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  • File: 1331552023.jpg-(90 KB, 604x652, MSQ header.jpg)
    90 KB MAHOU SHOUNEN QUEST: Moonlight Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)07:33 No.18297478  
    These are the continuing adventures of the HMS Swagtanic. We will sail on until we can safely drown in a Sea of Bitches.

    -=-=-=-=-=-=-LAST TIME=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    Dessert was over quicker than expected.
    After paying the bill, you and Erica walk back outside.
    The moons shine down on the town, people walk about on their own business..
    You walk around with her at your arm.
    "Did you enjoy the meal?" you ask her.
    "Yeah, I loved the ____________*. Im surprised you got reservasions for that place."
    "I was too." you answer her.
    "So, what do you want to do next?" she asks you.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)07:36 No.18297491
    Let's dance.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)07:39 No.18297509
    Walk in the park, maybe along the lake. Look out for a good place to dance.

    Also, ask Jakob and Ted if they could go and picket up the locket we had commissioned.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)07:40 No.18297514
    What do you feel like doing?
    And if we dance we dance on a teacup floating over the lake with Molotov fire providing the illumination from the waters surface
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)07:41 No.18297520
    Does Jakob know how to play any instruments? If so dance while he plays.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)07:41 No.18297522
    >said teacup
    > meant saucer
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)07:42 No.18297526
    Also voting for dance, though ask Jakob to pick up our order from the Jewelry store. Also when he says "Of Course" thank him for his dutiful and loyal service and tell him that if he ever needs anything we will do everything in our power to grant the request.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)07:44 No.18297537
    I need to crash, but I need to suggest this first. Whenever we start walking back, send a message to Ursula to make sure our room is clear for a couple more hours. They can come back when it's time to sleep, but Erica gets some 1 on 1 time that she hasn't had since Ursula joined in. We'll do the same for Ursula tomorrow as well.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)07:49 No.18297565
    >jakob -locket

    "Why don't we go for a stroll in the park for now?" you ask her.

    As you and erica enter the park, you take out Jakob and Ted.
    "Guys, Can you go pick-up that order I made at the jewelers?"
    "Of course sir."
    "Thanks guys. YOu've been nothing but loyal to me. If you ever need anything, and I mean ANYTHING. Just tell me."
    "Serving you is all I need sir."
    "Keeping you company is payment enough ol chap." they say as they head off towards the shops.

    You enter the park, the light from the lamps outshone by the impressive full moon.
    A soft breeze blows in through the trees, and you offer your date your Jacket.

    [ ]trail/path
    [ ]lawn
    [ ]lake
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)07:51 No.18297574
    No man, that's crass.
    I'm sure Ursula would vacate the room on her own accord.

    She's not just a roommate, she's your girlfriend.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)07:51 No.18297577
    >full moon
    Lake of course.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)07:52 No.18297584
    I like this idea >>18297514 but we need Kraus for it
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)07:53 No.18297588
    I love those two, the broest T-Rex and Rabbit ever.

    Lake under the full moon, waltzing along the sandy shore.

    I'm figuring we know how to waltz, we probably we're a dance instructor for a time before the studio burned down along with our employment.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)07:55 No.18297601
    Yeah we can dance.
    We've done it at the ball and with nanoha

    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)07:56 No.18297606
    That guy has terrible posture. His spine must be all twisted and he probably suffers from constant back pain.

    This is why you should watch your back posture folks.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)07:57 No.18297612
    Oh shit. Call him, he can teleport to us, right?
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)08:00 No.18297631
         File: 1331553638.jpg-(221 KB, 772x1500, 32ed6829ac778208d6a93fc80b42dc(...).jpg)
    221 KB
    You walk towards the lake, neither saying a word.
    Both content with just being silent.

    There, the moon is reflected amazingly on the still water.
    The trees on the bank are bathed in the soft glow of moonlight.
    As you stand on the sandy shore while holding hands, Erica talks.
    "Thank you."
    "For what?"
    "For everything. For accepting me."
    "For letting us into your life. For putting up with all the bullshit I put you through."
    "Thank you."
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:02 No.18297641
    We have something we could use.
    That ring.
    It makes a shelf of solid air.

    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:03 No.18297646
    "You took the words right out of my mouth. I'll have to take them back."
    Then KISS.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:03 No.18297648
    Thank you for taking a man with a hole in his heart and filling it. I love you. Kiss her and dance.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:04 No.18297649
    Hell yes.

    Meatloaf: The solution to any and all dating problems.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:05 No.18297657
    Yeah, >>18297646 has it spot on.
    But that's a present for Hina. That's as close to cheating on her as we can get with this setup.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:05 No.18297658
    We put it on quietly.
    We dont need to talk about it.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:06 No.18297666
    We could get Kraus out here, he isn't banging twin dolls right now. We just Mentilate him talk to Erica for a bit once he is here then we do the moonlit lake saucer dance
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:06 No.18297668
    As for music, lets ask Frau nicely. I'm sure she'd oblige.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:07 No.18297669
    I thought the featherfall pin was for Hina, wasn't it?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:08 No.18297681
    >it's not cheating if she doesn't know
    Please kill yourself.
    They both are. Pin for White Day, ring for later.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:08 No.18297682
    There's a ring that goes with it.
    AIRSHELF RING. Allows you to create a shelf of air. can be used to doublejump
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:08 No.18297686
    We can just enlarge one of our saucers and use it to fly up as a dance platform.

    Especially if we bring it up into the clouds, where the clouds will obscure our feet.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:11 No.18297696
    We do not currently have Kraus with us. We need him to do MAJAIK stuff.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:11 No.18297699
    Actually it is more like as many times as you want as I understood it.

    Either way it is a very useful trinket and I can't believe we got it for her so easily, even though I came up with the basic idea
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:13 No.18297710
    Rolling 100 for the shop after the whole UR A TROL NO UR A TROL shitstorm probably helped a little.
    Also it cost like 4 grand so yeah.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:14 No.18297714
    That's way more romantic than it should be.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:14 No.18297717
    Still fucken hundreds man
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:15 No.18297726
    And really 4 grand is pocket change for hayate already, let alone a few years down the track when he is a full field agent
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:16 No.18297734
    Yeah, people need to keep in mind that a gupta is about $200. We have, what, 170-something guptas? We have the equivalent of over $30,000. Note, that isn't enough to pay off the Yakuza yet. But it is a lot for how long he's been it the bureau so far. I have a feeling that a lot of that is advance hazard pay, since shit WILL get dangerous in the future.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)08:18 No.18297744
         File: 1331554718.jpg-(6 KB, 130x200, erica_hartmann_8521.jpg)
    6 KB
    "You took the words right out of my mouth. I'll have to take them back."
    And with that you kiss her.
    She blushes at this.
    A reaction so very unlike her yet suits her so well.

    "I want to thank you too." you tell her. "Thank you for letting me, a broken worthless excuse for a man, be beside you."
    "You're not worthless." she answers you. "Not at all."

    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:18 No.18297747
    Periods of slow boring snooping followed by "OH FUCK WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE" terror? Sounds about par for course
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:20 No.18297758
    And we can't call Kraus to tell him to get his ass here while we are making Erica blush?

    Ah well dancing by the lake will have to do
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:20 No.18297761
    Dance, dance her brains out by the lake.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:21 No.18297764
    "I was before I met you."

    GOD DAMN IT WE NEED MORE HANDS. Now is when we need to start playing the violin but at the same time dance with Erica. Ummm, violin music starts and a man with a dapper bowler playing the violin and leaning against a tree gives us a wink? Then we start dancing?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:21 No.18297765
    I GOT IT.
    Take Erica's hand, run and jump past the lake's bank.
    Just as we're about to touch the water, stop time.
    Dance with Erica for the time we have, on top of the time-frozen lake.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:21 No.18297767
    If we can get Kraus here RIGHT NOW, do so and dance on saucer over the lake. If not, just dance near the shore.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:22 No.18297772
    Good idea but that's only 80 seconds, enough time for a few steps then a soaking... Which doesn't sound too bad
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:22 No.18297773
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:23 No.18297775
    Oh god, some combination of these. I wouldn't get my hopes up for time-shenanigans, though, since that's what got us the reservations. Still, if LG allows it, I would fucking love having future-us provide the music.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:23 No.18297777
    Except we don't have the watch, which means it will be future!Hayate doing the timestop. He's probably got like 6 hours or something.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:23 No.18297778
    And we need to mentilate the Broyate that got us that reservation, and get him to play the violin!
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:24 No.18297787
    He got us the reservation over a week ago, and if he's going to provide music, he'll already know, since it's his past and our future.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:25 No.18297795
    >mfw the Futuyate is in a near-constant state of time-stop, trying to stop a colossal harem from destroying the universe, and being an absolute bro to us when he can.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:26 No.18297800
    Yeah no. Reaching out to a future you will cause MASSIVE FEEDBACK via kraus.
    We will end up a sputtering pile of shit on the ground
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:27 No.18297805
    >yfw Futuyate is a beharemed timelord by the time we hit thread 100
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:27 No.18297806
    We don't need to mentilate him. He already knows.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)08:27 No.18297811
    Okay. your suggestions are good.
    Give me a roll
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:28 No.18297814
    rolled 67 = 67

    Rolling for miraculously fixed timestop watch
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:28 No.18297815
    rolled 90 = 90

    Aw now we'll fail miserably.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:28 No.18297817
    rolled 42 = 42

    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:28 No.18297818
    rolled 58 = 58

    Okay then.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:29 No.18297823
    rolled 61 = 61

    Rolling for mysterious violin music coming out of the trees.
    And a saucer floating in under us
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:29 No.18297824
    rolled 64 = 64

    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:29 No.18297826
    Aaaaaaaaalrighty then.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:29 No.18297828
    rolled 50 = 50

    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:29 No.18297830
    Once again raw pessimism has granted us an extraordinary roll.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:29 No.18297832
    We're done here, folks, no need to keep rolling.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:30 No.18297840
    rolled 1 = 1

    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:30 No.18297841
    rolled 8 = 8

    Let's do this.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:31 No.18297843
    Yeah, 1d00. You're not smart.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:32 No.18297849
    Yeah, nah, fuck you, cunt.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:32 No.18297852
    He would have been smart 30 threads ago.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:35 No.18297864
    rolled 23 = 23

    Rolling out of boredom. Let's use the last of the good luck from Kraus.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)08:38 No.18297874
         File: 1331555901.jpg-(80 KB, 220x242, Cassiopeia2.jpg)
    80 KB
    You stand there on the lake, holding her hand.
    Suddenly your back pocket feels heavier.
    You reach in and pull out the Cassiopeia, but something is different about it.
    One of the hands inside is now a glowing blue, a shard of some sort of crystal.
    On the back, you find a note taped to it.
    It says: [YOU HAVE 1O MINUTES]
    And that's when the music started playing.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:39 No.18297880
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:39 No.18297883
    Yaaay! This is going to be sooo romantic!
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:39 No.18297886
    Do the time frozen lake dancing thing!
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:41 No.18297894

    Hayate is his own best wingman.

    Now is anyone keeping track of all these incidents cause we're going to have go back and make sure they happen at some point?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:42 No.18297897
    Yeah, various anons have been compiling lists. Off the top of my head:
    The double smooch
    Saving Perrine's heart from breaking
    Making reservations
    Magnificent lake dance with music
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:42 No.18297901
    I can remember these:
    Take Keima(I think) out to the shops.
    Kiss either Erica or Ursula when our past self is kissing the other
    And this.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:43 No.18297907
    Ah, knew I forgot one.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)08:44 No.18297918
         File: 1331556264.png-(348 KB, 840x476, Erica2.png)
    348 KB
    It was a beautiful and captivating melody.
    The violinist playing it seems to be quite an accomplished player.
    You look around to find the player but could only discern a shadow in the trees.

    You stop time.
    Everything freezes, frozen in the moment.
    The only thing free are you two and the melody.
    "Care to dance?" you ask your date.
    "Sure." she says with a beautiful smile.
    You step out onto the lake, the water firm under your feet.
    The melody sending you floating.
    The two of you silently dance at first.
    And then she begins talking.
    "Hey, Hayate. I want to be with you forever."
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:46 No.18297924
    Wait. If we stopped time. how could future hayate continue playing?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:46 No.18297925
    Ah, right, the Lunch with Keima. So:
    Lunch with Keima
    Double smooch
    Saving Perrine's heart from breaking
    Magnificent lake dance with music
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:47 No.18297933
    "And I wont let anything stop you from doing that."
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:48 No.18297943
    He's a motherfucking time lord. Problem?

    And then the twirls and 'holy shit, you can dance too, Hayate?' starts.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:49 No.18297947
    Then I will spend the rest of my life by your side.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:49 No.18297951
    This, but substitute "The rest of my life" with "Forever".
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:49 No.18297952
    Saying "I want to be with you forever" when time shenanigans are afoot? Quite cliche.

    "Well, for forever and beyond, I am at your service, mein engel."
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:49 No.18297954
    >Saving Perrine's heart from breaking
    No. We don't know if that was us.
    Well not yet anyway
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:51 No.18297962
    Nor do we know for sure it was us in town with Keima. Certain assumptions are extremely fair to make, though. Perrine is one of them.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:51 No.18297964
    Just like we don't know it's us playing right now. We technically have no evidence, but damn it, we know deep down.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:52 No.18297967
    GUYS! what if.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:53 No.18297974
    That would make a ton of sense. If we weren't a single child.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:54 No.18297986
         File: 1331556878.jpg-(236 KB, 663x812, 1330514822863.jpg)
    236 KB
    Shit, he may be right. Check the page. Older Brother has been added.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)08:55 No.18297993
         File: 1331556944.jpg-(110 KB, 663x927, 1331367814485.jpg)
    110 KB
    Lemme add the newer version.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)08:58 No.18298011
         File: 1331557129.jpg-(34 KB, 800x779, 971a749bd3e5e091194817435cea1b(...).jpg)
    34 KB
    "Well, for forever and beyond, I am at your service, mein engel." you tell her with a bow.
    She embraces you and gives you a kiss.
    A loving wonderful kiss.
    Not the passionate ones she gives you in bed. Not the playful ones she gives you almost everywhere else.
    This one was just sweet and wonderful.

    You melt into each others arms, the music enveloping you.
    For an eternity you had her in your arms.
    For an eternity you were connected.

    The music starts to die out, signalling you that time was about to run out.
    You guide her back to the bank and back onto solid earth.
    You just stand there looking in to each others eyes until time moved again.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)09:01 No.18298027
    Hayate has a missing brother.
    You told Erica about him.
    Everytime you told your lifestory you talked about him

    >in the manga his brother saved a-tan from the castle
    >in the manga it's hinted that shiranui the small black cat is his brother.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:02 No.18298030
    I suggested the "Took the words right out of my mouth", the dance on a time-frozen lake, AND the "for forever and beyond, I am at your service" line.

    I am on a ROLL tonight!
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:02 No.18298035
    You really are, anon! Good job!
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:03 No.18298036
    I don't think many of us have read the manga.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:03 No.18298041
    On previous nights, we have fucked. Tonight, we make love.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)09:04 No.18298045
         File: 1331557465.jpg-(311 KB, 882x1000, 0ee3c986f7a7fedae109cb1175d2ae(...).jpg)
    311 KB
    Time is running again. But you could only tell this by the sounds of the street far away.
    The still crystal lake, the big full moon, everything looked timeless.

    The watch in your hand disappeared like it was never there. You notice some new footprints in the sand, but take no heed to them.

    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:05 No.18298051
    I suggest we go back to our room, and make love like we make tea. Hot, elegant, and satisfying.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:05 No.18298054
    Damn we're good. Get out the bike, she can stand on back, her hands on our shoulders and take her home. Make sweet passionate love to her all night long. I think our swag might have leveled up with this.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:05 No.18298055
    Oh god. So either someday we grow up to be a time lord, our brother is a time lord, or both. Given that there was the violin, and I'm pretty sure that's our thing and not our bros, I think that we become a time lord someday at the very least, specially since we recognized it specifically as our Cassiopeia. He might have been involved in some other events, though... Oh god, I love time shenanigans.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:06 No.18298056
    "Let's go home."
    Call Kraus, see if the room is clear.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:06 No.18298062
    It had a blue hand in it. It may not have been ours.
    His brother could know how to play the violin.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:08 No.18298077
    Yes, but we have no idea what we might do to it in the future to upgrade it. so it could go either way, really, but i'm leaning towards future-us.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:09 No.18298084
    However, now we have an idea. Someone remember to bring up replacing a clock hand when we find another clock maker.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:15 No.18298106
    And Erica might be a Martian clone swapped out for the real one.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:15 No.18298110
    I dare say it is us since we saw him when we kissed the twins in SWD

    And we are working towards it since the doctor told us a Cassiopeia basically replicates the tardis's time power
    >> !!yvMu/jWbfZk 03/12/12(Mon)09:19 No.18298123
    If that's a second Cassiopeia? Holy damn. Even a single one is something that literally costs GALAXIES to get ahold of. It's the sort of thing that, in D&D, "you can't buy with mere gold." By the Doctor's reaction, it's nowhere near as awesome as a TARDIS, but it's very nearly the next-best thing.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:19 No.18298126
    We know the jewellers who made Nanoha's locket have a dwarven jeweller who could fix it in a flash, he would know people who can upgrade and modify such things easily.

    It's all there if up pay attention
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:21 No.18298139
    >time travel device more valuable than our entire GALAXY
    You guys...
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:23 No.18298147
    That's hyperbole. That jeweler said that the dwarven jeweler MIGHT know something about it. I'm expecting the dwarf to take one look at it, talk our ear off about it, take a look inside, shed a single manly tear, and then point us to a dwarven clock specialist who might know more. The clock specialist will, in turn, send us to a mystic watchmaker who will, in turn, send us to the dwarven equivalent of a time lord (far less timey-wimey, far more serious business). Then there will be an exciting quest as we travel with him through time, proving ourselves worthy to Urist McTARDISson.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:23 No.18298150
    It's ours from futuyate, he will probably pick it up in a few minutes... Or we could step forward a couple of years see the dwarf, get our watch fixed and then drop it back off for him
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:24 No.18298155
    He already picked it up.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:24 No.18298156
    She said he could fix that "in a flash"
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)09:24 No.18298157
         File: 1331558685.jpg-(521 KB, 868x1228, 1331097570702.jpg)
    521 KB
    >Your bikes are at home, in the loft.
    >but for the scene, let's just say he had bike-kun in the folio.

    You take out your bike and tell her.
    "Let's head home."
    "Sure." she answers with a captivating smile.

    You pedal slowly under the moonlight.
    Reveling in the feel of the road under your tires, and her arms around your waist.
    You take your time getting to the bureau, enjoying the cool night air and the warmth of your companion.

    You arrive back at the dorms.
    Putting your bike away, the two of you make your way back up to your room.

    As you open the door you see a note stuck to it.
    [Spending the night in the lab. Will be back by breakfast. -Ursula]

    All your attention is on Erica.
    She pulls you to the bed and kisses you.
    That night you made love bathed in the moonlight filtering in through your windows.

    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:25 No.18298162
    And now I sleep because work tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:27 No.18298175
    Motherfucking time travel cockblocker.
    I know we want to avoid the whole pime taradox but dammit
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)09:27 No.18298177
    >"Unfortunately our dwarven smith Cogbeard is on leave right now, he could'ave taken a look at this and maybe fixed it"
    A pocket Tardis isn't that easy to attain
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:28 No.18298181
    I'm guessing he'll fix a cog or two and point us in the right direction. We're not likely to get a full on Cassiopeia dropped in our lap.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:29 No.18298183
    Beautiful. Now, let's make sure we have the meeting with Trude on our own terms. We don't want to let her set the time or place, then she'll be in the position of power. Tomorrow, before classes, let's get up early, visit Trude, and be back in time to prepare breakfast.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:29 No.18298185
    Please say we can continue and do the next day. I don't want MSQ to end yet.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:29 No.18298187
    And the cog he fixes? It will probably cost us two of the cracked cogs we have in the folio. He'll probably fix the tuning even more than the gnome did too.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:30 No.18298191
    If the past is any guide, the quest should be ending at about 13:00 4chan time today, since everything has been shifted one hour fowards.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:30 No.18298195
    Then we would have to get up damn early
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:31 No.18298197
    >upgraded casiopea
    >10 mins timestop
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:33 No.18298207
    It probably does so fucking much more than that, we were just granted 10 minutes with it, there's a difference. I doubt that future us bummed a ride on the Tardis for this one.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:33 No.18298211
    Not really! We will be facing enemies who can sidestep timestop as a matter of course by then.

    It will be good for taking out trash
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:34 No.18298222
    Am I the only one who's thinking of time-stopped plates of air to serve as near impenetrable armor?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:34 No.18298223
    It could also jump dimensions, if we didnt use the stargate to get to the SW universe
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:36 No.18298230
    I dare say it is a pocket tardis in that sense too
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:36 No.18298231
    Yeah, since it's already been shown twice that there are enemies who can break a timestop.
    I think that at some point in the future, when future us has an upgraded watch and is there for a valid reason, he takes a quick jaunt back in time to set things up right. He likely does this in each dimension he goes to, setting things he remembers right in the past.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:37 No.18298235
    I dont think we can stop air.... yet
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:38 No.18298242
    I could just imagine Futuyate, realizing that in order to make Hayate go to the park to find Mike, masquerading as the Yakuza to chase Hayate and harvest his organs.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:39 No.18298244
    ...oh god.
    >> Sidestory: Le chat du train Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)09:40 No.18298252
         File: 1331559625.gif-(20 KB, 265x268, 3f99ea60e76353f81ba37942987afd(...).gif)
    20 KB
    You are Katsura Hinagiku, a new trainee for the IDPKB
    There's this guy in your class.
    And you like him.

    You spent yesterday night in his bed.
    His warmth comforted you.
    Tonight your bed feels so cold
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:40 No.18298254
    I like this idea. Futuyate sets up his worst problem yet to give himself the best life
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:42 No.18298264
    What if we're our own "big brother?"
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:43 No.18298268
    Even more!
    Futuyate could have made powerful enemies, powerful enough to travel time to kill him in the past. In order to effectively mask his past self's power until he can effectively use it, he keeps a constant drain on our majaik.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:43 No.18298269
    Quite possible if we want to try it
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:44 No.18298274
    ...oh god. That's grim and noble and bright and dark all at the same time.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:44 No.18298277
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:45 No.18298280
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:45 No.18298282
    How was your dentist appointment, LG? Is your lip feeling better today, or did it get bruised?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:45 No.18298287
    I wonder if Hayate would find it psychologically scarring or liberating to have these revelations.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:46 No.18298289
    More importantly what kind of choppa did you get from the Toof?

    Hopefully a good one
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)09:47 No.18298295
         File: 1331560039.png-(450 KB, 1024x569, 253291-eroca_17.png)
    450 KB
    It's morning.
    Sunlight replaced the moonlight from last night.
    In your arms, the beautiful girl you made love to.
    She's smiling in her sleep, hugging you tightly, as if never wanting to let you go.

    Last night was amazing.
    The two of you were one.
    Your hearts were beating in sync.
    Your souls connected like never before.

    You look over to the clock on the wall. 06:07 it reads.
    Still two hours until classes start.

    Today, you head back to class.
    Today, she enacts the punishment for the bet.
    You reach down and kiss her on the forehead.

    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:47 No.18298296
    Considering where he lives? Probably a bitching machete.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:48 No.18298302
    Go see Trude
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:49 No.18298310
    Go preemptively talk to Trude to keep the conversation on our terms instead of hers (god damn it, we will NOT be a beta in this inevitable clash of wills). Then, visit Sakura to get that dress. Finally, arrive back at our flat (because it's not just a dorm room anymore) in time to make breakfast (enough for everyone just in case - especially Ursula, she probably worked all night without even a snack) and get Erica dressed.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:49 No.18298313
    Get Kraus, go see Trude, and on our way making breakfast for all of the people we know who's room we pass.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:50 No.18298319
    Go see Trude, leave a note on the table saying "Running an errand, I'll be back in plenty of time to make breakfast. Hayate"

    Also grab the Dress comprised primarily of frill.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)09:50 No.18298323
    cant be fitted for new dentures until my gums settle in.
    dontist checked the hole and found no shards of tooth.
    Gave me antibiotics just in case.

    ... I, had time shenanigans planned.
    But now that you will be expecting some of them I will have to rewrite.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:50 No.18298325

    wheres ursula?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:51 No.18298330
    She incredibly nicely said she was spending the night in the lab and would be back in time for breakfast.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:51 No.18298332
    Dontost? Was your dontost's name Fronk?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:51 No.18298333
    No make sure Ursula and Nanoha are waiting to see the dress made of frills.

    Then we have breakfast with them all
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:52 No.18298337
    GOD DAMN IT, GUYS, DO YOU SEE!? YOU SEE WHAT WE'VE DONE!? Also, have you gotten your new choppa yet, or are you waiting until you get some gubbins in your mouth before ponying up to the mekboyz?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:52 No.18298339
    Mayhaps enquire upon the Frilly One
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)09:53 No.18298345
    I got an entrenching tool
    [well actually it was an order i made weeks ago, arrived in the office this morning]
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:53 No.18298346
    So we derailed future plans? We are getting better

    Glad to see I am not the only one waiting to find out about the choppa
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:53 No.18298347
    Have Kraus sift through local restaurants and set up a nice romantic one for the date with Ursula tonight.

    Then we need to leave a message with Trude's Device to meet with her at lunch for the talk she wanted.

    Then we can do our morning stuff: bake bread, make breakfast, make bento's for our girls.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:54 No.18298350
         File: 1331560440.jpg-(61 KB, 531x409, just saiyan.jpg)
    61 KB
    >Remember earlier Mahou Shounen Quest threads
    >Mike offhandedly mentions the IDPKB (not to be confused with the TSAB) is on friendly terms with the Transguard
    >Hayate is becoming crossover S.U.E around, holy shit.

    Yeah, I'm just saiyan.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:55 No.18298363
    How about we see Trude after class because we want to enjoy our time with Erica in death by frills as much as possible.

    Then we can drag out Sakabroto's sake as well
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:56 No.18298374
    No, then it will be on her terms. First rule of negotiation: always set the time and place. Second rule: make them talk first. Trude is going to try to hardball us. We need to beat her to the punch.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:57 No.18298382
    Make Erica a girly bento to go with her death by frills dress
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:57 No.18298384
    We're still going after her. It's still on our terms, it's just our terms are a littler later in the day.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:57 No.18298385
    That's obvious, what we do is have a girly as hell bento and we disguise it under a very thin layer of potatoes. Thus she starts eating potatoes and boom, girly lunch.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:58 No.18298387
    Well as long as it doesn't take up all lunch, I want us to be able to enjoy the first day of Erica in this dress as much as possible
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:58 No.18298388
    Okay, that sounds like a better idea.
    So leave a message with Trude's Device that we'll meet with her after classes.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:58 No.18298395
    My vote is for meeting Trude now.
    Also on asking Kraus how he went.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)09:59 No.18298405
    It's two hours before class. Erica will probably be asleep for another hour at least. Now is a perfect time to see Trude.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:00 No.18298409
    Wait, what?
    Trude isn't setting the timetable, we are.
    What are you talking about?

    She only said that we needed to talk. We're the ones taking the initiative by determining when it occurs.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)10:00 No.18298410
         File: 1331560828.jpg-(69 KB, 597x661, ssss.jpg)
    69 KB
    You teleport out of bed and arrange a few pillows for Erica to hug/wrestle.
    You decide to have that talk with Trude.
    'Miss Barkhorn' you mentilate her, 'if it wasnt too inconvenient for you, maybe we could talk now?'
    'It's fine, we were up for a jog anyway. Meet us by the gates.'

    You found Kraus on one of the desks in his badge form.
    "Hey man. How'd last night go for you?"
    "well, you just need to work on it I guess."

    You head out of your door towards the gates.
    >TELEPORT is a real word!
    >So is MENTILATE
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:00 No.18298414
    Unless she sends us a message to set it up while we're in class. We have to act while there's an opening.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:01 No.18298415
    So it's
    3 for after class
    1 morning right now
    1 lunch
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)10:01 No.18298419
    Did you watch 30 rock?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:01 No.18298423
    There are a lot more votes than that for morning right now, bro.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:02 No.18298427
    Yes. And this universe runs on tropes, ergo all of that is true.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:02 No.18298430
    I saw lots of see Trude but nothing about now or later.
    I was counting specific time votes
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:04 No.18298442
    Yeah, I read it a few times every night. Do we have any athletic clothes? T-shirt, shorts, running shoes, and casual bow tie?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:05 No.18298446
    Since we're meeting her now, let's get going. Change into jogging clothes, because there's a good chance she'll want to run while talking.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:06 No.18298450
    >Thinks bow ties are cool
    >Travels through time
    >Runs everywhere
    Uh, guys...
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)10:06 No.18298451
         File: 1331561187.jpg-(265 KB, 743x714, 34fb929cc7868c7e28ab84984e0ae5(...).jpg)
    265 KB
    You arrive at the gates.
    There, Trude and Sakamoto are waiting wearing Bureau tracksuits.
    "Join us." she tells you and you comply.
    As you run, the major engages in conversation with you.
    "So how have you been this past week? Get to use those clothes for anything?" she asks
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:06 No.18298452
    Does the bureau have a gym uniform?
    Either way get into as close to athletic clothes as we can find and get going
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:07 No.18298456
    "Clo- Oh them hehehe, uh... Oh, I stowed them away for safe keeping, precious memories and so on"
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:07 No.18298459
    Not the track suit but I have used the uniforms quite a bit, even got punished by my handler and told to wear the female uniform for three days
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:07 No.18298462
    Didn't we give them to Perrine?
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)10:08 No.18298466
    you are wearing the tracksuit.
    Assume you changed into them when she talked about jogging
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:08 No.18298468
    She means her bathing suit and jacket that she gave us.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:08 No.18298470
    "I'm almost certain they're getting a lot of use." And leave it at that. Try changing the subject.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:09 No.18298478
    This then
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:09 No.18298479
    "Ah, those. I gave them to someone who seemed to have a greater need for them. Sorry to disappoint you."
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:09 No.18298481
    I assure you they're getting put to good use. They are in good hands.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)10:17 No.18298523
         File: 1331561855.jpg-(65 KB, 769x699, hayate gone native2.jpg)
    65 KB
    "I'm almost certain they're getting a lot of use."
    You tell her, then you distract her from the subject by asking,
    "So, Major did you get a Device yet?"
    "Yes, yes I did. I bound him to my sword."
    She says as she motions to her ever present katana.
    "It will be weird using this to pay for stuff, like they told it could do." she says with a laugh.
    You visualize her pointing her sword at the girl from Pantasia to pay for some bread and also let out a small laugh.

    You reach town a short time later, and Trude guides you to the park.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:20 No.18298536
    Once we sit down rather directly ask what exactly she needed to talk to us about.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:20 No.18298540
    No. She needs to start talking first. If we talk first, we lose the edge.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)10:20 No.18298541
         File: 1331562054.jpg-(262 KB, 706x852, 649e549dfc6e102ece1b84ad443ecb(...).jpg)
    262 KB
    She sits down on a bench while you and Sakamoto stand in front of her.
    "Major, you could explore the park if you'd like." she tells her.
    "Nah, I think I'm just gonna observe this." she answers
    "Very well." Trude then turns to you. "I hear the twins have moved in with you. Care to explain this?"
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:21 No.18298549
    "What is there to explain? They have moved in, and the regulations allow it."
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:22 No.18298552
    "Of course. Our relationship has progressed to the point where we want to share a living space together. Is there a problem with that?"
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:22 No.18298555
    I'm going out with the both of them, they were sleeping over every night and we all wanted more room. Is this unusual for boyfriends and girlfirends.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:22 No.18298556
    "We're in a committed relationship, they were spending most nights and mornings there already, and I love them dearly."

    No beating around the bush, no smarm, no evasion. Honest, direct, efficient.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:22 No.18298560
    They decided that they spent so much time in my room it would be just as easy for them to move in with me, it saves them time in the morning and we get along very well
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:23 No.18298561
    No question, no defense. Just honesty. Don't even phrase it as if there could be anything wrong with it. Then lock eyes with her.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:23 No.18298562
    "We felt that our relationship had progressed to the point that moving in together was the next logical step. Besides, it makes it much easier for me to serve them this way."
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:25 No.18298568
    This. Don't give her any ground.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:26 No.18298581
    Direct, honest and unabashed
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)10:31 No.18298610
         File: 1331562683.jpg-(241 KB, 698x578, 981e5b12ee396eeb9832e1c7a07d7e(...).jpg)
    241 KB
    "We're in a committed relationship, they were spending most nights and mornings there already, and I love them dearly." you tell her with your eyes locked onto hers.
    The major stretches a fist out to you, and you bump it in return.
    "I see. And do you believe you could make it work? It's not impossible to love multiple women at once. But I know it will be damn hard."
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:33 No.18298622
    "If I didn't believe it would work, why would I be with them? I would sooner die than hurt these girls."
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:34 No.18298629
    Yes I understand that, but the point is I love them both equally and they made it clear that they wanted to share me.

    Nothing in my life is more important than their happiness and that is how it will remain
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:34 No.18298630
    "If I do hurt them, you may do the deed if you wish."
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:34 No.18298631
    "I wouldn't be with any of them if I didn't consider them the most precious things in the world."
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:34 No.18298634
    Shit yes, but keep staring her down. Not a smile, not a frown, just intense honesty. Have it be the exact same look we had on our face when we were blasting that alien mothership. The face nobody on that base will ever forget.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:35 No.18298640
    I have enough love to make anything work. I'm going to make them happier than anyone else could, their happiness is the most important thing to me and the world will end before I make them sad. You have full right to end me if I make them cry.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:36 No.18298646
    "I am aware of the difficulties, and I am willing to stake my life on my ability to overcome them. I would sooner die than hurt the women I love."
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)10:48 No.18298738
         File: 1331563699.jpg-(31 KB, 551x558, 12334454.jpg)
    31 KB
    "If I didn't believe it would work, why would I be with them?" you say as you keep your eyes locked on hers. "I would sooner die than hurt these girls."
    "I see. Those girls are also important to me. We fought, flew and bled together. If you ever make them sad, I would use all my strength to make you pay." she tells you.
    "Now, now. Trude. I think you've been spending too much time with MInna." the major says with a laugh "If Hayate here says he could do it. I'm sure he would do anything to do that."
    "Of course I will," you tell the major with a nod.
    "And if anyone is gonna end up hurting, i'tll be him." she continues "You know how rowdy Erica can get. hahaha."
    "I just want what's best for them." Trude says from her seat.
    "And I would give that to them and more." you tell her confidently.
    "Okay. You have my blessings, for now. But I will still keep an eye on you." she tells you as she gets up.
    "I wish you luck in this endeavor." she continues.
    "I don't need luck. I know we can make it work." you tell her.
    "Hahaha, such confidence. The twins have chosen wisely." the major says with a pat on your shoulder.
    "Now, If I remember, we went out to jog. Not to talk." she finishes the conversation for all three of you.

    You return to the Bureau, bid the major and Trude goodbye and head back up to your room.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:51 No.18298761
    Let's stop by Sakura's room. She should have a dress waiting for us.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:51 No.18298767
    First, take a shower.
    Then, while we bake bread for Sousuke and prepare a Japanese breakfast with German influences for the girls, have Kraus bring up a local listing of restaurants in town, filter by type, look for nice ones for Ursula's date tonight, and make a reservation.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:53 No.18298774
    Our date with Ursula isn't until Wednesday, unless I'm mistaken. It wouldn't hurt to actually remember to make reservations in advance this time, though.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:53 No.18298778
    Stop by Sakura's grab the dress, get to our room, make breakfast and bread.
    Get a reservation for Ursula try to think of something special, unique and that appealed to her mechanical nature. A lovely dinner place full of clocks and mechanical wonders would be cool.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:53 No.18298779
    Yep and Mentilate Nanoha and Ursula and tell them to be ready to check it out
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:54 No.18298782
    No, it's tonight. Wednesday is White Day.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:54 No.18298786
    Nah somewhere nice like Luna, Ursula would love the romantic dinner as well
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:55 No.18298802
    >It wouldn't hurt to actually remember to make reservations in advance this time, though
    We have become far too reliant on our future self bailing our ass out of the metaphorical fire.
    We need to be able to handle this kind of shit on our own.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:57 No.18298813
    >A lovely dinner place full of clocks and mechanical wonders would be cool.
    Ugh, no. That would be like the girls treating Hayate to a dinner somewhere where all of the plates are shaped like suits and everything is served out of a teapot. Let's take her somewhere actually nice. Luna or an equivalently nice place.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)10:59 No.18298821
    Exactly, that's fine for other times but this is a "make her feel special" night so classy restaurant etc
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)11:03 No.18298854
    That would be neat for a novelty birthday party lunch sometime or something, followed by a classy dinner later. I kinda hope the girls do find a novelty tuxedo-and-tea themed place to throw us a gag party.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)11:04 No.18298855
    But we just went there with Erica. Shouldn't we choose a different venue?

    Nemo's - a classy restaurant where it's main entrance is a dimensional portal leading to the restaurant itself which is an enclosed dome on the surface of an ocean.
    Nemo's specializes in seafood of all culinary disciplines, from French, to Greek, to Chinese, and non-Earth cuisines such as Tau Ceti, and Betazed.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)11:05 No.18298869
    Speaking of birthdays is the twins close? We still need to get our big bag of electronic goodies for Ursula's present for her to play with and pull apart
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)11:05 No.18298870
    >on the surface of an ocean.
    Dammit, I meant floor of an ocean.
    It's supposed to be on the seafloor so diners can see the beauty of the ocean.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)11:05 No.18298871
    > gag party
    PLEASE put it in better words than that.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)11:06 No.18298878
    That sounds nice. We just need to go somewhere Luna-Tier, not necessarily Luna specifically.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)11:06 No.18298880
    Their birthday is April 19. We've still some time.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)11:06 No.18298881
    Yeah I said like Luna not Luna. And that sounds great, we seem to be eating lots of seafood lately though
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)11:07 No.18298884
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)11:07 No.18298886
         File: 1331564838.jpg-(7 KB, 300x168, images (32).jpg)
    7 KB
    You find a paper bag by your door.
    [HOPE YOU LIKE IT! <3] written on it in Sakura's handwriting.
    'I got the dress, giving it to her now.' YOu tell her mentally 'Thanks. see you in class.'
    'Okaaay!!! See ya!' she answers you.

    You walk in to find Ursula sitting on the couch with some coffee, and a sleeping Erica doing a suplex on a pillow.
    'Thank god I wasn't in bed anymore.'
    "Good morning." Ursula tells you.
    "Morning. Lab work go okay?"
    "Yes. And how was your date?" She asks.
    "It went great. let me take a quick shower and I'll get started on breakfast."
    After your shower, you get started on breakfast.
    Ursula offers to help and you oblige her.
    "So, what was that paperbag?" she asks.
    "Oh, Erica lost a bet." you say laughing. "You'll see when she gets up."

    and lunch?
    >oh boy food again.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)11:07 No.18298894
    We're Japanese. By our perspective, it's a lot less sea food than usual.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)11:08 No.18298902
    Ok good, we might have to take a trip home to grab the present we were taking about for Ursula last time it came up. Plus it sets up more shenanigans at home
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)11:09 No.18298905
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)11:09 No.18298921
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)11:09 No.18298922
    Bacon, eggs and french fries. A nice, simple breakfast.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)11:10 No.18298923
    No, we go to Sakura's, Nanoha's, or Madoka's Dimensions.
    They were at approximately the same time-period, within a 10 year difference, and it won't be our universe out to get us.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)11:10 No.18298924
    I think that might be best.

    Unless we feel like making Meatbread-in-a-box for everyone's lunch.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)11:10 No.18298927

    i support!
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)11:13 No.18298952
    Breakfast is traditional German

    Erica gets the girliest bento possible.
    Under a layer of baked potato slices

    Ursula gets smoked ham salad

    Nanoha gets a tempura bento
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)11:14 No.18298964
    Japanese/Western mix. Rice, miso soup, pickled vegetables, toast, jams and butter, bacon, light potato salad.

    Erica - Shepherd's Pie with extra mashed potatoes.
    Nanoha - Bento with rice shaped in a heart and nori pieces spelling out her name, omelette-rolls, light potato salad with cucumber, and kara-age chicken.
    Ursula - a set of sandwiches: ham, pork chop, and egg salad.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)11:21 No.18299016
    And LG is waiting for consensus or just writing?
    I hate it when talk drops off and we sit here F5ing
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)11:28 No.18299072
         File: 1331566092.jpg-(46 KB, 500x464, user8343_pic34317_1282540391.jpg)
    46 KB
    Ursula works on breakfast, Bacon, eggs, fries and some salad.
    You work on the bread and lunch.
    Nanoha got meatballs, rice and a side of greens
    Ursula got a ham salad and some meatballs as well.
    For Erica you made heart shaped eggs, tako wieners, and hello kitty riceballs.
    All covered by a layer of baked potato slices.

    NAnoha walks in to the door just as you were setting the dishes.
    "Morning!" She says a with a quick hug.
    "Good morning. How was your evening?"
    "Me an Vita got too much into training. I got home at around midnight. I got a new spell put together!" she telsl you happily.
    "Let me guess. It's another one that makes things go boom?" you ask her as you hand her some juice at the table.
    "Nope." she says smugly, "It makes things go sssshblamm!"

    A short while later Erica falls out of bed and wakes up.

    >I wonder how much potato your flat has stored in it.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)11:30 No.18299088
    We had a potato cellar, we installed it when we learned how much Erica loved them, we just have to keep the fact hidden from her or she would disappear
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)11:31 No.18299094
    She would do to the cellar what Shirou did to the fudge
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)11:31 No.18299099
    I love that picture, so many reasons it is hilarious
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)11:31 No.18299101
         File: 1331566289.jpg-(36 KB, 288x216, Crate of Potatoes.jpg)
    36 KB
    Probably an extra-dimensional storage that gets refilled by the crate-load.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)11:32 No.18299109
    Those are both basically the idea
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)11:36 No.18299151
    Let's guide Erica to the table and get her a mug of coffee.

    We still need to make that reservation at Nemo's, and we need to lay out the dress for Erica to wear. I suppose both can wait until after breakfast.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)11:37 No.18299155
    "Maaawwwneeen" she says as she pulls herself to the table.
    "Good morning." you say as you straighten her clothes [or what little of them she has on] and hands her her cup of coffee.

    A cup of coffee, and a few moments later and she's firing on all cylinders.
    All four of you sit down to breakfast.

    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)11:38 No.18299159
    Ask Nanoha to show them the BEAR cub video
    And maybe watch the sugar rush one as well
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)11:41 No.18299181

    Also, Inform Erica of the consequences of losing a bet to us. Show her the dress.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)11:42 No.18299188
    Sure, those are fine.

    Let's wait until after breakfast is over before we show Erica her dress.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)11:47 No.18299220
    Yeah let's savour the anticipation a little longer
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)11:54 No.18299272
         File: 1331567682.jpg-(27 KB, 299x400, CAEK.jpg)
    27 KB
    "Hey Nanoha, can you play that vid of Sakura running around in your room?" you ask her over breakfast,

    She projects it for you.
    You see sakura headbutt a whole blackforest cake and stop moving, a minute later she's shaking like a leaf and laughing.
    Then she's off.
    "CAAAAAAAAAAKE!" she runs over and around Nanoha and Madoka.
    "CAAAAAAAAAKE!" she screams as she jumps on the bed.
    MAdoka tries to subdue her as Nanoha binds her with some cloth.
    "CAKECAKECAKECAAAAAAAAKE!" Sakura yells as the straps come undone.
    She gets to a another cake, a sansrival this time, and consumes half of it in one bite.
    She's now running.
    Across the floor, up the wall and allover the ceiling.
    The desk gets overturned, the bed turned sideways.
    She runs into the closet and shuts the door behind her.
    "CAKECAKECAKECAKECAKE!" you can hear the muffled shouting from inside.
    She runs through the door, leaving a huge hole in it.
    Again she's running allover the walls and ceiling.
    The two other girls right the bed and tackle her into it as she runs by.

    And the video ends.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)11:56 No.18299281
    I wish we had of stayed to see that
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:00 No.18299305

    I wanna feed her a Red Bull laced cake just to see what happens.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)12:01 No.18299313
         File: 1331568066.jpg-(87 KB, 989x742, grizzly-bear-cubs_3600_990x742.jpg)
    87 KB
    "Hahaha! That was amazing." Erica says with her mouth full of eggs.
    Ursula tries to hold back a laugh.
    You just stare at the destructive power of sugar.

    "How about the bear video this time?" you ask her.
    'Skip the part where they were licking me please?'
    'Sure' she answers you mentally.

    "Roaaaaar~ :3"
    "Rawwwwwr~ ^_^"

    The two of them begin attacking the teddybears you had decorating the setup.
    And then they saw Vita.
    "Roaaar~ >:3"
    "Rawwwwr~ >_<"

    They pounced on her, knocking her to the ground.
    "Get them off!" Vita says as she struggles under the two girls slightly larger than her.
    "Get off!" with a mighty push she manages to dislodge them and send them air born.
    They then land on you.
    "Rawwwr~ >:3"
    "Roaaaar~ >_<"

    Scratching biting clawing and pawing.
    Lucchinni tries to bite your arm as Sakura attempts to claw your torso.
    "Rawwwr~ :3"
    "Roooarrrr~ >_<"

    "Okay, enough of this." you say as you pull them off you.
    You then give the most ferocious roar you can.

    They stop squirming in your arms and just look at you fascinated, heads tilted to one side.
    You do it again.
    "Rawr!~ ^_^"
    "Roar!~ :3"

    After that video, Erica is almost choking with laughter, and Ursula joins her sister.

    Breakfast ends soon after that.

    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:01 No.18299318
    We have plans for tiramisu laced with as much caffeine and sugar as we can manage.

    She and Luchinni will be amusing to say the least after eating that
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:02 No.18299324
    Tme to unveil the masterpiece
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:04 No.18299332

    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:04 No.18299335
    Time to introduce Erica to her new outfit for the next three days.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:05 No.18299338
    Two. She gets to wear the suit on White Day
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:06 No.18299339
    Nope she gets the day off on white day then the next day it is back into death by frills
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:06 No.18299341
    Hey Erica remeber that bet we made...
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/12/12(Mon)12:06 No.18299343
    At least until after classes on Wednesday. Then she gets the suit
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:08 No.18299351
    Alright, let's unveil the dress.
    "Oh Erica, allow me to lay out your dress for you."
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:09 No.18299359
    Why did this become less about trolling her while we have the chance?

    Seriously we can get her into the suit any other time now we need to make her wear the most embarrassing clothes while we have the once in a lifetime opportunity
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/12/12(Mon)12:12 No.18299378
    Because White Day is special, and there's a perhaps significant portion of Hayate's brain that wants to see her in a suit.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)12:13 No.18299382
         File: 1331568792.jpg-(10 KB, 300x315, 1329880374386.jpg)
    10 KB
    "Hey Erica... Remember the bet?" you ask her.
    "What bet?" she says
    "THE BET. The one we made before the simulations. The one you admitted to have lost."
    "Ohhhh... THAT BET."
    "Yes. Well, guess what you'll be wearing these past three days." you says as you take the frilly explosion out of the bag.
    "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE!!" She screams as she jumps out of her seat.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:13 No.18299385
    Yeah she gets white day off but the next day back into it.
    And we can get her in the suit easily enough, I want to see her in it but we can do it without taking up some of our fun from this bet
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:14 No.18299391
    Because while we enjoy the occasional prank and watching the funny reactions from Keima, we're NOT Max Decurius or MC NGAF. Trolling is not our defining characteristic.

    Also, White Day is culturally special and important for Hayate. He knows when he can get away with jokes, and when he needs to serious the fuck up and romance a girl.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:14 No.18299393
    Time stop
    Put the dress on her
    Restart time
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:14 No.18299397
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:15 No.18299401
    Nah, we should have other girls help us out. You know, like they used to do to us.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:15 No.18299404
    These two. Combined.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:15 No.18299409
    True, that would be more fun
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:16 No.18299411
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:17 No.18299420
    So we say "YEEEEEEEEP" then timestop, unfreeze the other two, then change her?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:18 No.18299429
    This would be great for both their and Erica's reaction
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:19 No.18299434
    Kraus had better be recording all of this.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:19 No.18299438
    We will make sure he has or we will turn him into bunny ears and leave him that way
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:21 No.18299452
    Hmm...We know he's already got Frau and Shinku, and he's working on the Rozen Twins with progress on Boku, but what about Raging Heart? Has he tried making any moves on her?
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)12:22 No.18299455
         File: 1331569322.jpg-(43 KB, 350x409, Koko Portrait.jpg)
    43 KB
    The log of Miguel Rozario SantaCruz Y Cabrillo,
    [03-12 BD4432]

    Hina came to me yesterday wanting to talk about getting over her fear of heights.
    We did some simple training using a generated platform and gradually raising it higher.
    She seems very motivated.
    I wish her luck in conquering it.

    Doctor mcNinja is back from that mission with AxeCop.
    Finally, someone to keep Frank under control.
    We lost too many patients while he was away.

    The Director has informed me that Yuki's interactions with my pupil are to be allowed, for now.
    She wishes to observe the situation and see what happens next.
    I hope Hayate doesn't mess this up.

    Soon my class will complete basic training.
    And then they'll be out of my hands.
    They'll be the Dude's problem then.

    Finally, today Erica Hartmann, will be going to class in that dress Hayate described.
    I must remember to keep Domingo recording throughout the day.

    -Entry Ends
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:22 No.18299461
    We forbade him from that
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:24 No.18299476
    YES! you took our crazy ass ideas for other agents
    Now we need to run into McNinja while we are going to see Shinji
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:24 No.18299478
    > the Dude
    >advance training instructor

    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:24 No.18299481
    Did we? I can't remember when that occurred. I know that we've restricted ourselves in regards to Nanoha until she's a little older.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:26 No.18299495
    It was brought up before and the consensus was HELL NO

    We don't want her getting any ideas from Kraus or having raising heart convince her to explode him
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:26 No.18299496

    >the Dude

    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:27 No.18299502
    Okay, guys, don't forget to stay focused.

    We have for today, after we put Erica in the dress and clean up after breakfast:
    1. Give Sousuke his bread.
    2. Make reservations at Nemo's. (should be done before lunch)
    3. Make the audio recordings for Nanoha's locket.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)12:27 No.18299503
         File: 1331569641.jpg-(22 KB, 432x317, zzzz to be coninued.jpg)
    22 KB

    new thread at 2200 4chan time.

    >Have I mentioned that I'll be out of the country on the 16th to idk.
    >Well, you know that now.
    >No MSQ then until i get back
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:28 No.18299510
    Kraus can handle it during the morning
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:30 No.18299527
    Well shit.
    Have fun LG, hopefully the time off does you good
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/12/12(Mon)12:31 No.18299532
    Naw. It's all cool.

    Nooooo. Well, at least we've got advance warning.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:32 No.18299545
    Means we have time for crazy convoluted planning
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:32 No.18299548
    Well, pre-emptive have fun then.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:34 No.18299562
    Sooo... How do we handle these new events of time shenanigans?
    It will be in the far future, but still.
    It will get convoluted at some point.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:36 No.18299574
    That's what we use this time for, more crazy shenanigans and planning how to walk our way into mini tardis
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/12/12(Mon)12:45 No.18299619
    Time-Journal, Things to do in the Future-Past.
    Including such things as: Lunch with Keima, kissing Erica by the castle, making dinner reservations, providing a romantic dance setup.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:45 No.18299623
    So no more mad planning?
    Or has everyone fallen asleep
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:46 No.18299629
    Yeah I dare say the time shenanigans will be quite a bit into the future... Makes the diary much more important
    I wonder what we will say to Keima and Perrinne?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:47 No.18299634
    Helping Perrine calm down.
    [we need to confirm that one though]
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:50 No.18299658
    It is pretty much confirmed by this point. It is just whether we do it before or after Perrinne tells us we did it
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:51 No.18299665
    I have a nagging suspicion that there were 2 other hayate's at the lake.
    1 to play the violin, used his own Cassiopeia to continue moving. And the other one was the one that gave us his Cassiopeia, he was invisible, and ended up frozen.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)12:52 No.18299672
    >providing a romantic dance setup
    That reminds me, we need to set this up ourselves this time around.
    I'll say it again, we're depending on our future-self solving our problems for us too much.

    I'm thinking that we take a couple minutes to have Kraus record us playing a romantic piece on our violin, so that he can play it back when we take Ursula dancing.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/12/12(Mon)12:54 No.18299687
    I didn't forget, but Hayate the character doesn't know about that. So he can't put it in the journal
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:03 No.18299728
    Yeah we need a meta list and a hayate list.
    This is gonna get complicated
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:08 No.18299758
    Or futuyate has a bit more power at his control and can do the old sidestep timestop
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:14 No.18299795
    Or we end up with a second time stop type device...
    I don't know which is the more interesting possibility
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:21 No.18299835
    That wouldn't work though would it? It's like a wild west duel, whoever gets their time stop off first is in there while the other is dead I thought?
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/12/12(Mon)13:23 No.18299842
    Nah, just needs one. He starts playing, future Jakob starts the time stop, puts the watch in our pocket, buggers off and expands it to our past and future selves, and Erica.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:23 No.18299843
    Maybe some sort of Anti-bullshit shield?
    Keeps us free from any or all outside statuses?
    If he knew just when to press the second Cassiopeia he can enter timestop with us.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:24 No.18299848
    no we started time stop.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:25 No.18299857
    So what we had was a fake Cassiopeia?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:26 No.18299862
    No it's a real one, just a different one
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:27 No.18299869
    I would like to see futuyate pop in for a moment to borrow something, just to see how it would play out
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:31 No.18299891
    No, it cant be the real one.
    We cant push the buttons on it while it has time stopped.

    Waht I was thinking was.

    FUTURE US had his casiopoea, extended time stop. and a fake one.
    He stops time.
    Puts fake in our pocket, extends time stop to us, and starts playing playing
    We take out the fake and press it thinking we stopped time.

    No wait. that doesnt work.
    We can notice when were already in the stopped time. so the moment we find the watch in our pocket [moment he unfreezes us] we should know that time was already stopped
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:32 No.18299898
    Surprisingly we have avoided getting into a skirt since Mike's punishment
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:33 No.18299906
    FUTURE FUTURE hayate pops in with FUTURE HAYATE and borrows his watch.

    FUTURE FUTRE HAYATE gave us FUTURE HAYATE'S watch at the lake.

    Or he just pops in, borrows the girls for a day of double harem
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:34 No.18299924
    You thinking too many levels deep.
    Basically it is dropped into our pocket by Futuyate while he is in time stop and invisible.

    He drops the time stop as he puts it in our pocket walks to the trees drops invis and starts playing.

    We use time stop he activates macguffin of time dickey to follow us in / ignore the time stop.

    We dance he stays in for a few moments more and takes the Cassiopeia from us then leaves
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:36 No.18299932
    He stops in for a day to borrow Luchinni and Sakura.
    Turns out our idea for tiramisu was too good and they do start dimension jumping without equipment and he needs them to track themselves down busing their majaikal signature
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/12/12(Mon)13:38 No.18299948
    Oh we definitely need to take care of things ourself.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:39 No.18299957
    Goddammit i don't want to lose Sakura.
    And maybe Lucchinni. She'll be hot in a few more years.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:40 No.18299967
    Are we set on that NEMO restaurant?
    >I imagine the valet to be wearing an old diving suit for shits and giggles
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:40 No.18299969
    Yeah or the second half of the quest will be fixing all our little problems we caused by not planning ahead
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:40 No.18299973
    On a completely different note, I wonder what everyone will think of Erica in a tux, when that comes up.

    I can't stop picturing Ursula nosebleeding over her sister in a suit nearly as badly as she does for a crossdressed Hayate.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:41 No.18299977
    Okay. WHY ARE WE NOT DISCUSSING THE DUDE as our advanced instructor?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:41 No.18299979
    kiss both Erica and Ursula
    make reservations at Luna for Erica's date
    give ourselves ten minutes of lake dancing
    Help Perrine calm down

    Am I missing anything? Even things that would require meta-knowledge, or that we aren't 100% sure on should be written down lest it be forgotten.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:42 No.18299985
    His device are the shades. I guarantee it.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:42 No.18299988
    I don't either but this set up is hilarious to me and it means a few moments after they disappear futuyate could turn back up with the ones we just lost and actually have things set right.

    Maybe with some majaikal tranquilizers used to slow them down
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:42 No.18299996
    For our birthday the girls throw 'princess for a day' party.

    We wear a gown and all of them wear tuxes
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:44 No.18300019
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:45 No.18300026
    Go to Hayate's past and kick off the chain of events which lead him to joining the IDPKB

    Collect all our PTSD memory items we thought we lost and make a "museum of memories" in the swag palace.

    Chase Hayate out of his home disguised as a yakuza boss

    Lunch with Keima back in our first week.

    That's all the discussed time shenanigans I can think of to add to the list
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:46 No.18300031
    But with the shades you could get some effects from some of Jeff Bridges' other movies, like the newer Tron.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:46 No.18300033
    Oh god I love this idea.
    We shall be then prettiest princess
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:48 No.18300056
         File: 1331574507.jpg-(48 KB, 793x340, 20000 Leagues Under the Sea - (...).jpg)
    48 KB
    I believe we are. It's nice aesthetic, a romantic dinner under the sea.

    And no one else has suggested anything.

    Also, either a diving suit or sailor's uniform for the valet. And maybe an appearance by the Nautilus.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:48 No.18300063
    Doesn't stop him from having majaikal shades

    That makes me think we need to get the aviators of NGAF enchanted with either a DEAL WITH IT aura or true seeing
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/12/12(Mon)13:48 No.18300064
    Lunch with Keima during the time loop day
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:49 No.18300068
    >Go to Hayate's past and kick off the chain of events which lead him to joining the IDPKB

    maybe something more subtle, like getting him his apartment.
    [if we didnt live in that apartment we woudnt have walked by the park]

    GIving yourself trauma isnt an advisable plan on becoming awesome.
    If hayate knew he had to do that to himself it'd be his fall
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:49 No.18300070
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:50 No.18300081
    Waiter in a sailors uniform, chef in a dive suit.
    Maybe a big daddy in there?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:50 No.18300082
    >new tardis watch malfunctions
    >we're stuck reliving the whole day for a bajillion times.

    That way, the Huehuehue ends would be cannon
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:51 No.18300092
    hell be the maitre D bouncer
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:51 No.18300094
    No but we know how it turns out so we know why we need to do it.

    It also perfectly explains why the universe seemed out to get him and it takes a huge weight off his mind once he knows that it won't happen anymore
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:52 No.18300103
    >bowling ball familiar
    >Shades Device.

    Bowling ball isnt alive, he just treats it as such
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:52 No.18300105
    > under the sea.
    Link related?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:53 No.18300115
    NO, GUYS

    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/12/12(Mon)13:53 No.18300117
    I like the Hall of Memories, but I don't think we should muck with our pre-Bureau past too much beyond that.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:54 No.18300131
    Plus it runs alongside the picking up the good memories plan.
    These should all be long after we have him deal with all the shit
    Like he goes back to see if things were that bad and he sees things aren't going right, he thinks on it and remembers what happened and so he does one small thing which causes events to happen properly
    Since he has already lived it and realized he did it he god through and redoes it all
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:56 No.18300150
    Or building the 7-11 near the apartment so the cute girl will work there causing him to walk that way
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)13:58 No.18300174
    Nah he isn't suited to a restaurant. Maybe a rum distillery / trinkets shop in town
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/12/12(Mon)14:00 No.18300188
    Or the universe really is out to get him, without any jiggery on our part. We wouldn't put some guys to go beat the shit out of an old man, we wouldn't convince our father to take our secret violin to sell it for gambling money.

    The HnG universe cluster has it out for Hayate, it's that simple.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)14:02 No.18300204
    The old man, we rescue, set up with some cash, etc.
    The violin we take ourselves, for our Hall of Memories.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)14:04 No.18300225
    I still think we need an animal related PTSD like with Koala's or something.

    Could be funny to have that pop out of nowhere
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)14:06 No.18300239

    that's feasible yes.
    but niot the whole I WILL TRAUMATIZE MY OWN CHILDHOOD.

    We do that and our happiness will be empty. it'll feel too fake.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)14:06 No.18300242
    His father would need no convincing, we just roll up offer a wad of cash and take it

    That's the sort of events I meant
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/12/12(Mon)14:07 No.18300254
    In the end, yes. But not initiating events, is what I'm saying. Play damage control, not instigator.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)14:07 No.18300256
    There we go. We could do that.
    At the very least make sure the girl works there. we don't even need to build the damn place.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)14:08 No.18300263
    NOPE. fuck you and fuck the horse you rode in on.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)14:09 No.18300269
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)14:12 No.18300293
    Well that's the sort of ideas I thought of not the "ruin our entire life" ones like the OP of that
    We set up small things and make the people who had bad things happen around us go better
    And setting up the 7-11 to be built might be something we could handle if there was a specific problem preventing it and other similar changes as necessary to guide things along
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)14:17 No.18300339
    I still want to find out what is causing our majaik drain.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)14:17 No.18300340
    No Big Daddy.
    The bosun will be the maitre'd.

    Goddamn, it's like you people don't even understand the reference.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)14:18 No.18300366
    Well we could have one as the kitchen hand. Nothing important but just there, destroying dishes with his drill or something
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)14:21 No.18300382
    I looked at the books Yuki recommended.
    Guy goes for girl, doesnt end up with her. [she's Cyrano in this.]
    > Shakespeare
    Romeo and Juliet?
    >Don quixote
    This one worries me.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)14:23 No.18300401
    Why are you guys so hell-bent on being the one to create the chain of events for Hayate to be recruited, when it's just as possible that we don't need to do any of that.
    We have enough little crisises to bail ourselves out of via temporal shenanigans as it is, and you want to go into a cluster of timelines known to have it out for us?
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)14:23 No.18300409
    >why can't I sleep?
    It's A-tan


    Groundhog day? Interesting.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/12/12(Mon)14:24 No.18300411
    Guys, you're going way too big/complex. We don't need to screw with buildings, or where people work. Just buy the violin from wherever "Dad" pawns it, and save Grandpa from his attackers, getting him medical care and a sack of cash.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)14:24 No.18300412
    It could also be just her being introverted and liking classic literature, but knowing LG it does have some significance
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)14:24 No.18300417
    >Goddamn, it's like you people don't even understand the reference.
    No, it's just that there are so many possible references, we can't make them all.

    We'll still try, though.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)14:25 No.18300427
    She was also reading Pinochio and LITTLE PRINCE.
    >child knows he has to die, but is still saddened by it
    >puppet wants to be alive
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)14:26 No.18300430
    Heh nice to know. Never thought you would be giving out spoilers though
    And glad you agree with us on >>18300026
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)14:26 No.18300436
    lol, go to sleep LG.
    You have work in a few more hours.
    I think it's the meds keeping you awake
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/12/12(Mon)14:26 No.18300438
    Oh shit he's watching, everybody shut up!
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/12/12(Mon)14:28 No.18300445
    You still don't know how to activate the A-tan route though.
    So it's all good.

    HINT. Her castle has a huge clock in it.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)14:29 No.18300451
    That could be because it is the cycle she is used to.
    We might be able to change that with ungodly dice rolls and our classy love
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)14:29 No.18300452
    Is that to the whole list, or just the "Cause Hayate to join the IDPKB" stuff?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)14:30 No.18300454
    Nemo, seafood, Nautilus.
    I thought the 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea references were obvious.
    Should I have included the proprietor giving impromptu organ performances to make it easier to tie it to the Disney classic version?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)14:30 No.18300460
    So it and / or the Cassiopeia will be integral to that path then.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)14:30 No.18300462
    > ungodly dice rolls
    So make sure to leave Kraus with Shinku whenever we go talk to her?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)14:31 No.18300468
    Leave Kraus with all his devices when we go to see her
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)14:31 No.18300470
    Yes, I get this. It's just there are so many tangentially related references to chain off of it.

    ESPECIALLY if you go with the Disney version.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/12/12(Mon)14:33 No.18300479
    It would also require braving the HnG universe again
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)14:34 No.18300490
    It has to happen however.
    Unless A-tan is a witch or something in this setting
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/12/12(Mon)14:36 No.18300502
    I'm not Saying it won't. Just implying that we don't like going "home" that much
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)14:38 No.18300515
    Yeah, although given our last trip wasn't disastrous maybe Hayate will be more inclined to go back if his friends / harem are with him.
    I get the feeling they wouldn't be with him for long if we did bring them though
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/12/12(Mon)14:42 No.18300548
    True. There also probably be further Negi contact, which Mike seemed worried about, last time.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)14:44 No.18300561
    Yeah is that because Tama is stationed at Negi's house to watch for something I wonder?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)16:01 No.18301241
    Who's A-tan?
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/12/12(Mon)16:22 No.18301434
    From Hayate no Gotoku, Athena Tennousu.

    I don't know the details enough, so I'mma just link to a wikia page: http://hayatenogotoku.wikia.com/wiki/Athena_Tennousu
    >> Anonymous 03/12/12(Mon)16:44 No.18301607
    See, this is why I'll never read or watch that anime. Just reading that article is making me bawl.

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