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  • File: 1331064778.jpg-(32 KB, 810x427, House & Dominion.jpg)
    32 KB For House and Dominion: Space Combat in the 41st Century That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 03/06/12(Tue)15:12 No.18229378  
    Mission 5C

    Previous threads.

    You are Sonia Reynard, Corvette Pilot for the House of Jarik-Dremine. After your ship was damaged in battle above Loran II you volunteered to man a transport shuttle bringing troops and vehicles to the surface. Since then you have learned you are not a master of multiple thrust vectoring but that hasnt deterred you from attempting feats of badassery. Using your already damaged shuttle you were able to cripple an enemy Corvette before it could depart the planet's surface with it's stolen cargo and army of guntrucks. In the process your shuttle was damaged beyond repair and you are currently riding a vehicle elevator down into the lower levels of the spaceport terninal building.

    Your commanding officer is Knight Lt Dayton who you can only assume is still in orbit assisting with defense efforts.

    >Hey OP. Go play Mass Effect 3
    No I have a quest to run.
    >You know you want to
    Shut up.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 03/06/12(Tue)15:15 No.18229395
         File: 1331064901.jpg-(354 KB, 1165x1410, 1252107221652.jpg)
    354 KB
    The doors open into the level 3 sub basement of the terminal, one of the storage areas for emergency vehicles. Following the Ranger that came up to get you the first thing to catch your notice are bodies laying everywhere. Some are pirates, others belong to the airfield's security forces, the rest are seemingly civilians.

    "Mind the bodies. Most of the civies are first responders and emergency crews." mentions the Ranger casually.
    Behind you Maybourne makes a noise as though she's about to be sick. "Why would they kill the emergency workers?"
    "Couldnt be bothered to round them up? Who knows."

    The only vehicles still present are those that have taken heavy damage from small arms fire. You didnt see many topside either.

    "Hey where's all of the vehicles?" You ask.
    "Pirates must have taken them to the main landing zone already. With a little work emergency vehicles are large and sturdy enough to mount tank weaponry."

    After making sure your wounded gunner is seen by the mechanics the Ranger drags you along to see the Unit's CO.
    He seem less then impressed by your presence. "Oh good, just what we need, another pilot on the ground without a vehicle."
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 03/06/12(Tue)15:23 No.18229457
         File: 1331065405.jpg-(63 KB, 1200x900, VF-4.jpg)
    63 KB
    The man jerks his thumb in the direction of two others wearing armored flight suits with ranger markings. "We've got spare pilots with practically every squad after losing our air support. Then we lost most of our IFV's. Not a great day."

    The officer turns back to one of several sets of cargo doors that make up the back wall of this level. Some of the soldiers are working on repairing control consoles for the doors that havent been opened already.
    "The pirates were trying to cut through the doors into secure storage areas, and not just here. The upper levels have already been cleared out. It's a good thing we got in here when we did."

    "We got this one working sir!" Calls a specialist and the Ranger officer is quick to rush over.
    After inputing his ID a set of lights briefly flash around the edges of the door.

    "Authorization accepted." announces a computerised voice.

    The doors of several bays retract into the ceiling revealing their contants.

    "Jackpot!" exclaims one of the other pilots upon seeing the contents.
    "I never understood that expression." someone mutters but the statement is ignored.

    Inside three of the bays are parked starfighters. An odd version of Type 4 attack bomber, a sleak silver polished starfighter looking like a lighter version of the mainline Dominion fighter, and finally a dual winged atmospheric fighter with oversized air intakes.

    The Lt steps inside the bay to examine the craft. "This must be some collector's personal stash. Antiques and limited production runs all of them."
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 03/06/12(Tue)15:34 No.18229570
         File: 1331066041.jpg-(82 KB, 766x920, RF-01 Jumpjet.jpg)
    82 KB

    "Will they still run?" You ask.

    "No reason for them not to. We just might get in trouble from the owner if we break any of them, and they might be worth a lot."

    "I'm willing to take that risk sir!" Yells one of the pilots who you notice is on the verge of drooling over the sight of the three polished craft.

    [ ] Lets take them for a spin
    [ ] Contact Lord Harmen
    [ ] other

    >wow it's been awhile since I went through my old vehicles file.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)15:45 No.18229682
    >[ ] other
    Inspect the storage area these fighters are in. If those really are collector items, there's bound to be a a ton of documentation around here. Manuals, sales brochures and whatever the collector might got his hands one regarding these models.

    We should know if we're going to crash the equivalent of a starfighter rolls-royce. Perhaps reading the manual will avoid such glorious performances as in the shuttle.

    That game somehow managed to screw up my imported save. Half way through the game I noticed ME3 thinks half of my team died on the collector base ;_;
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 03/06/12(Tue)15:56 No.18229794
    That sucks man. All I had to do was rebuild my custom face, which I then managed to screw up with freaky cheekbones.

    "Maybe we should just take a look at these things to see what they really are before taking them for a spin." You suggest.

    >Republic Fleet Systems Type 4 (Alpha) Attack Bomber
    A tough 2 seat multi role platform intended for space use, the Type 4 is still capable in atmosphere. It's 4 large hardpoints normally mount torpedoes but can carry missile box launchers. A backseat operations officer can assit in missile targeting.
    This particular fighter seems to be a from limited-production run, possibly an early prototyle. It has heavier armor, more weapons and there is an additional engine pod built into each wingtip. It looks tough but would be more sluggish in atmosphere. The serial number reads: 0000-0425 from a series known to have been produced in the millions over the centuries.
    8x micro phase cannon
    4x heavy hardpoints

    >Z5 L
    The Z5 series is the main starfighter used by most Houses of the Dominion. They have two engine pods that are built into the wings and are known for the large slabs of ablative armor that cover them. This craft is a light weight version which has been stripped down and rebuilt with low drag reflective armor. It looks to have powerful repulsors built into the hull and auto-controlled thrust vectoring. If you had to say so it looks built for racing.
    2x micro phase cannon with advanced cooling system
    2x missile hardpoints
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 03/06/12(Tue)16:04 No.18229887
    >Republic Fleet Systems RF-01 Jumpjet
    Used for ground attack and regonal air superiority the RF-01 has been out of service for a very very long time. It looks nearly new, signs pointing to it being a well made combat capable replica. While it is equipped with repulsors the designs predates discovery of that technology hence it's overly large air intakes and downward thrust vectoring for VTOL.
    2x micro phase cannon
    2x 30mm Vulcan
    16x missile hardpoints

    There looks to be a crate with some medium range air to air missiles at the back of the bay.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 03/06/12(Tue)16:09 No.18229944
    >We should know if we're going to crash the equivalent of a starfighter rolls-royce.
    Assesment: Yes these are all the equivalent of a starfighter rolls-royce, except for the RF01 which would be more like a sopwith camel replica with AMRAAM.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)16:10 No.18229959
    We should probably call in command in that case.

    I'd like to get their permission before we do anything with these, otherwise we might end up paying for the damages for the rest of our career.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 03/06/12(Tue)16:28 No.18230167
    While one pilot remains exhuberent about the idea of flying these craft you and the other are feeling a bit uneasy about the idea of wrecking a vehicle that might cost some than some FTL capable ships.

    "Lord Harmen, these is Lt Tonnar with the Tenth Rangers, we've found some starfighters that my people believe we could get into the air but they're all very expensive collectors craft."
    You cant hear the response, your headset being unable to listen into the encrypted chanel they're using. The officer responds with a few 'yes sir's' and 'no sir's' before disconnecting.

    "The fighters all belong to the Lords cousin, Baron Archivald. He says you three can use them if you want but try to bring them back in something resembling one piece. As long as they arent captured or destroyed outright he says he'll cover for you, anything beyond that though... lets just say he wont point the Baron in your direction but hwe wont be helping you out either. Your choice.
    If you decide against it the Lord could still use some help upstairs. Everybody else keep checking for usable equipment! "

    >Your orders?
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)16:38 No.18230284
    Well, what's the current situation? What would the lord need our help for, exactly?

    Though I'd guess we're probably a lot more useful in those aircraft then we are on the ground. So if we're careful to avoid high risk areas we should probably be fine. As long as we don't touch that thing with the thrust vectoring.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 03/06/12(Tue)16:51 No.18230421
         File: 1331070667.gif-(11 KB, 968x530, Ground Map 2.gif)
    11 KB
    "He said there are enemy fighters in the vicinity and some technicals are still nearby. The rest of the Tenth and their support is advancing on the landing field from the east but they wont be here for more than twenty minutes. Some enemies are still arriving while others are starting to move out south along the river. We need to hold this position if the Pirates try to retake it. I dont know what exactly he still needs up there other than any ammo we can salvage."
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)16:57 No.18230497
    We should probably find out what the lord would need our help for before making any decision.

    But we're a pilot and I guess the best way to contribute and prevent further losses to our side are the aircraft. Let's just hear what he wants from us before flying off.

    On the topic of which plane we should fly, I think we should stay the hell away from the one with the thrust vectoring, The attack bomber sounds nice though. The other pilots will provide cover, right?
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 03/06/12(Tue)17:09 No.18230675
    You attempt to contact Lord Harmen yourself but find your signal redirected to a subordinate of his.
    "Priority coms only, our forces upstairs are pinned down!"
    "Sir, what do you need more right now, boots topside to help you or some starfighters in the air?"
    "We could use either! We need those enemy gunships knocked out of the sky. We could do it but we cant activate the remaining airfield defenses. We need a couple of squads to sieze a power substation to activate them."

    [ ] Link up with the Lord's forces and take a Power substation
    [ ] get into the air and kill the gunships directly

    >I am not going to tell you which choice to take. How you fight is a preference of style at this point, either can get the job done. Both have unique risks.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)17:20 No.18230798
    >I'm just dreading the dice after the last thread.

    >[X] get into the air and kill the gunships directly

    I do hope we're a better pilot and I guess we'd hinder the rangers a lot by our presence at worst and provide some distraction for the enemies at best.

    So let's get into the air. Take the attack bomber, we're already fairly acquainted with larger aircraft.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)17:43 No.18231079
    oh damn, I actually caught this early!

    I think the first question about the ships is "Do we have anything to mount on their hardpoints?" This is a civilian field, correct?

    Unless the owner also stashed munitions with these birds, they're just going up with guns? do any have turret guns, or are they all fixed?
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 03/06/12(Tue)17:46 No.18231133
         File: 1331073984.jpg-(61 KB, 700x420, tunnelmig21b.jpg)
    61 KB
    "They're in trouble upstairs!" You tell the others.

    "We dont have time for waiting around then, I'm grabbing a fighter." Says one of the other men, racing towards the shiny race fighter.
    "Dibs on the bomber!" You shout running towards the bulkier of the three.
    "Cant we switch I hate jumpjets!" the last pilot implores both of you but you're not taking the chance. After the past few attempts using multi-thrust vectoring on the shuttle you're damn sure you'd pancake the RF-01.

    Grabbing the rungs on the side of the hull you hoist yourself up the side of the craft and pop the canopy. It seems like it'll be sturdy enough and there's not a speck of dust on the interior. The controls are a bit different but they seem built for human or humanoid use. Punching the start button four strong dull thuds reverberate the fighter's hull followed a few seconds later by a pair of fainter ones. You briefly wonder if the thing is going to explode but all of the displays spring to life as though nothing is wrong. Power starts to reach the weapons and repulsors in a few seconds and soon everything is reaching green levels.

    "Wait for me!" Souts Maybourne over your headest. Looking over you shoulder you see her pop the canopy open and climb into the backseat.
    "What about the missiles?" she asks you as she straps in.

    "No time they need help right now." you state as you gently increase repulsor power and steer out of the storage bay.
    "Uh where are the doors?"

    "Hang on." Looking through the archives the ops officeris able to quickly call up the base maps and points you to the south end of the underground hanger.
    "I'll try to get the tower to open the doors."
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 03/06/12(Tue)17:52 No.18231227
    There were some missiles but there wasnt enough time to mount them.
    >do any have turret guns, or are they all fixed?
    The starfighter designs mainly follow 'lol space opera rules' and are fixed but they can traverse a few degrees.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)18:00 No.18231309

    perhaps the guy in the Jumpjet should get some missiles mounted while the first two launch. We can tangle with the enemy fighters and distract them long enough for him to come out and get easier missile shots?

    another option would be to have him simply launch a minute or so after us and attempt to sneak up on anything that gets on our six, while they have tunnel vision
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 03/06/12(Tue)18:11 No.18231442
    You tell the pilot of the jumpjet to see if he can get some missile loaded up before launching.
    "Might as well." he replys

    Testing out the throttle and repulsor power you head towards the end of the bay. The fighter seems solid, it's not going to do anything you dont tell it to much like your corvette. It might not be ideal in a dogfight but with six engines this thing does seem to have engine power to spare. Worst case scenario you could just fly really fast.

    A partially destroyed cargo van is blocking the path and you decide to test the weapons.
    "All tenth Moutain at this end of sublevel three duck and cover I'm about to blow up an obstruction."
    Flipping the safety open on the flight stick you hit the button.

    Nothing happens.

    "Trigger is guns, top buttons with the safeties are missiles. Dial on the side is safe, freefire, and auto aim." Maybourne informs you.

    "Okay. Freefire."
    After turning the dial you pull the trigger firing eight beams into the already broken vehicle vaporizing it. The explosion shakes your fighter.

    "Take it easy up there!" One of the Ranger support pilots shout.

    "Doors are open but enemies might have noticed it." May tells you.
    At the far end you can see an open ramp leading up and some faint red orange light.

    [ ] Full power out of the bay
    [ ] slow and steady
    [ ] barrel roll out of the bay
    [ ] other

    Roll 1d20
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)18:17 No.18231524
    rolled 5 = 5

    >[X] slow and steady

    This thing can take a few hits, and as soon as we've cleared the hangar, we should probably be able to gain altitude quickly.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)18:18 No.18231526
    rolled 16 = 16


    take it easy and FULL THROTTLE once we can see the exit.

    I assume we can't climb high due to that shield over the field?
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)18:20 No.18231561
    crap, high is bad for this, isn't it?
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)18:21 No.18231570
    Would you be willing to roll first from now on?

    Nope, high is good.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)18:22 No.18231600
    sure, but my luck never lasts!
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 03/06/12(Tue)18:26 No.18231640
    >Thinks high is bad
    >Rolls high
    Y U do dis /tg/ dice ?
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)18:30 No.18231693
         File: 1331076654.png-(203 KB, 640x360, temple-doom-temple-set.png)
    203 KB
    If /tg/ were some kind of malevolent diety, I'd say it subsists on rage, tears, disappointment and butthurt.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 03/06/12(Tue)18:46 No.18231864
    You bring up the engines a little more but not so much you'll overshoot and hit the ramp. Pulling up as you pass the inner doors, the repulsors keep you from drifting too badly up or down.
    "Ready or not here I come."
    Starting up the ramp you increase power and shoot out of the bay. You think there was some small arms fire directed towards you but you cant be sure. What you do know is that you've broken the sound barrier while gaining altitude at an alarming rate.
    Throttling back and pulling back on the stick you loop back so that you're pointed back down at the airfield. The shield is down. It must have been projected by the corvette before you disabled it. You didnt exactly have time to notice before while being shot to pieces by autocannon fire.
    "I'm, increasing power to your repulsors" May tells you. "Reccomend you keep your throttle below thirty percent unless you need it."

    "Sure thing."
    You switch the safeties off on your guns and pick out vehicle targets on your HUD. Pulling the trigger you send a hail of beam fire down at a pair of gunships firing into the terminal building. Both gunships break off, one taking a hit and spiraling off towards the river. The other pilot in the Z5 L launches without much trouble, more fire starting to be turned in your direction.

    Pulling up hard you can feel the force of the repulsors assisting you, trying to push the fighter away from the ground. You pull away heading north before circling back still trying to lose speed.
    "This thing is a bitch to turn at high speeds." you say.

    Farther out on your sensor you can see some enemy starfighters incoming. Two stock Z5's and V-688 Enforcer. You still have some time until they're in range.

    [ ] Kill off those gunships
    [ ] strafe the technicals
    [ ] head out to deal with those fighters now

    and Roll 1d20 again
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 03/06/12(Tue)18:48 No.18231896
         File: 1331077732.png-(199 KB, 407x405, Advice Maya-Diamond Geode.png)
    199 KB
    And yet other times you get diamonds within diamonds.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)18:55 No.18231949
    rolled 6 = 6


    do we have repulsors for all directions? If so, can we apply repulsors while we turn to decrease our turning radius? (if we're turning right, repulsor to our left)

    also, climb as we turn to bleed speed, then begin a dive as we pass the half-way point for the turn we want. Immelmann turn, ho!

    We should focus our attack on the gun ships, we'll need our third buddy to hit those fighters.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)18:56 No.18231956

    /tg/ dice.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)18:58 No.18231968
    rolled 4 = 4

    God, I'm feeling old right now.

    I'd say our priority should be the gunships and then the fighters.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)18:59 No.18231976
    rolled 1 = 1

    Should we switch to a "low is good" system?
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)19:03 No.18232010
    Damn, forgot to remove the dice from the email field.

    Please don't count that?
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 03/06/12(Tue)19:20 No.18232194
         File: 1331079653.jpg-(142 KB, 400x800, OMFG LOOK AT THIS PLOT.jpg)
    142 KB
    >God, I'm feeling old right now.
    That was only two years ago man.

    Do not attempt to delete the 1. Considering using the 'only posts linking this one count' but too late to fix this one.

    "Climb as you turn to bleed speed, then begin a dive as you pass the half-way point for the turn you want!" The other pilot suggests, matching actions to words as he swings down to attack the gunships.
    What he described is essentially what you were already trying to do just by accident. On your next pass you decide to help finish off the gunships as well. One of your cannon shots clips the top of the damaged gunship causing them to dive lower. Not wanting to let him get away you chop your throttle back farther and follow.

    "BREAK! BREAK!" The other pilot shouts.
    Something hits you and the aft end of your fighter kicks out to the right. Your staus display lights up with damage to your topside left engine and target warning alarms go off. Swinging the fighter around to the south you drop to twenty meters above the river level and get some distance.

    "Engine shut down. The rest are undamaged and it doesnt look like it'll explode."

    You look over your shoulder at the smoke billowing from the engine. Most of the smoke seems to be from the ablative armor as it continues to burn for a few seconds more. "What hit us?"
    You ask, trying to get used to flying with reduced power on one side.
    "Friendly fire, we flew into his fire lane." your ECO tells you.

    By the time you'ce gotten straightened around and are approaching the airfield again the enemy fighters are on their way in.

    >Your orders/plan of attack?
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)19:24 No.18232236
    do we have a speed advantage over the fighters? i assume they're more maneuverable, but this is a BIG factor in fighting them.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 03/06/12(Tue)19:31 No.18232308
    You both still have a speed advantage. (barely)
    Both of the stock Z5 fighters are more maneuverable than you but not your wingman.
    The Enforcer might be a match for your wingman in terms of speed, cant quite maneuver as well but still manages to be of average toughness.

    The fighters will be within weapons range within 30 seconds or less, it'll be a good minute thirty until the jumpjet finishes loading missiles and launches.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)19:39 No.18232387
    rolled 12 = 12

    ok then. coordinate with our buddy. have May call bandits when she sees/detects them coming at us or with their tails to us.

    if we can, contact the third pilot and tell him we've got 4 enemy fighters in the air. Launch with only a few missiles if he has to, we're screwed if they have numbers and maneuverability.

    Try to make the first pass on the fighters ourself, attempting to draw the attention of one or two. Have our buddy come in after us, clearing our six if any bandits chase after us. He should be able to make a quick kill before the enemy can react and take him out.

    if possible, try to alternate "covering" attack passes, hitting enemy fighters attacking the other in high-speed passes.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)19:41 No.18232408
    Sounds good to me. We should definitely roll with it.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 03/06/12(Tue)20:03 No.18232584
    >I typed something a bit oddly earlier, it's 3 fighters not 4 but it still works.

    You lay out your plan and encourage the third pilot to get off the deck ASAP.

    "This is the Z5 L pilot, call me Gromm. The plan could work, you're a bigger target certainly and have more guns. They might try to take you out first. Actually that gives me an idea! Get your damaged engine to start smoking again, I'll cover you just like you planned. Just try not to get killed in the process okay?"

    "Yeah I hear people die when they're killed. May can you do something about the engine?"
    "Maybe. Just concentrate on your flying."

    Increasing throttle to just below 50% you rocket towards the enemy fighters and open fire at maximum range. Like any beam weapon in atmosphere diffusion cuts down the damage at range considerably. The Z5's try to juke around the incoming fire while the 688 swings out farther to the north before launching missiles at you.

    "Incoming. Attempting to jam." Says May, trying to use a combination of the fighters outdated ECM suite and targeting lasers to fry the missiles.
    You hold your course trying to down one of the fighters before you are forced to break off. Thankfully you're putting out twice as much fire as both Z5's combined and eventually a lucky couple of shots hit something vital.

    "Break!" Shouts May and you yank the controls down and to the left forcing the missiles to overshoot. You take a few minor hits to your topside armor from both of the remaining fighters before all of you are forced to pull up. The Enforcer is in a better position to swing in on your tail while you're bracket by buildings and starts to do so.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)20:10 No.18232653
    > not listening to Ace Combat Music for a dogfight
    > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=st84hazcfMU
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 03/06/12(Tue)20:13 No.18232675
    Before either pirate can get into position though the 688 is peppered by shots from Gromm's fighter, losing one his four engines and being forced to break off. The straight wing aerofoil narrowly misses an appartment building by turning on his side. You use the distraction to pull up trading speed for altitude.
    The second Z5 takes some potshots at Gromm's fighter as they pass each other then head's straight for the airfield where your third member will be launching shortly.
    "Where'd the enforcer go? There's appartment buildings everywhere over here!" says Gromm

    [ ] help with hide and seek against the Enforcer
    [ ] stop the Z5 from reaching the airfield
    [ ] other
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 03/06/12(Tue)20:14 No.18232691
    Also roll 1d20 linking that post.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)20:16 No.18232710
    >[X] stop the Z5 from reaching the airfield

    Our past experiences with city fights in aircraft weren't really that encouraging. We've also got the speed to catch up with the fighter and aren't really designed for the maneuvering an engagement with the Enforcer would require.

    I'll pass on that for now.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)20:21 No.18232771

    zoom climb at full throttle and go inverted, use the height to spot the Enforcer. relay the info to Gromm.

    We'll then dive and chase after that fighter moving to the airfield, unless we can finish off that enforcer. If we can, instruct Gromm to give chase to the fighter going after the airfield.

    Let the 3rd pilot know that he has company on the way.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)20:22 No.18232784
    rolled 20 = 20


    derped on that roll attempt
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)20:26 No.18232826

    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 03/06/12(Tue)20:26 No.18232829
         File: 1331083577.png-(48 KB, 217x173, MFW 1236636201204.png)
    48 KB
    >Do everything
    I dunno...

    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)20:29 No.18232870
    Oh, wow. Bravo!
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)20:30 No.18232872
    >do everything

    we're not doing everything, we're multitasking, like every pilot ever has to do. We also have a RIO, and thus a second pair of eyes.

    also, I specified "if" scenarios!

    the 20 doesn't hurt either!
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 03/06/12(Tue)20:41 No.18233005
    "What's the other pilot's name?" you ask, gaining some more altitude until you can spot the enforcer ducking through the skyscrapers. May sends the sensor data to Gromm.
    "It's Zhou."
    "Zhou, there's a Z5 bearing down on the launch bay, hold off on your launch."
    "I'll be trapped in here then!"
    "Just shut up for a second." Continuing to pull back on the stick until you've inverted you keep up the throttle using your superior thrust and gravity to overtake the enemy fighter. Detecting your target lock the pirate launches flares and chaff while trying to evade, pulling off to the north slightly. Your first two bursts miss but the third strikes home with all eight beams. The center of the fighter dissapears sending both engine blocks and the cockpit flying. Through some miracle the pilot punches out missing the debris.

    The remaining technicals still fleeing the airfield arent nearly so lucky. Both engine blocks hit the runway and explode engulfing the area in shrapnel and burning fuel.

    "Um... wow. That was unexpected. Target eliminated?" You manage, pulling up and reducing engine power again.

    "Launching!" Announces Zhou, shooting out of the bay and heading towards the appartment blocks.

    "I hulled him but he's gone to the deck." Gromm reports a second later. "Should we persue you think? I'm seeing a lot of activity at the edge of sensor range."

    [ ] Persuit
    [ ] Contact Lord Harmen
    [ ] other
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)20:48 No.18233070
    rolled 18 = 18

    Have Gromm join up with us, we don't want him going off alone and getting ambushed. A single kill isn't worth your life.
    Search for additional targets near the terminal and contact Lord Harmen while doing so.

    rolling for targets (or strafing runs on any targets?)
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)20:52 No.18233105
    Sounds good to me.

    >rien de visage when I see those rolls
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 03/06/12(Tue)21:18 No.18233418
         File: 1331086722.jpg-(19 KB, 448x336, Who is flying this thing.jpg)
    19 KB
    rolled 2 = 2

    "Leave him, lets get the terminal secure."

    By the time Gromm returns, now sporting several black spots on his silver fighter, the rest of you have already secured the area around the Terminal. If there were any Technicals left still headed for the ship the fireball from the exploding fighter scared them off.
    The Tenth Ranger division reports they've lost track of the walker that was pinging their support craft from long range and will soon arrive to secure the airfield.

    "I think I saw the walker headed south towards one of the bridges but I couldnt be sure." Grom reports when he arrives. The three of you take up positions around the parked corvette in case any survivors try something.

    "This is Lord Harmen, the surviving crew of the landing corvette has surrendered. We'll be securing it shortly. Meanwhile the ship's er acting captain has some intel I want you to confirm."

    "Hey can you hear me?" You hear a kids voice over the com. "So look, everybody left. They said they were headed for one of the other landing zones because our engines were broken? I bet I could fix them but whatever. Also I think the Captain is dead, I mean the real Captain. There's a big hole in the wall back in the command center where he normally sits. Before you come over though can I have the pulse cannons? I found them for the Captain so he said they're mine if we ever sell the ship."
    "Could you tell them the OTHER part son?" interrupts the Lord.
    "Oh yeah, the only bridge they knew for sure they'd be able to cross was the closest one to the south. It's this big ugly thing. You'd probably be doing everybody a favour if you blew it up."
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)21:21 No.18233450
    >rolled 2 = 2

    We arrive at the bridge and every enemy there committed suicide.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)21:23 No.18233479
    rolled 7 = 7


    Fly high and find that bridge. If we locate it and see enemy forces using it, attack runs.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 03/06/12(Tue)21:27 No.18233532
    "That's enough for now, Captain." Concluded Harmen. "Pilots I want you to get to that bridge and stop any more of those pirate scum from escaping. Do not blow up the bridge if you can, I dont care how ugly it is it'll cost a fortune to replace or I'd have demolitioned it myself years ago. Stupid cultural art protection bill by ass."
    He begins to mutter as the signal cuts out.

    >Your orders?

    >Derp. Tried to draw map, failed hard.

    [ ] Head straight for bridge
    [ ] swing out to the West a bit to attak any that have already crossed
    [ ] swing out East to kill any stragglers?

    You can use that 18 from last time if you want I suppose.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)21:31 No.18233583

    if we can use my 18, that would be boss.

    I vote to move directly on the bridge.

    if the enemy is using it, blast away at stuff crossing it. The bridge will end up useless due to taking stray hits and having burning wreckage on it.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)21:32 No.18233605
    Using that 18 sounds mighty nice.

    I'd say we should probably run a short attack on the units that have already crossed the bridge to get them to move away from it. Mopping up the stragglers sounds superfluous. If we manage to stop them from crossing the bridge, they'll either surrender or our forces won't have much trouble with them, I guess.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 03/06/12(Tue)21:54 No.18233927
    Not one to to be left behind you gun the engines and make for the bridge at full speed. The others arent far behind you, though Zhou is careful to stay below super sonic speeds. This causes a thought to pop into your head.
    "The shockwaves off this fighter wont damage the buildings will they?"

    "Most skyscrapers and major appartment blocks that have been built to code can surive significant overpressure events." My tells you. "It cuts down on collateral damage in case of orbital bombardment."

    Arriving at the bridge you see there are still plenty of pirates left to kill. Setting guns to single fire you open up, though from this angle the art nouveau structural elements are providing a considerable level of cover.
    "This bridge? I can see why the Lord hates it."

    Reducing speed as much as possible you descend towards the western side of the bridge, strafe some of the vehicles that have already crossed then fire upon those still crossing. Trapped out in the open the technicals dont stand a chance and those already across are not stopping to help.

    Gromm drops in on the eastern approach doing his best to mirror your damage. While he may not have as many guns his have a much higher rate of fire.
    "Not much left on the Eastern side." he reports.
    By the time Zhou arrives there isnt much left other than those trapped in the center of the span. He doesnt give them the opportunity to surrender, his twin 30mm's shredding any survivors.

    "I think it looks better with the craters." Zhou states.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 03/06/12(Tue)22:15 No.18234251
    "Mission accomplished. Can we go home now?"

    In the west the sun has finaly set, blanketing the city in shadow but still reflecting off the clouds at higher altitude.
    Zhou starts to bitch about the old systems on his fighter. "I swear I'm going to turn on light amplification on this thing and somebody's going to blind me with a flare I know it."

    "Pilot Reynard to Lord Harmen, the Pirates in this area have been routed."

    "Did you spot that walker by any chance?"
    "No sir, no sign of it. The bridge has also undergone some remodeling but is otherwise intact."
    "Damn, I- I mean good work. Damn good work! Return to the airfield to refuel and get repairs. We're secure here now. The Fourty second is going to arrive in another two hours and push on from our position, the tenth should be able to secure everything else on this side without any more air support."

    Before you can get altitude again there's a bright light in the west, like the sun rising again.
    "My fucking night vision!" Yells Zhou
    "What is that?" You ask, not comprehending right away.

    "Did somebody set off a nuke?" speculates Gromm.

    The light soon intensifies and the three of you activate light filtering while increasing altitude to get a better view. Multiple points of bright light fill the west rising from the surface.

    "The Heavy Lifters are launching for space." Gromm confirms.

    >To be contued next week!

    Any last orders?
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)22:18 No.18234291
    make sure Zhou hasn't been flash blinded.

    otherwise, RTB
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)22:20 No.18234318
    That walker.... if one of those heavy lifters should get captured in the future, maybe we should ask the marines to keep an eye out for that thing?

    Anyway, thanks for the thread and I hope you'll have fun with ME3. I'm so glad it didn't turn out to be another DA2.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 03/06/12(Tue)22:25 No.18234378
    >make sure Zhou hasn't been flash blinded.
    "I'll be fine, just hurts and I'm seeing spots bad, it'll pass."

    There were some things I liked about Dragon Age 2, but it just didnt feel like a Dragon Age game. It was just area of effect attacks everywhere.

    >Let's make Sandal act completely retarded except for his enchanting ability now, rather than just being autistic.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 03/06/12(Tue)22:26 No.18234385
    That roll was to see if the walker would be in the area of the bridge when you got there.
    It was out of 100.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/12(Tue)22:29 No.18234408
    So that walker was almost on the other side of the planet by then.
    >> That slow typing guy !!cAsGzl185mF 03/06/12(Tue)22:42 No.18234590
         File: 1331091725.jpg-(3 KB, 123x123, periscope.jpg)
    3 KB
    Not necessarily.

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