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  • File: 1334649855.png-(1 KB, 80x147, EncFlag.png)
    1 KB E.v.o.l.u.t.i.o.n: Metal Age Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)04:04 No.18750309  
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)04:26 No.18750510
    and test bump.
    >> Linking threads non gent 04/17/12(Tue)04:30 No.18750556
    refer here for the latest: >>18692188
    It is the Age of metal, the greater tribes of the north have formed an Enclave to gain in strength. It might well be considered the first nation of the world. composed of city states. Scattered tribes vie for survival in this unsure world.
    >> Nad'lun 04/17/12(Tue)05:06 No.18750779
    perhaps you should post the maps?
    >> the map non gent 04/17/12(Tue)05:33 No.18750923
         File: 1334655183.png-(430 KB, 828x644, 1334589902859.png)
    430 KB
    for your enjoyment. I think if i could get a clean copy of the map that would be good. also need tribal logos. we can do the areas of influence with transparent colors so the map can still be seen.

    as it stands now, i drew in the roads the enclave forces have made, as they are quite large and a physical feature. red dots indicate hot spots of intense activity. I look forward to seeing what the new Frowg tribe does as well. I have some very heinous plans for the Ragas if i'm allowed to play with them.
    >> just in case non gent 04/17/12(Tue)05:42 No.18750977

    last thread in case of untimely death.
    >> Nad'lun 04/17/12(Tue)06:50 No.18751247
    Only few more work hours left!
    >> Onolkeshan 04/17/12(Tue)06:50 No.18751249
    rolled 4, 1 = 5

    With the Ta'Mirels guidance Onolkeshan diplomats are going to wisit Nad'Lun and ask their help in building ships. Of course Onolkeshan are ready to give something in return for the aid of Hoppas.

    The growing need for food continues the expansion along the coast. Also mining operations continue as Harnessing the earth is still important thing for the Onolkeshan.

    Rolling for coastal expansion and mining
    >> Onolkeshan 04/17/12(Tue)06:51 No.18751257

    WAIT WHAT?! how bad can roll be?
    >> Ta'Mirel: Onolkeshan Simple reminders non gent 04/17/12(Tue)07:01 No.18751309
    The Enclave is growing. Its capital city is massive, enough to hold the tribes many times over, and it is growing. Due to the previous instability of the Onolkeshan tribe an edict was passed by the Enclave Elder Council.

    -"They are more reluctant to accept the help or presence of the Onolkeshan Lem. They are not like the Ta'Mirel, more secretive and they bicker even more than Frowgs. If the Ta'Mirel will vouch for them then they will be allowed under supervision. In terms of building they will only be allowed to help with the outer wall and be paid for their work with food, coin or promised assistance in a matter of their choosing. Payment outside this must be discussed by the council first."

    you may have food problems, but if you keep supporting the enclave, you will be provided with what you need. so dont worry too bad. There is enough to go around.
    >> Ta'Mirel/ Enclave: Planned projects and works non gent 04/17/12(Tue)07:40 No.18751505
         File: 1334662805.png-(9 KB, 418x286, tamirel new.png)
    9 KB
    Since the destruction and consumption of the giant lem, the Ta'Mirel were in tune with themselves, more then ever before. They were kind, fostering community, and improving life. They were predatory berserkers, peerless. a military force. Destroyers. They were both these things and they did them damn well. They made the world a paradise once, and inadvertently were the cause of a global firestorm that burned the planet to cinders. They shared this story with their Frowg, the frowg love stories to make plays, songs, and dances out of. (Falc, roll a 1d20 to see how this turns out)
    The Ta'Mirel have a love of entertainment and play, and create new and strange instruments for the Frowg, they play off the frowgs ability to generate electrical impulses, to create a new sound never heard before. (Falc again, roll a 1d20, see how this turns out, and i'm rolling to see the quality of the instruments)
    It is a time of peace, so the Enclave military forces focus on improvement projects, aid, and war preparations.
    Under-city mine/tunnels- still digging, Mountain mine/tunnels-still digging. spire- still building up.
    >> Falc 04/17/12(Tue)07:44 No.18751537
         File: 1334663050.png-(9 KB, 141x144, shogunglund.png)
    9 KB
    rolled 11, 7 = 18


    >> Enclave: Future projects non gent 04/17/12(Tue)07:50 No.18751575
    rolled 3, 16, 18, 20 = 57

    Ta'Mirel new tribal flag. Reflects their loyalty, protection, and capacity for destruction. The Ta'Mirel suggest the following building projects to council:
    Alchemy/ Medical/ learning & teaching (learn more about the Enclave race's biology, as well as learn medicine), warcamp to make arms and armor as well as breed ramel, a refinery to make Oils and Alcohol (frowg need quick energy to make all that electricity when needed), what ever else comes to mind.
    >> Lastér Falc 04/17/12(Tue)08:06 No.18751663
    rolled 10, 20 = 30

    Things going in the new city.
    -Accommodation in the Lastér style
    -Juror buildings(for disputes)
    -A Spire for the council of elders
    -A new Great hall, larger scale and containing a display center for the giant ramel carcass, this will take some time.
    -Grand bazzar where we can trade/barter
    -Big open area for anything military


    With the knowledge of farming traded to the Lastér in exchange for supplies, the Lastér begin to put it to use. The council meets and frowgs are set to the task, families familiar with the preparation and gathering of food are set to learn and implement the farming techniques to provide a stable food source for the Lastér beyond livestock.

    With the great city made, the council has been met with an issue, water. The river is close but for the entire tribe to be moving in and out of the city all day for water is a problem, not only for congestion, but happiness.
    The city artisans present an idea to the council, of using ramel or other means to pull water into the city.
    The go ahead is given and the project is started.

    rollan for setting up hrass farms and sealed water carts.

    (I'm assuming we know what the wheel is since the Ta'Mirel had carts a while back)
    >> Falc 04/17/12(Tue)08:11 No.18751702
         File: 1334664694.jpg-(33 KB, 553x417, booty-booty-booty-booty-rockin(...).jpg)
    33 KB
    rolled 11, 4 = 15

    >dat roll

    and of course I fail to notice that city is built around the river (holy fucks this place is huge) in the stock picture.

    But that's fine, water needs to go places, and now I can store it safely for that purpose.

    I suppose I'm researching below my 'tech level' but I don't truly belive that the Lastér are at that huge tech level yet.
    >> Falc 04/17/12(Tue)08:12 No.18751711
    forgot to take out dice.
    feel free to ignore those
    >> roll results non gent 04/17/12(Tue)08:13 No.18751718
    rolled 7, 10, 7, 12 = 36

    Electric Kazoos. This is the great musical innovation the lem gift to the Unified frowg. The Ballad of the Lem is received luke warm at best. The frowg...do not really play the Electric Kazoo well, save a select few who channel their raw emotion and feeling to create songs of beauty...they would be beautiful if not played with an electric kazoo.
    "Digger city"- The project is completed, much resource has been extracted, and in a skillful manner as to leave a habitable and functional "under city" the mine shaft at the center of it will continue to dig, but resources will never be gained like they were during those frantic seasons of digging.

    "Mountain hold"- The mountain yeilds, and the lem tear into it with vigor and glee. Earth resources are abundant, and this greatly increases the horde of building matierals the enclave has, as well as create yet another potential useable area for the city.

    "The spire"- Massive. It towers above the city, and even the mountain the city is built near. All things considered, the mountain's cannibalization facilitated the construction of the spire. It provides a launch site for the Ta'Mirel scout gliders in addtion to functioning similarly to the historical K'Lahk "Great hall" but on a much, much larger scale. There is ample living space and room for other projects within it. The Onolkeshan engineering teams also have ensured it is as heavily fortified as any other part of the great wall.
    >> Ta'Mirel: Onolkeshan: Uplift non gent 04/17/12(Tue)08:16 No.18751732
    The Ta'Mirel suggest that in light of the Onolkeshan's great efforts they be allowed to live in the city proper if they so wish. The council should feel no threat as the Ta'Mirel are in sufficient numbers that any insurrection will be easily crushed, as their culture is primarily one of knowledge seekers, craftsmen, and thinkers. If anything having them around would be of benefit.
    Ta'Mirel and Onolkeshan forces arrive outside the Nad'Lun village, where the Onolkeshan will speak if the shaman will hear.
    The glund...in the hot and humid southern regions they are ever prevalent, where no ramel exist...the Ta'Mirel think about that.
    >> Lastér Falc 04/17/12(Tue)08:23 No.18751768
    The council will allow it
    >> Burrahn 04/17/12(Tue)08:23 No.18751770
    Just woke up.
    Needing some results on my rolls from the last thread.
    17 for ranged weaponry, and 16 for seeing if the Bladeworms don't really care for Mevola due to being veggies instead of steak. If such a roll would apply, that is. Way I see it, Carnivores? No worries. Herbivores? RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!
    >> non gent 04/17/12(Tue)08:29 No.18751794
         File: 1334665750.png-(85 KB, 1471x756, city.png)
    85 KB
    ignore dem last rolls.
    Falc, there actually 4 cities in one. the wall/spire, the mountain caves, the undercity, and the city proper which has yet to be built. Many of the required projects will fit inside the mountain, under the city, or in the spire. Life is good, space is plentiful, and resources are abundant, and horded into massive stockpiles under the city. Feel free to edit the picture to your hearts content, changing, undoing, redoing, modifying, etc. go fucking nuts. I figure you chage it, then the Onolkeshan take a crack at it, then what ever else joins us (if anything) gets to add their small changes as well. creates layers, glorious layers...and the potential for a seedy undercity of miscreants. Frog Judges, also are going to get trained by the lem. Judge and executioner (I AM THE LAW). im gonna go to bed now. be well, and interact for great RP FUN.
    >> non gent 04/17/12(Tue)08:35 No.18751820
    FUCK now ill sleep!. ok...Develop blow guns. blade worems are hostile and will attack on sight, but are not active hunters of your kind.
    i need to add the splinter tribe of nadlun to the map.
    Oh you fuckers, all of you, the ragas of the north are plants, and pollinate. guess what happens when you combine sentient, mobile, and carnivorous parasitic, bone stripping terror machines? I DONT KNOW...BUT ITS GONNA HAPPEN. good night!
    >> Nad'lun 04/17/12(Tue)08:42 No.18751846
         File: 1334666559.jpg-(381 KB, 800x600, The leading couple.jpg)
    381 KB
    Reposting my previous rolls.

    rolled 11, 14, 15, 14 = 54

    The Nad'lun use their boats to explore both the downstream and the upstream of the great river.
    They also try to use the boats for fishing.

    An'ua has taken the role of the great mother (seriously, could someone PLEASE help me with coming up a better name for this social role. Young minder sounds dumb, brood mother gives the wrong mental image, and matriarch doesn't really fit either.), her body is painted with vibrant colors to mark her status.
    In time, she will bear the new generation of Nad'lun in the village she helped to found.

    Brief look in the Nad'lun gender roles.
    As I have previously stated, all hoppa species are hermaphrodites. Like slugs, they are all capable of both bearing and siring offspring.
    The tribal hoppas however, give birth to few more developed young, instead of spawning hundreds of small semi developed floating larvae.
    The pregnancy takes it's toll on the tribal hoppa, making them less capable at their duties. To counter this, the tribal hoppas have evolved a more "feminine" mentality, that manifests in certain hoppas, making them more inclined to take the motherly role. In the Nad'lun society , this has led to the development of a specialized mother role, who both gives birth to the children of the tribe, as well as takes care for them.
    So when I call certain Nad'luns either him or her, note that this doesn't actually mean that they have different genders.
    N'olai is just as capable of giving birth as An'ua is, but he is just mentally less inclined to.

    Rolling for scouting the downstream and the upstream, fishing and seeing how well An'ua's traits transfer to her children.
    >> Burrahn 04/17/12(Tue)08:44 No.18751852
         File: 1334666667.png-(18 KB, 482x380, blowdarts.png)
    18 KB

    Blowguns achieved.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)08:52 No.18751874
         File: 1334667142.png-(17 KB, 374x314, Mother of Gyarados.png)
    17 KB
    Bladeworms tentacles are longer OR they are splitting stronger acid for bigger distances (I forgot if that are tentacles or acid) And they are now bigger with little more tought armor.
    >> Nad'lun 04/17/12(Tue)09:07 No.18751927
         File: 1334668050.jpg-(264 KB, 1024x768, legs, how do they work.jpg)
    264 KB

    The yellow ones are acid.
    I drew tentacles to the Slizers mouth in the picture in which N'olail kills one precisely because I mistook the acid for tentacles.

    Maybe....they have both!

    Anyways, here is a reference picture I made for myself regarding the leg movement of the tribal and other similar hoppa species.

    The hoppa creatures posses incredibly strong legs that allow them to make great leaps and run extremely fast. This is because their legs have both powerful muscles, spring like tendons and great length.
    Although at the first look, the tribal hoppa may seem quite short, but in truth, they are actually quite tall. The illusion of their squat stature comes from the fact that they rarely fully fold their massive legs open. Their normal locomotion happens with small hops, which don't need them to really stretch their legs. Only when they are either running fast, or attempting to reach something high up, do they fully uncoil their 4 jointed legs.
    >> Onolkeshan 04/17/12(Tue)09:10 No.18751936
         File: 1334668243.png-(91 KB, 1357x939, Advancement.png)
    91 KB

    With the acceptance of the council many Onolkeshan travelled to the capital to start their new workshops. With them came a small force of better equiped elite troops that are to be under enclaves rule. They will serve you well.

    With the joining of enclave the Onolkeshan made a new flag to indicate that. In pic the new flag, elite enclave warrior, armored Ramel. and two types of big cannon. shrapnel is meant for anti air but can also be used against land forces and Sharp Cannon is normal big cannon with single projectile as ammunition.
    >> Lastér Falc 04/17/12(Tue)09:16 No.18751967
    what the hell are we fighting anyway

    Enclave military is far far beyond needing to fear anything non tribal here.

    Anyway, rollan for 3 expansions Northern Lastér territory, southern Lastér territory and Enclave city territory.
    >> Falc 04/17/12(Tue)09:17 No.18751978
    rolled 19, 11, 16 = 46

    I most certainly am rolling.

    Now waiting for whenever IG returns
    >> Falc 04/17/12(Tue)09:19 No.18751994
    ah right, the northern is expanding southward, the southern is expanding northward and the city is expanding widdershins *cough* I mean...out in general.
    >> Nad'lun 04/17/12(Tue)09:23 No.18752017
         File: 1334669004.png-(195 KB, 1614x868, the world still hates you.png)
    195 KB

    Do I need to remind you of these?
    Not to mention the other horrible creatures that roam this planet.
    This ain't no Pandora brah!
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)09:35 No.18752116
         File: 1334669755.png-(18 KB, 374x314, You asked for this.png)
    18 KB
    Bladeworms acid now burns after second of contact with air Flyers are getting this too

    *Fixed typos
    >> Nad'lun 04/17/12(Tue)10:36 No.18752548

    How will the Nad'lun and the lem communicate with each other? I recall that the lem couldn't understand the telepathic stuff, and even if they could smell, the pheromones only work on hoppas.
    I assume that the communication is done trough text, as the frogmen taught the Nad'lun how to write their language.
    >> Onolkeshan 04/17/12(Tue)11:32 No.18752977

    Yeah i was counting on the fact that you learned the writing. That way the communication should be possible.
    >> Nad'lun 04/17/12(Tue)11:32 No.18752980
         File: 1334676726.png-(150 KB, 674x812, skeleton.png)
    150 KB
    >> Nad'lun 04/17/12(Tue)11:35 No.18753007
         File: 1334676910.jpg-(18 KB, 269x300, oh dear jebus.jpg)
    18 KB

    The fuck?
    This is the second time you post the exactly at the same moment when I attempt to bumb this thread. What is going on?
    >> Nad'lun 04/17/12(Tue)11:55 No.18753148

    The Nad'lun are willing to share their knowledge of boats with the Onolkeshan, in exchange for knowledge of more potent weaponry, so that they may better defend themselves against the deadly slizers. They are willing to pay for the materials needed to build the steel weapons with their surplus of hrass, and some of their hoppas.

    I guess I won't make any new rolls for now, as my previous ones are still waiting for reply.
    >> Onolkeshan 04/17/12(Tue)11:57 No.18753154
         File: 1334678257.jpg-(19 KB, 639x367, Ceilingcat.jpg)
    19 KB
    Don't mind me. I'll be quietly here while you do your thing
    >> Nad'lun 04/17/12(Tue)12:09 No.18753237
         File: 1334678989.png-(31 KB, 514x337, Huehuehue.png)
    31 KB

    Oh, and by weapons, I mean guns.
    Or cannons, whatever. The Nad'lun need shooty stuff. They don't want that this fisherman's nightmare becomes reality.
    >> Onolkeshan 04/17/12(Tue)12:12 No.18753253
    Last post was for this


    Onolkeshan accepts this deal and also are willing to actually make these weapons for you so that their quality will be certain. This will be done in goodwill not only from Onolkeshan but as whole Enclave. Also if and when the better ships are developed i'm sure that we are then able to help you to make boats that are able to withstand attack of aquatic bladeworm. If you still want to be able to make the weapons yourself we are clad to give you the materials for hoppas and hrass
    >> Onolkeshan 04/17/12(Tue)12:15 No.18753276
    we can give you the smaller cannons but not bigger immobile ones as they would comromise the defences of Enclave cities. For those i will need the opinion of other enclave tribes.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)12:16 No.18753278
         File: 1334679378.png-(42 KB, 500x513, 1332836681426.png)
    42 KB
    still possible to get the underground glund to tribal level, been busy/unable to view tg

    i was the one who did the ant like evolutions
    figure ill take them in the direction of dwarves+ants and make them underground crafters

    can someone give me a quick summary of what level of civilization things are so i can bring the glund up to speed?
    >> Burrahn 04/17/12(Tue)12:17 No.18753284
    I never would have guessed that they had bones.
    I always thought that they stood how they do was from the gas chamber from once being Flouz, which made the their bodies lighter so they could actually balance.

    Don't forget that Rammels can apparently get to be XBOX HUEG!
    I guess I'll post some more biologically inspired Burrahn cultural stuff.
    With being grown from spores, I'm guessing that the Mevola reproduce asexually. In the evo threads, I read that the spores often grow on the massive Frilla Trees. The Burrahn believe that they are born through Spontaneous Generation from the Frillas' bark, and the cause of this is the light passed into them from the earth from Nemir.
    >> Burrahn 04/17/12(Tue)12:20 No.18753309
    >Implying Shogun Glund doesn't in secret already control the most powerful of all the tribes. Right. Beneath. Our. Feet.
    >> Nad'lun 04/17/12(Tue)12:27 No.18753364

    They aren't as sturdy as our bones. They are more like cartilage plates The only "true" bones they have are in their legs, and in certain parts of their skull.

    The gas chamber has atrophied in the wast majority of the hoppa species, as when the hoppas became bigger, the gas became less and less efficient at supporting their weight.
    They still poses the gas bladder though, but it only serves a minor role for balance and support in the adult hoppas.

    The young hoppas do have a fully developed gass chamber, as the larval forms are airborne, and pretty much exact clones of their flouz ancestors. Even the new born tribal hoppas have this gas sack, although it isn't enough to float them.

    As the hoppas mature, more and more of the cartilage like support structures inside of them harden, giving their bodies their definitive shape, and also taking the primary role of supporting the creatures weight.
    >> Nad'lun 04/17/12(Tue)12:35 No.18753416

    Smaller cannons are ok.
    As long as they can be used to drive off the slizers.
    How big are the small cannons exactly though?

    As you might have seen from the "skeleton" I posted, the tribal hoppa body is very poorly suited at carrying heavy stuff, so if they are too big, they will be useless to the Nad'lun.

    The Nad'lun do appreciate the offer of Onolkeshan about making the weapons, but they also recent the idea of being dependent on others for their own protection. This is why they would ultimately like to be able to manufacture the weaponry themselves.

    If the Onolkeshan supplied some weaponry, along with the knowhow to make them, would be ideal. The Nad'lun village itself currently lacks the capacity of even making the cannons, so a starting pool of them would be a good thing indeed.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)12:46 No.18753499
         File: 1334681197.png-(18 KB, 374x314, Haha time for Moon Quest.png)
    18 KB
    Some Bladeworms grow black "hole" on their body that have good absorbing properies and they grow much in size.

    By the way how big are Bladeworms compared to other races?
    >> Nad'lun 04/17/12(Tue)12:47 No.18753513

    The lem and the frogmen are unifying, and have built two big cities in the north. They also know steel working.

    The hoppas have settled down at the river in the middle of the continent, and started agriculture. They have also gained telepathy trough a lucky 20 roll and they know how to make boats.

    The Mevolas have been quite passive, but Burrahn took a tribe of them under his direction in the last thread, although they are still simple hunter gatherers for now.
    >> Falc 04/17/12(Tue)12:49 No.18753532
         File: 1334681388.png-(51 KB, 514x337, gary.png)
    51 KB
    I had to
    >> Nad'lun 04/17/12(Tue)12:52 No.18753554
         File: 1334681575.png-(52 KB, 906x364, oh god no.png)
    52 KB

    Around this size, I reckon.
    Please don't make them any larger!
    >> Falc 04/17/12(Tue)12:53 No.18753558
    they are the second?( maybe mega hoppa or cidex might be bigger) biggest thing around.

    and only because Ramel basically grow forever.
    >> Nad'lun 04/17/12(Tue)12:56 No.18753580
         File: 1334681774.jpg-(62 KB, 1024x768, Nad'lun huts.jpg)
    62 KB

    Mega Hoppas are bigger, at least in my mind.
    As they are mainly herbivores, although they don't hesitate to eat meat if they find it, their food supply is secure, and they can grow very big.
    >> Nad'lun 04/17/12(Tue)12:57 No.18753586

    Oh, I forgot to ask, what do you mean by "properties"?
    Did you mean proteins?
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)12:59 No.18753613
    do we have any art of the mega hopper? Has it changed since it first evolved?
    >> Nad'lun 04/17/12(Tue)12:59 No.18753615
         File: 1334681997.png-(871 KB, 3700x1932, size comparison.png)
    871 KB
    There is still this size chart around, but it is quite old.
    >> Nad'lun 04/17/12(Tue)13:01 No.18753628

    Nah, it has stayed largely the same.
    Hoppa is kinda misleading name for it though, as it most definitely doesn't move by hopping around.
    It is way too big for that.
    >> Falc 04/17/12(Tue)13:02 No.18753631
    lem used to be tiny
    so cute
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)13:03 No.18753635
    Like if you hit it with hammer it absorbs most of energy guess what i am going to do with this hole.

    Tip: Its going to be something similiar to Trits talis
    >> Onolkeshan 04/17/12(Tue)13:05 No.18753652
         File: 1334682319.png-(81 KB, 554x624, 1334482884537.png)
    81 KB

    Big Cannons are BIG. You can see the size of original cannon from pic and the normal cannon is about the same size. Small arms research didn't go well at all so for a moment i'm stuck with big and normal cannons. I think normal cannons are small enough for hoppas to move around as they are made so that they can be put into pieces for transportation and repair. I can provide Nad'Lun with some cannons and the way to forge metal. And as promised receive some hoppas and hrass as compensation for materials. With the new knowledge about boats i'm sure Onolkeshan can soon continue it's research with success.

    Waiting for pics to see your new equipment.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)13:05 No.18753654
         File: 1334682328.png-(126 KB, 2256x1160, Closer.png)
    126 KB
    I think about something more like this and if you made it closer to reality i am going to make this one closer to reality
    >> ecologyfag 04/17/12(Tue)13:11 No.18753697
    It wouldn't be able to move with that much weight though. It's legs are far too tiny for that.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)13:12 No.18753711
    What is gravitation on this planet anyway?
    >> ecologyfag 04/17/12(Tue)13:13 No.18753723
    Damn it I did it again! ITS ITS for fucks sake..anyways yeah, with the legs it has it wouldn't be able to move, they'd snap like twigs.
    >> Burrahn 04/17/12(Tue)13:20 No.18753777
    Good to see you back with your thread, ecologyfag. I just have to say that the picture is inaccurate. The Bladeworum has four more legs which nobody wants to draw out of fear of the thing. And if it did start getting that big, we'd probably start disregarding those posts.
    >> ecologyfag 04/17/12(Tue)13:23 No.18753805
    hmm with that many legs it actually may move more like a centipede or milipede then and stay low to the ground. Using a weaving motion to get around and thanks.

    Anyone curious its over:

    >> Nad'lun 04/17/12(Tue)13:23 No.18753807

    >15m tall slizers.

    You best be joking.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)13:25 No.18753822
    There's a unicellular race here, it's too late to start complaining about plausibility now.
    >> Nad'lun 04/17/12(Tue)13:28 No.18753842

    But they are from SPESH!
    >> Burrahn 04/17/12(Tue)13:39 No.18753919
         File: 1334684392.png-(219 KB, 1274x821, Old Mevola.png)
    219 KB
    I play the race of electrical plant-men.
    There are sentient trees put on bio-luminescent light-shows, and these 25 to 50 foot tall monstrosities still roam the world.
    I like the crazy!
    >> Nad'lun 04/17/12(Tue)13:41 No.18753938
         File: 1334684505.png-(46 KB, 358x377, this is my cannon.png)
    46 KB
    rolled 2, 11, 5 = 18


    As agreed, the Nad'lun pay for their newfound weaponry and knowledge with hrass, hoppas and know how of boats.

    The weapons are rather too heavy for them to aim them very well, but mounted a stable base, such as boats, they are theoretically much more effective.
    The Nad'lun also start building their own forge, so that they might build these cannons themselves.

    Rolling for weapons testing, boat mounting and forge building.
    >> Nad'lun 04/17/12(Tue)13:45 No.18753959
         File: 1334684754.jpg-(21 KB, 477x387, whishard.jpg)
    21 KB
    rolled 5, 20, 10 = 35


    >dat 2.

    Well, shit.
    Someone is going to lose a body part or two I reckon.
    >> Nad'lun 04/17/12(Tue)13:47 No.18753970

    Dice Gods, why do thou mock me?
    >> Onolkeshan 04/17/12(Tue)13:54 No.18754028

    Just pointing out that those normal cannons aren't even meant to be handheld. They are too heavy and recoil is too much for normal creature to handle. Like i said my small cannon aka handgun research ended in BOOM! well i'm not sure in the end when i think about how they were originally in that glider and it could handle recoil...
    >> Nad'lun 04/17/12(Tue)13:58 No.18754067

    That is what I suspected, which is why I rolled for trying to mount them on something.
    The 2 probably means that someone was stupid enough to try to fire it from their frail hoppa tentacle hands.

    Seeing that how light the hoppas themselves are, that would be a terrible idea indeed.
    Poor bastard was probably killed by the knock-back.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)14:15 No.18754182
    During all these generations, the predators of the planet have discovered more constant sources of food. While not anywhere near the point of sentience many of the old predators still lurk. For example the Flying slizers.

    They have gained a curious property where if bisected a new head, and tail will grow. Thus if you do not locate both pieces of a downed flying slizer, soon you will deal with two flying slizers. Each angrier than the last.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)14:19 No.18754204
         File: 1334686760.png-(141 KB, 1438x717, Adoni Spire.png)
    141 KB
    In the south large spires exist in the uninhabited parts of the world. These adoni are a toxic ant-like species with a defined hierarchy. Following food shortages some of these insects have begun a march northwards, they are aggressive to all the other races.

    Pictured is a 7 meter high Adoni spire. The adoni are quite large, and their migration northwards may affect some of the southern races.

    >its to peaceful on dis planet, time to fuck shit up!
    >> Nad'lun 04/17/12(Tue)14:23 No.18754237
         File: 1334687002.jpg-(273 KB, 2200x1000, Nad'lun biology.jpg)
    273 KB
    Nad'lun nervous system.
    It has multiple "mini-brains" located near certain organs, which can act semi autonomously.
    >> ecologyfag 04/17/12(Tue)14:24 No.18754248
    >>18754237glad to see nerve ganglia being used. It makes sense really, I doubt any species here ever really developed a CNS
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)14:35 No.18754352
         File: 1334687740.png-(986 KB, 3232x2524, Frilla, Yantar, Adoni (...).png)
    986 KB
    Over time the adoni that move northwards have begun creating hive-frilla. They cultivate the large plants to support more of them. In these cases the number of adoni in a hive can reach thousands.

    Hunting parties coming from these trees leave unfinished corpses at the base of the trees to fuel further plant growth. These hives have death pod yantar, and other poisonous plants alongside the frillas natural poisons.
    >> non gent 04/17/12(Tue)14:40 No.18754387
    Glund Guy, its metal age, a lot has happened. Just jump in with a few biological evolutions, and restate what you are. We want you around, and you are on the map. MAKE IT SO.>>18753278

    i man fuck, the glund hivemind is the most southern tribe i believe. Now we just need the neotrundra frowg guy, and the Slanera island tribe guys to wake up and we are in business.
    >> Nad'lun 04/17/12(Tue)14:43 No.18754431
         File: 1334688229.jpg-(178 KB, 1024x768, K'nula.jpg)
    178 KB
    rolled 19, 16, 6, 15 = 56

    I guess I'll be playing the Na'suul as well, for now at least.
    The raiding herd of Na'suul, led by the warrior K'nula arrives at the river shores. They begin to scout the nearby area for potential prey, while others begin to fish. They also repair their equipment, repairing and replacing the damaged ones.

    After these duties are done, they settle down for the night. A watcher stays awake, to guard the group against the cursed plants that infest the area. The herd has around 13 tribal hoppas, all of them either adults or adolescent in addition to 2 mega hoppas, both recently domesticated, and 6 flash hoppas.

    Rolling for, hunting, fishing, repairs, and night watch.
    >> Anonymous 04/17/12(Tue)15:54 No.18755299
    >> Lastér Falc 04/17/12(Tue)16:23 No.18755687
         File: 1334694194.png-(133 KB, 1075x610, Lastérup.png)
    133 KB
    Laster infodump

    Pictured a Lastér warrior with an axe, breastplate and Ramelhide leggings strong enough to turn an axe.
    >> Onolkeshan 04/17/12(Tue)16:26 No.18755721
    rolled 12 = 12

    With the newly gained knowledge from Nad'lun the Onolkeshan Smiths and scientists continue their research on ships. This job will be hard and there is no guarantee for success. But through trial and error they will achieve it.

    roll for 2nd try on making ships
    >> Falc 04/17/12(Tue)16:28 No.18755739
    he also has a helmet.

    I probably forgot some techs. The alliance has been moving too quickly for me to keep up.

    In any case, in an effort to find a way to apply their electric shocks at range, the elders order an order of researcher Frowgs formed to probe willing Lastér to discover exactly how their bioelectric ability works and how it can be replicated, or at the very least if the necessary components can be gathered from among the Lastér without causing permanent damage to the donor.
    >> Falc 04/17/12(Tue)16:29 No.18755750
    rolled 17 = 17

    >> Onolkeshan 04/17/12(Tue)17:13 No.18756317
    Well... now we can only wait for ether IG or non gent

    AS IF! if only i weren't this lazy i would make some images and more story.
    >> Falc 04/17/12(Tue)17:24 No.18756487
    dooooooooooo eeeeeeet
    join us
    >> Onolkeshan 04/17/12(Tue)18:53 No.18757585
         File: 1334703181.png-(303 KB, 1315x836, Info.png)
    303 KB
    Done with Infodump. Well made this one quick.

    story tiem. As with the growing respect for knowledge many have debated how necessary streingth is for a new king. Why make them fight to death when they could contest in knowledge. Reason is that there is also knowledge in fight. Many make the mistake thinking that Onolkeshan are weak scientists and have no chance in combat. In reality Onolkeshan see experience in art of war as great source of knowledge and is prized amongst the people. Also as stated before, making the possible kings fight to the death makes sure that the new king is more adaptive.
    >> Burrahn 04/17/12(Tue)18:54 No.18757604
    I think I'll make one of these.
    >> Burrahn 04/17/12(Tue)19:48 No.18758348
         File: 1334706481.png-(98 KB, 1180x706, Burrahnprogresschart.png)
    98 KB
    rolled 3 = 3


    And rolling to see of the adoni have reached the forest yet, keeping in mind that there are Bladeworms to the south. High rolls = They haven't.
    >> Burrahn 04/17/12(Tue)21:12 No.18759460
         File: 1334711559.png-(153 KB, 711x509, Burrahn huts.png)
    153 KB
    Bumping with touched up art.
    >> glundone 04/17/12(Tue)21:35 No.18759823
    will start workin, had some necrons to build
    >> glundone 04/17/12(Tue)23:23 No.18761287
         File: 1334719426.png-(47 KB, 481x449, glund tribal.png)
    47 KB
    Generations underground have changed the glund. The many variants, except the queen, have colessed into a single organism. As a result they have increased in size and now stand around 3 feet tall and have evolved bladed frontal appendages they use to walk on while on the surface, or dig with as they still crawl when below the surface. They are now roughly 4-5 feet long and have a sharp blade like structure on their tails that they use to jump with wile on the surface and as a means to maneuver underground. They subsist entirely on soil, converting basic minerals into food in their multiple stomachs. Their tentacles have become much more dexterous and allow them to manipulate tools as well as being used to ingest nutrients. Their eyes are in fact highly developed chemical sensors that see through “smell” picking up minute amounts of scents of animals and other creatures. They communicate by excretion of specialized pheromones created from the minerals they ingest.
    With their increase in size so too did the glund’s brain size and intelligence increase. This effect was compounded for the queens who now posses a dazzling intellect, as opposed to the average glund which are equivalent to an infant stage queen.
    >> glundone 04/17/12(Tue)23:24 No.18761298
    Population-5,000-8,000 (roughly 1,500 of this amount are adolescents/adult queens)

    The glund for many generations waged war against each other in their silent realm until a plague nearly wiped out the species. A single queen’s ,mutation saved the species. Her offspring had an immunity to the disease which quickly made them the dominant glund tribe. This tribe has now begone construction of a subterranean realm. Miles of tunnels exist in the deep under the southern reaches of the planet. Most are only large enough for a single glund, but some have been expanded into larger and larger tunnels to serve as transportation for goods that fuel the new central hive. At the center of these tunnels lies a massive natural cavern. A spherical cavern roughly 500 feet in diameter with many hundreds of massive stalagmites and stalactites. Roughly 75 feet below the surface it is here that the glund queen and her countless daughters and children make their homes. Carved into the stalagmites and stalactites, each glund has its own small compartment it uses to sleep. The largest of the stalagmites is home to the Queen Glund. From here she oversees her race and its toils. Should a queen die the next oldest queen will take her place. Around the queen are her eldest daughters, they act as her advisors and as go betweens for the queen . Many other smaller types of councils exist for each aspect and need of the glund, all of which report to the greater council of the queen. Councils of excavation, food, and expansion all exist to name a few. These councils are run by the adult daughters who no longer give birth to glund. Those queens that are still fertile stay in the nursery and produce the many hundreds of lesser glund that serve the empire. These lesser glund are the ones that man the farms and go on hunting parties to the surface as well as serve as transportation and defense for the empire.
    >> glundone 04/17/12(Tue)23:27 No.18761328
    The average glund is only good at three things without the supervision of a Daughter. Those are eating (digging useless tunnels), sleeping, and crafting. Even the least intelligent glund is able to weave strands of regurgitated minarals into elaborate tools and trinkets. Their central city is an elaborate web of stone. This stone is almost as strong as bronze and is used to make various tools to complete tasks that their blades cannot be used for.
    >> Falc 04/18/12(Wed)00:16 No.18762060
    I lol'd
    >> Nad'lun 04/18/12(Wed)01:01 No.18762641
    >> Burrahn 04/18/12(Wed)01:48 No.18763158
         File: 1334728095.png-(38 KB, 500x400, discovery.png)
    38 KB
    rolled 2 = 2

    Well then.

    On a regular hunting trip, one of the Burrahn Stumbles across something unusual: A Frilla tree with what looks to be tunnels leading beneath the bark. He considers taking a closer look, but decides that it is a better idea to report his finding.
    While surveying the area, an Adoni sneaks up behind the unaware Mevola.

    Rolling to see if the hunter survives to report his findings.
    I use "he" for simplicities sake. It's a bit confusing to refer to them all as "it".
    >> Burrahn 04/18/12(Wed)01:58 No.18763287
    The Light carried by this hunter is returning to the spirit of Nemir.
    >> Burrahn 04/18/12(Wed)01:59 No.18763299
         File: 1334728741.png-(38 KB, 500x400, discovery2.png)
    38 KB
    Forgot pic
    >> Nad'lun 04/18/12(Wed)02:10 No.18763404
         File: 1334729403.jpg-(116 KB, 400x536, mt.jpg)
    116 KB
    >> Burrahn 04/18/12(Wed)02:45 No.18763724
    Looking back, I got the scale wrong. Oh well, looks cooler this way.
    >> quick and dirty update: part 1 non gent 04/18/12(Wed)02:52 No.18763783
         File: 1334731961.png-(75 KB, 867x746, Ta'Mirel.png)
    75 KB
    scouting upstream reveals a large lake, down takes takes you to where the water becomes endless. Along the banks you catch gimpses of what might be other hoppas. // Fishing goes well., the nad'lun are quite apt at it, perhaps at one point in their evolution they did something similar.// The children do indeed inherit the mothers abilties
    >>18751978-avergaing your rolls.
    The territory of the Enclave engulfs the roads it has built. they are very safe to travel due to a massive Lem and Frowg Presence. Ramel riders armed with scatter cannons annihilate dangerous beasts.
    Over eager Nad'lun learn the hard way cannons are not safe. One tribesman dies, and multiple bruised and unconscious members are found. Attempts to create forges meet with failure. even with the aid of the Onolkeshan . Mounting the cannons on their boats provides some measure of control, but is only a guaranteed hit at extremely close range.
    Na'suul proove to be very effective at all manners of barbaric life, save repair. Their attempts to repair are ramshackle, ugly, and very brutal looking. They are functional, but barely.
    Simple metal row boats are made, effective for fishing and nothing else, not safe to head out into open waters.
    hey, look its the updated Ta'Mirel, a daily part of your life in the enclave. dont worry, they are here to help you!
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 04/18/12(Wed)03:04 No.18763873
    Whoaaaaaah. I've been reading, and it seems like we're about to enter that Tolkienesque era where kingdoms are born and such.
    Also, I don't approve the Slizers to have black holes on their chest and being fuckhueg big.
    They're killy enough, what with their blade-foots and their size... think of them as the Smilodons rather than Dragons.
    It's the slightly bigger airborne Slizer that's the dragon.
    Also, since everyone's got an army and such... it's time.
    >> AN ANCIENT EVIL HAVE AWOKEN Indonesian Gentleman 04/18/12(Wed)03:13 No.18763942
         File: 1334733195.png-(8 KB, 327x234, 1334213786997.png)
    8 KB
    The Vyrii, descendants of the macrovirus that infects Lem, had started to show their influence in the world. After centuries of isolation on the northern side of the Kunaban mountain range, their hordes start sending out small raiding groups. Several Enclave, Ta'mirel and Onokelshan hunting parties have met them... and only a handful returned, badly maimed, telling of the grey-shine devils.
    To the Ta'mirel, this resonates with their prophecy, that the Nightmare Spirit has sent his armies upon the living world.

    I'll be ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL on the Vyrii.
    >> Lastér Falc 04/18/12(Wed)03:37 No.18764139
         File: 1334734636.jpg-(78 KB, 400x300, brace.jpg)
    78 KB
    rolled 3, 19 = 22

    We will stand.
    We will fight.

    The Lastér never truly believed the Lem story of the threat, but now, they have no choice.

    Sending out gliders to scout the areas the Vyrii were encountered as soon as the wind is with us.
    Sending out ground forces of ranged Ramel riders armed with Ragas Bolts and the ever present axes to escort them and get them back in case of trouble.

    rollan for scouting and escape in case shit hits the fan.
    >> Falc 04/18/12(Wed)03:37 No.18764151
    Damn straight we are running.
    >> WEAPONS FOR EVERYONE. non gent 04/18/12(Wed)03:49 No.18764247
    Onolkeshan doctors and scholars participate with the Frowg, after much study, and a few surgical investigations on living and dead Frowg a breakthrough has occurred. The Frowg cannot live without their electrical organs, but have re purposed the Lem Cannon into a weapon capable of firing long wires made by the Onolkeshan. This allows the Frowg to shock enemies from afar. Made of frilla bark and metal it is supremely conductive, and heavy. Each shot is fired by a ring pull, and then it remains an effective clubbing/ stabbing weapon with its hardened spike like blade and rugged body.
    Burrahn- When you discovered the blow gun, i figured it would be something cool and unique, i didnt mean to insult if i did. The Blowgun for the Burrahn is more then simply that. It is also a pipe of sorts (if they take up smoking), it is strong and heavy enough to be used as a club or with flint blades on it as an axe or spear. If need be the Burrahn can use it to reach into holes to drink water from, finally it is also a musical instrument similar to a didgeridoo...and any species smart enough to hear short bursts of didgeridoo will learn to fear that noise. weapon stands as tall as a Burrahn tribesman.
    Nad'Lun- The cannons while massive and cumbersome are an effective mounted weapon for defense. A recent Onolkeshan break thru in weaponry has created a lighter more mobile weapon. (see frowg taser). the weapon made for the Frowg has been re purposed to shoot loads of gravel which is readily available to the tribe. The Enclave makes good on its deals, and ships several crates of the weapons as well as supplies to use and maintain them. The Ta'Mirel give training and safety instruction to the tribe.
    >> non gent 04/18/12(Wed)03:52 No.18764269
         File: 1334735533.png-(21 KB, 957x240, frowg taser.png)
    21 KB
    forgot the image.derp
    >> Burrahn 04/18/12(Wed)04:00 No.18764343
         File: 1334736037.png-(10 KB, 141x144, SHOGUNGLUND.png)
    10 KB
    >I know this is your thing, but I just have to.

    >I'll see what happens and update in the morning. 3 am here.
    >> Falc 04/18/12(Wed)04:03 No.18764366
         File: 1334736203.jpg-(13 KB, 233x217, manly tears.jpg)
    13 KB
    Have failed you my shogun
    *commits seppuku*

    holy shit I did not notice it was this late
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 04/18/12(Wed)04:05 No.18764381
    The Laster sent some airborne scouts northwards.
    They saw three dozen Vyrii drones readying their weapons. One of them saw the gliders, and quickly grew and shot spikes at the scouts.
    *cue Ace Combat Zero music*
    The scouts dived and dodged against the hail of spikes, and thankfully there's no casualties. The gliders swerve with small holes on their wings, retreating, while the Ramel-riders cover their retreat.
    >> Burrahn 04/18/12(Wed)04:07 No.18764405
    With that curve, I can see that they'd be able to aim with it. I just didn't know if the Mevola even had lungs to be able to blow with, or lips to make a seal around the end. Just anatomical issues with using such a device.
    >> non gent 04/18/12(Wed)04:16 No.18764461
    the melova are yours, they have a brain. i figured that even with no lungs they could do something. perhaps barf liquid to propel projectiles thru it. disgusting to us, not so much to them.
    >> RAGAS: fuck everything, and everyone. non gent 04/18/12(Wed)04:22 No.18764493
         File: 1334737352.png-(113 KB, 1463x771, horror of death.png)
    113 KB
    Deep in the tundra the Ragas had not sat silently over the years. The sentient Ragas with their massive roots slowly used cross pollination to breed out the Mobile and carnivorous Ragas. The Strains with the best traits of all 3 grew, while the others voluntarily died. Their massive bulk can be sustained by sunlight, water, and dirt alone, but they thrive on flesh...and now, their merger has been complete, their numbers have grown. The far northern tundra is a dead place, save the vegetation, and now that...is on the move.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 04/18/12(Wed)04:27 No.18764527
         File: 1334737630.png-(47 KB, 600x300, tribal size comparison.png)
    47 KB
    On one hand, that Monster ragas would be fuckterrifying to meet and fight against.
    On the other hand, if you can kill it, you'd have a lot of oil and food to be had. And the fact that they share the same terrain as the Vyrii...

    Meanwhile, Vyrii raiders keep raiding isolated villages and outposts, making off with equipment and weapons. What evil plans are the Vyrii overminds thinking of now?

    Also, size comparison.
    >> Falc 04/18/12(Wed)04:39 No.18764600
    At last they are complete.

    I was going to have them start moving south to attack the frilla eventually.
    All that lovely energy in one place for parasitic creatures.

    (Also I hope you know this means the Ragas are as intelligent as other tribal creatures now. You brought this on yourself)
    >> Ta'Mirel: Start a war. non gent 04/18/12(Wed)04:39 No.18764603
    The Ta'Mirel were oddly happy in the face of oblivion. Everything they knew, it was true. Now it was time to preform the function they gave themselves so long ago. Protect the planet that is their adoptive home. Hopefully soon the Frowg population will join them in Total War. Everyone fights (or aids in some capacity to the war effort), or everyone dies.
    Sending out their best scouts on the fastest fliers notice is sent to all Enclave villages. The Scouts will also attempt to make contact with the tribe that are not part of the enclave. all of them.
    The Nad'lun are warned, and advisted that the Enclaves capital is better protected, with plenty of food and shelter for all who come. A Ta'Mirel scout/emissary requests N'olai and An'ua see the City for themselves and make a decision.
    From deep in the undercity Lem Tamers release the oldest of the Ramel, some are truly ancient beasts of war. Grown massive in their time alive, kept alive and conditioned for this moment.
    The Onolkeshan Capital city from a distance looks to be on fire, with smoke pouring from it. It was almost true. Every forge, every foundry, every smith and engineer was hard at work, day and night hammering out weapons of war. These creatures were truly foreign, and absolutely xeno to them. They were hated on sight, and must be killed, every instinct in their bodies screamed it.
    >> Ta'Mirel: Warmageddon. non gent 04/18/12(Wed)04:57 No.18764750
    rolled 16, 15, 7, 8 = 46

    Ta'Mirel and Frowg settlements were heavily fortified. the smallest ones were stripped for resources and then booby trapped heavily. (think burning oil, explosives, spear pits, and the like).
    Super massive siege cannons were researched and carried by the greatest of the Ramel War beasts. need Onolkeshan to roll here as well. its a group effort.
    With the Onolkeshan and Laster the Ta'Mirel research giant boats. It is for a secret contingency plan. "Operation noble death" The Ta'Mirel will engage in a sacrificial last stand, fight a guerrilla war to slow the enemy so the other tribes can begin an Exodus to foreign lands. The Ta'Mirel's part in the Exodus plan aide from helping to build the boats is unknown to the other tribes. (recommended the Frowg and Onolkeshan roll for this too.)
    rolling for the results of trapping the small settlements, if it was successful recovering dead bodies to study, if not ignore that roll. Seige Cannons, and giant boat fleet.
    >> Nad'lun 04/18/12(Wed)05:13 No.18764854
    Fuck! Shit is hitting the fan at terminal velocity, and I can't participate properly for at least 3 hours. Dammit!
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 04/18/12(Wed)05:16 No.18764868
    relaaax. You're to the south anyways, the Ta'mirel is going to defend for a bit.
    In the meantime, other races! Tell us what would an average civilian would do, given the news of these goings-on to the north!
    >> non gent 04/18/12(Wed)05:19 No.18764886
    plan out your madness now, im going to sleep soon, be back later. Untill IG attacks with the scourge We have time to prepare. I dont know what your splinter of Nad'Lun are up to, they might not ever even know there is a war. Oh. yeah. rolling to make contact with all unknown tribes. (basically a fuck ton of gliders searching for people.)
    the Ta'Mirel just cant fucking catch a break. The giant Cannon research is passed along to the more scholarly Onolkeshan, and even the Frowg. perhaps they can build on the past failures.
    The Giant boats as of now exist as Giant Skeletal frames. Help will be needed.
    >> Onolkeshan 04/18/12(Wed)05:55 No.18765043
         File: 1334742923.jpg-(174 KB, 472x854, Chomp.jpg)
    174 KB
    rolled 19, 20, 15, 10 = 64


    As there were many Onolkeshan who shared the same genetic knowledge about Vyrii, they also had the fire inside them to do their best to repel this threat. Grat Cannons are to be made but there will be many things to improve so that the product will be working and safe. Also the great boats will be built for the Altenative plan if these alien creatures would somehow win. Also new type of explosive shell for cannons is to be researched. Road to the west must be fortified and secure because it is the lifeline between enclave and Onolkeshan territory where the Alternative project will start. If this road is lost it will be extremely hard for others to get into the Great boats when the need rises.

    Now that the metal boats are done we can always start negotiations with Nad'lun to trade some. Just info what you are ready to give in return.

    Rolls for Great cannons, Great boats, Explosive ammo and Fortifying the road to west.
    >> Onolkeshan 04/18/12(Wed)05:58 No.18765057
         File: 1334743131.png-(921 KB, 640x1132, 1333738440037.png)
    921 KB
    Those guns and ships.
    >> Ta'Mirel: Unleashed non gent 04/18/12(Wed)06:03 No.18765078
         File: 1334743439.png-(120 KB, 1621x815, horror of death.png)
    120 KB
    ((urge to draw is low, but it communicates the idea of what hundreds perhaps thousands of years of war preparation can do.))

    The Ta'Mirel mobilize in the north, producing the first of many battalions scattered around the Enclave territory. Ancient Yu'Mel, The twins Razi, and Raiz, "young" galos...A portion of the Ta'Mirel's Ramel War Beasts. The "barfing Ragas" scout-assasin flight supports intel and air war. On the ground the Ta'Mirel Scout-Hunters and Berserker-Killers walk amongs the earthshaking foot falls of the giant ramel. Great dust clouds kick up obscuring the "minute" ground forces. Already the Berserker-Killers are frothing and howling, screaming behind the masks of their heavy black armor. At the vanguard are the Onolkeshan equipped Ta'Mirel, Gleaming silver and steel, bladed shields and Vengence spears at the ready...the Fated go to meet...no make, their destiny.

    No Viri, when the Shadowy Nightmare spirit long ago dreamed of leading an army reminiscent of something straight out of the underworld he asked for the lem. You were its second choice.

    The Frowg have numbers equal to the Ta'Mirel. The Enclave must now stand. Show ME YOUR FURY! SHOGLUND DEMANDS IT!!!!! FOR FWILL! (not needing homes, or shelter kicks ass for keeping your villages compact and hiding your numbers. Bacterial life forms can go dormant for very long periods of time too.)
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 04/18/12(Wed)06:06 No.18765084
    ...Onokelshans have created this world's first battleship. Wow. I. What.

    And combined with these trap rolls... oh wow. Lemme writefag a bit.
    >> Falc 04/18/12(Wed)06:18 No.18765129

    Also with the current time estimates the Nad'lun are long lived as fuck given Naoli is still shaman.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/12(Wed)06:21 No.18765140
         File: 1334744481.png-(18 KB, 374x314, Trit tail outside of tail.png)
    18 KB
    Trit- Bladeworms devolp long tentacles growning out of black thing that can now slowly absorb food
    >> Lastér Falc 04/18/12(Wed)06:22 No.18765157
    rolled 1, 18 = 19

    >average citizen
    "Oh enemies? I'm sure the Ta'Mirel have this covered. Now about Hamischels 3rd movement blahblahblahblahblah"

    The Lastér get back to their roots and do some research regarding their old friend the ...fireflouz or whatever.

    They begin to farm them for their chemicals to have fire on the go without needing to carry the creature around as they used to.
    They are very careful to keep the ignition chemicals seperate during extraction.

    rollin for the setting up the farms and learning the proper extraction process.
    >> Falc 04/18/12(Wed)06:25 No.18765171
         File: 1334744745.jpg-(75 KB, 1024x640, flames.jpg)
    75 KB
    Farms are a horrible horrible idea, one false flamecough and an explosion like none has ever seen before.

    Though extraction seems simple enough.

    So we will be doing the 'find them in the wild and take fluids and release bit'.
    People can still keep their personal flamethrowers but having more than one around is bad news it seems.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/12(Wed)06:33 No.18765202
         File: 1334745211.png-(19 KB, 374x314, I go with flyers later.png)
    19 KB
    Bladeworms black thing is now dark red thing with way more absorbing properies (It can now absorb small rock in one minute) and longer tentacles while growning slighty bigger
    >> Enclave: One last post before bed non gent 04/18/12(Wed)06:36 No.18765221
         File: 1334745418.png-(95 KB, 1471x756, city.png)
    95 KB
    the Onolkeshan now have a dwellign within the city, to house the residents that want to live there, as well as if they ever need to evacuate their city. This domicile covers medical care, education and research provided by the curious Onolkeshan to the rest of the tribe. The spire is the military/ community/ government hub of the city.
    Long story short. We need a refinery/ distillery for booze and oil. Lem cant drink, I'm guessing everyone else is free to get drunk. Frilla trees planted for the frowg, and ramel. seems to have a soothing effect on them. blah blah. Take the city, add some shit to it, wherever, be creative, dont just use the green space, who knows what other refugees we will take in...though if we draw out the circle that the wall makes, and looking at it now...its fuckhuge. If anyone else wants to redraw it/ whatever. anway. Take it, add onto it, next person.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 04/18/12(Wed)06:47 No.18765266
    The Ta'mirel and the Onokelshans worked in tandem. They would empty out small settlements and booby trap them with explosive packs of Ragas and Cidex oil, which creates a flaming hell. These took out a number of the Vyrii, as they turned out to be weak to flame.
    But these are the drones. Soon, Vyrii Berserkers join the ranks of the Drones in raiding small villages. But, as soon as they get close to an Onokelshan village... thunders roar. Some of them gets blown to bits, while their nearby comrades are bathed in flame. Onokelshan cannons are deployed.

    The vile forces of darkess are routed... for now.
    >> Falc 04/18/12(Wed)06:47 No.18765267
         File: 1334746038.jpg-(13 KB, 955x617, ಠ_ಠ.jpg)
    13 KB
    >frilla are skyscraper huge
    >walls still tower over them
    >> Anonymous 04/18/12(Wed)06:49 No.18765276
         File: 1334746146.png-(19 KB, 374x314, He comes.png)
    19 KB
    Bladeworms grow eye at this strange thing and some type of fungus that grows while exposed to heat is infecting Bladeworms
    >> Falc 04/18/12(Wed)06:52 No.18765291
    Oh yes I suppose I should say this.

    There is an underground movement growing where frowgs take the bodies of dead lem that have not been consumed (or yea, the bodies of live lem that they kill) and boil them down in water and inhale the fumes.

    This leads to a high about half as powerful as eating the lem but does not have the side effect of the frowg losing certain abilities for a while.

    They get blasted with half formed memories and such, but they don't last. Sort of like a waiting dream.

    The movement is scattered enough that officials have not been able to crack down on it as yet.

    The enclave aint just Frilla and perfume. Got some serious shit goin on
    >> Enclave: The Beat non gent 04/18/12(Wed)07:08 No.18765365
    This is war. rolling for wartime justice. Convicted and captured frowg have a choice. join a suicide legion to fight the Viri. March unarmed into Ragas territory, or Be publicly executed. ((if this rolls bad, lem suck at tracking people down, if this goes good, the perpitrators wake up with a frowg judge weilding a Nad'lun shotgun in their face. or about 5 lem in night black armor staring at them with red, red eyes.)) by the way, indogent I dont know where it happened, and i dont know if its too much of a retcon, but the lem have always been taller then the Frowg in their current incarnation, by about a head or two, not the other way around.
    >> non gent 04/18/12(Wed)07:09 No.18765371
    rolled 12 = 12

    >> non gent 04/18/12(Wed)07:14 No.18765383
         File: 1334747647.png-(47 KB, 448x676, totem.png)
    47 KB
    eh, those are newish frilla that are planted, but yes...this place is xboxhuge. If this somehow makes it to a modern era its gonna likely be dystopian as fuck. Cyberpunk on this planet? yes. all my yes. but that is for a later day.
    //dirty harry// Punks who cant fight, but have time to fill a hungry belly and bored mind, meet the Berserkers. Ahead of you, are the Ragas fields, behind is acceptance for your crimes, down that road, there are some Viri that need killing. //commence smoking//
    >> Nad'lun 04/18/12(Wed)07:17 No.18765400

    I'll make few updates that cronologically are supposed to take place before the shit hit the fan, if you people don't mind it of course.

    The Nad'lun culture prospers, and with the newfound mobility trought the waters, multiple new villages sprout forth along the banks of the river, from the coast to the great lakes, the Nad'lun spread.

    Soon enough, these villages start trading with each other as the villages specialice to their local environment. Some become fishing settlements, others cultivate the Hrass like never before. The descendants of A'nua inherited their mother's uncanny effect on the speed of plant growth, and as they spread to the newfound villages, the riverbanks bloom in the light shade of blue everywhere they go.

    The cannons are used to keep any potential threats away from their trading boats.
    The communication between the villages was hard at first, but soon enough, the Nad'lun learned that their tlepathic ablities weren't as constricted by distance as they had believed. Trhough telephathy, the Nad'lun could retain their unity, even if they were separated by vast distances.

    I don't know if I need to roll for all this shit.
    I had planned of doing this for some time now, but now that there is war about, I don't know if a single village with barely 50 people could fend for themselves, when other races already have nations.

    Just think that this stuff was happening in the background while the rest of the species were building their stuff and so on. The enclave city is so XBAWX huge that it had to take atleast few hundred of years to fully be completed anyways.

    I might have been focusing too mutch in small timescale stuff and characters, while the rest of you were already in full civ mode.
    >> Onolkeshan 04/18/12(Wed)07:17 No.18765402
    rolled 6 = 6


    As the news of this horrible act arrive to Onolkeshan Officials they are worried. The last rebellion was so close that they can't risk another one. Answer to this is the new directive that states that no Lem should move alone and unarmed. This is explained with the war with Vyrii and that there is no telling when and how they would come. Of course truth is that if they cannot cut the demand they must halt the supply. After this no Lem of Onolkeshan shall move alone and unarmed even in the city. And i believe that Ta'Mirels Lem are already hard to kill to begin with.


    They are just smaller species of frilla. or still growing. Something like that. yeah.

    Loading of the great ships have begun and smaller ships are sent to scout the souther coasts
    Roll for scouting souther shores.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/12(Wed)07:21 No.18765415
         File: 1334748098.png-(19 KB, 374x314, Yes they never stop growing.png)
    19 KB
    Bladeworms have now sharper legs and can climb better while venturing further into lands they start mass breeding and grow some more

    Fungus grows futher onto Bladeworms
    >> Onolkeshan 04/18/12(Wed)07:27 No.18765439

    Well i think you way of telling the story and playing is better than our "I suddenly nuclear weapon" Or something like that.
    >> Lastér Falc 04/18/12(Wed)07:34 No.18765479
    Oh no I am still very much in small characters mode.
    The Ta'Mirel have been doing the civ stuff mostly.

    On that note.
    The Lem have cracked down on Dreamscaping(tm) and now go armed in the city. While this is no doubt for their own saftey, it also means that any violent encounter will no doubt end a fatal one. The Ta'Mirel Lem capture offenders regardless of the level of their involvement and they are sent on suicide runs as a form of punishment.
    While many argue that this is fair and just as is their right, the view that this is the way of the Ta'Mirel and not the Lastér has been gaining support. Spearheaded by a young council member, a dark skinned frowg named Kaleel, discontent with the 'brutal judgement of the Lem sending foolish young Frowgs to their death for a life error' has been growing and the Lastér are split.

    The council is split 40/60 on the topic in favour of the traditional elders who think the punishment fits the crime, but support is steadily growing and notable dissonance has entered the Ta'Mirel-frowg relationship for the first time in ages.

    One thing they are agreed upon is that this is an internal matter and refuse to allow Enclave involvement in the proceedings, whether through dislike for their gelatinous neighbors or desire to deal with the matter discreetly.
    >> Falc 04/18/12(Wed)07:47 No.18765548
         File: 1334749652.png-(22 KB, 938x508, internalaffairs.png)
    22 KB
    >> Falc 04/18/12(Wed)07:49 No.18765562
    Slow is fine
    I like slow
    That is why the Glund never got to tribal in time though.

    though frankly they already make themselves tiny villages so eh.
    >> Onolkeshan 04/18/12(Wed)07:56 No.18765604
    I was wondering earlier that how does Hoppas and hrass survive in colder climate as we got some from the deals with Nad'lun. And what uses are there for hoppas. beasts of burden? i'm not very knowledgeable about them.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/12(Wed)08:22 No.18765801
         File: 1334751752.png-(48 KB, 500x500, slimeworem.png)
    48 KB
    Meanwhile, the largely inedible slimeworem have finally evolved a way out of its parasitic relationship with its cousin species. Thanks to the production of a novel enzyme the larval worems that infest its digestive tract now fail to mature. Without the end-of-life eruption of a competitor species the slimeworem population explodes.
    >> Nad'lun 04/18/12(Wed)09:19 No.18766246

    The Mega hoppas are one of the most biggest creatures on the continent. They would be excellent beasts of burden, although they are not as fit for the colder climate as it's natural fauna are. The Hoppas never successfully establish themselves in the north, due to the fact that their larval young are extremely vulnerable to the cold. Thus, their way of reproduction, which is releasing hundreds of these larvae, was ill suited to the cold tundra.

    The adults are more resistant to the cold, but they still aren't exactly a northern creatures.

    I don't know about Hrass, but basic logic says that it will produce less in an environment in which there is less sunlight.
    >> Nad'lun 04/18/12(Wed)10:19 No.18766721
         File: 1334758798.jpg-(727 KB, 1024x768, Naun'as.jpg)
    727 KB
    rolled 6 = 6

    As time went on, the Nad'lun began to call their first village Naun'as, which means "The Secret Valley", the legendary paradise from witch the mythic shaman O'nulaa supposedly originated from. The trade with the other Nad'lun settlements has brought wealth and prosperity to the village. Frilla bark and stone from the north and flatworms from the coast.

    The telepathic communication allows the Nad'lun to transfer messages from one village to another almost instantaneously, which has allowed the Nad'lun people stay extremely unified. They have also set up numerous outposts along the river, for spotting Slizers, and because of their telepathy, they can quickly warn any boats nearby of the ravenous threat.

    The valley is tamed as the village grows. The irrigation ditch also works to lessen the destructive effects of the floods, by redirecting the excess water away from the village proper.
    The stalk-plant woods are cut down, to make room for more huts.
    The Nad'lun attempt to build a forge again, as they dislike being dependent on others for necessary tools.

    Rolling for forge building.
    >> Onolkeshan 04/18/12(Wed)10:27 No.18766793
         File: 1334759255.jpg-(48 KB, 184x184, 1325182501557.jpg)
    48 KB

    Don't worry, i'll be glad to keep you dependent of my products.
    >> Nad'lun 04/18/12(Wed)10:36 No.18766852
    rolled 10 = 10

    Unlike the northern races, who have faced the true cruel nature of the world, the Nad'lun have been lucky enough to live in a state of near tranquility for generations. The only creatures that have threatened them in recent memory have been the slizers, but the Nad'lun have been able to cope with them quite well, thus reducing their threat value to the one of a mere beast. This naivety combined with their strong independent identity made the Nad'lun quite skeptical about the danger the Enclave warned them of. It didn't help that their great city is far in the north, as tribal hoppas dislike the cold.
    Although N'olai was curious about seeing the legendary city himself, his age had taken it's toll on him, and An'ua as well. They are already over 40 years of age, and their time on this world is nearing it's end. They agree to send an emissary instead.

    For the average Nad'lun, the news of strife in the north are quite inconsequential. "It is not our fight" is the most common mentality. The idea that something could actually threaten their blissful existence across the banks of their great river Vu'na is almost unthinkable.

    Even if the warnings of the northerners go unheard by the majority of the tribe, the elders are wise enough to be concerned. Although N'olai and An'ua both doubt that what ever is going on in north will reach their sanctuary, they still fear the change if it does. This sentiment is shared by the rest of the elders, but beyond sending an emissary to the great city, no other actions are made.

    N'olai searches the Soul Wind for guidance.
    Rolling for the soul wind.
    >> Lastér Falc 04/18/12(Wed)10:36 No.18766853
         File: 1334759815.png-(25 KB, 1153x508, Kahleel vs Jogda.png)
    25 KB
    rolled 11, 12 = 23

    As the arguments for both sides heat up, the most influential councilfrowgs on each side stand out, the rest beginning to fall behind them in terms of support.

    On the side of tradition(right) is the esteemed elder Jogda, a wise and aged frowg who wants to keep the peace of the Enclave and continue working together.

    On the self proclaimed side of 'the true Lastér'(left) is Kaleel a military frowg turned councilfrowg after proving his wisdom on the battlefield.

    After days of arguing, Jogda calls for a vote from the house to see the path that should be chosen at last.

    (rollan 2d20, Kaleel/Jogda, remainder is 'undecided'. then i'll roll for the undecided later depending on how the story progresses)
    >> Falc 04/18/12(Wed)10:39 No.18766870
    Roughly half the council remains undecided but so far support rests lightly with Jogda and the traditionalists.

    Silenced for now, Kaleel drops the topic.
    For now.
    >> Nad'lun 04/18/12(Wed)10:41 No.18766894
         File: 1334760107.png-(13 KB, 536x267, I bet the Lem are behind this.png)
    13 KB
    rolled 4 = 4

    >> Nad'lun 04/18/12(Wed)11:16 No.18767181
         File: 1334762179.png-(300 KB, 1014x812, info pic.png)
    300 KB
    Kinda half assed really, but I guess I had to do one too.
    >> Nad'lun 04/18/12(Wed)11:21 No.18767213
         File: 1334762463.png-(300 KB, 1014x812, info pic.png)
    300 KB

    >banks of the riverbanks


    Fuck I am stupid sometimes.
    Here is a corrected one.
    >> Nad'lun 04/18/12(Wed)12:34 No.18767761
         File: 1334766850.jpg-(263 KB, 1024x768, K'nula kills the king hoppa.jpg)
    263 KB
    rolled 15 = 15

    The Na'suul raiders have grown in strength too.
    K'nula, their warrior leader has grown in to a living legend. How he is supposed to be even alive at this point is a complete mystery.
    Ever since he took the role of the chief of the group, the tales about his valor have just kept growing.
    He is said to been able to inspire tremendous courage with his simple presence, and to be able of convincing anyone to join his raid herd.
    The greatest of the tales tells how K'nula defeated a King Stalking Hoppa in single combat, and then claimed it's eyes as his price, which he then made into a mighty trophy he bears. This deed has convinced numerous of his followers that he is in fact the reincarnation of the great O'nulaa himself. The raids are now fueled by both blind fury and religious fervor, instead of just blind fury.

    These legend have been scattered to the Soul Wind, and thus they continue to draw tribal hoppas from all over the eastern coast to the Na'suul banner.

    The Na'suul relations to the Nad'lun and their settlements are complicated. They usually stay clear of them, but they occasionally raid their trading vessels. This has given the Na'suul access to both weaponry, technology and supplies they could not otherwise acquire.
    The Nad'lun themselves are confused by these violent hoppa raiders. They have no idea of where they originate, or what they want, other than the things they take by force.

    The Na'suul are attempting to build an attack boat fleet of their own, that they are planning to use to be more effective at raiding the river ships. They have a remote cove near the coast, in which they can hide from the unwelcome sight of the outsiders.
    It is made from the captured trading ships and armed with scavenged weapons, such as cannons, gravel-guns and traditional slings.

    Rolling for ship building.

    >Yes, I am making pirates out of these guys. ALIEN DINOSQUID PIRATES! Yar har!
    >> Nad'lun 04/18/12(Wed)12:38 No.18767796
         File: 1334767118.jpg-(46 KB, 400x299, You are a pirate.jpg)
    46 KB

    YAR HAR!
    >> Falc 04/18/12(Wed)12:39 No.18767804
         File: 1334767179.gif-(2 KB, 50x50, me gusta.gif)
    2 KB
    >> Nad'lun 04/18/12(Wed)13:10 No.18768056
         File: 1334769001.png-(403 KB, 829x644, map.png)
    403 KB
    rolled 4, 6 = 10

    The Nad'lun are growing frustrated with their dependency on the enclave for weapons and materials.
    They attempt to expand to the shores of one of the great lakes, near the mountain range at the middle of the continent (the cyan dot.), in hopes that the mountainous terrain will give them access to stone, so that they don't need to buy it from the enclave. They also try to figure out the best way to dig trough the hard stone, and how to effectively break rock.

    Rolling for expansion, and mining tech.
    >> Nad'lun 04/18/12(Wed)13:11 No.18768065
    rolled 19, 16 = 35


    Dice gods, why do you deny my people their freedom?
    >> Nad'lun 04/18/12(Wed)13:12 No.18768070
         File: 1334769147.png-(3 KB, 409x259, 1301162355136.png)
    3 KB


    DAM YOU...YOU...!
    >> Falc 04/18/12(Wed)13:39 No.18768312
         File: 1334770799.gif-(2 KB, 50x50, flip.gif)
    2 KB
    >> Burrahn 04/18/12(Wed)13:41 No.18768327
         File: 1334770901.png-(12 KB, 550x348, burrahnblowgun.png)
    12 KB
    rolled 1, 20, 15 = 36

    When I redrew them, I made their mouths more akin to a beak, so they'd never get their mouths to make a seal around the weapon. So I'll have to remake that as either a harp-bow, or... I can stick an bellow pump to the end of it! Problem fixed!

    Seeing how the hunter was gone longer than expected, another had to go out for food. It is not uncommon for a later than expected return from hunting trips, or even the occasional death. What is unusual, is that the last few hunters to go that way haven't returned. A small expedition party is assembled to go check out what has been causing these disappearances, so that the chief and counsel can best decide on further action.
    With the Rage Glund below, getting around the forest has become difficult for those who are not hunterts. They work to lay new paths with the hanging vines. With the expanded "roads" comes a need to label where they lead.

    Rolling for exploration of the Adoni Hive, vine roads, and hieroglyphics.
    >> Falc 04/18/12(Wed)13:44 No.18768349
    Also you should make note that the Melova have the biggest brains of all the species and if logic follows, have the most potential for genius.
    >> Burrahn 04/18/12(Wed)13:45 No.18768357
    Time to start making signs saying "Forbidden" all around that area.
    >> Nad'lun 04/18/12(Wed)13:45 No.18768359
         File: 1334771126.jpg-(7 KB, 225x252, horrified meatball on a fork.jpg)
    7 KB

    >> Nad'lun 04/18/12(Wed)13:47 No.18768377
         File: 1334771274.png-(44 KB, 774x644, Sabotage!.png)
    44 KB

    Yells the enraged hoppa on the boat.
    >> Burrahn 04/18/12(Wed)13:53 No.18768420
         File: 1334771614.jpg-(15 KB, 351x351, 1292734770914.jpg)
    15 KB
    What is it that make sailor Nad'lun so funny?
    >> Onolkeshan 04/18/12(Wed)13:54 No.18768426
         File: 1334771656.jpg-(246 KB, 879x656, 1333768050075.jpg)
    246 KB

    Yeeessss... goood...
    Just according to plan.
    >> Nad'lun 04/18/12(Wed)14:01 No.18768503
         File: 1334772113.png-(46 KB, 774x644, I'm gonna cut you.png)
    46 KB

    You just watch! Some day, the Nad'lun will prevail!
    >> Lastér Falc 04/18/12(Wed)14:04 No.18768524
         File: 1334772263.png-(7 KB, 356x380, brave fool.png)
    7 KB
    Following his soft defeat in the council, Kaleel searched himself and his tribe for the true path of the frowg.

    If he was wrong, then he was causing more harm than good, however if he was right...then he must win.

    He recalled the tales he heard as a child, of the great hero Fwill who braved the wrath of Kunaba with only his axe and family Ramel at his side with whatever provisions it could carry, to seek the spirit of the mountain. It was said the mountain blessed him with wisdom and great power and he became a mighty warrior.

    And so Kaleel made his decision.
    Armed with his own Ramel and his 4 axes along with some fire fluid and dried food, he set off to see Kunaba.

    History will mark him a fool, or a legend.
    (rollan for Kunaba)
    (if this is a 1 I swear this mountain is cursed)
    >> Falc 04/18/12(Wed)14:04 No.18768528
    rolled 1 = 1

    >> Falc 04/18/12(Wed)14:05 No.18768536

    I'll leave the fluff to Indonesian Gentleman.
    >> Burrahn 04/18/12(Wed)14:06 No.18768538
    It's cursed.
    >> Nad'lun 04/18/12(Wed)14:09 No.18768568
         File: 1334772573.png-(48 KB, 334x324, duuuud.png)
    48 KB

    That fucking mountain man!
    Dude, it's like totally cursed. Stay away from it!
    >> Onolkeshan 04/18/12(Wed)14:28 No.18768726
    rolled 19 = 19

    The Great ships are still being loaded for the worst scenario and more Onolkeshan have moved to the great harbor to be closer when the moment arrives. The previous scouting didn't go so well so Onolkeshan have no other choice than send another one.

    Rolling for Scouting the sea
    >> Onolkeshan 04/18/12(Wed)14:30 No.18768736
         File: 1334773821.jpg-(63 KB, 194x205, 1319816681939.jpg)
    63 KB

    This is how I Roll
    >> Anonymous 04/18/12(Wed)14:34 No.18768770
    rolled 14 = 14

    Bladeworms grow front blades get longer tentacles and rolling for size increse
    >> Anonymous 04/18/12(Wed)14:35 No.18768775
         File: 1334774111.png-(21 KB, 402x316, I think about giving them brai(...).png)
    21 KB
    Bad captcha
    >> Burrahn 04/18/12(Wed)14:36 No.18768789
    Indonesian Gentleman already said that the flying worm was the dragon of this world, and he didn't want it getting to be that huge. His words are law.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/12(Wed)14:38 No.18768802
    But i am not doing flyers
    >> TAKE TWO:Frowg and Nadlun nongent 04/18/12(Wed)14:39 No.18768805
         File: 1334774344.png-(50 KB, 733x494, last stand.png)
    50 KB
    rolled 2 = 2

    ((going for emergency Ta'Mirel Intervention to save the kid. regardless of roll the lone scout will die in his efforts, its just weather or not he is successful. if the frowg lives, he must eat the scout to survive due to something or another. cue experiencing the lem on a level never before seen due to being on the cursed ass mountain and some spirits too. fwill perhaps.))
    Nad'Lun: your guys have shotguns, see the last part of that image.
    >> Nad'lun 04/18/12(Wed)14:44 No.18768838

    Oh, I know. I just forgot to mention it in the info pic.
    Unfortunately, the Na'suul also poses them, although in limited quantities, as they have started raiding Nad'lun trading vessels.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/12(Wed)14:46 No.18768865
    This is just...horror
    >> Onolkeshan 04/18/12(Wed)14:54 No.18768921
    What happened to indogent and nongent. nobody has GM:ed this for a while. or is it just me.
    >> Falc 04/18/12(Wed)14:54 No.18768924
    Well Kaleel isn't all that young.
    Certainly older than Fwill was but Kunaba gives no shits apparently.
    Random kid, elder, scouts, rescue party, man takes em all.

    I want to see if he actually meets Kunaba though, so I'm waiting on IG.
    >> Nad'lun 04/18/12(Wed)15:18 No.18769171
         File: 1334776726.png-(20 KB, 725x509, Har Yar!.png)
    20 KB
    rolled 6 = 6

    The Na'make preparations for their next raiding spree, that will span the whole eastern coast!
    >> Nad'lun 04/18/12(Wed)15:19 No.18769176
    rolled 4 = 4


    * the Na'suul make
    >> Onolkeshan 04/18/12(Wed)15:31 No.18769285

    Well at least they tried. I'm just going back there and... you know.. continue exploring the seas. Yeah..
    >> Nad'lun 04/18/12(Wed)15:35 No.18769303
         File: 1334777702.png-(48 KB, 720x467, Swimming hoppa.png)
    48 KB
    rolled 1 = 1

    The Nad'lun living in the coastal villages have started domesticating the swimming hoppas.
    Although they still communicate with pheromones, their scent glands have developed into a different direction, as the same kind of bladder that works in air isn't as useful underwater.
    This makes the communication with them more complicated that with the land based hoppas.
    >> Nad'lun 04/18/12(Wed)15:36 No.18769315
         File: 1334777779.png-(42 KB, 553x759, 1300935131058.png)
    42 KB
    rolled 7 = 7


    The fuck?
    What the hell is going to happen?
    Slizers up the asshole while messing with the swimming cousins or something?
    >> Onolkeshan 04/18/12(Wed)15:37 No.18769328

    I assume that roll was accident but still. Penalty time!
    >> Nad'lun 04/18/12(Wed)15:41 No.18769361
    You just love to watch me suffer don't you.
    And you would be correct, I didn't even fucking mean to roll. I forgot to remove the dice from the email field.
    GOD fucking DAMMIT!
    >> Falc 04/18/12(Wed)15:46 No.18769421
    The winds blow strong from Kunaba today
    All the rolls are cursed

    cept for Onolkeshan
    Kunaba loves those guys
    >> Onolkeshan 04/18/12(Wed)15:52 No.18769472
         File: 1334778739.jpg-(111 KB, 631x598, Sovvy.jpg)
    111 KB

    Well i do have some sympathy for you as another player. But still. Maybe i do just a little bit like to see you suffer.

    Don't worry. dice gods may test you but they will not abandon you.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/12(Wed)15:53 No.18769487
    I cannot wait to see this result :D
    >> Burrahn 04/18/12(Wed)16:00 No.18769561
    rolled 18 = 18

    I'll expand on the blowgun.
    With its size, shape, and mechanism, the Burrahn blowgun requires at least three hands to use. The tone holes must be covered up in order to use it for shooting the poisoned darts, which are loaded up at the top. When not used as a weapon, it can produce a variety of loud, deep, droning sounds. In the forest, they are used for long-distance communication. For in the village, music. With the bellow pump, it has to be played like an accordion.
    Efforts have been made to construct others like it, but rather than the multiple use tool and weapon it was originally designed as, these new ones are constructed to be solely instruments. As well as these accordion/woodwind hybrids, drums and strings are experimented with.

    Rolling for musical development!
    If even needed, that is.
    >> Nad'lun 04/18/12(Wed)16:02 No.18769582
         File: 1334779363.png-(59 KB, 725x509, Ocean hoppa.png)
    59 KB
    I guess I try to make peace with the dice gods with something other than rolls.

    Here, have this thing. I once again, returned to my former occupation, that was coming up with new niches and hoppas to fill them.

    May I present to you, the Whale hoppa, or something.
    Basically, a giant offshoot of swimming hoppas, that has completely abandoned the land. These massive swimmers slowly move through the ocean, catching smaller critters in the long hairs of their forelimbs, and then picking them to their mouths with their extremely dexterous tongues.
    >> Burrahn 04/18/12(Wed)16:18 No.18769762
         File: 1334780300.png-(21 KB, 458x280, fus.png)
    21 KB
    I'm sorry, but this make me wonder if these are still out in the ocean.
    >> Nad'lun 04/18/12(Wed)16:20 No.18769782

    What were those things?
    I can't remember.
    >> Burrahn 04/18/12(Wed)16:30 No.18769859
         File: 1334781034.png-(406 KB, 2044x1676, fuschart.png)
    406 KB
    >> Nad'lun 04/18/12(Wed)16:33 No.18769899

    Oh, right!
    I sorta thought that they were related to the flouz, but I wasn't sure.
    >> Burrahn 04/18/12(Wed)16:55 No.18770106
         File: 1334782550.png-(12 KB, 598x279, instruments.png)
    12 KB
    Designed a couple. Waiting on GM verdict for what other sorts of musical wonders could have come from this.
    Also waiting for reply on exploration and roads.
    >> Nad'lun 04/18/12(Wed)17:05 No.18770226
    rolled 15 = 15

    Can the Na'suul be successful at developing rum from the excess hrass pups they have been able to steal from the Nad'lun trading vessels?
    >> Nad'lun 04/18/12(Wed)17:16 No.18770357
         File: 1334783761.png-(12 KB, 474x353, RUM!.png)
    12 KB

    Hell yeah!
    >> Burrahn 04/18/12(Wed)17:18 No.18770374

    I've been looking back on the thread, and you really need a Nad'lun version of I bet the Jews did this.jpg but blaming Lem.
    >> Nad'lun 04/18/12(Wed)17:40 No.18770606
         File: 1334785227.jpg-(97 KB, 792x480, i bet that the lem did this.jpg)
    97 KB

    >> Nad'lun 04/18/12(Wed)17:58 No.18770803
    Is this thread archived btw?
    >> Burrahn 04/18/12(Wed)18:02 No.18770829
    Be the end of all this there will be an inside joke for every situation. Currently there's Kunaba, Slizers, YuMel, Lem messing everything up, and SHOGUN GLUND.
    >> Burrahn 04/18/12(Wed)18:03 No.18770837
    Yes. Even if it wasn't, the foolz archive would get it.
    >> Anonymous 04/18/12(Wed)21:35 No.18773373
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 04/18/12(Wed)21:57 No.18773664
    Hello! I've returned from my slumb-
    >Kunaba takes another victim (or two)
    >Na'suul river pirates, with Hrass rum
    >Burrahn vine roads and Adoni Predator-ing them
    OH MY. This world is really spinning on its own!

    Kunaba Incident:
    Kahleel attempts to scale Kunaba and kill the legendary beast, in a bid to regain political favors. Unbeknownst to him, there's a Ta'mirel Lem following him, which once had served him in the army and developed a strong loyalty to him.
    But Kunaba had other plans.
    Kahleel came close to the peak, but then he was suddenly beset by the gigantic Ramel guardian. He quickly grabbed his axes, and fought the Ramel by jumping onto its back. At this moment, the Lem who followed him also sprang into action, distracting the beast.
    But then, a sudden snowstorm blew in. as visibility drops, the sound of metal against hardened carapace can still be heard amongst the howling winds, and the grunting and shouting of giant Ramel, Laster and Lem alike.
    After a while, only wind can be heard.
    Kahleel and the Lem did not return.

    The next year, scouts and rescue teams combed the area, and found the remains of a Laster, a Lem... and a gigantic Ramel, in a valley below a ravine.
    >> Falc 04/18/12(Wed)22:05 No.18773800
    One day Kunaba, one day, someone will find you.
    And when they do, thy will punch you in the dick.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 04/18/12(Wed)23:02 No.18774450
         File: 1334804543.png-(15 KB, 363x284, 1334584148826.png)
    15 KB
    Na'suul pirate/banditry has spread to more than just the Nad'Lun. They've taken to stealing and raiding from the Burrahn as well. The Burrahn may now know that the Na'suul are sentient... but the Na'suul know the Burrahn are. And they know that the Burrahn have technology. Technology they can steal.

    Meanwhile, the Nad'Lun's failed attempts at mining has made them try to domesticate the aquatic Hoppa instead.
    Unfortunately, this had attracted a river Slizer, and both the Nad'Lun and the river Hoppa flee for their lives.
    It seems to be a smaller version of what N'olai fought... but with an Onokelshan hand cannon, the Slizer was dispatched.

    As an addendum, the Land Slizers' canon form is this one. No black holes or absorbing fungi. THIS IS CANON. Lovecraft guy, this ain't the Moon.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 04/18/12(Wed)23:09 No.18774535
    Meanwhile, the Burrahn's accordion blowguns now has a didgeridoo mode, with multiple holes. These holes are sealed with a special cover piece when they need it to be used for blowgun mode.
    The Frilla forests of the east are alive with the droning music of the Burrahn!

    Yep, the Fus are still there, at least the ColonyFus and the stinging-nettle Fus. They float around like jellyfish and sometimes wash up ashore. I think they're food for the WhaleHoppas.
    Feel free to evolve the non-sentient species... as long as they make sense, not like what the retconned Land Slizer became. That's just left field.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 04/18/12(Wed)23:16 No.18774609
    The Onokelshan sailors have managed to sail along the coast... and landed near Burrahn territory. They managed to initiate contact.

    Oh yeah, I forgot about Burrahn vine roads! They've managed to make impressive networks of vine roads, so now the Frilla-trees in their area have these criss-crossing their canopy, kinda like that Ewok village. They've also discovered Written language! Although kinda crude, but it works.

    In the meantime, the Adoni hive adds another pair of Mevolan beak to their architecture. There's three pairs so far.
    >> Burrahn 04/18/12(Wed)23:47 No.18775046
         File: 1334807275.png-(506 KB, 1104x540, forbiden area.png)
    506 KB
    The vine roads are a more organized and maintained version of the above. Double lanes and such.

    With the disappearance of the scouting party, the location of the Adoni has been dubbed "Darrahnek Mervaa", or in our English Land of Mervaa,Taker of Radiance (the moon-god). It has been declared by Chief Lenarus as a forbidden land now.
    >I'll post a portrait soon.

    Raiding the Burrahn may be difficult. Their villages tend to be around the canopy of the forest.
    >> Nad'lun 04/19/12(Thu)00:16 No.18775414
    What about the other rolls I made IG? About the soul wind and (failed) forge building and other stuff.
    Sorry that I piled up so many updates, but it is the only way I can really participate due to the timezone differences.
    >> Burrahn 04/19/12(Thu)00:28 No.18775541
         File: 1334809731.png-(85 KB, 640x400, Lenarus.png)
    85 KB
    Might be a good to reply to the posts you want results to so he can find them.

    Final details added to portrait. Chief Lenarus.
    >> Nad'lun 04/19/12(Thu)00:46 No.18775697

    Good idea, but it is kina harder to do with my phone. I shall still try though.

    If there are updates you already responded to, feel free to ignore them.
    I am generally just interested in knowing what happened due to my rolls, even if they were bad, so that I might make plans from them.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 04/19/12(Thu)01:02 No.18775838
    Oh yeah. Missed that. So many backlogs of updates.
    Anyhow, Nad'Lun seems to have bad luck with forges and metal. Their latest attempt at digging a mine and researching new ways to mine are a fluke, and their attempts at a forge was not adequate enough to re-melt bought metal. As the Shaman searches the Soul Wind, the Shaman finds that there's a deluge of magical trickery behind all this. Has the trickster spirit returned to see An'ua's descendants? Only time will tell.

    Meanwhile, it's not just the Nad'Lun who had trouble with river Slizers. The Na'suul's campaign of piracy had to be delayed because some of their ships are attacked by Slizers.
    >> Nad'lun 04/19/12(Thu)02:15 No.18776404
    rolled 9, 13, 14, 4 = 40


    The Nad'lun make another attept at building a forge.
    They also send a new expedition to the great lakes near the mountains, but a smaller one. They plan to chart the area for a suitable place for a new settlement. A settlement which isn't in danger of being destroyed in an sudden "landslide".

    N'olai attempts to further investigate the magical distrurbance in the Soul Wind. Maybe the strange amulet will provide assistance?

    The interaction between the Na'suul and the Nad'lun is growing in the coastal region. The villages at the estuary of the river have become centers of trade and shady busines between the two hoppa groups. The Na'suul sell their rum, (made from the stolen hrass pulps mostly), in exhange for equipment and supplies for those who are willing to interact with the notorious pirates. Growing ammount of hoppas are quite eager actually. This far from the Naun'as, the political and cultural center of the Nad'lun, the influence of the Na'suul culture is much stronger. In these coastal fishing settlements, a new kind of hybrid culture is starting to form.

    Currently, the Na'suul are attempting to get their hands on some Nad'lun weaponry. Their recent encounters with the Slizers have shown them, that they lack the sufficent arms to reliably keep these swimming monsters from tearing up their boats.

    Rolling for forge building, expedition, answer seeking and shady Na'suul weapons dealings.
    >> Ta'Mirel: The war nongent 04/19/12(Thu)02:30 No.18776557
         File: 1334817006.png-(36 KB, 1067x454, Untitled.png)
    36 KB
    Far away from the southern coast where hoppa pirates make rum, further from the frilla jungles where melovas build wondrous treetop roads, past the great city of the enclave where frowgs make music, past the burning forges of the Onolkeshan tucked safely in their fortress city, deep in the frozen dead tundra There is war. Glorious war, The Lem for so long have denied their instincts, their urges were never meant for the other races....but here, here they were free, no one to watch them, or judge them. Just Lem, and their enemy, and the chance to be truly experience flesh part under their claws and teeth, to scream long into the night. The cold, cold wind ripped past them and they felt nothing but exhilaration. Ahead was an enemy to slaughter, and be slaughtered by. They couldn't be happier. No race would ever know the level of rage and joy they felt, no race would ever see this hell if the Ta'Mirel held the line.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 04/19/12(Thu)02:55 No.18776770
    The Nad'Lun gets a break from the metallurgy-related bad luck and managed to make a functioning forge. The expedition also found a suitable place for their settlement, on the southernmost edge of the mountain range. N'olai tries to use the amulet... and was bombarded by visions. Visions of the trickster spirit, rolling some shaped bones. The trickster spirit briefly smiled, and said: "Here's to interesting times. There's more to the world than you know. try swimming once in a while... oh yeah, watch out for the Slizers." he hands N'olai a leaf.
    The vision then disappears. Suddenly, one of the villagers rushed to N'olai's hut.
    A strange ship had appeared in the river, appearing from a purple fog... the ship is made of metal, and is bigger than any of the Nad'Lun's ships. It easily spans twice the length of the biggest boats they have.

    Meanwhile, the Na'suul are kind of frustrated due to the relative rarity of Onokelshan weaponry in these border villages. They haven't managed to get any.
    >> Nad'Lun: roll results nongent 04/19/12(Thu)02:56 No.18776788
    The nadlun develop a very primative stone and clay forge, by loading sand and dirt know to be rich in metal they are able to heat it hot enough to produce low quantities of metal. The liquid metal pours out of the forge from a tap where its dumped directly into clay molds. The molds are submerged in the river then shattered to get the tool/ weapon. While not amazing, it brings a sense of pride. This was done without Enclave technology or help.
    Scouts find a geologically stable caves in the mountain, they seem to go on forever. Inside are bioluminesant mosses, fungi, and a strange miniature hoppa creature. Fat and slow, it grazes on the moss. Perhaps a food source.
    The shaman hears laughing on the wind, quiet at first, then louder and louder. somehow he sees "Vines" pulling ever so slightly on various tribes, manipulating them on the most subtle of levels. The laughing turns to alien howling and screaming with a sense of cold, a brief surge of violence unleashed. beyond this, closer to the hoppa is a sense of anger, and base feelings. A taint is seeping into the Nad'Lun culture, as the visions fade a the sensation of the pheramone communication invades his mind. "the trees! IN THE TREES"
    The Na'Suul find a crate of rusty hand cannons off the coast. Wreckage from the slizer attacks. If they are used roll a 1d2, on a 2 they explode, possibly taking limbs or lives...or eyes...perhaps even a gonad or two. (eye patches, hooks, and peg legs ahoy!)
    >> nongent 04/19/12(Thu)02:59 No.18776805
    ACK! though you were gone, disregard my postings, or incorporate them into IG's if he allows it. IG, my apologies. I will now go and flog myself in penance. seriously, sorry if i stepped on your toes.
    >> VYRII COUNTERATTACK Indonesian Gentleman 04/19/12(Thu)03:08 No.18776870
    rolled 18, 2 = 20

    The Vyrii Overmind noted these Lem fighting with unbridled ferocity. Vastly different from their giant brethren. More agile, more cunning, and just as driven as their gigantic brethren, they present a threat to the Vyrii. But the Vyrii Overmind has plans.
    he sent out a force two dozen strong, half of them drones and half of them berserkers. He sent these towards the southwest, towards the K'Lahk homelands. Meanwhile, he also sent out a smaller force of a dozen to silently sneak towards the south, towards the gap between Mo'Shunka and Onokelsha territories.
    Rollan for success.
    >> nongent 04/19/12(Thu)03:19 No.18776985
    The Ta'Mirel so distracted with the carnage never noticed the two small strike forces slip by. The Laster will be hard pressed to protect their ancestral lands as they fell on the village outskirts with surprise and an uncaring ruthless efficiency. The smaller of the two forces fell awry to a Apex Ragas. they were delicious.
    >> Falc 04/19/12(Thu)03:50 No.18777281
    rolled 17 = 17

    The attack...was unexpected.
    Noone expected the Vyrii to get past the Ta'mirel line.

    A cry rises up as the Vyrii are spotted on the horison, and the frowgs of the K'Lahk lands ready themselves for battle.
    Their is no time for grand preperation or strategy, no time to prepare the cannons, the Vyrii advance too quickly, all they can do is grab their axes or crossbow, ride out on hastily strapped on saddles, and try and halt the foe outside the settlements.

    (rollin for defense)
    (inb4 1)
    >> Falc 04/19/12(Thu)03:52 No.18777310
    >roll directed towards stealth

    oh, I misread. Hopefully the defense still stands.
    welp gg
    >> Burrahn 04/19/12(Thu)04:02 No.18777388
         File: 1334822567.png-(61 KB, 712x509, Lenarus contemplate.png)
    61 KB
    Lenarus looks out over the village which he had been the chief of for the last thirty years of his life. In this time, he had watched so much change. The sudden appearance of the Glund and the devastation they brought to his people. The poison. Although that had long-passed and gave the Burrahn a tool to help fight off threats such as the invaders from the south and Purple Flouz, he still feels regret for allowing it to happen.
    Hunters used to be on their own while making trips out into the wilderness but these new instruments allowed them to coordinate over long distance. Not only that, but new life was brought to the tribe with music.
    The vast improvements to the network of vines allowed the village to grow larger than ever before. Surely these are great times for the Burrahn tribe, but with an old hunting ground becoming the lands now called Darrahnek Mervaa, Lenarus fears that this period of prosperity may not last much longer. He must know what lies within the unhallowed grounds.

    >> Burrahn 04/19/12(Thu)04:20 No.18777535
    rolled 8 = 8

    Lenarus gathers the council and explains what he plans to do. Lenarus himself plans to go out unto the Land of the Mervaa.
    He hands his staff to the eldest member. "If I do not return, I leave our people in your capable hands," the chief says to [I have yet to name this guy].
    He says that he cannot accept this request, and the rest of the council tries to convince their chief otherwise, but Lenarus has made up his mind.
    He takes his trusty spear, a large shield, and a container of glund poison. Farewells are made, and he starts his journey.

    Unlike most of the tribe, who were born of frilla bark, he was one of the Ground Born: Mevola who grew strong on the fertility of the forest soil. The Burrahn believe the Ground Born grow larger and stronger than the rest of the tribe because they take in the light Nemir took from Kraless directly from the earth, instead of taking it second hand from the trees. Rarely do they survive, as they are easier to get to for predators while still growing. Only the lucky or strong survive. Those who are Ground Born are strong enough to use the full shields.

    Rolling for a successful journey into the unknown (the Adoni nest)
    >> Burrahn 04/19/12(Thu)04:24 No.18777566
         File: 1334823884.jpg-(16 KB, 282x262, 1325998429649.jpg)
    16 KB
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 04/19/12(Thu)04:30 No.18777612
    Well the first roll was for success of the attack, and the second was for the stealth.
    As it stands, the small unit got eaten by a gigantic Ramel.
    The bigger unit, initially thinking it'd be a piece of cake, raided without warning. Thankfully, the K'lahk guard saw them, fortunate enough to sound the alarm before betting a spike to the body. With Onokelshan hand-cannons, arrows and the like, they managed to put up a fight against the Vyrii Horde. But, the Vyrii's berserkers are slowly gaining ground, and the K'Lahk managed to evacuate the women, children, and elderly. The men stayed behind to defend the village to their death.
    In the morning, there's only two Vyrii left standing, a drone and a berserker. Both are considerably wounded, however, and the village is burning. No K'Lahk survivors, but the women and children had successfully escaped and warned the other villages.
    An explosion happened; the village's remains of an arsenal takes out the drone.
    Only the lone berserker stands. It searched for the Overmind, but the Overmind saw that the battle was too costly. The Overmind then severs the neural connection to the berserker.
    The berserker moves no more.
    >> burrahn: roll results part 1 Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)04:42 No.18777687
    Lenarus moved with an authority and unspoken grace that kept the predators of the wild at bay. He was a peer, not prey. slowly he crept into the old hunting grounds. the wind whispered slightly, and the air grew chill...Lenarus would never know it, but that wind had originated from Kunaba, cursed mountain of the frowg. In that moment of distraction he was attacked by 3 adoni. Sweeping his spear wildly backwards the blunt end knocked one onto its back, then following up he gored another thru the eye, but the spear stuck fast. Using his massive shield he crushed the last one like a bug, which it was. On an attempt to retrieve his spear for the the vile beast the tip broke off. with a snap of his tentacles (vines?) he broke the end of the stick off and made a very long and sharp wooden steak out of it. Deeper into his old hunting grounds were more and more of the beasts. He had seen enough, it was time to turn back. Then it was too late. The beasts had crept up silently on him again. Twice he was caught off guard, and felt like a damn fool.
    >> burrahn: roll results part 2 Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)04:43 No.18777693
    He did not want to die a fool. A violent melee ensued, the makeshift pike cracked and splintered, it became a club. the club too broke. The Bark armor was in ruins and all Lenarus had left was his bottle of Glund poison and shield. In a gambit Lenarus poured the poison on the shield and surged forward crashing into the sea of Adoni, and after numerous painful injuries on his dash he was free, he did not stop running. The shield broken and covered in gore. The bugs injured by the sharp edges of the poisoned shield were already in their death twitches, vomiting their vital fluids and immediately being set upon by their brothers. It was a distraction that saved Lenarus. It wasn't until he returned to the tribe that it was made aware to him he was missing several limbs, an eye and the lower half of his beak, still he survived and was a hero, the information he gathered would be vital in the coming years. ((hey, at least it wasnt a 1 or 2.))
    >> Lastér Falc 04/19/12(Thu)04:45 No.18777704
         File: 1334825119.jpg-(17 KB, 400x428, 1323844673004.jpg)
    17 KB
    rolled 18, 3 = 21

    The Lastér were shocked. The Vyrii somehow subverted the Ta'Mirel lines and launched an attack on their northern territories.

    This was unacceptable.
    If the Lem could not be depended on to handle the Vyrii then it was time to take matters into their own hands.
    The K'Lahk territories are scoured and any Vyrii remains found taken to be studied by Enclave scientists.
    We will analyze their weaponry, their bodies and find effective ways to defend ourselves...and to destroy them.

    The relatively unharmed berserker body should do wonders.
    Rollan for enemy weapon and body analysis.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)04:45 No.18777708
    As the elder steps into the nest the Adoni swarm him. Devouring his body, but not his mind they bring the tattered remains of the elder deep into their hive. At the base of the frilla mind the adoni have a bare link to their hosts. The shamans mind is left in the core of the frilla.

    >I leave it to IG to tell us what the Melova brain matter and the frilla tree do.
    >> Falc 04/19/12(Thu)04:48 No.18777718
    rolled 1, 14 = 15

    This was an expected result actually. The bodies are not of this world, this makes understanding them a bit more complex.

    The information gained from studying the enemy weaponry is applied to improving frowg weaponry and armour capable of withstanding attacks from such weapons.

    rollan for weapon upgrades and armour upgrades.
    >> Falc 04/19/12(Thu)04:50 No.18777730
    rolled 13, 3 = 16

    funnily enough, this was also expected.
    maybe I should expect a 20 next time

    Will be doing more internal politics for next run barring another event.
    >> Nad'lun 04/19/12(Thu)04:57 No.18777762
    As I am posting this from my phone, won't be making any lenghty updates right now. I will try to combine the replies both IG and NG gave to my rolls as well as I can.

    On an unrelated note: Shouldn't we flesh out the other continents too, before getting too far with this civ stage stuff?
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 04/19/12(Thu)05:08 No.18777813
    Hmm, I think so, too.
    Very well, next thread would be an evo thread, exploring the desert of the Central. Should spawn a few more deadly critters, as well as sentient tribal-ready ones. Timeline would be roughly some time after the Black Dawn event.
    >> Ta'Mirel: Reports non gent 04/19/12(Thu)05:10 No.18777820

    A lone Ta'Mirel scout observed the loss of the village. It was sad, but a reality of war. The Frowg seemed to think that wast the worst the enemy had to offer, if only they saw the true war, and not some skirmish. This new generation fo Frowgs were soft, weak, despite being physically stronger. The old K'Lahk would have had axes up and ready...still many years have passed. times change. He signaled to the other lem scouts in the area. Deploying gliders they made their way back to the Enclave Capital City. The Frowg have to be warned at their gross underestimation of the enemy forces.

    rolling to warn of the true threat, and getting the frowg to mobilize a full army.
    >> Burrahn 04/19/12(Thu)05:11 No.18777826
         File: 1334826712.jpg-(2 KB, 114x126, 1317528016961.jpg)
    2 KB
    Is this Indonesian Gentleman? If so, you forgot your name. Even if he died in this fight, it would have been a fitting end.
    Looks like I'll have some art updating to do tomorrow.

    Nongent? I thing IG got to it first.
    I guess I forgot to mention that even though he's the chieftain, Lenarus is more around middle-aged than elderly. I see it as, long time to grow and live a long life.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)05:18 No.18777855
    Just the dude who made the adoni into the weird hive beasties. I was just going to move the story along for them incase IG/NG weren't around. But they were :P
    >> dice 2d20 non gent 04/19/12(Thu)05:19 No.18777858
    forgot my rolls, i guess this one is for falc to evaluate. however, even if this particular continent stops here, i like where its going. horrible giant plants that want to eat everything waiting for the war to end so that another can start (in the grim darkness of evo games there is only war) A stalemate between the Lem and the virii. Both unnatural occurances in the world. The Laster are going all Roman empire, corruption and decadence. New powers rise in the south, but so do new threats. This is...delicious.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 04/19/12(Thu)05:20 No.18777861
    Methinks it's all nongent. Eh, I'll approve. BTW, Mevolas are hardy creatures, and their brain can survive decapitation (not that they have a defined head anyways...)
    So, lenarus' brain is still alive, and is now communicating with the weak collective minds of the Frilla.
    So even though he's disembodied, he lives. His tribe might not think so, though.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 04/19/12(Thu)05:24 No.18777904
    Ah! no worries, I'm thinking it's cool. canon, even.
    BTW you can evolve the Adoni, you know. Non-sentient species can still be evolved.
    Although remember to keep them logical, not like what almost happened to the land Slizers.
    >> Burrahn 04/19/12(Thu)05:26 No.18777917
    So going with the not returning route. I really liked the one story that was written out and made him a total badass, but you're the boss here.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)05:30 No.18777935
    Nah I think it'll be fun to randomly create antagonists for these care bear races :D Which while not bad feels all too peaceful without some monsters! Thus mindless Adoni who want to march forward (not caring who they devour on the way).
    >> Lastér Falc 04/19/12(Thu)05:30 No.18777938
         File: 1334827822.png-(31 KB, 558x568, Frowg Dervish.png)
    31 KB
    The Lastér military, is ready and waiting.

    Every frowg must learn how to use an axe, and every frowg spends a portion of his youth in the military, but there are those who remain in the field and become skilled artisans of death.

    They have been training, refining their techniques on each other and the beasts that roam the land.

    The Frowg Dervish is skilled in the use of all four hands as weapons, whether in the use of axes, hand-cannons, flameweapons or even bare handed.
    They move quickly and fall on their targets with with deadly force, whirling and utilizing every part of their bodies in attack and defense, tails included.

    The armour their wear, hardened and treated with the recent anti-Vyrii methods they are more than willing to join in the battle. The only reason why they remain is because the council deemed it unnecessary for them to be paying field upkeep when the Ta'Mirel had the matter in hand.
    As the judgement was mistaken, the Enclave centered Lastér Dervish join the fray.
    >> non gent 04/19/12(Thu)05:32 No.18777944
    "Methinks it's all nongent. Eh, I'll approve" you are ok with my story, and were stating what would happen if yours was chosen, or yours is the cannon one? I too am confused.
    >> Falc 04/19/12(Thu)05:39 No.18777987

    Hold the line?
    Fuck that
    Push the line.
    >> non gent 04/19/12(Thu)05:41 No.18777994
         File: 1334828508.jpg-(25 KB, 448x500, 324-son-i-am-proud.jpg)
    25 KB
    rolled 17 = 17

    ((mega fucking awesome story, and new look.)) The Lem scouts message was heard, and the survivors of the K'Lahk ancestral village put fourth enough momentum to press the issue. The Onolkeshan have a potent naval force now...ironic considering a few generations ago they were terrified of water. ((going to say the boat frames laid out by the Ta'Mirel were utalized by the Onolkeshan, plus its cooler that way.)) They also have the best steel...that means the best cannons and hand weapons. If their fine warriors who have made war and death into a technical matter could be brought into the fray the Enclave will see the day won...barring interference from giant Ragas. It is understould they cant contribute as many forces due to most of their population is involved in the building and research for the war effort.
    rolling to make contact with the Onolkeshan captial city by gliders.
    >> Burrahn 04/19/12(Thu)05:43 No.18778001
    I'm also still a bit confused.
    >> Falc 04/19/12(Thu)05:45 No.18778011
    everybody is confused
    better blame Kunaba
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 04/19/12(Thu)05:45 No.18778012
    ...derp. I think i derped on one of the decisions seeing that nongent forgot his name on that one post. I thought the three of them were continuous.
    Ah snap, retcon time, this one is canon now

    Also, results on Vyrii dissection: The Laster finds out that the berserker's weapons were grown, but further study shows that their forms were optimal for piercing and stabbing, with some slashing possible. They can replicate this with their metalworking. But, they cannot seem to pierce the skin of the berserker easily, so they went and got a Lem to hack at it with an axe. After a while, and after the Lem went into a rage, the researchers return to find the berserker carcass badly mutilated, and a broken axe. Goddamn it, Lem lab assistant.
    >> Burrahn 04/19/12(Thu)05:52 No.18778049

    Looks like I'll have to make a major update tomorrow. Won't be until sometime in the afternoon in my time-zone, I think.
    >> Burrahn 04/19/12(Thu)05:53 No.18778055
         File: 1334829198.jpg-(35 KB, 474x355, 1315522435641.jpg)
    35 KB
    forgot pic
    >> Onolkeshan 04/19/12(Thu)05:53 No.18778057
    With the news of conflict in the north and resent clashes in the outlying villages, the Onolkeshan see that Ta'Mirel alone might not be enough to stop the Vyrii. That is why the king decides that small force of Onolkeshan field engineers are to be sent to the frontlines while rest of the people keep fortifying the lines for the worst scenario. The roads to the west must be kept safe.
    >> Falc 04/19/12(Thu)05:54 No.18778071
         File: 1334829296.jpg-(13 KB, 300x300, facepalm.jpg)
    13 KB

    he is definitely not getting that extra credit.
    >> Onolkeshan 04/19/12(Thu)06:03 No.18778139

    Yeah i forgot to say that the Ta'Mirel were actually there to help with building the ships but alas my memory is bad. Onolkeshan aren't afraid of water it's more like distrust, hard to explain.


    Gratz for Nad'lun for actually being able to free themselves from the need of Lem Steel. Oh well. You'll be back.
    >> Nad'lun 04/19/12(Thu)06:42 No.18778400
    rolled 5, 9, 14 = 28

    (the full combinination of IG's and NG's responses will have to wait for a little longer, but in the mean time, I'll post some minor updates.)

    To combat the increasing Na'suul raids, the elder council of the Nad'lun ordered the formation of a special group of warriors. A task force if you will, which would be able to quickly respond to any piratical activity in the Nad'lun waters. The already existing Slizer spotting outposts would be used to also monitor the pirates, and to relay the telepathic messages quickly to the proper authorities, allowing the rapid response groups to be aware of Na'suul raider activivty within moments of them being spotted.
    They are called the River Rangers.
    Or in theory that is. It is just at a proposal stage. The elders from the coastal region are rather sceptical of this idea, but it was widely supported by the rest of the council.

    The emissary that the council sent to the enclave capital in response to their warnings should have arrived there.

    To further fuel their expanssion to the northern lakes near the mountains, the Nad'lun begin to harvest frilla that also grows near the lakes.

    The Na'suul have found out that mixing hrass root paste, pozen pollen, crunched screaming hoppa scent bladders and ample ammounts of hrass rum will produce extremely intoxicating drug, that can cause powerful hallusinations and euphoria in hoppas if smeared over their tongues.
    They attempt to begin a full production of this stuff, so that they could sell it to the coastal villages for profit!

    Rolling for the River Rangers initiative, frilla harvesting and shady drug busines for the Na'suul.
    >> Nad'lun 04/19/12(Thu)08:40 No.18778994
    >Finally get back from work.
    >check this thread.
    >no new posts.

    Where did everyone go?
    >> Falc 04/19/12(Thu)09:08 No.18779095
    >> Nad'lun 04/19/12(Thu)09:58 No.18779366
         File: 1334843927.png-(47 KB, 804x493, cave hoppa.png)
    47 KB

    Although the forge is crude and primitive when compared to it's Onolkeshan counterparts, it is the first step for the Nad'lun to become self-sufficient with metal production.
    It also serves as a symbol for them, as now they don't need to rely on others for their necessities. They don't dislike other species, but they recent the idea of being dependent on outsiders.

    The second important step for the Nad'lun self-sufficiency is in the mountains near the great lakes. The expedition managed to both find a suitable place to settle in the southernmost point of the mountains, as well as a curious system of caverns, inhabited by another breed of hoppas. It has been ages since a new breed of hoppas have been found, and to the Nad'lun this is met like discovering a long lost brother. There is much dancing and cheering to be had, and they immediately attempt to commune with the fat little hoppa. They also start the foundations of the new settlement, and they revisit their attempts at figuring out better mining techniques.

    >> Nad'lun 04/19/12(Thu)09:59 No.18779373
         File: 1334843983.jpg-(701 KB, 1024x768, ghost ship.jpg)
    701 KB
    rolled 11, 19, 11, 17 = 58

    Meanwhile in Naun'as, N'olai tries to use the amulet to help him see the Soul Wind's guidance better. Instead, he is faced with chaotic visions which seem to imply that something hidden is working with the fates of the people of this world, screams about trees, and dark divinations cloud his mind, and when they finally begin to subside, he is visited by the trickster spirit, that his predecessor had named An'zutha. The "message" of the cursed tormentor leaves him in confusion, and as the visions finally withdraw themselves, he collapses to the floor of his hut, exhausted.

    He isn't able to rest for long, as a panicked hoppa bursts into his hut, screaming about big metal ship appearing out of nowhere.
    He slowly stands up, his old body aching as a protest everywhere.

    As he got out of his hut, he saw that there was indeed a strange ship emerging from purple fog at the river. The majority of the tribe was already either at the shores watching, or on their way there.
    The Nad'lun boat gunners are nervously waiting for the ship to act.

    Although the Na'suul didn't manage to get their hands on proper weaponry, one of them managed to find a crate of hand-cannons, albeit in poor condition. They were recovered, but few were foolhardy enough to actually wield one. The Na'suul take the weapons to their hideout, and start planning their next move.

    Rolling for new hoppa breed domestication, settlement building, figuring out mining and to see if the big ship does anything.
    >> Nad'lun 04/19/12(Thu)10:03 No.18779388
    In what area are the Adoni encountered?
    Because if they can bother the Burrahn, they should be quite near the Nad'lun as well.
    >> Falc 04/19/12(Thu)10:45 No.18779587
    They live in frilla to the south.
    so basically anywhere you see those purple splotches on the map is death country.
    >> Onolkeshan 04/19/12(Thu)10:50 No.18779606

    I'm also interested in knowing is that ship mine?

    Still waiting for the plot to continue as all Onolkeshan does now is wait and prepare.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 04/19/12(Thu)12:03 No.18779984
    Yes, yes it is. You are genre savvy.

    The River Rangers idea was brilliant... until the idea of who should volunteer was discussed. Either they were busy keeping watch on the Slizers, too scared or symphatizes with the Na'suul.
    Meantime, the Frilla harvest goes normally. Nothing of note happened.
    Cave Hoppas, since they never had any natural predators, are quite docile and easy to domesticate. The settlement grows quickly, around and in the cave. To their surprise, this cave had plenty of greenish crystals which glow neatly in the dark, as well as plenty of Star-Rock and Sky-Rock just laying around. The moss was also found to be edible for sentient Hoppas. This settlement will prosper.
    Just in time, then, for the Hoppa to learn proper ways of mining.
    Meantime, the big ship stays still. Many Hoppas wait and look at the riverbanks, some even riding on Nad'Lun boats to get closer.
    Then suddenly a Lem popped into view. Then a dozen. It seems they're just as confused as the Nad'Lun are.
    (Na'suul shenanigans to follow)
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 04/19/12(Thu)12:23 No.18780109
    The Na'suul, meanwhile, gets high as a kite just a few hours after the invention is made. I'm talking baked out of their minds. They were absolutely astonished when they start to see purple haze, which seemed to creep from beyond their field of vision. Figures start to take form and dance around the campfire, some of them spirits. They can see a bright purple sentient Hoppa dancing jolly and hoppy like Jolly Tom, Tom Bom, Ring a Dong Dillo Bombadil, a white-skinned, elderly Frowgman wearing a sombrero, doing the rumba beat and shaking his maracas Chikk-Chikky-Boom, and a Mevolan bathed in radiant yellow light doing the dougie. There's also a dark figure with many red eyes, crystalling in form, laughing haphazardly. Bottles of unknown script and liquid floated in the air and chanted 'Faygo, Faygo', while unknown sounds start to filter in like there's a drunk playing with the tuner and volume dials of a radio, utterly comprehensible to the blazed Na'suul. K'Nula suddenly rose, and gestured:
    "Miracles, man. Miracles."
    The response was a loud cheer from the fully stoned crowd.
    >> Nad'lun 04/19/12(Thu)12:45 No.18780272
         File: 1334853901.jpg-(46 KB, 451x392, 1300797600611.jpg)
    46 KB
    rolled 16, 6, 16, 2, 17, 4 = 61


    >Miracles, man. Miracles.

    That actually made me laugh.
    I think that the Na'suul will be out of the picture for a short period. They need to get themselves sober before they can do anything.

    As the lem aren't telepathic, the Nad'lun are unsure of how to communicate with their sudden visitors. They attempt to haphazardly write down a message in the frog tongue, and then give it to the lem.

    The new settlement is named Nul'subar. The practical knowledge gained from building the forge at Naun'as, is used to make another one in the new settlement. They also attempt to cautiously improve the forge, but in such ways, that nothing short of a catastrophic failure would harm the whole forge itself.
    The Nad'lun also attempt to collect these glowing crystals, along with the star- and sky-rocks.

    Even if the cave hoppas were easy to domesticate, without a practical use for them, they are just dead weight. The Nad'lun try to figure out how to utilize their newfound cousins.

    Could you specify what the Star-Rocks and Sky-Rocks are?

    Rolling for lem communication, forge improving, collecting (3 rolls) and figuring out how to use the fat little docile hoppas.
    >> Nad'lun 04/19/12(Thu)13:04 No.18780413
         File: 1334855064.png-(148 KB, 2344x492, mountain flora and fauna.png)
    148 KB

    Well, I guess the moss eating little fatties are useless as anything other than novelty pets.

    Anyways, I took the liberty of coming up some fauna and flora for the mountain region, as, at least if I remember correctly, there was almost no creatures that had adapted to the mountains.

    1. Cliff yantar.
    A small yantar plant that grows in the mountains.
    2. Stalk pops.
    Stalk plant variants, whose one leaf changes to an orb, filled with sticky spores after the plant has matured. These orbs can be popped easily, causing the spores to fly everywhere at high speeds.
    3.Rock pulps.
    Colonial organisms, that form very hard translucent "pulps" that are filled with symbiotic algae that photosynthesizes for both organisms.
    4. Mountain frilla.
    A small frilla plant growing in the mountains.

    5.Gulp glund.
    Fast, cowardly and lightly armored glund, with endless appetite. Feeds mostly on plants and moves small groups. When threatened, will run away as fast as it's legs can carry it.
    6.The Great Wesk.
    The apex predator of the mountains. Lives in small family groups, and hunts everything that moves bellow it. It uses it's strange claws to snatch, impale of simply trip the prey over in the dangerous mountain terrain, potentially causing them to fall and die. Has a poisonous stinger it uses on more dangerous prey.
    7.Mountain hoppa.
    An agile flash hoppa offshoot, that maneuvers the cliffs with swift and accurate jumps.
    8. Behemoth glund.
    Extremely heavily armored glund, with a mace like tail.
    >> Falc 04/19/12(Thu)13:04 No.18780416
         File: 1334855081.png-(38 KB, 386x468, fresh meat.png)
    38 KB
    >fully stoned crowd
    now is the time to strike
    >> Falc 04/19/12(Thu)13:07 No.18780438
    >> Nad'lun 04/19/12(Thu)13:27 No.18780592
         File: 1334856421.png-(19 KB, 734x492, never again.png)
    19 KB
    rolled 17 = 17

    Lets try this again shall we?

    Rolling to see if the Na'suul sober up.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/12(Thu)13:27 No.18780599
    is there a wiki or something where I can figure out what the hell I am reading?
    >> Nad'lun 04/19/12(Thu)13:32 No.18780654

    Yes, kinda.

    It doesn't really focus on this one though.
    Basically, this started as an evolution game, run by Indonesian Gentleman, and we are now in the tribal stage. We have been here for some time now.

    Here is a link to the earlier threads if you wish to read them and catch up.
    I suck at summarizing stuff, so I'll leave it to someone who can do it better.
    >> Falc 04/19/12(Thu)14:04 No.18780942
    other threads

    finally done
    sleep time now
    jumping back into politics later
    >> Nad'lun 04/19/12(Thu)15:14 No.18781624
         File: 1334862862.png-(138 KB, 2454x492, marsh flora and fauna.png)
    138 KB
    I made some species for the marshes too.
    No need to use them, if you don't want to IG, but in case you do, feel free to do so.

    For these, I didn't really put much thought behind.
    There is one flouz derivate, a new hoppa, a variant of the walking slizer with stronger tail and other things.
    >> Onolkeshan 04/19/12(Thu)15:37 No.18781859
         File: 1334864274.jpg-(59 KB, 454x340, Finnish_summer.jpg)
    59 KB
    rolled 9 = 9

    What kind of flora grows in northern areas? Should they be Evergreen like trees or just something like barren husk looking trunks. Undergrowth maybe lichen or moss with some hay. Of course with some modifications to fit into this world.

    Onolkeshan started building the still into the Enclave city to make some liguor for the Frowgs to sink their sorrows.

    Roll for Still
    >> Nad'lun 04/19/12(Thu)15:44 No.18781953

    This grows in the tundra.
    Enjoy your carnivorous building sized monster plants.
    >> Onolkeshan 04/19/12(Thu)15:50 No.18782023
    I have no idea how the hell something like that survives in the cold but i ain't gonna complain.
    >> Nad'lun 04/19/12(Thu)15:54 No.18782077

    You will need to consult falc and nongent about that thing.
    I didn't participate in the tundra evo threads, for reasons I don't currently remember, so I only know the basics of those monster plants.
    >> Onolkeshan 04/19/12(Thu)16:57 No.18782732

    If only nongent would show up. There is war to lose.
    >> Burrahn 04/19/12(Thu)18:45 No.18783891
    >> Burrahn 04/19/12(Thu)20:52 No.18785369
         File: 1334883152.png-(80 KB, 640x400, Injured lenarus.png)
    80 KB
    rolled 1 + 2 = 3

    It had been six days since their chief left to uncover the secrets of Darrahnek Mervaa. The people of the Burrahn tribe were beginning to wonder if Lenarus would ever return. When the day turned to dusk, a badly injured Mevola limped into the center of the village, whom all of the tribe recognized to be their chieftain. That night was filled with song and dance in celebration of Lenarus' return. While the tribe partied into the night, the chief watched happily while his wounds were tended to before turning in. With a lack of medical knowledge, he will be forever crippled.
    The next day, Lenarus shared his findings with the council. without a lower jaw, his speech had become difficult to understand, but after enough time, the message got across. The existence of the Adoni has been made known to the Burrahn. With this knowledge, preparations are made for in the case that they ever begin to wander into the village.

    Rolling a d8 to determine which direction the Adoni nest is relative to the village and then d20's to begin looking into medicine and "Adoni-proofing" the village, so to speak.
    >> Burrahn 04/19/12(Thu)20:55 No.18785406
    rolled 2 = 2

    It appears that it's impossible to roll different types of dice at once. Rolling d8.
    >> Burrahn 04/19/12(Thu)20:59 No.18785453
    rolled 12, 16 = 28

    Okay, the Adoni seemed to go around the village at first and made their hive in the north-east.
    Now rolling for the improvements.
    >> Burrahn 04/19/12(Thu)21:36 No.18785809
    I should probably say what I meant by "Adoni-proofing."
    Training warriors on effective ways to hunt them, fixing spears as spiked perimeters, etc.
    >> roll results nongent 04/19/12(Thu)22:20 No.18786349
    ((mid low roll, but you have guns and armor)) attacking the Giant Ragas at range the beasts rarely manage to kill too many of the soldiers. The Onolkeshan use the exercise as boarder control to stop the encroaching ragas. The corpses are badly mangled but still a fair amount of oil can be extracted by crushing the plant. The pulp is then fermented while the fruit is removed and put in casks for long term fermentation. The low supply of high end ragas fruit wine makes for high demand. The more common Ragas pulp beer is easily available and a bulk seller. Massive facilties are built in the Enclave capital "undercity".
    sober, and now slightly paranoid about drugs ruining them. Na'suul dont care about exporting the products though.
    the Burrahn have a difficult time protecting their treetop villages from the encroaching bugs, they were made to be wide open and free, their protection was their height. this is no longer the case...Lenarus sat idly, in his crippled state, it was maddening. He had to get his body back. how?! IT was so simple, a splinted branch held a crippled arm in place. There...days later thru an elaborate system of carved frilla bark pieces and vine straps Lenarus had crude replacements for what was lost. A wooden lower beak attached to the stump of his original, each torn limb ending in a savage wooden spike...IF he was a leader before, he was the embodiment of war now.
    >> nongent 04/19/12(Thu)22:46 No.18786724
    rolled, 16, 2, 17, 4 = 61
    collecting (3 rolls) and figuring out how to use the fat little docile hoppas.
    Developing further on the text based language, the Hoppas use simple universal gestures with their tentacles and simple chirp and grunts meaning commonly used words.
    Attemping to improve their forges the Nad'Lun tried out various new compounds to make a hotter fire. This was not good, quite horrible really.
    Resource collection went underway with a boom. Glowing green crystals are easy to harvest, and literally everywhere. The Star and sky rocks proove to take a little more get at, their mining was still very rudimentary. The edible moss is lush and dense, able to be pulled up in great sheets and distributed far and wide. The fat hoppas are good for kicking, pets, and...eating...and, their mind is so simple it does not take much to use their telepathy and pheromones to implant suggestions in their tiny brains.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 04/19/12(Thu)23:17 No.18787163
    Star-Rock is a combustible black rock which sparkles. Think of something like orichalcum aka coal. Which burns blue. The Slanera found them first, and in great quantities under their island.
    The Sky-rock is actually the ore of metal, first found by Onokelshans. It's a richer source of metal than Ramel or Cidex chitin.

    The Lem replies by putting up Frilla bark signs, sorta like Wile E Coyote. "We're an Onokelshan coastal exploration group... can anyone tell us why we're on a river, now?"
    By strengthening the forge and using the newly found star-rock, they can make a more efficient forge.
    The Nad'Lun harvest the crystals and sky-rock easily enough, because they're quite abundant. The star-rock, however, are lodged in between other rocks, and hard to pry out.
    As for the cave Hoppas, no rolls necessary... it seems these guys can dig through rock easily. Molehoppas? Maybe a descendant of the digging Hoppa. it is plausible to train them to dig and fetch ores instead of risking sentient Hoppa life in unstable mines.
    >> Burrahn 04/20/12(Fri)00:42 No.18788216
         File: 1334896925.png-(144 KB, 711x509, village fortifications.png)
    144 KB
    rolled 16, 3, 15 = 34

    >Peg mouth? Cool. I had thought more of more herbal remedy type discoveries, but that can come later.

    Some Adoni have started coming close to the village, but the preparations have proven adequate at keeping them at bay. Crutches and peg legs are made for those who become injured in defense. Lenarus himself even has a wooden jaw.

    Without seeking word from the council, one member of the tribe gets the bright idea to try luring some slizers to the adoni nest.

    >Rolling for slizer luring, further medical discoveries/innovations, and if Mevola leaves are capable of regrowing.
    >Also, do the rage glund deter the Adoni from coming near?
    >> nongent 04/20/12(Fri)01:02 No.18788480
    waiting for indogent, but...SHOGLUD RULES THE GROUND!!!!
    >> Burrahn 04/20/12(Fri)01:14 No.18788620
         File: 1334898894.png-(10 KB, 141x144, SHOGUNGLUND.png)
    10 KB
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 04/20/12(Fri)01:15 No.18788632
    The plan worked well. A brave Mevolan was sent to aggravate and lure a land Slizer to the Adoni hives. He went and saw one. Staying quiet, he throws rocks at it to get its attention.
    What he didn't expect is that he also aggravated a Shogun Glund along with the land Slizer. So now he's running (or rather, swinging from tree to tree) for his life while two monstrous beasts chase him below the canopy. Soon enough, he reached the forbidden area, and some Adoni also followed him, jumping from tree to tree like him.
    Soon enough, the Mevolan reached the Adoni hives, and he barreled through, throwing rocks to distract Adoni warriors. He managed to outrun all of them, and reached a Mevolan village. What he missed, however, is an awesome fight, the Land Slizer fighting the Shogun Glund in the Adoni hive, while Adoni are scurrying about trying to defend their home.
    Truly, a spectacle missed.

    Other than augmentations, the Mevolans find no more innovations, since they can regrow parts. Adoni poison, however, prevents this from happening correctly, so Lenarus is still using that wooden jaw.
    >> Burrahn 04/20/12(Fri)01:33 No.18788850
         File: 1334900034.png-(7 KB, 140x157, SHOGUN GLUND.png)
    7 KB
    >Uh, IG, Rage Glunds are the species. Shogun Glund is a non-canon charac-

    >> Falc 04/20/12(Fri)01:40 No.18788918
         File: 1334900422.png-(90 KB, 318x235, mah nigg.png)
    90 KB
    >> Falc 04/20/12(Fri)01:42 No.18788939
    ...is the thread autosaging?
    >> Falc 04/20/12(Fri)01:42 No.18788946
    >> Burrahn 04/20/12(Fri)01:49 No.18789009
    Thread's already archived, so we don't need to worry about losing anything.
    Time to make a new thread, or just make dumb jokes until 404?
    >> Burrahn 04/20/12(Fri)02:05 No.18789140
         File: 1334901913.png-(85 KB, 640x400, We can rebuild him we have the(...).png)
    85 KB
    I'll just post this since I have it
    I knew the beak would never recover, along with the bark, but the leaves usually will, given enough time and a lack of adoni poison.
    >> nongent 04/20/12(Fri)02:27 No.18789344
    new thread....NEW THREAD. just add a pic, no text, and type primordial or evoltuion, but evo seems to get censored and not bumpable so put periods after every letter if thats the case. THE SHOW...must go on. im very entertained by the southern tribes. its their time to shine, im content playing as NPC monsters.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 04/20/12(Fri)02:45 No.18789491
    Psst! New thread would be an evo game on the desert. I'll plop the starting species tomorrow.
    Rest up, we'll return to these lands a few threads later.
    >> Falc 04/20/12(Fri)02:47 No.18789510
    >> Falc 04/20/12(Fri)03:11 No.18789686
    also the glund species I can remember but don't have time to find a pic for

    Shield Glund - your average everyday glund. armoured; spiked tail; horns; basis of all the other glunds; Poisonous
    Ash Glund - Hard shell; no spikes; holes can spew out clouds of ash like dust when threatened; corrosive chemicals; build homes of dirt or rock similar to termite mounds; Poisonous
    Rage glund - XBAUX HUGE; spikes; extra horns; always angry, always; Poisonous
    Charge glund - generates electricity; things that touch it's shell get shocked; can tase with horns or tail; favoured food melova; Poisonous
    Gulp glund - Fast, cowardly and lightly armored glund, with endless appetite. Feeds mostly on plants and moves small groups. When threatened, will run away as fast as it's legs can carry it...Poisonous (trollface)
    >> Falc 04/20/12(Fri)03:15 No.18789719
         File: 1334906125.png-(9 KB, 141x144, madshogunglund.png)
    9 KB
    >> Nad'lun 04/20/12(Fri)03:37 No.18789852

    You forgot the behemoth glund, which makes up for the lack of poisons and hrons with extra armor. Their shells evolved to become extremely resilient, in order to withstand the great wesks killing them by dropping heavy rocks at their backs from high up.

    They are all armor, all the time.
    >> Onolkeshan 04/20/12(Fri)06:41 No.18791038

    Nice! I just hope i will see the thread when it comes.
    >> nongent 04/20/12(Fri)06:50 No.18791094
    this is my last post in this thread before sleep, then work, then thread 404. i hope indo posts it, i know i will be checking all of /tg/s pages like a crazy man tomorrow untill it shows itself. The Lem and frowg rage on into the cold winter night, Hoppa and Melova have new beginnings and a loss of innocence and simplicity as the times progress....it should be a good new day in the desert.
    >> Falc 04/20/12(Fri)07:28 No.18791323
    >inb4 flamethrower lizards
    >> Nad'lun 04/20/12(Fri)09:04 No.18791771
         File: 1334927070.png-(1.46 MB, 3680x4200, Hoppa evolution.png)
    1.46 MB
    This chart needed some updating.

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