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  • File: 1330920733.jpg-(90 KB, 604x652, MSQ header.jpg)
    90 KB MAHOU SHOUNEN QUEST Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/04/12(Sun)23:12 No.18208295  
    Majaik, elegance, and an angry teaset. We have it all.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-LAST TIME=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    Back at the Bureau, after everyone has retired for the evening, you take Nanoha back up to her room and bid her goodnight.
    She gives you a quick kiss on the lips and heads inside.

    You return to your room to find the twins waiting for you there.
    You see Ursula playing with a pair of padded handcuffs.
    You put your hands out in-front of you.
    "Please be gentle." You tell them.

    "These?" Ursula asks you as she raises the cuffs. "They're not for you."
    Erica now reveals an Identical pair of her own.
    "They're for us." she finishes for her twin.

    With a grin on your face, you open up that paper bag you got in town.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:15 No.18208336
    Holy shit, man, I was starting to worry. Time to fire up the swag train!
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:15 No.18208343

    LG, I have to know what was in that bag.... for the plot... or something.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:16 No.18208358
    We never talked to everyone in the group about our plans for facility use
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:16 No.18208365
    Wasn't it a huge pile of condoms?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:17 No.18208369
    The same thing we always go to the ridiculously convenient store for.
    10,000 condoms

    Speaking of which though, couldn't kraus majaik some up for us? Or even just there be majaikal contraceptives of other sorts?

    Just curious since with majaik all sorts of shit should be possible so it seems weird to still rely on condoms
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/04/12(Sun)23:17 No.18208370
         File: 1330921034.jpg-(36 KB, 640x360, 640px--SS-Eclipse-_Hayate_no_G(...).jpg)
    36 KB
    You woke up that morning to find yourself alone in bed.
    The covers pulled up over you, the window open to let in the breeze.
    On your desk you find a handwritten note from Ursula saying they'd gotten up early to get something from downtown.

    You still have quite some time till classes start.

    >lol fukken mondays, hate you so much.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:18 No.18208382
    Feel strangely alone and sad that we have not woken up with our angels next to us...

    Oh well time to troll Keima, get in our skirt and prepare for a controlled crash
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:18 No.18208387
    Doctor time? We could always make time for the Doctor
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/04/12(Sun)23:18 No.18208396

    Anti-Majaik Vaginas.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:19 No.18208397

    Get ready.

    Feel vague concern over what they went to pick up.

    Maybe play with our new violin a bit, see how good we are.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:19 No.18208398

    HEY BE CAREFUL WITH THAT SHIT. Our swag is too mighty, we have to be careful so we don't drown in the bitches. Like literally. drown. in a giant pile of hot bitches.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:19 No.18208403
    Let's practice our violin a bit. Can we even play?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:19 No.18208413
    Take a shower, and see if Nanoha is up, and serve her breakfast.

    We said that we'd see if this could work, and we haven't been trying to see if it actually can by paying attention to her.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:19 No.18208414
    Man I completely forgot, this after doctor. He can drop us off just after we went to see him right?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:20 No.18208426
    >Feel strangely alone and sad

    Make breakfast for ourselves, consider including bunny and t-rex bros for meal.

    Wear the girls' uniform, obviously.

    Don't be late to class.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:21 No.18208431
    Probably, our backstory of doom has us knowing just about everything but it is all related to bad things
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:21 No.18208434

    That seems remarkably inconvenient.

    And I'm honestly terrified to ask why such a thing might be deemed necessary.


    Doctor time.

    Tell him about our plans for a BITCHING PARTY.

    And how hard it would be to make our room bigger. I mean, there's disposable bags of holding, it can't be too difficult.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:21 No.18208438
    Seconded, that breakfast of toast was too far beneath our standards. We HAVE to make up for it.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:21 No.18208440
    Don't say stuff like that, people will seriously start trying to use the anti-Majaik properties of vaginas in combat.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:23 No.18208467
    Alright, so consensus: Get ready, go to Doctor, see if he can drop us off with enough time to troll Keima.

    Of course, not phrasing it like that for any reason.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:23 No.18208472
    Get ready for school and hit up the Doctor. We'll definitely not be late for class no matter what. Don't forget the skirt.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:24 No.18208475
    At least two of us would like to make up for our sup-par performance yesterday to Nanoha by serving her a breakfast up to our high standards.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:24 No.18208476
    That is an awesome answer.

    I just thought it was weird since it was something we could of avoided by saying majaik contraception and moved on but I like your explanation
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:24 No.18208477
    I was already working on a plan for just that.
    Not that well formed but we see a blast coming for us, we merely use Ursula's crotch to dispell it.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:25 No.18208485

    I'm afraid to ask why those exist.

    Please, for the love of god, never bring them up again.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:25 No.18208486
    holy shit i went through all 15 pages until i found a link i was about to put my head through my monitor
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:26 No.18208489
    Second this, we can see the doctor after class.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:26 No.18208494
    I vote for violin practice and serving Nanoha breakfast. We also need to get our alchemy back on track. Going to need to get ahold of Ryuu.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:27 No.18208504
         File: 1330921625.png-(246 KB, 490x700, 1330793920951.png)
    246 KB
    >Woke up alone.



    WE DID IT.

    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:27 No.18208507

    Serving Nanoha breakfast sounds like a good idea.

    Consider making lunch for people.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:28 No.18208523

    I just spat my drink all over my monitor you ass.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:29 No.18208531
    Turning off the swag is lonely, we need to stop doing it.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:30 No.18208543
    >Consider making lunch for people.
    Oh, so a reverse of the anime trope of a girl making a handmade boxed lunch for the guy they like, by Hayate making handmade cute little boxed lunches for his girls?

    I can get behind that idea.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:30 No.18208548
    Third that
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:32 No.18208565
    Personalized bento for the girls.

    Rice with a heart for Ursula and Nanoha
    A box full of potatoes for Erica
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:33 No.18208581
    We need a sad/panic Hayate motivator now.

    It just doesn't work with the smug face.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:33 No.18208584
    Or rice in the shape of a heart
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:34 No.18208590
         File: 1330922066.png-(116 KB, 510x510, advice-hayate-meme-generator-n(...).png)
    116 KB

    Captcha ate my fucking pic...
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/04/12(Sun)23:34 No.18208597
         File: 1330922099.jpg-(97 KB, 663x812, hayate chart.jpg)
    97 KB
    You take a quick shower and get dressed.
    A fresh girl's uniform appeared in you closet conveniently for the purpose.

    Once dressed for school you think about having breakfast with Nanoha to make up to yesterday's meager toast.

    'Hey Nanoha, are you up?' you reach out to her with your mind.
    'Yes, good morning.'
    'Want to have breakfast with me?' you ask her.
    'I'm sorry, I'm running with Vita right now.' she answers, 'we won't be finished for awhile.'
    'I see. Well, I guess I'll see you later.'

    With noone to have breakfast with, you eat on your own.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:35 No.18208603

    i have to sleep don't mess up to badly everyone good luck.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:35 No.18208611
    Doctor, double our time before class.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:36 No.18208615

    There is so much potential hilarity in the PTSD Hayate. Too bad I'm on my phone, otherwise I'd whip something up real quick.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:36 No.18208616
    Oh god what is happening to us.

    See the Doctor, do some tests.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:37 No.18208624
    Doctor doesn't matter we can spend all day there and then step outside just after we went in
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:37 No.18208625
    Oh gods. We've been alone all our lives, we shouldn't feel lonely just from this.

    Violin practice, then.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:37 No.18208629

    Time to direct our swag to that new girl. I don't read HnG; what's her name again?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:37 No.18208637
    We havn't seen the doctor for a while, we should have breakfast with him.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:37 No.18208639
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:38 No.18208647
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:38 No.18208653
    That needs to be updated with Ted and some other new things

    Now that we've been left alone, feel sad for a little bit, then resolve to make the best box lunches for them (twins, nanoha at the very least).
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:38 No.18208655

    I just had this mental image of Hayate eating breakfast in a small kitchen thing, and kinda looking up at a memory of the first time he ate with the twins.

    It's kinda ghostly and shit and fades pretty quick.

    Then Hayate just sort of pushes his eggs away, not really hungry anymore.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:40 No.18208672


    You hit me right in my emotions!
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:40 No.18208674
    Doctor, since we have a lot to deal with him about. The most relevant at the moment is making sure our fucking swag isn't broken.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:40 No.18208678
    Well our girls wont always be on us 24 / 7
    As much. As we would like it, this does open up more opportunities though
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:41 No.18208683
    Make box lunches for others, eat breakfast alone, then mope and practice violin before class.

    This is the only real course of action.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:41 No.18208694
    Clearly we need to find more of them until they are.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:42 No.18208700
         File: 1330922526.jpg-(32 KB, 600x450, 1284848947306.jpg)
    32 KB
    That's...actually really sad and appropriate.
    Hayate just tasted what it's like to share a meal with people that love him, and now, he's back to his old existence...eating alone.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:42 No.18208701
    we can see the doctor for hours and still make it to class on time, so I think it would be wise to catch up with him
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:42 No.18208704
    Seems to be the general idea, visit the doctor as well
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:42 No.18208715

    This actually made me tear up just a little bit.


    And then this made me laugh.

    Then my girlfriend asked me why was giggling and trying not to cry at the same time.

    That might have been the most awkward hug of my life.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:43 No.18208724
    We should visit the Doctor to see if there's been any progress with our majaikal condition.

    And I think we should take Nanoha's example to heart and make sure that we train hard so that we don't let any of our girls down.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:44 No.18208730
    So consensus
    Eat breakfast alone sadly
    Make bento lunch for our girls ( probably just potatoes for Erica )
    Practice violin
    Go see doctor a few minutes before class have him drop us off just after we go in.

    That sound about right?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:44 No.18208734
    Go see the Doctor. It's a good idea and doesn't technically take any time.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:45 No.18208737
    Yep, I can agree to that, if you give us a few minutes extra when going to see The Doctor, just in case something comes up.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:46 No.18208743
    sounds good, as long as we have enough time for it all.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:48 No.18208759

    I like to see it as Hayate still has issues.

    Until about a week ago, his life sucked horribly. To the point where he was probably thinking of killing himself.

    Then suddenly a talking monkey accosted him, and he's surrounded by people who care.

    At this point he's probably half convinced that this isn't real, and he got hit by a car in a coma or something.

    And now for the first time since he got here, he's woken up alone. Right when he was getting used to the warmth of another person.

    Hayate probably need therapy BADLY after his lifetime of mental trauma. He KNOWS that they didn't abandon him, but some part of him is probably freaking the fuck out.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:48 No.18208765
    Violin practice. We must become passably skilled at at least one musical instrument.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/04/12(Sun)23:49 No.18208772
    You eat alone.
    How long has it been since you last did this? You can't remember anymore.
    Breakfast was always a whole lot better with some one there with you.
    Now the very same eggs you often had taste a bit like loneliness.
    A something you haven't tasted in quite a while.
    You don't even feel like finishing them.
    You resolve yourself to make the best goddamn boxed lunches for your girls.
    For Ursula and Nanoha, you pack rice, grilled salmon, apple slices and sauteed vegetables.
    For Erica, mashed potatoes and a salisbury steak.

    This done, you turn your attention to the Violin you got.

    You may include a sentence that explains why he knows how to play
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:50 No.18208787

    If we have to pick one to be good at, I'd vote for the piano. Sure it's not as portable, but women can't drape themselves over a violin and gaze adoringly at your deft fingers as you play.

    Which I like to pretend is the exact reason Hayate wants to play the violin.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:52 No.18208811
    rolled 55 = 55

    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:53 No.18208817
    That's pretty much how I intended it, we look for more girls so we won't be alone
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:54 No.18208823
    rolled 65 = 65

    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:54 No.18208826
    rolled 88 = 88

    Hayate learned the violin from an old bum, a musician who was down on his luck, and was sending Hayate out to earn some street money that the two would share, until the old man was beaten to death by a bunch of hooligans and his violin destroyed.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:55 No.18208830
    rolled 59 = 59


    Kindly old man gave him one after he taught Hayate how to play chess. He got a few weeks practice in before his parents sold it.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:55 No.18208832
    rolled 97 = 97

    Pour all our loneliness and sadness into it
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:56 No.18208855

    Just watch, Keima's going to walk by and hear this shit.

    We might actually get his stoic ass to cry.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:56 No.18208858
    rolled 91 = 91

    Well, the /tg/ dice know what's going on.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:58 No.18208873
    rolled 3 = 3

    We remember back when we lived on the streets, five years old and nobody remembered to take you with them when those good for nothing parents left on three weeks vacation. To amuse yourself/make some food money we had constructed a violin out of some duct tape, shoe strings, and a broken fiddle. We would play long into the night, and make just enough to eat again... until the gypsies came. (expand on this at a later ptsd?)
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:58 No.18208876

    Pretty sure /tg/ has enough loneliness to power a small city. This should be good.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/12(Sun)23:59 No.18208884

    Suits the mood
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:00 No.18208896
    Fuck strings gonna snap and take our heads off ain't it?
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:01 No.18208905
    Yes, I second the sad violin.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:01 No.18208906
    Nah its just a 3 bro. Gotta get a 1 for cool shit.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:02 No.18208925
    rolled 82 = 82

    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:02 No.18208931
    We got a 97 >>18208832
    We are playing the shit out of it
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:03 No.18208936
    We got a guarantee from the guy at the store that the strings are nigh unbreakable.

    So yeah, probably.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:03 No.18208941
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:05 No.18208968
    The whole dorm is gonna start crying probably
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:06 No.18208976
    You know, I think after Hayate finishes playing, Kraus should speak up.


    And Jakob and Ted could pipe up at that point through Kraus' connection.

    'Master Kraus is correct, sir. We live to serve you.'
    'Keep a stiff upper lip, there, old bean. We're with you, through thick and thin.'

    And THEN, that's when we go to Keima in a controlled crash.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:08 No.18208996

    "Hey kid, can I talk to you?"
    "Sure Mike, what's up?"
    "Why are half the students in the rooms crying instead of in class? All I heard was something about beautiful, sad music."
    ".... Should I practice the violin somewhere else?"
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/05/12(Mon)00:08 No.18209010
         File: 1330924128.jpg-(26 KB, 300x398, br107.jpg)
    26 KB
    You remember the first violin you touched.
    It was about half a year after that incident with the Cello player.
    You were walking home late at night through a particularly bad part of town when you heard this beautiful melody coming form an abandoned building.
    When you investigated the source you found an old man, a derelict, living in what was once an office on the second floor.

    "Oh, whats this? Do we have a visitor?" the blind musician asked the dozens of cats around him.
    "Come forwards lad, don't be afraid." he told you.
    "Do you like music?"

    For days you came back to Grandpa's ,he wouldn't let you call him anything else, and sat there listening to him play.
    You'd bring him what food you had to spare and the two of you would share it.
    After about a week of listening in on him, he let you try out his violin.
    Weeks and weeks you practiced on that old beautiful violin. Your deft fingers, well trained by manual labor, learning how to play quite quickly.
    Near the end of the first month after first hearing his song, it happened.

    You were there in his home, playing with the cats and listening to him play, when the shouting started.
    "OLD MAN! WE KNOW YOUR IN HERE!" violent voices yelled from inside the building. "COME OUT!"

    "Hayate, RUN!" Grandpa told you as he shoved you towards the nearest fire exit, in your hands he placed his violin. "RUN ON HOME!"
    And run you did.

    You never got to check in on Grandpa after that, your father signed you up to work on a tuna boat for a month.
    When you did finally manage to come back to shore, you found the violin gone from the closet where you hid it, and the abandoned building being torn down.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:10 No.18209033

    Now that Mike's heard our back-story all he needs to hear about is one or two of our near-misses on the nervous breakdown train before he sends us to therapy.

    Which should be fun. Part of me wonders where they'd find a therapist that could withstand the sheer tragic of Hayate's past without breaking down into tears themselves.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:10 No.18209039
    Sounds like future time shenanigans. We save our teacher, and set him up with a few thousand yen.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:11 No.18209042
    rolled 98 = 98

    That's just the backstory, right? We get to use the 97
    for the actual playing, right?

    Probably The Doctor.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:12 No.18209050
    Paprika. She's going to go full Inception on us.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:12 No.18209052
         File: 1330924340.png-(85 KB, 244x273, 1313185957835.png)
    85 KB
    I'm going to have to ration my crying.jpg's aren't I?
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:12 No.18209057
    Hell we could have a hitler robot therapist and they would break down crying after 5 minutes saying how cruel that dimension is and they don't want to hear any more
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:13 No.18209063

    Going back and helping everybody who was hurt by their proximity to our tragic fucking existence?

    I think that's both something we would want to do, and the Boss would never approve of.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:13 No.18209065
    A thousand yen is less than ten bucks. We can manage more than that.

    Though I don't think ANYONE would be happy with us doing that. Except Grandpa.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:15 No.18209082
    Heh I could just imagine that.
    Every time something got hocked or went missing future Hayate picks it up.

    In his swag palace there is one special room, no one but Hayate goes in there. And inside are all the special things from his childhood, all the items he thought gone forever or lost to uncaring parents and a cruel world
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:15 No.18209083
    Maybe we can do this after Director Nagato is part of our harem.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:15 No.18209088
         File: 1330924522.gif-(486 KB, 200x140, cry.gif)
    486 KB
    >dad stole the violin and sold it for gambling money


    Since we're obviously gonna chat up the Doctor, let's see if he can get anymore headway into why our magic is messed up, and mention that he should look into watchmaking lessons.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:15 No.18209092

    "Alright, we've reached two conclusions over the last few weeks: That the kid has ISSUES, and we need to find better therapists. Ones who don't have nervous breakdowns when trying to help people."
    "The fact that we send him to a new guy every time probably isn't helping his abandonment issues either."
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:15 No.18209093
    NOPE. We go back in time and steal it from our own closet. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS. THIS WILL BE CANON.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:16 No.18209110
    The doctor has other things to do.
    We are going to find dors to fix our watch or make a new one because the watchmaker from SW dimension said it was a custom Dorf job
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/05/12(Mon)00:17 No.18209124
         File: 1330924675.jpg-(37 KB, 640x360, 640px--SS-Eclipse-_Hayate_no_G(...).jpg)
    37 KB
    You played.
    You played your heart out.
    From the strings came forth a melody full of sadness.
    You played a song for a sad youth, an old man, ad their friendship.
    You played a song that commemorated how good it was till it ended.

    The beautiful sad song floated through the dorms and was heard by everyone.
    People in the middle of getting ready for school suddenly found tears rolling down their cheeks,
    girls sobbed quietly in their beds.

    That morning, more than half of Mike's class would be late.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:18 No.18209130
    /tg/ dice know what's up: drama and sadness. Not counting the 3, the average was 79.4

    The 3 brings it down to a 70.9
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:18 No.18209138

    >"The fact that we send him to a new guy every time probably isn't helping his abandonment issues either."

    Oh god, that's so fucking pathetic it loops past sad back into kinda funny territory.

    Hayate begins developing another complex about people thinking he's beyond help.

    I can see Mike coming to see how therapy went and Hayate's just giving them a hug and trying to tell them that it's all going to be alright.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:19 No.18209140
    Our new violin is an amazing instrument and weapon.

    If we get our old one, we need to make a proper stand for it.

    Hell, we need to make a goddamn warehouse for all the things we've lost over the years. It can be the Hayate "Life's a Bitch Until You Get Majaik" Memorial Museum.

    Did we ever do anything with that wood and steel we bought?
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:19 No.18209146
    Fuck there we go.
    Weaponized sadness, we play violin and make our opponents break down
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:20 No.18209152
    Score, lets go see the Doctor, no reason not to it has almost no influence on our actual class schedule.

    Also see if there are any music teachers here, we may be good but we still have a lot to learn.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:20 No.18209165
    Seems like something we should save for people who really piss us off
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:21 No.18209172

    Now we go to class with no idea how badly we fucked things up.

    When people start explaining why they were late we politely apologize, and say we'll find somewhere a bit more private to practice our playing.

    And then Mike sends us to therapy.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:21 No.18209175
    It's a good thing none of our current harem was in the building at the time.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:22 No.18209186
         File: 1330924937.jpg-(46 KB, 673x554, lotsofpeoplecrying.jpg)
    46 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:22 No.18209194

    About playing the Piano.

    Hopefully they're a real ladies man, and will appreciate the REAL reason we want to play a piano, we we're already SO DAMN GOOD with the violin
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:23 No.18209201
    Oh man, our new ability: Emotion Control.

    We use the violin to make our enemies break down crying. Then we shoot them with a tea-laser.

    It's ok if our allies are crying too, the enemies will be beaten.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:23 No.18209214


    By that token, Kraus didn't snark once. He might have recorded it.

    Could you imagine this shit making the rounds?
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:24 No.18209220
    >squad broken
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:24 No.18209223
    Even better, this is how we get permission for our pocket dimension. As far as we know, our music wouldn't affect the normal world from inside there. We'll also need it large enough for the sound to not carry back out the entrance. Pocket swag dorm acquired.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:24 No.18209230

    Dude, just play. You won't NEED to fight. Just give them a hug and they'll surrender.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:25 No.18209234
         File: 1330925109.jpg-(36 KB, 433x331, 1304131646266.jpg)
    36 KB
    Apologize to mike for making everyone else late. We are bad students...

    Is this quick chart accurate? I think I figured out just what our Swag's catalyst is.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:25 No.18209238
    Very good plan
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:26 No.18209251
    They gon' get befriended.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:27 No.18209259
    We put together an album and play it over the intercom.

    Entire bureau is crippled.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:27 No.18209269

    "Well, if I sound proofed the room, there wouldn't be much space left to live in at that point."
    "THEN MAKE IT BIGGER. I'll call the Doctor, he'll hook you up."
    "I'm not sure I can afford the remodeling..."
    "I'll pay for it, don't worry."
    "Why are you so..."
    "You made the DIRECTOR cry. We were half convinced she was a robot or something until yesterday, when she got ahold of a recording."
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:28 No.18209272
    >By that token, Kraus didn't snark once.
    Consider, that he has a direct mental link to Hayate, and through Kraus are connected Jakob and Ted.

    They just felt the full force of Hayate's Requiem for Grandfather without any firewalls.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:29 No.18209285
    Mike must be wondering just what the fuck he stumbled into when he recruited us.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:30 No.18209296

    Oh shit.

    And then there's the direct interfacing between devices during 'sex'....

    Kraus is gonna spread our sad like an STD.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:30 No.18209299
    Exactly. Making fucking Yuki cry is enough power to certainly pry almost anything we want out of them.

    Shit, we need to make sure none of them killed themselves now.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:30 No.18209306
    He found a WMED, a weapon of mass emotional destruction.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/05/12(Mon)00:32 No.18209318
         File: 1330925520.jpg-(154 KB, 1280x727, River-Song-Alex-Kingston-and-t(...).jpg)
    154 KB
    After playing, you pack up the Violin and look over at your clock.
    You still have time to go till class, and you decide to take a quick walk around the quad.

    As you strolled by the cafeteria, River Song finds you.
    "Got a minute?" she asks.
    "The Doctor would like to do some testing on you again, he thinks hes on the verge of a breakthrough on your case."

    You follow her down the medical wing and into the blue box.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:33 No.18209327
    Make sure to tell the Doctor about the tune-up your watch got. He'll be happy about that.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:33 No.18209336
    Nice, I love Doctor visits. Be sure to ask him where we can find dwarf craftsmen, exotic parts for the Cassiopeia and see if he knows who to ask for a room expansion.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:35 No.18209353
    Yep. Seconded.
    Later on we need to get a bigger bed.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:35 No.18209359

    >Hilariously tragic past.
    >Musical genius.
    >Is good at pretty much everything.
    >Massive emotional issues.
    >Self constructing Harem.
    >Gain access to time travel at some point.
    >Befriend a hologram with pure DAPPER.
    >So sexy we're turning some guys gay.
    >have stated a desire to create a sex change potion.
    >Shell game technique shows we know a lot about the sort of tricks con-men use.

    We probably scare the SHIT out of anybody paying attention to us.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:35 No.18209366
    Right, we need a bigger bed.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:36 No.18209370
    Nah we probably have a nice gold star on our file.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:37 No.18209377

    We can build a bed.

    We are slighly less capable on 'breaking physics'.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:38 No.18209387
    That too, but given our proclivity to throw parties and honestly how many people sleep in our room and are likely to do so in the future we may as well see if we can get a room that is bigger on the inside. Instead of being a dorm room we can have a bitching pad with entertainment rooms, a giant room which consists entirely of BED and so on.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:38 No.18209394
    Actually, we're pretty shit in actual combat. We can hold our own for a bit, but we're mostly playing hardcore support.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:39 No.18209396

    "Hayate, do you know what generally happens to people like you?"
    "Given the way you said that, you're either going to promote me or kill me."
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:40 No.18209415
    At this rate the Transpace Guard is going to dispatch a kill-team.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:41 No.18209423
    Sounds like infiltration material to me.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:41 No.18209427
    While our powers aren't geared towards pure CQC combat like Gai or Amazoness, or artillery like Sakura and Nanoha, that shouldn't preclude us from training harder in CQC.
    Artillery, we need the Doctor to figure out what's wrong with our majaik reserves, though.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:41 No.18209431
    Bureau has a treaty with the TG
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/05/12(Mon)00:42 No.18209441
         File: 1330926171.jpg-(316 KB, 1024x576, Night And The Doctor-4 Last Ni(...).jpg)
    316 KB
    YOu walk in to find the doctor once again fiddling with the central console of his blue box.
    "Ah yes! You're just in time."
    "i think we'll soon see what's causing that problem of yours."
    "Lets do a few more tests for now, and maybe that data can reveal something else."

    The tests he ran you through were rigorous and weird. By your recollection you spent about half a day in the box.

    The doctor talked to you aabout the data he has so far.

    "Okay, this is hard to explain but somehow, something is sucking up all your majaik."
    "It's like theres this blackhole that jsut sucks up your reserves. What's weird is, It's not you. I don't even think it exists in any fixed plane."

    "Another thing I have seen is you now replenish your majaik much faster compared to our first tests. But the thing sucking your majaik is still doing it hard enough to counter-act the accelerated recovery you now seem to have."

    "We must find out just what exactly is sucking out your majaik, this might affect other agents in the future, and the Bureau will not like that."
    he finishes.

    He dropped you off a minute after you got into his box.
    You head down to class thinking of what the doctor told you.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:44 No.18209462
    Do you think it's a legit curse? It's our bad luck, formerly sucking up our luck, now sucking up our majaik?
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:44 No.18209463
    >"We must find out just what exactly is sucking out your majaik, this might affect other agents in the future, and the Bureau will not like that."
    Obviously he gives not a shit about what Bureau thinks
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:44 No.18209464

    "Director Nagato, give us Hayate. He's a danger to the entire metaverse."
    "I'm not going to give you one of my best just like that."
    ".... Good lord, he's already in your panties, isn't he?"
    >Blushes furiously.
    "Th-That's none of your business!"
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:44 No.18209469
    Nah. More likely that the TG would be sending a couple of teams to help keep Hayate out of the hands of an ATN Crux Ops operative who's there to capture Hayate, or kill him if he looks like he'll fall into the hands of a Closer Slaver Band.

    Of course, that's if the G-Man doesn't take interest and decide that Hayate might make for a good long-term investment.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:45 No.18209477

    Wait, what about all that shit we wanted to talk to him about!?!
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:47 No.18209488
    Apologize to mike, say hi to the important characters who made it.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:47 No.18209492
    I have a thoery.
    Our magic is linked to the affection were showered with.

    But A-tan [our old girlfriend] is sucking our Majaik out with her broken heart.

    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:47 No.18209496
         File: 1330926466.png-(95 KB, 215x301, doomed.png)
    95 KB
    >if the G-Man doesn't take interest and decide that Hayate might make for a good long-term investment.

    Oh no.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:48 No.18209500
    Saw that one before.
    It seems to be about right
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:48 No.18209502

    >the G-Man.

    We will slap his shit and fuck a Gender Swapped Freeman if he tries that shit, and he knows it.

    G-Man best step off.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:48 No.18209510
    Dude if that's true we're going to be a majaik powerhouse. Nahona kept her device draining her power to build her reserves, but we've had this thing on us since day 1.

    Fuck Yeah.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:49 No.18209516
    Yeah he could try, but within hours he'd be sucked into our swag. God damn we dangerous.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:49 No.18209519
    We're wearing the skirt, the lunches for our ladies are safely in the folio, and we're going to be on time for class.

    "Hey Kraus, about what the Doctor said about something sucking my majaik out; you able to detect anything like that, now that you know there's something to look for?
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:52 No.18209545
    See if we can talk to Mike after class, we want a bitching pad that is bigger on the inside than the outside. We can hint that if we don't we'll just have to practice violin in the campus's busiest thoroughfares or when everyone is eating lunch and wouldn't that be a shame, everyone sobbing their eyes out causing gridlock and traffic jams.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/05/12(Mon)00:52 No.18209546
    You arrive in class about 5 minutes early.
    About only a third of your classmates are there.
    Gai is sitting at his desk.
    Jun is looking out a window.
    Negi is talking to Matsuri about something
    And Hina just walked into the room right behind you.

    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:52 No.18209549
    This. The Doctor probably has better scanning devices, but no one has a closer connection than Kraus.

    Alternate theory is that SOMETHING is making us suck majaik from our past self. The increased regen is some of our past majaik being poured in.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:53 No.18209562
    Ask Hina where everybody is.

    Dammit, I wish one of the people here was a reptilian so we could rip on them for crying crocodile tears.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:53 No.18209564
    Talk to Hina, Jun, and Gai in that order
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:53 No.18209565
    Except before class, assuming Mike is there. otherwise talk to Gai, we don't spend enough time with our bro. We really need to introduce him to a lady.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:54 No.18209572
    Ask Kraus the question from >>18209519

    Then ask Hina where is everyone. We kind thought more people would be here by now.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:55 No.18209580
    We were going to set him up with one of the chicks on the Paper team. That's one of those to-do things we really need to get on.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:55 No.18209581
    Say hi to Hina.
    Talk to our friends before class
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:56 No.18209584
    We don't have an excuse for the expanded room until everyone is late from our weaponized TRAGIC. Once class is over and our true power is revealed, only then can we use it to gain what we desire.

    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:56 No.18209585
    Gai showed some faint interest in the tall paper sister from the advanced classes. We should hook them up.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:57 No.18209601
    Actually, now that I think about it, Kraus has been talking less now, hasn't he?

    Or is the relationship between Hayate and his aibo still okay, it's just that Kraus' lines are more background now?
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:57 No.18209603
    Talk to Kraus. Say hi to Hina.

    We could just ask Gai if there's a lady he's got an eye on.

    We don't need to be chatting everyone up all the time.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:58 No.18209608
    If we can play a song that makes everyone cry, we need to compose a song about our relationship with our girls.

    There won't be enough contraceptives in the entire meta.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:59 No.18209616
    Frau keeps 'forgetting' to ungag him.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)00:59 No.18209617
    Chat up Negi. We haven't gotten a chance to speak much.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:02 No.18209644
    Negi and Matsuri both. They may not be in our team, but they're still classmates.

    Actually they might be better to talk to than Hina about why everyone seems to be late, since Negi can tell us about the guys and Matsuri about the girls.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:03 No.18209649
    We must never do that, there's a chance we won't be in the direct vicinity of keima/twins/director/amazoness/hina/director, so there's a risk of us failing to be able to claim first.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/05/12(Mon)01:04 No.18209662
         File: 1330927464.jpg-(52 KB, 704x400, hinagiku.jpg)
    52 KB
    "Hey Kraus, about what the Doctor said about something sucking my majaik out; you able to detect anything like that, now that you know there's something to look for?" you ask your device.
    "Thanks man." you answer him.

    "Hey Hina," you tell her as she takes the seat behind yours."Good monring."
    "Good morning."
    "You have any idea where everyone else is?" indicating the half empty classroom.
    "I... I think they're most still at the dorms."
    "I don't know why, but a lot of people were crying after someone played some music earlier. Even I teared up a bit."

    [ ]tell her it was you
    [ ]dont tell her
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:04 No.18209665

    We will literally wake up covered in bitches.


    Yeah, we need to talk to Kraus, Gai, and Hina.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:05 No.18209676

    Be vague.

    "What kind of music?"

    Then confess.

    "Wow, I din't know I was that bad. I'll have to find somewhere isolated to practice."
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:05 No.18209677
    Don't tell her, but don't NOT tell her.

    "Oops." And say nothing more of it.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:05 No.18209678
    Don't tell. Talk to Negi.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:05 No.18209681
    >[✓] tell her
    "Oh, man, I didn't mean to make anyone cry. I'll have to do something to make it up to everyone..."
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:06 No.18209685
    Act surprised at the effect but cop to it.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:06 No.18209689
    "Damnit I should have know better than to express myself! I must apologize profusely for my actions!"
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:06 No.18209690
    Tell her you were practicing on your violin you bought yesterday
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:06 No.18209692
    This, be confused think it was terrible,.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:06 No.18209693

    >"Wow, I din't know I was that bad. I'll have to find somewhere isolated to practice."

    Self depreciating humor/trolling is always the best route.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:06 No.18209694
    >[X]tell her it was you
    And be prepared to apologize and/or take responsibility when most of the class is late
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:07 No.18209696
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:07 No.18209698
    Go with this, hurray comical misunderstandings!
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:08 No.18209702
    [x]tell her it was you

    "Oh, I'm sorry. I knew my playing was bad, but I didn't realize I was so out of practice. Again, I apologize for marring your morning with my playing. I'll make sure to do it someplace more private in the future."
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:08 No.18209703

    Changing my vote to this.

    Because that's awesome.

    >Hope she wasn't talking about me.
    >Oh wow, I'm out of practice, i must look like an ass.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:08 No.18209704
    Don't tell her, just say "Oh." After a pause, add "Yeah, I remember something like that, I visited the doctor before class, forgive my memory." If she looks puzzled, add "time shenanigans."
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:09 No.18209714
    This. So hard.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:09 No.18209723

    It seems we've reached a consensus.

    Evasive, then awkward misinterpreted confession.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:10 No.18209725
    Im thirding this one.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:10 No.18209736
    That's a little bit too show-offy.

    I don't think we know what we did in-character, so let's not go all KEIKAKU DOORI on this.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:11 No.18209737

    >Wow, I didn't know I was that bad.

    Fucking perfect.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:12 No.18209751

    I personally like >>18209676

    Make sure she means us (Even though meta we kinda know) then apologize for being so terrible.

    Fucking A, we reduced the entire dorms to tears?

    We should feel TERRIBLE.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:13 No.18209760
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:14 No.18209766
    It just keeps tumbling tumbling down!
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:15 No.18209774
    Responsibility as in "Don't punish them. It was my fault they were late."
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/05/12(Mon)01:15 No.18209775
         File: 1330928119.jpg-(51 KB, 640x360, 640px--SS-Eclipse-_Hayate_no_G(...).jpg)
    51 KB
    "Oh? What kind of music." you ask her.
    "Sad music. Sad music from a VIOLIN" she tells you with a loaded look.
    "Oh... Wow. Was I that bad?"
    "I'm really out of practice then. I must apologize to everyone later for ruining their morning."
    "No, no. It wasn't bad. Just extremely sad."

    Erica walks into the room, she's obviously been running to make it in time.
    She goes straight to your seat and gives you a quick kiss.
    "Mornin!" she tells you.
    "Good morning. You get what you needed in town?" you ask her.
    "Yep." she answered as Mike walked into the room.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:16 No.18209787
    >gives you a quick kiss.
    morale restored
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:17 No.18209796
    "Mike I did it again! I apologize for the attendance, it's all my fault" He'll be wondering what sorta party we threw till a bunch of people walk in with teary eyes and flushed faces.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:18 No.18209808

    Suddenly Hayate's happy again.

    He KNEW Erica didn't leave him for real, he's just glad reality decided to back his vague hope.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:19 No.18209820
    This, but wait until Mike actually comments on how many people are late.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:19 No.18209821
    While someone up above suggested Tchaikovsky, might I suggest Bach Violin Sonata No. 1 as the basis of Hayate's song of sadness?

    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:19 No.18209822

    Lets not tell Mike until he asks where the hell everybody is.

    Then just kinda.. "My bad."

    Explain after class what apparently happened.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:20 No.18209827
    Second. Wait until Mike comments on it.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:20 No.18209829
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:20 No.18209836
    Combine for epicness.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:22 No.18209853
    Do you see that face?

    Pinkie is upset at our casual romance.

    Especially since she thinks we're two-timing.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:23 No.18209858

    Erica's going to be so confused.

    "What the hell did you do?"
    "I just played a little music!"
    "You made Keima break down! Fucking Keima! Visible emotion!"
    "I'm RIGHT HERE you know..."
    "I know. That's why you're exhibit A."
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:24 No.18209860
    Little does she know she'll soon be part of it. In all likely hood im assuming left side of chest beside Nahona.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:24 No.18209861
    Hayate doesn't realize that yet. Eventually she'll get pissed and tell either the twins or Nahona that we are cheating and then shenanigans.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/05/12(Mon)01:24 No.18209865
    Mike starts the class with half the seats empty.
    When people begin walking in bit by bit, he finally asks.
    "Okay. Why are there so many of you late this morning? Was there a party at the dorms last night that I wasn't invited to?"

    You stand up.
    "Uhhh actually Mike, I think this was my fault."
    "What did you do again?" he asks exasperated.

    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:25 No.18209870

    Speaking of Erica and Keima, the twins are from like the 40s right?

    Do they even know what video games are?
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:25 No.18209871
    I don't think we should take responsibility for it so brashly. Just kind of raise hand and say "my bad, I'll find a more private place to practice next time."
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:25 No.18209872
    Show him. Play the song in class.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:25 No.18209874
    Don't just tell him. Show him!
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:26 No.18209880
    "Violin practice. I guess I wasn't as good as I thought I was."
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:26 No.18209882

    "apparently I need a more private spot to practice playing music. Or soundproof my room."
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:26 No.18209883

    Bad decision making in action. I love it.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:26 No.18209884
    I got back into music.

    It's far easily to show than to explain. Whip out the violin and play.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:26 No.18209885
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:26 No.18209887
    "I played the violin I bought in town yesterday, then I thought about my teacher while doing so." A single tear falls.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:27 No.18209889
    "I was practicing my violin..." *Cue thousand yard stare*
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:27 No.18209890
    "I'm...not sure? I just practiced on my violin. I guess I'm not as good as I used to be. I'll find someplace where my playing won't bother anyone in the future."
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:27 No.18209891
    These two combined. Only demonstrate if he asks.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:27 No.18209892
    now that's just showing off.

    smile, scratch our head, and say "i guess i'll practice my violin somewhere else next time."
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:28 No.18209900
    Yes. Only good will come of it. Make our Brorilla weep manly tears.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:28 No.18209901

    Combine these.

    "Come on, it can't be THAT bad."
    "Apparently it was."
    "Prove it."
    >Five minutes later.
    "Class dismissed. Hayate, you're either getting a concert or therapy."
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:28 No.18209902

    We're not going to cause a repeat of this morning.
    That would be showing off and crass.

    Just take responsibility for what happened and that we'll do our practicing where no one will be bothered by it in the future.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:29 No.18209906
    I know but it be funny as hell to see Mike break down or do his best not to.

    >A-Alright class...ahm...l-lets get started today...
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:29 No.18209908

    Best option. We he doubts, we show.

    And then hilarity ensues.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:29 No.18209909
    I keep expecting Mike to say
    "I'm too old for this shit"
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:30 No.18209918
    All only if he asks, otherwise say "Practised Violin"
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:31 No.18209926


    We tell him the truth.

    When he invariably disbelieves we play the music so sweet and so sad, we show him.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:31 No.18209927
    You guys know we'll fudge the rolls if we play again, right?
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:31 No.18209928
    Tell our angel to cover her ears, the song would reach suicide inducing levels if we saw her cry.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:31 No.18209933
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:32 No.18209942

    Why would you say that.

    Also, I think it was more of a 'how good are you' as opposed to 'roll a perform check'.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:32 No.18209944
    That is fine. It will just add hilarity.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:32 No.18209948
    Let's just say that roll establishes the baseline for our future performances.

    Or we could just say we take 20 from now on, since we know what we're capable of when we're careful about it.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:33 No.18209950
    >Nat. 1
    And on his tombstone "Died in the company of his Bitches and Bro's."
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:33 No.18209953

    And then everyone cries for a completely different reason.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:34 No.18209962
    Which adds to our delusion that we're really bad.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:35 No.18209975
    Watch we roll bad when we play in front of people. Roll great when alone.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/05/12(Mon)01:36 No.18209985
         File: 1330929414.jpg-(41 KB, 640x360, 640px--SS-Eclipse-_Hayate_no_G(...).jpg)
    41 KB
    "well," you begin, "I decided to try out the violin I got in town yesterday.."
    "I guess my playing was so bad, everyone didn't get ready in time."
    "And why were you playing a violin so early in the dorms? You do realize those walls are barely soundproofed, right?" he says.
    "I'm sorry Mike. I'll take any responsibility and punishment you're planning to hand out."
    "Okay kid. I'll think about that for a while."

    Morning classes went by with most everyone finally arriving within the first hour.
    Sakura being one of the last ones to walk in.
    Shirou is still absent.


    Bells ring to signal the start of lunch.

    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:37 No.18209992

    I wanna NOT make a performance anxiety joke.

    But I know it's inevitable.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:37 No.18209997
    I sense a wonka in the works
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:38 No.18210003
    >You do realize those walls are barely soundproofed, right?


    Start handing out those bento boxes.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:38 No.18210005
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:38 No.18210007
    Lunch in the cafeteria for once?
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:38 No.18210008
    Bring Erica with you and eat lunch with her Nanoha and Ursula on the roof.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:38 No.18210011

    Grab a couple of our friends to go check on Shirou.

    He might've been trapped in a cave-in or something.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:38 No.18210012
    This, and mentillate at Nanoha that we made her lunch.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:38 No.18210014
    Ask mike about bigger room/soundproofing.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:39 No.18210015
    >You do realize those walls are barely soundproofed, right?

    Ha. Oooops.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:39 No.18210016
    It's lunchtime, so we should give out our hand-made lunches to our girls.
    I think we can afford to spend lunch with them.

    But Shirou being missing for two days...after classes, we should meet with the other guys, see what's up with Shirou.
    He might be a cockblocking idiot, but he's still a classmate.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:39 No.18210021
    This. If we are doing the cliche we shall do it properly
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:39 No.18210022
    Go all matchmaker up in this, find the paper sisters, take Maggie and say "Have you met Gai." Saunter off our good deed for the day done.

    Then have lunch with our ladies on the roof.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:39 No.18210026
    >You do realize those walls are barely soundproofed, right?

    Who lives next door to us?
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:40 No.18210031
    Lunch on the roof. So totally good.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:40 No.18210033

    Sudden horrible realization about the rooms not being sound-proofed.

    Pray the twins don't realize everyone could hear the kinky sex.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:40 No.18210038
    He might have caused another cave in, we should really check it out after class. Or at least ask Mike if he knows anything
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:41 No.18210041
    Yes. We owe the bro so very much.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:41 No.18210042
    Whoever they are, we owe them sound-proofing and time to catch up on lost sleep.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:41 No.18210043
    Ursula would be horrified.
    Erica wouldn't mind so much
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:42 No.18210056
    Unless they like that sort of thing.

    Erica probably does at least.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:42 No.18210058
    Yes, introducing them would be good. Ask the girls to meet us on the roof afterwards for DELICIOUS LUNCH.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:42 No.18210061
    Meeting up with Maggie regarding Gai seems like the thing to do.

    (then the boxes, rooftop, ask about shirou, etc etc)
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:42 No.18210064
    So consensus: Eat lunch, tell team that we should see what's up with Shirou after class?
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:43 No.18210067
    Shouldn't we ask Gai first, make sure he doesn't have a girl waiting for him back in his Dimension?
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:43 No.18210068
    Also set Gai up if we can.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:43 No.18210073

    Erica would probably moan louder.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:44 No.18210076

    Also, talk with Gai about Maggie first. He might have a girl already back home.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:44 No.18210082

    Sounds good.

    We should also ask Gai if he has somebody. Today has had us thinking a lot about relationships.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:45 No.18210083
    Good point.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:46 No.18210089
    >First weekend of semester
    >Meet people in hall
    >Dudes next door seem pretty cool
    >Next weekend
    >Girlfriend visits
    >Dudes next door avoid me
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:46 No.18210091
    These. Make sure Gai wants to be set up. Maybe he's got someone back home, maybe he's with Kurou-san.

    Though I think he doesn't really need our help getting a girlfriend.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:46 No.18210093
    Woo not rushing things
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:46 No.18210094
    LG, as a side note: Who are our neighbors? We have probably been keeping them up with all of the fuckin', so had probably ought to make amends.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:47 No.18210102
    inb4 our room is surrounded by the members of Team What is a Vagina and they have no idea what we have been up to.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:48 No.18210104
    Considering that the Violin reached through the whole dorm, and sex is probably a lot louder than a violin...

    No WONDER Mike knows what's going on, despite the fact that they don't monitor the dorms.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:49 No.18210115
    >sex louder than an instrument.

    Instruments are designed to project their sound for quite a bit of distance.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:49 No.18210116

    Oh god, my sides.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:51 No.18210128


    It is if you're doing it right.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:51 No.18210131
    Well Shirou's room is near ours we figured that out early on
    Keima's room is just past ours...
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:51 No.18210132
    In my experience, so are some women.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:52 No.18210143
    Also, I played the trumpet, so forgive me if I underestimate the volume of a puny string instrument.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:53 No.18210149


    We've been keeping a guy who's slightly obsessed with us up with kinky sex noises?

    Now I can't help but wonder if he wants in just to see what the fuss is about.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:53 No.18210150
    Ask Gai about being single
    Play "Have you met Gai" with Maggie
    Lunch on roof.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:55 No.18210154

    One day he just shows up at our door downs a sex-change potion and just flat out says that.

    "Come on, TWO women? For HOURS? You can't be THAT good."

    And then we are.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:56 No.18210162
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:57 No.18210168
    And he spends the rest of the night, curled up against us. We're sleeping soundly. He (she) is wide awake and wide-eyed. Hair frazzled. Utter shock.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:57 No.18210169
    >You can't be THAT good."
    >And then we are.
    Perfect summary of the entire story so far.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/05/12(Mon)01:58 No.18210172
    You walk up to Gai as he's about to head out the door.
    "Hey man. I hope this isn't too forward. But do you have a girlfriend or something?"
    "No." He answers. "My previous activities had left me little chance to pursue romance."
    "Well, I think I have just the thing for you."
    'Kraus, Can you link me up with Michelle from the Advanced classes? Oh and tell the Girls i'll meet them on the roof of the cafeteria.'

    'Miss Michelle, I was wondering. You've met my friend Gai right?' you ask her as the link goes through
    'Gai? the quiet one?' She asks 'Yes, he introduced himself after our fight.'
    'Well, I think It's the perfect opportunity to have him have lunch with your sister, Maggie.'
    'Oooh! I was thniking of setting them up too!' she answers happily.
    'Shall we meet up in the cafeteria?'
    'Sure! I'll bring Maggie.'
    "Hey man," you tell Gai "Why don't we grab something to eat?"

    At the cafeteria, you find the paper sisters seated together at a table, Michelle waves at you and Gai to come sit with them.

    Once at the table you do the introductions again.
    After a few moments you make your excuse.
    "Sorry to cut and run man, but Kraus jsut told me the girls were waiting for me on the roof. I leave you in the care of these three."

    A few moments after you left the other two sisters disapear from the table leaving only Gai and Maggie.

    You climb up to the roof.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)01:58 No.18210175
    More like
    TWO women for hours EVERY NIGHT?
    Or maybe three if it takes so long that Nanoha has joined in
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:00 No.18210183
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/05/12(Mon)02:00 No.18210191
    IT IS.
    Keitaro to your left, Souske to your right.

    Sousuke thinks you have soem sort of illegal fight club in your room.
    keitaro thinks you watch too much tv too loudly
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:00 No.18210192
    Alright, lunch time! Deliver LOVINGLY CRAFTED BENTOS.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:01 No.18210207
         File: 1330930918.jpg-(67 KB, 268x410, 1296282349247.jpg)
    67 KB
    Fuckyea. Now to give out our lunches to our lovely ladies.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:02 No.18210210
    My god, we're looking at a possible not-Shirouing with a shotgun any day now. We REALLY need that room.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:02 No.18210215
    Well, not knowing that either of them are dense enough to float on a neutron star, lets make a mental note to give them an apology gift.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:02 No.18210216
    >Gai set up with Maggie
    Well, if nothing else, we've done our good deed of the day. I hope the girls like the lunches we made them.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:02 No.18210219
    Pat ourself on the back for a job well done. Have lunch with our ladies and do not let our smug self-satisfied smile slip from our face the entire lunch.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:03 No.18210225
    Laughter risks waking drunk friend, damn you LG her wrath is legendary.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:04 No.18210228
    stealing that
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:06 No.18210244

    Eat lunch. Tell no-one what we did.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:09 No.18210257
    Uh oh. Our skill with the violin and the story about this morning may have piqued Erica's curiosity. What do we do if she asks us to play it for them?
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:10 No.18210267
    Play something cheerful.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:10 No.18210270
    We play for them, of course.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:11 No.18210272
    Tell her that we don't know any happy songs, break down crying.

    When they cheer us up with a happy sing a long try to play along but every sound comes out depressing and melancholic.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/05/12(Mon)02:11 No.18210273
         File: 1330931472.jpg-(289 KB, 650x735, bb3a8e467f998d52c20dbb8b8dda3a(...).jpg)
    289 KB
    YOu arrive at the roof to find the three girls sharing one of the cakes from Pantasia.
    "Girls, you'll ruin your appetites that way." You say as you take out the Bentos you made earlier. "How will you eat these if you're already too full?"

    They open up the bentos and look inside.
    "THis looks so good! Just like waht my mum used to make me." nanoha says.
    "Are you sure youre not a woman?" Ursula asks as she marvels at the well made lunch.
    "Mmmmpgggh." Erica is already stuffing MAshed potatoes down her gullet.

    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:11 No.18210275
    Well she already knows how skillful we are with our hands
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:12 No.18210284
    Think of Bike-kun?
    Others have said that a song associated with Hayate's love for the girls in his life might be TOO potent.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:12 No.18210287
    I thought you would be more sure of that than anyone
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:12 No.18210289
    Eat some lunch. Talk to the girls, find out what the twins did in town maybe unless it would be awkward in front of Nahona.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:13 No.18210292
    Give Ursula a playful bop on the head.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:13 No.18210293
    he he cock joke
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:14 No.18210301
    Clap our hands over Nanoha's ears, "You know exactly how much of a man I am." Remove our hands from her ears and continue on with our conversation. Tell Nanoha that we're glad that she enjoys our cooking and kiss her on the cheek.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:15 No.18210305
    This and scold Erica for eating too quickly.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:15 No.18210309
    >Are you sure youre not a woman?
    Come on, you know the answer to that.

    Other than the snappy comeback, I dunno what else can be done, apart from asking if they know any happier songs we could try to play for them later.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:16 No.18210315
    This may be the way to go
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:16 No.18210318
    "I just wanted to show my show my appreciation for you girls, and to make up for only being able to provide toast yesterday morning."

    Just enjoy some tea, and watching the girls enjoy their meals.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:17 No.18210323
    "Ursula you know my manhood quite intimately."
    Ask the twins/nanoha about sound proofing the room, we don't want a repeat of this morning (yes we do, who am I kidding?)

    Why LG? Why would you use that picture? Need to resist...
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:18 No.18210330


    If they knew we were doing this because of our crippling fears of inadequacy and/or losing them, I think our ladies would be a tad less chipper.

    Eat lunch, act slightly smug, and refuse to talk about why.

    When we get back to class ask Gai and Keima if maybe we should go make sure Shirou didn't die in a cave-in.

    Not because we care, but if they found out WE made the fudge happen, we might be held accountable.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:19 No.18210343
    >Finally have something to say when she asks if I want to do something new or different.
    >No way in hell I will actually say it.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:20 No.18210346

    I have the weirdest boner...

    Why does the eye-patch turn me on more.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:20 No.18210350
    Didn't Kraus say he could dispel the stuff he makes? We probably should have done that a long time ago and just given Shirou a bag of holding full of it.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:22 No.18210363

    He also said there was no way in hell he was cleaning that up.

    To be fair though, I don't think anybody expected Shirou to tunnel to Wonka Land via sheer derp.

    And that's exactly how we need to phrase it during the debriefing.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:23 No.18210366
    Actually, this might be a good thing to have Sousuke as A neighbor. We were talking about getting guns as a backup nonmagical weapon option. He's a professional merc and has experience as a trainer of soldiers. He can help Hayate choose guns and how to fire them.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:24 No.18210374
         File: 1330932245.jpg-(38 KB, 410x312, whyboner.jpg)
    38 KB
    >Sounds a tad creepy if not cute
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:24 No.18210375
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:26 No.18210388
    >He can help Hayate choose guns and how to fire them.
    Oh great, our childhood PTSD will be supplemented by 'nam flashbacks...

    Wait that's awesome.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/05/12(Mon)02:26 No.18210391
         File: 1330932393.jpg-(38 KB, 622x474, 1234sdsdsd.jpg)
    38 KB
    YOu quickly clamp your hands over Nanoha's ears.
    "You know full well that I am all man. Last night should have been evidence enough." You tell Ursula with a smirk, before letting go of Nanoha's ears again.

    "So girls," you ask the twins. "What did you have to buy in town?"
    "It... is a secret." ursula tells you.
    "Mmmpgh." Erica nods in agreement.

    "Erica." you tell the fiery twin as you watch her shovel potatoes into her mouth "Eat a bit slower."
    "I'd like to think you'd atleast savor the food i made for you."

    She swallows, clears her mouth and says, "But I like em."
    And she goes back to eating.

    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:27 No.18210396
    Ask Nahona about the advanced classes, and Ursula about what she has been up to in R&D
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:28 No.18210397
    If she's not going to eat at a reasonable pace, maybe we need to feed her.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:28 No.18210398
    Ask Nanoha about her run, make sure our horrific playing didn't upset her.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:29 No.18210403
    Make conversation. Perhaps ask Nanoha about the subjects covered in her class.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:29 No.18210406
    rolled 32 = 32

    Ask what kind of people work in R&D (GlaDOS & Lain)
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:29 No.18210407
    Goddammit man. Stop doing these things to me.

    Also that should be something we do in private. She'd never go for it here.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:30 No.18210412
    First the toothbrushing pic now this.
    Yes we do this.
    Max would tell us to do it, Mike would endorse it!
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:30 No.18210413
    Ask Nanoha for a small favor, see if anyone in her advanced class knows anything about Dorf machinery or anything like that.

    After that ask about what has been up in her advanced class and ask a bit about Max, he may have much to teach us about balancing industrial sized harems.

    Feed Erica as clearly she is unable to feed herself properly.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:30 No.18210416
    While cute, if we do this sort of thing to Nanoha she might start having problems again.

    I am not saying go all out with her but maybe be a bit more subtle about it
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:31 No.18210435
    Meanwhile, ask Nanoha and Ursula about their classes.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:31 No.18210436
    Not here, another time when she won't kill us for embarrassing her in front of her sister.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:32 No.18210438

    For some reason I can't help but see him as a more zen version of /k/.

    "Guns are easy. Point and shoot. In theory. What you have to understand is that there is a one ness. The gun is you is the bullet is the target is the universe."
    "That makes no sense."
    "It's simple. When people point, they just aim at the center-mass visually. Great for pointing, bad for shooting. When you shoot you have to consider a lot of things. Temperture. Wind Speed. Humidity. Your motion relative the target's motion."
    "That's a lot to think about."
    "That's why you don't think about it. you learn to not think, enter a zen state with no thought, just action. Don't shoot where they are, shoot where they WILL be."
    "So... What would be a good gun for me?"
    "Colt 1911. It's widely considered the best handgun ever made, and there's a couple of engraved ones over there that just REEK class."
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:32 No.18210439
    >nam flashbacks
    Technically, they'd be Afghan flashbacks, since that's where Sousuke first killed; during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

    I was actually thinking about just spending some quiet time with the girls. Things are just happening all the time that some downtime with Nanoha and the Twins woe be nice.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:33 No.18210442
    If we can't embarrass her in front of her sister, who CAN we embarrass her in front of?
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:35 No.18210453
    He'd take us into the woods for "bootcamp" while we would benefit from the training, we would suffer flashbacks.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/05/12(Mon)02:35 No.18210454
         File: 1330932933.jpg-(25 KB, 315x470, dont cross nanoha.jpg)
    25 KB
    >talk nanoha

    "Hey Nanoha, how was your run?"
    "Well, me and Vita ran around town twice. We got back just in time to get ready for classes."
    "And how were your morning's classes?" you ask
    "Max had us pick a mundane weapons class. He said we might need it if we ever get into a situation where we can't use majaik."
    "I'm not sure what to pick yet though. I don't like guns and swords. Vita took the melee class, as I expected she would."
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:35 No.18210455
    Given that we're wearing a girls uniform which is partially her fault, she routinely plays dress up with us and we're in safe company, embarrassing her some is completely fair game.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:36 No.18210459
    With you, on the condition that if it is a 1911, it is a CCO 1911.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:36 No.18210462
    "Picking a staff or a spear would mesh well with your device of choice, wouldn't it?"
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:36 No.18210466
    There's a good point here. We can be fairly sure she knows what's going on in that room when she's not in it. There's no way to know what exactly the twins told her, but they most likely at least mentioned that there's sex going on there. The only question is how much detail they fed her. Her lack of reaction around us leads me to believe they were vague enough for her to not get uncomfortable, or that her strange maturity allows her to not freak out about such things.

    Point being that we shouldn't treat her like an innocent kid, when the thing between her ears really isn't. Otherwise, the last thing we're ever gonna see is pink light.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:37 No.18210469
    "Really? Mike has me training in swordplay." Smile. Yes we can spar with her for alone time, and yes that will likely stop the massive crater ending again.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:39 No.18210479
    Learn the spear, it fits with your device and there are very good reasons why the Chinese call it the king of weapons. If you want I'm always free to help with mundane weapons training.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:39 No.18210480
    Well be circumspect until she comes to us about it is what I was going for.

    We can be classy and still get our point across to the twins without her getting it
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:39 No.18210481
    rolled 45 = 45

    > DEATH
    "Think of it this way, would you rather beat Erica's ass or shoot her? Personally I'd beat her.... Like last night... "
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:39 No.18210482
    "What about staffs? It would let you disarm opponents, keep them at bay, and they're found pretty much anywhere."
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/05/12(Mon)02:39 No.18210484
    I've been curious, recently, if Max was their instructor for Basic, as well, or if it was Mike or some one else?
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:40 No.18210486

    I'd go with a Springfield Professional Model 1911.

    The kind the FBI had custom made for their hostage-rescue teams.

    We would then dual wield them like a tard after hooking bottomless magic clips to them.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:40 No.18210487
    Seconded, keep to what she knows.
    I like the sparing idea, we could do the same with Erica, and if need be we can walk home from R&D with Ursula after Alchemy/Doctor.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:40 No.18210490
    Ask her what sort of weapons she does like.
    Mention a staff can be a melee weapon or something like a halberd / naginata
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:40 No.18210492
    lol springfield
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:42 No.18210509

    I like where this is going. Also, we'd need to find an old 40's GI 1911 if we go that route. You know, the kind that Shirley would have carried. Even better, MC Gnome's personal sidearm.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:43 No.18210515

    What's wrong with a Springfield?
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:44 No.18210517
    I can just picture Sousuke and Hayate out in the woods. Oth having a PTSD flashback for entirely different reasons
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:44 No.18210524
    off topic but is full metal panic worth watching
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/05/12(Mon)02:45 No.18210525
         File: 1330933504.jpg-(33 KB, 600x338, Nanoha-1.jpg)
    33 KB
    "Well, I think a staff or a spear would fit in with your style. all of us have to take those lessons eventually, Even Mike has me started on swordplay."
    "I'll think about it," she says as she goes back to eating.

    You spend the rest of lunch in engaging conversation with your girlfriends, all three of them seem to be fully committed to this idea of sharing.
    All of them seem to be okay with won another.

    The bell rings to signal the start of afternoon classes.

    You help the girls down off the roof, and you get a kiss from each of them for the delicious lunch you prepared.

    After walking Ursula to R&D, you, Erica and Nanoha head back to the academic building.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:45 No.18210528

    I just remembered we have those bear gummy bears.

    In other news, that's a good reason to visit max. ... What did he look like, again?
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:45 No.18210532
    Seems we have consensus on asking what weapons Nanoha feels comfortable with, suggesting spear or staff, and offering to be a sparring partner.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:46 No.18210536

    Actually, the 1911 A1 revision would've been that gun. It was made after WW1 feedback to hammer out the few issues that existed, and it was so damn good that it's the basis for not only the current 1911s, but almost all modern semi-automatics.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:46 No.18210542
    Oh shit yeah the bears.
    We must never let Erica get her hands on them
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:46 No.18210543
    I do like suggesting the staff to Nanoha, and practicing with her. I'm also for hitting up Erica for gun training, and possibly Souske for weapon choice/advanced lessons.

    Yea, innuendo is fine. We should lay off the less subtle jokes for now. Still, we should never assume that she won't understand the reference. Her brain is several years ahead of her body.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/05/12(Mon)02:47 No.18210550

    Fumoffu is hilarious
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:47 No.18210554
    Nothing is wrong with a USGI 1911 from the real Springfield National Armory.

    Functionally, there is nothing wrong with a 1911 imported by Springfield Armory Incorporated, but I have reservations about the association with the people who run Springfield Armory Incorporated.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:48 No.18210564

    As soons as we get there, assuming he dosen't show up, we should go see what happened to Shirou.

    We're half worried his insane mine might have collapsed on him. Again.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:48 No.18210566
    What's the story behind her being older mentally than physically?
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:49 No.18210571
    That's why we try to keep it classier, even if it is a dirty joke it won't be quite as bad if we do it in a more respectable sense.

    And until she comes up to us to either ask us to knock it off or otherwise then we should be ok, just I thought given she is a few years more mature than she should be if we excluded her from subjects like that when we talk to the twins it could renew her old insecurities which we want to avoid at all costs
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:49 No.18210573
         File: 1330933758.jpg-(185 KB, 722x635, max.jpg)
    185 KB
    this is max the commisar knight
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:50 No.18210578

    That's why I went out of my way to specify a particular line of the guns, that were made to EXTREMELY exacting standards.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:50 No.18210579
    k ill have to start watching it then
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:51 No.18210590


    It would probably be after class, but still a good idea.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:52 No.18210594
    Basically in her series Nanoha is very mature to begin with and grows up quicker because she is fighting.

    She is also much smarter than she should be for her age

    So think a 15 - 16 year old who is only 12 physically
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:53 No.18210608
    Does that include sexually or only intellectually?
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:54 No.18210611
    that is a good question
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:55 No.18210613
    Oh god here we go.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:55 No.18210614
    Wonder if we can make a potion for that. The whole 12 year old thing could really cramp our style.
    >> Sidestory: Le chat du train Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/05/12(Mon)02:55 No.18210615
         File: 1330934104.jpg-(29 KB, 640x360, 640px--SS-Eclipse-_Hayate_no_G(...).jpg)
    29 KB
    You are Katsura Hinagiku, a new trainee for the IDPKB
    A weird guy in your class helped you on the train a few weeks ago.
    A weird guy that now seems to be in the middle of something complicated.

    You saw him get down off the roof of the cafeteria with three girls.
    You remember them as the twins and the younger one from the advanced classes from yesterday.
    You watch as they each give him a kiss.
    You're not quite sure what's going on anymore.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:55 No.18210616

    She's 16 mature, not sure about the sex thing, because a lot of that is hormones, and she would just be getting into all that.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:55 No.18210621
    I never really noticed them get too deep into it in the series, but emotionally and intellectually she is older and she does seem to understand sexuality etc
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:55 No.18210622
    Hopefully she wants in.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/05/12(Mon)02:56 No.18210627
    Ha HA!

    To class!
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:56 No.18210630
    An accident in her family left her to practically raise herself through most of elementary school. Her father was in the hospital, her mother working to pay the bills, and her siblings either in school or attending their father. Basically, she had to be an adult, or at least a high schooler, at the age of around 6. She grew up fast, and she very much knows what it's like to be alone.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:56 No.18210635
    Cue Perrine, Kinagiku, and Keima starting their own "Soon to be part of Hayate's Harem" club.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/05/12(Mon)02:57 No.18210638
    If nothing else, she probably wants soem sort of explanation
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:57 No.18210648
    really her idea of hardcore could just be kissing or some shit
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)02:58 No.18210650
    Okay, so sexually, she's still a child. Which means we shouldn't make lewd comments or jokes around her and shouldn't pursue her sexually. Just because a person is intellectually mature doesn't mean they're well-adjusted enough for sexual content.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/05/12(Mon)03:00 No.18210665
         File: 1330934412.jpg-(33 KB, 374x461, mike1.jpg)
    33 KB
    You arrive in class to find Shirou still not shown up.
    You try to ask the guys about this but no one has an answer.

    Mike walks into the room and starts class.

    "...and that is why you should never bring a duck and a beaver into a Dimensional rift."
    He says before the bells ring to signal the end of the days classes.
    "Okay guys, you're dismissed." He says as he walks out the door.

    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:00 No.18210669
    this if we tried even after a while with her it could lead to traumatizing and/or hiroshima
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/05/12(Mon)03:01 No.18210676
    Consult with Mike about seeing if Shirou's lost in his fudge mines.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:02 No.18210677
    Tell the team and the girls that you're going to go see if Shirou is okay. See if Gai wants to come along - he of all people should know how potentially deadly those mines are.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:02 No.18210679
    Shirou has been gone a bit too long for comfort, looks like we're going spelunking. Ask if anyone wants to volunteer to enter the chocolaty depths of the fudge mines in order to retrieve our dense companion with us. We will go it alone if we must.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:02 No.18210681

    "It's quite simple. I have entirely too much swag."
    "Swag. It's sort of a broad term for the sort of qualities that attract and enamor women. And I have a lot of it apparently."
    "Really now."
    "Bagged twins right off the bat. ever since then people have just been slowly drifting in. Last I counted there was like six different people crushing on me. One of them's a dude."
    "The crazy part is that they all seem willing to share! I honestly have no idea what I'm doing, but apparently I'm doing a damned good job of it."
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:02 No.18210683
    Gather the male portion of our team and maybe some members of Shirou's team, and lead an expedition.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:02 No.18210684

    find Shirou

    he may not be a bro, But we do owe him for the whole experimenting on him
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:02 No.18210687
    Yeah that's why I said wait for her to approach us about it and be more circumspect in matters but don't outright exclude her since she is smart enough to understand what is going on.

    We don't really want a rerun of the training exercise without the protection of shields etc
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/05/12(Mon)03:03 No.18210690
    Sounds about right
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:03 No.18210697
    if she asks this
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:04 No.18210701

    Get concerned that Shirou might have died in a cave in or something.

    Not for his sake, but if they find out this was originally us fucking with him we might be in for some serious shit.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:06 No.18210713
    hey we offered to remove the fudge and we didn't make him start mining
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:06 No.18210720
    I wouldn't say child, but not as far ahead as the rest of her mind is. The twins will probably explain any jokes she doesn't understand. What matters is we shouldn't treat her as less than them in any way. That's what almost got us blasted, remember?
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:06 No.18210721
    No because while Shirou isn't a great friend he is still a friend and we look out for friends.

    Also because he turns into Kurou san
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:06 No.18210723
    Second. See if Mike can get a fix on Excalibur's position.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/05/12(Mon)03:07 No.18210730
    Well, at the very least, he's a classmate, and we should care about our classmates.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:08 No.18210736
    so to settle this lets just call it when shes ready
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:08 No.18210739
    Should we bring Erica with us? On the one hand, she'd probably get off on an actual fudge mine.

    Or the other hand, I think we might turn around and see her chewing on the wall or something.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:10 No.18210754
    Pretty much what i had been trying to say from the start
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:10 No.18210757
    i can see it now she ends up chewing through a main support beam and the whole thing crashes down
    the traditional "rocks fall everyone dies" way to go
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:10 No.18210758
    Nah this sounds like a good operation for dudes only.

    Men's dorms and all.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:11 No.18210765


    Yeah, sure, let's go with that.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:11 No.18210766
    Bring her along I would like to see this.

    Really I think we should bring our team in general. Sakura and Erica would probably make better time through fudge walls than Shirou did
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:13 No.18210776
    Why not bring Shirou's team instead?

    Plus Lily has that radar thing which would probably be pretty helpful.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:13 No.18210778
    Look, this is a BRO operation.

    Sorry girls, you can be bros too, but not like that.

    I mean, if they catch wind of it, they can come along too, but we can have a little bit of male bonding time too.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:13 No.18210780
    It's best if we keep all the women away from the giant chocolate mine. I'm not sure our swag can overpower that.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:13 No.18210781
    Yeah he is like the idiot friend that at least one person always has, they put up with him and look after him because mainly you don't know what would happen to them otherwise
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:16 No.18210800
    This might be a good way to get to Lily when we decide to add her to our morning swag pile
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:16 No.18210801
    Yeah I'm thinking dudes only underground fudge rescue mission.

    Totally not homo, well maybe a little.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:17 No.18210806
    Except for Keima.
    Because for us he is gayer than nine guys screwing ten guys
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/05/12(Mon)03:18 No.18210817
         File: 1330935533.jpg-(29 KB, 640x360, 640px--SS-Eclipse-_Hayate_no_G(...).jpg)
    29 KB
    You grow concerned over Shirou's day absence.
    You don't want him lying dying in a pile of rubble because of the fudge you made.

    You catch up to mike to voice your concerns.
    "Hey Mike, still no sign of Shirou?"
    "Nope. I think he's just carving those amulets again in his mines."
    "But, noone's seen him since yesterday. I think he might have gotten caught in a cave in."
    "Hmnnn, I'll try and trace his device. Why don't you check out his room and report back in with me if you find him?"
    "Okay mike. I'll do that."

    You tell Erica your plans and tell her to hang out with Ursula for the rest of the day, you're unsure how she'd react in a tunnel of fudge, nor do you want to risk her getting caught in a cave in.

    On the way to the dorms, you find Gai, Kenji, Sousuke and Touma talking.
    "Hey man," Touma greets you, "We were off to check in on Shirou, wanna come?"

    "yeah. I was just on my way to do the same."
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:19 No.18210819

    As much as the idea amuses me, I just remembered where she's from.

    We really, REALLY, need to get Kenji laid. maybe not with Lily or anything, but he needs to mellow the fuck out before his head explodes.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:20 No.18210833

    This is going to be good.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:20 No.18210836
    Shit yes my body is so ready for this.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:21 No.18210837
    A breakup is what made him go crazy in the first place. Clearly the only way to make him sane is gender swap potion. It'll either cure him or kill him, but it'll be over one way or the other.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:21 No.18210838
    Send him to Billy's hardware store.
    They will have what he needs
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:21 No.18210843
    Bro Miner Squad ASSEMBLE.

    Also apologize to Gai for so heartlessly leaving him with a wide grin on our face.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:21 No.18210845
    That's actually his problem; he got laid, and it was horrible. Or at least nowhere near as good as he was expecting.
    Where's Keima?
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:21 No.18210846
    Shirou dug too deep and breached a rock candy deposit.

    Now sugar demons are pouring into his room.

    They are worshiping him as the strongest of their kind.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/05/12(Mon)03:22 No.18210849
    That is an encounter I would like to see.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:22 No.18210856
    *preparing for fudge traps*
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:23 No.18210862
    Guys I have to ask.

    Are we SERIOUSLY trying to have gay sex with Keima? Because we've got twins, Nahona for later down the line, and a few other girls who just need a push in the right place.

    It's funny to say "he's not a boy when he's wearing a dress" but yeah, he is. I'd rather not do that.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:24 No.18210867
    No, We're seducing him to the point where he wants to be a girl for us, then we'll turn him into a girl.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:24 No.18210872
    He is not a boy when he has a vagina. Or at least not in a way that will put us off.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:24 No.18210874
    Genderswap potion.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:24 No.18210876
    Either Goddess Mode makes him a girl (we aren't sure yet) or we finally perfect the genderswap potion and force/trick him into drinking it.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:25 No.18210885
    No we are seducing him so he drinks the gender swap potion so we can do him as a girl.

    The trolling is just funny because he takes it so badly
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:25 No.18210888
    Or we just leave it his room, clearly labelled, with a key to our room.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:25 No.18210889
    Does that make Wonka a Forgotten Beast?
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:26 No.18210895
    Guy who recently discovered a weirdass desire to brush a girl's teeth for fuck knows what reason here. Thanks to alcohol and sleep deprivation I actually managed to bring it up in conversation and she seemed actually sort of interested.

    Probably because I have been boring her sexually for like months but hey it's something at least.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:27 No.18210897
    Fudge was made by Kraus and fucking spacetime warped by something.

    So what would happen if Touma touches it?
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/05/12(Mon)03:28 No.18210906
         File: 1330936087.jpg-(61 KB, 450x281, 324685-bigthumbnail.jpg)
    61 KB
    The five of you arrive at the dorms and quickly make your way to Shirou's room.
    After a few unanswered knocks you open the door.

    Instead of the small cave of fudge you say back then, You find yourselves staring in at a colossal cavern.

    A moat filled with chocolate cuts the doorway off from the the rest of the place, a raised drawbridge on the other side.

    In the middle of the gargantuan space is a huge castle of fudge.
    Thick walls and tall towers stand over a large heavy looking door that seems to be made of gingerbread.

    Shirou is somewhere inside this fortress of sugar.
    And you must find him.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:28 No.18210910
    Probably not a whole lot. He might be able to dispell some of it or like, push his way through it making it disappear as he goes, but the sheer quantity is probably too much for him to just up and vanish at this point.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:28 No.18210911
    Let's have him not try that shall we? The idea of everything that was potentially brought into the mine suddenly occupying the space we're in terrifies me.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:29 No.18210919
    I like this idea.
    Just go on the charm offensive until he cannot take it anymore bursts into our room downs the potion and jumps on us
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:29 No.18210921

    Shirou seems to be doing fine guys, let's go back to our rooms and study.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:30 No.18210925
    son of a bitch

    >captcha: not Zardos

    good to know, thanks captcha
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:31 No.18210936
    He's probably all dwarf fortress up in this shit but we ought to get in, make sure he's ok, and tell him that everyone misses him so at least come visit from your subfudgranian fortress.

    See if there is a fudge horn to blow to obtain entry or something of that ilk. If not we can obtain entry other ways, we don't want to make a fuss so a flight to the other side, invisibility if there are fudge golems patrolling and then opening the bridge.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:32 No.18210938
    Shirou cancelled Attend Class
    Strange mood
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:32 No.18210939
    >boring her sexually

    Pop on over to /d/ and ask for ideas.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:32 No.18210942

    Let's do this.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:32 No.18210950
    Let's never mention this place to Erica
    We would lose her forever
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:33 No.18210954

    ...We're gonna need backup.

    Call some more of the guys. Maybe Jun and Negi.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:34 No.18210961

    "Kraus, how EXACTLY did you generate this much fudge?"

    OH HELL.

    Kraus accidentally linked the fudge to our magic, so the fudge is continuously being expanded by draining our magic at a regular rate.

    It truly is an infinite field of fudge.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:34 No.18210967

    He could probably stand to spend some time interacting with Not Shinku for a while. Sounds like a good idea.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 03/05/12(Mon)03:35 No.18210968
         File: 1330936501.jpg-(20 KB, 425x228, zzz to be continued.jpg)
    20 KB
    Dorf Fudgetress

    New thread at around 0600 4chan time
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:35 No.18210972
    You know, if we can replicate this, our Bigger-On-The-Inside Swag Palace problems are halfway solved.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:36 No.18210983
    This makes a lot of sense.

    I prefer the A-chan idea of our power and it's source / drain but this seems right
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:37 No.18210987
    What's the A-chan theory?
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:37 No.18210992
    We would lose any woman in here forever. You know how they get around chocolate.

    It wasn't all Kraus's fault. There was some sort of fuckup related to Shirou's ability to make a reality marble. He was probably so mind blown at all that fudge that he inadvertently created Unlimited Fudge Works. Then his derp started him on the minecraft route.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:37 No.18210995
    Inb4 Shirou is fighting Willy Wonka for the thrown of this fudge castle.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:38 No.18211003
    No. Dwarf Fortress.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:38 No.18211009
    Basically our power is multipled by the amount of love we get from how many women we get.

    A-chan the girl that loves Hayate is heartbroken and draining our power
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:41 No.18211036
    seems legit.
    More girls = more power.
    And once we patch things up with A-tan we'll have infinite power
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/05/12(Mon)03:42 No.18211045
    Seems decent. Though I also like the idea that it's our future self leeching off our present self.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:42 No.18211046
    By that point our powers will be godly thanks to us having 90% of the women already anyway.

    Getting up in the morning will be an issue though
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:43 No.18211060
    Either way, it's Shirou that made this strange thing, not us. We made a few cubic meters of the stuff, but he's the one that created a reality marble out of it.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:44 No.18211066
    Well that only works if our majaik comes from somewhere outside of ourselves which is opposite to how it has been so far where it seems to come from within us
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:46 No.18211085

    "Girls, I really need to- no Nanoha, stop snuggle- Hina, that's my a- ERICA STOP NIBBLING MY- ah fuck it."

    We're going to have to time-travel to get any work done.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:46 No.18211086
    If she doesn't join the harem, she dies.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:46 No.18211090
         File: 1330937188.jpg-(33 KB, 320x337, Scientific_Progress_Goes_Boink(...).jpg)
    33 KB
    Maybe we can find some way to make copies of ourselves?

    Maybe Ursula knows a weird kid with spiky yellow hair, a red striped t-shirt, a stuffed tiger, and a cardboard box down in R&D?
    Pic related.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:47 No.18211102
    Unless we end up with the tenchi route.

    And I doubt by that point we would ever see pants again
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/05/12(Mon)03:48 No.18211103
    Oh fuck yes.

    Soon as we get the damn watch fixed.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:49 No.18211105
    And then perrine barges in on us after she transferred in.
    We so dead
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:49 No.18211108
    I can't wait to see the fucking Maginot Line of flowcharts we have to navigate to manage that.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:49 No.18211110
    Are you insane? If we copy ourselves, we'll also copy our swag. That'll draw in MORE bitches. Then we'll have to copy ourselves again, and again, and again. Eventually, we'll collapse in on ourselves like a black hole of swag. We'd suck in all things female in the universe, practically ending life across all dimensions.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:50 No.18211117
    She will be in the harem before then.

    This will probably be a year or two down the track in game
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:50 No.18211122

    That plan would backfire. The Hayate clones would hit our Swag and willingly go fem to be with us.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:51 No.18211131
    We did mention that possibility before.

    /tg/ seemed to like the idea
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:52 No.18211140
    Fem!Hayate was one of the first harem candidates. Whether it takes the Duplicator, or Time Dickery, it will very likely happen.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:53 No.18211148
    I for one think we will have enough to deal with without adding ourselves to the harem.

    One duplicate at most.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:53 No.18211150
    Didn't that spawn from us going to hit on our reflection which we later decided was actually a time traveling female version of ourselves?
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/05/12(Mon)03:55 No.18211166
    I'm still not sure.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:55 No.18211173
    we'd just attract ourselves with swag, and nobody else. Then it would be hayate X hayate X hayate forever
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:55 No.18211176
    I think that was just because Time Travel was, at that point, the only way for there to be more than one of us.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:57 No.18211186
    Hey guys, i just had an idea.

    What if we used our magic openly in non-magic dimensions, wait for it, and said we were making a movie?

    Shit, we could flat out tell them shit about the organization we work for and say it's part of the plot. Gai is basically like some sort of cross between batman and James Bond, we're his butler, and we stop the universe from ending. If we need more convincing we'll have Keima do some sort of villainous laugh, and I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts that Erica would LOVE to play the sexy evil second in command.

    We just hide everything we do behind 'special effects' and 'you can see the whole thing in theatres next spring'.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:58 No.18211190
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:58 No.18211194
    I really really really do not want to deal with more time travel shenanigans.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:58 No.18211199
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)03:59 No.18211204

    What's there to worry about?

    We bought a hat!
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)04:01 No.18211218

    The only reason it was an issue before was because we didn't know about it. It was spur of the moment, and now... Now that we know better and can plot it out in advance we'll be fine.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)04:02 No.18211221

    Imagine if we group up with our doppleganger for some task or something and we have to play out his viewpoint.

    On Rails, all day, 'ery Day. It's gonna be fucking boring.

    And a headache if we deviate.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)04:03 No.18211227
    I just hope we don't lose the hat sometime during the shenanigans.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)04:04 No.18211241

    I mean like if we're going to be running parallel or something. We don't HAVE to know there's another us in the area, but if we happen to spot him in the distance we'll know.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)04:05 No.18211248

    Or since we already know what happens we could skip over it.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)04:06 No.18211254
    Reporting back in, turns out I opened the fucking floodgates here. We've got a list of things to try almost a page long and a shopping list to match.

    Thanks for saving my relationship /tg/
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 03/05/12(Mon)04:09 No.18211273
    That would never fly with the Bureau.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)04:10 No.18211275

    What makes me even happier is I remember when /d/ discovered that this was apparently a fetish.

    Some guy said that most mundane activities would never work as fetish material, and I typed up a two paragraph penthouse letter about tooth-brushing on a whim.

    And then somebody went to see if Japan had already picked up on that shit.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)04:14 No.18211302
    Since no one archived this, I did it. I hope I didn't screw it up.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)04:18 No.18211333
    well done
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)04:21 No.18211350
    Thanks. It was my first time using it, and I was worried the description would be lame and too long. I guess it's adequate enough.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)04:49 No.18211586
    I didn't think we had that many people following this but we have a rough average of 20 votes per thread.

    Not huge but still larger than I thought
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)04:58 No.18211672
    Well it's a pretty good quest. not to mention LGs dedication of delivering 2 threads a day is astounding.

    That's like 30 chapters in 2 weeks
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)05:03 No.18211708

    Two weeks that have been playing merry hell with my sleep schedule.

    Seriously, the only quests I've liked more than this are Maid Quest and Strike Witches.

    Well, and the short-lived Cass Quest. Wonder what happened there.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)05:05 No.18211721

    >Cass Quest

    Yeah, that looked like it was going interesting places.

    Too bad it only made like two threads.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)05:07 No.18211735

    Fuck both of you.

    Where the hell were you When I made the third thread multiple times over the course of a week with no interest?

    Where were you on the six successive reboots?

    I can't run a fucking quest if nobody plays you fucks.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)05:12 No.18211771
    I know it is great, luckily I am on break now so I have been here since thread 1 and have loved how much he can roll with the crazy crap we pull out.

    I have said it a few times already but getting my idea to dapperize Ted picked up and ran with to the point of him being a permanent buddy
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)05:15 No.18211800
    He's as crazy as our crazy ideas.
    And its a good thing the setting is flexible enough to allow them.

    Goddamn dating seem anime high quest.
    I love this shit
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)05:20 No.18211860
    That's what is fun about this.

    That and the HUEHUEHUE moments, love them
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)06:13 No.18212245
    So when do you think the new thread's coming?
    >> Anonymous 03/05/12(Mon)06:31 No.18212345
    New thread is now.

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