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  • File : 1328058066.jpg-(299 KB, 1759x1884, Transpace_guard_shield2.jpg)
    299 KB Transpace Guard Quest B8: Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/31/12(Tue)20:01 No.17753957  
    On a level of reality just below our own, the Crossover began. A thousand walls between fiction and the Metaworld tore open, releasing the hungry forces of Sue from their cannibalized homes. Metaworld itself- connection between Fiction and Reality, and the result of seven billion human's perception of Reality, was nearly rent apart.

    In the aftermath, with millions dead and cities flattened, the Rifts existed still. The group that had managed the feat of slaying the Sues stepped forward to defend these gates between Meta and Fiction. They knew that the only way to restore stability was to keep to the Canon, as thousands of Meta inhabitants disappeared into the worlds of Fiction, intent on their own agendas.

    The name of these guardians?

    The Transpace Guard.

    There are millions of millions of Canons out there. From video games, to books, to movies, to movies, traditional games, and more. The goal of the Transpace Guard is to ensure that nobody fucks with the story, and that Canon is preserved, so that the Metaverse remains stable, and no great castastrophe happens again.

    Even now, valiant heroes fight to restore stability, from countless bad fanfictions, disastrous crossovers, hostile entities in the Meta, and author-self-inserts known as S.U.E.s.
    But they cannot do this with strength of will alone.

    Men need weapons to fight. Ships to traverse the meta. Troops to fight with. And they always need more money.
    That's where you come in.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/31/12(Tue)20:04 No.17753999
         File1328058259.jpg-(74 KB, 1300x873, lods_of_emone.jpg)
    74 KB
    The players are part of Transpace Guard's Looting division.

    Looting has two jobs.
    #1: Don't fuck up the canon.
    #2: Grab everything you can without violating #1.

    Looters are paid extremely well*. Well, if they're good at their jobs.
    Looters have a budget with which to Rent items, troops, and heroes.
    Looters then receive Dosh as a reward for turning in their loot.
    Get a lot of loot, then you get a lot of Dosh, you pay the Rent, and keep the rest for yourselves.

    The players so far have completed 2 worlds, doing average in their first world, and doing excellent in their second.

    Currently, the players are AT BASE, and OP is writing an INTERLUDE.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/31/12(Tue)20:10 No.17754059
         File1328058613.jpg-(112 KB, 1506x455, bulbs_3red_2on.jpg)
    112 KB
    If you wish to view previous threads, to get caught up on the setting:


    Though, you have the basics of what you need to get involved in the setting listed here.

    Of particular note is one mechanic used in this quest:

    If the players would do something stupid, poorly planned, or otherwise "you really should have known better, with the information you have at hand", then they lose a bulb of COMMON SENSE.
    If the players do something ingenious, wise, observant, smart, outside-the-box, creative, or otherwise displaying a lot of brainpower, they gain a bulb of COMMON SENSE.
    Players can optionally spend 1 bulb of COMMON SENSE deliberately, to gain hints, or a plan of action, that would fit their current situation.
    If you would gain a bulb of COMMON SENSE when your bulbs are already full, you SUPERCHARGE a bulb.
    SUPERCHARGEd bulbs act exactly like normal bulbs, except that if you SUPERCHARGE all bulbs, you may upgrade your COMMON SENSE.

    Currently, your maximum common sense is 5, and you have supercharged 3/5 bulbs. The remaining 2 bulbs are both on.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/31/12(Tue)20:12 No.17754091
    OP has recently woken up, and is sleepy.
    Feel free to bullshit about random things, while I pull up past threads on easymodo.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/31/12(Tue)20:15 No.17754125
    Anyone know when Metaquest OP will resume the main quest?
    >> Anonymous 01/31/12(Tue)20:27 No.17754263
    Didn't he say something about after the first Monday in February?
    So, maybe sometime next week?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/31/12(Tue)20:28 No.17754281
    I seem to be waking up slowly. Is there anything you'd like to ask about the quest, before I headbutt my keyboard until low-quality writefaggotry pops out?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/31/12(Tue)20:42 No.17754432
    Considering how much my Brain isn't working, I shall resume rest for a spell. HOPEFULLY my brain will be active after this, and will be able to output writing.
    Strange. I've been asleep for a good 12 hours today.
    >> Anonymous 01/31/12(Tue)20:45 No.17754476
    Rest well.
    See you in a couple hours (theoretically).
    >> Anonymous 01/31/12(Tue)22:45 No.17755770

    Perhaps it's time to start brainstorming about possibilities for the next session?
    If we have a choice of where to go, where would we want to go, etc...?
    >> Anonymous 01/31/12(Tue)23:02 No.17755962
         File1328068957.gif-(1.27 MB, 240x162, .dad.gif)
    1.27 MB
    Personally i think a better question is what kind of challange do we want? We nearly fucked up our first mission due to a few bad rolls on an easy mission while we simply sythed through black mesa looting like the glorious basturds we are (Goddamn Teleporters are crazy OP). So we're obviously able to handle ourselves when we have overbearing resources and power but are we actually doing all that well? It takes no talent to just beam everything off the surface and leave extra mission tasks flapping in the wind
    We've also just come into an absolutly massive amount of DOSH 3 times what we started with continued
    >> Anonymous 01/31/12(Tue)23:09 No.17756020

    Well, since we've been bumped up a few notches into the Junior-grade Acquisition Crew category, we can probably expect some more esoteric/dangerous acquisitions to start popping up for the assigned missions.

    Instead of going on a free-range looting spree in a universe, we might be called upon to grab some specific for high-profile editor groups. I don't think Requisitions would ask us to steal a mothballed Federation starship quite yet, but we might have to do something along the lines of getting magic artifacts or battle armor. Or perhaps even "loot" an important hero that's about to die in-canon and switch him/her with a convincing body double.
    >> Anonymous 01/31/12(Tue)23:12 No.17756049
         File1328069554.jpg-(108 KB, 525x1216, .I AM NOT A CLEVER MAN.jpg)
    108 KB
    i feel that we can press far more out of our DOSH if we spend it more wisely in our first games we spent it all on magic gear, a hero, and an elite which pretty much tapped out our account. However as shown in our second mission we can aqquire mundane materials for little to no DOSH at all. Obtaining non elite units equipped with more mundane equipment really free's up DOSH for more options. I mean hell we had only what 2 feet on the ground in black mesa, both elites, granted we got the job done but i feel we could had covereed dramaticly more ground, found more men and equipment, completed more objectives if we had more men as opposed to sinking so many points in elites, it may just be a holdback from the main metaquest game in which with our EDITOR FLEET amount of DOSH we can get damn well whatever we want. I just think we can think more tactfully with our resources and deployment
    >> Anonymous 01/31/12(Tue)23:28 No.17756208

    The problem with getting a lot of regular grunts is that they're not as efficient as elites. If we got a lot of grunts instead of our Specter & Ghost, we COULD have split them up, but they would've gotten murderized or used up a ton of medkits.

    I think the key for these missions is to analyze what we're going to do and pick our troops accordingly. We got burned in the first mission because of bad luck, bad planning, and because we may have spent a lot of DOSH on getting a hero unit. We were lucky that Nightcrawler turned out to have a ton of utility with his teleport.

    The OP seemed to choose a similar route with his suggested force; he had one Barney Calhoun backed up with a ton of gear, but even he admitted that he would've had trouble with his own bossfights. By choosing two elite units that could bamboozle most enemies in that canon by cloaking and spamming stunbombs (and had handy utility skills such as computer hacking, psi-lash, EMP, and lockdown) AND had training with superior firearms, we effectively trivialized most of the random encounters in there. For the boss fights, we just got really creative with the teleporter support.

    I think the key here is to pick flexible units that have TONS of utility, but are reasonably tough. If we'd picked Barney or a Battletech battle armor, we probably could've brute-forced our way through Black Mesa's grunts... only to be totally owned by the boss fights (especially the Gargantificulator Electrifcationator and the Tentacle).
    >> Anonymous 01/31/12(Tue)23:29 No.17756218
         File1328070553.jpg-(114 KB, 750x600, .Firepower.jpg)
    114 KB
    I agree on most of what you say
    Except that we actually did complete the vast majority of our assigned tasks even the minor ones but i'll concede that our overbearing elites approach is not exactly conductive to looting large areas such as Black Mesa. At the same time regarding use of elites and DOSH heavy assets.This is METAQUEST A STORY OF METAVERSE ADVENTURE and it won't exactly be going along with the feel of the game if we don't spend a couple DOSH to send a steamtrain full of Jurrasic Park raptors into a guard house instead of 3 or 4 TG soldiers with assualt rifles we lose a little bit of that metaverse feel and the game just becomes TACTICAL OPERATORS OPERATING TACTICLY
    >> Slimy Burglar 01/31/12(Tue)23:31 No.17756250
    This. Ignore anything else I might have said.
    Utility units are best units. Besides, as looters, we need to get loot and get out. Leave the heavy lifting to actual Editor teams.
    >> Anonymous 01/31/12(Tue)23:35 No.17756301
         File1328070948.jpg-(105 KB, 600x250, ...y3.jpg)
    105 KB
    I gotta say though i absolutly love Metaquest and LEWTQUEST one thing that always irks me is how relient we are on teleportation. I completly understand how insanly practical it is but it's always been (incredibly) useful to the point at which the majority of our issues can be solved with the teleporters alone. What i'm miffed at though is not it's prevelance but how how it may be used as a substitute for essentially anything without us paying a massive amount of DOSH as a balancing agent
    Other than that i am absolutly loving this quest it just has some kind of flare the main Metaquest is missing
    >> Anonymous 01/31/12(Tue)23:41 No.17756371
    I wanted more troops for Black Mesa, but our DOSH budget couldn't handle it. We needed nearly everything we picked. The stealth and the shield combined for an excellent defense (pretty sure that shield saved them at least once), and the stun bomber allowed us to steamroll most encounters.

    Ultimately, if we want to be effective we DO have to operate tactically in both planning and conducting our missions. While rushing with a million dinosaurs is cool and all, most of them would have gotten eaten alive by any of the encounters that were at Black Mesa. We can occasionally get away with rule of cool stuff, but we can't base our strategy around it. Otherwise we're just going 'ATTACK!! HUE HUE HUE!!' and hoping for good dice rolls to carry us through a lack of planning.
    >> Anonymous 01/31/12(Tue)23:44 No.17756408
    I think moving down to a smaller scale and being forced to think of different strategies depending on our loadout is a big change of pace. The smaller scale also means our options are more limited, so we have to make the best use possible of what we choose to go with.
    >> Anonymous 01/31/12(Tue)23:45 No.17756417
    And really, that's boring at best and suicidal at worst.
    >> Anonymous 01/31/12(Tue)23:49 No.17756456

    I think the flair is not having Raidah/whoever around to screw things up with OMG GO IN AND SHEWT ERRRYYYYTHIIIING.

    Also, we're pretty much people with a license to be absolute bastards so long as we get tons of loot. That's a pretty sweet gig, and we get plenty of opportunities to exercise our creative muscle since we work with practically jack shit to work miracles (which was VERY frustrating at first, but is now actually really fun).

    It's something very different from being an elite group of editors that get plunged into a dark murky world of politics when we aren't thinking of ways to foil interdimensional horrors that want to lick the insides of our ribcages. Or dealing with dumb posters who think the only way to go about things is to attack it from the front. Or dealing with the endless requisition talk. And in case you were wondering, no, we're still not getting Zero. Stop talking about it.

    TG Bootleg quest is like playing a fusion of Portal/Thief/Recettear (with the L4D2 victory music and tallying sound effects playing every time we calculate our DOSH hauls) after first playing a fusion of every epic adventure/sim/RTS game ever. Both are good in their ways, and they're also very different from each other.

    After what we've been through in this quest, imagine the shit we'll be able to pull off with our existing assets in TG Meta quest. We could abuse so much shit with the advanced Federation teleporters we have right now, and we could pretty much scry EVERYTHING with our elite Aurors + Tosh's voodoo + advanced sensor suites on our starships.
    >> Anonymous 01/31/12(Tue)23:50 No.17756472
         File1328071838.gif-(243 KB, 600x450, Skyranger.gif)
    243 KB
    Lotta good discussion for so few posts
    while i do see where >>17755962
    is coming from with balancing our budget and making every DOSH count and saying our specialization is a weakness on larger missions >>17756208 raises a great counter point
    I belive a nice balance can be attained betweent the two depending on mission parameters. We need high utility units which can get jobs done more efficently than bumbling mooks quickly and quietly but at the same time more boots on the ground secures our loot much faster. As well as presents us with far more common sense challanges that would allow us to charge our bulbs and impove our command sense (or of course die horrible horrible deaths for the glory of the RNG gods)
    ALSO!! Our only transport is a single skyranger not capable of orbital or steller flight, extremely visble and quite limited space we might want to upgrade our vessel. The Al'Kesh has served us extremly well on our main quest. Infact Stargate has a metric shitload of great low DOSH shit

    Hmm i wouldn't mind looting a goa'uldworld one bit
    >> Anonymous 01/31/12(Tue)23:55 No.17756533
         File1328072157.png-(149 KB, 882x667, .easy mode.png)
    149 KB
    >> we could pretty much scry EVERYTHING with our elite Aurors + Tosh's voodoo + advanced sensor suites on our starships.
    So easy modo it hurts my god
    it just kinda takes the fun out of it really, though it is a much more efficent method of finding solutions i feel it really dulls the experiance of the game in a sense; it removes conflict, and what the fuck is a story without conflict?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)00:01 No.17756592
    >>it removes conflict, and what the fuck is a story without conflict?
    This isn't a story though; it's a quest. Story means fuckall if we don't win. The easier it is for us the better.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)00:03 No.17756614
    Dude! No! That is not the right way to approach a fucking quest we do not need another That Guy in our crew
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)00:07 No.17756664
    Right now I'm wondering if in the main quest we can use a combination of gear purchases / making it ourselves, and special training sessions to upgrade the utility of our troops.
    EX: Delta Green forces are good at Marksmanship and Stealth, along with Fighting Eldritch Horrors. We could invest in force shields for them to raise their Survivability, equipping them with good Intel gear (like the HRV, and rings of Detect Life) would make them capable of seeing and reacting to threats faster, we could also buy them Omni Tools and give them some Engineering training for general building / modifying stuff on the fly...

    Just an example of course, but the idea of having at least a couple of squads of general purpose units that we can depend on appeals to me. Right now we have tons of specialist units, and that can make planning and using them effectively difficult due to the sheer numbers we are acquiring.

    On the plus side, we've been investing in R&D / Manufacturing so that is less to keep track of mid-mission, and they can likely build some stuff for the other troops (technowizard force shields should be possible, for example).
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)00:08 No.17756672

    Well, we could probably steamroll any of the Bootleg TG quest missions we've done so far with our current loadout on TG meta quest. The Grognard? Port in KI, have Tosh MINDBLAST everything while we use stun phasers to subdue anything else. Black Mesa? Well... pretty much what we did in Bootleg Quest, but with more protection.

    But in TG Meta Quest, we actually NEED that 15k+ worth of DOSH to survive. No matter how creative we got, we probably could not scry the true nature of Ebon Night before the showdown at Antarctica. We tried to do that with our poor observer, and it blew up. Just as Bootleg Quest presents an appropriate challenge for a crew of potentially brilliant/stupid looters, Meta Quest presents us with limits and challenges appropriate to an editor group. We're still dealing with problems that require creativity and finesse, but now we have systems to take care of the little things. We're also concerned with preserving canons and dealing with SUEs, which requires a different sort of finesse than looting everything while avoiding possible conflict does.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)00:08 No.17756674
         File1328072906.jpg-(57 KB, 456x360, 1236738442088.jpg)
    57 KB
    Damnable OP why do you keep me waiting another day? My body yearns for another glorious adventure
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)00:11 No.17756718
    We have these tools, and you are saying we shouldn't use them...?
    AND calling someone a That Guy because they ARE willing to use them?
    Hmm... I must disagree with your opinion on what we should be doing in the quest.

    In the Main Quest we actually weren't able to use all of our tools because the Ebon Night is a dick / was playing smart with the mists. Blocked off a lot of scrying and info gathering from afar, blocked the wonderful teleporter, etc.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 02/01/12(Wed)00:12 No.17756739
    Where did the original quest Op go?
    >> Fireman Prime 02/01/12(Wed)00:13 No.17756756
         File1328073239.png-(49 KB, 961x559, get_dat_fukken_disk.png)
    49 KB
    Interjecting to support the over-use of intelligence gathering to increase mission success, due to the fact that we won't need smarts where we're going.
    Sleeping after a long, tiring trek involving a semi-truck being on fire. It's a long story he hasn't told me yet.

    >Looters In Action
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)00:14 No.17756764

    MetaQuest OP is back from his trip, but I think he's communicating with Bootleg Quest OP to figure out how to transition from this to our regularly scheduled quest.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)00:15 No.17756781
    He went to Chicago, I believe.

    Yeah, in the main quest, the foes are powerful enough that if we go in blind we get slapped down like a whack-a-mole.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 02/01/12(Wed)00:16 No.17756791
    I mean the original MetaQuest poster. Is that who you meant?
    >> Fireman Prime 02/01/12(Wed)00:17 No.17756805
         File1328073453.jpg-(136 KB, 800x700, 1324243191924.jpg)
    136 KB
    Yep. Went on a trip to Chicago, took a week or so, lots of snow and traffic and shit (I should know, I live there). He's back in action and should be starting tomorrow if I'm not mistaken after e-mail communication.
    >> Not completely retarded 02/01/12(Wed)00:19 No.17756824
    Using our common sense isn't a bad thing, if we have a resource available we should make the best use of it we can.

    Also, maybe we should write up a set of "handy tricks with x" pamphlets, to explain to newbies how to make the best use of known resources, like teleporters, cloaks, holoemitters, local terrain, ect.

    My attempt at a teleporter cheat sheet coming up...
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)00:23 No.17756853
    Sleep is ... often a necessity.
    And, honestly, if I'm going to sleep this randomly, I probably shouldn't schedule threads in the first place!
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)00:25 No.17756881
    Really, we need to have more than one person capable of using Aurors to their full extent. I think we just have one right now, and it isn't me. They're incredibly versatile and powerful, but you have to know how to use them...
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)00:27 No.17756903
    For instance.
    I go to sleep at 9pm.
    Wake up at 1am.
    Go to sleep at 3am.
    Wake up at 12 midday.
    Ha ha time for quest.jpg
    Feel really tired, go back to sleep at 12:30pm.
    Wake up at 4:30pm.
    That's 17 hours of resting. I think I should see a doctor, because that shit ain't normal.
    >> Fireman Prime 02/01/12(Wed)00:28 No.17756922
    I've gotten better at them thanks to the Mansion., but I don't have enough of their spell list memorized to get the right calls out deep / fast enough for 100% efficient use.
    No that isn't, OP. Unless you're trying to reprogram your sleep cycles to something more like the Uberman Cycle, you might want medical help.
    >> Not completely retarded 02/01/12(Wed)00:31 No.17756957
    A brief introduction to effective teleporter use.

    Welcome, New recruit, to the exciting field of teleportation!
    This guide is intended as a brief introduction, for further information, please contact your local requisitions officer for a list of available reading material.

    The standard 'heavy teleport support' package while versatile, requites line of sight from a sensor package to properly target complex objects accurately, this can be offset by the addition of various longer range sensor systems, but the use of those is beyond the scope of this guide.

    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)00:32 No.17756970
    Med Student here
    Yeah, depending on how long you've been going at it like this, it is definetly worth checking out with a doctor your cycle seems quite out of whack
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)00:32 No.17756971

    I'm pretty sure there's two or more HP fans who know the Aurors inside-out following the main quest.

    The rest of us just need to go over the spell list and remember the potentially useful stuff. Or know a lot of keywords to those spells and use google liberally.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)00:34 No.17757002
    If it has been going on for more than a day, I would see a doctor.
    If it has just been today, then there are at least a couple of other possibilities:
    Your sleep schedule has gotten messed up and your body thinks it needs more rest today (happens to me sometimes. If I don't sleep well one night, the next I might end up needing regular sleep and a nap or two.)
    You could be coming down with a cold and your body needs rest because it's using a ton of resources.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)00:38 No.17757039
         File1328074706.jpg-(53 KB, 286x318, 1239250847720.jpg)
    53 KB
    wait, didn't we teleport multiple large targets from deep inside the black mesa complex without line of sight from our hovering skyrange-
    >> Not completely retarded 02/01/12(Wed)00:43 No.17757088
    Handy tricks for teleporter use.

    Digging shafts:
    Using the teleporter to create shafts is a easy way to extend the line of sight needed, granting teleporter access to underground and walled in areas. If you have a map of the location, you can approximate a rooms location and use this technique to allow easy access.

    Creating walls, cover and other structures:
    By teleporting a sturdy material (rock, metal, ect) our of a larger chunk (the ground, industrial storage, ect)
    you can form boxes, walls, columns, scaffolds, cover, and other shapes to corral, capture, protect, or reinforce a target

    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)00:43 No.17757090
    Typically, I'd sleep for 4 hours or so, wake up, derp around for 2 hours, go back to sleep for another 6 hours, dream for a few hours, then arise.
    The dreaming can typically be skipped.

    My dreams are particularily vivid, and they last for a long time. A single 3-hour dream is common.
    Today? That's AT LEAST 7 hours of dreaming, and I can tell you what happened.

    >Shortly before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, a force of changelings appear, and summon an imaginary army, to retrieve a device which can amplify the user's imagination.
    >I send my glorious-yet-derpy author self insert to retrieve it.
    >Turns out, the reason it's so heavily guarded by the military, is that the Sphere from Event Horizon is with it. You know, the one that makes your dreams reality?
    >Author self-insert receives loot: [Imagination Device]
    >S.U.E. Changeling appears with japanese airforce, triggering the start of Pearl Harbor.
    >I have the goddamn Event Horizon sphere.
    >I make the S.U.E. Beautiful ... and summon scores, WAVES of fat, unwashed Otaku to harass her.
    >For a brief moment, she doubts, and loses faith in herself
    >Artillery blows her to pieces.
    >Wake up
    "Ha Ha time for quest.jpg"
    "fuck I'm tired"
    "Ha Ha time for sleep.jpg"

    And they are often like that.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)00:44 No.17757098
    Our "USAF Chinook" transmitted its IFF codes from X-com.
    They worked.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)00:51 No.17757176
    >Personally i think a better question is what kind of challange do we want?
    That is exactly the question you must ask yourself.
    In the next canned mission, there is less than 425 DOSH of loot total. If you spend all 850 of your DOSH, you will come out with a loss, as you lose 50% of the DOSH on anything you buy, and send back safely (both to encourage conservative behaviour in looter teams, AND to provide insurance against getting your shit kill'd)
    Thus, you must choose exactly how much DOSH to spend on the mission.

    That's what I meant by "out of Junior league". After one big Major Haul, you would have so much Dosh that it is practically infinite.
    >> Not completely retarded 02/01/12(Wed)00:53 No.17757191
    Disabling systems:
    By teleporting away an essential component of a system (an antenna cable, a guidance fin, a transfomer) or teleporting in an obstruction (to block a pipe or jam a mechanical system) you can quickly disable systems from a distance, making sabotage easier.

    Removal and of obstacles:
    Just teleport the barrier away.

    By teleporting in water or other fluid, you can often drown or incapacitate targets, or interfere with electrical systems.

    Heated materials::
    By teleporting in a dangerous substance, such as lava, or molten metal, you can harm a target or obstruct an area.

    By teleporting in burning materials or teleporting out atmosphere in a sealed area, you can suffocate a target. Poinson gas and irritants are also often effective.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)00:55 No.17757204
    As for why you fucked up the first mission:
    It's entirely because you went in with 0 preparation.
    Everyone needs a fallback plan, a safe place for insertion, and to gather intel. You had none of these. So you went in, ran out of bulbs, and the RNG told you to go fuck yourself.

    You didn't have overbearing resources and power in Black Mesa. You had teleport support, stealth, two good intel-gathering devices, an uberweapon, and intelligent use of abilities.
    Let's say your ghost walks out into a hallway, he gets surrounded by vorts and flanked.
    100 -> 40 -> 20 -> 1 -> dead.
    Then, your spectre forgets what teleport support does, and her answer to "how do you cross this environmental hazard" is "Jump over it":
    dice rolls a 20, she falls in and dies. Fission mailed, good game.

    You had Enough resources, and you used them properly.
    >> Slimy Burglar 02/01/12(Wed)00:55 No.17757210
    ~400 DOSH possible?
    In that case, I suggest stay below 300 DOSH in expenses. At least that way, we'll profit even if we skip optional objectives, get bad rolls, or otherwise fuck up.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)00:58 No.17757229
         File1328075888.jpg-(518 KB, 1000x679, BMRF_helipad_Osprey.jpg)
    518 KB
    If we headed out at the last possible moments that mean we would have been flying within the airspace of black mesa during the orginal inception of HECU forces on Black Mesa which was not limited to V22-Osprey VOTL aircraft, AH-64 Apache gunships, and multiple F-16's(which are faster than the skyranger and deadlier) Which would be followed by those xen mantas whose beams would tear through our utterly unarmed skyranger like a chrisslyid through a room full of panicked rookies. Luckily invading HECU troops had no emplaced AA weapons. But hopefully we looted a couple powered vests from those HECU's just slightly weaker HEV suits.
    Really i'm just suprised OP let up get off so easily in regards to the skyranger seeing as he doesn't pull his punches as much as MetaOP (Just started reading on sup/tg/ yesterday otherwise i would have commented during the game)
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)01:03 No.17757261
    >Well, since we've been bumped up a few notches into the Junior-grade Acquisition Crew category, we can probably expect some more esoteric/dangerous acquisitions to start popping up for the assigned missions.
    No, the "Crossover happened" missions aren't here, yet.
    >I don't think Requisitions would ask us to steal a mothballed Federation starship quite yet,
    It'd certainly be within your power to do so at the moment, and if you want to try to 'jack a starship, I'd send you a mission about it.
    I'll tell you now that you'd only get 100 DOSH for the ship, crew intact, so you'd need to figure out a way to hijack it for less than 200 DOSH if you wish to turn a profit.
    > Or perhaps even "loot" an important hero that's about to die in-canon and switch him/her with a convincing body double.
    Standard procedure in looting Heroes who are about to die is to bring across a Soul Gem, get a 3-d picture of them, and take a kilogram of their flesh for analysis.
    You may also loot them while alive, and put down a physical copy of their body, but it is more risky.
    For instance. You may enter a Mega Man world, shortly before Zero goes berserk and kills everyone. You could then loot Wily, Light, Bass, Mega Man, Roll, and potentially any other robots you deem appropriate (OTHER THAN ZERO, X, PROTOMAN AND AUTO). You'd easily get 25 for Wily and Light, 20 for Bass and Roll, and 30 for Mega.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)01:03 No.17757267
    did not remember >>17757098
    thanks, otherwise we'd have been royally fucked
    >> Slimy Burglar 02/01/12(Wed)01:06 No.17757287
    Note taken: Always save room in the budget for Soul Gems.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)01:07 No.17757300
         File1328076457.jpg-(15 KB, 386x338, .birdylove.jpg)
    15 KB
    >>Standard procedure in looting Heroes who are about to die is to bring across a Soul Gem, get a 3-d picture of them, and take a kilogram of their flesh for analysis.
    >>Kilo of flesh
    shit do we still have Eli's leg? because i think we just found a way to populate our soon to be science labs. Clone Vats here we come
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)01:08 No.17757304
    Of particular interest would be Flash man, Bright man, and Centaur man - 15 Each. Or their weapons, for 12.5 Each.
    Eli has 1 SOUL.
    You cannot replicate SOULs.
    >> Not completely retarded 02/01/12(Wed)01:09 No.17757312
    Field resupply:
    You can use a teleporter to give and take things from operatives, allowing them to carry a lighter load, return loot they collect faster, and quickly send objects to them, stopping them from needing a bulky pack or dangerous bag of holding.

    Bettlefeild alteration:
    You can provide your troops cover and remove the cover of foes. Teleporting armed explosives, stun bombs, flashbangs, or animals can help turn a battle to your favor.

    I'm going to stop here, i don't want to clutter up the thread.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)01:12 No.17757340
    No clones? not even "HORRIBLE ABOMINATIONS OF SCIENCE?!" sense
    Maybe some arms coming out of the heads? Feet coming out of the sides?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)01:13 No.17757355
    Some Looter crews like to use a small group of extremely well-equipped heroes.
    Some Looter crews like to use well-equipped tactical teams, often with Tactical AI support, and go after many targets at once.
    Some Looter crews will take 5 DOSH soldiers, stack Aura and "affects all friendlies" items, and stage a massive zerg rush.
    Some Looters will instead take the crappiest 2 DOSH troops, and send them in one-in-a-hundred quests to to capture items worth 200 DOSH. After all, this is how heroes are made.
    All of these have proved effective in the past.

    One tactic that HASN'T proven effective, is to take your favourite characters, and spend your mission time chatting with them and trying to flirt with them, instead of focusing on your job.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)01:14 No.17757361
    OP do we still have all those zombies we captured (why didn't we use them to distract HECU then stun my god people)
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)01:14 No.17757362
    You appear to have accidentally stumbled out an airlock. How clumsy of you.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)01:15 No.17757376
    0 DOSH items were not included in loot tally.
    But rest assured, you sold the Zombies to Storage.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)01:19 No.17757399
    >and because we may have spent a lot of DOSH on getting a hero unit. We were lucky that Nightcrawler turned out to have a ton of utility with his teleport.
    Nightcrawler was a good choice, in my opinion.

    You may request Jurassic Raptors, tame, for 4 DOSH each. They can open doors, and optionally have firearms attached to their sides.
    You may request Jurassic Raptors, wild, for 2 DOSH each. They can open doors, and are equipped with Shock collars that you can use to re-capture them.
    You may request the Nanosaur for 30 DOSH. He comes with his jetpack, all weapons except his nuke, and his double jump.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)01:27 No.17757459
    >I think the flair is not having Raidah/whoever around to screw things up with OMG GO IN AND SHEWT ERRRYYYYTHIIIING.
    I think I saw Kali talking to him. I'm not sure why. I can't find him any more. Kali just says it's a secret, and smiles.
    >Also, we're pretty much people with a license to be absolute bastards so long as we get tons of loot.
    Best part of the job, brother.
    >And in case you were wondering, no, we're still not getting Zero. Stop talking about it.
    You may get Zero + Soul Gem + Angst for 80 DOSH. You must retreive his Soul Gem if he dies, or else you are fired.
    You may get Zero + Soul Gem for 90 DOSH. Again, same spiel.

    If anything, it's a fusion of Thief, Recettear, and The Even More Incredible Machine.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)01:32 No.17757514
    What makes you think I'm gone? I'm just waiting until the quest starts.
    >> Slimy Burglar 02/01/12(Wed)01:33 No.17757528
    So, what are we up against this time, OP?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)01:33 No.17757531
    >Hmm i wouldn't mind looting a goa'uldworld one bit
    Bootleg OP unfortunately has FUCK ALL knowledge of Stargate, and you cannot attempt this.
    >it removes conflict, and what the fuck is a story without conflict?
    In this quest, if you did it without conflict, you spent too much money on your troops, spend less money.
    In the main quest, if you did it without conflict, you were smart. Hooray!

    Is it THAT GUY? I disagree; grinding easy encounters for loot is a right of the players, and it's up to the DM to disagree with it, not the players.

    >Well, we could probably steamroll any of the Bootleg TG quest missions we've done so far with our current loadout on TG meta quest.
    I guarantee that you would have failed the first mission. I specifically set it up so that zerg rush gogo fails the mission. Specifically, it kills 6 of the 8 girls.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)01:38 No.17757576
    >So, what are we up against this time, OP?
    OP deploying writefaggotry.
    Apparently Metaquest starts tomorrow, so I'm not sending you on another mission.

    But if I WERE sending you on a mission, your three options would be:
    #1. Sailor Moon Fanon.
    Sailor Mercury has told us of a fetid hive of S.U.E. scum, a place where SM fan characters congregate.
    We'll be moving in to burn the lot of 'em, but there may be one or two that AREN'T complete overpowered self-insert pieces of shit. If you can find reasonable fan-made characters, you may loot them.
    #2. Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri.
    Getting the upper tier of the Tech Tree from Alpha Centauri has proven to be a hassle for us. You are to go in, extract whatever tech you can, and get out.
    Note that if you are followed by Canon forces, your ship will be destroyed before it reaches base.
    The Canon here is unstable. Refrain from as many changes to the world as you can.
    #3. Dungeon Crawl.
    Our Farseer division has informed us that there will be no negative consequences of picking up the Orb of Zot.
    We have located a Dungeon Crawl canon where the player died to a man with a Scythe in a yellow robe on the first few floors. Your task is to get dat fukken orb.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)01:39 No.17757584
         File1328078359.jpg-(96 KB, 720x540, .despairofawantingheart.jpg)
    96 KB
    >>no possiblity of Stargate
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)01:42 No.17757618
    3 missions.
    One talky,
    One stealthy,
    One meatgrindery.

    For LOW difficulty, they are rated at:
    SM Fanon: 50 DOSH
    SMAC: 400 DOSH
    Stone Soup: 250 DOSH
    For HIGH difficulty, they are rated at:
    SM: 35 DOSH
    SMAC: 250 DOSH
    Stone Soup: 150 DOSH
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)01:42 No.17757622
    >Dungeon Crawl

    The Alpha Centauri one is also great. I hope we can do either of those soon.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)01:44 No.17757642
    Tomorrow, there will be Metaquest OP, so you will not be doing them tomorrow.
    But you may choose a mission now.

    Additionally, you may choose any canon you damn well want, as long as OP knows it well enough to run it. Your objectives will be Freeform.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)01:44 No.17757644

    >Zerg rush doesn't work

    Yeah, I figured that would've been the case. Would've it been caused by the concept that closing into melee combat with SPEES MEHREENS is probably lethal to people who aren't genetically engineered weapons? Or did the Grognard actually have something up his sleeve in case of an invasion?

    Speaking of Kali, how's the summarization of the characters coming along, OP? Will we get to see it before we start the next mission? Just curious about it, I don't mind if we have to wait a bit to see how it plays out.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)01:46 No.17757662
    >Would've it been caused by the concept that closing into melee combat with SPEES MEHREENS is probably lethal to people who aren't genetically engineered weapons?
    Yes, very much so.

    >Speaking of Kali, how's the summarization of the characters coming along, OP?
    That'll be up as soon as I'm done replying to the people in this thread and playing some Tribes: Ascend!

    My Author-self-insert-avatar managed to loot a +Creativity plot item in my dream. Even if it's a placebo effect, I GOT DAT FUKKEN LOOT and I will use it.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)01:49 No.17757691
         File1328078963.png-(76 KB, 294x241, .yot.png)
    76 KB
    >>#1. Sailor Moon Fanon.
    Good idea to increase our reputation
    but no really incentive loot wise
    >>#2. Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri.
    TOO MUCH PHAT LEWT how will we contain ourselves
    >>#3. Dungeon Crawl.
    Crazy amount of loot, massive amounts of rare fantasy monsters and the orb of zot itself too bad the dungeon is a goddamned meatgrider. We might need alot of additional troops this would be a case where elites would get bogged down/instakilled/eatenbyacidanuses/
    in anycase XOM WILL BE PLEASED getting RED or BLU is recommended. Get engie to build progressive teles down as a i doubt our porters can reach 70-80 levels down. Hey we may even be able to recruit Sigmund
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)01:50 No.17757704
         File1328079052.jpg-(39 KB, 837x656, ._sparks_just as planned.jpg)
    39 KB
    Dungeon Crawl
    My God yes
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)01:51 No.17757707
    Just a note:
    If you go down Dungeon Crawl, you choice of worshipped god is already locked in.
    Free bulb if you guess who.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)01:53 No.17757737
         File1328079211.jpg-(68 KB, 930x555, JESUS CHRIST.jpg)
    68 KB
    oh no
    no no no no
    >> Rynex !3KCroq6wAA 02/01/12(Wed)01:56 No.17757767
    Hi guys.

    I saved the list of stuff that costs DOSH. Look em up.

    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)01:56 No.17757770
    What is Xom, Op?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)01:56 No.17757778
    No! Guess again.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)01:59 No.17757838
         File1328079595.jpg-(92 KB, 590x443, Watson.jpg)
    92 KB
    What is Nemelex Xobeh
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)02:00 No.17757843

    >SM fanon

    While this may seem like a canon devoid of useful material, it may be a potential source of reasonably well-tempered and balanced personnel. It would also be a good chance to work out our diplomatic muscles.

    But since it's rated at 50 DOSH for low difficulty, there's probably not much in the way of turning a profit here, unless there are copious amounts of secrets hiding in the depths of this contaminated canon. Like discovering Cybermen stealthily and sneakily grabbing bystanders from dark alleyways and such during the chaos of the Editors' SUE purge. Or a certain lich from Horrorworld got thrown through a rift and is secretly gathering power in that universe, encouraging the gathering of SUEs so that he'll have plenty of cover for his reality-distorting ascension schemes.

    >Alpha Centauri

    Researchgasm and SCIENCE! abound. Infiltration/diplomacy mission. We're probably infiltrating the University to gather their secrets secretly, then get outta there. This is probably pretty difficult (400 DOSH balanced), as we're attempting to infiltrate a faction that's probably used to that sort of thing and has plenty of stringent security measures in place. Even though they probably post stuff like how to build your own antimatter reactor on their version of wikipedia.


    No idea. Seems like a diablo-style scenario, only with less grimdarkness atmosphere. Going to need intelligent combat/stealth/utility choices.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)02:00 No.17757849
    No! One more try.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)02:06 No.17757912
         File1328079960.jpg-(37 KB, 250x339, 250px-Kali_lithograph.jpg)
    37 KB
    Good grief you suck at guessing games, go sit in the corner, no bulb for you.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)02:06 No.17757920
    Can someone go and compile the How-To-Science/Gear guides into a pastebin?

    Because teleporting in ozone and lava are infinitely useful.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)02:07 No.17757931
    Primarily action
    Primarily Social/stealth (like their stuff isn't better than ours)
    >Dungeon Crawl
    All action expect to loose alot of men, elites and heros will die like children in well...a dungeon full of horrors beyond horrors
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)02:08 No.17757936
    Getting too cocky with the DOSH we have will lead us back to the Editors problem where we have so much that we don't put to good use.

    Speaking of which, main quest planning, anyone? On IRC or here?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)02:13 No.17757987
    So, Okawaru? he is the war god, after all.
    In before Kali as our goddess despite not even being part of the Dungeon Crawl canon.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)02:15 No.17758011
    I think it's a tossup between SMAC and SM.
    >> MetaQuest OP 02/01/12(Wed)02:16 No.17758020
    One thing I need to know in the main quest.

    Did you comply with Holtz's request to turn over the SUE in a tube for his lab boys to study or did you keep it? If given, you will receive additional funding next round.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)02:19 No.17758049
         File1328080784.jpg-(93 KB, 1506x455, bulbs_rrryw.jpg)
    93 KB
    ... You type "in before", while quoting a post, that you are IN AFTER, and STILL don't know, after I posted a picture.
    I'm removing a bulb for that, because it's monumentally retarded.
    >> Slimy Burglar 02/01/12(Wed)02:19 No.17758051
    If we can get respawning troops, meatgrinder missions become much less threatening.

    Also, we have the advantages of modern/scifi technology and knowledge of what general opponents we're up against.

    If I may suggest a recruit for the DCSS mission, let's get a minecrafter. The Pastebin dump at
    if still accurate, states that a minecrafter would cost 35 DOSH. He could tunnel around and/or wall in overly powerful foes, dig pit traps, set up blocky staircases, and generally make the pre-existing map layout into a joke.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)02:22 No.17758082
    He's very fragile and doesn't respawn, though.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)02:24 No.17758105
    We were studying it while at the base, and were giving it back to him while done. Did anyone actually have us do research on her, because if we didn't, that was extremely retarded of us.
    >> Slimy Burglar 02/01/12(Wed)02:26 No.17758120
    I'm voting for DCSS here.
    The SM canon seems like a job for Editors, not Looters, and the SMAC job seems like a mission where one shit roll from the RNG could wipe our entire ground force.
    >> MetaQuest OP 02/01/12(Wed)02:27 No.17758125
    OK, so you studied it while at the base, but left it there when it was time to move out, effectively handing it to Holtz, yes?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)02:28 No.17758144
    I'm checking the archives to be sure, but that's what we told him. We asked to research it while still at base, and he said "No prob" as long as we don't bring it out to the field with us again due to it's rarity.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)02:30 No.17758158
         File1328081406.jpg-(1 KB, 250x224, .BLUEPOSTFAG.jpg)
    1 KB
    actually a mine crafter would be a fantastic addition to this mission as long as he is protected and well fed(he'll regen) he'll do just fine, we could even just get him an iron sword and armor as well to up his ATK and DEF if he must defend himself. He can create and block off path entirly almost at will barring lack of supplies. I mean hell for ever 3 rocks he breaks he can make 3 pickaxes and give them to other of our mooks it'll be like a nice stripmining exploration but instead of gold or coal its demons,dragons and massive pits of acid.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)02:32 No.17758174

    Found it. You told us we weren't allowed to bring it along on missions, so we must have left it at base after completing S.U.E.rem level1.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)02:35 No.17758196
    Seems like you want the DCSS mission!

    Protips for Kali's power:

    A brush with death, Piety**:
    Deals damage to target non-undead, non-demonic enemy. Damage dealt is based on Invok skill and Piety.
    A walk with death, Piety****:
    Summons the ghost of a dead unit, friendly or enemy, to fight for you for a period of time. Period of time based on Invok skill.
    A dance with death, Piety******:
    Applies the "Death's Door" effect to any number of friendly targets, duration based on Invok skill.
    (Death's Door: You don't die, but when this effect ends, you got 1hp)

    Kali appreciates killing of Undead and Demons, and the deaths of Friendly troops.
    Kali does not appreciate you kidnapping elves as sex slaves.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)02:36 No.17758206
    What about those sexy female dwarves?
    >> underpower !!9Y83v1DtrYp 02/01/12(Wed)02:36 No.17758211
         File1328081805.jpg-(67 KB, 608x493, 1315272562104.jpg)
    67 KB
    how much for TMAR auto grenade launcher with varied loadout? thinking frag, incendiary, poison.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)02:38 No.17758229
    How much for a Warcraft 3 paladin?
    Bubble would be very useful in Stone Soup.
    >> Slimy Burglar 02/01/12(Wed)02:38 No.17758234
    That only matters if he gets into combat. He's a solid support unit and his skills are perfectly fitted to the environment. Besides, we could drop a few extra DOSH for armor and restorative items, right?

    Also, if we run the DCSS job, I suggest having a way to cast Identify spells, so we know which items should be handled with extreme caution and which can simply be thrown into a sack.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)02:40 No.17758244
    Identify Spellbook from Nethack. Same style magic, and can be cast repeatably. Far more useful than the scrolls of Identify from DCSS.
    >> underpower !!9Y83v1DtrYp 02/01/12(Wed)02:40 No.17758245
    dammit, thought of it after post. how much for a mage dovahkiin
    >> MetaQuest OP 02/01/12(Wed)02:41 No.17758257
    Ah, thanks. Sorry for interrupting, everyone.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)02:42 No.17758260
    No prob. See ya at the normal quest. Keep a fire extinguisher handy.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)02:42 No.17758263
    How was I supposed to know that we would be using a non canon god? Wouldn't that cause a fuckton of instabilities?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)02:45 No.17758292
    Also, what would be the penance for switching to another god?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)02:47 No.17758304

    Rules are here. >>17758196
    She doesn't let us switch, that's what happens.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)02:48 No.17758320
    This is still utterly retarded. I say to skip Kali altogether and go with the canon gods, as it is supposed to be.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)02:49 No.17758324
    Not to mention that removing a bulb because of an unexpected curveball is completely unfair.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)02:51 No.17758345

    Unexpected curveball? You dense motherfucker. HE HAD A PICTURE OF KALI UNDER "YOU SUCK AT GUESSING!" >>17757912
    >> Slimy Burglar 02/01/12(Wed)02:52 No.17758355
    Fuck yes. That shouldn't run too much DOSH. I suggest we grab a utility/defensive spellcaster to handle it.

    For offense, I suggest that we use Ghosts/Spectres again, unless gun use would fuck up the canon. Given that OP stated in
    the player is dead already, I don't think guns would be too problematic.

    We could use some meat shield/melee units, as well as some offensive magic. Any suggestions?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)02:54 No.17758374
    I didn't even consider Kali as a valid option. And as such went for the most similar canon god.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)02:55 No.17758390
    Sieg Hart from Rave Master would work. He's a decent caster and has common sense. When faced with fighting 1000 mages, he stole a magic absorbing sword and beat the shit out of them with it.

    We could also try to find a Negi from Negima that's on the cheaper side, probably from a Chao wins scenario. He'd beable to use most the Magic from Stone Soup with how good he is at creating and using rare and unknown magic.
    >> underpower !!9Y83v1DtrYp 02/01/12(Wed)02:55 No.17758391
    ... skyrim mage with conjuration - raise dead to serve you, summon allies... nothing overpowered, should be cheap
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)03:01 No.17758446
    Funny enough, if the teleporter still works, we could probably do this with the same set of people and items (hopefully we'd get a discount). Grab a decent caster and a couple more items (better shields, bag of holding) and we got ourselves some fun.
    >> Slimy Burglar 02/01/12(Wed)03:05 No.17758483
    Can we have less bickering over gods and more bickering over troops? Please?

    Here's my partial troop and supply list:

    Minecrafter - 35 DOSH
    Terran Ghosts, 2 - 25 DOSH each, 50 DOSH total
    Dark Templar - 30 DOSH

    Detect Life 120ft ring, 4 - 4 DOSH, according to the Pastebin file.
    Cloak and Dagger, 1 - 3 DOSH, according to the Pastebin file, goes to the minecrafter to give him some stealth.

    Total DOSH cost: 134 DOSH.

    Still gives us the ability to get more if desired.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)03:06 No.17758494
    Not until i have a proper explanation from Bootleg OP.
    >> Slimy Burglar 02/01/12(Wed)03:09 No.17758515
    Hmm. Interesting suggestion, though squishiness could be an issue. Definitely something to consider.
    I know precisely jack and shit about that series, so I'll take your word for it.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)03:10 No.17758528
    >how much for TMAR auto grenade launcher with varied loadout? thinking frag, incendiary, poison
    8 DOSH. 6 DOSH for a single grenade loadout.

    >How much for a Warcraft 3 paladin?
    50 DOSH. Comes with Sobi mask.

    >Besides, we could drop a few extra DOSH for armor and restorative items, right?
    The respawning minecrafter is 50 DOSH.

    >Identify Spellbook from Nethack
    3 DOSH. You need someone who is at least Basic in divination magic to cast it, though.

    >Sieg Hart from Rave Master
    >Negi from Negima
    Give me an overview of their powers and position in their plot, and I'll give you a cost.

    >... skyrim mage with conjuration - raise dead to serve you, summon allies... nothing overpowered, should be cheap
    I am only familiar with Oblivion.
    Oblivion Conjuration Mage, 15 DOSH. Is afflicted with NPC retardation.
    Oblivion Player Character, 90 DOSH. The extra 25 is for making the PC behave.
    >> Slimy Burglar 02/01/12(Wed)03:12 No.17758549
    We already know what our mission is from these posts:
    We don't know the DOSH values of certain units being discussed or whether the Pastebin file is still accurate, but that seems to be it. Am I missing something here? If so, stop me now before I do something foolish.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)03:12 No.17758550
    >The respawning minecrafter is 50 DOSH.
    And non-respawning?
    >> Slimy Burglar 02/01/12(Wed)03:17 No.17758583
    Non-respawning is 35 DOSH, according to the Pastebin file from earlier in the thread. Personally, I'd drop the extra DOSH to get respawn.
    3 DOSH for the spellbook? That's definitely worth it, in my opinion.
    As for the conjurers, 90 DOSH for a PC caster is too rich for my blood, and a caster with NPC retardation will probably wander into traps and wade into melee.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)03:19 No.17758589
    There is no doubt a Conjurer that isn't so Oblivion.
    Oblivion is SUEtastic, so whipping that PC in line took a lot; he's only 65 DOSH of powerful.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)03:19 No.17758597
    We already have a god who likes us quite a bit due to us giving her the Grognard's journal, so we'll start at higher than normal piety. Now quit bitching before you lose us another lightbulb, and if you don't like it, go fuck yourself.

    Sieg Hart - http://ravemaster.wikia.com/wiki/Sieg_Hart
    He's pretty good at the main element types. Good at making Wards and magic items. He ends up trapped 50 years ago and dies back then after putting warding a grave.

    Negi - http://negima.wikia.com/wiki/Negi_Springfield Probably Festival Arc.
    Great at hand to hand combat, Very quick, Intelligent, perceptive, analytical. Expert spell caster (not yet making own spells yet though) (Wind and Lightning specialist). Able to kiss girls to give them powers. (doesn't yet have artifact that lets him use the powers himself)
    Basically, decent in close range, decent in long range, not godlike yet.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)03:21 No.17758610
    In the other hand, we may lose more light bulbs through canon instabilities, maybe even more than that.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)03:23 No.17758628
    GM Fiat says we start with Kali. He's not going to penalize us for using the powers he specifically picked for her when he assigned us to her.

    If using Kali as a god would cause the universe to implode, we wouldn't have her as our default. Now quit bitching.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)03:24 No.17758635
    Then Bootleg OP clearly lost the last of his own common sense bulbs.
    >> Slimy Burglar 02/01/12(Wed)03:27 No.17758651
    I agree about Oblivion being prime SUE territory. Quick question, though: If we do go for an Oblivion NPC, about what level spells would he be using?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)03:28 No.17758662
    >: If we do go for an Oblivion NPC, about what level spells would he be using?
    100 in their primary field and 50 in side-fields.
    You will need to micromanage them consatntly, as they are fucking retarded, and will (For example) spam level 1 skeleton.
    >> Slimy Burglar 02/01/12(Wed)03:29 No.17758664
    In this canon, the PC is already dead, so it's not like we're really doing much more damage. Now, if you're going to keep complaining, sit this mission out.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)03:30 No.17758675
    How much for a NPC AI mod?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)03:31 No.17758686
    Just what is the problem with wanting things to make sense?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)03:32 No.17758691
    Did you know that the only gods the player can worship in Crawl are the ones with AltarS?
    If there were an Altar to a different god, you could easily worship it.
    In fact, I assume Nethack and DCSS are pretty much God Meeting Areas, given that theres' twenty freakin' 7 in Nethack and at least 12 in DCSS alone.

    As for Kali? well, if you have a GOD on your payroll, you're gonna use her, yes?

    >How much for a NPC AI mod?
    Though requisitions frowns upon replacing people's personalities, hearts, and souls, they are willing to give you a Smart Conjuror for 20 DOSH.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)03:33 No.17758702
    Here's some sense:
    We have a God on payroll.
    The next mission could use a God.
    We send the God we have on payroll to be that useful God.
    Lerpity Doo.
    You seem quite butthurt, and you smell like poo.
    >> Slimy Burglar 02/01/12(Wed)03:33 No.17758707
    Eh, could be worse. Still would prefer somebody different for combat, though, but I don't see any other suggestions.
    I'm betting between 10 and 15 DOSH, but it might be worth it.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)03:35 No.17758720
    You may request a MuWz level 1 for 20 DOSH.
    Or a HeCj for 20 DOSH.
    Or ... well, if it's a Crawl PC class, it's 20 DOSH.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)03:37 No.17758741
    How much for a 100% camo boots and a 100% less casting cost pair of gloves from morrowind?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)03:39 No.17758755
    I will give you a tip for free:
    Getting a Tzeentchian Sorceror would be very useful for invoking Kali's power. as Kali is a god of Change, the powers will overlap well.
    Are those a thing? If they actually exist, I'll sell them to you for 10 DOSH for the Cast-o-gloves and 8 DOSH for the Cam-o-boots.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)03:39 No.17758757
    Two entities can be almost perfect clones yet be still separate entities because they come from different canons. Same for gods.

    So now you're bending how things work at a base level just to hammer in your own Sue. And you're also a vindictive bitch.
    >> Slimy Burglar 02/01/12(Wed)03:41 No.17758773
    Hmm... Speaking of Morrowind, how much would either Ordinators or Redoran warriors cost?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)03:42 No.17758777
    I have never seen a man this butthurt at the idea of a God being able to enter other canons and act as ... a God.

    This isn't Sigil, Xom is not the lady of pain (though he might pretend to be).
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)03:43 No.17758782
    Yeah, you can create your own magical items. Once you get a good enough soul gem, you can easily break the game with some of them.

    Dude. . . If you don't want to play, fuck off. Nobody else seems to have a problem with us using a God that we employ. I'm the guy that accidentally summoned her, and I'm just happy that my roll is helping us now.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)03:43 No.17758785
    Looks like I must into Reading to determine the cost of things!
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)03:45 No.17758799
    The problem part is that we lost a bulb in a really contrived way.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)03:45 No.17758801
    My reasoning is that if Zin (televangelist god of HATES MUTATIONS) hasn't stabbed Jivya (weak god of GIVES MUTATIONS) in his slimy acid ass yet, Gods don't automatically robust each-other with their divine toolboxes on sight.

    It might make for an amusing setting, but it is not this setting.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)03:48 No.17758821
    You lost a bulb for the following reasons:
    When you have a picture of the god we are using, with her name in the image, you somehow guess wrong.
    You "in b4" a post that has already happened, that you KNOW has already happened, because you quoted it.
    It's almost as if you walked in, mashed your face on your keyboard, and it formed sentences and quoted a post without any input from your brain.

    Ordinarily, no. I wouldn't deduct bulbs during the intermission. But your post was so goddamn retarded, I felt it necessary.
    Now go sit in the corner.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)03:48 No.17758824
    We lost a bulb because someone didn't use their fucking common sense.
    >> Slimy Burglar 02/01/12(Wed)03:49 No.17758827
    Hmm, would Psykers taken out of the WH40K canon still be prone to Perils of The Warp?
    Anyway, can we get power/price estimates regarding said Tzeentchian Sorceror(s)?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)03:51 No.17758843
    I saw Kali and I immediately thought Okawaru because that the most similar god in this canon. Because I didn't think that something as retarded as bringing in a god from somewhere else was even an option.
    No, I will not sit in the corner.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)03:55 No.17758868
    That, too.

    I'll give you a choice, since I don't know myself:
    Psykers from WH40k will either:
    A. Invoke the powers they have in 40k, and be prone to perils, or
    B. Invoke the powers of Kali, and not be prone to perils.
    You can choose!
    Tzeentchian Sorceror has a power of ... I'm guessing, AT LEAST 18 Invok, and probably closer to 27 Invok (crawl's max level). They're really goddamn good at their jobs.

    The most similar god is either Yredelemnul, Cheibriados or Xom. She's not a war god, she's a Death, Time, and Change god.

    I honestly don't know WHAT power level to put on the Tzeentch Sorcerer, so I'll go with "40" for now, and if someone wishes to argue otherwise feel free =)
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)03:57 No.17758879
    bootleg just ignore him hes the only one who gives a shit
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)03:59 No.17758890
    I admit that Hindu mythology isn't my strongest part, but everyone was expecting a canon god.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)04:02 No.17758901
    >I admit that Hindu mythology isn't my strongest part, but everyone was expecting a canon god.
    And that, my good sir, is exactly why you DON'T get a canon god.
    There is a box. Thinking outside it earns bulbs. Being stuck in it loses bulbs.
    I mean, shit. If you want Pelor, I'm sure I can rig that up - I'm sure requisitions has a Pelor or two knocking around.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)04:03 No.17758910
    So, any non-insane ebon dragons to worship?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)04:05 No.17758926
    Sometimes you have to avoid doing too extraneous things, like, in this case, worshipping something not from here; thinking outside the box isn't always good. Thankfully there's no one in DCSS that cares about gods except gods and orc priests.
    Still, I demand that light bulb back.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)04:06 No.17758929
    Lol no.

    >Sieg Hart
    I shall grant you a BOOTLEG COPY of Sieg Hart, called Sirt Haeg, for 45 DOSH. It is capable of summoning Lightning, Poison, Fire, and slowing down enemies. However, since I haven't got a single clue about Sieg Hart's personality, Sirt Haeg will have 0 personality and can only be interacted with to give orders to.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)04:10 No.17758948
    >Still, I demand that light bulb back.
    Sure! Let's play a game of Mastermind.
    You familiar with the game?
    There are pegs of 6 different colors pegs: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple.
    I have picked a sequence of 4 of them.
    You make a guess, I tell you how many pegs are the right color in the wrong position, and how many are the right color in the right position.
    If you guess the exact sequence in 8 moves or less, you get a bulb!
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)04:11 No.17758959

    Mastermind solver. Can I earn the bulb before he blows it?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)04:12 No.17758963
    No ffs. >< No mastermind solvers. Legit game only.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)04:16 No.17758979
    Canon SUEs are too dangerous to use in the field. You cannot recruit Negi.

    >Ordinators or Redoran warriors
    I will assume these are well-trained and well-equipped melee fighters. You may have one for 10 DOSH, but they do not respawn.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)04:18 No.17758999
    Would our Oblivion PC have achieved CHIM?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)04:21 No.17759013
    I haven't played in a long time, but, lets go.

    Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)04:34 No.17759070
    What's CHIM?
    Sorry I'm late in replying.
    1 Correct in Correct spot
    2 Correct in wrong spot
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)04:36 No.17759080
         File1328088987.jpg-(4 KB, 528x136, mm_move1.jpg)
    4 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)04:37 No.17759095
    Green Blue Orange Yellow
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)04:39 No.17759106
         File1328089180.jpg-(6 KB, 544x144, mm_move2.jpg)
    6 KB
    1 correct in Correct spot
    2 Correct in wrong spot
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)04:41 No.17759116
    Purple Blue Orange Yellow
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)04:42 No.17759119
    CHIM is enlightenment. CHIM is knowledge of being in a fictional world. CHIM is breaking the fourth wall. CHIM. . . is the ability to use the console.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)04:43 No.17759124
         File1328089416.jpg-(10 KB, 544x248, mm_move3.jpg)
    10 KB
    1 correct in Correct spot
    2 Correct in wrong spot
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)04:45 No.17759140
    Red Green Orange Yellow
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)04:47 No.17759148
         File1328089654.jpg-(6 KB, 292x148, mm_move4.jpg)
    6 KB
    1 Correct in Correct spot
    1 Correct in Wrong spot.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)04:48 No.17759154
    Red Blue Purple Yellow
    I think I got at least the colors.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)04:50 No.17759164
         File1328089811.jpg-(7 KB, 280x192, mm_move5.jpg)
    7 KB
    >Red Blue Purple Yellow
    2 Correct in Wrong spot.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)04:50 No.17759168
    And there is no way you could've determined the colors from your guesses so far.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)04:51 No.17759175
    hes pretty terrible at this
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)04:52 No.17759178
    You want a game after?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)04:54 No.17759190
    I'm guessing we should make a "logic is not his forte" but he's pretty poor at this. Expecially when it's pretty obvious the orange was the correct dot.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)04:54 No.17759191
    thinking about it
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)04:54 No.17759194
    Red Blue Orange Purple
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)04:55 No.17759196
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)04:56 No.17759198
    /facepalm. You do suck at this game.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)04:56 No.17759200
    But it was goddamn obvious, it was the only correct color in correct position and didn't go away until I touched it.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)04:56 No.17759201
         File1328090214.jpg-(8 KB, 344x244, mm_move6.jpg)
    8 KB
    1 Correct spot
    1 Correct, wrong spot.

    And yes I know he fails a logic, that's what I wish to demonstrate here.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)04:58 No.17759217
    If anyone wishes to play against me, my first 3 guesses for your colors are:

    Red Red Blue Blue
    Green Yellow Green Yellow
    Orange Purple Purple Orange
    Regardless of what the responses to the first two questions are.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)04:58 No.17759219
         File1328090314.jpg-(572 KB, 700x989, ccb642d78c6a2f549492da40e5a164(...).jpg)
    572 KB
    Don't mind me, just posting some serious Meta-Criminal. When will the transpace guardian do something ? They are rampant for years, you know.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)05:00 No.17759230
    LOL, you already know the trick to figuring out what colors go in the right spots. Using those three selections, most people can win the game.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)05:00 No.17759231
    not even gonna attempt after reading that

    you know what youre doing
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)05:01 No.17759237
         File1328090492.jpg-(2 KB, 176x248, sadface.jpg)
    2 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)05:02 No.17759244
    well now i feel bad

    but i also laughed
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)05:06 No.17759265
    Dude, you going to finish or leave Bootleg OP hanging? Just wondering cause I have a pretty educated guess on what it is.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)05:07 No.17759271
    Damnit, I really didn't play the game in a long time. I forgot that colors can repeat, thus making the incorrect questions.

    I think I may have the two center colors, but I have two more tries.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)05:07 No.17759274
    You may as well guess.
    You know the Blue and Yellow are correct in wrong spots, the Orange is correct in the right spot, and the Red/Green/Purple are right out.

    You can't determine it exactly from that, but you can make a decent guess.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)05:09 No.17759280
    dont give him the lightbulb even if he wins

    help twice from you and a blatant "this gos here" from another person?doesnt deserve it
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)05:09 No.17759281
    I'm going to guess Yellow, Yellow, Orange, Blue

    I'm >>17759265
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)05:09 No.17759282
    Yellow Yellow Orange Blue
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)05:10 No.17759292
         File1328091036.jpg-(9 KB, 268x248, mm_move7.jpg)
    9 KB
    Usin' them brainmeats son!
    3 correct in correct spots.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)05:12 No.17759299
    Thus leaving the only combination possible
    Blue Yellow Orange Blue
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)05:12 No.17759302
    I don't care anymore, I just want to go to bed without causing a cliffhanger.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)05:13 No.17759310
         File1328091204.jpg-(12 KB, 284x324, mm_move8.jpg)
    12 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)05:13 No.17759312
    The first two can either be Orange, Yellow, or blue.

    In fact, even the last blue isn't locked in totally.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)05:13 No.17759313
    brb aneurism
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)05:16 No.17759328
    possible answers due to the 3rd orange being locked in left
    Blue, yellow, orange, blue
    Yellow, blue, orange, blue
    orange, yellow, orange, blue
    yellow, orange, orange, blue
    Yellow, blue, orange, orange
    Blue, yellow, orange, orange?

    there were too many wasted turns, there was very low chance of winning with what we had.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)05:18 No.17759348
         File1328091521.jpg-(13 KB, 464x368, mm_easymode_move4.jpg)
    13 KB
    Now son, this is how you easymode it.
    You know there's either 1 red, or 1 blue.
    You know there's either 1 green, or 1 yellow.
    You know there's either 2 Orange, 2 Purple, or one of each.
    From there, there are a few ways you can go.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)05:20 No.17759356
    For instance. This would tell you that your choices are narrowed down to Orange, Orange, Blue, Yellow (in various places), Red, Orange, Purple, Yellow (in various places), Green, Orange, Purple, Blue (in various places), or Red, Green, Purple, Purple (in various places).

    So right there you've got your colors.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)05:23 No.17759368
         File1328091804.jpg-(7 KB, 244x232, mm_easymode_move5.jpg)
    7 KB
    I would check for Blues and Yellows at this point, though that may be a waste of a turn, and Orange Blue Orange Blue may be a better choice. Nonetheless, it's one of the ways to narrow down your choices.
    >> Dogstar !!sKGW1u0HNtI 02/01/12(Wed)05:25 No.17759381
    OP as much as I appreciate proving to this moron how little he actually knows this isn't doing much for the quest.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)05:26 No.17759389
    At this point, you know you've got two Oranges in the middle, and Blue and Yellow flanking them.
    You don't know exactly where the Blue and Yellow go, but within 2 guesses, you've got it.

    If you had instead went Orange Blue Orange Blue, you'd get 3 bulbs, which tells you for a fact you've got 2 oranges and a blue. The last one, then, has to be yellow (as green didn't give 3 bulbs in question 4).
    The pattern of green lights tells you where Blue is, and where Orange is, and wins in 6.

    So yes, OBOB was the better choice.

    It's after 4am, the quest is complete for the day.
    I'm just goofin' about.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)05:27 No.17759394
    >You don't know exactly where the Blue and Yellow go, but within 2 guesses, you've got it.
    Derp, question 1 shows you exactly where the blue is.
    So either way wins in 6.

    Heh. I wouldn't worry too much.
    I still need to writefag up some tales from the Base, and Metaquest Op will be here later today, so no DCSS yet.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)05:28 No.17759397
    It's an intermission day anyway. We were talking about possible loadouts for DCSS. Then we were having fun watching that guy dig himself into a hole. Hell, I've never played the game before, and it was easy to do a quick google on rules and strategies to always win.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)05:29 No.17759404
    Can't beat good ol' RRBB GYGY OPPO and logic from there.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)05:37 No.17759454
    And the loadout has been pretty much been already decided, everyone is happy, except no-sense retard, but he doesn't matter.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)05:43 No.17759492
    It's not fully decided at all, people are just brainstorming stuff that might be cool.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)05:45 No.17759502
    Pretty much same loadout as last time, plus a caster, book of identify, and grenade launcher with variable ammo.

    I think a AI modded NPC would probably be our best choice for our money, but we could possibly go with an auror again, or maybe even a different mage we haven't mentioned yet.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)05:48 No.17759517
    Quick question, would pretty much any spellcaster be able to use DCSS style magic, or should we look for something closer to the cannon style casting?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)05:59 No.17759583
    >Quick question, would pretty much any spellcaster be able to use DCSS style magic
    No. A Vanacian caster would still cast a limited number of spell slots per day.
    A spellcaster that makes use of alchemy potions will still need to do so.
    However, if your spellcasting style is "I turn MP into cool shit", then yes.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)06:01 No.17759589
    I was mostly wondering if spellcasters could learn spells from the tomes we find.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)06:05 No.17759622
    Speaking of casting, we're going to need food. If we go anywhere like game time, we'll be in there for months, so we'll need a good food supply.
    What would be the value of this item?

    Sustaining Spoon
    This unremarkable eating utensil is typically fashioned from horn. If the spoon is placed in an empty container the vessel fills with a thick, pasty gruel. Although this substance has a flavor similar to that of warm, wet cardboard, it is highly nourishing and contains everything necessary to sustain any herbivorous, omnivorous, or carnivorous creature. The spoon can produce sufficient gruel each day to feed up to four humans.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)06:06 No.17759631
    >I was mostly wondering if spellcasters could learn spells from the tomes we find.
    If they have aptitude, and aren't limited in some way based on who they are, then yes.
    E.g. a Sorcerer could learn to cast Mephitic Cloud.

    Give you a Horn of Plenty for 4 DOSH. You invoke it once per hour and it makes a bowl of fruit.
    Unless you specifically want a spoon and not a Horn.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)06:08 No.17759645
    Horn of Plenty would work fine. The sustaining spoon was just the only item I could think of off the top of my head. I'm betting our crew would prefer fruit to cardboard flavored gruel anyway.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)06:16 No.17759679
    There's plenty of food in the dungeon, we just need to go raid the Hive.
    More food than what you need... but for a party of one, I wonder how much that could last for a party of two or more.

    I was thinking about Amulet of the Gourmand, but it may be tooo expensive as you will need to give one to each party member.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)06:30 No.17759745
    If you fully explore one level, it will take roughly 30 minutes to an hour.
    A full clear will require some food, but not NEARLY as much as CrawlProtag consumes.
    Plus, I assume you're going to Dig Down Dungeon Bypass until you reach Zot, unless you wish to loot the other dungeon branches.

    I haven't made a loot table for the shit you can capture, but if you're going to go in stunning Hydras and Dragons and shit, no doubt Requisitions will pay you.
    Oh, and two things:
    #1: Acid is a motherfucker.
    #2. Fire is a motherfucker.
    That is all.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)06:36 No.17759771
    Thankfully Slime Pits can be ignored, or it would have been a tremendous load of pain.

    Do we still have to go get the three minimum runes or we can bypass that?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)06:43 No.17759810
    I'm thinking you need the runes, though I won't put it past creative players bypassing even that.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)06:45 No.17759819
    I'm thinking of very clever rune simulacrums. That or finding were the fuck is Zot actually at.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)06:46 No.17759829
    Both fire and acid count as magical effects, right?

    If that's true, we'll just get a "The Gray Aegis" for each character. That's 100% Magic Resistance shield item from Daggerfall and Oblivion.

    If that doesn't work, we may need to get an acid immunity item.

    Also, just cause I'm curious, How much is a rune worth if we were to carry them in with us?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)06:49 No.17759840
    Fire and Acid are not magical effects in Crawl, though magic resistance to stop Paralysis, your shit getting cursed, confusion, paralysis, more paralysis, etc. is good.

    >How much is a rune worth if we were to carry them in with us?
    I see you're thinking ahead! 50 DOSH to buy each, 25 DOSH to sell each, you must lose 3 to enter Zot.
    The Orb itself is worth a staggering 200 DOSH to sell.

    A "The Gray Aegis"... Sell you one for 8 DOSH each, or I'll sell you 6 +17% MR Enchantments for 1 DOSH each (they cannot act as shields, and you can't stack enchantments)
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)06:56 No.17759871
    How much would a pokemon trainer be worth, and would we be able to pick his pokemon? I have an idea. . .
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)06:58 No.17759886
    Any trainer?
    I'll give you 5 for any random trainer, but the Pokemon you pick are separate.
    To give you an idea: An Elite 4 Tier Pokemon is around 40-60 to buy, a Gym Tier Pokemon is about 30-40. If you want a swarm of level 3 rattata I'll give them to you for 2 each.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)06:59 No.17759891
    Red or Green Mail from Chrono Trigger? Red causes fire to heal you. Green causes acid to heal you.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)06:59 No.17759898
    A Trainer who's gotten all of his badges?
    Maybe 25 DOSH.
    That'll ensure the pokemon obey. As for which pokemon you're bringing?
    I'm going to go and have a wild guess.
    Diglett, Alakazam, Gengar for Digging, Teleports, and immune to normal attacks.

    4 DOSH each, but a person wearing them cannot also wear body armor.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)07:01 No.17759905
    How about a Spiritomb with the Wonderguard ability?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)07:02 No.17759913
    Ha ha son, Hax'd pokemon are far too rare to be given out to Juniors.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)07:04 No.17759916
    And as for Qglitch Pokemon, well ... tearing one pokemon's body and soul apart screaming to be stuffed into the body and soul of another who gets destroyed in the process, while the fabric of reality cracks and splinters around you ...
    I'm not saying that Glitchworlds don't exist.
    I'm also not saying that we never go there.
    And I'm also not saying that we don't loot shit.
    But for the time being, we don't tear reality apart screaming in order to violently force two objects into the same space and see how they resolve. That's more of Black OPs schtick.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)07:05 No.17759922
    I was thinking more along the lines of steal them from the World Trading Center. There are plenty of Hax'd wondertombs on there.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)07:07 No.17759927
    There's Meta, there's Metameta, and then there's Metametameta.
    No Wondertomb4u.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)07:11 No.17759948
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)07:14 No.17759961
    How about Energy Immunity rings from D&D. There's one for each type, and since you can wear two rings, we could get one for acid and one for fire for our agents.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)07:14 No.17759963
    and it was worth a try. . .
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)07:16 No.17759974
    Pokegen/Pokesav would fall into Metametametameta, then? Meta^4?
    And Wondertombs can still be burned or poisoned. Bad choices.

    We're also going to need either a good ranged attacks or a slicing weapon set on fire for the inevitable hydras.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)07:17 No.17759978
         File1328098670.jpg-(31 KB, 452x284, kali_ami.jpg)
    31 KB
    "You can't just KILL them! I know what they're doing is wrong, but there's GOT to be a better way!"
    "Sorry, honey. You said it yourself. Your world is overrun by Sailor Soldiers. FAN MADE Sailor Soldiers. We're going to go in, get your friends out, and turn every single skirt-wearing monstrosity into Ash from orbit."
    "I'm sorry, but you can't talk to a S.U.E.. You can't bargain with them, reason with them, explain them, or even contain them. In order to stop the contamination, you have to DESTROY them. Please wait here until your friends are rescued."

    Ami is distressed, and in deep thought for a while.
    Kali, who had been overhearing the conversation (as gods tend to do), steps in to offer support.

    "Hello, Ami. What seems to be the problem?"
    "Oh! Hello. I was just told that all of the people I've met over the past few weeks, besides my very closest friends, are all going to die in a wave of heat and fire."
    "Ami, you said yourself that these people upset you. Why is it that this troubles you so?"
    "Because, even if they're not good people, they shouldn't die so cruelly."
    "And you think death is a bad thing, Ami?"
    Ami takes one look at who she's talking to, and stutters.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)07:18 No.17759980
    "... Um, sometimes, i-"
    "Ami, listen to me."
    Kali begins a speech.
    "If everyone on the world lived forever, then the old ideas would never go away."
    "Dictators would reign forever. Ideas would never change. Culture would never change. People would never change."
    "The old WOULD NOT give way to the new, and this lack of movement is just another word for boring, terrible stasis."
    "Plus. If Life were not so fragile, how could we appreciate it? We would take it for granted every single day until the Sun went out, and perhaps for many many ages after that."
    "Death opens a space for NEW LIFE, Ami."
    "Just as Winter clears the ground for the blossoms of Spring,"
    "Just as the Night allows us to take in the Dawn,"
    "And just as the crumbling of one kingdom sets up the way for a new kingdom, with new people,"
    "So too does Death pave the way for Life, and the great Cycle continue."
    "Ami. What the man said is RIGHT. These horrible demons take up space in your world, that should be for YOUR story, and YOUR triumphs, and they stand in the way of everything you've worked for."
    "I'm not saying you should enjoy it. But their deaths DO have meaning."
    Ami thinks for a moment.
    After almost 10 minutes, she replies.
    "Just as Winter clears the ground for the blossoms of Spring..."
    "... so too shall the world be cleared for the future."

    >Your SAILOR MERCURY has evolved into SAILOR WINTER.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)07:20 No.17759993
    Got SRD gold cost, and is it small wondrous or artefact or legendary?
    Pokemon is -
    Trading Pokemon on the internet today is Meta.
    Considering hax'd traded Pokemon is Metameta.
    Getting them for this quest is Metametameta.

    For the Hydras: I wouldn't be surprised if you end up taking a crapton of ranged weapons. Or have your Paladin tank it.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)07:21 No.17760005

    Epic level magic rings. I figured the universal imunity ones would be too much to ask for.

    Energy Immunity
    This band continually provides the wearer with immunity to a single type of energy: fire, cold, electricity, acid, or sonic. The wearer takes no damage from the energy of the specific type.

    Caster Level: 20th; Prerequisites: Forge Ring, Forge Epic Ring, protection from energy; Market Price: 240,000 gp. Epic
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)07:22 No.17760006
    Acid is only problematic because lolcorrosion, and it's only common in slimes, the SLime Pits, the Oklob plants and maybe some other things I'm forgetting.
    FUCK the Oklob plants. Although they may earn us some pretty good amount of DOSH if harvested.

    She will be a cold bitch in no time.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)07:23 No.17760010
    Let's just say they're out of your price range.
    (At least 80 DOSH each, and that's the lower end of what I'd give, I was thinking more 110 or so)
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)07:24 No.17760020
    Either way, it's a fun thought exercise to try to figure out methods combining multiple universe's techs and magic.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)07:29 No.17760041
         File1328099345.jpg-(15 KB, 407x277, raz_renamon.jpg)
    15 KB
    "Now, don't worry. You just seem to have picked up some Emotional Baggage based on what you've been through in that Mansion. I've got a doohickey here that'll let me get inside your head and clear it out. So. Whaddya say?"
    Renamon didn't respond.
    "Cmon. Doesn't hurt! I've done it dozens of times."
    "... If I needed some 10 year old brat to get inside my head, I'd still be in the digital world, wouldn't I?"
    "Subject Unco-operative. Initiating alternative measures."
    A levitating hand picked Renamon up and held her.
    "I swear, you little pipsqueak, put me down or I'll-"
    "I'm going in! Cover me!"
    A small door flew forward, and lodged itself in Renamon's forehead. All she could do was growl as Raz lowered his goggles and once again explored a new mind.

    20 minutes later...

    "Heh heh. All done. See? Wasn't so bad, was it?"
    "What's the matter?"
    Renamon walked away and entered her portrait, without saying a word.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)07:33 No.17760060
    'Water Cloak' on Page 91
    Price : 12'000 GP
    Body Slot : Shoulders
    Caster Level : 10th
    Aura : Moderate (DC 18) Conjuration
    Activation : Immediate (Command)

    "This sailcloth cloaks elaborate emboidery evokes the waves of the sea. Within the pattern of the waves, a repeating swirl of thread matches the symbol writhing within the large dark crystal shard that forms the clasp at the neck of the cloak. The cloak appears damp, and the lower edge looks like its been soaked in water."

    Despite its damp appearance, a Water Cloak always feels completely dry to the wearer even in pouring rain. The cloak grants a +5 generic bonus to Reflex saves versus any effect that deals fire damage and allows you to avoid that damage as if you had the 'Evasion' ability. Whenever you make a successful Reflex save versus a fire effect that deals half damage on a successful save you instead take no damage. This is a continuous effect and requires no activation.
    In addition the cloak offers two other activated abilities.
    1.)Extinguish : The cloak extinguishes all nonmagical fires within 30ft of the wearer, this has no effect on magical fire or fire creatures such as elementals. This ability functions 5 times a day and is a standard(command) ability to use.
    2.)Counterfire : The cloak can counter any spell with the fire descriptor (as if you were using Dispel Magic). This ability funtions once per day, attempting to counter a spell that doesnt have a fire descriptor wastes the effect. This ability is useable as an Immediate (command) action.

    Prequisites : Craft Wondrous Item, Planar Binding
    Cost To Create : 6'000 GP

    How about these? They'd probably work for what we need. I'm not to fond of it only working 5 times a day, but we could make due if we try to avoid fire.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)07:36 No.17760070
         File1328099792.jpg-(10 KB, 261x400, roxanne..jpg)
    10 KB
    "Ugh. I'm gonna need a shower. MULTIPLE showers."
    Roxanne looked up at the sky, and down at the ground. She was home, and she had children to tend to.
    "How could I have been so stupid ... to think, someone would do something out of the kindness of their own hearts without trying to get in my pants."
    She grumbled.
    "Could have been worse."
    Roxanne had briefly looked at descriptions of the Canons that neighboured hers.
    Of the Pokemon Tabletop Adventures, which interested her.
    Of the Pokemon Special Manga. Dark in places, but not altogether bad.
    Though one thing in particular stuck in her mind.
    The /vp/.
    Roxanne shuddered.
    "I swear. Some people are sick. Pokemon are FRIENDS, not ... ugh."
    Roxanne was visibly flustered as she sifted through her notes.
    "If any of those assholes come here, they are going to get one GIANT helping of rock slide, and I'll see to it that every other Gym trainer knows about it, too."
    Roxanne maintained her composure and straightened her hair, as her kindergarten class came in.

    "Hello, Children. Today, we'll learn why you should NEVER take candy from strangers."
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)07:37 No.17760075
    6 DOSH each.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)07:38 No.17760081
    I didn't even think that boards could be their own canons. Actually, lets forget what I just said, nothing good can come out of that, especially not "there".
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)07:42 No.17760097
    What's the cost of a lvl 8 druid buff from 3.5 cast before the mission starts?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)07:44 No.17760101
         File1328100259.jpg-(42 KB, 418x344, peach_groupshot.jpg)
    42 KB
    Peach was home.
    Her castle was the way she left it - neat, tidy, safe. Polycount could use some work.
    As usual, Mario was in some faraway land, grabbing stars for some reason. And as usual, Princesses have requirements.
    So, she brought up a cloud, and flew to see her usual partner...
    Peach uttered.
    "Yes, honey, what is it? It's glad to see you're back, but you've visited me 3 times today."
    "Oops. Sorry."
    Peach shrugged.
    "You know, from my time spent at that house, it gave me an idea."
    "How to stop Mario?"
    "No, silly. How about -I- be the one to capture -you- this time?"
    Princess Peach winked, cracked a whip, and smiles at Bowser.
    Bowser just rolled his eyes.
    "I don't need to be rescued by Mario."
    "Oh come on, it'll be fun. And I'll make SURE to take care of Mario."
    "Mario? I've been trying for years. What makes you think you'll do any better than the armies I've sent at him already?"
    "Have you tried ... baking him a cake?"
    Princess Peach smiled, and the camera panned out.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)07:45 No.17760103
    Which specific buff are we talking about?
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)07:46 No.17760110
    Mantle of the Fiery Spirit

    Level: Druid 8, Cleric 9
    Components: V, S, M, XP
    Casting Time: 1 standard action
    Range: Touch
    Target: Creature touched
    Duration: Instantaneous
    Saving Throw: Will negates (harmless)
    Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)

    Mantle of the fiery spirit permanently grants the target the fire subtype.

    Material Component: A burning lump of coal and a fire opal worth 5,000 gp.

    Also, possibly it's opposite, Mantle of the Icy Soul.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)07:48 No.17760118
    Remind me what the fire subtype does?
    I'll give you it for 2 DOSH per person affected, but they must consent to the procedure.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)07:49 No.17760123
    Immunity to fire, +50% vulnrability to Ice.

    Mantle of the Icy Soul does the opposite.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)07:50 No.17760128

    Mantle of the Icy Soul

    ( Frostburn)

    Level: Druid 5, Cleric 6,
    Components: V, S, M, XP,
    Casting Time: 1 standard action
    Range: Touch
    Area: Creature touched
    Duration: Instantaneous
    Saving Throw: Will negates (harmless)
    Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)
    Mantle of the icy soul permanently adds the cold subtype to the targeted creature.
    The skin, hair, and scales of the creature subtly change color to take on an icy blue tint, and its breath does not frost in cold temperatures.
    The recipient of a mantle of the icy soul gains immunity to cold, but has vulnerability to fire, which means that it takes half again as much damage (+50%) as normal from fire regardless of whether a saving throw is allowed, or if it is a success or a failure.
    There is no change to the creature's Challenge Rating or effective character level.
    The effects of this spell can be removed by a limited wish or wish.
    Material Component: A handful of ice or snow that must be pressed to the target's body.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)07:55 No.17760139
         File1328100908.jpg-(94 KB, 540x526, Goldshire.jpg)
    94 KB
    That should be fine.

    Brother Johnathon turned to Brother Marcus, as they walked from Stormwind south along the road.
    "Remind me, again, why we're deployed to this world?"
    Brother Marcus sighed.
    "Demon Incursion. Reality distortions in a town south of the city, believe it to be the work of Slaaneshi Cultists. We're to go in, kill anything that smells like S.U.E. or Heresy, and burn the bodies."
    "Why are we even HERE anyway? Place is crawling with Xenos."
    Various characters had come to look on curiously at the men in powered armor as they slowly walked south along the road.
    "dood wherd u get ur gear"
    "Ignore them, Markus."
    "We're here, because these Xenos make excellent fodder for the grinder. Every life of their spent instead of ours in battle, is one more enemy killed, and one more xeno as well. We're setting up a permanent outpost here; these fools willingly throw themselves into death's claws, and they'll prove useful to us, if nothing else."
    The two came upon the town.
    "Doesn't seem all that dangerous."
    "Let's ask in the Tavern, there's sure to be someone there we can talk to."
    And as the two enter the tavern ...
    The tavern in Goldshire ...
    Their eyes beheld the most foul tribute to Slaanesh either had ever seen.
    The Brothers uttered a battle cry, and charged.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)07:58 No.17760148
    Ah, so she's from Moonglade. . .
    Nice place, as long as you say away from Pornshire, The DeepRam Tram, and Cybermoon.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)08:03 No.17760168
         File1328101387.jpg-(9 KB, 400x356, miscellaneous.jpg)
    9 KB
    Miscellaneous Shorts!

    In The World of Twelve, the Order of the Tofu sat around a campfire.
    Evangelyne turned to Amalia and asked (in French, with subtitles provided):
    "Where have you been gone to for the last few weeks?"
    Amalia replied:
    "Getting laid. You should try it some time."

    On a street in China, Chun-Li was eating noodles. Ryu waved to her, and bid her welcome back.
    "So, where've you been these past few weeks?", Ryu asked.
    "... Doing Laundry. Yes. Laundry." Chun-Li replied.
    "For THREE WEEKS?"
    "... It was a ... lot of Laundry."
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)08:04 No.17760171
    CTRL+C CTRL+V from previous thread will be coming up shortly.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)08:05 No.17760173
    Explains why all Chun-Li was wearing was socks half the time, if you know what I mean.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)08:14 No.17760202
    >dat writefaggotry

    BootlegOP, you're awesome and should feel awesome. I'm going to miss this quest. Might it come back for future Metaquest hiatuses?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)08:35 No.17760287
    >Might it come back for future Metaquest hiatuses?
    Though the player count is always low for offshoots, I'd have to ask Metaquest OP to advertise it.
    I just had a shower. I am now considerably less Beard and considerably less Smelly. Still fat though.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)08:39 No.17760296
         File1328103540.jpg-(32 KB, 450x470, yellow_!s.jpg)
    32 KB
    The floor was utterly packed. People were clipping inside each-other.
    "Dude, Blizz introduces a whole new area, and they still can't fix vanish."
    "Stfu this is awesome"
    "Graphics suck tho"
    "yer, no lens flare, no bloom"
    One by one, and Dozen by dozen, adventurers would hop through a painting to check out their surroundings.
    An inflatable "!" was set up above a noticeboard, and the people gathered around it.
    The lag was enormous, and the sound of people looking for groups could barely be heard over the Toy Train Sets.
    And on the Messageboard, these words appear:
    "Transpace Guard, looking for adventurers. Go to our recruiting office if you wish to join."
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)08:53 No.17760370
         File1328104421.jpg-(41 KB, 661x568, PC_Auror.jpg)
    41 KB
    >From the last thread
    The players were given the option to bullshit with the troops from their first mission. Naturally, they took it.

    "Hi, Auror. How are you holding up here? Getting the hang of the whole Transpace Guard schtick pretty well? By the way, we never asked you your name. Would you mind telling us, or otherwise telling us what we should call you (magic and truenames and all)? It feels really weird to just call you 'Auror' all the time."
    "Also, we're very, truly sorry for subjecting you to the circus that was our first mission. We're happy that you made it out in one piece."

    The Auror replies.
    "Hello, commander. My name? Peter. Peter Perigree. I suppose I'm not really an Auror since I don't work at Hogwarts any more, but I do know many interesting pieces of magic."
    >Every item in the room of value floats slowly towards the Auror
    "Picked that one up recently. It has proven quite useful so far."
    "Oh, that 'circus'? Quite the opposite, lad. Taught me what to do if set upon by nasties. Don't panic, wand up, and try NOT to trust that your superiors know what they're doing."
    He chortles heartily.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)08:55 No.17760379
         File1328104504.jpg-(31 KB, 661x455, PC_Nightcrawler.jpg)
    31 KB
    "Hi Kurt, how are you doing? We're sorry for some piss-poor planning on our part for the first mission. You've proven your worth a thousand times over."
    "I almost dread to ask this, but did you get a chance to speak to Miku? You're a formally trained priest/monk, and you might have been able to dampen the whole death of Benny thing."

    "Vell, aside from being beaten and having Mein Hand reattached, I'd say I'm quite alright. A normal Dienstag, in other vords."
    "Ja, I talked vith ze robot girl. She ist on assignment now, vorking to cheer up ze residents of a farming town after some asshole started abducting zem for body parts."
    "She seems ... unhappy, but maybe she can get lost in her vork. Always seems to work for me."
    "Honestly, I vouldn't know ze first thing about robot Psychology (he pronounces the 'p'), so I just told her I'd talk to her if she needed someone to talk to."
    "She spent most of her time at base singing in the concert hall nierby."
    "As for ze horrible decisions, don't worry. I'm sure I vould have done the same in your position."
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)09:00 No.17760403
         File1328104815.jpg-(16 KB, 377x293, PC_Ami.jpg)
    16 KB
    "Hi. We haven't met, but you may have seen our operatives in the field from your time in the mansion. You know, Peter over there and Mr. Nightcrawler. How are you holding up?"
    "Couldn't help but overhear your conversation with an editor over there. I'm sorry to say that I agree with him. But if it makes you feel any better, those fan-made Sailor Scouts aren't people so much as virtual gods that are intent on using their powers to break all of reality into worshiping them. Sadly, the chances of rehabilitating SUEs or curing them of their madness are almost negligible."

    "You know, I always thought it was kind of strange how many sisters Usagi had. I always figured that Queen Serenity simply got around a whole lot, but your explanation makes sense as well."
    "You're right. Some of our new scouts are outright terrible. Half of them don't even know basic English. I've tried to teach them that Schoolwork was good for you and helps you in life, but they just pelted me with balls of paper."
    "I went back to my house to mope, when I found some cake. Now, cake is good to eat sometimes, and I was feeling a little down, so I took a few bites of it ... and you know the rest."
    "Master? Was a Horrible man, and I'm glad he's been sent to hell. The things he made me do to him - I wish I could get it out of my mind."
    "Now, I know that some of those Scouts are horrible people. They never study, they don't really care for others, and they are CONSTANTLY trying to sleep with Usagi. Or Rini."
    Ami looks visibly angry.
    "But I'm confident that you could just TALK to them, and convince them why what they're doing is wrong."
    Ami sighs.
    "... But I tried. I couldn't."
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)09:01 No.17760410
    "If you're in need of some precision brain bleach, you could ask Mr. Peter Perigree over there if he could conjure up an Obliviate spell for you."

    Ami walks over to the Auror, and politely asks for an Obliviate.
    "Miss Mizuno, I had ... no idea you were affected this badly."
    "Yes, I want that horrible, horrible man gone from my mind."
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)09:06 No.17760430
         File1328105179.jpg-(44 KB, 589x415, TNO_miku.jpg)
    44 KB
    >Hmm. We might want to request TNO to have a chat with Miku, when she gets back from The Terrible Secret of Animal Crossing. The death of Benny seems to weigh heavily on her mind, and the TG sending her out on MORE missions in which she'll see gruesome death will only exacerbate that. If it works, we'll have an untormented/emotionally stronger Miku to return to canon (or for TG to assign to other missions), and maybe the TNO may gain a significant amount of experience (or an attribute point) for rehabilitating an android.

    This was the conversation the two had:


    Before you stands a Robot girl. She seems visibly upset, and in mourning.
    >1. Say Hello
    2. Leave her alone.

    >1. "Hi. Why do you mourn?"
    The girl turns to speak to you.
    "A man is dead, and I helped kill him."

    1. How did he die?
    >2. Why does this upset you?
    3. Oh, ok.

    >2. And why does this upset you?
    "Because that's one more life in the world that will never laugh, never smile, never dance, never feel joy."

    1. I understand. I lost something important to me, too.
    >2. People can bring pain, bring suffering, bring *torment*. Perhaps it is best that they die.
    3. I'm sorry.

    >2. People can bring pain, bring suffering, bring *torment*. Perhaps it is best that they die.
    "That's just the thing! The man was a comedian. An entertainer. He made people laugh, he made them smile. He brought *joy*. And now he's gone."

    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)09:07 No.17760439
    1. I understand.
    >2. So, bringing joy is important to you?
    3. [LIE] Bringing joy is not necessarily a good thing.
    4. [TRUTH] Bringing joy is not necessarily a good thing.

    >2. So, bringing joy is important to you?
    "Yes! That's why I was made. That's why I exist! To bring happiness to people, everywhere."

    >And you count yourself as a person?
    "... yes ..."

    >Then there is a person who is not feeling joy. A person who could do something about it, but *chooses* not to.
    "... A man DIED. I can't stop feeling bad about that."

    >And you find absolutely no joy in this.

    >How did he die?
    "... Well ... he busted into a mansion, running as fast as a car can drive. I shot off his clothes, to scare him into fleeing, but he just kept making laps of the mansion!"

    "... And eventually, Renamon, who had been having a REALLY bad day, stands in front of him and ... and ..."
    The girl sobs.
    "... and kills him. Right there on the spot."

    >Who is this "renamon" of which you speak?
    "... A fox girl. Yellow in color."

    >So, I guess you could say: He died naked, being chased by girls.

    >Kind of a funny way to die.
    "I suppose ..."

    >There is one person to whom you could bring joy right now. You wish to bring people joy. There is some joy to be found here. *Laugh*.
    The girl lets out a small chuckle.

    >2350 XP Gained

    MIKU learned: BLACK HUMOR
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)09:08 No.17760446
    That's it for today, folks!
    I'm Archiving the thread. Be sure to vote if up if you liked it, and if you didn't like it, you can e-mail me at enigmanova@gmail.com and flood my inbox with poorly-phrased insults and gibberish. Or Constructive criticism, if you're into that sort of thing.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)09:11 No.17760462

    If you wanna read more, laugh at how badly we screwed up the first mission, gain a smug sense of superiority by saying "I could have planned it better", or you just enjoy reading the tales of Player Characters letting everything go to shit, check out Suptg's archive for our past threads.

    It's been a blast, and I'll see you whenever Metaquest OP is away. :)
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)11:27 No.17761203
    I've been looking at the different types of energy resistance, and instead of the complex stuff, we could do just as well with a Wand of Resist Energy. If we get one with a high enough caster level, it'd prevent 30 points of damage from the energy type we pick.

    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)13:01 No.17762003
         File1328119278.jpg-(92 KB, 1024x768, deathclaw comp 5.jpg)
    92 KB
    We're going to have to go a bit troop heavier than our other missions i for one suggest Tamed Deathclaws. Insanely durable (ROCKETS TO THE FACE), stupidly choppy (rip open power armor with ease), able to injest and digest rotted and poisonous material, resistant to heat and concussive blasts able to accept and follow orders
    IN FACT could we not recruit intelligent Deathclaws from fallout 2 whom have below average human intelligence(barring Goris of course who has 5-8 INT) and speaking ablility. They also posses incredible metabolic healing capablilities provided they have enough food (CORPSES MOUNTAINS OF ORC CORPSES)
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)13:17 No.17762143
         File1328120229.png-(890 KB, 936x638, fallout deathclaw1.png)
    890 KB
    We're gonna need men, lots of them if we send in two or three spectres we're going to loose them to acid and traps alone. We're gonna want a small group of men to slaughter all oncommers while our mages/scientists identify the shit out of every single pebble per floor to ascertain its possible value. Minecrafter can even harvest rare material floors and walls (Metal, Unnaturally Hard, Crystal walls) hell he can even break down trees for raw materials (which i assume can can bought and stockpiled for very little DOSH
    FUCKING YES! I am all for jive talking quickwitted Deathbros (Stack their absurd stats with some doses of Slasher,Med-x,Psycho,Ultrajet jesus it'll be unstoppable;oh and Mentats for smarty bits)
    Actually mentats aren't a bad idea for the group as a whole for INT buffs
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)13:21 No.17762181
    yes because what we need as an expensive unit to throw away after 10 or so levels we're better off getting more Snikky units to infiltrate to the lower levels
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)13:30 No.17762245
    You have played Dungeon Crawl before right?
    You can't really just spend the whole game sneaking in the shadows without running into metric fucktons of bullshit (curses,traps,crazy powerful monsters) though you can skirt along the walls of large rooms most of DCSS takes place in small halls where simply slipping past is not really an option. I can understand unwillingness to engage targets but that's not really and realistic expectation in the hallowed halls of zot i mean shit we'll be fighting ARCHLICHES, ORB GUARDIAN, Shitloads of DRAGONS and other nonesense
    Hell the ORB OF ZOT even disables most forms of teleportation once obtained and severely weakens all others so we won't be able to port out
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)13:32 No.17762263
    If we get the respawnable minecrafter, we can use him to harvest the dungeon itself. Where the dungeon crawl once was, is a pit of unknowable deepness.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)13:35 No.17762275
         File1328121357.png-(2 KB, 64x64, OrbofFaceFucking.png)
    2 KB
    I mean shit even the crawl wiki notes
    >> "All floors of the dungeon will now begin spawning Abyss- and Pandemonium-type monsters (including Pandemonium lords), at a greatly increased speed, most of which will generate just beyond your field of vision. On top of all that, the Orb itself weighs a hefty 60 aum. Make sure you have the carrying capacity for it beforehand. "
    Jesus christ, we will literally have to fight our way out of a couple dozen levels of hell to break to the surface (Ooh Minecrafter; glorious glorious ladders) after cutting through a small army of these fuckers. We'll need alot of anti-magic/anti-mutation on this journey as well
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)13:59 No.17762458
    Right now I'm leaning towards the following troops:
    Minecrafter guy for dungeon rearranging.
    Mid level Rogue with stealth, and Use Magic Device.
    2x Spectre (we won't need the ghosts lockdown or EMP pulse, the spectres have a psionic attack and their stealth is always on, like Dark Templars).

    Gear we'll want: Stealth item for minecrafter, lesser stealth item for Rogue.
    Wands of :
    Cure Light Wounds (level 1 spell)
    Resist Energy (level 2 spell, maybe with caster level 7)
    Maybe others.

    Also might want a force shield or two to absorb unexpected attacks.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)14:18 No.17762640
    We need a caster more than a rogue. Once we get deeper into the crawl, we'll need firepower instead of stealth. Hopefully we've picked up some good items by then.

    Also, we'll need a few bags of holding. Lot of stuff in there.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)14:34 No.17762785
    I wonder how much a Hero from the Fable Universe would be worth. They cast using MP like we need. They're physically strong, and are also good at stealing everything that isn't nailed down.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)14:55 No.17763084
    Ok guys so the Dungeon of Zot contains 27 Levels base
    Realm of Zot is 5 levels deep; however you require 3 runes of zot minimum to enter the Realm of Zot. There are 15 possible runes spread throughout the possible branches
    The Lair, The Swamp, The Snake Pit, The Shoals, The Slimy Pits, The Vaults(LEWT), The Tomb(Phat LEWT) The Abyss(Kinda Hell) Pandamonium(Almost Hell) which has 4 seperate branches, Actual Hell which has 4 branche (City of Dis, Tarturus,coyctus,ghenna) Ziggarat(Dear god)
    Each branch has inbetween 5-10 levels a piece, we're in for a lengthy, brutal and deadly campaign my friends.
    I for one recommend Gluon Guns for our soldiers equipped with those infinite ammo dealies, while definitly increasing the DOSH cost of the base Gluon we'll have absolutly devestating room clearing weapons caplable of raking a path of of destruction on everything in eyesight a solid investment in my opinion
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)15:04 No.17763199
    Something i need to clear up
    OP you said that currency was utterly worthless to the requistions am i right?
    If so can we not request an enourmous amount of gold so we may purchase whatever we please when we come across shops within the dungeon also
    We need lots of food for our men
    Stops being useful pretty quickly i'm for investing in more firepower and casters
    Absolutly, respawnable and able to craft an incredible amount of useful items. A great investment, hell he can even make stairs where there are none so we can escape without locating stairs. Maybe just make a 1x1 chute from the Dungeon to the Overworld lined with ladders and we're fine.
    My god....cannot resist Deathclaws. but only if we have leftover dosh; i love the idea of an intelligent deathclaw hero unit
    >>Bags of Holding
    Absolutly needed there is faaar too much loot to carry out by hand and the teleporter probably won't penetrate past level 5 or so.
    They've served us well on our stealthy missions but i'd feel more secure with more frontline troops
    >Any means of Identify
    Yes, this is NEEDED! i nominate we grab our Auror friend as well for our many caster needs and for a nice XP boost for him
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)15:09 No.17763264
    They'd probably fair quite well providing they aren't chaotic stupid but we could probably get something for far less DOSH the Player Charactor from Oblivion is for example
    >>" 90 DOSH. The extra 25 is for making the PC behave"

    Also is anyone interested in the aqquistion of proximity mines? they'd be quite useful in the dark halls of the dungeon for picking off sneaking straglers and for when we're being chased by dragons. We'd have to get inhibitor tags for our men of course but i'd assume they'd be cheap DOSH wise as they're not magical in the least
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)15:23 No.17763429
         File1328127809.gif-(397 KB, 1024x768, egonbeam.gif)
    397 KB
    >>Cure Light Wounds (level 1 spell
    We're heading for the Orb of Zot
    not delving a few levels we're going to need serious healing and ways to remove curses (fucking mummies)
    My god that thing is insanely good in half life (can even kill gargantuas) used to put on infinte ammo and just cruise control through the game. It should serve us extremely well
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)15:38 No.17763568
    With only ~400 DOSH of loot possible (not guaranteed) I'd prefer to keep our expenses low.
    We don't need to do a normal dungeon crawl and kill everything / loot everything; we have the capability to skip large portions of the area with the minecrafter alone. He can also build fortifications for us with the very stone he mines away as a path down. This enables us to wall off our ladder down even, to prevent things from sneaking onto it.

    If we run it as a pure dungeon crawl with some extra meta options, we are choosing to play by the rules a normal character in it faces rather than making our own.

    We could invest in a powerful scrying item plus auror to view where the runes we need are.
    A number of D&D spells can benefit us greatly, and I'm going to post them in another few posts with more detail.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)15:43 No.17763620
    400 my ass, it's 200 for the Orb itself. We'll make bank in here.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)15:44 No.17763637
    Floor 1. Accio All Loot. Stick loot in bag of holding. Steve digs hole in floor.
    Floor 2. . . repeat
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)15:45 No.17763649
    >Find the Path
    Level: Brd 6, Clr 6, Drd 6, Knowledge 6, Travel 6
    Components: V, S, F
    Casting Time: 3 rounds
    Range: Personal or touch
    Target: You or creature touched
    Duration: 10 min./level
    Saving Throw: None or Will negates (harmless)
    Spell Resistance: No or Yes (harmless)

    The recipient of this spell can find the shortest, most direct physical route to a specified destination, be it the way into or out of a locale. The locale can be outdoors, underground, or even inside a maze spell. Find the path works with respect to locations, not objects or creatures at a locale. The location must be on the same plane as you are at the time of casting.
    The spell enables the subject to sense the correct direction that will eventually lead it to its destination, indicating at appropriate times the exact path to follow or physical actions to take. For example, the spell enables the subject to sense trip wires or the proper word to bypass a glyph of warding. The spell ends when the destination is reached or the duration expires, whichever comes first. Find the path can be used to remove the subject and its companions from the effect of a maze spell in a single round.
    This divination is keyed to the recipient, not its companions, and its effect does not predict or allow for the actions of creatures (including guardians).
    Focus: A set of divination counters of the sort you favor.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)15:47 No.17763667
    >Clairaudience / Clairvoyance
    Level: Brd 3, Knowledge 3, Sor/Wiz 3
    Components: V, S, F/DF
    Casting Time: 10 minutes
    Range: Long (400 ft. + 40 ft./level)
    Effect: Magical sensor
    Duration: 1 min./level (D)
    Saving Throw: None
    Spell Resistance: No
    Clairaudience/clairvoyance creates an invisible magical sensor at a specific location that enables you to hear or see (your choice) almost as if you were there. You don’t need line of sight or line of effect, but the locale must be known—a place familiar to you or an obvious one. Once you have selected the locale, the sensor doesn’t move, but you can rotate it in all directions to view the area as desired. Unlike other scrying spells, this spell does not allow magically or supernaturally enhanced senses to work through it. If the chosen locale is magically dark, you see nothing. If it is naturally pitch black, you can see in a 10-foot radius around the center of the spell’s effect. Clairaudience/clairvoyance functions only on the plane of existence you are currently occupying.
    Arcane Focus: A small horn (for hearing) or a glass eye (for seeing).
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)15:48 No.17763679
    Level: Clr 2
    Components: V, S, M, F
    Casting Time: 1 minute
    Range: Personal
    Target: You
    Duration: Instantaneous

    An augury can tell you whether a particular action will bring good or bad results for you in the immediate future.

    The base chance for receiving a meaningful reply is 70% + 1% per caster level, to a maximum of 90%; this roll is made secretly. A question may be so straightforward that a successful result is automatic, or so vague as to have no chance of success. If the augury succeeds, you get one of four results:

    * Weal (if the action will probably bring good results).
    * Woe (for bad results).
    * Weal and woe (for both).
    * Nothing (for actions that don’t have especially good or bad results).

    If the spell fails, you get the “nothing” result. A cleric who gets the “nothing” result has no way to tell whether it was the consequence of a failed or successful augury.

    The augury can see into the future only about half an hour, so anything that might happen after that does not affect the result. Thus, the result might not take into account the long-term consequences of a contemplated action. All auguries cast by the same person about the same topic use the same dice result as the first casting.
    Material Component: Incense worth at least 25 gp.
    Focus: A set of marked sticks, bones, or similar tokens of at least 25 gp value.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)15:55 No.17763760
    DOSH amounts are actually in this OP post:

    For LOW difficulty, they are rated at:
    SM Fanon: 50 DOSH
    SMAC: 400 DOSH
    >Stone Soup: 250 DOSH
    For HIGH difficulty, they are rated at:
    SM: 35 DOSH
    SMAC: 250 DOSH
    >Stone Soup: 150 DOSH

    If you're planning on walking out of it with more than 400, I'd think again. It's possible we can find more, but I don't want to overspend with this info being given to us.
    Now, it is possible that the 250 figure is simply average loot and doesn't count the Orb. If so we're looking at about 450 DOSH of loot with a good set up focused on gettin dat orb.
    >> Slimy Burglar 02/01/12(Wed)18:22 No.17765423
    This, A thousand times, this.
    The minecrafter can make the preexisting terrain completely irrelevant, given time.
    Also, I agree that we shouldn't run this like a typical dungeon crawl. We should primarily be focused on gettin dat orb while engaging enemies on OUR terms. That means setting traps, scrying, and avoiding anything that isn't either worth DOSH or guarding something that is. If we play by the canon's rules, we will get killed by the sheer grind of continual combat.
    >> Anonymous 02/01/12(Wed)19:27 No.17766284
    Right now I'm picturing some good scrying gear, the minecrafter, and a couple of heavy hitters to actually collect the loot. While I don't want to run it like a dungeon crawl, I do want a couple of very good fighters to make sure we take down whatever monsters are guarding the Orb. Full sized dragons can fit in the dungeon in most roguelikes, so I imagine we could get some small power armor as a frontline fighter, with a wizard for backup & repair (mending / make whole).
    >> Not completely retarded 02/01/12(Wed)19:52 No.17766596
    I'm not familliar with any of the suggested settings, but for the dungeon crawl style one, a minecrafter with xray specs and some sort of invisibility could avoid a lot of trouble, but magic traps would be a problem.
    What sorts of mage are good at detecting and disabling traps, curses, and other magic?
    I've seen people mentioning that teleports are likely to be interfered with, so we probably want a way to minimize backtracking, like bags of holding,
    Are any of the monsters in the dungeon worth DOSH?

    Hypothetical method:
    Detect and bypass monsters, traps, ect, tunneling to loot while walling off any passageways to contain monsters.
    Minecrafter: xray specs or similar, bag of holding or equivalent, some sort of cloaking device, diamonds for making tools, wood for making tools,
    (Can we use artificial diamonds with the Minecrafter? if so, we should be able to easily afford diamond tools, given how many canons they can be cheaply made in)
    Mage: Xray specs or similar, cloaking device, a stun grenade launcher like we used last time,

    Horn of plenty, maps, rope, head/chest mounted lights, duct tape, chalk and marker pens, collapsable trolleys, sacks to put loot in
    Assuming we have maps and the like:
    Mage starts by scanning immediate area for magic traps, and watches ahead of the minecrafter for magic traps. when not checking for traps, scrying for loot seems like a good use of his time.

    Minecrafter starts by collecting materials, then digs and walls a shaft from the surface, (preferrably near t allowing easy access to whatever we want, with a ladder or stairs to allow us to get to whatever level we want.) once we have a shaft, digs/builds a safe path to loot, walling off any passageways to block and contain hostiles. Should be using xray specs to watch for danger in his path (lava, acid, monsters)
    There arent any medusas or other monsters with similar powers in this canon, right? (if there are, xray goggles are a bad idea)
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)20:52 No.17767541
    rolled 6 = 6

    Damn sons, you're getting some serious Planning going on here.
    I'll need to read over your Planning and see if I can get appropriate DOSH amounts for the stuff you want.
    I see some people want a stealth-and-bypass approach, some people want a LOOT EVERYHTING approach, and there's everything in between.
    I forgot to roll for COMPLICATIONS.
    Let's roll for COMPLICATIONS.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)20:53 No.17767551
    There will be COMPLICATIONS.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 02/01/12(Wed)21:01 No.17767683
    >Wand of Resist Energy
    Wands that resist 20 points and have 30 charges, lasting for 1 dungeon floor, for 2 DOSH each.
    >Tamed Deathclaw
    35 DOSH.
    > if we send in two or three spectres we're going to loose them to acid and traps alone.
    Perhaps. Would you like to brainstorm people who are good at finding traps? I hear there's a rather nasty trap type in the dungeon that can curse all your shit, send you to the abyss, summon demons, burn your shit, freeze your shit, poison your shit, and make your shit !!GLOW!!.
    >Minecrafter can even harvest rare material floors and walls
    Unnaturally Hard walls cannot be broken by him.
    Also, I'm assuming you're going to bring along a crapton of spare iron pickaxes for him, considering their breaking rate.
    1 DOSH for 5 doses, note that this requires consent of the person taking them.

    >If we get the respawnable minecrafter, we can use him to harvest the dungeon itself.
    Ah, players. When they loot the dungeon, they literally LOOT THE DUNGEON.

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