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  • File : 1327816922.jpg-(592 KB, 1759x1884, Transpace_guard_shield.jpg)
    592 KB Transpace Guard Quest B6: Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)01:02 No.17716944  
    On a level of reality just below our own, the Crossover began. A thousand walls between fiction and the Metaworld tore open, releasing the hungry forces of Sue from their cannibalized homes. Metaworld itself- connection between Fiction and Reality, and the result of seven billion human's perception of Reality, was nearly rent apart.

    In the aftermath, with millions dead and cities flattened, the Rifts existed still. The group that had managed the feat of slaying the Sues stepped forward to defend these gates between Meta and Fiction. They knew that the only way to restore stability was to keep to the Canon, as thousands of Meta inhabitants disappeared into the worlds of Fiction, intent on their own agendas.

    The name of these guardians?

    The Transpace Guard.

    There are millions of millions of Canons out there. From video games, to books, to movies, to movies, traditional games, and more. The goal of the Transpace Guard is to ensure that nobody fucks with the story, and that Canon is preserved, so that the Metaverse remains stable, and no great castastrophe happens again.

    Even now, valiant heroes fight to restore stability, from countless bad fanfictions, disastrous crossovers, hostile entities in the Meta, and author-self-inserts known as S.U.E.s.
    But they cannot do this with strength of will alone.

    Men need weapons to fight. Ships to traverse the meta. Troops to fight with. And they always need more money.
    That's where you come in.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)01:03 No.17716960
    Well okay then OP, but what can I do?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)01:04 No.17716970

    Transpace Guard Requisitions is in charge of handling the ins and outs of weapons, troops, and equipment to the brave operatives who seek to maintain stability and wrest the Canon from the cold, dead hands of those who would harm it.

    Oddly enough, not ALL equipment comes directly from requisitions. "Meta" technology, including reality emitters, transit drives, and rewriter bombs, are produced by Black OPs and Black OPs alone. But for everything else, Requisitions can handle it.

    There are 6 main branches of the Transpace Guard Requisitions. The two we will be dealing with today are:
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)01:05 No.17716983
         File1327817135.jpg-(77 KB, 1366x768, human_resources.jpg)
    77 KB
    Human Resources.

    This is not a nice place to be.
    The goal of requisitions is to take what won't be missed from a Canon, and send it to forces that need it.
    Sometimes, People won't be missed.
    Heroes, Troops, Specialists, Mooks ... all brought here for recruitment. But recruitment isn't always nice.
    By speech, drugs, surgery, magic, brainwashing, false memory implanting, or even outright torture, people here are "Convinced" to work for the Transpace Guard.

    What's more, Human Resources keeps on hand a stack of two useful things:
    Reconstruction units, and Soul gems.
    So when a person dies, so long as their body structure is backed up and their Soul is stored, they can be rebuilt.
    It's standard policy for all people working in Human Resources to wear Soul gems on their bodies,
    and every day, a steady stream of people attempt Suicide, are rebuilt, and are moved immediately into re-education.

    Human Resources is not a nice place.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)01:06 No.17716989
         File1327817178.jpg-(707 KB, 1300x873, looting.jpg)
    707 KB

    Looting has two jobs.
    #1: Don't fuck up the canon.
    #2: Grab everything you can without violating #1.

    The Transpace Guard keeps a list of worlds. Sometimes, you can't get what you need by farming or manufacturing.
    It's the Looters' jobs to get Staff, unique Items, interesting Technology, Blueprints, and anything that looks like it'd be tricky to make, but easy to grab.

    Looters' casualty rates are second only to Storage, because they go into worlds knowing well what they do will break the Law. but as long as it does not break the Canon, then all is well.

    Looters are also paid extremely well*. Well, if they're good at their jobs.
    Looters have a budget with which to Rent items, troops, and heroes.
    Looters then receive Dosh as a reward for turning in their loot.
    Get a lot of loot, then you get a lot of Dosh, you pay the Rent, and keep the rest for yourselves.

    Sound simple? Good.
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)01:06 No.17716993
    you can look for a casserole in the microwaves of the upcoming BREAK ROOMs
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)01:08 No.17717014
         File1327817333.jpg-(174 KB, 1024x768, halflifelogo0329.jpg)
    174 KB
    The players are a Looting team.
    They have been sent to a Half-Life canon, to acquire useful items and staff for Requisitions.

    They were approached by the mysterious G-man instantly upon entering, who informed the players that the G-man has ... friends ... inside Transpace Guard's Human Resouces division.
    The players are specifically to capture Eli and Alyx Vance.
    All other Canon targets should not be tampered with if at all possible.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)01:14 No.17717075
    It's funny because it's true.

    Someone made a bet with our team that we couldn't extract that item from this canon. Not an expensive bet, but one we want to win anyways.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)01:14 No.17717080
    Your loadout is as follows:

    In high atmosphere:
    Heavy teleport support
    Alien Containment unit
    >Contains 1 Gargantua
    >Contains 1 High rank scientist
    Skyranger with meta transit drive

    Inside Black Mesa:

    1 Engineering-specialist Ghost from Starcraft, named Bob.
    He is equipped with:
    A Soliton Radar (basically, a minimap that shows enemies)
    A Moebius Reactor (doubles energy)
    An Omni-tool (an entire toolkit in one item. Can also be used to hack doors)
    A HUD map of black Mesa

    1 Marksman-specialist Spectre from Starcraft, named Alice.
    She is equipped with:
    A Regenerating shield (doubles his HP and recharges over 5 minutes)
    A TMAR Small Launcher (Fires powerful stun bombs, does not run out of ammo or need reloading)
    A HRV (Can view hot objects through walls, such as enemies, generators, and turrets)
    A HUD map of black Mesa (Spectre)

    Additionally, you have the following items ready to be teleported down when needed:
    Clean drinking water,
    Storage boxes for fragile loot,
    Duct tape,
    Two Kel-Tec PLR-16s
    Some Kevlar vests,
    MREs (Rations, but with no +health effect),
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)01:17 No.17717098
         File1327817879.jpg-(17 KB, 300x300, facepalm.jpg)
    17 KB
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)01:18 No.17717099
    The DOSH reward list for objective is as follows:

    Unknown reward for rescuing Eli and Alyx, the G-man said it would be worth your time.

    Xen Crystal: 50 for each Large, 10 for each Small
    Gonarch: 25. There is only one Gonarch.
    Gargantua: 15 each
    High rank scientist: 10 each
    Military assassin: 7.5 each
    Vortigaunt: 5 each

    Scientist: 2.5 each
    Alien aircraft: 2.5 each
    Troop/Guard: 2 each
    Alien grunt: 2 each
    Gluon gun: 2 each
    Bee gun: 1.5 each
    Tank/Helicopter: 1.5 each
    Houndeye: 1 each
    Alien controller: 1 each

    Additionally, the players are to avoid:
    Interfering with Canon in any major way, besides for the G-man's task.
    I.e. Freeman, Kleiner, Barney, Sheppard, and Magnusson are not to be killed or majorly screwed with.

    Those of you who are curious about the Half-life canon, if you have not played the game:
    Black Mesa is a research facility in a desert in New Mexico, covering many square miles. It extends to at least 1km underground in areas.
    Will give you details on some of the Canon's inhabitants.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)01:22 No.17717127
         File1327818128.jpg-(90 KB, 1200x455, bulbs_1red_3on_2.jpg)
    90 KB
    Currently, your Ghost and Spectre are proceeding to the Anomalous Materials lab, where they hope to find Eli and Alyx, and a Small Xen Crystal.
    They are, of course, looting anything in their way that isn't nailed down.

    You have 4 bulbs of COMMON SENSE remaining.
    If the players would take an action that violates COMMON SENSE, a bulb burns out, and the disasterously horrible thing does not happen.
    If the players are particularily smart, wise, observant, aware, thinking outside the box, prepared, creative, and using their brains, you gain a bulb of COMMON SENSE.
    You have 4/4 COMMON SENSE remaining.
    1 Bulb is OVERCHARGED. Earning more bulbs while at 4/4 will OVERCHARGE bulbs, and if you overcharge all of them, you upgrade your common sense.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)01:23 No.17717146
    Additionally, you are to loot DR. MAGNUSSON'S MICROWAVE CASSEROLE from the top floor of Anomalous materials, to earn a 5 DOSH bet.

    Your Ghost and Spectre are ready to move forward, unless someone has some questions.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)01:26 No.17717167
    Alice, Bob. Proceed at will.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)01:27 No.17717178
    rolled 57 = 57

    Alice and Bob proceed into the OFFICE COMPLEX.
    Let us roll randomly to see what they find here!
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)01:28 No.17717188
    I hate to assume anything, so here goes - are we sure that the gargantua will not eat or otherwise harm our scientist, and vice versa?
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)01:29 No.17717202
    yeah, we're good
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)01:29 No.17717204
         File1327818583.jpg-(84 KB, 700x317, Headcrab.jpg)
    84 KB
    Your Ghost reports that there are multiple Living signatures on the radar. They appear to be engaging in combat.
    Your Spectre reports that the Living signatures resemble people, wearing one of these on their heads, and also people without one of these marvelous hats.
    The people without hats are angry at the people with hats, and are shooting guns.
    The people with hats are trying to deliver hugs to those without hats.

    This Alien containment is X-com strength.
    It can hold even Sectopods and Ethereal Commanders.
    That Gargantua ain't going anywhere.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)01:30 No.17717217
    What action do you wish to take with this clearly Hat-related racial violence?
    A. Avoid
    B. Loot everything
    C. Loot only something (if so, what?)
    D. Something else (if so, what?)
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)01:33 No.17717242
    if they're clustered up, say a 15 ft radius, 1 perfectly placed small launcher shot can take all of them down.

    cautiously means with stealth! we need to know how many and how distributed in the next room they are. yes this, no something else?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)01:34 No.17717246
    It is not a room, but a few entire floors.
    To avoid bogging the quest down with "You see a thing. Shoot the thing y/n?" for each thing, I will only provide updates when situations noticably change.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)01:34 No.17717254
    stun everyone, see what we have left, loot any scientists / technicians or others on our list.
    We really don't need headcrab infested people for loot, I think.

    If we've stunned a canon character, teleport them somewhere else if they're supposed to live.

    Once the people have been hit with stun bombs, search through rooms for Loot, Casserole.
    >> Not completely retarded 01/29/12(Sun)01:34 No.17717257
    Shoot stun grenades all around, and once the combatants are stunned, beam them up to the ship for containment.

    Then loot everything
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)01:34 No.17717258
    if we can get everybody with 2 decently placed shots, i say we stun the room and teleport the living loot. otherwise, stun hat clusters.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)01:35 No.17717263
    Oh I see, disregard my stun everything comment then.
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)01:35 No.17717269
    never mind previous, stun them!
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)01:36 No.17717274
    Some zombies are in pairs, most are alone.
    Some humans are in tight groups, most are alone.
    There are many corners here. Firing a small launcher around a narrow corner is risky, but the Ghost and the Spectre both have their rifles.

    Do you want the Ghost and Spectre to try to lethally kill a target if it is too close to stun bomb, or avoid them using stealth and/or running?
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)01:37 No.17717285
    Hmm... if they can't see the spectre, then stunning everything does become a possible solution. noise, chaos and explosions everywhere. Ghost stays back and watches their backs while scanning for changes in the overall situation, spectre takes shots to cover the area with stun bombs.

    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)01:38 No.17717300
    loot table says nothing about headcrabs. headcrab maker, yes, headcrabs, no. i'm down with stealthy lethal, prefer verifying then shooting, but ghost/spectre > others
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)01:40 No.17717309
    and I don't think we can do this for every situation, but the forces here are vulnerable enough to stunning that it becomes an option.

    We could also do a quick check for scientists we want, and avoid the groups if we see none.
    In fact, I vote for that. We don't have all the time in the world, and I want to get those Xen crystals in our containment unit.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)01:40 No.17717312
    rolled 63, 30, 85 = 178

    Let us roll.
    First 1d100 for how the Zombies fare against humans.
    Then 1d100 for how well your troops fare.
    Then 1d100 for ... complications.
    >> Not completely retarded 01/29/12(Sun)01:40 No.17717314
    Stun the zombies and anything engaging in violence against us or something worth DOSH, teleport stunned things to containment, interrogate scientists
    or guards if they arent attacking us

    If target is too close, for zombies, shoot, for scientists and black mesa guards that arent hostile to use run or stealth then stun when possible.
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)01:40 No.17717316
         File1327819225.jpg-(54 KB, 550x550, tac-tics.jpg)
    54 KB
    i think you said it better. agreement!
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)01:41 No.17717321
    I'm going to go ahead and ask something crazy, OP, so bear with me.
    How much DOSH would it be to get all of the Colossi from Shadow of the Colossus? Just asking.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)01:43 No.17717330
    The humans hold their ground for a brief period of time against the zombie advance, but are clearly being overwhelmed as time goes on.

    Your Spectre and Ghost methodically and slowly clear room to room. Humans and Zombies take casualties from infighting, but your Spectre and Ghost are safe.

    With an 85, you find...
    ... Vortigaunts! They teleport in, but have not noticed your forces. What do you wish to do with them?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)01:44 No.17717336
    A Single colossus is 50 DOSH.
    The entire set of ... 8, is it? ... would be 320 DOSH.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)01:45 No.17717344
    Requisitions suggests that if you wish to loot Colossi, you should take some Mind Control devices, and proceed to a Shadow of the Colossus Canon that has been devastated by a crossover, and is slated to be pruned.
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)01:45 No.17717352
    high priority lewt!
    >Considerably more rare than a regular human scientist or soldier, these sentient electricity-and-life-wielding creatures are of use to us.

    we took down a Gargantuas just fine with stunner, how do these guys compare? stay in cover, but not metal cover when firing... dunno. haven't played HL *shame*
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)01:46 No.17717361
    >we took down a Gargantuas just fine with stunner, how do these guys compare?
    They are glass cannons. One of the hardest hitting things in Half-life, but also one of the squishiest.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)01:47 No.17717368
    Spectre starts stun bombing, ghost readies an action to fire an EMP shot at them once they start charging up.

    Vortigaunts are worth 5 DOSH each, putting them on the very tail end of the High Value Targets list.
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)01:48 No.17717376
         File1327819737.gif-(1.49 MB, 264x226, bigbadaboom2.gif)
    1.49 MB
    if others agree...
    let it rain! (stuns)
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)01:49 No.17717378
    rolled 28, 59, 18 = 105

    >> Not completely retarded 01/29/12(Sun)01:50 No.17717384
    They are probably still footsoldiers, so i think we should stun and contain them

    We should also grab any wounded or dying scientists or other humans and have them teleported to a hospital for treatment.

    Also keep an eye out for any loot, maybe we should grab any any computers we go past, they might have useful data on them? (only grab them if doing so wouldnt slow down the team more than a few seconds)
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)01:52 No.17717406
    rolled 100, 59, 29, 4 = 192

    "Call the Shot."
    The Ghost spots targets behind, and watches for flanks. He fires EMPs against a cluster of Vortigaunts.
    Vortigaunts are tricky bastards. He leaves himself open to a flank several times.
    The Spectre moves as a machine. First firing a stun bomb into one group, wheeling around to fire at one trying to flank him, then returning his focus.

    The Vorts take advantage of ...
    ... ... Actually, half of them get caught on terrain geometry.

    Let's see what loot you got.
    #1. Humans (weakened by infighting)
    #2. Zombies (weakened strongly by infighting)
    #3. Vorts
    #4. Mundane loot
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)01:54 No.17717430
    You loot...
    ... 3 High-Ranking Scientists
    ... 3 Scientists
    ... 6 Security guards
    ... 8 Zombies
    ... and 3 Vortigaunts.
    Welp, can't win 'em all.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)01:55 No.17717437
    That 100.
    That 4.
    No Casserole in this room, at least.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)01:56 No.17717445
    You now have:
    >1 Gargantua
    >4 HR Scientists
    >3 Scientists
    >6 Soldiers
    >3 Vortigaunts
    >8 Zombies (these are not part of the loot list, but players may find a creative use for Zombies)

    Alice and Bob are ready to proceed to the next area.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)01:56 No.17717458
    Each HR Scientist is worth 2 vortigaunts anyhow. Not a bad find.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)01:57 No.17717466
    rolled 17 = 17

    Next encounter.

    Low is bad. High is good.
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)01:58 No.17717467
    slow down the military with zombs, perhaps? redeploy via teleport to key points... just a thought, needs discussion.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)01:57 No.17717471
    How many time until the military comes in? We might use the zombies as distraction, especially if teleported behind them.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)01:59 No.17717480
    And it's...
    Feels like I'm looting nothing at all!
    Nothing at all!
    Nothing at all.

    >How many time until the military comes in?
    You estimate that if you move at a brisk pace, they'll be here by the time you reach Anomalous Materials.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)01:59 No.17717483
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)02:00 No.17717493
    I specify: Headcrabs, and Electrical wires / Shaky elevators / Crumbly floors.

    How do you wish to joyously romp through this veritable cornucopia of good times and fortunes?
    >> Not completely retarded 01/29/12(Sun)02:01 No.17717509
    Where are the military guys being commanded from?

    Maybe we can teleport the zombies there as a possibly canon-safe distraction, seeing as aliens from another dimension are appearing all over the place.

    Maybe we could sabotage the millitary to slow them down, giving us more time to loot?
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)02:02 No.17717516
    It's 16, so that would be 640 DOSH.
    Thanks, OP.
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)02:03 No.17717522
         File1327820596.jpg-(56 KB, 750x600, theynever.jpg)
    56 KB
    STUN/shoot EVERYTHING. and keep an eye out on the ceilings too
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)02:04 No.17717532
    >Where are the military guys being commanded from?
    They are typically commanded from military posts across the united states.
    If you mean local command: It is not known exactly where this is. Principally because every command post in the canon, by the time you reach it, is under a state of "About to get dead".
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)02:04 No.17717539
    Stunning isn't how you get past electrical wires, shaky elevators and crumbly floors!
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)02:06 No.17717551
    In fact, teleport some zombies right in the damn middle of the military as soon as they're off vehicles.

    make them proceed with caution, constantly checking their surroundings.

    I think the zombies won't be able to hurt them, but the idea of having an enemy that could appear everywhere should make them a little more hesitant.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)02:06 No.17717560
    rolled 10 = 10

    You will do this!
    Reality distortions are ...
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)02:07 No.17717571
    ... Increased by a very slight amount! Looks like one of those wonderful ammo-delivery-servicemen won't make it to his destination.
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)02:07 No.17717572
    oh. stun/kill everything not us, see if we can get layout info from non-stunned former superscientist, see if tp past hazards feasible
    would prefer asecond opinion
    >> Ragebrew 01/29/12(Sun)02:07 No.17717576
    First: Terminate head crabs with small arms fire from safe distances.

    Second: Examine surroundings for possible stable side path. Air duct, hole in the roof, etc.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)02:09 No.17717593
    >oh. stun/kill everything not us, see if we can get layout info from non-stunned former superscientist, see if tp past hazards feasible
    TP past hazards faesible if Hazards known, and will be done automatically.

    Let's roll.
    1d100 for how well the crabs fight
    1d100 for Alice
    1d100 for Bob
    1d100 for hidden traps
    and 1d100 for ... complications
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)02:09 No.17717598
    rolled 14, 42, 89, 34, 15 = 194

    >implying I didn't just type "noko + ice" or something equally retarded
    >> Not completely retarded 01/29/12(Sun)02:10 No.17717600
    Perhaps we can use the troops thermal sensors to target our teleporters at nearby generators, transformers, and other high voltage things that give off lots of heat, to disable the power to remove electrical hazards.

    we could also just teleport out bits of wall to make doors around hazardous areas.

    maybe our troops should walk a good distance apart, so they don't put any axtra strain on weak floors, and so a collapse won't affect both at once

    if the elevators ate shaky, we can try the teleport ayay doors and elevator cars and rappel down/ teleport away bits of wall at our desired level, teleport into newly created alcove, and teleport across to desired floow, if we need to go up.

    if we see any gaps in the floor blocking our way, just use teleportation to jump across
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)02:11 No.17717615
    EMP blast the area we're about to advance into, then fire more of them ahead on a path, taking time to recharge energy for the ghost. That will disable the electricity, and if any floor area breaks away, we'll know it in advance.
    If there are any significantly broken areas / gaping holes, I'll have to wait and see what the exact shape is. We might try to jump (with rope attached just in case), we could teleport in some dirt from outside to fill a small hole.
    We could even teleport in a long 2x4 and simply place it down and walk across it.

    In fact, we might teleport out a whole bin of them from Home Depot / Lowes. 10' boards ought to suffice.
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)02:13 No.17717625
    i like throwing living non-loot at the military via tp to give us an extra 15 minutes (maybe, all together) rather than leaving them a clear or at least less populated path to follow us
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)02:14 No.17717634
    The Crabs...
    ... They die. Being able to be seen on radar, and through walls, to a tiny creature that has no idea that you are coming and is trapped, leads to a complete massacre.

    Alice seems to get a little too zealous in killing them, and she receives a hat temporarily. (HP 195/200, recharging)
    Bob, meanwhile, charges through a complex ventilation system. A series of "pwip"s are heard, and the ventilation system is now completely clear.

    At one point, the ceiling collapses onto Alice's head. It does minimal damage.

    As a complication:
    ... Some idiot took most of the health packs!

    You would be safe up to an "80" on the traps' score with this plan.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)02:15 No.17717639
    rolled 63, 64 = 127

    Let us roll.
    Mundane loot
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)02:16 No.17717654
    You got...
    18 Crabs
    2 Medkits
    2 Batteries. The Engineering ghost uses these to recharge his reactor.

    Do you wish to use the crabs to slow down the soldiers?
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)02:17 No.17717661
    great idea, doesn't conduct electricity ... except no 2x4s. 4x4 if 10 foot is needed, 4x6 if 8 foot or under
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)02:18 No.17717668
    if no logical protests... yes
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)02:18 No.17717672
    I declare that this day is "national military hat day" and that every soldier gets a free crab hat!
    In short, teleport the crabs or the soldiers, for further slowdowns.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)02:19 No.17717681
    rolled 64 = 64

    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)02:21 No.17717702
    All is well.

    Next up: The SEWER LEVEL.

    It seems that infesting this area are multitudes of Houndeyes and Bullsquids.
    >Houndeye: Runs up to you, charges a sonic attack AoE
    >Bullsquid: Spits acid at you. Can also bite you
    There are many pipes or other narrow linear areas that you must traverse. They have a narrow film of water in them.
    >If you were using the Cloak and dagger, this section would have screwed you
    >You are not. You are safe.

    How will you proceed?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)02:23 No.17717720
    Some of the pipes are too narrow for your troops to walk side by side.
    I assume you want Alice (with her shield and stunbomb) taking point. If you want Bob to take point, tell me.
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)02:24 No.17717725
         File1327821890.jpg-(40 KB, 432x623, image5185_6.jpg)
    40 KB
    stealth! sneak! cloak!
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)02:25 No.17717731
    Do you wish to avoid the Houndeyes as well, or only the Bullsquids?
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)02:25 No.17717733
    I was meant to say "over" instead of "or" but... good work?

    Scan the area.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)02:25 No.17717736
    carefully, with an eye on the sensing devices. Houndseyes are worth 1 DOSH (not a lot, but more than the bullsquid).
    Spectre in lead, as she has the shield, ghost second.
    Make a point of stunning and teleporting at least a few houndeyes. They aren't worth enough to dedicate a lot of time to them though.
    >> Not completely retarded 01/29/12(Sun)02:26 No.17717739
    Use sensors to find living things, use stunbombs liberally.

    Also keep an eye out for barnacles, they're the things that stick to the ceiling with aropelike thing danglinf from them.

    Do we get paid for barnacle? i'm guessing no, and if that's the case, shoot the things
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)02:28 No.17717747
    rolled 28, 18, 42, 49, 77 = 214

    You opt to proceed stealthily, stunning only what Houndeyes are appropriate.

    Dice for:
    Alice, the Pointman.
    Bob, the Ghost
    Something else

    The low roll was "Nothin' but barnacles everywhere tonight". You did not get the low roll.
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)02:28 No.17717748
    i'm not opposed to cherry picking targets of opportunity, but only if commotion isn't going to bring ZERGRUSH on down on us. DOSH is nice, but i'm not a completionist.
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)02:29 No.17717756
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)02:32 No.17717781
    > 28, 18
    Stealthed troops in close quarters attempting to move quickly may lead to accidents, wherein one may trip over the other.
    This does not happen very much, but some of the enemies get free turns.

    Some bullsquids run into a pipe and block your direct passage. Each one is able to spit on your tripping troops.
    A few houndeyes surprise your team. Normally, Houndeyes are incredibly easy to avoid, but ... someone misfired a stun bomb.

    >Alice: 20 STUN, 100/100 0/100
    >Bob: 70/100, 20 STUN

    On the plus side, you find...
    ... 5 Medkits and 5 Batteries!
    Use them now y/n?
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)02:34 No.17717793
    This quest moves fast.

    The dice do not favor us this encounter.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)02:35 No.17717814
    Have the spectre psylash them if they're being annoying. I don't believe these will give us any DOSH.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)02:35 No.17717816
    Roomfuls of "You find a thing. You shoot the thing. You find another thing." Are best done in rapid succession. Plot and Decisions may take time, dice do not.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)02:36 No.17717818
    Yes... unless there is an area nearby we can teleport out of and back into, in which case we can have them recover briefly on the ship.
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)02:36 No.17717822
         File1327822604.jpg-(127 KB, 550x680, teamwork.jpg)
    127 KB
    stun bad! low shield bad! how much to get back to good, what's danger zone for over using medpacks? xcom had 10 stimulant doses per medpack. are we using xcom med kits?
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)02:37 No.17717825
    Yes as long as we don't get too cocky and accidentally let raidah's thinking slip through.

    We're mostly being saved by the sensor equipment (HRV, soliton) and the maps we've prepared for the team in advance.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)02:38 No.17717835
    rolled 14 = 14

    The Spectre did indeed Psilash the first Houndeye. He was out of psi for the second one, which ate Snipes.

    Bob eats 3 Health kits
    Alice eats a Health kit
    Bob eats a battery
    Alice eats 3 batteries

    Bob is now at 100/100 with 5 STUN damage, that he believes he can walk off.
    Alice is now at 100/100 with 5 STUN damage, that she believes she can walk off.
    Alice's shield recharges over time.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)02:40 No.17717850
    rolled 14 = 14

    As you travel up a ramp by aid of teleportation, you see an orange HEV move past at the speed of Bunnyhop.
    You were unable to react to it.
    It sails past, unimpeded.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)02:41 No.17717858
    rolled 79 = 79

    Up next:
    Completely empty corridors.
    Next area!
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)02:42 No.17717878
    So, what happened to the Unreal Tournament/Quake 3 announcer voice?
    We haven't heard it in a while, nor seen anything else from either canon.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)02:44 No.17717889
    Vortigaunts are leading packs of Houndeyes around. They have hunted and killed some Security guards and Scientists.
    The Vortigaunts like to keep the Houndeyes spread out a bit, but still within range to give commands.

    You have Alice, the Spectre, and Bob, the Ghost.
    Their health and shields and Psi are high.
    You are fighting intelligent Vortigaunt enemies with a pack (4) of Houndeyes each.

    Oh, it's here, alright. I've been rolling for it in the background. It's currently fucking about in a completely different area of Black Mesa to you, though.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)02:46 No.17717899
    Vortigaunts can see through Stealth and Invisibility.
    Houndeyes cannot.

    Describe to me which tactics you are using for the Vortigaunts and Houndeyes, and I will enact them as best I can.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)02:46 No.17717900
    How many Vortigaunts?
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)02:46 No.17717903
    >Can sense Life and Electric energy

    Double tap that stun.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)02:47 No.17717913
    Now its when I'd have liked to have brought in a small, stealthy drone or similar. Can't sense life on something that was never alive.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)02:47 No.17717915
    Each hunting pack has 1 Vort and 4 Houndeyes.
    There are 4 packs in total.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)02:48 No.17717919
    Oh wait, the electricity...
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)02:49 No.17717930
    If they can move through stealthily, I vote for that. We want to get to some darn Xen crystals and other goodies.

    If spotted the spectre opens fire with the stunner first, the ghost holds fire until just after a stun bomb hits a group, so he can target unstunned foes nearby.

    I have to hit the sack, so I wish others good luck and common sense on the questing!
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)02:49 No.17717933
         File1327823365.jpg-(59 KB, 540x720, GiTYW.jpg)
    59 KB
    throw a water bottle to distract hounds, stun the V something fierce, clean up from stealth
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)02:49 No.17717934
    >1 Gargantua
    >4 HR Scientists
    >3 Scientists
    >6 Soldiers (Security Guards)
    >3 Vortigaunts
    >4 Houndeyes
    Is your current lootlist.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)02:51 No.17717949
    A small magical construct would work in that case.

    ~sv_cheats 1
    stun the hell out of them and loot.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)02:51 No.17717952
    The Ghost points out that his nonlethal options are limited. Are you willing to allow the ghost to use a lethal option if a Houndeye gets too close to him, or would you rather he retreat?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)02:52 No.17717962
    So, plan:
    Distract hounds
    Stun vort
    Stun hounds

    Is this the plan?
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)02:53 No.17717970
    Feel free, Bob. Your lives are more important than loot, because you being alive lets us get more loot.
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)02:53 No.17717973
    lethal as hell. we're up to 94ish lewt already
    >> Slimy Burglar 01/29/12(Sun)02:54 No.17717980
    Yeah, pretty much this.
    The V is the first target in any event, as the Houndeyes can't hit what they can't see.
    As long as we can take out the V before it can react, we're golden.
    >> Rynex !3KCroq6wAA 01/29/12(Sun)02:54 No.17717987

    Stop making us lose lightbulbs.
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)02:54 No.17717989
    make it a MRE instead of water bottle if there's time!
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)02:55 No.17717997
    I am waiting for player input on the plan. Nobody has seconded it yet, so I assume people are still brainstorming ways to succeed.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)02:56 No.17718007
    Could we turn off the AI using the Console?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)02:56 No.17718009
    Ha Ha No . jpg
    >> Not completely retarded 01/29/12(Sun)02:57 No.17718016
    Try to stun if possible, but if nessicary, shoot to kill.
    Maybe using the teleporter to drop nets on the targets, so they can be stunned?

    Use corners to stop the vortigaunts ranged attack, shooting stun grenades at the corner whenever something comes near, using sensors to track targets?

    Would it be better to just go around this part, using a surface access point to enter another part of the facillity?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)02:58 No.17718027
    rolled 39, 69 = 108

    Let's see if this goes disasterously. If you win anyway, you won't lose a bulb.

    Vorts + Hounds
    Your dudes
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)02:58 No.17718028
    throw partially opened/ holes in MRE (could backfire real easy) or water bottle (easier, but no food smell)

    upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/2e/MRE_No._23_(cropped).jpg looks like some of those bigger bags could be partially opened and thrown safely...
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)02:58 No.17718029
    Could they rig together some type of electrical emitting device up on the ship. We'll teleport it behind the vort distracting it and giving us time to stun.
    >> Slimy Burglar 01/29/12(Sun)02:59 No.17718036
    "Yes, use lethal force if necessary. You can't use lethal force on the VIP targets, but faceless goons can be killed."
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)03:01 No.17718052
    A MRE teleports in behind the Houndeyes as a Net falls on the Vortigaunt.
    The Vortigaunt grumbles.
    The Houndeyes give 0 shits.

    At that point, Alice pops out from around a corner, aiming a stun bomb straight at the Vortigaunt's face.
    The Houndeyes run towards the corner and start charging their sonic attack, and the Specter steps back.
    Bob, with good intentions, applies Bullet to two of the houndeyes, before a second stun bomb captures the rest.
    The Vort, now alone, tries to run.
    A shot to its leg stops it long enough for a final stun bomb to put it down.

    >Loot added: 4 Vorts, 8 Houndeyes

    >1 Gargantua
    >4 HR Scientists
    >3 Scientists
    >6 Soldiers (Security Guards)
    >7 Vortigaunts
    >12 Houndeyes

    Teleporting in random crap to block, or ALMOST block a hallway, is a good way to get Melee enemies to fuck right off, so you can focus on ranged attackers first, from behind superior cover.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)03:03 No.17718059
    Had the Vorts outrolled you, they would have caught you in a flank and dealt some pretty serious damage. But no, you move faster than they do, and the day is yours.

    Remember: You have heavy teleport support that can teleport things IN as well as OUT. Your terrain is malleable. Remember this.
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)03:04 No.17718066
    was gonna ask. *takes notes*
    >> Slimy Burglar 01/29/12(Sun)03:05 No.17718072
         File1327824324.jpg-(27 KB, 544x241, Jersey-Barrier.jpg)
    27 KB
    Thanks for the tip, OP.
    Hey, could we steal some of these to warp in as impromptu cover if needed?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)03:06 No.17718076
    rolled 29 = 29

    Up next:

    There are two targets of opportunity here.
    #1: Dr. Magnusson's Casserole
    #2. Alyx Vance.
    Which of these is your priority?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)03:06 No.17718080
    You already have. You've been jacking shit and teleporting it into lift shafts to troll the military since you got here.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)03:07 No.17718082
    Looks like a good order to me.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)03:07 No.17718083
    Are we even certain that the casserole is around here and not at another lounge? And it's just a bet for 5 DOSH, lets go for Alyx.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)03:08 No.17718098
    >Are we even certain that the casserole is around here and not at another lounge?
    Dr. Magnusson was microwaving his casserole when the resonance cascade started.
    It's been 5 minutes since then.
    That casserole must be nearly done by now...

    Oh, and the military has arrived in force. They won't reach Anomalous Materials by the time you're done looting it, but your next area now have Gundudes.
    >> Not completely retarded 01/29/12(Sun)03:09 No.17718103
    Alyx is far more important, and once we grab her and her dad, the gman might pull out the UT guy and maybe even reward us.

    Casserole is going to get destroyed either way, with the place getting nuked soon.

    Maybe we should see if there are any spare HEV suits around here though, and we need to grab that xen crystal
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)03:09 No.17718104
    That reminds me, does the person we bet have any method of seeing which casserole we take?

    Lets just jack one from some random supermarket, and microwave it.
    >> Slimy Burglar 01/29/12(Sun)03:10 No.17718114
    Agreed, grab Alyx Vance first.
    After all, the doctor will have better things to do than munch casserole in this situation, and it's not like the casserole is likely to sprout legs and run away.
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)03:10 No.17718117
    alyx. if we pass a microwave, we can glance in, but 5 DOSH not a high priority
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)03:10 No.17718121
    Microwaves (normally) have timers, you know
    >> Not completely retarded 01/29/12(Sun)03:11 No.17718131
    Human Resources is going to have every kind of lie detector they can get their hands on, and there are a lot of canons with good ones.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)03:12 No.17718142
    There are indeed 2 spare HEV suits here. Requisitions can make these cheaply, but you may nonetheless loot one if you wish to, say, equip a security guard with it.

    On this floor:
    Unfortunately, the security guards and scientists that aren't plot-relevant are all dead.

    The first thing you go for is Alyx.
    You find her beating the corpse of a headcrab with a pipe.
    Do you wish to talk to her before looting her?
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)03:13 No.17718156
    Loot HEV suits, approach Alyx in a non threatening manner.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)03:13 No.17718158
    "Thank god you're ok Alyx. Your dad sent us to make sure you'd be ok. Lets get you someplace safe"
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)03:14 No.17718163
    "Is my dad OK? I haven't seen him since the walls started shaking."
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)03:14 No.17718169
    by your powers combined, I AM CAPT-

    er, let's do those
    >> Slimy Burglar 01/29/12(Sun)03:14 No.17718170
    A wild Alyx appeared!
    TG Looter Crew used Common Sense!
    Seriously, let's burn a bulb here, unless anyone has a bright idea.
    >> Not completely retarded 01/29/12(Sun)03:15 No.17718173
    We should ask her where her dad is, and for the locations of other loot we want. (crystals, scientists, etc)
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)03:15 No.17718176
    Say yes, given that until now, he is still intact.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)03:15 No.17718177
    Don't worry, he'll be fine. We're going to go get him next and you'll be able to see him soon.

    She's like 10 or so. She doesn't know squat and that'll burn a bulb.
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)03:16 No.17718187
    >> Slimy Burglar 01/29/12(Sun)03:18 No.17718196
    Oh, she's 10? Didn't know that. Proceed with the current plan, then.
    >> Not completely retarded 01/29/12(Sun)03:18 No.17718198
    i think we should ask where he would be, and where other scientists might be hiding.

    Anyone else got an idea?
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)03:18 No.17718203
    Lets just send Alyx to containment, then go search for Eli. And then we still have to find a good excuse for Eli getting amputated.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)03:19 No.17718214
    If we ask her where he is, she'll wonder how he "sent" us.

    We'll go "back" and get him soon, and we'll bring her to safety.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)03:19 No.17718220
         File1327825196.jpg-(229 KB, 814x602, Casserole_my_god.jpg)
    229 KB
    "They don't tell me anything! It's so Secret here! What's really going on here? Why are there aliens everywhere? Where are they coming from, and why are they killing people?"
    >Alyx knows jack and shit
    "My dad works downstairs. Please, you gotta go help him!"
    "I'm so worried. I was gonna look for him myself, but this BIG monster came right at me! I ran away to ... hide."

    >You loot: Alyx
    >You loot: 2 HEV Suits

    By the time you reach the Microwave, you see:
    A clean, empty microwave, and NOT what's depicted here.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)03:22 No.17718236
    Some canons have two divergent options, especially in video games.
    Was Revan an asshole, or a good guy?
    Did Shepard save the Collector base, or ruin it?
    Who did the Courier side with?
    And, "Did Freeman fuck with the casserole"?
    In the large scale of things, that latter one changes things the least.
    In this canon, he has not.
    You were, unfortunately, unable to annoy Magnusson by being a dick to him.

    You have missed the BEST PART OF HALF LIFE.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)03:25 No.17718266
    There goes the bet.
    >> Slimy Burglar 01/29/12(Sun)03:25 No.17718270
    Ah well. Next two big things are Eli and some Xen Crystals.
    Let's get Eli first, shall we?
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)03:25 No.17718273
    Both, save it, himself, always

    This player is a horrible person letting that man eat that poor casserole. Can we at least find and loot Magnusson. We can pull the food from his stomach.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)03:25 No.17718274
    rolled 19 = 19

    Eli Hallway.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)03:27 No.17718296
    This hallway contains rickety elevators, random lasers, spilled coolant, electric shit on the floor, broken glass, some radioactive crap ...
    ... and one life signature.
    That of an African Male.

    How will you proceed?

    There are also locked doors here. But you have a Ghost with an Omni-tool, and Tele support. So, fuck doors.
    >> Slimy Burglar 01/29/12(Sun)03:28 No.17718302
    Ah, fuck. What's the damage, OP?
    I know you really want to win this bet, but it's not worth that sort of Meta-contamination.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)03:29 No.17718307
    Damage: Hallway's full of Standard_Platforming_Crap_101 and Eli's the only thing you can loot here.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)03:30 No.17718316
    Teleport out any generators our goggles detect.
    Have the ghost shoot the laser emitters.
    Avoid the radioactive crap.
    Rescue Eli.

    If there's pits, teleport in "bridges"
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)03:31 No.17718321
    find out if target is already in limb difficulties or whole, hack lazers or destroy their emitters, 4x6 (or sandbags, hmm) pathways over electric/radioactive/coolant... sound good?
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)03:33 No.17718330
    We could also attempt to EMP the fuck out of the generators.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)03:33 No.17718333
    rolled 4 = 4

    Let's see how well your plan goes.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)03:34 No.17718342
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)03:35 No.17718349
    Your plan works perfectly.
    You get to Eli. He is sitting down, holding his leg, and complaining of pain.
    "Please. My leg ... I broke it. I can't walk. Save my girl, she's upstairs. But don't worry about me."

    You found Eli. What do you do with him?

    >You'll see what the 4 was for later.
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)03:36 No.17718356
         File1327826209.jpg-(70 KB, 1097x550, hGWeG.jpg)
    70 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)03:37 No.17718357
    Is the leg gangrenous or something of the sort?
    Also, tell him that Alyx is safe.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)03:37 No.17718359
    Don't worry, we already rescued Alyx. We're going to bring you to her. Unfortunately, your leg looks severely damaged, It may need to be amputated.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)03:39 No.17718375
    Now that the Military has arrived, which disguise do you wish to use:
    A. USMC. May allow you to sneak past military.
    B. Black Mesa. May allow you to talk to Black Mesa personnel easier, but will piss off military.
    C. Camo. Increases stealth.

    >Unfortunately, your leg looks severely damaged, It may need to be amputated.
    "Poppycock. I saw myself when that god DAMN container fell on it. It's just a fracture. It'll heal."
    "Thanks for saving my girl, by the way. What's your name? I'm Eli."
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)03:39 No.17718376
    rope for tourniquet if we do. le crapith.

    check for traps! recon by fire!
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)03:39 No.17718381
    rolled 22 = 22

    >check for traps! recon by fire!
    You look for traps.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)03:40 No.17718384
    You don't find any traps.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)03:40 No.17718389
    Read: there might be extra hard to find traps.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)03:40 No.17718393
    Check the teleport system to make sure it's still working, and stick Vance in containment with his daughter.
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)03:41 No.17718395
    stealth. alice and bob. how about we let the doctors check your leg out, instead of a field medic *coughcough*
    >> Rynex !3KCroq6wAA 01/29/12(Sun)03:41 No.17718399
    Switch on HRV, check for traps again.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)03:42 No.17718406
    rolled 23 = 23

    G-Man has requested that Eli's leg be amputated.

    >stealth. alice and bob. how about we let the doctors check your leg out, instead of a field medic *coughcough*
    I'm not sure what you're implying here, please elaborate?

    You continue checking for traps.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)03:43 No.17718408
    You don't find any traps.
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)03:44 No.17718415
    i'm implying i wouldn't've said anything about the leg. if we follow creepy's instructions, stun him, prep and amputate leg.

    so do we amputate?
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)03:44 No.17718418
    Do we even know WHY G-man wants Eli's leg to be amputated, apart canon issues?
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)03:45 No.17718421
    We can amputate his leg later. Just shove him in containment for now.

    When we pull him out for the Gman, we'll just slice off his leg then.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)03:47 No.17718433
    That would be a viable option.
    Do you wish to do this?

    Transssssspace Looootersssss....
    Let's just say that Strength can be a Weakness.
    In other words - a man with a broken leg will sit inside his base, and research ... interesssting ... technologies.
    A man with both legs working can ... well. Let's just say that there are a lot of things that can kill you if you walk too close to them.
    Better to remove that little ... obstacle.

    You opt to Evacuate Eli.
    He is delighted to find Alyx.
    He, the Barneys, and the Scientists, have an endless discussion about Donuts.
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)03:47 No.17718436
    examine eli. pay attention to legs, plural. if we note anything, no more action without discussion. if not, and if amputation doesn't violate canon, i say we proceed with stun, etc.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)03:47 No.17718446
    rolled 27 = 27

    Let's see if the G-man is satisfied with extracting Eli as he is.
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)03:48 No.17718451
    nebbermind. again.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)03:50 No.17718464
         File1327827018.jpg-(50 KB, 328x480, nope.jpg)
    50 KB
    Eli is a man of strong mind and strong spirit.
    When given the chance to fight, he will take it.
    In fact, were there a call to arms for the rebel resistance, he'd be the first one there.
    And he'd be one of the first ones shot by the Combine.
    While canonically he DOES die, he does so in an emotional moment with Alyx at the end of Episode 2, not halfway through Half Life 2.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)03:53 No.17718498
    If Eli were to die, that would make the highest-ranking resistance member at Black Mesa East ...
    Judith motherfucking Mossman.
    Traitor and combine fucker.
    And, the Combine would attack Black Mesa East before the Freeman gets there.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)03:53 No.17718501
    That means, we need to get him aputated ASAP.

    And I have a plan:
    1) Find hospital
    2) Bribe one or more doctors
    3) Teleport Eli to the hospital to get his leg "treated", this part must involve general anaesthesia
    5) Say that complications appeared and the doctors had no other way out.

    2) is the hardest part.
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)03:55 No.17718507
    OMNI-TOOL examination superfuturemedicaldevice, with holgraph of human silhouette with red alert dot on leg, break bad news, prep and amputate.

    omnitool can do scan btw, ME2 in afterlife, etc
    yes or no?
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)03:55 No.17718514
    0) Head to China.

    1) Find hospital
    2) Bribe one or more doctors
    3) Teleport Eli to the hospital to get his leg "treated", this part must involve general anaesthesia
    5) Say that complications appeared and the doctors had no other way out.

    No longer hard, lol.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)03:56 No.17718516
    rolled 35 = 35

    That works.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)03:56 No.17718520
    You got no dosh and no way to bribe doctors.

    But bluffing and saying you can scan his shit with advanced medical technology works. Do you wish to try?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)03:58 No.17718532
         File1327827537.jpg-(125 KB, 652x432, Bullsquid_hl1.jpg)
    125 KB
    Odd. I expected the players to try to lure over a Bullsquid.
    The shit rolls meant that there wasn't one.
    I guess you guys ... didn't even care. :P
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)04:00 No.17718540
         File1327827600.jpg-(875 KB, 800x1132, mass_effect_3___miranda_by_pat(...).jpg)
    875 KB
    circumstance modifier (have no idea if that applies a bonus, but wtfnot), scan everybody else in containment as well
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)04:00 No.17718545
    rolled 57 = 57

    Let's see if the bluff works...
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)04:01 No.17718549
    never played game =(
    does that happen in canon?
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)04:01 No.17718550
    But we did find them. We didn't care because no DOSH.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)04:03 No.17718567
    Eli sighs.
    "Bullshit. BULLshit. Absolute fuckin' BULLshit.
    My leg has to be INFECTED by whatever they were holding in that god forsaken tank."
    "Fine. Do it. But I'm getting a prosthetic limb and I'm going RIGHT back down there to kick the aliens' ass."

    >does that happen in canon?
    In Canon, the Transpace Looters swing by, are contacted by the G-man, abduct him, cut off his leg, turn him over to a mole (planted by the G-man) in Transpace Human Resources, who implant him with false memories and send him back.
    That's Canon.
    It's Canon now.
    I'm making it Canon.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)04:05 No.17718586
         File1327827925.jpg-(210 KB, 579x575, G-man_heart_to_heart_headshot.jpg)
    210 KB
    Traaanspace Looooootersss...
    Well done! And I must say, that was a LOT easier than having my associate carry him out.
    As a ... reward ... I offer you one of two things.

    You may ask me ... about who I am ...
    You may recruit one of my ... employees.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)04:06 No.17718594
    Hey, do we have Magnusson's home address? There ought to be more casserole there. Who eats a whole casserole at once?

    Would you be willing to reveal who you employ?
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)04:07 No.17718597
    i want to bag this guy
    say 'ZZZZZZZ', suckah
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)04:07 No.17718600

    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)04:07 No.17718602
         File1327828061.jpg-(91 KB, 560x800, p_anarki.jpg)
    91 KB
    An image flashes on the screen.

    >Anarki is the quintessential cyberpunk. With his augmentation and enhancements, he's supplied with a constant overlay of graphical data. The world around him is reduced to a surrealistic virtual reality experience, but the damage he dishes out is very, very real.

    And I'm going to end the thread here for today.
    Feel free to argue over whether you want Knowledge or Heroes.
    COMMON SENSE will not help you, as it is not obvious which is the more valuable!
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)04:08 No.17718608
    As for exactly how skilled this particular Anarki is?
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)04:09 No.17718613
    We lose heroes at the end of a mission. We get to keep info.

    So, unless we get to keep his employee "permanently" I'd go for the info.
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)04:10 No.17718631
         File1327828251.jpg-(79 KB, 634x550, dvnvol.jpg)
    79 KB
    that's what they're there for!
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)04:11 No.17718637
    Knowledge is a terrible thing to waste.

    I'd like to know what the fuck Anarki has been doing in the mean time.
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)04:12 No.17718643
    Verily, this. Except I don't think we're able to take on end boss with current setup. ah well. hopefully i'm here for next thread
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)04:12 No.17718644
    Bunnyhopping around Xen like a toolbag.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)04:13 No.17718647
    Do you know what happens if you piss him off in Half-life? He drops you back to Xen with no weapons in an area with a shitload of wildlife.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)04:13 No.17718649
    > on end boss
    Should be easy. There isn't anything here stronger than that which you have any reason to fight.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)04:15 No.17718656


    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)04:15 No.17718658
    So, nothing constructive. Has he found Xen crystals? If so, we may get some objectives just by recruiting him.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)04:16 No.17718667
    I vote for the information.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)04:17 No.17718673
    If you mean the endboss of Op force or Half-life, then those aren't yours to fight.
    No, but he HAS found a shitload of scientists that attacked Xen trying to get the crystals.
    And may I say, those scientsts were Excellent.

    (You ever wonder how so many of your scientist pals find a way to die in Xen, despite the fact that they can kill their enemies in one hit with the weapons they have?)
    >> yeah, won't happen, BUT Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)04:18 No.17718681
         File1327828728.gif-(1.85 MB, 232x231, 1277193438_huge-spider-on-the-(...).gif)
    1.85 MB
    still want him to eat a stun bomb. 'sorry, you startled me' if it fails. ultimate capture if it works.

    a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for...
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)04:19 No.17718684
    Aaanyway, Cya.
    Try not to be a Raidah. =)
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)04:19 No.17718686
    Voting for info. This asshole's a liability.

    Only question is if it's safer to "hire" him and shove him in containment, or to avoid him.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)04:19 No.17718688
    Raidah, get out.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)04:20 No.17718691
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)04:25 No.17718723
    like i said, wouldn't happen. but thought you teased something about uber high how did you do that capture gman. haven't played, didn't know he was that uber. sorry. i vote information cuz it's an optional goal
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)04:25 No.17718727
         File1327829158.jpg-(143 KB, 1032x774, Awesome_Gman.jpg)
    143 KB
    >Implying that you have been sleeping on the job
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)04:33 No.17718784
    You aren't even reading, are you?

    >>How the fuck did you do that tier:
    >>the G-man must survive
    >>Gordon Freeman must survive

    >>You'd have to be TRYING tier:
    >>Adrian Sheppard must survive.
    >>Barney Calhoun must survive.
    >>Black Mesa must be completely destroyed.
    >>At least 1 Tau Cannon must be carried by a canon member when you leave.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)04:35 No.17718797
    If the players find a way to capture the G-man with 10,000 DOSH I'll be genuinely surprised.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)04:37 No.17718810
    I've got a plan.
    Okay. First, we gotta find the G-man.
    Then, we PUT HIM IN THIS BAG.

    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)04:38 No.17718813
    You can't, and aren't asked to capture the G-Man. The fact that he's running around loose in the TG future tells us this.

    The best that we can do is at least get information out of him, for the future.
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)04:39 No.17718818
         File1327829968.gif-(497 KB, 358x355, glass.gif)
    497 KB
    mm. thanks, couldn't find original post
    apologies to all
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)04:40 No.17718824
    Paradox. . .
    The universe rips itself apart to free him.

    Several sectors over, a drunk man looks at the screen and starts crying. He then sends an underfunded ship off to fix it all.

    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)04:42 No.17718834
    You aren't even trying. You didn't even go to the previous thread.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)04:45 No.17718850
    What do you think the strongest thing we can Loot is?
    Not just here, but overall.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)04:46 No.17718855
    I bet if we put our minds to it we could find a way to loot The Warp
    >> Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)04:46 No.17718856
    fuck you with the horse you rode in on

    i quote it in that post. didn't find that post when glancing through, didn't remember it correctly, was corrected, apologized, now fuckoff
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)04:48 No.17718863
    Stick to the list. It's the Gonarch.

    Now where do we find a Tau cannon in here?
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)04:49 No.17718867
    Dude, 90% of your posts were "Shoot everywhere, rush in and loot everything!"

    Also, the phrase is "Fuck you and the horse you rode in on"
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)04:49 No.17718872
    Typically carried by the PCs after they pick it up in the weapons lab.
    If we don't do anything, they'll probably get one on their own
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)04:51 No.17718885
    We could attempt to track down one of the PCs and hand it over.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)04:51 No.17718887
    The Tau Cannon, also known as the XVL1456, is an experimental energy weapon introduced in the Half-Life chapter Questionable Ethics, on the second floor of the Advanced Biological Research Lab. Due to its strength and versatility, it is considered by some to be the best weapon in the game. If the player chooses not to pick it up in the Research Lab, it can be obtained in the Lambda Reactor Core supply depot at the end of the chapter Lambda Core.

    There are two of them in the main game. If we leave them there, Gordon should find them easily. Any not in those two spots, are free to grab.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)04:51 No.17718889
    All that's left to do is to scream "COOOOOOOOOOOOBRAAAAAAAAAAAA!" while firing wildly from the hip.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)04:54 No.17718914
    Problem is that Anarki might be running around with one of them.
    >> fine fine i'm out Anon !!nCdnB5wKcIC 01/29/12(Sun)04:55 No.17718916
         File1327830917.gif-(1.5 MB, 481x220, notgingerbread.gif)
    1.5 MB
    right, figured >>17718834 deserved worse
    and i don't have anything against horses
    but >>17718834 can diaf
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)04:55 No.17718921
    That would be IMPRESSIVE.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)04:57 No.17718933
    Well, if you compare the two phrases, the first would imply that you're somehow sodomizing him with his horse. The second phrase says "Fuck you and the horse".

    Very close, but completely different meanings.
    >> Not completely retarded 01/29/12(Sun)05:07 No.17718980
    Pros: The guard gets intel on another meta power. This intel might be worth a promotion or DOSH. EXPOSITION
    Cons: the questions come from a bunch of idiots grabbed off the street. May be Misinformation

    Pros: Helps us finish the mission, gives us another looter, Heroes are likely worth DOSH. May remember his time in the gmans service. May have hacking skills useful for pulling research data from black mesas network?
    Cons: May be a double agent.

    Any other pros and cons to consider?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)09:04 No.17720329
         File1327845844.jpg-(230 KB, 850x600, Xen_crystal_(HL2)_(Black_Mesa_(...).jpg)
    230 KB
    The Information?

    Understood. I'll start the next thread off with the useful INFORMATION you have received.
    I shall also give the players a choice, because I did not make it explicitly clear:
    Do you want Anarki to LEAVE this world, which means you will not be able to recruit him at all, or
    REMAIN, but be a hostile entity? This gives you the option of recruiting him by capturing him, but he will attempt to kill you.

    Finally, the room you are coming up into has 3 things of note.
    1. A Gargantua seems to be protecting the Xen Crystal
    2. A Tentacle seems to be protecting the Xen Crystal
    3. The Xen Crystal itself.

    >Displacement crystal
    >This crystal is known for its properties of powering Teleportation and displacement.
    >A particularily pure crystal may react to concentrated sources of SCIENCE! by triggering a resonance cascade, opening up teleportation rifts over a wide area and a wide period of time.
    >This particular Xen Crystal is sitting in a crater with beams of green electricity occasionally arcing to and from it, and is not in a "Stable" state.
    >If you wish to teleport this particular crystal, it must first be moved to a location free of SCIENCE!, and left there for an hour or so to cool down. Properly placing the crystal in a closed wooden crate is sufficient for this, as wooden crates are the tried-and-true method of containing SCIENCE!.
    >Your teleport crew has opted to use a device called a "Hard Drive" to remember the location of the crystal. If you are successful in storing the crystal in a crate, you may retrieve the crate later without needing to return here.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)09:04 No.17720330
    Information pros? We might learn something that affects the main quest.

    Anarki cons? His mouth is sewn shut, and it's likely that we can't get his help for the next missions.

    We don't have the time to be pulling data off the Black Mesa network since the military has finally gotten in. We also don't have gear to hold the data.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)09:09 No.17720357
    So yes.
    This requires BOSS TACTICS.

    You've got a good half a day of board time or more until the quest resumes in earnest.
    I hope to see many "Holy shit, I did not think the players would do that, that makes this fight trivial" suggestions.
    I do NOT hope to see "Shoot the thing until it falls over" suggestions. That is wrong.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)09:12 No.17720376
    Your current loot:

    >1 Gargantua
    >4 HR Scientists
    >3 Scientists
    >6 Security Guards
    >7 Vortigaunts
    >12 Houndeyes
    >2 HEV Suits
    >1 Alyx (Is a child)
    >1 Eli (currently has 1.5 legs, but is not angry at you)

    Loadout is here if you wish to recheck it.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)09:14 No.17720386
    The Gargantua, Vortigaunts, and Houndeyes are unconscious, and hostile (but they can't do shit to hurt you now that they are contained).
    The Security guards, the Scientists, and 3 of the HR Scientists are unconscious.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)09:28 No.17720464
    >>Holy shit, I did not think the players would do that, that makes this fight trivial" suggestions.

    1.Get a teleport lock on Anarki while he isn't in the position yet to fight the team. Beam him out and put him in the bulk among the military. Let them fight it out.

    2. Funnel Anarki into a specific path by teleporting in debris. Like, we could block him off and the only way out is the way he came back in. And then he turns around and walks into a bunch of planted explosives.

    3. Get a teleport lock on Anarki and beam him down into the water. Next step is like fish in a barrel.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)09:32 No.17720499
    You do not yet know the location of Anarki.
    Teleporting out conscious targets runs the risk of them causing havoc to your teleportation device. With Anarki, this is a very large risk, as he is both a hacker AND he has a rocket launcher.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)09:33 No.17720507
    As for using a trap of looted explosives after funneling Anarki into a corridor: That will probably work.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)09:34 No.17720517
    There has to be a way to make Anarki run out of rocket launcher ammo, or to catch him inside his own explosions.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)09:59 No.17720670
    I shall give you all the useful information.
    You will then use this information, and I will not nag.
    Your loadout is here:

    Anti-Mass Spectrometer bossfight:
    There is a Tentacle here.
    There is a Gargantua here.
    There is a Xen Crystal here. It is being hit by arcs of lightning.
    The room is mostly rubble.
    >There is a window that overlooks the area, but it is in an electrically hazardous area, and is in range of the tentacle
    >The other entrance is a broken-down doorway into an airlock. It is not in range of the tentacle, but the Gargantua would be able to roast people taking cover here.
    >The Tentacle cannot reach the outside edges at the top of the room, but otherwise has range over the whole room.
    >The Tentacle's hit is an instant gib.
    >The Tentacle is immune to conventional weapons, explosive weapons, and energy weapons.
    >The Tentacle's base is firmly anchored to the floor
    >The Gargantua is free to roam. Sometimes, it will walk near electricity, hurt itself, and jump back.
    >Gargantuas are 7 meters tall and have hand-mounted flamethrowers. If a Gargantua cannot path to its target, it will launch a slow-moving shockwave at the target.
    >Gargantuas are exceptionally resilient. It takes 5 to 10 direct hits with the Stun Bomb to
    >The Crystal is in a small crater and is occasionally hit by stray arcs of electricity
    >It is currently unsafe to teleport the Crystal.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)10:01 No.17720691
    Anarki Bossfight:
    >Anarki is currently in Xen. Xen is mostly comprised of low-gravity, wide-open outdoor spaces.
    >Xen can only be reached via teleport from Black Mesa, heavy teleport support is unavailable here.
    >Anarki has been looting weapons and equipment from the people he has been killing, including at least one Long Jump module. He can carry a (practically) infinite amount of weapons, and a huge amount of ammo for each.
    >Anarki likes to bunnyhop to move at speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour.
    >Anarki is resilient. He can take 5 to 10 direct stun bomb hits before falling.
    >Anarki, being piloted by a professional Quake player, is exceptionally accurate, and unlikely to commit any tactical blunders.

    Use your brains. If I can figure out a way around your tactics within a minute, Anarki will do so instantly.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)10:05 No.17720740
    Ah. Right. Stealth.

    >Tentacles can see through stealth, as they "see" via sound, through the air, or the earth.
    >Gargantua cannot reliably see through stealth, but they will target your general direction.
    >Anarki has fought invisible opponents before, many times. While he cannot see invisible opponents, he can predict their locations, and if you fire your weapon, Anarki will know where you are.
    >Anarki has exceptionally good hearing. If you make footsteps, he will know where you are, even through walls.
    >The Tau Cannon can shoot through walls. You do not know if Anarki has one or not.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)10:20 No.17720850

    In Half-life, I think Gordon managed to get past the tentacle by distracting it with grenades, then moving during the explosion. We might be able to distract the tentacle in the same way with firing stun bombs at locations far away from our guys while we try to move.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)10:24 No.17720876
    Here are some plans:

    1) Re: Eli Vance. We say we're porting him to a hospital, but instead port him, bob and alice to a remote location with no one for miles around. Stun bomb him, amputate leg. Then proceed to teleport him and the spectre (invisible) to a hospital. Wait until he comes out of the emergency room, and teleport him back. This plan is done last, just before we are done with the mission.

    2) Boss Fight! For me, step 1 is to loot the gargantuan. Perhaps have the spectre sneak in, allowing the ship to target teleports around the room. Teleport water onto the gargantuan to stun it, then loot it.
    I'll continue thinking about how we might deal with the tentacle.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)10:24 No.17720879

    OP, when you mean "Heavy Teleport Support" is unavailable for the Anarki bossfight, do you mean that we can't transport any really heavy objects but we can still transport man-sized things to and from Xen?
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)10:30 No.17720923
    The 'water to stun the gargantuan' thing is based on my memory of last thread.

    Personally, I'm REALLY tempted to just skip Anarki. If we can loot him that would be awesome, but the risk level means that we could easily lose our operatives and their equipment and basically make the mission a near-bust.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)10:31 No.17720933
    >OP, when you mean "Heavy Teleport Support" is unavailable for the Anarki bossfight, do you mean that we can't transport any really heavy objects but we can still transport man-sized things to and from Xen?

    Until the XEN RELAY is activated, teleport support is unavailable for XEN.
    It is likely that Barney Calhoun is already on his way to switch that shit on.
    When teleport support is available for XEN, you may teleport human-sized objects, with a small delay for targetting.
    Objects that move quickly will be hard to teleport out, or hit with teleported projectiles.

    >Perhaps have the spectre sneak in, allowing the ship to target teleports around the room.
    This is doable!
    >Teleport water onto the gargantuan to stun it, then loot it.
    I assume you wish to do this when it's near electricity. This is doable, but the electricity does not PERMANENTLY stun the Gargantuan.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)10:34 No.17720960
    >Personally, I'm REALLY tempted to just skip Anarki.
    This is doable!

    I'll give you a complete list of things the Tentacle is immune to. You may assume anything NOT on this list will hurt it:
    >Things that must penetrate its skin to do damage
    >Blunt force impacts
    >Radioactivity, and streams of elemental particles
    >Suffocation (it does not need to breathe)
    >Poison (its biology is radically different to anything earth-like)
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)10:34 No.17720962

    While transporting conscious beings can present a hazard for teleportation, I remember the OP mentioning that teleporting "half" of an enemy could kill them. Perhaps this could work on the tentacle: we could transport small sections of the tentacle from itself until it's little more than a stub sticking out from the ground. If this is a viable plan, then we could neutralize the tentacle and gain tentacle samples for research.

    Also OP, does Anarki ever sit still or go "AFK" during long periods of idleness? Or does he just bunny-hop around like mad ALL THE TIME?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)10:36 No.17720974
    And, of course,
    Being basically Blunt Force Impacts delivered via sound waves.

    >Perhaps this could work on the tentacle: we could transport small sections of the tentacle from itself until it's little more than a stub sticking out from the ground.
    This could work!

    >Also OP, does Anarki ever sit still or go "AFK" during long periods of idleness? Or does he just bunny-hop around like mad ALL THE TIME?
    It is believed he will say "gg" and leave on his own. Or, if you are enough of a dick to him he will not say "gg" at all.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)10:37 No.17720979
    I think that if we can stun it with electricity / water, the spectre can then stand out of tentacle range and begin stun bombing the gargantuan.
    Or, if it will be knocked out for at least 1 minute, we can just teleport it up, then teleport to containment.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)10:39 No.17720987

    Cons to the transporter plan:

    The tentacle is loooong. It may take some time to teleport enough of it out for it to be a non-threat. Time will not wait for us; the military may catch up to our folks during that time.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)10:42 No.17721011

    OP, would it be possible to just lock on to a small cross-section of the tentacle near its base, then transport that out alone? This would effectively be chopping the tentacle into 5/6ths, but using a transporter.

    This would probably be faster than porting the sections of tentacle at a time, and possibly run the risk of the decapitated tentacle thrashing about and causing damage. But it would be faster, and we would have a more intact tentacle for our science guys to research.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)10:43 No.17721018
    From the Half Life wiki:

    >In terms of behavior, Tentacles aggressively target prey in the immediate vicinity of their pits. While searching for prey, they gently tap the surrounding area, but when even the quietest noise or vibration is detected, the Tentacles will furiously and repeatedly strike at the location where noise or vibration was detected. When a Tentacle comes in contact with prey, it will attempt to pull it into the pit, presumably where it is consumed and digested. In the game, this behavior is witnessed firsthand by the player when a scientist is grabbed and taken, screaming, into the pit at the base of the Tentacles.

    >In the game, Tentacles cannot be destroyed with the player's arsenal, but shooting the stalk a few times will temporarily drive the creature into its burrow. Great care must be taken when moving near them, forcing the player either to silently crouch past the burrow or cause a distraction with explosives (preferably hand grenades, as those don't reveal the player's location with sound), allowing the player to sprint out of range. It is a good idea to use this tactic, as tentacles can kill the player with a single strike.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)11:01 No.17721112
    >OP, would it be possible to just lock on to a small cross-section of the tentacle near its base, then transport that out alone?

    I'll tell you now what happens.

    Bob moves forward, spying a Generator shooting large arcs of electricity in his path.
    "Uh, Alice, you see where this heat's comin' from?"
    "Yeah, I got a lock."
    "Send me targetting info."
    Bob fires an EMP, disabling the electricity for a brief second, before a large section of the wall is ripped out by your teleporter.
    "Entire place is lit up with electricity, we won't have time to disable it all."
    "We won't have to."

    A tentacle bangs aggressively on the wall where the Generator once was, clawing for Alice, but unable to reach her.
    "Uh, Teleporters. Got a BIG ugly thing here. I want you to teleport only the bottom section out, k?"
    "Sure thing, Alice. Are you able to see it?"
    Alice stares disapprovingly at the large tentacle, as it bangs fruitlessly at the wall she is hiding behind.
    "Uh, negative. If I step into its line of sight, it'll get me. I can see the wall that leads TO it, though."
    "This help?"
    A long cylinder of Earth, Metal, SCIENCE! and Brick is teleported out, forming a narrow, but present, window straight down to the Tentacle's base.

    Bob looks at his radar. The Gargantua starts a powerful stomp!
    "Alice, Get back! They've spotted us!"
    Bob and Alice move back into the previous room, as the stomp moves up the view tunnel, and harmlessly explodes on the wall behind where the two were standing.

    Bob keeps a CLOSE eye on his radar as Alice sneaks her way forward. It seems the Gargantua can no longer see them.
    Alice peeks down the long, narrow tunnel and spies the Tentacle's base.

    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)11:05 No.17721141
    rolled 52 = 52

    "Teleport support, I can see the base, over."
    "Roger. Teleport in 20."
    20 seconds later, the Tentacle screams, and bangs its head into the Teleport crystal.
    "Uhh, Getting some WEIRD readings on this thing."
    The Tentacle, screaming in pain, stabs ITSELF in the base, pressing the Crystal into its form.
    The Crystal begins to glow.
    "Abort the Teleport!"
    "Teleport Aborted."
    Bob turns to Alice.
    "So, what's the plan?"
    "I don't know."

    >The Tentacle holds the crystal
    >The Gargantua keeps roaming
    >Still tons of electricity in the area.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)11:09 No.17721162
    A Pair of Vortigaunts flank the pair, teleporting in from nowhere!
    Snipes kill one. Stun bombs hit another.
    >You loot a Vortigaunt!

    A reminder of your troops' abilities.
    Can Cloak, Snipe, EMP, and Lockdown (stops mechanical targets)
    Has a minimap that shows walls and enemy locations
    Has a multi-purpose tech tool.
    Is at 50% energy, and full HP.

    Can see hot enemy targets through walls.
    Has a shield.
    Can fire Stun bombs to capture enemy targets.
    Is permanently cloaked.
    Can Psi Lash, doing 200 damage to a target, using all of the Spectre's Psi, after a brief charging period.
    Can Pulse, temporarily disabling biologicals in the area for 3 seconds.
    Is at 100 Health, 100 Shields, and full Psi.

    Heavy Teleport Support:
    If you can see it, you can 'port it.
    Can port out chunks of walls, doors, etc.
    It is risky to teleport living enemies and live electricity, but it has been assumed you are using the Ghost's EMP to counteract this.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)11:11 No.17721176
    Can also port IN chunks of walls/doors/etc if you wish.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)11:43 No.17721451

    The Vortigaunts porting in could be a result of the tentacle either manipulating the crystal or a result of the tentacle grabbing the crystal and agitating it. It could also have happened because the resonance cascade is still more or less occurring and still porting aliens into Black Mesa.

    So it appears that we can't exactly telefrag the tentacle right now. It's burrowed part of itself into the crystal (Or has stabbed itself and has imbedded the crystal into the wound), and is probably getting some weird energy feedback that prevents it from being teleported.

    Since the tentacle is itself a part of a bigger Xen creature, the tentacle is fairly used to teleporting shenanigans and recognized our attempt, and latched onto the crystal to save that part of itself. The good news is that the tentacle may be reluctant to let go of the crystal for fear of being telefragged, but the bad news is that we need to loot the crystal at some point.

    OP, is the lightning that was arcing to the crystal hurting the tentacle?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)11:45 No.17721468
    The lightning was indeed hurting the tentacle.
    Things that can go through, or bypass, the tentacle's skin are effective against it.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)12:08 No.17721647

    Is there still a lot of ambient electricity arcing around the room? I'm guessing yes.

    It also stands to reason that the tentacle managed to find a blind spot where the electricity isn't arcing so it could embed itself into the crystal without getting fried. Either that or it prefers to get fried instead of getting a teleportation amputation operation.
    >> Dogstar !!sKGW1u0HNtI 01/29/12(Sun)12:10 No.17721666
    Just a thought, but, if Bob and Alice were able to coordinate and do a cloaked alpha-strike both a sniper headshot and a Psi Lash on Anarki, wouldn't that kill him, or at least wreck his armor/HP to the point where he'd have to respawn? It'd at least force him to drop the rocket launcher and spawn with the normal pistol.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)12:15 No.17721701
         File1327857302.jpg-(126 KB, 450x373, fullretard.jpg)
    126 KB

    >>I do NOT hope to see "Shoot the thing until it falls over" suggestions. That is wrong.

    >>Anarki, being piloted by a professional Quake player, is exceptionally accurate, and unlikely to commit any tactical blunders.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)12:15 No.17721702
    The Spectre can indeed Psi lash Anarki for a oneshot, but it takes time to charge.
    The Ghost can snipe Anarki for the same damage that a rocket would do. You'd still need 6 of them, though.

    Can you think of a way to fry it? There's a lot of electricity around here.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)12:16 No.17721715

    Open our bottle of water, throw a stream of water at the thing. The electricity will travel up the water.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)12:17 No.17721719
    You're gonna need more water than THAT!
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)12:19 No.17721743
    Remember the "water on a string" experiment back in school?
    Rope + water to thread the water over to the monster.

    Else: look for any wires hanging from the ceiling.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)12:19 No.17721744
    Lots of electricity, hurting the tentacle AND the gargantuan?

    Shoot, teleport in as much water as we can. If the electrical source is strong enough, it may fry the tentacle, and should at least stun the gargant.
    Prior to this, we should teleport in a small chunk of wall / concrete to block off the lower 1' of the hallway the ghost and spectre are in, to keep electrified water from hitting them. maybe even just get a larger chunk and have them stand on it.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)12:21 No.17721761
    Use the salt packets from the MRE to increase the conductivity of the water.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)12:23 No.17721782

    "Hey support? We're gonna need water. Lots of water."
    A brief trip to the ocean later, and the sound of rushing water fills the room.
    The Tentacle cries out in pain, as it lashes around, raking its spike on the wall. Sparks fly as generators disable, and the Tentacle screams.
    The Gargantua screams also, as the water rises up to its ankles. It starts rapid-firing shockwaves at Bob and Alice.

    After some time, the Tentacle is still alive, but BADLY burned, and all the lights in the area have gone out. Your Ghost switches to his nightvision. The Gargantua is also BADLY burned, but alive, at least for now.

    >Give players Teleport support
    >75% of them FORGET TO USE IT
    >It costs 50 credits for a reason, lads. It's good.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)12:23 No.17721783
    What is the metal type / element that burns when exposed to water?
    If the electricity burns out too soon, we might use some of that heat to burn the tentacle base area.
    From what I know, it can be harmed by extreme heat, and electricity.
    >> Dogstar !!sKGW1u0HNtI 01/29/12(Sun)12:23 No.17721787
    I'm not suggesting a drawn out fight - in fact, that would only get everyone killed. I'm just saying that, if we do find a way to get the drop on a weakened Anarki, this is the way to end him. There's not a lot of ways to deal with Quake canon characters besides shooting them. However, I liked that idea of making him fight as many of the soldiers as we could manage first. And there may be a nonviolent way to deal with him. He can talk. Maybe we could invite him into our clan?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)12:24 No.17721792
    rolled 94 = 94

    Bob turns to Alice.
    "You got any ideas, Alice?"
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)12:25 No.17721803
         File1327857918.png-(23 KB, 304x197, commonsense.png)
    23 KB
    >MFW when working on plans
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)12:25 No.17721807
    rolled 65 = 65

    Alice says:
    "I think I do. Bob, be brave for a moment. Take my shield."
    Bob temporarily equips the SHIELD.
    "Go stand out in the open, then dive behind cover."

    Bob moves to distract the Tentacle, while Alice concentrates...
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)12:27 No.17721823

    There's got to be some long metal things in Black Mesa somewhere. Pipes, wires, etc.

    Or we could possibly look to see if there's a spot anywhere near the tentacle that gets regularly and quickly electrocuted, then teleport in a notably heavy metal object above that spot (i.e. ubiquitous filing cabinets). The vibrations would may make the tentacle attempt to grasp the object, where it would receive an absurd amount of conducted electricity for its efforts.

    We may want to see if test if the tentacle is going to scout out any vibrations now that it's spooked, though.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)12:27 No.17721827
    rolled 77 = 77

    ... The tentacle, weakened by the Lightning, bashes its head against the Cover that Bob is hiding behind ineffectively.

    Alice shouts, and the Tentacle's "Brain" experiences the repressed memories and torments of years of Ghost and Specter training.
    It does not like them.
    The Tentacle screams, and dives back into the ground, flinging the crystal away as it does so.

    The Gargantua suffers a hail of stun fire from the ledge, unable to retaliate.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)12:27 No.17721829
    Just looked it up, it's Cesium. It also reacts explosively with ice, apparently. We'd probably have difficulty getting enough of it to be useful...

    What about picking up a tiny amount of magma / lava, and teleporting it at the base of the tentacle for heat / steam damage...?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)12:30 No.17721857
         File1327858213.jpg-(108 KB, 1200x455, Bubls_2red_2on.jpg)
    108 KB
    >What about picking up a tiny amount of magma / lava, and teleporting it at the base of the tentacle for heat / steam damage...?


    The Crystal flies, exactly 77% of the way to the outside of the room. The Gargantua is down.
    The Tentacle might not be fully dead, but it sure as fuck is hurt.
    How would you like to retreive the Crystal?
    A. Run in and grab it.
    B. Think of a better way than A, given the tools you have available.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)12:33 No.17721874
    What possibly harmful properties do the Xen crystal have? Hot to the touch? Radioactive?
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)12:34 No.17721886

    Both the ghosts and specter are powerful telepaths/psionicists (the term seems to be interchangeable in the starcraft universe). We could have them carefully push the Xen crystal into a safe zone with their minds.

    Unless the crystal is now fully inert due to the generator being shorted out by copious amounts of seawater (VERY BAD FOR ELECTRONICS!). Then we may be able to teleport it out.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)12:35 No.17721903
    If you put SCIENCE! in it, it might cause bad shit to happen. Teleportation is SCIENCE!.
    It is not radioactive.
    It is not conductive.
    It is not hot to the touch.
    It is somewhat heavy, and will slow down anyone trying to push it.
    Good creativity, but these are default ghosts and spectres. They do not have telekinesis.

    OP has thought of:
    Ways so far to safely extract the crystal.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)12:37 No.17721922
    What about... throwing something loud (or teleporting in one of the many corpses in Black Mesa) at the other side of the room, while throwing a net with a rope attached over the Xen crystal.
    While the tentacles are distracted with closer 'targets' that we keep teleporting in, we simply slowly drag the crystal in to our operatives.

    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)12:37 No.17721927
    Well, teleporting it out might cause really bad things to happen, neither Alice nor Bob have telekinesis and being heavy...
    Do we have someone else that can carry it?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)12:39 No.17721945
    >while throwing a net with a rope attached over the Xen crystal.

    You Rope the Crystal, and start dragging it forward. How useful Rope is!
    The Tentacle pops out of the ground, bashing at the thrown object!
    ... And is promptly IMMERSED IN LAVA.
    "Hey, Teleport support here. Sorry I'm late. Had to go to Hawai'i to pick up something."

    Steam fills the area, as the crystal is safely recovered.
    Bob puts it in a box, and notes down its co-ordinates. You can teleport it out before you leave.

    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)12:39 No.17721946
    No idea why the 'Then' is there. Must have been something I started typing and forgot about.

    In any case, as long as we teleport in bodies a few feet off the ground, they ought to make enough noise to call the tentacle over, and maybe convince it to drag them down into its hole, giving us time to move the crystal.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)12:42 No.17721970
    Do you wish to teleport the corpse of the Tentacle to containment?
    It is quite dead. Its thick, impervious hide might have use to a sufficiently creative player!

    For the record:
    Damage dealt:
    Teleportation: 15%
    Electricity: 60%
    Psi Lash: 25%, it saves at 1hp.
    Magma: Killing blow.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)12:49 No.17722035

    Are you asking us if we want to teleport ALL of the tentacle to containment because it would be useful to research?

    Or are you asking us if we want to merely teleport part of it to containment, and keep a fragment of its corpse around for our purposes?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)12:51 No.17722052
    I am asking because auto-controlling the teleporter without the player's permission is a complete dick move.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)12:52 No.17722063
    Can we take it back out of containment if needed? If so, heck yeah we contain it!

    We seem to have a lot of room, so let's grab it.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)12:52 No.17722064
    Magnesium burns when exposed to water. It's a component of MRE packs, for the smokeless, self-cooking chemical function.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)12:53 No.17722071


    Hey, I wonder if we could get an Anarkis-sized (width and length) portion of the tentacle sufficiently hollowed out enough to squeeze someone into and act as a man-sized Chinese finger puzzle.

    Then we could teleport it to fit on Anarkis, effectively restricting his ability to do anything but hop around impotently.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)12:55 No.17722083
    Could you hold Anarki down long enough for that? If you did, you could have killed him already.

    Alternatively, kite Anarki back to this waterlogged room and then electrocute him. But add more water, and seal off the escape routes.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)12:55 No.17722087


    We might also be able to teleport a distracting noise from above, causing him to look up and be conveniently in a perfect shape for a such a tube-shaped device to fit around him.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)12:57 No.17722098
    Anarki moves ultra-fast. Now, if we had something like the CLOCK UP system.....
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)12:58 No.17722101
    You have looted:

    >2 Gargantuas
    >4 HR Scientists
    >3 Scientists
    >6 Soldiers (Security Guards)
    >8 Vortigaunts
    >12 Houndeyes
    >1 Eli Vance (missing 0.5 legs)
    >1 Alyx Vance
    >2 HEV Suits
    >1 Tentacle corpse
    (This corpse's thick plated hide is almost impervious to Gunfire. Though you don't have anyone around to make it into a suit of armor, no doubt a bulletproof and explosionproof plate is of use to someone)

    You can do this. It would require either immobilising Anarki for 10 seconds, or luring him outside of Xen, for this to happen.

    Note that you are not required to fight Anarki. When/if you encounter him, I'll give you the choice then, and just assume that is what you've chosen all along.

    The Cons are, obviously, that this is one of the top trained professional killers, in his own element, with a shit-ton of weapons.
    In fact, Anarki was the "If you piss off the G-man, you lose" part of this section.
    However, I am not a railroader unless it violates common sense. If you can come up with a plan to loot Anarki, you most certainly can.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)13:00 No.17722118
    >We might also be able to teleport a distracting noise from above, causing him to look up and be conveniently in a perfect shape for a such a tube-shaped device to fit around him.
    Name a time you saw a Pro gamer get distracted by a noise above him.
    Protip: He'll fire a grenade at it and continue bunnyhopping. Which is exactly the reaction your Spectre will have if something surprises her, and isn't at close range.

    He isn't some goofball. He's a guy who spends his spare time murdering people in deadly free-for-all combat.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)13:01 No.17722131

    Hmm. Anarkis seems to be the optional insane boss fight for this scenario. Great rewards can be reaped, but also a high risk to go with it.

    We might want to see if we can loot anything else from Black Mesa. But unless we can come up with a solid plan that doesn't involve us FIRING EVERYTHING at Anarkis, it may be best to just leave him be.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)13:03 No.17722149
    >Anarkis seems to be the optional insane boss fight for this scenario.
    Just you wait for the Gordon Freeman fight.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)13:05 No.17722164
    I vote for 'no Anarki'.
    We don't need to fight him at all, and he's G-Man's elite agent in the field (which tells us something about his efficacy).

    If we meet him, just wave and keep on walking.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)13:07 No.17722179

    I'm guessing that's the scenario if we manage to piss off G-man and kill/disable Anarkis, but he's not yet angry at us enough to port us to Xen with no weapons and surrounded by aliens.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)13:07 No.17722181
    Yes, we continue to loot Black Mesa until the nukes are only minutes away, then we teleport our agents up and out along with any objects we haven't gotten yet, and jump the ship far away to see about amputating Eli's leg (though couldn't we have human resources do this more easily?!)
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)13:10 No.17722197

    Thank you daytime /tg/. Nighttime/early morning /tg/ seems to attract the raidah/dakkadakka/trigger-happy yahoos.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)13:10 No.17722198
    For example ... let's see how Anarki goes up against the mansion from last mission.

    Renamon: Dodges for a bit, Anarki Dodges for a bit, pegs her with plasma fire.
    Amalia: Rail'd
    Roxanne: Geodude gets explode'd then Rail'd.
    Mercury: Actually holds her own for quite some time, and eventually flees.
    Peach: Rocket'd off the screen.
    Warlock: Deathcoil Agony Corruption Siphon Haunt Fear Shadowbolt Shadowbolt, Warlock wins.
    Miku: They make a beautiful cyberpunk and robot girl couple.
    Chun-Li: Gauntlet'd.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)13:12 No.17722214

    Would Anarki say "gg" to the warlock, or does he log onto the forums and complain about zero skill?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)13:12 No.17722220
    rolled 75 = 75

    Let's find out.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)13:13 No.17722225
    Anarki says "gg wp :)" "lock op :P"
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)13:16 No.17722258
    Oh, and Kali:
    Forces Anarki to fight, forever, in an arena where even Death has forsaken him, as punishment for his arrogance in trying to confront her.
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)13:22 No.17722308

    Well, at least he's not one of the obnoxious pro-gamers.

    Seeing as how people voted earlier to get the G-man's information rather than having G-man transfer Anarki into our services, that would still make him technically the G-man's agent. If we still want the information the G-man has on who he is, we should probably just vote for the option for the peaceable option for Anarki (i.e. we don't fight him and he leaves the game).
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/29/12(Sun)13:23 No.17722334
    The G-man hosts "The sickest tourneys", with "The biggest prizes", and he also has the "Proest fraggers" present.
    It seems as though Anarki's goals are extremely complex, well-developed, and will require years of probing his psyche to understand. </sarcasm>
    >> Anonymous 01/29/12(Sun)14:33 No.17722907
    We should ask G-Man if he knows Calypso.

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