont know anything if she doesn't tell anything.
    I'm sure she would tell her brother but I doubt he would do something that would let her come to harm.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:49 No.19057898
    i like it
    we take her out for an adventure then take her back home
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:49 No.19057905
    Sure, I'll escort you out. When you get a chance call your brother, tell him that I'd hate for us to be hostile to each other. Treat her to a hamburger and tell her that the next time she needs to talk, just call, no need to pull a gun on us.

    Dropbox all this new info to Abel, have him start digging stuff up on KI.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:50 No.19057912
    That... wasn't what I was aiming for. More like accompanying her till we part ways.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:53 No.19057941
    It's either the current, polite version
    or it's an extremely highly rated agent in full combat gear forcibly restraining her and throwing her in a holding cell for the foreseeable future, with things possibly involving invasive surgery, brainwashing etc.
    I'm fairly certain the other corp will be happy that we left her in one mentally stable piece. Not to mention her brother.
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)17:54 No.19057951
    "That was quick." You say. Jun shrugs.
    "Come on, Lucca, let me escort you out. I need to go somewhere anyway."
    She nods, and follows you to the elevator as you call Amy.
    "Daaaave." She says.
    "This was shorter than I expected it to be." You respond. "I'll catch up with you in a few."
    "Okay, cool. I'll be at the basement in Verne's car."
    "And we'll need to make a stop at the fast food place." You say.

    Soon enough, Lucca leaves the building, you leave a message to Abel, and then you and Amy are driving to Oleg's dock.
    "So, what was all that about?" She asks. "That girl didn't end up trying to kill jun or something, right?"
    "I just didn't want another Natalie to happen again." You say.
    "You're paranoid."

    Oleg looks exactly like he did last time, except this time he raises an eyebrow at your armor. "Nice suit." He says. "Custom fitted, no?"
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:54 No.19057962
    Unless they value their technology more than their agents.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:55 No.19057979
    Indeed it is, make a smiley face with our helmet. So Oleg, I'm looking for more mechadendrites, and other interesting things and guns, but mainly drites.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:55 No.19057981
    Technology is lost one way or the other. This way at least they keep their agent.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:56 No.19057991
    "Yeah, I got it off this charming weapon's dealer a while back. Pretty cool guy."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:58 No.19058015
    rolled 99 = 99

    Loot roll?
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:59 No.19058022
         File: 1336687145.gif-(950 KB, 476x319, Deal w It.gif)
    950 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)17:59 No.19058028
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)18:00 No.19058039
    "So, Oleg, I'm looking for more mechandrites." You say. He looks to the two you have, and chuckles. "Ah, yes, I collected some." He said, going into his storage container and coming out with two cases. He opens them, and they're sitting there, gleaming and shining. "They were expensive for me, so they will be expensive for you. Ten thousand credits."
    Amy's mouth opens. "What, that's preposterous!"
    "They are armored and very, very powerful." He said. "A normal man could not use them and be able to stand, but you have that suit, no?"
    "Oleg. . ." Amy says. .
    >Taking only the SECOND roll.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:01 No.19058050
    rolled 74 = 74

    "Indeed. Thanks for the other suit. It helped immensely."

    >Taking only the SECOND roll.

    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:01 No.19058052
    rolled 61 = 61

    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:01 No.19058057
    rolled 18 = 18

    can the dice gods still be with us?
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:01 No.19058058
    rolled 88 = 88

    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:02 No.19058061
         File: 1336687320.jpg-(20 KB, 214x271, 1270701934468.jpg)
    20 KB
    rolled 67 = 67

    I'm scurd.
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)18:02 No.19058069
    "They were expensive for you, right?" You say. "And there isn't much demand for mechandrites, are there?
    He nods.
    "Then if I don't buy them. . who will?"
    ". . Seven thousand five hundred. Final offer."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:03 No.19058073
    >Taking only the SECOND roll.
    Well played, good sir, well played.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:03 No.19058075
    Drool inside our helmet and barter.

    Please, it's not like you're going to find anyone else who is going to be buying heavy mechadendrites. The number of people who buy any drites is small, compare that to the number who buy heavy duty ones like that, unless you start scouring the world I'm pretty much the only guy you'll find who will take those heavy things off your hands.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:04 No.19058098
    rolled 69 = 69


    I guess we have to buy them, but we should check out what other things he's got. I mean, that 99 loot roll HAS to have something good in it.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:05 No.19058102
    Take them!
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:05 No.19058104
    buy buy buy
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:07 No.19058137
    Implying we would have not bought them for 10,000 anyway.

    See what else he has for offer. Lets browse a bit.
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)18:08 No.19058139
    "Oh? The-"
    "Final. Offer." Oleg said. "You are a smart kid, but I don't want to lose money on this."
    You nod. Apparently it's 7.5k for both of them. You make the purchase, and attach them to the back of your powersuit. Based on the weight, you can only use the heavy, armored mechandrites when you're wearing your power suit.
    >You have 6950 credits.
    "Let's check out what else he has." You tell Amy, and she nods.
    The two of you are looking for anything notable or exotic.
    "Ooooh." Amy says, her eyes bright. She picks up an entire box of plasma parts, and runs over to Oleg, talking to him.
    >What do you look for?
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:10 No.19058165
    like another two.... that is more than enough I think.

    And a powerful rifle. Javelin is awesome but it has long cool-down. Our Gauss rifle is just a mundane. We need something that has better aim and stopping power.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:11 No.19058170
    rolled 93 = 93

    I want....a monomolecular dildo. NO! Uhm...black market aphrodisiacs. Wait, damn it. I need to get my head out of the gutter. How about...a back brace we could hook up to the bullfrog, that would allow us flexibility while still keeping the armored mechandrites without the power armor.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:12 No.19058179
    Hmm, we'll get power claws for them from Mark.

    What are they already equipped with?

    Our priority is to find heavy weaponry that we couldn't really support in our normal drites, the big heavy guns, something with lots of stopping power but not as slow at the Javelin. Either a fucking cannon, a huge Railgun/Gauss gattling gun, something that wouldn't be amiss strapped to a truck or helicopter.
    >> Headrox 05/10/12(Thu)18:12 No.19058182
    Second roll, nice move.

    Also, I am still here, but I am crippled in means of communication now.
    Why don't we look for a car or home?
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:13 No.19058190
    Guns are nice and all, but we can get basic stuff from EE.
    Does Oleg have any specialty stuff? It'd be nice to have some situational gear on hand.
    EMPs, explosives, scramblers, etc.
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)18:13 No.19058195
    >Such a back brace wouldn't work- you still would have problems walking without your legs giving out eventually.

    Besides the normal augmented arms, legs, and basic gauss and railgun weaponry, you notice a strange handgun. It's large, unnaturally so, and denser than normal. On the side is inscribed Mjolnir, and from what you can tell, it looks like an oversized gunpowder-based weapon. You notice another pair of drones, and, suprisingly, you see a few mounts for miniature turrets.

    "Hey, what's this?" You ask, looking down at a large crate, locked by keypad. Oleg shrugged. "Was told it was very powerful, but it's locked and seller didn't have the code. Will sell for two thousand, but I won't open it for you."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:14 No.19058206
    rolled 14 = 14

    oh look it's a gamble
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:15 No.19058209


    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:15 No.19058211
    That is interesting my friend. Try interfacing with it, seeing if we can get an idea of what is in it and how hard it will be to pop open. Ask about Mjolnir.

    Man we just burn our paycheck every time we get one here.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:16 No.19058223
    <Azure, Cyan, you think you could crack it?>

    Take the flying droids, miniature turrets (for our shoulders, right?) and ask him about Mjolnir.

    >Our collective face when we will have to sleep under a bridge after all this purchases because we didn't leave any money to rent out an apartment.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:17 No.19058235
    rolled 33 = 33

    Or visit a homeless shelter.

    "Can't we just cut it out with a mono-knife?"

    you rolla?
    let me try
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:18 No.19058238
    We might be able to crash with Amy. We'll make images of puppy dogs looking sad in our helmet until she relents.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:18 No.19058241
    Aww yeah, signature weapon hand cannon. Can we get an AI or Oleg to give us a rundown on how it compares to more modern weaponry? Style is nice, but not at the cost of efficiency.

    Drones over turret mounts. It'll give us much more flexibility if we have to cover a large space again (like the escort mission).

    >I am now picturing Oleg as a version of Toad from super mario bros.
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)18:19 No.19058250
    You close your eyes and put your palm on the keypad. <I can't hack it.> Cyan tells you. <You'll need to use your ability.>
    "Hey, Oleg, what's this handgun here?" You ask.
    "Oh, that is Mjolnir. Uses a miniature nuclear reactor to fire. Works like railgun, but more powerful and accurate, see. Custom. Two thousand credits."
    "And these drones?"
    "Same price as last time. Two fifty for each."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:20 No.19058262
    >Uses a miniature nuclear reactor to fire.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:20 No.19058264
    rolled 54 = 54

    "Hey, how about a discount for bulk purchase and returning client?"
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:20 No.19058267
    rolled 44 = 44

    The Mjolnir pistol and the box. No on the drones for now: If we need more we can just hack more of the stealthed ones. And we need at least some cash to get by on.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:20 No.19058268
    >Nuclear powered hand cannon
    GET IT!
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:21 No.19058273
    rolled 86 = 86

    Here goes nothing.
    Lets try to hack it.

    Drone are pretty cheap. Lets take them.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:21 No.19058277
    "Can I test the gun?"
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:22 No.19058283
    Get everything.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:22 No.19058284
    I'm sold on the Mjolnir. The Drones are pretty cheap so get another pair. And get the magic box.

    In total with the drites it'll come to 12k, see if can bargain him down a bit to maybe 11k in total for being such a good and loyal customer.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:23 No.19058296
    We could totally use the drones to spy on sorority chicks.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:25 No.19058315
    >Implying we aren't already rolling in bitches
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)18:27 No.19058331
    "Hey, what about a discount for a bulk purchase?" You ask.
    "I already gave you discount on mechandrites" He said. "Very rare to get a discount from me. Count yourself lucky."
    You think about it, and shrug.
    >2450 credits remaining.
    >Total additions: 2 drones, Mjolnir, 2 heavy mechandrites, MYSTERIOUS BOX
    You notice that, by some strange, eerie coincidence, the two drones you bought are identical to your other drones, even after mark's modifications- perhaps to make it easier to organize your inventory.

    Having bought the box, you close your eyes, putting your hand over it, and focus. .
    It clicks open, and you open it slowly.
    Inside is a single, small power core, connected to what looks like some kind of gyroscope.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:28 No.19058341
    Hmmm...Can we do flips and shit?
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:29 No.19058356
    "What the shit is that?
    Amy take a look at this."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:29 No.19058358
    Cool, make sure there isn't anything else hidden in the lid or in a false bottom and bring it home with us.

    Have Amy take a look at it and see what she can learn about it.

    Tell Oleg that if he ever needs any mystery boxes opened to let us know, we're good at it. Wander back to EE, and test out our new toys.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:31 No.19058373
    "Aaamyyyyyyy. What do this do? What can this do?"

    We have the fus-ro-dah rocket jump
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:31 No.19058379
    "Amy, do you know what this is?"
    <Guys, how about you?>
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:33 No.19058397
    Wait, you forgot to buy the mini-turrets.
    >> Headrox 05/10/12(Thu)18:34 No.19058401
    What does it do?

    also, I want a motorcycle.
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)18:35 No.19058407
    "How did you open that?" Oleg asked, looking over. "Ah, just a normal powercore. It seems you lost out."
    "That's. . not a normal power core." Amy said. "I mean, the power core is probably the least important part of it. I. . don't know what the rest of it should do."
    You shrug, and connect your cable to it.
    <This machine will tell you your exact angle and speed. While installed, it will assist me significantly.> Onyx said. <But I can tell that this is not it's only function. There is one other function.>
    You think. <Can you activate it's 'other function'?>
    The power core goes dead. . and then you're suddenly standing on top of Verne's car, the core itself coming with you.

    "Oh god?!' Amy says, looking down at where you were. "Where'd he go?!"
    She quickly looked around, and then glanced at you. Her eyes widened.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:36 No.19058415
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:36 No.19058417
    <Wait. What happened?>
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:37 No.19058424
    Time to paint ourselves dark blue and get some tattoos
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:37 No.19058425
    Actually, do the exact opposite. Pretend that this what we wanted to happen.
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)18:37 No.19058435
    <Wait. What happened?>

    <Our location changed approximately twenty yards to the northeast, and upward around. . three yards.> Onyx says. <The power core is dead, and recharging. It will take approximately two hours to recharge.>
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:38 No.19058444

    "Huh, this is really cool. Not sure what happened.
    Where did you get this anyway?"
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:39 No.19058445
    <Can you find any triggers or settings on the thing? Any way to control how far or which direction we go?>
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:39 No.19058448
    Dear god Amy. I am a multiarmed, powersuited tentacled god of war, WHO FUCKING TELEPORTS!

    Amy, we're going to have to take some serious looks at this, given that the power core went dead it might have to recharge between ports. We might be able to reduce it by tying it into the suit.

    Does it retain its passive functions after teleportation?

    On another note Amy, given that I just burned through most of my money getting all these cool toys and I'm being told I have to move out. Could I crash with you for a few days?
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:40 No.19058457
    <While the powercore is dead, will you still be able to benefit from its passive function.>

    "I think we should study this more closely."
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)18:41 No.19058464
    <Can you find any settings or triggers on this thing?> You ask. <So we can angle where and how far to go?>
    <Affirmative; it requires significant calculation, however, and the maximum range is not far.>
    "Dave." Amy says, biting her lip. She's worried. "You okay?"
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:42 No.19058471
    Give her a big hug with both arms and all four drites. I'm just fine Amy. Give her a big kiss and tell her that we can teleport now, though it needs to recharge for a while between each jump.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:42 No.19058474
    What are you referring to exactly? Also, fuck tattoos.

    Okay, cool. How about them mini-turrets.

    Pretend to fall down and then catch self at the last moment. "Heh, gotcha. Yeah, I'm okay."

    also ask Onyx this >>19058457
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:43 No.19058478
    While that is the obvious choice, Verne will probably object.

    I say we try to crash with Grayson. Bro time.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:43 No.19058489
    > Give her a big kiss

    I don't think we're officially boyfriend/girlfriend yet. Besides, I want her to take initiative too, she's been oddly too passive.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:45 No.19058502
         File: 1336689912.png-(132 KB, 412x416, 1330740693826.png)
    132 KB
    We're going to crouch crash a Lucca's place.

    Just the ridiculousness of that notion makes me laugh.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:46 No.19058507
         File: 1336689965.png-(79 KB, 250x333, 250px-Nightcrawler.png)
    79 KB
    learn your Marvel
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)18:46 No.19058516
    "Dear god, Amy." You say, giving her a serious look. "I am a multi-armed, powersuited, tentacled god of war who just got the ability to fucking teleport. I'm better than okay."
    "Interesting." Oleg said. "I must remember to purchase more from that man."
    <While the power core is dead, will you still benefit from it's passive function?>
    <Affirmative. It is being powered by the prototype and your bioelectric energy. I recommend you install it into the bullfrog directly, so that I can interface with it more quickly, for faster and more accurate calculation.>
    <Dave.> Azure tells you. <This kind of thing. . it's perfect for Onyx. I understand that you use Onyx as a Combat assistant, but this function is much more suited for him. However, I don't think he can do both at once.>
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:50 No.19058546
    Ah.. that guy. Never were fan of comic-books.

    <Do you mean he wont be able to control the drones and mechadrites anymore if we do that? Hmm... maybe we should get another AI for those? What do you guys think?>

    <Well. I think I should hand it over to Amy and Jun to study, they might be able to improve it or at least modify it so it is better adapted to myself>
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:51 No.19058557
    Yes. That is a much better scenario. We can also keep tabs on KI that way too.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:52 No.19058575

    If not these, then we go to homeless shelter.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:55 No.19058604
    Let's head back to EE. Show off our new gear to Jun and see what she lifted from Lucca from the scan.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:55 No.19058605
    homeless shelter? With all the power armor and mechadendrites and shit?
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)18:55 No.19058614
    <Hmm. . Does that mean he won't be able to control the drones and mechandrites anymore?>
    <He isn't directly controlling them currently.> Azure says. <Remember, you're the one controlling them- he just assists you into being more accurate.>

    <Should we hand this over to Amy and Jun to study it?> You ask.
    <I'm not certain.> Cyan said. <I can identify three different parts to the device; the power core, the gyroscope, and then a third, small object. I can't understand what the third object is, and it's entirely sealed. I suspect that it's protected against reverse engineering.>

    You suddenly go off balance as Amy barrels into you. "I thought you were disintegrated!" She said, clinging tightly to you.

    Oleg chuckled. "Watch out for Verne, child." He murmurs, and winks at you. Amy doesn't seem to hear him.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:58 No.19058633
    That would be awful, if we were disintegrated.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:58 No.19058640
    Show her how amazing the hugs you can give with 6 arms are. We should take off our helmet so she can actually see our face and reassure her that we're just fine.

    You're not going to lose me Amy. Hug her for a fair while and head on back to EE, talk about our housing situation.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)18:59 No.19058646
    "Now, wouldn't that have been funny?"

    <Well, his assistance has proved to be irreplaceable. Maybe you could write a specialized AI while Onyx works directly with this thingamajig?>
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)19:03 No.19058689
    "Now, wouldn't that have been funny?"
    "No, it wouldn't have been!" She said.
    "If you were." Oleg said, laughing. "I would have given you your money back."

    The two of you end up heading back to EE, You with your new drites, drones, gun, and core, and Amy with her new plasma weapons and random parts.
    "So, I'm pretty much getting evicted from the EE building." you say.
    "Really?" She asked. "That sucks. Any plans?"
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:06 No.19058711


    Unless I'm misunderstanding something.
    >and, suprisingly, you see a few mounts for miniature turrets.

    What are mounts for miniature turrets anyway?

    "Not really, no.
    I asked Azure to find free places in local area but haven't checked out anything yet."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:07 No.19058714
    i was thinking of moving in with that girl that took my old apartment?
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:07 No.19058725
    There's a few possibilities, try to get an apartment at my old place but he said it was full up. Until I have the time to go apartment searching, and given that I kinda just burnt through my cash I was planning on crashing someone else's place, at least for a bit. You, Grayson, maybe even Lucca though that'd lead to some hilarious shenanigans considering we work for different companies.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:08 No.19058726

    I was going to say "Ask Oleg what he knows about the extent of Cadmium Dynamics' dickery" but now we're already on our way back. But hey, I didn't miss the thread entirely, so that's good.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:10 No.19058744
    Awwwww, yeah i forgot we had that plan. He being russian and all.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:10 No.19058748
    rolled 20 = 20

    We should totally go back to our old apartment, sneak in, and sit on the couch. Surprise Lucca and ask if it's okay if we crash there until we find a place.

    This is two fold. One, we get a temp place. Two, it'll help develop the relationship between Lucca and Dave to a point where we can consider her being an ally.

    And maybe a third reason is shenanigans.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:11 No.19058758
    "I've been searching for new apartament. I found some, but I haven't decided anything yet."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:12 No.19058769
    Pretty much this.
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)19:12 No.19058772
    "Not really, no. I asked Azure to find free places in the area, but haven't checked out anything yet. I was planning to go back to my old apartment, but that girl took it. Seeing I just burned through most of my spare cash, I think I'll have to end up bunking with you, Grayson, or maybe even Lucca."
    "Don't even joke about that." Amy said. "She's an agent of another corp. If you have to resort to that, I'll talk Verne into letting you sleep at our place. In the best case scenario, Grayson has room for you."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:12 No.19058774
    rolled 42 = 42

    We still haven't found our wee little men yet. Can we make time to go to the dropbox and ask our informant if he picked up our army when we went comatose?
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:13 No.19058786
    Her brother might be living with her. Which is even more funny.

    But seriously, we should take more sensible approach.

    "Or I could go to homeless shelter" Laugh at this.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:14 No.19058793
    Someone's jealous.

    But hey, it IS our place. Or was. It's the principal of the thing.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:15 No.19058810
    How about we just take over EE's lounge room?
    They should have a lounge room, right? Let them try to make us leave.

    Damn. We still didn't take our stuff back. Did we?
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)19:16 No.19058828
    "Or, I could go into a homeless shelter." You say, shrugging.
    "What about Abel? He has his own house, doesn't he? Before CD attacked him and he had to go into hiding, that is." Amy mentioned. "CD's pretty much gone now, so it should be safe there, shouldn't it?"
    Oh, yeah. You'd forgotten about that.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:17 No.19058830
    Fuck, we still need to grab our stuff.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:17 No.19058837
    I know it! Lets sleep on the roof! Connect our drites to the roof of the lobby and get comfortable.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:18 No.19058844
    If we stay at Lucca's (OUR) place, rival-agent shenanigans ensure.

    If we stay at Amy and Verne's place, protective uncle shenanigans ensue.

    If we stay at Grayson's place... well, i'm sure he's got some sort of shenanigans going on.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:18 No.19058848
    >Maybe before we take Abel's place, we should ask him if he wants it back? I dunno, our apartment kinda got stolen out from under us; kinda a dick move to do that to Abel.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:18 No.19058849
    It's a definite possibility. I'll check that out, for now I should probably grab my stuff, toss it in my room at EE and check it out.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:19 No.19058863
    "I think he prefers his Bat-cave to anything else."

    Oh man. Find an abandoned cathedral and live in one of the towers or in the roof like a gargoyle.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:21 No.19058884
    Here's what I think should happen.

    We leave our stuff in storage untill we got a place.

    We visit Lucca, ask her if we left anything/if we can share/rent it. I mean, just because we're an agent doesn't mean we can't save money.

    We ask Abel if he grabbed our Admech army and inform him that he can go back to his house

    Go back to EE and experiment for a few hours with the teleportation. Maybe ask for more power cores installed/ more processing power so we can either get another AI or be able to teleport faster.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:23 No.19058900
    "Well, considering everyone's after me, and I'm a lightning rod of catastrophe, I don't think it'd be cool of me to regularly visit Abel. That'd expose him in no time from people following me back. So bunking with him isn't an option."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:23 No.19058901
    >more processing power so we can either get another AI

    We need it now more than ever.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:23 No.19058902
    Oh yeah, and if asking Lucca fails, then we can move in with Abel or Amy.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:24 No.19058911
    We won't move into his batcave, we'll just move into where he lived before he went to his safehouse.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:24 No.19058912
    "Ah, come on, she's a nice girl."
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)19:26 No.19058931
    "Wait, shit." You say suddenly. "I forgot to grab my stuff from the storage container."
    "Your stuff?"
    "From my old apartment. Most of it's there, like my bed and clothing. The only thing missing is my army."
    "Your army? What, did you have a teensy tiny group of soldiers with mechandrites hiding in your apartment?"
    "Well. . ."

    After you utterly fail at explaining WH40k to Amy, she drives you the rest of the way to EE, and the two of you end up eating at the cursed fast food place.

    "Well, considering I'm a lightning rod of catastrophe, I don't think it'd be cool of me to regularly visit Abel." You say.
    "Good point." She says. "But what, you can bring down that catastrophe on me, Grayson, and Jun?"
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:26 No.19058932
    Then again, Abel did undergo official training to be an agent. It might be nice to compare notes with him. Yeah, we're good, but we don't have official training and Abel might offer some tips.

    Plus... who trained him?
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:28 No.19058958
    "Yeah, but Abel's incognito and shit, we're all serving in the relative open. He's told me not to visit him unless it's really, truly important."
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:30 No.19058978
    Well you three are already involved just as much as me in this stuff, you and Grayson are highly competent agents and Jun has us to keep her safe. We're already targets in a spotlight, Abel's managed to stay relatively quiet and I'd hate to draw fire onto him.

    But for now I want to try out my new drites and Mjolnir, I'll worry about living situations later.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:30 No.19058981
    "Yes, you guys know how to defend yourself."

    In other news, being a lightning rod of catastrophe gives us an excuse to stay at Lucca. But i would prefer we did not.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:31 No.19058983
    "Are you telling me you cannot handle me?"
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:32 No.19059000
    so on whose side of the family is amys uncle? the writter or the model?
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)19:36 No.19059048
    >Verne is her uncle on her father's side; the writer.

    "You three are all already pretty involved, and you and Grayson are highly competent agents. Not to mention, Jun has us to keep her safe. Abel's relatively hidden, and I'd hate to draw fire onto him."
    She thinks about it. "That's a good point."
    "But, for now, I want to try out my new drites. And Mjolnir." You say, finishing your meal and getting up. "I'll worry about living situations later."

    The new mechandrites remind you of the time you first wore the powersuit. They're bulky, heavy, uncomfortable. . but powerful. With a heavy lunge, you throw the two-ton block across the room, where it slammed into the far side and dented the wall.

    Mjolnir, however, was perfect. It's shaped almost perfectly for your powersuited gloves, and even though it's only a handgun, the recoil is almost too powerful for you to use it with a single hand. It was more accurate than your drones' cut down railguns, and more powerful than your gauss rifle. Speaking of which, once you have this handgun. . you don't even need the gauss rifle anymore. You put it back with the rest of the rifles, and continued practicing.

    "Hey, Dave. Amy." Grayson said as he walked into the training room as the two of you were practicing with your new weapons.
    "Grayson!" Amy said. "Dave needs a place to live. You'll let him stay with you, right?"
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:40 No.19059081

    amy the ice breaker
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:40 No.19059083
    With these things we hardly need to use our legs. We can just use all of our drites to clamber along pretty much any surface.

    Now the decision is whether we stay with Grayson or if we give him the I want to stay with this cute techie girl look, which is much easier with a face that can display messages. Both are good options.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:40 No.19059085
    we should visit Mark and have him upgrade the mechandrites. They will benefit from engine upgrades.
    Also, visit Jun for CPU upgrade if possible, we need another AI.
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)19:42 No.19059102
    "Sure. But first," Grayson says. "I. . have that favor I can still call in, right, Dave?"
    You nod.
    "Then I'll call it in. I need your help on a mission."
    "What kind of mission?" Amy asks.
    "The kind of mission where we attack the military." He says.

    >Aww yea, another cliffhanger.
    >I'll stick around as usual to answer questions, and my twitter is @futureexabyte
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:42 No.19059108
    "Well you seem awfully eager to dump us off on someone else."

    >two-ton block
    I'm not one to mess with a good thing but... how would we even get leverage for that?
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:43 No.19059114
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:43 No.19059118
    >going against military
    Aw shit, I'm glad we got all these beautiful upgrades.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:43 No.19059119
    We're in power armor and we can use the other three drites to brace ourself.
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)19:43 No.19059122
    >The powersuit works on futurephysics, and the Heavy Mechandrites are designed to lift, move, and throw heavy objects.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:46 No.19059145

    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:48 No.19059160
    On a scale from 1-10 how fucked are we concerning attacking the military. Where is standard and cutting edge military tech in comparison to the power suits CD has?
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:48 No.19059161
         File: 1336693699.gif-(1.27 MB, 300x214, 1335238486263.gif)
    1.27 MB
    >The kind of mission where we attack the military
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:50 No.19059188
    Oh and are we Doc-ock now?
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:50 No.19059189
    I guess we will have just to roll for it
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)19:51 No.19059196
    >About at the same point, actually. The military has much greater funding than the corporations, but less (actually almost none) experimental or prototype technology that's actually in service. They're always a year or so behind the corps, technology-wise.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:55 No.19059253
    So hacking them wont be a problem. Yay.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)19:58 No.19059286
    We're now teleporting, power armored, Doc Ock, hacker extraordinaire. I think we got this.
    >> Exabyte !SIL6URyblU 05/10/12(Thu)20:15 No.19059461
         File: 1336695302.png-(130 KB, 400x600, NFCInv.png)
    130 KB
    Finally, here's an update to the inventory screen because of this SHOPPING TRIP.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)20:17 No.19059497
    Man, we're a walking fucking armory. We'll have to take our new drites to Mark and see if we can get some power claws attached. Ripping the turret off of a tank sounds fun. That and adding in the biggest guns around. We have the two gunners for delicate work and the big guys for less precise more smashy work.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)20:36 No.19059737
    Can we control our power armor even if we're not in it? Could we perhaps be lounging on a couch and use the armor to open the door for us or fetch us something from the fridge/
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)20:42 No.19059792
    >reverse engineer a ridiculously advanced form of synthetic muscles that are the basis of advanced power armor, which we also reverse-engineered
    >use the suit we've had made, far ahead of its time and far more advanced than anything any other agent we know can use, capable of tearing apart tanks, doing rocket jumps, taking on entire conventional infantry battalions or suffering the recoil of an xbawx hueg handgun whose firing mechanism is based on MINIATURE NUCLEAR FISSION REACTIONS, as a robotic manservant

    Dave Davidson, everybody.
    >> Anonymous 05/10/12(Thu)20:43 No.19059815
    We've got our priorities straight, we'll also use it to get stuff on high shelves.

    That and it'll also be useful if we're say captured and separated from our armor. We'll wake it up and it can rip the doors off of our holding cell.

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