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    64 KB The Inquisitor - Chapter I Dante !!lH9TiVLAn8S 02/26/12(Sun)11:36 No.18107071  
    The bullets hit me in my chest. One buries itself into my arm. At least 3 broken ribs, internal bleeding. Looks like my numbers up.

    I feel the warm trickle of blood down my hand. I lose my grip and Vera falls to the floor. I promised her that she’d never leave my side. I broke that promise.

    The bastard in front of me chuckles and starts to walk away. I try to come up with something witty, but all that comes out is a mouthful of blood. My knees give way. I hit the floor like a sack of dead Orks. I struggle to breath, the ground feels cool, why don’t I just give up?

    Never should have taken this assignment on. An old man trying to take down this big of a cult? Yeah, right. Like that was ever going to happen.

    My vision fades and I black out on the granite floor.
    >> The Inquisitor - Chapter I Dante !!lH9TiVLAn8S 02/26/12(Sun)11:37 No.18107077
    “Looks like you’re up”

    The voice cuts through the blackness. I try to open my eyes but my body won’t let me. I recognise the voice, can’t remember where from.

    “Fuck me, you’re in bad shape Arc”

    Smug little bastard. I try to say something but my mouth is filled with tubes. I can hear the beeping of medical equipment at my side.

    “The Sisters say you’re going to be alright Arc, you just need your rest. I’ll see you when you get out.”

    I hear the door slam, footsteps in the corridor walk away from the room. The Sisters say I need rest. I oblige them. One thought goes through my mind as I drift off to sleep for Emperor knows how long.

    How the fuck did it come to this?
    >> Anonymous 02/26/12(Sun)11:37 No.18107081
    ...Well that didn't last long.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/12(Sun)11:38 No.18107090
    >> The Inquisitor - Chapter I Dante !!lH9TiVLAn8S 02/26/12(Sun)11:39 No.18107098
    Called into the office. Boss wants to see me. Promotion, demotion, new assignment, who knows?

    Put out my cigar before I step in, throw stub in the bin. It’s a tiny office, covered in various knick-knacks. Purity seals, documents, etc. He’s sitting at his desk, Lupus Trantor. He’s had more experience than me so I have to listen.

    He tells me there’s a cult forming. Something heretical, it always is. My assignment is to find it and destroy it. No leads, no clues, just hearsay and rumours.

    Perfect, I know just the guy when it comes to rumours.

    I head out of the office. Vera’s by my side. I’m going to need her if it gets ugly.
    >> The Inquisitor - Chapter I Dante !!lH9TiVLAn8S 02/26/12(Sun)11:41 No.18107109
    I get to Jay’s. Seedy bar on the shit side of the planet. Neon sign outside buzzes loudly. Type of place you’d go if you wanted recruits for a cult. Walk in, the smell of cigar smoke and alcohol fills my nostrils. Smells good.

    Waitresses and hookers walk around freely, some check me out, can’t afford to spare a moment of my time. Go to the bar, young girl serves me.

    “What’ll it be shuga?”

    “Shot and a brew” I reply.

    “You take it easy now Arc” The girl looks worried as she gives me the drinks. I tell her I always do. I down the whiskey, take slightly more time with the beer. Once I’m done I beckon the girl over.

    “Where’s Scab?”

    “He’s round the back, should I get him for you?” The words come gently out of her lips. If she wasn’t working in this shit-hole she could have had any man wrapped around her little finger with a voice like that.

    “No thanks, I’ll get him myself” I make my way to the door at the back. Have to walk through crowds of people, get some stares, nothing I’m not used to.

    Door swings open into a dingy little corridor. Another door at the end, there’s a bouncer in front. I make my way down, he opens the door for me. He knows who I am, they all do here.
    >> The Inquisitor - Chapter I Dante !!lH9TiVLAn8S 02/26/12(Sun)11:42 No.18107119
    Scab’s sitting at a table. 2 bigger guys are either side of him. On the other side of the table some poor bastard is crying his eyes out.

    “You owe me a lot of money” The words practically ooze out of Scab’s lips. The man opposite can barely get any words out.

    “Take him downstairs” Scab motions to the muscle next to him. They drag the poor guy away and I don’t hear from them the rest of the night.

    “Arc, buddy, how are you” A smile forms on his lips. A very distinctive, almost trademarked smile.

    “I need some information Scab, apparently there’s a cult forming.”

    Scab, real name Scabius Dariel. Scab’s easier to say.

    “There’s always cults forming Arc, and you guys always put a stop to them before things get out of hand. You’re good like that.”

    I reach into my pocket and pull out a few notes. Scab takes them off me hurriedly.

    “I did hear something from a guy. Someone’s going round picking up all the scum and weapons he can. Wouldn’t go so far as to call it a cult, but it’s definitely something.”

    “Always a pleasure Scab” I get up and head away from the table.

    “See ya’ around Arc” he replies.
    >> The Inquisitor - Chapter I Dante !!lH9TiVLAn8S 02/26/12(Sun)11:44 No.18107131
    I’ve done enough business with Scab to know that’s all he knows. No point asking for more, I’ve got some favours I can call in. I’ll get the information that way.

    It’s late now. Too late to go around calling on people. Too suspicious. Might as well have another drink.

    I sit back down at the bar. The barmaid from before comes over. “Same again hun?” I nod. The cold liquid is a nice contrast to the humidity of the bar. I finish the shot and turn my attention to the bigger drink.

    Suddenly a hand appears on my shoulder and turns me round. A fist makes contact with my jaw. Not broken, hurts like a bitch though.

    I look up from the floor, 3 of them. Big guys, probably a concealed weapon on each of them.

    “Have we met?” I ask the one who punched me.

    “5 years ago, assault and battery ring any bells?” It does.

    “Wrax right?” I slowly get up, clutching my jaw. “And I bet prison wasn’t easy on you was it. You must have made a lot of inmates very happy.”
    >> The Inquisitor - Chapter I Dante !!lH9TiVLAn8S 02/26/12(Sun)11:45 No.18107135
    He snaps. Another fist comes flying towards me. I catch it and wheel around, bringing him to the floor. In the middle of the turn I apply my strength to his hand.

    Three broken fingers, I carry on up the arm and smash it to pieces and finally dislocate the shoulder.

    He drops to the ground, screaming in pain. The other two start to advance. I reach into my pocket and flash my Rosette. They look at each other and run with their legs between their tails.

    Murmurs start to run through the crowd. Those who don’t know me get worried. They don’t have to be. I’m only here for one thing.

    I pick up Wrax and punch him in the face for good measure. He blacks out and I walk out of the pub.

    The barmaid from before is outside getting her coat on. “Shift over?” I inquire.

    “Yeah, it’s a short one tonight.” The words float through the air until they hit my ears. She turns towards me. Her blonde hair flicks gently in the wind.

    “It’s dangerous out here, especially on a night like this” I nod in the direction of the unconscious body in the bar.

    “Well then, walk me home do-gooder” She smiles softly and starts to walk away. I manage to keep up.
    >> The Inquisitor - Chapter I Dante !!lH9TiVLAn8S 02/26/12(Sun)11:49 No.18107154
    “How do you know who I am?” I say to her. She chuckles to herself.

    “Scab talks about you sometimes, that and your reputation proceeds you in most places.”

    Not sure if that’s a good thing. Could come in handy though.

    We continue walking for a while. Still in a lower part of the town. Idle chit-chat and small talk only goes so far. Thankfully we reach her apartment.

    “Thanks for this Arc. It’s always a little scary in a place like this, but not with you around.” I nod in appreciation and start to make my way back.

    Her voice hits me again. “Hey Arc?” I turn around. “Fancy a nightcap?” I think about it for a little while. Sure, what’s the harm in a drink?
    >> Anonymous 02/26/12(Sun)11:55 No.18107211
    >Sure, what’s the harm in a drink?

    Dohohoho. This Inquisitor's thirst will be his end.
    >> The Inquisitor - Chapter I Dante !!lH9TiVLAn8S 02/26/12(Sun)11:58 No.18107238
    I wake up in the morning. The blonde-haired girl next to me is sleeping gently. Ruby, she says her name is Ruby.

    I get my clothes on, gather my things and leave. Not before grabbing a snack from the fridge. I’m starving, all that passion really works up an appetite.

    A few more visits. Then I should have enough information to crack this thing.

    I make my way out of town. Takes me a few hours but I eventually arrive at my next port of call.

    Xanthis Callidon. Started off as a small time drug dealer. Did particularly well for a higher up and now runs his own business. Plenty of evidence to convict him. But he’s far too useful to be sent to prison. Plus he knows everyone in there, nothing would happen, he’s just be moving to a different apartment.

    Three-storey building. First two floors are a restaurant and bar. Pretty swanky stuff. Gourmet cooking, antiques adorning the walls, that sort of thing. Top floor is where the command centre is. His office, hired muscle, mercs, accountants, the works.

    I make my way through the restaurant. A few of the patrons stare at me, as always. Rare sight to see an Inquisitor in a place like this. I head up the stairs.

    Hit the third floor. Stopped by bouncers. I flash the Rosette and ask for Xanthis. Mention my name. Bouncers pass the message on, I’m told to go in.

    I walk across the room. A few wizened accountants are adding up figures, yearly returns, expenditures. There’s a small army up here. Nothing too fancy, just lots of guns.
    >> The Inquisitor - Chapter I Dante !!lH9TiVLAn8S 02/26/12(Sun)12:01 No.18107259
    “Arcturus, my dear Inquisitor!” He motions to the guards to leave the room. They shut the double doors behind them.

    “Hello Xanthis” I walk around the room, awful lot of crap littering up the place.

    “What brings you to my humble abode?” He knows I only visit him when I need information. He’s playing dumb.

    “I’ve heard rumours. Someone’s stockpiling.” I look him dead in the eyes. He visibly flinches when I do so.

    “Ah, yes, well I wouldn’t know anything about that dear boy.” He shifts his gaze across the room. He knows something.

    “Xanthis I know when you’re hiding something from me.” He gulps. “I don’t like it when you hide things from me.”

    He shuffles around nervously and starts to fidget with something on his desk. “I can’t say anything Arcturus….”

    I interrupt. “Remember that incident on Pallos IV? Where would you be right now if I wasn’t there?”

    “Quite right, you did me a big favour.” He straightens up. “All right, I’ll talk. But just this once. Then, no more favours.”

    “He says his name is Nixios. No one knows where he came from. He just appeared. It’s probably not even his real name. He runs a high stakes gambling joint on the other side of town. If you thought my place was fancy, think again.”

    I thank him and head towards the door. “Arc…” He’s never called me that before. “Word is this man is dangerous, more so than you. Just be careful OK?”

    I step out into the streets. It’s raining now. I light up a cigar and start to make my way to this ‘Nixios’. Vera holds steady by my side. I won’t be able to use her just yet, gotta play things quiet, gotta play things nasty.
    >> Dante !!lH9TiVLAn8S 02/26/12(Sun)12:01 No.18107264
    End of chapter I :)

    No more today, you guys will have to wait.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/12(Sun)12:48 No.18107667
    Bumpan for interest.

    Arc seems like a pretty cool guy who doesn't afraid of anyone

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