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  • File : 1328803842.jpg-(151 KB, 600x1001, 1322940376941.jpg)
    151 KB Chaos Space Marine Quest OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)11:10 No.17870823  
    You come to your senses lying on your back halfway in a crater the size of a Baneblade. Your every sense is screaming in your brain for attention. You feel pain, disorientation, more pain, a sense of falling despite lying still and your brain is pounding against your skull. There is no sound.

    Your armor is dead. Or at least there is no feedback and the auto-senses are silent. You feel naked from the neck down. The only thing that tells you you actually aren't is that you can't feel the air moving. The only thing you can see from your helmet's eye sockets is a gray sky with streaks of purple. Your vision is blurry.

    >What do you do?

    The rules are the same as most other Quest threads:

    Roll for 2d20 and tell your action or choice. Don't be too elaborate. The first dice determines whose post takes effect, the latter dice determines how effective your action is. Only the first 5 posts count. Trolling and idiotism can and will be ignored regardless of rolls, unless sufficiently funny and not ruining the story. I do have a sense of humor.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:13 No.17870860
    rolled 3, 12 = 15

    Say something witty, preferably with regard to an inquiry as to what you drank the previous night.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:17 No.17870905
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)11:17 No.17870906
    Bump. The beginnings are always slow.

    You are doing it right.
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)11:19 No.17870918
    If supporting another poster, please roll separately.

    All of my posts with roleplaying or decisionmaking will contain a Chaos-themed image.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:20 No.17870924
    rolled 4, 17 = 21

    I'm just gonna go ahead and agree with this, Maybe something about slaaneshi whores.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:22 No.17870944
    rolled 2, 15 = 17

    >not actually giving the witty remark
    'By the ruinous powers... was that Space Wolf blood we were drinking last night?'
    >> colonel guardspam !ZtIxy9nLcA 02/09/12(Thu)11:22 No.17870947
    rolled 6, 6 = 12

    Skulls for the skull throne
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:24 No.17870970
    rolled 14, 20 = 34


    Thrones for the Throne Throne!
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:24 No.17870973
    Realize our sins and repent in the name of the God Emperor.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:24 No.17870978
    rolled 14, 16 = 30

    Try to stand. If I can't stand, shout as loud as possible.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:26 No.17870992
    rolled 11, 14 = 25

    I don't understand how the rolling in this works. At all.
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)11:28 No.17871013
         File1328804896.jpg-(198 KB, 1575x865, 1282253992735.jpg)
    198 KB

    You grunt and the pain and the pounding in your skull subsides a little.

    "By the Gods, whatever I drank was so not worth it."

    Your armor isn't still responding, although as your hearing returns, there is a faint crackle from the vox.

    Your memory is blurry, but you start to remember things from your past.

    >What is your God? Nurgle, Khorne, Slaanesh, Tzeentch or Undivided only.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:29 No.17871025
    rolled 2, 17 = 19

    Slaanesh! The only winning awnser!
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:29 No.17871027
    Why can't we pick Malal?
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:29 No.17871031
    rolled 14, 2 = 16

    Undivided, obviously. One serves all the gods no matter what he may think. Death is a change from life, is it now? Do Khornate warriors not strive for perfection in the art of killing? Does bloodshed for Slaanesh not sate the god of war?
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:30 No.17871038
    rolled 18, 11 = 29

    >Death is a change from life, is it now
    Should be
    >is it not
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)11:30 No.17871042
    Him and Zuvassin are too random for me to write script for effectively.
    >> colonel guardspam !ZtIxy9nLcA 02/09/12(Thu)11:32 No.17871062
    rolled 15, 17 = 32

    Undivided so we can get favor from all of them
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:33 No.17871070
    vecause bashing skulls in while yelling JUST AS PLANNED is how we roll
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:34 No.17871082
    Afterwards, we rape everyone and give Chaos AIDS.
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)11:34 No.17871093
    Remember to roll or your post don't count. dice+2d20 in the email field
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)11:35 No.17871097
    Nurgle beat you to it.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:35 No.17871103
    Necoho is best god.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:36 No.17871109
    rolled 2, 11 = 13

    It's pretty obvious Undivided is the popular choice. Considering how small this quest thread is, you might want to go by vote as well. Everyone else is in the Guard quest thread anyways.
    >> "noko+dice+2d6" 02/09/12(Thu)11:37 No.17871127
    rolling for myself
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:37 No.17871131
    rolled 7, 9 = 16

    Slaanesh, or undivided.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:38 No.17871139
    rolled 5, 20 = 25

    It goes in email, you know.
    >> noko+dice+2d6 02/09/12(Thu)11:38 No.17871143
    rolling for myself again because newfag is apparently new
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:39 No.17871148
    rolled 1, 3 = 4

    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)11:39 No.17871150
         File1328805561.jpg-(31 KB, 343x400, 1285096326663.jpg)
    31 KB
    >Peer pressure wins over high roll this time.

    Your mind clears a little and you feel the familiar and pleasant tugging of the winds of Chaos on your soul. You feel the hallowed energies giving you strength, clarity and purpose. Surely they favor you or that Earthshaker round would have surely been your end.

    >What is your Warband? Must be Undivided.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:39 No.17871154
    rolled 7, 13 = 20

    It seems one of the voices in our head isn't very bright.
    >Don't worry, it happens
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:40 No.17871162
    Night Lords!
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:40 No.17871164
    rolled 18, 12 = 30

    Word Bearers. The philosophers of Chaos.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:40 No.17871168
    rolled 14, 4 = 18

    Forgot my roll.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:41 No.17871169
    rolled 8, 16 = 24

    Black Legion, because that paintjob.
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)11:41 No.17871170
    Wow, that roll will be hard to beat.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:41 No.17871171
    rolled 5, 6 = 11

    Alpha Legion
    You can't stop the hydra
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:41 No.17871178
    rolled 4, 2 = 6

    I be rollan high yo. Chaos favors me.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:42 No.17871190
    rolled 6, 16 = 22

    Alpha Legion all the way
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)11:49 No.17871264
         File1328806193.jpg-(91 KB, 542x559, 1266273380863.jpg)
    91 KB
    You remember the Apostle's pre-battle speech:

    "Brothers, the Pantheon has favored us, for surely we are Their blessed! Our disciples have uncovered the remains of the Daemnabus on the world of Kerna IV! It's presence is entirely unknown to the blinds oafs that call themselves the lords of the planet. The lapdogs of the false Emperor will be entirely caught by surprise when we turn the skies to blood and poison their land! We are the Favored, we are the True, and we will be blessed by the Gods for our holy deeds!"

    That memory brings clarity back into your mind and strength to your muscles. You remember the battle, the slaughter of the Imperial cretins and the artillery barrage from the Earthshaker battery that reduced you to the sorry state you are in now.

    >What is your name, blessed son of Chaos?
    >> Cpl harland !ZtIxy9nLcA 02/09/12(Thu)11:50 No.17871270
    rolled 5, 6 = 11

    black legion because we can
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:50 No.17871277
    Jacius of Blades
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)11:51 No.17871283
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:51 No.17871286
    rolled 13, 17 = 30

    >> "noko+dice+2d6" 02/09/12(Thu)11:53 No.17871314
    rolled 4, 3 = 7

    ^ Might as well keep the name from earlier
    As for the space marine's name: Teneborous
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:55 No.17871326
    rolled 6, 4 = 10

    Fehdman Kassad
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:56 No.17871334
    rolled 8, 14 = 22

    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:57 No.17871339
    Another Fable fan, I see.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:57 No.17871345
    Never played fable, I just liked the name
    >> Cpl harland !ZtIxy9nLcA 02/09/12(Thu)11:58 No.17871350
    rolled 16, 4 = 20

    Decimus Petillius Tiro
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:58 No.17871351
    rolled 1, 8 = 9

    Our name will be Echo Tcetice
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:59 No.17871359
         File1328806755.jpg-(416 KB, 1000x691, Jack.jpg)
    416 KB
    Oh, really? Well it's meant to be a play on Jack of Blades. Pic related.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)12:05 No.17871408
    rolled 8, 20 = 28

    Let the rivers run red with the blood of those we have slain!

    Gather the faithful, bring the flesh of the slaughtered to our temples! The Chaos Gods will feast this eve! Jacius of Blades walks among the mortals that serve the Corpse God, and the harvest is nigh!

    Let us fetch our chainsword and boltgun! Let us bring the lapdogs of the False Emperor to their knees! We are FILLED with the power of Chaos!
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)12:06 No.17871414
         File1328807165.jpg-(112 KB, 900x771, 1266274017222.jpg)
    112 KB
    You remember your brother Terkar of the Havoc squad Debilitator saying as you made planetfall:

    "Decimus, me and my brothers will provide covering fire as you and your lot go plant the charges to destroy the batteries covering the valley. You must be swift or you will be on your own when we release the Dreadnoughts."

    A spike of fury clouds your mind for a second. There was no covering fire. Terkar was never there. You just gained the honor of leading a small squad of your brothers in battle, only for all of you to be getting caught in a barrage because Terkar didn't keep his word. He would pay, oh yes he would.

    >What do you do?
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)12:07 No.17871427
    Wait, why was that one picked? I still don't fully understand how the rolling works.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)12:09 No.17871452
    rolled 12, 20 = 32

    Something must have gone wrong if he didn't provide covering fire. Go find out what happened to his squad.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)12:10 No.17871464
    rolled 13, 5 = 18

    Is it possible he wanted us dead?
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)12:10 No.17871467
    The first roll was the highest. 16 VS 13 VS less than 10 times three.

    The first D20 tells whose post takes effect. The highest wins.

    The second D20 tells how effective your action or choice is. If you decide to jump and your first roll was the highest, Decimus jumps. If your second roll is 19, he succeeds phenomenally. If your second roll is 2, he falls on his ass or into a pit.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)12:12 No.17871476
    rolled 10, 4 = 14

    Agreed. If he did not provide cover, it is possible his squad was reassigned; or killed. It is possible he abandoned us, in which case, striking him down would not be out of the question.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)12:13 No.17871483
    rolled 6, 17 = 23

    Oh. I see. Interesting. Are we pinned down? If so throw a grenade and have someone go check on Terkar.
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)12:15 No.17871499
    You are lying in an Earthshaker crater from the waist down. All you see is the gray sky with streaks of purple and all you hear is static from the vox. You are shell-shocked and your Power Armor is unresponsive.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)12:16 No.17871507
    rolled 2, 7 = 9

    Oh. I thought we were reenacting what happened in the flashback or some such. Try to stand up, I guess.
    >> "noko+dice+2d6" 02/09/12(Thu)12:16 No.17871512
    rolled 15, 14 = 29

    1st we swear vengeance.
    Then we look around and try to figure out what happened to the rest of our warband after we got hit. If there are no survivorts, we might be able to loot some useful stuff.
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)12:18 No.17871525
    One more roll, yours is probably going to win.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)12:19 No.17871534
    rolled 20, 9 = 29

    Begin power armor diagnostic and repair rites. We must become mobile if we are to rip the Havoc who abandoned us to enemy fire apart.
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)12:30 No.17871619
         File1328808611.jpg-(136 KB, 1024x768, 1295542226450.jpg)
    136 KB
    You sit up slowly and with effort. Immediately the pain flares and all the discomfort returns. The armor feels like a tomb instead of a second skin. There's not a single spark of life and at every movement you feel the grating of joints. You can't turn your head. At first you think there's something wrong with your neck, but then realise your head does turn but the helmet is jammed in position somehow.

    You look around as much as you can with no head movement. All you see is a bleak, blasted battleground with pieces of crimson armor and brothers lying in the ground, entangled in the crushed, pathetic bodies of Imperial Guardsmen and huge craters from Earthshaker shells. Next to the crater is the wreckage of a Dreadnought leaning on the blasted hull of some Chimera-chassis tank. There's inscription on the hull of the Dreadnought, but your vision is still too blurry to make out what it says.

    The left lens of your helmet is missing.

    Your back feels too light. Is your backpack attached? You can't be sure. With no head movement, you can't look and with the armor silent you can't get diagnostics from it.

    >What do you do?
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)12:34 No.17871658

    Pray to the Chaos Gods for Power. Nurgle to heal and repair our body and armor, Khorn for strength to get vengence, Slaanesh to take pleasure in the pain we have, Tzeentch for a plan to get out of this situation
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)12:34 No.17871666
    Roll, bro.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)12:35 No.17871669
    rolled 5, 4 = 9


    forgot the roll
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)12:35 No.17871676
    rolled 5, 5 = 10


    rolling for
    >> "noko+dice+2d6" 02/09/12(Thu)12:35 No.17871677
    rolled 6, 17 = 23

    Perform weapons check rites, this is a hostile area and we don't want to be unarmed.
    And, try to either fix or remove our helmet
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)12:36 No.17871686
    rolled 8, 14 = 22

    And the Emprah for rolls
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)12:36 No.17871690
    rolled 8, 7 = 15

    Do we have a weapon or something? If so, use it to reach around the back of our armour and see if it bumps against the pack. With no backpack, we aren't going to last long enough to find out what happened OR get our vengeance.
    >> "noko+dice+2d6" 02/09/12(Thu)12:39 No.17871722
    Love the thread, but I have to catch a train now. Bye and have fun.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)12:40 No.17871731
    rolled 3, 1 = 4


    if your going to pray, pray using a song

    make it loud and pround so even the enemy can hear it
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)12:42 No.17871747
    rolled 5, 9 = 14

    Punch your helmet off with the righteous fury of those who have had enough of this ol boo'shit.
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)12:43 No.17871753
         File1328809406.jpg-(215 KB, 474x810, 1298189804001.jpg)
    215 KB
    You spend a minute in prayer and feel a myriad of dark gazes shifting your way for a fleeting moment. You feel empowered, you vision clears and you find purpose of mind.

    You reach around for a weapon or anything to reach behind you. You can't look low enough thanks to the stuck helmet and feel nothing in the ground but dirt. While you reach to your left, your gauntlet hits something. As you pick it up and move it in front of your eyes, you see that it's half a Lasgun with the stock and grip being blown off from what appears to have been a Bolter shell. You prod your back with it, but there's nothing there, only the curved surface of your backplate.

    >What next?
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)12:46 No.17871791
    rolled 7, 6 = 13


    This again, so we can try and see exactly where are backpack is, if it's even still in one piece.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)12:46 No.17871797
    rolled 5, 5 = 10


    Use our Sorcerer Psyker abilities
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)12:48 No.17871823
    rolled 6, 2 = 8


    play dead till the battle is over and the scavengers of battlefields come
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)12:48 No.17871825
    We have none (yet), but good try.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)12:49 No.17871826
    rolled 14, 11 = 25

    Try to see if that Dreadnought can still be operational and help us get somewhere we can fix our armor with a bit of firepower just in case.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)12:50 No.17871838
    rolled 3, 2 = 5


    use our ancient teleporter to transport us off the battlefield back to base for safety and repairs
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)12:51 No.17871854
    The battle is over, for all you can see. At least there's no gunfire everywhere. In fact, there is no sound apart from the hiss of the vox.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)12:51 No.17871856
    rolled 14, 20 = 34

    We need to get this armor off. Begin removal of whatever we can.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)12:52 No.17871868
    rolled 17, 20 = 37

    captcha: this ommen
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)12:57 No.17871905
    rolled 16, 11 = 27

    Look around. We shouldn't go out there without a weapon. Does the dreadnought have anything that could be jury-rigged into a melee weapon, at least? A big-ass section of piping we could rip off or something?
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)13:03 No.17871964
         File1328810607.jpg-(203 KB, 994x596, 1311358220857.jpg)
    203 KB
    With effort, you rip your helmet off. You immediately see why it didn't move: The whole left side is covered by a huge dent and shrapnel that stuck the collar and the helmet together. If you hadn't had the helmet on, your head would have been torn to shreds by whatever did that. The hiss of the vox becomes less audible as the sound now emanates from the collar speakers instead of the headphones of the helmet. There seems to be some power left in your armor, but it's only enough to power the vox and possibly some rudimentary backup systems, definitely not power-assisted movement, auto-senses or life support.

    The rest of the armor doesn't come off manually, but your left shoulder pad is a mess or wrangled metal and drops off when you merely touch it.

    You get on your feet and walk to the Dreadnought. The inscription on its hull retells the pilot's history since the beginning of the Long War. The power plant on its back is emanating a dark smoke and its close combat arm is missing. It's armed with a twin-linked Heavy Bolter. It's inert.

    >What now?
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)13:06 No.17871990
    rolled 7, 13 = 20

    See if we can pry off a section of metal and scrape it on a rock to make a spear or something.
    If it's long enough, that is. If not, we'd probably just be better with our fists.

    >awakening nonserv
    (I think Captcha-tan is hinting that waking up the dread wouldn't be to our advantage)
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)13:07 No.17871999
    rolled 4, 6 = 10

    Try to contact someone via vox
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)13:14 No.17872064
    Three more rolls and we can get on with it.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)13:16 No.17872078
    rolled 9, 12 = 21

    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)13:17 No.17872087
    rolled 7, 8 = 15

    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)13:20 No.17872121
    rolled 19, 10 = 29

    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)13:30 No.17872214
         File1328812201.jpg-(450 KB, 1510x1002, 1311357767806.jpg)
    450 KB
    >We roll with both of them.

    You look around you a bit and notice a broken-off piece of a handrail next to the Chimera-chassis tank. It already has a sharp point and it looks solid enough to use as an impromptu weapon if need be. You test it on the corpse of a Guardsman hanging from the access hatch of the tank, and it easily pierces his flak vest and torso.

    You try reaching somebody on the vox.

    "This is Decimus Petillius Tiro of squad Gehennus calling any brothers on the field. Stranded in Valley 1B4, no power, limited movement. Reply in audio only, unable to receive data-burst. Awaiting reply. Pantheon bless us. Over."

    The tone of the hiss fluctuates slightly, but there is no reply. You aren't even sure if your message ever got out. You curse and kick the corpse of the Guardsman, crushing every bone in its torso. The Dreadnought's power plant has stopped smoking. When the wind changes, you hear faint gunfire from the distance. You judge it is emananting from some 50 clicks away.

    >What next?
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)13:32 No.17872237
    rolled 17, 15 = 32

    Try to find something that moves on wheels (or even treads), if there's nothing, walk it.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)13:40 No.17872324
    rolled 4, 12 = 16

    What kind of gunfire? Lasfire, bolter-fire, or something bigger like an autocannon?
    Either way, flatten ourself against the rim of the crater and look in the direction of the gunfire. Guardsmen, or battle-brothers?

    Also, may I ask why you're saging? Not that I mind, or anything.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)13:43 No.17872364
    rolled 1, 19 = 20

    Try to find a working powerplant for our backpack so we can have working armor. Also, search for weapons other than the makeshift spear we have.

    >Captcha: ctikid under,

    maybe we should check under the youngest looking guardsman?
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)13:46 No.17872398
    It's impossible to tell at this distance, but it has to be big guns for the sound to reach this far.

    Two more rolls.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)13:46 No.17872408
    rolled 15, 3 = 18


    Go the opposite direction of the battle. We are Word Bearers we say a few words and send someone else out to fight and die.
    Rolling for go looking for some Cultist or people we can turn into Cultist, maybe corrupt a Imperial Legion or two
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)13:49 No.17872435
    rolled 16, 6 = 22

    Look around for a good place to hide in case of enemy encounter.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)13:51 No.17872455
    rolled 3, 16 = 19

    Head out of the crater, then. Toward the sounds of battle. We'll likely be able to see the fighters before they see us, since they're likely focusing on each other. Plus, assuming they're human, we can likely see much farther than they can.
    Well, this is all assuming the air's fairly clear.
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)13:59 No.17872499
         File1328813974.jpg-(103 KB, 900x804, 1311358557070.jpg)
    103 KB

    In your vicinity, you see no immediately operable transport. The tank would take days to fix even if you had all the resources and tools necessary and the Dreadnought shows no signs of life to the outside. You climb out of the crater and on top of the Chimera and look around you. There is an immobile Defiler entangled with a Leman Russ tank some hundred meters where you stand. There's nothing more except corpses of Guardsmen and Word Bearers, wreckage and craters as far as you can see.

    In case of another barrage or enemy encounter, the hull of the Chimera-variant could provide shelter and a means of surprise attack.

    The last effects of the shell-shock are vanishing and the pain diminishes to a dull ache.

    >What do you do?
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)14:02 No.17872527
    rolled 12, 5 = 17

    Carefully go in the direction of gunfire.
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)14:03 No.17872530
    For clarification, the gunfire is coming from some 50 KILOMETERS away. That's 30 miles.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)14:07 No.17872553
    rolled 7, 9 = 16

    The armour of our brethren is tempting, but it's not like we could put it on without aid.
    Some of them must have bolt pistols or chainswords.
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)14:08 No.17872566
    How the fuck did two other quest threads start practically at the same time as this?
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)14:08 No.17872569
    rolled 5, 13 = 18

    Oh, then I second this >>17872553 instead.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)14:10 No.17872584
    rolled 16, 11 = 27

    Check our brethren
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)14:10 No.17872585
    rolled 9, 14 = 23

    Indeed. Acquire weapons and if possible, see if we can't cobble together a half-decent suit of armor from the surrounding scrap.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)14:10 No.17872586

    >fieldred cause
    The Red Rivers regiment has been in this field.
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)14:18 No.17872644
         File1328815136.jpg-(572 KB, 1200x947, 1314040642295.jpg)
    572 KB
    As expected, the firepower needed to bring a Chaos Marine down has rendered most of your dead brothers' armor decimated. However, you do find an intact Power Armor helmet, although it reeks of its former owner's blood, an otherwise intact Chainaxe that seems to have run out of power, a Bolt Pistol and two magazines of ammunition and a Bolter with all electronics (autotargeter, rangefinder and scope) broken with half a mag of ammo. It seems your brothers were exceedingly efficient in using every last round of ammo before their deaths.

    >What next?
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)14:24 No.17872669
    rolled 8, 12 = 20

    lets check out that leman russ/defiler mess
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)14:25 No.17872682
    rolled 15, 1 = 16

    Alright, we got some shit to work with.

    Now, let's see...we should probably hike back to our base camp or head for the front. Don't forget, that asshole Havoc left us hanging. He'll be at home chilling or at the front lines blasting shit. We can't let his shit slide.

    I say we head for home. No way we'll be able to deal with enemy opposition in our state, and we need fresh gear anyways.
    >> "noko+dice+2d6" 02/09/12(Thu)14:28 No.17872704
    rolled 9, 19 = 28

    does chaos have some kind of burial rituals we need to perform for our fallen brothers? Or at least a prayer of some kind. If so, do it before we move on.

    Postin' from a train. Bless mobile internets
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)14:29 No.17872718
    rolled 13, 13 = 26

    Head back to base-camp/drop site for some slaves/cultists to take out our anger on
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)14:30 No.17872724
    rolled 1, 10 = 11

    then this i guess
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)14:30 No.17872726
    No need. They are with the Gods now anyway, and the Gods don't care about the corpses littering the ground. The Apostle will most likely have a feast for the fallen after the battle.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)14:32 No.17872732
    rolled 19, 5 = 24

    The power armor we possess is in no shape to fight.If we have rendevouz point head to that location.If we don't then slowly move towards the battlefield in the distance while keeping our eyes open for replacement armor and munition or even better weaponry.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)14:37 No.17872775
    *Sigh* I tried making a Chaos Marine quest once. It lasted one thread. =(

    In fact, I used more or less the same system, too... based on the Chaos Quest (or whatever it was called). I wish you more luck than I had.
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)14:42 No.17872814
         File1328816542.jpg-(351 KB, 660x1008, Son_of_Horus_by_nehrist.jpg)
    351 KB
    You don the helmet and immediately feel blood trickling down your head. The smell of blood is so strong you feel something flaring inside you for a brief second and your heart rate is slightly higher than normal. You take a while to get your bearings and start heading towards the canyon splitting the mountains behind you where you remember the last camp was.

    You hike for a while, the unpowered armor slowing you down slightly. As you get nearer to the canyon, there is not a soul in sight. The sun starts to set, painting everything around you sickly purple. The vox flares a couple of times while you walk, but there's nothing but interference.

    You reach the base camp and find it empty. Your brothers have moved on. The ground is covered in myriad trackmarks and footprints from Marine and warmachine alike. The tents have been taken down and the containment cells of the Dreadnoughts are empty and abandoned. The only things left are some litter, the altar where the Apostle performed the ritual before the battle, with fresh crucified Guardsmen that weren't there that morning when you mobilized and the remains of the bonfire from the night before.

    >What now?
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)14:43 No.17872828
    Thanks. Having a successful quest thread is not easy, there's a million things that affect the popularity of one.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)14:43 No.17872830
    rolled 3, 11 = 14

    Our armor is useless to us now and will only slow us down. Try to take it off.
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)14:45 No.17872851
    You already tried that before. The only things that were possible to detach manually were the helmet (now replaced with a former brother's one) and the left shoulderpad that was banged up.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)14:45 No.17872852
    rolled 14, 9 = 23

    If the guardsmen have carapace armour, try and patch up the dents in our armour with bits of theirs. We're a marine, we should be able to be creative like that.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)14:47 No.17872859
    rolled 19, 12 = 31

    search the litter for something useful
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)14:47 No.17872866
    rolled 12, 13 = 25

    is there any idication as the where the others went? any tracks? Try to find out.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)14:48 No.17872870
    rolled 13, 16 = 29

    Also, can we scrounge for any more weapons/ammo? After that, follow in our army's footsteps.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)14:48 No.17872875
    rolled 20, 10 = 30

    This, and after that, if possible try to follow the tracks.We need to re-equip ourselves and need information before we start to hunt down our elusive Havoc.

    Is it possible for our marine to estimate how old these tracks are?
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)14:52 No.17872912
    rolled 20, 10 = 30

    All things being equal, we should recognize that we may need to put off our vengeance for a bit after we find the Havocs. After all, they've got heavy weapons and we've got more or less bupkis.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)14:54 No.17872933
    rolled 10, 10 = 20

    is there any way for us to power up our armor?
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)14:56 No.17872950
    That would require manipulating the backpack, which we can't do without removing it - which we can't do... if we even have the backpack still. We'd need help at the very least.
    >> "noko+dice+2d6" 02/09/12(Thu)15:01 No.17872998
    who is in charge of mainaining our equipment anyway? Chaos AdMech? Techmarines? Ourselves?
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)15:02 No.17873000
         File1328817723.jpg-(309 KB, 838x1220, TS.jpg)
    309 KB
    Your armor seems mostly functional, although without power and missing the left shoulder pad. You take the flak vests off the crucified Guardsmen and patch them together to make a temporary replacement pad to protect your left shoulder joint.

    Darkness is starting to set in. There is only light in the horizon from the setting sun and the sky is painted purple with gray smog covering most of it.

    The footprints seem older, the freshest ones being made by the Dreadnoughts when they were released to the battle. The trackmarks, on the other hand, seem fairly fresh, the freshest ones being made by a Rhino, probably the one holding the camp-building material, fuel and stocks.

    The tracks lead towards the gunfire in the distance, but it's starting to be so dark they will be almost impossible to follow after 20 minutes or so.

    >Will you risk getting lost in the dark following the tracks? Will you stay here for the night, alone with unpowered armor and minimal weaponry? What will you do?

    You have no backpack on. Probably it came off in the barrage. You were unable to find a working replacement on the field.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)15:03 No.17873011
         File1328817794.jpg-(16 KB, 331x240, unclphl.jpg)
    16 KB
    rolled 15, 4 = 19

    repent your sins. for the emperor!
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)15:03 No.17873016
    rolled 13, 19 = 32

    >space marine
    >lost in the dark
    lolwut? We have night vision and shit!
    Let's follow the tracks.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)15:05 No.17873034
    rolled 1, 1 = 2

    is it an urban area? hide in a nearby building
    anyways, dont stay in the camp
    too easy to be found
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)15:05 No.17873035
    rolled 10, 19 = 29

    What he said
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)15:06 No.17873050
    The Armorer, who was a Techmarine. You also have Dark Mechanicus on the fleet.
    >> "noko+dice+2d6" 02/09/12(Thu)15:09 No.17873080
    rolled 5, 1 = 6

    hmmm, how banged up are we? If we are are tired and/or hurt, stay and rest.
    If we are still more or less fresh follow the tracks. If that gunfire keeps up, we can just follow the sound of it should we lose sight of the tracks.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)15:11 No.17873100
    rolled 6, 13 = 19

    Depends on how the marine feels.If he's battered up and tired he might need a rest but only if it's really bad.

    I am in favor of him manning up and following the fresh Rhino tracks.
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)15:13 No.17873112
    Only rudimentary without auto-senses. They have powerful low-light vision, but it'll be pitch black in about half an hour.

    Thus far it's only a battleground in a valley, some mountains and the canyon where the base camp was. No buildings.

    The armor is unpowered but otherwise functional with missing shoulder pad. You are banged up a bit but uninjured.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)15:22 No.17873204
    rolled 2, 6 = 8

    we cant do nothing now can we? Lets try to follow the tracks, If we are lucky we'll join the battle by morning
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)15:28 No.17873253
         File1328819301.jpg-(211 KB, 851x1269, 1238091706572.jpg)
    211 KB
    You start following the tracks in the quickly deepening dark. Fortunately the ground is quite soft so the tracks are deep and easy to follow. There is the rumble of warfare in the distance, but otherwise the night is silent. After an hour so you see a speck of light in the distance and come across the wreckage of a burning Word Bearers Rhino. For a moment you curse and try to look if that is the Rhino holding the fuel, the camp-building materials and the stockpiles, but a sigh of relief escapes your lips as you notice the markings on the hull that tell you it was merely on troop transport duty before being destroyed. The whole left side of the hull is covered in a hole from which the flames rise. There is a smell of gunpowder and burning flesh in the air. Obviously the squad was still inside when the Rhino got blown up. There is not a trace of what destroyed it.

    >What next?
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)15:29 No.17873263
    rolled 14, 13 = 27

    So when it's pitch black,would our marine be able to follow the tracks?

    If yes then do it, the cover of the night provides cover.

    If not then then sit out the night using the Dreadnoughts containing cells.Seeing how they should be able to hold a dready, it should provide decent cover.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)15:31 No.17873281
    rolled 4, 12 = 16

    If it seems safe then loot rhino
    Else keep going
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)15:31 No.17873283
    rolled 5, 6 = 11


    Well I assume this isn't the Rhino we've been tracking so I suggest we keep following the tracks.It's a burning wreck so I doubt anything can be salvaged from it at this moment.
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)15:34 No.17873305

    Thanks to
    rolling a 19 for the effectiveness, yes he is. Fluffwise it's debatable, but Lexicanum tells me Marines have improved "low-light" vision, not vision in complete darkness.

    And you have left the camp an hour ago, you are now next to the burning wreckage of a Rhino.

    See >>17873253
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)15:37 No.17873339
    rolled 13, 1 = 14

    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)15:37 No.17873344
    rolled 9, 11 = 20

    we are cathing up, keep going
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)15:38 No.17873360
    rolled 7, 18 = 25

    is there something inside the rhino?

    is that a world bearer with purity seals?
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)15:39 No.17873372
    Pre-Heresy World Eater.
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)15:49 No.17873477
         File1328820552.jpg-(339 KB, 1200x762, 1266274540071.jpg)
    339 KB
    The Rhino seems nothing but a burning husk, with nothing worth salvaging apart from scrap metal and tracks. Despite looking around in the dark, you see nothing that hints as to what caused the destruction of the Rhino, so you decide the attacker has probably moved on and keep following the trackmarks.

    The sounds of battle slowly grow nearer as you keep trodding on and you start to see flashes of gunfire and tracer rounds in the horizon. From your left you hear the sound of artillery in the distance, most likely the same Earthshaker battery that led to your squad's downfall.

    After a while the tracks start to become criss-crossed with other trackmarks and small craters and while concentrating on following them, you almost collide with a Leman Russ Vanquisher sitting across the trackmarks.

    >Your action?
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)15:53 No.17873532
    Is it going to be possible to keep following our track or does the current situation make this impossible?
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)15:54 No.17873543
    Depends on the Vanquisher.
    >> El_Nazgir 02/09/12(Thu)15:55 No.17873556
    rolled 20, 6 = 26

    Carefully check if there's still anyone alive inside, or if there's anything useful in it. Also, perhaps check whether we could drive it. We won't be able to use most of its offensive powers, but at least we'll have a vehicle.
    >> El_Nazgir 02/09/12(Thu)15:56 No.17873563
    Well fuck... Why did I roll that 6?
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)15:57 No.17873577
    Bro you gon' get hurt.

    Waiting for another 20, although that's not likely.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)15:58 No.17873586
    rolled 13, 5 = 18

    Alrighty then.

    Inspect the Russ for salvagement, then inspect if it interferes with the track we've been following.

    If it doesn't interfere proceed to follow the track.

    If it does interfere then I suggest we take a rest using the Russ as shelter.There is a battle going on in the distance and from the sound of it they're using heavy guns, don't want to walk into the wrong frontline with our current equipment.
    >> mick824 02/09/12(Thu)16:00 No.17873604
    rolled 18, 13 = 31

    >> "noko+dice+2d6" 02/09/12(Thu)16:00 No.17873612
    rolled 10, 1 = 11

    1st of all, listen carefully. I don't think that a tank would just be left to sit still without support.
    If we almost collided with it, we must be very close and that thing is either not crewed or it lacks night vision optics(since we would be dead if it could see us).
    If it's empty, try to loot something from it(since we are probably too big to get inside anyway). If there is someone around, use the bolter we looted earlier. If there is someone inside, try to find a hatch or opening and shoot them through it.
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)16:03 No.17873636
         File1328821392.jpg-(545 KB, 877x1240, iron_within_by_calfCut.jpg)
    545 KB
    >No chance for another 20 to save, so rolling with this.

    You start to clamber on the hull on the hopes of gaining a transport or something salvageable, when the turret starts to traverse in your direction.

    >Boy you done goofed. What now?
    >> El_Nazgir 02/09/12(Thu)16:03 No.17873644
         File1328821433.png-(176 KB, 287x230, doomcomicriptear.png)
    176 KB

    Tbh, I can't see how guardquest gets that much attention, the writing style is aweful, like the doom comic all over again. Perhaps that's the point, but I'd much rather stick with a quest I can actually read without having my head hurt.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)16:07 No.17873678

    What was our combat equipment again?
    >> mick824 02/09/12(Thu)16:07 No.17873680
    rolled 10, 14 = 24

    we're probably gonna have to find a way to break the turret's gun barrel
    >> El_Nazgir 02/09/12(Thu)16:08 No.17873697
    rolled 11, 9 = 20

    Attempt to dodge the turret. Do we have any frag grenades? Is the top hatch open? If both are true, throw a grenade in. It'll destroy some useful stuff, but at least those pesky guardsman inside will be dead without having to fight normally in this crap armour.

    Btw, do noko rolls count? It's a bit of a pain to constantly change it, but I know many quests don't accept them because it doesn't show what you actually rolled.
    >> "noko+dice+2d6" 02/09/12(Thu)16:10 No.17873729
    rolled 11, 20 = 31

    I've been looking at the vanquisher model on lexicanum and that thing has blind spots. Climbing on it and getting next to the turret would keep us out of the field of fire and we can use the main gun as leverage. The weight of our armor is the biggest problem here.
    So -> hide from the guns behind the tank's own armor and climb on it if the weight of our armor is not too prohibitive
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)16:12 No.17873754
    rolled 10, 12 = 22

    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)16:13 No.17873756
    Your equipment is a Chainaxe that is intact but out of juice, a Bolter with all electronics out and the sight broken with half a mag and a Bolt Pistol with two mags. Your Power Armor is unpowered, the left shoulderpad replaced with a MacGyvered version made of Flak Vests and your helmet is looted from a dead brother.

    No grenades.

    All the access hatches are closed, the engine wasn't running when you got there or you would have heard it.

    Noko rolls do count as long as both of the rolls is under 20. It doesn't matter if you roll 2d100 as long as the rolls don't go over 20.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)16:13 No.17873757
    rolled 6, 4 = 10

    Climb up to the hatch and see if we can't pry that shit open. We need to get inside and kill the crew.
    >> El_Nazgir 02/09/12(Thu)16:15 No.17873780
    rolled 9, 12 = 21

    This, while trying to stay within the blind spots of the turret
    >> mick824 02/09/12(Thu)16:15 No.17873782
    never mind the whole breaking the gun barrel
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)16:16 No.17873786
    rolled 20, 12 = 32

    Reading this situation I will go with:
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)16:18 No.17873806
    rolled 8, 14 = 22

    Get behind it - the rear of the tank is highly vulnerable, and the gun shouldn't be able to depress far enough to hit you. Unload bolter into rear armour, looking for any weak spots.
    >> El_Nazgir 02/09/12(Thu)16:22 No.17873845
    nice nat 20
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)16:23 No.17873856
         File1328822632.jpg-(845 KB, 591x800, Death_Guard_bust_study_by_tort(...).jpg)
    845 KB
    You quickly drop off the hull of the tank and hide behind the rear of the tank before the turret can get its bearing on you. You are stuck: If you try to escape, the tank will blow you to pieces, if you try to climb back on you'll get a face full of Vanquisher cannon.

    To make matters worse, you hear the engine start.

    >Whoo boy what next?
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)16:25 No.17873883
    rolled 8, 20 = 28

    Hold on and pray to the Dark Gods that we can kill these fuckers in their glorious names. Fire the bolt pistol at the turret joint if you can.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)16:26 No.17873888
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)16:27 No.17873903
    OP, 8 is the holy number - can we just go with my critical success, please?
    >> El_Nazgir 02/09/12(Thu)16:27 No.17873904
    rolled 13, 19 = 32

    sneak towards one of the side turrets and climb up on it, the vanquisher cannon is too long to reach you when you're that close.
    >> El_Nazgir 02/09/12(Thu)16:29 No.17873918
    we need 5 rolls before he continues anyway...
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)16:30 No.17873929
    Any further rolls can either support
    or propose an alternative plan.

    >Captcha: Princeps Mmoduar
    You'll probably meet this guy sooner or later.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)16:30 No.17873931
    damnit you're right.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)16:31 No.17873942
         File1328823119.jpg-(12 KB, 367x209, Imperial_Guard_Leman_Russ_Vanq(...).jpg)
    12 KB
    rolled 15, 3 = 18

    Try to get ontop of the turret using the sideflanks.The cannon is way to big if we stick too close to the Russ it's armor.also try to get a bolter round in the turret joint to jam it.

    >captcha expekt doom

    Captcha foretelling the future?
    >> El_Nazgir 02/09/12(Thu)16:33 No.17873960
    looking at your rolls... indeed captcha is a powerful fortune teller...
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)16:33 No.17873963
    >> "noko+dice+2d6" 02/09/12(Thu)16:33 No.17873965
    rolled 13, 4 = 17

    Considering that we have to roll one way or the other... I'm going with this option. Also, the back of the tank(or at the very least the tracks seem to be sloped and it appears to me like that turret would turn very slowly. We might exploit that to reach the upper access hatch.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)16:34 No.17873966
    rolled 8, 11 = 19

    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)16:34 No.17873973
    rolled 17, 9 = 26

    >> mick824 02/09/12(Thu)16:37 No.17874004
    i support this option
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)16:41 No.17874047
    Nu, OP?
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)16:42 No.17874056
         File1328823737.jpg-(260 KB, 727x719, Choos_Marine_by_PabelBilly.jpg)
    260 KB
    You grab hold of the exhaust stacks just in time. The engine revs and the tank lurches backwards. Obviously the Imperial scum tried to crush you and would have succeeded if not for your quick reflexes. You desperately search for foothold and after finding it, proceed to fire a couple of shots from you bolt pistol to the turret joint, the barrel of the Vanquisher cannon above your head. The shots detonate violently, but there seems to be little damage. The tank gathers speed and reverses flat out, then brakes full stop in order to shake you off. Your hold nearly gives way, but you manage to tighten your grip and stay on. The Vanquisher starts accelerating forwards, with you hanging on, when the top hatch pops open and the tank commander emerges, manning the pintle-mounted Storm Bolter. He swings it your way and presses the trigger, while the tank speeds on.

    >What prevents you from getting a face full of Bolter shells?
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)16:45 No.17874096
    rolled 45 = 45

    Throw the chainsword towards anything.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)16:46 No.17874103
    rolled 2, 14 = 16

    GOD DAMMIT>>17874096
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)16:48 No.17874122
    rolled 8, 5 = 13


    Jumping of the tank will get us crushed no matter what.
    >What prevents you from getting a face full of Bolter shells?

    Our helmet and faith in the dark gods do.Screaming for strength from Khorne lunge forward with your chainsword aiming for either the commander or to disable the bolter, whichever is closer.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)16:48 No.17874124
    Fire the pistol into his face. Kill the weak!
    >> mick824 02/09/12(Thu)16:49 No.17874134
    rolled 19, 20 = 39

    so we're throwing the chainaxe like a tomahawk? i can roll with that
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)16:49 No.17874135
    rolled 10, 8 = 18

    Bolt pistol shot to the face. Boom, headshot. KHORNE WILLS IT.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)16:50 No.17874153
    rolled 16, 19 = 35

    hulk hogan?
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)16:51 No.17874165
    rolled 10, 6 = 16

    Messed up my roll.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)16:53 No.17874184
    Looks like we got him with the thrown chainaxe. I hope so, anyway,
    >> El_Nazgir 02/09/12(Thu)16:53 No.17874188
    rolled 17, 19 = 36

    Fuck, I don't think there's much we can do... as >>17874122 said, jumping off will get us crushed.

    So try to jump sideways to evade the bolter fire, pray to khorne, shout "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD" and jump at him with the chainaxe. It might not be active, but it's still heavy and spiky, and he's just a squishy guardsman.
    >> El_Nazgir 02/09/12(Thu)16:54 No.17874202
    Didn't see that, should have refreshed before posting. Oh well, fine by me, I just hope we don't lose the chainaxe.
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)16:56 No.17874225
         File1328824608.jpg-(278 KB, 964x1384, Dark_Creed_Warhammer_40K_by_Kl(...).jpg)
    278 KB
    When the first shell hits your right shoulderpad, you grab your Chainaxe and throw it with all your strength towards the tank commander. The head of the axe hits the commander straight between the eyes, shattering his skull. The sickening crunch is clearly audible even over the roar of the engine. The Chainaxe drops off the tank and falls down somewhere in the speeding ground below. With satisfaction you regard the limb body of the commander, leaning backwards from the access hatch.

    >You just lost your Chainaxe but the commander is dead and blocking the hatch unless somebody moves him from obstructing the hatch. That hatch is the only one on the turret, only the front of the tank has other hatches. What next?
    >> El_Nazgir 02/09/12(Thu)16:59 No.17874253
    rolled 12, 8 = 20

    climb up to the hatch before anyone clears away the body and starts shooting again. Ready your bolt pistol and throw the corpse off the tank.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)16:59 No.17874260
    rolled 10, 11 = 21

    looks like that turret is stuck with a comissar
    time to climb and kill shoot them all with our pistol
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)17:00 No.17874267
    Climb up, pick up body. Quickly see if he has any grenades - if he does, drop one in the hatch. If he doesn't go in with your bolt pistol - and aim for the ammo bins. A vanquisher ammo explosion will cripple the tank but you might well be able to get clear before the whole thing goes kaboom.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)17:00 No.17874268
    rolled 15, 14 = 29


    Whats next?

    Peel those loyalists out of their little metal box ofcourse.We asked strength from the bloodgod and now we shall give him blood in return.Force your way in the tank and destroy it from inside out.Massacre those mewling loyalist welps inside
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)17:00 No.17874271
    rolled 15, 3 = 18

    god fucking dammnit
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)17:01 No.17874280
    rolled 19, 5 = 24

    Climb up, remove the body, ready bolt pistol, and prepare to slaughter everyone inside! Let's tankjack this sucker.
    >> mick824 02/09/12(Thu)17:01 No.17874283
    we should probably make a mental note to loot the storm bolter after we deal with the crew
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)17:02 No.17874295
    rolled 16, 11 = 27

    Ugh - rerolling.>>17874271
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)17:03 No.17874306
    rolled 6, 1 = 7

    Fuck that. We're a space marine. Rip that shit off and take it now!
    >> El_Nazgir 02/09/12(Thu)17:03 No.17874307
    I see where this is going... We're becoming a chaos space marine ork!
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)17:03 No.17874316
    rolled 7, 5 = 12

    Damn these dice!
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)17:04 No.17874321
    rolled 15, 2 = 17

    Blood for BoodGod
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)17:04 No.17874324
    rolled 14, 6 = 20

    hijack the tank!
    >> "noko+dice+2d6" 02/09/12(Thu)17:05 No.17874328
    rolled 5, 14 = 19

    Rollin' for this.
    I would prefer not to throw a granade in if we can shoot them.
    >> mick824 02/09/12(Thu)17:06 No.17874341
    rolled 17, 2 = 19

    i vote for this option
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)17:07 No.17874352
    rolled 18, 6 = 24


    such brutality most certainly would grant us a little favor from the bloodgod.and in our current position that is a nice thing to have.rollingfor this
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)17:14 No.17874424
         File1328825640.jpg-(389 KB, 900x1238, 1266273692798.jpg)
    389 KB
    You climb on top of the turret with effort, nearly losing your footing once or twice. You hear someone shouting from inside the tank but can't make out the word above the roar of the engine. You see the body of the commander start to disappear inside the tank, but grab hold of him and toss him off. For a fleeting moment you see the surprised and terrified face of a crewmember in the hatch before he disappears. You ready your bolt pistol, take aim and prepare for some hijacking, when a shot from a Stub Pistol hits the forehead of your helmet.

    You drop the Bolt Pistol, which bounces off the hull and under the tracks.

    >Your only remaining weapon is your Bolter. All it's electronics and sight are out and you only have about 15 shots in the magazine. It's also way too unwieldy to use in the confines of the tank, were you to board it. What's your next action?
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)17:15 No.17874439
    rolled 4, 19 = 23

    grab the storm bolter
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)17:15 No.17874445
    rolled 14, 12 = 26

    grab the storm bolter
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)17:16 No.17874448
    Sorry for slow posting, 4chan is laggy.

    The loss of Bolt Pistol was due to the shitty effectiveness roll of >>17874280
    >> El_Nazgir 02/09/12(Thu)17:16 No.17874452
    rolled 12, 9 = 21

    well fuck.
    Try to see if you can take the storm bolter off its mount, we could do with a weapon that actually functions.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)17:16 No.17874453
    rolled 19, 16 = 35


    They are guardsmen.You are a chaos marine.It's time for some good old fistwork now.Trying to get our boltpistol back isn't going to work.

    I suggest we continue with:
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)17:17 No.17874461
    rolled 17, 5 = 22


    Get in there and rip them limb from limb with our armored fists, obviously.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)17:18 No.17874464
    rolled 12, 6 = 18

    lets just get in there and kick some ass
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)17:18 No.17874475
    rolled 2, 17 = 19

    Climb into the tank and engage the tank crew in hand-to-hand combat! Slaughter them all! This is OUR metal box now!
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)17:21 No.17874501
    rolled 8, 6 = 14

    voting to grab the storm bolter and spray fire through the tank hatch.
    >> El_Nazgir 02/09/12(Thu)17:21 No.17874506
    rolled 1, 1 = 2

    Right, we got enough rolls in, you can stop rolling, just let this guy do his job:
    >> El_Nazgir 02/09/12(Thu)17:22 No.17874512
    woops, still had my dice in...
    >> mick824 02/09/12(Thu)17:22 No.17874517
    rolled 19, 11 = 30

    voting for these
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)17:23 No.17874530
    rolled 2, 1 = 3

    i can only see one option
    bolt them down!
    >> mick824 02/09/12(Thu)17:24 No.17874540
    sorry i was a little late on that one
    >> "noko+dice+2d6" 02/09/12(Thu)17:24 No.17874541
    rolled 20, 3 = 23

    can we even fit into that tank?
    >> OP !rAMkPjCj1Y 02/09/12(Thu)17:27 No.17874575
         File1328826471.jpg-(356 KB, 623x730, 1233607105533.jpg)
    356 KB
    You jump through the hatch, barely fitting through and landing on the floor of the tank, three crewmembers looking at you with utter surprise and horror on their faces. You immediately notice the Stub Pistol in the hand of the gunner and punch him in the face, fracturing his skull and killing him instantly. Despite being surrounded by explosive munitions on all sides, the crewmember manning the frontal gun whips out his Laspistol and shoots at you, fortunately hitting you instead of the munitions. The shot harmlessly hits the flak vests covering your left shoulder. You less harmlessly kick him in the stomach, rupturing his guts and ending his pathetic life. The tank lurches to a halt as the driver abandons the controls and takes out his sidearm, but before he has a chance to act, you hit him with a backhand slap on the temple, fracturing his skull and snapping his neck.

    All this in the span of seven seconds. For another second, you wonder why there were just four crewmembers instead of six, but then notice the gun servitors slaved to the targeting cogitator and controlling the sponson weapons. They do not notice you, blind, deaf and lobotomized as they are.

    >What now?
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)17:27 No.17874577

    Don't care if this is gonna work out or not.Either we will have a laugh or we will have a happy bloodgod
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)17:30 No.17874603
    rolled 8, 11 = 19

    Attemp to hijack the tank somehow.If that fails salvage what you can and destroy the tank.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)17:30 No.17874605
    rolled 15, 5 = 20

    We can't drive the tank can we? On the off chance that we can, rolling to drive tank If not, we search the tank for anything useful. Comm codes, things like that
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)17:30 No.17874610
    rolled 5, 6 = 11

    Paint our armour with Khornate runes drawn from the blood of our foes. Then look around from the turret - see if there's any other Imperials around.
    >> El_Nazgir 02/09/12(Thu)17:32 No.17874624
    rolled 19, 5 = 24

    Loot storm bolter at the top, check the rest of the tank for valuables, and see if we can actually use this tank ourselves. If there's a servitor for the reloading, we might even be able to actually use the cannon.
    >> "noko+dice+2d6" 02/09/12(Thu)17:32 No.17874627
    rolled 6, 5 = 11

    1st thing's 1st
    Offer their blood and skulls to the gods and sanctify this tank.
    Then see if we can comandeer the tank and recover the equipment we lost in the fight. We would probaly need some optics or at least searchlights to find them in the dark, however.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)17:32 No.17874629
    rolled 5, 13 = 18

    go to sleep, good night op it was a fine tread
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)17:32 No.17874631
    rolled 20, 14 = 34

    Paint Khornate runes on your armor.Salvage what you can from the tank and disable it.

    Way too big of a targer to drive around in and since we are looking for our chaos bretheren it might cause confusion if where not carefull.Especially as we have no idea how the current battlefield looks.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)17:33 No.17874638
    As a Word Bearer, I think we should do something to thank the Dark Gods for our victory and our earlier survival.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)17:33 No.17874640
    rolled 19, 4 = 23

    Supporting this. We need to observe the immediate area, and this tank presents a comparatively safe way to do so. We might be able to fire off a shot or two from here at the enemy using the tank's guns if we're lucky.
    >> mick824 02/09/12(Thu)17:33 No.17874645
    rolled 3, 16 = 19

    i'm definitely voting for this choice
    >> El_Nazgir 02/09/12(Thu)17:33 No.17874647
         File1328826831.jpg-(59 KB, 750x600, picard-facepalm.jpg)
    59 KB
    rolled 11, 18 = 29

    Why don't I ever get a good roll on my second die...
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)17:34 No.17874653
    rolled 7, 9 = 16


    We're Chaos Undivided remember?

    Claim the tank for the service of Chaos and hijack it.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)17:36 No.17874669
    Chaos Undivided doesn't mean we don't recognize the individual gods - it means we worship all of them. We just won in gory melee combat, including a crazy stunt with a chain-axe. That's something to thank Khorne for.
    >> El_Nazgir 02/09/12(Thu)17:36 No.17874673
    rolled 1, 10 = 11

    What's it with the khorne obsession, we're chaos undivided.
    >> El_Nazgir 02/09/12(Thu)17:37 No.17874682
    sure, but blood and skulls, right?
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)17:37 No.17874684
    rolled 17, 11 = 28

    Supporting this one. Our objective is to make contact with our HQ as silently as possible.Unwanted attention isn't something we want.
    >> mick824 02/09/12(Thu)17:39 No.17874697
         File1328827141.png-(322 KB, 545x385, 1289444539466.png)
    322 KB
    cheer up bro, you'll get a high roll
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)17:45 No.17874778
    >> mick824 02/09/12(Thu)17:56 No.17874918
    um OP? are still waiting for us to make a decision?
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)18:06 No.17875043
    rolled 10, 11 = 21

    The emprah must have smote OP for his blasphemous quest!
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)18:08 No.17875060
    OP here, it seems I was banned for no reason. The quest will continue tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)18:09 No.17875072
    rolled 1, 13 = 14


    Nuts. I'll archive this for posterity then.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)18:09 No.17875078
    Postan from PDA right now, in case you're wondering.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)18:11 No.17875104
    It said my "post contained a banned URL" when my post didn't contain any URL
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)18:13 No.17875122
    Ive seen a few instances of that today OP, its (hopefully) just a temporary thing.
    >> "noko+dice+2d6" 02/09/12(Thu)18:13 No.17875141
    well, it was fun
    >> mick824 02/09/12(Thu)18:31 No.17875359
    well thanks for the quest OP, you were excellent

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