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  • File: 1330513613.jpg-(237 KB, 604x652, MSWQ header.jpg)
    237 KB MAHOU SHOUNEN QUEST: Homecoming Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)06:06 No.18148053  
    Majaik, elegance, and an angry teaset. We have it all.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-LAST TIME=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

    Morning came too quick. Today is the last day of vacation. Today you head back to that place.

    After grabbing your folio. The three of you head down to AdMin to jump out.
    There, you voluntarily let the girls change you in an empty restroom into the clothes you got last night, they do the same.

    After the three of you change into contemporary clothes for your dimension you head out, and walk down to the stargate.

    -=-=-AND NOW =-=-=-

    You find yourselves in an all too familiar park.
    The wind blows through the trees on this decievingly beautiful morning.

    Just a couple more blocks down the road would be your apartment. In it, your bike.

    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)06:08 No.18148064

    oh god we must be extra careful here.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)06:14 No.18148094
    Check our potions.
    Do we have enough healing and luck stored?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)06:16 No.18148108
    Nope. I don't think we've actually made any yet, and since it drains the creator's luck on use, we can't use it ourselves anyway.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)06:17 No.18148112
    It drains our luck on creation, not on use.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)06:17 No.18148116
    Hood up, face forward, eyes open.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)06:21 No.18148135
    go to the apartment
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)06:27 No.18148164
         File: 1330514822.jpg-(236 KB, 663x812, hayate chart.jpg)
    236 KB
    You pull up your hood to hide your trademark lightblue hair, wishing you thought of dyeing it or something. grabbing the twins by the hands you head straight to your apartment.

    Nothing's gonna stop you from getting that bike.

    >chart updated
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)06:28 No.18148174
    Mentally prepare for assault.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)06:32 No.18148189
    Tell Kraus to begin scanning the area and tracking everything: if it's not the Twins or their Devices, it's to be tagged as a possible threat.
    Can he also scan for weapons?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)06:33 No.18148194

    this was a horrible idea...
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)06:35 No.18148205
         File: 1330515348.jpg-(21 KB, 450x675, mm_apartment_building_for_japa(...).jpg)
    21 KB
    You arrive at the building your apartment is part of.
    Before entering with the girls you take a quick look around the area.
    A couple of small trucks pass by on the road, carrying vegetables and fruit.
    A couple of kids playing on the sidewalk, throwing paper-shurikens at each other.
    The building across the street is still looming overhead ominously, same as ever.

    You walk up to the door and enter your password on the keypad. It slides open and lets you in.
    You pass by the small cubicle that often holds the apartment's landlord.
    Fukuya-san doesnt seem to be there today, he must be somewhere on business.

    In the lobby you consider taking the stairs or the elevator to your room on the 7th floor.

    [ ]elevator
    [ ]stairs
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)06:35 No.18148207
    Keep very close paranoid watch on everything. Warn the twins to keep on the look out. We are not staying here for a date, or a movie, or anything that involves staying in this hellhole crafted out of pure hate for US any longer than possible.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)06:36 No.18148215

    stairs slowly.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)06:37 No.18148219
    Stairs, take the stairs, the elevator will be full of Yakuza, or it will break, or something. Stairs. Also given that the landlord isn't here I'm betting that Yaks are in our room.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)06:38 No.18148225
    Stairs. Are we wearing our sword-belt?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)06:39 No.18148232
    Agreed, we take the stairs.
    Also, can Kraus do a scan of the area to see of there's an unusual concentration of people?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)06:40 No.18148238
    Surprised we did not end up with a cat ear hood. Make sure not to say that so the twins could hear though.

    Have a look around and see where we are then start heading towards our old home I guess
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)06:44 No.18148253
    >Surprised we did not end up with a cat ear hood. Make sure not to say that so the twins could hear though.

    Quite the opposite. THIS MUST BE SAID AND HEARD
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)06:46 No.18148263
    Not now! We're still in hostile territory, we need to remain quiet until we secure our objective and get to a safer area.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)06:47 No.18148266
         File: 1330516038.jpg-(56 KB, 614x409, 037-614x409.jpg)
    56 KB
    You decide on the stairs, remembering that the elevators have security cameras in them.
    You do not want to leave a trace of you being here.

    Slowly the three of you walk up the stairs.
    Not slow enough to be suspicious, just slow enough to be alert of your surroundings.
    To feign suspicion you engage in smalltalk with the girls.
    "So girls what do you want to do in my Dimension? We have a whole day after we grab my stuff. We can do anything you want"

    "I dunno, maybe look around if possible, see some sights." Erica says.
    "I would like to go to that amusement park you talked about Hayate." Ursula replies.
    "okay, well do that." you tell them

    You climb on.

    Yes you are.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)06:47 No.18148267
    We don't want to give them suggestions at this point.
    Doubtless they would hear us even thinking it anyway
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)06:49 No.18148273
    >inb4 stairs turn into SCP-087 on way down
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)06:50 No.18148276
    Still saying we need Kraus to be acting as our soliton radar, to warn of any incoming hostiles.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)06:50 No.18148281
    > cat ear
    > not superior bunny ear
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)06:51 No.18148284
    ...I don't even have to check the link to know which one that is.
    I have a love-hate relationship with creepy stuff like that.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)06:54 No.18148294
         File: 1330516453.jpg-(285 KB, 1000x688, comm3.jpg)
    285 KB
    You arrive at the hallway leading to your apartment.
    It's as dingy as ever, peeling paint on the walls. the third light from the elevator still broken.

    You walk to your room.
    A few doors from yours, you hear loud music being played no doubt by that delinquent you've seen on occassion.
    The room next yours where Minakami-san, an officelady, lives is closed as expected.
    The formerly empty room on the other side seems to have had someone move-in. The new nameplate and the empty boxes on the door indicate so.

    You are now infront of your door.

    WAT DO?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)06:55 No.18148297
    Cat ear hoods are a common "cute" item
    Bunny ears are more cosplay and fetish.

    Anyway never seen one of those cat ear hood jumpers?
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)06:55 No.18148299
    SCP? its a branch of the bureau.
    Theyre basically the arcane/paranormal artifacts vault/prison

    Located off-site to protect the Bureau itself.
    Maybe who knows, in advance training theyll teach you how to effectively handle artifacts
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)06:55 No.18148300
    Take a Kraus knife, stick it under the doors of the rooms, especially the formerly empty one and our own. Make sure there is no one in either room. Worst case scenario we time stop/invisible grab bike and leave.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)06:56 No.18148308
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)06:57 No.18148310
    Get kraus to scan the area
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)06:59 No.18148315
    Now I imagine Mike playing a prank on another Bureau member, only for a monkey statue to appear in his room the next day...
    All his weapons have become dull.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)07:02 No.18148329
         File: 1330516953.jpg-(149 KB, 640x426, 11-8-2.jpg)
    149 KB
    You ask Kraus to do a quick scan of the immediate area.

    "TWO IN THERE" he indicates the newly occupied room.
    "FOUR IN THERE" talking about the room where the music is coming from.
    "AND ONE IN THERE." ,Minakami-san's place.

    You thank him for the information and ask him to keep actively scanning.


    <vending machine on balcony wtf
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:03 No.18148333
    For some reason mike seems a but too genre savvy to ever get caught in a prank.

    He might still pull some but he remains in the sidelines enough that not one ever sees it as him
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:04 No.18148340
    No one in? Check for explosives and other equipment.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:05 No.18148343
    Open the door to our room, preferably from a distance and behind cover, see if we can make it look like it wasn't closed properly rather than someone opening it.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:06 No.18148351
    Four people in which room, Ours?
    Keep watch on the rooms and sneak in to get our bike.

    We kept our key right? Not like we expected to go out and never return
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:06 No.18148352
    ><vending machine on balcony wtf
    Could be a living Vending Machine.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:09 No.18148364
    Could be a common room with the vending machine on the balcony.

    They do have them in Japan
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:10 No.18148367
    No, the delinquent's room.
    I think we should stick a knife under and see if Kraus can see anything like that.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)07:10 No.18148369
         File: 1330517455.jpg-(91 KB, 500x286, 2627246525_5e9209f6a2.jpg)
    91 KB
    "Kraus, can you scan for explosives or electronics?" you ask him.
    "Maybe we could help?" Ursula says as she takes out victor.
    Victor does a scan of the floor, he fins nothing except the regular electronics of the neighbors and the security camera pointed at the elevator.

    Your room in all intents and purposes, is clean.

    [ ]go in
    [ ]other
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:11 No.18148374

    go in get bike.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:11 No.18148376
    Open door, invisible, have sisters hide out of site. If coast is clear grab bike.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:11 No.18148377

    scan your home for anything suspicious Yakuza might be monitoring it.

    is there a chance that the parents come along to push more dept on us?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:13 No.18148381

    this seems the safest way for now
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:14 No.18148384
    They didn't know where we ran to.
    They dumped the debt on us and we ran with our bike.

    I just thought we never did find out what Matsuri's device or powers were
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:14 No.18148385
    Guys, this sounds like a trigger situation.
    Shit will go down once we have the bike. But we should be safe until then.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:15 No.18148393
    Room is clean. Noone, and nothing inside.
    Read the posts by LG.

    [ ]go inside.
    Standing in the hallway this long is bad juju
    going invisible right now might waste time we could need later.

    Just go in, sit quiet inside. pack bag in folio. go out.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:16 No.18148397
    That's why we are looking for the quickest clearest way out
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:17 No.18148398
    Not to mention a pair of hot German twins in a Japanese apartment will stick out like a sore thumb.

    After this lets go to a crowded city.
    Tokyo or someshit
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:20 No.18148410
    I now imagine a full-scale scenario with a Werewolf attacking us because of our "unnatural" magic, then a vampire (who's actually the boss of the "nice people") demanding our money only for a Changeling to appear and us ending up in the Hedge.
    Then the three magical girls appear and rape the true Fae.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:20 No.18148411
    In that region especially
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:21 No.18148413
    especially what?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:23 No.18148421
    The twins sticking out like a sore thumb.

    We lived in a run down apartment and we are walking around with two girls who look far too good to live or know people in this sort of area
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:26 No.18148425
    LG is eating rice balls again?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:29 No.18148434

    its a sign that we're boned bigtime.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)07:33 No.18148446
         File: 1330518789.jpg-(49 KB, 640x480, tatami.jpg)
    49 KB
    >[x]go in

    You tell the girls to head down the hallway, and back into the staircase, you'll keep mental contact with them.

    You turn invisible.
    Opening the door, you pause to see if anything happens
    You walk into the small, empty six tatami room.
    The window is covered by thick brown sackloth, preventing anyone in the building across the street to see you.
    A bag of garbage is in the corner, you were unable to take it downstairs on the day you met Mike.
    There is no futon, no bed. Just the floor.

    There, on a hook, hangs your old jacket.
    You got it the first day you went into hiding, when you were forced to sleep in a park. You found it on a bench.
    2 sizes too big, and with holes in the elbows, it still kept you warm enough on those cold nights.

    To one side, is the closet. Completely empty save for a few clothes you bought prior to moving in.

    And there, leaning against the wall is your bike.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:35 No.18148450
    Grab the bike, and get he fuck out.
    If we can extend invisibility to the bike, do so, otherwise, go visible.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:35 No.18148451
    We may as well grab the jacket, just because, and grab the bike, carefully, hopefully it's not attached to a bomb, speaking of that, make sure the bike isn't attached to a trap, then grab bike/jacket.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:36 No.18148458
    Grab our bike and leg it
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:38 No.18148462
    Nope leave the jacket, it's a trap and not the kind we are.

    Bike and leg it
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)07:44 No.18148482
         File: 1330519455.jpg-(12 KB, 250x250, fuji_nevada_5_0_light_blue_mou(...).jpg)
    12 KB

    Your trusty, blue bike.
    You bought this mountain bike when you were 13 years old.
    You had to work for two months at a small ramen shop in Tokyo, cleaning dishes and doing deliveries, just to be able to pay for it.

    You remember the joy you had when you first rode it.
    The pride you had as you pedaled it down the street.
    You maintained and cared for it fanatically. Never leaving anything to chance.
    You remember having to eat nothing but rice and nori paste for a week to get new tires for it.

    It helped you get jobs, mostly as a messenger, sometimes as a deliveryguy.
    you touch a dent in its frame. It was the result of you being almost run over by a truck, the crash broke your left wrist.
    You spin the pedals and wonder how many miles you have gone on them

    This bike used to be your only friend.
    You had no connection to anyone else in this world, save for this bike.

    As you look upon these bitter sweet memories, you begin to tear up again.

    The joy of having friends.
    The comfort of a warm room.
    The stability of a life not working yourself to the bone.
    The love of two wonderful ladies.
    These are the things you never had before.

    All you had back then was this bike.

    You finally let loose, unable to hold it in.
    The invisibility slipping off as your concentration broke.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:45 No.18148489
    Shit, hit time stop and bunnymode and get the hell out of there.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:46 No.18148494
    No time for tears!
    Operation Bikelift takes precedence!
    Get. The. Fuck. Out.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)07:48 No.18148502
         File: 1330519736.jpg-(42 KB, 640x360, 640px--SS-Eclipse-_Hayate_no_G(...).jpg)
    42 KB
    The twins must have sensed the sudden change in your mood, and they call out to you mentally.

    'hey you alright?'
    'Is anything the matter?' they ask

    You try and fake it, doing the best to compose yourself.
    'N-no it's nothing. I'll be right out.'

    But the tears won't stop.
    a moment later both of them barge into your room.
    They close the door, and both of them have thier arms around you.

    "It's okay. It's okay. We're here."
    "Just let it out."

    [ ]let it out
    [ ]hold it in
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:50 No.18148508
    Hold it in. for now.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:50 No.18148509
    Let it out
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:50 No.18148512
    [x] Hold it in. We gotta move, man.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:51 No.18148514
    hold it in for a dramatically long enough pause, then let it come out stronger than before.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:52 No.18148516
    Let it out while we are relatively safe. We can't have this creeping up on us during a dangerous situation
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:52 No.18148517
    Hold it in, we can't possibly lose our composure in the presence of our ladies. What kind of butler would we be if we didn't?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:53 No.18148521
    We have already done it in the past, no biggie to do it now.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:54 No.18148525
    rolled 85 = 85

    Rollan to let it out
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)07:55 No.18148530
         File: 1330520109.jpg-(8 KB, 175x233, apartment_door.jpg)
    8 KB
    After a few more moments in thier embrace you finally calm yourself.
    The two say nothing as they help you pack.
    You slip your bike into the folio, and Ursula does the same to the clothes from the closet.
    You pull down the old jacket and fold it to put it away.

    As the three of you are ready to walk out the door, there is a knock.
    "Hello? this is the police. We would like to ask you some questions."

    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:56 No.18148536
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:57 No.18148537
    rolled 38 = 38

    Time stop and GTFO

    Doesn't matter if they are legit we aren't spending our
    last day in a situation where we could attract the attention of the yakuza we ran away from
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:58 No.18148542

    Didn't we have the ability to teleport back to the Bureau at will?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)07:59 No.18148550
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:00 No.18148552
    It took five minutes to get us back from Strike Witches. I don't think we have five minutes.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:00 No.18148553
    Needs an open space. takes 5 mins to lock in.
    Like in the SW universe, where we ported out on the beach
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:02 No.18148566
    > didn't let it out
    Also check if really policia
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:03 No.18148567

    Right then.

    Timestop, bunny mode, grab girls, fly saucer out of the building, and try to find somewhere reasonably hidden before time restarts.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:07 No.18148576
    Guys, why are we spamming magical solutions here when everything bar our invisibility is flashy enough to get us badly penalised?

    Seriously, what the hell?

    We pretend we're not here. Absolute silence. If they break and enter, they're not police, and therefore we kick some asses in hand-to-hand and make a run for it.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:08 No.18148577
    rolled 75 = 75

    Bunnymode + saucer does nothing
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)08:08 No.18148578
         File: 1330520894.jpg-(29 KB, 231x267, carding-foreigners.jpg)
    29 KB
    Holding the twins' hands, you top time.
    You open the door to reveal a pair of policemen.
    A young one and an older man with glasses.
    The older of the two has a radio out, the younger man has his hand poised to knock again.

    After closing the door three of you run down the hall to the stairs.
    You take the steps two at a time. Erica keeping up with you just fine but Ursula having some difficulty.
    You are now at the 3rd floor.
    [50 seconds}
    You ponder if it's safe to release your hold on time now.

    [ ]release time
    [ ]continue hold
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:09 No.18148582
    Uh, if we use our magic while timestopped, nobody sees it?
    [x] hold
    They probably have the local area under surveillance.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:09 No.18148584
    rolled 26 = 26

    Hold it until we are clear of this building
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:09 No.18148585
    If we release now, we might breach masquerade.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:10 No.18148590
    I say we release.
    we might need a few seconds later on
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:12 No.18148595
    Pickup ursala if we need to and don't release yet
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:16 No.18148612
    Also we need to be prepared to use our smokescreen at anytime, its something we could probably get away with and it will be useful for escaping
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:18 No.18148625
    "Kraus, can you scan again? I want to make sure the cops aren't Yakuza in disguise with more hiding in wait for us."
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)08:19 No.18148626
         File: 1330521544.png-(935 KB, 912x684, street.png)
    935 KB
    You decide not to risk it.
    You pick up Ursula with one arm and run faster down the stairs, Erica keeping pace step for step.

    [40 secs]
    You arrive at the lobby, still no-one there.
    You walk out to the sidewalk and find a policecar parks on the street.

    YOu are now a block away form your apartment.
    Erica is panting hard from trying to keep up with you. Ursula is looking at your face in concern.

    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:20 No.18148631
    Release the time stop, time to let the girls calm down, then go to an amusement park.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:20 No.18148633
    Find a hidden spot and drop it.
    Toilets or some other small space preferably
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:20 No.18148634
    Duck around a corner and drop timestop.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:21 No.18148638
    unfreeze and wait for ursula to get her breath back then continue in a direction that is away from our apartment and if possible towards the amusment park. Aleviate any concerns the girls may have while traveling
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:22 No.18148650
    You mean Erica. She's the panting one because she had to keep up with our AMAZING LEG MUSCLES.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:24 No.18148661
    Duck around a corner and unfreeze time. Let Erica catch her breath.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)08:29 No.18148683
         File: 1330522169.jpg-(97 KB, 1000x1000, Erica & Ursula Hartmann.jpg)
    97 KB
    You find an abandoned alley, and walk inside. You finally release time.
    Setting Ursula on the ground, you give her and Erica a nice warm hug.

    "Are you okay now Hayate?" Ursula asks
    "yeah. I am now." you turn to Erica. "hey, how are you holding up?"
    "you... run.. too.. fast..." she says as she pants.

    After a few more minutes, she finally returns to normal And the three of you resume to walk down the street.

    "So girls where do you want to go?"

    ***ROLL EM! 1d3***
    1 amusement park
    2 walk around
    3 other
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:30 No.18148686
    rolled 3 = 3

    Amusement parkuda
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:30 No.18148688
    The mystery option!
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:31 No.18148689
    rolled 1 = 1

    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:31 No.18148694
    rolled 1 = 1

    small d in dice.
    Also AMusement park!
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:31 No.18148695
    rolled 2 = 2

    Huh, it's case-sensitive?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:32 No.18148699
    rolled 3 = 3

    Always has been
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:33 No.18148702
    rolled 3 = 3


    Amusement park
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:34 No.18148706
    rolled 1 = 1

    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:34 No.18148708
    rolled 2 = 2

    Home to the bureau. Apologize about the park, but with the police involved, it's probably not a good idea.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)08:35 No.18148711
    rolled 1 = 1

    >its a tie for amusement park and OTHER

    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:40 No.18148732
    Looks like we're going to the amusement park!
    We've got to take the girls on a roller coaster, an maybe they'll have that teacups ride.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:40 No.18148737
    rolled 3 = 3

    Amusement park!
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)08:41 No.18148741
         File: 1330522899.jpg-(163 KB, 1600x1067, On the go.jpg)
    163 KB
    The girls, Ursula in particular, are interested in seeing an amusement park.
    You decide to get out of this isolated suburb as fast as possible.
    You set your sights on Tokyo, about 20 mins away.

    Now you decide.
    Do you risk being spotted at a train station?
    Or do you risk getting cornered in a taxi?

    [ ]train
    [ ]taxi
    [ ]other
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:43 No.18148746

    Would rather avoid the train groping scenario
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:44 No.18148752
    Don't we still have bike-chan? Do they have bike racks on Tokyo taxis?
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)08:45 No.18148761
    BIke chan is in the folio.
    Same as you did with the Flying Dutchman war bike when headed home from the SW universe.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:46 No.18148766
    [x] Taxi. Wait, do we have money?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:47 No.18148769
    In that case [✓] train. I'm hoping to get into a groping scenario where we either defend our women or, even better, are the ones being gropes in our cute skirt.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:47 No.18148770
    Pretty sure we got some before we left
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:48 No.18148779
    They would target Ursula or us.

    I prefer the idea of avoiding that, I like tormenting hayate as much as the next person but only when it is the girls
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:49 No.18148785
    If they target Ursula, both Hayate and Erica kick their ass. If they target Hayate, he blushes and tries to keep quiet, then Erica crushes their balls. It should be fun either way.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:50 No.18148789
    [x] train
    More public, and Yakuza know enough not to make a public scene.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:51 No.18148790
    If they target Hayate just turn to them and say "I'm a man"
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:51 No.18148791
    There's no way we can afford a taxi. I doubt they accept guptas and yonks here. We'll have to either take the train or ride them there on our handlebars.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:52 No.18148797
    Did we bring the flying dutchman?
    If yes then we can go to Tokyo on bikes.
    Ursula riding with us, and Erica on the dutchman
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:53 No.18148800
    bureau badge acts as a credit card.
    I think we can use that in a taxi

    lets ask Kraus if we can generate cash
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:54 No.18148805
    Theres no way erica will be able to keep up with us on a bike, we ride faster than a high speed car
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:55 No.18148809
    I can just picture LG sitting here laughing at his screen
    like Yagami Light watching his plans come together and us being so paranoid
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:56 No.18148813
    Actually, that reminds me that we should hit up an ATM before we enter the park, so that we have some spending cash.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:57 No.18148817
    How close is the train station from here?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)08:58 No.18148825
    Good idea, carnivals wont take credit and I doubt they will have ATMs around
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:00 No.18148832
    Not a carnival, but a full-blown amusement park like Six Flags or Universal, from the sounds of it. And they *definitely* take credit.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)09:02 No.18148843
         File: 1330524169.jpg-(115 KB, 801x1200, 5540093-japanese-yen-coins-on-(...).jpg)
    115 KB
    Im not laughing.
    Im waiting.

    waiting for you to make a consensus for now.

    before you make a decision on your mode of transport, you remember that you have no cash on you.
    So used are you now of paying with your Bureau badge for everything in town and the PX that you forgot to ask Mike how to acquire cash.

    'Hey Kraus. I dont have a single yen on me. How do i get money from my Bureau account?' you ask him


    You do as you're told and feel the wight of 50,000 yen in bills and change in your pocket.
    'Thanks man.'
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:03 No.18148846
    Problem solved.
    Go go hilarious train groper scenario!
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:05 No.18148854
    Okay then.
    Let's take the train.
    The Japanese Rail system is one of the most punctual in the world; it should impress the Twins that someone else could equal Teutonic precision.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:06 No.18148858
    Dammit go and ruin my image of you as an evil mastermind then.

    Was enjoying that train of thought
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:07 No.18148862
    Yeah the rail network is brilliant over there.

    Might as well go for it and have hayate get even more attention then
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:13 No.18148891
    >The Japanese Rail system is one of the most punctual in the world; it should impress the Twins that someone else could equal Teutonic precision.
    Especially as they are German.
    German trains constantly come to late.
    Not that I'm one to talk. I was once responsible for stopping a train. My friends blocked the door with their bikes when I noticed that I forgot to buy a ticket. The train driver shouted at us.

    Busses are worse. They NEVER even have a semblance of being punctual. Five minutes early, five minutes late, sometimes even skipping a whole round. Though that's mostly experience from Dortmund, which has horrible public transportation.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)09:13 No.18148896
         File: 1330524837.jpg-(455 KB, 1280x960, 518638.jpg)
    455 KB
    >train it is.

    You lead the girls to the train station, there, you board the first train headed to inner tokyo.

    The train is pretty much desserted, seeing as the morning rush hour is way over.
    Just about a dozen people in the car as you are in.
    The men in the car sneaking peeks at your two lovely ladies. Erica loving the attention and Ursula shying away from it.
    Both hold move in closer to you whenever someone looks your way.
    On guy in particular, wearing a backpack, glasses and a rat-tail seems to have sprouted a nosebleed when Erica gave you a tight squeeze as he was looking.

    About 5 mins away from your destination

    but the concensus isnt the only thing im waiting for.
    Im waiting for a lot of things.
    for you to trigger one of my scenario flags, for you to make a bad decision, for you to fuck up.
    Im waiting for a lot of things.
    >> Rei !p8eYCadcMo 02/29/12(Wed)09:15 No.18148902
    Japanese trains have female-only carriages. Won't stop us getting groped, since I expect Erica and Ursula will be doing the groping.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:16 No.18148910
    I'm kind of disappointed that Hayate's not getting as much attention as the girls.

    Anyway, don't let our guard down just yet.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:17 No.18148913
    And that's why I love it.

    Just like Papa-N
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)09:18 No.18148926
         File: 1330525108.jpg-(193 KB, 500x367, 3339275531_ea0176720d.jpg)
    193 KB

    About 5 mins away from your destination, you hear a ruckus from the other end of the car.

    You look to see a delinquent looking guy standing over a girl with pink hair.
    "Hey baby, Lets go somewhere, just you and me."
    "No. Now please, you are disturbing the other passengers, and making a fool of yourself. please stop." she answers.
    The other males in the car look but make no move to assist the girl.

    WAT DO?
    [ ]help
    [ ]don't help

    Also how exactly do you help her?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:18 No.18148928
    Not every train has a dedicated female carriage.

    And that would remove any chance of fun if we were to get out of it that easily
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:18 No.18148929

    In the rest of Europe, we're happy if public transportation is +- 30 mins
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:19 No.18148936
    >[✓] Help.

    We're big damn heroes. Dressed as a girl.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:20 No.18148939
    Wait for him to make a move then help her.
    Quick takedown, no weapons or anything flashy if possible
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:21 No.18148950
    [x] Help
    Timestop, undo his pants, give him a wedgie, and tie his shoelaces together, then return to position.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:21 No.18148952

    If it's who I think it is, we really really, don't even need to help out.

    But go up there: "Excuse me sir but you're disturbing her and everyone else in the cabin."
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:21 No.18148953
    Ah, the fucking Japanese social blinders at work again.

    Wait for him to make threatening motion.
    That's when we run at him and deliver a flying kick to his head.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:22 No.18148958
    Here in Germany we complain when we need to wait more than twenty minutes for the train.

    Though I did have a hilarious moment when I watched a Japanese movie where a girl complained about being in a village in the middle of nowhere - Because the train only came once an hour.
    In the village that I'm living in, it's once every two hours. But this village is quite shitty. We've got five supermarkets, six hairdressers, about four fuel stations and neither cinema nor any interesting stores.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:23 No.18148960
    Goddammit no.
    First, we're very limited on Time Stop now.
    Second, that's the kind of public majaik use that, while it's not enough to get us kicked out of the Bureau, is still enough to get us hauled up in front of a disciplinary hearing.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:23 No.18148963
    Are we still dressed as a girl?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:25 No.18148968

    It's our disguise for being home to avoid the yakuza, this is a trigger to get them interested in us as this persona and we are going to charge in anyway because we won't leave a lady in trouble
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)09:26 No.18148976
         File: 1330525597.jpg-(42 KB, 425x318, manila-style-jeepney-1_48.jpg)
    42 KB
    well since were talking about public transport.
    Here in the phils the trains throughout manila run decently on time. one every ten mins.

    Buses are a good option, they dont run a on a schedule and multiple busses for the same destination ply the roads at any given time.

    There are no trains linking manila to the outer lying provinces. most of the travel is by bus.

    Also there's the jeepney. its good cheap, and fun as hell to ride at 1am and drunk as a skunk
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:28 No.18148984
    Okay, we're mostly all agreed on helping the girl, but method is all over the place.
    You might need to put up some options for people to vote.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)09:32 No.18148999
         File: 1330525961.jpg-(32 KB, 500x312, hayate-no-gotoku-102-prev.jpg)
    32 KB

    You stand up from your seat from between the girls and make as if you were headed for the door. You continue observing the situation.

    "How rude. Just stop being an idiot and shut-up."

    YOu see him reach inside his pants pocket.
    YOu dont even wait to see what it was he was reaching for, you go in.

    At the same time you grab his elbow and pin his arm behind him, the girl unleashes a vicious punch right into his stomach.

    The blow actually sent the shockwaves into you.

    "You didnt have to intervene you know." she says as ou hold up the now unconcious man. "i could have taken him out myself. What if you got hurt?"

    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:33 No.18149006
    Well efficiently and without and majaik / flashiness is best.

    Less chance we will get into trouble with the bureau
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:34 No.18149012
    Sorry but I hate seeing people get harassed and I wasn't sure you could defend yourself
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:35 No.18149017
    "It wouldn't have been been the first time, and I can handle myself too. Besides, how was I to know you could do that? I would rather err on the side of safety."

    Also, say it all in a girl's voice.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:35 No.18149019
    raise eyebrow and throw the question back at her putting emphasis on the you
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:36 No.18149024
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:36 No.18149025

    "But I didn't know that. Better safe than sorry, no? Letting a girl like you get scarred would be unacceptable."
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:37 No.18149030
         File: 1330526248.jpg-(55 KB, 224x257, Hope For Man.jpg)
    55 KB
    "You could have. But I didn't know that at the time. If we all only thought about ourselves, and not in helping others, then there would be no more heroes left in Man."
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:37 No.18149031
    Not everyone is as bold and prepared as you... although I would prefer they were. It is nice to meet someone else who can handle themselves.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:37 No.18149032
    You know we are still dressed as a girl right? She will probably think we are a lesbian... And there's our latest comic misunderstanding
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:38 No.18149040
    >H-I-N-A, Mankai, hai hai!
    >H-I-N-A, Hinagiku, hai hai!
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)09:44 No.18149069
         File: 1330526682.jpg-(8 KB, 300x168, images (18).jpg)
    8 KB
    "But I didn't know that. Better safe than sorry, no? Letting a girl like you get scarred would be unacceptable." You say in a female voice while still keeping your cool butler tone.
    "B-but I could do it myself!" She answers, flustered for some unknown reason.
    "I know that now. But i still would have helped you anyway."

    The train stops. You haul the man to the nearest police-box, and deposit him there with a note explaining the situation.

    As you walk away, with the twins at your arms, she calls out.
    "W-wait! What's your name?"
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)09:45 No.18149074
    >also ,goddamn you are too genre savvy
    or maybe im just predictable?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:45 No.18149077
    tsun tsun
    dere dere
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:46 No.18149080

    Thats the point.jpg
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:46 No.18149083
    "Hermione." then walk away all cool like
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:46 No.18149085
    Do we say Hayate and make her think:
    A - We're a crossdresser
    B - We have a dude's name
    Or say Susan and have her think:
    C - We're a lesbian
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:47 No.18149086
         File: 1330526823.jpg-(37 KB, 476x358, 1285229725854.jpg)
    37 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:47 No.18149090
    Hermione, at least we are somewhat used to being called it.

    It's Hayate, take a situation find the most outrageous outcome and apply it.

    You have the result 99.999% of the time
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:47 No.18149093
    rolled 44 = 44


    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:47 No.18149095
    No, let's use Hermione.
    Hermione Ayasaki.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:47 No.18149096
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:48 No.18149102
    rolled 51 = 51

    Meido Star?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:48 No.18149104
    Don't give a last name. much more mysterious.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:49 No.18149106
    I think the consensus is Hermione and walk off Coolly
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)09:56 No.18149135
         File: 1330527384.jpg-(52 KB, 704x400, hinagiku.jpg)
    52 KB
    "Hermione." You say as you walk away "I'm Hermione."
    "I'll see you around." you finish by throwing her a quick wave without looking.

    Her eyes follow your fleeting form until you're full out of sight.

    The three of you walk around, you actually had no idea which amusement park to go to, being that you've never been to one yourself.

    "hey..." Erica tugs at your arm. "When did they move the EIffel tower to Japan and paint it red?"

    She says as she points to the form of the Tokyo tower looming over the city.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:57 No.18149142
    "That's the Tokyo Tower, silly. It's a big radio tower."
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)09:57 No.18149144
    "Oh. We stole that during World War Three. That was some crazy stuff, let me tell you."
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)10:00 No.18149151
         File: 1330527603.jpg-(64 KB, 550x412, tokyo-tower-from-roppongi.jpg)
    64 KB
    You tell the twins about the Tokyo tower.
    As you finish explaining it, Erica says.
    "Can we go there?" Ursula nods in support.

    [ ]yes
    [ ]yes
    [ ]here's MY tokyo tower
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:00 No.18149154
    "Ah, that's the Tokyo Tower. It's a big radio tower that always gets destroyed in kaiju and disaster movies."

    Also, mentally contact Kraus.
    'Crap, man, I forgot I never went to an amusement park before. Can you hook up to the Internet and find a good one near here?'
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:01 No.18149159
    >[✓] Yes
    "It's a big tourist attraction. I've never been there before."
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:01 No.18149162

    And brace for craziness to ensue.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:01 No.18149164
    [x] Here's MY tokyo tower
    What the hell, we're overdue for some HUE.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:01 No.18149166
    [X] yes

    the second one because i don't trust option 1

    >shedunt same

    no captcha they ARE different.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:03 No.18149170

    >Doing it everyday

    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:07 No.18149190
    This but when we are at the top of the Tokyo tower
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)10:14 No.18149224
         File: 1330528493.jpg-(145 KB, 427x570, tokyo_tower2.jpg)
    145 KB
    "Anything you want." you tell them with a smile.
    You reach the Tokyo tower and ascend it.
    Erica marvels at the view, Ursula seems more interested in the cameras tourists are using.
    YOu quickly turn to Erica as Ursula is peering through one of th telescopes, "hey Erica, now that you've seen the Tokyo Tower, here's MY Tokyo Tower." and you make a motion of raising your skirt.
    This earns you a punch to the gut, and a whisper of "Too many people here, idiot."

    After about an hour in the observation deck you invite them for a meal inside FootTown, the tourist area at the base of the tower.

    After the meal you consider on what to do.
    [ ]park
    [ ]walk around
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:16 No.18149237
    >[✓] Walk Around
    They've probably never seen anything even remotely like a city the size of Tokyo before.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:18 No.18149254
    [x] Park
    That's why we're here.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:18 No.18149256
    Totally worth it

    Amusement park, we did promise Ursula we would take her one after all. And see about getting Ursula a digital camera while we are here, a rechargeable one
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:23 No.18149278
    Get Kraus to look up amusement parks we can go to.

    So not worth it. All it got us was a punch to the gut, not even a promise of funtimes later.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:25 No.18149289
    It was funny enough to do and got a reaction from Erica. Plus it will probably come up later
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)10:28 No.18149311
    Still unsure of where to go you quickly mentilate Kraus.
    'Hey man, you can access the internet here right?'
    'Cool. Can you find me maps to the nearest amusement parks? I'll destract the girls until you can get me some data.'

    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:29 No.18149316
    rolled 52 = 52

    Rolling for use of google maps I guess.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:30 No.18149324
    rolled 64 = 64

    Tempted to play some Uplink right now...
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:31 No.18149327
    rolled 67 = 67

    Best park go!
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:33 No.18149341
    rolled 79 = 79

    Could you imagine Kraus in that game?

    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)10:34 No.18149345
         File: 1330529647.jpg-(16 KB, 150x277, 3009_01.jpg)
    16 KB
    As you wait for Kraus to relay you the info you need, you walk around with the twins at the base of the tower.

    YOu see a small commotion
    A couple of men in black suits and sunglasses are approaching your way.

    WAT DO?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:34 No.18149349
    rolled 39 = 39

    Do nothing conspicuous but keep a watch over them
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:35 No.18149353
    rolled 62 = 62

    Head the other way all smooth and casual like.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:37 No.18149362
    Doesn't seem like someone after us, probably after Hina who has been following us
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:37 No.18149368
    rolled 8 = 8

    Walk, don't run, in a direction away from them.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:39 No.18149381
    >A couple of men
    discuss feminine problems with the twins
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:40 No.18149388
    Use mindlink for coordination. Or just Butler classyness.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:44 No.18149425


    These be Nagi's men.

    We be running into her by walking where we're headed right now.

    And maybe Maria.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:47 No.18149444
    Oh god the Nagi events will happen.
    The universe wants it to start but we want to take our twins to the amusement park
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:48 No.18149453
    rolled 58 = 58

    We can dip out at any time if we get five minutes alone.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:49 No.18149454
    rolled 90 = 90

    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)10:49 No.18149455
         File: 1330530543.jpg-(38 KB, 640x360, 640px--SS-Eclipse-_Hayate_no_G(...).jpg)
    38 KB
    Not wanting any trabble, you and the twins walk slowly and inconspicuously away.

    About a block away from the tower, you find yourselves in a park.

    You sit the girls down on a bench and offer to buy them some drinks from a vending machine you saw on the way in.

    There you find a little blond girl with pigtails being approached by two men.
    "Hey cutie, why are you all alone here?"
    You see one of them reach for her.

    [ ]help
    [ ]help
    [ ]360 then help
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:50 No.18149462
    rolled 13 = 13

    180, moonwalk, help
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:50 No.18149465
    rolled 50 = 50

    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:50 No.18149467
    360 then help.

    We all know we have to white knight it, it just wouldn't be proper not to
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:50 No.18149470
    rolled 29 = 29

    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:50 No.18149474
    rolled 48 = 48

    Voting for crossdressing Michael Jackson chivalry.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:52 No.18149482
    rolled 28 = 28


    [x] Help Normally
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:54 No.18149492
    >[✓] Help
    God damn it, we're reenacting Hayate's canon.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:54 No.18149493
         File: 1330530872.gif-(1.66 MB, 192x141, michaelmwing.gif)
    1.66 MB
    jp loved the gloved one
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:55 No.18149504
    rolled 20 = 20

    [x] help
    We just start walking up to them, since they're by the vending machines we want to get to.
    If the two guys disperse, fine, if not we can get the girl out of there.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)10:57 No.18149512
    Some forces in the universe are too big to stop, plot / fate seems to be one of them
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)10:59 No.18149524
         File: 1330531142.jpg-(38 KB, 640x360, 640px--SS-Eclipse-_Hayate_no_G(...).jpg)
    38 KB
    You do a 180, not wanting to get yourself into further trouble.
    As you take a step away your conscience yells at you.

    "Youre not just gonn aleave her like that are you?" angel hayate asks.
    "Yeah, In a few years she could be a real looker. Ripe for the picking." the devil hayate adds.

    You quickly moonwalk your way to the scene.
    There you deliver a quick punch to the man grabbing the girl and a swift kick to the other guy.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)11:00 No.18149534
         File: 1330531212.jpg-(35 KB, 640x360, 640px--SS-Eclipse-_Hayate_no_G(...).jpg)
    35 KB
    you then turn to the girl. "I WANT YOU [to go home]"

    YOu didnt notice the other man sneak up behind you and hit you with a baton he had hidden
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:00 No.18149536
    rolled 80 = 80

    I like the cut of Devil Hayate's jib.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:02 No.18149547
    rolled 80 = 80

    Aw Hell, Kraus was supposed to have our back on this.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:03 No.18149557
    He sorta dropped the ball there.

    Twins should be able to help us
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:03 No.18149558
         File: 1330531409.gif-(608 KB, 150x113, 1303368200810.gif)
    608 KB
    Sword Belt
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:06 No.18149573
         File: 1330531586.jpg-(41 KB, 388x295, clevergirl.jpg)
    41 KB
    we moonwalked so this couldn't happen!
    we were WATCHING behind us
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)11:07 No.18149586
         File: 1330531658.jpg-(40 KB, 640x360, 640px--SS-Eclipse-_Hayate_no_G(...).jpg)
    40 KB
    you wake up with the twins and a woman you dont know standing above you.
    "where is that girl?" you ask them grogilly.
    "what girl? the twins ask.
    "the little blond girl..." you say as you pick yourself up.

    "you mean nagi?" the unknown woman says.
    "I think she's being kidnapped again..."
    "WHERE DID THEY GO?" you interrupt her.
    "Err.. i think they went that way." she says as she points down the road.

    You tell the twins youll be back as soon as possible and sprint away, to take a shortcut through the park.

    When out of eyesight, you activate your armor and take out bike-kun.

    In the distance you see the speeding form of a dark blue car, just barely visible in it's rear mirror the top of a blonde head.

    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:09 No.18149600
    rolled 83 = 83

    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:09 No.18149603
    rolled 48 = 48

    Goddammit, Canon! Fuck you! Hayate was happy! Then you had to go and do this!

    Channel Hayate's anger into the bike.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:09 No.18149604
    Roll? For BIKE SKILLS!? As Hayate?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:09 No.18149605
    rolled 67 = 67


    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:10 No.18149608
    rolled 48 = 48

    Let's rape these guys with our teaset. Kraus will not be pleased, though.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:10 No.18149609
    rolled 67 = 67


    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:11 No.18149619
    Biiiiiiiiike Kuuuuuuuuuuuuuun ACTIVATE!
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)11:11 No.18149625
         File: 1330531893.jpg-(114 KB, 714x1136, k11.jpg)
    114 KB
    He still crashes.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:11 No.18149626
    rolled 71 = 71

    And I forget my dice
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:12 No.18149638
    rolled 19 = 19

    It's more his AC bonus is high enough to stand right up after the crashes
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:13 No.18149643
    rolled 17 = 17

    too high
    i try to fix
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)11:14 No.18149647
         File: 1330532043.jpg-(31 KB, 640x360, 640px--SS-Eclipse-_Hayate_no_G(...).jpg)
    31 KB
    You pedal like a madman.
    In a few seconds you've caught up with the car and have overtaken it.

    You stop right in the path of the car.

    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:14 No.18149649
    rolled 84 = 84

    Well nat1 is already a perfect success, I wanna know whay nat100 will do
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:14 No.18149652
    rolled 97 = 97

    Maybe we should add them.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:15 No.18149656
    Jump and kick through the wind screen
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:15 No.18149658
    rolled 45 = 45

    Get hit by a car.

    Maybe this wasn't the best plan after all.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:16 No.18149666
    Nat 1 is HUEHUEHUE
    Nat 100 is critical success
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:17 No.18149671
    Put away bike-kun. [dont want him getting run over]
    Position self to kick car
    Release time.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:17 No.18149673
    fair enough
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:18 No.18149679
         File: 1330532321.jpg-(110 KB, 604x453, NOT-SURE-IF-TROLL-OR-JUST-VERY(...).jpg)
    110 KB
    We've been using a high-good low-bad system for over 20 threads now.
    A nat1 is a critical failure.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:18 No.18149680
         File: 1330532324.jpg-(38 KB, 497x283, 500.jpg)
    38 KB
    rolled 58 = 58

    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:18 No.18149683
    rolled 26 = 26


    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:18 No.18149684
    Sounds like a good plan.

    Make it a missile drop kick
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:21 No.18149702
    rolled 43 = 43

    Stop time to put away Bike-kun, activate Kraus, put knives positioned to puncture car tires, go back to our position, deactivate Combat Mode, get ready to kick in windshield and un-stop time.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:21 No.18149709
    rolled 76 = 76

    It's Hayate, nat1 with bike is already a critical success
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:22 No.18149712
    rolled 17 = 17


    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:22 No.18149716
    Stop time, puncture tires, don't move.
    Make it look like the tires deflated themselves.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)11:23 No.18149721
         File: 1330532626.jpg-(30 KB, 640x360, 640px--SS-Eclipse-_Hayate_no_G(...).jpg)
    30 KB
    You stop time.
    You carefully put bike-kun on the sidewalk, making sure he wont tip over.

    You then take a running leap towards the car's windshield.
    [25 secs]
    You release time in midair.
    Stretching your foot out, you kick.

    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:24 No.18149733
    rolled 37 = 37

    This is, quite likely, a very bad idea.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:24 No.18149734
    rolled 9 = 9

    Let us see if we managed to pick up the technique from our bro.

    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:25 No.18149739
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:25 No.18149741
    rolled 92 = 92

    Fuck this shit.
    We broke the masquerade for no reason.
    Fuck you all.

    Rolling for how hard we get mindwiped.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:25 No.18149745
    rolled 4 = 4


    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:26 No.18149752
    rolled 43 = 43

    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:26 No.18149756
    rolled 10 = 10

    No one saw us stop time.
    If anyone was watching, all theyd see is a crazy amazing guy chase after a car on a bike, and jump kick it.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:26 No.18149757
    rolled 78 = 78

    son of a bitch
    guess it depends on if the watch is technology or magic
    ... alice's white rabbit was drugs, so not certain
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:26 No.18149759
    rolled 37 = 37

    we either destroy the car or ourselves
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:27 No.18149763
    rolled 46 = 46

    Pretty hard I guess.

    Also I think we are still mostly ok, no one pays attention to anything in Japan.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:28 No.18149777
    Are you all really that stupid?
    No one saw what we did while Time-Stopped, so it still falls under 'not being seen by the locals' loophole.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:29 No.18149785
    We were on our bike.
    Suddenly we were in midair, kicking their windshield in.
    This is blatantly superhuman AND magic use.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:30 No.18149794
    rolled 22 = 22

    Hayate gets away with a lot of crazy shit in the canon so i'm pretty sure we can handwave most things or nagi can sort it out with money as thanks for saving her
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)11:30 No.18149796
         File: 1330533014.jpg-(33 KB, 640x360, 640px--SS-Eclipse-_Hayate_no_G(...).jpg)
    33 KB
    >You really want that?

    You wake up in a plushly decorated room.
    Unsure how you got there.
    In the soft warm bed, surrounded by beautiful furniture, you feel no pain.

    All you feel is emptiness.

    >sad end
    [x] reload
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:31 No.18149810
    rolled 98 = 98

    I personally can't wait 'til we cross that point in time/space that we stop being the Past Hayate being sucked magic from, and start being the fucking annoying Future Hayate who sucks magic from his past self.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:31 No.18149811
    weather balloon swamp gas!

    also, is this the right car? just saiyan
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:31 No.18149819
    Do you think our superiors care?
    It's not about effect. It's about our own behaviour.
    Even if no one notices - Using magic that could very well be noticed is obviously a masquerade breach. Not paying attention is a danger to the bureau.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:32 No.18149821
    rolled 82 = 82

    ouch yo
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:32 No.18149828
    Its not blatant. It's not like people will see it and instantly think "wow that guy must be a magic superhuman" we can just tell people we're filming a movie and run away before they question us
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:33 No.18149834
    rolled 57 = 57

    No dude the effect is the only thing that matters.

    The Bureau plays fast and loose, they have the Doctor on staff after all.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:33 No.18149840
    rolled 96 = 96

    Yeah, the "It's SFX" thing goes through quite well in manga...
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:33 No.18149841
    If I saw a guy suddenly teleporting in front of my windshield and smashing is with his legs without getting hurt, I'd consider him superhuman.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)11:35 No.18149863
         File: 1330533304.jpg-(31 KB, 640x360, 640px--SS-Eclipse-_Hayate_no_G(...).jpg)
    31 KB
    >i will take that roll.
    YOu can clearly see the terror in the faces of the kidnappers as you impact the glass.
    Your momentum combined with the car's allowing you to go though cleanly.

    Your foot hits the driver square in the face, and a quick follow-up punch takes out the passenger.

    You pull the handbrake and skid the car to a stop.

    You get out of the car, and pull open the rear door.
    "Are you okay, milady?" you ask the little girl as you help her off.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:35 No.18149870
    There's no one else around, the only person who saw us would be the driver of the car, and his memories are going to be scrambled because we just busted the windshield of the car he was driving.

    Our behavior was to minimize the amount of blatant magic used and to set up a situation where we could accomplish an objective.

    Why weren't you complaining about that time when we used Time Stop to get away from the cops, then?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:36 No.18149876
    Holy shit I need to read this thing from the start.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:36 No.18149878
    We already used enough magic when we retrieved the bike.
    I dont think theyll notice a five second timestop
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:36 No.18149882
    rolled 90 = 90

    You'd be too busy being unconscious from the effects of the shoe sandwich to really notice or care.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:36 No.18149884
    >Why weren't you complaining about that time when we used Time Stop to get away from the cops, then?
    Because no one saw us at the time.
    I was in favor of not stopping the timestop inside of the house.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:37 No.18149890
         File: 1330533442.gif-(6 KB, 103x89, 1296681807333.gif)
    6 KB
    rolled 72 = 72

    >my roll
    >from when I cba'd to remove my dice
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:37 No.18149895
    >You'd be too busy being unconscious from the effects of the shoe sandwich to really notice or care.
    ...Are people in Hayate's dimension superhumanly tough or what?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:38 No.18149902
    rolled 42 = 42

    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:40 No.18149920
    Anime, I don't have to explain shit!


    anime physics fuck yeah! (if you ever got hit so hard it bodily flung you over 5 feet, whatever bones were in the way are pulverized.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)11:41 No.18149931
         File: 1330533666.jpg-(27 KB, 640x360, 640px--SS-Eclipse-_Hayate_no_G(...).jpg)
    27 KB
    "Yes." she answers you.
    You see the twins and the woman approaching you.
    "Nagi!" they yell..

    "I've decided." the girl, you now identify to be Nagi, says, "I want you to be my new butler!"

    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:41 No.18149940
    Well Hayate regularly gets the sort of beating that would kill a normal person, and has all sorts of people who can dish out and take all kinds of shit. So yeah?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:42 No.18149945
    rolled 46 = 46


    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:42 No.18149955
    Would love to but I must decline. I already have a job
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:43 No.18149958
    "I'm sorry, ma'am, but I am already employed."

    Also, we should still be in our Hermione disguise.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:43 No.18149959
    "I'm afraid I am currently indisposed with other obligations but I can assure you that when I return I would be glad to be your butler"
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:43 No.18149965
    rolled 14 = 14

    "I'm sorry, but I'm already thier butler." introduce the twins.

    Why do little blond girls always get attracted to us?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:43 No.18149966
    We didn't deactivate butler mode yet
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:44 No.18149970
    we are not we activated battle armour to save the girls
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:44 No.18149971
    No, I can't go for that, No can do I
    Oh, I can't go for that, No can do I
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:45 No.18149989
    We are like candy to little blond girls
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:48 No.18150019
    Ah, right, I forgot we did that.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)11:51 No.18150040
         File: 1330534264.jpg-(8 KB, 262x192, images (16).jpg)
    8 KB
    "Hey mike" The figure in the shadow of a tree says
    "He just made contact."
    "No... No. Minimal majaik."
    "2 witnesses."
    "Yeah yeah, leave it to me."
    "No, no. You don't have to. I still owe you for last time."

    And with that, Tama slunk back into the shadows.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:51 No.18150044
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:52 No.18150052
    ... let's gtfo of this dimension
    no good can come of hanging out here
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:53 No.18150055
    Well let's have our fun at the amusement park then go home. I dare say mike is gonna cover for us and we will definitely owe him those cigars
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:54 No.18150068
    We still owe Ursula and Erica a trip to an amusement park. But that can be done in any baseline Earth dimension.
    If it's late, let's just get the Hell out of here. We'll take the girls out on a proper amusement park outing during our next break, when we've been able to plan properly, and pick a dimension that DOESN'T want to screw us over at every turn.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)11:55 No.18150074
         File: 1330534524.jpg-(27 KB, 500x375, Gorilla_at_Work (1).jpg)
    27 KB
    A phone rings in Mike's office
    "I have been dreading this call, you know that?"
    "Is it bad?"
    "How many witnesses?"
    "can you wipe them before they blab?"
    "How much catnip do you need?"
    "Okay man. I'll see you on your next vacation."
    And with that Mike hangs up and takes out a cigar
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:56 No.18150086
    rolled 14 = 14

    So bro.
    Anyway, let's decline, though hit on her, I guess?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:57 No.18150094
    We don't just owe him a box of cigars, we owe him at least two, maybe three.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)11:59 No.18150115
    Natural order means we pretty much have to.
    Get Kraus to scan her for majaikal potential,
    and alert Mike that theres a potential recruit.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:01 No.18150127
    At least we left him an easier job of it.
    Still best brorilla ever
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:01 No.18150135
    rolled 100 = 100

    Was expecting "Hm. Took longer than I thought."
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:02 No.18150143
    Natural order only reimposed itself when we stepped into this dimension.

    Once we leave there will be a derailment simply because there is no us to carry out our role
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)12:02 No.18150147
         File: 1330534972.jpg-(36 KB, 640x360, 640px-Minna_has_two_hrtmanns.jpg)
    36 KB
    You wait to react until your twins are by your side.
    "I'm sorry, but I'm already thier butler." you tell her. "these are my mistresses, Erica and Ursula Hartmann."

    "Oh. Well, that's too bad." she answers, a bit fazed. "if you ever need employment, the house of Sanzenin will be open to you."
    "Thank you Milady." you bow to her.
    She notices you turn to leave, and stops you.
    "WAIT! Atleast let me show you my gratitude by having you over for dinner."

    [ ]accept
    [ ]decline
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:02 No.18150150
    Well. Retcon time?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:03 No.18150156
    rolled 89 = 89

    I apologise, but I believe we do not have time.
    I think. What is the time?
    As in, how long do we have?
    And are they okay with it?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:04 No.18150162
    I believe we can safely conclude that this dimension's out to get us.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:06 No.18150176
         File: 1330535167.jpg-(21 KB, 450x255, anime-hayate-robots.jpg)
    21 KB
    [x] Accept.

    Nothing bad ever happens at the Sanzenin residence.
    Nothing at all.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:06 No.18150178
    I know it's not exactly best gentlemanly behavior, but I think we need to decline.
    Events in this dimension are rapidly spinning out of our control.
    We've already used some majaik, and while minimal, we'll still get docked for it. Let's get out now while we can.

    "I must apologize, however we have a previous engagement. Perhaps some other time."
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)12:06 No.18150183
    AACTUALLY there's Hayate's brother.

    But that's a story for later time
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:06 No.18150186
    and FLEE
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)12:08 No.18150198
    Time is around... oh idk. 3pm
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:08 No.18150204
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:09 No.18150211
         File: 1330535354.jpg-(39 KB, 293x234, outoutoutout.jpg)
    39 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:10 No.18150225
    Awesome, this should be interesting. Also, I want to see how entangled we end up in our own canon.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:11 No.18150228
    Well we did want to see the amusement park so how about we do that then have dinner?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:13 No.18150244
    Doesn't she have an amusement park?
    One that she never goes to, and the employees
    are always really bored?
    Or was that some other show?
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)12:16 No.18150269
         File: 1330535772.jpg-(255 KB, 638x900, ae31825a38c4bf65a7368c6bc56c41(...).jpg)
    255 KB
    Not wanting on your time with the twins cut down any further, you answer
    "I must apologize, however we have a previous engagement. Perhaps some other time."
    And you bid her farewell.

    "HEY MAN. THERE'S AN AMUSEMENT PARK ABOUT 3 KILOMETERS AWAY." Kraus tells you as you drink your soda with the girls.

    "Oh. Well, that's convenient." you say, half expecting the guy from the RIDICULOUSLY CONVENIENT STORE to pop in.

    "Miladies. It seems we are quite near to an amusement park. Shall we head there and Enjoy ourselves?"

    "YAY!" they reply.

    YOu think of the best way to get there.
    [ ]bikes
    [ ]walk
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:18 No.18150292
    It'll be faster, and we're going to be walking around the park a lot so we don't want the girls to be too tired out. We've only got 2 bikes and 3 people though.
    How should we work this out?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:18 No.18150295
    3km? Let's not make them walk any more than they already have.

    >[✓] Bikes
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:19 No.18150305
    rolled 39 = 39

    >implying we need plural
    >implying we won't ride one in front and one in back
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:20 No.18150312
    We need to remember to change back into street clothes.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:20 No.18150315
    We need to acquire a third bike.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:21 No.18150327
    >[x] walk
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:21 No.18150329
    Bike sounds like a plan
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:23 No.18150339
    Right. We should switch back to our disguise.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:25 No.18150357
    >Implying Nagi will not use her incredible wealth and power to kidnap us and try to force us to be her butler.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:27 No.18150367
    Ah yes musn't forget that.

    Yakuza may still be after us
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:27 No.18150371
    Fuck were going to get arrested aren't we?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:28 No.18150374
    If she can break through dimensions with her money then she can have us imo
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:29 No.18150382
    Well. I was implying that if it happens then it happens this day.... but now that you say that, yeah, I bet she would find a way.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)12:29 No.18150388
         File: 1330536566.jpg-(104 KB, 1280x720, hayatenogotoku.jpg)
    104 KB

    You decide to take the bikes.
    You pull out the flying dutchman out of your folio, and place it besides Bike-kun.
    "Hey girls, how about we ride there?"
    "Sure, sounds fun." they answer.
    "But how are we gonna do this?" Ursula asks.
    "well... I was thinking you could ride with me, while erica takes the other bike." you say.
    "Awww... but I also wanted to ride with you." Erica objects.
    "well, then. It's decided." you say as you slip the flying dutch man back into your folio.

    The three of you make a weird spectacle on the bike. Erica standing on the back, and Ursula on the frame.
    Even with all the weight, your strong legs still got you to the amusement park easily.

    The gate in to the park was a wide ornate one, It led into a long driveway.
    Appropriate signs showed you where the amusement park was nestled behind a small forest.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:31 No.18150414
    >The gate in to the park was a wide ornate one, It led into a long driveway.
    >Appropriate signs showed you where the amusement park was nestled behind a small forest.
    Wait a minute. WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE!

    'KRAUS! What's the name of this amusement park?'
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:32 No.18150419
    We are taking a moment to switch back to our disguise, yes?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:34 No.18150436
    Oh... shit... we are so boned.

    "Girls at the first sign of trouble jump back."
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)12:34 No.18150442
         File: 1330536897.jpg-(115 KB, 750x563, sfmmupdate_017.jpg)
    115 KB
    There, you found it eerily quiet.
    There were no other visitors except for the three of you.
    The rides were still going though, so you had full pick of all of them

    [ ]rollercoaster
    [ ]teacups
    [ ]ferriswheel
    [ ]haunted house
    [ ]other?

    [give me an order of riding]
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:36 No.18150457
    Gotta start with the teacups.
    Then haunted house, roller coaster, ferris wheel.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:36 No.18150461
    We should of gone back to it as soon as we drop battle mode
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:37 No.18150464

    [x] other

    see if they have games you can win stuff from.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:37 No.18150469
    In case we haven't changed back to our Hermione disguise yet, duck into a bathroom or behind a building and change.

    teacups, haunted house, rollercoaster, other (bumper cars, ferris wheel
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:37 No.18150470
    [ ]teacups
    [ ]haunted house
    [ ]rollercoaster
    [ ]ferriswheel

    Great success, which should be ending in:
    [ ]other (twins)

    And im serious about telling them to go back to the Bureau at first sign of trouble.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:37 No.18150471
    Teacups, roller coaster, haunted house then ferris wheel.

    Finish it off classy and romantic
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)12:43 No.18150526
         File: 1330537413.jpg-(95 KB, 576x768, Rollercoaster_Tornado_Avonture(...).jpg)
    95 KB
    YOu don't like this situation one bit.
    The empty park is too suspicious.
    But still, you promised the girls to show them around one, and do so you shall.

    For starters, you get the girls into the teacups.
    Erica spun and spun it until your head turned purple. Ursula seemed like she was having the time of her life.

    After a quick breather on a bench, you go up to the rollercoaster, ignoring the 'NOBODY UNDER 148cm' sign by the gate.
    The twins loved it. the loop especially.
    They had you go on it thrice.

    Again you had to take a breather on a bench after.
    As you rested, wishing for the worls to spin back into place, you herad the yells.


    Next thing you knew you were surrounded by 20 men wearing suits and sunglasses.

    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:45 No.18150547
    Twins run and get back to Bureau, we hold them off. Clearly this is how it has to be. Send Mike a "Potentially in trouble" message.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:45 No.18150551
    rolled 19 = 19

    >20 men wearing suits and sunglasses
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:46 No.18150557

    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:47 No.18150565
         File: 1330537637.gif-(659 KB, 250x147, imouttahere.gif)
    659 KB
    run. evade. punch a hole in the wall and flee
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:47 No.18150573
    Do NOT use time-watch. 20 witnesses here.

    Anyway, break a hole in their formation and flee through it. Don't forget to take the girls.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:48 No.18150577
    Well, if we're in our Hermione outfit, we could scream "RAPE!" and get away in the confusion.

    We could probably also run and tell Kraus to contact the Bureau to get the Stargate spun up.

    But whatever we do, mundane only. No majaik.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:50 No.18150598
    Fucking Nagi.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:51 No.18150601
    this is why i wanted

    >we get a backpack, 12 pairs of ankle socks, 200 industrial zip ties and 6 rolls of duct tape. anybody mess with us, timestop gag bind blindfold dump

    anyway. the girls are magical strength fighting combat witches right? take 20 guys on, take 20 guys OUT
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:53 No.18150618
    rolled 8 = 8

    Time to break out our mad sighting skills

    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:57 No.18150654
    i wanted to avoid this from the start

    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)12:59 No.18150668
    rolled 59 = 59

    Calm down. This shouldn't be too bad even if we're caught.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:00 No.18150671
    Their magic is still obvious when in use due to glowing and sparkles.
    Also, it's only Erica that's a combat vet, Ursula is a scientist.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)13:00 No.18150672
         File: 1330538411.jpg-(19 KB, 640x360, YOU ARE SCREWED.jpg)
    19 KB
    You prepare to evade, or if needed, to fight.
    with a hand on your swordbelt's buckle you ready to deploy it if needed.

    the men step closer. the ring of black suits not offering one avenue of escape.

    Just as you were gonna pull your belt out, it all happened at once
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:00 No.18150679
    rolled 8 = 8

    How about we see exactly who they are talking about then we wreck their shit without using majaik
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:04 No.18150703
         File: 1330538645.gif-(1.49 MB, 264x226, bigbadaboom2.gif)
    1.49 MB
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:04 No.18150706
    "Girls run, get back to the bureau and tell mike, i'll hold them off as long as I can." Put your dukes up, we's got ladies to defend.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)13:08 No.18150729
         File: 1330538916.jpg-(69 KB, 640x360, 640px--SS-Eclipse-_Hayate_no_G(...).jpg)
    69 KB
    "WELCOME TO NAGILAND!" a group of mascots yelled as they burst through the wall of black suits.

    'Kid. Put that weapon away.' you hear someone say in your mind.

    "HEY! YOU IDIOTS. STOP SCARING THEM!" you hear a really familiar voice say.
    You turn to look and there stand Nagi and the woman you met earlier. The woman is now wearing a maid's uniform.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:09 No.18150736
    rolled 29 = 29

    "Whu- what is happening?"
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)13:11 No.18150751
         File: 1330539099.jpg-(60 KB, 640x360, 640px--SS-Eclipse-_Hayate_no_G(...).jpg)
    60 KB
    "WAT." the three of you could only say as the mascots loaded you with balloons and candy.

    "Seriously. I asked you to find my guests and you end up scaring the wits out of them." Nagi glowers.

    "So you three, how are you enjoying my amusement park?"
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:13 No.18150762
    where's a bench? i need to sit down for a bit
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:14 No.18150769
    rolled 70 = 70

    "Wait, you OWN the whole park?"
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:14 No.18150772

    escape get the bike and escape we've done everything we needed to do!
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)13:17 No.18150789
         File: 1330539445.jpg-(55 KB, 640x360, 640px--SS-Eclipse-_Hayate_no_G(...).jpg)
    55 KB
    "Whu- what is happening?" you ask the tiny blonde.
    "YOu're in my yard. THis is my amusement park."
    She explains.
    "When i heard from the SPs that we had visitors, and the description fit yours, i asked them to find you. I didnt expect them to act like such retards, and scare you."

    "wait... this is your amusement park?"
    "yeah. My grandfather had it built for me years ago."
    "i dont really like rides too much so it was sitting here unused. I put up invitations for people on the internet. but few still came. You're our first visitors this month."
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:18 No.18150797
    Fucking predetermined events...
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:19 No.18150800
    rolled 3 = 3

    "Oh. Thanks for having us"
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:20 No.18150806
    "Ah. Thank you for having us, then.
    "And sirs, as one professional to another, please accept my apologies. There was an incident recently, and I was still on guard."

    Make them feel shame! SHAME!
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)13:20 No.18150807
         File: 1330539650.jpg-(48 KB, 640x360, 640px--SS-Eclipse-_Hayate_no_G(...).jpg)
    48 KB
    "You own a wholw amusement park? this huge thing?"
    you ask.
    "It's not that big." she answers. "it doesnt even cover a 10th of the yard."

    "By the way, what happened to the butler uniform you were wearing earlier?"
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:22 No.18150816
    better to blend in at the amusement park, i thought
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:22 No.18150817
    "Ah, that. My mistresses had requested that I be dressed in a less ostentatious manner, so as to not attract attention."
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:22 No.18150818
    "I changed into clothes more fitting for amusement park visit."

    [what are we wearing anyway?]
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:24 No.18150833
    rolled 83 = 83

    We are back to girly clothes
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/29/12(Wed)13:24 No.18150834
    "Oh, this is a disguise. Before I met my mistresses, I had to leave Japan to avoid some... unfortunate circumstances, which arose through no fault of my own."
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:25 No.18150835
    rolled 43 = 43

    "That... was cosplay."
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:25 No.18150839
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:26 No.18150850
    rolled 4 = 4

    This. Be vague but not look like we enjoy dressing as a girl
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:29 No.18150863
    Her bodyguards better include the Elite Beat Agents....
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)13:32 No.18150898
         File: 1330540375.jpg-(52 KB, 640x360, 640px--SS-Eclipse-_Hayate_no_G(...).jpg)
    52 KB
    "That... was cosplay." you answer while rubbing the back of your head.
    "I see. It was a great costume." she answers.
    "Anyway, it seems like we are disturbing you, feel free to enjoy yourselves as long as you'd like."

    And with that she, her maid, and the 20 security personnel walked away.


    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:33 No.18150905
    Never deny being a Butler, that is against who we are!
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:35 No.18150923
    Haunted house then ferris wheel.

    And we should probably take Nagi up on the offer of dinner as well
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:35 No.18150924
    We were on the teacups and roller coaster, let's see if there are any games that we could play to win the girls some prizes. Then we go on the Ferris Wheel. Have nice romantic moment.

    Then we GTFO of this dimension.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:35 No.18150927
    Hmm, you're right.
    Too bad it's too late now.

    Ask girls what they want to do. Further AMUSMENT PARKING?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:42 No.18150984
    Lets talk to the maid and ask her about the blond girl.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)13:45 No.18151009
         File: 1330541147.jpg-(36 KB, 400x268, RingToss.jpg)
    36 KB
    You walk around the park again, you spot some game stalls where you could win some prizes such as stuffed toys and souvenirs.

    You go up to the ring toss.
    "I WANT THAT ONE!" erica points to a stuffed badger
    "Can you please win me that?" ursula motions to a stuffed otter.

    you must beat a 70
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:46 No.18151014
    rolled 83 = 83


    i'd apologize, but misery loves company
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:46 No.18151018
    rolled 19 = 19

    Don't you fuck this up for us, /tg dice. Don't you DARE fuck this up for us.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:47 No.18151027
    rolled 90 = 90

    Like a butler.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:48 No.18151033
    rolled 72 = 72

    Looks like we got both, then.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:48 No.18151035
    Oh yeah boi
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:50 No.18151054
         File: 1330541425.jpg-(27 KB, 140x195, 00001001a.jpg)
    27 KB
    rolled 43 = 43

    >from dice I forgot to remove
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:51 No.18151058
    Winner, from the gate.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)13:55 No.18151095
         File: 1330541752.jpg-(973 KB, 1671x1271, Ferris_Wheel_at_Night_by_reyne(...).jpg)
    973 KB
    it took you only three rings to get both prizes.
    You hand your dates the stuffed animals and this earns you a kiss form both of them.

    The three of you spent some more time in the park riding stuff and looking at stuff.
    All three of you enjoying yourselves to the fullest.
    After a quick dinner, when the sun went down, you invite the girls onto the Ferris wheel.

    In the cabin, the three of you squeeze together on one side.
    The huge ring of metal slowly makes it's way up.
    At the top, it stops. As if intentionally giving you the opportunity to look at the dazzling landscape beneath you.

    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:57 No.18151110

    "we have to get out of here."

    why is everything going so well?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:58 No.18151125
         File: 1330541917.png-(70 KB, 618x564, problem.png)
    70 KB
    rolled 1 = 1

    "This day went better than I thought it would."
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:59 No.18151136
    A perfect place for a kiss (or two)
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:59 No.18151137
    "I think you two must be my good luck charms, because this is the best day I've ever had in my home dimension."
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)13:59 No.18151139
    Never thought I could have this much fun here.
    I hated this dimension so much and now I come back and have a great time.

    Although I think it's not where I am but who I am with that makes it fun, with you two I could be anywhere and still have the time of my life
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)14:00 No.18151152
    You two are quite simply the best thing that has ever happened to me, I'm glad you've come with me and made this trip home so much better than it would have been otherwise.

    But, I think it's about time we headed back to the Bureau, before something happens to us.

    Then kiss them.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)14:00 No.18151153

    What you did there, I see it.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)14:00 No.18151155
    rolled 36 = 36

    "Even with everything...At least now, I have three good memories of home.
    "My bike, meeting Mike, and now...today. Thanks to you two."

    Then kiss them both.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)14:01 No.18151164
    maybe the dimension is trying to get us to stay since it has no one to torture anymore.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/29/12(Wed)14:03 No.18151186
    rolled 36 = 36

    All of my this
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)14:04 No.18151197
    rolled 46 = 46

    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)14:09 No.18151262
    maybe, just maybe, it's letting us be. we have a deep appreciation for how good we have it because of tragic Thousand Sunny crew-worthy past. lesson learned, the more you know, win and awesome.

    now lets GTFO
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)14:14 No.18151310
         File: 1330542876.jpg-(83 KB, 1140x819, 8fecf0bb2c3ca1f0f2d96aab64fd9b(...).jpg)
    83 KB
    You look the two of them in the eyes.
    "Even with everything...At least now, I have three good memories of home.
    "My bike, meeting Mike, and now...today. Thanks to you two."
    You then lean in and kiss them both.

    After the Ferris Wheel ride, the three of you head to go back home.
    'Hey MIke. can you beam us up?'
    'Of course kid. Did what you had to?'
    'Yeah. We're good to go.'
    'Okay, just find an open place again, and ill get the techs to lock onto you.'

    As the three of you stand in the open square, by a huge fountain, waiting to jump out.
    You hold the twins' hands and just stand there enjoying their warmth.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)14:15 No.18151315
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)14:16 No.18151325
         File: 1330542968.jpg-(166 KB, 1456x1072, uhng_c233_p02_03.jpg)
    166 KB
    A moment after you port out, a blond hair woman with a parasol runs into the plaza.
    "Hayateee!!" she yells after you, but you're already gone.
    "I... Missed him again."
    Behind her, a butler stands saying nothing.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)14:16 No.18151333
    Okay, now taking guesses for the next arc! My guesses are as follows:
    Wonka Arc
    Dorf Arc, followed promptly by Time Travel Arc
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)14:17 No.18151337
    rolled 80 = 80

    Repercussions arc?
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)14:17 No.18151344
         File: 1330543067.jpg-(20 KB, 425x228, zzz to be continued.jpg)
    20 KB

    New thread at around 2100 4chan time.
    [or whatever time i arrive at work and settle in]
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)14:18 No.18151349
    I think we will have a bit more bureau / training then dorfrou then wonka
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)14:18 No.18151351

    ..... Damn, nothing too bad happened during this visit. Has the universe become lazy?
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/29/12(Wed)14:18 No.18151358
    rolled 5 = 5

    Wait, what?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)14:18 No.18151361

    i wonder what the chart on this one looks like.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)14:19 No.18151364
    You gonna get befriended
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)14:20 No.18151376
    I think our paranoia and luck at dodging LG's triggers actually held out more than anything
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)14:20 No.18151383
         File: 1330543252.jpg-(69 KB, 1291x1328, HOMECOMING ROUTE VER1.jpg)
    69 KB
    yu just lucked out too well.
    here was the rough route for this thread

    if you
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)14:22 No.18151397
    it's not paranoia if you're RIGHT
    (it IS that bad and they ARE out to get you)
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)14:23 No.18151399
    Since we are in post game now I was thinking, we never did see more of matsuri.

    We introduced her but never saw what her powers or device was

    Also kraus sorta scares me with the whole hate fucking shinku out of her bitchiness. I thought such a thing wouldn't of been possible
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)14:24 No.18151421
    Now I feel a little bad about that.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)14:25 No.18151433
    Oh God, A-tan. LG had better deliver. The tears shall be delicious.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/29/12(Wed)14:25 No.18151435
         File: 1330543533.jpg-(12 KB, 300x168, images (19).jpg)
    12 KB
    If you took the elevator, the yakuza wouldave come.
    If you answered the cops, the yakuza wouldave come.
    The taxi would be a yakuza paid driver.

    if you went to the park first, you wouldave met nagi earlier and explored her mansion.

    If you walked to the amusement park, you wouldave met hinagiku again.

    i like hinagiku.
    I like this thing you guys started of having her think your a girl.

    i must work this in somwhere down the line

    okay, off to bed.
    3am here lol
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)14:26 No.18151443
    Shit we really did dodge every bullet on that list.

    Need to have Nagi turn up again just so some of her bodyguard can be the EBA... That or they need to be agents with their devices being their sunglasses, although given we were just in Japan maybe the Ouendan team would of been more fitting to run into.

    Either way they change reality by dancing that's got to be some majaik
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)14:27 No.18151451
    Hah it's 2 AM here. Good night friend.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)14:34 No.18151520

    we didn't just dodge a bullet there, we dodged an entire firing squad.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/29/12(Wed)14:36 No.18151542
    rolled 77 = 77

    Hah, that's about when I've been getting to bed recently. I blame this quest, as well.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)14:36 No.18151544
    Yeah, we're going to have to hold Nanoha back from causing an Exterminatus, aren't we?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)14:57 No.18151711
    ...Why do we always dodge all the bullets? Did some precognition rub onto us from Sakura? Did we gain more than her hyper-ness?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)14:57 No.18151712
    Hell it is 4am my time and I am still here.

    Spent more time on 4chan thanks to LG than I have in the past 3 years
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)14:58 No.18151723
    I like to think future hayate is actually going around fuckong up anything threatening his past.

    Or he lives through it going horribly wrong and he decided since he has the power to he would change it
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)15:02 No.18151756
    Once we get time traveling power we totally need to abuse it to get more money.

    Nothing ridiculous but say put a bet on something we know will happen to gets another ten to twenty Gupta
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)15:09 No.18151812
    Yeah, same here. He's also romancing people in the background, like Keima.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)15:17 No.18151889
    Probably not a good idea. The Bureau probably has regs against it, and the Doctor would not be amused.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/29/12(Wed)15:18 No.18151901
    That is not a responsible use of time travel. Going on dates with Keima and consoling heartbroken French witches, though, totally is.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)15:20 No.18151914
    Agreed. And tag-teaming a smooch with German Twins for whom we are falling.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)15:20 No.18151915
    rolled 28 = 28

    Except he does (has done) it.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/29/12(Wed)15:26 No.18151966
    Well, goes without saying.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)15:28 No.18151983
    Hmmm, what else do you guys think future-Hayate has been doing in the background?
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)15:29 No.18151997
    Not saying we can't do it while ensuring as many beautiful women get the chance to be wiith us as possible... Or one lucky guy who we happen to be destroying his sanity and confidence in his sexual orientation.

    After all we are going to have to be able to afford all the gifts and trinkets required somehow
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/29/12(Wed)15:34 No.18152038
    And we're not him, with his understanding of timey-wimey bullshit. I'm sure once we have a fully functional watch, we can get some tutoring on that, though.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)15:40 No.18152086
    When the Doctor does it, it's okay.
    When we do it, it's a breach of regulations.

    It's a double-standard, deal with it.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)15:41 No.18152101
    We probably will.
    It is a bit too dangerous for us to go around doing without any sort of knowledge of what not to do after all.

    Having said that we have broken the don't run into yourself rule already back in SW so I wonder how much we really worry about it further along
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/29/12(Wed)16:03 No.18152278
    Different circumstances. IIRC, we hadn't shown him the watch, so we didn't know we'd be able to travel independently. Now, we have it, have a lead on fixing it, and the intention to do so. This opened the potential for non-paradoxical interaction with our future/past self.

    If, as I said, I am recalling things correctly.
    >> Anonymous 02/29/12(Wed)16:23 No.18152442
    You're allowed to reveal yourself to your past self as much as you want as long as your future self revealed himself to you back in the day. Paradoxes don't arise from meeting yourself, they arise from altering your own timeline. If your timeline included a meeting with your future self, to NOT meet with your past self would create a paradox. Basically, there is only one rule of time travel:
    Make sure everything happens to your past self as you remember it. Aside from that, there is no paradox.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/29/12(Wed)16:28 No.18152480
    That too. Which I meant to mention.

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