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  • File: 1334419524.jpg-(60 KB, 756x465, mqtlom12.jpg)
    60 KB Maidlover !KiXFR7D/7. 04/14/12(Sat)12:05 No.18709464  
    >> Maidlover !KiXFR7D/7. 04/14/12(Sat)12:06 No.18709469
    Past Threads
    My blog http://ecchiquestgamer.blogspot.com/

    You are Hito Hijikatai the current master of the mansion in Japan, and sometime you become your alter ego Sénior Jalapéno a luchador of Justice. Genki Shirou is your current butler who can randomly shift into his alter-ego June. Your half-sister Tomoe is magical girl from different world and she fear male rapist.

    You have also got four maids. Katherine the delinquent maids, Sasha the mini-gun wielding maid, Akari the fortune teller and doctor maid, and Rachelle the sexy southern maid. Then also you have a cute crocodile ninja girl who are living in your mansion.

    Your Current Favor: 4 points

    Mansion Facilities
    18 Bronzement Room (Count as dangerous training room)
    Game Room
    Luchacave (Formely Batcave)
    Outdoor Pool
    Maidlover's Bizarre Shop
    Magical Portal Room
    Secret Passages

    Genki/June, Your Butler (Friendly/More than Friendly?)
    Sasha, Your Maid (Friendly)
    Katherine, Your Maid (Warm)
    Akari, Your Maid (Friendly)
    Rachelle, Your Maid (Warm) SEXED
    Croco-Chan, The Crocodile Ninja Girl (Friendly)
    Tomoe, Your Half-Sister (Warm)
    >> Maidlover !KiXFR7D/7. 04/14/12(Sat)12:08 No.18709487
    Your Abilities

    Jackie Chan's Training: You can move around like Jackie Chain and you become more skillful to use any objects as weapons.
    Martial Arts Training: You gain training on martial arts training and it improve your hand-to-hand combats.
    Unlimited Ladder Works: You can pull out unlimited numbers of ladders from nowhere.

    Your Items

    Dandy Ninja Suit: It give wearer some ninja abilities.
    Holy Sandwiches: When you throw the sandwich into the air, you can summon Heavy from Team Fortress 2.
    Sénior Jalapéno Mask: When you wear it, you become Sénior Jalapéno the Luchador of Justice. It also increase your hand to hand combat skills.
    Utility Belt: You can pull out almost any useful tools in most situations but you must make a dice rolls check for it.
    >> Maidlover !KiXFR7D/7. 04/14/12(Sat)12:10 No.18709497
    Last time, your butler Genki had found the ancient dwarf city in your land. Somehow Genki broke one of their sacred statues and because of his action, he will be sacrificed for their lava god Kafhen. One of the dwarf Kazhir came up to the surface and helping you to save your butler. To save him, you and your maids must do the three trials. Rachelle and Katherine success their trials and now you must success the battle bike combat.

    You had visit Kazhir's friend who are running a bike shops plus he is a strange otaku... You had let Kazhir's friend to customized the bike so that it become tougher and it have enlarged fuel tank. Afterward you and Kazhir head back to Kazhir's home, your maids except Katherine are making breakfast. Katherine seem to have real hangover after the drinking contest trial. Katherine turned to you with tired look as she holding on her head.
    "What the heck is happening...! I remember that I had drinking contest with a disgusting dwarf... And also... Why do I have a salty taste in my mouth...?" Katherine said as she try to drink some water to cure her hangover.

    What now master? You have enough spare time before you will need to head to the arena.
    >> The Protagonist !!pMzzp1W1qmh 04/14/12(Sat)12:11 No.18709510

    Been looking forward to it all week, ML.

    >read the Sidestories last night. Good stuff.
    >> The Protagonist !!pMzzp1W1qmh 04/14/12(Sat)12:14 No.18709533

    Clean ourselves up, change clothes, & wait for breakfast to be ready. After we eat, we should give the upgraded Lucha-bike one last lookover to make sure everything's working properly.
    >> Maidlover !KiXFR7D/7. 04/14/12(Sat)12:20 No.18709598
         File: 1334420430.jpg-(64 KB, 640x361, ohgren.jpg)
    64 KB
    You decided to clean up and change into new clothes. You knock on the bedroom door before you decided to enter. No answer, so you open the door and went inside to undress.

    As you undress, you hear a familiar voice...
    "Talk about nice ass lady..."
    You turn around quickly and see half naked Oghren in the bathtube. He look very drunk and he seem to be stared at you.
    "Oh sorry... I thought that you where a woman..." Ohgren said and then he burp loudly.

    > About future sidestories, I will do either Yukata or Sasha.
    >> The Protagonist !!pMzzp1W1qmh 04/14/12(Sat)12:21 No.18709607
    Once we're sure the bike's ready, it couldn't hurt to talk to the girls & Kazhir. Maybe he knows Dhurmar the Black Wheeler's style: his favorite tactics, etc.

    My Lucha-senses tell me this is going to be a very difficult fight.
    >> The Protagonist !!pMzzp1W1qmh 04/14/12(Sat)12:25 No.18709637

    Oghren's an obvious perv but maybe he knows Dhurmar's style. He's half-drunk so he might spill the beans. Talk to him about Dhurmar while we clean up.
    >> Maidlover !KiXFR7D/7. 04/14/12(Sat)12:37 No.18709734
    You decided to ask Oghren but first you helping him out the bathtub and letting him sit on the toilet.
    You start taking bath while you start talking with Oghren about Dhurmar.
    "Why the way Oghren... Do you know anything about Dhurmar?" You asked him.
    "Dhurmar...? Oh yes Dhurmar! He is an tough guy who love riding fast bike and fast women... Bwhahaha! Asschabs!" Oghren said and then he fall into sleep.

    You try to wake him up but he is in deep sleep so that you can't wake him up. So you put on your new clothes, a type of clothes that are more fitted for combat.

    You head inside the kitchen to eat your breakfast.
    >> The Protagonist !!pMzzp1W1qmh 04/14/12(Sat)12:42 No.18709767

    >definitely put on the red/white Señor Jalapeño outfit

    "Good morning, Kazhir. Morning, girls. Everyone sleep well?.....Kazhir, have you seen this Dhurmar the Black Wheeler race? I'm completely new with Battle Biking so anything you can tell me about his style or his favorite tactics would be a huge help."
    >> Genki Mini Sidequest Maidlover !KiXFR7D/7. 04/14/12(Sat)12:46 No.18709797
    You are Genki Shirou and you think it is very awesome to be a butler because butler can do many cool stuff like... Building a house that made of earth, watching at the butterfly, eating some Araki's weird herbs and many fun stuff!

    You started to get boring being in the cell so that you pull out one of the iron bars and tried to shape it into something.

    What will Genki make with iron bars?
    A: Turn iron bars into a dog.
    B: Turn iron bars into shape of Croco-chan.
    C: Turn iron bars into shape of Katherine.
    D: Turn iron bars into shape of Hito.
    E: Turn iron bars into shape of Hana.
    F: Something else.
    >> The Protagonist !!pMzzp1W1qmh 04/14/12(Sat)12:49 No.18709825
         File: 1334422183.jpg-(12 KB, 343x392, ShirouSeesTits.jpg)
    12 KB

    >Genki sidequest

    Oh, this should be fun......let's start with the basics. First try A, then we'll try making one of Hana. Something tells me that Genki is one of her Oppai Queens fanboys.

    >thinking about re-coloring this image for Genki
    >> Genki Mini Sidequest Maidlover !KiXFR7D/7. 04/14/12(Sat)13:02 No.18709918
    You decided to make a doggy first because you like dogs! Except bad dog, because they are bad!
    Despite it made of metal, you easily shaped if it was made of clay. You slowly transformed the iron bars into a cute little doggy figure. You remember that your arts teacher praised your artistic skill and you where very happy about it.

    Then you pulled out several iron bars and start making statue of naked Hana. You remember the clearly shape of her breast after she aciddenly slamming at you with her large breast.

    After you are done with Hana statues, you cry in joy that you made a perfect statues of her! You notice that you run out off iron bars and you started to get boring again.

    What now?
    A: Leave the cell, it is soooooooo boring in there!
    B: Call the guard for foods!
    C: Leave your cell and talk with the other prisoner.
    D: Leave your cell and talk with the guard.

    > I'm working on drawing of Genki and you can expect that he will have a look of idiot.
    >> The Protagonist !!pMzzp1W1qmh 04/14/12(Sat)13:08 No.18709961

    >can't wait to see that picture

    Genki is dumb but even he should realize that the others are going through these Trials for his sake. Escape might not be the best idea now, but I dunno if he'd think of that or not.

    So let's talk with the other prisoners for a while. I vote: C.
    >> Genki Mini Sidequest Maidlover !KiXFR7D/7. 04/14/12(Sat)13:25 No.18710111
    You decided to talk with other prisoner! You break free from your cell and walk over to other cell. You see a dwarf that are covered with tattoos and you decided to greet him.
    "Hi there! I'm Genki!"
    The dwarf in the cell just simple stared at you and he tried to say something to you.
    "Hello there lad... I notice that you broke free from your cell."
    "Yes! I'm getting very boring in the cell... Do you know where I could find something fun?" You asking him.
    "Hmmm... Yes... I know one place lad... If you break me free, I will show you the place." He said as he grinned widely.
    "No Problem!" You said as you started to break the iron bars...
    >> The Protagonist !!pMzzp1W1qmh 04/14/12(Sat)13:27 No.18710127

    AHAHAHAHA....Genki Shirou: the child trapped in a man's body. My 3-year-old nephew gets in less trouble.
    >> The Protagonist !!pMzzp1W1qmh 04/14/12(Sat)13:42 No.18710264
         File: 1334425356.jpg-(16 KB, 479x361, EveryoneGetInHere.jpg)
    16 KB
    Come on, fellow fa/tg/uys. I see posts all around the boards wondering when this quest runs but then they never show up.
    >> Back to Hito Maidlover !KiXFR7D/7. 04/14/12(Sat)13:42 No.18710265
    "Morning, girls. Everyone sleep well?" You greeted the girls.
    "Morning master!" All the maid except Katherine are saying in same time.

    "Kazhir, have you seen this Dhurmar the Black Wheeler race? I'm completely new with Battle Biking so anything you can tell me about his style or his favorite tactics would be a huge help."
    "About Dhurmar, he is a very skilled biker who use extremely fast bike and he like to use chain with iron ball. But his greatest weapon is his bike because he had learned to use his bike as lethal weapon. Even you disarming his weapon, so long he have his bike he will be still formidable fighter." Kazhir said and then he drinking his beer.

    What now? Do something else or head straigth for arena?
    >> The Protagonist !!pMzzp1W1qmh 04/14/12(Sat)13:46 No.18710303

    >chain with an iron ball

    "So he uses a flail, huh? Am I provided a weapon for use in the battle, or will I have to bring one?"

    OOC: I wonder what kind of weapon we should use. Señor Jalapeño is more of a martial artist, but with Jackie Chan's Training we're fine. Just need to decide what to use.
    >> Maidlover !KiXFR7D/7. 04/14/12(Sat)13:55 No.18710380
         File: 1334426124.jpg-(6 KB, 275x183, index.jpg)
    6 KB
    "So he uses a flail, huh? Am I provided a weapon for use in the battle, or will I have to bring one?" You asked him.
    "If you don't have any weapons with you, we could proddive you with normal weapons." Kazhir said.

    You remember that you had brought along a weapon with you and you start checking in your bag.

    Everybody roll a 1d100, those with highest roll may decide the weapons so long it is not magical or hightech.
    >> The Protagonist !!pMzzp1W1qmh 04/14/12(Sat)14:02 No.18710451
    rolled 33 = 33


    Dey see me rollin.....

    Let's stick with weapons from our heritage: Tachi get!

    >> The Protagonist !!pMzzp1W1qmh 04/14/12(Sat)14:12 No.18710540
         File: 1334427143.jpg-(37 KB, 320x320, JushinLigerArmsCrossed.jpg)
    37 KB
    Once our weapon choice is decided & it's time for Battle Biking....

    Kiss & hug Rachelle, hug Tomoe, & give each of the other girls a smile in turn. "It's time. Wish me luck, everyone."

    Get on the Lucha-bike, hold the Señor Jalapeño mask in our hands & mutter a soft prayer.

    "Señor Jalapeño, if your spirit truly resides in this mask, then grant me this request: lend me your power in this upcoming battle. Power to save my idiot butler Genki's life."

    Nod our head in a slight bow to the mask, then put it on. Lucha Time!

    Music for the battle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwHSWXa3JQM&list=FLwidMut8exQ8Sr-hJRp7GjA&index=5&feature
    >> Maidlover !KiXFR7D/7. 04/14/12(Sat)14:19 No.18710612
         File: 1334427570.jpg-(28 KB, 550x550, tachi-sword.jpg)
    28 KB
    You pulled out an ancient tachi sword from your backpack and you admired the handcrafts. Even it is very old, it still look like a new one.

    The tachi is the best type of weapon for riding combat. You unsheathed the sword and looked at the blade until you sheathed it back.

    "Are you ready yet lad? The last trial will start soon." Kazhir said as he leaned against the wall.

    You give huge to Rachelle and Tomoe, then you smiled at rest of the girls. "It's time. Wish me luck, everyone."

    You getting on your Lucha-bike as Kazhir do likewise with his own bike. You pulled out your mask and then you mutter a sound prayer.

    "Señor Jalapeño, if your spirit truly resides in this mask, then grant me this request: lend me your power in this upcoming battle. Power to save my idiot butler Genki's life."

    You don't feel any special from the mask but you slightly bow to the mask and putting it on. It is Lucha Time!
    >> The Protagonist !!pMzzp1W1qmh 04/14/12(Sat)14:32 No.18710753
         File: 1334428351.jpg-(91 KB, 500x375, ItsBeautifulRenStimpy.jpg)
    91 KB

    >see the pic of our weapon

    Saved for future adventures!
    >> Maidlover !KiXFR7D/7. 04/14/12(Sat)14:34 No.18710776
    You and Kazhir driving to the arena until you arrived inside the arena. Kazhir parking his bike somewhere. While you waiting for him you see your maids and sister are sitting on the bench.

    You waving your hand to your maids, your half sister Tomoe and Genki with his dwarf friend with prisoner clothing... Wait Genki?!

    What is your reaction?
    >> The Protagonist !!pMzzp1W1qmh 04/14/12(Sat)14:41 No.18710851
         File: 1334428874.jpg-(55 KB, 640x553, HeadDeskDemot.jpg)
    55 KB

    OH NO.....as much as I want to double-facepalm right now, it may be best not to so we don't draw attention to Genki in the crowd.

    If we win this Bike Battle, we need to think of a suitable punishment for Genki: maybe have him clean out Croco-chan's pool with a handheld scrub brush or something.
    >> Maidlover !KiXFR7D/7. 04/14/12(Sat)14:58 No.18711070
    You put your head on front part of your bike and you REAL want to do double-facepalm. Then you see Kazhir who have now black hair. When he comb his hair and putting on his sunglassed, he look exactly like... Dhurmar the Black Wheelier!
    >> The Protagonist !!pMzzp1W1qmh 04/14/12(Sat)15:06 No.18711161
         File: 1334430377.jpg-(26 KB, 862x637, ShockedKaiba.jpg)
    26 KB

    >our host Kazhir turns out to be our opponent


    As George Takei says, 'Ooooh, my". As shocked as Señor Jalapeño is, I imagine the girls are even more so.

    Shake off the shock & concentrate on the battle. Genki's life is in our hands.
    >> Maidlover !KiXFR7D/7. 04/14/12(Sat)15:19 No.18711292
         File: 1334431147.jpg-(28 KB, 500x500, 16le6o8.jpg)
    28 KB
    You where shocked that Kazhir where actually Dhurmar your opponent. The girls on the bench where surprised too.
    "Kazhir... Are you the Dhurmar the Black Wheeler?!" You asking him with surprised tone.
    "I'm sorry for hiding the fact about myself... In the arena, I'm the champion Dhurmar but outside the arena, I'm your friendly dwarf Kazhir... It is quit an irony.... I came to you help you but instead I become your obstacle instead." Kazhir said and then he jumping on his bike.

    "My lad... Despite our little friendship, I will not pulling punch and I want you to get serious like a man!" Kazhir said as he starting his motorcycle.

    You starting your motorcycle to and you are ready to fight to fight him.

    What is your combat tactic?
    >> The Protagonist !!pMzzp1W1qmh 04/14/12(Sat)15:22 No.18711330
         File: 1334431371.png-(337 KB, 281x563, LigerGuardRight.png)
    337 KB

    We're still new at this Battle Biking thing. Fight defensively for the time being & watch what Dhurmar does until we get a feel for it, then we can go on the offensive.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/12(Sat)15:28 No.18711401
    Charge towards him with our tachi held forward like a lance. Watch him for his flail and swerve away when he swings his flail down. Aim for the chain of the flail.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/12(Sat)15:29 No.18711409
    Second. We need to observe how he attacks first. Stay on the defensive.
    >> The Protagonist !!pMzzp1W1qmh 04/14/12(Sat)15:33 No.18711455

    Sound strategies, fellow elegan/tg/entlemen. Defense plus hit & run is the way to go. He knows we're a total n00b at this, so he will try to press his advantage.

    Do not go toe-to-toe with him just yet.
    >> Maidlover !KiXFR7D/7. 04/14/12(Sat)15:40 No.18711517
         File: 1334432446.jpg-(331 KB, 937x607, Squat_on_Bike.jpg)
    331 KB
    You had never seen him fighting or fought him before. He already know about your Lucha-Bike optimal abilities. You deciding to fight defensive and observe his attack patterns before you go offensive.

    Kazhir or as Dhurmar, he pulled out his chain with iron ball. He started to spine it around as he start throttle his bike. Before you could react, Dhurmar drive incredibly fast and he deliver a powerful blows to your bike with his ballchain. The blow was so powerful that you almot flew off of your seat.

    Dhurmar keep driving forward as you try to hold on your bike. You turn around as Dhurmar come back again with full speed. You tried to dodge the ball but it nearly touched your shoulder so that your shoulder become lightly bruised.

    Your left shoulder re lightly bruised and Dhurmar are preparing another lightning fast attack. What will you do?
    >> The Protagonist !!pMzzp1W1qmh 04/14/12(Sat)15:44 No.18711565

    Damn, he's fast. Swerve away from him. Use Unlimited Ladder Works to throw a steel ladder out to block/tangle that chain & see how he reacts.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/12(Sat)15:50 No.18711635
    Go for another pass, but this time use Unlimited Ladder Works to throw a ladder into his flail's chain, and another right into the spokes of his front wheel.
    >> The Protagonist !!pMzzp1W1qmh 04/14/12(Sat)15:54 No.18711678

    Even better than my idea. Changing my vote to this, ML. Make both the ladders strong steel.
    >> Maidlover !KiXFR7D/7. 04/14/12(Sat)16:01 No.18711758
    You are waiting for Dhurmar to make another attack as you prepared to pull out your ladder from nowhere.

    As Dhurmar charge in with his ballchain. You quickly pull out the ladder and throw it in front of yourself so that Dhurmar's ballchain are connected on your ladder instead. Dhurmar's ballchain are stuck on your ladder so that he is forced to release it.

    Then you throw another ladder that are made of strong steel in front of his bike. But despite throwing the ladder in front of Dhurmar's bike, he quickly lift up the bike so that he used your metal ladder like a ramp. He flew up into the and then he landing on the ground like a true biker expert.

    Now Dhurmar is unarmed but you remember that he once told you about that he can use his bike like a lethal weapon.

    What now dear master?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/12(Sat)16:09 No.18711832
    Use ladders now as they are better for the blunt force attacks we will be making than the tachi.
    Circle around him while throwing ladders at him. We don't have speed so a cluttered battleground is no problem for us.
    >> The Protagonist !!pMzzp1W1qmh 04/14/12(Sat)16:10 No.18711840
         File: 1334434229.png-(279 KB, 370x399, JushinLigerPoint.png)
    279 KB

    So close! At least we don't have to worry about his flail. I thinking we should use a similar tactic to our last one with a twist: make another pass, attempt to throw another steel ladder into his spokes with ULW except this move is a feint.

    When he swerves/dodges/whatever, pull our tachi & try to slash one of his rear tires using Jalapeño Final Slash!

    If he is too aggressive this time, dodge him & use this tactic on the next pass.
    >> Maidlover !KiXFR7D/7. 04/14/12(Sat)16:24 No.18711991
    You decided to continue using ladders to deal him. You tried to circle around him as you throwing the ladders at him but he quickly started to catch you up.

    You tossed the ladder in front of his bike. As he tried to dodge it, you take your chance by pulling out your tachi sword. You charge in as you try to slash his rear tires. Before you could slash it, Dhurmar hit your blade away with his bare hand.

    As you both passed through, you quickly turn around and then you notice that Dhurmar's hand are bleeding after he tried to prevent you from slashing his tires.

    You looking around the arena, you had thrown many ladders in the arena so that it started to get difficult to driving around.

    What is your next move.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/12(Sat)16:30 No.18712069
    Charge forward with our ladder as a lance. As we get close, and he's expecting us to crash into him, throw the ladder at him and try to slash his tires with our tachi. As we pass by quickly turn and try to throw a ladder into the spokes of his rear wheel.
    >> The Protagonist !!pMzzp1W1qmh 04/14/12(Sat)16:35 No.18712136

    This. Make the pass on the same side as his wounded arm. As we pass by, throw the ladder INTO the spokes of his wheel, like Indiana Jones did to that Nazi motorcylist in The Last Crusade. The ladder locks up his wheel & sends him & his bike flying.

    If that doesn't work again, Jalapeño Final Slash against his rear tire.
    >> Maidlover !KiXFR7D/7. 04/14/12(Sat)16:47 No.18712273
    You decided to use your ladder as a lance even it is impractical. But what the heck, you know ladder fu.

    You and Dhurmar charge in into each other with full speed. As you get closer, you throw the ladder in front of him but he quickly spine around his bike and blocked the thrown ladder with rear tires.

    Before you could slash his tires, he lifted up the front wheel and quickly pushed away your sword with just his front wheel without making scratch on the tires.

    You drive away from him to prepare another attack on him. As you try to drive away from him, you should swear that the ground start to shake...

    What now master?
    >> The Protagonist !!pMzzp1W1qmh 04/14/12(Sat)16:56 No.18712385

    Keep an eye on Dhurmar while staying alert for whatever is causing the ground to shake.

    It might just be an earthquake. Japan gets them all the time but be ready in case it's not.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/12(Sat)17:03 No.18712471
    Second this. We need to stay alert.
    >> Maidlover !KiXFR7D/7. 04/14/12(Sat)17:18 No.18712642
         File: 1334438328.jpg-(1.3 MB, 1638x1368, rift-worm.jpg)
    1.3 MB
    You tried to keep eye on Dhurmar while you staying alert for what causing the ground to shake. It could be the typical earthquake in Japan....

    Dhurmar once again charging into you. You hold up your sword as you prepare to counter charge him. Before you could do anything, the ground shake again until you see something coming out from the ground...

    "The Killer Worm is here! Run for your life!" One of the dwarf yell as other dwarves start to get panic when they see the giant worm with mean looking teeth.

    Dhurmar suddenly stopped his bike as he saw the giant worm.
    "Moleshit! Killer Worm here!" Dhurmar said as he removed his sunglass. He turned to you, "It seem that we must put hold on our trial lad... Because we got a dangerous guest..."

    The Killer Worm seem to focus on the fleeing dwarves and it attempt to consume them. But it was stopped by Genki himself who used all his idiotic strength to holding on Killer Worm's head.
    "I will not let you eat the dwarves you ugly worm!" Genki yell as he still try to holding it on but question is how long it will last?

    What now master?
    >> The Protagonist !!pMzzp1W1qmh 04/14/12(Sat)17:23 No.18712712

    Damn it, Genki: reckless as usual. Use Unlimited Ladder Works to create a large ladder out of titanium & use that to prop the Killer Worm's jaws open so it can't eat Genki or the dwarves. Once that's done, yell "Genki, get out of the worm's mouth!"

    Then look at Dhurmar & say, "Ready to tackle a giant worm, my friend?" as we pull our tachi.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/12(Sat)17:29 No.18712779
    Second. We need to prevent the worm from eating Genki because we still need to punish him.
    >> Maidlover !KiXFR7D/7. 04/14/12(Sat)17:46 No.18712956
    Damn it! Genki is reckless as usual and you still need to punish him for his behavior. But in other hand, he prevent the worm from eating the dwarves.

    You pulled out a large ladder that are made of titanium. You jab the ladder inside the Killer Worm's mouth so that it couldn't eat Genki or the dwarves.
    "Genki, get out of the worm's mouth!" You yell at him.
    "Oh hi lucha guy! I will do what you say!" Genki said as he jump out from it mouth.
    The Killer Worm swinging it head wildly because it couldn't move it mouth.

    You turned your head to Dhurmar and say, "Ready to tackle a giant worm, my friend?" as you pull out the tachi.
    Dhurmar just smiled at you as he ruffs his hair so that he look more like his normal Kazhir self.
    "I don't know where you get all those ladders from but you are quit interesting lad." Kazhir said as he started to throttle his bike.

    What will be your battle tactic against the worm?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/12(Sat)17:48 No.18712981
    Start at the tail end of the worm. Drive along the back of the worm with our tachi stabbed into its body, slicing the worm open as we ride.
    >> The Protagonist !!pMzzp1W1qmh 04/14/12(Sat)17:52 No.18713020

    This, but veer away before we get to the head. We don't want the worm getting the ladder out of its mouth then turning & eating us.

    Also call out, "Sasha: lock & load! Strafe behind us as we make our attack run!"
    >> Maidlover !KiXFR7D/7. 04/14/12(Sat)18:09 No.18713208
    "Sasha: lock and load! Strife behind us as we make our attack run!" You yell at Sasha who pulled out her minigun.
    "I will do it master!" Sasha yell back as she preparing her weapon.

    Kazhir turned to Genki and giving him sign to jump in his bike.
    "I will need your strength lad, jump in my bike." Kazhir said to him.
    "Yeay! A ride!" Genki said with childish attitude and then he sitting behind Kazhir.

    You and Kazhir driving around the Killer Worm. It tried to attack you but Sasha strafe behind them so that the Killer Worm couldn't attack them from behind.

    Kazhir used one of your spare ladder as a ramp so that he fly into air while Genki doing his cheerful stupid grin. As they fly straight to Killer Worm's head, Kazhir give Genki a quick command to punch it face. Genki used all his idiotic strength to punch at it face. The blow was so powerful that it become dazed.

    You took it advantages as you drive along the Killer Worm's back as you slicing the worm open as you ride up. When you arrived at it head, you jump down with the bike as the Killer Worm fall dead.
    >> The Protagonist !!pMzzp1W1qmh 04/14/12(Sat)18:14 No.18713262
         File: 1334441648.png-(204 KB, 250x300, JushinThunderLiger.png)
    204 KB

    All right! That takes care of the giant worm. Bless Araki's heart; her divination warned us about a giant worm. We must win her over & make her part of the planned harem.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/12(Sat)18:21 No.18713341
    Right then. I do believe that Araki and Sasha have proven themselves quite useful in our escapades here.

    Are we going to continue our Trial, or have we proven ourselves enough by defeating the worm?
    >> Maidlover !KiXFR7D/7. 04/14/12(Sat)18:28 No.18713439
    After you killed the worm, you finally feel like doing the celebration when you was in soccer team after winning a goal. You pull out your shirt and then you run around the arena while whirling the shirt around until you dive on the ground and laugh.

    You waited for guys to dogpile, Genki to take the hint, pulling off his shirt and jacket. He dogpile into you as you both laugh happily. Kazhir, the girls and rest of the dwarves are just staring at you with a wtf look.

    You come back to reality as one of the older dwarf cough and he seem to be imported person. You slowly raise up and facing him.
    "Your servant broke free from the cell and he should be executed for that escape attempt... But because his reckless action to protect our people and how you killed the Killer Worm... Your servant will be free from guilt!." The old dwarf said as other dwarf claps their hands for you.
    >> The Protagonist !!pMzzp1W1qmh 04/14/12(Sat)18:36 No.18713547

    Oh yes. Sasha & Puff-kun's 4000 rounds/min are always helpful.

    I wonder the same thing about the Trial. It appears the dwarf elders have given Genki a full pardon for fighting the giant worm.


    Bow to the dwarf elder. "Thank you for sparing Genki's life. He's dumb as a box of rocks but he's brave & a good guy once you get to know him. I'm very sorry for his actions."
    >> Anonymous 04/14/12(Sat)18:41 No.18713612
    Sheepishly put our shirt back on and thank the dwarves for their understanding.
    >> The Protagonist !!pMzzp1W1qmh 04/14/12(Sat)18:45 No.18713662

    And do that. I've never understood the whole "take your shirt off to celebrate" thing.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/12(Sat)18:53 No.18713754
    Maybe we can take this opportunity to grow the character out of some of his old habits.
    >> Maidlover !KiXFR7D/7. 04/14/12(Sat)18:57 No.18713796
    You sheepisly putting on your shirt and then you bow to the dwarf elder as you say, "Thank you for sparing Genki's life. He's dumb as a box of rocks but he's brave and a good guy once you get to know him. I'm very sorry for his actions."
    "We dwarves norma hold our grudge very deep but we honor greatly for heroism and selfless act." The old dwarf said and then he pulling off his upper part of clothing.
    "And also we always drink ales after fine victories! Let get drunk!" The eldar said as all the dwarves roar in cheer.

    Now you finally saved Genki from his dreadful
    fate and because of your heroism action, you and rest of your gangs are having great celebration inside one of the bar.

    >Recive 10 Favor points

    End of part 12, Continue on part 13

    >Ok I end this quest today because I'm gonna work tomorrow... :(
    >I will run the quest on Saturday as usually. And also I'm planning to make another character recruits for this quest, I will post more info about in my blog when I had time.

    Good night guys!
    >> The Protagonist !!pMzzp1W1qmh 04/14/12(Sat)18:58 No.18713808

    I agree. Ameri-friend here. American football & basketball players don't do that. AFB fans might tear down the goal posts or basketball players cut the net, but none of that striptease stuff.

    Any back on topic: do we finish the Battle Bike battle, ML, or do we wrap up this adventure & head back to the mansion?

    We should mount some big doors over the hole Genki dug: easy way to visit the dwarves in the future plus the tunnel would make a great storm shelter for typhoons.
    >> The Protagonist !!pMzzp1W1qmh 04/14/12(Sat)18:59 No.18713827

    Night, ML. Don't work too hard tomorrow.

    Quest Discussion thread on ML's board is here, fellow fa/tg/uys: http://www.gamerchan.net/qd/res/1.html#1
    >> Anonymous 04/14/12(Sat)19:01 No.18713847
    I understand that it's from his background and such, and doing it once it twice was fine. But doing it after every victory, regardless of the conflict type doesn't make sense.
    >> The Protagonist !!pMzzp1W1qmh 04/14/12(Sat)19:05 No.18713887

    Agree. I understand it's a soccer thing but still....it strikes me as kinda gay.

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