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  • File : 1327446686.jpg-(52 KB, 703x463, 1327428021444.jpg)
    52 KB STRIKE WITCHES: FULL THROTTLE planefag 01/24/12(Tue)18:11 No.17660742  
    You are a fighter pilot of the 442nd Night Fighter Squadron, recent ace-in-a-day, and about to take an untested prototype fighter with experimental engines into a full-performance, cylinder-melting drag race with the fastest Strike Witch in the skies.

    At this point you're a cross-breed of Hunter S. Thompson and a Great White Shark: if you don't keep moving at top-speed into more crazy shit, the laws of probability will get over their collective, fascinated shock and kill your sorry ass.

    With Charlotte flying on your wing, eyeing your new ride appreciatively, you wheel in a lazy up-wind circle around the island of Castle Barin as you climb to best altitude. On one side you can see a huge hole where the ancient curtain wall was slagged by a Martian maser, allowing them to swarm out of that nasty submersible ship of theirs. You look away abruptly. You're not ready to reminisce about that just yet.

    "Is this about good?" Charlotte asks you when the altimeter hits 15,00 feet. It's a bit low, which will favor your big, air-hungry radials and not Charlotte's sleeker Striker. Then again, you're in a goddamn double-engined night fighter, not a Mosquito or a Mustang. And the race is more about testing your new toy, not winning.


    "This is good," you say. "Go ahead and call it, and we'll punch it."

    How are you going about this?
    >Pilot skillz
    >Max performance

    Note these are untested and somewhat finicky engines. Evaluate how many fucks you and your crew give.
    >> planefag 01/24/12(Tue)18:18 No.17660847
         File1327447134.jpg-(135 KB, 830x1123, f736124411f607ae393db36a922a0b(...).jpg)
    135 KB
    I really need a bigger Strike Witches folder.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)18:19 No.17660852
    time to monitor this thread
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)18:20 No.17660861

    Use SKILLZ. Using WEP will have us murdered by our crew chief and possibly Minna.
    >> planefag 01/24/12(Tue)18:21 No.17660871
         File1327447275.jpg-(54 KB, 500x595, 1316987364424.jpg)
    54 KB

    Or more accurately, I need one that isn't 85% Sanya. Sorted would help too.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)18:22 No.17660898
    pilot skillz. we dont even need war emergency power. thats babbys first racing trick.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)18:22 No.17660899
         File1327447377.png-(229 KB, 288x600, 1315767511300.png)
    229 KB
    rolled 17 = 17

    Zero fucks.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)18:23 No.17660903
         File1327447389.jpg-(539 KB, 1746x1285, 1324637615123.jpg)
    539 KB
    Well we really shouldn't total this most likely really expensive untested prototype plane by overstai-
    Fuck that!

    Max performance
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)18:24 No.17660927
    Also, holy shit 8 quests on the first 3 pages. WHY TUESDAY.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)18:27 No.17660966
         File1327447647.jpg-(418 KB, 565x800, 1315725901897.jpg)
    418 KB

    No you don't. Give in.
    >> That McGuyver 01/24/12(Tue)18:27 No.17660968
    Performance. If the plane gives, I'd like it to happen outside of combat and keep the engine salvagable.
    >> planefag 01/24/12(Tue)18:28 No.17660983
    2v2. Are you a bad enough dude to break the tie?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)18:28 No.17660995
    Are you suggesting fucks being given, in a no fuck giving zone? After whats been forever (a day or so) of not flying, of all the chaos and bull crap we've gone through, I realized, life is short. As far as i'm concerned, this is the last time we will ever fly, and I will be damned if we don't make the best of it.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)18:30 No.17661021
    Lets see what happens before the WEP. If she starts pulling away or if we end up being neck and neck. PUSH IT TO PAST THE LIMIT!
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)18:31 No.17661033
    Not to give myself an extra vote, but CREW CHIEF BUSY. If we WEP our engines will need work and he will MURDER US. Then Minna will MURDER US for breaking the brand fucking new plane.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)18:32 No.17661045

    neat. wheres the WEP button?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)18:33 No.17661061

    I thought we were Pilot NoFucksGiven?
    Sounds like you're giving a fuck.

    Besides if this thing is gonna explode I'd rather it happen now, not in combat.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)18:34 No.17661073
    .00001 fucks. We do want to keep this toy right?
    Also who ever first posted Dos Gringos I love you.
    >> planefag 01/24/12(Tue)18:34 No.17661076
         File1327448062.jpg-(58 KB, 182x222, 1289195992406.jpg)
    58 KB
    You eye the big, red button.

    THE BIG.



    It whispers to you. Promises of power unimaginable, the mighty double-wasp radials shaking with the combined power of thirty-six smoking-hot cylinders gorged on all the air the turbo-supercharger setup can feed them...

    ... and then you imagine screaming as both flaming engines leave a pretty double-helix smoke trail in the sky as you slam into the Channel in an unpowered, unrecoverable spin. Despite that Fate Of The Fighter Pilot bullshit you fed Gertrude earlier, you're pretty keen on the whole living thing. There's stupid and then there's utterly damaged. You shut the Big Red Button out of your thoughts.

    That doesn't mean you're not going to make this bitch walk and talk, though. You listen intently to the radio.

    "GO!" Charlotte shouts, and you ram the throttles forward against the stops.
    >> That McGuyver 01/24/12(Tue)18:35 No.17661091
    Using WEP for everything just makes us look like a noob, not an aceinaday pro.

    Are you a noob, or a pro?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)18:35 No.17661092
    Just to point out, since people are apparently dense as fuck:


    That's why she was getting so pissed that we were calling Minna by her first name, but not calling her "Trude".
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)18:36 No.17661105
    After we land, assign Ian and Sean to lubricate Charlotte's valves.
    >> That McGuyver 01/24/12(Tue)18:38 No.17661122
    >think and/or notice woman's feelings
    Pick one.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)18:39 No.17661129
    What if Gertrude and Minna BOTH have crushes on us? D:
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)18:40 No.17661133

    we know, play it cool dont be a waifufag. maybe theres a romance subplot in our future maybe not who gives a fuck. we're in a motherfucking turbosupercharged goddamn widow right now. how can you think about anything else at a time like this?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)18:41 No.17661147
    Does it look like I give a fuck?
    When I have no face?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)18:42 No.17661152
    then we have two seat warmers.
    >> planefag 01/24/12(Tue)18:42 No.17661153
         File1327448525.jpg-(63 KB, 450x450, 1290478525008.jpg)
    63 KB

    The engines bellow like sodomized lions, and you see the manifold pressure gauges leap swiftly. The frame of your new Black Widow trembles with power as the engines hit their stride, greedily gulping air and fuel. The plane is fitted with Curtiss constant-speed airscrews, but you've already adjusted the prop pitch manually. The mighty radials dig into the atmosphere hard, roaring magnificently as they enter their power-band.

    Shirley is already several hundred yards ahead of you, but you don't worry about that - she'll accelerate faster, for sure, but the long haul will be a different story. And besides -

    "We're accelerating like a bat out of hell!" Ian whoops. Compared to what you managed before, he's right. Turbochargers are more efficient, superchargers give instant power - and your new ship has both.

    You take your hands off the controls and slam the engine cowling flaps closed, eyeing the oil temp gauges with worry, but the extra speed is already cooling the big Wasps better then usual.

    "This. Is. AWESOME," you manage, trying not to sound like an idiot child with his first Red Ryder gun.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)18:43 No.17661173

    I dunno, these witches are bitches, and you can never quite tell what a bitch is thinking.

    Besides, we have that thing going on with the French cunt. Troll romance > Actual romance.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)18:44 No.17661180
    But, once she does start pacing us like we're walking, we use the Button, right?

    The sweet, candy apple red button?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)18:46 No.17661199
    You'll shoot your eye out, kid.
    >> That McGuyver 01/24/12(Tue)18:46 No.17661208
    Simple, pilots think of only 3 things. Ass, booze and flying. He is covering one of those so its aight
    >> planefag 01/24/12(Tue)18:49 No.17661235
         File1327448951.jpg-(43 KB, 500x571, flans gonna fly.jpg)
    43 KB

    You close your eyes and feel the engines through the airframe, devote your ears to their voice. You advance the mixture control till you hear the Double Wasps' fearsome cacophony settle into a strong, throaty roar - they've more then enough air to gobble up a lot more fuel, now. At this altitude, the XP-61 eats it rather too fast, but that's not an issue now.

    Shirley is closer now, only about three hundred yards ahead. You check the gauges: you've hit 362 MPH actual airspeed, which is about where a Widow tops off.

    You watch the speed creep past that without much surprise.

    The oil temp is creeping towards critical levels, but you hold the radiator flaps shut just a little longer, eager to see how fast the ship can go. Shirley seems to be pacing you now, not looking back at you. You suspect she's as interested in the new engines as you are.
    >> Inquisitorial Librarian 01/24/12(Tue)18:49 No.17661236
    Strike Witches Quest? Why does this happen when I'm on the gaming computer, goddamnit!

    Well, there goes my evening, nothing's getting done now.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)18:49 No.17661243
    >"This. Is. AWESOME," you manage, trying not to sound like an idiot child with his first Red Ryder gun

    why bother trying to hide it? I say give a loud whoop and go to MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE!
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)18:50 No.17661251
    Lets save it for the final stretch. We're testing this thing right? And the only way to properly test it is to see how well it holds up at all levels of performance, even the part where we lose all sense and sanity.
    >> That McGuyver 01/24/12(Tue)18:52 No.17661262
    Ah shit nigga. We're matching a witch with just an engine.
    >> planefag 01/24/12(Tue)18:57 No.17661307
         File1327449435.jpg-(78 KB, 1000x633, 00f54c15b1c7b00b879976c6d8b9e2(...).jpg)
    78 KB

    "FOUR-HUNDRED FUCKING MILES PER HOUR!" you howl ecstatically into the intercom. It's an amazing speed for a Widow - and about what she was expected to make, with turbos installed. But despite the rising oil temps, you keep her at military power for a minute more. Shirley has drifted even closer, and from the heat shimmer around her Striker Unit, you can tell she's putting some real power in it now to keep abreast of you.

    So to speak.

    At long last, you see the airspeed indicator's needle finally grind to a halt, quivering around 395 MPH. Feverishly, you paw for your E6B, but Ian finishes the calculations before you do.

    "Four-hundred eighteen MPH!" he crows. "Holy shit, but this bitch can MOVE!"

    You agree. Looking at the gauges, you also know you're about to burn her up. You ease off the throttle a bit and begin wheeling the cowling flaps open.

    And that's when #2 engine decides to pitch a fit.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)18:58 No.17661321

    We can handle it, don't worry!
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)18:59 No.17661329
         File1327449562.png-(74 KB, 506x441, 1321643065427.png)
    74 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:02 No.17661364
         File1327449778.jpg-(125 KB, 488x1275, Tech-Priest_2.jpg)
    125 KB
    machine spirits! HEED MY CALL!
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:03 No.17661369
    Shiiit! I'm in class on my laptop I don't have suitable reaction images!!

    (History of Aviation class to boot)
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:06 No.17661406
    One thing left to do then [spoiler]FULL MOTHERFUCKING POWER![/spoiler]

    Go with the grace of God
    >> planefag 01/24/12(Tue)19:08 No.17661419
         File1327450080.png-(15 KB, 300x300, 1298270687280.png)
    15 KB

    With a great banging and coughing, the starboard engine misfires on half its cylinders, and abruptly chokes out. You immediately slam your foot on the left rudder pedal and yank the stick into your belly even before the big radial finishes sputtering, and the big fighter is hauled into a dizzying snap roll. The big fighter has inertia, and it spins around three times before you're able to reverse the controls - more gently then normal, minding the dead engine - and fight the Widow out of the horizontal spin in a moderate left-handed bank. You've barely stopped spinning when you tip the nose into a steep dive, starting a gentle left-handed spin.

    "Come on cocksucker, LIGHT UP!" you hiss into your oxygen mask, ramming your finger on the starter button. To your surprise, she does. You pull out of the dive gently, putting the radiator cowling flaps at half-open. The throttles are at half power already - you don't remember hauling them back. You take a deep breath, extremely satisfied.

    "God damn I'm good."

    That's when you notice half the world is screaming at you at the same time.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:08 No.17661425
    Reduce power, turn for home!
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:09 No.17661432
    Panic and scream back.

    Then give in to fate.

    And take start to masturbate.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:10 No.17661443
    >spoiler tags don't work
    oh come the fuck on
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:10 No.17661454
    Come on baby, hold together!
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:11 No.17661457
    Why hello, /a/non! Welcome to /tg/! We hope you enjoy your stay.
    >> planefag 01/24/12(Tue)19:11 No.17661458
         File1327450266.jpg-(8 KB, 200x150, 1291580453169.jpg)
    8 KB
    Sean was promising to rape your ghost in Hell, and is now sputtering as he contemplates the fact he's still alive. Ian is muttering something that includes "insane" and "glorious" and "fuck you forever" and Charlotte is asking if you're airworthy.

    It slowly dawns on you that they all thought you'd entered a fatal spin, not an intentional one. You feel you should mollify their concerns.

    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:11 No.17661461
    Is this the part a green ring comes flying out of nowhere?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:12 No.17661477
    Welcome to /tg/ bitch nigga.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:12 No.17661485
    "...what? They didn't teach you that in flight school?"
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:12 No.17661486
    Moot refuses to give us spoiler tags. We're all like, "Oh, but Moot, sometimes we don't want to be spoiled" and he's all like, "BITCH. YOU ARE GETTING SPOILED ERRYDAY".

    It's such a hard life.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:13 No.17661489

    Relax lads, that was only an engine failure. I Wanted to spin.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:13 No.17661491
    Question: are these threads archived or lost in the limbo of the net for all eternity?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:13 No.17661496
    Don't worry, that's just us being awesome and amazing.

    Unless someone wants us, and then we should answer. You know, when we want to.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:13 No.17661497
    Uhhh... This piece isn't THAT important, right?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:13 No.17661503
    The engine died, I needed to spin to get it going again.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:14 No.17661506
    "WELL THAT WENT WELL. Looks like the engines are a bit tempermental, might need to keep them a bit cooler..."
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:14 No.17661507
    >> planefag 01/24/12(Tue)19:14 No.17661510

    Archived twice. There's foolz, and/or whatever other auto-archives are about, and /tg/ maintains its own archive at sup/tg/. (With full image retention, too.)

    Posting Strike Witches is encouraged, I need more images to go with the threads.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:14 No.17661511
    >Green ring comes out of nowhere

    The aliums are MYSTERONS.

    >> NavalAnon !!jz5JQZ1dN2Q 01/24/12(Tue)19:14 No.17661512
    Slow down. Unlike modern ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS, these old analog systems tend to fail ..uncleanly, and you already burn through engines like a son of a gun, so stop the race and know your limits.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:14 No.17661515
    "So, up for the other direction?"
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:14 No.17661516
    "I know I'm good, but you shouldn't be acting so surprised yet. That's the least I can do."
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:15 No.17661527
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:16 No.17661546
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:17 No.17661555
         File1327450658.jpg-(129 KB, 800x1000, 1250463344348.jpg)
    129 KB
    oh, so THATS the 'kill us' button. THIS one must be radio.

    any particular request?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:18 No.17661568
    Just as planned.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:20 No.17661577
         File1327450808.gif-(2.56 MB, 319x239, 1294032671083.gif)
    2.56 MB
    I vote this.
    >> planefag 01/24/12(Tue)19:20 No.17661579

    Anything but Sanya; I've got enough of her, I daresay. I need more Minna, not much of her on the booru's, and she's pretty important in the story so far.

    BRB, sammich.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:24 No.17661611
    Can we get an upgrade on the windshield wipers, make them strong enough to remove panty clad asses? Never know when a witch might start humping our ride.
    >> That McGuyver 01/24/12(Tue)19:26 No.17661635
    Voting this also.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:28 No.17661649

    We can just punch her off.
    >> That McGuyver 01/24/12(Tue)19:29 No.17661654
    No, the plan is to duct tape witches to the wings for MORE DAKKA.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:31 No.17661684
    Give them lawn chairs at least. Also we need juice box storage.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:32 No.17661694
    >need storage
    In b4 B52 debate starts up again
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:33 No.17661703
    How many juice boxes will fit in a b-52
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:33 No.17661709
    How many witches can a 52 fit?
    >> Inquisitorial Librarian 01/24/12(Tue)19:33 No.17661711
    So, how many AIM-120 AMRAAM's can we fit in a B-52?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:33 No.17661713
    Pssht. We just need slightly less wing fuel and a cargo port for juice boxes. And some cookies.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:35 No.17661726
    god dammit you two
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:36 No.17661735
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:36 No.17661741
    Hey plane, weren't you gonna trip ?
    >> That McGuyver 01/24/12(Tue)19:37 No.17661742
    Replace now-pointless radio with stuff for them. They have headsets, we have a 150 lbs beast. Plane would fly better too.
    >> NavalAnon !!jz5JQZ1dN2Q 01/24/12(Tue)19:39 No.17661779
         File1327451999.jpg-(232 KB, 1800x1190, 050324-F-1234P-011.jpg)
    232 KB
    This is the 1940s, if anything we should be looking at the first bomber meant to deploy its own smaller sub-units, the B-36.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:40 No.17661784
    150 pounds of juiceboxes would give an awesome witch range. We could just give Zucchini a pound of sugar and see what happens.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:40 No.17661786
    How many sidewinders could we fit in a B-52 if we stripped out the radios?
    >> planefag 01/24/12(Tue)19:40 No.17661787
         File1327452045.jpg-(144 KB, 1024x768, 1277520224191.jpg)
    144 KB
    "... what?"

    A stunned silence greets you.

    "... where the hell did YOU scrubs go to flight school? That ain't shit."

    "I promise you," Sean says from the back in a weak, reedy voice, "I will shit. In. Your. Dreams." Sean doesn't like snap rolls. He doesn't like them at-fucking-all. Naturally, you've become quite adept at them through constant practice.

    Charlotte is flying close enough to reach out and touch your wingtip. She drifts up, then over, flying over your starboard wing and scrutinizing the engine carefully.

    "Nothing looks or sounds off, but you should probably bring her in."

    You think that's a pretty good idea, even without Sean promising to crawl overwing to your cockpit and cock-punch you. Keeping the XP-51 on half-throttle, you slowly spiral down towards Castle Barin, letting the big bird sink onto the runway gently. It's almost a perfect three-point landing, and you feel pretty damn pleased with yourself - it was a stellar performance, all around. Your crew is still high on the triumph that follows momentary terror.

    You taxi the big fighter into the huge courtyard that lies in front of the cavernous hangar, and hop out while the props are still windmilling to a stop. Charlotte is already on the ground, stalking towards you from the hangar. Striker Units need a stand, they can't be parked just anywhere.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:41 No.17661789
    but all of those failed horridly?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:41 No.17661790

    well, its tuseday and quiet so far. dont gotta cross the bridge if you dont gotta cross the bridge.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:41 No.17661792
    ...how many strike witches could we fit in there? i mean we could save them a ton of power if we use the plane as a sort of APC
    >> planefag 01/24/12(Tue)19:41 No.17661798
         File1327452108.png-(108 KB, 500x281, but i am le tired.png)
    108 KB

    Too lazy. Unless you want to ctrl-F my posts...
    >> That McGuyver 01/24/12(Tue)19:42 No.17661806
    >implying witches are larger than 200 lbs bombs
    ALL of them. Provided we can pull off horizontal storage.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:44 No.17661826
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:44 No.17661827
    Guys, guys. IL-2 Witch. SO MUCH HURT.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:45 No.17661830
    >stalking towards us

    Oh shit, we fucked up her Harley.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:45 No.17661839
    Get out and inspect her. Run your hands over her, work your fingers into her skin.

    Our plane, not Yeagertits, I mean.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:47 No.17661859
         File1327452479.jpg-(111 KB, 587x800, 1264309105172.jpg)
    111 KB
    hey plane instead of turning your threads into image dumps heres the strike witches image board http://helma.us/sw

    can get all the images youd ever want.

    dont do it right now though, you're busy.
    >> planefag 01/24/12(Tue)19:48 No.17661869
         File1327452531.jpg-(251 KB, 1500x644, 1277884353335.jpg)
    251 KB

    "What the hell happened up there?" Charlotte asks.

    "The engine quit."

    Ian slaps you upside the head from behind. "You're a font of comedic wit. I should let Sean kick your ass."

    Sean limps forward, still looking rather green. "Just knock him down so I can puke on him."

    "Well I... uh," you say awkwardly, surprised that you actually *don't* know what happened, besides you flying like a boss (a given.) You think about it for a second or two. "Well... the engine sputtered like she was having trouble turning over, and I'd just adjusted power and the radiator cowling, and she wasn't overheated or anything, so..." you realize you're getting ahead of yourself, and backtrack, trying to organize what you know in chronological order. "The engine was going to quit, so I snap-rolled in the opposite direction before the drag could pull us into a bad snap-roll or a spin. The drag made it easier to come out of the snap-roll, but harder to do it without throwing her into a flat spin or something nasty, so I had to baby it."

    "And then you dove and started a vertical aerilon roll in the opposite direction...?" Charlotte queries.

    You shrug. "Proactively countering any spin. The bad kind, that you didn't actually ask for."
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:49 No.17661882
    Wait, how many B-52s could we fit inside a B-36?
    >> planefag 01/24/12(Tue)19:50 No.17661891
         File1327452602.gif-(7 KB, 330x173, yes perfect.gif)
    7 KB

    Excellent, thank you. And sweet jesus did I need that Yanadre Minna.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:52 No.17661916
    Hey there. I've only skimmed the thread, so I apologize for going on a tangent.

    With that out of the way, I've had a few ideas for Strike Witches-related stuff. I posted this on Reddit a few days ago, but it seems the thread was dead by the time I posted. I think these are some damn good ideas, and deserve attention. Even if I can't use them, I hope some of you will be able to.

    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:52 No.17661919
    0, the B52 is bigger
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:52 No.17661925
    I like Charlotte but she can go fuck herself. Do we tell her how to pilot her Striker?
    >> That McGuyver 01/24/12(Tue)19:53 No.17661934
    Wait, I thought our relationship was a 2 way tsun.... ohhhhhh.......

    >> planefag 01/24/12(Tue)19:54 No.17661945
         File1327452843.jpg-(67 KB, 600x450, 1269142745019.jpg)
    67 KB

    "And why were you diving at all?" Charlotte asks slyly. You've got a funny feeling she already knows, but you've got to think about it for a second.

    "The engine was flooded, I needed airflow to keep the prop turning and more air in the intake to fire her up again. Then I just leaned the mix."

    Everybody's staring at you.

    "I think I need to talk to you. Alone," Charlotte says. You begin to object, but she just seizes you by the collar of your jacket and begins hauling you away.

    >Freak out?
    >Gondor calls for aid?
    >Mild trolling?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:54 No.17661947
    Well, what about the other way around then?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:54 No.17661949
    She's not making any suggestions or telling us how to fly. I think she, and the others of our aircrew, honestly want to know what the fuck we just did, and why.
    Because it could mean a fatal flaw with the prototype engine design.
    >> NavalAnon !!jz5JQZ1dN2Q 01/24/12(Tue)19:54 No.17661950
    Lets see. According to several websites, the volume of the B-36's total bomb bays is 12,300 cubic feet. However, its aft bomb bay is around the size of a MK 25 atomic bomb, at 25 feet, while the forward bomb bay is slightly bigger than the MK 6 at 60 inches or so. Assume a witch gets a rest and recovery rack the size of one standard space for an enlisted on a submarine, or 15 square feet total.. divide 15 into 12 300 and we can hold if we CRAM EVERY WITCH IN sub style leaving enough room for a shower and a MRE serving galley (so say we divide 17 and use the remainder of the space for that..) we can hold around 723 witches. HOWEVER, we can double the space each witch gets and get around 361 witches.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:55 No.17661962
    Let's see where this goes first before flipping our shit. For all we know, we're about to get Strike Smooches for being awesome.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:55 No.17661964
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:56 No.17661970
    Mild trolling.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:56 No.17661978
    Other way around. Seen both in person, B-36 is slightly larger length wise, longer wings and taller too.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:56 No.17661980
         File1327452993.jpg-(17 KB, 381x235, 1319373728795.jpg)
    17 KB
    >> That McGuyver 01/24/12(Tue)19:56 No.17661982
    Why not? Comply.
    >> planefag 01/24/12(Tue)19:56 No.17661983

    Nope, the B-36 is physically bigger. If you can ever get over to Dayton, Ohio, they've got the only surviving B-36 in the Air Force Museum there. They've got a dozen other planes literally parked under its wings, including a P-82 Double Mustang.

    There's a reason they called that massive mofo the aluminum overcast.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:56 No.17661986
         File1327453012.jpg-(120 KB, 912x1080, 1264314898807.jpg)
    120 KB
    go with her I suppose. she dosent SEEM to want us dead.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:57 No.17661989
    I think I've had just about enough of this shit. Refuse to move. She can sit there tugging at our jacket like a child or she can stop giving us the fifth degree and just say whatever it is she wants to say.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:57 No.17661990
         File1327453028.jpg-(50 KB, 800x530, 8047.jpg)
    50 KB
    Comply, whats the worse that could happen?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:57 No.17661997
    We're going to need cigarettes by the time this is done. For one reason or another.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:57 No.17662000
    Comply. Shirley knows her shit, she should be our bro.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:57 No.17662002
    >Gondor calls for aid?

    GONDOR CALLS, CHAMPION. Mild trolling.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:58 No.17662007
    /tg/-How many can we fit into a b52?

    Comply-ish, but ask where the fucking fuck we are going?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:58 No.17662009
         File1327453108.jpg-(166 KB, 800x600, 1322202466417.jpg)
    166 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:58 No.17662010
    Mild Trolling! Comply! Because calling for aid will fail, those fucking horse-riding bastards never helped anybody.

    That and I still think Sean wants to shit in our dreams.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:59 No.17662018
    Fuck yeah, USAF museum. Also, go with Charlotte. Why not?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)19:59 No.17662020
    Troll while complying, obviously.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:00 No.17662036
    Comply, lets get it over with.
    >> That McGuyver 01/24/12(Tue)20:00 No.17662038
    Why? She does have the right to order us around now, and we don't give a fuck.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:02 No.17662066
    go, but be a smart ass about it. like always.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:03 No.17662076

    Are you secretly my professor, planefag?

    He was just telling us about various aircraft museums.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:04 No.17662086
    No need to be an ass. We give no fucks, but if the broad wants a private talk, why the hell not? But no dragging.
    >> planefag 01/24/12(Tue)20:04 No.17662090
         File1327453458.jpg-(42 KB, 500x374, 1268931172962.jpg)
    42 KB

    You see your aircrew following at a polite distance, hands in their pockets, just ambling along. They're setting up an informal escort, but Charlotte doesn't seem alarmed, which you hope means she isn't planning anything violent. Besides, she's been extremely pragmatic and she has an awe




    Charlotte gets you just inside the hangar doors, and glances about suspiciously. She shoots your two boys a hard look, and they suddenly develop extreme interest in the men circling around the Martian portable maser, snapping photos, some distance off.

    Charlotte cuts her eyes at you. "So what do you know about engines?"

    "Push button, go vroom vroom?"

    "Were you a machinist pre-war? Daddy a mechanic?"

    "No, my old man's a-"

    "Race-car driver?"


    Charlotte sets back a bit, and takes her chin in her fingers thoughtfully. "Do you have any idea why I'm suddenly grilling you?"

    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:04 No.17662091
    And is hauling us around by the lapels for doing a damn fine job part of her authority? If she wants to speak with us in private, sure, fine, I'll even bring the bottle of wine and romantic music but physically hauling us off? Fuck her and the horse she rode in on.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:06 No.17662108
    Came down too fast and accidentally gave herself a wedgie from the Gs? Tell her to cut to the chase.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:06 No.17662109

    "Trying to pin down why I'm so awesome? I wish I knew myself. I could bottle it and make a fortun!"
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:06 No.17662110

    she feels the need

    the need, for speed!
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:06 No.17662112
    "You..oh no, you want me to help you put a super-turbo-charger like I got on your Striker unit?"
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:06 No.17662113
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:06 No.17662117
    "You need something lubricated?"
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:06 No.17662118
    "I swear, we were ordered to hop on that bike. Any damages to it can be deducted from the squadrons warfund."
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:07 No.17662125
    Because you want us to have that awesome bike, and are making sure we can take care of it?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:07 No.17662127

    I laughed. I laughed maniacally. This please.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:07 No.17662129
    "Because you, like every other girl on this base, have to hide your romantic desires behind a wall of hostility?"
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:08 No.17662134

    Grilling? Damn, woman. I didn't know witches could cook.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:08 No.17662142

    >> That McGuyver 01/24/12(Tue)20:08 No.17662143
    We fucked up her bike and she wants us to fix it? That or my theory from thread 1, we are a male witch. Dont say the latter.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:08 No.17662148
    if i knew I'd spill the beans and we could skip this cutscene toots, but I dont so why dont you ask what you wanna ask instead of talking loops?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:10 No.17662163
    You want me to screw with you


    're bike?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:11 No.17662176
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:12 No.17662181
         File1327453925.png-(62 KB, 429x410, 128294813249.png)
    62 KB
    >Strike Witches thread on /tg/
    >Not deleted, not trolled to hell and back

    This settles it. This board is good again.

    So glad to have you back.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:12 No.17662185
    This, all my this
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:12 No.17662195
    Both of these. In any order.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:13 No.17662203
    you have to be a certain type of mature to enjoy strike witches.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:13 No.17662204
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:13 No.17662212
    Can we just say everything, one after the other, rapid fire? They are all good and I want to hear them all again.
    >> That McGuyver 01/24/12(Tue)20:14 No.17662226
    Wait wait wait.

    How do we know "push button" but understand fancy spins to keep an engine going the instant the engine thinks about going tits up?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:15 No.17662234
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:15 No.17662238
    Well, that would be the difference between a mechanic and a pilot, wouldn't it?
    >> That McGuyver 01/24/12(Tue)20:19 No.17662283
    I understand physics related to flight being an air force brat. I dont understand
    That sounds like engine speak to me.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:19 No.17662285
         File1327454374.jpg-(214 KB, 1640x1700, 22-23-40_447871.jpg)
    214 KB
    "I can't imagine why."
    "I only go for mechanics, fly boy." She replies, arching her back, perhaps not intentionally, but you get a pretty good view of her breasts from that angle.
    "Well, better luck next time." She continues, patting you on your shoulder, as she walks off.

    >Call her back and tell her your a mechanic
    >Leave it to go check on Sean and Ian
    >Check the craft
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:20 No.17662306
    not sure if fag....
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:21 No.17662318

    Completely fag.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:21 No.17662322

    It's not.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:21 No.17662324
    Wait, no witty remarks? And no Planefag?

    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:22 No.17662329
    Check the craft.

    Even if you're interested, you don't chase women. Fucking mug's game. You let them come to you.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:22 No.17662330
    It's also nowhere near trolly enough.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:22 No.17662331
    Typing style is off, especially in comma usage.
    >> planefag 01/24/12(Tue)20:24 No.17662361
         File1327454667.jpg-(71 KB, 824x847, e4c1b45a922fba7e1516ddc6127d67(...).jpg)
    71 KB

    You have absofuckinglutely no idea what Charlotte is talking about, so you do the only thing you can think of.

    You look Charlotte dead in the eye, fixing her with a completely deadpan expression. "You need something lubricated?"

    She's already opened her mouth to reply when the statement registers. You watch her tongue trying to form a response before her mouth abruptly shuts again. She rocks back ever so slightly on her heels, her mouth pressed tight, but quirked somewhere between pissed and amused.

    "Not enough displacement for my cylinders," she says, trailing off as she reaches the plural 's'.

    You huff, but before you can retort, Charlotte jerks a thumb over her shoulder casually and says "Lucchini could always use a better ground tech, though."

    You snort. "Zucchini needs a god damn *leash.*"

    Charlotte laughs aloud at that, but it ends with a hard-edged smile. "Yeah. She does. She likes to play mechanic a little too much."

    You manage to contain your sense of horror at that last comment. Jesus Christ, she's like TWELVE.

    "Well, I'd better give you back before your mothers get overprotective," she says, clapping you on the shoulder. She strides away casually, and you think she's swaying a little more then necessary.

    Not that you're looking.
    >> That McGuyver 01/24/12(Tue)20:25 No.17662378
    Very temped to respond "only they can operate your mechanical heart?"

    If other anon dont vote for that, turn her around and tell her we were kidding. I'm getting tired of her tsundere.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:26 No.17662386
    Take a good long look.
    It's what a pilot would do.
    >> planefag 01/24/12(Tue)20:26 No.17662389
         File1327454783.jpg-(76 KB, 800x674, 1326592116995 (1).jpg)
    76 KB
    >didn't even namefag
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:26 No.17662392

    I got lost in the lingo. Playing mechanic?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:27 No.17662407
    Playing mechanic.
    Exactly what it says on the tin.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:27 No.17662409
    >Not enough displacement for my cylinders
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:28 No.17662412
    "Well, don't you need someone to look over your engines?"
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:28 No.17662417
    Haha, I like her. She can take it as well as she dishes it out.
    Take a nice, long look.
    >> planefag 01/24/12(Tue)20:28 No.17662418
         File1327454903.jpg-(150 KB, 602x1052, 132637491531.jpg)
    150 KB
    You walk out to the craft, fuck women, it's not as if you came here for the witches now. No, you came to 'splode some fucking tentacle aliens!

    It seems Ian is feeling good enough to stand, as you approach the craft, you aren't sure where Sean has disappeared to.

    "What'd she want?" He asks you simply.
    "Something about sucking my dick."
    "Women." He rolls his eyes.

    You run your eyes over the craft, however, nothing seems to be too out of order.
    >Look closer
    >Fuck it, leave it for the mechanics
    >Ask Ian
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 01/24/12(Tue)20:28 No.17662423
    Work on your "tools."
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:28 No.17662425
    >She totally wants to fuck
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:29 No.17662430

    As in tinker with her striker units? Literally?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:29 No.17662431

    Look closer
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:29 No.17662432
    look closer
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 01/24/12(Tue)20:29 No.17662436
    Wait, what the fuck did she pull us aside for, anyway? She didn't actually SAY anything.
    >> planefag 01/24/12(Tue)20:29 No.17662441

    In the anime, Luuchini fucks with Charlotte's Striker and puts it back together bass ackwards.

    You don't know this, however, so when Charlotte says "playing mechanic," you naturally think she's continuing the innuendo...
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:30 No.17662453
    Look closer, especially at the engine that was about to cut out.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:30 No.17662458
    See, this is why planefag needs a tripcode. The troll just got marginally smarter.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:30 No.17662463
    Look closer. We need to know this plane. Not like some machanic - not that we can't play machanic, we just dont' want to right now - but we need to know every inch of this beauty.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:30 No.17662465
    Look closer, chat with Ian. We can open and close things without screwing them up at least.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:31 No.17662474

    Ah. Thank you. I didn't watch Strike Witches and don't feel like doing so. You make this look interesting.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:31 No.17662481

    Although that somehow makes it faster...

    Also you need a trip, planefag. Before the imposter starts figuring out how to write more for his posts.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 01/24/12(Tue)20:32 No.17662494
         File1327455152.jpg-(58 KB, 571x570, fine tale matey.jpg)
    58 KB

    Piss-weak. Meet my tripcode.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:32 No.17662495
    We distracted her. Threw her through a loop.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:32 No.17662498
    Yeah, because all of that breast obsession in the anime all has to do with her Strike Witch unit.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:33 No.17662503
    How do we know that's you ?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:34 No.17662509

    We wait and see if the next post is sufficiently awesome.
    >> Papa-N !!fFiHQ2J1vI7 01/24/12(Tue)20:34 No.17662517
    Fuck I missed most of it and have to play catch up again... Damn college!
    >> planefag 01/24/12(Tue)20:34 No.17662521
    You look closer at the craft, when oh shit! what's this? It seems something is coming out from underneath one of the panels covering the engine.
    You pull it back, and like opening a hot steam oven at 100c, you're completely smothered in it.
    Ian can't help but laugh at your surprise, you simply shoot him a glare before leaning in on the craft. Looks like it's overheated, just a little.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:35 No.17662529

    I rest my case.
    >> planefag 01/24/12(Tue)20:35 No.17662533
    Oh come on guys.
    >> That McGuyver 01/24/12(Tue)20:35 No.17662539
    Weve got to look deeper
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:36 No.17662543
    I'm confuse.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:36 No.17662555
    Sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of you being a massive faggot. Try to turn the dial down from 11.
    >> not planefag 01/24/12(Tue)20:37 No.17662566
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:39 No.17662591
    That's registering about a 4 or a 5. It'll do.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 01/24/12(Tue)20:40 No.17662623
         File1327455652.png-(57 KB, 356x316, colon three.png)
    57 KB
    You walk over to Ian and Sean, who drop their interest in the Martian maser photography session as soon as Charlotte turns her back. They're staring at her ass too.

    "Hey," you say, snapping your fingers.

    "Ssssh," Ian says, intent on his subject of study. "She's.... gone. Okay, now you're the most interesting thing around again."

    Sean looks at the goo of the pureed Martians still spread over the tarmac and hunkers down. "Nnnope."

    You kick some Martian goo at him irritably. "So. Uh."

    "What'd she say?" Ian asks.

    "She asked me some questions about what I knew of engines, or mechanics."

    "And then?"

    "She implied that Luuchini is a massive slut."

    By Ian's expression, that information is hardly surprising. "Was that before or after she burned you?"


    "We saw it," Sean said. "She was shocked, then sized you up, and then you were left sputtering. She shot you down."

    "The wha- she's sixteen, you scumbag. I didn't-"

    "Shame to see a young man cut down in his prime," Ian says casually.

    "Queers," you grumble. Friends, man. Can't kill them, can't fly without them.

    Now what?

    >Downtime? Downtime!
    >What's with all the brass running around this island, anyways?
    >So Sean, about that Martian Sense you seem to have... time to talk about that.
    >> That McGuyver 01/24/12(Tue)20:41 No.17662625
    You are aware its bad form to usurp a questfags name right?

    >> planefag 01/24/12(Tue)20:41 No.17662637
         File1327455707.jpg-(314 KB, 800x1100, 1298444843027.jpg)
    314 KB
    Before you can do anything other than mask the smoke, by replacing the panel, it seems your smoke signal has attracted the attention of someone.

    Someone who probably didn't want to see your machine in such a sorry state, Hartmann.

    "Whoa, looks like you really blew it this time~"
    "Nothing that can't be sorted."
    "I don't know, I saw you flying with Shirley, it really looked like you were going to crash for a minute."

    The mention of your intentional death spiral alone paints a sickly green colour across Ian's face.
    Looks like this isn't the best place to talk about your race.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:42 No.17662651
    Hey sean, wanna go buy some lotto tickets ?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:42 No.17662654
    >So Sean, about that Martian Sense you seem to have... time to talk about that.

    If he refuses to talk about it don't push it
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 01/24/12(Tue)20:43 No.17662656
         File1327455783.jpg-(20 KB, 371x247, shun.jpg)
    20 KB

    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:43 No.17662658

    You know, we haven't even come close to achieving our daily Make Minna Enraged quota.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:43 No.17662667
    Downtime! Acquire food, hide from brass. See if Sakamoto drank all that booze. If so, acquire booze.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:43 No.17662671
         File1327455821.png-(60 KB, 200x200, 1319771407342.png)
    60 KB
    Stop it.
    So Sean, about that Spidy Sense you have...
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:44 No.17662676

    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:44 No.17662686

    find out whats the deal with all the bigwigs. that usually means that shit it gonna hit the fan or theres gonna be paperwork. oftentimes both. best to get ahead of the mess.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:44 No.17662688
    Find a place to hide friend's bodies.

    Other then that, check out our bitching ride, and see if Sean's martian senses detend when we're going to kill him. And also, why the fuck is he an Outrider, the smug Irish git.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:44 No.17662693
    Planefag quoting Charlie the Unicorn? Fuck, now I don't know WHO planefag is anymore.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:45 No.17662708
    He's the writefag we deserve.
    >> That McGuyver 01/24/12(Tue)20:46 No.17662713
    Get down to brass tacks on the brass
    >> planefag 01/24/12(Tue)20:46 No.17662722
    But then, before you can change the subject, Ian takes your face in his hands.

    "How about a little medicine to make me feel better, honey?" He asks.
    You can only but splitter in response as he takes you by the lips.
    "Eeew, gross." Hartmann mutters, scampering off somewhere more interesting, not that it's really a priority at the moment.

    Looks like today is going to be a long day.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:47 No.17662723
    Ask sean if he's a wizard
    then downtime
    >Make minna raeg
    >Get food/booze
    >Be a pilot
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:47 No.17662731
    Ask about the Martian Sense.
    Then we gotta figure out what all this brass is doing here.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:48 No.17662743
         File1327456101.jpg-(32 KB, 300x300, 1324171637832.jpg)
    32 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:48 No.17662744
    downtime would probably be good. still gotta meet the rest of the wing. finish dividing e up into the bros camp and want us dead camp.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:50 No.17662779
    Shit. My class is ending soon. And it takes me an hour to get home!
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:50 No.17662781
    Seriously, stop it. The trick is getting old and it's fooling no one.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:51 No.17662796
    Why are you reading this in class?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:52 No.17662798
         File1327456331.jpg-(60 KB, 519x549, 1323234938932.jpg)
    60 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:52 No.17662799
    Impress your teacher by pretending you're staying late to do extra work.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:52 No.17662805
    Strike Witches is kinda a big deal
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:53 No.17662822

    Cause this quest is awesome and I've been looking forward to it since last week. And it's a History of Aviation class, so it's kinda sorta related...
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:54 No.17662834
    I am so confused
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:54 No.17662836
    No disagreement, but christ man, you either are the most socially disconnected person I've ever met, or you are literally sweating so much testosterone that no one dares looking at your screen.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:55 No.17662854

    I'm in the back. No one's seeing the images, thankfully.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 01/24/12(Tue)20:56 No.17662865
         File1327456582.jpg-(37 KB, 240x239, millertime.jpg)
    37 KB
    In twenty-four hours, you and your crew have become aces-in-a-day, saved Gertrude's life, trolled the ever-loving fuck out of half the Armed Services, fucked with the Wing Commander mentally and emotionally, and fought a 3AM ground battle with ambushing Martians.

    "Miller time?"


    You get halfway into the hangar before a terrible thought hits all three of you.

    "Do they even... have alcohol here?"

    "One of 'em does," Sean mutters grimly. The fire of the Olde Irish dances behind his eyes, and Ian and you both know alternate sources of alcohol must be located swiftly to stave off disaster.

    Spotting a mechanic idly packing up his toolbox in one corner, your trio strides over. "Excuse me, but is there an O-Club or anything like that on the island...?"

    The engineer cuts his eyes sidelong at you. "No. No O-Club. Just facilities for us lowly enlisted bastards. Doubt it would interest you."

    >fuck him, make your own party
    >fuck him, get off the island for a bit
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:56 No.17662869
         File1327456598.png-(3 KB, 200x200, 1326496762552.png)
    3 KB
    >You show up for the first day of class.
    >Before it lets out, teacher asks: "Any questions about the upcoming course?"

    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:57 No.17662879
    If I was gonna commit Sudoku, that'd be a pretty funny way to start the day.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:58 No.17662896
         File1327456703.jpg-(13 KB, 250x265, 1318382271535.jpg)
    13 KB
    Not sure what this entails, but go for it.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:58 No.17662906
    Always an important question..


    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:58 No.17662910
    Make nice with the engineers. Make nice with the men with the beers. Make nice with the only other permanent staff on this base with dicks.

    It all amounts to the same thing in the end.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:59 No.17662917
         File1327456758.jpg-(159 KB, 960x1251, 1221230820057.jpg)
    159 KB
    here have some zucchini in her uniform,

    i'm sure your teacher will appreciate it.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:59 No.17662918
    I have no idea what this means, but I'm liking it.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:59 No.17662926
    Alright, fucker. What's it gonna cost us?
    Fucking enlisted knows he's got us over a barrel when it comes to alcohol.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:59 No.17662927
         File1327456795.jpg-(109 KB, 550x550, Sudoku_Puzzle_Book_m.jpg)
    109 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)20:59 No.17662930
         File1327456799.jpg-(25 KB, 436x570, bad bender.jpg)
    25 KB
    We'll make our OWN club, with blackjack... and hookers!
    >> That McGuyver 01/24/12(Tue)20:59 No.17662931
    Son, if it serves a stiff drink I am VERY interested, rules be damned.
    >> planefag 01/24/12(Tue)21:00 No.17662935
         File1327456811.png-(182 KB, 398x706, Hartmann.png)
    182 KB
    "Ian! Ian" You shout, pushing him back.
    He seems a little stunned, and takes a minute to adjust before saying anything.

    "I thought you weren't interested in women?"

    "So you thought I would want your dick instead?"

    "Kind of..."

    "Your a fucking faggot man."

    You walk off feeling a little dejected, that your friend would think you are actually romantically interested in him.

    As you reach the main building, you happen across Hartmann once more.

    "Sooo...What was that all about, lover boy?"

    "Shut it." You aren't really in the mood for her shit.

    "Aww, don't you like him?"

    >Punch her
    >Kiss her
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:00 No.17662936
    Get off island for a bit! Assuming we can get a jeep. Or some bikes. There ARE bars nearby, right?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:00 No.17662937

    it calls to me, like an unlabled button on a sensitive piece of electronics.
    >> NavalAnon !!jz5JQZ1dN2Q 01/24/12(Tue)21:00 No.17662941
    >Drink with enlisted
    >implying rank matters when you are drunk as fuck
    >Captain partying with Seaman Recruits.jpg

    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:00 No.17662945
    >and hookers

    She's TWELVE.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:01 No.17662948
    N-no booze?

    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:01 No.17662952
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:01 No.17662958
         File1327456893.jpg-(39 KB, 649x536, 1325451986862.jpg)
    39 KB
    >Kiss her
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:01 No.17662959
    Since this isn't going anywhere anyway.

    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:01 No.17662960
    >Just facilities for us lowly enlisted bastards

    "we're the lowest enlisted officers on this island, and we're night fighter pilots, any port in a storm, any runway in a tempest, etc. etc.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:02 No.17662972
    Why are you guys responding to the troll?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:03 No.17662980
    Stop encouraging the troll.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:03 No.17662983
    Inb4 some Anon bitches about a guy with a computer sitting in the back of his classroom
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:03 No.17662988
    Why do you believe they're not also the troll?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:05 No.17663003
    The response posts are too close together. So he's either proxying or at least one of them is stupid enough to feed the troll.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:05 No.17663009
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 01/24/12(Tue)21:06 No.17663026
         File1327457219.png-(192 KB, 650x508, capitalism ho.png)
    192 KB

    You sigh and look off into the middle distance dramatically. "Too bad. Guess we'll have to fly to Christchurch to get the kinks worked out of that new bird."

    The engineer just grunts, loading his toolbox with his back turned to you.

    "Guess we can pick up our overnight bags while we're there," Sean says

    "Just overnight bags?" Ian scoffs. "We can bring all of it. The Widow is so... *big.*"

    The engineer's hand freezes in mid-air with his last wrench.

    "Yeah," Sean says thoughtfully. "Especially if you don't load the amidships fifty-cal bin... and in the wings... there's just so much *space,* you know?"

    "And those new engines have so much power..." you muse. "You wouldn't even notice the extra load..."

    The engineer isn't even breathing now, his hand clenched tight on the wrench.

    You take a stealthy step closer. Lean over.

    "I know what your heart desires," you whisper intently.

    The engineer shudders.

    "At twenty-thousand feet, it's cold."

    He positively quivers.

    "Anything in the wings... gets *ice* cold."

    "Come with me," he says in a low, strained voice.
    >> Inquisitorial Librarian 01/24/12(Tue)21:07 No.17663032
    So... I'm in class, and there's this guy in the back of the classroom who...

    Nah. Just fucking with you. I'm at my house.

    Anyways, people do not encourage the troll. It's probably Mr. /a/ccelerator from the last thread, trying a new tack because we insulted his waifu.
    >> planefag 01/24/12(Tue)21:08 No.17663040
    Before the girl can saying thing else, you grab her by the shoulders and plant your face against hers.
    Usually sixteen year olds aren't your thing but your manhood is at stack, fuck Ian, you definitely weren't turned on by his hot dry lips against yours.

    No, this girl will do instead.

    Fuck it, you go the whole hog, pushing her back against the wall, you quickly discover how easy it is to pleasure a girl when she is wearing but simple pair of panties.

    She moans slightly as your rub your fingers up and down her crotch. Damn, now you're starting to get a boner.

    Quick, you must act! And so you drag her into a side room. She doesn't even bother to resist.

    As you throw her against the bed, it occours to you that this might not be legal, no wait, she is sixteen, surely it's fine. You're on an island in the middle of nowhere, surely this was to be expected around a bunch of young girls, especially when paired with guys.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:08 No.17663046

    Obvious samefag bumping his own posts~
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:09 No.17663054
    Is it odd that the thought of a fucking-cold beer refrigerated in the wing of an aircraft gave me something of a hard-on?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:09 No.17663062
    Not in the least.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:12 No.17663100
         File1327457557.jpg-(147 KB, 632x576, 1327121041318.jpg)
    147 KB
    do fucking want....
    >> That McGuyver 01/24/12(Tue)21:14 No.17663132
    ... proceed
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:14 No.17663141
         File1327457695.jpg-(26 KB, 264x372, 1320200023616.jpg)
    26 KB
    Hell yeah.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:15 No.17663156
    Nope. Everything checks out.

    Beer in wings, wait till ice cold, hang with the enlisted, pantsless ladies will join in if interested. A good day shall be had.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 01/24/12(Tue)21:16 No.17663167
         File1327457794.jpg-(8 KB, 251x251, 1210488918399.jpg)
    8 KB
    (Pappy Boyington would say, no.)

    The engineer leads you to the male dormitories, on the opposite side of the huge castle as the Witch's quarters. The men even have their own kitchen and mess, and when you're introduced as the men with the Big Plane With Huge Amounts Of Internal Space Nobody Looks Into, you're greeted quite warmly indeed. A man named Mac sits your trio down on a worn-out, overstuffed sofa and smiles at you.

    "We usually don't tolerate you pilot sons-of-bitches in the land of the working man," he says good-naturedly, "but after the shit you guys pulled last night, we'll overlook that."

    "When you say space," another man asks you, "like, how much space are we talking about?"

    "We have to fuel her differently to keep center-of-gravity balanced. That kind of space," you inform him. He nods, grinning. "Good. How soon can you work out an excuse to get to Christchurch?"

    "What's the rush?"

    "We're going to have a proper send-off for our boys," Mac says, and the buoyancy in the room dies a sudden death. Without looking around, you know the smiles you saw earlier were forced.

    "In that case, I think we can accelerate our schedule," Ian says.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:16 No.17663169
    Someone forgot to clear the name field~
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:18 No.17663190
    Huh. Well we' had our 52 discussion, our juice boxes, and strapping Witches to our Wings. I guess it was just inevitable.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:18 No.17663194
    >"In that case, I think we can accelerate our schedule," Ian says.
    Wanna try tonight?
    We ARE night fighters, after all.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:18 No.17663195
         File1327457911.jpg-(111 KB, 500x500, 1326847250412.jpg)
    111 KB
    You appear vexed.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 01/24/12(Tue)21:19 No.17663203
         File1327457949.jpg-(33 KB, 346x347, 1324291127824.jpg)
    33 KB
    >Fucking faggots, you think I'd write something so gay?

    Judging from the "planefag" you left in your name field, I'd say you're pretty homo, son.

    And perhaps, just a little... mad.
    >> NavalAnon !!jz5JQZ1dN2Q 01/24/12(Tue)21:20 No.17663219
    >neuroi can't communicate
    >fails to mention two incidents of neuroi attempting communication or using Witches, clearly indicating they have some vague understanding of humanity and had some attempt at communicating

    Fucking casuals, I bet he doesn't eve read the twitter.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:22 No.17663255
    Uh, engine? Also our crew chief is busy on the OTHER P-61. So we need some time to get shit looked over.
    >> Papa-N !!94V8GGifJkU 01/24/12(Tue)21:22 No.17663266
    >finally get caught up
    >pilots teaming up with ground crew holy shit

    I fucking love this quest
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:23 No.17663277
    What about the engine? It's new, it works, it's just got a few hiccups, and it's not going to stop us from going.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:23 No.17663278
    We're going to need to get that engine checked out first. Have the engineers give it a once over and then have them recommend a test flight to say... Christchurch, so that the crew can monitor performance.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:23 No.17663279
    The engine is running, it wasn't damaged, and should be fine as long as we don't push like we did when we raced Shirley.
    >> That McGuyver 01/24/12(Tue)21:24 No.17663291
    >broken character
    Son, here on /tg/ that means sonething completely different. Now get out of here before ultraman gets here, I told him you called his mother a plant.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:24 No.17663296

    This sounds like the perfect idea.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:24 No.17663302

    sounds like a plan.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:25 No.17663308

    It all makes sense now

    Fake writefag confirmed for spammer from previous threads.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:27 No.17663342
    does our aircraft have any bomb racks or external fuel tank mounts?
    if so, how fast can they make us some "drop tanks"?
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 01/24/12(Tue)21:28 No.17663354
         File1327458492.jpg-(75 KB, 715x910, 1290181959077.jpg)
    75 KB

    You suggest making the trip after nightfall, and Sean agrees. "This place is starting to look like a fucking planetarium, with all the stars running around. Makes me nervous."

    "Oh yeah, that," Mac says. "It's been completely insane today. Hard enough to clean up the mess we've got today, after fighting a soddin' land battle, we've got the brass sniffing around."

    "I hear Bradley's been ragging on Patton all day to get the coffee pot back," one man says wryly. "Patton just goes around collecting odd looks with the damn thing."

    "... Bradley?" Ian asks. "Does anybody know what the hell is going on?"

    Mac makes a zipper-like motion across his mouth. "Top secret. Nobody has a clue.

    Ian nods sagely. "So what is it?"

    "Counter-attack," Mac says, leaning forward eagerly. Every man in the room tugs their sweat-stained caps lower over their eyes and leans in with him, excited. "All the brass hats are in the area planning some kind of Big Push. The surprise attack last night - they hit us everywhere, you know - they're terrified that the Martians cottoned to the whole thing, and that's why they struck."

    "But the Martians flubbed it pretty hard," another man chimes in. "And now they must be low on reserves."

    "There's no way in fucking hell to know that," a young man - no, boy - says. He can't be older then seventeen, and his arm's in a sling. "Nobody knows SHIT about those crazy bastards."

    The other engineer shrugs. "Well, they're burning through memo pads about *something.*"

    How very, very interesting.

    >Mood's shot. Who/what is next?
    >> planefag 01/24/12(Tue)21:28 No.17663362
         File1327458531.jpg-(38 KB, 600x430, Accelerator24.jpg)
    38 KB
    That would suggest that your are to close minded to consider that it was intentional?

    As for neuroi, I never explicitly claimed they couldn't. The point was merely that the neuroi, even in their attempts to use witches or communicate, it has only been for their gain.
    Using Misfits, neuroi-witch only appeared so the neuroi could gain a better understanding of tactics.
    In the first season, it was simply because being neuroi core is suffering, do something about it.

    I think this elitist attitude is unhealthy though, I don't think reading the twitter feeds by the various groups responsible for the franchise is that important, in order to be a 'fan' of the series. That and I wouldn't expect anyone to want to bother enless they really wanted more still from the series.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 01/24/12(Tue)21:31 No.17663403
         File1327458688.jpg-(8 KB, 251x217, 1317059238892.jpg)
    8 KB

    Incidentally, this raises the point that I haven't had a chance to expound on the Martians much. It's all thought out, but it just hasn't come up in the story yet. And infodump bad.
    >> That McGuyver 01/24/12(Tue)21:31 No.17663407
    Meet the remaining loli pilots, then make our flight.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:32 No.17663419
    Need that engine looked at, then check in on the witches while dodging stars. Explore the island a bit?
    >> Papa-N !!94V8GGifJkU 01/24/12(Tue)21:32 No.17663424

    Get some mechanicbros together and find out why our engine failed
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:32 No.17663426

    >I think this elitist attitude is unhealthy though

    that why you spam threads where people are enjoying the series in a way you dont like, innit?

    well since we got some time for nightfall i guess we could drag sean off to some deserted door and pick his mind about why he can still radar without his radar.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:32 No.17663428
         File1327458748.jpg-(70 KB, 438x700, Accelerator16.jpg)
    70 KB
    Oh fuck off, you know what I meant.
    For that matter, don't bring /tg/ into the arguement, this thread could quite as easily be shit posted anywhere else.
    /a/ for example has plenty of these shit your own adventure quests.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:33 No.17663448
    Ask the engineers to take a look at the engine that nearly gave out.
    We'll cover the flight out to Christchurch as a test flight of the repairs, as suggested by >>17663278
    Then take Sean aside and ask him about his Martian Sense.
    >> NavalAnon !!jz5JQZ1dN2Q 01/24/12(Tue)21:34 No.17663465
    So you post elitist shit without having a maximum power level? Stop posting then, I mean I only knew about Strike Witches because I'm a general mecha musume fan (been that since.. jesus christ 02/03)and I saw some of the original artist's work ages ago. I have much more of a right now to shit on you for saying HURR ELITISM when you don't even consume and buy as much as you can, yet you shit on others for making a SLIGHTLY ALTERNATE UNIVERSE WORK. Please, if it asspains you that much.. get out, download the 4chan extensions for chrome/firefox, and use the ignore feature. I mean you are a cancer, the HURR I DON'T LIKE IT SO I SHIT ON IT poster. You are the cancer killing 4chan, and you should honestly grow up.

    Anyway, thank you OP, I have to go to DEFEND FREEEDOM but I'll be rooting for your threads!
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:36 No.17663485
         File1327458976.jpg-(13 KB, 400x225, Accelerator14.jpg)
    13 KB
    Yes, because there is a difference between expecting people to follow up on additional canon material and expecting not to alienate people who like the series by writing a fanfic that ruins the best parts of the series.

    And what, did you honestly expect you wouldn't attract dislikes when you post material like this on the internet?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:37 No.17663501
    >Butthurt /a/non shitting up the thread
    No fun allowed in /a/, right? I guess you want all the boards to suffer.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:37 No.17663516
    >I have to go to DEFEND FREEEDOM

    Shoot a space Communist for me while you're out there, friend.
    >> Papa-N !!94V8GGifJkU 01/24/12(Tue)21:39 No.17663532

    >shitspamming a thread you don't like instead of simply hiding it
    >doing it every thread

    what is it like to be autistic enough to do this?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:39 No.17663533
    Most normal people say they dislike something and leave it at that, rather than hanging around like a bad smell.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:40 No.17663552
    we should probably talk to sean. its come up in the story ones and as a 'choice' like three times. if we keep letting a plot hook bounce off our head like that itll catch us in the eye.
    >> /a/non 01/24/12(Tue)21:40 No.17663559
         File1327459239.gif-(222 KB, 335x396, Misakaclonegentelmanlysip.gif)
    222 KB
    This ends now friend. You're giving a good people a bad name with your general disregard for creativity and fun.

    This thread may continue with what minor fraction of a blessing of /a/ I can bestow upon it as a frequenter.

    Pilots getting blazed, haters getting weak.
    Lets chill ourselves a party shall we?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:40 No.17663563
         File1327459246.jpg-(5 KB, 267x189, Accelerator29..jpg)
    5 KB
    Making baseless accusations doesn't get you anywhere. Though you are right, I'm not American, so I try not to burn through as much of our planets resources as I can in the shortest time possible.
    And since when as the amount of anime/manga/whatever counts determined where and where not you stand?

    Shitting on me make you no better than I.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:41 No.17663568
    I just want to know about his martian senses.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 01/24/12(Tue)21:41 No.17663579
         File1327459296.jpg-(21 KB, 477x387, 1314926584328.jpg)
    21 KB

    You happen to mention that your new ship is a prototype, and if somebody were to diagnose Certain Issues with the engine, you'd probably have to fly to Christchurch for repairs. That's enough to send a swarm of your new buddies towards the hangar. Fifteen minutes later, they determine the engine is fine except for carbon buildup and some fouled plugs, indicating she ran too rich for a little bit.

    "Sounds like you were spot-on," Ian muses. "You know why she choked out in the first place?"

    Mac scratches his head. "Airflow to the engine was disrupted. Perhaps some funny eddy or something when you adjusted the cowling flaps."

    You nod thoughtfully. "Luke said they were having problems with the ducting."

    Mac nods, and points to the engine nacelle. "The scoops could probably be canted a little bit, or have little shields or something in front of them to break up any vortexes."

    With that settled, Sean motions to repair to the central lounge, in the Witch side of the castle, and you all agree. It's happily deserted, and you all flop onto the couches carelessly, enjoying the rest. None of you had enough sleep, your injuries from last nights fight still ache, and the incident earlier didn't help much, either.

    After some time dozing in silence, Ian addresses the ceiling.

    "I know what Charlotte was fishing for."
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:43 No.17663600
         File1327459381.jpg-(97 KB, 842x550, Accelerator17.jpg)
    97 KB
    It's not creativity if it's the original canon story with three additional characters pasted into it.
    That's like colouring a girl's eye gold in paint, definitely not original or creative.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:43 No.17663604
    Also, is Sean a citizen of Ireland or is he an American like us? a guy named Sean with an 'Irish' accent being from the US wouldn't exactly be weird specially not back in ww2.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:44 No.17663631
    Explain yourself. Charlotte is good people and I'm interested in what she wants to know.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:46 No.17663683

    ... You know what... If you dislike it so much, why do you slog through it to make "relevant" trolling?

    Admit it, either it's a guilty pleasure, or you're a pitiful being who has nothing better to do than watch things you don't like and complain about them.

    Go watch Season 1 again and leave us be.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:49 No.17663721
         File1327459752.jpg-(522 KB, 2031x2952, Accelerator18.jpg)
    522 KB
    Well it does help, it would be unjust to critique without first trying to understand.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:51 No.17663761
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 01/24/12(Tue)21:52 No.17663771
         File1327459940.jpg-(60 KB, 700x1000, 477bf6b72b751c71a037433da6e770(...).jpg)
    60 KB

    Sean opens his mouth and Ian fetches him a a pillow to the face before he can interrupt.

    "She was wondering about your uncanny luck with aero engines," Ian states.

    You blink.

    "You a wizard, mate?"

    "Oh not THIS shit again," you mutter.

    "He's got a point," Sean says to the ceiling, more to egg you on then anything else. "I mean that thing with the engine the other night, when we bounced Sanya, OOooOOoOOoo spooky," he intones, waggling his fingers.

    You sit up straight. "I'm just good with engines. I've liked them all my life. I pay attention to them, the sound, the vibration. It's just intuitive. There's nothing ma... odd about that."

    "Charlotte didn't seem to think so," Ian says seriously. "If I don't miss my guess."

    "I know how to use the engine controls, big deal," you say, a bit uncomfortable. "I've seen weirder shit lately. For instance, I think it's time we talk about how Sean knew the Martians were there before they attacked, last night. In his sleep."

    Sean sits up as well and fixes you with his fiery eyes. "I think it's about time to ask how you had two different guns slam-fire on you last night."

    You open your mouth-

    "-and the same gun refused to go off when it was pressed against your skull," Ian adds.

    - you close it again.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:54 No.17663795
    I knew it! A wizard did it!
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:55 No.17663804

    Never mind... Everyone is just magic. Question dropped.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:55 No.17663817
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 01/24/12(Tue)21:55 No.17663821
         File1327460150.jpg-(69 KB, 254x270, we_need_to_chat.jpg)
    69 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:55 No.17663822
         File1327460150.jpg-(438 KB, 1450x1055, Warlock.jpg)
    438 KB
    Oh my god, we're a Warlock.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:57 No.17663840
    Oh. Shit.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:57 No.17663853
    tell everyone to shut the fuck up. this is an open lounge. the walls have ears.

    we can talk in the plane tonight.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:58 No.17663857
    Wait, aren't there tests for magical ability?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:58 No.17663866
    Luck, duh.
    And Sean still evaded the question about how he knew they were coming.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:59 No.17663881

    because as yet only bitches is witches and their powers arent all that subtle?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)21:59 No.17663883
    Welllll, what abotu you Ian? Can you shoot mind bullets?

    Yeah, we're not fucking magic. Sean's Irish Magic, but like hell we are. We just know our shit, like any good Pilot.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:01 No.17663913
    And because Male Witches are rare and fuck over the 'the reason girls are powerful is magic'. Actual Planefag spoke of this before.
    >> That McGuyver 01/24/12(Tue)22:02 No.17663923
    I put on my robe and wizard hat.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 01/24/12(Tue)22:03 No.17663945
         File1327460607.png-(133 KB, 300x300, reveal your secrets.png)
    133 KB

    Flyers are a superstitious lot. Insane, unbelievable luck is not unheard of, not by a long shot.

    But this shit is just getting too weird. And besides -

    "Nobody say the M word. Not here. Of all fucking places, not here," you mutter. "With all the brass running around, I swear to God I will cut you."

    "You don't have to worry about us," Ian says, and he sounds brooding, which constitutes an extreme emotive display for Ian. You wonder if he hasn't had any odd luck of his own recently.

    "I noticed the quiet," Sean says. "I was listening to the waves hitting the beach - always nice to listen to, if you're sleeping near a coastline - and I realized, ALL I could hear was the waves. No crickets, no dick-ass nightingale plagiarizing all night, no HOOT HOOT or anything... island isn't that small. I just got a bad feel, you know? Last time I had that feel I was in the Kentucky bush and a cougar was sizing me up for lunch."

    "So we're just good," Ian says thoughtfully. He's frowning now, another rarity for cool, collected Ian. "We're just that damn good..."

    Both your friends make excuses and wander off. You don't stop them, since you've got some brooding of your own to do. You wander the halls of the castle alone, thinking. Trying to remember the last time an engine really got the better of you.

    Plenty of stalls, forced starts, vapor-lock, backfires, you name it... but never a time you were well and truly defeated. Plenty of interesting battles, but you can't really remember the last time something you were familiar with got the upper hand on you. You just fiddle the controls without thinking and VROOM! up they go.

    That's not... magic.

    It isn't, god dammit.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:03 No.17663949
    There are no male witches.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:06 No.17663977
    They are called warlocks. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strike_Witches
    >> That McGuyver 01/24/12(Tue)22:07 No.17663987
    You mean you guys didnt figure this out when the engine gave on landing way back on thread 1?

    >filmin master
    Yes captch, I am a film master to see the plot twist miles away.
    >> Papa-N !!94V8GGifJkU 01/24/12(Tue)22:07 No.17663991
    shit just got real
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:09 No.17664009
    Nope, no magic here. Sean is just a freaky Irish leprechaun and his freakish Irish magic is rubbing off on you.

    While we defantely don't brood, I suggest some hand to hand and gun training because if we're gonna be bum rushed by those Red Planet fuckers again, we should be ready.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:10 No.17664017
         File1327461008.jpg-(44 KB, 190x280, 1271867506609.jpg)
    44 KB

    no, that was a neuroi core strapped in a box and 'brainwashed'.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:10 No.17664019
    well hey there, looks like we're graced by a celebrity.

    anyways, picked this thread up from the heretical love thread, loving it OP.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:10 No.17664020
    >I didn't.

    I'm sure this comes as a shock to no one.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:10 No.17664025
    "It has been suggested by the novels that male Witches do exist but are rarer and likely much weaker hence their absence in the Witch corps contrasting the universal male presence in the standard armed forces."

    And your source for this is?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:10 No.17664030
         File1327461049.jpg-(90 KB, 589x375, troll4.jpg)
    90 KB
    >planefag's face when after all the speculation it's not magic after all.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:11 No.17664041
    Male witches do exist, they're just rare. As in, much rarer than a normal witch, and they don't have as much magical awesomeness. So, they're kind of useless.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:12 No.17664057
    It better not be magic! I want us to be just this good! Fuck sparklies!
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:12 No.17664060
    Again, source?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:14 No.17664075
    The novels
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:14 No.17664076
    Of course we're just that good. We're like...magic!
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:15 No.17664104
    What generally happens when something bad does happen with an engine? Bad things.
    If we'd had more problems with engines in the past, chances are decent we wouldn't be here. It's just selection bias.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:18 No.17664143
    What I'm curious about is why the Martians tried to capture the Witches before. What were they going to do with them that made capture a higher priority than "Kill them in their sleep"?
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 01/24/12(Tue)22:22 No.17664190
         File1327461729.jpg-(32 KB, 400x541, whats going on in this thread.jpg)
    32 KB

    Your random wandering is interrupted by the sounds of an argument from down a side-hall. Your long talent at dodging responsibility and awkward meetings lets you recognize it as a dressing-down in progress.

    "-ire command be taken by surprise. There's talk of relieving you on the spot."

    "To replace me with who?" a cool voice replies.

    "Somebody competent. Somebody-"

    "-who'd either be here now, if they could be spared from their current units... or a damn filthy nip."

    Silence. "What did you say?"

    "Nothing you don't hear in the O-Club every other day. Damn. Filthy. NIP," the woman says, her voice steely cold. "Churchill would have an anyerism if a nip were running an entire squadron of Strike Witches, wouldn't he?"

    "Don't be so sure," the man says hotly. "You fucked up, Wilcke, and we won't have it."



    You boggle. That voice, cold and clean as a honed steel blade, putting some General over her knee.. that's Wilcke?

    You're glad, because whoever the man is, he's way off-base. Especially obvious after Sean's testimony that the Martians hit the island in complete silence.

    On the other hand, are you really going to interrupt a senior officer in a private meeting? His accent is obviously British, so it wouldn't be INSTANT career suicide, but still...
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:22 No.17664197
    do what xcom does with live xenos?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:22 No.17664198
    It's not magic. We've just come to realize we are extremely lucky. If we thought about it in any other context we'd just say were lucky. Its just all these witches, man. Make you jump to insane conclusions.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:23 No.17664210
    Yes and the neuroi are actually nazis. My source you ask? The novels.


    When I ask for a souce, I mean, I want a concrete piece of text or some sort of proof that actually suggests this, than "Well, it's because I say so."
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:24 No.17664221

    What do?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:24 No.17664226
    Fuck no. Stick around and listen, but stay the fuck out of it.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:24 No.17664227
    Do it. Minna doesn't need our help but we've smacked more stars than is prudent today. Why stop now? And it will confuse and possibly annoy Minna in the process.

    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:25 No.17664236

    lets troll them.

    walk around the corner like we're deep in thought, then just freeze in a salute, but in silence.

    if they don't see us at first, bonus points when they jump.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 01/24/12(Tue)22:25 No.17664238

    Indeed, Wat Do? Sorry, forgot the greentext.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:25 No.17664242
    Let's listen for a bit, and if it goes downhill for Wilcke, we step in. If it sounds like she can handle this; which she can since she is a commander, we'll just be on our way.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:26 No.17664254
    Nope. Turn around. Walk away. We don't care about this shit.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:27 No.17664272
    I suggest we move on for something less Garman and crazy. Because god, we are not sticking our dick in that bass hornet nest.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:28 No.17664293
    let the bitch hang

    fuckin wut? that aint no way to talk bout sakabroto.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:28 No.17664299
    This is pretty glorious to imagine, I'll second it.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:29 No.17664305
    What if, we walk in silently, salute, wait to be recognized, and then report that we were coming to report to Wing Commander Wilcke that at the time of the attack, we noticed that the complete absence of animal and insect noise, meaning that the Martians were able to operate in complete silence.
    And we act completely professional and defer to Wing Commander Wilcke throughout, just to mess with her.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:30 No.17664324
    She is making a point. Japanese woman in charge of a unit defending England? FUCKING NIPS out the ass of the English.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:30 No.17664326

    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:30 No.17664328
    Here's a plan for interrupting: We need to file a flight plan and get permission from the base commander (her) for out little "trip" tonight, right? No-one's to know we weren't looking for her in the first place.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:30 No.17664329
    This. But change the we to Sean. Credit where it's due. A stealth landing via a craft that nobody knew the Martians had? Whoever is trying to chew out Minna is more of a dick than she is.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:30 No.17664330
    Yes, yes they are. That german redhead is insulting our boozebuddy. We keep out of this, and go find said booze buddy. Because we're going to fly a plane of drink here soon, and if we don't tell her, she will cut us. With her sword.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:30 No.17664331

    Slur for japanese.

    Given Minna's BFF is japanese I doubt she's actually racist.
    >> That McGuyver 01/24/12(Tue)22:31 No.17664347
    Stay, at least long enough to find out who this big wig is.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:31 No.17664354
    Also, call her Will-ke to piss her off.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:31 No.17664362

    These three. It's perfect. Troll both parties, and have a legitimate reason for doing so.
    >> Papa-N !!94V8GGifJkU 01/24/12(Tue)22:32 No.17664374
    listen in but remain hidden
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:34 No.17664396
    Nip is a slur for Japanese. Because they're from Nippon?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:34 No.17664401

    Product of the times. Back then, 'Nip' was just another way of saying "Japanese person". It didn't really have the hyper-offensive connotations it does nowadays.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:44 No.17664532
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:46 No.17664559
    Nip isn't exactly offensive is it?
    I mean, no more than chinaman, or oriental.

    I mean, I'm not calling them slant eyed fucks, or gooks.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:49 No.17664612
    It's like the word Pakis for people from Pakistan. There's nothing intrinsically offensive about the word but a slur is a slur, you know? The word used matters far less than the intent.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:50 No.17664619
    You guys have been on autosage since >>17663987. Sup/tg/'s not archiving the posts below it.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:51 No.17664633
    There a new thread ?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:51 No.17664639
    Oh wow, yeah, we're at 380 or so.
    Time for a new thread.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:51 No.17664648
    Suptg will archive it automatically every few hours. Is fine. Not saying that we couldn't use a new thread, but the archive is functioning properly.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:52 No.17664655
    If someone attempts to Chive it again it should update IIRC
    >> Papa-N !!94V8GGifJkU 01/24/12(Tue)22:52 No.17664664

    It just has to catch up. It will
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:54 No.17664688

    >Damn. Filthy. NIP
    Yea. Perfectly PC for the time period.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:57 No.17664717
    Where is the update, planefag? You said there would be an update.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:58 No.17664741

    Patience. He's writing something amazing.

    Or he had to go take a dump. One or the other.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:59 No.17664749
    >Stand outside door
    >Wait for Minna to walk out
    Seriously. Icy bitch deserves a show of support. Especially when the brasshole in there with her is clearly talking about the attack like he knows anything about what happened.

    Or we could offer to reach down his throat and pull him inside-out by his sphincter.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)22:59 No.17664761
    Maybe he has a laptop with shitty internet, and he's doing both.
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 01/24/12(Tue)23:02 No.17664792
         File1327464122.jpg-(43 KB, 423x477, deal with it nerd.jpg)
    43 KB
    Most pilots don't try to dogfight. The best way to fight is to lay for your opponent, and waste him before he knows you're there.

    You decide to apply this maxim by standing right outside the door, at stiff attention, eyes forward.

    "Are you visiting London next?" Minna asks coldly. "Or Pearl Harbor? Or any of the other Army bases that were hit all over the globe last night? I'm sure you've got some stiff words for them, too, Vice-Marshall?"

    "Somebody does," the man retorts hotly. "Somebody's got something to say to all of them. You're no exception. You're no exception to a lot of things, Wilcke. Remember that." He storms out of the room and would have made a great exit on a good line had he not almost blundered into you.

    "Who the hell are you?" he snaps.

    You fire off a salute. "Sir, pilot reporting to Wing Commander Wilcke, sir."

    He narrows his eyes at you. "I asked you who you were, yank." He seems to be pissed that you were obviously eavesdropping.

    "Sir, I'm the man who just made ace-in-a-day and has been nominated for the DFC. "

    The man seems to swell with suppressed rage, but he contains it. "What were you going to report?" That request is cutting right into Minna's command, and he knows it - it's a calculated insult.

    "That my radar operator only noticed the attack was imminent when the crickets stopped singing. He compared them to a stalking puma."

    The man blinks. "What in the Sam-Hill is a puma?"

    "Mountain Lion. Cougar. A huge cat, to be precise."

    The man seems to seethe with rage, but spins smartly and stalks off with that crisp step unique to the British services.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)23:04 No.17664819
    "your friend seems nice."
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)23:04 No.17664820
    Hey Meta! Does that thing look like a big cat to you?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)23:04 No.17664821
         File1327464254.jpg-(127 KB, 848x480, 1320450512464.jpg)
    127 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)23:04 No.17664822
    Well, I'm going to crash. Just wanted to say, Planefag, that I am so happy I got to be part of this, and you're threads actually hurt me laughing.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)23:04 No.17664829
    Hey Meta! Settle a bet wouldya: Does that thing look like a big cat to you?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)23:05 No.17664838
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)23:07 No.17664855
    I vote this
    >> That McGuyver 01/24/12(Tue)23:09 No.17664868
    Success! That'll learn him, overwriting another officers authority to recieve a useless report.

    On to logging our flight plans.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)23:09 No.17664878
         File1327464579.gif-(2.13 MB, 400x282, 1311448995895.gif)
    2.13 MB
    >"Sir, I'm the man who just made ace-in-a-day and has been nominated for the DFC. "
    >> Papa-N !!94V8GGifJkU 01/24/12(Tue)23:10 No.17664888

    Am I the only one who thought Sean was making a milf reference with the bush and cougar talk?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)23:11 No.17664910

    Yes. You have a dirty mind. I guess that's why HL is so great.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)23:11 No.17664912
    You need to cut back on all dem dating sims.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)23:13 No.17664941
    but how will we have delicious heresy for Heretical Love then?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)23:14 No.17664951
    New thread.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)23:14 No.17664964

    Or given more recent trends, /sp/
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)23:16 No.17665006
    >Limey cuntwagon tries to walk away from us
    "I thought it was protocol to salute one's superior officers".
    >> planefag !!0ZviLFh59My 01/24/12(Tue)23:17 No.17665013


    Also, catchpa is fucking impossible these days. Three attempts needed for one post, I swear to christ.
    >> Papa-N !!94V8GGifJkU 01/24/12(Tue)23:22 No.17665106
    > playing monmusu 33% again
    > just started Lilly route in KS
    > the one I'm writing is up to 100 lines of dialogue and counting

    Coal trains goona keep on rollan baby

    Though I'm mildly distracted by my new transformer prime. Damn shame KS doesn't work with Android, they should have updated to the latest ren'py and it would have.

    Is there going to be a second thread tonight, planefag?

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