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  • File : 1328747151.jpg-(232 KB, 1200x647, Colossi.jpg)
    232 KB On the Backs of Gods 3 Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)19:25 No.17862334  
    Old threads:

    http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/17828843/ (OP is NSFW)

    1d4chan page:


    No thread at all yesterday? Well, let's fix that!

    Third thread for On the Backs of Gods, /tg/'s nascent setting about people making nations on the backs of preposterously large colossi and titans called World Walkers.

    Possible discussion topics:
    - What exactly is the magic level in the setting? We know the tech level is basically medieval+airships (probably varying by World Walker)

    - What is everyday life like for the average citizen of a nation on a World Walker? We know the people living on the ground are highly nomadic foragers. We know there are high priests on World Walkers who direct rituals to try to suggest direction for their nation-god, and we know that there are scouts on the lookout for other World Walkers, but what about everybody else?

    And of course, any other topics are welcome. Drawfaggotry, writefaggotry, we want it all!
    >> noko Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)19:35 No.17862451
    Whoops, forgot to get rid of that anchor in the wiki page link.

    Things established last thread: The really huge ones are subdivided into Titans (made of flesh and look basically like preposterously large humans - settlements are mostly smaller villages and are built into their clothing, hat, and/or jewelery and are far more interconnected), and Colossi (can look like practically anything and are generally made of rock or some other usually-inanimate material. These tend to have larger metropoli hewn directly into the Colossus and are more centralized). Both of these are large enough and alien enough that they don't really register humans as sapient beings.

    Priests on World Walkers lead their people in communal rituals to try to direct the World Walker toward a known food source or potential mate. Sometimes this works, but nobody is really sure if it had any effect or if the World Walker just found it on its own. They do it anyway because it's good for strengthening the community (think Roman religio-civic rituals).
    >> noko Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)19:35 No.17862465

    Giants are much smaller and are large enough to basically carry one family of humans. They aren't related to World Walkers but they'll sometimes carry them around as a gesture of awe/reverence/admiration for the actual World Walkers. They're small enough in scale to be aware of individual humans and communicate with them.

    For the most part, the only beings capable of harming a World Walker to the point where it would care is another World Walker. However ancient and slow-breeding these creatures are, however, they do breed, and they are naturally immortal. Legends speak of a great Nightmare - a flying world-serpent who attacks, constricts, and kills World Walkers. New legends are told about the Nightmare only rarely. In practice, the Nightmare/Worldshaper is an apex predator whose ecological niche is to keep the World Walker population from getting too high. Try explaining that to the people living on one, though.

    I'm sure there was more - anyone who was around for the last 3 threads feel free to chime in with anything I've forgotten.
    >> noko Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)19:41 No.17862523
    We also got some writefaggotry after the last thread went into autosage. Reposting here for anyone who was in the last thread but left:

    David shivered at a gust of biting wind, crossing his arms tightly beneath his woolen jacket. Leaning in to the wind, he quickened his pace, eager to escape the open air and bitter cold. The morning was clear and bright, save for a few errant wisps of fog that still clung to the craggy upper reaches. Distant dirigibles scudded through the blue sky, sunlight glinting off their steel frames.

    Turning a corner in the rough-hewn road, a grin spread across David's face as the city of Redmount spread across his view. Built right into the stone sides of their Walker, the cities ancient buildings seemed to crawl up the sides of mountain, stacked endlessly atop one another. Bright banners and flags snapped smartly, advertising noble breweries, general stores, renowned gunsmiths, and the myriad other businesses that had sprung up. The narrow streets were packed with innumerable crowds, flowing up and down and inwards and outwards. The noise of their movement was clear even from the bottom of the city, where David stood.

    With a spring to his step, the boy skipped into the city, one hand firmly over his coat pocket. It wasn't often that he had coin to spare, and he was determined to make the most of what he had. Hopefully, if he had more delivery jobs like this one, he would get to make more trips into the city. Maybe he would even be able to buy some sweets from the confectioner, if he had money to spare at the end of the day!

    A rumble filled the earth then, and a great grinding sound, as though a boulder where being smashed against a cliff face. With a colossal thunder, the city lurched forward, sending unwary pedestrians stumbling to their knees. Loose furniture and goods were thrown into the air, pelting unfortunates with leftover lunches and silverware.
    >> noko Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)19:42 No.17862540

    David weathered the lurching movement with the ease of long practice, one hand latched onto a steel rail, his stance wide. Within seconds of their commencement, the great rumbling stopped, allowing the grumbling of the crowd to be heard once more.
    "That's 'is third step today," A wiry old dock worker said admiringly, "He mus' be feelin' sprightly."
    David nodded wisely at the statement, then promptly forgot the whole occasion. He had an important job to do, after all.

    Glancing at the burden he carried once more, David cast about the street, searching for a building marked with the same insignia. Although he could not read the signs that marked every street corner, David had wandered the cities streets many times, and had come to navigate more by instinct than conscious thought. It was the work of mere minutes before the boy discovered his target.

    A sharp rap on the door summoned a portly, well attired servant, who regarded the scruffy boy with an expression of distaste.
    "Evenin' sir," David began, drawing himself up self-consciously. "I's been hired to deliver this package to yer' home. ' Was told I'd be paid for me services."
    The last part was lie, David had been paid in advance. But it was always worth trying for a few extra coins. Holding the package out hopefully, David smiled in what he hoped was an endearing manner.

    The butler gingerly accepted the package, wiping his fingers as he set it aside.
    "Here, boy," He said brusquely, holding out a pair of half-dollars. "A bit of payment for your troubles. Now get yourself gone."
    David quickly snatched the pair of coins from the servants hands, scampering off before the man could think twice about it.

    Chuckling, the boy ran back into the city, eager to spend his newly acquired wealth.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/08/12(Wed)19:43 No.17862568
    I suppose that's my fault, said I was going to post the new thread and then got distracted by certain quest threads...
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)19:44 No.17862586
    That's alright. Good to see you, man!

    You got a link to the quest thread that got made based off of this thing?
    >> JSCervini !!L+hOixyXrvo 02/08/12(Wed)19:46 No.17862606
         File1328748365.png-(1.03 MB, 2000x1545, Lady On High.png)
    1.03 MB
    Throwing the Lady on High back onto here. Feel free to fluff as you wish.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)19:48 No.17862638
    Oh, I had an idea about human-looking colossi and Colossus-Titan crossbreeds.

    I just forget what it was.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/08/12(Wed)19:51 No.17862680
    here we go
    >> noko Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)19:54 No.17862727
    I THINK my idea was that basically Colossi are "more dominant" - based on that picture if a Colossus breeds with a Titan it's going to produce more Colossi - she's still made of stone. However, the more Titans a Colossus has in his or her ancestry the more human-shaped he'll be. The mountain-turtle-volcano looking one from the last (I think) thread probably has no Titan blood, the one from the original pic probably has several Titan ancestors, and that newest one's practically a Titan made of rock - even the parts that the cities are built on are starting to look like clothing - so she's probably got a lot of Titans in her background.

    Full Titan children are the result of Titan-Titan breeding.

    Now this is probably not evolutionarily viable AT ALL (I think the titans would probably get bred out), but it's an idea. Maybe Titans are especially fertile? Titan-Titan matings produce children a lot of the time, colossus-colossus matings very rarely produce children, and colossus-titan matings are somewhere between the two, which is why we have a relatively large number of human-shaped Colossi (increasing their chances?)
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/08/12(Wed)19:55 No.17862744
         File1328748925.jpg-(109 KB, 1024x662, 1312285887566.jpg)
    109 KB
    >mountain-turtle-volcano looking one
    >> JSCervini !!L+hOixyXrvo 02/08/12(Wed)19:56 No.17862752
    Yeah, I didn't really read through the thread that time, so I know that something like this doesn't fit anywhere in how y'all set things up. But I figured I'd throw it out there, if anyone wants to modify the idea, so forth and so on.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)19:57 No.17862757
    Yeah, that guy. He's all Colossus. And I'd imagine he wouldn't have an easy time convincing a Titan to mate.

    I assume Titans prefer to breed with their own kind, but will do it with Colossi if they want a child and there are no other Titans around (or if the Colossus in question is human-shaped enough to be reasonably attractive to the Titan).
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)19:58 No.17862766
    Hey. You drew it, you posted it, people liked it, it's canon now. Now we get to explain it.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/08/12(Wed)19:59 No.17862780
    I don't think we need to worry about evolutionary viability that much, inverse cube law already fucks over creatures this size :P

    I think your attributing too human thoughts to the walkers. Keep them alien and mainly unknowable.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)20:05 No.17862877
    "Animals generally have sex with things that look at least slightly like them" is too much human thinking?

    Fair enough, I guess.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)20:13 No.17862961
    Then again, they are more gods than animals, and gods have a long and proud history of getting pregnant/impregnating others while in completely incompatible morphologies.

    Zeus knocking someone up as "a shower of rain"? Or a swan? Or that woman who built herself a wooden bull contraption so a bull could impregnate her? And then you've got Sleipnir, wherein god + horse = magic god-horse with eight legs.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/08/12(Wed)20:16 No.17862999
    ...I stand corrected.
    I think it was the wording and me reading too much into it that caused that misinterpretation...
    Though this bears thinking about as well.

    With regards to the people who live on the walkers I think it was also suggested that there are those who scavenge items from debris that the walkers collect whilst moving. Though this would entail being around the walkers feet and would likely be a hazardous job if it moved unexpectedly.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)20:19 No.17863040
    I get the feeling Walkers telegraph their movements pretty heavily.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)20:22 No.17863078
    So what's the procedure for people living on a giantess when she gives birth?
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)20:22 No.17863082
    It could well be that the humanoid titans don't actually breed with the larger, inhuman colossi. They just go through the motions sometimes because, let's face it, sometimes a mountain just needs to get its rocks off any way it can.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)20:24 No.17863100
    >I think it was the wording and me reading too much into it that caused that misinterpretation...

    In short: as a Colossus, the more Titans you have in your ancestry, the more human-looking you are, the more likely Titans are to want to breed with you, the more human-looking your offspring, etc. etc. Ones that don't look anything like a Titan are going to have a very hard time breeding with anything other than a Colossus.

    This was mainly to give an explanation for the gradient of human-looking to completely-alien-looking Colossi, and to explain why so many of them are either "looks almost human" or "doesn't look anything like a human", as it's hard to get the process started, but once it does each generation of offspring that successfully reproduces with a Titan are going to have children who look even more like Titans and are thus even more likely to successfully breed with Titans.

    This might also give another reason as to why Titans are still around despite being less useful for building cities on and having a harder time finding food (other than the "waste is useful for fertilizer" thing). They're more fertile and are preferred mates for both other Titans and for Colossi, so they both have an interest in making sure Titans aren't bred out/go extinct.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)20:29 No.17863153
    Giantesses? Those are the ones who only carry one family. And the ones where the Giant knows about the humans.

    She probably takes care of them.

    If you're talking about female Titans, uhm.... get to the shoulders/hat and pray? Hope she discards something she's wearing (i.e. a hat), get on that, and wait for her to pick it up again after? I'm really not sure.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)20:31 No.17863188
    Of course I doubt Titanesses do much flailing around while giving birth anyway. I'd imagine they'd either go rigid due to the pain or try to relax.

    (I know very little about labor)
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)20:33 No.17863205
         File1328751210.png-(5 KB, 156x211, Womancity.png)
    5 KB
    Oh hey, I was wondering where these threads had gone.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)20:48 No.17863370
    So this thread seems to have gotten breeding down pat. What about magic and daily life?
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)20:50 No.17863388
    Thus far there's been no mention of magic being usable by humans, but we haven't really spoken about it.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/08/12(Wed)21:21 No.17863838
         File1328754114.png-(2.18 MB, 1024x1024, 1312286180033.png)
    2.18 MB
    I think there was talk of it being useable by some people, like the hypothetical titan/colossus controlling big bad, but that it was rare and was not really capable of doing anything to the world walkers.

    I've realised that most of the creatures in my collossal creatures folders just arent big enough for those being described here...
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)21:31 No.17863966
         File1328754676.jpg-(388 KB, 1351x807, Whale Island.jpg)
    388 KB
    Still amazing inspiration, though. Swimming collossi/titans?
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)21:32 No.17863988

    If this animal were to be a real thing, wouldn't all the stuff on its island side just eventually float off when it goes underwater?
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)21:33 No.17863992
    Oh hey, this thread. I'll see about continuing this bit of write-faggotry, maybe get myself a tripname.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/08/12(Wed)21:40 No.17864096
         File1328755233.jpg-(171 KB, 999x1022, 1312286161857.jpg)
    171 KB
    The thing about ocean colossi is that they couldn't really be inhabitable if they dived.
    I view them more of a "this is why the seas are not safe" thing than anything else.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)21:42 No.17864134
    I'd imagine that there could be a few collossi that never dive. Their cities would likely live as legends, though.
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/08/12(Wed)21:56 No.17864294
    Why not I suppose. A mythical ocean city, rumoured to be a safe haven and bastion of civilisation and culture would be a fun addition. Whether or not the rumours are true however, that is an entirely different matter.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)22:10 No.17864510
    I'd say this guy is big enough. He's far and away the biggest thing in the picture, which is basically the only requirement.
    >> alpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/08/12(Wed)22:14 No.17864559
    He is one of the last ones I felt was large enough. All the others are no way near the same scale.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)22:17 No.17864591
         File1328757422.jpg-(23 KB, 400x310, Flying Snake.jpg)
    23 KB
    I think the Nightmare / World Shaper should be less draconic in appearance more serpentine, sorta like Pic related...except bigger.

    The alternating bands could be Pure metal and scales as hard as metal, to separate it from the typical World Walker.

    Any thoughts?
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)22:18 No.17864610
    Given his nature, not a suitable colossus for living, though. Would there be unlivable colossi that serve as threats? Not all predators need to kill and utterly destroy.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)22:22 No.17864652

    Not colossi, the colossi are in a class of their own.

    But, there could be giant creatures that roam the surface, would be another reason why no one wants to fucking live down there. No-where the size of the colossi, just as humans are bacteria-scale to colossi, these giant beasts would be to a colossi like a house cat is to us.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)22:26 No.17864711
    >Would there be unlivable colossi that serve as threats?
    I would that large creatures that aren't colossi but that are on their scale would be very common. It would give a good reason to be on these things in the first place. Especially if they are bigger than the average giant monster so they don't fight to begin with.

    I think the predation for these massively large creatures wouldn't be a constant thing, very slow metabolisms leading them to eat and hunt rarely and slowly. Some of the ones that look like mountains do so because they sleep for eons at a time.

    But this one, the Nightmare, I would peg as less hungry than very territorial. It's "territory" is the entire planet, and it's the biggest of the other creatures on the world that it seeks to take down.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)22:30 No.17864757

    I also agree, not to insult the drawfags who did a very good job, but because in the older threads Dragon World Walkers exist, land-dragon that is, and making it more Snake-like and less-draconic is a good idea.

    Also I like the metal idea, sorta puts it on a higher-level than the normal world walkers, which range from flesh to stone, naturally metal ores WILL show up in a stone World Walker, but that is drastically different than being MADE of Metal isn't it?
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)22:31 No.17864767
    I like what the quest thread is doing with military life. Garrisons posted on the legs to prevent monsters from crawling up into the city are a must, IMO.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)22:32 No.17864790

    I wonder if the quest will ever return, and if it will include the World Shaper / Nightmare.

    Of course, knowing /tg/ they would try to hunt it down and kill it, forever fucking the world.
    >> El-Follet-Armat 02/08/12(Wed)22:52 No.17865087
    Well, I will apologize for my english in advance. Nexts, let's go.

    I was reading the old thread, and I was wondering we the humans need to be on giant creatures to survive.

    So, with a few influences from the quest (Guns, monsters) another setting spring in me mind. Nausica. For all the fa/tg/uys than aren't aware, Nausica was a manga/film made be ghibli, art and hisoty of Myazaki. The setting has cool things, awesome lookings ships, nuclear giants and... Poison fungi forest infested of monster bugs.
    To survive in this world, people needs to live in safe zones (so ww) , because the forest of fungi, whom expands with giant's bug in tantrum, are so poisonous than people dies or get petrifiqued (floor). But some tribes, with gas mask, live in the dangerous zones (the hippies and the scavengers).
    >> El-Follet-Armat 02/08/12(Wed)23:00 No.17865200
    What I'm trying to say? Well, we all agree than the floor it's incredible dangerous. The poison fungi forest infested of mutated/dangeroues creatures are a good reason, but I think than we can do it better, a more dangerous environament. But we want people to live in the floor to. So people with gas mask (Oh yes), mages (alright) or Undead (meh) are send to the floor to scavenge raw materials and the like. The tipical adventurers. Think about S.T.A.L.Ker.

    Alas I think than the Nightmare it's better if isn't a being with a definite form.

    So anybody like mi ideas or I just shut up?
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)23:05 No.17865253
    Sorry, I've been studying pretty much nonstop for a Chinese culture course lately so "dragon" DEFAULTS to "big flying serpentine creature" in my head. But this is /tg/, so most people are probably expecting more western dragons.

    Sorry for being unclear.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)23:06 No.17865260

    The Nightmare isn't some eldritch being, it's the apex predator, of course it has a definite form, it's a creature that is basically designed to bring down World Walker.

    But poison fungi forests are cool, if we combine it with what >>17864652 said we would have pretty good reasons why no-one wants to live on the fucking ground.
    >> El-Follet-Armat 02/08/12(Wed)23:06 No.17865269
         File1328760415.jpg-(110 KB, 836x609, 1326024224006.jpg)
    110 KB
    I can spam Giant monsters too.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)23:09 No.17865303
    I like the idea of expeditions being sent down to the surface. Especially if they're viewed as ludicrously dangerous (think Alaskan King Crab fishing at a bare minimum) and the people who do so and come back alive (especially repeatedly) are highly respected
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)23:10 No.17865310

    I think he meant making it more like a giant flying anaconda or a boa constrictor, not just serpentine in general.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)23:10 No.17865313
    Please do. I believe that making the floor dangerous has been discussed already. What I know so far is dense, fast growing plants and very nasty creatures. Giants, too. Areas like what you spoke of are not a bad idea and I do like adventurers being those who leave the colossus.
    >> El-Follet-Armat 02/08/12(Wed)23:10 No.17865323
         File1328760641.jpg-(129 KB, 1105x722, Colossal_Assault_by_arvalis.jpg)
    129 KB
    This one it's perfect imho.>>17865313
    >> El-Follet-Armat 02/08/12(Wed)23:12 No.17865356
         File1328760776.jpg-(699 KB, 1533x1229, comcept game1310906932602.jpg)
    699 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)23:15 No.17865391

    What this guy said, the World Shaper / Nightmare has to have a definite form, it's not something people could miss. It also isn't some sort of God or anything.


    Fund it.
    >> El-Follet-Armat 02/08/12(Wed)23:19 No.17865464
         File1328761180.jpg-(1.98 MB, 3000x1280, 1325654699537.jpg)
    1.98 MB
    Alas I like the idea of "wildlings" who life in the floor,looking WW dwellers like weakling and all that. Then the WW dwellers look upon them like savages and raiders.
    >> El-Follet-Armat 02/08/12(Wed)23:21 No.17865490
         File1328761287.jpg-(83 KB, 1024x456, cloverfield-monster-picture.jpg)
    83 KB
    >> El-Follet-Armat 02/08/12(Wed)23:23 No.17865523
         File1328761422.jpg-(451 KB, 650x1026, life_colossus_by_thompson46-d3(...).jpg)
    451 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)23:25 No.17865552
    Oh god imagine the treehouse city that could be in that one.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)23:27 No.17865570
    Yeah, I need to stop reading these threads.
    Last night I had a dream where I was a Walker.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)23:28 No.17865587
    Dude that's awesome why would you want that to stop?
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)23:28 No.17865598
    Went to bed itchy, wake up with smelly fingers
    >> El-Follet-Armat 02/08/12(Wed)23:29 No.17865610
         File1328761777.jpg-(111 KB, 850x709, c0217890b75073de11cba4cd00e419(...).jpg)
    111 KB
    Oh, and un-dead WW can be awesome.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)23:31 No.17865632
    Uh... nevermind, I've got nothing.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)23:34 No.17865663

    That's not big enough to be a World Walker.

    Also, I don't think there ARE undead in this setting, so far anyway, it would also be kinda fucked up if a living MOUNTAIN made out of STONE became undead, at most we could have "Savage" World Walkers, where they aren't really "Savage" but are unclaimed territory, instead of humans, beasts, other ravenous creatures.

    Like giant bore-worms and the creatures that dwell in the holes they make.

    I personally don't think the setting should be all that "Magical" I mean, we have airships and guns, crossed with classic medieval.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)23:37 No.17865697
    The people living on me were talking to me though, and it was slightly annoying.
    They were trying to get me laid, which was slightly insulting.
    >> El-Follet-Armat 02/08/12(Wed)23:38 No.17865714
         File1328762330.png-(856 KB, 1024x731, __nirgali___by_erebus88-d3ii8o(...).png)
    856 KB
    I like this part of the setting too, but I think than magic has a part on it, and in some post someone was thinking about necromancers trying to control a WW.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)23:40 No.17865736
    >> El-Follet-Armat 02/08/12(Wed)23:41 No.17865754
         File1328762518.jpg-(338 KB, 1600x991, 1325656706853.jpg)
    338 KB
    Bugs ww can be cool too...
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)23:43 No.17865774
    Not as big as one of those, but I could see them running around in the same setting. As for undead the setting certainly doesn't need them, but it isn't completely incompatible with it. The environment on the ground would make an army of humanoid skeletons a joke, but a smaller number of creatures around giant size could be a credible threat. Raising a world walker as an undead would be a nightmarishly epic achievement.

    Similar with every other kind of magic, as well as technology. The setting doesn't need any of it, but adding them can be really nteresting. We should look at what possible evolutions of the setting can come from that.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)23:44 No.17865786
    There was a Spider one last thread.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)23:44 No.17865792

    Yeah I gotta agree with this guy here, aside from the basic background magic (lol living mountains that breed) there shouldn't be a lot of other magic, we already sorta-have a steampunk / medieval theme for the humans, throwing wizards and sorcerers and necromancers in there would be a bit too much in my opinion.

    I mean, I can easily deal with humans using swords and hammers and shit along-side guns, because sometimes a firearm just won't do, the creature could have a stony hide, really curvy exoskeleton or any other number of things that would make a firearm all-but useless.


    I think you are talking about how in the previous threads people were talking about some insane king who tried to directly control his people's World Walker by giving it a lobotomy and fucking his city over in the process.
    >> El-Follet-Armat 02/08/12(Wed)23:49 No.17865863
         File1328762986.jpg-(112 KB, 552x640, earth_colossus_by_yannickbouch(...).jpg)
    112 KB
    I was sure than the necromancy was a part of it. But well, magicians can be deal with a lot of variable. Perhaps they need to extract the power directly from the WW (who is bad) from sacrifices (bad) or from the surface (adventure hook). Perhaps magicians are viewed like a sin, and all the magicians are outcast, perhaps only sorceress can communicate with the ww. Or they can not exist. I'm only throwing ideas.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)23:50 No.17865872
    >undead world walkers
    Controlling a world walker by any means is a supreme showing of might and authority in this setting. Taming, enslaving, using whatever magic or technology available would all be attempted by those possessing power and who desire more. And the bigger the better. Whatever is actually possible in the setting, this drive needs to be an factor that is always present.
    >> El-Follet-Armat 02/08/12(Wed)23:52 No.17865898
         File1328763177.jpg-(13 KB, 400x228, gasgiant.jpg)
    13 KB
    Oh, and flying ww? But then they aren't world walkers...
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)23:53 No.17865901
    I got it!

    How about instead of "Undead" Titans (Not World Walkers, but the smaller creatures that are still bigger than the size of a 3 story house to a human) we could use the dude's earlier idea of Poisonous Fungi forests? There ARE types of Fungi that basically make a Zombie out of whatever host there are designed to take over (Cordyceps I think they are called?). Like these, except for these massive beasts (NOT World-Walkers)

    I sorta agree with the only-background-magic-should-be-prevalent idea, to me, the conventional forms of magic would diminish the setting (Lol who needs to set out for months at a time in search of another World Walker with a Human Civilization if we can just contact them with MAGIC?!)
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)23:56 No.17865931
    So is this setting a mash-up of that episode of Futurama where Bender is a God and Discworld?
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)23:57 No.17865951

    Yep Cordyceps.


    and I agree with the background-magic idea.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)23:58 No.17865966
    I could see fungus being adapted to infecting world walkers, and using them to nourish themselves on the hosts nutrients, avoid competition from other plantlife, and place themselves in ideal environments. Some of the real world equivalents do exactly that, putting the host into a spot with the precise environmental conditions for themselves. The victims of such infestation would look like giant half-plant beings. Doesn't even need to be a normal fungus, there could be moss, vines, trees, pretty much anything.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/12(Wed)23:59 No.17865978

    I was more or less-trying to make a peaceful solution for the "No undead" and "Undead" people.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)00:01 No.17865998
    Hmm. I've got to go to bed early tonight. Someone else gets to archive this thread then I guess.
    >> El-Follet-Armat 02/09/12(Thu)00:01 No.17866002
         File1328763681.jpg-(122 KB, 900x659, Nulltread_Gargantuan_by_Ubermo(...).jpg)
    122 KB
    It's a good idea anon. Alas yes, magic, if it exist, has to be very rare and difficult to use.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)00:01 No.17866008
    I know, I'm just taking any excuse for inspiration.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)00:04 No.17866040

    Your picture dumping is a very good source for "Shit that makes it a very good idea to NOT live on the surface"
    >> El-Follet-Armat 02/09/12(Thu)00:07 No.17866062
         File1328764025.jpg-(57 KB, 640x404, water_colossus___dethrant_by_r(...).jpg)
    57 KB
    I'm very bad in english, so dumping images it's a good manner to help.
    >> El-Follet-Armat 02/09/12(Thu)00:12 No.17866117
         File1328764338.png-(322 KB, 620x490, stf140_som76.png)
    322 KB
    >> El-Follet-Armat 02/09/12(Thu)00:16 No.17866158
    Different environments can be considered, a magma wasteland, salt deserts, poison fungi forest, ice tundras... All of them will need a specialized ww to live in it, and a different culture of humans living in it.

    Well, it's only another idea.
    >> El-Follet-Armat 02/09/12(Thu)00:17 No.17866178
         File1328764657.jpg-(362 KB, 600x439, stf141_viron.jpg)
    362 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)00:18 No.17866195
    Portrayals of giants and titans have often been like that, each representing their environment bodily. In this extreme setting that works even better.
    >> El-Follet-Armat 02/09/12(Thu)00:21 No.17866220
         File1328764903.jpg-(58 KB, 640x285, fzd_snowfight_01a.jpg)
    58 KB
    And what happens when a giant get in a ww? How the dwellers deal with them? Cannons? Venom?
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)00:22 No.17866227

    Cannons, or whatever they have.

    Possibly the more primitive cultures would use vines and things to try to cause the giant to lose it's balance and plummet off the side.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)00:25 No.17866245
    1st option is to run the fuck away, followed by getting on some other giant thing. Cannons are a maybe, more likely giant launchers that shoot harpoons carved from entire trees that are covered in poisons.
    >> s 02/09/12(Thu)00:26 No.17866257
         File1328765208.png-(580 KB, 830x467, 830px-StarWhale.png)
    580 KB

    what happens if the collosus you live on gets incapacitated?
    maybe it fell int a sinkhole, or stuck in a valley.

    does it wither away to die, starting a permanent settlement on its corpse.
    OR does it get abandoned by it's residents?
    >> s 02/09/12(Thu)00:28 No.17866268
    Giant polarbear for frozen tundra?
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)00:29 No.17866286
    i'd guess that depends on where it gets stuck.

    if it's big enough id think the residents would try to help out somehow.

    i'd also think that it'd get swarmed by carnivorous things after a while of being stuck, leading to abandonment. or if it's in a relatively peaceful area it might even get help from another colossus.
    >> El-Follet-Armat 02/09/12(Thu)00:29 No.17866290
         File1328765396.jpg-(196 KB, 1400x800, 1325656349010.jpg)
    196 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)00:31 No.17866303
    All of those might happen. A body that begins to rot might not be ok to live on and worse attract things that eat it. But colossi that are earthlike might not have that problem, if they die laying down they might still be able to live there. It is a good chance that the city stays there until they can find a new colossi or a few smaller ones to colonize. And if it falls down in a way that destroys most of what was there and kills many of its people, well that's that.
    >> s 02/09/12(Thu)00:33 No.17866329
    but if the colossi were the largest of the creatures on the planet [barring the world shaper] what would be bold enough to attack one?

    also, weve diuscussed mating among collosi, but how exactly does one live on a child bearing colossus?

    im sure the waiting period would take centuries, but the birth itself could pretty well be the most violent thing the residents of said colossus have ever experienced.

    will the residents try and help the birthing in some way?

    do they temporary remove themselves to safety when the birthing process starts?
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)00:35 No.17866342

    I like what this guy >>17865663
    suggested with the bore-worms.

    I mean shit, a carrion worm that eats STONE World Walkers would leave pretty impressive cavernous networks, which naturally draw creatures to live in, which naturally draws predators.

    Basically when a Stone World walker dies, it becomes a mountain with REALLY fucking impressive cavernous systems made by Giant Bore-worms, which then becomes environments for a plethora of creatures.

    Organic World Walker's would just decompose eventually.

    This also works in with the Nightmare's other name, the World Shaper.
    >> s 02/09/12(Thu)00:40 No.17866396
    giant skeletal fortresses built from dead organic world walker?>
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)00:41 No.17866415

    I don't think that would be a good idea, even boneyards have carrion feeders.
    >> El-Follet-Armat 02/09/12(Thu)00:41 No.17866417
         File1328766080.jpg-(64 KB, 495x640, Dragon_Age___Blood_in_Ferelden(...).jpg)
    64 KB
    A hot and fluffy city, pretty awesome.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)00:42 No.17866432
    Pack hunters.

    Depends on how that colossus carries its fetus.

    I think there's been discussion suggesting that females harbor different kinds of cities that are safer for mating and movement.

    Probably more of the maybe-functional rituals.

    Probably covered by the movement-resistant cities.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)00:43 No.17866446
    >what would be bold enough to attack one?
    A bigger one, of course. Or smaller ones that have speed on their side, attacking in packs. Or flying/sneaky ones that get where it can't reach and take a bite out of it still living. Or any manner of macro-parasites adapted to them.

    Just look at real world nature.
    >> El-Follet-Armat 02/09/12(Thu)00:45 No.17866467
         File1328766321.jpg-(21 KB, 600x429, Desert_Giant_by_Warnerator.jpg)
    21 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)00:45 No.17866472
    But what if the inhabitants are also carrion feeds? Or ones that feed on the carrion feeders? Some sort of race that inhabits world walker corpses is plausible, make it nasty like skaven.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)00:48 No.17866506
    Insects can take on large mammals. You don't have to be bigger to be badder, numbers and tenacity count. Earth WW might have to worry about catching certain draining plants, etc. The Nightmare might actually not be needed, not that I'm advocating the removal of such an awesome thing.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)01:16 No.17866805
    >> El-Follet-Armat 02/09/12(Thu)01:16 No.17866809
         File1328768203.jpg-(111 KB, 989x807, __gomullum_____earth_colossus_(...).jpg)
    111 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)01:25 No.17866874
    >is 80,000 words into writing a fantasy novel that includes mountain-sized beasts that people build cities on
    >gets on /tg/ for the first time in four months, see this thread
    >momentarily RAGE
    >read through this and all the other threads and see the execution is completely different

    Thank fucking god @_@
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)01:27 No.17866897
    Haha, I know that feel. Mind sharing the basics of your spin on things?
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)01:40 No.17867015
    Moar pseudo-fungus elder gods. Moar age of sail privateering and swashbuckling.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)01:41 No.17867027
    I can dig it.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)01:45 No.17867066
    Here's hoping some publisher agrees!

    Really do like these threads, though. Getting shit done always has good results. Just kinda freaked me out. /tg/ is in my head, man!
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)01:46 No.17867078
    Wow good luck with that. I'd give advice if I had the first clue about it.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)01:53 No.17867157
    This will be the third book I've tried to get published. All my queries for the first were responded to with letters saying "This book is kinda shit, bro." All my queries for the second book were responded to with letters saying "We like it, but it's not the sort of thing we publish." So here's hoping third time's the charm.
    >> El-Follet-Armat 02/09/12(Thu)07:05 No.17869068
         File1328789157.jpg-(342 KB, 600x439, stf141_ruthless.jpg)
    342 KB
    Good luck bro!

    Why do you don't try to make some writefaggotry? This setting has some cool things like guns, rapist ww and the like, and we can ever use more writefaggotry.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 02/09/12(Thu)08:34 No.17869577
         File1328794445.jpg-(118 KB, 758x908, 1312286030675.jpg)
    118 KB
    Good to see this thread's still here.
    >> Red_Walker !!ZMGHhReIxrV 02/09/12(Thu)09:11 No.17869880

    Crunching eagerly on a sugary peppermint stick, David loitered at a street corner. His initial excitement at being loose in the city once more had begun to fade, replaced with the depressing knowledge that he had become a stranger. His family had vacated their home in the residential district little more than a year ago, but it might as well have been a lifetime ago to David. He recognized none of the children that scampered through these streets, and a lingering sense of loyalty to his old gang restrained him from joining them in their play.

    Beginning to feel somehow cheated, David was almost ready to give up the whole excursion as a waste of time when he spotted Johnathan. The older boy was taller and ganglier than the last time David had seen him, just beginning his growth into manhood, but he was still very recognizable as the boy he had known. Jonathan, dressed in over-large dock-workers slacks, was leaning against the wall of a coffee shop, trying very hard to appear casual.

    Struck by a sudden surge of nostalgia, David darted across the crowded street, eager for a friendly voice.

    >Alright, I'll continue this another time. Took much longer than I had hoped.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)09:58 No.17870179
    Rape? Nonsense. Titan/Colossus matings just tend to get a little... rough. It's kind of inevitable when one partner's bits are made of flesh and the other's is made of rock or something.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)10:42 No.17870527
    Colossi are bigger than basically any natural formation you can think of.

    It would haul itself out.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)10:47 No.17870578
    no idea if someone posted this already but

    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)10:50 No.17870606
         File1328802628.gif-(1018 KB, 435x337, YouGoKid.gif)
    1018 KB
    >mfw /tg/ does its thang and creates an interesting, unique setting from a troll thread.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)11:03 No.17870745
    You're damn right we did.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)14:30 No.17872725
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)14:41 No.17872808
    Just to throw it out there - this reminds me of the Mortal Engines book series.

    Cities are made mobile and huge and everyone lives on them. Cities eat smaller settlements and have wars. People occasionally explore the desolated surface.

    Also, for female titans - I'd imagine that any settlement that survives labour will become the place to head to when it happens in future, the rest of her being more temporary - depending on how frequently these things birth anyway.
    >> El-Follet-Armat 02/09/12(Thu)14:45 No.17872842
         File1328816701.jpg-(938 KB, 1620x891, earth_colossal_by_drak-d3j83ij.jpg)
    938 KB
    Such it's life in /tg/.

    Alas if magic doesn't exist, minor physic powers do, like telepathy or telekinesis?
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)15:08 No.17873061
    Has this thread been archived yet?
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)15:15 No.17873134
    It has been now.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)17:14 No.17874429
    Back to the front page you go!

    I don't think humans really have supernatural powers in this setting - they seem to compensate for their shortcomings via technology, much like in the real world.
    >> El-Follet-Armat 02/09/12(Thu)17:55 No.17874908
         File1328828135.jpg-(187 KB, 1600x1600, 1322547970703.jpg)
    187 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)19:42 No.17876116
    I feel that there should be a lot of magic flying around, despite humans not having access to it. Just to have one more way to say fuck you to our denizens. This might all the the result of a wizard's war from long ago, one that also stripped our power from us.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)20:13 No.17876540
    I've been taking this in another direction personally, but I thought I'd share a few of my ideas.
    >a monstrous empire built on the corpse of a dead god (I mean inhabited by various monstrous species)
    >the wandering city. While most Gods move slowly, one meanders though the world, alternating between a fast trot and a gallop. It is the most widely ranging city, but also the most random in its course. Inhabitants have learned to live off the land wherever they happen to be.
    >tortoise town. Large trading hub. Squat low buildings, braced by rigging, as foundations cannot be sunk into the impenetrable shell of the God. Well known for its banks, who keep vaults within the shell.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)23:04 No.17878555
         File1328846670.png-(1.75 MB, 1280x720, Mustang.png)
    1.75 MB
    The colossus Mother Mustang and her boogie knights, the Space Stallions!
    Power of the horse, full force!
    >> El-Follet-Armat 02/09/12(Thu)23:08 No.17878617
         File1328846881.jpg-(350 KB, 1200x1068, Gaia_Behemoth_by_mobius_9.jpg)
    350 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/09/12(Thu)23:42 No.17879050
    I assume you mean world walkers when you say gods?
    >> Anonymous 02/10/12(Fri)02:08 No.17880497
    >> Anonymous 02/10/12(Fri)04:08 No.17881482
    One more bump from me before bed. I suppose this thread is about dead.
    >> Anonymous 02/10/12(Fri)07:06 No.17882505
    >>it's topside
    >>it's nourishment
    >> Anonymous 02/10/12(Fri)07:16 No.17882552
    Is that an early form of Doomsday (from DC)? Those shoulder and arm spikes look damn familiar.
    >> Anonymous 02/10/12(Fri)11:03 No.17883963
    >long, dext
    >> Anonymous 02/10/12(Fri)14:40 No.17885692
    About magic:

    Since the general consensus seems to be that magic is necessary to have the colossi make sense, but giving it to humans would lead to too much shenanigans, we could solve it rather simply:
    Tie the magic to the colossi. Magic only naturally occurs in tangible amounts in colossi, in a sort of complicated circulatory system manner. To actually use magic, you would have to tap into a colossus' magic, which would be both complicated, and dangerous, as you can't really isolate it from outside influences. Cut off the part you are trying to use from the surrounding, and it just goes out like a candle.

    This means you have to risk sudden surges due to the colossus reacting to its surroundings, or just something akin to a pulse in its system.

    And if you do something wrong, you may end up weakening, harming or angering the colossus.

    This would also explain the food chain involving the non-biological creatures, having them live almost purely by magic, and feeding off magic in its environment. This could involve things like slowly grazing entire forests for the miniscule amounts contained in trees and the like, consuming large amounts of minerals or actively hunting smaller creatures.
    >> El-Follet-Armat 02/10/12(Fri)14:40 No.17885698
         File1328902824.jpg-(40 KB, 640x618, rift___earth_colossus_by_dastc(...).jpg)
    40 KB
    >> El-Follet-Armat 02/10/12(Fri)18:04 No.17888368
         File1328915072.jpg-(159 KB, 1600x983, 75_Ton_Creature_by_VegasMike.jpg)
    159 KB
    Another bump.

    The quest will be made another time or it's definitely dead?
    >> Anonymous 02/10/12(Fri)23:38 No.17892351
    >> Anonymous 02/11/12(Sat)01:52 No.17893770

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