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  • File: 1329339171.jpg-(348 KB, 900x1253, Antecedent_Terminus_by_alexiuss.jpg)
    348 KB Deity Quest VI Apotheos !!kGkr8vB/r+N 02/15/12(Wed)15:52 No.17962954  
    You are Uraemrys, the Abdal. God of Judgement and god of knowledge. Beholder of Truth and Grasper of the Infinite.

    You and four other gods have recently created a brand new universe. Thus far this universe has a single planet that holds life. This planet is Apotheosi, that which brings the ascent, named for the intentions each of the gods have for its denizens: Ascending to the brightest hights of morality, morality's darkest depths, the greatest beauty, the most perfect enlightenment, or the most epic of tales.

    You have just returned to your moon after settling the matter of how to deal with new fey-dragon offspring, and having a brief conversation with Ius regarding Picus' integrity.

    You decide to observe Ur again. He has made it to the edge of the desert now, and has there met a group of three fey. They currently converse, with the fey asking Ur a constant stream of questions about the places he has visited and things he has learned. When he tells the fey that he plans on journeying into the desert they demand to accompany him. One of the fey, who you know to be named Mae, also offers to teach Ur what she knows of druidic magics. He in turns offers to teach her necromancy along the way, but she declines telling him that she finds the craft disgusting after seeing some of what you know to be Falees' zombies. Eventually they agree to head into the desert together with Ur teaching the fey what little he knows of Arcana while Mae teaches him Druidic.

    South and to the east of them, Falees has grown in frustration and sends groups out in search of Ur, demanding he be found and brought to him. He has also increased his experimentation with necromancy and pact magic, and the black flame demon rarely leaves his ear.
    >> Apotheos !!kGkr8vB/r+N 02/15/12(Wed)15:54 No.17962972
    The drakfey are at war with the humans near Ium now. Both sides lack any magic users, so while the drakfey are less in number their supperior strength proves extremely effective against the humans who have only barely begun widespread use of spears and knives, and still lack any armor to speak of.

    Finally, a group of three humans and one fey have discovered one of your ruins near Ium, and have just embarked into it.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)15:56 No.17963009
         File: 1329339414.jpg-(18 KB, 244x320, 131102978520.jpg)
    18 KB
    >mfw I see this quest is back



    Okay fine, one and a half days, but it felt like eons.
    >> Apotheos !!kGkr8vB/r+N 02/15/12(Wed)15:58 No.17963034
    [Derp, forgot the previous threads:] http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Uraemrys

    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:02 No.17963099
    >I have compiled a list of projections of events that may occur in the near future and measure we may want to consider

    -The two arch-dragons deserve more of our attention. Relations between the humans and drakfey has already escalated to a constant state of conflict, and the arch-dragons seem to have aligned themselves on opposing sides of the growing conflict. Edatel regularly communicates with and influences the humans' chief religious figure, and Acepiph has been leading the drakfey on the southern continent to seek conquest. It is inevitable that a war eventually be fought between the two, using humans and drakfey as proxies.

    -Falees, disgruntled by our refusal, is likely to seek greater power. It is highly probable that he will at some point ask for additional power from Mephisto, and receive power of a more demonic nature. Additionally, it is likely that he will attempt to hunt for Ur or seek the obelisk, but not understanding our intentions will attempt to wrest knowledge from it crudely and by force instead of through careful study as we intended.

    -We need to know more regarding the two dragons who have claimed our desert as their territory. The indifferent dragon Lananang doesn't seem to be doing much, but the voracious dragon Elkot is worth attention on our part. Maybe Ur might be able to communicate with one or both and gain an ally in his quest for knowledge.
    >> Apotheos !!kGkr8vB/r+N 02/15/12(Wed)16:03 No.17963108
    You do not have any active goals right now, but you should allways look out for oppertunities to influence the development of the world towards your long term and passive goals.

    You may turn your direct attention to any of the previously mentioned areas, or you can specify a different place. You can interact with any of the other gods, so long as they aren't busy. Or you may simply watch the world turn until new events have developed that you find more worth of your attention.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:03 No.17963113
    -If Ur enters into conflict with Falees he will need to be able to hold his own ground. We should consider sending him a small revelation about true necromancy, and its capabilities to call back the sentient and thinking souls of the dead rather than merely creating hollow shells. The Formless may become aware of this, or perhaps we can make him aware. If the Formless supports this Ur could possibly call back the souls of the very first Drakfey killed by Falees. Now that would be a deliciously ironic beatdown. Perhaps we can also influence the dragon Elkot into seeing Falees as a potential threat to his power who intends to take over his territory, and imply that our agent Ur could aid him against such. This is only if Falees really starts overstepping himself and shows no signs of possible redemption.

    -Should Falees choose to expand his control to the eastern continent he will also become embroiled in the human/drakfey conflict. He will undoubtedly oppose the drakfey, but the humans may not want him on their side either, considering his cruel demeanor and use of necromancy combined with the fact that most humans on the eastern continent worship Ius. More importantly, necromancy may become abhorred by the denizens of the eastern continent if they first encounter it in such a way, especially if Falees has gained additional demonic powers at this time. This may be contrary to our intentions and may make things more difficult for Ur.

    -Drakfey culture is highly martial in nature, focusing on strength, conquest and power. The Dragonborn drakfey are less physically powerful compared to their fellows which should cause them to search for ways to compensate. It is highly probable that the Dragonborn will become the first martial artists of Apotheosi.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:08 No.17963178
    rolled 31 = 31

    Lets check up on the worlds first adventurers. Do the ruins have set challenges and rewards? or can we just make some up and play dungeon master while they treck through the ruins?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:08 No.17963188
    rolled 29 = 29

    I suggest we take a gander at the two arch-dragons and their shenanigans, to get a better idea of how things may transpire.
    >> El_Nazgir 02/15/12(Wed)16:14 No.17963256
         File: 1329340441.jpg-(157 KB, 1169x850, deityquestmap.jpg)
    157 KB
    rolled 97 = 97

    I'd say watch Ur while he carries on, he might come into contact with the dragons in our desert, and that might prove to be troublesome
    >> Apotheos !!kGkr8vB/r+N 02/15/12(Wed)16:16 No.17963297
    You glance upon the "adventurers" getting ready to explore your ruins. Two male human warriors, a fey who seems to have a basic understanding of arcana, and a female human who seems to be a tracker of some kind. They trade ideas on how the ruins may have gotten there and on what they find within, but have yet to actually enter.

    Edatel lies awake in dragon form, confortably resting on a platou overlooking Ium yet to high up to risk being spotted by the humans. He doesn't seem to be doing anything more than thinking.

    Acepiph currently basks in the awe of drakfey, who surround him and seem to be nearly worshipping him. They do this on the remains of what seems to have once been a human village, and the drakfey present are clearly all warriors (though there are few drakfey that aren't).
    >> Apotheos !!kGkr8vB/r+N 02/15/12(Wed)16:21 No.17963369
    Ur continues his travels through the desert, accompanied by three fey. Time will have to pass before they reach anything of interest. Along the way they may encounter sand worms or one of the two dragons now living in the desert, but for now you find watching them quite boring unless you allow time to slip.
    >> El_Nazgir 02/15/12(Wed)16:24 No.17963419
    rolled 74 = 74

    Forgot to say, that's the latest map of Apotheosi available
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:25 No.17963432
    rolled 100 = 100


    Lets just let time pass. All there really is to do right now is observe, we need to wait untill something comes up were we can make discissions.

    though overseeingt the adventureers could be fun if we can choose the tech they uncover.
    >> El_Nazgir 02/15/12(Wed)16:26 No.17963452
    rolled 67 = 67

    slip time it is then. The most interesting things to keep our eyes one while it does seem to be Ur and those in the ruins.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:29 No.17963492

    >rolls a 100 while giving an ambiguous command.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:31 No.17963526
    >Let's just let time pass
    >> El_Nazgir 02/15/12(Wed)16:31 No.17963534
         File: 1329341504.gif-(12 KB, 100x100, refresh.gif)
    12 KB
    rolled 25 = 25

    >> Apotheos !!kGkr8vB/r+N 02/15/12(Wed)16:41 No.17963681
    You let time fly by as you watch Ur and the adventurers.

    Ur's party travel through the desert. While doing so he and Mae exchange their knowledge on arcana and druidism respectively. Ur seems unaccustomed to having to wait during night, as being a lich he has no need of sleep, but does so patiently, sitting in contemplation while his companions rest. It is during such a time that the first sand worm attacks.

    Ur notices it before it is visible, apparently skilled enough in necromancy to be able to detect the advancing soul. He stands and awakens the fey quickly, though he says he has no idea what could be approaching.

    When the sandworm emerges from the ground it does so directly beneath one of the fey, whom it swallows whole.

    Ur attemtps to grab the monster's soul, but the sandworm proves able to resist such an attack due to its size. The other two fey, including Mae, watch helplessly as the creature burrows back into the ground. Then they both assume forms mimicking the sandworm in all but size and pursue it.

    What follows is an half-hour long battle of the two fey nipping at the less agile sandworm's back while Ur attempts to manipulate the creatures mind into running circles and missing its opponents.. Eventually, the great worm succumbs to the death of a thousand cuts. The party, significantly more grim, continues onward. Though on a positive note, both fey have discovered a much more useful and safe form for desert transport, one which the lich, lacking a need to breath, is happy to utilize as a mount. The other fey carries the corpse of their companion, recovered from the dead worms intestines, after Ur promised to do everything he could in the research of resurrection.

    continuing to the adventurers next post...
    >> Apotheos !!kGkr8vB/r+N 02/15/12(Wed)16:46 No.17963753
    The adventurers have made it deep into the ruins by the time you turn your gaze to them. You notice that they now lack the female and one of the human warriors. A cursory glance by your divine vision through the complex of tunnels reveals that they were slain in an encounter with five hostile fey who had taken residence here. The adventurer fey is currently working on some sort of puzzle, you designed these things so fast and in so much volume that you no longer remember exactly which kind, which will allow them access to the ruin's next chamber.

    Glancing into this chamber reminds you that it is a library of sorts. With acient and archaic texts most of which were "destroyed". You had planned on the race who discovered this library to be able to salvage at least one source of information which you could use to bestow upon them some new bit of knowledge. As you watch the fey work the puzzle, you wander what you shall grant these adventurers, keeping in mind that they are most likely loyal to Ium.
    >> El_Nazgir 02/15/12(Wed)16:46 No.17963756
    rolled 73 = 73

    Sweet, we might be seeing some healing magic soon.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:51 No.17963812
    rolled 64 = 64

    Let the dicegods of tg decide.

    1-40, healing
    41- 80, arcana
    81-95, necromacy
    96-100, information about the different gods.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:51 No.17963817
    Hmm need to give them something that will help vs. the dark fey. Iron working?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:52 No.17963822
    rolled 85 = 85

    Looks like Arcana it is!
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:57 No.17963883
    Arcana looks good to me.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)16:58 No.17963890
    rolled 62 = 62

    Hm, I like this idea.

    Also, no one ever said the tome necessarily has to speak exclusively about any one subject. The ruins and shit were designed to give the impression that they had been left behind by a previous civilization, and ancient civilizations tend to drop hints about their culture all over their writings if you look carefully enough. Perhaps have an off-hand reference to one or another of the gods, or some type of magic, or certain locations or landmarks that they don't know about yet.

    And also, I'm assuming that Ur has followed our instructions not to form a religion around us. We know that people already widely worship Ius and Sarma, and Formless is probably worshipped by the drakfey. Picus we don't really know about. I'm just wondering, does anyone besides Ur and Falees even know we exist? The only mortals who've ever seen or interacted with us are those two, and the souls that we judge.
    >> Apotheos !!kGkr8vB/r+N 02/15/12(Wed)17:03 No.17963949
    The fey eventually completes the puzzle, and the door slides open. Once inside, the fey and human walk in awe around the room of alien architecture. The fey begins ecstatically gliding around the room in a fairy-like form, examining the various objects. The human slumps against a wall, muttering to himself. After some time, the fey run up to the human triumpent with a tablet in his hand. The human seems disappointed even after the fey explains the significance he expects it to have. The fey recommends returning to the surface where other fey may learn to extract meaning from the symbols, but the human seems to suddenly take imense intrest in the artifact and now demands it be handed to him so he can take it to the leaders of Ium for study. They begin to argue, and it looks as though violence may emerge.

    You are aware of a presence in these ancient halls. One of your elementals patrols the rooms farther down the ruins, gaurding their advanced secrets from eirly discovery. It would be easly, and not even really over-stepping of your bounds, to direct your servent to the conflict to ensure that one side receives the tablet, and in these deep halls it is likely none of the other gods would even notice. You may also try to somehow mediate the dispute. Finally, you may allow the events to evolve organically.
    >> El_Nazgir 02/15/12(Wed)17:04 No.17963961
    rolled 83 = 83

    Yeah, I was kinda confused that people suddenly were rolling for what kind of knowledge would be in it. A little bit of everything I'd say. Basics of leatherworks, building, etc. basics of magic of all kinds... stuff like that.

    And I'm not sure how well informed mortals are about the gods at all. I don't think that anyone besides the few that have been in direct contact with us and the dead know anything about us.
    Iirc it was mentioned that both sarma and Ius have a large score of mortal followers.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:06 No.17963980
    mediate the argument--a bit of "residual" magic left over by the old race..have some whispers or glowing words--"Knowledge exists not to be hoarded, but to be shared with all."
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:07 No.17963993
    rolled 90 = 90

    Allow events to evolve organically.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:07 No.17963998
    rolled 50 = 50

    This, followed by the approach of a pissed off-elemental.
    >> Apotheos !!kGkr8vB/r+N 02/15/12(Wed)17:08 No.17964008

    Ius is currently worshiped by most of Ium and the surrounding human settlements. Sarma currently has no direct worshippers, but there are many who worship nature and beauty (thus worshipping her indirectly). Formless has many drakfey worshippers, though the main bulk of the drakfey in the southern continent worship Acepiph, who indirectly worships Picus. You are worshipped directly by Ur, and indirectly but many fey and a few humans.
    >> mick824 02/15/12(Wed)17:10 No.17964031
    i like these two choices. 1+vote for both
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:13 No.17964059
    Derp. I have misplaced the hyphen.
    >> El_Nazgir 02/15/12(Wed)17:14 No.17964075
    rolled 79 = 79


    I think the elemental should stick to his duties though, unless they react badly to the voices. So only use the elemental if they still continue to fight after our first interaction, imo.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:15 No.17964079
    I can't really take part on quests because timezones, but this is awesome.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:16 No.17964102
    rolled 92 = 92

    -1 vote for intervening in any way
    >> mick824 02/15/12(Wed)17:16 No.17964103
    or better, have the elemental attack the party and if they defeat it and survive, then have the elemental say the line "Knowledge exists not to be hoarded, but to be shared with all." or somthing like that
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:19 No.17964135
    rolled 63 = 63


    This, only act if they defeat the elemental
    >> El_Nazgir 02/15/12(Wed)17:19 No.17964141
    rolled 28 = 28

    That's a shame. I just sacrifice sleep to Uraemrys in exchange for knowledge of his deeds and the events of the world.
    >> mick824 02/15/12(Wed)17:19 No.17964143
    then again, i get the feeling that what i just posted was really stupid
    >> El_Nazgir 02/15/12(Wed)17:21 No.17964169
    rolled 29 = 29

    I don't think they have any chance of defeating an elemental at all. Remember these things are masters of the elements, and highly magical.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:22 No.17964181
    rolled 59 = 59


    +1 to this
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:22 No.17964184
    >Ur the lich
    >Inmortal wanderer in search of knowledge

    Fuck, I jelly...

    By the way, in earlier threads some anons said that Ur resembled a character froma book (I think),what was the name?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:24 No.17964210
    Duane from the webcomic Unsounded, I think it was.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:25 No.17964221

    Thanks man, I'll give it a look.
    >> El_Nazgir 02/15/12(Wed)17:27 No.17964255
    rolled 43 = 43

    I personally disagree, their characters are completely different, but I still can't help but picture Ur looking just like Duane now anyway.
    >> General Winter 02/15/12(Wed)17:31 No.17964309
    rolled 60 = 60

    Seconding this.
    >> Apotheos !!kGkr8vB/r+N 02/15/12(Wed)17:37 No.17964387
    A light appears to them, flickering at the far end of some dark passage. The fey squints at it, then a few seconds later reels back in shock, for the light is given off by the flickering for of a being of pure fire. It glares at them with ember eyes and glides forward slowly.

    The human warrior stands up suddenly and steps in front of the fey, facing the elemental with a spear. "Make water." The warrior says simply.

    The fey glances down at his human companion, then back up to the form of whirling flames. He holds out his hands and begins to condense the moist air of the underground passage into a growing orb of water before him. The elemental is no beast, however, and charges forward upon seeing the arcanist summoning his anathema.

    The warrior roars violently, and charges forward with his spear. The elemental doesn't seem concerned by the piercing weapon, and merely slows down his charge so that he may envelope and incinerate the human.

    Just before metting the elemental with his body, however, the man leaps to the side still clutching his now burning weapon. The elemental pauses and looks to the helpless man now prone to his side, then quickly back to the fey.

    but the distraction had been effective. As he turns to face the fey he is greeted by an orb of water, which flies into his form then pauses inside. Steam erupts from the roaring entity, and it seems stunned. Unfortunately, the pain of having part of its body extiguished does not hold the elemental long enough for the fey to conjure a new orb of water, and the elemntal charges once more.

    This time the firey fiends makes his way to his target. The fey attempts to fly up to the ceiling but it is too low to fully escape the elemental's reach, and the elemental is too quick to flee from. As the fey struggles to put out the fires with his palms that erupt on him every time the enemy touches him, warrior stands back up and throws his spear at their opponant.
    >> Apotheos !!kGkr8vB/r+N 02/15/12(Wed)17:39 No.17964402
    This accomplishes nothing. Seeing this, and seeing his ally is being killed, the warrior charges forward and tackles the elemental. While this does not bring the elemental to the ground as it might a being of true matter, it does extinguish more of the elemental's body as the warrior puts out the flames beneath his body. The warrior continues to flail in this manner, so as to suppress into the ground where they are extinguished, until he is burned to a black, unmoving statue of his former self.

    The elemental, now significantly reduced in size, looks back to its former target only to meet another orb of water. The total flames of the once great creature now amount only reach the knees of the fey, who instead clings to the ceiling while summoning another orb. Unable to reach his enemy, the elemental can do nothing to prevent himself from being destroyed utterly.

    The fey sheds tears alone in the ruin, and you hear him mutter a resolution to do his allies justice by doing all he can to unite the fey magicians with the human leaders that they may share the knowledge of the tablet, and aid each other in future endeavors as well.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:41 No.17964431
    rolled 49 = 49

    That's not what I expected, but whatever works.

    Perhaps we should speak with the human's soul when it reaches us. His sacrifice impresses me.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:42 No.17964448

    Should we send him to Lus?
    >> El_Nazgir 02/15/12(Wed)17:44 No.17964483
         File: 1329345892.jpg-(9 KB, 218x178, Krang.jpg)
    9 KB
    rolled 8 = 8

    Not sure I like this. An elemental destroyed...
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:45 No.17964492
    rolled 19 = 19

    We could give him a choice.
    >> El_Nazgir 02/15/12(Wed)17:45 No.17964500
    rolled 74 = 74

    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:47 No.17964517
    rolled 70 = 70

    Just one out of an uncountable number.

    I'm glad they're not unbeatable, immortal monstrosities like Formless tried to make.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:48 No.17964527
    rolled 50 = 50

    Disagree, let the elemental make its way back on its own. It may come across more in its travels that way, and spread the knowledge in the tablet more than if it had merely been teleported off,
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:50 No.17964561
    rolled 40 = 40

    We're talking about the human, not the elemental.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:50 No.17964563

    I thought we were talking about the dead warrior's soul.
    >> Apotheos !!kGkr8vB/r+N 02/15/12(Wed)17:50 No.17964564
    You decide to give the dead human your full awareness.

    You are now in the afterlife. Your form shifts into that of a muscular human male with noble posture.

    "I am Uraemrys, the Abdall. God of judgement. I know what has brought you here, and approve of the manner in which you passed. Normally I would send a soul such as yours to the god Ius, whos name you probably know. But I intend to give you a choice. If you wish, you may also go to Sarma the goddess of beauty, Formless the god of epics, Picus the god of freedom, or stay with me the god of knowledge."

    He stares at you for a few moments.

    "Ius." He states without explanation.

    You nod. "Very well, he will be pleased to have you."

    You send him on his way.

    You may now return your gaze upon the world, to where is it directed?
    >> El_Nazgir 02/15/12(Wed)17:51 No.17964571
    rolled 96 = 96

    Elemental? it's about the human that died...
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:52 No.17964587
    rolled 75 = 75


    What is Falees doing?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:52 No.17964590
    rolled 73 = 73

    At least he knows we're proud.

    Focus on Falees.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:56 No.17964631
    rolled 24 = 24

    Derp, I meant the Fey, not the elemental.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:57 No.17964646
         File: 1329346672.png-(31 KB, 500x500, 12xPrototypedBlackKingV2.png)
    31 KB
    >need to get up at 7am
    >Deity Quest

    Also, check on Ur, and then watch the first Dragonborn.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)17:58 No.17964659
    rolled 17 = 17

    forgot roll
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:00 No.17964683
    All of these.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:01 No.17964687
         File: 1329346881.jpg-(50 KB, 475x360, 13286346457.jpg)
    50 KB

    >mfw it's 8pm here

    Most of the time I'm the one that has to keep awake for this shit.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:01 No.17964690
    rolled 100 = 100

    Aaaand I also forgot to roll.
    >> Apotheos !!kGkr8vB/r+N 02/15/12(Wed)18:03 No.17964709
    You decide to observe Falees.

    He is speaking with a human villager, judging from the conversation this human met with Ur while Ur was travelling to the desert. He is telling Falees that he suspects Ur is travelling to the center of the desert, following rumors spread by some fey that in the deserts center is some kind of obelisk. He guesses this because Ur seemed particularly interested in the obelisk when he was told the obelisk is rumoured to be made of a gleaming black rock. He tell Falees that Ur asked something along the lines of "Did the fey say anything about 'Ur-ray-mes'" but that he told him no, because the fey didn't. Falees inquires on how Ur reacted to this answer. The villager tells him that it didn't really seem to phase him, that the wanderer just kept peering off into the distance as though making connections in his mind. Finally Falees asks how the fey learned of this, and if the fey were still alive. The villager tells him that they glimpsed it from a great distance with their unnatural vision, but that they daren't come closer because a dragon had landed near it, and because they had heard that dragons could be very possessive with anything that gleams like the tower did.

    Falees paces back and forth. He dismisses the villager, and calls for a map of the lands between him and the desert. A crude map is provided, and he peers at it for a long time before telling one of those near him that he would be taking a trip.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:04 No.17964727
         File: 1329347057.gif-(1.17 MB, 200x207, 1207258691918wq4sw7.gif)
    1.17 MB
    Thanks bro!
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:05 No.17964744
    rolled 91 = 91



    What's happening with Ur?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:05 No.17964746
    rolled 71 = 71

    I would like to see how Arya is doing, Samra has been keeping a careful watch over our collaboration and it would be a good opportunity to see how her attention has manifested itself in the girl's life. It seems she's avoided overt action as Arya is not yet a direct worshiper so it might just be interesting. It'll also open up a chance to talk with her if she's not busy or approaches us. I'd like to ask her what early fruits her gift of inspiration has yielded the world.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:06 No.17964759
    rolled 55 = 55

    I would like to see what's happening with the priest in Ium and his dragon friend next.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:06 No.17964765
    rolled 53 = 53

    I agree. The sheer number of elementals makes this insignificant. There are probably far more powerful ones out there lying dormant in the earth. This one was just a minor one tasked with guarding something that we never intended to be unattainable.

    Besides, there isn't any rule saying that the world can't just spawn more elementals if the number runs low. After all, they ARE the embodiment of what makes up everything in the world.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:09 No.17964819
    Also why werethings, why not vampires or something from fey+humie
    >> El_Nazgir 02/15/12(Wed)18:09 No.17964820
    rolled 2 = 2


    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:11 No.17964836
    Which is to say >>17964683
    Which is to say
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:11 No.17964840
    rolled 28 = 28

    Because shapeshifter + human = humans with limited shapeshifting.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:11 No.17964851
    Oh shit yeah forgot whole shapeshifting thing, sorry
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:13 No.17964883
    rolled 53 = 53

    It's all good, mate, can't remember everything.
    >> Apotheos !!kGkr8vB/r+N 02/15/12(Wed)18:14 No.17964891
    The first "dragonborn" is still developing within his fey mother's womb, though the time of its arrival is nearer than the time of its conception.

    You are glad you decided to turn your gaze to Arya, for there seems to be quite a lot happening with her right now. The war between the drakfey and the humans on the eastern continent has taken its toll on nature. The drakfey destroy the woods wherever they go as trees are a severe tactical disadvantage to them. Arya has mostly ceased her attempts to mingle with human society, and has begun engaging in ambushes on drakfey forces. She works in in synergy with, though not in direct allience with, the human forces who do the main bulk of fighting the drakfey. During her time spent slaying drakfey in this manner, the creatures of the wood have gone from being exceptionally friendly to her due to her race, to actively aiding her however it can. She may not know it, but she has slowly been learning Druidic magic in the most natural way possible. Sarma looks upon her affectionately always, and you have little doubt that her success on the field can be attributed at least slightly to occasional divine intervention.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:15 No.17964903
    rolled 31 = 31

    Lets check on Aryan and the high priest of Jim.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:17 No.17964920
    rolled 9 = 9

    Give a private smile at how Arya seems to have found a place for herself despite her tragic past, then turn our attention to the priest in Ium and his draconic friend.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:17 No.17964926
    rolled 45 = 45

    Excellent. I suggest we give her a feeling of our pride in her, as we did with Ur.

    Then switch our point of view back to the desert.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:17 No.17964931
    So, she's the first one to properly LEARN druidic magic?

    For this, I believe we should give her a wish or boon when she comes to us in death.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:19 No.17964948
    rolled 91 = 91

    Oh hell no, we're not proud. Just glad. Sarma is clearly her patron. That would be like Sarma sending sentiments to Ur.
    >> Apotheos !!kGkr8vB/r+N 02/15/12(Wed)18:20 No.17964965
    You begin to watch over the high priest of Ium, who is present with the disguised arch-dragon Edatel. The moment you arrive, you notice that you are in the company of both Ius and Picus, who glare at you as though you are interrupting something. The priest and Edatel seem to be discussing the war.

    Just then you hear a prayer from Ur. He calls for your aid in dealing with "a powerful foe who he cannot help but to perceive as desecrating your holy ground".
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:21 No.17964966
    rolled 70 = 70

    For reference, where exactly is the future Dragonborn's mother located at this moment? Such a factor may prove crucial to its development.

    I agree with this one, perhaps convince Sarma to choose her as a champion.

    As for the rest, check on the priest in Ium, followed by Ur.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:22 No.17964979
    rolled 47 = 47

    See Ur. Now.
    >> Apotheos !!kGkr8vB/r+N 02/15/12(Wed)18:22 No.17964981

    The southern continent. The fey mother herself seems to be fleeing the advancing drakfey armies.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:23 No.17965005
    rolled 29 = 29

    Ur was entirely ours from the beginning. Arya, being the first lycanthrope, is jointly watched by both us and Sarma, though Sarma is undoubtedly watching over her more closely.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:25 No.17965027
    rolled 8 = 8

    Ur. Now.
    >> Apotheos !!kGkr8vB/r+N 02/15/12(Wed)18:25 No.17965037
    You leave the slightly awkward situation at Ium to attend to Ur.

    Ur prays within eyesight of the obelisk. Mae and the other fey watches him curiously. Glancing around for the source of the problem you spot the dragon Elkot [voracious] is curled around your obelisk asleep.
    >> El_Nazgir 02/15/12(Wed)18:26 No.17965039
    rolled 56 = 56

    Nah, she's not really our domain.
    There's plenty others that learnt druidic magic, but we just don't really know how exactly they learned it I think. She probably did learn it in the most natural way possible though.

    Also, rollin' for this: >>17964920
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:27 No.17965063
    rolled 56 = 56

    Appear before Ur.
    >> mick824 02/15/12(Wed)18:27 No.17965069
         File: 1329348479.jpg-(127 KB, 900x519, 1326474888552.jpg)
    127 KB
    stop what we're doing at the moment and go see Ur now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:28 No.17965085
    Let's enter the dreams of the Dragon and inform him that we created the obelisk, and that while we don't mind him being there, the knowledge contained within is meant to be for any and all who are dedicated enough to reach it.

    Unless of course, we want the dragon to be one more obstacle on top of the others we put in place.
    >> mick824 02/15/12(Wed)18:29 No.17965092
    damn it! gotta stop being so slow
    >> El_Nazgir 02/15/12(Wed)18:29 No.17965093
    rolled 8 = 8

    >Derp, I have to learn to refresh before posting.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:29 No.17965101
    rolled 5 = 5

    I kinda saw this coming.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:30 No.17965118
    rolled 54 = 54

    Explain to Ur that the Pillar of Knowledge is not our holy ground; our true holy ground is located in a place where those who dwell upon the earth cannot reach.

    Also explain that the Pillar is meant to distribute knowledge indiscriminately to all who desire it, but that it will only do so after intense and dedicated study. For those who have no interest in it beyond a material possession such as the dragon, and those who understand not our doctrine such as Falees, the obelisk is useless to them.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:31 No.17965123
    rolled 52 = 52

    I don't think it is ok to appear to a mortal unless they are performing some kind of special ritual like Falees. Lets send Ur a vision that he should commune with dead spirits using necromancy, then send a dead soul to him under orders to convey a message to him. Prefirably somthing like, "just talk to it", "go get the other dragon", "I will aid you in combat" etc...
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:32 No.17965135
    rolled 80 = 80

    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:32 No.17965149
    rolled 89 = 89

    We can't appear direct to Ur, but he is specifically praying to us, and he is our champion. Speaking into his mind shouldn't be too far a stretch.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:33 No.17965153
    rolled 34 = 34

    The intense praying is a 'special ritual.' Especially since most mortals don't even know we exist - don't even know our name.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:33 No.17965154
    rolled 43 = 43


    I think Ur is wrong to say the dragon is desecrating our holy ground, but it is still problematic in that we want Ur to get to the obelisk, yet I doubt he can take on a dragon.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:34 No.17965169
    rolled 52 = 52

    He might be able to talk his way past it, but I doubt that too.
    >> El_Nazgir 02/15/12(Wed)18:34 No.17965173
    rolled 64 = 64


    iirc, it was in no way forbidden to us to directly intervene. What we're doing could be frowned upon by the other gods though, but giving a message to our champion shouldn't be bad.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:38 No.17965228
    rolled 27 = 27


    First part of this
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:39 No.17965245
    And if the dragon doesn't care, let it be.
    >> Apotheos !!kGkr8vB/r+N 02/15/12(Wed)18:39 No.17965251
    You speak to Ur through his prayer. And attempt to question the dragon in its dream.

    To Ur, "The pillar is not my holy ground, it is a distribute of knowledge to those who seek it, and it does not discriminate."

    From Ur, "I am sorry for presuming. But is there any way to know the dragons intent? If the dragon is hoarding the knowledge of the pillar I feel obligated as your champion to dethrone him. Yet I do not believe I have the sheer power to do so through force, and so pray to you for guidance."

    To the dragon, "Why am I sleeping around this obelisk again?"

    "Because it is clearly an object of awe and power, I was lucky to be sent to the place holding it for I don't think anyone else knows of it. I shall have an advantage over my kin once I have uncovered its secrets." Its subconscious responds.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:40 No.17965265
    rolled 47 = 47

    The dragon, being a voracious dragon and extremely greedy, would probably guard the obelisk even more closely if he know it had that sort of potential.

    We should make it clear to him that only those with dedicated and studious minds can unlock the mysteries within.

    And finally, make him aware of the fact that our agent is nearby and may be able to aid him in that respect.

    Optionally, make the dragon aware of a warlord in the south who is steadily rising in power and may pose a threat to his position of power.
    >> Apotheos !!kGkr8vB/r+N 02/15/12(Wed)18:41 No.17965267

    [I somehow managed to misread your statement. Unless new commands are issued which contradict doing so, I'll add it in to the next post]
    >> Alpharius 02/15/12(Wed)18:45 No.17965322
    rolled 4 = 4

    It cannot reveal its secrets to those unwilling to disseminate knowledge. Your desire for knowledge is commendable, however, so I believe that we may be able to reach an agreement. This obelisk is my holy site on this earth. Allow whomsoever wishes to view the obelisk do so through you, so long as they can display to you, truthfully, one thing that you had not known or seen before. Your knowledge will grow by leaps and bounds, as will the knowledge of the world. It will allow you access to the secrets of the globe without ever leaving this obelisk, and allow the world access to my secrets, so long as they participate in the open sharing of knowledge. Perhaps, in time, the obelisk may open itself to you of its own accord, and far earlier than otherwise.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:45 No.17965332
    rolled 71 = 71

    This is a pretty good idea. Hint to Ur and Elkot that it might be mutually beneficial if they cooperated. Ur will be very much safe from Falees with a dragon protecting him.
    >> El_Nazgir 02/15/12(Wed)18:45 No.17965336
    rolled 85 = 85

    I'd say, just go ahead.
    >> Alpharius 02/15/12(Wed)18:45 No.17965337
    rolled 29 = 29

    Oh, fucking hell. That was a really good proposition, too. I hope that the low roll won't fuck everything up.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:46 No.17965346
    Hmm. Ur might be able to talk his way through this. Offering to help the dragon decipher the obelisk in exchange for the dragon permitting mortals to study it as well, maybe.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:46 No.17965349
    rolled 27 = 27

    Epic Draconic guardian.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:46 No.17965353
    rolled 32 = 32

    We could just make it very uncomfortable for the dragon to rest there.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:47 No.17965360
    rolled 15 = 15

    I actually really do like this.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:47 No.17965361

    I'm seconding this, having the dragon as a gatekeeper as it were, to gain knowledge from those wishing to seek out the obelisk of our power, an obelisk that surely we only want learned creatures to seek out, for that was our original intent was it not?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:48 No.17965368
    rolled 27 = 27

    The dice rolls are meant to facilitate choosing between mutually incompatible suggestions if I recall correctly. The suggestions so far seem very much combinable.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:49 No.17965381
    rolled 75 = 75

    I add my support to this.
    >> El_Nazgir 02/15/12(Wed)18:50 No.17965391
    rolled 19 = 19

    It is awesome.
    >> Apotheos !!kGkr8vB/r+N 02/15/12(Wed)18:57 No.17965463
    "I deal with the dragon as we speak, there may be a diplomatic solution." You tell Ur.

    "Dragon, Elkot, listen to me. I am Uraemrys, the Abdal, god of judgement and knowledge. You rest upon my holiest ground that lays on earth. The pillar you now nest on does indeed grant knowledge, but only to those who are willing to disseminate knowledge. You want to know, and that grants you my favor, but you will not wrest it as you seek to now. Instead, I propose that you act as my gaurdian of this place. You shall let only those in who truly display the desire to learn for knowledges sake. One such person approaches even now, my champion on this world, who will no doubt teach you much. You will be granted knowledge. And perhaps in time you will learn to value it in such a way that the obelisk will open itself to you directly."

    Though it speaks to a god, the dragon doesn't miss a beat.

    "The terms of the proposed deal are that I remain here to guard this place and let those in who fit your criteria. In return I gain scraps of knowledge handed to me as though charity. This is unacceptable, even if you will not open your towers wealth to me I will not do as you ask. What are your domains, so that I may know what to ask for so a more reasonable price may be given."
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:59 No.17965489
    This is how I LE
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:59 No.17965493
    rolled 86 = 86

    Tell him honestly, "My domains are balance, death, necromancy, knowledge, secrets, the elements, and order."
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)18:59 No.17965496
    Give him our domains. Dude wants to bargain, let's hear him out.

    However, also point out that with these "scraps" he would likely know more than any other being on the entire freaking planet.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:01 No.17965517
    rolled 41 = 41

    Yeah, let him know exactly how much he stands to gain over time, since knowledge isn't a resource which depletes.
    >> El_Nazgir 02/15/12(Wed)19:01 No.17965520
    rolled 62 = 62

    Yeah. He's underestimating how much one could learn from those that seek out the pillar. We could "change" it so that those seeking it out will have to tell the dragon everything of importance they know.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:01 No.17965523
    Also point our that he could also demand everything that the people learn from the obelisk.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:01 No.17965528
    rolled 57 = 57

    He's a dragon. He's going to try to get as much out of us as possible, true to the way of Picus.

    Honestly I'd have been surprised if he took the deal just like that.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:01 No.17965530
    rolled 23 = 23

    Tell him that the scraps he would gain are as cutting edge as knowledge goes for the entire world. Don't let him downplay the benefits.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:02 No.17965544
    rolled 26 = 26

    At least we started with a low-ball. It's better to start a barter on your terms, since it means you set the baseline.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:04 No.17965566
    rolled 50 = 50

    That's certainly true.
    >> Alpharius 02/15/12(Wed)19:05 No.17965584
    rolled 59 = 59

    I am the Watcher, the Lord of the Lunar Realm, Prince of the Fae, though they know it not, the Sword of the Balance of Life and Death, the Knower of the Unknown, the Rock and Wave, Flame and Breeze.

    I think you far undervalue these "scraps of knowledge", child of Picus. You will know, in time, all the secrets across the globe, until none may approach the obelisk, so great is your wisdom. However, I comprehend your desire to expedite the process. Perhaps we can alter the terms to "one piece of knowledge you find interesting or useful." You shall be the arbiter, not your memory, though it would behoove you not to lie about your interest in the presence of the obelisk.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:06 No.17965595
    Falees is on his way there, why not just use him to fight the dragon (as I doubt he would bother talking to it).
    >> Apotheos !!kGkr8vB/r+N 02/15/12(Wed)19:07 No.17965604
    "You fail to appreciate the value of the current deal. I am the god of knowledge, the "scraps" you speak of would effectively be shards of divine intervention. Not to mention that those who travel here are likely to be some of the most powerful and knowledgeable mortals alive." You state.

    "The potential value is high, yes, but the practical value is as I say scraps. I may gain a wealth of knowledge, but that knowledge would be useless. I could not take value in my wealth of knowledge when I stand beside a fountain of infinite truths denied to me, regardless of how much more I know than any other mortal. Also I would be bound here for the rest of my life. Dying having done nothing but accumulate a treasure no one would remember me for due to the infinite treasure that wealth was beside. No, I refuse your deal until something new is added.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:08 No.17965617
    rolled 78 = 78

    Why haven't we had Ur learn any divine magic yet? It would be pretty great to be able to do whatever through him.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:09 No.17965636
    rolled 71 = 71

    I do not recall mentioning that the knowledge of the Obelisk is denied from you, only that you will be unable to acquire it on the path you are currently travelling on.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:09 No.17965639
    rolled 53 = 53

    >The terms of the proposed deal are that I remain here to guard this place and let those in who fit your criteria.

    I do hope he doesn't think the god of knowledge a fool. He will guard this territory regardless of our actions here. He has a vested interest in keeping it safe already, it is the territory granted to him by draconic council to watch over. If he slacks in his protection his kin will see his weakness and attempt to claim more for themselves. All he is doing in this bargain is allowing a select few, who themselves pose to risk to him, to enter and in return he is payed his tithe in secrets of great power and the chance to align himself towards the channels that would grant him access to the big prize. The scales are already balanced in my mind.
    >> Alpharius 02/15/12(Wed)19:09 No.17965642
    rolled 6 = 6

    The terms did not include your being bound. Travel. Or do not. The choice is yours. But by traveling, many may have access to the obelisk who would otherwise be unable to pass, and, while not present, it cannot impart its secrets unto you.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:09 No.17965646
    rolled 73 = 73

    No it wouldn't. That's the sort of bullshit Formless would say.
    >> Apotheos !!kGkr8vB/r+N 02/15/12(Wed)19:10 No.17965652

    [ I think an extension to Uraemrys' title is in order after that. ]
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:10 No.17965656
    rolled 29 = 29


    He doesn't seek knowlede for knowlede's sake, there is nothing more to say to him.

    We need to talk to Ur and seek other options.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:10 No.17965657
    rolled 88 = 88

    So, he wants a boon.
    Perhaps we should grant him something related to the moon? I can't see giving him Necromancy working out well, and he obviously doesn't want knowledge.
    Grant him strenght whenever the moon shines upon him, or something like that?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:10 No.17965665
    rolled 2 = 2


    Terrible idea, he is the champion of knowledge, why would we want to work through him in a divine way? That goes against everything that makes Ur the character that he is, rolling against this.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:11 No.17965674
    rolled 5 = 5

    I meant to say pose no risk to him and as always I'm a little late in my response.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:11 No.17965678
    rolled 66 = 66

    First, make clear that those who desire to hoard knowledge instead of disseminating it, who desire knowledge gained easily through deals instead of study, shall never unlock the secrets of the obelisk.

    However, we understand that he is unwilling to accept the terms as they stand. So we shall alter them in his favor.

    First of all, he shall be the one to judge whether the knowledge is useful enough to warrant access.

    Furthermore, those who approach the obelisk must come bearing gifts, material evidence that said knowledge exists, is true and is useful.

    Finally, he is free to demand that all knowledge gained from the obelisk is shared with him.

    By agreeing to this deal, he gains our favor and we shall aid him against others of like mind who desire the obelisk not for the sake of knowledge but for power. Those who seek knowledge alone will be of no threat to him, but he has an interest in keeping out those who would use the obelisk's power against him, as do we.

    Such a one surely approaches even now, from the southeast.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:12 No.17965685
    Why not? All we're doing now is having conversations and giving vague visions to mortals. Anything more would REQUIRE divine magic used by one of our champions.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:12 No.17965691
    rolled 66 = 66

    Christ, just tell him that our champion is coming and that, so long as a peaceful and polite environment is maintained, he will surely be happy to share anything he learns.

    Because that's true.

    Because Ur is Good.
    >> El_Nazgir 02/15/12(Wed)19:13 No.17965699
    rolled 44 = 44

    This is pretty neat imo. +1
    >> Alpharius 02/15/12(Wed)19:14 No.17965708
    I think I'll have to vote against this. It tips the balance to far in the dragon's favor all in one go. I'm all for a bit of haggling, but you can't give him everything he wants in one go. Makes him think that you're easy and have more to give. It's better to take it slow at the beginning.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:14 No.17965710
    Because giving it to him would be against what we fucking stand. And there is no point on knowledge not learned by oneself.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:15 No.17965718
    rolled 94 = 94

    Which is how we like it. We're a got of curiosity, knowledge, and learning. The entire point of all of our actions up to this point is people figuring shit out on their own and being manipulative rather than overtly powerful. Formless, Ius, they're the ones who want to be controlling. Not us.
    I agree with this one.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:16 No.17965738
    I didn't say give it to him. I said have him learn it himself. There's a difference.

    I also don't see why you guys think I wanted to go all formless on this quest and do magic willy nilly all over the place. No. What I want is for us to be able to interact when intense moments eventually do happen. Shape a spell our champion cast a bit differently and things like that.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:19 No.17965771
    rolled 48 = 48

    I would rather Ur continue his mastery over the many non-divine magics.
    >> Apotheos !!kGkr8vB/r+N 02/15/12(Wed)19:20 No.17965776
    "Do you think I am a fool? I am the Watcher, the Lord of the Lunar Realm, Prince of the Fae, though they know it not, the Sword of the Balance of Life and Death, the Knower of the Unknown, the Rock and Wave, Flame and Breeze. I am the god of Knowledge and Judgment, the beholder of truth and grasper of the infinite. Dragon. You are bound here regardless of our terms. The draconic council gave you this land and this land alone. I am not imprisoning you, I am granting you the privilege of having a toll set up directly around the site of eventual thousands of pilgrimages, and knowledge that you would have other wise been denied. The only considerable alternative to you refusing the deal as it is, dragon, is to stay here and NOT let my pilgrims and champions through. And while I have no doubt that your hubris is great, do you truly think it rational to make an enemy of a god when the alternative does not but benefit you?"

    The dragon is laid low by your words.

    ". . . I accept your deal Uraemrys.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:20 No.17965783
    rolled 60 = 60

    This. The deal is simply that he allow those who are truly worthy in, who care for knowledge alone and do not seek it for the sake of power. In exchange he will receive all the knowledge the world has to offer.

    In any case, our champion is nearby at this very moment and will willingly share anything he learns from the obelisk as long as he is not hostile.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:21 No.17965793
    It's just the uninteractivity that bothers me. We could vote exactly what a low powered spell does so that it would be effective if it was divine magic. This way, it's all to the GM to come up with everything, we're just passive observers during intense moments.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:22 No.17965805
    rolled 97 = 97

    "Ur, you may approach. The dragon seeks only knowledge. Feel free to teach him as you see fit."

    Not going to lie. I see Ur "corrupting" this dragon long-term the way the other dragon is "corrupting" Ius's priest. Ur is charming, smart, and Good.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:23 No.17965807
    "Yah, that's right. Because fuck you that's why."

    Just kidding. Tell Ur that the way is clear, and tell the dragon that he will be letting through our champion now. Although really...shouldn't we have the dragon give Ur some kind of quiz or test of his desire for knowledge? A questionnaire each pilgrim needs to fill out?

    Actually, let's exclude Ur from any sort of test, but he companions need to surmount SOME kind of obstacle to prove they seek knowledge, and not just power.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:24 No.17965819
    rolled 10 = 10

    Which will only serve to make it all awesome when we finally get iinvolved, and work some epic god-stuff that reshapes the face of the world.

    The thing about us is that we've got a ton to work with but prefer to use the bare minimum. restricting ourselves makes doing so easier.

    We already have a freaking army of immortal guardians just waiting for us to wake them up. Why bother with the small petty stuff?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:24 No.17965824
    rolled 45 = 45

    We have successfully logic'd a dragon into submission.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:24 No.17965826
    fuck it's 2.24 AM and this is still going.
    7 am is approaching... fucking hell.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:24 No.17965828

    Rolling for this, combine with >>17965805
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:25 No.17965835
    rolled 6 = 6


    I sweat I rolled for that, what the fuck...
    >> Alpharius 02/15/12(Wed)19:25 No.17965836
    Good. Gotta keep those infinite obsidian pimp-fists in use, slappin' impudent dragons left and right. At any rate, let Ur know the way is through, and ask him to keep the dragon company for a bit. They can converse with each other on much.

    Simultaneously (because we have godly perception) check up on Falees. I'd rather get him back over on our side and reformed than dead, and that means getting rid of that devil. We have to act soon if we want to retain Falees.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:25 No.17965840
    rolled 6 = 6

    7:25 PM on this side of the world.
    >> El_Nazgir 02/15/12(Wed)19:26 No.17965849
    rolled 45 = 45

    We can still act, much in the way we did now, and when we sent the elemental. It's different from divine magic, but imo it's still enough actual intervention. Plus we already told him not to make a religion around us, which is basically what's needed to use divine magic if I understand correctly, namely through faith.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:26 No.17965851
         File: 1329351983.gif-(490 KB, 499x374, 92813581936.gif)
    490 KB

    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:26 No.17965855
    rolled 57 = 57

    Rolling for this, and >>17965805
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:27 No.17965864
    >Which will only serve to make it all awesome when we finally get iinvolved, and work some epic god-stuff that reshapes the face of the world.

    But this is what's bothering me. We can't get directly involved, it's in the rules. Only divine magic breaks this.

    >We already have a freaking army of immortal guardians just waiting for us to wake them up.

    No, we don't. They're doing their own thing, protecting world balance and all that. They are not reporting to us like the angels for ius or demons for picus. All we have is Ur.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:30 No.17965887
    rolled 51 = 51

    Honestly, I'm happier watching and nudging than getting involved. It's the difference between an avalanche (Formless) and rolling a perfectly-aimed snowball down a hill at someone, letting it build on its way (us). It's more interesting to do it our way.
    >> El_Nazgir 02/15/12(Wed)19:30 No.17965892
    rolled 6 = 6

    >Intimidate check.
    >Uraemrys rolls nat 20.

    Now this:>>17965805
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:31 No.17965904
    rolled 20 = 20

    ...this is a good point. However, remember Ur is just the first of his kind. All Liches will be our messengers to the world, at least I hope so. We must impress that only the worthy should be granted lich-dom.

    Anyway, I support the idea of divine magic whole heartedly. We need some way to effect things or else we won't be able to complete our goal of peace amongst the gods. We'll be the weakest link.

    Actually...as god of death, we will be invariably sending souls into some sort of 'realm' that is ours. Will they grant us divine powers?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:32 No.17965908
    Eh, all I'm thinking is, if for example a large ruin was crashing down on Ur's head, it would be much more interesting if everyone gave their votes for what happens after he casts a divine spell, instead of just reading the GM's report.
    >> Apotheos !!kGkr8vB/r+N 02/15/12(Wed)19:33 No.17965926
    "You may approach the obelisk now." You tell Ur. "But you may wish to warn your companions that the dragon is likely to test them to make sure they seek me truly."

    Ur ceases his prayer and turns to his companions. "My god has spoken with the dragon, it shall let those who seek knowledge for knowledges sake through."

    "Only those?" The male fey asks.

    "Yes." Ur replies.

    "Whelp! it has been a fun adventure, but I cannot claim to be here for that end. I'd rather not wait here in this desert, so I hope our paths cross again." He says happily. "Here, take Vern's body, maybe the pillar will teach you how to resurrect him."

    Ur smiles. "Thank you for coming with us Peo, I have enjoyed your company and your tales emensly. Are you certain the sandworms won't attack you in their form? We could have just been lucky."

    The fey apparently called Peo replies. "I'll chance it, goodbye." The fey departs.

    "You beleive you shall be let to pass Mae?" Ur asks.

    "I won't know untill I try, and I would hate to not know." She answers.

    "That is a fitting motivation." Ur replies after a chuckle.

    They walk to the dragon.

    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:35 No.17965951
    rolled 18 = 18

    Divine magic in this setting is what happens when an individual prays really hard for something and the deity they're praying to, as a result, gets temporary permission to make that one thing happen. We don't need worshiper, just one really devout person asking for something. It's always ritual-length magic. If Ur ever needs our help that bad, he can get to praying.
    >> El_Nazgir 02/15/12(Wed)19:36 No.17965963
    rolled 52 = 52

    I disagree with liches being our messengers. I'd prefer that lichdom can only be attained by those that seek out knowledge for knowledge's sake, so that not actual evil, nor actual good liches will exist.

    We can already affect plenty without divine magic. The main difference is that we act out of our own accord, while with divine magic it will be mortals asking us for specific things. It can be beneficial to us, but it is not needed.

    And we're already a god. The only way we could "be more powerful" would be if we were DM.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:37 No.17965981
    Just remember we're the god of Balance as well, so we can't limit lichdom to only those who seek it for good, we must also grant it for those who seek it for evil and themselves.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:38 No.17965995
    well, the way I figure it is; Ur is the first and last person we grant lichdom to--all others have to figure it out themselves.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:39 No.17966011
    rolled 100 = 100

    I agree. Falees will probably the second lich. I don't really have a problem with that. He's interesting in his own way.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:40 No.17966016
    Honestly, my opinion is that anyone who knows how to do it and has the (huge) resolve to see it thorugh, should be able to do it. More like a simple law of magic than some kind of champion status.
    >> El_Nazgir 02/15/12(Wed)19:41 No.17966036
    rolled 64 = 64

    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:43 No.17966053
    >centuries later, only two ancient lich-kings from the dawn of time remain, fighting a catacly--

    Yeah, totally, I want to see that happen. Formless would approve.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:43 No.17966059
    rolled 83 = 83

    Actually we mustn't grant it for those that seek it for evil and themselves, we grant it to those that seek knowledge for knowledge sake. If those people happen to be evil and self serving then they will be granted it the same as those who are kind and good. Morality is a inconsequential to the process of deciding who.
    Which is why I have to disagree with this statement. Falees has yet to show us a thirst for knowledge not tainted by a desire for power, without a serious change of heart he will never become a lich.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:43 No.17966061
    rolled 39 = 39

    I expect Vern to either be the second lich or be some brand new kind of intelligent undead.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:43 No.17966064
    You're thinking small time.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:44 No.17966077
    I had milennia written first, but I figure I shouldn't be too greedy.
    >> El_Nazgir 02/15/12(Wed)19:45 No.17966095
    rolled 12 = 12

    well, so far it's been only 20 years...
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:46 No.17966108
    rolled 22 = 22

    I think it's been more than that now.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:46 No.17966113
    I think that Falees is the best candidate for lichdom, however unlikely it is that he will figure it out..However, when he isn't throwing a tantrum, he does go to any length to get what he wants, and that, my friends, makes him interesting.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:47 No.17966121
    Hah, I really like this quest. I keep envisioning various characters in it and how they see the world. The two liches, for example. Ur would probably always remember their first meeting, even thousands of years later, like it was yesterday.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:47 No.17966131
    rolled 36 = 36

    Terribly interesting. And Apotheos didn't mention we saw the demon hovering around Falees anymore...
    >> Apotheos !!kGkr8vB/r+N 02/15/12(Wed)19:48 No.17966140
    "I am Edatel, guardian anointed by Uraemrys himself to watch over his monument. Only those who desire knowledge for its own sake may pass, and all must grant me a token of their knowledge to enter." The dragon says when the travlers come into speaking range.

    "I am Ur, the first. Lich and champion of Uraemrys. I was given this form by Uraemrys himself who has designated me as fit for his blessing. Test me as you will." Ur says.

    "You can pass, though I will demand the story of how you attained lichdom." Edatel replies. "Fey?"

    "I am Mae. I come here because I want to understand myself and my kin. We are all such a mystery, even to ourselves. It is wonderous, and the greatest beauty I could imagine is the canvas of its truth." Mae answers.

    The dragon shifts, thinking. "Why do you wish to understand your kin? I do not believe it is merely because you think the knowledge itself is beautiful. Such an answer is too perfect."

    Mae looks down. "Yes, though it is still half the truth. I also wish to understand my kin because the chaos in which we live is disconcerting to me. I believe it is because of our lack of understanding of ourselves and each other that causes us this lack of uniformity. I want to be able to build a culture for the fey, but such a thing is impossible when no more than three or five fey can be found together for more than a day."

    "It sounds like you want to be a queen..." The dragon says.

    "... Well, I want to be a different option, one that doesn't yet exist... If being a queen of the fey who would choose to follow me is the best way to achieve that then I would lie to say I find it unattractive. But I doubt most fey would even desire such uniformity, I only want it to exist for those who do want it."

    The dragon sighs and thinks.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:51 No.17966187
    rolled 61 = 61


    This is the moment when the Summer Court either takes its first step or prematurely dies.
    >> El_Nazgir 02/15/12(Wed)19:51 No.17966195
    rolled 12 = 12

    Starting to like this dragon a bit more.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:52 No.17966216

    He seems to be motivated in large part by pride. He was hesitant to except this role, but now that he is in it I see him as wanting to play it for all it is worth.
    >> El_Nazgir 02/15/12(Wed)19:53 No.17966220
    rolled 39 = 39

    I recognise a fellow player of amalur when I see one. Our fey are quite different though.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:53 No.17966221
         File: 1329353599.jpg-(890 KB, 801x1420, Uraemrys tone.jpg)
    890 KB
    just a something I whipped up. excuse my crappy drawfaggery.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:54 No.17966239
    Imagine getting hugged by that.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:54 No.17966250
    >summer court

    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:54 No.17966251
    rolled 53 = 53

    The more we watch and interact with dragons, the more I think our god is growing tsundere for them. Also, it was more a reference to Dresden Files, Changeling, and classical myths. Good on you, though, mate.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:55 No.17966256

    BAD ASS BRO!!!
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:55 No.17966257
    rolled 66 = 66

    I believe this moment warrants another focusing and narrowing of each and every single one of our eyes, though this time due to rapt interest.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:55 No.17966266
    Holy shit whatthefuck. No wonder we shift into perfection when dealing with the dead. We're freaky as shit!

    And cool arts bro. No really.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:56 No.17966283
    rolled 100 = 100

    Yeah, I think this might be the start of the Seelie and Unseelie.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:57 No.17966289
    Well, it would certainly be interesting to see how the unseelie forms. Probably shenanigans from another god.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:59 No.17966314
         File: 1329353963.jpg-(17 KB, 400x242, 1306082659554.jpg)
    17 KB
    God damn 2.59 AM, going to bed at 3 because need to get up at 7, hnnng
    mfw I actually want to be unemployed because of deity quest
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)19:59 No.17966321
    rolled 43 = 43

    I foresee unseelie being the collective name for all fae who aren't seelie, with un- being not-. So there would be the seelie, an unexpectedly lawful (though still capricious and flighty) fae faction, and the not-seelie, everyone else.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)20:00 No.17966335
    Though that would make it fitting for Sarma to be present when the seelie forms. I think.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)20:00 No.17966341
         File: 1329354043.jpg-(4 KB, 151x120, 1321818917390.jpg)
    4 KB
    >> El_Nazgir 02/15/12(Wed)20:01 No.17966351
    rolled 86 = 86

    Faerly certain you tought I was serious there for a sec.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)20:02 No.17966374
    After long deliberation the dragon speaks. "What token of knowledge do you have to offer..."

    "Then I am accepted?" Mae asks.

    "No, I cannot decide and would like the tie to be broken by what you have to offer." The dragon responds.

    "Oh... Well I can teach you some druidic magic."

    "I am to spend the majority of my time in the desert fey, such magic is useless to me."

    "Ur taught me arcane magic." She retorts.

    "I can use arcane magic." Says the Dragon.

    Ur interjects, "When we are done just teach him the basics of how to place a soul you summon into an item so that it can be strengthened by it."

    Mae looks at Ur confused for a few seconds. "Oh, yes after we are done I will teach you that dragon. Is that fair?"

    The dragon thinks about it.

    "yes... You may enter."

    [AAAAAAAAAnd ima cut it off for tonight. Thanks guys. Next thread will be tomorrow hopefully, but if not then it wont be till sunday. If tomorrow than itll be around 330pm east. Thank you. Please archive and upvote on suptg.]
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)20:02 No.17966380

    thank you for the kind words, It's in need of improvemnt, the eye rings and fire eye and such (seriously have you ever tried to draw an eye of fire!? not easy) but this is the preliminary.

    >ternissi called

    oh? what did she say?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)20:03 No.17966384
    I think that un- means something else. Not sure, long time since I read about it. In the Dresden Files, both seelie and unseelie are specific kingdoms, while the "wild fae" (I think) make up most of the fae and aren't aligned with either court.
    >> El_Nazgir 02/15/12(Wed)20:03 No.17966395
    rolled 77 = 77

    Good night, though you lost your trip code there for a sec.
    And thank you for the awesome thread.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)20:04 No.17966407
    rolled 34 = 34

    Apotheos, you forgot your name and trip. Silly QM. Sleep tight.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)20:05 No.17966419
    rolled 1 = 1


    I was considering making a sketch of Ur but decided against it since I'm too lazy to configure my old scanner again. You make me want to get off my ass and do it.
    >> Apotheos !!kGkr8vB/r+N 02/15/12(Wed)20:05 No.17966422
    oops, well here I am confirming then.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)20:08 No.17966472
    rolled 47 = 47

    Eh, just wait a few decades until his flesh finishes falling off. It will be easier after that.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)20:09 No.17966485

    Hes's a skeleton already.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)20:10 No.17966500
    rolled 44 = 44

    I thought he still had some flesh.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)20:14 No.17966544

    Thank you brother, for creating this magnificent quest. Up voted in the archives and looking forward to the next session.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)20:15 No.17966560
    It's been 20 years since it started falling off. Am I wrong?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)20:19 No.17966619

    He already was a skeleton when he met Falees, but it doesn't matter anyway since his entire body is covered.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)20:21 No.17966653
    Apotheos, if you read this, it would be neat if you included the year post creation in the next thread, like you did once. I probably won't be around for the next thread, so I'm requesting here and hope you read it in the archive.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)20:23 No.17966687
         File: 1329355408.png-(85 KB, 696x89, 1316289246208.png)
    85 KB
    >Get back home from work
    >It's already over

    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)20:25 No.17966725
    Seelie actually means silly, fun, nice, etc. Un is used as in they are not silly etc.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)20:29 No.17966785
    Ethos (Ethics)/Pathos (Emotions)/Logos (Logic)

    Ius = Lawful Good
    Picus = Lawful Evil
    Uraemrys = Lawful Neutral
    Sarma = True Neutral
    Formless = Chaotic Neutral

    Ius = Logos Devoted Neutral
    Picus = Ethos Devoted Assertive
    Uraemrys = Forgot who it was
    Sarma = Ethos Devoted Neutral
    Formless = Pathos Neutral Assertive
    Us = Logos Devoted Assertive

    also it's with large i not small L
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)20:31 No.17966809
    rolled 54 = 54

    We're Uraemrys.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/12(Wed)20:47 No.17967125
    rolled 97 = 97

    Just realized this now, but wasn't this dragon Elkot, not Edatel? Edatel is the one who's trying to influence the high priest of Ius.

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