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  • File: 1329425572.jpg-(57 KB, 470x352, CPC.jpg)
    57 KB Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)15:52 No.17978165  
    Hi /tg/,

    I'm wondering if you might be able to help me with something. I need suggestions of suitable kung-fu styles associated with the Communist Party of China during the Maoist period including the personal kung-fu styles of high ranking members of that party such as the Gang of Four, Lin Biao and Deng Xiaoping.

    It is for a wuxia adventure game set in Red China. Political and military conflict will be solved through martial arts.

    I have a few ideas of my own, and I know the style Mao himself will use - but I thought some people here might be able to come up with some really great ideas that I just wouldn't have myself.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)15:54 No.17978182
         File: 1329425699.gif-(179 KB, 350x197, YES.gif)
    179 KB
    I fear my knowledge of matters pugilistic is insufficient to aid you, but I wish you Godspeed on your noble endeavor!
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)15:56 No.17978195
    Wasn't communist China all about eschewing the old ways? I feel like Chinese martial arts would be a part of that.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)15:57 No.17978200
    The People's Fist. A fighting style all about coordinated moves performed by two or more practitioners.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)15:59 No.17978216
         File: 1329425963.jpg-(39 KB, 470x285, Chinese Communist Party 3.jpg)
    39 KB
    They don't have to be realistic, the game will be in the vein of supernatural wuxia stunts. They can also make use of guns or even tanks and artillery cannon. There are few limits on how over the top the styles can be. Just a general idea of the style and ideally a catchy name would be enough.

    That may be so but in this setting Chairman Mao became the Great Leader because of his undefeatable communist kung-fu. It is not intended to be particularly historically accurate.

    That is a good suggestion! It is something I had already planned to incorporate but these are exactly the kinds of suggestions I would like.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:03 No.17978251
    The best method would be to look up the stereotypes of various kung fu styles and their practitioners and pair them up with a character as appropriate.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:03 No.17978254
    >That may be so but in this setting Chairman Mao became the Great Leader because of his undefeatable communist kung-fu. It is not intended to be particularly historically accurate.
    >Implying this isn't how it happened IRL
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:07 No.17978290
    THREE GORGES FIST: a combination of three devastating strikes that damn the flow of the opponent's chi (and force the relocation of hundreds of villages.)
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:07 No.17978292
    Deng Xiaoping would use 'Black cat-white cat' a deceptive form of soft-seeming Tai-chi that would appear to constantly give ground while secretly maneuvering into the ideal position to deliver a single sudden strike.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:10 No.17978321
    Jiang Qing would of course use a flowery, operatic style while actually fighting extremely dirty. Call it... Red Lantern?
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:11 No.17978328
         File: 1329426709.jpg-(391 KB, 969x680, 111007_11_US-ASIA_80819593.jpg)
    391 KB
    Yes, this is the kind of shit I am looking for.

    Mao's signature style will be called Red Glare (although this is actually just one part of a larger, hidden style) so that fits well.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:13 No.17978347
    Mao's kung-fu is almost invincible... except for his Great Leap Forward advance, a reckless charge that leaves him vulnerable and off-balance! Time your attacks well!
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:15 No.17978357
         File: 1329426918.jpg-(30 KB, 367x550, Premier_Zhou_1919.jpg)
    30 KB
    I think Zhou Enlai needs a good straightforward Bruce Lee hero style to go with his matinee idol looks. Pic related.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:17 No.17978366
    Lenin on the other hand will fool you by taking one step back... only to suddenly take two steps forward!
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:17 No.17978368
    The Gang of Four need to have some evil eunuch-style scarf kung fu. Also, insta-kill attacks like the Fist of Four Deaths.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:20 No.17978395
    Presumably Chiang Kaishek was defeated because he failed toinnovate and adapt his own style to beat Mao's unconventional new moves...
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:20 No.17978397
         File: 1329427234.jpg-(153 KB, 602x460, Shen_Jingdong_-Four_Generation(...).jpg)
    153 KB
    My current plan is to have the Great Leap Forward be another 'generalist' style like >>17978200 but other than that it will be risky in the manner you've described.

    Something charm-based is not impossible.

    Yeah I really want those guys to have some co-ordinated style that they can use when they're all together. Which makes them exponentially more powerful, obviously.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:22 No.17978418
    Lin Biao's style copies Mao's to such an extent that Mao becomes suspicious that Lin's trying to find his weaknesses...
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:23 No.17978425
    There needs to be a lariat move called The Cultural Revolution. Perhaps a follow up to Mao's Great Leap Forward advance if his opponent fails to capitalize on his vulnerability.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:23 No.17978433
    Yao Wenuan is a truly dangerous opponent! Beware his Ideological Criticism: each round of combat, he will calmly, politely explain how a certain action (strikes using the feet, for example) are subversive and counter-revolutionary. Should any opponent disregard his words and engage in counter-revolutionary behaviour, he will counterattack with the devastating CULTURAL REVOLUTION, a bone-shattering combination that will leave his enemies weeping for forgiveness.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:27 No.17978486
         File: 1329427662.jpg-(54 KB, 320x460, chinese-poster_lg.jpg)
    54 KB
    That is actually a really good idea because the plot is going to kick off with Mao's sudden disappearance. Perhaps Lin Biao will use this opportunity to try and finally uncover the secrets of Mao's style.

    Yes! Yes! Yes!
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:28 No.17978498
    Why would you want to play as a dictator that killed more people than Hiter and Stalin and shat on his own country's rich culture and history to the point where his own successors judged his "Cultural Revolution" to be a disaster? That's like wanting to play as Pol Pot.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:30 No.17978512

    Speaking of which. What's Pol Pots fighting style like?
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:30 No.17978527
    The players will not be taking control of Mao; he is likely to be the final villain of the campaign.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:31 No.17978536
    Wang Hongwen, youngest of the Gang of Four, gained the nickname "Helicopter Wang" because of his extraordinarily rapid rise through the ranks of the Party.

    And also because of his ARIAL SPIN KICKS!
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:33 No.17978565
    Nationalist kung-fu would be heavily focused on defense before the mighty Communist onslaught, to the detriment of their attack power.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:34 No.17978567
         File: 1329428050.jpg-(92 KB, 409x580, e16-68.jpg)
    92 KB
    I am going to steal this entire post from you and use it in the game.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:35 No.17978588
    "Crush the anti-revolutionary group"? I only know Japanese, so.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:37 No.17978617
         File: 1329428262.jpg-(51 KB, 590x373, fry-take-my-money.jpg)
    51 KB

    That may be so but in this setting Chairman Mao became the Great Leader because of his undefeatable communist kung-fu. It is not intended to be particularly historically accurate.

    FUND IT!
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:39 No.17978641
         File: 1329428372.jpg-(76 KB, 428x552, ChineseModernArt.jpg)
    76 KB
    The game is going to have multiple factions and one of them will probably be a resurgence of the Kuomintang. It will begin in a civil war that breaks out after Mao's disappearance. It is the battle for China's future!

    The factions will loosely be based on the factions of Romance of the Three Kingdoms so I can name the campaign 'Warring State'. I am not proud.

    Mao will, of course, return.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:39 No.17978645

    Chiang Kaishek wasted all of his Chi fighting against the japanese master Hirohito. This enabled Mao to strike him down and absorb his powers.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:44 No.17978690
    Mao's Little Red Book is a compact treatise on martial arts and Communist philosophy, readily available everywhere. Most common Chinese folk learn simple unarmed defense moves from it, though it is said that limited printing runs meant solely for the Red Guards or the Party itself hold great martial secrets. Mao's own personal copy disappeared along with him, and it is thought it contains the ultimate secrets of Mao's style.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:44 No.17978699
         File: 1329428671.jpg-(72 KB, 623x483, chinese-patenting.jpg)
    72 KB
    Five-Year-Plan Style has an obvious weakness: each maneuver is planned ahead of time ("Next round I will use Grain-Surplus-Strike on the one in green robes," for example, or "Next round I will defend and center my Chi.") If the opponent acts in an unexpected fashion, the Five-Year practitioner may look like a fool as he stands alone punching and kicking at the air. But it is his opponent who is truly the fool, for each round the Five-Year-Plan continues, the practitioner's Industrial and Spiritual might increase! A true master can, through fortitude, foresight, and close adherence to the Plan, perform an hours-long combo that pounds a mountain to sand!
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:45 No.17978713
    Oh god OP my money , all of it
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:46 No.17978719
    Close enough... 'resolutely smash the Wang, Zhang, Jiang and Zhao [i.e. the gang of four] anti-party group'
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:47 No.17978737
    Figures. Cheers!
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:47 No.17978742
    I mean Yao, not Zhao...
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:49 No.17978771
    That's brilliant. The best part is I can hear it in Hong Kong movie dubbing guy's voice.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:51 No.17978790
         File: 1329429060.jpg-(117 KB, 1303x1086, Red_Guards.jpg)
    117 KB
    These are both great ideas. I've been pondering different means by which the PCs might learn to resist Mao's initial style and the Little Red Book is a really solid plot hook I can lay down about that.

    The Five Year Plan sounds like another excellent idea for a style that could be widespread around China.

    This is just the best. You have really come through for me, /tg/, thank you.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:52 No.17978813
    The LRB is also a great excuse for bad guys to sic hordes of minimally-trained thugs that know enough fu to look good while the heroes trash them around.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:55 No.17978848
         File: 1329429320.jpg-(459 KB, 969x666, 110630_1_90012279_resized.jpg)
    459 KB
    Oh yeah, definitely. I'm trying to make sure I have lots of 'mook styles' and will try to make it a running theme that they become more powerful the more people there are using them. I just meant Mao's personal Little Red Book in that example.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:55 No.17978856
    You should make 'left/right deviations' literal. You can easily defeat a left deviationist fighter by smashing him from the right.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:57 No.17978890
    For mechanics, look to "Weapons of the Gods" RPG. Wuxia style RPG in ancient china. Obviously, some conversion will be required.

    Also, Exalted/Scion can do the trick, but read up on it first, Exalted doesn't capture the feel of what the characters can do (especially Solar/Abyssal/Lunars) and Scion can be a leap in the mechanics.

    Also, good old d20 modern can be like this too, especially if you put in old D&D magic items.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:59 No.17978909
         File: 1329429546.jpg-(153 KB, 540x716, 033-last-communist-countries.jpg)
    153 KB
    That is actually a pretty neat and entertaining idea. I won't make it a surefire win but I can make it a weakness of some styles.

    >For mechanics, look to "Weapons of the Gods" RPG. Wuxia style RPG in ancient china. Obviously, some conversion will be required.
    I'm going to be using Legends of the Wulin, which is essentially the improved version of Weapons of the Gods.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)16:59 No.17978917
    Another idea for how to resist/eventually defeat Mao... the Cultural Revolution involves forcible spreading of the Little Red Book techniques, and the 'four old' styles are ruthlessly suppressed. But... though driven underground, some of the old masters survive...
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)17:02 No.17978951
         File: 1329429726.jpg-(15 KB, 294x243, allofmymoneygivesyouallofitsmo(...).jpg)
    15 KB

    >I'm going to be using Legends of the Wulin
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)17:02 No.17978959
    >an army of Red Guards charges toward the player- but they're all leaning waaaaay over to the left...
    >player sweeps bamboo pole down from his left shoulder
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)17:05 No.17978994
    Simple, the Chinese have been finding loopholes with everything Mao did.

    For example, during the Cultural Revolution, the party would go around destroying everything historical, including old artifacts and temples. The way people stopped this was by writing Mao dogma on it somewhere. The Party will not touch ANYTHING with Mao's teachings on it.

    This could be translated as books teaching 'anti-party' fighting styles, with the actual teachings written in code, so that those who don't know its there only see more Maoist teachings.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)17:06 No.17979010

    Please OP include in your campaign thousands of people on parade grounds, practitioning moves in perfect coordination.

    Also, if it's a civil war, it's probable that foreigners might turn their gaze towards China. Russian Spetsnaz knife fighters, Japanese karate masters, or Americans and their gun kata all could easily make a cameo to spice stuff up.

    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)17:09 No.17979050

    >implying this isn't real history
    >implying the Jianghu doesn't exist
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)17:12 No.17979079
         File: 1329430335.jpg-(129 KB, 700x784, 1b70f4c5c62dc67616b470f82b7df5(...).jpg)
    129 KB
    >mentioning foreign involvement
    >not mentioning the surviving Machu descendants of the Qing Emperors and their deadly Bannermen

    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)17:12 No.17979086
    Well technically Martial arts did not decide everything. It got kicked to the side with the introduction of the gun.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)17:13 No.17979093
         File: 1329430384.jpg-(89 KB, 450x272, 20050505propaganda.jpg)
    89 KB
    I can briefly go over the idea I have for a lot of Mao's power and see what people think of it:

    Basically his famous 'known style' is Red Glare. No one knows how to use this but it's the style everyone knows Mao uses. It's pretty passive, and it's also literal: Mao's eyes literally glow red. It's basically a form of mind control, meet Mao's gaze and he can control your movements - so unless you can resist it, you have to fight him blind. I want to give the PCs lots of different ways and hooks to pursue about how to overcome this.

    This is actually just one part of his full, unique style though: working name of Red Body Discipline. Each of Mao's individual body parts and organs are actually supercharged with the power of Chinese communism making him a terrible engine of destruction. However, at the same time, by overthrowing Mao's lieutenants in different areas of China he loses his hold over it and the body part that draws power from that area loses its power.

    Old masters who know how to resist Red Glare or who fought Red Body Discipline before it was fully empowered will definitely be a thing.

    What do people think of this?

    Very nice idea, thank you.

    >bamboo pole
    I expect a lot of weapons will be like this but it's worth noting LotW doesn't really differentiate between weapons in a major way: there are weapon categories and abilities that a weapon can have but a gun is just another ranged weapon, for instance. I fully intend to have a tank commander fight the party who uses tank kung-fu while in a tank. He will probably be a Lu Bu reference.

    I absolutely understand that feel.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)17:15 No.17979115
    Tracksuit dude is THE BEST.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)17:16 No.17979127
    A kung-fu journey round China, defeating Mao's evil lieutenants in order to lessen his powers before the final confrontation?

    Holy crap, OP wins /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)17:16 No.17979128
    Well to make it sound more authentic, go with a Chinese name.

    In case of Red Glare, it might be called Hongse Xuanguang
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)17:20 No.17979161
    Sun Yat-sen must have left behind an old, forgotten, completely badass style.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)17:20 No.17979164
    by that logic the game should be held in chinese

    no it works better if you actualy understand what the words mean .. the players know that the actual names are in chinese
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)17:20 No.17979166
    I'm pretty undecided about giving everything Chinese names or not. I don't know. I can see what it adds but it might be too much of a removal from familiarity for my players: I think a lot of them would struggle with pronunciation alone.

    I have someone I can consult about giving things authentic names though, if it is something I do decide on. I also went to them to check this wasn't a horrifically offensive concept that would lead to me getting punched.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)17:23 No.17979198
         File: 1329431038.jpg-(68 KB, 500x344, Si_Da_Kou.jpg)
    68 KB
    Legends of the Wulin has some options for a kung-fu doctor baked in so that's totally possible. I could make it something the Four Bandits developed together and Sun Yat-sen perfected.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)17:31 No.17979262
    Away out now. Thanks for all the help /tg/. I'll check the thread again when I return.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)18:11 No.17979675
    Like wise , each lieutenant represents an aspect of Maoist communism.

    Like one in Chengdu, you have followers of Ren de Shoubi, literally translating to the People's Arm, represented by an arm swung like a hammer. Their style involves, slow deliberate blows that are meant to destroy in as few hits as possible.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)18:17 No.17979724
    Didn't the communists set about killing martial artists because they were afraid of their kamehamehas and dodon rays?
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)18:28 No.17979847
    They probably did in this setting.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)18:28 No.17979853
    Yes but like I said, if they followed Mao, the party would leave them alone. Anything that involved pro-Mao was treated like a sacred relic.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)18:33 No.17979917
    >I need suggestions of suitable kung-fu styles associated with the Communist Party of China during the Maoist period including the personal kung-fu styles of high ranking members of that party such as the Gang of Four, Lin Biao and Deng Xiaoping.

    They sorta hated anything classically Chinese, other than the century-old facist tradition of the culture.

    But if it has to be... The Long March Steps - Mao's undefeatable footwork. It's a version of Drunken Man footwork only that it works best in crowds where it allows the user to aviod being hit while bystanders, usually resulting in a gigantic brawl.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)18:35 No.17979927
    >They sorta hated anything classically Chinese, other than the century-old facist tradition of the culture.
    See: >>17978216
    >That may be so but in this setting Chairman Mao became the Great Leader because of his undefeatable communist kung-fu. It is not intended to be particularly historically accurate.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)19:04 No.17980294
    And now, thanks to the Domino effect, Korea is feeling the shocks of the Revolution. Kim il Sung is developing his own martial arts to lead Korea in it's own revolution, borrowing heavily from Mao's style, but with elements of ancient tae kwondo, and a smattering of the Stalin Spetsnaz technique
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)19:25 No.17980516
         File: 1329438311.jpg-(53 KB, 374x372, MaoPopart.jpg)
    53 KB
    I am back now. Thank you for the additional suggestions.

    I will probably confine it to China. I don't think I have it in me to run a worldwide political martial arts game.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)19:37 No.17980644
    Yeah but it will make for nice backstory, kinda like Cathay is to Warhammer: it's there, but there's no set way to include it in game.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)19:39 No.17980668
         File: 1329439188.png-(275 KB, 1677x471, Ummm.png)
    275 KB
    Pol Pot stole a great deal from Mao's Red Glare, but his Khmer technique can only be used in the open spaces of the countryside.

    When he stands on his favoured ground, he is deadly. His sweeping movements have the power to reduce his opponent to powerless "New People", and his "Year Zero" opening technique is nearly unstoppable.

    If he is drawn into the cities or tight spaces, however, he is powerless. The secret to his defeat lies in learning the close-fighting techniques perfected by the vietnamese school, who adapted many Spetsnaz secrets to city and tunnel-fighting.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)19:54 No.17980828
    I don't know. I'm really playing on Chinese wuxia traditions, that's part of the reason I'm aping Chinese classics and setting it in China. If it comes up I guess I can spin something, or maybe not.

    Still, don't let me stop you.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)20:50 No.17981407
    >/tg/ turns Mao's repression into a joke
    I shouldn't be surprised but man is that bullshit
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)21:07 No.17981596
    0/10, troll

    OP, this is amazing, I kind of want to do a "World War Wulin" setting and make all of World War II into a kung fu romp. You are incredible, though.

    This has been the best thread.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/12(Thu)22:45 No.17982743
         File: 1329450358.jpg-(17 KB, 287x250, Ken Titus.jpg)
    17 KB
    Quit being such a wussy.
    >> Anonymous 02/17/12(Fri)06:20 No.17986350
    I would encourage everyone to do whatever crazy wulin games they feel like.
    >> Anonymous 02/17/12(Fri)06:23 No.17986361

    Relevant to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEuUmYS0vKY
    >> Anonymous 02/17/12(Fri)06:44 No.17986455
    What kind of martial arts did you envisage?
    >> Anonymous 02/17/12(Fri)06:56 No.17986491
    This is awesome and I wish I were in your group, OP.
    >> Anonymous 02/17/12(Fri)07:18 No.17986561

    I love how they just put random swastikas and crosses on everything to make it look "WWII".
    >> Anonymous 02/17/12(Fri)07:39 No.17986625
    About the "schewing the old ways" maybe there is a conflict between old classical martial arts with white weapons, and the new scientifically improved, industrially made, communist kung fu, (maybe the new kung fu also makes training with modern weapons).

    For a take on conflict between old, ritual and secretive martial arts against industrial new martial arts see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Veritas_(manhwa)
    >> Anonymous 02/17/12(Fri)07:43 No.17986635
    Ha. I actually started thinking of Veritas before I got to your second sentence and then I saw the link.

    I really like the idea of 'industrially made' communist kung fu. Like, in a literal sense. Like an actual kung fu production line.
    >> Anonymous 02/17/12(Fri)07:45 No.17986645
    Thousand Flowers style.

    That is all.
    >> Anonymous 02/17/12(Fri)07:46 No.17986649
    during the Korean War, those US soldiers/marines who were trained in fighting (western style, boxing etc) and tried to fight hand-to-hand vs chinese regulars were quickly overcome. The ones that were most successful in surviving a hand-to-hand combat with a chinese or NK soldier were those with no boxing or stand-up fighting background -- those who grappled and brawled.

    this would translate pretty easily to a game.
    >> Anonymous 02/17/12(Fri)07:47 No.17986658
    Derp, Hundred Flowers style.

    >> Anonymous 02/17/12(Fri)07:51 No.17986667
    It would. At the same time I get the impression that OP's game:
    > I fully intend to have a tank commander fight the party who uses tank kung-fu while in a tank
    > Each of Mao's individual body parts and organs are actually supercharged with the power of Chinese communism
    >That may be so but in this setting Chairman Mao became the Great Leader because of his undefeatable communist kung-fu
    ...may not be the most realistic depiction of martial arts.
    >> Anonymous 02/17/12(Fri)07:55 No.17986676
    My God, that idea is so cool. I think I read a manga about that sort of thing.
    >> Anonymous 02/17/12(Fri)08:01 No.17986700
    If you can dig it out, link.

    Surprised this didn't come up earlier but that seems like a great idea.
    >> Anonymous 02/17/12(Fri)08:23 No.17986786
    This idea is awesome, and there should be hundreds of awesome posts bumping this awesome thread.

    I say.
    >> Anonymous 02/17/12(Fri)08:50 No.17986893
    This is beautiful.
    >> Anonymous 02/17/12(Fri)09:11 No.17986971
    Quick, Archive this!
    >> Anonymous 02/17/12(Fri)09:13 No.17986983
    In the spirit of communism, why not just all it "The Way of the People", which received recognition due to it being possible to teach to peasants and workers WITHOUT years of training on top of a mountain. In other words, Mao's style caught the heart of the working class because now with mao's style they could stand up for themselves, something they did not have access to (a certain way of kung-fu) befire because that was something only the higher class had the luxury to have. With Mao's revolutionary kung-fu style, he heralded the rise of the working class after him as well as the wotking class.
    >> Anonymous 02/17/12(Fri)09:15 No.17986996
    Suddenly my grammar is a mess.

    excuse me
    >> Anonymous 02/17/12(Fri)09:17 No.17987005
    Way of the Tenfold Censure

    A style that focuses only on restricting the opponents possibilities to attack, without dealing fatal damage in return.
    >> Anonymous 02/17/12(Fri)09:24 No.17987037
    Fist of the Judicious Protection of Censorship

    >> Anonymous 02/17/12(Fri)09:40 No.17987098
    yes, his totaly makes sense
    >> Anonymous 02/17/12(Fri)11:47 No.17987889
    That makes sense but its also boring how about this:

    According to the idea of a worker and peasant class following intelectuals and writters the communist party is encouraging its Kung fu masters to create a new style to be the ONLY one style to be teached to ALL the workers and peasants.

    Every intellectual/martial artist of the party has his own style and they add their ideas to the People Way of Fighting. But they don't really add their more powerful techniques and moves, because of either complexity or lust for power. Also, there are conflicting schools in the Party.
    >> Anonymous 02/17/12(Fri)12:39 No.17988232
    Archived on sup/tg/. Don't forget to upvote this awesome idea.
    >> Anonymous 02/17/12(Fri)12:53 No.17988346
    Finally finished reading this amazing thread. I've always wanted to run a campaign like this one, especially the World War Wulin variant someone mentioned upthread. This is like all the best things about Legend of Koizumi, but with actual martial arts instead of Mahjong. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

    Keep in mind that Mao was also a poet and expert calligrapher. If anyone could find a way to interpret his verses, they might uncover his martial arts secrets. And it's likely that one of his old calligraphy instructors is some ancient martial arts master, pained by the betrayal of his most promising student...
    >> Anonymous 02/17/12(Fri)14:52 No.17989344
    Please OP, let this be an online game so I could possibly join.

    Anyway, the Hardline Style. A furious kung fu that allows it's user to over come any actual problems by believing they do not exist. Woefully weak when not fully understood, a great master can survive anything, with his belief in the Way of Communism.
    >> Anonymous 02/17/12(Fri)15:09 No.17989471
         File: 1329509358.jpg-(36 KB, 296x402, image004.jpg)
    36 KB
    Hey, OP again.

    First - I'm really amazed this is still alive, and I'm flattered by all the compliments.

    This is a cool idea but I feel like I will go with >>17987889 and have it something being worked on, rather than something being completed. I will put this in.

    That's another great hook for defeating Mao's style. So that's going in as well.

    What I think I'll do is have a Hundred Flowers style, which is now regarded as out-of-date and under veto by the communist faction, and a Hundred Flowers Falling style which is basically designed around exploiting the weaknesses of the former.

    Some sort of censorship style is a great idea. I may just call it 'Judicious Protection of Censorship'.

    This is actually a sweet idea for an Internal Style. I might call it 'Heart Shielded in Ignorance' or 'Virtue of the Peasant's Mind' or something but this, also, is going in.
    >> Anonymous 02/17/12(Fri)15:44 No.17989766
    >Please OP, let this be an online game so I could possibly join.
    Also: if IRL it is successful I will consider this but I can't imagine finding players for it. LotW isn't very well known.

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