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  • File: 1336312989.jpg-(442 KB, 1700x1063, MassEffectQuest.jpg)
    442 KB Mass Effect Quest Part 5 The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)10:03 No.18998978  
    The year is 2183, nearly a quarter of a century has passed since the First Contact War and humanity has taken it's place on the galactic stage.
    You are James "Geronimo" Rennick a Sergeant in the Systems Alliance Marines specializing as a Vanguard shock trooper and a potential ICT (N Program candidate)

    James "Geronimo" Rennick

    Character Sheet

    Throw- Rank 1
    Force 1d250+250 Newtons
    Recharge 30 seconds
    Radius 1 Meter

    Pull- Rank 1
    Force-1d125+125 Newtons
    Duruation-12 seconds
    Radius-1 Meter
    Recharge- 30 Seconds

    Shockwave- Rank 1
    Force- 100 Newtons
    Number of Waves- 4
    Recharge- 18 seconds

    Nova- Rank 1
    Force- 1D300 Newtons
    Damage- 2x Remaining Shields Minus 5%
    (This attack drains remaining shields to 5 percent)
    Shields must be above 5% to use.

    Charge Rank- 1
    Force- 6D100 Newtons
    Damage 10d10
    Recharge-12 seconds

    Assault Mastery- Rank 1
    No Bonus

    Weapons Training- Rank 1
    No Bonus

    Tomahawk- Rank 1
    You have a Badass Tomahawk
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)10:04 No.18998987
    Onyx Light Armor-
    DR 5
    Shields 49
    T/B DC 12
    Recharge Delay-6 seconds of not being fired upon.
    Recharge Rate-33% Per Round.

    Stiletto Pistol
    Damage- 1D73+73
    Clip Size 15

    Hurricane Shotgun-
    Clip Size 3
    Special Rules. Shotgun spread-Shotguns may still hit their target even on a miss. For each degree of failure subtract half the HD, may reduce to zero.

    Bluewire MK III Omni-tool
    Shield 5
    Cooldown Bonus 0
    Med/Hacking bonus 5

    L2 Biotic Implant
    20% Bonus to all Biotic Power Force
    Special Rules-At least once a day you will be required to make a roll to determine the side-effects from your L2 Implant.
    Depending on the level of use, more may be required.

    3 Crazy Disc Grenades
    Damage 10d50+250

    Badass Tomahawk (Throwable)
    Special Rule- Warrior's Stride- On a kill with this weapon you may take an immediate Charge as a free-action. At the end of this charge you gain full shields. If the kill was by a thrown tomahawk you charge to the tomahawk and pick it up, again as a free action where you regain full shields.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)10:12 No.18999031

    ++Alliance military++

    Sergeant Vanguard James Rennick a.k.a Geronimo

    Wendigo (our) squad:
    -CPL Karrigan-Engineer
    -PSC Paul Newton- Soldier
    -PFC Stan Kubrick- Soldier
    -PFC Emily Hui- Engineer
    -Sergeant Brick Haskill- sentinel

    Jackal squad:
    -PFC Holmes- Soldier
    -PSC Britain- Soldier
    -Reggie- Infiltrator
    -Corporal Harris- Adept
    -Sergeant Briggs- Vanguard

    NPCS we know:
    -Your CO is Commander Sardis
    -The Jakarta's Captain is Captain Nguyen
    -The Jakarta's XO is XO Ambrose
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)10:22 No.18999091
    You walk out of the briefing room, you can barely believe what just happened.
    You, a Sergeant and an ICT Candidate to boot...

    It's still sinking in but you know you can't just stand here leaning against the bulkhead all day.

    >What would you like to do?

    >Break the news to the squads
    >Keep it to yourself
    >Tell Briggs and Karrigan first
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)10:25 No.18999110
    Keep it to ourself.

    Don't want to go blowing our own trumpet now do we?
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)10:27 No.18999130

    I think you're the first one to vote against it.
    Most of the others couldn't wait to tell all their friends about how awesome they are.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)10:29 No.18999140
    I haven't been present for the other threads :/

    Is our guy Renegade/Paragon, egotistical or what?
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)10:32 No.18999160

    ofc we tell the squad. No reason not to do so. If I remember correctly we decided on accepting the offer and returning later so they will know it anyway. Let's celebrate!
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)10:32 No.18999161

    You're pretty Paragon.
    But honestly I think everyone is getting too caught up with "alignment".
    In the ME universe it's mostly the sliding scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism. I'm pushing to flesh out Geronimo's character a little more but I think the guys are still asleep, I was hoping we'd all wake up about the same time considering they knew we'd play today.

    You do have some pretty snappy one-liners for someone who's not egotistical though =p
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)10:35 No.18999174
    we might want to tell it Kerrigan and Briggs first. Atleast that's what I would do. We are closest, on the other hand the squad is our family and we trust them with our life... no, I'd still tell the squad first.
    But I need some other opinions.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)10:35 No.18999176

    Since it's what was decided last night I think I'm gonna have to roll with telling the squad.

    You decide regardless of what you do everyone will want to know/eventually find out anyway. You resolve to tell them and celebrate the promotion together. Maybe you should see about getting some party supplies...
    >> Dante !!3T+Y+CHlJwB 05/06/12(Sun)10:38 No.18999191
    For the backstory don't start giving massive paragraphs of rushed text, just add little bits here and there whenever we have a meaningful conversation.

    That way we'll be putting together all the pieces and the whole character reveal will be awesome.

    Yeh, tell the two closest members first, then tell everyone else.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)10:44 No.18999227
    Let us not forget, the revelation might not be that pupular. They will support us, I'm pretty sure but we still will leave the squad for quite some time. Celebration is fine ( and actually a very good and natural hing to do - it'll also boost moral) but aproach the situation carefully.
    >> Dante !!3T+Y+CHlJwB 05/06/12(Sun)10:44 No.18999232
    How's our reputation with the Krogan, could we get our hands on some Ryncol?
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)10:46 No.18999244

    Alright let's roll with that then.

    You get back to the barracks above the hangar deck.
    You pass the soldier group arguing over who put the most Geth down. You notice Newton must still be in the infirmary, you may wanna see if you can drop in on him later.

    >Tell Briggs First
    >Tell Karrigan First
    >Tell them both at the same time
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)10:48 No.18999253

    This is an alliance starship, there are only humans on board.
    That being said, this is the military and if you have the credits there is likely a guy who knows a guy.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)10:52 No.18999276
    Oh and there was one thing about the Tomahawk from the thread last night I wanted to clear up in the morning.


    Basically it's this to a T.

    It serves the same function as it did then and each member of your family has passed down a tomahawk to his son/daughter. Thus by my definition this is the same tomahawk even if it's been vastly upgraded for combat IN SPACE.
    >> Dante !!3T+Y+CHlJwB 05/06/12(Sun)10:54 No.18999291

    Anyway, i think i'll try and move the story along a bit. Let's tell both of them at the same time :)
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)11:03 No.18999353

    I think it's something you should do in private, so just with one person. Let's tell whoever we find first of the two. I think the character himself is not in the mindset of thinking about who to tell first, I mean he just got promoted to super secret James Bond levels of awesomeness.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)11:12 No.18999433

    You lean into Briggs quarters.
    It looks like Harris has decided to take a nap, Briggs is typing away on his Omni-tool.
    "Hey Sarge, err Briggs, would you mind coming here for a minute. I got some news"

    "Yeah sure just give me a second..." he finishes typing and deactivates his Omni-tool

    He heads out into the hall with you.
    "Hold on just a second, I want Karrigan here too." you say walking up the hall to her quarters.

    You stand at the doorway to her room as well and she's still tinkering away with that device.
    "Hey Karrigan, would you come here for a minute?"
    She pauses and looks up at you, a set of magnifier glasses pushed low on her nose.
    "Yeah sure, I need a break anyway, this thing is gonna drive me mad. It will release it's secrets to me yet though!" She says laying the device and glasses aside.

    Briggs and Karrigan stand awaiting your news.
    "I've been promoted to Sergeant." you state
    "Holy shit...THAT'S AMAZING! uhhhh Sir?" Karrigan seems torn between knowing how to act with you now.
    "HA! I knew Sardis was acting weird, he kept asking me about you but I didn't wanna say anything. That is fantastic, have they assigned you a squad yet?" Briggs sways a little as he said it. You think he is probably still a little drunk.

    (Sorry, mom called didn't mean for it to take so long)
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)11:14 No.18999449

    >Go ahead and tell them about the ICT Candidacy?
    >> Dante !!3T+Y+CHlJwB 05/06/12(Sun)11:15 No.18999458
    Might as well go the whole nine yards.

    Also, have we done Karrigan yet? She sounds like she has a crush. (Sorry if i'm stating the obvious)
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)11:17 No.18999467
    I had the sneaking suspicion that I was missing something, glad I dug around a bit.
    Yah, go ahead and tell them.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)11:20 No.18999498
         File: 1336317645.png-(80 KB, 163x196, 1330745900923.png)
    80 KB
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)11:24 No.18999529

    >Pending Approval

    ++Character Bio++

    1) We are straight, but cultivate a bromance with Briggs.
    2) Team Wendigo for life, blood in blood out
    3) We can take a break from Wendigo to N7, but we will return.
    4) 85% Paragon Score
    5) Earth Born, Native American (the "story" is that we're Apache), War Hero

    >Quest Trailer

    >> Dante !!3T+Y+CHlJwB 05/06/12(Sun)11:27 No.18999567
    Dat muzak.

    Did you make this? I love it.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)11:27 No.18999569

    It may be a small crush. You have been her rank before this and now you're a superior, though. She technically has the address you as sir rather than Geronimo now.

    "They haven't yet Briggs. There's one more part though, I've been asked to join the ICT Program." you state as neutrally as you can.
    Karrigan's jaw drops, she's completely speechless.
    Briggs looks a little confused at first but it settles into a huge shit eating grin.
    "Heh, so that's what all those questions were about. Well I'm glad I gave you a sterling report kid. This is a huge opportunity and I can only hope you'll accept. We need officers willing to charge tanks for their squads." Briggs looks proud as hell.
    Karrigan nods her head in agreement as well.
    "Though, if you would do something for me. I'd appreciate it." Briggs puts his hand on your shoulder as he asks.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)11:28 No.18999570

    >assigned you a squad

    "Well, they gave me a very unique opportunity. And I wanted to know how you'd feel if I randomly reassigned you from whatever your doing to come and back me up later."
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)11:28 No.18999572
         File: 1336318095.jpg-(252 KB, 600x626, humanwrex.jpg)
    252 KB
    Yeah, 'cause we are not a coward and besides, the truth will come out eventually
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)11:29 No.18999584

    Ja. And Thank You.

    >Now time to make banana pancakes for grampa, GL till I get back.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)11:33 No.18999615
    Holy crap, this is the first time I realized there are two Dowjins.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)11:34 No.18999627

    Wat? Theres only one of us.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)11:35 No.18999632

    Briggs is a Sgt. You can't reassign him.
    He's gonna stay over Jackal. But trust me, I'm not gonna put him on the bus. He'll be fine.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)11:36 No.18999648
    "So, you know. If I'm an N7, I'll almost assuredly have the option of picking who's on my squad." Look at Karrigan. "Would you want to? Your the best damn techie I've met and it'd be great to have you."
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)11:40 No.18999688
    It might have something to do with all the Geth toys we gave he last mission too.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)11:44 No.18999714

    N1 once you complete training. N7 is the highest level.
    N is the designation for special forces and It's ranked 1 through 7.

    Karrigan blushes ever so slightly "Yeah, of course I'd want to. But what about Haskill?"
    "I don't think you're gonna have to worry about that." Briggs interrupts, "I'll talk to him, you let me know if there's anyone you want and I'll do my best to help make it happen kid."

    "Like I was saying though, would you want to do me a favor kid?" Briggs asks you again since you ignored him last time.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)11:46 No.18999728
    >Oh shit, I need my coffee.
    "Oh, yah anything for you man! Sorry, I'm a little off my footing, big news and all."
    >> Dante !!3T+Y+CHlJwB 05/06/12(Sun)11:47 No.18999739
    Crap, are we gonna be rolling dice and shit for the training. I've just had a look on the wiki and it sounds brutal :/
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)11:48 No.18999750
    "Of course, Sergeant."

    We might both be Sgt's, but he still outranks us and he was our squad leader until just recently.

    Bringing Karrigan along seems a great idea, especially considering she has been playing with advanced tech for a little while now.

    Awesome. Fine work indeed.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)11:50 No.18999760

    "Don't tell the rest of the squad yet, since we're drinking to Rodriguez later I think this would be a good pick me up after the ceremonial drink. You know? However that being said, we should really consider getting some party supplies going. There has to be more booze on this boat, I can smell it..." Briggs once again thinking of his favorite vices

    "Yeah, I'd kill for some Serrice Ice right about now." Karrigan adds.
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)11:51 No.18999771
    I'd ask her that privately. Other then that... yeah!
    >> Dante !!3T+Y+CHlJwB 05/06/12(Sun)11:54 No.18999792
    Do we have a storage room we can check? How about the kitchen? Also, is this just gonna be drinks and poker, or a full blown party?
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)11:54 No.18999796
    That was the idea, most of the action was gonna happen off screen while we played around with Karrigan and Briggs some. I was gonna flip back to him for a couple of training "encounters" but the 6 weeks were gonna fly by.
    It is possible to fail the ICT Program as it has a very high wash out rate. Almost 90%. It's a little like training for the Seals or any other special forces, it's an honor just to have been asked.
    Retcon'd, you'll still address Briggs as Sgt.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)12:02 No.18999830

    "I say we go all out, a full party with as many guys," he looks to Karrigan, "and ladies, as we can invite. Seeing as how we just saved Eden Prime I'll see if I can get the Captain to agree to letting us get a little wild. As for the supplies, son you've been in the military right? Just start waving cash around and someone with a supply connection will probably find you. Here!" Briggs starts tapping away at his Omni-tool.

    >Your omni-tool beeps and you see an additional 500 credits have been posted in your account.

    "Take that and go find us some booze kid. I'll handle the rest. Oh though Karrigan might deem to help us out with decor. Right corporal?" Briggs puts on his best smile

    "SIR, YES SIR!" Karrigan smiles and salutes you both the runs off to get started.

    "Well, we'll catch you later son, if you need a hand just give me a shout on your tool." Briggs says as he heads towards the Bridge.

    >You have 3550 credits
    >> Dante !!3T+Y+CHlJwB 05/06/12(Sun)12:23 No.18999967
    >Was having dinner

    Well let's get to it! Where can we start looking on the ship and what places would we have access to?
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)12:25 No.18999983

    Are we talking a hookers and blow kind of party?
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)12:26 No.18999993
    What the hell did the thread die?
    I guess you guys were waiting on me.
    The lay-out of the Jakarta is as follows.
    Top deck, Engineering 1
    Deck 2, Armory
    Deck 3, CIC, Briefing, CO quarters
    Deck 4 Crew Deck
    Deck 5, Barracks Deck
    Deck 6 Hangar
    Bottom Deck Engineering 2

    >Where would you like to go/do?
    >The party isn't due to start until much later this evening, you have several hours.
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)12:27 No.19000005

    Supply ALWAYS has the hook ups.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)12:30 No.19000038
    Generally you have access to anything, your new rank is already official and any HUD will identify you as a Sgt. or your Omni-tool credentials will also verify this. The only things outside your reach will be the CO Quarters without express invitation.

    The Crew Deck and Hangar both seem to hold a large amount of supplies.
    You're not planetside and I would recommend against having illicit substances on an Alliance Vessel, especially in such an open setting.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)12:31 No.19000045

    Go to the armory, say nothing incriminating, let our money do all of the talking.
    >> Dante !!3T+Y+CHlJwB 05/06/12(Sun)12:33 No.19000055

    Crew deck, if anyone on this ship knows where the good stuff is, they'll be here.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)12:34 No.19000062

    You head up the armory, the deck has a light crew at time of day which seems to consist of the Supply Sergeant and 2 assistants who seem to be mostly looking over the newly acquired gear and making sure everything is in tip-top shape and accounted for. The deck is pretty clean, they run a fairly tight ship here.
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)12:37 No.19000088
    Best to go to the supply sergeant himself. He was the one who gave us the incendiary rounds last mission, so we could mention that we were throwing a party and that Karrigan would be there.
    >> Dante !!3T+Y+CHlJwB 05/06/12(Sun)12:37 No.19000089
    Try and talk to one of the assisstants when his CO isn't around.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)12:38 No.19000094

    "Hey guys, I'm throwing a pow wow with the team and I was looking for some standard issue entertainment. Any ideas?"

    >Let them make the decisions on how much they want our dosh.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)12:41 No.19000116
    Looks like we got a debate gentlemen, no popular decision emerged.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)12:45 No.19000142

    Sorry, I hadn't filled in his character, this a different guy. That guy is back on Terra Nova holding down the fort, this the Jakarta's Supply Sergeant.
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)12:45 No.19000143
    The supply sergeant is the NCOIC, not the OIC, huge difference there.

    Officers are the ones who usually have the sticks up their asses(being a staff-level officer does that) but the NCO's would be less inflexible about the situation.

    >>19000094 seems a good idea too though.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)12:45 No.19000145

    I concede to braith, say the same thing but to the sgt
    >> Dante !!3T+Y+CHlJwB 05/06/12(Sun)12:45 No.19000147
    Screw it, ask them all. I'm sure the supply sergeant knows where the stuff is and the assistants must know some good cocktail recipes.

    And if that doesn't work, give them an extra day or two shore leave.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)12:45 No.19000148
    rolled 2 = 2

    no shopping kerrigan around
    but the supply sgt in charge either is the best (has the hookups) or the worst (rules lawyer) guy to go to for party supplies, and we should know which it is
    1 = best 2 = worst ?
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)12:49 No.19000175
    You stroll up to the supply desk and the SS walks over.

    "Yeah, what do you want?" he grunts at you dropping a large box of rations on the desk.
    "Hey, I'm throwing a pow wow with the team and I was looking for some standard issue entertainment. Any ideas?" You ask

    "Yeah, a big circle jerk. Do you have business here or no?" He replies with a completely impassive face
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)12:50 No.19000185

    and you don't get to roll dice anymore
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)12:51 No.19000194
    "Listen, I can pay just tell me what I want to know. No need to make this difficult."
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)12:52 No.19000200
    "Are you sure, Sergeant? We'd be more than happy to have your section there too."
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)12:53 No.19000208
    was a question, and i had a 50/50!

    dammit. well, somebody's smuggling somewhere
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)12:56 No.19000222

    "Look jackass, I don't care what kind of money you got you're not getting any more training grenades to play Tennis with, I know it's hilarious to do to the rookies but seriously, Captain said it has to stop." He replies looking you dead in the eye
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)12:59 No.19000247

    "Whoa whoa, calm down sarge... We're not playing tennis. Just thirsty."
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)12:59 No.19000253
    time to leave the room and omnitext the underlings
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)12:59 No.19000254
    Laugh. "Damn, that's a great idea. Can't believe I never thought of that. Anyway, that's not what I'm here for. I was thinking more along the lines of booze."
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)12:59 No.19000256
    "Hang on, Sergeant, I'm not thinking that kind of party. I'm looking for supplies for a much quieter kind."

    For the love of god, don't mention money until after he does. That's just in bad taste.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)13:02 No.19000269

    We just got promoted like a fucking war hero. He has to understand! Bring it up nice but determined and explain why you really would like to have a party with your frineds as a farwell.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)13:02 No.19000271

    "You're...oh...you're one of the marines. Shit, I'm sorry. You mean you're looking for liquor. Well sadly, we're kind of flying under the radar right now due to that little "incident" I'd check with Private Goldsmith on the crew deck. That's more his forte, and if you're serious about the invite we'd love to lock the deck down and join you. Where and when son?"
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)13:04 No.19000280
    Woah - just lost a squadmate and want to give 'im a proper sendoff. Can you help?

    If not, >>19000253
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)13:07 No.19000291
    Thank him for the info, assure him we were serious, and give him the info on the party. A friend in supply is your best friend, besides maybe a techie that con modify your gear for you.

    Time to go find this Private Goldsmith on the crew deck then.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)13:07 No.19000292

    >later in the evening, at X location

    Foward relevant information if he really can hook us up. Using diplomatic words to express there isn't going to be a party if we can't find some booze.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)13:13 No.19000343

    "I'll shoot Goldsmith a text and let him know to expect you. By the way, name's Gardner, these two are Private Meredith and Alvarez, they're good guys and I'm sure they'd be happy to help you out if I'm not around. I'll catch you downstairs later on. Sorry to hear about your friend, and congrats on the promotion!" Gardner adds as you head back towards the elevator.

    You head down to the Crew deck, it's rife with life and much more cozy than the Barracks Deck, you can tell it's been customized by the Jakarta's crew, they love their ship and want it to feel like a home away from home.

    A scrawny looking guy with a shaved head walks up to you, "Heard you're looking for some party liquid. Name's Harry Goldsmith, and who might you be?"
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)13:17 No.19000367
    "Sergeant Rennick. I was told you were the one to talk to about getting supplies for that."
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)13:28 No.19000451

    "You heard right, so what are you in the market for?" He puts his arm around you, quite a stretch he's a few inches shorter and pulls you over to the elevator.

    "Here's what I got"

    >20 cases of Mauser Light-30 a case
    >40 Cases of Benning's Best- 50 a case
    >10 Cases of Buzz Aldrin's- 100 a case
    >5 Case of Makarox- 150 case
    >3 Bottles of Serrice Ice Brandy- 500 a bottle
    >1 Drum of Ryncol- 5000 Credits

    He presses the button down to hangar deck.
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)13:33 No.19000498
    A bottle of Serrice Ice Brandy and say...10 cases of Benning's best...maybe 5 cases of Mauser Light. Comes out to...1150 credits...oh well, it's for a good cause.

    Unless we decide to invite the entire ship, that should be enough
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)13:34 No.19000504
    1 Serrice
    2 Makarox
    2 Buzz
    5 Benning
    5 Mauser
    1350 total, amirite

    Some good to start the toasting, some for once the tongue goes numb, Ice to share with Kerrigan
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)13:35 No.19000511

    >A bottle of Serrice Ice Brandy

    Fuck yeah

    >2 cases of Mauser Light

    For the lightfags

    >4 cases of Buzz Aldrins

    >3 cases of Bennings Best

    (assuming 12 or 24 packs?)

    I think this is enough to drink.

    I vote to pay the man and Fast-Foward
    >> Dante !!3T+Y+CHlJwB 05/06/12(Sun)13:37 No.19000517
    That feel when you don't have enough credits for Ryncol.
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)13:38 No.19000525
    That might be a better route. I think so far we only have, what, 2 squads plus supply coming?
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)13:39 No.19000538

    Okay, we all agree on a bottle of Serrice.

    5 mouser light
    2 buzz
    8 bennings
    1 makarox

    That should be a good revision.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)13:39 No.19000543

    "Def gonna need some Serrice, maybe even two. We need to toast a fallen comrade." You tell Goldsmith.

    "I see, I'm sorry to hear that. My condolences to your squad."

    You both step off the elevator and start heading towards the back of the hangar where most of the supplies are stored. He must have hidden it among the rest, probably has a deal worked out where they reserve space for him and look it over when it comes time to take stock.

    Roll a D100, need to beat a 40.
    >> Dante !!3T+Y+CHlJwB 05/06/12(Sun)13:40 No.19000549
    rolled 50 = 50

    Here goes nothing...
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)13:40 No.19000552

    You could always check with Briggs
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)13:41 No.19000554
    rolled 3 = 3

    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)13:41 No.19000555
    rolled 69 = 69


    Rollan for boozehound
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)13:42 No.19000561
    good job!
    not bad, what's total?
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)13:42 No.19000569

    You notice a guy running to catch up with you and Goldsmith. Goldsmith had already noticed him and was moving to intercept. You can hear him ask "Hey Goldsmith, you still got those Benning's for 30 a case? We'd like to get a couple for later tonight..." Goldsmith practically hugs the kid and starts trying to walk him away.
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)13:42 No.19000571
    Yeah, we should check in with him before we finalize what we're getting.

    Also, I need to stop rolling for a little while.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)13:43 No.19000573

    He gave us 500, ergo he expected 500 worth of booze to cover himself and whoever he invited.


    So we should at least match that, if were a little over thats golden.
    >> Dante !!3T+Y+CHlJwB 05/06/12(Sun)13:43 No.19000579
    Lets get haggling!
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)13:44 No.19000580

    Wait a minute. He's jacking us.

    How do we feel, /tg/?
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)13:47 No.19000602
    Time to get our Recettear on!
    >> Dante !!3T+Y+CHlJwB 05/06/12(Sun)13:47 No.19000604
    Either get the price down, or threaten to blow his secrecy to whoever his immediate superior is. We'll get a deal either way.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)13:48 No.19000613

    "Sorry about that, he just wanted to know if I still had the Benning's I told him you got first dibs what with the toasting your squad-mate. I'll tell you what. How about I let those Aldrin's go for 90? You seem like a good guy, and you need something better than my standard swill for something like that, eh?"
    >> Dante !!3T+Y+CHlJwB 05/06/12(Sun)13:49 No.19000619
    "80 and you've got a deal"
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)13:51 No.19000632
    That doesn't make future transactions easier
    I like. Or the Serrice for 400.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)13:51 No.19000635

    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)13:52 No.19000644

    Now is that anyway to treat a friend?
    It's already a steal...
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)13:52 No.19000647
    We'll go ahead with the order from >>19000511. Make it the 2 bottles of brandy though.
    >> Dante !!3T+Y+CHlJwB 05/06/12(Sun)13:55 No.19000664
    I'll second this, is TIM isn't already writing.
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)13:56 No.19000674
    Dunno, friend who wanted 50 for Bennings. You tell me. 90 for the Buzz and 450 for the Serrice.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)13:56 No.19000675
    >2 bottles of Serrice Ice Brandy
    >2 cases of Mauser Light
    >4 cases of Buzz Aldrins
    >3 cases of Bennings Best

    "Oh, and one more thing, I want the Brandy for 400 and the Aldrin's for 80." You say.

    "Like ruddy hell, I have a business to run, why should I give you a special rate on my best stock? I already offered you a discount on the Aldrin's" He stammers out, he somehow manages to summon a serious face despite the obvious ride he's taking you on.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)13:58 No.19000687

    2 bottles of Serrice Ice Brandy
    2 cases of Mauser Light
    4 +2 =6 cases of Buzz Aldrins
    3 cases of Bennings Best

    We have a majority
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)13:59 No.19000690
    "I could always get you an invitation to the party too."
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)14:00 No.19000695

    GREAT idea!
    Make a friend and get a good price.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)14:00 No.19000696

    Excellent, we go with this.



    "Well, I mean -friends- get invited. But if were doing business, your right."
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)14:00 No.19000698

    "A party? I thought you were just mourning your friend? The hell are you playing at?" he looks at you, he's getting nervous, you think he may end up calling the whole thing off if you don't pull it out of the fire.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)14:01 No.19000702



    "Nevermind. We're good."

    Pay the man and go.
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)14:01 No.19000704
    Eh. Sendoff for friend, promotion celebration... keep it (mostly) in the squad?

    If we pay what he's currently asking, make note find out how much his markup is, see if it's worth going into competition.
    >> Dante !!3T+Y+CHlJwB 05/06/12(Sun)14:01 No.19000705
    Funeral party.

    If he doesn't believe that say its a Turian custom you heard about.
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)14:02 No.19000710
    "We're giving our friend a sendoff and celebrating the rescue of New Eden."
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)14:04 No.19000718

    Its really not that complicated. We shut our mouths, pay him, and leave.

    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)14:04 No.19000720

    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)14:04 No.19000725

    "Look, I can understand that, but this is the lowest I can go. I'll do 90 on the Aldrin's and 450 on the Brandy, and just to show I'm serious take a couple extra cases of Mauser, piss water never sells anyway." Goldsmith seems pretty set on this unless you have something else to add.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)14:05 No.19000734

    Eden Prime*
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)14:05 No.19000736

    We accept and have nothing more to say.
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)14:06 No.19000739
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)14:06 No.19000740
    Deal! Friend.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)14:08 No.19000749

    The offer sounds good. We are a first time customer, it's obvious that we have to pay more, he knows the demand of his regulars. We might invite him anyway.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)14:08 No.19000754

    >A bottle of Serrice Ice Brandy-900 credits
    >2 cases of Mauser Light-60 credits
    >2 Free Cases of Mauser-0 Credits
    >6 cases of Buzz Aldrins-540 credits
    >3 cases of Bennings Best-150 credits
    Total=1650 Credits
    New Balance=1900 Credits

    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)14:09 No.19000762

    Right, I get names mixed up. Need to lay off of Eve for a while.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)14:10 No.19000770


    Serice Ice Brandy what happend to 450 per bottle?
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)14:10 No.19000771
    2 bottles of Serrice for 900!
    Otherwise, yeah.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)14:10 No.19000774
    Shell out the cash.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)14:11 No.19000780
    or did we agree on 2 bottles? In this case, nothing to say here.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)14:12 No.19000793

    Yes. Do it.

    We'll stash any leftovers for our own drinking tendancies.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)14:15 No.19000815

    Meant to put 2 bottles, that's my mistake. You pay Goldsmith.
    "A pleasure doing business!" he seems to be in much higher spirits, he seems to have got away with enough to satisfy him. He'll likely be kinder in future interactions as well.

    He asks you to wait here with him and a moment later a worker comes around with a fork-lift and palette containing your selection. He must have them on a system.
    It looks like quite a bit to carry.
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)14:16 No.19000824
    Send a message to the rest of the squad. We need a bit of assistance here.
    >> Mick824 05/06/12(Sun)14:18 No.19000834
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)14:19 No.19000840
    >It looks like quite a bit to carry.
    Kneejerk reactions: Delivery not included? Doesn't matter, got biotics.

    Serious-ish: Snag some squadmates for portage
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)14:19 No.19000841
    I'd suggest, using simple biotics to carry it, but with our l2 implants, we might crush them.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)14:19 No.19000846

    "I've got good news guys, get down here."
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)14:22 No.19000864
    rolled 47 = 47


    You message Briggs.
    "Whoa, you got how much? Right on, sounds like I didn't over-do the invites then. Me, Karrigan, Emily and Harris will be down momentarily. I hope you don't mind, we let them in on the party too. What with being roomies and all it's kind of hard not to. Don't worry, they think it's still just in Rodriguez's memory, I'll let you break the news still." Briggs messages back.

    A couple minutes later they're down in the hanger loading up the elevator with you to head back to the Barracks.
    You resolve to hide the Brandy for now, and you didn't tell Briggs about it.

    You get it loaded onto the elevator and start to head back up to the barracks.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)14:27 No.19000897
    Could somebody explain to me why we bought two Serrice? Isn't it more like "just take a sip" kind of booze? I mean 450credits more won't kill us but it seems a little bit redundant. We are only soldiers after all.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)14:28 No.19000907
    1 for the squad to share, 1 for us n kerrigan
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)14:29 No.19000919
    One for toasting the fallen, one for celebrating a new beginning.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)14:30 No.19000923
    If we survive the n program, we'll have the second bottle with Karry.

    Alone. With some Barry White.
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)14:31 No.19000937
    Like your style.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)14:31 No.19000938

    As the doors open on the barracks level you bump into Roger's "Ah, Sergeant Briggs I've been looking for you sir!" Rogers addressing Briggs.

    "What's going on Private?" Briggs responds

    "I'm to report to you, I'm now under your command, sir." Rogers says

    "That's bizarre, why aren't you rejoining the 212?" Briggs asks while carrying a couple more cases off the elevator and putting them in a neat stack by the door.

    "I thought you'd heard sir, the 212 has been effectively wiped out after Eden Prime." Rogers mutters his eyes drifting to the floor.

    "Jesus, I'm sorry Rogers, well you'll find a welcome home here, and if you need to talk I'm always here son. I'll make the introductions tomorrow morning if that is alright. Tonight is kind of a bad time. Though I welcome you to mingle with the squad, just don't mention you're our new number 6."

    You finish off-loading the elevator and release it back to it's duties.

    You stash the liquor in Briggs and Harris' quarters locking it down with the exception of the Brandy which you slip into your own quarters. You notice Haskill's gear has appeared on the other bunk but you haven't seen him since you got off the transport.

    You still have a few more hours to kill.

    >What would you like to do now?
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)14:31 No.19000947
    I think you meant some Marvin Gaye.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)14:33 No.19000964
    hmm... I don't know if it's wise to pursue a relationshop with a member of our squad. That's now a wise thing to do in a military unit, just saying. And I'm sure we don't care but it also is forbidden in the Alliance Military.

    It's not really important right now but it will get important really soon.
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)14:34 No.19000977
    Kerrigan is helping get ready for the party, so no hope of any cool tech...I vote we fast forward on to the party.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)14:36 No.19000994
         File: 1336329391.jpg-(36 KB, 639x581, fuck-the-police.jpg)
    36 KB
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)14:38 No.19001007
    Ah, soul-crushing logic rears its ugly head. Save that 2nd bottle anyway.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)14:38 No.19001008

    Walk around just to make sure we haven't missed any cutscenes.

    >Fast foward
    >Its party time
    >P. A. R. T.
    >Because I gotta
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)14:42 No.19001050
         File: 1336329763.gif-(1.94 MB, 278x278, 1334176315544.gif)
    1.94 MB
    pic related

    We can claim it was a pre-existing relationship, besides, she'll likely make Sgt by the time we get done with training anyway, especially if she can figure out that Geth stuff we gave her.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)14:42 No.19001053

    We might find someone else or start a relationshop with her after all... but after we've returned. It would just be really stupid to start something now and then leave for two or more years. I'm against this relationship anyways but atleast don't do anything stupid right now.
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)14:43 No.19001060
    Let's find out what she thinks of the idea
    >> Mick824 05/06/12(Sun)14:44 No.19001067
    i change my vote to this
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)14:44 No.19001070
    Come on, let's not hop on with the first Waifu we're offered. Let's hold out for the right waifu.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)14:44 No.19001074

    We must follow the footsteps of our forefathers. Ask yourself, "What would Kirk or Shepherd do?"

    I for one approve.
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)14:45 No.19001079
    Obviously we would of course, my suggestion would just be the defense if someone says anything about it after the fact.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)14:49 No.19001112
         File: 1336330165.jpg-(104 KB, 339x360, 1332208030702.jpg)
    104 KB

    >we can't have both
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)14:52 No.19001141
    Well, let's wait for OP and see what happens.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)14:55 No.19001162
    Eh. I like Kerry, mostly because her interests are both foreign and familiar. She loves technology but seems to be fascinated by weapons tech. Weapons that we appreciate and hold interest.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)14:56 No.19001169
    Sorry, was just enjoying the conversation, nature called, thank you smart phones.

    So we're all for waiting until the party then? Maybe catching a few hours nap?
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)14:57 No.19001180

    Naps are awesome! This may be the last one we get.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)14:59 No.19001191

    How is the general mood of the squad?
    I'm still a little bit afraid how the party will go if the think it's only to mourn their friend and we basiclly want to throw a huge ass party. We might want to announce our promotion earlier to not get things to confusing.
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)15:00 No.19001200
    The conversation of us arguing over Kerrigan?

    I think you'd have to basically pull out a Tali or Liara clone to get us distracted anytime soon.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)15:01 No.19001211

    The squad is generally upbeat. You know Briggs won't let it turn into a pity party.
    They miss Rodriguez but they acknowledge life must move on, the mental health of the crew towards loss is generally excellent. Besides with the way Harris and Briggs drink you think this is the best coping mechanism for them and the squad more than likely, losing themselves a little for Rodriguez's memory.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)15:03 No.19001223

    I think interspecies relationships are fairly uncommon. Even Asari don't like like it to much because of the huge lifespan difference.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)15:03 No.19001228

    1 Asari Matron milf and Quarian sexual deviant coming right up.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)15:03 No.19001231

    dat Tali...
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)15:03 No.19001233
    >Rest up before the party?

    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)15:04 No.19001237
    On the contrary, Asari look down on pure bloods. They view it as a limitation on genetic diversity.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)15:04 No.19001243

    That's what I hoped, just wanted to go sure. They're Marines after all, they can handle some dead.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)15:06 No.19001253

    But don't they prefer other races that have a longer life? Or am I mistaken here? I think there was a conversation like this in ME1 but I am really not sure.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)15:06 No.19001257
    Si senor.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)15:06 No.19001258

    >Even Asari don't like it to much

    Have you ptalked to any of them, at all?

    Its a recurring theme that its actually disgraceful for an Asari to have another Asari as a partner. They like to get around with their gene pool by taking other species.
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)15:07 No.19001264
         File: 1336331220.png-(110 KB, 316x560, 1298474004236.png)
    110 KB
    What have I done?

    Yeah, sounds good
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)15:07 No.19001268
    It depends on the individual. They don't really worry about the end of their partners lifespan, or something. I remember Liara and Shep could have a conversation about this.
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)15:08 No.19001274
    Aria, Aethyta or Shiala. Or Parasini.
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)15:09 No.19001284
    Well... as long as we're not cheating bastard.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)15:10 No.19001295
         File: 1336331443.jpg-(18 KB, 319x450, 1332995573326.jpg)
    18 KB

    We could make it work.
    >> Mick824 05/06/12(Sun)15:11 No.19001298

    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)15:15 No.19001337
    Let's not.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)15:15 No.19001338

    Alright, you head back to your bunk to grab a little shut-eye before the party.

    Next thing you know, Briggs is in the room tapping you telling you to wake up we're getting ready to start.

    You still don't think you're quite caught up on sleep but hey, it's for a good cause right?

    Walking out into the Barracks main room there must be 3 dozen people there. You see Gardner and the Armory crew, Goldsmith has shown up and has already managed to get plastered on YOUR liquor. Karrigan smiles at you from across the room, even though she's in fatigues you can tell she freshened up a bit for this. Briggs stands up on the community table where you played poker and asks for everyone's attention.

    "Well I've never been one for speeches, but tonight we've gathered here to celebrate a great man. His name was Lucio Rodriguez, and he was one hell of a guy. Does anyone here want to share the memories they had of Rodriguez?" Briggs asks

    "I remember when he joined the unit, he was so worried about us not liking him, remember him always buying every round of drinks for like the entire first month just because he thought it was the only way for us to get to know him?" Britain says a small smile crossing his face.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)15:23 No.19001394
    "Yeah I do, and what about that time he died sarge's mohawk pink while he was passed out drunk and posted the pictures on the Extranet." Harris adds and the entire room busts into laughter. You have to admit, the thought of Briggs with a pink mohawk and there being photo evidence of it is one of the greatest things you've ever heard.

    "I remember him pulling me out of the line of fire when we were on that raid back on Berkenstein for the terrorists that were trying to blow up that manufacturing plant. He got hit too but he got me out of there, he was the best squadmate a guy could ask for." Holmes says tearing up a little.

    "Alright Jackal, take it easy, get over here guys.." Briggs calls them over and pops the Serrice Brandy pouring them each a glass.

    "To Rodriguez!" Briggs says hoisting his glass

    "TO RODRIGUEZ!!!" The crowd echoes toasting in his honor.

    "It may seem like a little soon, but we also received some great news earlier today. Hey Kid, get up here!" Briggs yells waving you over.

    You take your place on the table at his side.

    "It seems today the kid got promoted to Sergeant and not only that but the Brass themselves noted what a badass he is and asked for him to join the N Program back on Earth! How kickass is that? We're drinking on his dime tonight so how about a big round of applause for Sergeant Geronimo!?"

    The entire crowd goes nuts with cheering, the look on Wendigo and Jackal's face is priceless they cheer louder than anyone else.

    "Hope everyone has a great time and keep it safe guys!" Briggs says as the crowd goes back into social mode.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)15:23 No.19001395
    "To Lucio..." Briggs mutters as he polishes off his drink and hops down off the table. He takes something out a box nearby and sits it on the table.

    It looks like a picture frame. As you get close enough to have a look it's a picture of Jackal squad and in the middle is Rodriguez with his arm around Briggs with a Pink Mohawk.

    "Goodbye, Rodriguez." Briggs says as he puts a hand up to his eyes and takes a seat on the sofa nearby.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)15:27 No.19001426
    When its our turn to make a toast.

    "I am not very good at speeches but Ill do my best. I didn't get to know Rodriguez, as well as I wanted too. But he was a great man, who gave his life for us. His death will not be in vain. If its a war that the geth want, then we'll show them what humanity is capable of." Raise our glass. "To Rodriguez."
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)15:35 No.19001491

    This was kind of a Jackal moment, sorry, cut scene power to the max.

    You're free now.
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)15:37 No.19001520
    Let's bet some brews and mingle a bit then. We'll leave Briggs to have his moment for now.

    Come to think of it, make our way over to where Kerrigan is while we're at it.
    >> Mick824 05/06/12(Sun)15:40 No.19001558
    let's go bug Kerrigan for now
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)15:46 No.19001621

    "Hey Geronimo, err Sarge, sorry, still getting used to that. Looks like you did a great job pulling this party together. I don't think I ever got to congratulate you properly on the promotion and invitation." She smiles at you turning her attention back towards the party.
    "It's nice to let loose a little after what we went through."
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)15:50 No.19001666
    "We saved Eden Prime, blew up some Geth and got some fancy toys. We lost Rodriguez but we can only move forward and promise to do better next time."
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)15:51 No.19001677
    "Just Geronimo is fine. You don't have to go all formal on me that fast.

    It is nice to let loose once in a while though."

    I would suggest a comparison of this to the Blitz, but it seemed a bit awkward to inject this early in the conversation.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)15:52 No.19001686

    "Right...so have you thought anymore about accepting the offer?" Karrigan asks you
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)15:52 No.19001699
    "And yeah, it is nice to relax. I imagine this is going to be the last time, in a long time that I do get to relax."
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)15:53 No.19001711
    have you all lost sight of the main prize? the first chance we get we find a female turian from an illustrious military family and we marry her and bring honor to our new clan.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)15:55 No.19001718
    I'd actually be very okay with this.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)15:58 No.19001752
    "I think I should do it. Part of me doesn't want to, I want to stay with the squad and take out the geth. But the other part of me knows that taking the N training will allow me to protect the people I care for." We take a look at her on that last sentence.
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)15:58 No.19001753
    We haven't seen any Taurians yet

    "Yeah, I've been thinking about it. I'm going to accept, and I want you to be on my team once I get through the training."
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)16:02 No.19001801

    Turians. The aliens that have teeth that can slice us apart, that we're allergic to and vice versa, the same entities that our parents fought a bloody war against and we're not even sure if all our parts match.

    I'd rather have a hot prothean babe.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)16:02 No.19001806

    >female turian

    They have females?


    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)16:04 No.19001820

    "First off, there's no need to call me 'Sarge', Geronimo or James is fine. Second yeah, I did and I think I'm going to accept, part of me wants to stay here with the squad. But if I take this training it will allow me to better protect the people I care about." I look to her as I say that and our eyes meet, she blushes ever so slightly,
    "and I hope that when I get back you'll be on my squad."

    "I'd like that, thanks James" She replies, brushing your arm.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)16:09 No.19001846
         File: 1336334941.jpg-(75 KB, 608x732, Berserk_Guts_by_Berserk1988.jpg)
    75 KB

    "Then its settled. Though I was wondering how you guys were going to get by without me."

    >On a side note, what are the chances of this happening to us?
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)16:10 No.19001856
    The suave is strong with this one. We could mention that bottle of ice brandy back in our room...but I think we should save that line til later.

    Keep a bit of smalltalk up then ask her about the Skillian Blitz and how that compared to the last operation.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)16:10 No.19001860
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder man. If femshep and garrus can make it work, so can we.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)16:13 No.19001885
    "Hard to say which are worse, the Batarians or the Geth, at least the Geth mostly inflict horrors on the dead rather than the living." she replies, taking another sip of her Benning's Best.

    Depends on how you feel about Cerberus's cybernetic implants and how cuddly you feel Kai Leng is I suppose.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)16:14 No.19001904

    I'm all about banging alien babes. Or even babes in general.

    But this. I don't know, man.
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)16:16 No.19001925
    "At least we got some nice footage of them getting wrecked, plus you got some new toys, as I recall."
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)16:17 No.19001940

    I'm not sure how I feel about this...
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)16:20 No.19001960
    Not sure if want either...they never rendered female taurians, so I can only assume they're like Quarians: they look about the same, one just has pauldrums or more war paint(I'll loet that mental image sink in for a little while)
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)16:21 No.19001974

    "True enough." She laughs, "I sent a copy of it your tool a few minutes ago. It's a pretty excellent montage of destruction. I figure it'll be on the extranet sooner or later, classified or not."

    "Won't that get you in trouble?" You ask with mild concern.

    "More than likely, but probably only to a very small degree, the brass eats that shit up, one man armies, you could be the next golden boy." She says rolling her eyes at the thought of getting in trouble.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)16:22 No.19001987
    You want alien babes? You're gonna get one. One with strong morals, and an unbreakable sense of honor. She'll undoubtedly be as deadly on the battlefield as us. Can you imagine trying to get her father's blessing? He'd probably challenge us to a duel to first blood, our tomahawk against the ancestral family sword. We will win and it will be glorious.
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)16:25 No.19002018
         File: 1336335957.gif-(494 KB, 235x128, 1336198518047.gif)
    494 KB
    "You almost make it sound like I did it all by myself. I couldn't have done it without you and the others."
    >> Mick824 05/06/12(Sun)16:27 No.19002036
         File: 1336336053.jpg-(57 KB, 500x448, 1329012899041.jpg)
    57 KB
    i like it, it has potential
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)16:37 No.19002154
    "Im not much for the spotlight. Every screw up would be broadcasted. What about you Karry? Ever want to step into the lime light? Get those geth shields named after you or something?"
    >> Mick824 05/06/12(Sun)16:37 No.19002161
    erm Braith? you linked to the wrong post i think
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)16:39 No.19002189
    ...yeah I did. Time to take a quick caffine break. Be back in 5.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)16:40 No.19002206
    No. No he didn't.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)16:44 No.19002241

    "You almost make it sound like I did it all by myself. I couldn't have done it without you and the others. Besides, I'm not much for the spotlight. Every screw up would be broadcasted. What about you Karry? Ever want to step into the lime light? Get those geth shields named after you or something?"

    "HA, THAT'S RICH!" she replies, "No, I think I would prefer a fat check though, you know, for cracking the tech and installing it into Alliance systems. Maybe retire on Berkenstein or something, you know, where all the people with entirely too much money live?" She looks to you.
    "What about you, what do you wanna do? Be in the alliance till the day you die? If you charge anymore tanks that could be sooner rather than later."
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)16:48 No.19002288
    "I don't know...I could always retire and do endorsement deals with the guys that contract guns to the Alliance."
    >> Mick824 05/06/12(Sun)16:53 No.19002340
    "not sure, maybe after i graduate to N1 and then i'll probably think about it"
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)16:53 No.19002350
         File: 1336337622.jpg-(101 KB, 900x675, Photo__Sailing_Away_by_spiffin(...).jpg)
    101 KB
    "Open a charter fishing business. Sails, sun, fun and decent money."
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)16:55 No.19002367
    Lol, let's see if we can get a vote on this one. I'm generally curious if your character has thought that far ahead.
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)16:58 No.19002395
    We could tell war stories to the clients! Beaches! Relaxation without waiting-to-die retirement issues! Fish don't have guns!
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)17:00 No.19002412
    better option
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)17:00 No.19002414

    "To have a family I guess. But I can't raise my children, knowing that someone, somewhere out there is in danger. I have a need to save them. And if I hafta charge a tank I will."
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)17:10 No.19002525
         File: 1336338618.jpg-(85 KB, 1000x804, Schooner_America-2.jpg)
    85 KB
    Consensus... not reached.
    >> Mick824 05/06/12(Sun)17:11 No.19002533
    time for rolling?
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)17:14 No.19002562
    would rather delay so we get more that 3 or 4 votes
    i want something interesting, start thinking!
    >> Mick824 05/06/12(Sun)17:15 No.19002578
    maybe a big game hunter?
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)17:17 No.19002595
    Something interesting, eh?

    We could go with the old standby of wanting to be a Council Spectre once our time is up.

    This is still before it was announced that Sheapard was going to be one, so it still fits, even if it is ripping off the games worse than we already have(why fix what ain't broke though?)
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)17:17 No.19002597

    We'll hold off and go with the most diplomatic answer.

    "That's kind of what I joined the Alliance for, to get out and see the galaxy. I've always wanted to help others and this is a great way to do it. I want to know what's out there so I'll know exactly what it is I want to do. Maybe once I finish the ICT program I'll have a better idea..."
    You say

    "I could understand that, that's kind of why I joined the Alliance, that and the best tech is here." Karri looks to you, "Maybe we'll figure it out together."
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)17:20 No.19002631
    "I'd like that a lot Karry."
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)17:22 No.19002646
    I could go for that

    thought we were talking about retiring... can't imagine spectres being anything but prime and razor thin near prime condition
    but anyway, my idea on retirement is do something different
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)17:23 No.19002651
    Now's our chance to mention we got that bottle back in our quarters
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)17:24 No.19002664
    "I'd like that a lot Karry."
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)17:25 No.19002679

    I'd like that a lot Karri..." you reply.

    >Proceed with Brandy offer?
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)17:25 No.19002686
    hope she doesn't hear the 'y'

    joking joking... editor me is totally not joking, fix that
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)17:26 No.19002690
    Tempting, but we also just got to the party....ah screw it, bring up the bottle. Us being promoted was just a last-second add on to the party anyway, so I'm sure they won't miss us too badly.
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)17:28 No.19002710
    As long as we're not ditching out on the party in the first five minutes. Ten minutes is fine.
    >> Bananonymous 05/06/12(Sun)17:29 No.19002717
    >> Mick824 05/06/12(Sun)17:29 No.19002723
         File: 1336339765.jpg-(92 KB, 500x500, 1330486057296.jpg)
    92 KB

    romance time!
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)17:31 No.19002739
    >from cell phone

    My vote is thinking ahead but not too far ahead. Like were obviously smart and also enough to know that theres a lot we don't know.

    We'd also like to know were getting into it with someone who understands us.

    We have feelings too.

    Unless were in it for the bitches, and I'm totally okay with that too.
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)17:34 No.19002764
         File: 1336340046.gif-(458 KB, 320x271, 1241455302_split_your_lungs_32.gif)
    458 KB
    as i said in
    >as long as we're not cheating bastard.

    pick one and stick with it.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)17:36 No.19002802
    Fukken saved.
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)17:38 No.19002813
    I'm looking at it, for the moment at least, as both being soldiers who've seen some shit, might be a bit frightened at their prospects for the future, and want reassurance.

    We've been serving together for a little while and while she might not be on our level of crazy(biotic charges and all that), she does seem to have a level head on her shoulders, something to keep us in check...at least when we aren't distracting her with something shiny, that is.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)17:43 No.19002866

    "There is one more thing, I did get another bottle of Serrice Ice Brandy, it's back in my quarters, would you want to join me for a private drink?" you ask with the cool confidence you've come to expect of yourself.

    "More than anything", she flips her shoulder length black hair behind her and starts walking off towards your quarters.

    You get inside and shut the door pouring her a drink and yourself one as well.

    "So..." she says
    "So..." you reply
    You meet her blue eyes as she takes a drink of Brandy.

    You both finish a glass, and then another, and then she moves and kisses you as your pour a 3rd glass...

    She pushes you down onto your bed, and turns the lights down with her omni-tool. Needless to say, this has been building for a long time and the release was incredible...

    >fade to black
    >If you're disappointed this a blue board, go to /d/
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)17:44 No.19002882
    Fade to black is perfect.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)17:47 No.19002906
    I have no reaction images for this.

    No really I don 't have any saved to cell.

    But aww yeah.

    Do we gain a level?
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)17:47 No.19002909
    Seconded. Fade to black is perfect.
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)17:49 No.19002920
         File: 1336340945.jpg-(202 KB, 473x506, 1296596460233.jpg)
    202 KB
    GG, next map

    >>If you're disappointed this a blue board, go to /d/
    Let's save that one for the aliens, shall we?
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)17:49 No.19002925
    +1 shagging


    >> Bananonymous 05/06/12(Sun)17:50 No.19002938
    >go to /d/

    What the fuck did we so to her? What the fuck did she do to us?
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)17:52 No.19002964
         File: 1336341155.png-(7 KB, 182x154, implying.png)
    7 KB

    >Turian guy frequents /d/
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)17:53 No.19002971
         File: 1336341183.jpg-(116 KB, 530x593, myc pimpin.jpg)
    116 KB
    I think TIM's just saying, "Keep it classy, /tg/, keep it classy."
    >> Mick824 05/06/12(Sun)17:53 No.19002978
    thumbs up TIM yah made a good choice in choosing fade to black
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)17:54 No.19002982

    What you didn't know?

    She told us this back in the first thread.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)17:55 No.19002999

    Oh, you've never seen the dark side of Omni-tools
    Why are we discussing this?


    >The next day

    You awake to snickering, you already know what to expect.
    As you open your eyes you see Haskill and Briggs smiling from ear to ear.

    "Too drunk to remember he shared quarters?" Briggs asks Haskill

    "Too drunk to remember he shared quarters..." Haskill states

    There is movement under the cover.

    >Oh god...
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)17:56 No.19003012
         File: 1336341376.jpg-(282 KB, 800x600, 1279075769410.jpg)
    282 KB
    I'm pretty sure Crewman Chambers stays there
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)17:57 No.19003033

    That's actually precious
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)17:58 No.19003047
         File: 1336341535.jpg-(57 KB, 500x375, hawkward.jpg)
    57 KB
    Bioticly evict bros, talk to Kerri, steel ego for future gauntlet of abuse.
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)18:00 No.19003065
    Trollface time!

    On second thought..."Ah, shit...a little privacy here guys?"
    >> Bananonymous 05/06/12(Sun)18:02 No.19003097
    >in bed together
    >the krogan is passed out
    >SHE ISN'T

    Anyways, apologize for ditching the party early and for the possibility of being too loud that night
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)18:04 No.19003120
    looks more like storytime for a child who never got storytime from tankmother. size notwithstanding, grunt is what, two months old? hanar plushie is awesome too
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)18:05 No.19003130

    If that's what eveyone wants to do I'll need 1 for the lift and another for the throw out the door.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)18:07 No.19003146
    Oh heeeeell no. Too rough. Just duck down under the covers and go back to what I assume was cuddling.
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)18:07 No.19003150
    Biotic violence this early in the morning might not be the best idea. They were courteous enough to not barge in while we were in the middle of something.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)18:08 No.19003159
    rolled 70, 53, 48 = 171


    ask before eviction (adding 1 for asking, persuasion was a skill back in the day). if asking doesn't work well we tried
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)18:10 No.19003174

    Nothing could possibly go wrong...
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)18:10 No.19003175
    As long as we have the time.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)18:10 No.19003177
    rolled 63, 80 = 143


    >obviously not combat strength.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)18:12 No.19003201
    Im againat this. With our l2 we may spike it up and end up killing or injurying someone. Lets just give them the death glare and open the door with a biotic gesture, telling them to get out, now.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)18:12 No.19003212
    rolled 12, 27 = 39

    I see two rolls so...
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)18:13 No.19003216
    rolled 5, 48 = 53

    whats the worst that could happen?
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)18:14 No.19003237
    rolled 35, 81 = 116


    "WWHHHHOOOAAAAA" is all Briggs manages to get out
    Lift successful,
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)18:14 No.19003240
    >Everyone dies.
    >Court marshaled.
    >Spend time in prison.
    >Get released years later.
    >Became paragon pirate.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)18:15 No.19003249
    No throw!
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)18:17 No.19003272
    Get up and manuelly push them out the door now.
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)18:17 No.19003273
    Open door first. "Excuse me, elegant gentlemen." And more of a 'toss' than 'throw'.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)18:18 No.19003282
    Abort throw. Actually can we just turn them around while we put on clothes
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)18:18 No.19003291
    rolled 100, 74 + 30 = 204


    Need another D100

    beat my roll
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)18:20 No.19003304
    We dont want to throw though..
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)18:20 No.19003305
    rolled 80, 15 = 95

    Ouch. How many rolls?
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)18:23 No.19003345
    rolled 90, 67 + 20 = 177

    Never mind, dice favor the vanguards.

    Haskill and Briggs flip and lock hands, there is a small biotic pulse and they both drop to the deck on their feet.

    "Biotic negation. Need to work on your concentration kid. I'll give you a B+ for getting us both off the deck though." Briggs says smiling at you.
    "Our turn?" Haskill looks at him and asks?
    "Our turn!"

    They synchronize their movements, you realize Haskill and Briggs must have been a team once, this is something they've practiced.
    Beat my roll?
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)18:26 No.19003379
    rolled 77, 85 = 162

    See, when you say beat my roll and roll twice, I don't know if I should roll once or twice.

    And damn your loaded dice.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)18:27 No.19003383
    rolled 13, 20 = 33

    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)18:28 No.19003402
    rolled 9, 10 = 19

    This kind of infuriates me. Most of us didnt want to do the throwing out. But noooo....
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)18:29 No.19003411
    I hope we're well endowed, because our dick is about to be flopping around in mid air.
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)18:29 No.19003414
    rolled 54, 29 = 83

    Seriously guys, I just woke up
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)18:30 No.19003421
    They're working as a team, as near as you can tell Briggs and Haskill have trained to work together for Biotic maneuvers and seem to complement each other greatly. Briggs auto-successed his attempt to break your lift concentration and he pulled Haskill out of it as well.
    This is pretty much the first time you've ever fought biotic opponents and you're figuring out, maybe you're not as awesome as you thought you were.

    Also, unless someone else rolls insane Briggs 90 is looking like it's gonna rock the average.
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)18:30 No.19003435
    Aw, it's just a little fun.
    And we really need to quit rolling the dice the GM gives us
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)18:32 No.19003461
    Way he's rolling, I'm thinking he's almost Adept level...
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)18:33 No.19003480

    You were mostly fans of getting them out of the room though. You didn't get the chance to throw, they broke the lift.

    Roll 1d8+2?
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)18:34 No.19003491
    rolled 71, 47 = 118

    buddah would be upset at that roll
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)18:34 No.19003493
    I think this is the dice's way of kicking us in the balls after last time
    >> Mick824 05/06/12(Sun)18:35 No.19003502
         File: 1336343730.jpg-(45 KB, 500x427, 1318222079755.jpg)
    45 KB
    rolled 8 + 2 = 10

    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)18:35 No.19003505
    Are. You. Serious.
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)18:36 No.19003506
    rolled 16 + 2 = 18

    dear god, this will not end well
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)18:37 No.19003518

    Well I think we've established why Karrigan liked you so much...
    And despite by best efforts this is now /d/
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)18:37 No.19003519
         File: 1336343837.gif-(1.88 MB, 267x200, Swag.gif)
    1.88 MB
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)18:37 No.19003522
         File: 1336343846.jpg-(71 KB, 500x362, dwi..jpg)
    71 KB
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)18:38 No.19003527
    wrong dice set
    No, the better question to ask is >>19003502 serious
    >> Mick824 05/06/12(Sun)18:38 No.19003535
    budda ain't the only one upset at my rolls
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)18:38 No.19003538
    Just keep fading to black, implicit rather than explicit, keep going and try to salvage your dignity. Like Geronimo is about to.
    >> November 05/06/12(Sun)18:43 No.19003597
    Can't believe I've missed so many of these, awesome job so far though guys!
    >> Bananonymous 05/06/12(Sun)18:43 No.19003606
    And despite by best efforts this is now /hm/

    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)18:43 No.19003613
    you asked for it
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)18:45 No.19003634
         File: 1336344315.jpg-(59 KB, 498x284, thezerofuckexit.jpg)
    59 KB

    You're hit with the combined lift and go shooting butt naked to the ceiling. Karrigan is now fully awake.

    Briggs and Haskill look at you, and then Karrigan, and back at you, and Karrigan again...

    "Well I was thinking about forcing you on a stroll around the Barracks like a balloon but honestly I think it'd do more for you good than harm. I'll just leave you here and we'll be on our way, and let us never discuss again." Haskill says as he opens the door and he and Briggs walk out shutting and locking the door behind them.
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)18:46 No.19003645
    We went from drinking with the squad to getting recalled, sent after Geth, rescued a civ, lost a comrade, threw a party in his memory, screwed our techie, and not are trying to throw a pair of biotics out our room while...okay, I'll just stop there.
    >> November 05/06/12(Sun)18:46 No.19003649
    Fuck this /d/iscussion, it's time for us to cover ourselves and sort shit out.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)18:47 No.19003670
    *wipes tear from eye*
    Hooo...that was funny. Okay, break the biotic floaty-ness and get dressed. I guess kiss Kerry and go accept that invitation to the N program.
    >> Mick824 05/06/12(Sun)18:49 No.19003695
         File: 1336344572.jpg-(88 KB, 450x663, 1322623258065.jpg)
    88 KB
    hooray! i redeemed myself!
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)18:52 No.19003730
         File: 1336344776.gif-(179 KB, 350x197, yes.gif)
    179 KB
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)18:54 No.19003743

    >A few traumatizing minutes later.

    Karri and you sit dressed on your bed.

    "So...that happened" Karri finally says.
    "I think I'm gonna go accept that offer and get the hell off this ship for a while" you reply.

    "Hahahaha, I can't say I blame you, you best keep in touch ok?" Karri looks to you with those blue eyes.

    "Will do, I hope they don't make it too hard on you."

    "If they do, I'll just remind them they asked for it."

    You kiss and part ways.

    You see Briggs asking Rogers if he's seen any bleach that he can rinse his eyes out with.

    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)18:55 No.19003749
    whats time do we have
    hang out with kerri if lots scout hall for her if nots
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)18:55 No.19003756
    Let's just leave that stat out of the bio though.
    >> Bananonymous 05/06/12(Sun)18:56 No.19003766
    Couldn't have gone with this roll?
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)18:56 No.19003771

    >Mfw you realized I'm just running FATAL in space
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)18:57 No.19003789

    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)18:58 No.19003803
         File: 1336345127.png-(363 KB, 500x368, win.png)
    363 KB
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)19:00 No.19003824
         File: 1336345201.jpg-(95 KB, 388x453, 1281039295771.jpg)
    95 KB
    We're not trying to kill our squadmate here.

    Shoot Briggs a youmadbro? look as we walk by.
    >> Mick824 05/06/12(Sun)19:01 No.19003840
    don't worry about it
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)19:02 No.19003849
         File: 1336345324.jpg-(55 KB, 600x338, 1290791050043.jpg)
    55 KB
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)19:06 No.19003892
    Revy is a boss
    Anyway, any other ideas other than breakfast?
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)19:06 No.19003898

    You head to the mess hall, Wendigo and Jackal wave you over after you load up a plate of your favorite breakfast food, notably bacon.

    "Hey! We never got a chance to thank you for the drinks man!" Stan says patting you on the back, "You ran off pretty early, but that's ok, we had a great time at your expense." Holmes, Britain and Rogers all nod in agreement.
    Briggs and Haskill soon join the table, they shoot a look at you and then proceed to stare at the table with startling dedication the rest of the meal. Briggs does manage a half-hearted apology and let's you know they'll keep it on the DL, but you should be careful, the brass doesn't care for that shit.

    Karrigan joins you in fresh clothes not too long after, Emily pulls her away for girl time of course, you know Karrigan didn't go back to her room and so does she.

    Breakfast was great and you're stuffed. You've heard you're being relieved of planetary guard duty today as a flotilla from the 5th Fleet is coming to watch and help rebuild Eden Prime.

    You know you'll need to speak with Commander Sardis about accepting the offer but you also have time to do accomplish a few other things as well.

    You know Newton is still in the infirmary but Stan had mentioned at breakfast he was awake and responsive.

    There's always the social game.

    Or maybe something a little different.

    >Next action?
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)19:09 No.19003922
    Grits and eggs, plus some gatoraid, or whatever the equivalent is...and of course bacon.
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)19:10 No.19003945
    Showershavenewclothes... visit Newton?
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)19:11 No.19003953
    Let's go check on Newton and make sure he's okay, and then say our good byes to the squad and announce our decision and all that.
    Basically >>19003945 + say goodbye to people.
    >> Mick824 05/06/12(Sun)19:12 No.19003970
    there's always S.T.A.L.K.I.N. the crew, and by crew i mean our squad or Jackal squad
    >> Bananonymous 05/06/12(Sun)19:12 No.19003971
    Finish breakfast. Bro it up with the team. Go visit Newton. Then we accept the offer.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)19:13 No.19003982

    Gentlemen. I believe we've just been trolled.

    10/10 would play fatal again
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)19:14 No.19003993

    You do so, you're fit and ready for a new day.

    Hang out with who?
    Or another action?
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)19:17 No.19004041


    This isn't Fatal, I never had you roll your max anal circumference
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)19:20 No.19004068
    I'd say go find the rest of the squad. At least find Kerrigan and Hui
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)19:21 No.19004074
         File: 1336346465.jpg-(247 KB, 333x500, shotty.jpg)
    247 KB
    Time to officially accept N training.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)19:25 No.19004115

    You find them chilling in the common area on the sofa Briggs took to last night. Emily smiles at you and you can't help but wonder if she knows...

    "Hey, what are you guys talking about?" you ask taking a seat opposite them on the other couch.

    "Girl stuff, you wouldn't understand..." Emily replies, suppressing a giggle

    "Sounds interesting..." you reply.

    Karrigan cocks her eyebrow at you

    >What do you wanna do/say
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)19:30 No.19004164
    Find out if there's any leave available before starting N training, see if there's opportunity to hang out?
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)19:30 No.19004169
    Inform them(mostly for Emily's sake) that you're going to be accepting the offer to join the N1 program and will likely be leaving soon.

    Which reminds me, we did accept the offer, didn't we?
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)19:32 No.19004181
    Not yet.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)19:32 No.19004189
    Let them both know they're welcome back to your quarters anytime
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)19:33 No.19004195
    implied we did when TIM referenced

    ...last post from me probably until next time. Great session, TIM, see you 'round
    >> Yon Varlet 05/06/12(Sun)19:35 No.19004215
         File: 1336347347.gif-(541 KB, 640x480, crnuts.gif)
    541 KB
    and you make me a liar. Very no.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)19:36 No.19004219

    Sorry, no leave available right now. Hell you're surprised enough they're accepting N candidates right now with the situation the way it is.

    "I'm going to accept the offer and head back to Earth for training." you tell them.
    Karrigan smiles, knowing you're making the right decision, Emily nods and replies "You're a good fit for it, and we'll be here when you get back. You go rock their faces off, show them how the 190 does things! In the meantime me and Karri will keep working on that Geth tech and see if we can't have it solved by the time you get back."

    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)19:38 No.19004243
    "Save me one of those fancy shmancy oscillating shields. Hey, if I talk through one of those shields will my voice sound all robotic?"
    >> November 05/06/12(Sun)19:39 No.19004251
    Notify the commander and captain of our intentions and get some exercise in, maybe get some biotic tips from a sober briggs.
    >> Braith117 !!p+mQRoefJzS 05/06/12(Sun)19:39 No.19004252
    I'm probably about to leave too. It's almost 1:40 and I have to be awake in 4 more hours.

    This much fun is worth the sleep loss though.

    Can someone do me a favor and email me the next thread? That way I can look it up in the morning.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)19:51 No.19004376

    Sure if I remember.

    I'm making dinner, and I'll be around for most of the night.

    Though TIM has been going for almost 10 hours straight.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)19:53 No.19004412

    Also were on Page 8 of autosage
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)19:54 No.19004429

    Archive is up
    Vote if you love Karrigan, or Briggs, or the Dice God's when it comes to rolling ANYTHING for Vanguards.

    You head off and go find Briggs. He's back in his room reading.
    "Hey Briggs, how about that training?" you ask putting on your best diplomatic face.

    "Eh...sure why not, let's head down to the Hangar, we'll have the most space there..." Briggs says hopping out of bed and for the elevator.

    "The squad was receptive of Roger's thanks to the party, he was quite a hit, I think he'll do just fine. Still he's no Rodriguez. So...you and Karrigan eh? I could see that, she's a good balance for you."

    He presses the button for hangar deck.

    >Ride in silence
    >Say something
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)19:57 No.19004458
    "Yah, kinda been building up for a while. We've known each other for...I guess (Length of time) now."
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)19:59 No.19004485

    Noted, I wish /tg/ had a higher bump limit. But I run very long quests compared to most people though.
    We'll probably call it a night once we tell Commander Sardis of our decision.
    >> Mick824 05/06/12(Sun)19:59 No.19004498
    "you think so?"
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)20:00 No.19004514

    >Still he's no Rodriguez

    "Come on, you're the last person who should be saying that. You can't compare people. I'm sure he'll find his time to shine."

    >So...you and Karrigan eh?

    "Yeah. Theres a lot of things on my mind, but, she really brings it all back down to earth you know?"
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)20:12 No.19004644
    "I know, but it's the truth, Roger's is a great guy in his own way, but you can never replace anyone. They are the only person like them anywhere. Who's to say it's not my fault he's dead, what if we hadn't split up and went in together. We likely could have taken the ambush that separated their squad." Briggs looks at the deck

    "We also may have ran into those husks in a much worse location and none of us made it out. You're letting regret rule you Briggs, you did the best you could with the information available." you reply to Briggs.

    "Yeah, I guess you're right." He says looking a little better.

    "Yeah, me and Karrigan have known each other almost a year now. I've liked her since we first met but I never really acted on it till now, nothing like bullrushing a tank to make you wanna grab a life by the balls eh? Theres a lot of things on my mind, but, she really brings it all back down to earth you know?" You confide in Briggs.

    "Yeah, I feel you, I got a lady like that back home on Terra Nova."

    The elevator pings and releases you onto the Hangar deck.

    "Alright, let's get to work, first things first though, do you have any questions about biotics? I'm not sure what kind of training you had previously, Haskill said it was rather minor though. You weren't a part of BAT like we were."
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)20:14 No.19004673

    BATT* My bad
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)20:16 No.19004686

    Or, maybe I'm wrong yet, goddamn you memory.

    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)20:28 No.19004832

    >I'm not sure what kind of training you had previously

    "Just basic. I throw myself at things until they go away. You guys L2's also?"
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)20:32 No.19004874

    "Yeah, we're L2's. The upgrade is dangerous and the L2 has some addtional output from being a true integrated system rather than a 'snap-on'. Problem is Haskill get's nosebleed and I get migraines like a bitch. What about you?"
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)20:37 No.19004926
    Usually just migraines. Lemme tell you, after that mission planet-side I wanted to sleep for days my head was pounding so hard.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)20:41 No.19004982

    "I'll bet, you're not used to the strain of combat biotics. But hopefully between this and the ICT training you'll be ready to help us kick ass day after day. Now, what biotic skill do you wanna focus on?"

    >Choose a power
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)20:44 No.19005011
    Hmmm...I guess just go with charge?
    >> November 05/06/12(Sun)20:47 No.19005054
    Definitely charge!
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)20:48 No.19005072

    Waiting for further input...
    think we've been autosage'd out of existence.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)20:51 No.19005107

    Charge it is.

    Briggs walks a few meters across the deck.

    He turns around to face you and swells his Biotic barrier and plants his feet into the bulkhead.

    Roll a d100?
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)20:54 No.19005141
    rolled 26 = 26


    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)20:57 No.19005166
    rolled 81 + 15 = 96

    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)20:59 No.19005188
    rolled 54 + 15 = 69


    You bounce harmlessly off Brigg's barrier and land on your ass.

    "Dammit son, stop holding, back, I know you can do better, I saw what you did to that tank. Now get off your ass and hit me!" Briggs yells at you.

    Make another d100 roll and add 10
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)21:01 No.19005209
    rolled 56 = 56

    >> Mick824 05/06/12(Sun)21:01 No.19005212
    rolled 71 + 10 = 81

    got it sir
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)21:07 No.19005260
    rolled 38 + 15 = 53


    You get closer this time.

    Briggs is rocked on his heels, but his barrier holds.

    "Is that the best you got? I'm gonna have to go Harris, see if he can do any better, maybe he'd rather be sergeant since he doesn't hit like a bitch."

    roll another and add 20
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)21:08 No.19005273
    rolled 24 + 20 = 44

    >> November 05/06/12(Sun)21:11 No.19005292
    rolled 17 + 20 = 37

    He ain't as hard as a tank!
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)21:11 No.19005299
    rolled 4 + 20 = 24

    Once more unto the breach!
    >> November 05/06/12(Sun)21:12 No.19005304
    rolled 57 + 20 = 77

    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)21:12 No.19005305
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)21:12 No.19005307
    rolled 22 + 15 = 37


    He actively slaps you aside like a ragdoll.


    Add 30...make this bastard eat your biotic wrath.
    >> Mick824 05/06/12(Sun)21:12 No.19005309
    rolled 17 + 20 = 37

    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)21:13 No.19005326
    rolled 64 + 30 = 94

    *effeminate rawr*
    >> November 05/06/12(Sun)21:14 No.19005329
    rolled 3 + 30 = 33

    >> Mick824 05/06/12(Sun)21:14 No.19005330
    rolled 88 + 30 = 118


    one of these days we'll get it
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)21:20 No.19005389
    rolled 86 + 15 = 101


    That day, is today.

    With a warcry that shakes the entire deck, you charge up a massive Biotic charge and slam into Briggs his barrier barely even dulls the charge. He goes flying.
    I need you guys to roll 10d100
    >> Mick824 05/06/12(Sun)21:23 No.19005407
    rolled 8, 9, 54, 80, 50, 9, 96, 89, 60, 97 = 552

    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)21:25 No.19005434
    rolled 75, 30, 55, 77, 47, 47, 41, 99, 91, 75 = 637

    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)21:31 No.19005483
    rolled 66 + 15 = 81


    About 600 newtons of force. Ouch...
    The biotic field pretty much cuts his mass in half so Briggs going flying backwards across the hangar at about 25 miles per hour. He just got hit by an SUV in a civilian crossing zone that didn't even tap the brakes in other words.
    >> November 05/06/12(Sun)21:32 No.19005501
    We should probably see if he's okay.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)21:33 No.19005504

    >Alliance military refuses to comment today on the unidentified object shot from the cruiser Jakarta which struck and sunk the B-83 Exogeni cargo shuttle "Wakerunner".
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)21:35 No.19005521
    rolled 49 = 49


    Catch him with biotics!
    >> Mick824 05/06/12(Sun)21:38 No.19005565
    rolled 46 = 46

    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)21:40 No.19005593

    Luckily he does well on his tumble and manages to skid on his heels into the hangar wall where the hand that catches him leaves a dent in the bulkhead.

    "Whew...well I think we've seen the potential of anger as it translates to biotics." He shakes his hand and walks it off.

    "Yeah but what does that prove? I get pissed, I hit harder, it's nothing but adrenaline..." You respond.

    "Yeah, but you can harness that, the anger and it will make you stronger, You can do things you'd never normally be able to do, and in certain situations that can make all the difference. I also noticed a few things about your charge and here's what I think will help you get more return..."

    >A half hour later

    Force is now 7d100
    Damage is now 12d10
    Recharge remains the same.

    When you are an in emotionally charged state your biotics become much more powerful. It may be possible to trick yourself into this state.

    "Well, I think that will about wrap it up for today, I'm sore as shit." Briggs says, rolling his shoulder

    Roll a d100
    >> Mick824 05/06/12(Sun)21:43 No.19005626
    rolled 16 = 16

    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)21:43 No.19005641
    rolled 43 = 43

    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)21:45 No.19005662
         File: 1336355135.jpg-(18 KB, 400x300, palpatine.jpg)
    18 KB

    >the anger will make you stronger
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)21:48 No.19005684
    rolled 69 = 69

    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)21:48 No.19005687
    rolled 81 = 81

    This anger things isn't going to lead to us becoming a Sith will it?
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)21:50 No.19005710

    You feel light-headed and Briggs starts running over to you. You taste copper and that's when you realize your nose is bleeding, badly.

    "Hey, hey, hey, hey, have a seat..." Briggs holds you by the arm and guides you to sit on the deck, he rips off part of his sleeve and tells you to hold your head up and apply light pressure to your nose,
    "It's no big deal, happened to Haskill all the time when we were in BAaT. Part of the price of power I guess. You'll get your endurance up, you just overdid it a little, you'll be ok."
    Briggs waves over a guy with papertowls and starts cleaning you up.

    "You should probably take another shower or at least wash your face before you go see the Commander. You were planning on accepting today right?" Briggs asks
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)21:52 No.19005729

    Too late gentlemen but your help was welcomed.

    No, not at all. Anger doesn't equal renegade necessarily, and I made it a point that most intense emotions could improve biotics.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)21:55 No.19005756
    That I was and I'm going to accept.

    If all I get is a few nosebleeds and migraines it's well worth it. Just so long as I avoid going insane I'm good.

    Take a quick shower, clean ourself up and see the Commander.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)22:00 No.19005810

    Could have been much worse in a combat situation, luckily that's the point of there exercises to build your tolerance and stamina that way the side-effects are manageable, and it was pointed out you may have the opportunity to upgrade yet.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)22:03 No.19005852

    You head back to the barracks and get cleaned up. You are on your way to see the commander now.
    Once you say yes there will be no turning back until after the ICT is complete.

    >Is there anything else you wish to do before entering this room?
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)22:07 No.19005896
    Send a message of to Kerrigan saying to take care of herself and that we'll be back for back for her. Finish it with a kiss.

    Brush ourself off, square our shoulders and walk into the room.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)22:07 No.19005899
    rolled 34 = 34

    Panic, shit pants, cry...

    Actually nope, just go on in and accept I guess.
    >> Mick824 05/06/12(Sun)22:08 No.19005904
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)22:11 No.19005943

    And away we gooo~
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)22:13 No.19005977
    You do so, she wishes you luck and promises to write when she can, and that she'll keep working on that tech.

    Roll for pants shitting?
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)22:13 No.19005983

    Someone re-archive after these cutscenes.

    Page 13 on autosage.

    End of the line, boys.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)22:22 No.19006064
    rolled 9 = 9

    No, this is my roll for pants-shitting.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)22:27 No.19006121
         File: 1336357621.jpg-(39 KB, 200x196, 1332300210039.jpg)
    39 KB
    >> Mick824 05/06/12(Sun)22:28 No.19006146
         File: 1336357739.png-(91 KB, 206x251, 1320944769689.png)
    91 KB
    can we please make this non-cannon
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)22:29 No.19006149
    Ok, let's do this before we 404.

    You walk into the briefing room once again, it's only Commander Sardis this time.
    He looks up and your expectantly,

    "I've head you've made a decision son." He says to you

    "I have sir." You reply

    "Well? What's it gonna be Sergeant Rennick?"

    "I'm going to join the N Program sir. It's where I need to be."

    He nods approvingly, "Then let me be the first to welcome you to the program son. Good luck, you'll need it."

    "Thank you sir."

    Over the intercom "Commander Sardis, the London and it's fleet have arrived in system. They're ready to take over patrol and we're cleared to return to Terra Nova." XO Ambrose reports

    "I see, ask them if they care spare a shuttle, Sergeant Rennick is in need of transportation to Earth, pack your bags son, you're leaving immediately."

    "SIR YES SIR!" You reply as you salute and go and retrieve your gear, as you're about to head out the door Karrigan appears at the door, walks over to you and kisses you goodbye.

    "Come back soon James." she says hugging you

    "I will, be safe Karri..." She looks at you one last time and you make for the elevator, the rest of the squad waits there to send you off. Firm handshakes from Jackal Squad, a crisp salute from Haskill, another hug from Emily and an biotic fist bump from Briggs who gives you the thumbs up as the door closes and you head to the hangar.

    >To be continued.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)22:31 No.19006193
         File: 1336357916.jpg-(36 KB, 500x400, hediedtosaveusfromtheending.jpg)
    36 KB

    You failed to shit your pants, an achievement to be sure, since that was your goal and you rolled low you only manage a small fart, it didn't even smell.

    Don't forget to tip your waitress.

    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)22:33 No.19006213
    I guess you could say...
    We give no shits.
    >> Mick824 05/06/12(Sun)22:36 No.19006250
         File: 1336358187.jpg-(19 KB, 400x230, csi_miami_yeah.jpg)
    19 KB
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)22:38 No.19006274
         File: 1336358293.jpg-(18 KB, 360x359, dealwithitshepard.jpg)
    18 KB
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)22:39 No.19006285
         File: 1336358373.gif-(619 KB, 288x216, 1332906796695.gif)
    619 KB

    Pick related.


    And not a single shit was given that day.

    >oh god my sides.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)22:40 No.19006302
    >> Anonymous 05/06/12(Sun)22:41 No.19006311
    Oh yeah, we N-School now.
    >> Dowjin !!9I4SJG4jQPb 05/06/12(Sun)22:43 No.19006350
    I think this is the first thread I've ridden from start to finish, all the way to 404.

    I heart you guys.
    >> The Illusive Man !!YhRfZU/QcTP 05/06/12(Sun)22:47 No.19006399

    Imagine how I feel. I was writing notes for this 12 hours ago.

    Next time we may play is Wednesday at 9:30 PM Central Standard. Probably a short session again like last night. We'll see where it goes then.
    >Implying I'll be in a mood to play since corporate will be there all day and I'm taking supervisor calls starting this week. Yippee...
    >> Mick824 05/06/12(Sun)22:59 No.19006570
         File: 1336359598.gif-(2.27 MB, 310x314, 1326425059557.gif)
    2.27 MB
    me too bro... me too

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