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  • File : 1327188033.jpg-(53 KB, 559x768, c182cf840449c4c35b91c13debe1820ee5ba7d68.jpg)
    53 KB Black knight quest IX Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)18:20 No.17623200  
    Now with more cross country travel!

    Previous threads:http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?searchall=Black+knight+quest

    >"A mysterious stranger once sold me a magical set of armor. His price was my own flesh and blood. I graciously accepted, for I would sacrifice anything for king and country."

    >"I still remember my own horrid screams as I donned the armor, blood pooling at my feet as my flesh was consumed, and my soul bound."

    You are Sir Hadrian Blackhand, all that remains of a shattered kingdom and her people. Your soul bound to a living suit of armor, and entombed in the fallen capital of your kingdom. Recently however, you have regained your freedom, and set out for find the cause of the apparent cataclysm that rocked the world while you were imprisoned.

    You traveled east, only to find a blasted landscape seared by a massive fire elemental, and the sick cult that worshiped him. Dealing with that, you follwed the coast and found the city of Grandal, but the city is not without its problems, as you are soon drawn into a murder mystery that evolved into some cult worship that you swiftly deal with, in the process finding out some things. After the death of the watercult word had been spreading about you and your work, so you paid the king a visit. You left Drei after things finished up in the city, with an unspoken promise to return one day.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)18:21 No.17623224

    Living armor (Your body)
    >Arcane hearing(Hear things that aren't normally heard)
    >Arcane sight(See things that are left unseen)
    -If you have read a map of the area, it shall guide you to what location you want to go. Very General.
    >Consume (You can eat things, seems to be at random what works)
    >Creation (Using souls, you can create things)
    >Conversion (Gives items properties of your armor)
    >Flames of manipulation (You are wreathed in fire. Changes depending on your mood. Also has let you become a master of thermodynamics)

    Your Cloak (Crimson)
    >Has hammer space storage. (Enough for half a shark)
    Currently contains a lockbox of treasure

    Glaive (Your weapon, no name currently)
    >Converted into the same material as your body.
    >Blade has a ghostly white glow and can cut through stone
    >Same regenerative properties as your armor.
    >Can imbue it with the fire that surrounds you


    Mercy(Your Horse)
    >A horse you made with the soul of a boy we killed in the entombed city
    >Can use the flames to a lesser extent
    -Uses them to walk on water, and shield his legs from harm. Also, Thermodynamics

    Vengeance (Your metal Snake)
    >Born from the tortured soul of a creature you found in the tower, it begged you for a chance at revenge, to strike down the ones responsible for its plight.
    >Former name Sieben
    >Can control her size
    >Very quick (Spring at the old mage quicker than you could even catch)

    Drei(Former interprater)
    >You recently parted ways
    >Vengeance's sister
    >saved her from the tower
    >You have her a convered necklace that lets you mind talk with her
    >Short, brown skin, pointed ears, with green eyes with vertical pupils, sharp teeth and short white hair
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)18:26 No.17623266
    You left the northern gate of the city, following the road. You had been traveling for a few hours when you realized you never thought to pick up more than a map of the local area, so you have no idea where you are going right now.

    You are currently in a rock plain, following the road, it stretches on for miles it seems.

    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)18:41 No.17623411
    put pants on head.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)18:45 No.17623453

    perhaps we'll run into a nomad camp? continue onward, there's nothing interesting here.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)18:48 No.17623470
    You don't have pants silly.
    Very well.
    >> Dragoon 01/21/12(Sat)18:54 No.17623536
    We continue riding. And from time to time activate our Arcane vision, should there be any traces of unwanted magic activity.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)19:09 No.17623662
    You continue to follow the road.

    For three days and two nights you follow it, you notice the sea starts to close in as the land narrows. You come across a village that has recently suffered some kind of attack.

    >> Dragoon 01/21/12(Sat)19:11 No.17623684
    We investigate.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)19:12 No.17623694

    Pull our spikes in, cover our head with the cloak. Check out the damage.
    >> tha/tg/uy 01/21/12(Sat)19:14 No.17623712
    Seconding this. Stay alert, whatever caused this might still linger here.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)19:16 No.17623741
    >Your soul bound to a living suit of armor, and entombed in the fallen capital of your kingdom. Recently however, you have regained your freedom, and set out for find the cause of the apparent cataclysm that rocked the world while you were imprisoned.

    My girlfriend says that, as you have not indicated what you have "regained your freedom" from, it applies to all possible subjects. In this case "bound to a living suit of armor" and "entombed in the fallen capital of your kingdom". Only posting to piss her off. sage for off topic
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)19:21 No.17623780
    Okay then.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)19:35 No.17623909
    Concealing your more nefarious looking features, you carefully enter the blackened village, keeping on alert for whatever caused this.

    What you are greeted with is silence. Silence and bloodstains. Curiously no bodies at all, however. There are telltale signs of battle, discarded weapons and wrecked houses. Even the stables are empty, flies starting to group to the festering blood in the stalls.

    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)19:37 No.17623920

    Arcane sight, look at EVERYTHING.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)19:37 No.17623924
    Find a church, constabulary, town hall or other official looking building and consume the reports.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)19:38 No.17623932
    >You had been traveling for a few hours when you realized you never thought to pick up more than a map of the local area, so you have no idea where you are going right now.

    Didn't we eat like shitload of books. Collective knowledge of all of them was not enough for some local understanding?

    Any trails which lead somewhere? Something to tell where the attackers came from and where they went?
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)19:40 No.17623948
    Most of the books were history books and myths, with some reports and other paperwork. You had a map of the area around Grandal, but nothing else.
    >> Dragoon 01/21/12(Sat)19:40 No.17623950
    Try to figure out where the main killing happened. We have some experience with battle, we should know how some actions occurred.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)19:45 No.17623987
    Time for ranger stuff.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)19:58 No.17624090
    Riding through the town, you try and find where the fighting took place. After a bit of searching, you conclude that the main event started from around the center of town, then spread outwards, like the people were fleeing something.

    Starting from the center of town, you see that there is a rather large amount of blood smeared over the front door of the small chapel there, and are astounded to find the inside immaculately clean, despite the scorched exterior. Further investigation shows that nearly all of the other buildings are like this, except a near line of them smashed leading out of the village.

    The most peculiar is the town hall. Blood is coating the entire front, sprayed from the bottom two the 3 floor window. Investigation of records inside reveal nothing out of the ordinary.

    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)19:59 No.17624096
    Oh shit, forgot.

    Roll 1d100 for ARCANE SIGHT. first 4 rolls, highest of the 4.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)20:00 No.17624102
    rolled 25 = 25


    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)20:01 No.17624107
    rolled 73 = 73

    >> Dragoon 01/21/12(Sat)20:03 No.17624131
    We prepare for battle if it happens. Stay on guard as we approach the hall.
    >> Dragoon 01/21/12(Sat)20:04 No.17624145
    For some reason, my rolls won't show.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)20:05 No.17624150
    rolled 1 = 1

    you forgot to type "dice"
    >> Dragoon 01/21/12(Sat)20:08 No.17624173
    rolled 43 = 43

    Thank you. Still getting used to use them tho.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)20:08 No.17624176
    rolled 75 = 75

    here we go.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)20:08 No.17624183
    Well a 73 isn't too bad.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)20:09 No.17624187
    You pass, but did not get a crit. Oh well.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)20:09 No.17624189
    Oh geez nearly forgot about this tonight.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)20:09 No.17624194
         File1327194579.png-(22 KB, 249x322, tg dice.png)
    22 KB
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)20:15 No.17624246
    Using your Arcane vision, you peer out at the surroundings, to see what is hidden from you. You are greeted with strange bits of magic lingering in the air that you don't recognize.

    Its not that they are so unrecognizable from being used, its you simply have never seen anything like this before. Whatever was used here, it was not magic invented by your kingdom. It may not even be elemental.

    It trails all the way down the path of smashed houses, then simply....stops. Its like it just vanished when it reached the end of the village. No tracks lead away in its place.

    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)20:17 No.17624265

    Interesting. Look for arcane symbols around the start point and vanish point.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)20:17 No.17624268

    So something came to the town, wrecked everyone's shit, and then just up and disappeared, along with the entire population of the village.

    Well that doesn't leave us much to go on. Investigate more of the houses?
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)20:18 No.17624273
    Go to where the magic emanated from, crank up our powers to 11 and demand that they show themselves.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)20:18 No.17624280
    rolled 12 = 12

    I bet it was demons from other planes
    >> Dragoon 01/21/12(Sat)20:20 No.17624299
    rolled 8 = 8

    There may be survivors. Check the houses, while keeping arcane sight on.
    >> tha/tg/uy 01/21/12(Sat)20:27 No.17624375
    This, and inspect the blood spatter a little further, it may hold a clue.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)20:33 No.17624453
    Carefully examining the "exit point", you can't seem to find, well anything. All that is present are the scorched houses and line of destruction. Very suspicious. This didn't sit right with you, and the checking of more houses with immaculate interiors only made the feeling grow stronger.

    Out of ideas you travel back to the center of town. With the vision on, you notice something....disturbing about the blood. On the church are writings and letters in a jumbled mass of languages, none of it making sense even with the words you could read.

    The town hall however, was considerably worse. You stared at the image of a screaming face painted with the blood.

    Its almost sunset.

    >> Dragoon 01/21/12(Sat)20:36 No.17624475
         File1327196202.jpg-(62 KB, 521x750, 1327154376467.jpg)
    62 KB

    The blood of the innocent will be avenged. Ultra badass mode ON and we go in.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)20:37 No.17624490

    Well, the sun does set. We could take refuge in the church for now, see if anything comes to play at night.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)20:37 No.17624496
    We already checked in the town hall, thats were we read the records.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)20:38 No.17624501


    Whatever happened here, evil was involved, and this is probably the heart of it.

    Maybe as the sun goes down, the darkness will draw what caused this out into the open.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)20:39 No.17624514
    that's nice and all but we don't have any idea what happened here and who did it.

    Perhaps we should wait here for the night?
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)20:39 No.17624517

    Well then take a closer look at the blood on the building.
    >> tha/tg/uy 01/21/12(Sat)20:39 No.17624524
    Rolling for camping out in the church till night.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)20:40 No.17624535

    Sounds like the best thing we can do right now.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)20:43 No.17624575
    We can tell ancient ghost stories and everything.
    >> Dragoon 01/21/12(Sat)20:45 No.17624604
    OK I agree as well. And when trouble goes down... we do what we do best.

    >Captcha: Fielddig army

    I am not digging any trenches.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)20:50 No.17624665
    We should inspect the look of the weapons. Are they of reasonable manufacture, thrown together, or improvised even?
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)20:50 No.17624678
         File1327197050.png-(16 KB, 200x300, 1318569254049.png)
    16 KB
    >We can tell ancient ghost stories and everything.

    Yeah, and maybe Drei can do a song for us...

    >> Dragoon 01/21/12(Sat)20:52 No.17624692
    Dude... now you made me sad.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)20:55 No.17624730

    We could call her up. see if she has stories she wants to share before bedtime.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)20:56 No.17624746

    No. No, we said our goodbyes to her, no reason to contact her unless it's an absolute emergency.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)20:57 No.17624761
    Taking a closer look at the face, you see the blood is actually dried in considerably, yet no flies come near it. Staring at it a moment longer and you hear a faint screaming in the back of your head. turning around quickly with your readied Glaive, you see you are facing the chapel. The screaming fades away.

    Noticing the quickly fading day, you decide to wait in the chapel in hopes that whatever attacked her may show itself once more. Entering the chapel, you take note of the inside.

    Its a small wooden thing, nearly everything is made of wood. There are a few pews and an alter. There are no other rooms besides the one you are standing in. There are still candles lit, and the room was arranged in such a way that would suggest that they were in the middle of a service when it happened.

    The dusk faded away quickly, and is now reaching the twilight hours.

    >Anything else you want to do before you wait?
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)21:00 No.17624798

    If we had a god we believed in, we could say a quick prayer.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)21:00 No.17624801
    Do we know that they were worshipping here?

    What kind of religion did the town follow?
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)21:00 No.17624805
    No cleric's office?

    At least inspect the altar before we wait.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)21:01 No.17624819

    This is a good suggestion, we've only seen elemental worship so far.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)21:03 No.17624837

    Find a holy book, and eat it. Learn of the religions these days.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)21:03 No.17624839
    >Anything else you want to do before you wait?

    Lets give our magical senses another go before waiting for the night?
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)21:03 No.17624843
    See if there are any religious texts intact in the building that we could absorb to learn about the religion of this town.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)21:09 No.17624929
    There is a neatly open book on the alter. Consuming it without second thought, you find that these people were in fact believers of the Fire God. The text gives brief note of the other religions, but that merely consists of the book accusing them of not being the true faith. According to the book, the religion of Fire is the strongest faith in the world, but you feel like it may be incredibly biased.

    Though it may be the primary religion of this area of the world, considering that the Water God only had a cult.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)21:12 No.17624954

    Didn't we destroy what they considered the Fire God?

    I wonder how that would affect worship of it. Do people know it's dead now?
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)21:13 No.17624967
    Considering it was just a fat elemental and not an actual god, it probably couldn't really do much of anything besides be huge and burn its immediate surroundings.

    They probably won't find out until someone goes and checks.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)21:13 No.17624970

    The king does at least, don`t know if he will share that information with his people.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)21:13 No.17624981
    They'll find out eventually. Drei mentioned pilgrims traveling there from time to time. I don't imagine it will go over too well.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)21:14 No.17624993
    Speaking of the fire elemntal. I'm still not sure what happened there. Did it just die because the mage died? Iirc, it was a towering monstrosity that reached the heavens... The way it and the mage were killed was rather underwhelming.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)21:15 No.17625010

    Well guess they'll find a new god to worship. Maybe not pick one who's high priest isn't a mind-controlling evil prick.
    >> Dragoon 01/21/12(Sat)21:15 No.17625013
    A cockroach can live for several days with it's head cut off. It needs time before the people they realize that the Fire God is gone.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)21:17 No.17625031
    The mage was using magic to hold it in the sky. When the mage died, so did the magic holding it up. It thus had the joyful experience of getting impaled by various things pointing out of the ground.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)21:20 No.17625069
    Was the mage immortal or something? It seems that this religion of theirs is rather old so he must have been holding it up there for a long time. Or did it get passed from one mage to another.

    Also, the mage must have been powerful to be able to chain it like that but he went down like a bag of potatoes. What gives?
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)21:22 No.17625091
    He must have had some kind of magic extending his life. But in the end he was but a man, and all men bleed. He bleed when he tried to rape Drei shortly before you arrived to the tower and she stabbed him in the stomach.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)21:26 No.17625129
    I see.
    He didn't have healing magic.... or it doesn't exist in this setting?
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)21:26 No.17625131
    Ok so I think the only thing left is to wait for nightfall. See if whatever caused this shows up again.
    >> tha/tg/uy 01/21/12(Sat)21:28 No.17625148
    Seconded. The bad guys usually come out at night, or at the very least become more visible.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)21:28 No.17625157
    It didn't when you got entombed. He if it does now, he must not have known it.
    >> Dragoon 01/21/12(Sat)21:29 No.17625160
         File1327199356.jpg-(51 KB, 620x472, arthas_on_frozen_throne.jpg)
    51 KB
    We wait... and observe.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)21:29 No.17625166
    >If it does now

    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)21:43 No.17625302

    we doing this, I assume?
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)21:55 No.17625408
    OP, you still here?
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)22:01 No.17625466
    Taking a seat with your back propped up against the alter, you wait for night to settle in. Which it does, and you find yourself sitting in the dead silence for several hours. Then you hear sounds. They start out merely mutters, incoherent babble, but they being to grow in sound until you can make out the words.

    ".....help...murder.....help, murder.....No...please...stop....black....knight....king....why..please no why black knight...." You listen in. These words directed at you seem very familiar. You have no time to ponder has as the intensity of the words increases tenfold into outright screams of agony and despair.

    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)22:02 No.17625474
    The sheer mass of voices and emotions sends you flat on all fours, the screaming pounding through your head tearing out ones that are your own and adding other more alien ones. In that moment you are overwhelmed by the cries of the dead, come back to bring justice on their reaper.

    Then the screaming and hammerings stops. "Hadrian....." No. You look up from your position on your hands and knees. Her body is as charred as the mannequins from the blasted tower, but her voice...and her clothes betrayed who it was. She takes a step towards you. Stay back. "Hadrian...you promised you would come if I called......I wanted to sing for you...." The necklace is seared into the blackened flesh, she reaches out and takes another step. "My friend....." Another voice. The blood still dripping from his mouth staining his court finest "I trusted you....you swore an oath...." STAY BACK. More and more voices and figures soon join them, until the pleading and accusing is a mass of noise again.

    Then they surge at you, sending you flying back. The screaming returns anew. you let out an anguished roar.


    You have to get out...you have to leave. The way to the door is clear.

    >roll 1d100. highest of the first 3 rolls
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)22:03 No.17625485
    rolled 21 = 21


    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)22:05 No.17625502
    rolled 75 = 75


    These are just demon tricks that send paranoia levels of a person to 200%

    Can we try to spontaneously develop mental protection?
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)22:05 No.17625503
    rolled 60 = 60

    Oh hell no.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)22:06 No.17625515
         File1327201589.png-(18 KB, 123x139, 1316724633075.png)
    18 KB
    rolled 65 = 65

    >Whats wrong my knight? Wont you join the party? I should recommend the smaller children, they taste just like a kind of chicken.

    I have no idea what's going on. But this is the one time in this quest where I'm creeped the fuck out.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)22:06 No.17625517
    You need to consume things to get upgrades. Regardless your roll passed. No crit though.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)22:07 No.17625520

    our king before we killed him
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)22:07 No.17625526
    These Hadrians memories being twisted and corrupted.
    >> Dragoon 01/21/12(Sat)22:09 No.17625552
    rolled 34 = 34

    Activate our Arcane sight to see if it's an illusion, as we run towards the exit.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)22:10 No.17625558

    Oh yeah I can see that now.
    >> Dragoon 01/21/12(Sat)22:13 No.17625581
    I remember this song when our DM scared the crap out of us... still gives me goosebumps.

    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)22:30 No.17625742
    Waiting on OP...
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)22:31 No.17625760
    hoof it!.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)22:41 No.17625870
    Oh god.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)22:42 No.17625882
    Struggling with what seems to be an intense weight on your back, you manage for force yourself up on your legs, and sprint to the door. Only the door is now a thousand miles away, the screams now filling the air as you run. Until...


    You ram into the door and terrifying speeds and fly out onto the ground. Only to be greeted by a blast of wind and the giant face screaming at you, bloody tears pouring down its face in a silent yet audible endless scream.

    Distorts itself, giving off shades of people dying and the village getting attack by raiders. Off in the distance you can see many figures moving around a rather large bonfire off in the distance, but none of them seem human.....

    Then your head hits the ground and the screaming stops. Lifting your head, you see a lively village going about its daily life. People stop and stare at you.

    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)22:44 No.17625914

    arcane sight.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)22:44 No.17625918
    rolled 71 = 71


    Get up, look around, is it still nighttime?

    Rolling for arcane sight as well.
    >> Dragoon 01/21/12(Sat)22:55 No.17626029
    Recollect our thoughts. Activate Arcane vision. What do we see?
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)22:55 No.17626032
    Using Arcane sight, you look around at the people that are now looking at you, whispering and muttering about where you came from. Everything seems normal, and a large cheerful man bounds over to shake your hand.

    Laughing, he bellows "Welcome to Narrowbridge friend, I hope you enjoy your stay!" Bewildered by the mans sudden friendliness, you would have almost not noticed the the difference in the town. The towns folk are going about the same motions over and over, with near inhumane movement.

    The large man in front of you scratches his featureless face as he shakes your hand with the one of his other ones. "Welcome to Narrowbridge friend, I hope you enjoy your stay....."

    You awake screaming in the fields several miles away from the village.

    >What shall you do?
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)23:03 No.17626126
    RETURN in a few years but for now, fuck right on off.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)23:04 No.17626129
    You just got kicked out of the village me thinks. But you can go back if you really want too.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)23:05 No.17626142

    I have NO CLUE what the fuck just happened, but I don't think we can just leave the entire town trapped in hell and move on without trying to help.

    We need to exorcise something out of this town.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)23:10 No.17626188
         File1327205429.jpg-(9 KB, 126x125, 1289356376471.jpg)
    9 KB
    What the fuck man. I....I don't think we should stay here any longer guys.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)23:13 No.17626211
    rolled 41 = 41


    Call for Mercy, confirm what we're seeing.

    Then free them from their torment using cleansing fire.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)23:13 No.17626214
    Something evil is going on in this village, we can't just leave.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)23:15 No.17626232
    You just DID investigate, then had your mind fucked around with like a cheap hooker.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)23:15 No.17626233
         File1327205732.jpg-(18 KB, 329x599, 0002xhtk.jpg)
    18 KB



    FUCK. NO.

    So why is it now that you all say "this is too much" and want to RUN AWAY. We shouldn't give a single fuck if some angry ghost or evil force wants us out, there are people here who NEED OUR HELP, and we shouldn't rest until we've freed them.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)23:17 No.17626247
    blow up the town burn it down!
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)23:18 No.17626253
    This. A thousand times this.

    That thing fucked with the wrong knight. Now you know what they say.

    "There's hell to pay."
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)23:21 No.17626284
    >You just DID investigate, then had your mind fucked around with like a cheap hooker.
    Well, I didn't say it was a good plan...

    Then ask Vengeance what she saw.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)23:21 No.17626287
    I think I should have elaborated more on "featureless face". By "featureless", I meant they have no face.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)23:22 No.17626291
    What we possibly need is some form of Mind Blank, so that us running from magical fear effects does not happen in the future.

    Maybe we can try to absorb the soul of whatever is tormenting the town and use it for this.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)23:25 No.17626317
    So whats the plan?
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)23:25 No.17626318

    Yeah, whatever that screaming face was is probably the entity behind it.

    What we need to figure out now is if those people were actual souls that we can free or if they're just some weird sort of echo caused after whatever calamity hit the town.

    Speaking to and manipulating lost and tortured souls seems to be our thing though, so maybe if we focus now that we know what's coming, we can communicate with it better.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)23:32 No.17626384
         File1327206733.jpg-(44 KB, 632x429, 7656938764397693.jpg)
    44 KB
    I'm so proud of you guys. Faced with some kind of unspeakable horror, the very contents of your mind pulled apart like a kitkat bar, you choose to go against all odds and try to saved the possibly damned souls that are trapped there.

    I salute you sirs.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)23:32 No.17626387

    Are you SURE there's nothing in town that can give us a better idea of what brought this about? I don't want to just ride back into the town and go through this again, but if it only shows up at night, and there's no other traces of anything we can communicate with any other way, then that might be our only option, steel ourselves and take it again.

    Or... maybe we can find another nearby town and ask around for news regarding this? Surely an entire town can't get wiped out without anybody else noticing.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)23:34 No.17626403
    Well, there is the giant bloody screaming face painted on a building, then the creepy writing on the door to the church. Then whatever it was only came out after dark.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)23:37 No.17626431

    Well let's see if we can decipher that writing and examine that face more.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)23:37 No.17626435
    Or we could just like, burn it.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)23:41 No.17626459

    Well we don't really know if that will stop whatever is going on here. If we burn down the town and then everyone is still trapped in that hell, then we'll have lost any way of finding out how to really free them.

    But if that's what is needed to stop this for good, then yes, we will burn it to the ground.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)23:41 No.17626464
    rolled 67 = 67

    I agree, burning sounds sensible.

    Burn and leave. Nothing to see here.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)23:44 No.17626488
    Since consensus by a landslide seems to be to burn the town, doing that.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/21/12(Sat)23:58 No.17626614
    Taking a moment to calm your head, you try to understand what just happened. You don't know, it almost physically hurts you to think about, but one thing is for certain, this place is filled with some kind of dark fell-magic. It must be cleansed before others fall prey to what ever foul being resided here. Glaring over at the village, you almost don't even notice that it is now daylight out. A rage overcame you. How dare this, this THING thrash you around like some cheap toy.

    Not noticing the grass burning black at your feet, you mount Mercy, who likewise is in his own fury. Kicking off, you explode off at inhumane speeds as a blackened trail of burned vegetation is left behind you. It is mere seconds before you close the several mile gap to the town.

    There seems to be no resistance, the buildings are back the way they were before the night.

    >roll 1d100 to see how badly you burn the place. first 4 rolls, the highest of them.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/12(Sat)23:59 No.17626633
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)00:00 No.17626651
    rolled 28 = 28

    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)00:03 No.17626673
         File1327208583.gif-(1.08 MB, 256x192, 1324448834824.gif)
    1.08 MB
    rolled 71 = 71


    with a picture.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)00:03 No.17626681
    rolled 86 = 86

    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)00:04 No.17626686
    rolled 9 = 9

    oh hai
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)00:06 No.17626709
    rolled 55 = 55

    Dice gods revenge for a stupid comment.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/22/12(Sun)00:07 No.17626715
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)00:11 No.17626744
         File1327209067.gif-(1.46 MB, 291x188, 1304568154109.gif)
    1.46 MB

    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/22/12(Sun)00:23 No.17626888
    You hate this place. You HATE it. You hate the idea behind it. This hate burns into your very existence, pouring from your body in a cleansing white fire. Nearing the main street, you can almost hear the screams in agony as you cross the threshold, setting ablaze the buildings before it could mount another mental attack on you.

    Faster still you rode, the rocks splitting and turning molten under the raging hooves of Mercy. Searing the filth from the face of the world, you explode out the other side, the entire town in a roaring inferno.

    The groans and cracks of burning timber can be heard, then the fire seems to reach a critical point and a blood boiling scream raises up into the air. The fire swirls up and up until it has become a firestorm, erasing the town from existence. In the midst of the torrent of fire and scream, the red face rears up from the center, and glares at you as it burns into oblivion.

    You watch as it slowly fades with the rest of the town, leaving a pile of truly firebombed buildings. You gaze at your work, and think of what exactly just happened there. Magic shouldn't be capable of this. Advances in the arts must have come considerable way to be able to create an entirely new school of magic.

    You are saddened by some of the truths that the wraiths whispered to you, but you would be damned to let some of the false ones come true.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)00:24 No.17626895
    from now on when something we encounter drives us mad burn everything agreed?
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/22/12(Sun)00:25 No.17626906
    Going to call it a night here guys.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)00:26 No.17626917
    Agreed friend, agreed.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)00:26 No.17626918
    it's the only way to be sure.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)00:27 No.17626927
    That was an awesome read, thanks for doing this blackknight!
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)00:31 No.17626947

    Here you go.
    >> mick824 01/22/12(Sun)00:31 No.17626954
    have a good night Blackknight
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/22/12(Sun)00:34 No.17626979
    >Nuke it from orbit, its the only way to be sure!

    Anyways, next thread will probably be monday. Maybe tomorrow, not really sure how things are going to work out in the next few days.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)00:37 No.17627002
    >Magic shouldn't be capable of this

    It seems our mission in life is to even the odds against dick ass mages and evil magical forces.

    Not that I'm complaining. Someone needs the power to stand up to them.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/22/12(Sun)00:43 No.17627068
    Whatever you guys and the dice gods decide, I shall be there to write it.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/12(Sun)03:10 No.17628352
    Thanks. I really liked the ending last night. This one was pretty scary, but the lack of reveal at the end made it less satisfying than previous sessions.

    Take care.

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