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  • File: 1331158088.jpg-(128 KB, 827x546, DX_IG.jpg)
    128 KB SHADOWRUN STORYTIME TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/07/12(Wed)17:08 No.18244120  
    Guess what, motherfuckers? I've got three hours before I have to run a game of Pathfinder, I just had a burrito, and I'm loaded up on energy drinks. As promised, it's time for more SHADOWRUN STORYTIME.

    The previous two threads:
    http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/18228308/ --In which I introduce the characters of TwoDee, sociopathic technomancer 4channer extaordinaire, Dervish the orc with rocket feet and arm-blades, and DeadMan the anime character. The three try to get their burgeoning Shadowrunning careers off the ground as DeadMan tries to sell their feet right out from under them, and hilarity ensues.

    http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/18237435/ --in which the team gains a member in the form of Geppetto the serial killing black mage, and loses a member when DeadMan gets gunned down in a chain restaurant in the suburbs shortly after attempting to sell his team out again. Also there are trolls and ghouls and shit.

    We're picking up after the first act of the GM's modified version of the On the Run module, as the characters are on the hunt for an old-school diskette filled with paydata that Mr. Johnson wants. The characters got a hold of the message sent out to Naybo, an orc rap-rocker, and are returning to the job after paying off their rent with DeadMan's bounty money.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)17:09 No.18244132
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    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)17:10 No.18244135
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    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)17:15 No.18244171
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    >I'm prowling in this thread
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/07/12(Wed)17:16 No.18244179
         File: 1331158581.jpg-(145 KB, 450x511, 1317972319990.jpg)
    145 KB

    So, the first thing we do after Trout is out of the picture is call up Danny, our fixer. See, Mr. Johnson had given us a job intended for four runners, and thus to keep attempting it with three would probably not fare well for us (even if Trout wasn't a particularly convincing fourth runner). We needed a replacement. Any runner of our talent level would do.

    We got Tank. Tank was Trout's player's second character. Although he made some mistakes, he was never catastrophically bad to the extent that Trout was, and indeed he atoned for some of his prior missteps after a stern talking-to. Tank is why the title of this thread is now Shadowrun Storytime, and not Shadowrun That Guy Storytime, because Tank, although he was a little dumb at times, was by no stretch of the imagination That Guy.

    Tank was a troll. Because the GM had built most of his attributes, skills, and ware, he was a very standard loltroll build, alternating between a combat axe and an LMG depending on the range of engagement. His player handled his qualities, which meant there was a little stupidity there, but they were by no means the train wreck that Trout's qualities were.

    First and foremost, the player insisted that Tank have a charisma of at least three, and would not budge on this matter. He had never played an "ugly" character in his life, and would not budge on it now, even though he had no charisma-related skills and thus the 25 karma spent on it was basically a glorified makeover.
    >> STORYTIEM 03/07/12(Wed)17:17 No.18244191
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    >not playing Super Tuesday on Super Tuesday
    I Shigeru Diggeru
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)17:20 No.18244211
         File: 1331158828.jpg-(10 KB, 304x228, no siree I do not like it.jpg)
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    the fuck is this guy's obsession with being purdypurdy?
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/07/12(Wed)17:21 No.18244222
         File: 1331158914.jpg-(145 KB, 754x975, 1323858796908.jpg)
    145 KB

    Next, his player bought the Enemy (at max ranks!) and Vendetta qualities. 2D had the same qualities for Evo Biomedical Seattle, but he was also a paranoid motherfucker who alternated between hidey-holes and changed out his access ID every few hours. Tank bought these qualities for a Prime running team and their fixer, which had some of us groaning, but again, it wasn't so much a terrible choice as a dangerous one.

    Next, he picked up Big Regret, which raises his notoriety score. It was related to his feud with the rival fixer.

    Finally, he picked up Dependent. Dependent means that there is an innocent person who relies upon you entirely to survive. In this case, it was his adorable 8-year-old sister, a freckly little girl with pigtails who wanted to grow up to be a lawyer someday. The GM made a point of doing something insufferably adorable every time we visited Tank's place, to remind us that the Dependent quality is not to be taken lightly.

    Point being, the team had a vested interest in keeping Tank safe because otherwise an adorable eight-year-old was toast. Even 2D and Geppetto, who wear hats so black that they qualify as vacuums, had to be considerate about this new piece on the playing field.
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/07/12(Wed)17:27 No.18244274
         File: 1331159276.jpg-(267 KB, 900x1169, 1318275633363.jpg)
    267 KB

    He watches a LOT of anime. For his Maester in the A Song of Ice and Fire RPG, he asked me (team drawfag) to draw a picture of Edward Elric in maester's robes.


    So, our first encounter with Tank was...less than stellar. You see, he lived in a block with the "Quiet Neighborhood" and "Nosy Neighbors" quality, so it was basically the most white-bread human, Christian burb you can imagine. We marked the stepvan up with the AR decals of a deliveryvan and parked on the street corner to pick him up, so that his neighbors wouldn't connect him to running.

    Imagine our surprise when he came out, in his full heavy combat armor, with his LMG drawn and the safety off, to stroll down the street to the van. Neighbors watering their manicured lawns stared. A mother pushing a baby carriage screamed.

    With an angry yell of "DUFFLE BAGS YOU STUPID FUCK," 2D floored it out of the neighborhood as the sirens started sounding.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)17:33 No.18244318
    please do continue
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/07/12(Wed)17:35 No.18244339
         File: 1331159721.jpg-(110 KB, 361x500, 1327365953976.jpg)
    110 KB

    The GM, not wanting to lose a new character in literally the same session that the player had lost the old one, graciously allowed a redo, and the next time around, Tank came out with his equipment in duffel bags. From that point onward, the team stored Tank's running gear at 2D's apartment, since juggalo nutcases don't give a fuck if you come out of your house packing.

    So, 2D had called up one of his contacts, an encryption specialist within Chaos Engine, to decrypt the message that Naybo had received and see if he could trace the seller. In return, the contact, v1ct1m, whom the GM and I had fluffed like a /d/eviant gone wrong (most of 2D's contacts were based around 4chan boards, and 2D himself was based off of /b/), wanted the team to acquire a...unique porn film from a seller in the Redmond barrens.

    The film itself was not hard to acquire from the seller, a skeezy little dwarf who sweated like a pig, but the case was that they still had to determine whether the film was legit or not. The team drew straws, and Geppetto got the short one. Geppetto, being the face, made a convincing argument that, since 2D had gotten the team this side run, really, it was his responsibility to watch the porn flick and make sure it was the right one.

    2D confirmed that they had the right film right around the time he was yelling "OH SHIT WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO THAT HORSE!?"

    Pleased with the acquisition, v1ct1m handed 2D an IP node hidden somewhere in the city.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)17:36 No.18244349
         File: 1331159788.jpg-(136 KB, 577x574, 1327118820361.jpg)
    136 KB
    Are you SURE that Tank's player isn't mildly retarded? Not the joking kind either, but truly deficient in the head.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)17:40 No.18244392
    he's been to cyber/b
    he's trained for this shit
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/07/12(Wed)17:43 No.18244421
         File: 1331160204.jpg-(43 KB, 500x396, 1323997011029.jpg)
    43 KB

    Operating through a proxy commlink for fear of vengeful technomancy (paranoia quality ho!), 2D hacked the node. Whatever it was, it had been long stripped of any useful data. It was probably a disposable commlink, sitting in a trash can somewhere.

    The real fun started when the proxy comm started beeping an alert later that night.

    2D logged in to find the icon of a winged fairy sprinkling pixie dust all over the virtual landscape, turning his commlink into fucking candyland. In game rules terms, the enemy hacker had hacked his commlink and was using the edit program to vandalize the shit out of it.

    2D, being a channer, only appreciates matrix pranks when they're (a) being done by him, and (b) involve ruining people's lives.

    So he flipped his shit. His bomb headed icon streaked into the saccharine fantasy landscape, blowing everything to kingdom come with a series of indiscriminate black hammer attacks. The enemy icon began fluctuating violently, close to de-rezzing. The text feed in his commlink read,

    >Z1PP3R: oh fuck
    >Z1PP3R: FUCK

    The mystery hacker disappeared, presumably taking dumpshock, and a vengeful 2D gleefully followed her data trail right back to her commlink. It turned out that the strange vandal was a hispanic dwarf named Zipper (go figure), who mostly operated between Seattle and Tir Tairngire.

    2D did the natural thing that any channer would do, if given internet superpowers and the dox of someone who fucked with him.

    He decided to ruin her life.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)17:43 No.18244422
    Seems like it.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)17:45 No.18244445
    They end up having sex, don't they?
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)17:50 No.18244490
    dorf sex?
    sounds like a channer...
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)17:51 No.18244491
    I want to know what happens!
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/07/12(Wed)17:51 No.18244495
         File: 1331160691.jpg-(45 KB, 400x328, bill_plympton_1.jpg)
    45 KB

    I'm sure. Tank's player is a geological science major with, from what I can gather, decent grades. He's a little cocksure and absent-minded, but not actually mentally retarded by any stretch. He does self-diagnose with Asperger's, for what it's worth.


    2D, raging like a buttmad troll in an anime thread possessed, stomped from her Horizontube account to her social networking profiles, changing her relationship status to "DEAD" and her occupational status to "STUPID WHORE." He put lethal feedback databombs in every appliance she owned. Every profile picture was defaced with his iconography. Every time she logged into anything, she got him walking physically onto her scream, shaking his little digital fists and screaming that "I'M GONNA FIND YOU AND WHEN I DO THE CORONER'S JUST GONNA FIND DUST," before kicking digital dirt on her icon, dropping a databomb, and irreparably destroying whatever commlink or computer she happened to be using.

    During all this, the team was headed to Tir Tairngire, resolved to find the girl and get what information they could out of her before 2D drove her so far underground that they'd need an oil derrick to find her.
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/07/12(Wed)17:52 No.18244503

    >walking physically onto her screen

    Whoops, little spoonerism there.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)17:53 No.18244508
    >dorf sex
    hammer time
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/07/12(Wed)18:00 No.18244575
         File: 1331161221.jpg-(280 KB, 1016x1080, 1323481857192.jpg)
    280 KB

    Eventually, the team triangulated her location to a merchant bar on the outskirts of the Tir, sitting with a friend and miserably using said friend's commlink because all of hers had been ruined.

    The moment that 2D had hacked the interior cameras and caught a glimpse of the girl, he tried to step out of the van, giggling that "No one escapes from Anon, hahaha-GURK!"

    That 'gurk' was Dervish grabbing 2D by the head and pulling him back into the van, responding to a prior order by Geppetto that 2D wasn't allowed to get his murder on until Geppetto was done getting mission-relevant information. 2D obliged, if only to busy himself hacking the girl's new commlink while hyperventilating excitedly.

    As Geppetto neared the girls' table, looking very purposeful in his intentions, Zipper hastily texted a mystery number, with a message of "fuck a guys coming up think he might be with the 2D guy if i dont make it hide the goods"

    Her commlink responded two seconds later with,


    She reflexively tossed the commlink in the nearest ashtray before it began sparking and burning from the inside.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)18:00 No.18244578
         File: 1331161253.jpg-(50 KB, 273x200, stare2.jpg)
    50 KB
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/07/12(Wed)18:06 No.18244650
         File: 1331161597.jpg-(174 KB, 679x1176, shadowrun_elf_ninja_by_deuceoh(...).jpg)
    174 KB

    Defeated, she let Geppetto sit down at the table. She briefly fingered a holdout pistol, and then seemed to decide against it. As Geppetto cleared his throat to speak, she finally broke down and started spilling her life's story to the mage in a long, blubbering stream.

    The story was long and convoluted and mostly concerned how ever since she was a little kid she'd loved the Matrix and the feeling of being a PART of something and she always wanted to be as COOL and DANGEROUS as those SHADOWRUN HACKERS and those CHAOS ENGINE guys and now they were gonna KILL HER and she was SOOO SCARED and she DIDN'T WANT TO DIE and she would TAKE IT ALL BACK IF SHE COULD and she was SOOO SORRY.

    2D, listening in on the conversation, began to feel like something of a heel. Sobering up, he asked Dervish to please let him exit the stepvan.

    What followed was a gigantic super-awkward apology between a black-hat hacker and a script-kiddie whose life he had ruined. Eventually, though, with a little guiding by Geppetto, the two hackers began to strike up a rapport, and the whole incident swiftly started becoming something to laugh about.

    "Hey," 2D quipped, "it could have been worse. You could have been an elf like Geppetto."

    Geppetto took the joke in stride. The other elves in the bar didn't.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)18:06 No.18244651
    I love Shadowrun storytime. I'm too confused by the system to run it, and the only person willing to run it refuses to on the grounds that he makes his runs too lethal. That said, I have two copies of the 4e rulebook and I wish I could play.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)18:09 No.18244694
    oh wow, I like 2D... he is an evil prick but has some gold in his heart...and he just passed a racial joke thats gonna get him stabbed.
    I feel I can identify with him!
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/07/12(Wed)18:13 No.18244740
         File: 1331162038.jpg-(9 KB, 205x220, gba.jpg)
    9 KB

    An elf guard approached 2D, and asked him if he'd like to back up his words by force of arms. In response to a request of "English, please," the elf clarified that he was challenging 2D to a duel. He would magnanimously allow 2D to choose the weapon by which the battle would be fought, so that he might die with honor.

    2D gave him pic related.

    The elf got laughed out of the bar. It was a good day for 2D.

    Now, I know that you guys are thinking this went in the sex direction. Two rival hackers get over their differences and bone? Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you. 2D already had his dedicated monogamous relationship with an insane orc juggalo in Everett, and he didn't want to give up the physical security offered by that arrangement just yet. Besides, he was kind of fond of his girlfriend. She was fun, in a break-your-knees-during-sex kind of way.

    So, Zipper handed over the comm code of the seller, a bartender back in Seattle by the name of Kerwin Loomis. That much closer to finishing the job, the team made for Seattle once more, but not before giving Zipper a little dosh to buy a new commlink.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)18:19 No.18244793
         File: 1331162368.png-(76 KB, 202x385, 1328217809426.png)
    76 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)18:22 No.18244817
         File: 1331162522.jpg-(50 KB, 555x729, well-played-sir-well-played.jpg)
    50 KB
    Excellent move.
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/07/12(Wed)18:24 No.18244838
         File: 1331162659.jpg-(109 KB, 680x989, Walter_Kim_18a.jpg)
    109 KB

    2D is basically a composite image of my impression of what /b/tards are like. He's completely out-of-shape, a gigantic douche, as petty as a friendzoned fourteen-year-old, a little bit racist and sexist (but less than he pretends he is), and not nearly as badass as he thinks he is, but can kick legitimate butt in a pinch.


    We went to a runner bar in Tacoma to meet the seller, a kind of grungy, beardy human, accompanied by three bodyguards (two thugs and a street sam), and a fourth, cloaked somewhere in the alley. The bodyguards/runners were there as insurance, but that didn't mean we had to like the arrangement.

    In an alley behind the bar with good visibility and firing lines for both sides to discourage violence, Kerwin handed over the disk. Geppetto gestured for 2D to grab it, and 2D was able to verify the goods by the "to old friends" label.

    Everything would have gone down perfectly if not for the sudden "clack-clack-clack" of suppressed automatic gunfire that filled the alleyway.

    Kerwin went down in the first round, as did the two closest bodyguards, with three holes in him, chest-chest-head. Military precision. These guys didn't fuck around. Tank took a truly startling amount of bullets (in keeping with his role) but didn't go down, so they hammered him with a stun spell.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)18:26 No.18244862
         File: 1331162808.gif-(439 KB, 500x378, daft great.gif)
    439 KB
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/07/12(Wed)18:29 No.18244885
         File: 1331162981.jpg-(268 KB, 818x1130, 1290548358183.jpg)
    268 KB

    Recognizing the spell, Geppetto screamed "MAAAAAGE," at which Dervish spun into action, switching sight modes on his eyes and picking up speed, moving through volleys of gunfire.

    Luckily, this is Seattle, and Seattle had a propensity to rain, all the time. We got lucky, as the rainfall delineated five men in tac-cloaked military armor, equipped for a full assault.

    What was less lucky was the fact that Geppetto took five rounds to the chest and dropped.

    2D's drones and the remaining bodyguards returned fire, turning the alleyway into a warzone. Scanning the low rooftops, Dervish noticed a discrepancy in the air, similar to but without the digital texture of the tac cloaks.


    He'd found the mage.

    So, blades out and boosting to top speed, he prepared to follow the Shadowrun adage:

    "Geek the mage."
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/07/12(Wed)18:36 No.18244954
         File: 1331163405.jpg-(91 KB, 680x466, Deus_Ex_Human_Evolution_04a.jpg)
    91 KB

    Try to imagine, if you will, a WWE wrestling takedown, but the guy doing the takedown is moving at the speed of a motorcycle and has swords for fists. Point being, the mage was paste.

    2D launched his much-utilized machine sprite (I kept re-registering my services on the little bastard, useful as fuck) to disrupt the enemy's tacnet and take out the rival rigger or hacker, if he could. The sprite succeeded, and there was an explosion further down the alleyway (hello, gremlins power on a vehicle engine), and the advancing soldiers briefly stopped shooting as they lost tactical coordination.

    That is, until one of them pointed at 2D and shouted,

    "Techno! Sight him!"

    2D dove into the nearest dumpster, an action which saved his life, as he took only one out of the fifteen bullets headed his way.

    As Dervish boosted in and took down another soldier, judo-flipping him at top speed, and 2D's drones poured into the alleyway, the tac team decided to cut its losses. They split, grabbing the body of their fellow and the shishkebabed mage as the other soldiers and a drone of their own provided covering fire.

    Before they disappeared into the rain, Dervish got a clean view of the Horizon logo on the dead mage's ballistic armor.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)18:41 No.18244996
         File: 1331163661.jpg-(55 KB, 418x790, uberbard.jpg)
    55 KB
    listen to this while reading
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/07/12(Wed)18:41 No.18245007
         File: 1331163719.jpg-(185 KB, 665x850, 1296524957483.jpg)
    185 KB

    I believe that when I told this story to one of my own Shadowrun players, I described it as "Geppetto is roughly resembling a pre-op 50 Cent at this point, with less rapper and more dying." The first contact called was Laughsalot, who asked the team why literally ALL of them were in need of medical attention (albeit Tank and Dervish a little less so than 2D, and 2D considerably less so than Geppetto). The moment the word "Horizon" came up, he announced, "Oh shit, I don't know you! Fuck you! Prank caller! Prank caller!" and hung up.

    Geppetto, out of his mind on all the painkillers that the team could scavenge from their respective medkits, is gurgling out his own esophagus and asks if there are any other options for doctors off Horizon's radar.

    2D grimaced and said, "Well...I know a guy who's KIND of a doctor. Does an organlegger count?"

    2D was, of course, referring to his Tamanous buddy, a ghoul named John. John technically WAS a doctor, at least before the whole zombie plague thing happened.
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/07/12(Wed)18:48 No.18245066
         File: 1331164108.jpg-(90 KB, 800x833, 1291766805294.jpg)
    90 KB

    You see, unlike the rest of the team who had things like morals, standards, and dignity, 2D appreciated the virtue of having a buddy who would eat the bodies of dead people you didn't want lying around. In his off-time between jobs, he had been doing his best to be buddy-buddy with John's little ghoul nest, and so John made sure to reciprocate 2D's altruism in kind.

    With the collected demeanor of a surgeon, John gave the team rudimentary first aid instructions to keep Geppetto alive, and directions to Tamanous' largest compound in the Redmond barrens, an abandoned hospital reinforced with a perimeter wall. He put the compound on alert, and warned the ghouls on guard about their expected guests.

    2D checked the local gridlink and, as expected, Horizon was moving out in force. SWAT vans and helicopters force. The nice thing about the barrens, though, is that no corp wants to go there without serious backup, and even then they have to work their way through the border wall. So, the team was mostly without meaningful opposition as the stepvan sped into the barrens, at least until the high-force guardian spirit slammed onto the hood of the truck.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)18:49 No.18245084
    ghouls gonna eat em
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/07/12(Wed)18:55 No.18245148
         File: 1331164543.png-(321 KB, 382x462, 1282198702822.png)
    321 KB

    The van slowed to a crawl, weighed down by the incredible mass of the spirit. Geppetto had enough left in him to deliriously burble,

    "Norse tradition...looks like a viking...gotta challenge it...fight it in the material..."

    So, in the most metal scene I have ever witnessed in a Shadowrun game before or since, Dervish and Tank got out of the van and challenged a ghost viking to a fistfight.

    2D, being officially incapable of driving or fighting, decides instead to concern himself with how he'll get the paydata of the disk when no one uses cyberdecks anymore, much less cyberdecks from the era of disk drives. A quick call to John confirmed that the basement of the hospital still had some of the antique computers, but learning how to use the outdated tech would be another challenge entirely.

    So, with helicopters and swat tanks incoming, and a bloody, brutal viking fistfight raging literally two feet above his head, 2D logged into 4chan to hastily ask the oldfags for a crash course on decking.

    The channers told him to get rid of the viking on the roof first. Confused, 2D asked them how they knew what he was doing. They responded to him by forwarding him to Horizon news' top story, which read, "TERRORISTS ON THE LAM: SUSPECT IDENTIFIED AS 2D BOMBER."
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)18:56 No.18245154
    Type faster!
    I've never had much interest in Shadowrun, but you've single handedly changed my mind. Thanks 2D!
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)18:57 No.18245177
         File: 1331164674.jpg-(192 KB, 306x469, Tor.jpg)
    192 KB
    yhis pleases THOR
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/07/12(Wed)19:05 No.18245260
         File: 1331165126.jpg-(23 KB, 280x374, twd_zombie_suit.jpg)
    23 KB

    With a final punch from blood-and-ectoplasm-stained, knuckles, Tank punched the ghost viking the fuck out, helped a beaten-up Dervish back into the van, and then 2D floored it once again, with the sound of helicopters fast on their heels. As they sped into the Tamanous compound, armed and armored ghouls manned the walls, and the Horizon forces backed off, not wanting to get into an engagement in an infected zone.

    John, dressed in his best suit (which was a little frayed at the edges), approached the team and gave them the facts.

    2D and Dervish could be given hazard suits for their open wounds and would be safe from infection. Tank's wounds had already healed, thanks to his platelet factory bioware. But Geppetto...Geppetto was a problem. If the ghouls were going to operate on him, he was GOING to get infected. It was as simple as that.

    After tense deliberation, Geppetto, who had lost his vision and most muscle control, coughed up blood and snarled "do it."

    Shortly after bringing him into the compound, John had a banshee infect Geppetto. If he was going to be an Infected, he would at least be a monster that could pass for metahuman.

    Geppetto the black magician was living up to his reputation, because from this point onward, the only thing he could eat would be souls.

    Dervish oversaw Geppetto's surgery as insurance, while 2D--escorted by Tank and his drones for fear of the ghouls around him--made his way to the sub-basement and resumed his crash course on decking. The run would have ended there, but it's never quite that easy.

    There was a loud THUD as Tank hit the ground with a half-dozen empty syringes in his back.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)19:09 No.18245311
         File: 1331165388.jpg-(33 KB, 776x571, guitar robot.jpg)
    33 KB
    This is awesome OP.

    5 5 5 5


    F5 F5 F5 F5
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/07/12(Wed)19:14 No.18245355
         File: 1331165658.jpg-(431 KB, 1280x768, gasmask_1.jpg)
    431 KB

    Good to hear it, dude! It's a weird setting and an overcomplex system, but once you get used to the idiosyncrasies it's a really fun game.


    2D turned around to find himself facing his second tac-team of the day. This time the soldiers, four of them, were wearing the rubber gloves and white gas masks of an Evo Biomedical narc squad. Horizon didn't want to waste its own resources going after 2D, but as it turned out, there was already someone out there who wanted him more...

    2D's life was saved by an edged initiative roll. He booked it down the hallway and sprinted through abandoned basement rooms, screaming, "OH FUCK OH SHIT TITS JESUS CUNTBURGERS ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK!" His drones opened up on the narc squad, including one armed with a grenade launcher, turning the operation into a grueling back-and-forth firefight.

    Tank's bioware, which the tac-team hadn't counted on, quickly flushed the toxin from his system, and he rolled over, armed his machine gun, and joined the drones in the assault on the Evo goons. As ghouls swarmed into the tunnels, alerted by the gunfire, the corp troops decided that this wasn't what they had signed up for, booking it and leaving their dead to be devoured by the ravenous undead.

    2D hid behind an overturned gurney, clutching an ancient cyberdeck to his heart. Breathing heavily through his respirator, he fumbled with the disk but eventually managed to insert it.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)19:20 No.18245422
    Oh, i like this story..thank you!
    I hope I'll find the thread again tomorrow..after my special working fun-time...good night.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)19:22 No.18245436

    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)19:23 No.18245448
         File: 1331166232.jpg-(303 KB, 915x891, Breadwinner_Shadowrun__by_djan(...).jpg)
    303 KB
    A non-retarded Tank is the Shadowrun character I've always wanted to play. A bio'd up Troll who hits things hard, eats cardboard and is built like a concrete bunker.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)19:24 No.18245452
         File: 1331166256.jpg-(24 KB, 300x400, mulder38.jpg)
    24 KB
    stay up for story or sleep...choices...
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/07/12(Wed)19:24 No.18245454
         File: 1331166288.jpg-(106 KB, 749x1065, shadowrun_urban_brawl_player_b(...).jpg)
    106 KB

    2D had been listening to the music for about a minute before he registered that the CD was a music album. The genre was angst-rock from back in the 2050s, the singer a deep-voiced crooner. Even 2D thought he'd heard to voice before, and a search confirmed it; this was JetBlack, the most popular rock star of the 2050s, whose career had been cut down in his prime by a terrible accident.

    Moreover, the songs on this CD weren't listed among published JetBlack tracks.

    It all clicked with a little more research and some contact-plumbing. The troll Johnson was Darius St.George, JetBlack's manager from back in the day. JetBlack had left him a disk of never-before released tracks, an entire album's worth. The value of the disk was priceless, enough that Darius could buy out Horizon's entire music label, Shangri-La records, or even launch his own.

    The team took a vote. 2D wanted to go through with the mission, because the last guy who'd tried to sell it was dead in an alleyway in Tacoma. Tank wanted to keep the CD, sell it, and live like kings forever. Without the clincher of Geppetto (who was currently undergoing open heart surgery), Dervish voted that they finish the mission, because they were runners, dammit, and runners do the job they're paid for.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)19:25 No.18245460

    That's no choice. Join me in my staying-uppiness!
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)19:27 No.18245474
         File: 1331166420.jpg-(20 KB, 400x300, mulder28.jpg)
    20 KB
    damn you, fine.
    I might as well try to get some drawing done
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)19:28 No.18245495
    is that an official artwork picture?
    A female german Die Ärzte fan with a projection mohawk?
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)19:29 No.18245503
    Building a good tank that isn't a troll is not an easy task in Shadowrun.
    And even when you use trolls it's no guaranteed success.

    I somehow managed to make my Decker into a tank, though.
    He can be beaten by trolls or driven over by a car and go on without any mali.
    >> Geppetto 03/07/12(Wed)19:30 No.18245522
    For the record, my vote was to not even know what was on the damn thing, but i had other priorities, like not dying.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)19:32 No.18245535
    it's a shoop by raben-ass
    he's done art for german sourcebooks in the past and is recently doing stuff for those shitty 4e splatbooks
    he's also a collossal faggot
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/07/12(Wed)19:36 No.18245578
         File: 1331166965.jpg-(132 KB, 600x704, The_troll_with_good_hair_by_Ae(...).jpg)
    132 KB

    Trolls are a lot of fun, but they're built only for heavy combat. They don't have much utility. As long as you're okay with being the team's emergency option, that's great, but be aware you won't have as much time to shine. When you do shine, though, holy fuck do you shine.


    Tank was put in the van, which was remote-controlled out to Tacoma as a decoy. Dervish and 2D now needed a ride to downtown.

    Luckily, the pimp-bike could be remote-controlled.

    Donning their helmets, Dervish mounted the flaming golden motorcycle, and 2D held on tight. What ensued was a police chase across the freeways of Seattle, Dervish dodging in and out of traffic to escape Horizon's interceptors. When the two of them hit the nightclub, though, it was over. Horizon called off the dogs. They had won.

    Tank drove the van, a bit more pock-marked than it was previously, back to ghoulville, and picked up a wheelchair-bound Geppetto.

    The Johnson meet saw everyone at least a little worse for wear. 2D had bandages running all up his side, Dervish and Tank were scarred in new and exciting places, and Geppetto was limply clinging to an IV drip. Darius himself had a cast on one arm and a few teeth missing, having run afoul of a Horizon hit squad himself.

    To explain the situation, JetBlack's ghost, a free spirit, manifested in the middle of the room.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)19:37 No.18245593
         File: 1331167050.png-(396 KB, 478x504, 1307684633597.png)
    396 KB
    Shadowrun Shadowrun
    Threads like these are the ones I use to convince people who think its not worth learning a new system to play.
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/07/12(Wed)19:44 No.18245678
         File: 1331167463.jpg-(37 KB, 600x423, Shadowrun_Fashion_Label_by_rab(...).jpg)
    37 KB

    Hey! Good to see you, buddy!


    As it turned out, when he'd been alive, JetBlack was a media shill. When he started spreading out, finding his roots, the Horizon media group had organized his horrible and unfortunate demise, so that his legacy (and tragedy sales) could live on forever. His last act of revenge had been squirreling away his newest tracks, hiding them on a CD intended for Darius, and Darius alone. It should have ended there, but when Horizon began repossessing Jet's things, pillaging his legacy, Darius had to hire Shadowrunners to "liberate" the CD, tripping off this whole situation. Only one of the runners from that team was still alive, a hacker by the name of zipper. Horizon was hot on the trail of what they'd lost, and so greater risks had to be taken.

    He glanced at Geppetto uneasily with that last comment.

    We were paid in full, and Jet informed us that he owed us one, for not giving us the full details of what we were going up against. We marked Darius St.George and JetBlack in as contacts. Funnily enough, we mostly haven't used them until recently, and by recently I mean two real-world years of roughly biweekly Shadowrunning later.

    In other words, Shadowrun Storytime is a thread series that will be going on for a while.

    So, for an epilogue before I break for questions and begin setting up for my Pathfinder game:

    GEPPETO met and accidentally fucked (as in he screwed her before he knew who she was) Dona Rowena O'Malley of the Seattle Families. Luckily for him, his strain of the virus is non-communicable by fluid exchange. At her recommendation, he signed on with the Merlyns, a subgroup of the Mafia consisting entirely of mages, and said goodbye to his day job and hello to his buttons.

    >> Loch !!GzWmGH6V4eu 03/07/12(Wed)19:44 No.18245688
    OP is a scholar and a gentleman for keeping up with these. I'm finally gonna get off my fat ass and stop shitting up general threads to update Dykes of London later on tonight. You made me do it, OP.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)19:47 No.18245717
    Depends on the power-level of your group.
    The lower it is the more utility each race has.
    I've played a troll face/mage (without mental domination) fairly successful.

    In my group 8 dice were pretty good.
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/07/12(Wed)19:49 No.18245748
         File: 1331167797.jpg-(376 KB, 825x1100, 1323853640515.jpg)
    376 KB

    Geppetto also died for a few days, and came back with a distinctive albino complexion. A few homeless people started showing up dead in the slums, their life force sucked out of their bodies and their faces contorted in expressions of horror, baffling the cops.

    Dervish moved in with Geppetto in the suburbs, sick of living in a coffin hotel. Geppetto's white-bread humanis-sympathizer neighbors did not particularly appreciate Dervish, especially given that for shits and giggles Dervish started pretending to be gay to fuck with them. Looking to improve his skills, Dervish got into contact with Sensei, an old Aztec pit fighter living like a hermit in the barrens, and began training in the art of Sangre y Acero, the storied Mexican martial art of brutal prison shankings. He was also attacked by a random human who claimed that he had killed his father, suggesting that Dervish was a bad dude long before he could remember. According to the kid's testimony, he'd been killing for YEARS.

    2D bought a wind farm in snohomish, the farming community north of Seattle. His girlfriend came with him and gentrified very quickly, although she kept her juggalo lingo and psychotic tendencies. They lived in a tasteful and well-decorated agrarian townhouse, which also happened to host a Chaos Engine node filled with gore, illegal pornography, black programs, and unsafe BTL softs.

    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)19:51 No.18245761
    hey since we got some shadowrunning going here, if you had to give an alternate name to "street samurai" what would it be?
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)19:54 No.18245793
    the road warrior :P
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)19:54 No.18245795
    Solo? It's less "honorable", but most street sams don't have a code of honour anyhow, quite the contrary.
    In most cases they're just mercs or borgs.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)19:56 No.18245812
    >DS Fliptop
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/07/12(Wed)19:58 No.18245825
         File: 1331168305.jpg-(77 KB, 1032x774, Shadowrun_Troll_Finished_by_Ca(...).jpg)
    77 KB

    That's great, dude! I don't know what motivated me to start telling the story of this campaign, but it's been going for two years so expect a lot more stories to come.


    2D also sent his Machine Sprite out for something like it's 20th service, which rendered it complex enough to start manifesting into a Free Sprite in his brain, nearly flatlining him. When he woke up in the hospital, the first words he heard were in digital, not meat, space:


    In the meantime, the local head of Evo Biomedical was purged for incompetence, involving some sort of situation with a narc squad getting ghoulified. 2D, once he was cogent, contacted the new head and called a truce, and thus his Enemy quality started fading.

    Tank moped around and looked for jobs, when he spotted a car following him home. He did not call the assassin, the technomancer, or the evil dark mage of black grimdarkness of death. He figured it was nothing, so he went home. As a breaching charge leveled his door and he was filled with bullets, we thanked fuck that his adorable sister was still at school. Tank was saved (by which I mean he didn't die, he was just left writhing on the pavement outside his house with a clip's worth of lead in his gut) by Knight-Errant ultracops pouring into the neighborhood, but by that point, with the thrum of helicopter wings, the runners were gone. The last thing he saw was a flashbang grenade with the word "FUCKER" spray-painted across it hitting the ground near his face, before waking up in the hospital.

    And that's why the enemy quality sucks balls.

    I'll pick up next time with SHADOWRUN STORYTIME PART 4, in which the runners go to work for Ares.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)19:58 No.18245829
    avenue avenger
    blvd borg
    pavement police
    row rowdy
    trail troubleshooter
    highway highwayman
    terrace terrorist
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)19:58 No.18245833
    I am running my game in an alternate world and in this world the social class "samurai" never existed.
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/07/12(Wed)20:01 No.18245859
    I still got like 30 minutes before my PF game, so like last thread I'll stick around for questions and discussions for a bit. There's a SR game on Thursday and then I'm going to a wedding over Friday and the weekend, so I'm not sure how soon I'll be able to pick the story up, but keep your eyes peeled. I've got enough material to make it to Shadowrun Storytime 12.
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/07/12(Wed)20:02 No.18245867

    Street Soldier? It's basically the function they fill anyhow.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)20:02 No.18245871
    While the puns and alliteration are interesting, why not just go with a seperate parallel - street slinger. They're patterned on old west gunslingers instead of samurai.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)20:05 No.18245900
    hmmm old west...

    Bionic bandito
    Device desperado
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)20:06 No.18245909
         File: 1331168807.jpg-(70 KB, 469x436, Colt.jpg)
    70 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)20:08 No.18245923
         File: 1331168931.jpg-(1.29 MB, 2550x1650, '.jpg)
    1.29 MB
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)20:11 No.18245942
         File: 1331169075.jpg-(261 KB, 791x1051, 1294454367004.jpg)
    261 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)20:12 No.18245948
         File: 1331169123.jpg-(62 KB, 1600x1000, 1240267485136.jpg)
    62 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)20:13 No.18245954
         File: 1331169188.jpg-(450 KB, 1024x683, 1296337345530.jpg)
    450 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)20:13 No.18245960
         File: 1331169234.jpg-(137 KB, 1054x655, 1305741316529.jpg)
    137 KB
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/07/12(Wed)20:15 No.18245969
         File: 1331169323.jpg-(70 KB, 400x600, 1317972522100.jpg)
    70 KB

    Heh, badass movie.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)20:16 No.18245971

    I got a question, OP.
    How the balls did Dervish's rocket legs get statted up? I want me a pair.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)20:18 No.18245991
    What movie is it from?
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/07/12(Wed)20:20 No.18245998
         File: 1331169602.jpg-(474 KB, 700x1086, 1318190208920.jpg)
    474 KB

    He's got lower cyberlegs and the skimmer disks enhancement. Skimmer disks are like the inline skates enhancement mechanically except you hover a few feet above the ground and go BALLS fast. So, in other words, rocket legs. Although I suppose the proper term would be "thrust legs" or "booster legs."
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/07/12(Wed)20:22 No.18246017

    I actually got that wrong, 'cause I was just looking at the thumbnail, but I was thinking that they were the underground dudes from "Delicatessen."
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)20:24 No.18246028
    I thought the same.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)20:30 No.18246075
         File: 1331170239.gif-(351 KB, 300x200, Sandraker when he finally goes(...).gif)
    351 KB
    So he's like tribes and shit?
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/07/12(Wed)20:43 No.18246162
         File: 1331171028.gif-(486 KB, 241x163, jpbloodshot.gif)
    486 KB

    In short?

    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)21:00 No.18246306
    OK so it turns out I've downloaded a lot of Shadowrun shit over the last few years and never looked at any of it. Anyone want to suggest which version is best and why? Any supplements considered essential or must be avoided at all costs?
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/07/12(Wed)21:07 No.18246351

    I like 4th. It sacrifices a little of the punkiness for streamlined mechanics, but the rule-set is easily the best. The core books you'd need for that are the 20th anniversary core rulebook, street magic, unwired, and maybe runner's companion. Arsenal and augmentation are also really cool additions.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)21:09 No.18246372
    Also, War! is terrible.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)21:09 No.18246376

    4E - best rules. It's weaknesses are Technomancy (weak), Hacking (overly complicated) and Tanks. The first two are common to all editions, the latter is not - but also less important.

    The supplements that are good are:

    Street Magic

    All the later ones are mixed at best, harmful at worst. Not going to get into it, but the guys who make it went off the deep end for a number of reasons and it went to shit. It's pulling out of that now, but I don't trust them anymore.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)21:11 No.18246396


    Forgot to clarify. The problem is with vehicle damage rules (ramming, crashes) being fucking off the chart and the vehicle damaging rules being borked. So big things and big damage don't work well.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)21:22 No.18246489
    Thanks guys
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/07/12(Wed)21:23 No.18246502
         File: 1331173421.jpg-(11 KB, 180x139, 180px-Magrider.jpg)
    11 KB

    Effectively, the hovertanks in Shadowrun, if you played them optimally, would be like how people used the Magrider/Magmower in Planetside.
    >> Loch !!GzWmGH6V4eu 03/07/12(Wed)22:01 No.18246825
    Unwired is pretty much a core book if you want to play with Technomancers.

    And hacking has always been a terrible clunk-fest, 4e just happens to have the simplest version of it.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:05 No.18246869
    >I'm loaded up on energy drinks

    I watched a documentary on youtube about the dangers of energy drinks. Apparently they contain so much fructose because their supposed to be used by real athletes (Gatoraids) It turns out that the metabolic pathway for fructose is undeveloped and actually inhibits insulin production aswell as stops digestion of fats. Turning you obese.
    But in the US, soda is cheaper than water I hear.

    Srsly, lay off the sports drinks. I'm trying to do you a favour.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:12 No.18246946
    Uh...what effect would I be having on the game if I removed all other species and allowed only humans? I like a lot of Shadowrun, but I can't get past dwarf and elf businessmen running multinational corps. Seems silly to me.
    Is there any role that other species fill that removing them would upset the game?
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:15 No.18246990
    Or should I just play SLA Industries instead?
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:16 No.18246998
    >but I can't get past dwarf and elf businessmen running multinational corps
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:19 No.18247025
    Uh, Sports Drinks =/= Energy drinks. Energy drinks just tend to cause cardiovascular problems.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)22:27 No.18247097
    But the intent of your post, serious or not, is not incorrect. I have never liked elves and only through my elightened brothers on /tg/ have I learned to respect the Dwarf. I'd also be getting rid of orcs, trolls and anything not human. Shadowrun seems to do cyberpunk better than, well, Cyberpunk, so I figured I'd use the system and trappings, minus the extra species.
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/07/12(Wed)22:49 No.18247369

    In the biz we call that "GibsonRun."
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)23:06 No.18247582
    It doesn't surprise me that someone has already removed these elements and coined a phrase for it.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)23:24 No.18247823
    catalyst itself did as an April fools joke. Gibson himself and many of his more rabid fans hate the ever living shit out of shadowrun and its fans. so April fools a few years ago catalyst games (the guys who currently own the right, god damn FASA!) announced a "spin off" game thats shadowrun minus the magic..and biotech...and wireless...
    >> Anonymous 03/07/12(Wed)23:38 No.18248012
    >shadowrun minus the magic..and biotech...and wireless...

    Well I was thinking of leaving all that, just removing the four other metahuman races.
    >> Anonymous 03/08/12(Thu)00:04 No.18248378

    The new micro releases seem to be a nice change to the shit that was WAR.
    >> Anonymous 03/08/12(Thu)00:17 No.18248537
    i'm going to be playing with a bunch of newbies on the weekend. I plan on introducing TwoDee to the person playing the technomancer.

    Thanks OP for the awesome story - your GM really knows how to seriously spice up that starter run!
    >> Anonymous 03/08/12(Thu)00:25 No.18248637
    >Gibson himself and many of his more rabid fans hate the ever living shit out of shadowrun and its fans

    Why is that? Whats the history there? Wikipedia didnt have anything to offer on the matter
    >> Anonymous 03/08/12(Thu)00:37 No.18248765
    I had an concept for GITS SR, which basically removed the magic, kept a lot of adept stuff as high grade integrated nano/cyberware, dumped the current cyberware down to clunky mechanical stuff and kept most of the races as non-standard / high-tech / expensive / military shells, which one could purchased / be transferred into, should you have the access, training & cash. (read: BP at char gen / XP & cash later on)
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/08/12(Thu)00:48 No.18248868

    By all means do! TwoDee isn't exactly a role model by any stretch of the imagination, though!
    >> Anonymous 03/08/12(Thu)00:57 No.18248950
    I dunno, he's fucking an orc chick. Thats something to give props for.
    >> Anonymous 03/08/12(Thu)01:03 No.18249007
    Could have been a troll. Just sayin ...
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/08/12(Thu)01:08 No.18249057

    Well, to be more specific, it's more like she's fucking HIM. He's not very assertive in meatspace, poor little guy.
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/08/12(Thu)01:09 No.18249066

    The earlier editions of SR straight up bloodily ripped Gibson off, right down to the lingo. And nothing so much as a reference in the thanks page.
    >> Dorfboots !!6qujI7jhvLR 03/08/12(Thu)01:16 No.18249124
    Aha! Anyone want another story? It isn't 2 AM and I've got some pretty good That DM ones for the Shadowrun game I'm in.
    >> Anonymous 03/08/12(Thu)01:18 No.18249150
    Go for it. I'm heading out to buy stuff, but will read later.
    >> Anonymous 03/08/12(Thu)01:19 No.18249154
    Yes do give us more story time.
    >> Anonymous 03/08/12(Thu)01:19 No.18249156
    We always want another story!
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/08/12(Thu)01:21 No.18249177
         File: 1331187689.jpg-(73 KB, 583x695, 1330395736075.jpg)
    73 KB

    I'd be down. Doing some work right now but would check in every once in a while.
    >> Anonymous 03/08/12(Thu)01:31 No.18249261
         File: 1331188284.jpg-(35 KB, 640x480, 01-18-09_1517.jpg)
    35 KB
    shadowrun threads on /tg/ are always good for some reason
    >> Anonymous 03/08/12(Thu)01:43 No.18249413
         File: 1331189029.jpg-(79 KB, 400x383, Eropod500.jpg)
    79 KB
    Man, I was just telling my players how awesome Shadowrun is. I'll have to show them these stories to give them an idea of how this game can go. Actually, this will be really useful in my case, since one of my players wants to play a ninja filled with cybernetics, and he needs to read about Trout to know how not to be an infiltrator.
    >> Anonymous 03/08/12(Thu)01:44 No.18249430
    I've been in a shadowrun game myself for around 2 years. Was a drone rigger for the longest time (ended up with a steel lynx having a gauss cannon attachment) and now as a mage. I must say, this campaign is up there with one of the epics
    >> Anonymous 03/08/12(Thu)01:49 No.18249469
    Trout is going to live in infamy forever for that purpose.
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/08/12(Thu)01:53 No.18249513

    It's already the purpose he serves to any new players we get.
    >> Dorfboots !!6qujI7jhvLR 03/08/12(Thu)02:30 No.18249816
    Alright. I guess I'll start with a primer on the characters.

    First off, the game started off in Tokyo, so some of our characters were kinda silly.

    Hiro Protagonist: Typical looking otaku guy, thin and hunched. He is our resident technomancer and rigger, handling information gathering on the Matrix side of things. Has a tricked out sedan with a kevlar burrito that he zonks out in while hacking things. He rolls more dice than anyone at hacking. Also Japanese.

    Door-san: Our giant with points in everything and tonnes of cyberware, he is our jack-of-all-trades with good connections that works as sort of an investigator for the people with the most money.

    Fox-slut: DM's NPC healer mage/bunch of wankery. Useful only for healing and him speaking in an awful slut voice. Another Japanese. Can't be asked to remember her dumb Japanese name.

    The Ork: Can't remeber this one's name because his player became our new DM. Stoner Ork from SPACE (orbital zurrac or however the fuck). He was decked out to punch holes in tanks with cyberware fists. Fucking badass.

    Two that joined after the DM switch:

    Face: An Elf infiltrator decked out for social roles, master of disguise. vaugely English.

    Indy: A dwarf mage that basically became Indiana Jones. Mostly summons shit to buff the party.

    Finally, Tom: My character, a half native-american from around where Oklahoma was, he is a gunslinger adept with gunsgunsguns and explosives. He helps out by gunning down people like lightning and driving his truck.

    Now I have a couple stories.

    > [ ] The Rivals
    > [ ] The Mech
    > [ ] The Heist
    > [ ] The Shoot-Out
    >> Dorfboots !!6qujI7jhvLR 03/08/12(Thu)02:31 No.18249829
    Sorry about the wait. Had to reboot everything.
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/08/12(Thu)02:33 No.18249837

    >Hiro Protagonist

    Someone's read Snow Crash!

    I'd just do the chronologically first story, myself. I'm going to be doing these threads for a loooooong time, even if due to the wedding I think I mentioned earlier, I probably won't pick up this weekend.
    >> Anonymous 03/08/12(Thu)02:34 No.18249851
    Start from the first one and work your way through them all.
    >> Dorfboots !!6qujI7jhvLR 03/08/12(Thu)02:48 No.18250010
    Yeah. He has.
    > [x] The Shoot Out

    So, a bunch of gangers are holed up in a high-rise hotel in Tokyo, and our Johnson for the Japanese royal family wants them dead so they know they can trust us. We wonder collectively, then decide to just go for it. Hiro hacks in and disables the security with some sprite help. Tom, Door-san, Orky, and the DMPC slut head up. We check the door and it is deadbolted. The deadbolt isn't electronic, so Door-san boots it open with a spectacular kick of 7 hits, dropping the door on the poor shit looking through the peep hole. Initiative is rolled, and the gangers surprisingly enough win. But they spend their actions picking up guns and one draws an antique katana.

    >> Dorfboots !!6qujI7jhvLR 03/08/12(Thu)02:58 No.18250116
    Meanwhile, in not-meatspace, Hiro is finding tons of nodes on them, but none are labled. So he blindly has to pick one. He tried to identify, but the DM just said that 'none of them tell you anything'. I wasn't there for the beginning of the campaign, but apparently Hiro was too good at the information gathering and solved a run in like ten minutes by tracking SINs. The DM was vendictive, so this is where the DM started cockblocking him pretty hard. The node he hacked into blindly? Penile. Implant. DM starts snickering.
    >> Anonymous 03/08/12(Thu)03:02 No.18250158
    >soda cheaper than water

    Only if you buy bottled water. There are water fountains in damn near every significant public building, and it's not hard to go into a food place and ask for a cup of water.
    >> Dorfboots !!6qujI7jhvLR 03/08/12(Thu)03:10 No.18250256
    So, like any sane person, Hiro spoofs a command for it to trigger a force 9000 orgasm, removing all restrictions. One of the guys in the room has his pants explode, and Door-san is showered in a fine mist of lube and semen. Then Door brained the guy with his shotgun, dealing the other half of the guy's stun track and KO's. The slut does some magic jumbo, and the sword dude apparently has a bunch of magic bound to it. The gangers finally fire, and Tom eats it hard, taking a shot and a slash from the sword. Then Tom fires back with his two heavy pistols, first shot disarming the katana, second blowing the swordsman's brains across the room with an EX explosive round.
    >> Anonymous 03/08/12(Thu)03:22 No.18250399
    >Door-san is showered in a fine mist of lube and semen
    I'm laughing so hard right now that I can barely type.
    >> Dorfboots !!6qujI7jhvLR 03/08/12(Thu)03:23 No.18250415
    Long story short, slutbag heals Tom, and Door punches out and/or shoots the other two gangers. Tom takes the sword, to the horror of the Japanese runners, and hauls it off to sell to his armsdealer buddy to sell. Did I mention that Tom made it to Japan on his truck? Out of game, the story of him being there is that he got there by adding a float mod to his truck and driving there. He also lived slightly better than a hobo by living out of it. Among the group he was regarded as an honorless gaijin. As it turneded out, the sword was a heirloom, and worth a pretty nuyen or two.
    >> Dorfboots !!6qujI7jhvLR 03/08/12(Thu)03:32 No.18250505
    As it turns out, the gangers were all brothers. We captured two of them, and they spit insults at Tom when they saw him with the sword. But Hiro did do something special. To prove a point to the DM, he put earbuds in the Phake Phallus'ed guy's ears and bluffed him into thinking that his voice was the Orgasm Fairy, and had the dude run around nude in the streets til he got hit by a car. In the end, we met with the Royal Family, but that is another story.
    >> Dorfboots !!6qujI7jhvLR 03/08/12(Thu)03:35 No.18250529
    With that, I'm done for now. Archive it, I'll tell another in the next thread.
    >> TwoDee !qQigT1sixA 03/08/12(Thu)03:44 No.18250603
         File: 1331196273.jpg-(22 KB, 195x195, 1306357244428.jpg)
    22 KB
    >Door-san is showered in a fine mist of lube and semen

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