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  • File : 1327357718.jpg-(161 KB, 540x400, 001.jpg)
    161 KB BOONEQUEST Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/23/12(Mon)17:28 No.17647683  
    Wait a minute! Wait a minute!
    Hold on.
    I'm not done!

    It's time for another Boonequest! Now, it has been a while and there is a LOT to know in an adventure like this.
    To that end, you may want to check the archives.

    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/23/12(Mon)17:35 No.17647752
         File1327358111.jpg-(236 KB, 540x400, 002.jpg)
    236 KB
    I guess for additional info you could check the notes
    here: http://mr-culexus.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=scraps#/d48tyy5

    or just ask me, I guess. As it's been awhile, we can Q & A this a little.
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/23/12(Mon)17:39 No.17647791
         File1327358356.jpg-(136 KB, 540x400, 003.jpg)
    136 KB
    And I guess, if you need info on your new team member option, you can go here:

    The game is on. Make the Emperor proud.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)17:39 No.17647796
    Time to give Minny the skinny.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)17:41 No.17647824
    Do you have any idea how long it's been since I've seen that trip? Jesus fucking christ, that was back in... 2008?
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)17:48 No.17647905

    Give her the lowdown; and ask for her to give a report of her own activities.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)17:54 No.17647984

    I agree with these two. Tell her of the situation.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)17:56 No.17648015
    >Boonequest that I'm here for
    OOOH good lord I just got an erection!
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)18:01 No.17648082
    Ask her where she got that awesome eye ink.
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/23/12(Mon)18:09 No.17648181
         File1327360151.jpg-(46 KB, 540x400, 004.jpg)
    46 KB
    I STARTED on /tg/ (I was on /b/ on 2006-7 but not being a tripfag) in 2008, I guess, but I've never been completely absent for more than a month or so. Bad timing or good timing depending on how you look at it.

    She listens patiently to your story thus far and comments flatly that this place has gone to hell in a ham sandwich.

    She offers her own explanation for why others have yet to reach the facility.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)18:13 No.17648229
    Our bad.
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/23/12(Mon)18:18 No.17648295
         File1327360730.jpg-(39 KB, 540x400, 005.jpg)
    39 KB
    It is in her nature to answer all questions as best she can, you recall.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)18:24 No.17648353
    Alright, so the basics, Someone here is committing like, a DOZEN different types of HERESY right now. Tryign to splice people with BOTH Tyranid AND Chaos Marines' DNA.
    Smiley Assassin is on... I think it was the COM tower, and we just had the ship in orbit blow up a few of the Gun placements. There's a Heretech with Necron bits still runnign around that we can;t seem to kill, despite crushing AND exploding him, and the main heretic is getting the locals to worship him.
    Oh, and everyone on this level and the next are friendlies. Say HELLO Friendlies.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)18:27 No.17648384
         File1327361231.png-(17 KB, 600x600, 1314322983547.png)
    17 KB
    >thinking about bugging CF about BooneQuest
    >reload /tg/ one last time before heading over to DA
    >my fucking face when
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)18:33 No.17648442
    Oh and... we're not sure where Daneel is now. He... ported out without coordinates.
    Oh crap... we haven;t told the Tech that, have we?
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/23/12(Mon)18:42 No.17648544
         File1327362149.jpg-(36 KB, 540x400, 006.jpg)
    36 KB
    There is an uncomfortable silence after you explain the bit about Daneel teleporting out with a large explosive into an uncallibrated transponder. You hear Nel exhale at the concept.

    After a while, Minhelm clacks her boots together and asks if you have any suggestions. Do you require her assistance or are you comfortable in your current group?
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)18:43 No.17648552
    Is this strike witches quest?
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)18:43 No.17648557
    Where the fuck is Daneel again?
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)18:44 No.17648567
         File1327362282.gif-(34 KB, 163x213, 1320639303752.gif)
    34 KB

    (Too bad I'm going to be in class for the next four hours.)
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 01/23/12(Mon)18:45 No.17648576
    As much as I'd like to participate, I doubt I have the time.
    I ask that someone else preemptively archive this.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)18:45 No.17648577
    I have a feeling that we are about to get into a LOT more fights as we get farther up the facility.
    Please come with us. It's safer down here for the civilian and the Techpriests, granted only one of them are even able to move around.
    Speaking of which, we need to introduce everyone. Its always good to get to know your allies.
    We have no idea. There was an explosion when he went through a blind Teleport. He could be on Holy Terra for all we know.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)18:46 No.17648587
    Sir please leave this area and proceed to give yourself intercourse.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 01/23/12(Mon)18:49 No.17648618
    Ask the Sergeant what she's carrying. OPEN INVENTORY!
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/23/12(Mon)18:55 No.17648675
         File1327362948.jpg-(147 KB, 540x400, 007.jpg)
    147 KB
    Hey now, it's cool. Anyone could make that mistake.

    Minhelm nods in aknowledgement of C-16, who responds in kind. They have a severe distate for eachother, but can appreciate eachothers skill in battle. Nel makes a COG SIGN to Minhelm, who responds diplomatically with one of her own, albeit clumsy. You don't think you can manage all three of them as a team though. You'll have to choose your party. The remaining person should still be contactable by commbead, though as both you and Minhelm have a spare.

    You speculate that Daneel could be on Holy Terra, at which point nel chimes in that he would at least have to be on this planet, most likely in this Sector.
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/23/12(Mon)18:58 No.17648696
         File1327363131.jpg-(94 KB, 265x400, 008.jpg)
    94 KB
    Lara's inventory.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)19:02 No.17648725
    Thank you for that Nel, that gives us hope for finding him
    Minhelm and C-16 will work fine together, even if they don't LIKE each other, so we'll take them.
    Drop Nell off with the Techpriests, and check on the brother, see if he's stabled out any.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)19:11 No.17648822

    I don't think we need an all-combat party. A techpriest is useful for exploring the facility, and Nell knows her way around.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)19:14 No.17648846
    If we just needed a Tech user, then Leo is PROBABLY the better option.
    Besides, Milly here can also give us GENERAL advice as well. I thing Mr. Culesxus sent her in to be out aid, as we've been getting stuck a lot latley.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 01/23/12(Mon)19:14 No.17648850
         File1327364052.jpg-(181 KB, 800x1001, mordian callender.jpg)
    181 KB
    Boone Quest? I thought this had died and been abandoned.

    Glad to see I was wrong.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)19:18 No.17648891
    Drop C-16 for Minny and keep Nel. We will have all very well rounded that way.
    >> Guardsman Wilson 95 01/23/12(Mon)19:19 No.17648909
    I vote we leave our favorite brain-damaged Attilan for the moment and go off with Nell and Minnie, we might need a pilot with basic technical abilities. Also we should probbably leave the combead with Leokadia so we can stay in contact with each other.

    Also, great to be here
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/23/12(Mon)19:20 No.17648918
         File1327364414.jpg-(43 KB, 206x272, tellme.jpg)
    43 KB
    I'll leave it to you guys to democratically detemine a party. I should point out that there is no right or wrong way to play this, and I did not so much send Minehelm to help. There were 5 possible options on the teleporter, you picked the combat/advice build, Daneel is combat/social. There is also combat/espionage and combat/tech and unknown options. Two of which were aboard your shuttle and therefore in Minehlms party.

    But the transponder is on the fritz, so its immaterial.

    Choosing a party isn't a set in stone thing, if you stay in commbead contact withsomeone you can ask their advice, and if you return to where you left them, you can sub them back out.

    It's up to you.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 01/23/12(Mon)19:20 No.17648921
    This seems reasonable, I agree.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)19:21 No.17648928
    Makes sense. I'll trade my vote for ALL COMBAT WIMINS to this.
    >> Guardsman Wilson 95 01/23/12(Mon)19:22 No.17648932
    By leave I mean put in the break room close enough to help or be contacted by the estranged techpriests and hunt mice without any chance of getting upset or upseting said affable cybernetic individuals.
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/23/12(Mon)19:25 No.17648967
         File1327364736.jpg-(169 KB, 540x400, 009.jpg)
    169 KB
    That'll do nicely. C-16 claps you on the arm in is definately a friendly gesture, but still smarts a little "BE GOOD, LITTLE MOUSE"

    She also gives you the WARM BEER, as she has no use for it.

    Lastly, her and Minhelm exchange nods again.

    Your new team.
    >> Guardsman Wilson 95 01/23/12(Mon)19:26 No.17648980

    One more thing before we set out, we should probbably take a bite or two of our chocolate bar, better to have at least a few Psy-points on demand (we're empty).
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)19:27 No.17648985
    But I DO want C-16 to be able to help defend the others. The medbay has that SUPER TURRET, but C-16 is a Defense all of her own.
    Maybe have her run protection for Leo while she fiddles with the Teleporter, trying to get it stabilized.
    >> Guardsman Wilson 95 01/23/12(Mon)19:33 No.17649043

    Since it seems we're going to be passing through on our way we should run that by Leo, if she thinks she can do anything constructive with it then we ought to do that, if not then as long as we leave her within shouting distance of Leo I don't think it matters...she would probbably hear that Auto-turret pretty quickly.

    It would also be a nice advantage to have her ready near Leo incase we need her to move or kill something, she might even make good emergency backup if we get in trouble. Leaving Leo with the spare combead would mean she could point C-16 in the right direction and hit the kill everything button.
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/23/12(Mon)19:35 No.17649073
         File1327365323.jpg-(175 KB, 540x398, 010.jpg)
    175 KB
    Done and done, as it's your last piece you savour it as best you can and are resored by 4 PSY-POINTS.

    C-16, after some inventive charades on your part to indicate LEOKADIA, returns to the medical bay to act as s sort of guard.

    Leo is a medicae intern techpriest and doesn't know shit about teleporters, sadly. That's Nel's thing, and she is presently only able to jury-rig it with THENEZZ AUGER SPARE PARTS, of which you presently have none.
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/23/12(Mon)19:37 No.17649103
         File1327365478.jpg-(26 KB, 400x400, terry_thomas_6.jpg)
    26 KB
    LEOKADIA now has your spare combead, you can contact her whenever you like.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)19:42 No.17649152
    >and she is presently only able to jury-rig it with THENEZZ AUGER SPARE PARTS, of which you presently have none.
    Well, SHE has one, but we should PROBABLY save it.
    Can we use that to repair the Drill machine? Then use that as a armored transport?
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)19:46 No.17649191
    Hey, ask Nel and Leo if there's an Armory nearby. We need a shotgun to use these shotgun shells.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)19:50 No.17649239
    >See Boone Quest
    >"Oh boy, last time we saved the one-eyed girl in Part 2!"
    >Look at archives

    Brb, reading the archives. God be with you CF!
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)19:51 No.17649242
    What's our current objective again?
    >> Guardsman Wilson 95 01/23/12(Mon)19:51 No.17649245
    we should also ask Nel if she knows where we could find a map of the vent system or if she knows what areas are most closely connected to the bathroom vent that Toores came out of last game.
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/23/12(Mon)19:54 No.17649285
         File1327366493.jpg-(134 KB, 540x400, 011.jpg)
    134 KB
    What? NEL has no THENEZZ-AUGER spare parts, she used them to get MINHELM here.

    The drill machine was fairly messily ripped open, but if you want to fix it, go right ahead. It's just a drill, though. It drills. It's not a transport. The only transport you have at present is the KORNHEISER ARMORED HOVER MINECAR, which you have left idling up in the mine.

    NEL explains that the only shotguns would have been the ones the SECURITY GUARDS used and are therefore now in the incinerator along with TOORS and SEB, broiling away nicely.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)19:56 No.17649295
    Go back and press the coin return on the Beer Machine
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)19:58 No.17649313

    I say we find NEL a spiffy top hat, and go around solving puzzles.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)19:59 No.17649327
    Well we could use it to DRILL up to the surface.
    That and I thought the Minecar wand the drill were the same.
    Also according to >>17648967 she had the doohickey.
    Damn, in that case give the shells to Nel, free up some of our inventory.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)20:02 No.17649361
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/23/12(Mon)20:06 No.17649393
         File1327367191.jpg-(129 KB, 540x400, 012.jpg)
    129 KB
    Good thinking, but it looks like the BEER cost you a full 5 CREDITS. No change.

    NEL explains that the vents merely connect to any other room with a vent.

    Thats kind of up to you. Do wish to know more about SAPP? or what's going on on the surface? There are many options.
    >> Guardsman Wilson 95 01/23/12(Mon)20:07 No.17649403

    Okay, if memory serves earlier we had C16 violently open the exit, so what say we take the hovercar and go exploring?
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)20:08 No.17649416
    Lets play the Vox Game, just to show Minny what it is!
    And to find out more about SAPP. It's been a while and my memory is fuzzy.
    >> αlpharius !yJOmegoN4Y 01/23/12(Mon)20:11 No.17649454
    There was also the heretek whom we dropped a capsule on, or we dropped him down a hole. Or something like that...
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)20:12 No.17649464
    As far as I am concerned, out original mission still stands. CLEANSE THIS WORLD OR HERESY!
    Bring up the map of the complex please. Not the surface one, but the one of the mine. I wanna find out where we'd be coming out on the surface.
    Also, does Minny know what ATDINERUNIVERSALGREETING means? I mean, we saw that in mores code. AT DINER UNIVERSAL GREETING? Maybe we should check out the Diner when we get up there?
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/23/12(Mon)20:13 No.17649472
         File1327367607.jpg-(112 KB, 540x400, 013.jpg)
    112 KB
    The drill only goes down. It's made for collecting ore.
    The doohickey NEL presently has is merely her COMBI-TOOL.

    NEL does not accept the SHOTGUN shells as she never intends to fight.

    You discuss the possibility of tearing apart two machines to combine them into a new one. While only a TECH-ADEPT, NEL isstaunchly opposed to the idea.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)20:15 No.17649501
    Not even like... duct taping them together? FINE, put the drill in the back, it might come in handy.
    And the shells aren't for FIGHTING, I just want you to hold onto them until WE can use them. You have more pockets then us.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)20:18 No.17649525
    That SHOULD be "Of Heresy"
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)20:18 No.17649531
    Another boone quest...do my eyes decieve me?

    Oh great heresy THANK YOU
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)20:25 No.17649614
    would be useful to know...
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/23/12(Mon)20:26 No.17649621
         File1327368386.jpg-(141 KB, 540x400, 014.jpg)
    141 KB
    Explore where? If you go UP you will be taken to the surface level of the FACILITY, this will end the level, though.

    According to NEL, we'd be if we took the MINECAR up, we'd be in the FACILITY near SAPPS MANSION.

    Minhelm shrugs about the Universal Greeting. She points out that the only language expoerts are DANEEL and MYERS, neither of which are here.

    Very well, the man on the VOX seems surprised to hear from you.

    The MINECAR will be squeezy with 3 people in anyway. You are unable to take a HYPERPHEUMATIC 2 TONNE DRILL with you.

    Nel takes the SHOTGUN SHELLS happily, since you put it that way.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)20:30 No.17649654
    I'll call you Holy Moses.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)20:32 No.17649671
    Thank you Nel. If you don't mind, we'll probably ask you to carry little things like this in the future. After we get some more information from VOXMAN, we should ask Minny for her thoughts.
    Also, I'll call you Holy Moses.
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/23/12(Mon)20:33 No.17649681
         File1327368823.jpg-(59 KB, 468x527, article-1052851-0286FF52000005(...).jpg)
    59 KB
    CORRECT! You can ask the VOX MAN one question!

    I gotta go for like, an hour, as something has come up. I'll be right back!

    COncider a game plan, but don't go choking up the thread. A solid plan beats a fast one.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)20:33 No.17649684
    being down here in this mine is a little crampy after how many...well hours.

    Maybe a journey top side would shed some light on this situation? maybe we can find more of our allies as well.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 01/23/12(Mon)20:35 No.17649709
    Nah, let's not end the level. Let's find some more shit. Explore rooms with our new buddy.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)20:39 No.17649749
    Ok, so we know that SAPP is a heretic leader who's working with a Heretech. We know he deals with Xeno Pirates and the like, and that he's trying to make super soldiers with a combination of Tyranid and Chaos Marine DNA. One Serum is instant, but just makes an impossible to control berserker. The OTHER takes time, but they are loyal to SAPP.

    ... I say we ask the VOX MAN is Sapp is home. Then we call up the ship and ask them to blow up Sapp's house.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)20:40 No.17649773
    It has been a long time since I've been on /tg/, so I didn't even know there was such a thing a Boone Quest.

    Seeing it... Warms the cockles of my heart, oddly. Good show.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)20:46 No.17649853
    Good idea! Then I say we make a quick, room by room sweep of the sections of the mine. Make sure all the doors we want closed are closed, and that there's no Heretics hiding in here with us, waiting to stab us in the back. Once all immediate threads are taken care of, It's time to go topside.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)20:59 No.17650039
    i'm completely and utterly ok with this, but we need to actually search first because of the fact there is always more loot.

    leave no loot unmolested!
    >> Guardsman Wilson 95 01/23/12(Mon)21:03 No.17650091

    Aggreed, we should do a thorough investigation of each room, we have a local here to explain anything we may have missed and Minney might have some pertinent advice once she's brought up to speed. We should also explain what we know as we go, by way of updating her.
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/23/12(Mon)21:34 No.17650481
         File1327372483.jpg-(155 KB, 540x400, 015.jpg)
    155 KB
    "Oh yeah" the VOX MAN says. "SAPP is packing, but still home."

    Also, saying "collect all the loot" is like saying 'find all the hidden stuff' you need to actually look around and be specific. Where do you want to search?

    NEL points out that, it is actually against her religion to enjoy a CANONESS FRUIT PIE without milk, so maybe we should get some from the RECAFF MACHINE?

    MINHELM asks if the sleeping miner, HUNT knows anything.

    GM: Pick a room or a thing to search, and believe me you can search it holus bolus.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)21:46 No.17650632
    lets start around the drill to see if theres any spare ores or anything nearby.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)21:50 No.17650682
    At the risk of sounding like a smart ass, and since no other soldiers are present to witness their Sergeant being corrected, I point out to Lara that abstract thought is simply thinking that is coherent and logical, which seems right up Minhelm's alley. That's noble-born, paradise world education showing or something.

    Also, get Nel her milk and then shake the sleeping fella awake so he can be asked questions.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)21:52 No.17650712
    i think the "sleeping fella" is the dead dude we tried to save and failed ahrd at doing.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)22:05 No.17650882
    Oh. Well then.

    Are there any more storage areas around the mine we missed? Mines sometimes have high explosives stored somewhere and you never know when you need to conduct some extreme re-structuring, especially when heresy is involved. Do Nel, Leo know where any explosives would be stored?
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/23/12(Mon)22:06 No.17650899
         File1327374407.jpg-(38 KB, 540x400, 016.jpg)
    38 KB
    Nothing of value. KAPUNDA is still there, but he has nothing on him. The DRILL has hit nothing valuable, and so there's just a few loose rocks around. Nothing strikes you as useful.

    MINHELM, while initially irked at being corrected by a psyker, quickly remember who you work for and smartens herself up, she seems more embaressed than anything.

    NEL points out that she has nothing to store the MILK in, if you can recommend something, she will TOTALLY share the pie with you when it comes to eating it.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)22:11 No.17650951
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)22:13 No.17650973
    Use Empty Hip Flask, acquire Milk
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)22:14 No.17650981
    Any nearby miners that are still alive might know, too, and it'd be worth asking them.
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/23/12(Mon)22:27 No.17651154
         File1327375624.jpg-(30 KB, 540x400, 017.jpg)
    30 KB

    NEL mentions that there WAS a cache of EXPLOSIVES stored down here, but they have since been collected in her absense. She assumes that with SAPP getting wind of both 2 Inquisitorial agents around and voices of disscent in the mines, that the eexplosives were taken out to avoid any revolutions or some such.


    SUAM KAPUNDA is dead, HUNT LOWRY is just asleep on the job.

    As you collect the MILK you notice that it has a slightly odd smell and sampling some, an odd taste as well. It's not normal grox milk. This much you are sure of.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)22:30 No.17651185
    collect it anyways, its not for you since nel is the one who wanted it.

    also we should probably go wake hunt lowry up.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)22:36 No.17651275
    I just read this in the hopes of some scribble porn.

    If there won't be any, please, tell me.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)22:39 No.17651301
    Not sure if safe to drink. Maybe boil it when we get a chance - although for all we know they've been putting stuff in the miners' drinks and such. They have been infecting them with xeno and chaos DNA, so it's not out of the realm of possibility.

    Does Nel know where they would move the explosives to? If not we can wake up and ask Hunt about the explosives, and if he doesn't know wasn't Burdell gathering info on people here? If she's been collecting info on people, she might know who would know something like that.

    (I'm thinking ahead in that if we have to directly deal with a big bad, explosives might be a good way to deal with them without risking anyone we like. Also an easy way to deal with obstructions that we're bound to come across in a place like this.
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/23/12(Mon)22:40 No.17651323
         File1327376458.jpg-(39 KB, 540x400, 018.jpg)
    39 KB
    You decide to wake up the ever pleasent HUNT LOWRY, who really could sleep for his country.

    You make a quick COMM-CALL to Leokadia and describe the taste and smell to her as best you can. She hums to herself and says that, while she's not certain, what you've described sounds like a solution of Magnesium Hydroxide, commonly known as MILK of MAGNESSIA.
    >> Iron Lung 01/23/12(Mon)22:41 No.17651328
    There's also that AAA cannon that's mucking up the actual operation. A couple kilos of C-40K might be just the way to take it out of the equation.

    Probably not, Anon.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)22:42 No.17651333
    There will be porn?
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/23/12(Mon)22:42 No.17651343
    It's not impossible. Can you be more specific?
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)22:44 No.17651363
    AFTER we're done with hunt, call up the Ship and have them BLOW THE SHIT OUT OF SAPP'S HOUSE! He's home, and killing him is an all around win.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)22:46 No.17651394
    Very true that. If we take out those guns then that would make it a lot easier to get more help down here.

    Ask him about the explosives and where they might be taken or locked up or who around here would know/have access?
    Is there anything else worth asking him while he's awake?
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/23/12(Mon)22:52 No.17651477
         File1327377177.jpg-(43 KB, 540x400, 019.jpg)
    43 KB
    HUNT confirms what you suspected, that the EXPLOSIVES all topside in the FACILITY.

    What guns? The one you LANCE BATTERY'd last time?
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)22:58 No.17651563
    I was thinking of the ones that the Mannus' Manus was engaged with, but if they're already blow'd up then that works.

    Do we want to try and make off with the high explosives before having our friendly neighborhood Imperial Navy Captain turn Sapp's house into a crater? Besides that we should probably get clear of the mining facility that we're under in the mines of, I suspect that anything that would wipe out Sapp's house would wipe out the facility.
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/23/12(Mon)23:03 No.17651619
         File1327377808.jpg-(10 KB, 200x243, 200px-Hlloyd2.jpg)
    10 KB
    Lance batteries are precision laser weapons, and you're pretty deep down, but will default to your judgement here.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 01/23/12(Mon)23:06 No.17651653
    >will default to your judgement here.
    When does that ever work?!
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)23:09 No.17651667
    I'd rather not risk getting us all buried under a mining facility. We can't kill heretics and get shit done very well at all if that happens.

    I can't think of anything else to do down here, except maybe that riddle-comm-thing for the prize (or did we already get that?) There's probably not much to really see deeper into the mines except, you know, rocks, miners, and maybe that big bad we crushed down a vertical shaft. Does anyone else have ideas of things to do to make progress before going to the next level, or should we ask Minhelm for advice?
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)23:10 No.17651685
    It's 4chan, I somehow expect any artist to draw porn.

    I'm reading somehow hoping for some chaos-tentacles to spawm and say "konishiwa" to Boone.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)23:11 No.17651691
    Here, I'll tell you what. We'll call up the Ship, ask them if they think the explosion will hurt us, THEN TURN HIS HOUSE INTO A CRATER!
    Besides, the explosive are in the FACILITY, and SAPP's house is NOT IN the facility, just in the same complex.
    >> Iron Lung 01/23/12(Mon)23:12 No.17651712
    I have no useful ideas besides thinking we're about due to move on.
    Milk of Magnesia? Interesting.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)23:16 No.17651749
    >grox milk
    Grox are giant, 20 foot tall lobotomized lizards. HOW DO THEY PRODUCE MILK?
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)23:16 No.17651753
    Did Boone just go on the rag?

    Either way, go for it. I'd rather play it safe and get clear of the facility/house complex first but it is true we have a drill and an armored hover car.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)23:20 No.17651786
    Uhhhhh??? SCIENCE!!!!!!!!!
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/23/12(Mon)23:22 No.17651807
         File1327378932.jpg-(33 KB, 540x400, 020.jpg)
    33 KB
    TOULLEMONDE seems pretty sure of his crews skill with LANCES. He will await your confirmation.

    This game is not without potential for minor fan service, but it's hard to access, I guess much like any other game, and I think the nature of it would be too mild for you. So, you might be wasting your time here unless Technomancer swings by.

    Aslo, it's Konichiwa.
    >> Iron Lung 01/23/12(Mon)23:22 No.17651815
    Platypus genes.
    Only the Emperor knows.

    >entsrih dick's
    Yeah Captcha. Thanks, you prick.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)23:25 No.17651846
    I vote for confirming and giving the coordinates of the mansion for them to lance, proceed up to the Mining Facility, and let Leo and C-16 what's going on and where we're going.

    Didn't we get ambushed by a fuckton of heretics last time we went up? Maybe we should swap Nel out for C-16 and carve a path?
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)23:27 No.17651860
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/23/12(Mon)23:28 No.17651870
         File1327379288.jpg-(7 KB, 140x209, MV5BMTUxMTgyMzk1Nl5BMl5BanBnXk(...).jpg)
    7 KB
    >correcting someone's spelling

    Well, they don't call me Colossal Fagot because I'm good at something.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)23:28 No.17651882
    OOH OOH! Then see if we can check the Cameras again. Smiley was able to talk to us and we to her last time.
    I THINK she told us to keep her updated.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)23:37 No.17651962
    Maybe a fanservice scribblepicturething of embarrassed Minhelm?
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/23/12(Mon)23:38 No.17651970
         File1327379886.jpg-(23 KB, 540x400, 021.jpg)
    23 KB
    There is a series of distant thuds, then an almighty crash ripples throughout the mine, even LOWRY is slightly alarmed.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)23:38 No.17651973
    I thank you being upgront about it

    p.s. you are a weaboo
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)23:42 No.17652008
    Well... um...
    We should visit the security room again, or whatever the one that could scan the mines was. See if it has a damage report.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)23:43 No.17652015
    a fuck
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/23/12(Mon)23:44 No.17652020
         File1327380261.jpg-(20 KB, 293x219, 1312167313543.jpg)
    20 KB
    'Weeaboo' but yeah that's true. If you search DA with 'weeaboo shitscribble' you get my work. By modern definition, I qualify, apparently.

    Besides, only an asshole lives and works in a country for a year without learning at least a little of the language.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)23:44 No.17652024
    Hell, yeah, Minnie. Way to stand your ground.

    I say we radio Cuddles to see if that did the trick.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)23:46 No.17652043
    d-damage report?
    ask who ever will listen
    >> Iron Lung 01/23/12(Mon)23:46 No.17652045
    And then maybe we can actually get going on doing stuff in the next chapter?
    I know this is an Adventure Game, but let's not get too bogged down in worrying about Missing The Mouse, eh?
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)23:48 No.17652067
    you lived in japan?

    this somehow got me more interested than the quest (sorry)
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)23:49 No.17652080
    i agree, its been some time since i last saw a quest, so im a little lost at where we actually are.

    a new level would be a good fresh start
    >> TheCollector !EXVlxJM9Rg 01/23/12(Mon)23:52 No.17652100
    But we have to collect ALL the coins! ALL of them!
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)23:54 No.17652107
    True, but does a new level mean we're done for the night? I'd hate to wait two months when there may be plenty of unused material left.
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/23/12(Mon)23:55 No.17652117
         File1327380905.jpg-(131 KB, 540x400, 022.jpg)
    131 KB
    You can't radio CUDDLES it takes all your and hers concentration to ver slightly psychically whisper.

    You COMM-CALL LEOKADIA, who confirms she is fine. Everyone else seems to be although LOWRY is confused.

    You check the scanner in the COGITATOR room.
    The XENOS results have gotten worse, that and the floor in this area is still humming.

    Something small scuttles past the door.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)23:55 No.17652122
    I just searched for 'weeaboo shitscribble' thinking you we're joking. Bravo, sir, Bravo.
    >> Iron Lung 01/23/12(Mon)23:56 No.17652132
    See, I understand and I concur.
    I just don't have the attention span, and we can't go to GameFaqs for coin walkthrough. And the latency is terrible -we're at like 30000 (5 mins?) ping just for a single screen!
    So, yeah ->>squirrel!
    >> Guardsman Wilson 95 01/23/12(Mon)23:59 No.17652159
    Combat mode!
    Also on a more level headed note we should probably ask Nel and Leo if they know where we might find more parts for the transponder machine...surprised we havn't asked them where comparable devices and spare parts are before.. There must be a parts locker somewhere in this rock.
    >> Anonymous 01/23/12(Mon)23:59 No.17652165
    Alas, I have to wake up in the morning so I'm heading out for the night. Thank you for the fun game, CF.

    Here's hoping for new fanservice of Minhelm.
    >> TheCollector !EXVlxJM9Rg 01/24/12(Tue)00:00 No.17652175
    Give Leo and C-16 a heads up, bugs are going to be heading down most likely.
    Ok... Minnie, what do you think of all this?
    >> Iron Lung 01/24/12(Tue)00:02 No.17652185
    >>new fanservice of Minhelm.

    There's an Anon who has his heart in the right place: his pants (and he's right).
    I'm sick, I gotta sleep, I'll check back whenever I wake up.
    Cheers, all!
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)00:05 No.17652214
    Minnie, what's your assessment of our current situation?
    >> Iron Lung 01/24/12(Tue)00:07 No.17652224
    Oh yeah, and if we end up skirt-deep in beasties, remember Minhelm's got several good combat skill tricks.
    For Hordes her DISCIPLINED VOLLEY, the broad spray version, as well as IRON GUARD + KRAK GRENADES for anything really big and nasty.
    I think to maximize her utility she needs another mixed-combat soldier like Branz or Calliban. I don't doubt she and C-16 would be a viciously hilarious front line, but C lacks the finesse and versatility to really make the best of it.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)00:14 No.17652270
    Well, if you go by searching the two words separately, it has more to do with "shitscribble" than "weeaboo" (not that either is a completely fair assessment).
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/24/12(Tue)00:17 No.17652288
         File1327382231.jpg-(34 KB, 540x400, 023.jpg)
    34 KB
    As a heads up the remaining coins and cards are all on the SURFACE. You guys aren't quite half way through the game.

    MINHELM reasons that the large XENOS presence is likely the HERETEK stuck in the grinder, she has no speculations regarding the small one, though as, by your description and to her satisfaction and assessment, all others are dead.

    NEL says that any other THENEZZ_AUGER parts would be in the ADMECH TEMPLE.

    You call LEOKADIA who panickedly mentions that she saw something about the size of a kitten scuttle past the door about a minute before you called, C-16 tried to track it, but couldn't get the scent.

    MINHELM has just one thought, that has been troubling her for some time.

    GM: Minhelm fanservice, eh? This shit doesn't come to me naturally. Any thoughts? She's pretty much a cert for the calender project, but that's probably kinda slow for some of you.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)00:19 No.17652307
    Um... Hey Nel and Leo. Do either of you know? What about you Hunter?
    I guess we could always ask VOX MAN.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)00:21 No.17652330
    What do Mordian regulations say about damaged uniforms?

    Is it more proper to wear a damaged top over undamaged underthings, or discard the damaged uniform pieces so as to ensure that, while you may be wearing less, what you ARE wearing is completely intact?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)00:22 No.17652338
    Oh, duh. Ask Nel and the rst of the staff if they know of any "Meett our staff" pictures of SAPP on the computer system.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)00:26 No.17652379
    Did anyone get a good look at the creature that went past?
    >> Guardsman Wilson 95 01/24/12(Tue)00:31 No.17652435

    Or just look for staff files, ask if anyone knows what he looks like, maybe go back to sleeping beauty in the other room, ask if he knows. If not I don't think there's much more for us to do at the moment with our lack of leads, exhausted supply of equipment to scavenge, and the fact that a battle continues to occur overhead.

    Not sure if we should level Sebs house before we go topside but going topside pretty soon seems like the most productive bet.
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/24/12(Tue)00:34 No.17652463
         File1327383262.jpg-(31 KB, 540x400, 024.jpg)
    31 KB
    Both NEL and LEOKADIA don't know what SAPP looks like. Apparently getting to see or hear SAPP unfiltered, was some sort of reward for good behaviour, and largely confined to the SECURITY and MINING teams.

    You reason that you should ask LOWRY, but when you return to the MINE and call to get his attention, he does not respond. He is making a soft whining noise.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)00:34 No.17652464
    The easy way is to search a google image of "hot women" and paste your char head on it

    The BOSS mode is creating a scene relate to the char while showing just enough skin

    What is enough varies from person to person though.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)00:36 No.17652485
    You uh... You alright there dude? Whining is normally a bad thing...
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)00:38 No.17652503

    Or pat him on the back and tell him to walk it off.
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/24/12(Tue)00:39 No.17652510
         File1327383557.jpg-(30 KB, 540x400, 025.jpg)
    30 KB
    Looks like a crushed windpipe.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)00:40 No.17652530
    Oh shit. He's going to turn into some warp-Tyranid abomination, isn't he?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)00:41 No.17652532


    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)00:43 No.17652555
    Ok, from NOW ON all SAFE civilians we KNOW to be taint free GO TO THE CAFETERIA AND WAIT UNDER THE PROTECTION OF C-16 AND LEO!
    And we should probably 'port in a few more people when we can. Also HEAL!
    >> Guardsman Wilson 95 01/24/12(Tue)00:46 No.17652583

    I don't know, our Psy pool is pretty small, and he has been an entirely ungreatful, unhelpful dick. Never the less....I suppose heal.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)00:49 No.17652603
    Yeah but he's SUFFOCATING to death. NOT a cool way to die.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)00:50 No.17652610
    Dead men and crushed windpipes tell no tales, so lets get him healed and find out what the assailant looks like and which way it went.
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/24/12(Tue)00:52 No.17652631
         File1327384339.jpg-(36 KB, 540x400, 026.jpg)
    36 KB
    You place a hand on LOWRYS neck and begin to HEAL him for all your..ZZAAAAAP!!!

    So THATS what those things are.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)00:53 No.17652649
    SHIT! Ok, Ok, OW!
    Alright, GET EVERYONE TO THE MEDBAY! WHILE on the way, but AFTER you get out of the fuck red thing's range, try to stabilize the poor man!
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)00:54 No.17652650


    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)01:00 No.17652704
    Yeah, Yeah I LIKE shooting that damn thing., DO THAT TOO!
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/24/12(Tue)01:07 No.17652759
         File1327385235.jpg-(33 KB, 540x400, 027.jpg)
    33 KB
    MINHELM isn't quite as good a shot as DANEEL but she drops the things in two shots.

    It's time to HEAL
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)01:08 No.17652772
    FUCK that thing! Heal the dude, then see if you can patch yourself up in the medbay.
    Also, he is to stay with the others, AFTER he gets checked for HERESY TAINT.
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/24/12(Tue)01:10 No.17652792
         File1327385403.jpg-(53 KB, 540x400, 028.jpg)
    53 KB
    rolled 9 + 3 = 12

    YOU. CAN. DO. IT!!!
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)01:10 No.17652801
    Wait... wait wait wait...
    Oh no,no,no,no! PERILS OF THE WARP!
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)01:12 No.17652821
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/24/12(Tue)01:13 No.17652835
         File1327385611.jpg-(56 KB, 540x400, 029.jpg)
    56 KB
    rolled 11 = 11


    Well, LOWRY has been healed, I guess.

    (better get my dark heresy book)
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)01:14 No.17652844
    Oh good, nice and low. Can't be that bad.
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/24/12(Tue)01:16 No.17652859
         File1327385791.jpg-(26 KB, 540x400, 030.jpg)
    26 KB
    You get a nasty itch between your shoulderblades and you totally can't reach it!

    Seriously, you are so lucky.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)01:16 No.17652860
    Well at least we didn't into DEMONS!
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)01:17 No.17652866
         File1327385822.gif-(1.92 MB, 320x240, fuckeverything.gif)
    1.92 MB
    HA HA HA





    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)01:19 No.17652889
    Oh thank the Emperor.
    Ok, check on the Dude. Then get him to the safe zone. See if we can patch ourselves up there.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)01:20 No.17652906
         File1327386035.gif-(2.13 MB, 400x267, 1327152548976.gif)
    2.13 MB
    rolled 1 = 1

    Have Minhelm or Nel scratch it for us. Problem solved.

    Rolling on who we have scratch, 1 and 2 respectively.
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/24/12(Tue)01:29 No.17652988
         File1327386567.jpg-(37 KB, 540x400, 031.jpg)
    37 KB
    HUNT stands up, completely amazed and checks his throat in disbelief, you're pretty sure that's the nicest thing that's ever been done for him. NEL offers her congratulations, and, seeing your distress, MINHELM scratches you efficiantly between the shoulderblades.

    HUNT goes on to explain that what attacked him was like some kind of METAL thing, like a HAND or a SPIDER.

    He also explains that, while he was never a good enough employee to look upon SAPP directly, he would often hear TOORS talking about GOLDEN LOCKS and BRONZED SKIN and SUCH DIGNITY.

    You tell him to go to the MEDBAY to get himself checked out, and because it's comparatively safe. He says you don't need to tell him twice, and that he totally owes you a solid.

    He'll think of something.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)01:30 No.17653004
         File1327386652.jpg-(29 KB, 512x384, SpotThe1.4.2-ProtossPlayer.jpg)
    29 KB

    >mfw their faces
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)01:31 No.17653010
    SHIT! The HERETECH'S hand is still around! Ok, escort Hunt to the medbay. And while on the way, WARN LEO AND C-16 ABOUT THE HAND!
    After that, BE ON GUARD, but head up tot he surface IN THE ARMORED CAR, which we should check for EVIL HANDS before we get in and drive off.
    >> Guardsman Wilson 95 01/24/12(Tue)01:33 No.17653026

    uhhhh seconded
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/24/12(Tue)01:37 No.17653064
         File1327387075.jpg-(27 KB, 540x400, 032.jpg)
    27 KB
    I'm running low on time,no time to fine tune with expressions because:


    But I'll probably resume this same time tomorrow or something. It's been fun! Remember to paw over the notes! You might've forgotten something.

    See you next time!
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)01:39 No.17653080
    You know um... Milly and Boone scantily clad and Millie giving Boone a footrub...
    Well You were wondering about Millie cheesecake!
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)01:41 No.17653095
    Yaaay Booone QUEST


    Oh, it's over

    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)01:43 No.17653109
    Oh wait... that says BOOBS, not BOOTS!
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)01:44 No.17653125
    Unpause, dammit! Unpause!!
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)01:45 No.17653136
    Well shit its over. Oh was fucking amazing as usual CF. See u tomorrow.
    >> Guardsman Wilson 95 01/24/12(Tue)01:46 No.17653138
    hahahahaha, that's hilarious

    See you tomorrow!
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/24/12(Tue)01:51 No.17653185
         File1327387892.jpg-(601 KB, 900x1844, bunchafolks.jpg)
    601 KB
    I should point out, incase anyone is confused

    Lara "Minny" Minhelm is the Mordian we've seen today.

    MILLY is someone else entirely. She's all explosives and Scottish (Drookian)
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)02:09 No.17653291
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)02:18 No.17653365
         File1327389521.png-(57 KB, 600x600, Awesome.png)
    57 KB
    chibis, oh my
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)02:59 No.17653690
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)03:01 No.17653711
    Thank you very kindly.
    >> Colossal Fagot !!jcg/Jrhuv6C 01/24/12(Tue)08:17 No.17655399
         File1327411061.jpg-(36 KB, 400x610, justcoz.jpg)
    36 KB
    And here's some minor fanservice of Lara from when she washed and dried her uniform too often or something.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)09:43 No.17655819
    Very good, sir.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)09:46 No.17655847
    Do you know when you'll run the next Boone Quest?
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)09:47 No.17655862
    If only I knew enough Flash to make this into a proper point-and-click adventure game...
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)09:50 No.17655876
    As if any flash could be as awesome as Colossal Fagot.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)10:58 No.17656397
         File1327420689.jpg-(42 KB, 400x300, oldboy.jpg)
    42 KB
    Same time tomorrow. Again, with a break.

    I dare say it could be much more so.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)11:00 No.17656411

    Were he writing, it would be.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)11:11 No.17656494
    My body wouldnt be ready.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)11:14 No.17656511
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)11:17 No.17656524
         File1327421820.gif-(759 KB, 240x320, 6786876.gif)
    759 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)11:37 No.17656652
    I must say, embarrassed is a good look for Minhelm.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 01/24/12(Tue)14:15 No.17658166
    >> Anonymous 01/24/12(Tue)14:28 No.17658292
    This thread has already been archived on suptg and CF is going to start a new one for the continuation of episode 9, probably. Let it go, mang.

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