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  • File: 1334030552.jpg-(223 KB, 604x652, MSQ header H.jpg)
    223 KB MAHOU SHOUNEN QUEST: Oniichan Syndrome Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/10/12(Tue)00:02 No.18647310  
    These are the continuing adventures of the HMS Swagtanic. We will sail on until we can safely drown in a Sea of Bitches.

    -=-=-=-=-=-=-LAST TIME=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    After finishing that morning's shooting excercises you and the group head towards the bonfire to prepare lunch.
    You still have some paint on you after all those mines and bonta shots.

    Touma and Ken are covered from head to toe in the stuff.
    They will penalized by not being allowed to wash it off until you get back home.

    Someone yells from within the treeline.

    You hear a voice call out from behind you.
    You turn to see a combat bonta charging at you with a little girl in violet on its shoulders.
    Her white hair flails in the wind as she jumps off her mount with her arms spread wide to hug you.


    >Sorry about the delay, vacation got extended due to familial matters.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:04 No.18647335
    my body is ready
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:04 No.18647341
    Panic and catch her. It's not the first time we've had a girl flying or falling at us.

    That said, welcome back, LG.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:04 No.18647345
    From Landing Gear's twitter

    >Are people that pissed at me that they spam downvote threads that are a week old? Lol

    You see LG, we really like quest threads. They're like nerd crack. Normally we can get by on one or two good ones a week, but when you arrive with your crazy 2 awesome threads a day schedule we get really hooked. And then you don't do the 7:00 thread you promised us, and delay the 22:00 thread? We don't give a shit about your reasons or your logic or your sanity, we just want our sweet sweet brain candy.

    >"Synchronization complete." The director says as she faces the girl. "Confirmed for displaced variant of H.Ayasaki. Security lowered."
    >I walk through the halls my father himself once walked. I follow his footsteps. Today I begin formal training. Today my revenge starts.
    >"They Call him La Gato Diablo. The demon cat. He's an agent that will have gone rogue, and he's now out for blood." the note says.
    >I draw my device, raijin, a sword like my mother's was. I attack him without warning. The blade sinking into flesh. Blood is spilled.
    >He grasps at the sword, dumbstruck. He was supposed to be our instructor. He was also my handler. "Why?" He asked. "For mom." I said.
    >His blue hair sways in tbe breeze as he struggles to keep upright. That accursed blue hair i was lucky enough to not inherit. Mother...
    >I wipe my blade on my coattails, the white fabric now stained crimson. He clutches the dirt, life slipping away. It is done.
    >As I watch him die I think back on how sad my mother was before she died. How he was the cause of it all. It brings me no comfort.
    >My name is Rafale Clostermann, son of Perrinne Clostermann. And with my sword, with my hands, i have just killed my father.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:05 No.18647349
    Catch her, of course.
    We'll sort out who she is later.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:05 No.18647358
    Spread arms receive loli
    >> !H9t0.FLonc 04/10/12(Tue)00:06 No.18647361
    rolled 13 = 13

    catch her.
    by the way, just finished reading the archives 2 day ago, great quest !
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:07 No.18647378
         File: 1334030844.jpg-(723 KB, 1680x1050, 1317142973480.jpg)
    723 KB
    >run up to computer at 11
    >no MSQ
    >check twitter
    >delayed an hour
    >awww nuts
    >read other messages

    Goddamn you and your twitter trolling, LG.

    Twist and duck out of the way.

    Very good to have you back. I was so bored last week without MSQ or SWQ.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:08 No.18647394
    catch her. We aren't still attached to Keima are we?
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:09 No.18647405
    That sweet, sweet trolling.

    As earlier stated, it's not cannon until it's loaded.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:09 No.18647418
    Tactical hug!
    And fired.
    >> Lookout 04/10/12(Tue)00:11 No.18647432
    >mfw I have been more productive and responsible with my time in the last week than any time in the last two months, and have had a healthy sleep schedule
    >mfw I'm so excited for this to start again
    >mfw i have no face for the conflict i feel inside.

    I hope you had a good trip LG, and that you don't use 'familial matters' the same way I do, as code for 'I hate spending too much time with my family'
    It is good to have you back.

    Catch Loli at arms length, assume it's a trap. This is still hell-training, after all.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:13 No.18647473
    >They Call him La Gato Diablo.
    >La Gato Diablo.

    older tweets talk about getting out of the "cat's dance"

    LG confirmed for BBEG puppet master.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:15 No.18647500
    Shove one of the other guys in to catch her. Its probably a trap.( Yes I know its Shillya)
    Touma should be used to catching white haired lolis use him.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:15 No.18647504
    Is it strange at all that lg's tweets give me an erection and fill me with rage at the same time?
    >> Lookout 04/10/12(Tue)00:16 No.18647525
    And you gotta start stepping up your game LG. planefag revealed that he's throwing in Tesla and his flying machines into SWQ, because there's a decent reason to do so. How you gonna top that?
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:17 No.18647531
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:17 No.18647545
    Raegboners are pretty much the normal reaction.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/10/12(Tue)00:18 No.18647548
         File: 1334031510.jpg-(162 KB, 804x604, c35d779f3efa5258e96e8e6fff21d1(...).jpg)
    162 KB
    "Wha-?" Was all you could say before the girl was in your arms.
    You caught her automatically, what with girls constantly doing pretty much the same in the past.
    "Oniichan! Illya came to see you!" She says happily.
    The combat bonta gives a stiff salute and marches back to its post.
    "Hey, hey. Do you have any candy?" She asks with a smile as you put her down.

    >lol a week with no internet almost drove me insane.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:18 No.18647549
    I dont really think he has to. They may have tesla but we have swag.
    BTW i lol'd when he wrote that.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:21 No.18647597
    "Uh, sure. I don't mean to sound rude, but have you met me before?"
    Give her a nice low-sugar candy. Something chewy?
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:21 No.18647600
    Sorry, no candy. I could make you some, but I can't use my device because Uncle Sagara says so. If you bug him, maybe he'll let me make you some candy!
    >> Lookout 04/10/12(Tue)00:21 No.18647610
    "I'm sorry, I don't have any candy right now. Maybe you could ask Sousuke for some?"
    say this while looking around for some kind of parental unit for this wayward loli.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:22 No.18647611

    "Illya? I don't...I'm afraid you've caught me unprepared for guests. I have no sweets, I'm sorry, and I cannot prepare any for you right now. So...where did you come from, exactly?"
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:22 No.18647614
         File: 1334031742.gif-(541 KB, 300x123, swagisweak.gif)
    541 KB
    >we have swag

    Yeah we do.

    [x]give candy
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/10/12(Tue)00:22 No.18647620
    >Tesla and edison duking it out in an electrified ring.
    >Tesla has earthquake generator gloves
    >Edison has sonic cannon built into his mouthguard
    >> !H9t0.FLonc 04/10/12(Tue)00:23 No.18647629
    rolled 17 = 17

    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:23 No.18647631
    "My dear, I don't believe I know you."
    Hey finally caught up from the archives
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:24 No.18647637
    >> Lookout 04/10/12(Tue)00:25 No.18647654
         File: 1334031918.jpg-(50 KB, 546x366, 1332315102287.jpg)
    50 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:25 No.18647656
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:26 No.18647666
         File: 1334031962.png-(183 KB, 486x756, The Five Fists of Science.png)
    183 KB
    You mean something like this?

    Seconding this.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/10/12(Tue)00:28 No.18647702
    And I'll third it.
    >> AC-Guy 04/10/12(Tue)00:28 No.18647707
    >About to start up AC quest.
    >Get post ready.
    >See MSQ.
    >well then.

    Damn, now I'm conflicted. I COULD run mine, and keep my streak alive. But then I wouldn't get as much MSQ....

    Fuck it.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:28 No.18647708
    Don't forget Alber Einstein dual wielding atomic fists
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/10/12(Tue)00:29 No.18647717
    But what does it mean!?
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:30 No.18647722
    Run it, please, I enjoy both.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:30 No.18647724
    Run it, slow day anyway.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:30 No.18647728
    >"For mom." I said
    Nonono, this is Perrine's kid. It should go "It... It's not like I killed you for mom or anything... You just happened to be in the way of my sword."
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/10/12(Tue)00:32 No.18647761
    Rafe's filled with vengeance, not tsun.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:33 No.18647768
         File: 1334032406.jpg-(277 KB, 690x1061, Ninja Einstein.jpg)
    277 KB
    No, Einstein would not need Atomic Fists. For he practices the ancient ninja arts.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:33 No.18647775
         File: 1334032426.jpg-(89 KB, 750x600, q0ptioka8a.jpg)
    89 KB
    Even her children are tsundere... I love it.

    Anyways, it seems that we're going to get Perrine in the group, so she'll be happy and not laden with a terrible burden that will drive our son to vengeance.

    It was hypothesized that some of these twitter posts were alternate timelines that had ended badly.

    LG, I missed your threads and the paranoia they brought.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:33 No.18647777
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:34 No.18647782
    But scientifically tsun is genetic, unless of course it was the recessive gene.
    Or is that eye color... fuck it im drinking
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:34 No.18647783
    He got half his genes from Perrine. That means he's at least 50% tsun all the time. Even when getting vengeance.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/10/12(Tue)00:34 No.18647785
         File: 1334032471.jpg-(54 KB, 443x443, 238db9f2c453a5f2a02b7993e7230b(...).jpg)
    54 KB
    "I'm sorry Illya. I don't have any candy on me right now." You tell her apologetically, "I can't use my device since Sousuke told me so. Maybe HE has some."
    You then point her in the general direction of the gun totting teen as he resets the targets.
    "But he's scaaaaarry.." She tells you.
    "Nah, he just looks that way. IF he was really scary, he wouldn't have the bontas right?"
    She considers this for a second, her brow furrowing in thought.
    "... OKAY!" She exclaims as she runs off to Sousuke.

    You try and look around for someone that may know something about this unfamiliar little girl.


    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:34 No.18647792
    Which is that a decision for?
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:35 No.18647797
    rolled 35 = 35

    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:35 No.18647799
    rolled 61 = 61

    Oh god it's been so long, and it's cold here and my fingers are stiff. Hope I don't fuck up too bad...
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/10/12(Tue)00:35 No.18647800
    rolled 57 = 57

    >> Lookout 04/10/12(Tue)00:35 No.18647805
    rolled 73 = 73

    >in during i fuck this up
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:35 No.18647806
    rolled 1 = 1

    1d100 right?
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:36 No.18647807
    rolled 75 = 75

    Doom befalls us.
    >> AC-Guy 04/10/12(Tue)00:36 No.18647809
    rolled 19 = 19


    >Give up.
    >LG says do it.

    Challenge accepted. AC Quest goes live in five.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:36 No.18647810
    rolled 65 = 65

    its not like i want anyone to know the girl or anything..
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:36 No.18647815
    rolled 84 = 84

    >first roll on /tg/ ever
    >nat 1
    this bodes ill
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/10/12(Tue)00:36 No.18647817
    rolled 60 = 60

    Well fuck. Now the Shiloli's gonna die.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/10/12(Tue)00:37 No.18647820
    rolled 84 = 84

    >> Lookout 04/10/12(Tue)00:37 No.18647821
    rolled 49 = 49

    HAHA! not me this time.
    >> !H9t0.FLonc 04/10/12(Tue)00:37 No.18647826
    rolled 35 = 35

    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:37 No.18647830
    Quiet, for the dice gods are capricious, and may yet have you cause us misery and pain.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:38 No.18647831
    rolled 68 = 68

    Let's see if anyone knows anything.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:38 No.18647832
    More like she summons Bwazaka and he goes on a rampage.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:38 No.18647833
    rolled 18 = 18

    Lets go, rolling.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:38 No.18647837
    rolled 18 = 18

    Again. Poor Ilya.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:39 No.18647844
    rolled 47 = 47

    noooooooooo not the loli!
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:39 No.18647847
         File: 1334032765.jpg-(98 KB, 600x450, jigglypuffdoesnotapprove.jpg)
    98 KB
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/10/12(Tue)00:39 No.18647848
    rolled 62 = 62

    No, no, it's, "LET'S ROLLING"
    >> AC-Guy 04/10/12(Tue)00:40 No.18647856

    Oh god, I read that in Shirou's voice. "NO NOT THE FUDGE!"
    >> Lookout 04/10/12(Tue)00:40 No.18647863
    rolled 52 = 52

    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:40 No.18647864
    I have much to learn it seems
    >> Lookout 04/10/12(Tue)00:41 No.18647877
         File: 1334032904.jpg-(199 KB, 1528x1209, 1319514738616.jpg)
    199 KB
    >Sousuke replaces 911s with ornate pair

    'des 'uns?
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/10/12(Tue)00:42 No.18647879
    rolled 30 = 30

    Well, really it's just a joke, based on one of LG's comments about the current Super Sentai series.

    This reminds me, I need to see if the new episode is subbed yet.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:42 No.18647885
    rolled 4 = 4

    inb4 she takes our head off
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:43 No.18647900
    >> AC-Guy 04/10/12(Tue)00:43 No.18647901


    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:43 No.18647906
    I wouldn't be unhappy with that

    Also MSQ fuck yeah!
    Glad to see dynamic glompry got used
    >> !H9t0.FLonc 04/10/12(Tue)00:43 No.18647918
    rolled 67 = 67

    more like "rollan" no ?
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:43 No.18647919
    m1911 is a type of .45 caliber pistol.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/10/12(Tue)00:44 No.18647925
    I'd post the image, but I can't be arsed, so I'll link to the tweet.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:44 No.18647930
    I think he means that he missed a 1 at the start
    >> Lookout 04/10/12(Tue)00:44 No.18647931
    rolled 75 = 75

    wrong with you all tonight

    im sure he meant 1911s. theres multiple typos in those brain farts
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:45 No.18647939
    Considering they're obviously typed up on an ebook, I think he did well.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:46 No.18647952
    The dice gods be unhappy with our sacrifices
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:46 No.18647957
         File: 1334033214.jpg-(89 KB, 567x600, 1328163750997.jpg)
    89 KB
    rolled 72 = 72

    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:47 No.18647966
    Interesting that he has mainyate dies so play as tos yate
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/10/12(Tue)00:47 No.18647971
         File: 1334033246.jpg-(56 KB, 400x347, 3895cd2f3744e6fcad4e6dc4d85be1(...).jpg)
    56 KB
    You find the other guys also following the little girl with their eyes, clearly unfamiliar with this new addition to the clearing's populace.

    You watch as she stands in front of Sousuke, making wild gestures while trying to tell him something.
    The teen just goes about his work ignoring her.
    She begins to grow frustrated. her words growing louder and more inarticulate by the moment.
    "..." Sousuke continues to change the plywood targets.
    "!!!" A vein pops on her forehead.
    "BAHZAHKAAAAAA!" You hear her shout.
    A wand you didn't notice before that was flying beside her glows.
    You hear a mighty roar, and she is suddenly in waht appears to be a tank shaped oddly enough like a man's head.
    The engine of destruction lets loose a barrage from the cannon in its mouth.

    YOu wen't home that evening bloodied and broken.
    Sousuke had to be dragged into the infirmary in a litter you improvised from a ruined tent and a half burned slepingbag.

    >> Lookout 04/10/12(Tue)00:47 No.18647973
    rolled 10 = 10

    brb finding some THAT GUYs to sacrifice
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:47 No.18647974

    Who is tosyate?
    >> dice+100d100 Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:48 No.18647979
    Come ooon mon amie
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:48 No.18647985
    rolled 13 = 13

    yes this saddens me, oh well guess my next shot is in a fictional characters honor.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/10/12(Tue)00:48 No.18647990
    I belive the "tos" is for Teh Original Series. Sorta like how the first series of Star Trek is referred to as TOS.
    >> Lookout 04/10/12(Tue)00:49 No.18647995
    rolled 45 = 45

    Susan route is being referred to as "the other side", iirc
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:49 No.18647996
    Side story yate whose genre swap potion worked too well and irreversible. Last we saw she had been screwed half to death by Erica and Hina
    >> AC-Guy 04/10/12(Tue)00:49 No.18648001
    The best part is that in AC Quest, Low dice are good.

    And they must have thrown enough high rolls to skate through the rest of this.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:49 No.18648005
    Okay, that idea pool has me worried.

    LG, I know it's not my place to tell you how to run your quest, but I would really, really like to have a happy ending to all this. I'm emotionally invested in the characters you've created, and destroying them would make me sad.

    That said, I did miss the HUEHUEHUEHUE
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)00:49 No.18648009
         File: 1334033387.gif-(1.38 MB, 250x141, Illya is adorable when she's a(...).gif)
    1.38 MB
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/10/12(Tue)00:50 No.18648011
    But that's Susan, who is referred to as a seperate character.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/10/12(Tue)00:54 No.18648063
         File: 1334033688.png-(378 KB, 600x1024, SC20120409-225235.png)
    378 KB
    TOShayate is Hayate seperated from Susan.

    Idea pool, no take too seriously.
    >> Lookout 04/10/12(Tue)00:56 No.18648086
    rolled 27 = 27

    >not take everything you say seriously
    >MSQ players

    pick one.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/10/12(Tue)00:57 No.18648096
    >TOShayate is Hayate seperated from Susan.
    Well, that changes how I was reading... Wait, what?
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/10/12(Tue)01:00 No.18648120
    So, okay. Susan is gender-bent, time displaced Hayate, while TOSHayate isn't time displaced, right?
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:00 No.18648132
    So then TOShayate is the alternate us that's at an alternate Bureau?

    But how can there be an alternate Bureau? It's a meta-organization so it's not replicated throughout the canons.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/10/12(Tue)01:01 No.18648139
         File: 1334034090.jpg-(15 KB, 261x720, 12111221123465fd34.jpg)
    15 KB
    You look around and find a wand flying in the direction that Illya is headed.

    Assuming correctly that it is a device, you call out to it.
    "Hey!" you say as you run to catch up to it.
    "Hello Hayate." It says in a familiar voice.
    "Yes." She answers.
    "W-what happened?" You put two and two together and come up with Pie. "And.. Is that Shirou?"
    "Yes. It is him. It was something he ate. I do not understand it much myself." She tells you.

    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/10/12(Tue)01:01 No.18648145
    Time loops, that's how. They cause crazy shit to happen.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:03 No.18648164
    So, LG, the spring anime season has started. What are you (going to be) watching?
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:03 No.18648166
    "Can you contact the Bureau's Infirmary to get a doctor out here?"
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:03 No.18648175
    "What. WHAT. Goddamnit Shirou."
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:03 No.18648176
    i must ask landing gear...how dose your head not explode trying to keep track with all of these different timeline ?
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:04 No.18648180
    No, TOS Hayate is what we would of been if we were never recruited.
    He's the cannon hayate from the Manga/Anime.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:04 No.18648181
    rolled 93 = 93

    Well shit..
    nothing we can do until we get back to the bureau
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:04 No.18648182
    Ok Saber listen to me carefully. This is the Bureau, weird shit happens, especially when you eat or drink things you don't know about. But it almost always blows over. All we can do now is damage control and making sure nothing too important breaks, like Sagara's sanity. Let's talk to Sagara, get my device back and see if a Panacea would help, despite him being far more adorable in this state it just seems wrong to consider Shirou a little sister figure.

    If that doesn't help we call in to the Bureau and get a proper doctor her to find what happened. What did he eat, what did it look like.
    >> Lookout 04/10/12(Tue)01:04 No.18648183
    rolled 99 = 99

    "Can you still manifest in human form?"
    "Are there any other bureau personnel out here that might be able to help?"
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:04 No.18648184
    You're not Saber, you're Kalaedostick!

    Can you restrain Shirou, or would you allow me to KO him?
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/10/12(Tue)01:04 No.18648186
    "Any idea what? Can you get in touch with the Bureau? Sousuke's confiscated our devices, it would probably be a good idea to get in touch with some one with some more experience in all this."
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:05 No.18648198
    rolled 78 = 78

    Yes he is shirou but right now he's a loli and hitting a loli is a nono.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/10/12(Tue)01:06 No.18648208
    Don't be daft, we can't harm the adorable loli.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:06 No.18648209
    Well shit, looks like the good rolls were being saved for things that are completely inconsequential.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/10/12(Tue)01:08 No.18648229
         File: 1334034490.png-(272 KB, 600x1024, SC20120409-225247.png)
    272 KB
    yes. that is the key.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:08 No.18648235
    rolled 6 = 6

    helping a loli is consequential.
    and the 93 is me you are welcome
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:10 No.18648250

    I do not like what I am reading.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:10 No.18648252
    6 minutes until project reality vietnam is downloaded, fuck yeah im gonna find me charles.
    >> Lookout 04/10/12(Tue)01:11 No.18648260
         File: 1334034670.gif-(690 KB, 300x246, 1274325105992.gif)
    690 KB
    and that's what happens when i forget to turn the diceroller off and no roll is called for.
    fuck you dice gods. just fuck you.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:12 No.18648270
    rolled 64 = 64

    and it is confirmed, the dice gods hate lookout
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:13 No.18648281
    rolled 30 = 30



    > yuki RELATIONSHIP training

    > miki makes first move after P-SAN FORGETS HER BIRTHDAY

    > Nanoha LESBIANs
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:13 No.18648285
    They liked him a week ago.

    The dice gods are fickle beings.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:14 No.18648295
    lost my shit
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:15 No.18648331
    Hina a replicant? As in the things from Stargate? Those are exterminatus-level threats...

    And if that last one were to come true, I'd be against merging them. The real Hina wouldn't have fallen for us, so it would be forced emotions. Not right.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:16 No.18648344

    >FUCKING Shirou
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:17 No.18648352
    I bet all those are accurate. Except the first one, which will be
    >> Lookout 04/10/12(Tue)01:18 No.18648372

    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:18 No.18648375
    There's two blank spaces there and they're big.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:25 No.18648443
    Nah it will be
    FUCKING SHIROU saves the day
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/10/12(Tue)01:28 No.18648468
    You're thinking of Replicators. Think more Blade Runner, or just general doppelganger. Or BSG.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/10/12(Tue)01:29 No.18648490
         File: 1334035787.jpg-(1.06 MB, 905x3423, neregate.com-Spring-2012-Anime(...).jpg)
    1.06 MB

    Green- yes
    Red- nope
    unmarked- will check out first
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/10/12(Tue)01:32 No.18648517
    Jesus Christ there's a lot of it.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:32 No.18648521
    im currently going through seto no hanayome right now, does anyone know if hng will do another season? ive heard rumors.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/10/12(Tue)01:35 No.18648552
         File: 1334036110.jpg-(268 KB, 1000x871, ba0002d7b226929d2a743de96b8559(...).jpg)
    268 KB
    "Something he ate?" You ask her.
    "Yes. Some berries from a bush in the forest."
    "Can you take us back to where the bush it later?"
    "I can." she tells you "But he managed to strip it of all the fruit."
    "We will still need samples of the plant though." You tell her matter of factly
    "By the way, can you still go into your human form?"
    "I.. I have not yet tried."
    "Can you try?" You ask her.

    In the distance Sousuka pulls out a silver wrapped chocolate bar that was part of his MRE pack.


    I only have to keep track of 3 current timelines.
    The future events are just filed away in notes and charts, they're nothing solid as of yet.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/10/12(Tue)01:36 No.18648562
    rolled 97 = 97

    >> Lookout 04/10/12(Tue)01:36 No.18648564
    rolled 72 = 72

    rollan for adawwwwwwable Loli Saber
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:36 No.18648567
    rolled 47 = 47

    Saberker go!
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:36 No.18648570
    Good job, Udz.
    >> Lookout 04/10/12(Tue)01:37 No.18648571
    rolled 31 = 31

    well rolled, Udz
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/10/12(Tue)01:37 No.18648572
    I'm not sure if that's good, or not.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:37 No.18648579
    rolled 42 = 42

    In before Archer.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:42 No.18648640
         File: 1334036525.jpg-(112 KB, 808x683, saberLion.jpg)
    112 KB
    rolled 36 = 36

    I know Udz probably got it already, but...

    Rolling for Saber Lion
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:44 No.18648674
    What three timelines are those?

    Ours, Susan's, and original Hayate's?
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:46 No.18648698
    >Mysterious Girlfriend X in "yes"
    Not bad, not bad.

    >Sankarea in "maybe"
    You should check it out, the manga has a good mix of sweet romance and horror.

    >Ghost Yomi in "no"
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:47 No.18648708
    well that confirms what i thought the twitter was:
    the twitter for you guys seems to be a recount of the closed loop hayate we are all trying to avoid being. thats the result of timeline 2. icusa is from timeline 2.
    timeline 1 is negayate traveling the time stream and screwing everything up probably because something entirely different happened that forced his hand to change things around
    timeline 3 is our current mess of events, also known as the notes and flowcharts.
    timeline 4 is the genderbent diversion off of 3.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:48 No.18648736
    If the twitter is the recounting of another timeline, then we should do everything in our power to avoid it.

    And at the end of this, we're surrendering our Casseiopia to the Doctor. We're clearly not ready for that kind of power.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/10/12(Tue)01:49 No.18648738
         File: 1334036944.jpg-(140 KB, 520x691, 1d3c0165b925111485148f08406bff(...).jpg)
    140 KB
    Saber transforms from a wand into a small human form.
    "Nyaamthing is not right here..." She says as she looks up at you.
    She stands there in what obviously is a younger form.
    She's wearing an adorable lion costume whose mane is made to look like a ring of buns around her head.
    "Well, you look different." You say. "How do you feel?"
    "Nyaarmal. I feel no different." she tells you as she pulls at the mane. "Nyaamhow, I cannot stop saying 'nya'."
    "I think it's adorable." You tell her with a smile.
    She blushes at this.

    Illya comes running back to you.
    "Lookie! I got chocolate!" she says as she take a bite out of the still-wrapped chunk of sugar

    WAT DO?
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:49 No.18648748
    >timeline 1 is negayate
    It's probably what would have happened if we had stayed with the original motivation for joining up, which was getting ALL of the multi-dimensional pussy, and not caring about the consequences and just doing whatever the fuck we wanted because we didn't give a fuck.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:51 No.18648774
    Pat her on the head.
    "Good for you!
    "Now, I have to go and practice with the other boys, so why don't you play with Saber?"
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:51 No.18648781
    For gods sake take the wrapper off before you eat it.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:52 No.18648786
    And then we get a bad end when it turns out we needed it.
    Ask Sousuke if we can put in a call to Mike to come pick up Illya. Then get stuck into gun training.
    Do we get a montage?
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:52 No.18648788
    1 is canon hayate
    2 is bureau hayate
    3 is femyate

    Negayate is a left over from a failed loop where he went bad
    >> Lookout 04/10/12(Tue)01:52 No.18648791
    ask Nyaber to try and contact some bureau personnel and get Shirou/Illya taken back, if she can't do it ask Sagara if whoever the hell it was riding shotgun can take care of it.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/10/12(Tue)01:52 No.18648792
         File: 1334037164.jpg-(196 KB, 728x1130, fhayate358_009_rhs.jpg)
    196 KB
    yeah i read the manga for sankarea.
    still wondering how the animu will get adapted.

    >read latest HNG chapter
    >Sadistic hayate
    Hello negayate.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:55 No.18648834
    Dammit this is seriously getting into HNNNG territory

    Take the wrapper of ilyarou's chocolate and saber can lead us to where the plant is. We need a sample of the plant at the very least so we can hand it over to whoever is going to fix this mess and one for ourselves for experiments
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/10/12(Tue)01:55 No.18648840
    Stop trying to metagame.
    >> Lookout 04/10/12(Tue)01:57 No.18648866
    we could also ask Sagara to excuse us while we sort this mess out, ask for Kraus back while doing so.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:57 No.18648873
    2 problems with this idea:
    problem one is that we may have done just that because of some of the subtle hints IN THREAD such as athena`s warning.

    problem 2: we done actually know how time paradoxes would affect the universe, so even if it isn`t the reason why we get in bad shape by dumping it, there will be time paradoxes, such as the whole perrine shenanigans, and for all we know, time paradoxes crash the entire universe.

    i`m just saying we should put this in perspective and be very careful.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:59 No.18648894
         File: 1334037563.jpg-(96 KB, 728x1071, o0019.jpg)
    96 KB
    So far, it's very faithful and it's gorgeously animated, especially coming from DEEN of all studios.

    Also throws in a few extra zombie-flick references from what I remember.

    But really now, how can you like Mysterious Girlfriend X and Sankarea and not like Tasogare Otome x Amnesia? Those tend to go hand in hand. Just look at that SOFTNESS.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)01:59 No.18648896
    Or we make in-character decisions based on in-character knowledge and leave the paranoid freak-outs to our out-of-character conversations. You know. Just a thought.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/10/12(Tue)01:59 No.18648898
    Well, I must away for sleep, for I must arise early on the morrow.

    Good luck, gents.
    >> Lookout 04/10/12(Tue)02:01 No.18648928
    night Udz
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:03 No.18648948
    >make in-character decisions based on in-character knowledge
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:03 No.18648953
    Nope that watch it ours
    Whether it is stuck to us or we just won't give it up it is ours and we have to learn to use it's power not get scared because of meta gaming
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:05 No.18648985
    Not OUR madness, that's for sure. Some other quest's madness.

    >call tiffsy
    Who is Tiffsy, Captcha? What are you trying to tell me? What does she know!?
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/10/12(Tue)02:11 No.18649062
         File: 1334038281.jpg-(107 KB, 500x464, ea9b733ae7bc3158325064515e1829(...).jpg)
    107 KB
    >Call back to bureau to pick Illya up
    "Saber, Since I don't have Kraus on me, can you you get in touch with someone at the Bureau to pick Illya up?" You tell the lion-suited girl as you unwrap Illya's chocolate bar for her.
    "Nyaacknowledged." She tells you with a nod as she closes her eyes.
    "Illya. I'll have to send you abck to the Bureau okay?" You tell the white headed loli as she chews down on the chocolate bar.
    "We'll be training here and it will be dangerous and boring." You explain.
    "Awww... But I want to stay here with youuuu." she pouts
    "Tell you what. Once you get to the Bureau, go to the cafeteria and tell chef to give you anything you want. he can put it on my tab."
    "ANYTHING?!" her eye's brighten
    "Anything." You say as you wipe the smears of chocolate from around her mouth with a handkerchief you were surprisingly able to keep clean.

    "Nyaameone will be here to pick her up in about half an hour." Saber tells you.
    "Who did you get in touch with?" You ask her.
    "Nyaai asked Lily and she will be sending Ichika."
    You assume that Saber contacted her being thier team's defacto leader.
    "Okay, thanks Saber. Can you take us to that bush now? We will need some samples to send back with her."
    "Nyaanderstood. Please follow me."

    "Hey Sousuke. I'll go check something out real quick." you call out to him. "i'll be back in about half an hour."
    "Roger that." he replies. "Watch out for the mines."

    You have Saber lead you back into the forest.

    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:12 No.18649079
    rolled 82 = 82

    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:12 No.18649085
    rolled 77 = 77

    Ok I am seriously in favour of both Ilya staying and saber having nyaber as a permanent second choice for human form
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:13 No.18649091
    rolled 80 = 80

    Rolling for mines
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:13 No.18649104
    rolled 64 = 64

    Find that bush. And keep an eye out for those landmines.
    He probably got some of the nicer ones that use plastic and ceramic components, instead of the cheap metal shit.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:14 No.18649105
    We need a sample for ourself and a sample for whoever is fixing this as well

    I reckon we could grow it in the bottle
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:15 No.18649124
    rolled 57 = 57

    Hang on a minute

    Do we


    want Shirou back?
    >> Lookout 04/10/12(Tue)02:15 No.18649133
    time for more HUE
    seconded. Illya is manageable and Nyaber is so adorable.
    >> Lookout 04/10/12(Tue)02:16 No.18649137
    rolled 30 = 30

    ooops forgot my roll.
    >> [O] !cBT9DvxTlw 04/10/12(Tue)02:20 No.18649191

    we will need his engineering skills once we buy our home,i doubt the overall structure will be prestine once we actually buy it.
    >> !H9t0.FLonc 04/10/12(Tue)02:22 No.18649208
    rolled 37 = 37

    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:24 No.18649234
    It will be but it won't stay that way
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/10/12(Tue)02:28 No.18649275
         File: 1334039296.png-(122 KB, 478x268, ecc806401cfe116105e13127dfeac5(...).png)
    122 KB
    Saber leads you through the woods unerringly.
    Luckily you don't run into any of Sagara's traps along the way.

    "Nyaath is what Shirou ate." Saber says as she points at a low bush, the middle of it has some depression that looked like a bear or some other wild animal burrowed into it.
    "And he ate the berries only?"
    "Nyes." she answers.

    You poke around in the bush. its been stripped clean of all its fruit.
    You decide to take some parts of it for samples anyway.

    also give me a roll
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:29 No.18649285
    rolled 64 = 64

    Lets take a clipping of a branch, and some of the roots.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:29 No.18649287
    rolled 19 = 19

    A branch with leaves, so it's easier to identify, and as whole of a root as we can get.
    >> Lookout 04/10/12(Tue)02:29 No.18649288
    rolled 96 = 96

    some leaves, some stems/branches, and some roots.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:30 No.18649295
    rolled 42 = 42

    Taking a cutting of the a branch.

    Also, ask Saber if she can take a picture of it.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:30 No.18649301
    rolled 1 = 1

    Branch with several leaves on it and hopefully an upshoot with roots for transplantation purposes.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:31 No.18649312
    And then we died of plants.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:32 No.18649317
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:32 No.18649327
    Or we become a loli ourselves

    >> [O] !cBT9DvxTlw 04/10/12(Tue)02:36 No.18649365

    plant is actually a monster girl

    we will be raped happy
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:38 No.18649393
    rolled 84 = 84

    MSQ becomes MGQ
    the number of whyboners grows exponentially.
    shit, i still need to play part 2 of that.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:39 No.18649399
    Aside from the rape it would solve some issues with growing it and getting fruit from it

    We would have to explain how we ended up with a loli imouto and a plant waifu though
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/10/12(Tue)02:45 No.18649452
         File: 1334040309.jpg-(125 KB, 500x500, 1332652558766.jpg)
    125 KB
    You carefully trim off a couple of branches, and dig up a smaller separate plant nestled into the main bush.
    As you lift the offshoot free, something white rolls out from within it.

    It lay in the dirt, a gleaming white pearl-like berry.
    You quickly pick it up and put it in your pocket.
    You wrap the seedling's roots up in one of the condoms Sagara issued you this morning and pick up the branches you cut off.

    You then head back to camp with Illya and Saber.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:45 No.18649455

    Erica: wtf is that?
    "uhm, its a walking plant girl"
    Erica: ......... you just have no bounds don't you? so what does she eats
    " you might want to sit down, and please put your chaingun away"
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:46 No.18649466
    Not really. We'd just need to utter the words, "Girls, it happened again!"
    >> Lookout 04/10/12(Tue)02:47 No.18649481
    eventually, Erica isn't going to be placated by the words "you might want to sit down." It's just going to make her want to punish us.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:47 No.18649483

    force kenji to eat the fruit, or say it improves eyesight
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:47 No.18649484
    Ah, that pic of Kenji deep in the jungles of Nam never gets old.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:47 No.18649485
    No see because that's where it starts beggaring belief

    Fair enough they are attracted to us
    But first one pops out of nowhere that used to be a rather annoying classmate then we get a dryad thing following us? Even Rance would start calling bullshit
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:48 No.18649497
    Keep the fruit for further study. We want to be able to replicate it in the future.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:49 No.18649501
    You shut the fuck up.
    This is an extremely valuable chance for us to research age-regression potions, and you are not going to fuck this up for us.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:49 No.18649502
    Bad idea. We need it to figure out what they are unless we want to wait for the plant to bear fruit again.
    >> Lookout 04/10/12(Tue)02:50 No.18649514
    If you guys really want to get that genderbend potion right, you guddam SAVE THIS BERRY FOR STUDY
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:50 No.18649520
    There is trolling then there is irresponsible
    We have no clue what it does except it turned Shirou into a loli for how long we are unsure
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/10/12(Tue)02:50 No.18649522
    You arrive back at camp just in time to see Illya's ride arrive.

    IT wasn't Ichika in his flying robot-suit-thing though.
    It was...

    >brb restarting
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:52 No.18649543
    rolled 77 = 77

    >> Lookout 04/10/12(Tue)02:52 No.18649550
         File: 1334040779.jpg-(63 KB, 800x800, Tengen-Toppa-Gurren-Lagann-Yam(...).jpg)
    63 KB
    rolled 86 = 86

    Yamako Sensei!
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:53 No.18649556
    Lily, she couldn't get anyone else so she got a bureau vehicle and her device controlled it
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:55 No.18649574
    rolled 21 = 21

    Erica in her new Dreadnaught Strikers

    How'd they get it done so quick? MAJAIK!

    ... and there was an extra one sitting in a back room in R&D.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:55 No.18649578
         File: 1334040933.jpg-(139 KB, 720x480, azu_kimura0011.jpg)
    139 KB
    rolled 64 = 64

    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:55 No.18649582
    rolled 68 = 68

    Waldorf and Statler from the muppets.
    >> [O] !cBT9DvxTlw 04/10/12(Tue)02:55 No.18649583
    rolled 91 = 91


    >> !H9t0.FLonc 04/10/12(Tue)02:56 No.18649586
    rolled 2 = 2

    why not, seems fun.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:57 No.18649595

    well shit.

    inb4 akira
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:57 No.18649596
    rolled 64 = 64

    Asakim Dowen.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:59 No.18649611
         File: 1334041158.jpg-(154 KB, 1280x720, [Over-Time]_Pirate_Sentai_Goka(...).jpg)
    154 KB
    rolled 5 = 5

    Gokai Silver!
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)02:59 No.18649617
    rolled 17 = 17

    Seconding Asakim
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)03:02 No.18649641
    Why would he be working for the Bureau, though?

    That version just sounds like a lot of trouble for the Bureau. We'd ignore her in her own dimension, but if she tries to branch out...
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)03:03 No.18649655
    rolled 39 = 39

    Come on, sexy teacher!
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)03:03 No.18649658
    rolled 21 = 21

    >Brain fails me, forget who Ichika is (Dude from Infinite Stratos, right? I never watched it)
    >Google image search his name
    >Safe search is off, as it always is
    >JAV screenshots, JAV screenshots everywhere

    Now, I'm going to say... Domon Kasshu.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/10/12(Tue)03:07 No.18649698
         File: 1334041660.jpg-(313 KB, 794x1006, Machine_Daughter___A_10A_by_pa(...).jpg)
    313 KB
    It was Sakura and Erica.
    Erica was in a new pair of strikers.
    Their shape and configuration left no room to guess.

    It was easily identifiable by those engines and the tail configuration.
    Small wings grew from her upper thighs, attached to them were a salvo of dangerous looking missiles.
    The fact that she waved around a minigun also added to the appearance.

    'Goddamn.' You tell yourself. 'My girlfriend is an A-10'
    "Hey there teacakes." She calls out as she spots you. "Is that her?" She nods at Illya.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)03:07 No.18649702
    rolled 84 = 84

    A Black Hawk with six quite confused US Army soldiers.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)03:08 No.18649705
         File: 1334041681.gif-(2.35 MB, 320x180, 1333954685005.gif)
    2.35 MB
    Chuta Ohsugi, this year's liaison for the Kamen Riders.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)03:09 No.18649711
    Yeah, that's Shirou. It's confusing yet utterly adorable to me too.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)03:11 No.18649723
    "Yes. Illya, you remember Erica-oneechan, right?
    "Yeah, she's Shirou. So I have no idea whether she's absolutely adorable, or if I should be facepalming and going Dammit Shirou."
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)03:22 No.18649814
         File: 1334042544.jpg-(42 KB, 475x302, eeeehhhh.jpg)
    42 KB
    >Erica in A-10 Strikers
    >Ace Fighter Pilot flying a damn MUD MOVER

    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/10/12(Tue)03:25 No.18649830
         File: 1334042707.jpg-(16 KB, 249x324, 189213_124233.jpg)
    16 KB
    "Yep. That's Illya." you tell her.
    'I have no idea how Shirou turned into a little girl, but I think it may be similar to his Kurou transformation.' You add mentally.
    'I see, and in the wide wilderness of the mountains she chose to go to you?'
    'What can I say.' you shrug.
    "Hey Illya. Ready to fly back to the Bureau?" She asks the white haired loli.
    "Yup!" the small one answers.
    "Wait, Erica. How come you're the one picking her up and not Ichika?" You ask her.
    "Some new recruitas jumped him. He got grounded." She tells you.
    "And what about those new strikers?" you ask
    "These? I'm testing them out for the labrats. They made these when we first gifted them the strikers months ago."
    "I see, Are you sure you're not blackmailing people for those new toys?" you ask her.
    "Of course not." she gives you a cocky grin before she wraps her arms around Illya, and takes off for the Bureau.
    Sakura follows her after giving you a quick wave goodbye.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/10/12(Tue)03:26 No.18649852
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)03:27 No.18649857
    We should have given her the plant samples, to show whichever doctor checks on Shillya
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)03:27 No.18649858
    While the A-10 is certainly much more like Rudel territory, Hartmann twice refused a transfer to an Me-262 unit, so something that more approximates prop planes is probably easier for her to adapt to.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)03:29 No.18649874
    Or maybe an F-86.

    Just...just for the LOVE of God don't try to put her in F-104s.
    >> Lookout 04/10/12(Tue)03:30 No.18649889
    All this plane talk is
    over my head.
    >> MSQ: The Other Side Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/10/12(Tue)03:30 No.18649891
         File: 1334043057.png-(145 KB, 225x350, 992122.png)
    145 KB
    >Saturday evening

    You head down to Ryuu's bar that evening after some "anatomical lessons" from Erica.
    'Goddamn... I.. I can't feel my hips.' you think to yourself as you ride the elevator down

    You arrive at the bar and knock.
    The door surprisingly not opening for you automatically like it normally did in the past.
    "Come in." comes Ryuu's vocie from within.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)03:34 No.18649912
         File: 1334043256.jpg-(44 KB, 546x369, Ienjoyyourtears.jpg)
    44 KB
    Oh, by the way LG, there was an interesting development in the SWQ thread last Saturday...
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)03:35 No.18649926
    >282 crashes and 115 German pilots killed on the F-104 in non-combat missions

    I can see why he was fucking pissed. Good lord Lockheed get your shit together.

    Also damn those Sabres look cool as hell in the black tulip scheme. JG-71 has Eurofighters now. I would love to see one of them done up like that.
    >> MSQ: The Other Side Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/10/12(Tue)03:37 No.18649944
         File: 1334043477.jpg-(25 KB, 276x704, 7fa827c6173a2976273a6d9f9e6892(...).jpg)
    25 KB
    You walk in, your smaller frame not making any noise as your feet hit the floor.
    "So Ryuu, any news?" You ask him.
    He motions you to sit.
    "What I'm about to tell you right now..." He begins after you get comfortable, "It may not be what you were hoping for."
    "Just give it to me straight." you tell him as your eyes lock.
    He pours two shots of whiskey.
    "The panacea worked." He tells you
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)03:38 No.18649952
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)03:39 No.18649958
    I think Erica and Hina would be feeling rather tired from the marathon lesbiantics
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)03:40 No.18649961
         File: 1334043615.jpg-(18 KB, 270x302, asukawat.jpg)
    18 KB
    Yeah, we got cockblocked by fucking Tesla. He's not even a Martian, so we can't shoot him for it! Fuck.
    This face. Right now. At him.
    >> AC-Guy 04/10/12(Tue)03:40 No.18649962

    Well, now seems like a good time to slam that whiskey down before we ask him to clarify.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)03:42 No.18649976
    Drink his too while we are at it.
    >> Lookout 04/10/12(Tue)03:42 No.18649977
    "Well, at least I won't really have to buy a new wardrobe."
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)03:42 No.18649978
    Down both shots of whisky, and ask him to repeat that.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/10/12(Tue)03:47 No.18650022
         File: 1334044034.jpg-(11 KB, 213x185, 1234325g.jpg)
    11 KB
    You take the shotglass he offers you and ask.
    "Then why am I a female?"
    "It didn't work like it should." He downs the shot in his hand, you follow suite. "Instead of reversing the effects of that potion, it reacted with it and made it... well, for a lack of a better word... permanent."
    "What? How?!" you quickly put the shotglass down.
    "I have no clue. Ive never seen it happen before. It might have been the ingredients, or the timing, or any of a hundred other things."
    He explains to you in a calm voice.
    "And since that potion you prepared for me to study was imperfect as well, there is no way to tell just how it happened."
    "Can't we do something about it?" You ask.
    "Do not worry, I am doing my best diggin up alchemical references in the archives to find out just how to deal with a case like yours."
    "Can't we try Panacea again?" you ask
    "No. Since it reacted badly the first time, there's no way to tell how it will effect you again."
    "So what you're saying is..." you begin to ask him
    "I'm saying that you will be stuck in that form for the time being." He finishes for you.

    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)03:48 No.18650038
    Grab the other shot of whiskey and down it in one go.

    Then grab the bottle and start chugging.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)03:48 No.18650044
    Eh, I can think of worse fates, no huge changes to my abilities, the sex is still great. Though I'd like some more of that whiskey.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)03:49 No.18650051
         File: 1334044159.jpg-(97 KB, 504x504, 1323130227029.jpg)
    97 KB
    >> Lookout 04/10/12(Tue)03:49 No.18650052
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)03:49 No.18650055
    Grab the second shot glass and down it.
    Then ask for something a little stronger.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)03:50 No.18650064
    Cognac this time. Then go and let the others know.

    We're stuck like this for a while, it seems. At least in this timeline.
    >> AC-Guy 04/10/12(Tue)03:51 No.18650078
    rolled 75, 20 = 95


    Grab the bottle, and don't come up for air.

    He will probably have to take it away from us.
    >> Maidlover !KiXFR7D/7. 04/10/12(Tue)03:52 No.18650080

    And then comment about what will you do without a wang!

    > Welcome back LG! Starting to worry about you.
    >> AC-Guy 04/10/12(Tue)03:52 No.18650086

    >Leave dice on from other thread.

    Fuck me.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)03:58 No.18650131
    And we have hit the most major flaw with out plan to use a gender-change potion on the gnomes in the prank war:

    How do you think Minna is going to react to us making her lover literally dickless?
    >> Lookout 04/10/12(Tue)03:59 No.18650138
    I am off to sleep. it's good to be engaged in mass paranoia with y'all again. see you chaps tomorrow night.

    It's not like he's going to get to use it anytime soon.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)04:01 No.18650147
    >How do you think Minna is going to react to us making her lover literally dickless?
    I dunno. Once you go lesbian, you never go... thespian? Shit, this isn't working.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/10/12(Tue)04:02 No.18650160
         File: 1334044978.jpg-(14 KB, 313x223, susan5.jpg)
    14 KB
    You grab the bottle he left on the other wise pristine bar.
    You bring it up to your lips and chug.
    The alcohol burning your throat, the smell overwhelming your senses.
    Ryuu makes no move to stop you.
    "Well," you as as you put down the now half-empty bottle. "Atleast I don't need to buy a new wardrobe."
    You begin chugging again.

    "Rest assured, Hayate. I will do whatever it takes to help you go back to normal." he tells you over the sound of you gulping like a fish.
    "I think you should also go to the doctor for a check-up soon to see if everything about that body is as it seems."
    You say nothing and finish off the bottle.

    You return to your room later that evening reeking of alchohol and a little tipsy.
    The girls are there to welcome you.
    "So, How did it go?" Erica asks you as the others say the same with their eyes.

    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)04:04 No.18650172
    Well, it is permanent, at least for the foreseeable future, I got drunk. Could be worse though, I still have all of you which really is all that matters.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)04:05 No.18650178
    Nope. Knowing Planefag, we'll be spending the next three threads or so in traction while Minna agonizes over her decision to get closer to people after we spectacularly crash our new Tesla-powered flying shark.

    Welcome back, square one. We left the light on for you.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)04:05 No.18650181
         File: 1334045131.jpg-(349 KB, 960x832, 1332127158306.jpg)
    349 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)04:05 No.18650184
    "It appears that as of right now, the Trouser Titan is MIA presumed KIA. I need another drink."

    Have Kraus make some Irish Coffee.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)04:05 No.18650185

    "I... I think I'm going to freak out a little bit. Sorry."

    Crash into their arms.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)04:06 No.18650188
    "I want my DICK BACK."
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)04:07 No.18650198
    Depends on whether we get a swap potion instead of the current MtF potion, and get her as well.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)04:08 No.18650202
    "Weeeell....the condition seems a little more permanent than it first appeared. Ryuu and I will be working on a way to reverse this, but I'm stuck like this for now."

    Well, we know it doesn't have to be permanent, what with Ryuu's own gender-swap potion.
    Just...annoying as Hell.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)04:09 No.18650206
    >Minna agonizes over her decision to get closer to people
    >not in a stewing rage over being denied sex after finally getting over the massive wall of grief and shame in her mind

    Remember, she *is* 19. She hasn't gotten any in a year, for obvious reasons. And as soon as she gets over what is preventing her, a massive cockblocking scientist from the future arrives. How would you feel in that situation?
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)04:09 No.18650212
    >Chug the whole bottle
    >Say anything remotely coherent

    then puke on the floor and pass out
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)04:11 No.18650222
    "Well, it appears that I'm stuck being a lesbian for a while. Stranger words I have never spoken. Anyway, don't do anything too lewd while I'm out."

    And then the inevitable crash.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)04:11 No.18650228
    rolled 57 = 57

    "I just lost my two best friends..."

    >aveirec forgive
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)04:13 No.18650240
    rolled 37 = 37

    Supporting this.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)04:14 No.18650247
    "it seems we need to buy some toys for our fun time, in the meantime"
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)04:18 No.18650283
    I am surprised she didn't throw him out a window, drag MC to her room bar the door and rape him.

    If it was Trude I would of called bullshit since it is exactly what she would do, but Minna is a bit more restrained so it still fits
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)04:22 No.18650316
         File: 1334046127.jpg-(77 KB, 1280x720, 1327032135673.jpg)
    77 KB
    I guess it really depends on whether PF wants Minna to backslide or build up sexual tension like Vesuvius.

    I'll laugh when Minna decides that doors are simply a nuisance, electing to crash through the wall of Patton's office, drag MC out of the debriefing without explanation, then crash through the opposite wall on her way out. Neither will be heard from for a week.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/10/12(Tue)04:23 No.18650322
         File: 1334046185.jpg-(20 KB, 294x297, susan 12.jpg)
    20 KB
    "Ishhh Lyk disss... Ryuu saysh ish opermanent until it ishnt anymores." You answer them the best as you can.
    "Ish like flying ina boat but dat boat hash no saaaaailz."
    You then follow this magnificent bit of incite with, "MYYYYYYYY DIIIIIII-" This continues for as long as you had breath in you "-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!"
    After this, you promptly fall face first into their arms and pass out.

    "Oh boy. This could get rough." Erica could only say as she holds you.
    The others nod in agreement.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)04:24 No.18650340
    I find the whole vesuvius situation hilarious, if only for how much it will cause a major meltdown when it finally does erupt. It will be bounce witch all over again. Except only on MC and he won't be going anywhere for at least 2 days
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)04:26 No.18650358
    Yay! Drunken emotional breakdowns

    I think we are only missing BSoD breakdown and we have bingo
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)04:30 No.18650387
         File: 1334046659.jpg-(12 KB, 200x290, 1329029794382.jpg)
    12 KB
    It's the perfect analogy, too. You can't argue with a volcano. You can't reason with it. You can't give it orders. You really have two choices: you can get the hell out of its way, or you can die where you stand and they will NEVER. FIND. THE BODY.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)04:32 No.18650401
    rolled 87 = 87

    hey let's not talk about SWQt in a MSQ thread okay thanks.
    >> MAHOU SHIROU QUEST: SUGAR RUSH Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/10/12(Tue)04:33 No.18650409
         File: 1334046805.jpg-(290 KB, 500x789, cce25dc846ae52f97e104a5110ba68(...).jpg)
    290 KB
    You fly back to the Bureau in Erica-oneechan's arms.
    "WHEEEEEEEEEE!" You say as you flap your arms to give the illusion of flight.
    The girl in pink flying on a wand just looks at you.

    After a quick flight, you touch down in the Bureau just in front of the dorms.
    Erica lets go of you and places a hand on her hat, she's talking to somebody mentally.
    The girl in pink, who you now remember to be Sakura just stands around and looks at Saber as she floats near you in her wand form.

    WAT DO?
    [ ]stay with Erica
    [ ]run away and find something to do
    [ ]talk to Sakura
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)04:34 No.18650418
    [x ]stay with Erica

    She just gave us the most awesome ride EVER. Lets see if she'll do it again,
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)04:35 No.18650419
    [x]Run away and find something to do.

    Is there really any other choice?
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)04:35 No.18650420
    [x]talk to Sakura
    Ask Sakura-chan if she has any candy.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)04:36 No.18650427
    [x] run away and find something to EAT
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)04:36 No.18650431
    Run away and find some candy! The chocolate that scary person gave you didn't last very long and you are still hungry

    Get saber to help you reach it if necessary
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)04:37 No.18650433
    Attempt to do all three at the same time.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)04:45 No.18650493
    So grab their hands and drag them away to find something fun to do?

    Seconding this.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)04:47 No.18650511
    Hmm...Sounds good. Seconding.
    >> Maidlover !KiXFR7D/7. 04/10/12(Tue)04:50 No.18650524

    Yes let do that. Lolishirou charm is hard to resist
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/10/12(Tue)04:55 No.18650554
    You grab Sakura and Erica's hands.
    "Hey let's find something to do!" you tell them as you pull them in a random direction.
    "Wait Illya! I need to get back to R&D with these." Erica-oneechan says as she points down to the funny metal boots she was wearing.
    "But I don't like it down there." You tell her as you remember the catacombs that made up the Research and Development section of the Bureau.
    "It's dark and deep." you keep tugging at her.
    "Well... How about this. I'll go down there myself and you and Sakura go have fun out here." She tells you, "I'll meet up with you two later."
    "Okay!" You and Sakura say at the same time.
    Erica flies a few feet off the ground towards the R&D dome.
    Sakura turns to you and asks
    "What do you want to do Illya-chan?"

    [ ]find candy
    [ ]find candy
    [ ]other? [find candy]
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)04:55 No.18650558
    That would be a problem how?
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)04:58 No.18650567
    As in "Start beating us up for infidelity" punishment, not "I'll get the handcuffs you bad boy" punishment.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)04:58 No.18650568
    Oh hey, Hayate-oniichan said that if we go to the cafeteria that Chef would give us whatever food we wanted.

    [x]other: FIND CAKE!
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)04:58 No.18650569
    find gummieBEARS
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)05:05 No.18650606


    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)05:05 No.18650613
    >[ ]find candy
    >[ ]find candy
    >[ ]other? [find candy]

    No wait. How about
    >[x] find TWO candies?
    >> Maidlover !KiXFR7D/7. 04/10/12(Tue)05:08 No.18650629
    Try to find candy in Kenji's room.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)05:10 No.18650643
    Didn't Shirou get one of the infinite candy bags from Wonka, too?
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/10/12(Tue)05:11 No.18650649
         File: 1334049100.jpg-(64 KB, 500x500, 9bc23c8a3946c4cba69ade8957cf21(...).jpg)
    64 KB
    >find CAKE
    "Hey, Hayate-oniichan said that chef in the cafeteria will give us anything we want and he will cover it." You tell her with a grin.
    "Anything?" She asks.
    "ANYTHING!" you answer her while jumping up and down.
    "LET'S GO!" The two of you hightail it to the cafeteria.

    ON the way there, you run into an unfamiliar brown-skinned girl.
    "Fran-chan!" Sakura calls out to the newcomer.
    "Hi, Sakura!" She says as she walks up to you. "Who is this?" She asks the other one.
    "THis is Illya, and Hayate and Erica asked me to keep her company. Now were headed to the Cafeteria since Hayate said we can get anything we want there and he'll take care of it." Sakura answers in one breath.

    "Anything?" The one called Fran asks.
    "ANYTHING!" Sakura says as she jumps up and down like you did earlier.
    "LET'S GO!" She says enthusiastically as she grabs your hands and hauls you to the cafeteria.

    You've barely known her for two minutes, but you like this Fran-chan already.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)05:15 No.18650677
    Oh God, there goes all of our money
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)05:22 No.18650726
         File: 1334049741.jpg-(178 KB, 535x681, 7e7f22109bc4f8c62a6684f3c538ea(...).jpg)
    178 KB
    Which Fran are we talking about here? The only brown-skinned one I can think about is pic related.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)05:23 No.18650738
         File: 1334049828.jpg-(188 KB, 1200x1125, 1331526793970.jpg)
    188 KB
    Francesca Lucchini
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)05:24 No.18650745
    As in Francesca Lucchini?
    And we don't have anyone there to record the resulting sugar rush?

    Well, we can probably catch the news when we get back.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)05:24 No.18650747
    ...I feel stupid now.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)05:26 No.18650760
    Who ALSO loves sweets.

    And now knows we just gave the three of them a blank check to hit the dessert counter for a sugar binge.

    It's going to end up like that bit with the all-syrup Squishy from the Simpsons. The three of them are going to party hard hitting up the town, then wake of with no memories of the past night after somehow joining the Sailor Scouts.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)05:26 No.18650762
    >unlimited budget

    This world will burn.
    >> Maidlover !KiXFR7D/7. 04/10/12(Tue)05:29 No.18650792

    It seem that Hayate's misfortune strike again....
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)05:30 No.18650801
    We're going to have to start up that potion business earlier than expected. We're going to have to compete with the potion stores in town, too, come to think of it.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/10/12(Tue)05:33 No.18650815
         File: 1334050405.jpg-(25 KB, 720x450, sagara2.jpg)
    25 KB
    As you shoot another hay-stuffed dummy in the chest, a sensation travels down your spine.
    It's not the recoil though, it's something more ominous, something far scarier than a gun spitting death from its muzzle.
    'I don't like this' you tell yourself as you chamber another round and aim at your next target 300 meters away.

    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)05:34 No.18650817
    Such is life under Hayate's swag
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/10/12(Tue)05:34 No.18650818
         File: 1334050466.jpg-(33 KB, 720x450, sagara4.jpg)
    33 KB
    The rifle drills now finished, Sagara gathers your group again and hands out paintball guns.
    He begins to say from a top the platform in the middle of the obstacle course. The setting sun through a bright orange halo around him.
    he takes out a checkered flag of red and black and plants it on a post near him.
    He then raises a blue and white striped flag and shows it to you.
    He materializes 5 bontas and they stand in a row next to him.
    He takes out some handcuffs and handcuffs himself to the one on his right.
    The other bontas follow suit and his group forms three pairs.

    He then throws three more cuffs at your feet.

    You approach Keima and once again shackle yourselves together.
    The four others do the same.


    The bontas then throw flashbangs.
    The world disappears in an explosion of light and sound

    A few minutes later, a red flare makes its way quickly up through the dusk sky.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)05:37 No.18650835
    >forced march back to the Bureau with no boots or food

    ...I think Souske is delving too much into his "Bataan Death March" inspirations.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 04/10/12(Tue)05:37 No.18650838
         File: 1334050659.jpg-(22 KB, 432x317, zzzz to be coninued.jpg)
    22 KB
    Next time on MSQ:

    New thread TOMORROW at 2200
    >have some stuff to do out of the house tonight,
    >also taking home a bag of paper work.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)05:37 No.18650840
    Do we have anything other than our knife now?
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)05:38 No.18650846
    Alright. Keima and Hayate stay on defense. Kenji and Gai, Ken and Touma on offense.

    We'll need to find a defensive position; staying by the flag is too exposed.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)05:41 No.18650862
    Alright, see you tonight, LG.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)05:58 No.18650982
    You guys know how we want to weaponized Ted? Most likely impossible and if not, most likely expensive as hell?

    I have an idea like that for Lo.

    So we go back to Gulliver's see, and we look around for something that Lo could hang on to and handle easily, that contains a small Gymnasium.

    Which we then fill with chairs, tables and ladders.

    Then when shit gets real Lo can tag someone with it and voila.

    Impromptu Unlimited Trabble works.
    >> AC-Guy 04/10/12(Tue)06:11 No.18651074

    Man, sometimes i feel bad for LG. All I have to worry bout in my quest are giant robot fights destroying cites.

    I think I got the better deal between us there.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)06:27 No.18651170
    Give me a bit to read through the archive and I'm sure I can come up with at least one or two completely out there ideas for you if you're feeling left out.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)06:28 No.18651176
    See we would be better off getting a bag he can just reach into and get tools.

    The bottles are dicky and expensive
    >> AC-Guy 04/10/12(Tue)06:30 No.18651190

    You will not be able to top what I'm already planning.

    Feel free to join though, people seem to like mine, and it originally went up to keep MSQ players entertained during the down-time.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)06:37 No.18651254
    You write it very well which helped massively IMO
    Makes it much easier to get into
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)06:39 No.18651264
    That's not how it's supposed to work though.

    The stuff needs to just BE THERE.

    Lo would be trying to avoid trabble and ends up backpedaling over a chair, somehow kicking at his attacker while he cartwheels backwards getting a ladder that was on the floor caught in in his arms, which will then spin into enemies every time Lo has to swerve away from an attack.

    This is Avoiding Trabble 101 man.
    >> Maidlover !KiXFR7D/7. 04/10/12(Tue)08:43 No.18651915

    I can agreed about this tactic. But because we are dealing with Sagara (I dont have much anime knowledge about him.) who seem to be natural born soldier. We must use very different tactics, a kind of tactic that lack common sense or just completly stupid.

    We can let Hayate & Keima going offensive while other are defending the flag. Sagara will not expecting that. Otherwise we let Keima decide the tactic for us.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)08:53 No.18651984
    We need to have Kenji and his partner visible, the other pair hiding and Keima and us attacking

    We do this because Keima is a great tactician he can get us in, to the flag and back before the other four lose our flag theoretically

    Perfect point but having the bottle isn't it just being there.
    Now if we were to litter the area with junk for him to use it would be fair enough, we can also do this since kraus can create whatever is needed either as food products ( ie rock fudge ladder ) or table settings

    The whole bottle idea is too easily defeated by them simply avoiding the attack with the bottle
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)09:43 No.18652384
    Sometimes trying to do something stupid to try to catch the opponent off-guard is still just very stupid.
    Your proposed plan will just have us get taken out like rank amateurs.
    >> Anonymous 04/10/12(Tue)10:01 No.18652528
    No, we visibly do something stupid by have Kenji there being a retard, have whoever else is there hide however they can while Keima runs us out there with a plan

    We can get him to set it up but we need a visible target near the flag to get him to think we are being stupid enough to give have made an amateur mistake

    Doing a crazy plan really works extremely rare but leading your opponent into thinking you have been stupid works much more often
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 04/10/12(Tue)10:35 No.18652798
    Having to deal with people like Mooch & Dave, I do believe he'd be hard pressed to top you.

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