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  • File : 1328410505.png-(245 KB, 319x420, paranoia.png)
    245 KB Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)21:55 No.17808985  

    You get to play Paranoia rpg online with other players.

    Here is what paranoia is


    Fucking boss. You really should play this game.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)21:56 No.17809002
    lol, I tried that.

    Can't find any games with anyone anywhere. Damn shame.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)21:57 No.17809004
    I tried once. It was excruciatingly boring. I'm sure some people enjoy it, but those people aren't me.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)21:59 No.17809033
    If enough people download it here we can play.

    Different strokes for different folks and all that. What would you recommend me?
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:01 No.17809046
    AD&D not even trolling.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:02 No.17809065
    The person you originally asked, and I rather like WoD, but the style is completely different from Paranoia, being highly character-focused and rather strict about dying and preferably not doing it.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:02 No.17809068
    Most vanilla shit ever.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:04 No.17809087
    Straight mode is just like that. And classic is pretty well placed too. You were probably playing zap! only retards with ADD play zap!
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:09 No.17809140
    I think I tried Classic, but I had absolutely zero investment in my character, no prospect of doing anything better, and had been forbidden to read about the background on anyone, so I may as well have not been in the game at all. It's kind of like watching a Let's Play where they skip over all dialogue so you have neither knowledge nor caring about anything other than explosions.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:10 No.17809153
    Why didn't you have any investment in your character?
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:12 No.17809166
    She was pretty much random crap with no investment into anything that I could create on my own.

    Oh, and the fact that the players aren't allowed to know all of the rules is rather a slap in the face as well.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:13 No.17809179
    Ah, yes. Also, it's impossible to improve anything and you're pretty much doomed to some sort of "amusing" fatality.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:14 No.17809194
    Its kind of a setting point.
    Individual characters aren't supposed to know how their world works.
    You're not some hero, you're just an average citizen assigned to slightly less average job.
    Much different kind of game than something white wolf style where its very character focused and you are actually heroic.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:14 No.17809205
    Obviously some enjoy that sort of thing. I don't.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:17 No.17809240
    So basically, Paranoia isn't your kind of game.

    And also, you can learn the rules, you just can't let the GM know that you know the rules, which means that you're not allowed to rules lawyer or otherwise use your system mastery. To some players (perhaps yourself included?) that's absolutely the worst thing possible.

    And that's fine.

    Paranoia just isn't for you, then.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:20 No.17809278
    I don't really care about rules in general, but I tend to be annoyed by any game telling me I can't do something that isn't completely mechanical, and often see if I can find a way to do that thing anyway, or be something close to it. This isn't to say that I'll necessarily not enjoy it, as I do love pushing envelopes, but Paranoia's envelopes are so narrow and toxic that I can't find much sustenance.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:21 No.17809284
    It's to help prevent rules lawering and arguments over the rulebook, and also helps put more power in the GMs hands. By all means read the rules if you wish, but don't start using them to tell the players and the GM what they can and can't do, otherwise you'll find that you'll lose a clone because knowledge of the rules is above your clearance level (it's printed on white paper, after all).
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:23 No.17809305
    That's really down to the GM. As with any game, he's free to throw out any rule or allow any thing. If you find that you can't do something, that's because of GM adjudication, and his word is law.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:24 No.17809310
    Then I'll rewrite them on black paper, meaning that they're clearly Infrared clearance.
    That sounded like sarcasm to me, but I honestly don't know if it is or if it's totally in the spirit of the game.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:25 No.17809317
    Personally I like the games where a person is simply an "everyman" character. Always hated it when I was in a game where everyone was trying to be the party joker or the party bad-ass, or the party leader, or the party face.

    The odds are much more likely that I'm simply a guy trying to live my life and try to get a little piece of the pie for myself.

    Was listening to a WoD game being played at my LDS where this one idiot girl in the group owned a motorcycle dealership. The party was beset by demons and someone threw a motorcycle at one of them. So she shouts "Stop destroying my motorcycles!" like a fucking moron. Then they set the place on fire and once again she's more worried about the motorcycles than about the fact that people are dying and there are demons coming after her.

    Of course, this is the same girl who constantly tells people that she walks around with a wrench on the end of a chain in her backpack, like that means something. She finally stopped when I explained to her that I could start from nearly any distance and close that distance before she could take her backpack off, take the wrench out, and get it swinging, making it a pointless weapon and her an attention whore.

    Fucking hate people like that.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:25 No.17809325
    You ARE allowed. You just can't acknowledge or reference rules. Because knowing the rules is treason. But as a human being, as a player, you are totally allowed to know the rules.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:26 No.17809328
    No, that really is the reasoning behind it.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:26 No.17809334
    Which is fine, but I prefer playing someone more heroic. Is that inherently problematic to you?
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:27 No.17809345
    Would there be enough people interested in starting a game on JParanoia? I think it'd be cool to have a small game somewhere on here, since I don't feel like signing up on the forums and waiting for the skies to open and someone to magically have scheduled free time at the same time I do before having a game.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:29 No.17809373
    Also, further to your point that you're not allowed to know about what's on other players sheets, that makes perfect sense. In the GRAND, PERFECT UTOPIA THE FRIEND COMPUTER LETS US LIVE IN, ALL HAIL FRIEND COMPUTER, secret societies and mutants are forbidden. And, of course, you're all mutants and members of secret societies.

    Further, as the rulebook says, this is not "you and me against the world", this is "you AGAINST me and if the world gets in the way, we'll tell it to fuck off until we start fighting". One of the main points of the game is to dick over your players. In fact, if you get to the briefing without one person dying, you are either doing it wrong, or are taking your sweet time about it. So, knowing specific details about the other players means you'd know what to do to dick them over. It'd be sorta like being able to see another player's hand in poker, all the time.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:29 No.17809375
    That sounds like treason. That sort of information is above your security clearance.

    But seriously, it does ruin a lot of the surprise of the game.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:31 No.17809404
    It wasn't sarcasm. The rulebook literately says somewhere that because the rules are printed on white paper, they're for ULTRAVIOLET clearance only, therefore the players cannot have knowledge of the rules.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:31 No.17809408
    Oh, right, I just remembered I hated about this game literally everything you said in that paragraph as well.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:31 No.17809409
    This. Knowledge is power (and treason) in this game. The more your team knows about you, the easier it is to totally fuck you. Also, you don't even know all of your character sheet.

    It'd totally play on JParanoia
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:34 No.17809436
    Anyone else want to play? This would be my first time actually playing, so I can't be the GM, but I'd love to sacrifice my sensibilities for Friend Computer and it's infinite knowledge
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:34 No.17809437
    With things like these you need to make a thread for a few people to download. And then make another thread in the future with you opening up a game. This would lead to more, players joining, making it a funner experience. Just download it. Recommend it here a few times in threads. And then open a game up when you think enough people downloaded it.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:34 No.17809438
    ITT: Commie mutant traitors
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:35 No.17809446
    >thread for game
    >try to play
    >no games found
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:35 No.17809451
         File1328412929.jpg-(4 KB, 104x92, global_10531118..jpg)
    4 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:36 No.17809464
    It's downloaded, I'm slightly tired, and I don't really want to wait over a series of days to join. It's hard enough for me to find an actual game.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:38 No.17809484
    Someone start up a game.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:40 No.17809500
    I would, but it'd be my first time playing Paranoia. And I don't have the rulebook.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:40 No.17809510
    I'd GM but I don't know rules.

    Which as far as I can tell, is really important to GMing since you need to know how the game works
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:40 No.17809514
    I download this and when I'm about to open/save it a screen pops up and says that it's an invalid menu entry or some shit like that. Can anyone help?

    I'm using winzip to do this by the way,
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:43 No.17809555
    Doesn't it download into a regular .zip?
    You wouldn't need to use winzip for that
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:45 No.17809576

    We played just last week. I was the Happiness Officer and holy SHIT was that a fun game.

    Really I played a very psychotic person who demanded everyone be happy. If you looked sad you were a communist mutant and got beaten. All while he smiled. SO GOOD.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:45 No.17809577
    ere you go buddy


    I'd recommend troubleshooters. It has more action.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:46 No.17809590
    What do i need to do to open a regular zip? Sorry I dont deal with zip files.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:48 No.17809603
    Well, if WinZip isn't working, just try 7Zip, or something similar. Or re-download it and try again.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:48 No.17809604
    You can just extract it if you're using windows

    > If you're a faggot who doesn't, then go ahead and use winzip
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:52 No.17809647
         File1328413950.jpg-(41 KB, 763x416, paranoia winrar.jpg)
    41 KB

    Okay I used winrar even though i use windows (it wouldn't let me use anything else)

    What do I do from now to make it a fully initiated game that I can access through my desktop?
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:53 No.17809663
    bump for help
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:54 No.17809669
         File1328414080.jpg-(22 KB, 400x565, 1310944264996.jpg)
    22 KB
    After extracting the files, go to inside the sub-folder and run JParanoia(1.31.1).
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:54 No.17809671
    Extract to a folder of your choice, then go into that folder. Make a shortcut to JParanoia(1.31.1).jar, put that shortcut wherever the fuck you like, and you're all set.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:56 No.17809684
    Sub folder. You mean the one it created? Where can I find that?
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:58 No.17809715
    When I right click on start to explore where can I find it?
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)22:59 No.17809730
    You should have confirmed a folder to extract to when you clicked "Extract To". If you didn't, open the zip back up, click "Extract To" and choose where you want to extract it to. For simplicity sake, I suggest either C:\ or C:\Program Files. Once you do that, you should now be able to go to either C:\JParanoia(1.31.1) or C:\Program Files\JParanoia(1.31.1)
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:00 No.17809735
         File1328414416.jpg-(32 KB, 332x447, really.jpg)
    32 KB
    Wherever the you extracted it to.

    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:01 No.17809741
    Or if that's too annoying, open up the zip, then drag and drop the JParanoia(1.31.1) folder onto the desktop. It'll extract there.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:01 No.17809751
    I don't mean to be rude but this is turning into "How do I turn on my computer" and you should probably know all of this already

    Lurk more
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:02 No.17809757
    never mind. I extracted it to a new file i created on my desktop. Thanks guys. How can join games? When I tun the thing it says that I'm the GM.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:02 No.17809759
    I'm down to play. Got it all up and running but there are 0 games at the moment.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:03 No.17809777
    Someone start a goddamned game! I'm down. Let's do this shit!

    *bursts out of shirt*
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:03 No.17809780
    Right, when you start it up with JParanoia(1.31.1).jar, it'll open up with two options; server and client. You click Server if you want to run and host a game. You click Client if you want to be a player.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:04 No.17809798

    Don't trust you as a GM for a setting that involves computers

    No offense

    We'd need someone who actually wants to GM to make a game

    Anyone who wants to GM?
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:05 No.17809821
         File1328414749.jpg-(59 KB, 624x600, 1319077241556.jpg)
    59 KB
    >mfw when I would GM but know jack shit about the rules
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:06 No.17809827
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:07 No.17809856
    I'd GM myself, but I don't know the rules either.

    I could try to speed-read the rules and GM, but I'm not sure how well that would work out.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:08 No.17809879
    Someone post a troubleshooter pdf. I here that's pretty good,
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:10 No.17809892
    >but I'm not sure how well that would work out.

    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:11 No.17809912
    You should do that. I would love to play in a game with a new DM, given that I'm a new player.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:13 No.17809937
    Everyone dies on the way to the briefing, JUST ANOTHER DAY IN ALPHA COMPLEX!
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:13 No.17809938
         File1328415186.png-(159 KB, 547x511, 1302803054774.png)
    159 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:14 No.17809968


    I think my IP is
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:16 No.17809993
    I'm afraid that IP addresses don't work that way sir
    >> Truth 02/04/12(Sat)23:17 No.17810003
    This working for anyone else?
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:17 No.17810010
    Not me. No games found, unknown host.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:17 No.17810011
    Well then I don't know what I'm looking at.

    Anyone who actually has played network games before?
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:18 No.17810013

    I have no experience whatsoever and i really want to play but but but...


    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:18 No.17810015
         File1328415511.jpg-(203 KB, 769x563, 1314585985306.jpg)
    203 KB
    Nope. Are you using a router? If so, FORWARD YOUR PORTS NIGGA
    >> Truth 02/04/12(Sat)23:19 No.17810028
    Click on the server tab, should say IP
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:19 No.17810039
    then post the numbers it gives you here.

    If you get numbers greater than 255 then you are a liar
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:19 No.17810041
    Have to ask...did you click Server > Start Server?
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:19 No.17810045
    It said I was using a router and I had to forward ports, yeah.

    I don't know what any of that means though.

    It's probably because I'm using a router. Which again I don't get what to do with what.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:21 No.17810056
    Which is what I said earlier. It's probably routers.

    I'm an idiot, but I'm not that stupid.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:21 No.17810063
         File1328415694.jpg-(27 KB, 576x384, 1301442608824.jpg)
    27 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:21 No.17810069
    That means that because you're behind a router, you need to get access to the router's admin console (usually by typing an IP address into your address bar) and do some shit.


    Try that. Tells ya what you need to know.
    >> Buzzclaw !!GuBRMOHpyR4 02/04/12(Sat)23:21 No.17810072
    I might join in on this. I don't know anything about Paranoia tho.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:23 No.17810080
    Read what you said before. It wasn't, and if you say that it is one more time you are a dyslexic liar.
    >> Truth 02/04/12(Sat)23:23 No.17810082
    You can also just register the server apparently. It's an option under server.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:24 No.17810096
    I would like to play this video game but where are the servers?
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:24 No.17810103
    That being said, if you don't know shit about your router, I can assume you're not the one looking after it. Which means, chances are, whoever does has a password on it.

    Unless they're a twat and hasn't passworded the admin console. In which case, unpassword protect access to the connection, and change the router name to FREE WIRELESS or some shit.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:25 No.17810112
    Oh shit wow whoops
    I'll try that. I'm still trying to figure out router shit, so it might not work
    >> Buzzclaw !!GuBRMOHpyR4 02/04/12(Sat)23:25 No.17810114
    >Use chargen
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:26 No.17810123
    >took several courses in computer maintenance
    >only just fucking notice 717

    Jesus fuck, it's late...
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:28 No.17810144
         File1328416096.gif-(246 KB, 500x441, skeletons1.gif)
    246 KB
    >everyone in this thread when we finally figure this out
    >> MaybeGM 02/04/12(Sat)23:28 No.17810146
    By the way anyone out there feel free to try GMing instead of me

    I can't advanced computer, so I'm going to take awhile
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:28 No.17810149
    reading the rules is treason
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:29 No.17810154
    Call me when it's the heat death of the universe.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:30 No.17810174
    I've never played this game before. Will I be able to just jump in?
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:30 No.17810175
    >Connection at this host failed: host may not be running a server

    Well, we have that sorted at least.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:30 No.17810177
    Dude, why would you ruin her fun like that?
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:31 No.17810185
    I will give this a proper look / mess with address's in the morning
    but I have high hopes
    for now tired.jpg
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:32 No.17810205
    I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing, but:
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:32 No.17810214
         File1328416362.jpg-(504 KB, 764x744, 1248291666605.jpg)
    504 KB
    Quick! We need a new GM!
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:34 No.17810238
    What is the password to these stupid characters
    >> notGManymore 02/04/12(Sat)23:34 No.17810244
    Thank you so much oh my god
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:34 No.17810245
    >> Fireman Prime 02/04/12(Sat)23:35 No.17810260
         File1328416510.jpg-(61 KB, 294x294, OB_HWG.jpg)
    61 KB
    And neither do I!
    Let's do this!
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:43 No.17810374
    She would NEVER shut up about that retarded wrench. Always acting like she was some kind of badass when she probably lacked the strength to wield the damn thing.
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:44 No.17810400
    Oh my god what is happening how does anything work WHY WON'T THE MUSIC STOP I JUST WANT TO LISTEN TO MUSIC FROM MY ANIMES
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:44 No.17810407
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:46 No.17810429
         File1328417217.jpg-(473 KB, 800x966, Paranoia ME Character Creation.jpg)
    473 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:48 No.17810440
         File1328417283.jpg-(735 KB, 800x1006, Paranoia ME rules.jpg)
    735 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:49 No.17810461
         File1328417354.jpg-(447 KB, 800x931, Paranoia ME random tables.jpg)
    447 KB
    >> Fireman Prime 02/04/12(Sat)23:59 No.17810589
    So, wait, what edition are we playing with?
    >> Anonymous 02/04/12(Sat)23:59 No.17810600
    I want in. What do I do to join after I download. Do I just go into client and find GM's IP?
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)00:02 No.17810630

    I love you GM
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)00:11 No.17810750
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)00:13 No.17810779
    What's the flippin password?
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)00:14 No.17810803

    Read the readme
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)00:19 No.17810898
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)00:20 No.17810910
    >Enter your player number
    >> Farg-U-MAN 02/05/12(Sun)00:23 No.17810954
    Ok, what the fuck is going on? I'm not getting any response from anyone. Kinda confused?
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)00:24 No.17810967
    I think you're disconnected from the group

    I'm Jazz and I don't see your posts
    >> Fireman Prime 02/05/12(Sun)00:26 No.17810997
         File1328419608.jpg-(28 KB, 681x590, LA_LOL.jpg)
    28 KB
    Jazz-RRR-1 shouts, "Aarrugh... Arruuaaugaaaaaaara!"
    >Jazz-RRR-1 looks at everyone, assuming you understood what he said as spittle falls out of his gaping mouth
    I'm not even playing and this is fucking hilarious.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)00:26 No.17810999
    GM here, posting a log for all to see.

    Captcha: rules antrieri
    No captcha, I don't know the rules to this game. Damn if I'm trying, though.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)00:31 No.17811067
    The Computer: GET TO LIVE.
    Jazz-RRR-1: "Raaaugh"
    The Computer: SILENCE.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)00:31 No.17811068
    >I could start from nearly any distance and close that distance before she could take her backpack off, take the wrench out, and get it swinging, making it a pointless weapon and her an attention whore.
    >Always acting like she was some kind of badass when she probably lacked the strength to wield the damn thing.

    Mormon That Guy confirmed
    >> Fireman Prime 02/05/12(Sun)00:32 No.17811076
         File1328419940.gif-(106 KB, 85x85, laughing_puppets_dream_emulato(...).gif)
    106 KB
    Beat me to it.
    Paranoia: Best learned together, with the GM the craziest of the group.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)00:33 No.17811088
    Nory here. Just saying, I love you fucking guys.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)00:34 No.17811103
    Jazz here. I don't know what's happening at all.

    That said, I'm probably going to stay like this/keep my inability to talk for the rest of the game.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)00:35 No.17811128
         File1328420132.png-(605 KB, 1600x954, Doctor Boo.png)
    605 KB
    I remember this game, it was awesome.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)00:35 No.17811132
    Please do. My laughing bone is broken thanks to you.
    >> Farg 02/05/12(Sun)00:36 No.17811134
    The fuck is goign on here? I can't talk to anybody?
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)00:38 No.17811174
    --- Farg-U-MAN-1 has left ---
    Farg-U-MAN-1: *shits in the corner*
    * Farg-U-MAN-1 shits in the corner *
    --- Farg-U-MAN-1 has joined ---

    >> Farg 02/05/12(Sun)00:38 No.17811185
    >enter your player number

    What should I put in?
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)00:41 No.17811228
    The Computer: GOD, DAMN.
    Va-NEY-2 says, "Sorry computer"
    The Computer: NO DON'T EVEN SAY SORRY
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)00:45 No.17811283
    Farg-U-MAN-1 says, "Very well! The traitors are...!'"
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)00:46 No.17811306
         File1328420802.jpg-(289 KB, 994x768, 1304951599642.jpg)
    289 KB
    Paranoia: Space Station 13 in an office complex. My game group and I have played for of this game than DnD. We have actually drawn crowds around our table at the FLGS as we've played.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)00:48 No.17811327
    Farg-U-MAN-1 has kicked the synthe-bucket.
    Farg-U-MAN-2 says, "What was I doing?'"
    Farg-U-MAN-2 has passed away.
    * Farg-U-MAN-3 sceeams *
    Farg-U-MAN-3 has eaten his last Hot Fun.
    * Farg-U-MAN-4 weeps *

    Guys I am almost screaming
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)00:48 No.17811333
    I fucking love you guys.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)00:51 No.17811381
    Farg-U-MAN-6 has shuffled off this mortal sector.
    Farg-U-MAN-7 has passed away.
    * Farg-U-MAN-8 faps *
    The Computer: Whoops.
    * Farg-U-MAN-8 keeps goin at it *
    Farg-U-MAN-8 has ceased to show any signs of life.
    * Farg-U-MAN-9 flips off the computer *
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)00:56 No.17811473
    Tell me when you guys start up a new game.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)00:56 No.17811475
    Farg-U-MAN-10 says, "SO logiocally I can not fail again!;'"
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)00:56 No.17811484
    And leave room for a few more players.
    >> GLORIOUS LEADER COMPUTER 02/05/12(Sun)01:05 No.17811641
         File1328421955.jpg-(18 KB, 630x447, map.jpg)
    18 KB
    Here's the map.
    >A million hours in MS-Paint
    captcha: Sufficieny fenetit
    Yes, this is sufficient captcha.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)01:07 No.17811667
    How do you get lost in a place like this HOW DO YOU WALK IN CIRCLES IN A PLACE LIKE THIS
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)01:08 No.17811688
    >> Farg-U-MAN 02/05/12(Sun)01:11 No.17811727
    rolled 4 = 4

    >> Jazz 02/05/12(Sun)01:12 No.17811742
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)01:13 No.17811761

    trouble shooters. More room for action.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)01:13 No.17811767
    What Psychic powers are in this game?

    Can I have a power armor and a katana?
    >> Jazz 02/05/12(Sun)01:13 No.17811770
    rolled 8 = 8

    Let's try that again
    >> Farg-U-MAN 02/05/12(Sun)01:16 No.17811815
    rolled 6 = 6

    Rolla 4 chasm jump!
    >> Farg-U-MAN 02/05/12(Sun)01:19 No.17811861
    Ok, seriuously, this game is awesome, but I can't stay up much more. Totally willing to DM some other night, though. I get off work at 11 tomorrow, so why not a game at 11.30?
    >> Truth 02/05/12(Sun)01:22 No.17811901
    rolled 5 = 5

    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)01:25 No.17811952
    What time zone are you in?
    >> Truth 02/05/12(Sun)01:26 No.17811962
    rolled 9 + 4 = 13

    Not dieing
    >> Farg-U-MAN 02/05/12(Sun)01:27 No.17811986
    >> Anonymous 02/05/12(Sun)01:40 No.17812145
    Dude, what country are you in? If in america what coast?
    >> Farg-U-MAN 02/05/12(Sun)01:44 No.17812197
    rolled 2 = 2

    Rollin rollin rollin
    >> Farg-U-MAN 02/05/12(Sun)01:46 No.17812210
    Central Time, if that means anything. Sorry, still playing.
    >> Farg-U-MAN 02/05/12(Sun)01:52 No.17812304
    rolled 8 = 8

    Anaconda ROLLIN
    >> Farg-U-MAN 02/05/12(Sun)02:01 No.17812411
    rolled 4 = 4

    Rollin for snake-venom sewer dive!
    >> Lancelot !!lQImMYq2XhV 02/05/12(Sun)02:09 No.17812538
    That wwas fun as hell.
    >> Valnu !!Dni7cuvD+i8 02/05/12(Sun)02:13 No.17812589
    Fuckin badass.
    >> Lancelot !!lQImMYq2XhV 02/05/12(Sun)02:14 No.17812607
    When did PirateGuy say he'd run another tomorrow? like, 1.30 est?
    >> PirateGuy !!oLFv6om0C2C 02/05/12(Sun)02:17 No.17812643
         File1328426273.jpg-(89 KB, 400x287, 1314543521697.jpg)
    89 KB
    Look for a thread from 12-1:30 EST
    >> Valnu !!Dni7cuvD+i8 02/05/12(Sun)02:19 No.17812664
    12-1 PM est we return

    Damn, closed log. Dunno.
    >> PirateGuy !!oLFv6om0C2C 02/05/12(Sun)02:25 No.17812713
         File1328426705.png-(141 KB, 371x291, 1325557119313.png)
    141 KB
    Oh awesome, JParanoia has a built-in logging feature! Here are the logs (one has private chat, the other is vanilla log):

    >> Valnu !!Dni7cuvD+i8 02/05/12(Sun)02:28 No.17812746

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