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  • File: 1333667204.jpg-(585 KB, 3501x3063, 1333404873021.jpg)
    585 KB Zombie & Witch XI Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)19:06 No.18588509  


    Twitter for next thread time: HereticalLoveQ

    Its been kind of a rough set of days, but there have been a few high points. Meeting one of the greatest intellects the world has ever known, who turns out to be an immortal wizard.

    You can't honestly feel too surprised at this point. Maybe if he had been a dolphin all along, but as is, not too shocking.

    Not that any of this is likely going to matter, because the immortal witch "Ruin" is likely to kill you.

    You wait with bated breath as her eyes open, focusing, calculating.

    "Morning." You finally offer.

    "Already?" She groans, before floating off the ground, her arm leaving your chest.

    "...That's it?"

    "Hmm? Well what did you expect, mortal?" She asks, one eye open as she stretches both arms over her head.

    You don't offer any hints, it could have gone much, much worse...

    As you pull yourself off of the ground with a nearby table, you groan and realize that this is probably the last place on earth that you are going to find coffee or cigarettes. Sure there's Socrates and his friendly mead-making armored construct friend, but after last night...

    You don't feel much like any more mead.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)19:12 No.18588576
    Wild thing would be the perfect song to troll her with right now.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)19:16 No.18588605
         File: 1333667768.jpg-(154 KB, 619x450, 1333411783105.jpg)
    154 KB
    Instead, you gaze bleary-eyed around the large building. A place quite unlike any other, when you factor in the fact that it is deep under the sea floor.

    Not to mention all of the lost historical information and accounts held within its walls...

    "Was wondering when you would get up!" Socrates calls out.

    ...Or the philosophical wizard who's been camped out here for the last thousand or so years.

    "Can Bob make coffee and or cigarettes?" You ask the toga-clad thinker.

    "Mead?" He asks after a few moments, extending a cup.

    "Dude..." You shake your head.

    You look around and notice Kiara has apparently floated off somewhere, out of eyesight. You spot "Bob", the Librarian here, busily cleaning shelves. He's quite an odd fellow, Bob. What with the fact that he isn't a whole lot more than floating bronze armor filled with some kind of energy that must keep the whole thing together.

    Pulling out your MP3 player and setting it aside with headphones, you crank the volume to "Wild Thing" as you yawn. Kiara may be out of eyesight, but down here, she can surely hear it.

    Socrates, meanwhile, has settled himself down on the table nearest you. He's halfway through a cup of mead and again as far into a particularly large scroll, its edges frayed and ragged.

    Though you figure its about time to get out of here, as you aren't exactly one to just hang in a library unless you can avoid it...

    You are also trying to think of anything you might need to do before heading out.

    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)19:28 No.18588738
    Ask Bob about any books that might give you a clue about Phoenix's curse.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)19:31 No.18588760
         File: 1333668668.jpg-(187 KB, 672x825, Zombie & Witch 2.jpg)
    187 KB
    You take a few minutes to sit down, get your bearings back together after a rough night. You still don't feel exactly wonderful.

    After giving your Sig a quick field strip, you were thankful that you put it in a plastic bag before making the dive. Otherwise it might be rusted to shit from the salt water. Instead, its in good working order. Though it might need a bit of oil.

    "Quite a contraption there." Socrates looks up from his scroll.

    "Bit different from a sword, yeah."

    "From what I can see in your memory, a lot different." He raises an eyebrow.

    "What are you reading there?" You ask, changing the subject to hopefully something more cheerful.

    "A detailed account of the history of naval warfare."

    "So light reading, then." You put the Sig back into its kydex holster and back into the water tight bag.

    Bob silently glides over toward your table, and you give him a small wave which he awkwardly returns.

    "Hey Bob, been meaning to ask you... Thought about this last night, but do you have any books on curses? I'm looking specifically for anything that might have to do with someone being cursed with immortality."

    The construct pauses, and with no face, you can't really tell why.

    "Certainly there are a few, would you like me to show you?"


    You get up from the table, leaving Socrates to his reading, and fall in line after Bob.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 04/05/12(Thu)19:44 No.18588868
    Thread seems quiet tonight
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)19:45 No.18588895
    i guess it's a thursday, one of the slower days of the week
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)19:46 No.18588897
    Through rows upon rows of scrolls you walk, following along behind the bronze armor. You don't really marvel too much this morning, not like last night. It could be that you've lost a bit of the "wow" factor, or maybe it could just be the hangover starting to creep up on you.

    Bob finally stops beside a smaller wooden shelf, and his glowing white hands reach out and select two scrolls, gently easing them from the stack.

    You meanwhile, take a seat at another table and with that there were something more comfortable to sit on than the hard marble.

    "Just these two, they should have what you are looking for."

    He sets the scrolls in front of you, and you snag another one of the circular glasses like you used last night and put it to your eye. Immediately, the text that you otherwise wouldn't even be able to guess at, suddenly becomes quite clear.

    The scroll is certainly about curses, its papyrus laden heavily in written accounts of varying kinds. Curses for drought, for blindness, for infertility... Nothing about a curse for immortality. You start to check the second scroll and find more of the same, but still nothing concerning what you might need.

    Until you come upon the last few scrawled lines at the bottom. These perk your interest.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)19:46 No.18588905
         File: 1333669603.jpg-(89 KB, 619x450, 1332810656710.jpg)
    89 KB
    The text is as vague as it is short. You read of the account of a young cavalryman who sought glorious death on the battlefield. He made the mistake of hassling an elderly man to give up a flask of wine. The old man was apparently looked quite a bit younger than his age, as the scroll details him as being some five hundred or so years old. The cavalryman, the one who sought death, is cursed with immortality.

    You come upon the last few small lines, crammed in nearly at the edge. Immortality as a curse is not without burden upon its caster. In order to break the curse, one must find its wielder and persuade him to recant. In addition, for every year that the cursed man lives, the caster appears to age.

    After making sure you didn't miss anything else that could have been important, you pass the scrolls back to Bob, who returns them lightly to their places.

    "Persuade, eh?" You frown, mulling over that phrasing. The text specifically said persuade, as though the one who initiated the curse must still be alive.

    You hope at least. If they are dead, its going to be damn hard to persuade them that you really need them to drop that pesky curse off of the Phoenix so you can just be rid of him.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)19:47 No.18588912
    rolled 1 = 1

    Also the day before Good Friday.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)19:47 No.18588915
    Oh goddammit. I had that on from another thread.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 04/05/12(Thu)19:48 No.18588925
    So we're looking for an extremely old person?
    Well, magic could make them look younger possibly, so could cosmetic surgery.
    Or they're a hermit.

    Either way, it will likely not be easy to find them.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 04/05/12(Thu)19:49 No.18588939
    Bracing for impact
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)19:52 No.18588961
    Has Kiara mentioned whether he was already immortal when she first met him? I don't think she's talked much about him, and I'm wondering if she might have done it, possibly by accident.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)19:53 No.18588968
    Yeah I might have to switch up days, Thursdays always seem to crawl. Plus Easter weekend and all, but meh.

    "I never took you for one to read, mortal."

    You turn around and see Kiara, back against a shelf, eyebrow raised.

    "I like to read, sometimes..." You frown.

    "Seems you've found something good, hmm?" She smirks.

    "Good? We have to find some bastard that looks really old, and somehow convince him to drop the curse. This hardly seems good."

    "You're thinking too small. The point is, he can be killed somehow, and now we know how." Kiara smiles, apparently enthralled by the idea.

    "I was really hoping the damn thing would just tell me to use more rockets." You sigh and stand up from the table, "That would have been easy."


    >noko 1
    hmmm.... Don't know if hue
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)19:56 No.18589003
    "So, know any old immortals with a vindictive streak?"
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)19:57 No.18589005
    please do if you feel it would be a good one
    also whilst I'm not Grungemuffin from twitter, you said to be remindet to do some trucker & witch overtime.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)19:58 No.18589018
    Is there any way we could magic up a place, obviously smaller than this library, back in the US? It would be useful to have a magically hidden safehouse. And I think it'd be practical to do it since it won't nearly be the size of this library.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)20:00 No.18589047
    Ask Kiara if she found what she was looking for
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)20:03 No.18589068
    >Why Chrome? Why do you keep dropping names?
    Furthering on from this, specifically immortals who would not care about keeping a witch hunter alive indefinatly
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 04/05/12(Thu)20:05 No.18589076
    >It did it again
    I don't know why I bother.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)20:06 No.18589084
    "You wouldn't happen to know who cursed him, would you? Wasn't you, was it? Curse finger get a bit itchy?"

    "If it were me, wouldn't I appear as an ancient old woman?" Kiara sighs, "No, mortal, and there are plenty of magic users who could have fit the bill, more still willing to hold such a grudge. There is a reason most immortals appear old, and it isn't curses. Few ever climb to the height of immortality, fewer even before they are already old and grey."

    "So we're going to be looking for someone who looks ridiculously old? If they've been around for the five hundred years or more?"

    "Very old, perhaps appearing to be little more than a corpse. Still, anyone capable of managing such a curse isn't some toddling old fool. It would take a lot of power to make that curse, and a lot of experience."

    "Guess we should start at the old witches nursing home, eh?" You grin.

    "Shut up." Kiara starts floating away from you, arms folded.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)20:07 No.18589100
    You follow along, partly because you aren't finished talking, partly because you know its annoying her.

    "So I've been thinking. If you made this place, couldn't you maybe magic us up something similar back in the states? Maybe less ancient shit and more couches and kegs on tap?"

    Kiara tilts her head back to look at you, her gaze already telling you that your idea is a bad one.

    "The amount of magic that this took to construct caused a maelstrom, a whirlpool a thousand feet across. The seas raged and the skies stormed for three days. Do you think I can do that without lighting up their tracking systems like the sun?"



    "Bah, it was a good idea and you know it. So anyways, did you find what you were looking for at least?"

    "About the family of Scipio? Some, what there was to find. Perhaps somewhere to start, if it still exists."


    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 04/05/12(Thu)20:09 No.18589121
    One of these days she will learn to take jokes.
    But today is not that day.

    Welp. Suppose we should join a dig team.
    At least it wasn't Herculaneum.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)20:09 No.18589128
    This should be fun. But there'd better not be some ancient magical artifact of great power buried inside the volcano that we're gonna have to go wading for.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)20:11 No.18589140
    >Do you think I can do that without lighting up their tracking systems like the sun?
    This isn't necessarily as big a problem as she seems to think. If the result of casting such a spell is that destructive, the magical footprint could be many miles across- which would make it a bitch and a half to pinpoint whatever the hell it was used to create. Just fake them out by making some flashy secondary effect that they can pin the disaster on, and we get away scot-free with our new base. Or artifact. Or whatever. They won't be able to find our true purpose in the giant explosion of magic.
    >> redaeth 04/05/12(Thu)20:12 No.18589144
    Huh, did she or another witch cause that eruption?
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)20:13 No.18589158
    >inb4 the majority of wars and 'natural' disasters throughout history were in fact caused by magic users
    >inb4 the order does what it has too, to protect humanity
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)20:14 No.18589161
    Sounds good.

    Gotta get to Italy then. Fucking lions den and all that.

    I'd say our options are look for a boat straight to Naples, or to Syracuse and ROAD TRIP with a quick ferry ride over the Stretto di Messina
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)20:14 No.18589166
    Or we could just wait until after we wipe out the order to do something like that.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)20:14 No.18589168
    Fuck those guys, we magic now
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)20:15 No.18589173
    yeah... i can actually get behind that, in the case of MU:s that do stuff with magic
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)20:15 No.18589174
    Or they'd set up an exclusion zone and camp out over our secret hideout for time immemorial.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 04/05/12(Thu)20:19 No.18589206
    >Fucking chrome
    Fuck it, reinstalling firefox

    We really need to find out more about the history of magic and major events it has been used in.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)20:22 No.18589234
    >mormans ignore my "no solicitors", "beware of dog" signs
    >ring my doorbell anyways
    >ignore them
    >rings again
    >they act shocked when I answer the door wearing a bathrobe and holding the control to a vibrating egg which appears to be stuck down my pants
    >awkward silence with only the sound of the vibrator going
    >offer them pancakes
    >they refuse
    >close the door

    "Hate to break it to you, but Vesuvius kind of buried it."

    "Under ash, I know. I also know that it wasn't unintentional, or I assume so, at least. The family was heavily established in that city, to the point that they could have likely at least diverted the path of the eruption, if it were just a natural cause. I'm not so easily convinced..."

    Kiara stops floating and turns to you.

    "No, mortal, I don't think that the eruption was just a random event. Not with such a magical presence in the area. I'm as intelligent as the rest of them, so if I wanted to hide something, far from prying eyes..."

    "You'd bury it." You finish for her, and she cracks a small smile and nods.

    "Under a blanket so thick that it would be nearly impossible to unveil it."
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)20:23 No.18589249
    looks like its time to start planning a trip to italy
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)20:27 No.18589287
    best not tell dad. I don't think he'd like us heading into mafia country
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)20:28 No.18589294
    But we're not going to be able to wipe out the order in any practical timeframe, because they have millions of adherents and centuries of entrenchment within the world's power structure. The best we can hope for within the next few months/years is effective methods of evading them or fending them off.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)20:29 No.18589310
    or creating a power vaccum
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)20:29 No.18589314
    Was the vibrator for their benefit or is that just how you roll?
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)20:30 No.18589321
    We are immortal. Any timeframe is practical.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)20:31 No.18589326
    I'd support the boat idea. Probably best not to go straight into Naples, though.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)20:32 No.18589331
    "Guess you guys had never heard of a fucking Swiss bank account." You smirk.

    "We'll be in Italy, which from what we know is likely a base of Order power. Not only that, but we'll have to find some way to reach whatever is buried..." Kiara ignores your comment, already thinking to herself out loud.

    "Couple of shovels, maybe some magic TNT?" You shrug.

    "With any luck, they won't still be monitoring it... Though now that the Order knows I have two pieces once again..."

    You let her keep ignoring you, following behind her as she starts walking again. Kiara seems to be going over things in her head, yours is throbbing too hard to concentrate.

    "A hangover, no cigarettes, no coffee, stuck in a library... I don't think I've ever had a morning this bad." You groan.

    Kiara stops suddenly, turning around. Without a word, she reaches out and takes hold of your face. As her fingers touch your skin, relief washes over you like warm rain. You close your eyes and almost moan.


    "I'm going to market that. "Ruin" in a bottle, take one, hangover gone. Buy two and get your next one half off."


    both. pancake night, man
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)20:32 No.18589338
    Doooooo nooot asssk
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)20:33 No.18589346

    This is Paapa-N

    The answer is just as likely to be HUE HUE HUE as it is serious
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)20:34 No.18589359
    You lead an interesting life my friend.

    Anyway, consider means of reaching Italy. Primarily means that allow us to maintain possession of our rented motorcycle for as long as possible.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)20:36 No.18589373
    She's gotten quite touchy all of a sudden. Not that I'm objecting, but I'm curious what triggered it.

    As for transport, getting a boat across the Med is probably the quickest.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)20:39 No.18589403
    She feels the same thing we feel apparently. Also Hangover must suck.

    Just posting some great boogie time

    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)20:40 No.18589412
    Can she work significant amounts of magic while we're in the library, while remaining safely shielded from outside detection? Could she enchant us or our equipment with useful things, or better yet, use magic to work modifications which will be nonmagical when complete? We're a zombie already, there's not that much reason to avoid modding our body to have unnatural physical powers, if that sort of thing is in Kiara's skillset. And it could save our ass in a pinch.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)20:40 No.18589413
    I will admit, there are some serious perks for having you around. Thanks.

    Once we get a decent distance from here you should irradiate a pile of birds, fishes and cars, we don't want them to focus on here as the origin of the magic signals.

    We should probably take a boat, I don't really want to ride my bike straight through Order central.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)20:41 No.18589432
    jesus fucking christ is this real
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)20:43 No.18589453
    Now I know why stormtroopers were such shitty shots. They spent all of their time getting choreography right and busting a move all day, and never went to the range.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 04/05/12(Thu)20:44 No.18589463
    These are very good questions.

    We know how to take apart the Cuda's engine, she could make magical replacement parts from the images in our head.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)20:45 No.18589477
    >serious perks

    Like continuing existence, yeah.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)20:48 No.18589500
    100% real


    I'M SOLO
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)20:51 No.18589529
    Suddenly I am ok with how Mass Effect turned out.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)20:51 No.18589530
    "..." Kiara stares at you, blankly, as though wanting to say something but at the same time unwilling to gratify that statement with her own words.

    "It would sell." You shrug, "Anyways, we really should start getting on the road again."

    "That would be for the best, its going to be another journey..." She glances over at Socrates, who is sleeping, head back over the chair.

    "Guess I'll say goodbye for the both of us..." You head over to the old man and rouse him lightly.

    "Have to get going, man. Thanks for... Philosophizing with me." You reach out and shake his hand.

    "Dust in the wind." He smiles.

    Heading back toward Kiara, you walk up alongside her as she heads for the exit.

    "So I've been thinking, could you maybe magic me up some gear or something while we're down here? Shielded and all that?"

    "So it can give off magic radiation for the order to track better?"

    "How about something that doesn't? Magic it now and just once, or something?"

    "What did you have in mind, mortal?"

    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 04/05/12(Thu)20:52 No.18589533
         File: 1333673533.jpg-(36 KB, 240x259, bang bang bang.jpg)
    36 KB
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)20:53 No.18589543
    Would someone please put Lucas down so someone else can step up that wouldn't approve of this bullshit?
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)20:54 No.18589561
    Explosive bullets maybe?

    Or could she possibly change our hair color, maybe attach a beard as a sort of disguise?
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)20:55 No.18589566
    Can you improve the performance of my weapons, make the springs better, the gunpowder more explosive, the action smoother without it leaking magic residue afterwards?

    Can you make any changes to me, strength, speed, hardiness, reflexes and so on that wouldn't make me light up like a neon sign?
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)20:55 No.18589570

    Really though I can't think of anything we need. Plus we have to deal with Italian customs at some point so magicking up a pile of SMAW rockets or something is probably a waste of time.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 04/05/12(Thu)20:57 No.18589589

    Could she bulk up our muscle mass? Increase the amount, or it's density? That would make us stronger without needing to use magic that could give away our position.
    Perhaps she could do the something to our bones as well, make them harder to break.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)20:57 No.18589600
    but guys, this is the best thing that ever happened to star wars


    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)20:58 No.18589606
    >inb4 she turns us into wolverine
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)21:01 No.18589634
    brb fucking with router, internets keeps flickering on and off, hamster in my series of tubes or something
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 04/05/12(Thu)21:01 No.18589638
         File: 1333674107.png-(58 KB, 696x552, RAGING LAVA.png)
    58 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)21:02 No.18589653
    because it's fun

    Are you saying you don't want to do the "Trash Compactor"?
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)21:03 No.18589659
    Yeah. It's not a bad idea, but we should specify that we quite like our handsome face the way it is.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 04/05/12(Thu)21:04 No.18589664
    I fail to see the problem.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)21:04 No.18589665
    The HUE is strong with this one.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)21:14 No.18589765

    Discreet and tough armor or an adjustment to his body that gives him a bit more survivability. Maybe something that he can only use for shortish periods at a time?
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)21:16 No.18589783
    Subdermal aluminium Faraday cage, so that Kiara can hide inside us and have her magical radiation shielded. I mean, she doesn't normally hang out in us since she's got a spirit now, but she still could, right?
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)21:18 No.18589813
    On one hand, this is pretty neat, on the other, it might not work, and it'd probably hurt like a bitch.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)21:24 No.18589861
         File: 1333675477.jpg-(336 KB, 1477x820, DiegoWIP.jpg)
    336 KB
    Why hello here. Always fun to wake up in the middle of the night and realize it's Zombie and Witch night.

    After previous-ish threads talk about references, I thought about doing some modeling. Haven't got the time or want for learning any rigging yet, so all models that I've done so far are in this rigid airplane pose. I'll do some rigging practise over the weekend, if I don't stuff myself to death with sweets and food.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)21:25 No.18589867
    Gun out of nanomaterials.

    Create the automatic 12 gauge pistol.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)21:28 No.18589885
    Oh right I am apparently the last person to learn this but there are some pretty solid rumors floating around that Chrysler is planning to introduce a new Barracuda in the next few years to serve as a less pigfat alternative to the Challenger.

    Your thoughts on such a development Papa?
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)21:28 No.18589890
    or create a truly silent AK
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)21:33 No.18589925
    Truly silent AK with modifiable chassis.

    That uses shotgun shells.Especially the explosive kind.

    >Were all just hoping for a bolter, aren't we?
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)21:33 No.18589928
    >reset router, nothing
    >reset errything, nothing
    >fucking shit, do it all
    >still nothing
    >call ISP
    >they ask if my computer is unplugged because it apparently needs to be unplugged
    >its a laptop not even connected wirelessly

    And so after much rage and almost a broken router, I got it working again after the 20th hard reset.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)21:34 No.18589937
    We should have Kiara practice using guns while we are sleeping, so she can learn to shoot better than an Ork. She could look into our memories of learning how to use one.

    >stedova spirits
    According to Captcha, the spirits of interior decorators are involved in this somehow.
    >> redaeth 04/05/12(Thu)21:35 No.18589951
    I had a laptop that would lose connection then you would have to disable the nic card and re-enable it to get it to work again. Myabe thats what they meant.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)21:41 No.18589999
    Fletchette shot shells, explosive shot shells, Dragon breath shot shells and armour piercing shot shells. All from one single gun.

    That reminds me, If were gonna do this gun engineering, then we might wanna take a crack at revolver that eats 12 gauge shells too. That way we can have different shells for all situation in one adaptable package.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)21:42 No.18590005

    What program?

    If it doesn't suck and I become un-poorfag as fuck after I graduate and land a good job... I might briefly consider one until I find a vintage one that I like better.

    "Well... How about explosive rounds or something?"


    "Shit... Well, maybe make me better? I could use some extra toughness or something. Maybe a disguise?"

    Kiara looks at you blankly for a minute, before putting her hands on her hips and sighing.

    "I suppose, though I've already augmented you quite a bit as is. Lets see..."

    She floats toward you, extending her arm. Her fingers touch you, pushing into your shirt. You can feel the warmth of her hand... Wait no, way too hot just for thatholy

    "Fuuuuuccckkk!!!!" You jolt back, grabbing at the searing pain in your everywhere.

    "What. Did. You. Do?!?" You seethe through gritted teeth, eyes watery and squinted.

    "You wanted toughness, you got toughness. Thicker bones, better muscle..." She shrugs, "You're tougher."

    Pulling up your shirt, you see a very defined case of abs that most certainly hadn't been that cut before. With a giddy schoolboy grin, you clench them.

    "Stop that."
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)21:42 No.18590006
    So a truly silenced saiga 12?

    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)21:44 No.18590029
    With results this impressive, maybe we should have asked for a bigger d-

    -hey, howsabout that Faraday cage, huh? And can she think of anything useful, considering that being able to solve problems with minimal use of magic is very much to our advantage at the moment?
    >> redaeth 04/05/12(Thu)21:46 No.18590040
    Improved senses? Hear a mouse's heartbeat and see a flea on a dog's back and all that.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)21:47 No.18590042

    Make our pecs dance.

    Do it.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)21:48 No.18590054
    That hurt, a bit of warning at least. Can you do enhanced senses, sight, smell hearing and so on? Also is a healing factor too much to ask?
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)21:48 No.18590056
    We must do a pec dance.

    Because it would be funny.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)21:50 No.18590072
    Good idea.
    Bad idea, unless we can be protected from already loud noises. You know, like gunfire.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)21:50 No.18590074
    Sculptris and blender. I don't think I'll be texturing any of these, mainly because I still wanna try to do some groovier coloursplosions by drawing them myself.

    This way I'll manage to cheat my way into poses that make sense, so that I can redraw that Kiara and Cuda pic. And then continue on to create the "hidef cuda with Mcfirefists and Kiara on the hood, with Last, Diego and dad in 'operators gonna operate'-kind of charlies angels poses."
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)21:52 No.18590100

    Do a handstand to show off your sweet abs
    >> redaeth 04/05/12(Thu)21:57 No.18590127
    Do a quick warm-up routine to test out how we were effected by this in regards to speed and flexibility.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)21:59 No.18590163
         File: 1333677588.jpg-(377 KB, 938x938, 1304870776437.jpg)
    377 KB
    I can't help but imagine that we are the pic related.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)22:03 No.18590189
    Flex ALL the muscles!
    We have to test them out, after all. We wouldn't want to be unfamiliar with the resources at our disposal.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)22:06 No.18590219

    Too obvious huehuehue for DBZ reference.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)22:09 No.18590235
    You could stop that, or you could go... DEEPER.

    Pulling up your shirt a bit more, you make like you've always wanted to. Pecs bouncing like someone who's actually kept up with their squats, oats, and routine. You can feel your clothes pretty tightly now, it certainly is a strange feeling.

    "Quit playing with yourself, you'll go blind."

    "You know you like it." You smirk, "What next? How about some super senses? X-ray vision?"

    "I can make them as good as a human's can be, I suppose." Kiara shrugs, before touching your forehead with her index finger. This feeling is less profound, but there is a noticeable difference. You can make out some text on scrolls farther off than you would have before.

    "How do you like it?" Kiara asks, looking you over.

    "I like it all." You grin, flexing your forearm. "KRILLLIIIINNNNNN!"


    "Hey, can you maybe build a faraday cage... Inside me? I mean, it could mask us from sensors right?"

    Kiara laughs a bit, before turning around and floating toward the entrance again.

    "Magic doesn't work like that, your skin would still give it off. Besides, how would you function with a cage of metal inside of you?"

    "Oh, well... I guess..." You frown, a bit disappointing.

    >anything else? Move on to securing passage to Italy?
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)22:10 No.18590243
    >internets still fucking up
    >fuck with router more
    >still cutting in and out for no fucking reason

    I've never had any success with these Linksys routers, anyone know of a better make? Otherwise I'm going to have to ask /g/
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)22:11 No.18590254
    also doing it on my phone so I know it isn't just a laptop issue
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)22:13 No.18590267
    Now all I can think of is 18 and Krillin.

    Off to Italy!
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)22:13 No.18590271
    Swim accross the Mediterranean like a boss. We are obviously strong enough to do that.
    >inb4 Ra'alman

    >stereoids resume

    Even Captcha thinks we are roided up enough for the task.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)22:14 No.18590278
    I can't think of any other enhancements to ourself, see if she can make sure our guns are in absolutely perfect shape and are perfectly engineered to a degree beyond what human hands can do.

    Have her magic up a captains hat, leave and acquire passage on a boat.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)22:16 No.18590303
    That's probably good, and we should get going anyway. Pompeii ain't going to excavate itself. Well, I mean, apart from all the archaeologists and so on.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)22:16 No.18590304
    >Internet fucking up while running a quest

    I know you pain Papa, I know your pain.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)22:16 No.18590307
    No expert but I've done fine with Netgears thus far.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)22:28 No.18590433
    Kiara stands underneath the entrance, gazing upward at the blue portcullis above. You can see the ocean through its gelatinous density.

    "Are you ready?" She asks, her purple eyes falling back down to you.

    "My body is ready." You nod, "And... Thanks, for doing all of this."

    Kiara's eyes glance down at the muscles almost bursting from your shirt, before looking back up and nodding.

    "You're welcome, mortal." She says simply.

    You stand there for a moment, before you get the feeling that you're supposed to do something here.

    "Stand underneath it."

    "Oh, right." You take a few steps forwards, and feel something tugging at your form.

    "Let it." Kiara tells you.

    So you do, giving in to the force that seems to be pulling you upwards. Gently you're lifted up, toward the round exit. You reach out to the surface of it, feeling it sucking in your hand. As your head reaches it, you take a deep breath and hold it. A few moments later, uncomfortable moments, you're back into the sea beyond.

    A large bull shark gives you a look that is a bit too-curious, which you remedy by punching it in the snout. The beast starts, thrashing in the water, before quickly swimming off out of sight.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)22:29 No.18590440
    You make the long, strange walk back to the shore. Across the sandy bottom, through the weeds and mostly lifeless abyss.

    At long last, you surface close to shore, wading the last bit of distance quickly. Thankfully it's quite warm here, your clothes beginning to dry as soon as you step out of the water. Unfortunately, this being salt water, you know it's going to leave a sticky residue. You'll have to pick up some different clothes, or at least clean these.

    It doesn't take long to find your bike, still safe in the out of the way outcrop of stone. You check the bags and don't find anything missing, though it wouldn't be overly difficult to pick up weapons in Egypt.

    Sliding back onto the big BMW, you rev up the engine and put it into gear. The ride into the city isn't a long one, but by the time you arrive, your clothes are indeed sticky and nasty.

    >how do you get to Italy?
    >clean clothes or get new ones?
    >> Rubbish Soldier 04/05/12(Thu)22:29 No.18590441
    Sweeet made it in time for another Zombie & Witch! And while I found my fallout collection disc? This gets better and better
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)22:31 No.18590465
         File: 1333679503.jpg-(309 KB, 800x602, 1318233104414.jpg)
    309 KB
    Nod quest when?

    >jingle jangle jingle?

    Black ice ALWAYS related
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)22:32 No.18590470
    Clean these ones, boat. Plane has customs to deal with and riding a motorcycle through order territory is a bad plan.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)22:33 No.18590480
    Catch a ride on a freiter to Rome or something. Check port for boats.

    >Moses, utablicy
    Captcha thinks we should separate the Mediterranean like Moses and walk across.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)22:34 No.18590484
    What are we wearing, again? We don't really need to look pretty, just not stand out.
    I'd say grab a boat to somewhere a little ways off from where we're headed and bike the rest of the way in.
    >> "noko+dice+2d6" 04/05/12(Thu)22:34 No.18590487
    rolled 51 = 51

    yeah, what this guy said.

    Getting another cargo ship to sail on sounds like the safest option
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)22:36 No.18590508
    I haven't had any problems with them all the years I have been using them.

    Do you have any other devices that use the same frequency? I seem to remember that some other wireless devices could fuck with a wireless routers signal.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)22:36 No.18590511
    >implying new vegas has a better soundtrack than the original two fallouts
    >> Rubbish Soldier 04/05/12(Thu)22:36 No.18590515
    Tomorrow me amigo, tomorrow. Too long have I delayed it, and hells yes, always related, after some more messing around in the wastes I'll revise the quest thread. Gonna be big I tell hyu whut
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)22:47 No.18590643
    >not pic related
    I really do dig 90's soundtracks, though. Original Starcraft soundtrack was eargasm.

    Blargh, what time? I work starting at noon. Evening shift with the new guy that seriously carries a god damn Walther PK380 as a duty gun. I mean, WHY

    Heading toward the main dock of the city, you keep your eyes peeled for the kind of ship you're looking for. You ask around, though find it difficult with hardly anyone speaking English. You ask Kiara to translate for you, but that doesn't make it easy to repeat what she tries to tell you to say. Even when you do say it, the people act like you're at least half retarded.

    "Its changed from what I remember, cut me some slack..." She grumbles.

    Eventually you figure out a few ships headed toward Italy. Four of them. One you rule out immediately, a shipment of fertilizer, not your kind of shindig.

    Instead you check around, finding out what you can about the other ships.

    One is a tourist boat, ferrying people back to mainland Europe, it just happens to be stopping at Naples, which is fairly close to Pompeii.

    Another is a high class ferry, and judging by the clothes of the people boarding, not one for the unhealthy. You make out wooden tables through it's large windows. Its destined for Rome itself.

    The last two you consider are both run of the mill shipping vessels with unspecified cargo, but at least one appears to be an oil ship. One is headed for Rome, the other, for Bari.

    "Any input?" You ask Kiara.

    "As long as it's more comfortable than the last one, and I don't have to cram myself onto such a small bed? No."

    >what boat do you want?
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)22:48 No.18590655
    What is your duty gun choice? Are there rules or can you bring pretty much anything?
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)22:49 No.18590663
         File: 1333680557.jpg-(164 KB, 900x582, big_iron_by_mmousse-d3cra18.jpg)
    164 KB
    I miss the pre-spam pre-captcha days so much
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)22:50 No.18590681
    Tourist boat going to Naples, the others are going out of the way and I am all for avoiding Rome like the fucking plague. Also it might be more comfortable than a cargo ship.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)22:50 No.18590682
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)22:50 No.18590685


    Shipping vessel bound for Bari, provided we can get the bike on board.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)22:50 No.18590686
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)22:51 No.18590697
    How official is the tourist boat looking? Does it look like the kind of boat you can sneak a rocket launcher onto?
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)22:51 No.18590703
    not sure if serious...
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)22:53 No.18590727
    ive only been here a few months, came for Heretical love as a matter of fact, found it on 1d4chan and kinda stayed here
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)22:53 No.18590735
    If we can get our stuff onto the boat going to Naples, I'm for it. If not go with Bari.

    And stay the hell away from Rome.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)22:54 No.18590742
    Lets check out the cargo ship that isn't transporting oil.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)22:54 No.18590744
    Let's avoid Rome and Naples. The big cities are probably not the best idea. Bari looks decent sized, but it's probably our best bet.
    Bed shenanigans should be interesting, but she was pretty cozy last night.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)22:56 No.18590770
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)22:57 No.18590781
    Fairly nice, high blue-collar kind of thing. The crew seems attentive, clean uniforms and whatnot, though they are certainly not European.

    You notice they aren't scanning bags, but open every few of them to take a cursory look. Though the power of money might be able to... Ease your entry.

    The non-oil supply ship has a diverse crew, quite a few Africans and just as many Thais.

    The oil tanker is almost entirely Saudi crewed.

    You came to 4chan from 1d4chan? Seems kind of backwards, but its cool. I lurk here, /k/, /a/, /o/, /d/, /g/, /d/...
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)22:59 No.18590805
    Saudis are pretty cool.

    I'm hesitant about going through the port of Napoli. Bari seems the safer bet.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)23:00 No.18590812

    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)23:01 No.18590827
    Yeah, let's go with the non-oil supply. Too much fuss possible with oil.
    >> Rubbish Soldier 04/05/12(Thu)23:03 No.18590843
    A pk, really? Well anyways, around 2:30ish my friend
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)23:03 No.18590845
    Tech support when I need it. Fun shit for my android. Better porn dumps than /s/ or /hc/ which are both pretty meh.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)23:04 No.18590854
         File: 1333681446.jpg-(23 KB, 476x357, Do-it.jpg)
    23 KB
    Go to Rome on the luxury cruiser.

    >exedusto abortans
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)23:07 No.18590905
    Tourist ship with a bit of a bribe to get our stuff not checked, it'll have the comfier beds.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)23:08 No.18590922
    tourist ship
    >> redaeth 04/05/12(Thu)23:08 No.18590927
    If they are only checking random bags have Kiara tickle them to not check ours.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)23:10 No.18590953
         File: 1333681837.jpg-(433 KB, 1024x768, fnp.jpg)
    433 KB
    Oops, missed this. FNP9usg, pic related. Has to have at least a 10rd capacity and be .380 or larger. One guy gets away with a 1911 and 10rd mags but he's an idiot and a terrible shot. Glocks are the most common because they are relatively cheap and common.

    I out shoot the others, I'm not required to show up for monthly quals but I do anyways most of the time.

    To clean up the vote...

    [ ] Supply ship to Bari

    [ ] Tourist ship to Naples
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)23:11 No.18590966
    [x] Supply ship to Bari.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)23:12 No.18590977

    Tourist ship to Naples
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)23:12 No.18590978
    [x ] Supply ship to Bari
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)23:12 No.18590979
    >> redaeth 04/05/12(Thu)23:12 No.18590983
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)23:14 No.18590999

    You are a gentleman and a scholar with fine taste.

    Bari because Roadtrip
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)23:15 No.18591010
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)23:17 No.18591034
    The samefaging...it is glorious!
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)23:18 No.18591057
    First off, stfu. Second, even if someone is, there's still only one vote for Naples.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)23:19 No.18591075
    Ah yes, the good old days when a Swedish pedophile spammed us to hell with ads for his site. Good times, good times.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)23:20 No.18591081
    [x ] Tourist ship to Naples
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)23:26 No.18591147
    Or the picture of one chick that was slowly degrading over time. I really wanted to see how that would look come 2015.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)23:29 No.18591195
    Though the thoughts of comfort aboard the tourist vessel are nice, you opt for the safer option.

    The cargo ship bound for Bari is an old girl, sides more rust than faded paint. She seems sturdy enough, though, and the rhythmic thrum of her engines sounds good.

    After approaching the crew, they lead you to the Captain. A hunched, elderly Thai man, who doesn't speak one damn word of English, or much of the various African languages. Thankfully the Thai mechanic translates for you, which is far easier than trying to have Kiara read minds and rattle off foreign words you don't understand.

    You work out a price, four hundred gets you the nicest private cabin. The Captain doesn't seem overly concerned, quite used to taking people aboard. What he isn't used to, however, is loading a bike quite like yours. The crew shoot you jealous looks, and you made sure that the saddlebags were locked before you handed it off, though you removed all the weapons and stuffed them into your duffel, which makes it quite heavy.

    The ship departs in the evening, as soon as its cargo is loaded. You take the time to inspect the cabin you rented. Sparse, white walled, and otherwise completely basic. Its bed is thankfully larger than the last, though there is still only one. It will at least be big enough to not have to sleep head to foot.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)23:31 No.18591212
    "Much better than the last, but not as good as we could have had." Kiara comments as she takes a seat on the bed.

    "I didn't want to have to deal with anything we didn't have to, or take any unnecessary risks."

    "Point, mortal, point. This is certainly the safest of the options."

    "Why I chose it. Its incognito."

    You set down the duffel and shove it underneath the bed, it takes a bit of muscle to get it to fit. Thankfully you now have plenty to spare.

    Checking your watch, you figure you've got a solid two hours before the ship departs, which would give you enough time to head into the city for any supplies you might need. Though not enough to do laundry, which doesn't matter much, as the ship has its own machines.

    Which is good, because you really dislike the feel of dried salt on your clothes.

    The room also has a private shower, which you plan to take full advantage of as soon as you're underway.

    >any supplies? Head to Bari?
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)23:32 No.18591232

    Oh the good ol' days, Warhammer Wednesdays on /b/ back when it was only mostly complete shit and not what it is now.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)23:34 No.18591253


    Lots of smokes.

    And some wipes so we can clean our bike real good.

    We haven't had a cig in ages.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)23:34 No.18591260
    Do/can we have night vision? Otherwise, get glowsticks, about 100. Also get moar food, and reading material.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)23:35 No.18591271
    Tasty snaks, smokes, and some motorcycle gear if we can find any. Dudes on bikes in shorts probably turn more heads than dudes in full gear in Italy
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)23:35 No.18591278
    This is nothing compared to some of the HLQ shit. Namely, whether or not to slag Tonya.

    >sql error?
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)23:36 No.18591293
    I know, right? Those were the days...v
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)23:37 No.18591315
    A bucket full of cigarettes, rope, high energy portable snack food, a spare set or two of clothes.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)23:38 No.18591329
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)23:39 No.18591340

    In addition to this.

    Purchase a fuck ton of Black Ice, our room with will be ULTRAFRESH.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)23:40 No.18591348
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)23:41 No.18591354
    More clothes, a bathrobe and a vibe egg.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)23:41 No.18591358
    This. We will be the freshest zombie ever.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)23:43 No.18591388
    >inb4 mormons knock on our cabin.

    Also, we should take a ton of black ice. It is so fresh it could probably throw off the magic radars.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)23:44 No.18591390
    Speaking from experience, one Black Ice little tree makes your shit fresh as all hell.

    More than one is terrible.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)23:45 No.18591397
    That said, getting an air freshener for our bike sounds like exactly the sort of thing we should be doing.

    If they even have them in fuckin' Egypt
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)23:46 No.18591402
    We should buy a slightly used but better than new camel.
    >> Rubbish Soldier 04/05/12(Thu)23:46 No.18591404
    Eh I honestly wanted her dead since yandere naturally weird me out... Like alot, and on a side not FUCK THESE GOLDEN GECKOS
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)23:46 No.18591407

    I think he meant that we just BUY a fuck ton and keep them around.

    Not use them all at once.

    The Freshness Shall Never End.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)23:48 No.18591425
    Crazy Hassan could probably sell us one that smells like Black Ice.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/12(Thu)23:54 No.18591495
    Sleeping bag
    things that may help you blend in to Pompeii as a tourist like a camera and some sort of hat with a new Hawaiian shirt
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)23:55 No.18591503
    You head back into the city, sticking close to the docks, away from the city center. You don't want to get stuck in the traffic and miss your boat, after all.

    It takes several stops and a whole lot of blabbering in barely coherent Arabic that Kiara rattles off to you and you repeat. Eventually, though, you find what you're looking for.

    So you buy it. Five cartons of it.

    You lean against a street lamp as you light up one of the reds, and as you exhale, you do so with a pleasurable grunt.

    Inside the same store, wouldn't you know it, you find air fresheners. Of course the only ones worth buying are Black Ice, so you purchase two packs. Any more than one, or opening it all the way at once, is just overbearing. One for your bike, and one for the cabin because it vaguely stinks of SOMETHING, you just can't put your finger on it. At least now you'll have some on you to keep everything smelling nice.

    A few other stores net you some decent snacks for along the way, mostly western ones, but some domestic. You let Kiara help you pick, and she seems to go mostly for sweets, which means you've got a whole lot of sugar in the bag when you're headed back.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/05/12(Thu)23:59 No.18591538
    You pause for a few moments as you watch a man standing on the street corner shouting in Arabic and gesturing to several camels.

    "Used camels." Kiara informs you.

    Before you make it back to the dock, however, you see something else that intrigues you. A small arms bazaar, mostly comprised of half-rusted 60's soviet gear, of little use to you. However you do find some night vision optics. You only have enough cash left for a 1pn58, which will mount up to either your AK74u or VSS Vintorez, which is also the only working optic out of the bunch that you can find.

    "The others need new tubes, but if you buy a camel off of that other salesman, you get two of the broken ones for the price of one." Kiara translates.

    Another shop nets you some local clothes, jeans and t-shirts, actual tennis shoes... Stuff that will let you blend. You do let yourself go and snag a pair of nice vintage '78 Ray Ban aviators.

    "How do they look?" You turn toward Kiara.

    She doesn't say anything, staring back at you through a pair of large and very chic purple framed sunglasses.

    Buying both pairs, you also grab a cheap sleeping bag from the "camping" section. Why there's a camping section in Egypt, you haven't a clue.

    Laden with goods, you nevertheless make it with more than enough time to make it back aboard.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:00 No.18591548
    Hey Papa, hows the Eight VN going? You still working on it?
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:01 No.18591558
         File: 1333684862.jpg-(24 KB, 413x395, 1314393786250.jpg)
    24 KB
    >used camels
    You know, I think I kind of like this more subtle HUE instead of HLs.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/06/12(Fri)00:07 No.18591621
    On the ship once again, the captain informs you that it's heading out of port shortly. You're pretty glad to hear that, eager to get on the way and out of Egypt. As much fun as it's been here, you really want to actually get something accomplished other than reading through old scrolls.

    Though meeting Socrates was pretty rad.

    The big old cargo ship finally gets underway, the massive engines firing up and pushing it away from the docks. It isn't long before you're heading right toward open water, steaming hard into the wind.

    You take the time to really get settled into your cabin, as you have several hours until dinner with the crew. They gave you the option for solitary meals in your room, but you don't mind the company.

    "Fuck I am so god damn tired..." You groan, stretching out and flopping down onto the bed. Kiara is busy floating above the ground, looking bored.

    You flip through one of the magazines you picked up, its all in Arabic, but at least it has pretty pictures of cars.

    "Someone's coming." She says suddenly, looking toward the door, "And they aren't here just to tell you dinner's ready."

    You hop off of the cot, sliding the duffel full of weapons out from under the bed.

    "What are they here for? Order guys?"

    "No, not Order. They're after your cash and your bike, then they plan on dumping you overboard. Six of them, pistols and shotguns."

    You snatch out the AK74u, the only thing that's going to be much use other than your Sig at the ranges allowed on the ship. The VSS is better for mid to long range engagements and the SMAW would fuck up the ship.

    "They're right outside the door now." Kiara warns, "The whole crew is in on it."

    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:08 No.18591636
    Go kool-aid man on them.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/06/12(Fri)00:08 No.18591645
    Yeah when I get a chance. At this point I think its just going to be backstory. I don't have any art for it but I'll probably attempt some. Hope to have it done sometime during summer if its just backstory.

    Its at ~600 lines now.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:09 No.18591653
    Can we just mindwash em all? Either that or promise more money from an offshore account if we get through.

    Can't kill the motherfuckers operating the boat, after all.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:10 No.18591659
    can we use magic as a silencer?
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:11 No.18591669
    It's not too hard to drive a boat, right?
    Ask Kiara how they're positioned and then kick the door down before they do. We should try to avoid using magic here, obviously, but we might not have a choice.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:12 No.18591675
    Zombie Strength, kick steel door right into their faces. Then open fire, hopefully we can pilot this boat to the general vicinity of where we're going.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:12 No.18591677

    Wait behind the door with the lights out. When the first guy comes in, take his gun and throw his ass into the rest of them.

    We want to minimize killing and magic use, but we are sort of fucked from a conventional standpoint.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:13 No.18591691
    Take the ship to Bari, they said! It'll be safer, they said!

    Is it possible to keep the door shut somehow? Buy us a few minutes?
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:14 No.18591703
    Only one way to deal with this without using magic to completely brute force it- demonstrate that we're more trouble than they're prepared to deal with.

    Get ready to move fast. Objective here is going to be to blast out the door, disable 1-2 of them in melee and pin them as a human shield while threatening the rest with the AK. Once we're in that situation, it comes down to negotiation, and we can hopefully intimidate them into backing off and find someone who can translate to communicate the concept of "you tried, you lost; no hard feelings but if you do this again a whole lot of you die, so be happy with what I already paid" to the crew.

    If something goes wrong, don't hesitate to blast down all six of these guys and then tell the rest of the crew straight-up that they deserved what they got.

    If we're really going to shot, then Kiara can use as little magic as possible to deflect/eliminate the bullets, preferably in a way that can be passed off as luck and hopefully go undetected by the Order's sensors at range. For anything less, no magic.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:14 No.18591707
    Wait...How are we going to get to the port with a cargo ship with no crew without raising some eyebrows?
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:15 No.18591714
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:15 No.18591715
    >It's not too hard to drive a boat, right?
    This isn't some small yacht, its a cargo ship.

    See if Kiara can use her magic subtly to convince some of them to back down or convince the others that this is a bad idea.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:17 No.18591732

    >Implying we need a port

    We get close enough to the shore line to get our shit on dry land, pilot it out to open water and sink it.

    This naturally wouldn't be viable if we weren't stupidly strong.

    Fuckers wanted to rob us.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:17 No.18591737
    We could just sail it within a couple miles of land and then walk the rest of the way, but then we lose the bike. Probably best to keep at least one of them alive. Figure out who the captain is.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:17 No.18591738
    Awesome, I enjoy your writing. Both HLQ and this quest are great and have entertained me a lot. Be here lurkin.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:17 No.18591742
    Pull out the SMAW with HE round in it and ask them if they're feeling lucky.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:18 No.18591750
    We are now Russian Clint Eastwood.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:18 No.18591753
    But then we'll lose the bike.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:19 No.18591757

    No we won't.

    Why? We just toss the bike onto land.

    We are able to do that now.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:20 No.18591772
    There should be life boats on here, right? Would they be big enough to hold the bike? If we don't know, can Kiara find out right now?
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/06/12(Fri)00:21 No.18591780
    >Playing BF3
    >Karkland, shwiggy
    >aww shit, Metro rush
    >doing well with my g3 waifu
    >get down into the subway area
    after patch
    >lol suppressed by everything everywhere

    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:22 No.18591793

    These guys are right.

    Shit after Kiara juiced us up we are probably able to hoist (not out right lift) a truck with little effort.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/06/12(Fri)00:25 No.18591819
    So your plan is...

    Kiara mindfuckery -> Dynamic action trying not to kill people -> take over ship by force


    Kiara mindfucker -> Dynamic action doing whatever you need to -> take over ship and leave just one alive if you have to -> get near enough to shore to take a lifeboat and sink the cargo ship

    Any other plans or vote on these 2?
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:26 No.18591830
    #2 for me.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:26 No.18591832

    Turn the wall and everything past it into swiss cheese?
    If possible non-fatal swiss cheese?
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:27 No.18591840
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:27 No.18591846
    Option one.

    Don't like killing and want to minimize risk of losing our sweet sweet motorcycle.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:27 No.18591849
    >Kiara mindfuckery -> Dynamic action trying not to kill people -> take over ship by force
    Well... "dynamic action while trying not to kill anyone supplemented by Kiara quietly amplifying how dangerous we seem->tell the crew to fuck off and move on with their business as usual". We don't really need to take over the ship, just get these few guys to go away and tell everyone else that fucking with us is a spectacularly bad idea.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:30 No.18591874
    I am going to go for one. Lets try to minimise the trail of corpses we leave from Egypt to Pompeii.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:31 No.18591884


    Or at least option one, sinking a the ship is gonna get a lot of attention.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:31 No.18591885

    >Implying they'll be any corpses left if we make them EXTRA TASTY for the Sharks.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:31 No.18591892
    If we're going to take over the ship, we're gonna have to kill them. It's bad enough having to use magic, we certainly don't want to keep it up any longer than we have to. I'd say something closer to #2.

    Could we just hop in a lifeboat right now? We could probably paddle pretty hard.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:32 No.18591902
    We could just tie them up and leave them the boat.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:34 No.18591916
    wait untill their all close to the door but not quite ready then kick down the door while screaming like the madman we are charge out there and slap their shit. repeat as needed, also get our money back from the captin for trying to cheat us
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:34 No.18591924
    Leave them in the lifeboat? That's not a bad idea. Keep the captain on board.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:38 No.18591981
    I am sort of curious about this. Were these guys bad from the start, as it were, or were we in for something fun on the tourist ship too?
    >> Rubbish Soldier 04/06/12(Fri)00:38 No.18591982
    Ya #2 is good. Btw haven't played BF3 with the new patch. What else did dice horribly fucked up with it?
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:44 No.18592071
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/06/12(Fri)00:45 No.18592076
    "Can you mess with them? Make them think twice about doing this?"

    "All at the same time? Fast enough before they arrive? No, but I should be able to take two, maybe three."

    "Which leaves three or four for me..." You check the chamber and find it loaded and ready. The 5.45x39 won't punch through the solid steel of the doors or walls, and it certainly isn't less than lethal ammo.

    "Do it." You tell Kiara.

    "Already on it." She replies, her face a mask of concentration.

    "Don't trip it until they get close if you can, I want to take the other ones by surprise." You tell Kiara as you press your back to the wall alongside the door.

    So you wait, sweat dripping down your forehead, white knuckle grip on your AK.

    "They're here."

    You can hear them now, quiet, strained voices through the steel door. Must be that enhanced hearing. They certainly are getting close now, nearly at the door...
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/06/12(Fri)00:45 No.18592085
    "Do it!" You shout to Kiara as you shove the door open with as much strength as you can muster. Enough to send the door flying off its hinges and down the hallway. A yelp of pain from one of the men as the heavy door knocks him over.

    You rush out of the opening, taking the remaining two by surprise. The other three you notice meandering about with very confused looks on their faces, none of them still armed.

    One of the men raises a hi-power, which you knock aside with a fist. Grabbing the man by the shirt, you shove him hard back into the other one. His Mossberg goes off, #4 scattering around the small hallway, ricocheting off of the walls.

    The Thai tries to level the shotgun again, but you're already on him. You have to pull your punches to not kill him outright, each blow knocking him backwards from sheer force.

    The fight is over as quick as it started, and you stand, still pumped on adrenaline, overlooking the six incapacitated men.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:46 No.18592087
    Let's try not to kill anyone unless we have to.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:47 No.18592106
    Well ok then, time to have a talk with the fucker in charge.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:47 No.18592112
    Tie them up and leave them in a room. Come back later to talk to them.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:48 No.18592114
    You fucks chose the wrong target, what is going to happen is you are going to take all your weapons and put them down and I'll take them, yes that includes the ones you aren't carrying right now.

    You are going to take me to my destination and if any of you breathe a word about this I will know, I will find you, and I will hang you with your own entrails.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:48 No.18592118
    Throw their guns overboard, tie them up, and go talk to the captain.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/06/12(Fri)00:51 No.18592164
    tourist ship = lolcustomsinspection

    Everything. Supression is dildos, an LMG on Metro can surpress fucking everyone and its like twice what it used to be. Screen is blurry as fuck all the time. Tanks got an armor reduction and suck a dick now. Planes got a cannon nerf, fucked up handling, and AA does fuck all against them now. MANPADS are worthless. Lots of gun changes/tweaks. Most of the accessory changes were bumblefuck retarded.

    >reducing long range accuracy

    >Flash hider
    >reducing accuracy because of "increased weight"

    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)00:55 No.18592215
         File: 1333688123.jpg-(378 KB, 1046x886, Kiarachicsunglasses.jpg)
    378 KB
    Just had to do those sunglasses. Best way to use my unemployed wee morning hours.

    I think I'm gonna settle with this face for kiara, if no one has any objections.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/06/12(Fri)01:00 No.18592263
    You grab one of the crew, the only one not unconscious or otherwise completely incapacitated, and pick him up by the neck. The man struggles until you push the muzzle brake of your AK against his temple.

    "Who's in on it!?" You hiss, shoving him against the wall.

    He mutters something incoherent, even Kiara can't pick up on it.

    You throttle him around, pressing the rifle into him even harder, but release your grip around his neck enough to hopefully encourage him to play ball.

    "All of them, even the captain. There are ten others on the ship." Kiara informs you.

    "Guess that settles that."

    You punch him square in the jaw, light enough to just knock him out cold, before tossing the limp body aside.

    Rooting around the weapons they left behind, you find the Mossberg has several 12ga rubber rounds on the stock. You snatch them up and shove them into the tube. At the same time, you keep your AK on you. Even though you don't want to kill these guys, you aren't going to close that option if need be.

    "All the Order bullshit I put up with and here I am, fighting off muggers at sea..." You grumble, "Be my radar, please."

    "Five in the room down the hall, far left door, handguns. They don't know what to do, they heard the gunshot. They'll be coming out in a minute, I can take two out in that time."

    "Right." You approach the door quietly as you decide on a course of action.

    >wat do?
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/06/12(Fri)01:01 No.18592278
    I like it, and the sunglasses. A lot.

    Really cool grid shading effect, muy bueno
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)01:02 No.18592288
    Go put on our vest if we haven't already, then kick in the door and give them our best IDF vs. Arab children impression with the baton rounds.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)01:04 No.18592300
    If we dislocate one of their arms and ram it up their own ass, maybe it'll convince the rest to just give up quietly.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)01:04 No.18592305
    Start playing ghost. Scatter the unconcious in frightening positions and start hiding.

    Become the monster of their horror film.
    >> Inquisitorial Librarian 04/06/12(Fri)01:06 No.18592327
    Did they really? Man. It's a good thing I stopped playing BF3 and BtK a while back. 65 dollars sure, but damn, Origin and Battlelog are just too inconvienent for me.

    Easier to log into Tribes, WoTs or something if I really want to shoot people.

    >Hug the wall. Level the shotgun, take the first one to come out with a rubber bullet to the chest.
    >Second one with the stock, if need be. Continue on from there.
    >Hit them while they have to enter, since they'll have to squeeze throug the door.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)01:06 No.18592330
    Have Kiara take a gun from one of the incapacitated crewmen and have her set up shop where you were previously, have her take a few shots to get their attention when they all pour out. Set up from a different angle and catch them in the crossfire with the shotgun.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)01:08 No.18592343
         File: 1333688885.jpg-(91 KB, 394x600, batman.jpg)
    91 KB
    Use magic dickery to hide and set up an ambush.
    We are now Batman.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)01:08 No.18592353
    Combination of the two?
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)01:09 No.18592356
    We will have a hard time explaining that.

    Then again we already kicked a steel door off its hinges.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/06/12(Fri)01:16 No.18592445
    You sprint back to your room, quickly, and toss on the vest Diego had given you. Snagging a few flash bang grenades and shoving them into pockets.

    "Pick up one of those handguns." You instruct Kiara, pointing to a hi-point, "We're playing this one tricky."

    "I don't know how to use one very well..." She picks up the gun, handling it quite well despite her words.

    "Doesn't matter, just need you to be a distraction. I assume that bullets can't hurt you like that, right? Unless they hit me?"

    "Right..." She looks nervously at the handgun.

    "When they open the door, rattle off a few shots down the hallway. I'll hit them in the confusion."

    Kiara sets up, and you take position, crouched low as you can around a corner.

    Muffled, anxious chatter, and the door opens. On cue, Kiara expends several rounds down the hallway, the sound echoing against the metal.

    The men flinch, dropping low, scrambling to try to get back into the room. You take advantage of their lack of training.

    The first rubber round hits the lead man in the chest, right against his sternum. Judging by how quickly he dropped, you can guess that you likely snapped a few ribs.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/06/12(Fri)01:17 No.18592454
    Another shot takes the second man in the abdomen, he drops like a rock. The third manages to raise his handgun before receiving a nice shot to the forehead. The way his neck snaps back almost makes you think it was a lethal shot, but you see his hands grab at his head.

    You quickly secure the weapons, ripping out the magazines and tossing the slides and frames far away from each other.

    "Nice shooting." You tell Kiara as she meets back up with you, hi-point still clutched in her hand.

    "The last five are on the bridge, captain included. They know their plan has gone south, they've locked themselves inside the bridge."

    >wat do?

    Last one for the night, gotta hit the sack, beat after class/work all day and tomorrow is going to be a long one.
    >> Iron Lung 04/06/12(Fri)01:17 No.18592460
    I don't suppose killing all these motherfuckers, and then calling Dad and asking him to chopper in a skeleton crew is an option for our overall goal?
    He could keep the ship as trade. Mite B Cool.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)01:20 No.18592490
    Get to the bridge, are there any vents or ceiling/floor entrances. Worst happens we DYNAMIC ENTRY through a window.

    Though we might want to try diplomacy with them first.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)01:20 No.18592502
    We don't like killing motherfuckers or working with Dad unless we really can't help it.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)01:21 No.18592506
    Locked door? Shiiiit. Kick that fucker in and have Kiara toss in a few flashbangs for good measure. That ought to teach them.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)01:21 No.18592511

    >Diplomacy first


    Now Diplomacy by Gunpoint is the better option.
    >> Rubbish Soldier 04/06/12(Fri)01:23 No.18592528
    Well since I'm no tactical genius, ima let everyone else decide, as for the tweaks... Great, just great. Now I suppose I have no choice but to subject myself to Cawk of Dooty like every other dumbass who thinks CoD is the best fps games in history. Or buy and play ARMA, some of my friends told me its pretty good
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)01:23 No.18592531

    If we have any low-range explosives, rig the door to blow.

    Then after it blows, the will most likely open fire at the door.

    This is when we enter through the bridge window.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/06/12(Fri)01:24 No.18592549
    Yeah but I liked the more realistic approach until they fucked it. Snipers shouldn't get suppression, they don't need it now that they can lolquickscope and OHK to the chest inside like 100m. Support guns are mostly completely broken, I've seen 1000pt+ streaks on suppression alone.... I could go on.

    Getting a bit tired of servers being 40% Engineers, 30% Recon, and 20% support. I hate when half my team is camping the fucking spawn as attackers on a rush map.

    Really I only had fun playing rush and hopping in the a10/frogfoot and just BBBRRRTTTTing everything to death. Now its just lame since the gun does fuck all to infantry.

    Its basically shifting to the infantry-only bullshit that killed BF2. Only good vehicle left is the attack helicopter, which is more or less invincible now if it has a decent pilot.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)01:27 No.18592568

    Tie up the knocked out guys if you can. Have Kiara play with their minds, give one 'em of a serious case of cabin fever and start scaring them. See if they'll be a little more receptive to diplomacy after the stress piles on, the crew can all be used as hostages if need be.
    >> Iron Lung 04/06/12(Fri)01:29 No.18592586
    Fair enough.
    I take being betrayed and attempts to rob/kill me in my sleep a little personally. Plus hey, free ship. But, s'alright. Last is an all-around bro even to his enemies.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)01:29 No.18592590

    Whoops, meant to clarify that Kiara should be screwing with the guys locked inside.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)01:29 No.18592594
    Deceive, trick and make them afraid. Throw one of their crewmembers trough the bridge window, then do nothing. Leave the bodies all around the bridge and if someone wakes up, make them scream and thus start psychological warfare against the bunkered down chaps. At some point they will break down.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/06/12(Fri)01:35 No.18592661
    "Guess we're headed there, than." You grimace, wishing things hadn't gone down like this. You guess a quiet ride to Italy was just too much to ask for.

    Capping off the tube with another few shells, you start making your way toward the bridge.

    "They are trying to turn the ship around..." Kiara pipes up.

    "Can you stop them?"

    "I can, but its going to be better to just take them out. They are going to be pretty suspicious if half of them just start wandering around aimlessly."

    "I'll make this quick, than." You break into a hard run, following Kiara's directions as you head for the locked bridge. Its a quick sprint to the deck of the ship, and you can see the large windows of the bridge, as well as the imposing steel doors. Much heavier-duty than the ones inside.

    You creep up the steel steps, gun at the ready, approaching slow.

    Quietly you crawl up to the large windows, not daring to peek over inside.

    Instead, you fish out two flashbangs from your fest and hand them to Kiara.

    "Take these. Shoot out that far window and toss them inside."

    With a nod, she grabs the grenades and floats quickly past the windows. She doesn't have anything to worry about, they can't see her.

    "Go." You say in your mind.

    The blast of her 9mm and Kiara pulls the pins on both grenades, tossing them inside. You hear the bang, the windows cracking from the pressure. As soon as the grenades go off, you're moving. You stand up and fire off a burst through the window with the AK, shattering it. This allows you to level the mossberg, and you start pumping rubber rounds into the remaining crew. They are all laying on the ground already, clutching at their heads, but several are still armed and you aren't taking any chances.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/06/12(Fri)01:39 No.18592707
    You bound over the windowframe, doing your best to keep clear of the jagged glass. Shotgun at the ready, you send another round into one of the men who is trying to right himself on the wheel.

    As you clear the rest of the room, making sure the last of them are down, you breathe a sigh of relief.

    "Shit, that could have gone worse."


    "I mean, shit, I didn't even have to kill anyone." You grin and laugh, shaking your head, the adrenaline still making you giddy.


    "I need a smoke." You fumble through your vest pockets. Everything is going to plan. Well, plan after the plan got completely bent over and fucked.

    That is, until, you see the telltale outline of the mi-28 bearing in hard on the ship, maybe a mile out at the most.

    >Z&W will continue Monday at 5pm. I've got to get some sleep but I'll do a bit of trucker&witch in ~20 after I grab some chow and get shit ready for the morning.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)01:41 No.18592732
    Shiiiiiiiiiit. We have a motherfucking 'Havoc' on our ass.

    It never goes smooth. How come it never goes smooth?
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)01:41 No.18592734
    >A fucking Havoc

    aww shit
    >> Inquisitorial Librarian 04/06/12(Fri)01:42 No.18592739
    Tch. I used to have a lot of fun sitting with an Igla or a Stinger and ruining the day of any helicopter without a superb pilot too. Since you reload (not sure if anymore) MANPADS just ever so slightly faster than their flares, it was pretty easy to hit them with a 1-2 punch and knock them right out of the sky with that second missile...

    BF3 was fun if I was in the mood for a semi-realistic shooter, but it sounds like unless they fix some things that the update's gone and taken a lot of the fun out of it...
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)01:46 No.18592783
         File: 1333691192.gif-(719 KB, 448x252, 1330331997906.gif)
    719 KB

    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)02:00 No.18592942
    Help out the non-military fag.

    The fuck is a havoc?
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)02:02 No.18592971
    The last time I played a Battlefield game was BF2. I only had one strategy: steal a jet, fly to the top of the map, jump out over the enemy base, release my parachute at the last possible moment, and then put C4 on the enemy jets/copters and blow em up just as they started to take off.

    Only worked a few times per map before they got wise, but my god was that fun.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)02:03 No.18592977
         File: 1333692180.jpg-(50 KB, 620x445, Havoc.jpg)
    50 KB

    Something you really don't want bearing down on you.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)02:03 No.18592988
    That's, uh

    that's pretty bad.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)02:04 No.18592992

    Dedicated attack helicopter. No troop transport capability. The sort of thing that sends a clear message of 'kill, not capture'

    We may be sort of fucked here.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)02:04 No.18592996
    This machine crushes infidels.
    >> Iron Lung 04/06/12(Fri)02:06 No.18593017
    That....that's menacing.
    Yeah. Menacing.
    Hope we've got a GREAT plan.
    >> Inquisitorial Librarian 04/06/12(Fri)02:08 No.18593040
    If we are very, very lucky, we can try to stay under cover and hope it tries to confirm our presence first.

    And then we see if we can't hit it with the SMAW. What I would give to have an Igla, or a Stinger at the moment, but make do with what you have.

    Anything smaller than the SMAW won't cut it.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)02:10 No.18593052
    We have a SMAW.

    But basically no chance in hell of hitting an aircraft with it.

    Also it can kill us from a kilometer easy with the optics and cannon it's packing if we move out of cover.

    Also also it is the Order so expect lolplatinum cannon shells.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)02:10 No.18593058
    We have a Witch, and we have a SMAW, maybe this'll work. It will take some magic but at this point that's unavoidable. We have Kiara FUCK the Havoc's computer systems and invisible/guide the HEAA rocket into it.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)02:11 No.18593066
    Time to go overboard.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)02:16 No.18593110
    Do we have anything long range?

    Can we have Kiara fuck its systems, and then shoot one of those exposed missiles on the side?

    Is that a thing that works, or is that some Hollywood BS?
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/06/12(Fri)02:23 No.18593172
    YOU are Enrique Estabez Gonzales. 43, balding, and quite portly. You drive a piece of shit underpowered Volvo around the country that you illegally reside in, delivering cargo.

    Except everything you knew was about to change, as soon as you ate that burrito from the truck stop, your fate was sealed.

    When you woke up after your siesta, it wasn't because of the gas...

    Well, not JUST because of the gas.

    "Eh you lazy puta! Get up!"

    You lurch up in your seat, eyes wide, adjusting your truckers cap.

    "Eh mang?" You look around, seeing no one.

    "Eh! I'm in your head homes!"

    You sit up, scratching at your head.

    >wat do
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)02:23 No.18593174
         File: 1333693419.jpg-(225 KB, 1170x911, TruckerQuest.jpg)
    225 KB
    Look at this man. Take note of how calm he would be under the direct fire from 30 mm Shipunov 2A42 cannon, chinmounted on Mi-28 that's hellbent on destroying his cargo. The sheer power of his 'stache will guide him to victory. Or to the next destination, when no havocs, exploding cudas or witches are interrupting his trucking business.

    Powers of 'stache may or may not be exaggerated.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)02:25 No.18593192
    Damn, balding? Back to the drawing board.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)02:25 No.18593196
    Do we have any drugs or did we already take all of our drugs?

    Either way we either need to take more or stop taking so many.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/06/12(Fri)02:26 No.18593201
         File: 1333693574.jpg-(88 KB, 641x534, bueno.jpg)
    88 KB

    I'll retcon that, you have epic mexican-fro
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)02:29 No.18593229

    Ask for five more minutes
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)02:30 No.18593244
    Point out how stressful this all feels, to have someone inside head and ask for a longer siesta. This clearly is something that needs more thinking time.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/06/12(Fri)02:35 No.18593285
    "Shit mang, I need to lay off of tha weed mang..." You pick up your glass pipe and just shake your head.

    "Oi! I'm not your imagination mang! I'm like, magical and shit dawg!"

    You look again at the pipe, maybe you need MORE rather than less.

    "Hey so, you freed my mind from that burrito and shit mang, it was stuck in some beans mang."

    "Eh mang, gimme like five more minutes, eh?" You cinch your cap down and try to go back to sleep.

    "Yo, homes! You makin me angry now!" The voice yells, and a sharp pain aches through your skull.

    "You like, don't want to make me angry!" It continues.

    "I know mang, but like, I need some time to think maybe." You groan, trying to nod back off.

    "Oi! Don't piss me off mang! I'll make you shoot flaming taquitos out of yer asshole mang!"

    You pull the cap back up and gaze bleary-eyed through the truck again. You certainly don't SEE anyone inside it, but there is certainly someone trying to talk to you.

    "Eh Juan mang, it isn't funny mang." You squint up at the radio, toward the top of the truck cab.

    "It isn't the radio mang, it's me! Isabella! I'm a witch and shit dawg, we can't stay here, this is Order country!"

    >wat do
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)02:37 No.18593304
    Get truckin, hallucination or not we have an impossible schedule to keep and a shitty Volvo to drive.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)02:39 No.18593321
    >Isabella, the waifu of this year and all years.

    Why the rush? How is order gonna ruin our life? No ruining. There's cargo that needs to be trucked around.
    >> Rubbish Soldier 04/06/12(Fri)02:42 No.18593347
    Balls, its getting late, aight papa see you tomorrow, Nod Quest is tomorrow at 2:30, hopefully it won't autosage like before
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/06/12(Fri)02:48 No.18593386
    You chance a look at the clock and notice it's already time for you to get back on the highway anyways. With a long sigh, you pick yourself up from the interrupted siesta and get the truck started.

    "Eh, is this the only piece of shit you've got? Doesn't even have any speeeners mang!"

    "Alright, crazy head esse. I gotta get dis shipment to like, Portland mang." You shift the truck into gear, which is easy considering it's a fucking automatic gearbox which means it also gets a total of shitting dick nipples miles to the galleon.

    Before you head out, you monkey with the radio until you find a station you want. The song of your people.

    Music blaring so loud you may as well have a full mariachi band playing for cinco de mayo in your cab, you get the big Volvo moving and head out of the truck stop.

    "So like, mang, we need to get you into shape mang." Isabella chides you.

    "Eh mang, eh." You frown, your weight is kind of your weak point.

    "Yo, I rustle your jimmies mang? Too bad! You're one fat cholo mang!"

    "Ay dios mios..." You groan, already nearly back on the highway. As if this run wasn't bad enough, now you've got to put up with this crazy esse in your head an shit.

    Thinking a burrito might make things better, you reach over to the passenger seat and pick up one of the seven just sitting there. It only takes you a few bites to wolf it down, it sure isn't like madre makes.

    "H-hey? Where am I? This isn't Tijuana..."

    A new voice? Find out next time on Trucker & Witch part II

    I'm off to bed, starting to fall asleep here.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)02:51 No.18593410
    And Isabella is now on the list of to-draw.

    Well, Last and Kiara sitting in Rome is going into backburner until I figure out what Last exactly looks like. the Hidef movie poster is going to take longer, since all dem clothes, weapons and cuda. Might take a bit longer, based on whether or not I'll get a job near my fathers place. I'll try to come up with these smaller sketches whenever possible.

    And if anyone has anything they want to get drawn, I'll try to do it. Now that I can model again, pics turn out to be a lot detailed. gonna take some time before I know how to rig and pose these things, though.
    >> Papa-N !!z0ABcqUnNAP 04/06/12(Fri)02:54 No.18593441
    You are the best drawfriend, I'm amazed any time you post something.

    I'd always imagined Last as scraggly (but not now) with shaggy hair and a longer soul patch.

    I'm happy with anything you post
    >> Amateur Drawfag 04/06/12(Fri)03:53 No.18593770
    /r/ing reference pics please, this seems interesting

    >finally caught up
    >quest just ended
    >> Anonymous 04/06/12(Fri)05:09 No.18594166
         File: 1333703373.jpg-(518 KB, 1920x980, LastConcept.jpg)
    518 KB
    Don't know how much of a reference these are, but this is what I've come up so far as for Lasts model.
    >> Amateur Drawfag 04/06/12(Fri)08:21 No.18594993
    Thanks, anon. Most appreciated

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