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  • File: 1332125296.jpg-(65 KB, 540x540, globe_west_540.jpg)
    65 KB Plantary Governor Quest (A day late because Real Life occurred yesterday) TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/18/12(Sun)22:48 No.18374616  
    Previous Threads:

    You are former Imperial Navy captain Elyssa von Braun, the newly appointed Planetary Governor of the planet Daysimir following the previous corrupt, incompetent, and, as it turned out, Tau-Sympathizing Governor Rodoris Caliphate The Sixths removal from office for failure to pay the Imperial Tithes.

    The world itself is somewhat larger than Terra and has gravity roughly 10% higher, along being notably richer in mineral resources, it also has deposits of several useful substances not found on Ancient Terra. It's population of 3 billion 32 million souls (The old Governor was fastidious about keeping up population census, if nothing else of practical value) is spread more or less evenly across the single inhabitable mega-continent of Daysimir, stretching from pole to pole and containing a wide variety of environments. The planet is dotted with smaller island chains and landmasses, but due to harsh climates they are populated only by research and weather-observation outposts, along with the occasional goat herd that remains only because they have no means of leaving.
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/18/12(Sun)22:49 No.18374629
         File: 1332125347.jpg-(328 KB, 921x1194, 1331828501301.jpg)
    328 KB
    Aside from divergent continents the planet is practically the twin of Ancient Terra, having been terraformed and seeded with Terran life forms during the Dark Age of Technology, the planet has both a massive moon similar to Luna and a range of trace minerals nearly identical to Old Earth, meaning that the population of Daysimir, unlike most other planets in the Imperium, does not require regular supplementary pills to make up for trace minerals that the planet is deficient in.

    The people of Daysimir are a hardy, independent, and freedom-loving folk, heavily armed and used to telling authority figures to go to Hell when their interference becomes annoying. Many of them were veterans of the conquest of the planet by the Tau Empire, and the following guerrilla war to free it. Resistance forces eventually won with the help of Eldar strike-teams from Exodite worlds in the sector and a nearby Craftworld. After 12 years of bloody guerrilla warfare beside their Eldar allies, along with the occasional Gue’Vesa or Kroot Turncloaks, the people of Daysimir shed the Imperial propaganda that the Ecclesiarchy had managed to hammer into the population after Imperial forces shit down their trade with nearby Xenos Empires. Since the end of the war the neither the Ecclesiarchy or anti-Xenos propaganda have been welcome on Daysimir, and clandestine trade with old Eldar allies continues in the wilderness to this day, far from prying eyes.
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/18/12(Sun)22:49 No.18374638
    Governor Rodoris was blocked from tyrannizing his people by fear of a planet-wide rebellion, and was thus limited to squandering tax money on a lavish palace and personal pleasures instead of holding his populace in an iron grip as he had intended. The Governor was eventually removed from power when he began cracking down on the ancient civil rights of the planets citizens. Imperial authorities in the sector feared that a successful rebellion (As the PDF had atrophied from constant embezzling of funds for several decades) would encourage unrest across dozens of worlds and removed him from office. The planet is also unusual in that most positions normally held by Techpriests are instead occupied by civilian engineers and technicians, leaving the Techpriests in control of only the most complex and advanced pieces of machinery and greatly reducing the amount of influence the AdMech holds over the planetary government. The population of Daysimir boasts both a very low rate of mutation and almost twice the number of Geneseed-Compatible citizens, making it a popular recruiting world for fleet-based Astartes Chapters.

    The Nobilis Proscriptae Sector is located on the farthest reaches of the Eastern Fringe, being far enough away from both the Tau Empire and Ultramarine space to keep interference by both parties to a minimum. In the immediate sub-sector (Called Kri by the local merchants) there are three Civilized worlds, eight Frontier worlds (Backwater Civilized worlds with little to no Imperial presence, often ignore Imperial laws concerning trade with Xenos, although this is true of most of the sector) one Feudal world, and a Death World that is the proud home of the fiercest and most highly decorated Regiment from the sector.
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/18/12(Sun)22:50 No.18374656
    In the sector at large is more of the same, a mix of Frontier and Civilized worlds with a peppering of feudal and feral worlds. In the capitol system of the sector there is one Hive World (Magnoris, the Sector Capitol) one Forge World, two civilized worlds, one Agri-world, and a very lucrative asteroid belt mining colony.

    Of the Xenos presence in the sector, there are four major Empires: The Xin'Tar Warrior Hives to the "Southern” edge of the sector, the Kraan Hegemony to the North, The Jarki stars to the center of the sector, and an unknown reptilian race run by a "Cabal" in the East (And that's right near you!). There are also five Eldar Exodite Worlds, three Ork worlds (which are a constant pain in the ass) and one Daemon world (Which is a bigger pain in the ass to everyone than everything else in the sector combined).

    Currently you have paused negotiations over the peaceful disbanding of an elite corps of ex-Resistance fighters who were planning to overthrow Rodoris before he defected to the Tau to join forces and begin the cleansing of a Genestealer nest in the bowls of your capitol; all entrances have been sealed or barricaded, and heavy bolter teams supported by snipers and infantry squads have been slowly cordoning off sectors of the labyrinth and tightening the noose around the Nest, while Resistance troops map out the Genestealer-altered sewer system with the aid of a few exceptionally brave sewer workers.
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/18/12(Sun)22:52 No.18374678
    250 Sisters of Battle are en route from Ecclesiarchy headquarters on Magnoris, and a full company of Ultramarines operating on the edge of the sector are on their way aboard the Battlebarge Shield of the Codex to aid in destroying the infestation before a splinter fleet is summoned.

    Other Items:

    Your capitols progression into becoming Space Las Vegas for your sector is almost complete, although put on hold during the Genestealer crisis.

    Work on rebuilding infrastructure same as above.
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/18/12(Sun)22:52 No.18374679
    Notes to self:

    Contact the AdMech about procuring improved lasguns for the PDF and personal guards, and selling the old stock off on the civilian market.

    Consider converting the moon of your world into a massive orbital defense station and shipyard.

    Starting up a Xenos-Artifact distribution business, allowing Xenos merchants and human buyers to trade freely using Rogue Traders as middlemen to put a “sanction stamp” on Xenos artifacts to prevent the Inquisition from having cause to come down on you.

    >> Anonymous 03/18/12(Sun)22:53 No.18374691
    Contact AdMech
    >> Anonymous 03/18/12(Sun)22:59 No.18374746
    What is the current most pressing issue to deal with?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/12(Sun)22:59 No.18374753
    consider working with the eldar to convince the orks to attack the daemon world
    >> Anonymous 03/18/12(Sun)22:59 No.18374754
    If we have the funds, begin the moon project. infrastructure creation is always a good way to promote prosperity and it will look great to the population. defending them and providing jobs. If we need the funds, raise taxes and make the moon station a very public idea, JFK style
    >> Anonymous 03/18/12(Sun)23:00 No.18374766

    With SoB and Ultramarines on the way...
    >> Anonymous 03/18/12(Sun)23:02 No.18374779
    It doesn't have to be immediate nor visible, just a longer term plan for neutralizing two threats in one
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/18/12(Sun)23:04 No.18374797

    Considering the small war that is happening beneath your feet, it seems like a good idea to get a hold of better weapons for your PDF. You have the message sent out right away.

    Soldiers have reported swarms of hostile mutant six-legged rats covered in chitinous plating attacking barricades, being driven off by flamers every time.




    You make a note of it.


    You do not have anywhere near the funds, the raw materials, the manpower, or the knowledge to undertake this. It might be a bit more prudent to focus on the GENESTEALERS UNDER YOUR CAPITOL for the moment.
    >> Ahroun !!Qy7Pvwp85n1 03/18/12(Sun)23:05 No.18374804

    Divert whatever resources necessary to END THE GENESTEALERS!
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/18/12(Sun)23:08 No.18374849

    Already happening. The first thread would be useful to read, but planning for dealing with Genestealers was all in the second thread.


    I'd also appreciate it if you guys would actually read the opening posts so you have some idea of what's going on, because holy crap.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/12(Sun)23:12 No.18374884
    Ok focus on the xenos, but make sure we involve ourselves as much as possible. visit the barricades (while under heavy guard of course) and get some photo ops with us holding a weapon while standing with some soldiers over some enemy corpses
    >> Anonymous 03/18/12(Sun)23:14 No.18374904
    Make some preparations for the incoming space marines and sisters, hide anything slightlyl heretical and maybe put some fancy saints statues around the palace to divert any beliefs of heresy on our part. Never can be too careful with the sisters
    >> Ahroun !!Qy7Pvwp85n1 03/18/12(Sun)23:15 No.18374910

    >> "noko+dice+2d6" 03/18/12(Sun)23:18 No.18374932
    3rd, but take the time to recieve that rogue trader that should arrive sometime soon
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/18/12(Sun)23:23 No.18374991

    On this planet the number of people who have military experience considerably outnumber the ones that do not, so many of them will likely see through it instantly and the chances of it backfiring are high.


    Many Ex-Resistance are using old Tau and Eldar weaponry from the War and probably be too keen on giving them up, but would understand the need to keep the Inquisitorial Banhammer off of them. You'll ask Davos about it the next time he's topside, you still have about a week until the sisters arrive, and two and a half until the Marines get here. Your capitol is also already chock-full of various statues of Imperial Saints, one of the few things Rodoris actually did was beatify his seat of power.
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/18/12(Sun)23:24 No.18375003

    He should be here in the next day or two, along with his "New Friends".
    >> Anonymous 03/18/12(Sun)23:26 No.18375031
    It's here Yes! Now I just got to cache up.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/12(Sun)23:27 No.18375042
    Find some secure storage for the xeno's weapons. Let the people know weapons that they are attatched to will be returned if they so wish once the imperial forces are gone but for now we are being cautious

    Scrap the photo op idea but maybe see about forming a special ops team of the veterans with knowledge of advanced tactics and combatting the various threats that face us. Make it a big deal and show the people we value their skills
    >> "noko+dice+2d6" 03/18/12(Sun)23:29 No.18375056
    >On this planet the number of people who have military experience considerably outnumber the ones that do not, so many of them will likely see through it instantly and the chances of it backfiring are high.

    Or, maybe we should give up on the PR scheme.
    In that case, just oversee the burning of the tyranid underground base/hive/whatever.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/12(Sun)23:32 No.18375086
         File: 1332127939.png-(710 KB, 400x889, 1329284553853.png)
    710 KB
    I find the lack of faith on this world disgusting. Let's do something about it before the Inquisition does.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/12(Sun)23:35 No.18375114
         File: 1332128143.jpg-(1.81 MB, 2560x1600, ws_Bioshock_Infinite_2560x1600.jpg)
    1.81 MB
    We are lacking in faith which is needed to completed the trinity of muh guns, and muh freedoms.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/12(Sun)23:37 No.18375139
    Ensure the appropiate welcoming for UltraFRIENDS is ready.

    That is to say ensure we have food, drinks and merry making. Shooting them is bad mmk?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/12(Sun)23:38 No.18375152
    No. Invite Black Templar instead.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/12(Sun)23:41 No.18375185
    We need to get the propaganda presses in action once the sisters arrive, remove the influence of the xeno and return it to the glory of the Emperor.

    Would the resistence be willing to turn in their xeno weapons in exchange for their equivalent in Imperial weaponry?
    >> "noko+dice+2d6" 03/18/12(Sun)23:41 No.18375196
    You do not welcome space marines with a feast. You welcome them with ammunition, troops, tank fuel, reliable intel and high-calorie nutrient paste.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/12(Sun)23:43 No.18375211
    We don't have a choice the SoB and UltraFRIENDS are on their way.
    And we don't have a good relationship with the SoB or at least their bosses.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/12(Sun)23:45 No.18375244
    We don't have one with the Ultra's either.

    We need to increase the faith of this world, have every newspaper celebrate teh arrival of the sisters, then once everyone is basking in the love the Imperium is showing them really blow it up with the ultrafags
    >> "noko+dice+2d6" 03/18/12(Sun)23:46 No.18375250
    voting against excessive propaganda, it would generate bad will among the populace and remove what little diplomatic relations we have set up in this sector.
    We need to kill off the nids and other outright hostile factors, but other then that, we're fine at the moment.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/12(Sun)23:47 No.18375262
    Right, every thing is prepared for the coming allies.
    Let leave the gene-stealer to our generals (it's what we pay them for)

    What I think we should now is root our corruption from intelligence and accounting (start with intelligence) agencies, as their not doing anything right now and we will have to get to it some day.

    Other than this I think we should time skip.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/12(Sun)23:48 No.18375280

    Pardon the pun, but no amount of dickriding will improve relations with either the SoB or the Ultramarines much past neutral.

    Best way to build our faction bar is just by being a very competent planetary governor. We can work on the long standing issues (like Xenos tolerance and whatnot) over time.

    Meanwhile, we should work on getting those lasguns from the Admech, and get them into the field.
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/18/12(Sun)23:50 No.18375303

    Done, you make a note of the Spec Ops idea. You have drilling teams ready to drill a hole down to the sewers when the main nest has been pinpointed and pump it full of Prometheum.

    The walking Dead Season Finale is on, so I'll be posting mostly on commercial breaks.

    That...may not be the best idea ever. I won't stop you if you want to go down that route, but...

    There are no Black Templars in the vicinity, the Ultramarines heard of the infestation and decided to interfere, there are no other Astartes in this sector as far as you know.

    You're not sure whether the Resistance would be willing to turn in their weapons, but so many citizens must own them that nothing short of a mass confiscation campaign will work, and that worked so well for the last Governor...
    >> Anonymous 03/18/12(Sun)23:52 No.18375316
    Still, we can try to improve the situation maybe increase the holdings of the Ecclesiarchy on this world. Maybe beg for a small convent of sisters.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/12(Sun)23:53 No.18375338
    Then don't confiscate do as >>18375042 says
    Make sure the people understand it is temporary and each and every weapon will be catalogued and a flag assigned to each and every citizens file saying which weapon is theirs
    >> Anonymous 03/18/12(Sun)23:54 No.18375352
    I wouldn't go that path until we are a bit more stable and a lot more friendly with them.

    Currently it is asking for a Prometheum enema
    >> Anonymous 03/18/12(Sun)23:55 No.18375359

    Cash for clunkers, but for guns.

    By which I mean, offer a small bounty to someone if they register a weapon with the authorities, like $30 in the thrones equivalent.

    Make it totally optional. After a while, people will figure out that you're not an asshat like the last governor. Changing the public's mind about this will take time, and all they really need is proof you're not a dickbag and to take you seriously.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/12(Sun)23:56 No.18375376
    Let those who want to keep their guns keep them, but remind them the importance of keeping the SoBs from finding out about them.

    The Spec Ops Idea is good pursue it. Trawl the resistance for talent.

    Ignore the guys calling for faith.
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/18/12(Sun)23:56 No.18375382


    From what you know of the ex-Resistance, these two are incompatible. You could bring it up with Davos to see, though.
    >> "noko+dice+2d6" 03/18/12(Sun)23:57 No.18375386

    this one has my support
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/18/12(Sun)23:59 No.18375414

    By that I mean recruiting Resistance for Special Ops. Secure storage is completely compatible with Sisters and Priests.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)00:01 No.18375452
    Then go for secure storage, make a small payment to each and every person who comes to store their weapon as a sign of good faith then as soon as reasonable let them get their weapons back
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/19/12(Mon)00:02 No.18375465

    Timeskipping until Rogue Trader arrives.and dealing with internal corruption.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)00:08 No.18375537
    I would like to make clear that we are not punishing people that are not loyal to us, we only tacking down those who are corrupt and incompetent. This distinction who help a lot to get sympathy for those watching (like the rest of the planet).
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)00:19 No.18375700
    Good plan, we need to get these people trusting us ASAP given how their last governor was they will turn on us if they think we are trying to screw them
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/19/12(Mon)00:20 No.18375721
         File: 1332130858.jpg-(218 KB, 699x1089, Salamanders_Vets.jpg)
    218 KB

    The planets population has little sympathy for corrupt bureaucrats after 22 years of Rodoris and his minions.

    Rogue Trader Ivanokom Malector is a rather eccentric person, a longtime dealer of banned Xenos artifacts, is on seven Inquisitorial watch-lists at the last count, and is banned from the planet Hycam and from manufacturing childrens toys without Arbites supervision.

    Striding off the ramp of his landing craft in a schizophrenic rainbow of a greatcoat, you reflect that he looks exactly like the person you would think of based on that description.

    Your mind is taken off his eccentric clothes by the six Astartes in dark green powered armor striding off the ramp behind him.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)00:24 No.18375777
    Did we speak to Davos about the storage or hiding of xenos weaponry while we waited?

    And salamanders, this could be good
    >> "noko+dice+2d6" 03/19/12(Mon)00:26 No.18375804
    Salamanders = flamers, and we have a nid infestation. This is pretty much perfect if they are willing to help us out.
    >> Servant Of The Emperor 03/19/12(Mon)00:28 No.18375843
    Malector You Ass, you should've told me you were bringing guests! I havent made up any guest beds!

    Now for some cordial bowing and introductions. We knew there was a reason we were still friends with this Rogue Trader.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)00:32 No.18375896
    Well thats surprising... I wonder if we could pick their brains regarding flame warfare.

    Any way we should talk with our trader friend about that station trade hub idea and where it would be possible and where profitable.
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/19/12(Mon)00:45 No.18376065

    The Puritans in question will not be here for another week, the program has been announced and people are already turning in their weapons, although your agents suspect that many will simply hide them in or near their homes out of mistrust of you.


    He smiles like an entire Rotary Club combined Voltron style. "Dear Elyssa, allow me to introduce you to Chapter Master Raltus Ar'kyn of the Iron Dragons, Salamanders successor of the 21st founding, Master of the Forge Aran Mrak, Fire Priest Halak Victarion, Chief Apothecary Georg Talersai, and Master Librarian Josef Armin, and his esteemed Honor Guard of the First Company. My lords, my old friend Elyssa von Braun. Our friends here are looking for a place to recruit where the Originists and Puritans won't be crawling on them for the entire stay."

    Raltus nods "You'd be amazed how many pious Governors become entirely unreasonable when our...alternative belief system is mentioned."
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/19/12(Mon)00:50 No.18376126

    You make a note to ask as soon as you're done dealing with the Astartes.
    >> "noko+dice+2d6" 03/19/12(Mon)00:52 No.18376155
    approve their request and ask for aid with the nids. the librarian's divination abilities are by far the most useful here.
    >> Servant Of The Emperor 03/19/12(Mon)00:54 No.18376182
    Lord Ar'kyn, you do me a great honor by simply setting foot on my world. I would be blessed if you and your Chapter chose to screen for recruits on my new world, but I must be honest. My Capital is presently dealing with a genestealer infestation. It has not reached a level of rebellion but there are unknowns in the population, my PDF and other assets are at work with eliminating any found and so far i've had nothing but good news. Irregardless, it is a possibility if you choose to recruit here it will be a thing to consider.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)00:54 No.18376189
    We will endeavor to make this mutually beneficial for our groups perhaps we could be set up to supply materials for weapons as well in exchange for a permanent presence to safeguard our mutual interests in this planet

    As long as the weapons are not going to be found by the puritans then it is ok, subtly step up the program and offer a small reward as a show of good faith that the weapons will be returned distribute it to all who have already handed their weapons in and have the word spread that as long as the weapons won't be found while they are here then it is ok
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)01:00 No.18376255
    To Astartes (I think we should be subservient but not obsequious. Also I don't want to become a serf world but good relations with a chapter is never bad)
    You do know that Some Sisters of Battle are coming in two weeks? Anyway this is a very good planet to draw from and I give you the permission to start a recruitment drive as soon as you care to. That said I would like it if you could help us with a gene-stealer problem we're having in our capital.

    To RT
    Glad to see you. Now what do they do? Do you have any news? Do you like my trade station idea? Lastly do you have anything that might be of intrest to buy?

    Also depending on their response start spread the news, as telling the whats happening will help our legitimacy. (note maybe we should start some thing like the BBC the handle that angle)
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/19/12(Mon)01:06 No.18376320

    They all stand still for a moment as you lay out the situation for them. Finally Raltus speaks: "We will do all we can to eliminate the Genestealer threat, we won't relish working alongside the Ultramarines or Sisters, but they are servants of the Emperor as we are, and it is always good to have a few extra bodies, as the IG Generals are fond of saying."

    Halak nods "We recently had a bad experience while recruiting from a Shrine World, they were celebrating our arrival until Battle-Brother mentioned that we Practiced the Promethean Creed instead of worshiping the God-Emperor..."

    "No thanks to the Serpent-damned Ultramarines" Mutters one of the 1st company guards

    Halak shoots him a chastising look before continuing: "Despite my Brothers famously poor grammar I have to agree, our brothers in the Ultramarines used honeyed words, bribes, and eventually vague threats in an attempt to coerce us into abandoning the Promethean Faith, worshiping the Emperor, and accepting Roboute Guilliman as our Spiritual Liege. Needless to say, they did not succeed."
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/19/12(Mon)01:09 No.18376352

    Manners, not grammar.
    >> Servant Of The Emperor 03/19/12(Mon)01:10 No.18376366
    >"Serpent-damned Ultramarines"

    I reeeeeally dont want them to be Alpha Legion.
    >> Servant Of The Emperor 03/19/12(Mon)01:14 No.18376415
    "I'm afraid it isn't my right to get involved in such politics, even as an Imperial Navy Captain and Planetary Governor. The deciding factor on such space marine teachings is purely in the hands of the Inquisition, and in my case, in this Sector, i'd either be a heretic or a complete fool to refuse your assistance."
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)01:17 No.18376438
    To Astartes
    Ah I'll see if I can organise it so you and them are on different parts of the battle zone. And Unless you have any questions, intern Chuck here will lead you to the accounting office to start the drive and then to the general's war room to plan the defense.
    (it's easyer to watch them if they do everything though us)

    Right, pardon have you have (time of day appropriate meal) yet? Lets talk over food

    I don't Alpha Legion would have sliped up like that. But lets hope not any way.
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/19/12(Mon)01:18 No.18376450

    He continues: "As I was saying, the Sisters quickly showed us the door, without a single Aspirant to show for it. As it turns out, that was the last stronghold of comparatively reasonable Imperial Faith, as almost every other world in the sector was overrun by Originists and the Sisters remained unsympathetic to our plight. It was down to begging recruits off a Forge World in exchange for favors owed or writing off the entire sector as a loss and heading for elsewhere when your friend showed up with tales of a marvelous world for recruiting in a sector which neither the Ecclessiarchy nor the Ultramarines held in their grip, and where Originists were unheard of. As long as his...Reports were correct this visit may even be worth the fee he demanded in exchange for the location of this planet."

    Malector laughs "I never demand anything, I merely ask. When you deal with Inquisitors and Heretics both you stay alive longer if you refrain from demanding."
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)01:22 No.18376493
    Pardon but could you be kind enough to tell when you are expositing and when you are open to suggestions?
    >> Servant Of The Emperor 03/19/12(Mon)01:24 No.18376507
    "He is... Correct, to a degree. This used to be a Tau Occupied world at one point, Sisters lost their grip on the world when they had it, as well as the recent layoffs. This planet is, or was, perhaps still is a recruiting world for the Ultra Marines, but relationships soured greatly when statues of Rowboat girl- Ah, Roboute Guilliman were made of environmentally unsound materials, which Melted come rainfail. If you'd like, i could see if i could find any pict recordings of the rainfall."
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/19/12(Mon)01:24 No.18376510

    "Nor did we ask you to involve yourself" Halak says "We're just glad you're not getting involved on the side of the Ultramarines." He grins "Although with 1,400 Brothers it will be somewhat difficult to keep us segregated in cramped tunnels."


    He nods. "Right away, Garan here will do something productive with his mouth for once and tell the fleet to begin deployment planetside."
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)01:25 No.18376518
    You will not find such problems here my lord, my people worship the emperor as is proper but we do not heed the words of extremists such as the originists nor do we respond well to groups trying to impose their will upon us
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/19/12(Mon)01:31 No.18376596

    Yeah, meant to put (CONT) at the end of each post to signify that. I'll make sure to remember next time.


    He nods politely, but you sense that his neutrality masks...unpopular opinions."


    "Rowboat..." He breaks off laughing and soon all his brothers follow him. "That's a new one. I've gotta remember to send that to the Space Wolves next chance we get. And yes, I'd like that footage." He pauses "The fact that this may still be considered an Ultramarine recruiting world is troubling, as they can get rather...possessive. More troubling is the fact that this world was once occupied by the Tau. Once their propaganda machine sets in you never really pull all their claws out. Have you noted any...Xenos sympathetic tendencies in your time here?"
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/19/12(Mon)01:33 No.18376610

    Accidentally a Quotation mark there.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)01:35 No.18376641
    The people are less likely to shoot an unarmed xenos as soon a they see it but that is about the extent of it, a few of the soldiers have trophy weapons taken from their enemies during the resistance and I have not seen fit to take them away given what happened to the last governor to attempt that
    >> Servant Of The Emperor 03/19/12(Mon)01:37 No.18376651
    "I'll use 'Occupied' very lightly. Local resistance have been VERY protective of their homestead against the xenos invaders. In my time here i've seen No Tau sympathetic tendencies here.
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/19/12(Mon)01:51 No.18376795

    (Just a note, it was actually Chapter-Master Raltus talking in everything past the explanation of the SoB incident, Halak is the Fire Priest)

    You can almost feel the Librarian scowling through his helmet, but the others seem positive. "It's always good too see patriots willing to back their loyalty to the Imperium with firepower." Says Raltus "Whether it's an over-reaching Governor or Tau invaders. " Halak nods and adds: Although I'm still somewhat concerned, light tolerance of Xenos is not anything on its own, but on a former Tau world it almost definitely means that the Tau Propaganda got a few claws into the population at large."
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)01:59 No.18376870
    You are free to look for such taint if you wish, it certainly would help stabilizing the populace some more.

    Now if you don't mind me asking how does your chapter resupply their armaments? We are not a forge world but w have much mineral wealth that we could supply as part of an agreement to assist you in maintaining your armories
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/19/12(Mon)02:01 No.18376900

    "Yes, that would be very helpful. I have to ask, what exactly are you asking for in exchange?"
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/19/12(Mon)02:02 No.18376906
    Show of hands, how many people are still here?
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)02:03 No.18376917
    Yes, I have just said my peace earlier in the thread and don't want to same-fag by repeating them.

    I also would offer for them to test for them selves our people.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)02:04 No.18376932
    Im here
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/19/12(Mon)02:06 No.18376960

    Were you the same poster as:


    Or are you the only one here?
    >> Servant Of The Emperor 03/19/12(Mon)02:07 No.18376964
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)02:07 No.18376968
    Well if we were to have both aspirants and resources being given then protection or a means of calling for aid if such a thing becomes necessary would be both prudent and all we truly need.

    Our people are strong and willing to fight for their homes but if they knew astartes were willing to come to their aid it would boost morale and make them more resistant to the taint of heresy and xeno lies which would serve my purposes

    Cooperation with your chapter also lessens the chance of outside influences such as the ultramarines or Ecclesiarchy trying to force themselves upon us
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)02:07 No.18376972
    I am not, Im merely a lurker who enjoys reading.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)02:08 No.18376986
    I'm here not >>18376932

    I am the one who posted >>18376518
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/19/12(Mon)02:10 No.18377004
    Three's company, on with the show.

    What are you asking for in exchange, or are you just gifting them ore?
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)02:11 No.18377012
    I'm here

    I don't know what can you help with? Our PDF is in a sorry state and Astartes level training would be a great boon or you could just promise to help us when you can. Or do you have any Ideas?
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)02:13 No.18377039
    A protection treat, either a small detachment permanently stationed to screen for recruits and protect us from threats and / or way to call for help that is likely to be answered
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)02:17 No.18377082
    Lurker fag here,

    I know its probably a long shot, but could there be a possibility of forging a pact with the iron dragons and become a protected planet of their chapter in return for providing them a world to recruit from and ore and minerals for their forges?
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/19/12(Mon)02:29 No.18377234
         File: 1332138545.jpg-(21 KB, 160x246, Salamanderslib.jpg)
    21 KB

    Raltus exchanges a silent look with his companions before turning back to you: "If the information your Rogue Trader friend supplied us is reliable, and he seems to know enough about Astartes to not lie to us without a very good getaway plan, and the Tau sympathizers (If any) prove to not be much of a threat...Yes, that could work nicely...In fact, I was planning on bringing this up with you once the Genestealer threat had been dealt with, our chapter has been wandering for far too long, and as our recent encounter with the Originist Sector proved, we need a steady source of recruits." He takes his ornate helmet off and frowns slightly. "Although the Ultramarines will almost certainly object. If they see this planet as belonging to them they would get indignant about us recruiting here, but outright wrathful if we settled. A feud with a fellow Astartes chapter is not something I'm very keen on."
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)02:29 No.18377244
    rolled 86 = 86

    a good idea indeed, so thirded..ed?
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)02:34 No.18377291
    rolled 68 = 68

    answer to the SM along the line of:
    - We would be honoured to offer our world as your recruitment world, my lord. What were you planning? A small fortress monastery and few of your bretheren as a screening unit?

    ((Also, the Ministorum prensence is minimal on the planet correct?))
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)02:34 No.18377294
    Well they technically forfeited any claim to this planet when the tau occupied it. As they made no effort to reclaim it I dare say that this planet is open for claim by another astartes chapter
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)02:37 No.18377322
    I don't know about this, perhaps after some time and a good working relationship but honestly I just met you and it would be lax of me to put the fate of my world in such unproven hands. But there is no reason not to recrute here offen and come to help us out offen.
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/19/12(Mon)02:43 No.18377393

    Minimal and also not welcome by the population at large.

    Raltus grins "If it's all right with you and the people of Daysimir, we were planning on moving in. Our Chapter was formed from the single most empathic company of the Salamanders, many of my Brothers have wives and families with us on our ships, in many cases when a child is found worthy his entire family simply packs up and moves onto a Strike Cruiser. But being a fleet-based Chapter has its dangers, mainly that your entire Chapter and supporting staff are in the line of fire when you engage enemy vessels. Having a safe place to settle them and a stronghold from which our Chapter could recover from a disaster will give many of my Battle-Brothers peace of mind. They say Astartes cannot fear, they lie. Astartes cannot fear for themselves, but they can for a lover, sibling, parent, or child who may be vaporized if the next Tau barrage penetrates the shields."
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)02:46 No.18377425
    I shall consult my people but I dare say they would be honored to have your people settle here.

    They are not too keen on the idea that the ultramarines could return and try to force them to change their way of lives after they were abandoned to the tau
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)02:55 No.18377499
    rolled 53 = 53

    - Also, what would be the basic facilities, resources, etc. needed to begin this operation?
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/19/12(Mon)02:59 No.18377542
    Just a general note, the Ultramarines never really claimed Daysimir. The Nobilis Proscriptae Sector is a ways beyond their sphere of influence. They recruited more often than other Chapters due to relative proximity, but until Rodoris attempted to scurry under their protection to hide from Administratum Tax Collectors they had no more hold on Daysimir than any other Chapter. After the Statue incident the Ultramarines abandoned all negotiations regarding the integration of Daysimir into the Ultramarine Empire and all contact was cut off between Rodoris and the Chapter itself, however they may still view Daysimir as belonging to them, especially if the Chapter attempting to claim it as a Homeworld is both Non-Codex but has a history with the Ultramarines.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)03:03 No.18377575
    rolled 23 = 23

    thirdly: make a mental note of trying to gather more information about the Salamanders and their successors

    ((CAPTCHA: ichinei said (what did ichinei say?)))
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/19/12(Mon)03:10 No.18377631

    "We have all the facilities required to sustain our Chapter, aside from specialty items such as Terminator Armor, Land Raiders, Dreadnoughts etc. Transferring them to a ground facility should be simplicity itself, although the ground facility may prove to be a problem. If you provide the resources and labor we should be able to afford Techpriests to oversee the construction of the Fortress-Monastery and install the more complex systems. I believe that we might be able to get the Administratum to foot the bill, as they would no doubt appreciate an Astartes Chapter protecting such a turbulent Sector."
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)03:19 No.18377683
    Right sounds good. Lets see if we can't find them an uninhabited pice of land to use. Also we should talk with Dron (or what ever the name of the rebel general we hired was) about how to break the news on the planet. Also we should di this after the ultras leave, so as not to alert them.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)03:19 No.18377689
    rolled 53 = 53

    - Very well my lord. I will leave the prefered location to your consideration and as soon as I have the councils approval, we will start directing resources and labour your way.

    ((I'm assuming that we have a elder council/parliament of some sort. otherwise, please ignore that part))

    CAPTCHA: roxposs collected, (well that sounds like a rare resource)
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)03:20 No.18377691
    Then it sounds like we have an agreement.
    Once we have cleared up this mess with the gene stealer taint I shall get preparations made to begin building your fortress monastery and for the paperwork to show us as claimed as a recruiting world and stronghold of your chapter as is required from us
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/19/12(Mon)03:25 No.18377729

    Note made.

    Forge Master Aran returns from the drop-ship with a report:
    "Several merchant ships retrofitted with dozens of hastily-attached weapons, very likely pirates, entered the system alongside an Ork Rok. The pirates scanned the system and immediately turned tail and fled back into the Warp when they detected our ships. The Rok continued onwards and was destroyed."

    "Why the Hell didn't I hear about this?"

    "Our flagships comm-net is still down. We don't have Vox re-routing for the time being and our armor comes hard-coded to not use anything but Chapter frequencies"

    "Dammit, how long until it's fixed?"

    "Three days. Our Brothers are now on their way to the surface to begin cleansing the tunnels, and somebody let it slip that we're undergoing negotiations for settling here. The Morale boost was instant and visible. They're positively eager to clean Genestealers out of what may be their new home and are relishing the chance to tell the Ultramarines to fuck off."

    Raltus frowns "Insulting another Chapter is generally bad, even if they do follow "Rowboat". Speaking of which, it would probably look bad if the Ultramarines helped us purge our own Homeworld, what do you think of calling them off Governor?"
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)03:29 No.18377753
    I will do my best to try but we were not the ones who called them. They heard about the infestation and decided to intervene on their own.

    However since we now have a much greater force than they are coming with it shouldn't be too hard to impress upon them the need for their forces could be better used elsewhere
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/19/12(Mon)03:31 No.18377769

    "Excellent. Now, to the task at hand. Do you have a War Room nearby where we can discuss our battle plans? Fighting Genestealers on their own turf in cramped tunnels that they've had free reign to alter for decades is bad enough, but when you take avoiding civilian casualties and leveling city blocks into account then several options go right off the table."

    Your aid informs you that Davos has emerged from the sewers coated in purple gore. He said he had important information for you before being informed of current events. He's on his way now.

    Would you like to look over the Rogue Traders wares before you leave, or wait until later?
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)03:33 No.18377780
    Take a quick scan but leave the detailed examination for later. We have important business to attend to so if there is nothing truly impressive or suited to our needs in his stock we can worry about it later
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)03:33 No.18377781
    We should also prepare a consolation gift for the trouble they took trying to get here, just to make sure theres no hard feelings. That said no to our next task.

    Also any thoughts on the BBC idea?
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/19/12(Mon)03:34 No.18377787

    "This situation will have to be handled with care. This means I'll have to go without Garan watching my back for a while. Best case scenario we cleanse the nest before they arrive, but I wouldn't get my hopes up."
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)03:35 No.18377792
    rolled 56 = 56

    - We can send a message to the Shield of the Codex and tell them that the situation is under control. But in the end, it all depends on the eagerness of the Ultramarines. I am also sure that my lord is aware of the Ecclesiarchy troops heading to the planet.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)03:36 No.18377801
    Intern Sam bring the nice marine to the war room
    Listen to Davos then send him to the war room
    Then look at what the RT has to sell
    in this order.
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/19/12(Mon)03:47 No.18377871

    You tell your Aid (You should really remember to give that guy a raise...) to Get people on converting a recently defunct Government News-Broadcasting station for the new administration, and to also look into consolation gifts for the Ultramarines."

    You take a quick look at his major items, they are as follows:
    (You currently have 550 currency in the treasury)

    One Leman Russ Punisher (Damaged, half ammunition) (10 Currency)

    One blueprint for manufacturing your own Chimeras.(40)

    One Rhino APC. (20)

    20 Hotshot lasguns (40)

    One Laser ring-mounted Digi-weapon. Extremely powerful. (60)

    One stripped-down Dreadnought (long empty). Many of the copper wires and easily cannibalized components were stolen by Hive Gangers, and there's a gaping Las-Cannon hole in it, but all the irreplaceable components are still intact (50).

    50 Suits of Carapace Armor (35)

    And of course, the Traders Armsmen are always available as mercenaries.
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/19/12(Mon)03:51 No.18377898



    He was informed during your briefing. The Ultramarines didn't seem very eager at all from what the Sisters relayed to you. They wouldn't have made contact with your planet if they hadn't viewed our "incompetence summoning a splinter fleet" as a threat to the sector and by extension the entire Eastern Fringe.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)03:52 No.18377900
    rolled 27 = 27

    Imply vague interest in the blueprints, carapace armours and hotshots. Try to negotiate the price down
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)03:55 No.18377917
    First and foremost, I agree with >>18377900.

    We should also think about purchasing the dreadnaught if one of the marines should fall during their mission.

    Having the first marine to die defending their new home around as a dreadnaught might boost morale for generations to come.
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/19/12(Mon)03:55 No.18377918

    Your friend smiles. "I knew you wouldn't fall for that. Still, have to try."

    >Price of interesting items reduced by 5. He isn't cutting you a deal, but he isn't over-charging you ridiculously anymore either.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)03:56 No.18377921
    Chimeras blue prints and the Carapace Armor I say. I have no strong feeling on the hotshots.

    Next we should go to the war room to get updated on what going on.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)03:56 No.18377923
    Is the blueprint AdMech certified?
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)03:57 No.18377927
    Blueprint, Leman Russ and dreadnought.
    Maybe keep the dreadnought or maybe send it to the ultramarines to shut them up.

    Subtly imply if they were less dickish problems like this wouldn't crop up
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/19/12(Mon)03:57 No.18377932

    From your limited knowledge of technology it would appear that the Dreadnought would take several days to repair, maybe longer. However, Dreadnoughts are highly prized for a reason.
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/19/12(Mon)04:00 No.18377941

    It has an official-looking seal of approval, which is just as worn looking as the rest of the blueprints. You don't know enough about such things to detect a counterfeit.

    So, Hotshots, Armor, Dreadnought, and Chimera Blueprints?
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)04:00 No.18377942
    Now that would be a very good idea.
    We would have to see if the marines would agree but I tg they would be happy with such a gesture since dreadnoughts are hard to come by
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)04:02 No.18377949
    I think we should get the tank too but only if others agree to it, that list is what we are agreed upon at the moment though
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)04:03 No.18377954
    rolled 63 = 63

    Agreed, add Dreadnought to the list and try to negotiate the price down to 140 currency in total (current price would be 35+35+30+50 if my calculations are correct)

    - always a weasel
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/19/12(Mon)04:13 No.18377986
    140 Currency lighter and a lot more heavily armed you proceed to the War Room while workmen unload the items.

    When you reach the room the first thing you notice is the severed head sitting on the table.

    By way of explanation Raltus gestures at it and says "Hormagaunt". Davos glances up and resumes speaking. "Yes, there were a few eye-witnesses claiming that the immigrants were smuggling strange animals in large, heavily reinforced covered cages, but there were so many things weird about case that it got kind of glossed over. And we haven't detected any strange ships in the system or unusually high numbers of meteor showers lately. And we certainly don't have mutating wildlife aside from the six-legged sewer rats...
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)04:17 No.18378007
    Losses so far?
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)04:19 No.18378015
    Situation report and the debrief we needed to give Davos
    Then talk with the chapter master and see what he thinks and what we can do to help with his plans
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)04:25 No.18378053
    rolled 33 = 33

    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/19/12(Mon)04:26 No.18378059
    Relatively light.
    According to Davos these "Gaunt" creatures have been attacking barricades in swarms supported by small parties of Genestealers and Brood Brothers. The advance has ground to a halt and several new barricades were caught unfinished and unprepared, although the crews manged to escape with the heavy weaponry, keeping potential barricade-busting Heavy Bolters out of Genestealer hands.

    Raltus' opinion is simple "It seems obvious that the Genestealer cult managed to smuggle Tyranid organisms from the Alcrophi battleground, although how they managed to bind them to their will after the death of their Norn Queen is beyond me. The course of action we need to take now..."

    At that moment the command center begins to go insane.
    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/19/12(Mon)04:29 No.18378083

    Dozens of reports coming in of Genestealers using strange creatures as cannon fodder and a massive counter-attack. As shouted orders and gunfire fill the airwaves and an Iron Dragons captain reports that his men have entered the sewer and are on their way to the Front Line", a field commanders position is overrun. One of the Genestealers picks up his Vox and broadcasts his massage across all channels:




    >> TheGameroom !E1yyNEjdEc 03/19/12(Mon)04:32 No.18378103

    Message, Genestealer massages sound terrifying.

    Your Aid coughs quietly behind you. "Uh, miss, the Techpriests sent word back about the lasguns. They'd like to arrange a meeting."

    And thus we end. For it is 2:30 AM and I have to re-type every third word to weed out misspellings.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)04:33 No.18378111
    rolled 20 = 20

    order reinforcements to the main battleline and counter attack if anyhow possible.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)04:34 No.18378120

    cheers mate
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)04:34 No.18378121
    Oh heck Marine can you send some people to reinforce the failing lines. Davos start marshaling forces in surrounding cities. We will start talking to the families to see if they got any resources they can help with.

    As soon as it calms down enough start these three government programs:
    1 The selling of weapons (and flak armor) to concerned citizens at a government subsidy (preference given to families who don't already own a gun)

    2 Training simulations and regimes be embedded in the curriculum of government schools (as part of PE coures)

    3 The development of radio broadcasts designed to inform the citizens about any threat that we can think of, from orks to necrons. (and as little propaganda as possible; in the vein of http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Apriori_Public_Service_Announcements) However these are only to be aired when there is crear and present danger of these threats.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)04:46 No.18378195
    Good lets see if we can get some good deals.

    When is the next thread going to be?
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)09:59 No.18379627
    What is this faggotry?
    do you annos even obther to skim previous threads?

    Oh well, the Salamander successors were a .. nice surprise, although complicating.

    Also, dont get that much hung up about the surviving Sororitas. They have become a lot more worldly, realistic and cynic. The Sector Ordo militant got destroyed and it lost its grip on the sector for the Ecclesiarchy. for fucks sake, a daemon world is in it.

    having Tau guns, with imperial and machine cult body kit conversions and purity seals/ prayers wont be something that cant be justified and even accepted by them.

    The idea was to have them police the xeno mall for anything that could be subversive.

    They lost any ordo militant base in the sector , thus gaining one and having a foothold to stem the fall of the sector or even manage to reclaim it is a big one for them.

    This also allows us to reconcile the Salamander Successors with at least the local Sisters. (at least its not space wolves.)

    Also , remember that no Space marine chapter save the Grey knights are followers of the imperial cult. But a weird ancestor worship, with the Emps at the top as their grand grand daddy. Salamanders may be different.

    Now, dealing with the genestealers is a more pressing issue. The Ultramarine issue could have been handled better, but perhaps this is for the best

    Still i dont see how the Salamanders have not managed to stand up for one of their successors. whatever.

    So purchase is on chimera blueprints, carapace , hotshots and the dreadnought, ja?
    Well that is could enough.
    >> Trade Advisory Legislator 03/19/12(Mon)10:00 No.18379629
    perhaps we can manage a dreadnought knock off in collaboration with our new Space marines.

    Also regarding their recruitment and monastery rights, you should see to the legalese so that you dont become their subject. You are a Planetary governor , former Captain of the Most Glorious and Noble Fleet. We hould perhaps see if we could have a situation similarly to Cadia, having the Salamander Successors, Ultramarines and the Sisters of battle stationed here, and none having more authority than the Planetary Governor.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)10:02 No.18379637
    Perhaps we should locate the monastery fortress itself on one of the other planets in the system?
    >> Trade Advisory Legislator 03/19/12(Mon)10:06 No.18379655
    indeed, a most wise choice. there they are out os sight of the non too Imperial friendly population, can have extensive battlefield simulations, and give us a free infrastructure boost on that planet where we have a place from where to expand without that much cost, once we do get to planetary expansions.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)10:12 No.18379692
    quite honestly no, i did not bother to read the earlier threads
    >> Anonymous 03/19/12(Mon)11:57 No.18380223

    Is it alive?

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