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  • File: 1329968016.jpg-(90 KB, 604x652, MSQ header.jpg)
    90 KB MAHOU SHOUNEN QUEST: Back to the Pewter Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/22/12(Wed)22:33 No.18062057  
    Majaik, elegance, and an angry teaset. We have it all.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-LAST TIME=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    Since you may never have another opportunity to experience time travel again in the near future, you decide to ask the doctor to drop you off to this morning to make the most of it.

    The Doctor and River Song pull a few levers and tunr a few knowbs on the central console, you hear a weird WOOOOPWOOOP sound, the floor shakes slightly.
    And then it stops.

    "Okay Susan. Here we are. 8:00am in the morning. YOu make sure to stay away from yourself."

    You thank the Doctor and River for their time. As you head out the door River calls out to you.
    "Susan, make sure to get some rest. Reliving a full day will be tiring. Oh. And remember to not change the past too much."

    The door to the blue box closes behind you.

    ==-=-=AND NOW=-=-=-=-=-=
    You walk out of the medical wing, still not able to wrap your mind being given the chance to jump back a full day in time.

    Your mind filled with thoughts of paradoxes and temporal anomalies you try and figure out what to do.


    Okay guys, this time jump bullshit will be hard for me as it is for you.
    Had to throw out half of my pre-made scenarios and revised a few old ones.

    THis section of the quest has too many pitfalls.
    Be careful and make sure to make wise decisions.

    I read some of the discussion from the last thread. some scenarios will be lifted from that, BUT its up to you to trigger the flags.

    >brb grabbing a quick lunch
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:35 No.18062079
    Let's go try to talk to Ursula once she breaks off from Erica and Past-Susan in the hallway before class. We'll talk to her, maybe try to get her prepared for the video in a way that won't cause a paradox but at least won't cause her too much stress. Something like that.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:35 No.18062083
    Go to our room and take a nap till just before lunch.

    We've had a full day already and will need our energy come nighttime with Erica.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:36 No.18062092

    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:37 No.18062096
    Yeah, let's try to do something interesting with our new gift of time shenanigans at the very least.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:37 No.18062103
    still say talking to Ursula at any point today during the duplicate timeline is dumb.

    Not least cause it could interfere with our original timeline causing paradox
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:37 No.18062107
    Agreed. Subtle and cool.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:38 No.18062113
    Let's not. We can deal with that later.
    Past-Us is still there, serving Erica and Ursula breakfast in bed.

    I suggest camping out in R&D or the Library until morning classes, THEN getting some naptime.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:38 No.18062115
    First, See if we can talk to Mike, like office hours before the classes start.

    Get permission to go home and grab a few things, or at least set up that in the future.

    Also, tell him not to talk to us about this conversation until tomorrow, and not to freak out if he sees two or three of us running around.

    Explain nothing.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:39 No.18062126

    Quick nap after we talk to Mike? Plan the rest of the day from there?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:39 No.18062127
    I liked this in the last thread and I still like it now. I really want Susan to use to "spoilers!" redirect.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:41 No.18062140
    There was so much arguing in the last thread, I would really rather you just pick whichever idea we had that you think is coolest. Otherwise, this is about to turn into another massive argument thread. Trust me.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:41 No.18062142
    Fine with that course of action.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:42 No.18062152
    Heh, yeah, I would love to see him do that.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:42 No.18062153

    We shouldn't tell her much, see that she's doing ok and all that.

    Then apologize for the inevitable awkward later and vaguely mention time-travel in passing.

    Make it look like you're doing something really important and secretive, and then go take a nap.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:42 No.18062159
    Though it doesn't matter what else we do, we still need to make sure we go to town and buy massage oil for tonight with Erica.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/22/12(Wed)22:42 No.18062160
    We chill till the coast should be clear, head back to our room, and spend the morning resting. We DO NOT seek out Ursula, but if we run into her, we apologize for what's going to happen, and ask her to not say we ran into each other while we were supposed to be in class.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:43 No.18062169
    Agreed. Since we're bound to run into her anyway on the way back to our room after Erica and Past-Susan and Ursula leave, we'll have to talk to her in the hallway regardless. Nap is a good idea, though.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:43 No.18062171
    Safe bet for some rest would be this morning, and the afternoon classes.

    Lunch time will be hard with our classmates running around. ERICA and ursula most dangerous.

    After classes we must avoid running into ourselves again. so we have to stay clear of the library, grounds and the medical wing until were sure our PAST SELF is in the box wiht the doctor.

    I suggest 2 things.
    Try and find ursula this morning.
    Talk to her about the whole 'liking us' part.
    DONT SAY ANYTHING about the tape. its a predestined event.

    We can then use the afternoon to hide in our room.

    OR we can do the opposite, hide this morning. [library?] then find ursula right after our elevator encounter with her in the afternoon
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:43 No.18062174
    Alright, let's outline this:

    -Talk to Mike.
    -See if we can talk to Ursula before the lunch fiasco.

    And we'll go from there. Let's keep it moving.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:44 No.18062175
    This sounds about right.

    This sounds great also.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:44 No.18062181
    Yeah, if we're where I think we are, we'll definitely run into Urusla on the way back to our room if we want to avoid running into ourselves. Let's keep it cool and vague, and only try to brace her for what's to come a little.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:45 No.18062189
    Still saying no to actively seeking Ursula out, doing that is like juggling, tossing a ball into the mix, and then tossing another one before seeing if you can catch the first.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:45 No.18062190
    Goal #1 is stay the fuck away from elevators.

    Goal #2 is don't confuse anyone too much or fuck with causation.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:46 No.18062204
    I think we should talk to Ursula immediately after the elevator scene; wait around the corner in R&D for her.
    We can do this in addition to the forewarning bit.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:46 No.18062208
    I don't think that we can avoid her if we're also avoiding our past self. Our path will inevitably cross with hers at least once.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:46 No.18062212

    Buy enough for two, 'accidentally'.

    Claim we actually had no idea how much oil it would take, so we just grabbed a bit more to be safe.

    The potential for shenanigans is high with the extra oil, so I'm just going to set the loaded gun there and see what happens.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:46 No.18062213
    This sounds good.
    Gotta get some points from Ursula.

    And if we can do that without fucking up the timeline too much, then lets go for it.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:47 No.18062221
    Oh man she'll jump like no other.

    Then we explain it as weird time shit and share some laffs
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:48 No.18062228
    hell, we can just say we might like doing it from time to time, so bought extra so it'd take longer before we had to take another trip to buy it.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:48 No.18062230
    Agreed. Our temporal paths will have to intersect at least once, so let's give her JUST enough information, and that's ALL.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:48 No.18062237
    You would be surprised just how little you actually need.

    Any decently sized bottle probably holds enough for a dozen or more massages.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:49 No.18062251

    >Don't confuse anyone too much.



    Proposed course of action:

    -Speak to Mike before class.
    -Avoid Paradox, maybe talk to Ursula.
    -Nap while morning classes are on.

    We go from there.

    Sound good for a base?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:49 No.18062257
    Why? she'll be in R&D and we don't leave the classroom till evening, we just go to our room, then to town then back to our room after we left for our alchemy teacher.

    Bam, dodged till after our interaction with Ursula was done for our duplicate.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:50 No.18062260
    For anyone looking at the archive, yesterday took exactly two threads.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:51 No.18062272
    Because the TARDIS is down the same way as R&D, we have to wait for past-Susan to leave the room, which means Ursula will be mobile and headed our way.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:51 No.18062280
    She'll be going down an elevator, we'll be going up, they won't necessarily cross, the only chance of them crossing would be at the bottom or the top of the elevator and those are the periods of time you spend the least at.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:51 No.18062282
    DONT give her any information.
    If she knows about the tape before hand she will not react as she did at lunch, and if she doesnt react as she did, then erica will NOT barge in on us with mike.
    Who knows what ripples that will put in motion.

    If we do meet Ursula some time before lunch, try and confirm her interest in us. NOTHING MORE.

    iif she is interested and things go from there, then said conversation will be nothing more than a small setup for the lunch tape scene AND the elevator scene.
    Cementing the past, while giving us a shot at a future.

    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:52 No.18062286
    It is a big place yo.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:52 No.18062287

    We could always use Bunny Mode to sprint past them in a blur, right?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:52 No.18062288

    >You would be surprised just how little you actually need.

    Oh god. So if we bought multiple bottles, we have a hilarious oversupply?

    Guess what we're doing?


    Sounds good for the plan.

    Gives us a solid base, and we can plan for whatever else better in the moment.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:52 No.18062293
    Guys remember we have 60-second timestop now.
    If we just stick a knife or spoon around corners for a quick looksee, we should be able dodge just about anyone.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:52 No.18062295
    Sounds like a good application for the Stop Watch.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:53 No.18062304
    okay. im sure everyone will agree with me on this one.

    And no one will believe shirou.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:54 No.18062312
    >"Why did you buy so much?"

    "Well they were on sale and I have all this gold and as a butler it seems like something under my purview and your sister and -"
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:54 No.18062313

    Yeah, if things look too bad, we can time-stop and get out.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:54 No.18062325
    Seriously we should easily be able to do a 50 meter dash in 15 seconds.

    That's 1/4th of our time stop before recharging and we're out of any sort of danger.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:55 No.18062329
    >your sister and - "
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:55 No.18062333
    I like the way you think. We have an airtight alibi and a whole day to burn.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:56 No.18062343
    Stick him in a tree.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/22/12(Wed)22:56 No.18062345
    Goddamnit, we have more important things to do, like twincest.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:56 No.18062347
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:56 No.18062352
    >50 posts
    >One from OP

    Wow it is like I am really in SWQ
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:57 No.18062363
    We're never going to agree. LG is just going to have to pick for us.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:58 No.18062377

    >"Why did you buy so much?"

    "I have no idea! The Arabian guy selling them was amazingly convincing, I'm just glad I didn't end up with a bunch of Camels or something."


    Tempting, but I think e need to learn more about the power before we start doing shit like that.

    I'd hate to waste it on trolling and then fuck up something important.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:58 No.18062381
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:58 No.18062382
    We agreed on nap and massage oil, it's the other stuff we're arguing about

    Remember that Gear, nap for energy and massage oil for tonight!
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:58 No.18062383
    I agree, but only AFTER past-Susan is in the TARDIS.
    >"He was here, with me, the entire time."
    >"Never let him out of my sight, not even for a second."
    >"I have better things to do at this hour."
    Well, OP did go get lunch.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:59 No.18062388
    We seem to have the baseline down.

    Talk to Mike, get massage oil, talk to Ursula if we see her but be careful and don't say too much, nap, fuck with Shirou if we get the chance.

    Order isn't a huge deal.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)22:59 No.18062396
    No, we didn't. I'm still saying we should run into Ursula. There has been no agreement.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:00 No.18062400
    No, I think the massage oil idea is stupid. Talking to Mike too.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:01 No.18062410
    It's the end of last thread all over again. LG, just pick for us.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:01 No.18062417
    Looks like one guy saying every idea but his is garbage to me.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:02 No.18062419
    That appears to be outside of the two items I mentioned as agreed on meaning it is still up in the air. So no anon, you are the retard.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:03 No.18062429
    As in run into her, then go to bed. No massage oil, no Mike. By our perspective, it's night time now. We need sleep.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:03 No.18062432
    I don't think we should talk to Mike until after past-Susan is already done with regular classes for the day. Less chance of even Mike slipping up.

    I'm okay with the massage oil.

    I think we should avoid Ursula until AFTER past-Susan meets her in the elevator, instead of before, like some people want.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:03 No.18062436

    You are the only one.


    The Nap and Oil would both come after the Theoretical Ursula encounter.

    And like he said, THOSE are the bits we agreed to, with other stuff up in the air.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/22/12(Wed)23:04 No.18062443
    I'm all for talking to Ursula in the morning, IF we run into her, but not actively seeking her out
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:04 No.18062446
    There are at least two people other than me disagreeing with the massage oil thing by my count, bro.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:05 No.18062453

    Mike would be eaiest to do now, and Both Ursula and Mike are on the ay to the Dorms.

    The Oil was post-nap territory.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:05 No.18062454
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:05 No.18062461
    We have all day bro. We can sleep a solid 8 hours in there and still have time for everything else.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:06 No.18062467
    Seriously. I just want to get on with this so that the bickering will end. It's fucking annoying.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/22/12(Wed)23:06 No.18062470
         File: 1329969983.jpg-(33 KB, 374x461, mike1.jpg)
    33 KB
    >little concensus
    >picking one of the safer routes for now.

    Since you have the whole day ahead of you, you decide to tie up some ends you might have left loose.

    First you head to Mike's office.
    You take note of the time as you walk through a hallway in Admin, [08:07]

    'Okay, I think i just about woke up by now.' You take out Kraus.
    "Hey man, is there anyway you can keep track of my past self?" you ask him.

    You arrive at Mike's office, the door is wide open.
    He's wearing sunglasses and has a cup in his left arm.
    "-EEEEAAAH" you hear him say.
    "Err, Good morning Susan," he says as he hastily takes off the sunglasses "What brings you to my office this morning?"
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:07 No.18062479
    I have now quoted every post that dislikes the massage oil idea and two of them look like a samefag.

    The only other posts that mention it at all were in support.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:08 No.18062488
    "Oh, I just time traveled back here from this evening. I'll be having lunch with you this afternoon. When Erica comes in, though, make yourself scarce. Trust me, you don't want to be here for that. She is going to be MAD."
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:09 No.18062493
    Shenanigans, just don't mention me to myself.

    So, do we get one of those cool power comparison graphs at any point?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:09 No.18062494
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:09 No.18062505
    Not really?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:09 No.18062508
    Actually, that should perfectly avoid any paradox by making sure things happen as they happened.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:10 No.18062510
    Actually that looks like it'll create the exact situation were had at lunch.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:10 No.18062516
    Shenanigans and whatnot. No really just wanted to warn you, time travelly shit, I'm seeing the doctor later, or I just saw him. I'll have lunch with you later, make yourself scarce when Erica pops in. Also I was wondering what I should do if I wanted to improve at CQC, if you being an expert at that had any pointers, lessons or nuggets of wisdom to drop on me.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:10 No.18062522
    YES. you're dropping way too much info.
    Mike knowing ab out Erica mad at us could also have some ripples.

    Trust me. im a scientist
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:11 No.18062528
    rolled 77 = 77

    I laughed so hard that im in tears LG. Thanks.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:11 No.18062529
    Explain how the Doctor sent us back in time, and we need to crash for a while. Maybe mention going home for stuff.
    Then do that.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:11 No.18062535
    The knowledge isn't what's important, it's the actions and it's only the actions that have impact on the time traveler before he time travels that are important.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:12 No.18062539

    "Be a good idea not to let on that you were expecting that, or that I was here. Main reason though was to see if I could go home some time in the near future. I didn't really get a chance to pack before coming here."
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:12 No.18062540
    even if you didnt make sure they'd happen.
    But by now interferring, they might NOT happen as they happened
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:13 No.18062554
    "Hey Mike. The Doctor sent me back from later this evening; I assume you've experienced his temporal shenanigans before.
    "Anyway, can I arrange to have my bike picked up from my home dimension? It's...personal."
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:13 No.18062556
    That isn't how paradox works. All of the events we do now are events that will have already happened. That's how time travel works. The idea of paradox is a theoretical construct designed to show that you can't change the past, you can only reveal aspects of it you didn't already know about. So we're fine.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:14 No.18062570

    This is the best way to go about it, methinks.

    Also, kudos to >>18062539

    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:14 No.18062574
    >So we're fine.
    Unless OP decides otherwise.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:15 No.18062582
    In which case he'll hue hue hue and then reset to non-paradox.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:17 No.18062614

    The problem is that a little change won't affect anything.

    We could run to where or past self is and kill him, thus destroying the universe via paradox.

    Paradox can happen, but if we're careful to cover up our tracks or have it known that we're "Temporally Displaced" in advance we dodge 99.9% of the risk.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:18 No.18062630

    This, give a hint, reveal little, avoid paradox, AND ACTUALLY ASK ABOUT THE BIKE.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:19 No.18062638
    Except we can't. That's not how paradox works. What will happen if we try to find and kill ourselves is that events will align in such a way that we fail without meeting ourselves, since we already failed to get killed by our future selves. "Back To The Future" paradox is a hollywood invention, actual paradox is used to illustrate that you'll fail any attempts to actually alter the past, you can only do things that future your had already done without your knowledge.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:19 No.18062646

    Oh god, the bike.

    I totally fucking forgot that's what we wanted to talk about.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/22/12(Wed)23:20 No.18062662
         File: 1329970824.jpg-(59 KB, 640x600, Stargate.jpg)
    59 KB
    "Well, I just got back from meeting with the Doctor and" Mike cuts you off.
    "NOPE. SHUT IT. No spoilers." He says with a wave of his hand. "Last time he got someone to spoil something for me, I ended up duct-taped to the cafeteria roof."

    "Tell me anything else except spoilers." he finishes.
    "Well then Mike, I was wondering If i could have the chance to go home and pick up a few stuff." You explain as your thoughts wander back on your bike, "I never did get the chance to pack before going here."

    "Well kid, as luck would have it there will be an extended rest period by next week, the trainees will be allowed to access the Stargate so they can go home or anything. Can you wait till then?"

    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:21 No.18062678
    Yeah that sounds alright.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:21 No.18062679
    "Yeah, sure. Thanks, Mike. Anyway, trust your instincts later today. Bye."
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/22/12(Wed)23:22 No.18062688
    "Yeah, sure. So, uh, I'm gonna go take a nap for the rest of the morning, see you class, sorta."

    Not spoilers, telling him our morning plan, as he is our handler.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:22 No.18062691
    "Yeah, thanks Mike."

    Okay, he doesn't want spoilers of any kind. So I think that's all for our meeting with Mike. Let's go do some shopping for that massage oil, then when our past self is in class, we can get some sleep.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:22 No.18062692
    Yes that is fine, I just didn't know anything about it and thought I might need special permission or something, otherwise I'm just here to hang out till my other self is out of the room.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:22 No.18062693

    >Hollywood Invention.

    We are in a fictional story with so much magic bullshit running around it'd make a pixy shit.

    Remember: The Doctor, probably the greatest expert on time travel ever, told us that paradox is bad, can happen, and we should avoid it.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:24 No.18062707
    Yeah, not really that huge a deal to wait a week. Since I'm here and you're here and I have some free time would you mind giving me some pointers in CQC. We don't need a nap too badly and filling in our lack of actual combat experience is useful. We aren't a frontliner but we will want to be able to use bunnymode and time stop to their fullest and knowing more melee combat would help with that.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:24 No.18062708
    Landing Gear,
    Your inclusion of Erica Hartmann in this quest is the reason I decided to watch Strike Witches. I just finished the series and that scene right after the giant core was defeated, where Sakamoto and Miyafuji are falling. Miyafuji says "It's Okay. There are eleven of us, after all"...
    I cried manly tears of joy. I would just like to thank you for that.

    Also, great quest, I haven't liked a quest this much since Zeon Quest (However, I never got past the first episode of Red Dwarf or MSG,they were not to my liking)

    Thank you for everything you do, and know that you've made at least a small impact in someones life for the better

    - Anon
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/22/12(Wed)23:24 No.18062709
    "see you in class" fuck me.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:24 No.18062711
    So we have to cleave to the Doctor's "wibbly wobbly, timey-wimey" version of Paradox? That's even easier. We can do basically anything short of meeting our past self in that case.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:24 No.18062712

    "Hopefully, yeah. Best not to talk about this until tommorow, we'll be well clear of any paradox by then."

    Not spoiler, just letting him know.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:25 No.18062727
    "That's cool."
    Let's chill here until morning class starts. Then we can go nap.
    Yeah it is being SUCH a bitch lately.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:26 No.18062732
    Before we do anything, we should remember what already occurred.

    Ursula does not know about the movie, nor has any clue judging by her reaction.

    Erica doesn't know about it either.

    We can't alter these things, or else we create paradox. Paradox is bad. All we have to do is not involve ourselves with the twins and we'll be good, for the most part.

    Let's do this as if the "future" is already set, but we have to act in a way to keep it set.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:26 No.18062736
    >He actually watched Strike Witches
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:27 No.18062741


    We shouldn't be running around with nary a care, since that's the road that leads to PARADOX.

    And PARADOX = BAD.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:27 No.18062746
    No fuck that let's tell Kamen Rider not to let us put Shinku on the team and see what happens
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:28 No.18062753


    And we've been over this. Can we just accept the team list and not continue arguing over it?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:28 No.18062757
    How about we don't do something that the Doctor warned us not to do?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:29 No.18062765
    rolled 30 = 30

    >GO back home, actually kidnap the girl, take her with us, make her our servant.

    Hahaha, take that Hayate no Gotoku! continuity!
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/22/12(Wed)23:29 No.18062769
         File: 1329971376.jpg-(79 KB, 580x408, asdad45.jpg)
    79 KB
    "Yeah Mike, I can wait till then."
    'Soon we'll be back together,' you think as you visualize your bike in your mind's eye.

    "So yeah Mike, I'll see you in class or something. I'll be trying to lay low."

    Before you finally head out of the door, you turn to Mike to say "Oh yeah, Make sure the window is open before lunch."

    "Goddammit kid. Get out of here." He tells you as he pulls out another magnificent cigar.

    You walk out of his office.

    'Okay, I should be taking the twins to their room by now. I have a few more minutes till classes start and Im in the clear. Maybe i should take to Ursula about that whole 'liking me' thing.'

    WAT DO?
    [ ] hide. where?
    [ ] wait for Ursula in R&D
    [ ] other ___________
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:30 No.18062771
    rolled 91 = 91

    Did you read the Strike Witches quest?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:30 No.18062774

    On the one hand, Paradox Bad.

    On the other, I fucking hate Shinku oh my god.

    On the third hand, do we really want to start that shit storm again?

    On the fourth hand, I apparently now have four hands. This is probably not good.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/22/12(Wed)23:30 No.18062777
    What? No. Let's NOT actively try to change events, and screw over everything.
    Which is why we lay low by resting in the morning, and going to town in the afternoon. Once Susan1 is packed away for the evening at Ryuu's, we should be safe to come back to campus.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:31 No.18062783
    [x] wait for Ursula in R&D
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:31 No.18062787
    Hide in our room and get our nap on for a while.

    Wake up with enough time to talk to Ursula or go to town or whatever.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:31 No.18062790

    Lets go to the R&D.

    Also LG, since the timeline for this is EXTREMELY limited, I'd actually you railroad our interactiong with Ursula to fit with how she reacts to us in the lift.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/22/12(Wed)23:32 No.18062791
    Bed. We are fukken tired. No need to talk to Ursula at this very moment.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:32 No.18062792
    Hide out in the Library.
    With everyone going to class, it's unlikely anyone will be there, and we can wait until our past-self is safely in class before we move out.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:32 No.18062796
    [x] Wait for Ursula in R&D.
    In before the other 2 hands are Erica's.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:32 No.18062798
    I agree. I hate Shinku but fuck that shitstorm.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/22/12(Wed)23:32 No.18062801
         File: 1329971548.jpg-(128 KB, 1000x860, hhayate347_017_rhs.jpg)
    128 KB
    >kidnap nagi and bring her here.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:32 No.18062804
    rolled 1 = 1


    Since I know people are going to freak out about the Ursula thing, Imma FLIP A COIN.

    1 = We Talk.
    2 = Something else.

    Put this up to the dice gods, and cut this shit off at the pass.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:32 No.18062811

    I think we want to interact with her AFTER the lift bit to keep our relative timelines mostly sane.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:33 No.18062817
    Go nap.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:33 No.18062820
    I have also been following the SW quest, I like it also, but I didn't catch it till after I was halfway through the first season
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:33 No.18062825
    Library, find a nice comfy chair and read up on alchemy, get some studying in, I know Ryuu says that experience over information but having a strong base of information is helpful. I'd rather not interact with her before we interacted earlier just due to the potential of fucking that up. However I'm fine with seeing her while we're doing alchemy with Ryuu.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:33 No.18062826
    Ok, supposed we talk.

    When do we talk?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:33 No.18062827
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:35 No.18062844
    Oh SHUT UP. 90% of the 'drama' is people bitching that we're bitching.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:35 No.18062848
    He did flip a coin, I'm not against that

    Though I still hate the very idea of purposefully messing with something like that when we already have no idea what the results of our previous prank will be.

    Bull. China shop. This is what we're being right now.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/22/12(Wed)23:35 No.18062852
         File: 1329971758.jpg-(55 KB, 1179x775, time shenanigans morning s.jpg)
    55 KB
    I wont railroad, the scenario for this morning is relative mild.
    YOu managed to avoid 1 paradoxical moment.
    YOu have to clear another just another more.

    Lunch is another story al together though. huehuehuheu
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:36 No.18062855

    Well, now.

    Because that was the choice: Do we dodge this shit in the immedate future, or talk now?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:36 No.18062859
    Dammit dice gods, stop trying to rend apart time and space.

    Anyway, voting to explore campus, we've only been here a few days, would be nice to get an idea of how large this place is. Also lowers paradox chance.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:38 No.18062877
    Hide and nap.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:38 No.18062879
    It also increases 'shouldn't you be in class' chance.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:38 No.18062880
    Guys we've had a full length day already, if we want to be any good at all to erica tonight we really need to sleep.

    Talking with someone for a bit is still fine, but we really really need to take a nap, and the sooner the better.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:39 No.18062891
    Either Ryuu or hide and read, we need to step up our game on this alchemy and I doubt we'll fuck everything up by learning more from Ryuu, we can to a wink wink nudge nudge about the doctor and he'll understand and it'll be just fine.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/22/12(Wed)23:39 No.18062892
    My opinion is we head to our room and sleep for the morning. A little before lunch, we GTFO to town for some afternoon shopping. If we should HAPPEN to run into Ursula on our way to town, well, we can see what happens.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/22/12(Wed)23:40 No.18062911
         File: 1329972038.jpg-(56 KB, 736x797, labcoat.jpg)
    56 KB
    You decide to head down to R&D to wait for Ursula for a little talk.
    You hide yourself behind a column inside the dome and wait.

    A few minutes later you see her approaching.
    Carrying a stack of papers, and Victor projecting some graphs and text in front of her, Ursula enters the dome.

    You step out of the shadows and meet her.
    "Uhm Hello, Ursula."
    "Hello," She says as Victor shuts down his holodisplay. "Shoudn't you be in class?"
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:40 No.18062919
    Hide, and get some sleep. Then we can head to town during the events of lunch.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:41 No.18062923
    "I'm here from the future. I can't tell you much because of spoilers. I just thought we could chat for a little while."
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/22/12(Wed)23:42 No.18062931
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:42 No.18062933
    "I am. Don't worry about it."
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:42 No.18062934
    Well, Ursalanons, you're up I'm not going to try to think up conversation for this trainwreck of an idea.
    >> Alpharius 02/22/12(Wed)23:42 No.18062937
    rolled 22 = 22

    "Saw The Doctor. Time shenanigans. Mum's the word."
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/22/12(Wed)23:42 No.18062942
    Sorry guys, but by going down the OTHER route [talking to mike] you cant get back to the hide/nap choice for now.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:42 No.18062944
    Well this is going to end poorly.

    Sounds like a good start.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:42 No.18062945
    >Shoudn't you be in class?
    Aw fuck, I knew this would come up.

    "It's not a problem."

    Alright, what the fuck do we say? What the fuck CAN we say, that won't fuck up the future?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:43 No.18062951

    I enjoy how half the chart for the 'time travel' is covered in 'spoilers' and 'paradox'.


    Welp, dice gods have spoken, and since we won't reach a consensus otherwise...

    What's the best way to approach her?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:43 No.18062954
    May as well be up front with it I guess. Maybe she'll enjoy the intrigue.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:44 No.18062958
    "Oh I will be."
    Then we try and talk to her about Erica cluing us in on her feelings.

    this might end up in a train wreck but dear god, the ride is too much fun
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:44 No.18062960
    "Long story; don't worry about it. Got time to chat?"
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:44 No.18062963
    rolled 53 = 53

    "I am."
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:44 No.18062968
    Let's experiment with Kraus, seeing how different potions affect his combat abilities.

    We're support, I really want to diversify our abilities. Healing, buffing, debuffing, defense and offense, etc.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:45 No.18062971
    If I'm not mistaken, isn't OP also running SW quest?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:45 No.18062977
    Kraus is currently suffering MAJOR FEEDBACK due to time travel. Doubt he's going to be much use for a while.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/22/12(Wed)23:46 No.18062982
    Dear god. you should see the LUNCH route i have planned.
    Its too convoluted. then there's the fucking hypotheticals i had to work in.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/22/12(Wed)23:46 No.18062983

    Different people.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:46 No.18062988

    "I am. It's... complicated. The Doctor knows more about time travel than I do, and he said mums the word."
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:46 No.18062995
    not even close.

    for one planefag is eastern standard and Landing Gear is litterally on the other side of the world, in the Philippines.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:47 No.18063001
    ... No. That's Planefag. Or Planefaggin, when he trips over the "[possessive noun] engine" banfilter.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:48 No.18063009
    Which we can easily skip by waking up before lunch and going to town.

    Which is one of the reasons I suggested it (the other still being Erica covered in oil).
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:48 No.18063013
    SPOILERS much guys?

    We shouldn't even mention anything about timetravel.

    Shes not going to respond like Mike and save us from ourselves.

    Just make some excuse about a break.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/22/12(Wed)23:48 No.18063023
    Same reason I did, as well.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:49 No.18063026
    And we made contact with a critical person. Fantastic.

    Just please, please don't tell her anything about future events.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:49 No.18063030

    I think that about lunch time, we need to be gone.


    We get to be below the window Mike's going to come out of.

    "Technically I didn't lie. I didn't need for you to cover for me yet, from my point of view. I think given how the rest of the day's going to go I should be somewhere other than here."
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:50 No.18063044
    I agree.
    We shouldn't even MENTION time travel. Just say we're going to class now, or we're on a little break.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/22/12(Wed)23:50 No.18063046
    you think i didnt factor the town in?

    >im spoiling too much. fucking time travel.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:50 No.18063051
    Oh, I really like that!
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:51 No.18063064

    "Doing the Doctor a favor. Can we talk?"

    Best I can do.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:52 No.18063065
    Well if we don't tell her about the time travel we might fuck things up given our interaction in the elevator earlier/later. But if we do tell her it might have complications later/earlier. We need new tenses for this shit. So tell her Magic which should make her nod and go OK without having to go into time stuff.

    So chat with her a bit, make sure everything is cool between us, her and Erica. Ask what she's working on. Apologize for what happened, seek to make some amends.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:53 No.18063077
    Start using terms like 'will have had.' Future pluperfect is your friend when doing time shenanigans.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:53 No.18063078
    It hasn't happened yet from her perspective, that's dumb.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/22/12(Wed)23:53 No.18063082
    Ah, yes, of course. Fuck.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/22/12(Wed)23:53 No.18063092
         File: 1329972822.jpg-(160 KB, 704x400, 2582 - ayasaki_hayate dolphins(...).jpg)
    160 KB
    "Oh I will be," you answer her. "I just came by for a little chat."
    "Oh." You see her fidget a little. "Well I guess i have time to spare."

    She follows you to one of the sofas scattered around the foyer, and sits down.
    "What do you want to talk about?" she asks you.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:55 No.18063103
    Oh god we can't get away.

    Shit shit shit someone say something
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:55 No.18063104
    "I just want to clear the air."
    >> Alpharius 02/22/12(Wed)23:55 No.18063110
    rolled 6 = 6

    Jesus fuck this is YOUR IDEA guys, not mine. This is an awkward trainwreck of a conversation, so I'm going to roll for BUTLER CHARISMA to fix this.

    Watch me roll a one.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:55 No.18063111
    "I want to talk about us, if that's okay with you."
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:56 No.18063116
    My question is how he'll make it all the way out to town during lunch.

    Maybe we should use him to pass awkward notes, where his stupidity will ensure it arrives at the absolute worst possible time for the receiver.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/22/12(Wed)23:56 No.18063119
    I'm out, good luck Ursulafags.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:57 No.18063133
    Well, at least it's not a one.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:57 No.18063136
    Hrm. We need to go over our relationship with Erica, and mention that we've both agreed that it isn't hugely serious yet.
    And ask her how she feels about it.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:58 No.18063146
    NO NO NO NO goddamn.

    Tell her we are getting the feeling that she might be uncomfortable about the situation with us and her sister and we wanted to explain things.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:58 No.18063148
    rolled 35 = 35

    Talk about dolphins
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:58 No.18063151

    "Just wanted to make sure things weren't... awkward between me, you, and Erica. Because I know you two are close, and I tend to screw up relationship stuff quite badly. Never a foot in the mouth when I can get the whole leg. I just wanted to try and make sure that whatever happens, things don't get weird."

    I have way too much practice with time-travel shenanigans.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:59 No.18063152
    "You do science, right? What would happen if someone, say, created a temporal paradox?"
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:59 No.18063153
    Goddammit, I was against this from the beginning but I'll still do my best at damage control. Fuck you guys.

    "I wanted to talk about, if you're comfortable with the way things are right now."
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:59 No.18063155
    Safe topic, safe topic, safe topic.

    This is why I didn't want to talk to her, if we don't apologize now it is rude, and confusing when we apologize in the elevator as why wouldn't we have done it then, and if we do apologize now it's plain weird when we shove ourselves into an elevator in order to apologize. Fuck.

    How about we say that we have a normal conversation about say her teaching us about the more technical aspects of magic and at the end look at our watch, go my lord look at the time, give a short apology for the disk incident and say we will make up for our lack of proper apologies by giving her a proper butlery one later!
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)23:59 No.18063157
    Let's just make casual conversation. Get to know her better. Show off our winning charm. That sort of thing. No need to get into any serious topics unless she brings it there herself.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:00 No.18063167

    Fucking perfect, right tone, right intent, and just the right amount of foreshadowing.

    Let's go with this one guys.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:00 No.18063172
    This might work.

    Disk incident hasn't happened yet for her.

    This is good.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:00 No.18063174
    I like this. Only take it the relationship direction if that's where she goes.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:01 No.18063176
    forgot: "And how would it cause a gorilla to be duct-taped to the cafeteria roof?"
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:01 No.18063178
    I like this one. I like it a lot.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/23/12(Thu)00:01 No.18063179
    Damnit, I can't stay away.

    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:01 No.18063184
    Durr, I completely lost my place at when we were.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:02 No.18063190

    Either one of these two. Not sure which is better.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:03 No.18063200

    Guys, spoilers.

    We need to be CAREFUL.


    THIS. Word for Word.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:04 No.18063212

    Avoid all mentions of Time Travel.

    We only talk about that shit when we know it's safe.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:06 No.18063231
    Okay, this sounds safe, but afterwards, after lunch when she's seen the video, won't it make us look even more stupid?

    Morning: we tell her we sometimes stick our entire leg in our mouth, we're trying to be better about it.
    Lunch: have her watch sex tape with us and her sister
    Afternoon: apologize for previous stupidity

    I guess it could work, but I have my doubts.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:06 No.18063241
    Throwing more support for this.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:06 No.18063243
    Sounds like about the best we can do for now. She said she forgave us after we apologized.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/23/12(Thu)00:07 No.18063247
         File: 1329973628.jpg-(36 KB, 408x315, 13254432345222s2s.jpg)
    36 KB
    "Just wanted to make sure things weren't... awkward between me, you, and Erica. Because I know you two are close, and I tend to screw up relationship stuff quite badly. Never a foot in the mouth when I can get the whole leg. I just wanted to try and make sure that whatever happens, things don't get weird."

    "I mean, you've woken up in my bed twice now. It's not that im complaining, but i dont know, maybe it's weird for you?"

    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/23/12(Thu)00:07 No.18063250
    It's the best suggestion we've had so far.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:07 No.18063262
    rolled 29 = 29

    Dice gods don't fail us now.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:07 No.18063264
    rolled 6, 79 = 85

    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:08 No.18063265
    rolled 51 = 51

    And here's where we fail hard.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/23/12(Thu)00:08 No.18063266
    rolled 86 = 86

    Welp, HERE GOES
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:08 No.18063268
    rolled 30 = 30


    I humble myself before the dicegods.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:08 No.18063269
    rolled 20 = 20

    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:08 No.18063270
    rolled 91 = 91

    >> Alpharius 02/23/12(Thu)00:08 No.18063272
    rolled 38 = 38

    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:08 No.18063275
    rolled 71 = 71

    Mediocre rolls so far but we aren't totally fucked I hope.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/23/12(Thu)00:10 No.18063297
         File: 1329973853.jpg-(45 KB, 1202x650, lunch scenario s.jpg)
    45 KB
    rolled 5, 8, 5, 5, 5 = 28

    <a peek at the lunch scenario im still trying to plot out.

    GODDAMMIT SHIROU pops up in 3 more places.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:11 No.18063301

    Please go for highest.

    Have pity on us and go for highest.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:11 No.18063302
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/23/12(Thu)00:12 No.18063316
    rolled 72 = 72

    Holy balls.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:12 No.18063319
    rolled 60, 28 = 88

    >fives and an eight
    I see a Keima~
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:12 No.18063324
    >Mike: "Susan, you've created a time paradox!"
    >Mike: "Susan? SUUUSSSANNN!!"
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:13 No.18063326
    rolled 76 = 76

    >damn near everything leads to Shirou
    >damn Shirou
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:13 No.18063328
    And so we see that we need to be REALLY CAREFUL during time events.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:13 No.18063334
    Christ is a Cracker, I say we just take a very long nap in a undisturbed corner of nowhere and take a nap or read a book in the basement.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/23/12(Thu)00:14 No.18063344
    >All them fives
    >you lucky bastards
    86 91 86 86 86 86

    Average. 87

    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:15 No.18063352
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:15 No.18063354

    Holy christ on a stick. That was close.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:16 No.18063359
    Oh hey look my Organic Chemistry exam grades have come back from the grave.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:17 No.18063372
    rolled 57, 77 = 134

    I'm still rolling them. Wheee!
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/23/12(Thu)00:18 No.18063385
    rolled 87 = 87

    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:19 No.18063399


    So things went well?
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/23/12(Thu)00:21 No.18063414
         File: 1329974498.jpg-(86 KB, 621x484, 13254432345222s2s2.jpg)
    86 KB
    "No, it's nothing." She says slightly blushing. "I-i like being close to you."
    "And you even served us breakfast in bed. No one's gone so far for us before."

    "I aim to please milady." You tell her with a bow.

    An elevator arrives at the lobby, you hear the DING as the doors open. She stands up and begins to go to it.
    "I better go down now, I dont want to keep mister Rood waiting."

    You accompany her to the elevator, but don't step inside. You remember the slight trauma the lunch incident might cause her.

    Before the doors close though, she leans over and gives you a quick peck on the cheek.
    "I like you Hayate." she says as she hides her face behind the stack of papers she was holding.
    The doors close and the elevator begins its descent.

    You are left in the lobby touching the cheek she kissed and wondering what to do next.

    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:22 No.18063426
    rolled 24 = 24

    Room and nap, we're out of it now and on our way to or in class along with everyone else.

    Set alarm to just before lunch.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:22 No.18063428
    Go to bed.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:23 No.18063432

    That went amazingly well. Time for a nap until lunch-ish.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:23 No.18063436
    >And now OP pretends he had this planned all along
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:23 No.18063440
    rolled 46, 92 = 138

    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:23 No.18063441
    Room. test time stop in room.
    then nap
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:23 No.18063442
    rolled 17 = 17

    Sleep time.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:23 No.18063447
    Whew dodged that bullet.

    Nap time.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:24 No.18063453
    Go visit Ryuu, he's a teacher so he will understand any Magic, don't ask, that we do. I'd like to save our nap time for lunch so we can avoid that massive clusterfuck.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:25 No.18063463
    rolled 63 = 63

    I think he did. I think.
    He has been reading the discussion form the last thread.


    We've been awake for more than 24 hours right? oh wait, the tests with the doctor took more time too. Maybe 36+hours no sleep?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:25 No.18063469
    Suddenly consensus.

    Also protip: if we do get massage oil later, get two bottles and keep them on our person separately in case of FUCKING SHIROU
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:26 No.18063472
    rolled 100 = 100


    Nooope. Paradox since he sees us later and that will affect his interactions with us.

    Go nap.

    I'm curious to see what the advanced class is like. And a flustered Nanoha is always welcome, bring her a bento or something.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:26 No.18063474
    rolled 78 = 78

    Wait, we nap till /after/ lunch so shirou will have to go back to class then we spend the afternoon frolicing freely in the city
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:26 No.18063476
    >Implying we can avoid that massive clusterfuck

    We shit in this bed. Now we have to sleep in it.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:26 No.18063482
    I don't see how avoiding lunch will hurt us too badly, unless we're unable to get to R&D after the elevator thing.
    If we nap later, we might oversleep it.
    Besides, we've clearly been given Keimatime. We'll just have to do out best to avoid FUCKING SHIROU.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:27 No.18063501
    rolled 87 = 87

    Keima? who was in class with us the whole time?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:28 No.18063506
    Go to our room, and catch some sleep.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:28 No.18063507
    At lunch, dummy.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:31 No.18063545
    My only concern is that Shirou might return to eat more of his room fudge while we're napping. But I do support plan 'Get some fucking sleep'
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:32 No.18063558
    That's what the locks on our door are for.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/23/12(Thu)00:33 No.18063568
         File: 1329975229.jpg-(40 KB, 357x410, 13254432345.jpg)
    40 KB
    Suddenly feeling very tired, what with the extra long day the doctor has given you, you head to your room to nap.

    You do your best to avoid the windows of your class, using trees and other obstructions for cover.

    You arrive at the dorm. You pass Shirou's room, the door still taken off it's hinges, and find that he has now been able to carve out a cave of about 3x3 meters in the fudge.
    There's a fudge desk and a fudge bed.
    'Fucking shirou.' you think with a chuckle.

    You get to your room and take a nap, setting an alarm for five minutes before lunch.
    >brb paperwork.

    Lunch will be a challenge. but im sure you guys will get through it it very few huehuehues
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:34 No.18063582
    Lock the door, close the blinds, we don't want anyone stumbling in on us napping and seeing us elsewhere, might upset things.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:35 No.18063591



    Did we ever mention our real name to Ursula?

    Or did Erica tell Ursula our sob story?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:35 No.18063592
    We should probably avoid the classroom altogether; people will have seen us preparing a salad for Mike, and it might raise some questions if they see us about.

    But it's been implied that we might get Shiroued if we go to town.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:37 No.18063611
    No and probably not.

    I, for one, thought our past was too over-the-top.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:38 No.18063617
    It is worth it for well oiled german twins.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:38 No.18063618
    Wait outside Mikes window for when he gets out. We can chill with Mike, get some CQC training, stay out of the way, hopefully, and avoid paradox, again hopefully.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:39 No.18063630
    >implying we won't get Shirou'd whatever we do.
    I suggest we harass Keima on the roof. Timestopped skirtflipping anyone?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:39 No.18063631
    I think it is canon for the character.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:40 No.18063642
    Which is why we sleep till after lunch when Shirou will need to be back in class.

    Then we're foot loose and fancy free.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:40 No.18063643
    That's his canon past. Also, we didn't tell Erica our past, just our name.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:40 No.18063645

    Alright, we accomplished our main goals for the morning with no headaches.

    We need to lay down a game-plan for phase two. My suggestion:

    -Find Gai and/or Kamia, see if they'd be interested in a trip to town over lunch. Shopping alone's boring, and we can provide food.
    >If they ask, we say it's for the inevitable screw-up with Erica because Genre Savvy. In fact, all Meta/Temporal hints will know be hand-waved as 'genre savvy' to avoid questions.
    -Lunch, shop, etc.
    -Ask them not to talk about this trip until tomorrow, because time-travel.
    -Lay loose plans to go home, get bike.
    -Ask Kemia for dating advice, because we all know that's going to be fucking hilarious.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:41 No.18063668
    Yep it was cannon.
    We even had a magical loli teach us butlery in a possessed castle.
    >see the pics OP has been posting
    A-tan just might be the key to our crashing
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:42 No.18063678
    Talking to critical people is always a bad idea when time traveling, even when the idea of paradox is as weak as it apparently is in this universe.

    Critical people being ones that your past self had contact with during that time frame.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:42 No.18063684

    When I mentioned her in connection with our crashing, LG responded it was possible.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:42 No.18063685
    we told her our backstory of almost getting sold by the yakuza for our organs
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:44 No.18063711

    Unfortunately this pretty much leaves us with Shirou.

    Also Lily but she'd probably be upset when she found out we skipped her for the team after spending time with her.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:45 No.18063732
    lily still doesnt know about the team expansion. that happens at the end of class.

    LILY WILL KNOW that theres two of us running around though.
    And talking to her now jsut might fuck it up
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:47 No.18063747

    I think we can trust Gai to keep a secret.

    >Ask Kemia for dating advice, because we all know that's going to be fucking hilarious.


    "Wait, the video games you're always playing are dating sims? Wait, how applicable is that knowledge to real life?"

    >Lay loose plans to go home, get bike.

    We need to start revealing small details of our past until somebody asks for the whole accounting. Then we win the 'worst childhood contest'. Hard to top Santa telling you to your face that poor kids whose parents didn't love them don't deserve a merry christmas.


    No, she got a vague gist that our life sucked. She just doesn't know any of the horrifying details.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:47 No.18063752
    Or we avoid people entirely.

    Running into people when we're supposed to be elsewhere is the issue in the first place, why are we looking to hang out with people who knew where we were?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:47 No.18063753
    She is blind. Maybe she won't be sure.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:49 No.18063764

    At least real Santa is here and we can talk to him about it if we want to resolve some of our barely contained emotional issues.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:49 No.18063771
    Enhanced majaikal spatial awareness, however.

    I agree that we should avoid most people until after classes end for the day, when past-Susan will have gone down to Ryuu and leaving us with less possible Time Paradoxes.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:50 No.18063777
    Guys, how about heading off to the advanced classes?

    Go check out who is there, say hi to Nanoha and watch her go into a panic.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:51 No.18063780
    Do not talk to any important student who we interact with later today. We will color their actions and might ruin EVERYTHING. Either strangers, people who our past self doesn't talk to or teachers who are understanding. Avoid interaction with those directly involved in "the lunch incident". Until we go to learn alchemy from Ryuu time itself is in danger. I posit hanging with Mike or studying/reading our alchemy book in a very quiet corner of the school.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:52 No.18063795
    I doubt that, she would probably be disappointed to not be on our team but I dare say she would like spending time with us after the ball.

    She seemed to enjoy the dance quite a bit

    Also we could troll shinku a bit with our spare time since we didn't seem to do much with her yesterday after getting her on our team.

    Also prepare for dinner with the twins while we are out shopping, make sure we have all the nice little bits to really make it a good night
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:53 No.18063812
    Sakura might be there at lunch.
    Too risky.
    And we're sure sakura cant keep her mouth shut.
    >"SohecamedowntoNANOHA'SclassandgaveheraBENTO,iwishhegaveMEaBENTO. *pout*"
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:54 No.18063815
    I think it's safe to say that there are a couple of people we can 'trust' with time travel.

    Kemia is smart enough that if we gave him a vague idea of the implications, he wouldn't have a problem coping.

    Gai dosen't strike me as genius, but he's reasonably smart and he trusts/likes us. I think if we asked he would keep a secret and/or help us.

    The Doctor If we showed up and told him we needed a place to hide for a couple of hours to avoid a prime taradox he'd help just because he knows how big a deal that is.

    River, same deal.

    Mike prefers 'hands off' but if we REALLY needed it, I think he'd help.

    Not saying we SHOULD go around yelling 'IMMA TIME TRAVELER' but It's not instant lose territory if we talk to certain people.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:54 No.18063822
    >Also we could troll shinku a bit with our spare time since we didn't seem to do much with her yesterday after getting her on our team.
    It's not YESTERDAY. it's LATER.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:55 No.18063830

    Actually, that sounds highly amusing and if we only dropped it off, it won't take too long and is plausible. hehe.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:56 No.18063834
    >Not saying we SHOULD go around yelling 'IMMA TIME TRAVELER' but It's not instant lose territory if we talk to certain people.
    Im sure the instructors would be cool with time travel, THEY WORK WITH THE DOCTOR afterall.
    But they might be like mike that's handsoff on the subject

    what we need to avoid are the students.
    And kenji.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:56 No.18063836

    Yeah, we should if we have the chance.

    Like, we're stuck in an elevator with him.

    "So, are you like actually THE Santa? I mean, I met one, but I'm not sure he was you."

    Then tell him the story.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)00:58 No.18063860

    Oh god no, Kenji is perfect. Feed those paranoid delusions.

    "Oh, I'm not him. He's having lunch with Mike. I'm the robot built to replace him, though I'd appreciate you not mentioning that."

    Test the entire group's pokerface.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/23/12(Thu)00:58 No.18063862
         File: 1329976713.jpg-(78 KB, 1179x775, time shenanigans morning.jpg)
    78 KB
    Okay, im back.
    Finalize your plans for lunch.
    and let's get the ball rolling again.

    <revealing now defunk morning scenario.
    <Some elements have been carried over to lunch
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:00 No.18063878
    Well that was pretty fucking close then.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:00 No.18063881
         File: 1329976827.jpg-(8 KB, 330x280, 1328143215776.jpg)
    8 KB

    >Mfw we just barely avoided disaster.

    Guys, this is absolutely the last time we do time travel.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:01 No.18063887
    Go into town to buy some stuff. Avoid Shirou, talk to people we see that aren't predestined to interact with past us to avoid paradox chances.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:01 No.18063891

    I like this plan OP: >>18063645

    Not sure how everybody else feels.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:02 No.18063898
    don't you mean

    "This is the last time we try to contact critical existences in our timestream"?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:02 No.18063903
    wait a minute, if our Kraus is having problems due to multiple minds to neural link to, how come he didn't have that problem making... everybody... lunch...

    Oh fuck.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:02 No.18063905
    Holy shit, and the Lunch Scenario is even more complex, with even more possibility of absolute failure.

    Voting to hide out in our room until after lunch and everyone is back in class, then go into town and get some of our shopping done.
    We know we won't meet Shirou because he'll be in class at the time.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:03 No.18063909

    We can do all that tomorrow or some other day.

    Doesn't have to be today where a single mistake will fuck us all up.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:03 No.18063917

    What we need to do afterwards is let some people know we accidentally time traveled. NOT WHILE WE'RE IN THE DANGER ZONE, AFTER WE'RE CLEAR.

    Let people know that time-travel happens sometimes.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:04 No.18063924


    I'm suggesting we avoid all contact.

    Can Krus create a disguise? Lets just spend the whole day in town, checking out whats available and all.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:04 No.18063925
    Easy! He didn't know there were two minds to link to, so he didn't even try!
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/23/12(Thu)01:04 No.18063931
    idk.. time travel Majaik, i guess.

    The kraus with FUTURE you is basically have a hugeass dejavu
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:05 No.18063936

    Because that was Yesterday?

    Dude, the only guys we cooked for today was us and Mike.

    We're cool.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:06 No.18063956
    Contact no one important and don't go to town, I'm sure people we know go to lunch in town and given our luck we'll run into Shirou. We either hide under a rock with a book, or wait outside Mikes window and chill with him. I want some CQC training from a gorilla damn it.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/23/12(Thu)01:06 No.18063961
    rolled 3 = 3

    >barely any consencus

    1 go to town
    2 hide in room further
    3 wait for Mike under window
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:07 No.18063964
    Continue sleeping till classes start back up so nobody who talked to us is still out and about?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:07 No.18063965
    You guys are all pussies.


    I'm with you bro, accept no substitutes.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:07 No.18063972
    Awesome, that was the one I wanted.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:07 No.18063973

    I love LG. Almost as much as I love PF.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:08 No.18063983



    We need more time to talk this out.

    We'll start saying 'time to roll' if we give up on a consensus.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:09 No.18063991
    That's fine. The massage oil can wait for a day that DOESN'T require vast micromanagement to prevent the destruction of the world.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:09 No.18063992

    LG runs on a schedule as well. He can't just sit about waiting till we give up.

    And this keeps the quest moving at a good pace.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:09 No.18063995
    Baah, he's been gone for quite some time, in the interests of moving the fuck on, I'm fine with rolling to the current big three.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:10 No.18064001
    Hopefully this leads into 'troll Keima on roof with stopwatch'
    >telling OP how to run his quest
    No fuck you.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:10 No.18064005
    We still have all afternoon bro, I'm not really sure why we need to go right /during/ the dangerous lunch hour where we don't know everyone's location.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:11 No.18064012
    rolled 54 = 54

    How about lunch with Lilly
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:12 No.18064019
    Critical existance! Paradox! Retards!
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:13 No.18064027
    But it really isn't?

    What is your deal?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:14 No.18064047
    She can probably already sense that there are two of us. Not that it matters.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:15 No.18064053
    Anyone who is in close contact with the time travellers past self during the timeframe is a critical existance. Lilly is our classmate, and therefore in close contact with us.

    So, yes she is.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:15 No.18064054
    How about not?
    Besides, since we're going to be with Mike for the lunch hour, it seems, he can help us get to a room where we can be safe from the other students.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/23/12(Thu)01:15 No.18064057
         File: 1329977734.jpg-(55 KB, 269x380, 6a00d8341c793d53ef00e550287417(...).jpg)
    55 KB
    The alarm you set wakes you up.
    Opening your eyes and feeling a bit more refreshed you ponder what to do next.
    'meeting anyone from class might be dangerous with time paradox and whatnot.'
    'I need to avoid Erica going to R&D and back.'
    And then you remember. MIKE DITCHED YOU when Erica stromed into the room.

    'Time to stick it to him, or at the very least, screw with him'
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:16 No.18064063
    rolled 79 = 79

    Like she didn'tdo that when we thought we were only one of ourselves.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:16 No.18064073
    As long as we don't meet us or fuck up causation we are fine. We didn't spend any time with Lily last time around, once she leaves class we are safe with her.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:17 No.18064084
    Hell yeah, hanging around with BroMike!
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:17 No.18064086
    Yes totally because the whole thing is running on your dipshit rules you made up. We already talked to Mike and Ursula and didn't get sucked into a timehole.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:18 No.18064095
         File: 1329977921.jpg-(40 KB, 247x244, 1326928166364.jpg)
    40 KB

    Fudge Pool at the bottom of the window.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:18 No.18064097
    >Posts: 329
    At this rate we'll need three threads to get through today. Again. This time.
    I hate timetravel.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:19 No.18064101
    Except meeting her during lunch could cause her reactions to change, altering our past timeline in ways we cannot predict.

    For example coming straight to us and ffering to join our group, so we end up not visiting ryuu, meeting Ursula and apologizing, or visiting the doctor.

    Critical existance isn't just about interaction it's also about proximity.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:19 No.18064102
    rolled 90 = 90

    Yeah, I'm suggesting that after meeting and talking with Mike we go and talk with Lilly
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:19 No.18064104

    We were still debating relevant points, not screaming 'YOU'RE WRONG!' at each other.

    That's not a good time to fast forward, because then we're avoiding talking things out.


    >No fuck you.

    Go fuck yourself. I was the one who suggesting rolling for when we couldn't decide in the first place, very much as a time and place thing.

    This was neither the time or the place.

    It's like if you wanted to go out to dinner, and you were stuck between picking two restaurants: flip a coin.

    We were at about "So what restaurants are on the list of options?" and "How do you guys feel about Italian?"

    Besides, quests are interactive. Limiting the interaction harms the quest, and roll out option should only be when there's no real hope.

    Undoubtably people are going to say unpleasant things about me for bothering to elucidate my position, but I always respond badly to unwarranted hostility.

    Even if it's not directed at me.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:20 No.18064108
    I agree. TWINS THEY WERE is enough of a minefield without this shit going on around it.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:20 No.18064114
    Mike knows how to deal with it, and we bloody skirted the edge with Ursula which you would know if you had read the chart.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:21 No.18064121
    We aren't playing by your rules here and we can resolve that by occupying her attention to the point when past us goes to the Doctor and then we are free and clear.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:21 No.18064122
    rolled 5 = 5

    OR we could have done that already and it had no effect.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:21 No.18064127
    Go run your own quest if it means that fucking much to you.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:21 No.18064130
    Supporting this
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:22 No.18064134
    I read it you condescending douchefuck.

    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/23/12(Thu)01:22 No.18064135
         File: 1329978155.jpg-(118 KB, 570x599, mountain_gorilla.jpg)
    118 KB
    You stealthily make your way under the window of your classroom and wait there covered by the well tailored shrubbery.

    A few moments later you hear from from above you ".....GET THIS DISK?!"
    'Yep, Erica's just on time.'

    Looking up you spot Mike jumping out the window like a bat out of hell, the beer mug still in his hand.

    He lands in the bushes, the beer surprisingly not spilling.

    "Sup Mike," You tell him as you stand up from your hiding place, "Thanks for DITCHING ME man."
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:22 No.18064136
    Did none of you actually read the morning chart we were given where it basically said talking to ursula was going to end in paradox unless we managed to come up with a way to avoid it?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:23 No.18064148
    Which is why causing that interaction would cause some fucking paradox.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:24 No.18064150
    We better be grinning like mad here.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:24 No.18064155
    Yes, and we did. We can do it again if we have to.

    This wibbly-wobbly mishmash really isn't that hard to deal with.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:25 No.18064160
    rolled 29 = 29

    Because we directly interracted with her while not yet travelled, which we haven't done with Lilly
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:26 No.18064168
    /tg/ - You Faggots Will Argue About Anything
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:26 No.18064177

    Re-read the post, I'm not the guy who freaked out.

    I just don't think being upset at thinking you're having choice ripped out of your hands in an interactive game warrants a 'fuck you'.

    Ignoring the hostile idiot...


    Not sure pissing off our combination teacher/handler/friend is the best idea here.

    Since he probably has the authority to chuck our ass back into the shitty life we came from.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:26 No.18064178
    You are worried that she will run away from us to go see other us somewhere else and bother us and change the past?

    Do you understand how unlikely that is? Hell maybe we offset the timing of the elevator by a few seconds earlier in the thread and past us won't catch it in time to apologize to Ursula. You can't get hung up on the minute possibilities here.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:27 No.18064180
    Oh sorry were we having the wrong kind of fun?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:27 No.18064182
    Can't really blame the gorilla, though.
    Would YOU get between a German ace Witch and someone she was annoyed at?

    Anyway, there's no more spoilers he'll have to worry about, so let's ask him about Bureau regulations concerning time travel and such.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:28 No.18064184
    This is a good idea.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:28 No.18064188
    not "run away from us" but "have lunch with us and decide to chat with us after class/during decision on the team time afterwards"

    Is it so hard to believe that she'd be friendly back when we were friendly first?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:29 No.18064191
    Okay, im gonna step in and ask what would interacting with lily bring into the quest at this point in time?

    She's already out of the team, you're just trying to add another route to a full clusterfuck we are just barely avoiding.

    Anyway, you still have the whole afternoon left.

    Mike route fits in with mike dissapearing for the remainder of lunch.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:29 No.18064194

    Since we have him, might as well.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:30 No.18064197
    So we keep her occupied until that is no longer an issue. It isn't rocket surgery.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:30 No.18064203
    Because KS waifufags
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:32 No.18064218
    Cause she totally doesn't need to separate and go back to class at any point, right?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:32 No.18064222
    I don't remember us specifically noticing her there.

    So no not necessarily.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:33 No.18064226

    Yeah, we need to set some ground-rules where this is concerned.

    IDEA: We buy a 'Time Traveling' hat. Which we wear when we're 'Temporally Displaced' so they know that we're not the one we're looking for.

    Plus, we could abuse the shit out of that for fun.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:34 No.18064232
    You mean like the top hat where we store Jacob?
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/23/12(Thu)01:36 No.18064244
         File: 1329978986.jpg-(36 KB, 604x443, 12354345345ds22212s42.jpg)
    36 KB
    "Hey man, you of all people should know how scary that girl could be." He tells you as he finishes the beer in the mug.
    You can only reply with a shrug.
    "And goddammit, Susan. Do you really want to risk paradoxes that badly?" the mug disappears into thin air.
    "Come with me to my office, you can hide out in there for lunch."

    Mike guides you through some maintenance corridors and emergency exits way out of sight of people and manages to deposit you in his office.

    He takes a cigar out and lights up.
    again you are facing the impressive rack of weapons on his wall.

    [ ] talk about weapons
    [ ] talk about cigars
    [ ] other?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:36 No.18064248

    >IDEA: We buy a 'Time Traveling' hat. Which we wear when we're 'Temporally Displaced' so they know that we're not the one we're looking for.

    I actually like the hell out of that.

    A basic visual warning like that would circumvent any need for us to FREAK OUT CRAWL THROUGH VENTS AVOID THE PARADOX.

    Shit, we see us across the room with the hat on, we'll know not to get involved.

    Let's be honest, this time traveling was pretty spur of the moment. I think that if we actually thought it out, time travel wouldn't be that big a deal.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:37 No.18064256
    OTHER: Bureau operational procedures and regulations concerning time travel, and what we're supposed to do about it.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:37 No.18064258
    Talk about time travel.

    Also weapons.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:37 No.18064263
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:38 No.18064265
    rolled 38 = 38


    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:38 No.18064267
    [x] talk about cigars
    Let's serve some whiskey too.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:39 No.18064280

    No, something simple but distinct. Something people would immediately recognize it for what it is and it's purpose.

    I would deliberately avoid Top-hats for that reason.


    "I'm really just winging it here."

    Ask for advice and/or Bureau policies vis a vis 'Time Travel'.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:39 No.18064283
    weapons and cigars
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:39 No.18064285
    I like this.

    just bro it up and casually slip that we're now one step closer to a german witch sandwich

    A Hartburger if you will
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:41 No.18064296
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:42 No.18064306
    ask him where he gets his cigars with the two headed eagles on them that look like they'd make you a tactical genius or something
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:42 No.18064307

    Whenever we go to town, we need to buy a time-traveling hat.

    Also, we're REALLY out of our depth with this time travel thing. We should ask for advice.

    "The Doctor mentioned that a 'you broke causality high-five' is neither funny or appropriate."
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:43 No.18064317

    I think we should save the dating advice/convos for Kamina for now, mostly because that's going to be fucking hilarious.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:44 No.18064328

    Ask for advice.

    Get his opinion on the "Time Traveling Hat".
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:45 No.18064332
    Oh god I wish. It's Keima.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:45 No.18064336
    how bout we add a cape and fake mustache to our time travel outfit? That'd definitely let people know we're having temporal shenanigans
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:45 No.18064339
    I don't like timetravelling. We should not use it much
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/23/12(Thu)01:47 No.18064358
         File: 1329979679.jpg-(26 KB, 322x359, gorilla-closeup.jpg)
    26 KB
    You decide to clarify some Bureau protocols about time travel with Mike, to avoid trouble further down the line.

    "Well, the Bureau tries to avoid using time travel. Infact, we're about 70% sure that the Bureau was created in response to some paradoxical event, the records are hazy though, and the Doctor wont explain it much."

    "We may have access to the technology but we rarely use it since it tends to fuck up things in the long run. Even you just sitting here in my office while past you is in class is too much of a risk."

    "It's just that that fucking Doctor wasn't really one for the rules. So we're almost powerless to stop him from messing with time like this."

    "he could have sent you back to trigger some sequence of events, OR he could have sent you back jsut to fuck with you."

    he then notices you eyeing the weapons on the wall. "anyway, enough of that time travel bullshit."

    He says as he stand up from behind his desk, "Grab a weapon. I'll give you a quick lesson in combat."

    [ ] rapier
    [ ] katana
    [ ] bastard sword
    [ ] twin knives
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:49 No.18064368
    rolled 80 = 80



    "Mind if I bring out an ability that the Doctor showed me?"
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:49 No.18064369
    [x] Rapier.
    Classy as fuck.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:49 No.18064380
    Bastard sword, I'd say rapier as the classier choice, but the bastard sword is going to be the most like one of our enlarged knives
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:49 No.18064382
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:49 No.18064384
    [x] Twin Knives
    That way our bunnymode will be more effective.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:49 No.18064386

    Yeah, I know, that was a typo.


    >Admit we have no idea what we're doing.
    >Joke about giving our past self a high-five for avoiding paradox.
    >Ask about whether we should get a hat to let people know about temporal shenanigans.

    Oh god, he's either going to love us or fucking hate us by the time this is all over.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:50 No.18064388
    rapier is the only right choice.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:50 No.18064400

    Backing this.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:51 No.18064410


    Light, elegant, fast, and oozes class.

    It's a perfect fit.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:51 No.18064413
    Given in combat we use enlarged silverware I'd go for the knives so we can transfer the training to bunnymode.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:52 No.18064419
    rolled 70 = 70

    Rapier as fuck
    [x] Classy
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:53 No.18064425
    Twin knives, because our bunny mode can only use knives.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:55 No.18064444

    Twin knives.

    Those can be classy too.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:57 No.18064455

    Or a rapier that transforms into twin knives when we're in bunny mode. I'd be cool with that.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/23/12(Thu)01:57 No.18064457
         File: 1329980233.jpg-(16 KB, 394x316, fencer2.jpg)
    16 KB
    "Majaikal combat is still rooted in combat," He says as he taps Domingo on the floor.

    "For now I want to fight you without any magic. So no tricks. I won't pull any either."

    You take a rapier off the rack and test it in your hand. The light blade responds to every flick of your wrist.

    "Fencing huh?" He says as he brings his cane up in a classical fencing stance. "Interesting choice."

    "Now. ENGARDE!"
    The room disintegrates into a wide open field.

    Where do you aim?
    [ ] arm
    [ ] chest
    [ ] head
    [ ] block
    Roll 1d100 for effectiveness of move.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:58 No.18064471
    rolled 69 = 69

    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:59 No.18064478
    rolled 10 = 10


    Multiple thrusts, head, chest, arm
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:59 No.18064480
    rolled 1 = 1

    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)01:59 No.18064485
    rolled 1 = 1

    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:00 No.18064488
    rolled 54 = 54

    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:00 No.18064490
    rolled 1 = 1

    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:00 No.18064496


    move to disarm him.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:01 No.18064500
    You're rolling 1d00 not 1d100.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:01 No.18064502
    WTF, /tg/ dice.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:01 No.18064503
    rolled 94 = 94

    oh wow... 1d00 not 1d100 I'm a fucking retard.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:01 No.18064504

    Thank god this didn't happen back in paradox town.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:01 No.18064513
    rolled 2 = 2


    Did I REALLY just fuck up dice?

    Fucking seriously?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:02 No.18064515
    lol u
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:04 No.18064536

    I think it's fair to say our mind is elsewhere today.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:04 No.18064537
    Don't worry guys, I made up for it by rolling really high on my actual roll.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:04 No.18064542

    It's like nWoD Paradox dropped in to say "Fuck You, and Fuck Your Time Travel."
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:05 No.18064548
    rolled 42 = 42

    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:05 No.18064549
    rolled 54 = 54

    Arm shot
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:05 No.18064554
    rolled 68 = 68

    Nah he just cannot into dice.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:06 No.18064555
    recheck the dice, damn did I fuck up, I'd delete the fuck ups but then Gear might go "I saw you delete those, now they're the result"
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/23/12(Thu)02:06 No.18064557
         File: 1329980763.jpg-(146 KB, 887x1544, odds_&8.jpg)
    146 KB
    You try and aim for Mike's arm
    You lunge swiftly at him and connect.
    You didnt count taht you would lunge with too much force. the tip buries itself in his arm and the rest of the blade bends.
    With the combined body weight of the two of you in it, the sliver of metal snaps.
    One of the larger fragments zooms straight into your face.
    You have very little time to react, and Mike can only watch as the shard lodges itself into your eye.

    "GODDAMMIT KID!" were the last word's you will ever hear as darkness takes you

    BAD END.
    [x] reload
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:06 No.18064568
    rolled 46 = 46

    Man that wasn't an actual roll but ok.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:07 No.18064570
    We need to start thinking up our excuses for why we suck now.

    Because I don't think we're going to win this one guys.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:07 No.18064572
    but that was 1d00

    That's not a proper roll!
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:07 No.18064577
         File: 1329980873.jpg-(56 KB, 300x333, 1328153639911.jpg)
    56 KB

    Loadingu loadingu

    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:08 No.18064578
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:08 No.18064585
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/23/12(Thu)02:11 No.18064608
         File: 1329981105.png-(62 KB, 320x274, fencer.png)
    62 KB
    You aim for Mike's arm with a thrust. But he easily parries with his cane.
    You quickly pull your sword back to block for the inevitable attack.

    "Armed combat is all about watching your oponents eyes and movement. Do not watch the weapon."
    He stabs at you, aiming for your chest. YOu barely have enough time to block the cane's tip with the guard on your rapier.

    [ ] block
    [ ] head
    [ ] torso
    [ ] leg
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:13 No.18064619
    rolled 75 = 75

    Leg, but flick your eyes to his arm.

    Also, this time I can into rolling
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:13 No.18064632
    rolled 9 = 9

    block, followed by thrust towards head
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:14 No.18064635
    rolled 30 = 30

    Not a bad move.

    Gorrillas got tiny legs though.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:14 No.18064636
    rolled 66 = 66

    Dis wun.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/23/12(Thu)02:14 No.18064640
         File: 1329981266.jpg-(315 KB, 800x600, DSCN3901.jpg)
    315 KB
    fuck yes i love you ami/mami

    [twin sets of twins, anyone?]
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:14 No.18064643
    rolled 88 = 88

    Attack to torso.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:14 No.18064644
    rolled 47 = 47

    Feint towards upper torso aim at legs. We get a good leg hit and inhibit his mobility we have a chance. We can't just block though as he'll eventually overwhelm us that way.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:20 No.18064705
    rolled 69 = 69

    I'm busy catching up with this AMAZING quest.
    Landing gear, you are awesome.
    The second half of the quests in the archive still need upvoting!
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:20 No.18064706
    Oh yeah before I forget
    >looking at your opponents eyes so they can easily eye fake you
    >not developing the "thousand yard stare" where you're looking at their entire body and the space between you so you can react to /all/ their movements

    Seriously, measure the distance you or your opponent can strike at without needing to move, this is your reaction distance and you should be just outside it.

    Then your opponent needs to take the extra time to move from their position to attack you, giving you reaction time, while allowing you who is measuring the distance and controlling it to attack whenever you want.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/23/12(Thu)02:21 No.18064716
         File: 1329981715.jpg-(18 KB, 600x449, 1_170659441l.jpg)
    18 KB
    YOu flick your eyes to his arm but go for an almost blind stab at his legs.
    He narrowly parries it.
    "Nice try, but your body still transmits your movement too much. Loosen up."

    He goes for your head


    Are we sinking?
    What page are we on?
    New thread if were on the 13/14th page
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:22 No.18064720
    rolled 84 = 84


    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:22 No.18064724
    rolled 77 = 77

    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:22 No.18064725
    Ok, we seem to be taken care of, to not touch anything.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:24 No.18064735
    rolled 94 = 94

    Sinking yes, page unsure.

    Someone should archive now if we haven't already.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:24 No.18064736
    Just checked, We're on page 7, so we've got a bit before we need to jump thread.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/23/12(Thu)02:25 No.18064748
         File: 1329981934.jpg-(26 KB, 254x312, asd34225sdf.jpg)
    26 KB
    YOu block hist thrust easier this time, you feel to have been able to finally gotten a feel for Mike's movements.

    He attacks you continously.

    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/23/12(Thu)02:26 No.18064759
    rolled 89 = 89

    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:26 No.18064761
    rolled 5, 16, 16 = 37

    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:26 No.18064764
    rolled 65, 69, 2 = 136


    Egad, Have at you, you gorilla!
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:27 No.18064765
    rolled 52, 76, 92 = 220

    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/23/12(Thu)02:27 No.18064769
    Thanks. As said in the first thread, i can promise nothing much but bad, bad writing.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/23/12(Thu)02:27 No.18064775
    rolled 98, 9 = 107

    I'm a derp. here's two more
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:28 No.18064781
    rolled 42, 32, 31 = 105

    Block, block, block!
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:28 No.18064782
    rolled 13, 88, 64 = 165

    Well here goes.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:29 No.18064788
    rolled 56, 88, 79 = 223

    And your first two were so good

    Why not add to the fun myself eh?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:30 No.18064792
    >check dice
    >yep, 3d100
    >> Dorfboots !!6qujI7jhvLR 02/23/12(Thu)02:30 No.18064793
    rolled 82, 24, 74 = 180

    Fuck it.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:31 No.18064803
    rolled 2, 12, 43 = 57

    are you kidding? Your writing is great.
    This quest is pure GOLD. You handle all this crazy shit perfectly.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:32 No.18064807
    rolled 57, 22, 52 = 131

    Maybe I can get three high rolls?

    Yeah, I didn't think so.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:33 No.18064814
    rolled 74 = 74

    Hopefully he goes with one of these two.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/23/12(Thu)02:34 No.18064820
         File: 1329982471.jpg-(106 KB, 650x549, Disarmed.jpg)
    106 KB
    He strikes at your torso and you barely block.
    he follows quickly with a lunge at your head, you parry that with difficulty.

    He then aims for your arm. you try to block it but he over powers you and sends the rapier flying from your hand.

    He stands before you, cane aimed at your neck.
    "You did decently enough. If i had known better I'd say you've had prior swordfighting experience."

    The room returns to normal.
    "Your reflexes are good, very good infact."
    "and you're strong enough to match blows with me, a Gorilla."

    "Well, as much as I'd like to continue this lesson with you, I need to head back to class.

    He pokes you in the chest with his cane.
    "STAY OUT OF TROUBLE. I don't want to file any Temporal Disruption forms today."
    "Okay Mike I will."
    "You can stay here, or do whatever you were doing earlier to hide. JUST MAKE SURE YOU DONT FUCK YOUR PAST UP."

    He heads out of the room, and makes his way back to class.

    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:36 No.18064832
    rolled 81, 81, 56 = 218

    To town, make sure we avoid the gates so there aren't any stragglers to see us.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:36 No.18064833
    Wait until class is underway.
    Then we sneak out to town and pick up some of those things we wanted, and the massage oil.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:37 No.18064842

    Time check, what time is it and what were we doing then?

    Also, LG's love of hayate keeps popping up. ahaha.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:37 No.18064843
    rolled 36 = 36

    Get the hell up outta this piece and into town. Avoid everyone we know.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:38 No.18064849
    So, almost everyone that we could likely cause paradox with is in class until we run down to R&D for Alchemy lessons.

    I think Ursula is the only one we could run into, unless Shirou got distracted eating his room, and is late getting back to class.

    Off campus is probably our safest move.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:39 No.18064858
    on top of that, after we run into Ursula we're free and clear, the only other people we talked to were Ryuu, who we won't see again, and the Doctor, who can deal with it, and who we won't see again.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:40 No.18064862
    Lunch is over which means we avoided the clusterfuck of paradoxi. Wait for class to begin before doing anything. As long as we don't bust into class doing a jig or something dumb like that we ought to be just fine. So lets get to town, I think we wanted to get some massage oil and while we're there we can go shopping, get stuff we need, but can't make ourselves, for a nice romantic evening. Maybe enjoy the weather, study our book, nothing flashy like throwing a giant party so everyone knows we've been fucking with time.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:41 No.18064871
    rolled 23 = 23

    >avoided the clusterfuck

    Not a chance. We had no bead on Shirou after class ended. Wherever we go he will find us.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:42 No.18064876
    Yeah, but after class we stop caring about Shirou.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/23/12(Thu)02:43 No.18064886
         File: 1329983017.jpg-(174 KB, 1024x768, fudge.jpg)
    174 KB
    > Shirou got distracted eating his room
    I always visualize shirou in his fudge room like a derf from dwarf fortress.
    Sitting in a cave of fudge carving chunks of fudge into crude copies of daily stuff.

    >Fudge pillows
    >Fudge clock
    >fudge bowl that holds fudge fruit
    >Fudge fridge filled with fudged shaped to look like eggs, meat/etc
    >fudge icecubes in freezer

    Fudge fortress day 5 of ???
    -carved another amulet today.
    -It is made of fudge
    -it menaces with spikes of cashews
    -it depicts an elephant
    -it depicts some fudge
    -the elephant is eating the fudge
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:43 No.18064891

    Off to town, we have oil and a hat to buy.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:45 No.18064898
    Let's not forget to buy huge fluffy towels to lay on for the massage, no need to ruin the sheets.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:46 No.18064904
    rolled 56 = 56

    Good call.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:47 No.18064914
    Ooh, right. Good catch.

    Should we buy some scented candles, too, or would that be too much?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:48 No.18064920

    Necessary if you're doing a massage.

    I say get more towels. Ursula might want in on it as well.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:48 No.18064924
    It does feel a little overboard, but it also seems fitting for a massage...

    Eh, why not, if we decide against using them tonight we can always use them another time.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:49 No.18064933
    Not too much, we can do it by candlelight with some subtle not too strong scents. If we're doing it by candle light don't make them all scented, there would either be too much scent or conflicting scents of course.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:51 No.18064943
    Went and checked the appropriate post in previous thread:
    >Shirou still sneaking lumps of fudges under his desk

    Shirou was in class after lunch, so we don't need to worry about him TOO much.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/23/12(Thu)02:52 No.18064961
         File: 1329983553.jpg-(264 KB, 1600x890, 3.jpg)
    264 KB
    You decide to head out to town, figuring that with everyone else in class, being outside the Bureau would be the safest place for you right now.
    On your way there you quickly change into your butler uniform to hide your Bureau clothes.

    You now stand in the middle of the small town right next to the Bureau complexes.

    To your right a row of shops ranging from a bookstore, to a hardware.
    To your left the huge park where you first served Erica your sausage.
    Right down the street is waht appears to be the municipal building, and to your back is a

    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:53 No.18064973

    Row of shops.

    We have shopping to do!
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:54 No.18064976
    rolled 7 = 7

    Shop for massage supplies.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:54 No.18064982
    rolled 1 = 1

    A rather convenient yet tasteful, massage oil, fluffy towel, romantic evening goods store. It is actually a shop that you sometimes can find by looking over your shoulder that is always exactly what you need but you can never find it on purpose.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:55 No.18064984

    A Tailor, and then wherever we'd get the Towels, candles, oil, etc. for the massage.

    Also, WHAT is behind us exactly?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:55 No.18064986
    Look for a shop that sells perfumes oils and candles, there first.

    Then linens for giant towels.

    Then hardwayre store, see about reinforcing the frame of our door and window so we can make extra sure that shirou does not get in, also make two copies of our key to give to Erica and Ursula.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:55 No.18064993
    rolled 97 = 97

    I can't wait for this to turn into '/tg/ attempts to please a woman' and watch all of us fumble our massage rolls.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:55 No.18064995

    >Oil massage

    I would actually put forward that Thai style massages are way more relaxing than oil ones.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:56 No.18064998
    The point is only half relaxation, the other half is oiled up Erica Hartmann.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:56 No.18065003
    Go big or go home. Get half a dozen keys made.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:57 No.18065009

    >and to your back is a


    Also: Time Travel hat, Massage gear, then whatever else.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)02:58 No.18065017
    its a Shirou behind us isn't it.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/23/12(Thu)02:58 No.18065025
         File: 1329983931.jpg-(62 KB, 569x432, RAWR.jpg)
    62 KB
    is a tyrannosaur. The thing seems to have been spawned due to you messing around with temporal fields
    [derp messed up the copy+paste]

    behind you is the road back to the Bureau
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:00 No.18065034
         File: 1329984005.jpg-(38 KB, 350x260, 1326923952615.jpg)
    38 KB


    Is it hostile?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:00 No.18065040
    I approve of the time travel hat on the condition that we tell everyone about it, and then never time travel again and just use it to get away from people or enact pranks.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:00 No.18065045
    A very hostile road.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:02 No.18065056

    Aw. A T-Rex fight would have been amazing.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/23/12(Thu)03:04 No.18065076
    rolled 29, 68 = 97

    Naw, new pet, yo.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:06 No.18065087

    Inevitable Paradox.

    We would have tamed him, and brought him home to keep.

    And we both know that we'd run right outside if we heard some kid just rode onto campus on a dinosaur.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/23/12(Thu)03:07 No.18065100
    rolled 50 = 50

    Goddamnit, you're right.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/23/12(Thu)03:08 No.18065112
         File: 1329984538.jpg-(186 KB, 640x480, diculous.jpg)
    186 KB
    You decide to check out the shops. The money in your balance is just gonna go unspent afterall.

    Walking down the row of shops you scan thier names.
    "9-11 Incovenience store"
    "PANTASIA Bakery"
    "Billy's HARDWARE"
    "Patchoulli's Bookstore"

    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:09 No.18065114
    That's a condition I can live with.
    Besides, there's probably regulations about not revealing yourself as a time traveler except to certain authorized personnel.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:10 No.18065118

    This should be interesting.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:11 No.18065122
         File: 1329984676.png-(150 KB, 411x441, 411px-KoakumaNB.png)
    150 KB

    Patchy means another devil should be present...
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:12 No.18065127
    Holy shit, if they actually have that sign outside, we need to pick those Belgian soft chocolates for Erica and Ursula that they have on sale.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:12 No.18065131
         File: 1329984760.jpg-(86 KB, 300x263, Gilgamesh_Nice_Hat.jpg)
    86 KB
    Well, we may eventually (long term goal) get a fully functional Cassiopeia, or at least the short time travel jumps. The Time Travel Hat for trolling purposes would be fun, in the meantime.

    I vote for either a fez, in honor of The Doctor, or something pic related tier.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/23/12(Thu)03:13 No.18065134
    rolled 71 = 71

    Naw, it should be a sombrero.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:14 No.18065143


    This time travel episode has been a headache.

    If we keep time travelling, we'll not get anything done.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/23/12(Thu)03:15 No.18065153
         File: 1329984949.jpg-(78 KB, 230x259, ash.jpg)
    78 KB
    "Excuse me." You ask the clerk as you step inside. "I was looking for ma-"
    "Massage oils, towels, scented candles, the works." He cuts you off. "They're all in that basket by your feet."

    "Well, that was convenient." you say.
    "Ridiculously convenient." He corrects you.

    You pick up the basket and head to the counter.
    As he rings up the items you notice that his right hand seems to be wearing some old gauntlet.
    "oh this?" he says as he noticed you eyeing his hand. "You shouldve seen me walking around with a chainsaw on it."

    You get the items charges against your Bureau badge and head out. Everything you bought now in a small plastic bag.

    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:17 No.18065156

    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:17 No.18065164
    To the hardware store, get reinforcements for our door and window frames and have a couple of copies of the key to our room made.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:18 No.18065167
    Find a haberdashery, pick up a bowler hat or sombrero or something that we use as our "Time Traveler, Please Ignore" trolling hat.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:18 No.18065171

    Yes this is good.

    The plastic bag is somewhat unbecoming. We need a nice leather duffel or briefcase.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:18 No.18065172
    Whelp, I know where we should go in the case of an undead uprising in the area.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:19 No.18065177
    Bakery, get some bread for lunch, then hit up the bookstore, see if we can find a book or if anyone there has information on fixing, replacing parts and so on for our Cassiopeia.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:20 No.18065187
         File: 1329985232.png-(60 KB, 512x512, 1826678-backpack_towering_pill(...).png)
    60 KB
    As a TF2 player, I am interested in the prospect of head-based accessories.

    Though, I must say, why stop at one hat, when your hat can have a hat of its own?

    And why stop there?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:21 No.18065196
    or a more classical bag of holding perhaps?
    maybe disguised as a leather snuff bag?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:21 No.18065200

    Yeah we are students after all. Need something to carry our shit around in.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:22 No.18065204
    Briefcase or folio of holding?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:25 No.18065218

    Well, if we DO get caught up in this shit again, it would be helpful.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/23/12(Thu)03:28 No.18065246
         File: 1329985717.jpg-(88 KB, 616x389, 123534dc34.jpg)
    88 KB
    YOu look aroudn the other shops and decide to peek into Helga's Shop of Helging.
    Inside, you find yourself in a stereotypical Magic shop.
    Rough cobbled walls. Wood plank wall. Cobwebs, cobwebs everywhere.
    Stuff piled up everywhere, barely enough room to move around in. It looks just like a shop you'd expect to find in a neckbeard's fantasy dice game.

    "Welcome my deary." Asks the ancient woman standing behind a really dusty counter. "what can I get you today?"
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:29 No.18065259
    i have a bad feeling about this guys.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:30 No.18065261
    No we are a butler so it should be a tureen of holding or something to suit our overall act / style.

    Also the time travel trolling hat should be a sombrero with a massively fake mustache, the sort of fake mustache that when you look at it actually draws all attention to just how fake it is and renders us invisible
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:30 No.18065266

    Hat, Hardware store, New Bag, Bookstore.

    That order.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:30 No.18065271
    A magical holding bag, something fits the image of a butler. A folio, perhaps, or maybe a small leather bag. Preferably one that has more space on the inside than the outside would suggest.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/23/12(Thu)03:31 No.18065272
    rolled 59 = 59


    "I'm finding I could use a satchel, or something, to carry stuff."

    God I worded that poorly.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:31 No.18065275
    I know where this leads.

    We are not trading any memories, integral parts of our self, or metaphysical concepts.

    Ask her if she has any bags, tell her we will only offer gold.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:32 No.18065287
    Trading with Helga is never a wise move.

    What will she give us for our attraction to Kurou-san?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:33 No.18065290

    "Do you have any bags of holding?"
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:33 No.18065294
    Not sure, but I think the side effect may very likely be an attraction to Shirou.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:33 No.18065295
    Some immovable rods ( not truly immovable just regular )

    A bag of holding of some description to suit our style.

    Maybe a necklace, pendant or cuff links we can use to store majaikal power until we need it. They should preferably be charged by small amounts constantly or we can force charge it but it will be unable to absorb any more energy until it is completely drained
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:34 No.18065299
    Turn 360 degrees.

    Moonwalk away.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:35 No.18065309
    Yeah all she'll want is half our swag or a third of our hearing.

    Good plan.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:36 No.18065323

    Yeah, you know what?

    Changing my vote to leave.

    Nothing good comes of an old woman named Helga.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/23/12(Thu)03:38 No.18065332
         File: 1329986280.jpg-(22 KB, 377x450, patch_folio_front.jpg)
    22 KB
    "I need a bag of holding, Something that would hold as much stuff as I would need as a student." YOu tell her

    "Ah, I have just the thing." She says as she scrambles from behind the counter to dig through a nearby pile.

    She produces a fine leather folio.
    "This can hold anything you can remember putting in it." she says as she demosntrates it by slipping in a staff and pulling it back out. "I warn you not to put memories in it though, they would be hard to get back out"

    You ask her the price, and prepare to hand her your badge.

    "Oh no my darling, I dont trade in gold." she says as she turns away your badge
    "What I ask is a breath from lungs. to be claimed by me anytime i desire."

    []no deal
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:39 No.18065340
    Nope, we're out.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:39 No.18065343
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:39 No.18065344
    No deal.

    Because we'll be drowning, and that's when she'll come to collect.

    "I'm sorry, ma'am, but I know where deals like that lead to."
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:39 No.18065345
    Not a chance.

    Let's find a tanner or a Hugo Boss or something. A regular bag works just fine.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:40 No.18065348

    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/23/12(Thu)03:40 No.18065349
    rolled 6 = 6

    "... Alright."
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:41 No.18065355
    Hell, even if it's not while drowning, it could be in the form of a kiss, and that's just terrifying.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:41 No.18065363
    rolled 50 = 50

    Not willing to offer that.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/23/12(Thu)03:43 No.18065374
         File: 1329986581.jpg-(35 KB, 300x516, tumblr_l3vh7qQ5Sl1qbmt20.jpg)
    35 KB
    Deciding that this deal may just come back to bite you in the ass someday, you decide to bow out.
    "I see, well if you are in need of something, Helga's will always be welcome to you." she tells you as you step out.

    Outside, you see the whole shop rise up on enormous chicken feet, cross the street and walk away across the park.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:43 No.18065375
    Yeah she didn't even specify our lungs. That is a little too murderous for my liking
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:44 No.18065381
    No deal.

    Also, we are currently at the top of page 9.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:44 No.18065383
    Let us hope it never comes to thatm eh?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:46 No.18065394
    Let's head back into the Ridiculously Convenient Store. Don't know if Ash stocks magic stuff, but the fact that we're going to stare down the Necronomicon in a few hours might be worth something. A brofist, at least.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:46 No.18065396
    Baba Yaga dodge!

    Yeah, accepting that deal would have been the worst idea ever, also we probably should tell someone about there being a Baba Yaga in the area at some point.

    Hardware store Haberdasher or leathergoods store.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:49 No.18065419

    No. Bad.

    This is like owing a favor to the Fae.

    NOTHING is worth the shit the will take in return.
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/23/12(Thu)03:50 No.18065430
    rolled 1 = 1

    Uh durr. Trust, I intentionally waited before posting that. Waited until there were several "nays."
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:51 No.18065438
    could very well be "I want the last breath, and I want it right now"

    and then due to lolmagic agreement you die.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/23/12(Thu)03:52 No.18065444
         File: 1329987153.jpg-(85 KB, 665x437, 123534dc341.jpg)
    85 KB
    >since im having fun with checking out the shops Ill dump us in pantasia for now

    You feel a bit peckish, you havent had lunch nor breakfast.
    Stepping into the bakeshop PANTASIA you are assaulted by the delicious smell of freshly baked bread, the scent briefly throws you back to memories of eating breadcrusts you got for free from the bakery back home to survive.

    "Welcome. how may we help you today?" The staff asks you.
    Looking around you see a blond guy that looks like a delinquent, a cute girl with green ribbons in her hair, a kid that has a passing resemblance to Ryuu, and a man you almost mistake for Kurou.

    who do you talk to?
    [ ]blond punk
    [ ]girl
    [ ]kid
    [ ]afroman
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:54 No.18065452
    >memories of eating breadcrusts you got for free from the bakery back home to survive.

    GODDAMMIT. why throw such sad backstory at us from out of nowhere.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:54 No.18065453
    rolled 1 = 1

    I don't know any of them so DICE, I CHOOSE YOU
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:54 No.18065456

    Sounds good.


    If he doesn't have it, he'll probably have a line on someone who does.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:55 No.18065460

    Yakitake JAPAN!

    Speak to Ken.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)03:58 No.18065482


    >the scent briefly throws you back to memories of eating breadcrusts you got for free from the bakery back home to survive.

    Can't. Stop. Laughing.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)04:08 No.18065552
    Cute girl.

    We always have time for ladies
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/23/12(Thu)04:08 No.18065553
    rolled 62 = 62

    The girl. Always the girl.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)04:09 No.18065563
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/23/12(Thu)04:11 No.18065568
         File: 1329988274.jpg-(9 KB, 275x183, images (6).jpg)
    9 KB
    YOu decide to speak to the one that appears to be the most unique out of the group.

    "I would like some bread, maybe some criosants"
    'Wow. what an asshole. Im glad Kurou-san isnt like that.'

    "Hey Kyousuke." He calls the blonde guy over. "Get some criossants for mister-fancy-pants here."

    "KUROU-SAN IS HERE?!" the blond baker says. "WHERE?! I still need him to sign my afro wig."

    "NOT KURO-SAN YOU TWIT." And he emphasizes this by hitting the blonde with a particularly long baguette. "CROISSANTS."

    The blond appears to have gottten the message and places half a dozen croissants into a bag.
    "He hands them to you and asks "anything else i could get you?"

    >lol yakitate jaPUN puns were terribly fun
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)04:13 No.18065576

    Good to know we aren't the only ones affected by the aura of MANLY.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)04:14 No.18065585
    No, I believe that will be all.

    Now we need to go to the Hardware Store, and get some reinforcements for our lock and door, and a pair of copies of our key.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)04:14 No.18065586

    Oh, I get it now.

    We get a cake.
    A german chocolate cake. for the ladies
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)04:15 No.18065589
    rolled 54 = 54


    I got to remembering the title where they talk about how there's no Japanese bread, started thinking of this Azuma Kazuma wanting to make a pan-dimensional bread.
    > Pan-dimensional.
    > Pan Dimension.
    > Pan means bread in French.
    > Ow, that hurt my brain...
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)04:17 No.18065596
    Noooo. PAN is bread in japanese.
    Also in spanish,
    And uhhh a bajillion other languages.

    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)04:18 No.18065606
    It also means bread in Portuguese and Spanish, the Portuguese language is where the Japanese stole the word from too IIRC
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)04:20 No.18065620
    Oh, yes, I agree with getting a German chocolate cake for Erica and Ursula.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)04:23 No.18065630
    I now want to see a bakery, in the middle of picturesque nowhere, with massive picture windows on three walls, called Panorama.

    Another vote for the cake, and then to the hardware store.
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/23/12(Thu)04:25 No.18065640
         File: 1329989119.jpg-(45 KB, 400x600, razor_ramon_hard_gay_4.jpg)
    45 KB
    "No, I believe that will be all."
    You pay with your badge and head out the door. taking out one of the still oven-hot croissants to munch on.

    YOu turn your attention to Billy's Hardware.
    You walk through the ironclad door.
    Rows upon rows of shelves in sight.
    Tools, and nails, planks of wood and even some gardening supplies.
    As you walk down one of the aisles a man clad in black leather pops up before you.
    His short shorts, vest, and cap studded in gleaming silver. large aviator glasses covering his eyes.

    "FOOOOOOOO!~ HOW CAN I HELP YOU TODAY YOU BEAUTIFUL BOY?" he asks as he thrusts his indecently in your direction hips.

    >okay headed out home.
    OVER TIME in about an hour and a half.
    New thread for overtime.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)04:25 No.18065642


    Then Hat. Something Semi-Classy, Like a Fedora or a Bowler.

    Then Hardware-Store, to Idiot-proof our room further.

    Then back to the Ridiculously Convenient Store to see about Magic Bags.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)04:26 No.18065647
    rolled 18 = 18

    I didn't happen to learn Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese or a bajillion other languages at school, so apologies.

    Hoping the Hardware Store has a Weird Al reference.

    Oh, if we have some free time, maybe we should make some basic emotion potions, like a Happy Potion or an Aroused Potion, to test on ourselves to get a better understanding of Alchemy.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)04:26 No.18065649

    >No Cake.

    Do you ever refresh between posts?

    I was gonna be angry, but then: Hard Gay happened.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)04:29 No.18065661
    Dammit, I live on the east coast U.S., and hate you for making me stay up later.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)04:30 No.18065663

    >No Cake.
    >Hard Gay.

    Dammit, I should be pissed, but I can't stop laughing.

    Hard-Gay is fucking weaponized funny.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)04:31 No.18065665
    Fuck it, we are stopping by the bakery after we get the door reinforcements and hat, and we are buying that fucking cake.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)04:31 No.18065667
    We need some good hard wood for a project we are working on.

    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)04:43 No.18065734

    So guys, were still not out of LGs paradox minefield.
    Should we tempt fate and fuck with shirou?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)04:45 No.18065741
    Naah, we've got timestop now so fucking with Shirou is easymode, not to say we shouldn't do it anymore, just that there's no reason to take the extra risk.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)04:52 No.18065769
    We've got Time Stop, no need to do anything rash since we can mess with him anytime now.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)04:55 No.18065790
    Alright, let's set up a list for when LG gets back:

    >Get our hands on some nice hard wood we can pound some nails in and make our security ROCK HARD.
    I think we should remain totally stoic for this encounter. The idea of Somebody taking Hard Gay at face-value and not laughing amuses me greatly.
    >Acquire HAT.
    I'm thinking Semi-classy, like a Fedora or a Bowler.
    >Get Cake.
    We need to make up to the twins.
    >Get BAG
    I think we should talk to Ash. If he don't got it, he probably knows someone who does.

    If we still need to kill time, let's hit up the bookstore.

    Otherwise, Go talk to Erica.

    Sound good?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)04:59 No.18065811
    not really sure on the cake, first of all it seems like the kind of thing Klaus can make on his own, second of all We haven't been eating dinner together and it's kind of an after dinner type thing

    but whatever, the rest is fine.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)04:59 No.18065816
    Shopping list sounds good.
    If the JaPan people ask why we're back so soon, well, we're a butler. We were just informed of a pressing need to provide a Bavarian chocolate cake for our Mistress.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)05:10 No.18065880
    This. Lets make the cake ourselves.
    Buy ingredients from the bakeshop.
    Make the cake in the evening before we head give the girls ze massage
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)05:12 No.18065890
    Why so adamant about the hat. Do we intend to insult Santa by showing up running around in a hat that isnt his gift?
    This is the same reason i vetoed giving the hat to Erica threads ago.

    Lets just stick a card in the band whenever we're temporally displaced
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/23/12(Thu)05:29 No.18066009
    rolled 86 = 86

    The time travel hat goes ON TOP of our normal hat, obviously.

    What sort of maniac do you think we are?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)05:31 No.18066030
    that... that just might be crazy enough to work
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)05:31 No.18066032
    Don't forget the fake mustache of fake ness that draws more attention than us
    >> !UdzMmUq0Oc 02/23/12(Thu)05:34 No.18066046
    rolled 29 = 29

    Really, if we want to go unnoticed, we should work on our Butler Invisibility. Which we should probably do on general principle.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)05:44 No.18066101
    rolled 74 = 74


    I was going to suggest a Potion of Unimportance, but could we make a Cologne of Unimportance that'd last a while and affect anyone who noticed it?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)05:50 No.18066126
    That doesn't fir as much with our MO is the only real thing stopping us from perfecting butler invisibility,

    Because really when you look at our actions they are flashy and impressive rather than effective and unobtrusive
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)05:51 No.18066130

    It's less 'invisible' and more like a heads-up to our friends that temporal shenanigans are going on.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)05:53 No.18066141
    At what point do we provide Temporal Shenanigan Hats for the rest of our team?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)05:53 No.18066142
    But we're not going to be DOING any more temporal shenanigans.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)05:53 No.18066143
    Except for Shirou.

    He must never know
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)05:55 No.18066152

    Our look and personality are such that we could easily fade into the background when needed.

    We just haven't really needed to yet.


    Yeah, the hat's not so much a disguise as it is a warning flag for those in the know. Those 'in the know' are going to consist entirely of our friends and certain support characters.

    Everyone else can go eat a dick.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)05:58 No.18066169

    When needed.


    We're working on and off with the Doctor about our 'condition', we have a watch the stops time, and LG flat out said we were going to have other chances at getting Time Machines.

    Odds are EXTREMELY good that we're going to be doing this again. So we plan and prepare ahead.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)06:13 No.18066227
    And in the meantime make sure that we have maximum trolling possibilities

    Such as walking by with the hat on and having everyone pretend we aren't there while Shirou derps massively
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)06:16 No.18066252

    >Wear Hat
    >Check Watch.

    "Oh hell. Didn't know I was that far behind."

    >Stop time.
    >Walk around Corner.
    >Remove Hat.
    >Return to the group.

    "Hey guys, what's up?"
    >> Landing Gear !DowN/N3yMY 02/23/12(Thu)06:23 No.18066299
    new thread
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)06:24 No.18066300
    >Enjoy the extreme panic

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