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  • File : 1327633951.jpg-(592 KB, 1759x1884, transpace_guard_logo.jpg)
    592 KB Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)22:12 No.17689732  
    On a level of reality just below our own, the Crossover began. A thousand walls between fiction and the Metaworld tore open, releasing the hungry forces of Sue from their cannibalized homes. Metaworld itself- connection between Fiction and Reality, and the result of seven billion human's perception of Reality, was nearly rent apart.

    In the aftermath, with millions dead and cities flattened, the Rifts existed still. The group that had managed the feat of slaying the Sues stepped forward to defend these gates between Meta and Fiction. They knew that the only way to restore stability was to keep to the Canon, as thousands of Meta inhabitants disappeared into the worlds of Fiction, intent on their own agendas.

    The name of these guardians?

    The Transpace Guard.

    There are millions of millions of Canons out there. From video games, to books, to movies, to movies, traditional games, and more. The goal of the Transpace Guard is to ensure that nobody fucks with the story, and that Canon is preserved, so that the Metaverse remains stable, and no great castastrophe happens again.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)22:14 No.17689755
    Even now, valiant heroes fight to restore stability, from countless bad fanfictions, disastrous crossovers, hostile entities in the Meta, and author-self-inserts known as S.U.E.s.
    But they cannot do this with strength of will alone.

    Men need weapons to fight. Ships to traverse the meta. Troops to fight with. And they always need more money.
    That's where you come in.

    Transpace Guard Requisitions is in charge of handling the ins and outs of weapons, troops, and equipment to the brave operatives who seek to maintain stability and wrest the Canon from the cold, dead hands of those who would harm it.

    Oddly enough, not ALL equipment comes directly from requisitions. "Meta" technology, including reality emitters, transit drives, and rewriter bombs, are produced by Black OPs and Black OPs alone. But for everything else, Requisitions can handle it.

    There are 6 main branches of the Transpace Guard Requisitions. In no particular order, they are:
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)22:14 No.17689772
         File1327634098.jpg-(115 KB, 640x400, req_manuf.jpg)
    115 KB
    Featuring a world packed to the brim with as many production and research facilities as a world can handle, if it can be made, Manufacturing can make it.
    They handle the guns, ships, mechanised forces and armor. They handle reverse engineering, and rebuilding.

    Unfortunately, some things cannot be made. Magic, Phlebotinum, and various rare elements. These have to be picked up. Which leads us to...
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)22:16 No.17689797
         File1327634206.png-(100 KB, 1629x1159, req_farming.png)
    100 KB

    Hazardous, tedious, but necessary. They're the guys who pick up the Elerium, mine the Eezo, kill the money spiders every nanosecond for their coins, and satisfy Requisitions' needs for rare materials.
    By going to a canon where items will not be missed, they pick up whatever raw materials they can find and send them back, often killing millions of respawning monsters in the process.

    But of course, you need soldiers to fight monsters. Which leads to...
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)22:17 No.17689805
         File1327634240.jpg-(77 KB, 1366x768, req_humanres.jpg)
    77 KB
    Human Resources.

    This is not a nice place to be.
    The goal of requisitions is to take what won't be missed from a Canon, and send it to forces that need it.
    Sometimes, People won't be missed.
    Heroes, Troops, Specialists, Mooks ... all brought here for recruitment. But recruitment isn't always nice.
    By speech, drugs, surgery, magic, brainwashing, false memory implanting, or even outright torture, people here are "Convinced" to work for the Transpace Guard.

    What's more, Human Resources keeps on hand a stack of two useful things:
    Reconstruction units, and Soul gems.
    So when a person dies, so long as their body structure is backed up and their Soul is stored, they can be rebuilt.
    It's standard policy for all people working in Human Resources to wear Soul gems on their bodies,
    and every day, a steady stream of people attempt Suicide, are rebuilt, and are moved immediately into re-education.

    Human Resources is not a nice place.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)22:17 No.17689813
         File1327634277.jpg-(322 KB, 1366x768, req_storage.jpg)
    322 KB

    A fractal near the edge of reality, with warehouses upon warehouses and boxes upon boxes, built for storing an infinite amount of the most hazardous and volatile substances, and also the most mundane.

    Casualties here rank highest amongst the branches. Monsters roam the infinite halls - monsters carelessly looted and improperly stored break free, and in these infinite halls, nobody can say everything is secure.

    But, they are a minor concern, and as long as Human Resources can keep restoring the box stackers to life, Storage keeps on trucking, having a place for everything, and almost everything in its place. Almost.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)22:18 No.17689825
         File1327634330.jpg-(36 KB, 342x542, req_logistics.jpg)
    36 KB

    A tower of glass and steel on Meta-Earth serves as home to Requisitions' Logistics divisions.
    It is their job to know exact counts of every item Requisitions has, where all of them are, what the staff are working on, and how to get items from the other branches to where they are most needed.

    The tower itself creates reality distortions - the weight of the paper alone inside the tower exceeds the total weight of the tower itself, to prevent it from collapsing under the weight of its own forms.

    It may be one of the most boring jobs in the Multiverse. In fact, after 10 years of working here, Soul gems can no longer be used to restore workers, because you can't restore to life a man that lost his soul.

    This brings us to the 6th faction, and the players' faction.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)22:20 No.17689848
         File1327634412.jpg-(707 KB, 1300x873, req_looting.jpg)
    707 KB

    Looting has two jobs.
    #1: Don't fuck up the canon.
    #2: Grab everything you can without violating #1.

    The Transpace Guard keeps a list of worlds. Sometimes, you can't get what you need by farming or manufacturing.
    It's the Looters' jobs to get Staff, unique Items, interesting Technology, Blueprints, and anything that looks like it'd be tricky to make, but easy to grab.

    Looters' casualty rates are second only to Storage, because they go into worlds knowing well what they do will break the Law. but as long as it does not break the Canon, then all is well.

    Looters are also paid extremely well*. Well, if they're good at their jobs.
    Looters have a budget with which to Rent items, troops, and heroes.
    Looters then receive Dosh as a reward for turning in their loot.
    Get a lot of loot, then you get a lot of Dosh, you pay the Rent, and keep the rest for yourselves.

    Sound simple? Good.

    You, the players, are a small crew of Looters.
    You have a small ship, a small amount of funds, and a very small amount of trust from HQ.
    But, since small ships are cheap and SOMETIMES Looters distinguish themselves, there are thousands of new looter teams every month sent out. And of the 20 or so that come back, over 4.99% of them become rich and famous.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)22:22 No.17689890
         File1327634569.jpg-(31 KB, 383x400, choppork wichessam.jpg)
    31 KB
    M I S S I O N _ B R I E F I N G:

    You're on a mission to acquire loot from a Mansion deemed of interest to the transpace guard.
    An obese, smelly neckbeard has found a way to drag canon versions of female characters through the meta to his house. You are to enter the mansion, and loot whatever he's using in order to accomplish this.
    The mission has gone sour, however.

    After an incursion from Benny Hill waking up the mansion, your team was spotted attempting to abduct and capture more people than you could realistically handle. The mansion is now on high alert, and is ready for your return.

    #1. Find out what's allowing those characters to come in from other worlds, and swipe it.

    #1: Despite having a harem, there must be a place where the Mansion owner goes to be alone. Find such a place, and our assassins' team will have a much easier job.
    #2: There's bound to be lots of loot in this place. Collect all the interesting loot you can. Note that we have no use for jewellery, but particularily unique items, magic items, tech, and powerups are all good.

    #1: Don't kill any of the girls. You do this, you're fired.
    #2: Injuries to the girls' health and sanity may cause problems in returning them to their canons. Try not to do this.
    #3: Troops and Heroes are expensive to replace. Lose as few as you can.
    #4: Though this mansion is not part of any specific canon, the Earth on which it rests IS. Do try not to blow up the planet.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)22:24 No.17689910
    back to failing to steal shit: the sequel.
    >> Fireman Prime 01/26/12(Thu)22:25 No.17689924
         File1327634713.png-(30 KB, 510x546, a_gift.png)
    30 KB
    Should have brought a Blood Raven.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)22:26 No.17689937
    Shit goddamn OP, I run a verse MUCH LIKE THIS one, based offa the gaming guardians comic.
    (its kind of a shitty/stagnant community)

    But god damn you put down so much of the things I thought through before/while working on that story arc that you deserve a pat on the back.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)22:26 No.17689949
         File1327634807.jpg-(99 KB, 1366x768, req_missionscreen.jpg)
    99 KB
    1 Light Scout ship (it's a Skyranger with a Meta transit drive), contains:
    >1 container of Bounce seeds
    >1 stack of Mario mushrooms
    >1 set of Piranha plants
    >1 scrying basin
    1 Nightcrawler (X-men)
    1 Auror (Harry Potter)
    1 Omni-Tool (Mass Effect)
    1 Heartbeat monitor (Call of Duty)
    1 Bag of holding, which contains:
    >1 Unidentified ring
    5 Flashbangs
    1 Lockpicks
    1 Mirror on a stick

    The enemy is known to have:
    1 Mansion
    _1 Anti-magic field. Not entirely reliable, except vs. anyone trying to teleport out.
    _1 Power generator
    _? Amounts of shit you want to steal
    _? Secret areas
    1 Obese, Smelly Neckbeard
    _His harem is loyal to him
    1 Princess Peach
    1 Renamon
    1 Chun-Li
    1 Sailor Mercury
    1 Draenei Warlock
    1 Amalia
    1 Roxanne (Pokemon)
    1 "Robot Girl"
    _All have been given anti-magic rings as a precaution, except Amalia, who lost hers.
    >> Lisandra brave 01/26/12(Thu)22:27 No.17689956
    rolled 20 = 20

    so, get in, kill the neckbeard, steal his shit, save the girls get out?
    no problem.
    we need a team
    >> Fireman Prime 01/26/12(Thu)22:28 No.17689959
         File1327634884.jpg-(82 KB, 500x500, its_okay_when_tg_does_it.jpg)
    82 KB
    >that feel when I had the same thing going on with the entire Editors setting back 4 or so months ago with the first thread, and I thought I was crazy until /tg/ thought of it too
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)22:29 No.17689970
    Additionally, objectives you have already accomplished:
    >Identify how the Neckbeard keeps his harem loyal
    He uses Chocolate laced with opiates and a love potion mixture, to keep them addicted both to him, and to the chocolate itself.

    The team is already assembled.
    They are currently hiding out in a park about 500 meters away from the mansion. The scout craft has opted to take up an aerial position 10 kilometers out in order to avoid detection.

    The rest is up to the players.
    What will you do?
    >> Lisandra brave 01/26/12(Thu)22:29 No.17689971
    rolled 8 = 8

    set the auror to find amalia and imperius her.
    with a woman on the inside this becomes easier.
    >> Fireman Prime 01/26/12(Thu)22:31 No.17690003
    You're not rolling for anything. At any rate, you're noko-rolling which is cheating anyway.
    Stop dat.
    Fall back, consolidate, and use a love charm or a bliss charm to subdue Amalia / get her to work with us for a bit. Imperius is a Forbidden Curse, so that's a no go.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)22:31 No.17690008
         File1327635117.jpg-(10 KB, 421x200, lightbulbs.jpg)
    10 KB
    You have two units of COMMON SENSE remaining.
    You acquire a unit of COMMON SENSE by doing something particularily insightful, ingenius, clever, or out-of-the-box.
    You lose a unit of COMMON SENSE if you attempt something dumb, that one of your troops present would realistically be able to spot is a bad plan. The bad plan then doesn't happen, and you are able to think of a new plan.

    The Auror is unwilling to use unforgivable curses.
    Amalia was found. In fact, we just GTFO'd from that situation.
    >> Lisandra brave 01/26/12(Thu)22:32 No.17690014
    rolled 47 = 47

    scry her, nightcrawler auror in, imperius use her as eyes around corners.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)22:33 No.17690025
    >Fall back, consolidate, and use a love charm or a bliss charm to subdue Amalia
    Please tell me you see the potential problem with this plan. Please tell me you are honestly not trying to do this.

    Attempts to deliberately remove lightbulbs by suggesting retarded shit will be ignored.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)22:34 No.17690029
    >> Fireman Prime 01/26/12(Thu)22:34 No.17690032
         File1327635255.jpg-(54 KB, 529x547, h-h-here_i_go.jpg)
    54 KB
    I do now. Better idea below.
    Let's head back around to the other side of the compound and re-insert to try to get in that basement while they're busy untying Amalia.

    Better plan?
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)22:34 No.17690039
    ok then, just considering operation snatch-and-grab, as elaborated here:>>17689409

    Roxanne the pokemon training will like have, at most, another Geodude and a Nosepass to throw at us, by process of elimination from what she had in the games and cartoons (she didn't use geodude in the manga).

    I'd like to wait for two people to support this plan before we acctually go for it, mind.

    Also: No to imperiusing, the Auror has refused that repeatedly.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)22:36 No.17690056
    i see it and part of it is said chocolate bullshit we have had to deal with.

    our only "real goal" is turning off the portal thing that allows the grognard to kidnap folk.

    also to loot as much as possible without doing bad things.

    what you guys keep suggesting is retarded, think about what to do for a little bit before being raidah and go in guns blazing pants on head retarded.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)22:36 No.17690061
    We have some potential plans!
    Which are we going with?
    Thinking about the consequences of your actions is likely to help you out!
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)22:37 No.17690073

    >Draenei Warlock

    That is not even a thing.

    Anyhow, we should pool together what meager information we got on the mansion's floor plans from the piece-of-ass motion detector movements. Or get a picture of the mansion and see if any of us recognize it.
    >> Fireman Prime 01/26/12(Thu)22:38 No.17690084
         File1327635521.png-(72 KB, 407x405, 10_bravery.png)
    72 KB
    I know.
    It's hard. raidah is likely part S.U.E., and that field takes weeks of therapy to fully negate.
    'Operation Snatch-N-Grab' might end up with more fighting than I care for, so I think we should try to get in the basement and take care of the MetaTech. Once that's in our control, the rest should be pretty easy.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)22:39 No.17690096

    im gonna go with sneaking in while theyre distracted...if we grab one of them right in front of the others we lose the chance of having someone on the inside

    also what do we know about the ring we got?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)22:40 No.17690110
         File1327635632.jpg-(22 KB, 300x225, mansion.jpg)
    22 KB

    From what you know of the mansion:

    The Top floor has two main hallways, with some cross-paths. There are at least two staircases down.
    The Ground floor has two main hallways, and at least one "Main hall". It has a front door, and a garage door which has rusted shut from disuse. It has at least 2 staircases up, and at least 1 staircase down.
    The Basement is similar to the Top floor.

    There are many rooms and windows, except in the basement, where there are only rooms.
    Cameras overlook some of the hallways in the basement, but not all of them.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)22:41 No.17690115
    I should point out grabbing a girl to pick her brain for the layout is strategically sound (either through discussion or legimancy). Attempting to charge in like nights in shining armour to rescue all the girl's, while appealing to Kurt's swashbuckler tendencies, is inadvisable.

    reposting from last thread:

    1. The five Ps. we do not commit to a course of action without careful consideration of the consequences.
    2.COMMON SENSE. Bootleg OP is much less forgiving, so we need to consider all complications, even the obvious stuff.
    3.The Chocolate. The Auror can maybe cure some of the girls who've eaten less chocolate with Finite. Apparently, how much chocolate they have is a indicator of how much they've eaten. If we can do this, it'll make our infiltration far easier. Since they'll get mindwiped before being sent home, we shouldn't have to worry too much (although a cover story might be worth considering.)
    4. 'stick to the plan, chums!' we need to keep our objectives in mind. Whacking the grognard and getting the girls out are tertiary objectives. We need to get what we came for-and focus upon low-risk secondary objectives, if at all possible. We got too damn ambitious on the first run, and it bit us in the ass.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)22:41 No.17690116
    >also what do we know about the ring we got?
    It is, as of yet, unidentified
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)22:42 No.17690142
    In the center of the Ground floor, there is a walled off area accessible through the kitchen, which contains the source of the anti-magic field, and a recharging station for robots.
    This is the first secret area you have "Found". There may be others.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)22:44 No.17690167
    >someone on the inside

    yeah, that's a bad idea.

    the chocolates are drugged, so they're quite addictive. We don't want our hypothetical inside woman to fail a will check and then lose her again. We get somebody out, they're staying out.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)22:45 No.17690179
    Waiting for player input on what action to take.
    >> Fireman Prime 01/26/12(Thu)22:46 No.17690191
    Still voting for going to the other side of the building, infiltrating the ground floor, and heading to the basement. Loads of dosh- I mean, shadows for moving around.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)22:46 No.17690193
    can we work on ID'ing the ring? preferably out of visual range of the mansion, we don't want flashes of light giving us away.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)22:47 No.17690208
    isnt there surveilance in the basement though?i think its best to avoid that right now
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)22:47 No.17690217

    If we haven't already, ID-ing the ring and possibly discovering how the anti-magic field works might help the Auror in either dispelling its effects or maintaining his own spells' effectiveness while in the anti-magic field.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)22:48 No.17690225

    we figured its an antimagic ring.

    also may have some sort of sensory qualities.

    anyways we may as well hide the ring somewhere so we can use the damn bag again.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)22:49 No.17690241
         File1327636172.jpg-(9 KB, 300x300, ring_green_gem.jpg)
    9 KB
    >can we work on ID'ing the ring?
    You can do so.
    The Auror casts his "ID this item" spell

    Anti-magic ring (Teleport)
    An anti-magic gem glued and duct taped to a cheap band. The anti-magic gem is finely cut along most of its faces, but appears to have been sheared off a larger block of crystal.

    The Anti-magic ring attempts to block or dispel hostile magic.
    It is not very effective vs. spells it has not seen yet.
    It is super effective vs. all kinds of teleportation.
    If it blocks too many spells in succession, it runs a risk of exploding, showering anyone nearby with a backlash of magical energy.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)22:50 No.17690258
    If we're not doing snatch-and-grab, then I second this.

    Have Auror cast supersensory charms on the pair, along with invisibility and silencing.
    >> Rynex !3KCroq6wAA 01/26/12(Thu)22:51 No.17690267
    >>being raidah and go in guns blazing pants on head retarded.

    PROTIP: We don't have any guns at all.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)22:52 No.17690285
    ok take it out of the bag, seems like it doesn't have radar qualities so they won't know where it is.

    this allows us to use the bag.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)22:52 No.17690293
    So, you wish to teleport to the other side of the building, and go from there?
    >> Fireman Prime 01/26/12(Thu)22:53 No.17690303
    Sure. As long as they can be kept busy with dealing with Amalia and we put some distance down, we can get in and try to knock out the (stuff) Generator.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)22:53 No.17690307
    doesn't stop us from suggesting shit like:
    "go running in and attempt to knock out the chicks and kill the grognard with only 2 people."
    kind of like what we did in the first run.

    i completely blame raidah for this.
    >> Fireman Prime 01/26/12(Thu)22:54 No.17690315
    Don't type like him. Use capital letters and the blame shifts by almost 85% off of you and onto the next guy who makes a typo.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)22:54 No.17690318
    How do you intend to approach the Mansion?
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)22:55 No.17690322
    >appears to have been sheared off a larger block of crystal.
    Clearly, we should find that larger block.

    By the way, how many random spells in succession can the Auror cast? Maybe we should try to overload the rings, although the "backlash of magical energy" kind of irks me.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)22:55 No.17690324
    >larger block
    that'll be the source of the antimagic field, I'd wager
    >not very effective against spells it hasn't seen
    this list. look at it. Time ti get creative, chaps (make sure to read the spell's individual page if it's got one)
    >If it blocks too many spells in succession, it runs a risk of exploding, showering anyone nearby with a backlash of magical energy.

    We want to avoid this.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)22:56 No.17690347
    If the garden is a no-go, then there's probably an underground path somewhere, due to the fact that the electrical poles are all fakes.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)22:57 No.17690357
    Perhaps. But how would you find such an underground path?
    >> Rynex !3KCroq6wAA 01/26/12(Thu)22:57 No.17690361
    >>>If it blocks too many spells in succession, it runs a risk of exploding, showering anyone nearby with a backlash of magical energy.

    I predicted that this would happen, so I suggested to contain Amalia's ring inside the Bag of Holding before the ring explodes.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)22:59 No.17690389
    or just keep it on the ship and keep the ship out of magic range, give the ring to the /tg/ req for Dosh and being able to USE the bag of holding still.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)23:00 No.17690390
    Rynex: I am awaiting player input.
    Auror and Nightcrawler are hiding 500 meters away from the mansion, out of its line of sight.
    The transit craft has landed in a remote area, because it could not contribute any useful scouting.
    The players must find a way to accomplish their objectives. What is your input?
    >> Rynex !3KCroq6wAA 01/26/12(Thu)23:00 No.17690393
    We could start with the park. The most sensible place to route an underground path would be to make it pass under the garden, where there would be no existing underground pipes.

    Alternatively, the underground path is concurrent with the the underground gas pipeline, which would usually be seen as a bunch of metal valves stuck inside the concrete blocks that comprise a sidewalk.
    >> Fireman Prime 01/26/12(Thu)23:00 No.17690401
    >Waddiwasi: Throws small things quickly (good for distracting)
    >Vulnera Sanentur: Cuts something up (good for sabotage / last resort attacks we should never make)
    >Trip Jinxes
    I'll find more useful spells as we go on.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)23:02 No.17690433
    There are several kinds of "disarming spells" and spells to make stuff fly about, akin to a Force Push or telekinesis.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)23:03 No.17690441
    Even if you have hints on where an underground path might be, that doesn't tell you exactly where it is.
    How would you find such a thing?
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)23:06 No.17690496
    >Renamon (Digimon) confirmed on mission briefing
    >The Grognard is clearly at least xenophile
    >Roxanne (Pokemon) confirmed last thread
    >The Grognard may have pulled out some other characters from the Pokemon canon
    >Gardevoirs (Pokemon) are extremely common among xenophiles
    >Gardevoirs are psychics and defend their owner to the death

    ...do we have a way to detect psychic emanations?
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)23:06 No.17690501
    I think we should check the rear of the mansion or the mansion perimeter for any odd structures.

    That, or the garden might be hiding a hatch, like that cluster of bounce plants.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)23:07 No.17690525

    I'm guessing that we don't have any type of advanced sensor suites in the scout craft that can be used to scan the density of terrain.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)23:07 No.17690529
    >find out said neckbeard is a furry.
    >probably find an FiM pony as well.
    and now i need to puke.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)23:08 No.17690545
    We used most of our requisitions budget to get Nightcrawler, basically.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)23:08 No.17690546
    rolled 79, 47 = 126

    How do you intend to check these places?
    The mansion perimeter itself is relatively easy, though. Rolling Nightcrawler's spot vs. any sentries' spot.
    Indeed you do not.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)23:10 No.17690569
    Nightcrawler sneaks up to a position where he can get a view of the Hedge around the mansion.
    The Hedge appears to have thin vines snaking through it now.
    Nightcrawler also sees Renamon. Renamon is clearly agitated, moving around the Mansion's roof, checking the Mansion grounds for any intruders.
    Renamon has not spotted him. He returns to his spot in hiding with the Auror.
    >> Rynex !3KCroq6wAA 01/26/12(Thu)23:11 No.17690594
    >>The Hedge appears to have thin vines snaking through it now.

    This is an alarm system that Amalia has set up.
    >> Fireman Prime 01/26/12(Thu)23:11 No.17690597
         File1327637515.jpg-(266 KB, 1000x1149, 1327107306539.jpg)
    266 KB
    Bamf into an unlit room (on the ground floor if at all possible) and get ready to head in. Let's fucking do what we came to do.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)23:12 No.17690604
    Unfortunately, no rooms remain unlit on the ground floor. Or the top floor.

    So. Anyone have a plan for approaching the mansion?
    >> Rynex !3KCroq6wAA 01/26/12(Thu)23:14 No.17690622
    If we attempt to cut the power to the mansion, it is likely that there is a diesel-powered electrical generator that will activate as a backup.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)23:16 No.17690636
    yeah and thats kind of dumb that fact actually is the case.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)23:17 No.17690645
    OP, would it be feasible to wait a few days to wait for things to calm down?

    If the Grognard is one of the particularly easily frightened and paranoid variety, he might be posting his entire harem watching 24/7 at the detriment to their well-being. Attempting another infiltration attempt a few days later when the Grognard has ran his entire security force ragged might be better than attempting to do so now when all of them are relatively fresh and alert.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)23:17 No.17690648
    We could attempt to draw Renamon away from the mansion by the smell of food. Or in this case, the scent of chocolate.

    If she can't see you, she can hear you --and smell you.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)23:21 No.17690694
    >OP, would it be feasible to wait a few days to wait for things to calm down?
    That's the closest thing we have to a plan at the moment. Do the players wish to follow this plan, or come up with a different one?
    As for feasible: It's physically possible for you to do so. Whether it's a good idea or not, I will not tell you.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)23:21 No.17690702
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)23:22 No.17690709
    AND that means you do it and we are fucked in the ass even harder, may as well get it over with.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)23:22 No.17690713
    The problem right now is, we've gone from yellow alert to orange alert as the current passive security level on the mansion.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)23:22 No.17690715
    This is also a plan.
    So, we have three plans so far:
    A. Teleport in to any random room and gogogo
    B. Wait a few days.
    C. Attempt to lure Renamon away.
    D. Something else.

    You may use 1 bulb of COMMON SENSE to come up with a plan appropriate for the situation. Do you wish to do this?
    >> Fireman Prime 01/26/12(Thu)23:23 No.17690726
    Yeah, let's go with the bulb. We need a good plan fast or else we're going to keep bouncing off the house harder and harder until SPLAT somebody dies.
    If the guy who said 'IT'S NOT HARD ENOUGH' IN Normal TG Quest is responsible for this, know you are in a bad place.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)23:24 No.17690727
    Is there any sure-fire way to get Benny Hill to come back? He would be a great distraction while we sneak someone inside.

    (I never thought I'd be typing that previous sentence)
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)23:24 No.17690729
    im gonna say C with the attempt of capture

    waiting is NOT good idea anything can happen in that time
    >> Rynex !3KCroq6wAA 01/26/12(Thu)23:25 No.17690740
    Looks like I'm going to be grinding in the corner for Lightbulbs/Lifelines now.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)23:25 No.17690741
    Report drugged chocolates to the local police force, see what happens.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)23:29 No.17690801
         File1327638573.jpg-(10 KB, 421x200, bulbs_1on2off.jpg)
    10 KB
    The Auror pipes up with a plan:
    "I've set up a Scrying bowl. We should be able to use it safely. In fact, I'm surprised you didn't ask me to use it!"
    Nightcrawler pipes up with a plan:
    "Ya, und I can use the heartbeat monitor to watch enemy movements from outside, gain a zense of their patterns"
    The Auror adds:
    "I'll need to disable the Streetlamps and Lights in the area, so Nightcrawler can stealth easier, but that shouldn't be too hard to do."
    Nightcrawler adds:
    "In a dark environment while watching the heartbeats, I should be able to avoid sentries easily"
    Auror adds:
    "Even if the Scrying bowl is unreliable inside the field, I can at least use it to look inside every single window, and check underground for anything useful."
    Nightcrawler adds, breaking the 4th wall:
    "In fact, the players should review the information they've been given, ask themselves what they can use, and also ask what the consequences of their actions are."

    You now have a solid plan!
    Enact plan y/n?
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)23:29 No.17690806
    I agree on 'no waiting'.

    We need to get into their generator room and wreck it.
    Kidnapping one of the 'harem' to interrogate is proving a poor choice, especially with only nightcrawler and one auror. And no ranged weapons.

    Idea (maybe poor): Nightcrawler bamfs around a couple of times near the edge of the garden, possibly throwing something inside nearby to get tangled in the vines.

    While he does that, the auror uses invisibility and sneaks up to the other side of the mansion to get a better look inside through a window, and if he can put out lights somehow (breaking them is fine), to do that to those that he can reach.
    With shadows, Nightcrawler has a little more leeway in moving around.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)23:31 No.17690813
    might as well i suppose
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)23:31 No.17690814
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)23:31 No.17690815
    >> Fireman Prime 01/26/12(Thu)23:32 No.17690831
         File1327638739.jpg-(274 KB, 1024x768, literally_all_of_my_rage.jpg)
    274 KB
    >mfw I'm as dumb as the rest of Anon for not having thought of those, assuming the devices would automatically be integrated into it like in TG Quest
    Enact the plan. Activate it.
    In the future, be liberal with powers and abilities, assume OP will say 'yes' to power-use stretches, and try to think like someone who's gone to West Point: Extensively, exactingly, and decisively.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)23:32 No.17690835

    Sure, why not.

    Probably would've been a good idea to have troops whose powers and abilities we know intimately. But all the knowledgeable HPverse questers seem to be elsewhere (excepting the DM).
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)23:32 No.17690836
    Had you have mentioned "Scrying" at any point, to any of the questions I asked about HOW you're doing this,
    or if any of you players had read the item list, and noticed:
    >1 scrying basin
    And mentioned it, you would now still have 2 lightbulbs.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)23:34 No.17690861
    What item list? I don't remember any item list in the first thread, just suggestions.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)23:34 No.17690872
    How many minutes do you want to spend, looking into rooms, and reading heartbeats?
    Enter a number from 5 to infinity.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)23:36 No.17690884
    rolled 19, 10, 8, 14, 10, 19, 4, 19, 17, 19 = 139

    There's but one way:
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)23:36 No.17690885
    >What item list? I don't remember any item list in the first thread, just suggestions.
    I will refrain from making hurtful comments about you.
    However, Nightcrawler thinks you're a retard for not reading >>17689949 .
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)23:37 No.17690905
    rolled 28 + 5 = 33

    You may indeed spend 139 minutes if you wish.
    >> Fireman Prime 01/26/12(Thu)23:38 No.17690906
    Make sure to use the Omni-Tool to scan the shit out of anything even slightly out of the ordinary and open locks, and mirror-on-stick all rooms if we have time (read: if nobody's coming on the Heart-Beat sensor).
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)23:38 No.17690913
    At least 30 minutes.
    I want a good idea of their patrol patterns if they have any.
    During that time, the auror will get as good of a layout as possible using scrying, and draw it up in a map so Nightcrawler has something to go off of when teleporting
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)23:38 No.17690914
    When did we even get it, at that?
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)23:38 No.17690917
    well, this is a handy substitute:
    >> Rynex !3KCroq6wAA 01/26/12(Thu)23:42 No.17690957
    You guys are all forgetting three things:

    Renamon can still pick up your scent and hear you better and farther than any of the guards present.

    The vines are obviously something that Amalia set up. As I said before, they are clearly an alarm system of hers.

    The robot girl might be waiting inside the kitchen, plugged to the recharger.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)23:42 No.17690958
    rolled 92, 43, 93, 35 = 263

    You spent 100% of your DOSH on a loadout for this mission:
    1 Auror, 25% (Price is increasing to 50% for future missions because DM didn't know how incredibly OP these are)
    1 Nightcrawler, 65%
    1 Bag of holding, 5%
    1 Omni-tool, 2%
    1 Heartbeat monitor, 2%
    5 Flashbangs, 1%
    1 Set of lockpicks, 0%
    1 Mirror on a stick, 0%

    You opt to spend 30 minutes initially. Rolling for Spot, Spot, Hide, and Spot.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)23:43 No.17690975
    And there's no scrying basin in the loadout list.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)23:44 No.17690985
    You can never get enough intel. An hour sounds like a solid amount of time. We just need to be careful and scan everything, all the time, so we don't stumble into traps or enemy soldiers.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)23:47 No.17691026

    How much would a FOX unit soldier or a FROG/Haven trooper cost then?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)23:48 No.17691047
    rolled 70, 39, 34, 73 = 216

    The Auror scries. He sees:

    Narrow vines snake their way around the entire mansion lawn, even going up the mansion walls in places. However, he is easily able to spot gaps where they are not.
    He spots a total of 9 bedrooms in the mansion. 1 is clearly the Master bedroom. The other 8 all have cameras installed.
    He spots a total of 4 bathrooms. They all have cameras installed.
    He spots a Kitchen, a Dining hall, a Computer room, a TV hall, and a Garage on the first few floors. He did not see any cameras.
    In the basement:
    He spots that there is not only one, but TWO levels of basement.
    The first level of basement is almost entirely utility. Water heaters, Maintenence, Stored crap, Laundry, and what look to be ... fetish rooms. I'll tell you now the fetish rooms are utterly empty, no joke, and not to look into them.
    The Basement's hallways all have cameras, but its side rooms do NOT.
    All the lights are on.
    The Auror detects that SOMETHING is blocking his scrying near the anti-magic field
    and that SOMETHING is blocking his scrying in the very lower level.

    Nightcrawler is easily able to disable any lights and evade all sentries. He reports:
    There are two single heartbeats making their patrols inside the mansion.
    Renamon and Amalia are outside. Renamon is very clearly using Amalia as bait for our forces.
    The patrolling forces spend most of their time in the hallways, pausing occasionally to look into any room they pass.

    There are a few secrets to be found!
    Let's see which ones your auror finds.
    >> Rynex !3KCroq6wAA 01/26/12(Thu)23:50 No.17691082
    >>Maintenence, Stored crap, Laundry

    Time for home-made chemistry experiments! What can we cobble together with household/garage chemicals aside from "Go to Gensokyo(Chlorine) Gas "?
    >> Rynex !3KCroq6wAA 01/26/12(Thu)23:52 No.17691112
    There's got to be a security office somewhere in the mansion. Is it the master bedroom?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)23:53 No.17691119
         File1327639984.jpg-(30 KB, 583x256, density.jpg)
    30 KB
    He has identified that somewhere in the center of the basement, there is a large magical distortion.
    There is magic there. It seems ... Dark. Evil.
    He cannot see it directly, but suspects that something is there.

    He has not found anything buried underground at all, beyond the usual pipes that are far too small for a person to fit into.

    He has spotted the "Robot girl". Picture next post.

    He has confirmed that there are places in the Mansion that are large enough to hold rooms, but they have no windows to the outside world, and are too dark to see clearly into. They will need to be investigated directly.
    One is on the top floor, adjacent to the master bedroom.
    Three are in the lower floors, near storage.
    and there is one on the ground floor, confirmed to be where the anti-magic field is.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)23:55 No.17691139
    Empty fetish rooms. Well... sex likely isn't going to be on their minds after multiple invasion attempts plus Benny Hill, so that might make a good entry point to bamf into. From there, proceed possibly to the home-made chemistry stuff if we come up with something useful that can be made fast.

    Are there stairs leading down from anywhere close to one of the fetish rooms?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)23:55 No.17691141
         File1327640112.png-(281 KB, 462x710, miku.png)
    281 KB
    The robot girl is this woman.
    She is carrying what looks to be a heavy rifle or chaingun of some kind.
    Strange. Robots don't eat chocolate...
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)23:56 No.17691152
    >Time for home-made chemistry experiments!
    Time for a chance to re-earn a lightbulb.

    Where would you find cleaning products, OTHER THAN the basement of this mansion?
    >> Fireman Prime 01/26/12(Thu)23:57 No.17691171
    Supply closets, bathrooms, and perhaps the kitchen. All good sources of acids, bases, catalysts, and solvents. Might have some Canon-Based stuff here, so it's fair game for looting.
    Time to see if they've got something lightbulb worthy to play around with.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/26/12(Thu)23:58 No.17691184
    No. Try harder.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/12(Thu)23:58 No.17691185
    Not counting the laundry in the basement? The kitchen may also have some.

    Did we find any tool sheds?
    >> Rynex !KCQoFj8ntM 01/26/12(Thu)23:59 No.17691192
    >>One is on the top floor, adjacent to the master bedroom.
    >>Three are in the lower floors, near storage.

    My guesses:
    The neckbeard's nerdgear-storage room is the one in the top floor.

    One room is the security office. The other two, I have no idea, but one of them is probably a dud with regards to any significant functionality.

    In any case, we'll need to create a bomb using the stored household chemicals in the first basement level, to deal with what's in the lower basement.

    On a side note:
    Potterverse magic is OP, particularly when someone is creative enough to put the spells to clever and creative application. Particularly because there's not really much of a defined magic system in there.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)00:00 No.17691211

    At the local 24-hour totally-not-Wal-Mart™ or I-can't-believe-it's-really-not-7/11.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)00:00 No.17691213
    No. Try harder.
    You have 1 more try, before failing your chance at Lightbulb.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)00:01 No.17691219
    You can find common (and hazardous) cleaning chemicals in almost anyone's bathroom or under the sinks. Or... other houses nearby, maybe even on our ship if we're lucky.
    Ammonia and Bleach make chlorine gas, IIRC, and a bottle of that would drive people out of a room quickly (except robot lady).
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)00:01 No.17691220
    You have spent 30 minutes scrying and detecting.
    Do you wish to spend any more?
    You have not made any attempt to combine Nightcrawler and the Auror's individual talents. They have been acting independently so far.
    >> Rynex !KCQoFj8ntM 01/27/12(Fri)00:01 No.17691221

    The robot girl can be killed without consequence. The real Miku is something else entirely.

    As for cleaning products, you would store some in the garage.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)00:02 No.17691228
    Also noting that ammonia and bleach are both common cleaning products.
    >> Rynex !KCQoFj8ntM 01/27/12(Fri)00:02 No.17691230
    *snaps fingers*

    That's what one or two of the unlit rooms are. Bathrooms!
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)00:03 No.17691241
         File1327640596.jpg-(8 KB, 421x200, bulbs_2on1off.jpg)
    8 KB
    >Or... other houses nearby
    Worlds tend to have things called "Shops", which tend to contain useful items. They also tend to not contain Renamons.
    Some careful planning and GOOD guessing has added up to a new bulb!
    >> Fireman Prime 01/27/12(Fri)00:05 No.17691265
    You're yanking my perspective chain around, OP, and I don't like it. If we go in for an objective, the implication (at least in TG Quest) is to keep it is local as possible, not go fucking around for resources somewhere we might do Canon damage. I'll bit for now, if a little apprehensively.

    Well, anybody want to try hitting up the shops later for resources?
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)00:06 No.17691277
    We could send the scout plane on a quick run, it's just walmart in a non-canon centered part of town after all.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)00:06 No.17691283
    Honestly, committing theft, as deplorable as it is, really doesn't fuck up canon at all.
    Just gives them about a burglar who broke in and only stole cleaning supplies, ignoring the jewelry AND their new flat-screen TV.
    >> Fireman Prime 01/27/12(Fri)00:07 No.17691288
    I'm tired.

    Also, let's continue slowly sweeping the house, taking measure of everything and checking for weirdness / important objects with the Omnitool, the Scrying Bowl, various ID spells, and the under-door mirror, Heartbeat Tracker, and Motion Tracker.
    If the pilot can find a good place to park the plane, go for it.
    >> Rynex !KCQoFj8ntM 01/27/12(Fri)00:07 No.17691295
    >>The robot girl
    >>heavy rifle or chaingun of some kind.

    It can't possibly be Black Rock Shooter. The only versions of her that are properly defined are the 2035 version and the manga version. The former is this: http://blackrockshooter.wikia.com/wiki/Stella

    And the latter is similar to being a grim reaper except she deals with lost souls.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)00:07 No.17691297
    Derp... Should read ...gives them a story about...
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)00:09 No.17691313
    Remember: Being particularily ingenious, creative, deductive, or thinking outside the box, earns bulbs.
    Failing to think of the consequences of your actions, and jumping into something when there is a better option readily apparent, loses bulbs.

    You should get used to having that chain yanked around. A little thinking leads to a much easier time.

    If you wish to loot items, specify what you are looting.
    Likelihood of Canon damage from this action:
    Looting a hardware store: ZERO
    Looting a police station: 1%
    Looting a military base: 5%
    Looting nuclear weapons: 50%

    You have spent 30 minutes scrying and detecting.
    Do you wish to spend any more?
    You have not made any attempt to combine Nightcrawler and the Auror's individual talents. They have been acting independently so far.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)00:09 No.17691315
    give crawler a supersensorary charm! It'll help his scouting.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)00:09 No.17691318

    We can probably send one of the nameless/faceless "command crew" to go pick up supplies. We're bound to have local currency, and surely enough to buy some stuff, though we may want to send people to buy the individual items separately if there are police watches on stuff we're buying. Also, The Auror is busy right now doing scrying, and his probably British ethnicity may make oversuspicious cops suspect him of being linked with the elusive Benny Hill.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)00:09 No.17691320
    I would like to put out a quick note for spells, since it will be easier to keep using different unique spells, since repetition is our current magical bane.

    >Cheerful Charm: Makes target cheerful, if cast improperly will send target into an uncontrollable laughing fit
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)00:10 No.17691333
    Okay, so if we're done with the scouting of their movements via heartbeat, Nightcrawler's new mission is to commit theft of approximately $5 worth of goods from someone's home.
    (not sure what others might want to grab, but ammonia and bleach are pretty cheap by the gallon)

    Support for this plan? He can use the heartbeat monitor to find a house where everyone is asleep.
    Watch out for faster heartbeats, as those might be house pets, and dogs are lighter sleepers than people usually. And have better biting strength.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)00:11 No.17691342

    We could probably swing by a nearby gas station and pick up those $5.00 worth of supplies. No need to pilfer stuff and have more people on the lookout for a blue demonic-looking mutant with BAMFing opwers.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)00:12 No.17691344
    He has one, but you get bonus points for remembering it.
    In fact, I have indeed full retarded. You get a hint.
    Tip: Nightcrawler has a Heartbeat monitor.
    The Auror has a Scrying dish.

    >We can probably send one of the nameless/faceless "command crew" to go pick up supplies. We're bound to have local currency
    What? I don't see "Local currency" in your equipment list.
    Nope. you didn't ask for any. You don't have any. Shame, since I would've given you some for 0% if you had thought of it!

    The Auror will continue to scry while Nightcrawler loots.
    What specific items are you looting?
    >> Fireman Prime 01/27/12(Fri)00:13 No.17691355
    You're a good man, OP. Just not used to hard Quests, is all. Carry on. Let's send the Command Crew off to obtain local chemicals and materials to make some chem-reaction smoke grenades chlorine-gas fumigators.
    We could also do the same from within the house. Stealing $5 of something form a girl's room while she's in the bathroom in the middle of the night should be easy: just scoop up a handful of stuff off the drawer and bamf out. Give them something to draw attention while we operate elsewhere in the house.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)00:13 No.17691365
    Actually, a closed for the night grocery store would be even better. NO people there.
    If there's a store nearby, I change my vote to that, otherwise houses.
    >> Fireman Prime 01/27/12(Fri)00:14 No.17691371
    Changing to this if we find too many rooms in the building are lit for bamf-pilfering.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)00:15 No.17691383
    It's fucking nightcrawler, he can grab everything and get out before he's even noticed even if I roll a 1.

    Is there anything specific the Auror should scry, or will you leave him to his best judgement (read: OP screws you over)?
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)00:15 No.17691385
         File1327641329.gif-(1.54 MB, 512x800, atlasjump.gif)
    1.54 MB

    For the sake of our continued DM-player interactions, I will react to this gif of an Atlas with an experimental jump-jet system instead of something else.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)00:17 No.17691414
    scry for an empty house
    >> Fireman Prime 01/27/12(Fri)00:18 No.17691425
    (read: OP screws you over)
    I'm... not liking the tone of voice / player friendliness in that.

    Looting household cleaning chemicals so we can do some crazy chemistry and make some chlorine gas or something later.
    The Auror should scry for targets for Nightcrawler to hit, so that we get the absolute most out of it in in the time we have.
    >> Rynex !KCQoFj8ntM 01/27/12(Fri)00:19 No.17691428
    From how things are shaping up, this is our consequence for derping at the speed of herp in the main TG Quest.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)00:20 No.17691440
    rolled 77 = 77

    Easily done. There's an empty hardware store a few blocks from here.
    Anything else?

    So, currently on the loot list:
    >Nothing else

    Took you enough hints to say "Scry the targets". :P
    The Auror peers into the tangled skein of fate to see:
    >> Rynex !KCQoFj8ntM 01/27/12(Fri)00:21 No.17691454
    If you decide to unleash chlorine gas into the mansion, you risk killing the VIPs.

    I still suggest Operation Ratzerg, probably for the escape portion?
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)00:22 No.17691469
    perhaps some buckets for mixing of course

    also might as well steal some money while were there never know when it could come in handy
    >> Fireman Prime 01/27/12(Fri)00:23 No.17691474
    I know, just as a way to scare them out of the basement, for example, as the gas sinks, and we can dispel it with magical wind anyway. This is also to simply test the waters in terms of loot-retrieval teleportation.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)00:24 No.17691481
    ah yes we need something to survive the gas ourselves...what could do that?they arent exactly going to have hazard suits
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)00:25 No.17691497

    Tacks and nails or maybe even marbles. Makeshift caltrops are better than nothing when you're trying to slow pursuers down.

    A toolbox wouldn't hurt either.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)00:27 No.17691510
    would a bubble head charm effectively protect us from the gas?theres still the matter of the robot...most likely wont be effected
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)00:27 No.17691514
    Derp. Lemme repost that with less full retard

    The Draenei Warlock (strange. Those aren't a Default player choice...) patrols with her Felhunter.
    The Auror can tell, clear as day, exactly what magical effects the Warlock has placed upon her. He finds this level of clarity ... strange.

    She is affected by:
    >Detect invisibility
    >Fel Armor
    >100 stacks of "Charm", the icon is a Chocolate cake
    >Demonic Circle
    >Fel Intelligence

    Buckets and Money included! Anything else?
    What item would you steal to survive the gas yourself?

    Tacks and Marbles included!
    Toolbox (with tools) included!
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)00:28 No.17691532
    The Draenei Warlock, is she part of the VIPs?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)00:29 No.17691542
    >would a bubble head charm effectively protect us from the gas?
    Indeed it would!
    The 100 stacks of "Charm" suggests that she has been Charmed.
    >> Fireman Prime 01/27/12(Fri)00:29 No.17691551
    >what to survive the gas
    Piss-soaked rags. No, seriously, the Canadians used it in WW1 to survive gas attacks. AGAIN, this is because chlorine-gassing the mansion is a weapon of absolute last resort or extreme negotiation.
    ALSO, if we can still pick stuff to grab, see if we can get some cheap electronic 2-way communicators. Baby Radios, walkie-talkies, etc. Good for laying distractions to mess up patrols.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)00:30 No.17691558
    Yes but do we know for SURE, OP? It might be a trick!
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)00:30 No.17691561
    Well, we could steal gasmasks, or use a bubble-head charm.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)00:31 No.17691580

    >additional stuff

    A crowbar or two would be nice. Maybe even some gardening shears and kitchen scissors (like scissors, but can cut through thick plastic no prob). Throw in a flashlight, wood saw, hacksaw, ice pick, felt pads for moving furniture, oil, fertilizer, bug spray, herbicide, and some candy bars.

    >Draenei Warlock

    Might be an obscure TCG "hero". Or more likely an Eredar warlock, who are FAR more common that Draenei warlocks.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)00:32 No.17691589
    rolled 40 = 40

    >see if we can get some cheap electronic 2-way communicators. Baby Radios, walkie-talkies, etc. Good for laying distractions to mess up patrols.

    Current list of things to loot:
    Dosh (not DOSH, just regular dosh)
    2-way communicators

    Rolling a lore check.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)00:34 No.17691622

    Maybe even some of those fogger bug-spray things (the ones that emit clouds of pesticide out from the top). It's hazardous to inhale those for extended periods of time, but if we need a smokescreen, it's better than nothing.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)00:35 No.17691641

    Let's see if the hardware store has gas masks just in case.
    >> Not completely retarded 01/27/12(Fri)00:37 No.17691670
    We'll need something to mix it in, so we should grab some plastic containers, duct tape, superglue, maybe some paper, or string and whatever else our SMARTER THAN THE GODDAMN RETARDED PLAYERS npcs think might help.

    we should algo grab some rope, more duct tape, something we can use as a gag, some spraypaint for blacking out cameras when we make our move (DONT USE THIS UNTIL WE ARE READY TO BE DETECTED!), some chemicals to make smoke bombs (you other thinking players, please help with the specifics), some stuff to start a small fire (cigarrettes, kerosene, oil or something else that makes thick black smoke.

    we may need to go after the targets one at a time if we want to grab the girls, but we should loot the other stuff first, using the omnitool blade to cut through the walls to avoid cameras and bypass hidden doors.

    we should scry anywhere that doesn't match up with the dimensions to look for hidden rooms, and also scry inside our ship for our common sense
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)00:37 No.17691671
    You identify that "Charm", with the chocolate cake icon,
    is an effect which charms the user towards an unknown target, and one gains this buff by eating a chocolate cake spiked with love potion.

    >Or more likely an Eredar warlock
    Someone's been paying far too much attention.

    Shears added!
    Crowbar added!
    Flashlight added!
    Saw added!
    Pick ... could not be found!
    Felt pads added!
    Oil added! (Both lubricant non-flammable and inflammable fuel varieties)
    Bug spray added!
    Herbicide added!
    Candy bars added!

    NOTE: The top 5 items in the sack are guaranteed to be found quickly.
    The next 10 take a turn to find.
    The 20 below that take 2 turns.
    It's not a Handy Haversack. I'm assuming you store all loot at the very bottom of the bag, unless stated otherwise.

    Gas mask ... could not be found!
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)00:37 No.17691675
    looks like its coming together...only worry is the robot but theres a number of spells that should take care of this
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)00:39 No.17691689
    I'm updating the loot list.

    While Nightcrawler grabs this stuff, the Auror might as well keep scrying.
    Is there anything specific you want him to scry, or is he simply to focus on looking over everything he's already seen in the hopes of finding something new?
    >> Rynex !3KCroq6wAA 01/27/12(Fri)00:39 No.17691702
    Since whatever is at the very end of the lower basement will be very nasty, I suggest we do this:

    Open door, throw bombs, shut door, cast a shield. Brace for explosions. Pray the big bad thing dies.

    The fertilizer is for the bomb, the bug spray can be used as fuel for a flamethrower (but we have spells for that, so we can just use them for explosions)
    >> Rynex !3KCroq6wAA 01/27/12(Fri)00:41 No.17691723
    Mix tacks and marbles into the bomb container to make a makeshift claymore mine. We would probably use this on the basement boss-thing or the neckbeard.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)00:45 No.17691764

    Since he was able to discover that warlock's buff status, he might be able to detect magical objects while he's scrying.

    Auror, try to get see if you can detect potential magical items or artifacts of interest within the mansion. There's every possiblity that the item that the Grognard is using to steal these people is magical.

    Also see if you can detect any enchanted decorations and doors. We can probably assume that magical suits of armor will animate if we get too close.
    >> Not completely retarded 01/27/12(Fri)00:46 No.17691768
    we should have him look in crawlspaces, attcs, and those areas that have no windows or obvious doors connecting them to the rest of the house
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)00:48 No.17691786

    Can I get Chozo power armour powered by Phazon infected Elerium with a Bionic Commando arm that incorporates a heavy bolter with heavy plasma?

    I always say, fight fire with fire.
    >> Fireman Prime 01/27/12(Fri)00:49 No.17691797
         File1327643375.jpg-(27 KB, 529x349, NO.jpg)
    27 KB
    Doubtful, with leanings toward
    from my experience with the Institute.
    >> Not completely retarded 01/27/12(Fri)00:51 No.17691810
    Is nightcrawler getting some rope or duct tape to secure any prisoners?

    we should scry an area before nightcrawler teleports into it from now on, both so he doesnt end up in a wall, and so we don't send him into an occupied room.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)00:52 No.17691815
    One more note, the chlorine gas we create isn't going to be weapons grade. Someone would have to stay in it, breathing it in for quite a while to actually die from it. It will make breathing difficult, and it burns a lot, so we can use to to make life more difficult for people trying to interfere with us, but we probably won't have to worry about killing someone.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)00:53 No.17691826
    1 Light Scout ship (it's a Skyranger with a Meta transit drive), contains:
    _1 container of Bounce seeds
    _1 stack of Mario mushrooms
    _1 set of Piranha plants
    _1 scrying basin
    _1 Anti-magic ring (Nightcrawler says that he wishes to wear this ring. Do you allow this?)

    1 Nightcrawler (X-men)
    _1 Omni-Tool (Mass Effect) (On Belt)
    _5 Flashbang (On Belt)
    _1 Heartbeat monitor (Call of Duty) (On HUD)
    _1 Bag of Holding, which contains:
    _=_Ammonia (20)
    _=_Bleach (20)
    _=_Bucket (5)
    _=_Bug spray (5)
    _=_Candy Bar (10) (not drugged)
    _=_Crowbar (1)
    _=_Duck tape (5)
    _=_Flashlight (1)
    _=_Glue (10)
    _=_Herbicide (5)
    _=_Marble handfuls (10)
    _=_Oil (10) (inflammable)
    _=_Oil (10) (slippery)
    _=_Paper (20)
    _=_Radio (4) (store was running low)
    _=_Rags (10)
    _=_Rope (5)
    _=_Saw (1)
    _=_Shears (1)
    _=_Spraypaint (10)
    _=_String (20)
    _=_Tack handfuls (10)
    _=_Toolbox (1), which contains screwdrivers, pliers, etc.
    _1 Lockpicks (In pocket)
    _20 String (In pocket)
    _1 Felt Pads (equipped)
    1 Auror (Harry Potter)

    List which 5 items will be on TOP of the bag of holding (instant access)
    List which 10 items will be NEAR TOP of the bag of holding (guaranteed to find within 1 turn)
    All other items will take some rummaging to find.
    You may also LEAVE ITEMS BEHIND if you wish to make rummaging easier.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)00:54 No.17691830

    See if the Auror can "inspect" the warlock.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)00:54 No.17691838
    In short, we can use it to delay / stop some of their movement. We can teleport past areas, and they can't, so we could fill a hallway with gas, and teleport around to the rooms we want to get to.

    We also might be able to use it as a distraction / scentbreaker. That keen sense of smell won't extend past the horrible chemicals we can spill.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)00:55 No.17691847

    Before Nightcrawler equips the ring, have him test to see if it will interfere with his teleporting.

    Also see if it will interfere with beneficial spells the Auror may cast on him.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)01:00 No.17691879

    If "inspect" works, try to see what field of warlocking that this eredar has specialized in.

    If not, can we get a picture of what armor the warlock is currently wearing? It will be a rough way to tell exactly how powerful she is.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)01:01 No.17691888
    rolled 85 = 85

    I also forgot Dosh (200).

    It's a mansion.
    It has rooms.
    There are cameras.
    It is lit.
    It has secret rooms.
    There are canon versions of some characters here, charmed into service.
    These characters have antimagic rings
    There's also an antimagic field around the whole place
    There are likely traps present
    It's got shit we wanna loot in it
    They know we're here.
    1 Princess Peach
    1 Renamon
    1 Chun-Li
    1 Sailor Mercury
    1 Eredar Warlock
    1 Amalia
    1 Roxanne (Pokemon)
    1 Miku with large rifle
    1 Fatass

    Nightcrawler equips the ring.
    He attempts to teleport with the ring equipped... (roll)
    The Auror attempts to cast a beneficial spell on him (Extrasensory)
    It lands.
    The Auror attempts to cast a harmful spell on him
    It doesn't stick. The ring flashes.

    The Auror reports that the ring has absorbed:
    1/8 spells before possible failure
    1/24 spells before guaranteed
    >> Not completely retarded 01/27/12(Fri)01:01 No.17691894
    The omni tool should be able to act as a flashlight and duplicate the functionallity of any of the tools we have, right?
    from what i remember it can take matter and convert it into other shapes, possibly well enough to make a gun, given the right raw materials

    If that is the case, we can safely leave behind the toolbox, flashlight, radio, and whatever else it can act as

    If i am wrong about this, please correct me, i've only played the first mass effect game
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)01:03 No.17691910
    We need to craft the bombs to save on space. One with a remote trigger, one with a fuse, etc etc....
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)01:03 No.17691913
    rolled 20 = 20

    >He attempts to teleport with the ring equipped... (roll)
    ... And finds that teleporting with the ring equipped works perfectly fine.

    Lore check!

    The Omni-tool, as its name implies, can change itself to resemble any tool of roughly the same mass.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)01:04 No.17691927
    Also: interesting bit of trivia.

    Saying "Xar il romath da tidesbi." will result in Burning Legion members to instantly attempt to kill you for insulting their god.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)01:07 No.17691959
    Are we going to craft the bombs NOW so we can be ready?
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)01:09 No.17691973

    Alright, have Nightcrawler equip the ring then.

    If the Auror can't make heads or tails of what he's inspecting, just have him describe what he's seeing.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)01:11 No.17691994

    Sounds better than attempting to make one on the spot. If we can store them safely, that is.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)01:18 No.17692085
         File1327645112.jpg-(59 KB, 372x392, but_with_an_eredar.jpg)
    59 KB
    He sees this.
    But indoors
    And on an eredar.

    What are you attempting to make the bombs out of?
    Also, forgot most of the post:

    1 Light Scout ship (it's a Skyranger with a Meta transit drive), contains:
    _1 container of Bounce seeds
    _1 stack of Mario mushrooms
    _1 set of Piranha plants
    _1 scrying basin
    _Ammonia (20)
    _Bleach (20)
    _Bucket (5)
    _Candy Bar (10) (not drugged)
    _Oil (10) (inflammable)
    _Paper (20)
    _Plastic containers/casings (40)

    1 Nightcrawler (X-men)
    _1 Omni-Tool (Mass Effect) (On Belt)
    _5 Flashbang (On Belt)
    _10 Marble Handfuls (In pocket)
    _20 String (In pocket)
    _1 Anti-magic ring (On finger)
    _1 Felt Pads (Equipped)
    _1 Heartbeat monitor (Call of Duty) (On HUD)
    _1 Bag of Holding, which contains:
    _=_Bug spray (5)
    _=_Duck tape (5)
    _=_Glue (10)
    _=_Herbicide (5)
    _=_Oil (10) (slippery)
    _=_Radio (4) (store was running low)
    _=_Rags (10)
    _=_Rope (5)
    _=_Spraypaint (10)
    _=_Tack handfuls (10)

    1 Auror (Harry Potter)

    And I'm finally convinced I've managed to not fuck up the item list this time.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)01:19 No.17692094
    rolled 3, 5, 5, 8, 5 = 26

    If nobody's picking which of the 5 bag items will be the most readily accessible, I'm RNGing it.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)01:20 No.17692101
    rolled 6, 1, 2, 10, 3, 2, 3, 2, 1, 1 = 31

    Actually I'm facepalming at myself for forgetting that duplicate numbers can be rolled sometimes.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)01:23 No.17692120
    rolled 25, 20 = 45

    Most accessible in bag of holding:
    >Oil (slippery)
    >Bug spray

    You may select any 5 items to be the most easily accessed, overriding the RNG.

    But finally, you're ready to plan.

    Q1. What type of chemical bombs will you be trying to make?
    Q2. Which items do you want most accessible in the bag?
    Q3. Where will Nightcrawler attempt entry to? He prefers a room he can see, but is willing to try teleporting to a room you have scried.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)01:33 No.17692210
    I'll give the players some time to decide what bombs, items, and entry plan they want.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)01:36 No.17692246
    I would... wait, do we have any containers to put this stuff in?? Empty soda bottles even?
    For bleach + ammonia we want a container that seals.
    I'd made a few of those, just mix in half bleach half ammonia to fill half a bottle (25% ammonia, 25% bleach, 50% air). Say, 6 of them to toss around.

    Then 6 oil filled bottles, for use on any smooth floor.
    Say, did the auror get an idea of what the floors were like? If we can have some advance knowledge of where our oil would do the most good, that would be great.

    Sadly, I'm going to bed soon so I won't be able to stay up and give input on the quest, but I wanted to throw out those ideas.
    >> Not completely retarded 01/27/12(Fri)01:36 No.17692249

    Q1. flaming oil bombs to force the occupants to immediately deal with a fire (this is for use as a diversion, we dont want it to be too big) (Possibly a BAD IDEA, we don't want the fire department showing up, or one of the girls dying)

    Q1. Impact or tilt activated chemical 'grenades' might be easier to make, though we may need to go to the gas station for some plastic cling wrap or such.
    if we're using gas, we want it to be a nonfatal irritant, so we can use it for area denial, diversion, and if nesiccary, to disorientation
    (If we don't know what the specifics of our bomb are, use the local internet for ideas?)
    Q2, I think it'd be a good idea to keep the spraypaint and duct tape handy, so he can disable any cameras he goes by and tie up anyone he captures.

    Q3, An empty room next to one of the voids sounds like a good idea, if he can use the omnitools blade mode to cut through the walls. (hopefully we can use it to make our own doors) Test cutting through assorted substances before we send him in, so we know what it can and cant do.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)01:42 No.17692330
    Items originally come in easily-dumped bottles before you mix them. The exception is the spraypaint, bugspray and herbicide, which come in spray cans.

    So, you are making:
    Petrol Bomb (requires Oil, Rag, and Omni-tool to light)
    Chlorine Bomb (requires Ammonia, Bleach)
    You cannot make high explosives at this time.
    Spraypaint and Duct Tape are now on top.
    Glue and Radio moved to bottom.

    You can make up to 10 Molotovs, and up to 10 Chlorine bombs. Do you wish to try this?>>17692249
    An empty room next to the void on the top level (Master bedroom, has camera), or
    An empty room next to one of the voids in the basement (No camera in room, but teleporting without LoS has risks)?
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)01:45 No.17692355
    Looking at our two posts and the inventory, here are the tools I see available for area denial / control.
    Oil Bottles (slippery)
    Chlorine Gas Bottles
    Flaming Oil Bottles

    I vote that we keep at least two of these items on the 'easily accessible' list. With the other items being Spray Paint, Crowbar, Duct Tape.
    If we want another of our chemical items, I'd toss the crowbar, as the Mass Effect multitool can open locked doors for us.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)01:50 No.17692401
    rolled 54, 80, 38, 49, 65, 92, 66, 59, 23, 36, 91, 13, 17, 46, 69, 31, 55, 10, 45, 41 = 980

    Well, for lack of any objections...
    >> Not completely retarded 01/27/12(Fri)01:54 No.17692433
    We need to scry the room before sending anyone in in either case,

    Maybe we can have nightcrawler jump around through the house disabling cameras, after scrying each room.
    Maybe he can start a fire in one room, then go bouncing around breaking/blinding cameras.
    ask him about this plan, what does he think of it?

    Can we have the auror scry every room? Does the srying act like an intangeable camera we can move around? if so, scry EVERYTHING if scrying isnt getting harder each time we do it.

    Can nightcrawler teleport around inside the field, from one room to another, or does the anti teleport magic interfere with that?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)01:59 No.17692477
    rolled 7, 4 + 1 = 12

    8 Petrol bombs are made without incident.
    2 Petrol bombs are wasted due to inexperience with handling chemicals. The Auror spilled some petrol on himself, but given that you have cleaning products present, the petrol is easily removed before it can cause harm.

    >91, 13, 17, 46, 69, 31, 55, 10, 45, 41
    Improper handling causes Chlorine gas to fill the area, disabling your forces for a period of time.
    2 Chlorine bombs are improperly sealed, and were discarded without incident.
    5 chlorine bombs were made successfully.

    Rolling to see how many minutes have passed, due to those 10-20 rolls.
    Also rolling to see if anyone has spotted you.

    Your inventory in the Bag of Holding is now:
    _1 Bag of Holding, which contains:
    _=_Bug spray (5)
    _=_Clorine bomb (5)
    _=_Duck tape (5)
    _=_Glue (10)
    _=_Herbicide (5)
    _=_Oil (10) (slippery)
    _=_Petrol bomb (8)
    _=_Radio (4) (store was running low)
    _=_Rags (10)
    _=_Rope (5)
    _=_Spraypaint (10)
    _=_Tack handfuls (10)

    High on the list are:
    Spray Paint
    Duct Tape
    Chlorine Bottle
    Oil Bottle (slippery)
    Petrol bomb

    Nightcrawler is carrying, easily accessible on his person:
    1 Omni-Tool
    5 Flashbangs
    5 Marble Handfuls
    10 String

    The Auror is carrying, easily accessible on his person:
    5 Marble Handfuls
    10 String

    In the bag, but not easily accesible, are:
    _=_Bug spray (5)
    _=_Glue (10)
    _=_Herbicide (5)
    _=_Radio (4)
    _=_Rope (5)
    _=_Rags (5)
    _=_Tack handfuls (10)
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)02:00 No.17692491
    rolled 4 + 1 = 5

    Hang on. That +1d100. Is that registered as merely "+1" due to roller shenanigans, or did someone get a crit fail on their spot check?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)02:05 No.17692526
    ... While temporarily disabled by poor mixing of a chlorine bomb, nothing interesting happened.

    You may carry 3 more items in the Bag of Holding that you could use, after a turn of rummaging.
    I am opting for the Buckets, spare Containers, and Paper unless anyone has any other options.

    >Can we have the auror scry every room?
    He cannot scry the very center room, or the "Dark magic" room.
    He CAN scry the secret rooms, but cannot see anything in them as they are pitch black.
    >Can nightcrawler teleport around inside the field, from one room to another, or does the anti teleport magic interfere with that?
    Nightcrawler attempted to teleport while the field was up, and he teleported, though not as far as he wanted. It remains to be seen how the field affects him.

    >Fire plan
    Fire lore:
    Fire is hot.
    Fire can burn things.
    Your mission objectives did not include burning things.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)02:06 No.17692541
    Only thing left to do now is: Pick whether you're hitting the Basement rooms or the Top rooms first.
    If you are using any charms other than Extra-sensory, Bubble head, Invis, and Silence, mention them.

    Awaiting player input.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)02:16 No.17692624
    There seems to be a lack of player input.
    Will re-check for player input at 02:30
    >> Not completely retarded 01/27/12(Fri)02:17 No.17692628
    Let's have the auror draw a map of what he sees from scrying, and then have him scry the rooms next to the secret rooms.

    please tell us how many secret rooms we know of, and what is next to them (outside, an empty room we can look into through a window, a room we can scry, a room with people, earth, etc) so we can better evaluate looting plans

    If nightcrawler thinks he can, have him use scrying to aim his teleport into a nearby park or other open space, placing something where he lands a few times, to guage the accuracy of scry-teleporting, before we try anything similar in the house, where we have obstacles to deal with. perhaps he can teleport a little above the ground so he doesnt get his feet stuck in the floor/ground if he makes a minor error?

    I'll take that as a OH GOD NO, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT YOU STUPID PLAYERS and stop asking about fire
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)02:24 No.17692687
    rolled 11, 82, 25, 30, 90, 63, 31 = 332

    Bootleg OP fails at drawing maps.
    But: You now have a map.

    You suspect the existence of 6 secret areas, and have investigated 0 of them:
    Bordered by the Master Bedroom, a Toilet, and a Hallway, is an unexplored area on the top floor.
    Bordered by the Kitchen, the Dining hall, and 2 hallways, is a LARGE unexplored area in the ground floor.
    In the Basement, there are 3 pitch black areas that are rooms. Two are where you'd expect a room to be - adjacent to a hallway between Storage and Laundry, or between an Empty room and more Storage. A Third is ... off to the side, in a corner. It is adjacent to the Boiler room (Central heating).
    There is also a level below the basement, with Dark magic. You do not know where the entrance is, since you cannot pinpoint exactly where the dark magic is - but you know that it is roughly in the middle of the basement, and a few levels below.

    Nightcrawler aims his teleport a few times into an open space.
    Rolling 5 teleport tests, and 2 spot tests.

    Odd that you should mention it. The only people you can see are:
    Renamon, Outside, Patrolling
    Roxanne & Miku, Inside, Patrolling
    Eredar & Felhound, Inside, Patrolling
    Nobody else can be scried.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)02:30 No.17692730
    rolled 1, 4 = 5

    Nightcrawler's first teleport sends him INTO A TREE.
    His Anti-magic ring flashes a bright, deep crimson - and instead of landing in the tree, he is instead in the nearest available open space, badly confused, but intact.
    >This is what rolling an 80 for "what does this ring do?" did.
    His second teleport is exactly on its mark.
    His third teleport sends him wildly off course by at least 5 meters, disoriented, but not inside of anything.
    His fourth teleport sends him noticeably off course by 2 meters.
    His 5th teleport is exactly on its mark.

    You notice something in the distance...
    Benny Hill is now being chased by 2 Police cruisers, an old woman, 5 dogs, a postman, a kickboxer, 2 cosplayers, and a light Airplane.
    The Light airplane is skidding along the ground, and making right angle turns to keep up pursuit.
    Some of them pause for a moment to eye the deep crimson flash from the tree.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)02:32 No.17692747
    The Auror reports that Nightcrawler's anti-magic ring is now at 1/20 charge before guaranteed backlash, and 1/8 charge before possible backlash. Its maximum backlash % was lowered by 4, and it has absorbed spell power equivalent to ... 1.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)02:38 No.17692790
    It is likely that burning down this house will cause harm to the occupants, and destroy any loot.

    We sent the Looters in before the Editors to PREVENT shit like house fires from wrecking all the loot. You know those Editors with their orbital fire and their Mobile Infantry from Marauders.

    Now. The only choice left is:
    Where do you infiltrate to?
    And, is there anything you do to prepare beforehand, more than you've already done?

    Your difficulty for this mission is:
    #1. Find out what's allowing those characters to come in from other worlds, and swipe it.
    #1: Despite having a harem, there must be a place where the Mansion owner goes to be alone. Find such a place, and our assassins' team will have a much easier job.
    #2: There's bound to be lots of loot in this place. Collect all the interesting loot you can. Note that we have no use for jewellery, but particularily unique items, magic items, tech, and powerups are all good.

    >#1: Don't kill any of the girls. You do this, you're fired.
    >#2: Injuries to the girls' health and sanity may cause problems in returning them to their canons. Try not to do this.
    >#3: Troops and Heroes are expensive to replace. Lose as few as you can.
    >#4: Though this mansion is not part of any specific canon, the Earth on which it rests IS. Do try not to blow up the planet.
    >> Not completely retarded 01/27/12(Fri)02:43 No.17692824
    are there any heartbeats in any of the hidden rooms?

    While i suspect the cameras are tied into a robot girl, the fact that we were'nt spotted in peaches bedroom (with a camera in all but the master bedroom) leads me to believe that a human is probably watching them.

    scry each heartbeat, and see if any are in the secret room where we think the antiteleport thing is coming from, if there isnt one there, scry each heartbeat and look for a security room.
    if theres someone in that room, we can probably assume the cameras feed through to it, maybe also to the upstairs room by the master bedroom.

    maybe we can teleport into an empty part of the house, break cameras and wait for people to move towards us, then teleport outside and then away to be picked up, then repeat?

    Anyone else have a plan? I don't trust this one to work

    We're going to get fired, arent we?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)02:51 No.17692879
    >are there any heartbeats in any of the hidden rooms?

    >leads me to believe that a human is probably watching them.
    > and see if any are in the secret room where we think the antiteleport thing is coming from
    Despite the anti-teleport room being in the dead center of the house and thus out of heartbeat range ... you found the heartbeats anyway. I'd give you 1/5th of a bulb for it, but

    >maybe we can teleport into an empty part of the house, break cameras and wait for people to move towards us, then teleport outside and then away to be picked up, then repeat?
    Remember that teleporting into the barrier worked fine, but teleporting out was blocked. Hard. The purpose of the barrier is to stop people escaping by use of magic ... especially by teleporting outside.

    >We're going to get fired, arent we?
    Likelihood of being fired:
    Perfect execution after this point: ZERO
    Smart, but imperfect execution after this point: ZERO
    A mix of Smart and Stupid performances, kept in check by common sense: LOW (25%)
    A mix of Smart and Stupid performances, that drain common sense, and keep going: MEDIUM (50%)
    Only Stupid performances:
    YES (100%)
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)02:58 No.17692921
    It is sufficiently late.

    Pick a point to teleport into.
    You have the required intel to make your decision.

    I'll see you, as always, between 18:00 and 22:00 tomorrow, whenever I get around to waking up. There will be new threads, a summary of what we've got, what we're up against, and how we plan to use it.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)03:24 No.17693081
         File1327652652.jpg-(64 KB, 640x384, player characters.jpg)
    64 KB
    I suppose I'll leave it overnight for players to work on a plan, then.
    E-mail me with constructive criticism, complaints, and wild mass speculation.

    It's a mansion.
    You have a map.
    It has rooms.
    There are cameras.
    It is lit.
    It has secret rooms.
    There are canon versions of some characters here, charmed into service.
    These characters have antimagic rings
    There's also an antimagic field around the whole place
    There are likely traps present
    It's got shit we wanna loot in it
    They know we're here.
    1 Princess Peach
    1 Renamon
    1 Chun-Li
    1 Sailor Mercury
    1 Eredar Warlock
    1 Amalia
    1 Roxanne (Pokemon)
    1 Miku with large rifle
    1 Fatass

    Our loadout:
    1 Light Scout ship (it's a Skyranger with a Meta transit drive), contains:
    >1 container of Bounce seeds
    >1 stack of Mario mushrooms
    >1 set of Piranha plants
    >1 scrying basin

    1 Nightcrawler (X-men)
    >1 Omni-Tool (Mass Effect)
    >5 Flashbang
    >5 Marble handful
    >10 String
    >1 Anti-magic ring (1/20 until explosion)
    >1 Felt Pads (equipped)

    1 Auror
    >5 Marble handfuls
    >10 String

    1 Bag of Holding
    >5 Chlorine bottle
    >5 Duct Tape
    >10 Oil bottle (slip)
    >8 Petrol bomb
    >10 Spraypaint
    >5 Bucket
    >5 Bug spray
    >200 Dosh (local)
    >10 Glue
    >5 Herbicide
    >40 Paper
    >4 Radio
    >10 Rags
    >5 Rope
    >10 Tack handful
    Lost in the depths:
    >1 chocolate (drugged)
    >10 Candy bar (not drugged)
    >20 Plastic container
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)03:27 No.17693095
    Notable rooms in mansion:
    1 Hidden room, top floor, adjacent to Master Bedroom
    1 Large hidden room, ground floor. Believed to house anti-magic shield
    3 Hidden rooms, basement. 1 in a corner, 2 in random locations
    1 Hidden room, below basement. Dark magic here.

    #1. Find out what's allowing those characters to come in from other worlds, and swipe it.
    #1: Despite having a harem, there must be a place where the Mansion owner goes to be alone. Find such a place, and our assassins' team will have a much easier job.
    #2: There's bound to be lots of loot in this place. Collect all the interesting loot you can. Note that we have no use for jewellery, but particularily unique items, magic items, tech, and powerups are all good.
    #1: Don't kill any of the girls. You do this, you're fired.
    #2: Injuries to the girls' health and sanity may cause problems in returning them to their canons. Try not to do this.
    #3: Troops and Heroes are expensive to replace. Lose as few as you can.

    You must use your resources,
    And the intel you've been given,
    To work your way around enemy forces,
    And achieve your goals.

    You have 2/3 COMMON SENSE remaining.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)03:31 No.17693122
    Archive's up.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)03:44 No.17693183
    After reading the last thread two threads, did anyone remember that H.P. Wizards can Teleport in their own way called Apparation? Aurors being extremely well trained, I wasn't expecting all the 'porting to be reliant on Nightcrawler.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)03:47 No.17693205
    After reading the last two threads, not many people seem to remember that Flashbangs make noise, and Fire is hot.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)03:56 No.17693271
    I'm too used to being a lazy Command Crew Officer stuck in my spaceship giving general plans for my troops to carry out using their own common sense! I need all of my own common sense, and rarely not-so-common sense to find extra booze for Holtz!

    Also I was at work.

    Anyways, just another thing for the Requisitions Crew to remember next thread. Aurors can Teleport. And make potions, given a little time* and the right supplies. A sort of magically silenced sleep-grenade spell potion type thing would be both handy and plausible, and worth asking the Auror about if we get time.

    *time needed differs for each potion. IIRC that one super awesome Luck potion needs at least one month to brew and EXACT TIMING ON EVERYTHING! While a lot of the easier potions need only an hour at most.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)04:05 No.17693316
    I do not know enough of the Canon to know what an Auror would require to make such a potion, but I assume it couldn't be done with what we have at the moment.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)04:13 No.17693350
    rolled 33 = 33

    Who do you folks think is the MOST powerful, out of Bayonetta, Android 18, KOS-MOS, Galacta, and Kālī of the Hindu religion?
    Just askin', no specific reason.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)04:14 No.17693359
    A basic potions kit will do for most things. The more... outlandish the potion, the more unusual plants/animal bits you need. The books didn't really have a system for making potions other than "prepare ingredients, put in cauldron, light fire, poke and stir with wand, more awesome potions need more awesome ingredients/time/specific alchemical timings". etc. Go by the rule of cool type scale for cost and time and your own judgement on it, I'd say, if exact instructions aren't on the Harry Potter wiki. I'd suggest the Auror keeps one or two of those neat anti-poison stones taken from a goats stomach. They aren't exactly hard to get, just find a goat and... take a stone from it's stomach, and if you swallow one it nullifies almost any poison in your body.

    Hey, wouldn't that work against the damn magic/drugged chocolate the girls are eating?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)04:17 No.17693373
    I forgot to give the Auror his potion kit, and it'd cause less retcon-problems if I just say he left it behind, rather than try to answer "why haven't we had sleep grenades for 3 threads if this asshole had his potion kit?".
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)04:23 No.17693399
    To be fair, we didn't specify "Auror with toolkit", let's just say we didn't get it because it would have costed us a little less to get just the Auror.

    But I still say we check to see if there are any Goat pens nearby where our Auror can nick one of those anti-poison stones.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)06:16 No.17693931
    Well, it's not that you forgot to give him a kit, it's more along the lines that it's highly unlikely for someone to walk around with a suitcase full of rare ingredients and a bookshelf full of recipe books. Same reason why we couldn't make potions till we got an alchemy lab in mainquest.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)06:49 No.17694113
    This scenario is good training for us to stop RAIDAH-ing our way to victory.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)09:32 No.17694969
    I forgot what my trip exactly is. I know it's one of TWO things, so let's find out exactly which it is before I talk more.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)09:34 No.17694981
    rolled 77, 63, 53 = 193

    Ah. There it is.
    I've got your next mission planned out for you, once you're done with this mansion. It should be harder than this, and more rewarding, by ... roughly the same % you would have got for an average completion of this level.

    Of course, there's always complications.
    Three of them, in fact. Let's see what they are.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)09:36 No.17694993
    rolled 96 = 96

    Interesting. Let's get some extra details on that.
    Bah, boring.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)09:39 No.17695013
    I see.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)09:40 No.17695017
    you saying interesting is never a good thing
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)09:43 No.17695025
         File1327675382.jpg-(210 KB, 579x575, G-man_heart_to_heart_headshot.jpg)
    210 KB
    Don't worry. I'm sure the players can handle the 77 situation easily.
    The 53 literally meant "nothing happens".
    As for 63-96, well...
    Prepare for... Unforseen Consequences.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)09:44 No.17695032
         File1327675465.jpg-(26 KB, 411x334, r6.jpg)
    26 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)12:52 No.17696218
    Right now, I'm thinking of this as a basic plan:
    Teleport into Basement level 1. Black out any surveillance cameras. Restrain access from stairwell as quietly and quickly as possible (things like marbles, slippery oil, chlorine bombs).

    Move towards B2 while looking over rooms for 1) traps, 2) Generator / Magic crystal, 3) DOSH loot

    Proceed down to B2, move through area while looking for the same things as in B1.

    Nightcrawler should focus on using the heartbeat sensor and sensory boost while searching, the auror should cast complimentary spells to search for either objectives or threats.
    I'm not at all familiar with aurors, so I'll either look over the spell list, or if someone more familiar with them wants to suggest spells that would be very welcome.

    Thoughts on plan?
    Possible plan B's, or pre-set actions in case of attack or discovery?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)14:11 No.17696839
    Auror spells:
    Many spells to incapacitate or disarm a target
    Can summon small animals
    Can scry
    Can teleport, himself or others
    Can get items from a distance
    Can shield himself and others from harm, both physical and magical (but takes effort to maintain)
    Can cause invisibility and silence
    As far as I know, they do not have a passwall spell.

    Also, I shall see if I can MSpaint a map.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)14:59 No.17697298

    What the fuck happened to Operation Ratzerg?

    Also, I need to tell you guys now that you'll need a bomb for the anti-magic/dark magic chamber in the basement.

    What are you going to do, stroll in unarmed? You could expeliarmus the gatling gun off the mecha-Miku. After all, destroying a robotic Miku body doesn't do anything to the real Miku.

    There's no passwall spell, but there's a downward passfloor spell.

    >>Pronunciation: DEE-prih-moh.
    >>Description: This spell places immense downward pressure upon its target, which may result in the violent fracturing of said target.
    >>Seen/Mentioned: Introduced in 1998 when Hermione blasted a hole through the living room floor in Xenophilius Lovegood's house.
    >>Etymology: Derived from the Latin deprimo, "I press down".

    Alternatively, there is a method for the Auror to collapse the ceilings in the mansion.

    There are assorted telekinetic spells that do various things, and various attack spells (but they are not explicitly considered attack spells) -- like Diffindo,

    There is also the Homenum Revelio spell to reveal people.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)15:04 No.17697353
         File1327694677.png-(164 KB, 1172x452, 1_hours_in_mspaint.png)
    164 KB
    Map here.
    Grey: Areas you are having difficulty scrying into.
    Pink: Hallways. The left-right ones are the main hallways.
    Red: Stairs live here.

    There are air conditioning units and a chimney. The chimney seems to be decorative.

    Top floor:
    Pink 'B' belongs to Peach. Gaudy, and very pink.
    Blue 'B' contained Mercury. Seems neat and tidy.
    White 'B' is oddly empty and plain.
    Cyan 'B' is chinese-themed
    Yellow 'B' seems hardly used at all. It's plain, but the presence of a training dummy and yellow carpet give hints as to its occupant.
    E is Empty. If you were to step into this area, Gravity would escort you to the floor below.
    T is a Television room.
    Below that is an unmarked Toilet
    W is a Washroom. Bath, Shower, Toilet, etc.
    Below that is a random closet of random supplies.

    Green B seems to be more of a greenhouse than a bedroom, though you DO spot a bed in there somewhere.
    Orange B seems very dark and evil-themed.
    Purple B is neat and tidy, save for some rocks strewn about a makeshift training mat.
    W is still a shower/bath/toilet
    Below that is a food storage area.
    K is a kitchen. Food lives here.
    C is a computer room.
    Below that is a toilet.
    The large open area is an entrance hall. High ceiling, chandelier, dining table.
    G is a Garage, cluttered from disuse. There is no car here.
    R is a gymnasium or training room of some sort.

    L is a Laundry
    H controls central heating.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)15:06 No.17697376
    M is the master bedroom.
    Tactically located where someone would not need exposure to direct sunlight.
    Has its own toilet attached.
    This particular toilet does not seem to have a camera.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)15:06 No.17697377
    here's the HPwiki list of spells.

    If i may, we need to tell the Auror to be creative with his spell-casting. The vanilla stupefy would work, as it knocks someone out, but would otherwise be unaffected by the rings antimagic once that had occured.

    Petrifcus Totatlus is a pell that will be rather mor ineffective, due to the fact we've used it already, but the roughly similar results can be achieved by langlock (sticking the tongue to the roof of the mouth) jelly-legs (to stop them for running for help (very useful for dealing with Chun-Li, for that matter)) or possibly the jell-brain jinx. Jelly-fingers might stop them crawling away.

    Heck, Tantallegra might stop somebody from going for help too.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)15:08 No.17697399
    Even now, you are learning new and more interesting ways to use -1- Auror. When Metaquest OP gets back, you will be able to use 12. Imagine that!

    Telling the Auror to get creative if Bootleg OP knew the Harry Potter canon. He does not, except for the spells you have used so far.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)15:11 No.17697431
    rolled 64, 100, 73, 74, 52, 47, 92, 30 = 532

    Of course, there are loot items.
    Some are in plain sight, Some are slightly hidden. I'll bring up my notepad list, and make appropriate rolls to see what you've seen.
    Note that items in drawers or under floorboards are NOT revealed by simply looking in a window.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)15:11 No.17697436
    What's the plan for ratzerg, again?

    Also, batbogey curse might be a good distraction.

    As might an Avis-Oppugno combination.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)15:17 No.17697486
    You spot:
    >Many girls have diaries with them, though you cannot read the contents.
    >A Sailor Moon transformation wand was left in the washroom on the upper floor.
    >The Garage has tons of junk in it.
    >There is a flower in the green 'P' room more beautiful than any Nightcrawler has seen, and which rivals the beauty of even magically enchanted flowers of Hogwarts.
    >You notice that walls like to stand in front of things.
    >You notice that bathrooms have tons of random crap in them, if girls use them frequently.
    >Someone's left a TM39 Rock Tomb lying around in the basement.
    >You notice that a bookcase may or may not have any interesting books in it.

    Inspecting the rooms in person will probably grant higher rolls, and allow you to search things more closely.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)15:19 No.17697508
    The plan for ratzerg was to transmute a crapload of random animals, and have them rush the mansion.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)15:21 No.17697539
    better for it be birdzeg, then. Just create a bunch of birds from the wand with Avis, and use Oppugno to sic 'em.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)15:24 No.17697573
    OK, before we move in, cast supersensory and invisibility charms on Nightcrawler and the auror, to help detect guards and avoid detection, keeping in mind the spells might wear off over time.

    any other preparations for the infiltration team?
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)15:25 No.17697596
    disclaimer: I'm not saying move in now, but cast these spells on our people when we do move in.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)15:28 No.17697626
    Silence charm and Bubble-head charm for silence and immunity to gas.

    You get 1 hint for free:
    The enemy know that you are coming, that you can cast spells, and that you can teleport.
    You know the Canon capabilities of most of your enemy, given that you have seen them all.

    Q. If you were in Fatass's place, how would you prepare?
    Q. Given knowledge of those preparations, how can an Auror and Nightcrawler counteract them?

    You are going to run out of COMMON SENSE extremely quickly if you do not remember to ask, and answer, questions like these on your own.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)15:33 No.17697679
    It is possible to transmute stuff in the mansion into animals. The sheer amount of animals that can be made will overwhelm the defenses, and it'll keep them jumpy and occupied trying to get rid of them totally.... but we have magic to make sure that doesn't happen.

    We could in fact, turn the security cameras into animals.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)15:35 No.17697704
    >>Even now, you are learning new and more interesting ways to use -1- Auror. When Metaquest OP gets back, you will be able to use 12. Imagine that!

    Indeed, it is a fitting punishment for all the rambos and the people who ignore the planning in the main quest.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)15:40 No.17697748
    It is also important to review the Intel you have access to. I shall link some relevant posts. Missing rather crucial details is also an easy way to lose COMMON SENSE.

    (Though the ring details are now 1/8 - 1/20)

    It is not punishment. It is in fact me attempting to give players a chance to play the game.
    I could say "No that is not smart." "That is dumb." "Are you sure you want to do that?" and it would become nagging.
    I could also say "This is smart." "This is a good idea." "Would you rather do this?", and it'd be me playing the quest by myself.
    I could remind the players of important details, but that verges on spamming. Nobody liked Navi for this reason.
    I could remind players of the bleeding goddamn obvious, but this only belittles them and treats them like idiots.

    Finally, I could remind players that thinking - about the situation, ways to use their tools, thinking outside the box, predicting the results of their actions, guessing what the enemy's doing, and which risks are more or less likely to pay off - is a good thing.
    But, if this is not at the forefront of your mind when playing a collective game, then I am not sure what to tell you.
    Perhaps: "BRAIN is useful! Use BRAIN!"
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)15:45 No.17697806
    If I do all the thinking for you, then I'm playing the game myself, NOT giving the players a chance to play the game.
    That is wrong. That is not how you DM.
    If I set the game up so that thinking is not required, then that is not a game. That is a sequence of flashy cutscenes.
    That is wrong. That is not how you DM.
    How you DM, is you craft situations for your players, that you think they will enjoy dealing with. You then wait for the players to tell you their actions, describe the results to them, and go from there.
    Sometimes, as a DM, you need to pull your punches to ensure that your players do not TPK in the first room. In this quest, it is represented by COMMON SENSE. However, pull your punches too often, and...
    That is violating the story's Canon.
    That is bad writing, plot armor, and S.U.E. tier of rewriting reality to suit your own ends. That is "The good end is inevitable" and the story has no tension.
    I know I am collectively writing fanfiction. But I would like to think, if for a moment, that my fanfiction is not utterly horrible.

    I hope that out of this, the players find a rewarding challenge, that they learn from, and enjoy puzzling their way out of it, and at the end of this road, the players have a Story to look back upon with fond memories.
    But I cannot do that alone. That is not how you DM.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)15:47 No.17697840
    >>Even now, you are learning new and more interesting ways to use -1- Auror. When Metaquest OP gets back, you will be able to use 12. Imagine that!

    All that's left is to force us to learn new and interesting ways to use -1- mech.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)15:49 No.17697859
    That's true, but I just meant that from the POV of the bads and the feeders in the two TGquests.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)15:50 No.17697870
    To those of you that think this quest is hard?

    You were going into a mansion, where people didn't know you were coming, at MAX STEALTH, vs. an enemy that was likely to ask first and shoot second, and you had all the tools needed to run in, scoop up the loot like a hoover, and get out.

    Your next mission, not to give you any spoilers, is setting you against a well-armed and well-trained enemy force that intends to kill you, in a hazardous area that could kill you on its own, to pick up items that you do not know the location of, in an area simply too big to right click your way through without picking up intel while you're present.
    It is a Video game canon, and the difficulty is set to "Medium".
    Instead of 1 Hero with no preparation, and a few Save slots, you have access to a large DOSH's amount of loot (how much depends on how well you do this mission), but no Save slots.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)16:02 No.17697969
    ( ^_^) Ahehehe, I bet Rynex would be capable of doing a superplay to demonstrate.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)16:02 No.17697974
         File1327698173.png-(132 KB, 502x480, knowing_2.png)
    132 KB
    For now, I shall give you links to all the relevant intel posts a newcomer would need to get up to speed.
    >>17691888 (Though the ring details are now 1/8 - 1/20)
    And a reminder that, even if you forget something crucial, or miss an obvious flaw in your plan, you still have 2/3 COMMON SENSE remaining.

    And with this, I enter rest.
    When I wake up, I will see your plan, and put it into action.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)16:45 No.17698347
    Perhaps for another distraction, we should try to see if Nightcrawler can BAMF Benny Hill back into the general direction of the mission.

    Then Benny and potentially everything else that was chasing him will follow. It's essentially our Ratzerg plan, but with more British Humor.

    Also, if the Auror can't scry the insides of the mansion very well (i.e. not looking inside windows), perhaps he could try to anchor the scrying PoV onto Benny as he runs throughout the mansion. He could then rotate the field of vision at will and try to see if he can identify any juicy targets while Mr. Hill does his schtick.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)16:46 No.17698360

    Replace "mission" in there with "mansion".
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)19:25 No.17700320
    Bootleg OP has ARISEN!
    Bootleg OP is using SHOWER!
    Bootleg OP is using BREAKFAST!
    Bootleg OP is using COFFEE!
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)19:51 No.17700603
    >HUG TOM
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)20:00 No.17700711
    OP is now PRESENT!
    OP will now search for the plans you have made.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)20:05 No.17700769
    >Perhaps for another distraction, we should try to see if Nightcrawler can BAMF Benny Hill back into the general direction of the mission.
    >perhaps he could try to anchor the scrying PoV onto Benny as he runs throughout the mansion.
    >It is possible to transmute stuff in the mansion into animals. The sheer amount of animals that can be made will overwhelm the defenses, and it'll keep them jumpy and occupied trying to get rid of them totally....
    >better for it be birdzeg, then. Just create a bunch of birds from the wand with Avis, and use Oppugno to sic 'em
    >Teleport into Basement level 1. Black out any surveillance cameras. Restrain access from stairwell as quietly and quickly as possible
    >Do not burn down the mansion

    All of these are possible simultaneously.
    Are there any you do not wish to follow?
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)20:07 No.17700797
         File1327712853.jpg-(76 KB, 413x309, waiting for op2.jpg)
    76 KB
    I will wait for players before proceeding with plans.

    But gentlemen. Today's game has begun.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)20:13 No.17700865
         File1327713205.jpg-(56 KB, 360x275, waiting for op3.jpg)
    56 KB
    Waiting for player input.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)20:17 No.17700924

    Before we teleport into the basement, do we know of any ways that (presumably) Nightcrawler and the Auror can escape easily if they're overwhelmed?
    >> Fireman Prime 01/27/12(Fri)20:23 No.17700984
         File1327713832.jpg-(12 KB, 236x365, BEST.jpg)
    12 KB
    Thinking they can just teleport right out since Nightcrawler can picture the destination in his mind. Methinks executing the aforementioned varieties of minor distractions while we head into the basement and grab what we need is a sound plan.

    Also, OP: Never underestimate /tg/'s ability to be completely retarded at times, especially when it's a quest that isn't 'take the votes, roll a die, see what happens'.
    >pic related: what I hope our crew will be tonight
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)20:23 No.17700985
    Since the place is warded against teleporting out, chances are that's not gonna be easy. Have the auror be ready to cast anti-muggle charms should it come to that (should hit everyone except maybe mercury - unsure if she counts as muggle without her transformation wand.

    ...in retrospect, that should have been our very first move.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)20:25 No.17701001


    Have the Auror scry for any windows vents in the basement level that Nightcrawler could use to glimpse the outside of the mansion and teleport out. We need to have escape routes.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)20:30 No.17701061
    What's our plan to deal with the dark magic and anti-magic rooms? Do we have any bombs, or are we saving the gatling gun that we're planning to steal off the Miku-bot?


    Can the Miku-bot be killed without consequence? It IS a _copy_ of Miku.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)20:32 No.17701085
    >>Restrain access from stairwell as quietly and quickly as possible

    We could theoretically use a spell like Deprimo to cave-in the stairwell.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)20:35 No.17701117
    A number of matters need addressing:

    1. I vote we give Nightcrawler and the Auror some manner of non-magical weapon, in case they run into Fatass. He will almost certainly have the same antimagic rings as the others, though I doubt he will have any close-combat skills.

    2. OP said we need to find a room where Fatass spends alone time. If he's anything like the average /b/tard, he will be paranoid about his computer(s). Let's keep tabs on that room, if possible.

    3. See >>17700924,
    but for the building in general.

    4. Can we spike the chocolate with Lortab, weed, or other substances that reduce one's combat effectiveness when consumed? This could help us greatly if we find where Fatass keeps the main supply of hypno-chocolate.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)20:36 No.17701127

    It's entirely possible that the Grognard (or possibly some sort of provider/sponsor for the Grognard) recruited/charmed a hacker-type to subvert Miku.

    Miku is a vocaloid, but she was made to sing and emulate a human being, not blow shit up. She'll probably be deceptively strong/fast for her size, have good aim, and be pretty relentless. But it might not be as bad as trying to take on a Terminator or a Cyberman or a Droideka.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)20:37 No.17701147

    We could probably buy some industrial-strength laxatives and mix them in with the chocolates.

    It's pretty harmless, but very debilitating and probably not something you want happening to you in the middle of a fight.
    >> Fireman Prime 01/27/12(Fri)20:38 No.17701154
    1. The Omnitool can project a Holoblade. That should be more than enough.
    2. Got it. Look out for the computer room.
    3. As I've said, all Nightcrawler needs is a solid mental image and he can teleport with enough accuracy for an emergency exit.
    4. I'm not sure if we have that on hand. If we go on another resource-gathering run, we should go get some weed / sleep pills / laxatives / what-not.
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)20:40 No.17701175
    I played a game of Tribes:Ascend.
    It was good.
    Glad to see you're all here

    >Before we teleport into the basement, do we know of any ways that (presumably) Nightcrawler and the Auror can escape easily if they're overwhelmed?
    They can teleport. Not directly out of the mansion, but they can teleport.
    They can also Hide in a secret room. If you've found a secret room!
    >Have the auror be ready to cast anti-muggle charms should it come to that

    Also, perhaps you should look in the secret room adjacent to the master bedroom to find a spot where he spends his time?
    Just a thought.

    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)20:41 No.17701187
    rolled 29, 60, 5, 8, 27 = 129


    (Muggle warding charm auto-success)
    LORE roll for Miku
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)20:42 No.17701190
    Ha ha time for shazbot
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)20:43 No.17701203
    rolled 22, 31, 12, 14 = 79

    For that, we'll need 5d100.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)20:45 No.17701225

    TG meta quests alternate title:

    Players try to salvage shit out of bad rolls: THE QUEST!
    >> Fireman Prime 01/27/12(Fri)20:45 No.17701231
         File1327715141.jpg-(54 KB, 215x216, 1327170636795.jpg)
    54 KB
    This wasn't my fault-
    >> Bootleg OP !!Cuw+lR6NxOH 01/27/12(Fri)20:49 No.17701270



    Sage your replies in this thread, let it fall off the board.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/12(Fri)20:55 No.17701330
    But the point is, Miku, as a canon.... there really isn't one. Just software.

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