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  • File: 1334952994.png-(29 KB, 700x431, Opener.png)
    29 KB Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)16:16 No.18794822  
    >> Metahuman Renaissance Quest Part 35 Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)16:22 No.18794867

    Or, "This is by far the craziest thing I have ever done."

    >Previous Threads:

    After spending a few hours all casual with his friends, getting some dinner, Dan received a threatening phone call and image text from Anna, who had captured Roxane for use a insurance to insure that Dan was present for their final showdown. Dan naturally called the police, and was informed by then that Anna was assaulting the Museum, where he quickly went and fought terrifying spider-creatures, aided by Professor Blackstone and the appearance of an A-lister. Dan managed to catch up to Anna, but after she nearly disintegrated him with her mass driver move, she proceeded to project the mind of her God into the dead body of a dragon from thousands of years ago.

    Character Sheet here; >>18782608

    (Also, there's apparently some bad storms rolling into my area atm, so if I disappear for like, hours, suddenly, that's just my internet or power being knocked out. )
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)16:30 No.18794927
    Well damn.

    Can't be the whole Red Star though. If she had summoned him entirely, we would already be dead. Wonder if we kill anna right now, the link weill be severed and it'll get booted back where it came from?
    >> Name 04/20/12(Fri)16:31 No.18794939
    here is a little gift http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKbPUzhWeeI
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)16:40 No.18795010
         File: 1334954417.jpg-(87 KB, 516x534, saint_michael_and_the_dragon.jpg)
    87 KB
    Get on my level.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)16:43 No.18795037
         File: 1334954591.jpg-(55 KB, 800x500, Krayt_Dragon_Graveyard_2.jpg)
    55 KB

    You are confronted by a dragon. Not just any dragon, but a dragon possessed by a terrifying god from beyond (your) time and space. It beats its mighty wings, and you have to shield your eyes as bits of glass swirl up and pelt you, and random objet d'art fly around. Primal fear grips you. Joseph Campbell was right.

    The dragon takes a deep breath, and you've seen enough movies and games to know that that means, so you quickly scramble backwards behind a bronze double of Michelangelo's David, and crouch behind the pedestal. The air around you heats up, and you feel very uncomfortable in your jacket. The bronze statue deforms instantly under the heat, and after the gout of flame stops, you have to quickly shift your hand to avoid a gob of molten bronze hitting it. Then you hear something heavy whipping through the air, and duck lower as a terrible talon swipes the statue off its placement, sending it careening into a reconstruction of an Egyptian chariot. This is not good, you need to get out, but don't see a quick way. Wait! Anna blew a hole in the wall when she tried to shoot you with a rocket propelled quarter. The Dragon/God leans over you and opens its jaws. You propel a psibolt up, but it harmlessly smacks into the side of its face, only distracting it for a second or two. You take this opportunity to make a mad dash for the hole, jump through, and then quickly duck to the side as another burst of flame follows you, shooting through the hole and disintegrating a couple surprised spiders.

    You turn over to the Detectives and Ashwood all crowded around the door, staring at you. Ashwood calmly removed his spectacles, wipes them with a handkerchief, puts them back on, and says calmly, "Please tell me that was not what I think it was."

    >What say?
    >> El_Nazgir 04/20/12(Fri)16:43 No.18795040
    Let's go dragon slaying!
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)16:46 No.18795068
    "Fine. I won't say. But I *will* say that I'd like to be called Saint George at least once before this encounter is over."
    >> El_Nazgir 04/20/12(Fri)16:53 No.18795111
    this. Maybe suave it up a bit, but still.

    Also, surpised nobody saw the To Aru reference with the coin railgun (At least I hope it was a reference, the similarities are too striking).
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)16:57 No.18795151

    Now is an appropriate time to panic.

    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)17:08 No.18795240
         File: 1334956091.jpg-(171 KB, 1440x900, Red Dragons.jpg)
    171 KB

    "Okay," You say, controlling your breathing and trying to remain calm. "I won't tell you. I will say, however, that I'd appreciate it if you could call me Saint George at least once tonight." "Bollocks." Says Ashwood, eloquently. The ground shakes as you hear the dragon shifting around behind you. You'd place it about door area. "Scatter!" You shout, as the upper torso of a dragon crashes through the wall behind them. Ashwood rolls your direction, and the Detectives leap back in the other, and all three of them empty pistols at it, which don't do much more than annoy it. When Ashwood clicks empty, you grab him by the shoulder, and say "Leg it!" And you two start to book it. The dragon turns its head to look at you, and the the pupil of its new, third eye contracts, and you feel magical power surge through the air.

    You duck just in time as a bolt of Crimson lightning streaks across the distance and smacks into the glass of a display case, shattering it all. As you and Ashwood run out of the room, the dragon bursts fully through the wall, and starts smashing into the next one, making its way into the next. You see Anna clinging to its back, trying very hard to not be knocked off. As you stand there panting, Ashwood looks up at you with a small smile. "Cheer up old boy, I have a plan."
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)17:12 No.18795263
    We totally need to nail it in the third eye with a psibolt.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)17:16 No.18795287

    Maybe you can do that later, when you can see the dragon again, and the eye isn't trying to hit you with lightning.
    >> El_Nazgir 04/20/12(Fri)17:20 No.18795318
    yeah, let's just wait until we know what ashwood's plan is,
    >> Name 04/20/12(Fri)17:20 No.18795325
    "You are smiling saying that. Luckily a DRAGON GOD is in the other room or I could actually be scared now"
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)17:22 No.18795333
    goddamn firefox take that shit off or I'll actually murder you
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)17:39 No.18795465
         File: 1334957988.jpg-(10 KB, 288x306, 1331510232464.jpg)
    10 KB

    You give Ashwood a level look. "If there wasn't a dragon god in the other room, I might be scared." His grin widens. You decided, what the hell, if this isn't the end of the world, you can see it from here. You grin too.

    A couple of minutes later, you're standing in the League of Justice exhibit, and you are no longer smiling. A biplane is standing in the center of the room. "You have got to be out of your goddamn mind." Ashwood continues grinning, as he dons a fabulous pilot's scarf, and tosses you a flying cap and goggles. "C'mon, where's your sense of adventure." He gestures at the copilot seat in the Bristol Fighter. "How else can you fight a dragon, if not take to the sky?" You hear automatic gunfire and dragon roars in the distance, toward the front of the museum. "Can you fly?" You ask. "Of course," Ashwood sounds hurt. "I was trained how to fly the original one when I was fourteen. Grandmother still enjoys barnstorming, you know." You're not sure if this fills you with confidence or not. You stare down at the leather flying cap in your hands.

    >How crazy *are* you?
    >> El_Nazgir 04/20/12(Fri)17:43 No.18795486
    I KNEW IT!
    You said the plane was gonna be important when we were at the museum. When the dragon showed up, I just KNEW IT! Well played, good sir.
    And yeah, we're crazy too. we do have our shoelaces of feather fall +2, so if anything happens...
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)17:43 No.18795489
         File: 1334958224.jpg-(29 KB, 374x250, 1216678663955.jpg)
    29 KB
    I dunno.
    You tell me.

    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)17:43 No.18795490
         File: 1334958236.jpg-(99 KB, 450x291, 371356-bigthumbnail.jpg)
    99 KB

    Also, now is the time for this.

    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)17:44 No.18795491
    We're definitely crazy enough to do this. Also, plane's probably packing more power than we do.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)17:46 No.18795507
    "If I back down now, you'll take all the credit for it right? I'm not going to let it happen"
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)17:55 No.18795594
         File: 1334958901.jpg-(28 KB, 550x316, cleaverf2bl.jpg)
    28 KB

    You place the flying cap firmly on your head, and place the goggles on your head. You look up at Ashwood, and simply say "Bully." And climb in the copilot/gunner seat, and strap yourself, and get the twin Lewis Guns ready. To your surprise, Ashwood produces two cigars, and hands you one, and lights his own. You chomp on the cigar. You've never smoked before, but you're about to have a biplane duel with a dragon, and a member of the British aristocracy is your pilot. What the hell. "You sure this thing flies? And shoots, for that matter?" You say through the cigar. Ashwood nods, and replies through his own, "The Ashwood Family Foundation has strict requirements for museum displays." You check your machine guns, and find them loaded, chamber a round, and say, "Now I have a machine-gun. Hohoho."

    Outside, a Dragon burst through the lobby of the museum, a comparatively small young woman clinging to its back. It roars, blowing out all the windows and streetlights on the street, again. Cops fire wildly at it, but don't seem to bother it too-too much. It spits a stream of fire at some of them, then takes to the skies with another cry. Then there is the distant sound of a propeller, and moments later, a Biplane comes roaring out of the museum entrance and takes flight after the dragon, the pilot giving a healthy shout of "TALLY-HO!"
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)17:57 No.18795612
         File: 1334959064.jpg-(129 KB, 550x550, 1250623525189.jpg)
    129 KB
    Like it or not, we hero now.
    >> El_Nazgir 04/20/12(Fri)18:03 No.18795653
    Epic things will happen the moment after my internet connection shuts off in 20 minutes... Sadface. Oh well.
    Hmmm we should have had jeanne with us so she could absorb the dragonsoul when we kill it.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)18:07 No.18795692
         File: 1334959664.jpg-(56 KB, 800x533, 800px-Bristol_F2B_D8096_flying(...).jpg)
    56 KB

    Ashwood gets the plane in a steady climb, placing himself right on the tail of the dragon as it flies steadily toward the Campus. You look up and see that the eclipse is well under way, approaching total. Can't be too long before midnight. He swoops in, lines up his shot, and stitches a line with the forward machine gun up its left flank. The dragon snarls in pain, and turns its head behind it and spits a fireball at your ride. Ashwood banks to avoid, and the stream of liquid fire shoots into the night. As he levels off, you see Anna reach into her pocket and then point her left arm at you again. You're about to voice a warning to Ashwood, when there is a flash of red light. But nothing happens, except steam rises from Anna's arm again, and she clutches it in pain. She slumps against the dragon, and has to cling desperately to avoid falling off. The dragon slows its air speed, which allows Ashwood to come abreast with it, and bringing it into your field of fire. You swivel the turret to aim at the dragon.

    >Where are you aiming for?
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)18:08 No.18795698
    Can we detect how magic is the plane? What are we shooting exactly and how many rounds do we have?
    >> El_Nazgir 04/20/12(Fri)18:09 No.18795704
    I'm beginning to think the third eye is a red herring... Can we hit the underbelly or something equally soft?
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)18:11 No.18795724
    Shoot him in the ear.
    When in doubt against an enemy, pop him in the ear.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)18:11 No.18795729

    The plane is 100% not magic.

    You personally are firing paired Lewis Guns, which are chambered in .303 british, each gun has a 90-something round Pan magazine.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)18:25 No.18795826
    I'd say shoot at Anna since it seems to destabilize the dragon, but that would mean kill her and it's not very in character for Dan. Anyway shoot the dragon in any place that looks not armored and gauge the effects
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)18:28 No.18795856
         File: 1334960920.gif-(944 KB, 500x236, 1333762598718.gif)
    944 KB

    (2x1, 2x5 and 2x9 on Machinegun spray)

    You usher Ashwood to put you in range of its head region, and aim in the general direction of its ears. Or where you think its ears go. The dragon shoots you a side-ways glance, and then you point at your own eyes, then point back to it. The dragon tilts its head in confusion, and you use this opportunity to put your hand back on the trigger, and let her eat.

    You fire a short burst of six shots which perfectly stitch up its neck and the side of its head. They don't seem to cause a whole lot of harm (though you do detect tiny bursts of red mist where you hit), but the two that hit it in the head cause it to grunt in discomfort, shake its head, and bank away from you. Ashwood maneuvers to follow, but you see Anna grip the dragon's back with her knees, and holds her hands up, and whistles a strange set of notes. Black shapes appear in the sky around the dragon, in formation, and coalesce into the space wasp creatures from earlier in the week, six of them. Anna points at the plane, and shouts something you can't hear, and the terrible space wasps scatter about and move to attack your plane.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)18:52 No.18796071
         File: 1334962325.jpg-(148 KB, 500x386, byakheeNET.jpg)
    148 KB

    Confronted by a half-dozen murderous Byakhee, Ashwood takes evasive action. And by evasive action, you mean he lined up the plane with one of them at lets it have a burst from his Vicker's machine gun. Luminous green blood erupts from the creature, which splatters everywhere before it returns to nothing. A particularly nasty spatter hits Ashwood's flying goggles, and he levels the plane out and feverishly wipes the goo off his glasses with his scarf, which somehow remains both dashing and immaculate. Two more of the creatures take this opportunity to circle around behind you, but you send them back to wherever it is they come from in body bags with a hail of machine gun fire.

    This leaves three of them circling you, and the dragon banking back to be on course for the Campus.

    >Battle plan?
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)18:59 No.18796146
    We have to stay with the dragon, but these sumbitches won't let us go, will they? Try and stay with the dragon, but keep peppering the Byakhees as best we can to get them off of us. I'm assuming Liberty City is now aware of a GIANT RED DRAGON flying overhead, so the National Guard ought to be en route.

    Next chance we get, saw one of its wings into pieces with our MG. If we can't stop it, we can slow it down.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)19:15 No.18796302
         File: 1334963709.jpg-(60 KB, 527x681, itson.jpg)
    60 KB

    You fire a cursory spray to scatter the byakhee, then tap Ashwood on the shoulder and point at the dragon. He nods, and banks again, lining up to follow. Two of the remaining space wasps duck under the plane, out of line of sight, and the other goes high. As you start catching up with the dragon, the high one goes for a dive, but you easily lead the target, and erase it from existence with a quick burst. Your seat in the cockpit is getting a little warm as it fills with hot brass from the guns.

    Then you feel a heavy impact on the bottom of the plane, and the sound of razor sharp talons on canvas. "Hold on!" Shouts Ashwood, you barely hear, and then he snaps the plane into a quick roll. Out of the corner of your vision, you see the tail end of the space wasp whip by as it clings with its forelimbs to the underside of your plane. You also see the last one approaching to side-swipe you. You have, however, also pulls along side the dragon again

    >Deal with the Byakhee, or focus on the dragon?
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)19:16 No.18796308

    That was also supposed to be a question of how you deal/focus with, but you could just decide and not care how you do it, I guess.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)19:21 No.18796346
    Double psi-bolt, deal with both of them.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)19:21 No.18796349
    The Byakhee coming to sideswipe us is slightly more pressing. The one actually on the plane may be slightly more so.
    Keep following the dragon, but we need to psibolt the Byakhee. If we can do so, simultaneously fire the guns into the dragons wing. Should reduce its speed a bit, hopefully.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)19:22 No.18796354
    The byakhees are going to pull the plane apart. They're the more immediate concern. However, the Red Star is the much more pertinent threat. So long as Ashwood can keep the byakhees busy just a little longer, shread one of the dragon's wings with our mounted gun, then take care of the byakhees.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)19:22 No.18796358
    Since I wasn't here last night, I'd like to say that I called this when you posted that Dragon bone image the first time.
    It is just as awesome as I pictured.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)19:37 No.18796482
         File: 1334965023.jpg-(20 KB, 325x375, 1326854627062.jpg)
    20 KB

    You decide to rid yourself of your little byakhee problem. First, the one clinging to the bottom of the plane. Since you're still in the roll, you simply extend an arm with a psibolt summoned and "drop" it. The rotation comes around, there's a flash of blue light and a sharp crack, and the plane loses the extra weight. Then the next one. Gesturing for Ashwood to keep up the roll, you apply some physics, and as you come up to roll in its direction, you let loose another psibolt in the same direction as the roll. With added momentum, it hurtles toward the last one like a meteor. The bug tries to evade, but can't change direction fast enough and you plaster it like hitting a hornet with a can of luminous psychic Raid. You think you're technically an Ace now.

    Ashwood finishes the roll, and you get ready to hose the dragon's closest wing, but it points its head at you again, and the silt-pupil of its third eye contracts again. The air gets tense, like an afternoon before a thunderstorm. Ashwood cuts the throttle, doing his best to brake on air, and with the dragon picking up speed and you rapidly loosing it, the bolt of lightning dances inches in front of the propeller, and conducts to a TV antenna on top of a nearby roof. You notice its seems much darker now, and you look up, and find the Eclipse has enter the complete phase. You don't have long before midnight. The dragon must have noticed too, as it picks up the pace, and crosses the outer most boundaries of campus.

    >Clock's ticking. You've maybe got one more move to make before shit gets real, real fast. What do?
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)19:50 No.18796611
    I guess if nothing new comes up soon, I'll default back to the "shoot the shit out of one of the wings" plan, then.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)19:51 No.18796620
    We're close to entering the no summon zone.
    Unless another Byakhee is coming up behind us, we probably don't have to worry about them.
    So focus on the dragon.
    Wings aren't a good target now, not enough vitals. Aim for the exposed underbelly, if it exists, or in general for the core.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)19:52 No.18796630
    See >>18796620
    I don't know if we can make a dragon bleed out, but we can try. As long as the dragon can't see us, we won't get red lightning to the face.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)19:55 No.18796662

    This is probably the best plan, in all actuality.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)20:17 No.18796877
         File: 1334967468.jpg-(37 KB, 500x313, To.Aru.Kagaku.no.Railgun.Wallp(...).jpg)
    37 KB

    You gesture for Ashwood to make another attack run on the dragon, and go under it. He nods his understanding, and moved to come at an angle. He strafes its side with a short burst, then swings the plane under it at an angle for you to fire. You swivel the turret around, hold down the triggers.

    (4x10 on Gun)

    Your alignment is perfect, you account for muzzle climb with minimal margin of error, and paint a line up and down the dragon's underbelly. A surprising number of your bullets bounce off, but even more must break the skin, with meaty thuds. A light mist of too dark blood trails the dragon. Its velocity noticeably drops, as does its altitude, and Ashwood continues the sweep under it, coming around from the other side. Anna was waiting for you. She pulls her right hand out of a pocket, and throws a handful of coins up into the air, and points at the aircraft. Half a dozen tiny points of light spring to life in the air before her. All you have time to do is articulate a "SHIT!" and duck down into your seat, as Ashwood attempts to evade. The air fills with the sound of thunder for a second, and the atmosphere flashes hot for a second. You feel your flying cap come away from your head, and smell singed hair. You open your eye to find your goggles blackened and cracked. You hurriedly shove them up off you face and sit up, and look at the plane. Other than a few new smouldering holes in the canvas, she seems mostly intact. You look up at Ashwood, who's doing some instrument checks. You notice his once flowing scarf is now rather shorter, and smoldering at the ends.

    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)20:26 No.18796939
         File: 1334968018.jpg-(53 KB, 340x331, railgun_badge.jpg)
    53 KB

    "Good news, and bad news." Ashwood says, or shouts rather. Even then its hard to hear him over the ringing in your ears. "Good news; the plane still flies. Bad news is, we have no more left." That could be a problem. You look over at the dragon, as it slowly sweeps toward the center of campus somewhere, loosing altitude and blood a little bit as it goes. Anna is clutching her right arm as steam curls off it in large volumes. It's hard to make out her face, but she seems like she's in pain.

    Then while you're looking around, you see a bright flash in the distance, over in the ocean somewhere. The light streaks closer, very, very fast, a trail of blue-white fire careening through the sky. The light intersects the dragon just behind one of its forearms, but just in front of the wing joint, and there's a flash light daylight, forcing you to cover your eyes. It sounds like metal being torn apart by an angry god. The dragon's screech of pure pain doesn't help. While you have your eyes covered, the sound of shot catches up to you, booming like the loudest gunshot you've ever heard. Louder that most artillery strikes.

    When you can look again, the dragon is missing a huge chunk of flesh in its side, and the membrane of its wing on that end has completely vanished. The dragon enters a lazy spiral dive, no longer able to manage its altitude or direction. You watch as it smacks into the top of a building with a skylight, which you aren't 100% familiar with. It skims along the roof, peeling that away, and flops over onto the ground outside the building along with a plume of dust and rubble.

    >What now?
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)20:28 No.18796961
    Dive after it, firing the gun. Try to pull out and land on the green after that, but lets get in one more strafe. It should be missing scales now, and that'll make it vulnerable.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)20:48 No.18797122
    We don't have much of a plane left.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)20:51 No.18797150
    Yeah, so we go out by buzzing one last barn.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)20:53 No.18797174
         File: 1334969628.jpg-(50 KB, 500x704, keep-calm-and-carry-on-origina(...).jpg)
    50 KB

    "Strafe!" You shout to Ashwood. "What!?" He half turns his head and shouts back at you. "Strafe!" You repeat, and make a helpful gesture at the plume of dust and debris rising gently into the air. "You sure?" He shouts back. You're about to articulate 'yes', when a stream of red mist shoots out of the cloud and moved up way faster than it should and alights on the tail of the aircraft. You're already in motion as the Voice of the Red Star coalesces, very solid, on the tail of your aircraft.

    You level the machine guns, and hold down the trigger. But the Voice summons his strange war-scythe to his hands and twirls it back and forth in the air, deflecting all the rounds which could come anywhere close to hitting him. Your gun clicks empty faster than you'd think. The cigar drops from your mouth as you say, "Crap." He swings the scythe around for an over-head strike, and you crouch down in your pit and put your arms over your head to ready a barrier, but the blow is deflected by Ashwood, who stands half out of the cockpit, and forces the thing back a little. He settles back into the cockpit to point the plane to pass over the dragon and level out, then stands back out. He thumps a parachute into your chest and leans down and says "This is your stop, chap." Then he straightens up and readies his katana for a very different interpretation of a biplane duel.

    >You get one badass one-liner before you ditch the plane.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)20:57 No.18797213
    One last Barnstorm in the old bird, Ashwood?
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)20:59 No.18797224
    "Hell of a way to retire a cropduster! See you on the ground!"
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)21:24 No.18797482
         File: 1334971474.jpg-(92 KB, 500x273, Deus-Ex-Human-Revolution-Icaru(...).jpg)
    92 KB

    "Hell of a way to retire a bird." You say, quietly. Then yo fish your cigar out of the bottom of the cockpit, stick it back in your mouth, and snap Ashwood a salute. "See you on the ground!" You then exit stage down.

    Once, for your 18th birthday, your dad took you sky diving.

    You didn't enjoy it. You're reminded of this fact as you plummet toward the ground at high velocity. You don't go for your shoelaces just yet, since you want to make it down to the ground sometime this week. But you're very glad you have them because you loose your grip on the parachute half-way down. Luckily, your Cyrean genetic memory training includes drop training. At the appropriate moment, you rotate yourself around so your feet point toward the ground, and your speed rapidly drops. You pop a barrier half way down to cushion the impact, and land on the floor of the building the dragon ran over, which appears to be a storage building for various school and lab supplies.

    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)21:27 No.18797512
         File: 1334971643.jpg-(69 KB, 640x363, Metal_Gear_Solid_HD_Collection(...).jpg)
    69 KB

    "Mrmmrmrm!" Says someone behind you. You snap your head around to find Roxane suspended upside-down on what's left of the ceiling beams, over the black rock box. You're about to articulate your surprise, when a dragon smashes through the wall, and snarls at you. "PEST!" It decries, and tries to squash you with a paw. You dodge out of the way, and get back to your feet just in time as Anna sprints up the dragon's neck and makes a flying kick at you. You block, and she lands on her feet, then sweeps your legs out from under you, and in the same motion, drives the heels of both her palms into your chest. It doesn't hurt, but it does toss you back into a set of shelves. You resolutely regain your feet, just as your flying cigar impacts the shelves behind you, causing a small explosion, which you know forms a badass wall of flames behind you. Anna adopts a defensive stance, and stands ready for combat.

    >Its on like donkey kong.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)21:29 No.18797532
    Is Roxy suspended over anything? Or could we just cut her down and have her be fine?

    If so, I recommend we lob a Psibolt at the chains holding her up. No point in letting Anna do the same only aimed at her heart when we start winning.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)21:30 No.18797543

    Go at her!

    Let's be clever and throw some interesting fightan magic at her. Leap at her with a PSI BOLT FIST prepped and then spit! Use Water magic to hit her eye. It's totally gross and we'll get a free shot.

    Trust me.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)21:32 No.18797567
    >wall of flame
    So, CQC with Anna is a bad idea. That's what she's good at doing. We need to avoid getting into that with her.
    We need to be using Magic at the very least to push her out of her comfort zone. I like the idea of using Water to distract her, to open.
    Other than fighting her, highest priority is still destroying that box, so she can't finish the ritual.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)21:40 No.18797649

    She'd fall like a foot and a half head first onto a large rectangular monolith of black rock.

    Might not be the best plan.


    >highest priority is still destroying that box, so she can't finish the ritual.

    Assuming you can harm the box that could be older than the human species.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)21:40 No.18797656
    Guys come on, we just made a wall of fire and you want to use water? From our spit? REALLY?
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)21:40 No.18797660
    I support using magic, but why water? There is a giant wall of fire behind us. How convenient.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)21:41 No.18797670
    That is pretty much our assumption.
    We need to at least make it unusable to Anna, in some way. And thats the highest priority.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)21:41 No.18797674
    My mistake, I somehow read over that she was upside down.

    How large is the rock? Does it look particularly heavy?
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)21:44 No.18797706

    Ten feet tall, five feed on a side. Made of solid carved black volcanic rock.

    In fact, Dan isn't entirely sure how Anna moved it in the first place.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)21:45 No.18797713
    Okay guys here's my plan: We power up our punches with Earth Evocation and maybe also Psibolts, then engage in fisticuffs with Anna, probably losing in the process.

    Every time we miss a punch, we let it carry over and forward momentum into the floor, thereby shattering and weakening it while looking like we're just missing stupidly strong punches.

    In fact, we're trying to get the entire ground to collapse so that the monolith literally falls out of Anna's grasp, or at least whatever circle she has.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)21:45 No.18797715
    It's made or rock. Can we use earth evocation?
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)21:45 No.18797720
    Our Barrier is still up right?
    Could we maybe, Use a Psibolt Assisted blow to at least knock the box over? Or out of position? Usually exact position tends to be pretty important for rituals and stuff right? and At least Roxy wouldnt be directly above it, that seems pretty ominous.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)21:47 No.18797739
    It's also an artifact with its own inherent power, so I'm guessing no.

    Environmental damage instead of direct damage seems like the best idea so far.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)21:48 No.18797755
    Are we directly above a deep chasm or something?
    Breaking the floor will probably just drop it one floor below, or do nothing if there is no floor beneath us.
    It'll basically just disrupt a circle if she has one set up.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)21:50 No.18797779
    Disrupting a circle would be a very good idea if the monolith is inside of it already. Also, if the monolith is heavy enough, and the structural damage to the building even somewhat significant, it'll probably fall through the next couple of floors too.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)21:50 No.18797787

    Interestingly enough, no. The box is creepy, and you think it eats magical energy. Attempting to evocate it directly probably does something bad.


    Oh, no, your barrier popped back in the museum when Anna winged you with a super sonic quarter. She also chipped your armor plate, too, but you guys have been kind of busy to care about that part. The second one also popped when you landed after your 150 yard (ish) fall.


    The angle is a little weird for that, currently. The box is off at an angle from you, kind of to your 10-11 o'clock, while Anna is both closer, and directly in front of you. You could still try and set that up though, but remember that Anna is a competent martial artist, and if you deliberately miss her, she will take advantage of it.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)21:52 No.18797803
    Yeah, I assumed that she'll probably kick our ass up and down the block by doing this, but I think it's more important to disrupt whatever she already has set up.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)21:53 No.18797820
    And an additional reminder, the Box means she doesn't need a circle, or special ritual components. The point is she activates the right sequence, and supplies the power.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)21:54 No.18797829
    Adding to the idea of punching the floor into submission, maybe we can say something to Anna implying that this whole thing ending in a fist fight is a good idea, even though we know it's horrible. Basically, make her think that we're just that full of ourselves when we really aren't.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)21:55 No.18797842
    Didn't Blackstone also mention that it needed to see the sky? Destroying the floor and collapsing a big pile of rubble on it still seems like a good idea here.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)21:56 No.18797852
    We REALLY need to work on our melee combat when this is over. We could do with some actual training. Or practice at least.

    We Should pull out our Knife and put the Psibolt glove-thing on our free hand if were going to engage in fisticuffs though.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)21:56 No.18797855

    What rubble? There isn't much of a roof any more. You're at ground level.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)22:02 No.18797914
    Really? The storage facility doesn't have any kind of a basement at all? There's no sewer or subway beneath the city? No access junctions or major pipelines? No sunken bits of city from bygone eras?

    It's a CITY. There's ALWAYS stuff beneath the ground.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)22:03 No.18797934
    Doesn't mean its hollow stuff.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)22:05 No.18797954
    For that matter, in a world where magic and scifi and all other kinds of crazy shenanigans exist, there are even more things that could possibly be beneath the ground. Secret bases or bunkers, inhabited or no, magically created caves, etc.

    I mean hell, Lex Luthor pretty much had one giant lead-lined complex built underneath the entirety of Metropolis as a matter of course while Superman was away saving another planet for a week.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)22:05 No.18797959
    Very well, we'll see how your plan works out. The dice can decide.

    Or can they?

    (Writan post)
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)22:06 No.18797972

    Well there is a Fallout/Orbital Bombardment Shelter under parts of the campus. But not necessarily under every part of the campus. And probably not under this random building I never mentioned before.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)22:08 No.18797986
    I'm seriously against trying to punch a hole in the ground that is solid and doesn't open up into something deep.
    Why not raise some spikes around the box or something, cover it in earth, etc?
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)22:08 No.18797987
    It actually doesn't have to be if we hit a water or sewage pipeline. In that case it would just have to be less dense than the monolith and it would sink into the earth like so much quicksand.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)22:09 No.18797998
    You mean slowly, and in doing so give Anna time to react?
    Unless its really less dense, and wider than 10 feet, its not going to sink quickly or far.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)22:10 No.18798019
    Unless we magically assisted that sinking or something.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)22:12 No.18798029
    Say we open up into a water pipe.
    Where is it going to go? Is the pipe like 11 foot around, so it will flow down the pipe?
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)22:13 No.18798042
    It doesn't need to go anywhere as long as it's buried long enough that the eclipse passes. It was mentioned that the monolith needs to be in view of the sky in order to function.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)22:14 No.18798052
    If you guys don't think sinking the monolith into the earth is a good plan, why don't you try to come up with better ones rather than just saying that one plan isn't a good one?
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)22:15 No.18798066
    We have alternate plans. They involve fighting Anna and using fire to fight Anna.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)22:19 No.18798113
         File: 1334974771.png-(1012 KB, 1200x1200, MHRSheetv35-1.png)
    1012 KB

    With a plan in mind (and a couple of backup plans in case some of those other plans fail) you extend Anna the now universal "come and get it" gesture by flipping your palm up and making a "come" motion with your fingers. Then you move your hands around to bring them ready, and empower your fists with psibolts.

    Anna shifts a little, her eyes scanning you back and forth, as her dragon god shift uncomfortably in the wall, not having quite enough strength to drag itself in either direction. You take a couple steps toward her and she moves to meet. You throw some slow punches, which Anna weave out of the way of, but you remain quicker than that when she retaliates, shifting out of the way. After you trade a couple blows, you go to make your move.

    (No matches, which means you loose a WP)
    (She makes a 2x10 to called shot face punch, so you take 2 shock to the head. You have to hit boxes left in your head)

    You throw a sloppy punch and shout, "Xitini!" but before you can complete the spell, Anna catches your wrist, bends it down out of her way, and she clocks you on the face with her hand sparking. The best way to phrase the result is that she got you a package. IT WAS PAIN! Stars dance in front of your vision, and you move fast and manage to pull away from her before she can clock you again. You now realize how Jeanne lost to Anna. Trying to do magic, even if your not aiming it at someone, is very hard to do with people punching you.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)22:29 No.18798235

    Don't everybody jump in with the next move all at once.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)22:32 No.18798263
    Barrier back up, move to a defensive position.
    Back up a little bit, stand up right, keep our fists out to block anything coming at us.
    Maybe make a tactics role after that.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)22:41 No.18798353
    Crap man, shouldnt we be faster AND stronger then her, by at least a little? Im very tired of getting beat up like this.
    Next Move, DONT put the barrier up, and lure heer into making another attack on us, where We want her to. She's still channeling a bit of the Red Stars Arrogance I believe, so it shouldnt be too hard to make her think we're that stupid. And then, grab whatever Limb shes using, and BREAK IT. Full Blast, snap the thing. I know we dont want to kill her cuz were a big dang hero, but She IS trying to end the world, and kidnapped our hot redhead scientist girlfriend, this is NOT the Time to be going easy.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)22:44 No.18798372
    Faster and stronger does not mean more skilled.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)22:47 No.18798414
         File: 1334976444.jpg-(50 KB, 550x800, Captain_Falcon_Shirt_by_pandac(...).jpg)
    50 KB

    (2x8 on Barrier, again)

    You take a couple steps back to fight defensively, and pop your barrier again. Anna closes the distance quick, but since you're trying to fight her now, you're able to easily turn aside her rapid fire blows with your own martial arts skills, and keep her from directly hitting you again, but she starts to push you back, which is kind of bad since there's a wall of fire back there.

    (2x5 on tactics, but Anna gets a 2x8 on her own. Which does stuff you don't know about)

    While defending, you analyze the situation, trying to find the best plan. Trying to do magic anything but directly to Anna, and at a range, is probably out. She's sharp too, so she'll probably pick up on your trick before you can get it to work right. If you can get a little range on her, you know Anna is still terrible at distance fighting, but up close you're probably on an even field if you both fight with powers. Not counting some crazy off the wall plan, should you come up with one shortly, but the Eclipse has entered the complete phase and she's gonna pull something of her own any time now.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)22:49 No.18798432
    Yeah, I realize that, which is why i didnt SAY we were more skilled, but were supposed to be at or near peak human physical capability, yet, Everythign we do involving her seems to end up with us getting rolled by her, regardless of venue, including the one thing we should have a clear advantage in. So unless she was personally trained by shaolin monks or something, forgive me for being a little frustrated.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)22:49 No.18798438

    You have the same Body, Coordination, and Sense scores. Only place you beat her is in the social arena. Anna also has one more point in Brawling than you.

    The best you can do is even the field by mixing your Psibolt augment into your hand-to-hand pool.

    Remember, Anna's been kickboxing for a number of years, where as Dan has all the memories he needs, but only a few days of experience putting his knowledge to work. And you're trying to form complex magic in your mind while also trying not to get your shit kicked in.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)22:52 No.18798468

    >Everythign we do involving her seems to end up with us getting rolled by her

    Wait, what?

    You have won literally EVERY time you've faced her in single combat. The only time she came close was when she was temporarily possessed and had you by the throat. And that was only because you were reticent about fucking her up directly at the time.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)22:52 No.18798472
    Yes, which is why I was trying to suggest attemtpting to put her at some kind of physical disadvantage before we try to do anything fancy or multitask, since that always results in us failing.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)22:53 No.18798487
    So, what, you're saying we outright break a limb?
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)22:53 No.18798489
    Well, ideally we'd like to put her at range while simultaneously ensuring that she does not get closer to the monolith, meaning that therefore we should be the ones to remain close to it, meaning we have to force her to move rather than moving ourselves.

    HOW to actually do that eludes me.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)22:54 No.18798499
    We need to stop backing up, obviously.
    Actually, just charging for the monolith might be the best right now.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)22:56 No.18798521
    Limbs heal. Death doesnt. We can apologize when lives arent on the line.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)22:57 No.18798533
    What do you suggest, then? A psibolt punch to the elbow or knee?
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)22:58 No.18798544
    Wouldn't work, called shots make it harder to hit and we can barely do that as it is.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)22:58 No.18798548
    Called Shot Psibolt punch to the elbow, because its closer, follow up with fire evocation when she's distracted?
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)23:01 No.18798577
    If I thought it was Viable, I'd just say use our newly acquired Necromantic Injury powers to do it, but We might still have the same problem then. Though, I dont think she knows we can do that...
    I dont know, Ask Omega is that that would be possible.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)23:01 No.18798579
    Funny story, Anna's trick with the Mass Driver thing has an unfortunate habit of causing her shock damage to her own arms.

    Psibolt augmented punching pool is technically 12d, but you can only roll 10. You could make a move to disable one of her arms without actually loosing any dice rolled, though you'd still have to roll higher than her defense attempt.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)23:03 No.18798596
    Time for some psychological warfare while we fight. Point out the representation of Earth in the dreamscape, how NOTHING is left to grow afterwards, how the god only exists to consume, and start chinking away at her belief that her god will actually leave her anything more then the Voice, a puppet, if that.

    If necessary, we can also explain how the not-so-good-Dr. will end this experiment if things get hairy. If Anna really wants to help humanity, this isn't the way, but what she's learned and experienced from this can certainly help.

    Finally, we need to free Roxanne before Anna decides to sacrifice her, so we need to be ready to magic her out of the way of the monolith.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)23:03 No.18798607
    So basically we just have to get lucky and roll higher than her before she implements whatever it is she's planning to screw us over long enough to activate the monolith.

    I demand a better plan than sheer luck.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)23:05 No.18798622
         File: 1334977547.jpg-(27 KB, 690x611, 1245225860433.jpg)
    27 KB
    It's the way of the dice, fool! Everything ultimately falls to luck. It's just a matter of how much you stack the odds in your favor.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)23:06 No.18798632

    Well, you move, whatever it is, wont be a surprise, because Anna managed to out-Tactics you. But, I dunno, Daniel seems to have this amazing ability to roll amazing when crunch time is on. You see those 4 10s rolled up their earlier? That's the kind of shit that usually happens right about now.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)23:06 No.18798638
    Do we have enough time to summon up option to distract her, either penalizing her, or forcing her to defend herself on multiple fronts, or should we just continue w/ kung-fu fighting?
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)23:08 No.18798658
    We just need to stall her. Eventually, we'll get allies.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)23:08 No.18798661
    Come to think of it, Crippling her might screw with her plan too.
    We could maybe use our relationship with Roxy and Humanity to help that called shot. God knows there's enough reason
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)23:09 No.18798669
    Socialize this shit up. Is there some way we can shoe-horn command all up ons? We can probably toss in relationship dice to get up to 10d.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)23:09 No.18798676
    It's already at cap, adding more doesn't really help.
    Let's just go for it.

    We should also taunt her as best we can.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)23:10 No.18798684
         File: 1334977838.jpg-(30 KB, 300x400, Bas_Rutten-1.jpg)
    30 KB
    You said something about my wife?
    I'm sorry sir, but I must break your leg.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)23:10 No.18798685
    We don't even need dice for that. Now if we want to do that plus talking or Option or whatever, relationships would be nice.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)23:13 No.18798702
    I like the arm break thing, actually. I might just decide not to give a fuck and do that anyway, because that rolls really well into what I have planned to happen.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)23:14 No.18798710
    Arm break with the psi bolt.
    Basically what I thought the called shot was for.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)23:19 No.18798759
    If you do, make sure dave quips that at least if HE wins, she'll live long enough to recover.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)23:20 No.18798766
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)23:24 No.18798788
    I would actually prefer that.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)23:37 No.18798925
         File: 1334979437.jpg-(52 KB, 720x405, shepardpawnch.jpg)
    52 KB

    You and Anna make a brief moment of eye contact. It comes down to this move. If you screw it up, she'll probably be free to drop whatever bomb she wants on you, or whatever the fuck she's going for. She makes a strike at you for your head, and to move to counter.

    (4x6, which is all to the called shot location, which will deal 5 shock to the Right Arm, disabling it, and some of it wraps around to Killing.)
    (Anna makes a shitload of matches, but none of them top your goddamn 4 6s)

    You flow out of the way of her punch, force her arm straight with one hand and drive a Psibolt-assisted punch with maximum force at her elbow region. You hear something snap at the impact, and Anna lets out a sharp hiss of pain. Her right arm drops limply to her side. Before she can react, you sucker punch her in the gut with another Psibolt assist, and make a run for the monolith. You close half the distance, but the wounded dragon shifts, causing a large chunk of the wall to collapse, and you stumble, loosing your momentum. The dragon breathes deep and extends its next, and you quickly cause a chunk of concrete to leap up as a shield, which blocks the fire, but it slows you long enough for Anna to recover, and move to close the distance on you.

    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)23:47 No.18799030
         File: 1334980029.jpg-(258 KB, 450x504, kool-aid-man.jpg)
    258 KB

    "OH YEAH!" Says something huge and red as it smashes through one of the remaining walls, and the burning shelves, and skids across the ground to come to a stop in front of Anna. The Hammer flexes its new gripping appendages at Anna threateningly. "Round 2, bitch! Imma give you the clamps!" You stare in astonishment at Johnny operating the Hammer, until its little optic ball swivels around to face you, and the external speakers shout "Go!" and you're able to move again. Despite its height, you feel you can jump clear to the top of the monolith in one go, to have a go at freeing Roxy.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)23:47 No.18799036
    Current options are;

    >Save Roxy
    >Save Roxy
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)23:53 No.18799088
    I like the second option. Is there a third like, say, saving Roxy?
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)23:54 No.18799095
         File: 1334980449.jpg-(41 KB, 195x195, 1209348886114.jpg)
    41 KB
    Tough call.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)23:54 No.18799102
    Hey Omega, I forget, does the barrier protect from fall damage?
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/20/12(Fri)23:56 No.18799119

    Yes. The Dark Horse fourth option is also Save Roxy.


    >> Anonymous 04/20/12(Fri)23:56 No.18799128
    Oooh, let's go with option 4.
    >> Anonymous 04/21/12(Sat)00:06 No.18799236
    rolled 3 = 3

    cut her down with a pis bolt catch her necromancy her healed then run get her out o there
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/21/12(Sat)00:10 No.18799274
         File: 1334981403.jpg-(64 KB, 388x300, RedDwarfStarGF1.jpg)
    64 KB


    You hop the 10 feet up easily, and scramble on top of the monolith. Using your psibolts, you quickly cut Roxy free, and set her on her feet on top of the monolith. She rips the tape off her mouth, and gives you a quick kiss. "Thanks, Dan. Now lets get out of here before this turns into some kind of convoluted trap!" Just as she says that the four corners of the box spring to life, and shoot away about a distance of four or five feet, linked to the main body by conduits of red electricity. Without thinking, you toss Roxane away from you at Johnny, who clumsily catches her with the Hammer. The dragon roars in triumph, as red light springs from the tops of the corners and paints a complex array in the sky, which opens up into a massive hole with a huge red eye emerging from it. Anna begins speaking in that strange Outsider tongue, her words causing sigils and carvings on the box to light up in sequence. The dragon's neck begins to stretch, longer and longer, longer than it should be able to, reaching up into the heavens to meet with the eye. The connection of two worlds. The red light begins closing around you, and you realize that even if you aren't key to this whole process, the energy to bridge worlds is about to travel straight up.

    Through you.

    >How do you face death?
    >Go out with a bang.
    >Spit in the eye of God
    >Contemplate your fate
    >> Anonymous 04/21/12(Sat)00:12 No.18799307
    >stubbornly refuse to die
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/21/12(Sat)00:14 No.18799321

    I'll take that as a vote for "go out with a bang".

    What, you expect to actually die? What kind of lame story would that be?
    >> Anonymous 04/21/12(Sat)00:16 No.18799342
    That second one sounds right.
    Though i'd prefer this:>>18799307
    >> Anonymous 04/21/12(Sat)00:16 No.18799353
    Good lord, I can't believe I am actually considering this, but could we LITERALLY spit in the eye of god? As in ascend the dragon's neck and 'spit' in the giant sky eye.
    >> Anonymous 04/21/12(Sat)00:16 No.18799357
    rolled 1 = 1

    burn as much willpower as we need to try and eat the dragons soul with necromancy?
    >> Anonymous 04/21/12(Sat)00:19 No.18799389
    Cowboy Bebop
    The Butterfly Effect
    The Wicker Man
    V for Vendetta
    Sin City
    The Matrix 3
    No Country for Old Men
    Saving Private Ryan
    Donnie Darko
    Sherlock Holmes
    Death of a Salesman
    Sweeney Todd
    every Shakesperean tragedy ever
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/21/12(Sat)00:19 No.18799393

    Nah, you don't have enough time for that. It's a much more metaphorical spit.

    Good idea though, I'll have to see if I can work doing that more literally in later.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/21/12(Sat)00:21 No.18799406

    I meant "die right now, at this particular moment".

    All of those had much more dramatic payoff for i-

    >No Country for Old Men

    Except that one.
    >> Anonymous 04/21/12(Sat)00:29 No.18799481
    Well shit, now that you've said that, he'll HAVE to kill us. Way to go, jerk.
    >> Anonymous 04/21/12(Sat)00:30 No.18799497
    That IS Omega you dolt.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/21/12(Sat)00:39 No.18799568
         File: 1334983155.png-(1.02 MB, 1210x1255, MHRSheetv35-2.png)
    1.02 MB

    Well, with death looming over you, there's only one thing to do. Make sure the thing that's killing you knows how much of a prick he is.

    You look straight up, and with your left hand, you flip the Red Star the bird. You'd give him both fingers, but your right hand is busy calling up the BIGGEST GODDAMN PSIBOLT you have ever summoned. Power courses luminous through your arm and you point it straight up as power shines in it, and say, "Hey buddy! FUCK! YOU!" Power lances forth from your palm in a blue which ray that careens into the heavens, where it smacks right into the Red Star's eye. It doesn't cause him a lot of harm, but its the thought that counts. Red light once again moves to engulf you.

    (You've gained another HD of Command)
    (Dan has also realized his true potential, and evolved a new power, Psi Lance. It doesn't add Coordination dice like Psibolts, but has more penetration, and with booster, has a functional range of 1600 yards. If you can see it, you can hit it)

    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/21/12(Sat)00:46 No.18799628
         File: 1334983592.png-(29 KB, 700x431, ED.png)
    29 KB

    Surprisingly, as red light becomes the only thing you know, you feel fine. You open your eyes to find yourself surrounded on all sides by red light. Including two, angular, luminous red wings emerging from the back of a familiar face. Then you realize that familiar face is cradling your body, Pieta style. "Doctor Moreau?" You say, suddenly feeling very tired. The cascade of crimson energy, diverted by Dr. M's psychic shield, ends, and you can see over her shoulders a giant ball of red light coalescing in the sky, changing into a vague shape. "Shh, child. Your part is done, for now." She says. Well, that's good to hear. You close your eyes, and take a nap.


    Doctor Eve Moreau places Daniel's limp form down on the ground softly, and stands back up, looking at the Avatar of an Outsider God forming in the sky above her. She makes herself ready to defeat this threat, and preserve the evolutionary independence of man-kind.

    >"Oh, Hello Mr. Narrator. How nice to speak with you again. Does this mean I'm a protagonist now?"

    Err. Hi, Dr. M. Yes, yes it does.

    Dr. M clasps her hands and grins wickedly.

    >"Oh goodie. I do love being the protagonist. It means I usually win."

    >You have gained control of Dr. M! Kinda

    >> Anonymous 04/21/12(Sat)00:48 No.18799642
    Okay, now we need to figure out a way to have Dan make TWO psilances, but have them wrap around each other helically.
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/21/12(Sat)00:49 No.18799648
    Archived and all that. Remember to upvote this thread, and the other threads.


    There will be no MHRQuest tomorrow. Nor may there very well be one on Sunday. I need to work the paper for my Psych final, so those days are probably out. Tuesday may or may not be okay as well, I'll keep you apprized of the situation.

    Omega, out.
    >> Anonymous 04/21/12(Sat)00:51 No.18799659
    >upvote the threads

    >> Anonymous 04/21/12(Sat)01:00 No.18799719
    You mean like a...Psi Drill?
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/21/12(Sat)01:02 No.18799740
         File: 1334984565.jpg-(47 KB, 500x330, 1333238018582.jpg)
    47 KB

    I think, given that I linked some Rebuild of Evangelion OST earlier, he's more aiming for a Psi Lance of Longinus, but I can get behind piecing the heavens.
    >> Anonymous 04/21/12(Sat)01:03 No.18799745
    It's all Gainax, anyways.
    >> Anonymous 04/21/12(Sat)01:05 No.18799767
         File: 1334984751.jpg-(159 KB, 829x1000, double helix nebula.jpg)
    159 KB
    Yeah, take that Red Star!
    >> Omega !Q7t.srvWZ6 04/21/12(Sat)01:08 No.18799801

    And that image is going right in my SPAAAACE folder.

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