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    17 KB God-Emperor of Mankind 02/18/12(Sat)10:55 No.17999346  
    Audio Log of Corporal Darvis.
    2-3 Baker 17th PEF, On board the UNSC The Coming Day
    S-Day +8

    Hasn't really been much of anything to report lately. We've been mobilizing to the IOM frontlines. No attacks from the Tau, or anything, been kinda dull really. Rumor has it that Erin is working on a patch to our Com-net that adds the translating program. That'd be kinda nice, instead of listing to them shout at us inanely we could hold a decent conversation or at least something like 'Bad guy there, pew pew.' I've had a bit of time to myself to thing on the slow march about what the Captain and Erin were discussing. I didn't really think anything of if, the IOM coming from earth, but then something happened. Lawrence has this obsession with ancient pistols, revolvers, automatics, he's got a collection back on Arcadia. But we noticed one of the soldiers had a pistol holster. With some very convincing acting we ask if we could see the pistol. He hands it to us and Lawrence's jaw just dropped. The guy had an almost unused 1911, he called it something else, like auto...something, but it was a 1911, even said colt on it.

    We really didn't know what to think of it, and we couldn't ask him he just shrugged and grabbed his pistol back. Really can't wait for that translation program, then I can find out what the hell he said. Lawerence looked at me and said 'Why's he got something that stopped being manufactured almost 300 years ago?' Thats when it hit me, we really could be in the future... but it doesn't make sense, if we are in the future, why does he have an ancient pistol, kinda been driving me mad. Speaking of that I think Sandman has reports of marines talking to themselves. I think its a buncha guys trying to fuck with us again. They tried this shit back on Harvest.

    Corporal Darvis out.
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 02/18/12(Sat)11:07 No.17999420
    Corporal Darvis 89th Cadian

    Not much else going on since the last skirmish. Colonel says we are going to get back to the real fight. Tesenga flats, the meat grinder. Nothing but a good 100 kiliometer squared area of what used to be farmland. Trenches open fields, Its just a brutal mess, but since we went out of our way we are going to be coming up on the Tau's flank. Might be able to surprise them. More and more Unscies seem to be showing up, joining us on our march. Seems awful kind of them considering their vehicles. Though some of them act like its new to them. Some look like a good 10 km march is an arduous journey, or they haven't been walking this far before. Bah I remember the 100km day. That was brutal!
    So get this, I'm marching along beside Bloody Thunder which is yet again occupied with Kasrkins, and a couple Unscies come up to me and ask to see my auto-pistol. I've never used it cause it can't kill a damn thing, but hey it was made in the manufactorum on Colt IV. Fresh new STC got discovered and it made Pistols, blankets and railway ties, least that what the locals told us. So they look at it like its a legendary item. Its just a useless pistol, I'd much prefer my Laspistol to the thing, but like the proverb goes 'don't look a gift rifle in the receiver.' Though I haven't tried it on the Tau, maybe it'll put some blueberries down. They are just over this hill.

    Corporal Darvis sighing out.
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 02/18/12(Sat)11:20 No.17999505
    Audio Log of Corporal Darvis.
    2-3 Baker 17th PEF, On board the UNSC The Coming Day
    S-Day +9

    I don't like this, after what flt like a months worth of marching we finally get to Tau position and they are gone, no sign of a battle, just simply gone. Which means they are lying in Ambush somewhere. We sent out Charlie squad about an hour ago to go scout in a warthog and they haven't returned. We've been digging in their old position checking it for traps, we are going to hold out here for a while. Though good news, the translation program was finished and should be functional within a few hours. So I just now noticed that the IOM has women in their ranks, I mean a good deal of women. I knew there was a few here and there, but wow, there are a lot of women. I know that We have women scattered about in the UNSC, but not too many in combat roles. Maybe its being in that ship for so long. Kinda nice, change of scenery.

    Anywho... Theres something thats been bothering me, theres no sky, its nothing but clouds, dark black clouds, for nine whole days there has been what looks like a mix of smoke and storm clouds. It's just depressing. Got to the point were we had a suicide in Sandman 5-1. Some one just couldn't handle it anymore. Report says that his last words were ' this will make it stop.' sent chills down my spine. So I guess we sit here for the time being, theres one more ridge that separates us from the IOM front lines, and we can hear it from here. Sounds like hell down there. I don't think I have heard a pause in the fight since we got to this place.

    Corporal Darvis out.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)11:33 No.17999609
    I was hoping i was going to see more of this. moar!
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)11:41 No.17999680

    I like this.

    Have this been archived somewhere? I missed a few episodes I think and I'd like to read them.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)12:04 No.17999858

    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)12:24 No.18000008
    Are you going to continue?
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)13:39 No.18000614
    OP, don't do this against us. Give us more!
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 02/18/12(Sat)15:09 No.18001468
    I apologize for the sudden and abrupt absence. See a friend informed me that there was a free Circ de Sole show on base. Upon hearing this news, I prompt Got the fuck out of here.

    And now I am back
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 02/18/12(Sat)15:26 No.18001638
    Corporal Darvis 89th Cadian heavy Infantry Regiment

    We've been with the Unscians for about, I think six days I think, and fought three battles with them. They are good solid soldiers, but they only engaged in small skirmishes, I wonder how they'll fair when they get to the Real fight. Aint just the 89th on this rock, there are seven different regiments here. Seven! The PDF got starved out by the Tau and most of the civilian population was killed when they tried to evacuate, this one's a personal war now. We've been throwing thousands of men into Tesenga a day and so have the Tau. Neither side can gain an advantage. The navy is doing the best they can keeping the Tau from bombarding us, but they can't get shots off themselves. Been fighting this war for year now, lost four of my closest friends.
    This is why the Unscians are so advantageous. See they managed to sneak their ship into the atmosphere, and if it moves out then we can get them to hammer Tau positions all over the line. I even heard from the Colonel, eavesdropping mind you, that the Full Colonel Gauv is going to be speaking with the Captain of Tomorrow personally. we are supposed to cross over the hills and hit Tesenga hard. If this operation goes well it could mean an end to the stalemate. We could finally liberate this meaningless rock, letting Mankind gain back its land.

    Corporal Darvis signing out.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)15:26 No.18001643

    Oh, what joy!
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)15:36 No.18001741
    Eagerly waiting for the translator to go online.
    This will be awesome.
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 02/18/12(Sat)15:54 No.18001926
    Audio Log of Corporal Darvis.
    2-3 Baker 17th PEF, On board the UNSC The Coming Day
    S-Day +10

    Charlie squad never came back. They were slaughtered in an ambush by the forces that we expected to find here. The tau are aware of us just as much as we are aware of them. The Spartan team went in with Baker 3-6 and reported back that they neutralized several Tau positions and took out the AA in the pass. This means our birds can finally fly freely. I even heard rumors that the IOM leadership will be meeting with ours to co-ordinate an offensive into the Tgensa.. Tesenga plains? There's not much intell, but I can tell it'll be bloody, the fighting hasn't stopped from yesterday. There's still artillery going off every hour on the hour. I really hope this isn't another Harvest.

    In other news the translator works, but I think there's still some bugs. It's supposed to work two ways, it translates what they say patches it through , then I speak it processes and regurgitates it back. So it adds about a couple awkward seconds but better than nothing. Though I think there's some translation bugs. Tried flirting with one of the girls, I said you look magical, and she slapped me and called me a heretic. I don't get it. I guess its an insult or something. We've been noticing a few differences culture wise since we started openly communicating, mostly semantics and nomenclature. One thing that stands out is they don't have ANY words for more complex electronics. I mention software, and it translates to food, that kinda thing. The odd thing is they do have it. Lawrence grabbed one of their tablets checked out the operating system on it and fixed the problem of it crashing, they called him an electronic cleric or something. Weirdos

    Corporal Darvis out
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 02/18/12(Sat)16:18 No.18002162
    Corporal Darvis

    By The Emperor, that techno sorcery I witnessed on the Unscian ship, it's replicated. Now all of them can talk to us, its amazing. Kinda nice to talk to them and not have them look at us with open mouths like Catachans. They seem more educated than I first thought, and ; I think I mentioned this before, they aren't Unscians. They are the United Countries Space Command. So its an acronym. and in a force as powerful as the Emperor himself, the first thing they do? Talk to the girls. This is why I like being a Cadian, never have to deal with the never seeing a woman problem, not like those Vostryans or Clones. Kinda funny, one of them was trying to flirt with my gi-
    "Darvis you gotta come quick!"
    Whats going on?
    "Some guys from third platoon were talking with the Unscians, and... and!"
    Slow down what is it?
    "They're from Terra!"
    By...The... Emperor
    *Sound of scuffing from boots landing on rocks*
    "what are you doing? Get on your knees!"
    *One of the man speaks*
    "Uh... I don't know what the deal is, but you can stop worshiping me... Uh.. Arise?"
    "... What the hell are they doing? How do they know about Earth? I thought this was their homeworld."
    No M'lord, We hail from Cadia, but it is but a single world that hails from Holy Terra
    *a snide snap at Darvis for speaking*
    "...Wait, you mean you guys are from Arcadia?" But Arcadia has nothing like what you guys Have, its just another UNSC world. Jim, you're from Arcadia right?"
    "...Yeah. They aren't from my homeworld, though they could be one of the lost group of Colonists."

    "What in the Emperor's name is going on here? On your feet Gaurdsmen"
    Lieutenant Colonel, you are in the presence of Terrans
    "My word!" * Sound of bionics snapping quickly to a kneeling position*

    +End Log+
    >> Bulgarian larpfag 02/18/12(Sat)16:26 No.18002238
    Don't fail us GeoM. We want more. And you shall provide. Or I'm personally burning down your home and salting your lands. And taking our cheese burgers too.
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 02/18/12(Sat)16:40 No.18002388
    Audio Log of Corporal Darvis.
    2-3 Baker 17th PEF, On board the UNSC The Coming Day
    S-Day +10

    We managed to get away from the IOM. The Craziest thing happend. We were chating with them, using the translator as much as we could, and a few guys get asked were we are from. Naturally we respond, Earth. That's when everything crazy starts happening They get all religious and kneel before us. I started to freak out, more and more showed up to get near us... Man this is unreal. I think this is how cults are started. I haven't told anyone about the time travel thing, but Now I don't think I have to. They started asking us questions about their Emperor, the state of Earth. All kinds of questions. This went on for about an hour. At one point we managed to convince them it was a translation error and that we come from earth kinda like how they do, but then Higgens had to open his damn New Alexandrian mouth!
    I hate having to answer, ' No I don't know this Dorn guy, I don't know this High lord, No I don't know what the ecclesiarchy is, No I am not a member of the Spanish Inquisition!' They seemed very adamant about us talking to or being a part of the Inquisition. That movement died in the classical era of Earth... Just how long have they been out here?
    "...Excuse me... Terran?.."
    Yeah.... What is i... Hey cutie.
    +End Log+
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 02/18/12(Sat)16:55 No.18002508
    Corporal Darvis

    I can't believe it. Terrans! Here on this meaningless rock. This explains so much, why we have been winning battles so easily. why they aren't used to fighting. Why they have such advanced Archeotech! The Emperor himself must have sent them here to help us! When We fight the Tau theres no chance in defeat! I-I'm just awestruck. I mean a few of us believe they are lying or they named their Planet Earth. But it just makes so much sense. Colonel Gauv Spoke with their command and then he came to see us Personally. Though I think it was more to see his leg humping Lieutenant Colonel, You'd think the two were a couple I swear. He basically didn't want to have any of us kneeling before the Holy Terrans, saying it disrupted morale or would make us driven to foolishness on the battlefield. He may have a point. I mean before we let the Terrans do their own thing and they preformed spectacularly, we fought with them like they were any other regiment. It's going to be tough, but I understand his intentions.
    Though That didn't stop the girls, and a few lucky guys who got some of their girls... I swear on the eve of every battle... Least my Frieda stayed loyal. I may be blowing this way out of proportion. Its not like we are fighting beside the Emperor himself, it now feels like... like fighting along side Astartes. Theres the reverent respect, The standing when they walk by. They don't like it, but I mean it's only proper they are from Terra! Their ship started to move, Its going to be a glorious day tomorrow.

    Corporal Darvis Signing out.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)16:58 No.18002535
    You aren't going grimdark with this, are you?
    I wouldn't like for the inquisition to kill everyone. Even though it fits the setting.
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 02/18/12(Sat)17:11 No.18002652
    Audio Log of Corporal Darvis.
    2-3 Baker 17th PEF, On board the UNSC The Coming Day
    S-Day +10

    Now that the shock of our sudden celebrity status has died down and pretty much everyone is... well rested, we are just going about our final checks to get ready for battle. A fleet of Pelicans arrived to pick us up and drop us off tomorrow. The IOM brough int their flying boxes as well. We are hitting them with everything they got. We received numbers earlier, and it's not pretty, an Estimated 50-80 thousand Tau has been holding back well over 200,000 IOM. Thats just unthinkable how large this battle is, and we are going to drop into the middle of it. The Coming Day is over head and about to fire strafing runs at their lines. Some of us offered Prayers, and hell a few prayed with the IOM. I am nervous, the fights we faced were nothing compared to this. I am actually shaking. It looks like the Leader of the IOM forces is here on a stand...
    *Microphone hiss*
    "Men of the 89th, Soldiers of Terra. At 0900 Tomorrow we will launch a massive offensive into the western most flank of the Evil Tau forces. These monsters thought they could subjugate our people by corrupting their minds. They thought they could lie to them about peace and freedom. When the loyal citizens of this planet refused to kneel before inhuman masters, how did this "Greater Good" respond? They blockaded this planet starving the people. When they tried to flee, how did the "greater good" Answer them? With fire and hate. They shot down 856 escaping shuttles out of 1200. They fired on the Space Ports were scared and starving people gathered waiting their turn to be vaporized in orbit. Millions died in one day. Then they still continue to push their propaganda of peace and reconciliation. All of it lies!
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 02/18/12(Sat)17:32 No.18002836

    "When no more people were left to flee, they began to drop soldiers on the Planet to kill the brave starved and scared Defense forces. Not a single of them stands today. They are all dead. They fought to the last man, defending the beacon that brought us here. They died with no one left on this planet to protect holding out for an impossibly long time for help that they knew wouldn't arrive in time to save them... They knew, that in their deaths that Humanity would return to fight for what is ours, that all their deaths would not be in vain. We stand here now, only a few mere kilometers from that beacon. Were so many brave men fought. Now I ask of the same bravery from you. What for? The people are gone, the planet is burned to ashes. We fight because the evil that took so many innocent peoples lives is still here, building their heretical structures on top of the mass graves.
    We fight to honor the sacrifices of few, to avenge the wholesale slaughter of people who had no understanding of this war. We Fight to take back what was taken from us. Though we all come from different worlds, with different cultures, we are still Human. We are brothers, and tomorrow when the Sun finally peeks through the blacken vail we will unleash a wrath so terrible the enemy will have nothing but fear in their hearts! We will fight for our fallen brothers, for the year of war, for Humanity and for the Emperor! Victory WILL be ours!"

    * The crowd erupts into frantic cheering. Corporal Darivs cheers as well*
    "Now to walk upon the blood stained Ground. To the Last man To the last round! Man your vehicles and I shall meet you upon the battlefield!"
    * Sound of the crowd dispersing and gathering equipment*
    AAAH Bring on those Alien bastards!
    Corporal Darvis out!
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 02/18/12(Sat)17:46 No.18002973
    for added epicness
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)17:56 No.18003069
    Dont you imagen for a moment I'm not mashing f5!
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 02/18/12(Sat)18:02 No.18003131
    Corporal Darvis 89th Cadian Heavy Infantry Regiment second Battalion Zeta company

    I am ready. I am ready for this battle. Damn the few hours of rest we can get, no one is sleeping, too anxious. Zeta is taking to the skies, Gamma and Theta are going by ground. The UNSC are all going by sky, air dropping their vehicles as well as their soldiers.. The rest of the 89th is going to be pushing along with the 576th DKoK. They are putting almost everything into this fight. The Emperor is with us! Tesenga will become a graveyard for the Tau. I have been waiting for this day for so long. I want to sleep but I can't I already walked around the camp, even chatted a bit with the UNSC stormtroopers. Tall fellahs, very quite but they don't mind chatting. Apparently they are from the Holy City Sparta. They have some impressive combat records, but like I keep saying, put me in power armor and see what I can do.

    Hey the Colonel is still here, I guess he's joining us as well. And the Lt Col is with him as always... Oh wow, I guess they are a couple. None of my business...
    "Hey Darvis, which bird you in?"
    Valkyrie III, you?
    "VII Hope to see you on the ground."
    Same mate, same... I'm gonna try and get some sleep

    Corporal Darvis signing out
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)18:04 No.18003150
    i loev u OP
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)18:05 No.18003164
         File: 1329606350.jpg-(20 KB, 410x313, adorabat.jpg)
    20 KB
    Oh boy..oh boy oh boy oh boy..storytime!
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)18:05 No.18003165
    >Halo Image
    >o cool a Halo thread
    Take it to >>/fanfic/ or >>/livejournal/
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)18:08 No.18003191
         File: 1329606499.jpg-(56 KB, 455x700, 1304004171103.jpg)
    56 KB
    fuck off this story is great
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)18:09 No.18003201
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 02/18/12(Sat)18:12 No.18003244
    Audio Log of Corporal Darvis.
    2-3 Baker 17th PEF, On board the UNSC The Coming Day
    S-Day +11
    D-Day in T- eight hours

    I can't sleep, I know the invasion is in about eight hours but I just can't sleep, Hell even the IOM guys look nervous. I got maybe two hours of sleep. I just keep hearing the explosions in the distance, and can't help but imagine that in a few hours I'm going to be there. Its been getting the better of several others as well. Waking up from nightmares, a few guys wigged out and swore they saw the tau trying to attack. Its just all to much, I mean its bad enough to know you aren't were you're supposed to be in what mostlikly isn't even the right time. I think a lot of them men are just thinking about the war right now, and not that there isn't anything else out there thats familiar.
    Gotta stay positive though. I would like to state I have now seen everything. I have seen a few IOM soldiers outfitting themselves with the singlehandely most retarded weapon I can imagine. It is a Chainsaw... Sword. Its a principle weapon as well! They are actually issuing these to the men. I grabbed one as a joke and I can tell that its been improved from original designs. Its lightweight easy to operate and did I mention Absolutely Retarded! No way in hell this thing is going to be useful. Well I'm going to try and sleep.
    Corporal Darvis out.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)18:20 No.18003328
    >I said you look magical

    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)18:23 No.18003354
         File: 1329607382.png-(125 KB, 590x567, slaaneshconcept.png)
    125 KB
    >linkpart- I -Sex- linkpart.

    yes, slaanesh is pleased.
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 02/18/12(Sat)18:26 No.18003397
    The engines roared from the Massive colony ship. Beneath its shadow the engines of many smaller vessels lit up. Men scattered to each transport under the barking orders of their NCOs. The Imperial soldiers gave one last moment of prayer before taking to the sky and the ground. The thunderous guns fired on the open plains were the Tau were defending. the Coming day climbed into the sky avoiding the net of flak that filled the air as the Pelicans and Valkyries flew over the ridge line that hid their assembly. The field was a blackened field of dug out trench lines tattered barbed wire and craters. Along the desolate view they saw laser beams and muzzle flashes of men and tanks. The radio's and vox cracked to life
    "To all units Julian, Julian I say again Julian mission is a go!"

    The Alliance flew over the battlefield with vehicles dodging flack and intercepting enemy fighters. Tracer trailed followed many Pelicans as they returned fire accordingly. During the decent many were stricken by flak and exploded hurling their fiery hulls into the ground. Corporal Darvis held his rifle close tightening his grip as each explosion rang nearby and each bullet ping off of the armor. The sky turned into a dizzying waltz of tracers and contrails as the fighters engaged each other and the transports flew towards the defensive line.

    Thousands of men pored onto the blackened earth charging into gunfire in a massive wave of soldiers overrunning many forward alien positions. The Stormhawks would fly and strafe strong Tau positions for the Imperium and Valkyries would drop promethium for the landed UNSC soldiers. In one glorious moment men who moments ago were hiding now were charging into battle. The battle had begun.
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 02/18/12(Sat)18:38 No.18003504
    The pelican banked violently avoiding a beam from a rail gun. It grew closer and closer to a long trench that the Tau were defending. Finally touching down taking small arms fire as the occupants charged out with a furious roar. Their guns barking at anything orange that picked its head up. Dosens of other transports were doing the same, and some never made it to the ground. Within a few seconds hundreds of men had landed. and began engaging in close combat. Corporal Darvis heard the pelican he had just left start to take off then get shot out of the sky. He charged to the dug out pillbox where his squad mate was waving him to. All he could hear was the sound of gunfire and explosions. All he felt was the dirt splashing about from each explosion.
    He watched as the Cadians who landed with them were getting cut down, but not being slowed. They forced their way into Tau nests burning them out with their flamers. Darvis and his squad charged from his pillbox along a trench firing their weapons at any alien that popped out. The armor of the Tau only faring decently against the ballistic projectiles. Darvis couldn't make heads or tails of the battle, everywhere he looked was more fighting, and it stretched for miles. He only focused on the task at hand of killing all tau they could find. They would fight with Imperial Forces jumping for cover to cover as they exchanged volleys. His mind was blank, there was only war.
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 02/18/12(Sat)18:40 No.18003529
    And thats all for tonight
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)18:47 No.18003614
    :D Yay.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)18:48 No.18003625
    i wanna see what happens when a spartan meets a space marine
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)19:08 No.18003828
    I dont, that would open a huge can of worms,
    besides, there arnt alot of 40k writings that doesnt include marines and there is no reason to throw them in just becouse they are marines.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)19:13 No.18003873
    I want to see the reaction toward techpriests.
    And how would the priest react towards Spartans?

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