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  • File : 1326838949.jpg-(309 KB, 2816x2112, toy-soldier.jpg)
    309 KB We need a name... 01/17/12(Tue)17:22 No.17577516  
    Thread Two of....Toy Wars? The Junk Yard Battlezone? Burning Playthings? We need a name...

    In this setting thrown away toys reach sentience and sapience mysteriously after being taken to one ominous junk yard. While they weren't able to speak, or move before; they remember their past lives vividly. Although however precious their previous lives, quickly toys find their selves in a hellhole. Tonka trucks and remote control cars rule the road, offering transport for a price, or grinding trespassers into dirt. The Brick Empire, known as the Lego Legion by their enemies, continues to dominate the junk yard through shear force of numbers. Mighty fortifications are built by them in mere hours.

    Currently last we left off we were discussing which direction to take the army of Army Men in. Whether they are many different split sub-factions are fighting in the ruins of a once great city after a long lost leader was killed. Or are they are fascist empire who combine the many Army Men of different colors and eras through a single unifying ideology. A ideology stating that peace can only be brought to the Junk Yard if one faction rules all of it, and that one factions MUST be the Army Men's. Which direction do you think they should be taken in?

    What other factions are out there? Mythical figures and epic tales? Give this unvierse some life /tg/!
    >> We need a name... 01/17/12(Tue)17:29 No.17577617
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)17:35 No.17577698
    >Reposting some ideas to generate some interest:

    Going back into Barbies/other fashion dolls, they have their obsession with perfection. If that can't be had, completion. This'll lead them quickly down the path of Mangled if there is any damage and no correct parts. An action figure is more resistant to the temptation.

    Hotwheels/Matchbox cars are an independent group, but often are employed as messengers between the major powers of the dump. If there is track, they'll just like to drive.

    Creepy Crawler bug maker. Out in no man's land, one was found, and over time, reconnected to power. A cult of sorts has been formed around it, willing to melt themselves down and be reborn in a superior form. For the smaller plastic toys of the dump, it is recommended not to go out alone after dark, for not all come back.

    Let's elaborate a bit more on weapons here. Steak knives and maybe high-powered BB guns could work. Perhaps some black market weapons could be recalled toys deemed unsafe for play? Some china-made toy that shot its pellets hard enough to break skin, yet the weapon was an accessory for another toy that makes it small enough to conceal beneath a Ken doll's "Stalker ken trenchcoat"?

    We need advantages for plush toys too. Hard plastic figures can throw punches and take hits with little more than a bit of buffing out later, and battery toys are either smarter and more charismatic ((Talking toys)) or far stronger ((Moving parts)) at the cost of needing power. But plush? Well, being sewable and being able to conceal things within yourself are all that come to mind.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)17:42 No.17577801
         File1326840125.png-(676 KB, 600x767, Untitled.png)
    676 KB

    I like the idea of Legos being perfectly silent. Walking in perfect formations. All you can hear from them is the incessant clicking of blocks being fit together. And they have Rube Goldberg style weapons and traps.

    Poorly fitting metal armour would cut into the plush toy as they moved and hit; shredding and tearing them.
    Metal is everywhere yes, that's why mud armour with metal bits stuck in would be everywhere, but full metal armour would not be because finding some that was a good fit would be rare.

    Lego blocks + hot glue or plastic cement = near infinite fort/vehicle/war machine possibilities.

    Insert a battery or some kind of electronic devise (computer chip or what ever) and create golems of legos?

    Megatoys like this and the power ranger combo walker are the titans of the waste? Stomping about trying to find their purpose? Some are mad with power and attack indiscriminately while others see themselves as protectors and defend the other toys for being melted down into blocks by the insane lego empires. Some have even being captured and turned to new purposes, like the Combined G.I.Joe army and their mighty AT-AT.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)17:42 No.17577811
    weapon possibilities.

    Crossbows or bows made from scraps that shoot special ammunition.

    The ammunition would be tipped with a hard metal point to puncture plastic, but broken pieces of razor blades attached to slice up plush toys.

    snap weapons. Like a rat trap, a club like object would be set up to snap shut when a particular spot on the weapon makes contact. Could be used to kill or capture, and simply used as a club when done.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)17:44 No.17577828
    >But plush? Well, being sewable and being able to conceal things within yourself are all that come to mind.

    They are never without rope or thread, at least. I can see a cat-burglar stuffed animal that uses its own stitching for B&E shenanigans.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)17:46 No.17577852
    In one writefaggotry with army men they have "steak knife tip bayonets."

    I like this idea. I like it alot just so you know.

    Also seeing as OP has failed to link the old thread he is confirmed for being a homosexual.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)17:47 No.17577873
    Current other factions

    K'Nex (unnamed)
    >Arch enemy of the Brick Empire, matching them in ingenuity.

    The Glorious Barbie Republic of Freedom
    >"A fascist propaganda state, its brainwashed citizens revering the Original Barbie as their dear leader who saved them from the wastes."

    >The living metal constructs. They're a rare sight and offer work for the right price.

    >A long forgotten city, buried beneath the earth. Its metallic construction allows it to last where others would be crushed. If the Empire or K'Nex got to it, it would mean certain doom for their enemies.

    The Mangled
    >Not really a faction. "When a toy is damaged it is often has only two choices, accept its handicap, or attempt to repair itself. Depending on the toy repair may be as easy as popping back in an errant arm (or in the case of the vile legomen, rebuilding ones self) or sewing ones self together. Sometimes foreign parts can be used to repair a toy however they must be careful, for a piece of a toy's soul rests in each foreign part and too many repairs will cause damage to the toy's psyche as the memory of disfigurement and death from multiple toys bleed into his mind. The Mangled are toys that have succumbed to madness and seek out toys to graft onto themselves, A mangled can appear as simple as a patchwork doll to a hulking monstrosity that may have been at one point a reasonable toy."
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)17:47 No.17577879
    Old thread is here.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)17:50 No.17577921
         File1326840650.jpg-(41 KB, 496x600, OP.jpg)
    41 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)17:51 No.17577934
    I like it. However if we go with the fascist army men approach we should make them different from Barbie's state. I think the Barbie Republic is more a straight up despotism. While the Army Men are a fascist military focused country.

    Is anyone going to vote which direction they'd like to take Army Men in? I just want it decided upon so we can move on.
    >> Bigfoot 01/17/12(Tue)17:51 No.17577935
    These are all me...so for the purpose of this thread imma take up a name. Also, has anybody archived this thread?
    And I still think we should do eras of the dump. At first there was no real leading powers just a bunch of toys just coming to life, trying to figure out what's happening, and fighting amongst eachother. Then the army men banded together under the General and his use of the Press and strove to bring peace to the Dump. At some point the General "destroyed" himself and the Press, depending on which stories you believe, and the Army fractioned into its older legions which again began warring with eachother. Out of the new power vaccum, the Lego Legion rose up as the supreme power. Now, the Brick Empire endeavor to purify the dump, erase the past, and rediscover the power of the press. Throughout this time toys that have tried to leave the dump have found that they have a nearly unbeatable desire to return the dump with those that have resisted it returning to being a mundane, lifeless toy. Whether you are a Paladin of a stuffed bear, who wishes to return to your kid or a remnant of the Army, a soldier who was cast of the plastic from the best soldiers of the Army, you must remember one thing: You're here forever.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)17:55 No.17577981
    He most certainly is not!

    So the eras will be ways to divide up play?

    I don't really like the idea. Mostly because I have a picture of a multi-colored Army Men army fighting a endless horde of Legos. Army Men using fireworks, and the Legos already building shit as they advance further.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)17:55 No.17577986
    Anything in quotations was copy-pasted from the first thread.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)18:00 No.17578058
    "We arise with numbers of a LEGiOn!

    Our bricks shall halt those who would destory us.

    With our minds we use blocks, mighty, and strong.

    Long Live the Empire!

    Death to all else!" - Oath of the Lego Legion.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)18:03 No.17578095
    A timeline ideas. Not all are in perfect order.

    City of Erector founded >>> City buried >>> Rise of the General >>> Army men fracture after General's death >>> Reunion of Army men (the new idea)

    These are the only things that could be definitely ordered. Other events take place in between.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)18:05 No.17578119
    What would the reunion of Army Men be? They decide to band together after years of infighting because of the rising might of the Brick Empire?

    That way, we get the best of both worlds.
    >> Bigfoot 01/17/12(Tue)18:06 No.17578133
    I was thinking it would be the same setting, but different time periods that could be played, not necassarily all in the same campaign, if you played in a later era the world would have a history already while if you played in an earlier setting you could very well create a different future. just a way to give the option of using all the different things that people want to play with: A singular Army of army men ruling the dump as they bring peace to it, multiple factions of army men based on color warring with eachother, no real rule; just toy anarchy, and a Lego Empire ruling the dump as the war with the smaller factions
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)18:08 No.17578154
    It's just an idea I had to use the General story as well as the fascist empire idea. Any number of things could have occurred between the events listed.
    May need things for play in any era.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)18:11 No.17578182
    The First Toys>>>City of Erector founded >>>Battery operated cars rule the streets>>> City buried >>> Green Legion is formed, conquers a part of the Junkyard>>> Rise of the General >>>Junk Yard Golden Age>>> Army men fracture after General's death >>> Barbie Republic founded in the ensuing power vaccum>>>Brick Empire rises in power>>>Barbies assault Brick Empire, Empire wins with horrible losses>>>LEGiOn is formed>>>Half the Junk Yard under Imperial Rule>>>Reunion of Army men>>>War of Plastic.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)18:11 No.17578191
    The idea of religions springing up in the dump sounds pretty fun. But the only one i remember seeing is the Great God Honda. A device that creates enough power to supply thousands of toys with power. In exchange, all it requires is a small sacrifice of useless black liquid.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)18:13 No.17578213
    I was thinking the Army Men fascism could be a working fascist state, like fascism in Star Ship Troopers(Book).
    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 01/17/12(Tue)18:14 No.17578222

    It would never be just rising might. There's been plenty of rising might. The only thing that could really rouse the Army Men from their perpetual war is anything that either threatened the Press or offered similar abilities. If the Brick Empire has their own Presses it's easy to see, but that also means that the Press is no longer meaningful and significant and there's now no reason for living toys again. They could have captured it, maybe. The fact that the Brickwar were desperate enough to see the Press turned on would make them effective ideological foes, and the Army Men could have relatively easily underestimated the growing strength of the Brick. Except then, even though the Brick Empire could have built a novelty Lego Superfortress to attack the Press at its weakest and claim it, it wouldn't make sense for the Army Men to suddenly change strategy for desperate suicidal assaults to NOW WE MAKE EMPIRE.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)18:17 No.17578250
    What about the plastic jeep things with electric motors? The ones that are kid sized.
    Sand Crawlers?
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)18:22 No.17578318
    I was thinking it was more the realization that they all have failed the dream of the General. That fighting against each other has only allowed a threat to arise. I wasn't thinking it was ALL the army men join together, but maybe the big boys like Green and Tan decide to form together. Then a few sub-factions join with them, but still there are many different colors out there, still fighting to take the press...
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)18:28 No.17578383
    how about this - all the armymen should be of the nationality they are ment to represent, but with mentality and beliefs of the period

    based on that they form aliances or fight from time to time
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)18:31 No.17578415
    A stuffed toy/doll race would be pretty interesting. They are very hard to kill due to their relatively large size in comparison to the other toys. Blunt force trauma has minimum effect on them, yet bladed weapons are still quite effective. Since many of them have voice functions, they often serve the role as politicians and/or generals. Despite that, they are not necessarily a cohesive group,due to the wide amount of diversity between them. Aso, despite all their strength, they have relatively poor long-term durability, as much of the Mangled consists of these once loved dolls.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)18:31 No.17578416
    Then they would be even MORE broken up and divided. It seems Legos are going to conquer everything without any real opposition if that happens.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)18:38 No.17578488

    not necesarily

    there could be one big groupation around the green american models that have been mass produced the most, and most of the others are german and italian, then british, because mostly its about WW2

    the french would have a fuckton of medieval, napoleonic and WW1 models

    when you think of how many of those things were produced, in various sizes, materials and across the historical range, its hordes of the things

    even if divided they would be a massive force in the setting

    also, they could be kind of like a chaotic presence, constantly fighting, if we say they basically dont understand anything in other terms than war or truce, so you never know what theyll do next or who they will turn on, and being so small and varied you rarely see them coming, hows that sound?
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)18:38 No.17578490
    The thing with the lego men i think would be they are hard to oppose, but easy to avoid. There is no way any fast lego contraption would easily overpower other toys. Their size makes them vulnerable in small groups. however, their fortress would be bursting with weaponry and defenses. and their armies would be walking leviathans, supported by hundreds of solders and smaller vehicles. If you cant stay mobile, u are in trouble. Hit and run tactics would be the best move to fight them, never a frontal assault. (except if you got the army men on ur side or another huge force)
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)18:41 No.17578523

    are we saying the leggo men are all united?
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)18:43 No.17578550
    Yes. Where have you been?
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)18:44 No.17578563

    also, they could just be devided based on ingame ideologies or religion or whatever, into a few groups
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)18:44 No.17578569
    Not necessarily, especially with all of the knock off brands out there. But the draw to be together would be strong i think.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)18:45 No.17578576

    just got here, is the first thread still around?
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)18:46 No.17578590
    I don't really like this idea because, this is all for either fun or escapism in the end. Why must we be reminded of the real world's factions, why?

    It's a lot more fun if they are divided up by color, instead of nationality or time period.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)18:48 No.17578609
         File1326844080.jpg-(30 KB, 400x400, GODZILLAFINALWARS12INCH.jpg)
    30 KB
    May God have mercy on the souls of the toys that mess with this...
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)18:49 No.17578623
    I suggest we divide dump history into decades: Have the dump founded in the early 20's, during the age of Erector. That was a golden age, when trash was infrequent and could be used, either as extra building material or for other.. uses.

    Erector was burried when the Great Tide begain, in the early 50's, coinciding with the birth of disposeable razors.

    Also: weapons for any toy: the blades out of a disposable razor.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)18:49 No.17578626
    Ought to be rules for animals: stray cats, scavengers like racoons, guard dogs, birds collecting shiny bits or nest building materials, abandoned pets of all sorts. Fighting, possibly taming these could be a huge thing for pc's.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)18:51 No.17578643
    I think the majority has ruled on it, we go with the anarchist sub-factions of Army Men.

    Now then. Shall we flesh out the LEGiOn and Brick Empire?
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)18:51 No.17578645

    ok that means you have these main factions - green, tan, grey, red and blue, then the rest like black, yellow etc...

    so those are like five dominant sides or something
    >> Bigfoot 01/17/12(Tue)18:55 No.17578676
    What he said, also you gotta remember that this is just a single dump in a town or city or wherever. It's not like every toy ever is gonna find it's way here. Gonna be mainly the more popular ones over the years with any real number while obviously there will be other toys, just in lesser numbers. Also, there are the toys that are mega-mass produced theat will be all over the place like Legos, Army men, etc.
    check out my first post in this thread, it's full of links to the original thread...just don't only read my posts, read them all of course
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)18:56 No.17578688
    I think it's sad that you can barely find Army Men being sold anymore...

    The games have stopped being made...

    I'm not crying...it's just raining...
    >> Bigfoot 01/17/12(Tue)18:58 No.17578714
    They're still sold in good numbers from what I can see.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:01 No.17578749
    Technics are a slave caste in the Brick Empire, like Huragoks in the covenant. Most of them are not even self-aware. Mindstroms are a rare variation not self-sustainable, that needs both LEGiOns to build and program them and Technics to parasite. When one of them is granted a body and a given instructions, it becomes one of the most powerful servents of the Brick Empire, an Apex Predator in the Junk Yard
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:06 No.17578792
    The Brick Empire does seem to have a common, underlying philosophy that holds them together, even knock-off blocks, like Tyco or Megablocks, are welcomed into their fold, as long as they link togethor.

    But woe betide any poorly-fitting brick toy. False Stacks are culled, violently, from their empire. So cheap chinese knock-off legos who are slightly too small or large get thrown to the incinerator.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:07 No.17578803
    So like
    Has a pretty well thought out system and stuff.

    This setting sounds cool though.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:07 No.17578805
    Here you have.
    For less that it cost 5 termies, you can have 500 bad guys.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:08 No.17578812
    What about giant plush? Like stuffed bears the size of a young child?
    >> ‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮Praetor Lillifag‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ 01/17/12(Tue)19:09 No.17578829
    rolled 4, 6 = 10

    If every toy brought there gains sentience, doesn't that mean that every single lego brick can think?

    Wouldn't that make their fortresses into mighty collectives of thought, and all that?
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:10 No.17578838
    It was linked in the last thread too.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:10 No.17578842
    We've forgotten one factor with Army Men!

    The new "jumbo" sized ones! 4" inches man! How does this change things if it changes anything at all?
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:10 No.17578843
         File1326845450.jpg-(21 KB, 480x360, tan army trench.jpg)
    21 KB
    A thought, what if we combined the eternal warfare and fascist state aspects of the army men? The Green and Tan empires still exist and hate each other, but the looming threat of the LEGiOn prevents them from actually fighting each other, as only their combined strength prevents an all out LEGiOn invasion.

    However, smaller client states such as Red, Gray, and Cyan army men still exist, which Green and Tan use to conduct persudo-warfare on each other. So it becomes more of a Cold War setting with the ever-present threat of outright destruction by the LEGiOn.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:11 No.17578846
    Some are more sentient than others.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:13 No.17578861
    You sir, get an internet.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:13 No.17578866

    Last thread talked about that. only the lego men have true sentience, but they have a connection with the blocks and other lego items. Others suggested that they can even become part of the machines they create. They would become an extension of their own body.
    >> Bigfoot 01/17/12(Tue)19:14 No.17578876
    That really isn't new. I have some that are a foot tall.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:15 No.17578880
    What about larger toys, e.g. Woody and/or Buzz?

    Would they be able to use other 'toys' like BB guns?

    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:16 No.17578897
         File1326845801.jpg-(30 KB, 500x500, 48-Pce-Knights.jpg)
    30 KB

    I think they would be mercs to the Army Men nations. Or just mercs to anyone really.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:16 No.17578899
    I'd say the Army Men should function like they did in the Army Men game series: Two sides fighting one another, with the other two main colors acting as mercenaries.
    There happens to be a lot of infighting in all factions, whether political or literal; Plastro's (still hate the cheesiness of that name...) most trusted Tan generals turned on him and attempted a coup de 'tat in the second game, which also happened to include a cult that combined all colors in fanatical devotion. They had zombies made of mixed color parts by an insane Grey scientist, as well. There were also mentions of how the various mercenary colors couldn't agree with who to favor in the conflict.
    Old Army Men sets used to include tons of accessories, some even using metal weapons instead of plastic ones. Starting from there, I'd say the imagination can run wild.
    The possibilities for war zones being completely controlled by the factions come into play, as well; There are constant battles between the little guys, who have been able to set up trenches, makeshift bunkers, and even ramshackle cities for "housing"- in other words, shanty towns for command centers, detainment of enemy troops, and recruiting centers for the other toys for the effort.
    However, my guess would be that these guys would be nearly as powerful as the LEGO Empire if they joined forces: if you've got the bricks, your imagination runs wild, but can a bunch of bricks really withstand the assualt of what could literally be a tiny version of the Red Army?

    My real concern, however, is what becomes of the 3 3/4"-tall G.I.Joes you know you had as a child...
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:17 No.17578903
    I see the car toys having this distinction. Tonka cars would be sentient, but the hoards of matchbox cars would be like dogs or something. following their masters
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:19 No.17578924
    On the rare occasion that a giant carnival plush makes its way to the dump, if it is not immediately reclaimed by a worker, or tossed in the incinerator, it will most likely have a short, miserable life. Too large for most shelters the dump has to offer, and posessing almost no defensive abilities outside of it's grotesque size, they quickly become prey to the mangled, who harvest their stuffing and skin.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:20 No.17578938
    In our exuberance making a setting so close to our manchild hearts, we are forgetting one thing.

    Who the fuck throws LEGO in the trash?
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:21 No.17578946
    Yes there would be very big toys out in the wastes of the dump. But keep in mind. A lego jeep with hairspray and a lighter, is still a very large threat to huge plastic toys. And imagine being a person sized teddy bear with lego men running around inside of you with razor blades.big is not always best :P
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:22 No.17578961
    In the previous thread a guy went to college and his parents threw away two tubs of legos.

    TWO. TUBS.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:23 No.17578973

    Oh god.....
    But with LEGOs...
    You could literally have moving land battleships.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:24 No.17578988
         File1326846270.jpg-(8 KB, 223x198, bion.jpg)
    8 KB

    Should it be allowed to have Bionicles? Because with them, the Brick Empire is unstoppable.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:24 No.17578989
    It seems this is the direction we are going with, but Tan and Green have temporary truces from time to time so they can hold of the LEGiOn. While they rally people to their cause with ideology of peace through power.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:25 No.17579001
    They either get sent to the Press or they join their larger counterparts out of familiar unity

    On the idea of currency, I thought a bit about the bottle caps thing and I feel like it may be a good idea since, even though there's an influx of them every weekend, they're also a source of basic scrap metal.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:25 No.17579009
    The Brick Empire would employ them but I think they would be rare because A) I never bought the fucking things and never knew any kid who did, and B) Who would throw them away?
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:26 No.17579010
    Mothers and Fathers, especially when their kids go off to college. "But sweety, you don't live here anymore, and those blocks were just gathering dust in the back of your closet. Besides, your father's new office looks so nice."
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:27 No.17579026
         File1326846465.gif-(639 KB, 320x240, 1316912144042.gif)
    639 KB

    >Peace through power.

    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:28 No.17579034
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:29 No.17579041
    While the LEGiOn is functionally compatible with the Technic sets and those like them, their identities as heroes or villains (like action figures) compel them to follow their own ideals. Of course, that is assuming the Brick Men haven't found them and separated their components from the head.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:29 No.17579045

    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:30 No.17579055
    I think the idea of turncoats from Army Men nations and LEGiOn would be cool. A former brick builder now helping out a community of Star Wars toys.

    A tan soldier painted green, fighting for the Green side's version of almost the same damn ideology.

    A barbie free form the brainwashing working as a merc for Army Men.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:31 No.17579066
    The red army men must be a knock-off of Nod.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:34 No.17579086
    rolled 4, 62, 27, 65, 64, 90, 62, 42, 3, 93, 96, 84 = 692


    The size of the toy should determine its intellect.
    Because whatever power that made them come to life (assuming everyone gets the same amount of "Force") won't have to animate the same amount of matter, therfor giving it higher levels of sapience (Or is it sentinence, whatever).

    So the really big Toys are like the traditionall Trolls, big, stupid and dangerous, but not smart enough to form a faction of their own.

    The LEGiOn should also be really unflexible, cutting, breaking or remolding bricks should be severly punished, and broken bricks are discarded. The LEGO is sacred to them, to alter their shape would be heresy.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:35 No.17579100

    Behold the purifying flame of the black hand!

    >Black army soldiers painted black, purifying the plastic of the LEGiOn
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:37 No.17579110
    Sentience is the ability to interact knowledgably with your surroundings. Sapience is the ability to think, and speak. Some animals, like beavers, have sentience. Humans have sapience.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:37 No.17579119

    >"but honey, we really don't think you'll be giving us grandchildren..."
    >"Well not right now mom, I've just gone to college"
    >"We meant ever."
    >> Bigfoot 01/17/12(Tue)19:39 No.17579139
    I think we've already decided that the legos would melt down other toys and broken legos and some lego knockoffs into bricks. And it's sentiance or however you spell it. Although, I don't really agree with your idea that the larger the toy the dumber it is. I think intelligence, mindset, and all that should really be based off what toy they are, and then based around their experiances and whatnot
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:40 No.17579154
         File1326847252.jpg-(83 KB, 500x375, knex.jpg)
    83 KB
    There was the idea of trading cards as currency.

    To mention something, Meccano and Erector are the same in in reality, but in setting Meccano are a race.

    And random K'Nex soldier.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:41 No.17579161
    If there's going to be a story you should add one unpainted or caked in paint plastic space marine. He could be a wanderer of some sort.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:43 No.17579172
    Yeah, of course there would be truces now and again to stave off the largest and most complex threat. My concerns would be initial and "built-in" hatreds where they still war with each other on there ideologies, which are very much similar.
    My imagining is that they would become a roving band of warriors... maybe like the "Biker Barbarians" from The Road Warrior or something. Those accessories were so numerous I lost quite a few before I trashed 'em several years later.
    Considering he was Stalin's aide in that universe...
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:43 No.17579177

    Versus Legos.
    Why is this awesome...
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:44 No.17579189
    rolled 4, 84, 39, 52, 46, 7, 70, 53, 81, 25, 58, 4 = 523


    Then we have the problem that the larger toy would be able to destroy the smaller toys easily.

    Your army can attach "flamethrowers" to cars?

    I can use a flamethrower myself, and your soldiers melts faster than me.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:45 No.17579214
    Trading cards were an idea but for smaller toys, they would be unwieldy and to have them as sentient makes for a more interesting idea, imo.

    A consumable resource as a currency can work (the idea was a bit based off of the town of dirt in Rango which uses water in a desert as currency)
    >> Meccanoid 01/17/12(Tue)19:48 No.17579233
    >We need advantages for plush toys too.
    See my posts here:
    >> Bigfoot 01/17/12(Tue)19:48 No.17579236
    Right, I get that. But if you're big, you're a target to many other toys like the Mangled, the Empire, and other toys who would want to scrap you for your components aswell as the built in danger of existing in a dump where it pays to be small when you're trying to get around for numerous reasons
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:50 No.17579258
    The great work of Ruth

    The First barbie to awaken in the trash heap was also the first president of the Barbie republic She took her name from her creator and indeed the creator of all barbies. It is said that she was amongst the first to mangle, however her insanity did not drive her to homicidal rage, but the relentless pursuit of a grotesque perfection. The horrors of her rule set the groundwork for the cult of perfection that now permeates fashion doll society. Eventually she left in disgust, seeing the republic as fundamentally flawed, she left with several other like minded barbies, these would eventually become the first to join with her in her great work.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:50 No.17579259
    Being highly flamible has been an established of the stuffed toys.
    And I'd think actual flamethrowers, juryrigged or not, would be incredibly rare. Magnifying beam deathray on the other hand, not so much.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:50 No.17579263
    It's a matter of quality vs. quantity also. For every one "Big" guy, there's probably 10 smaller guys
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:51 No.17579270
    Ruth in her mangled insanity felt that the republic was flawed due to the fact that there were many consciousnesses, she sought to create the perfect state by making it a state of one.

    Now, deep under the largest mound of garbage in the dump, the great work of Ruth sits. Appearing as an amalgamation of many hundreds of doll houses, each cleaned and arranged to an exacting standard, the work is ever growing. However its outward appearance hides the horrors within, for the building itself is alive with the mangled pieces of hundreds if not thousands of toys integrated into the building. Nude barbies have been melted into the walls, made into doors and fixtures, and form the primary defense for the work as those who enter are torn apart by the very walls and floor. Other clothed dolls and toys are permanently fixed into scenes of both beauty and butchery, detailing events that Ruth feels are important. There is also the hall of the perfected, examples of almost every type of toy in the dump can be found here, each reconstructed and connected to the consciousness of Ruth. Every face within the work speaks from Ruth's mind, and to fight anything is to fight Ruth herself.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:52 No.17579278
    At the heart of the the Work lies the “original” form of Ruth. Set on a throne comprised of many barbie and ken dolls. Her body and hair are washed clean of all paint and pigment. Visitors who she wishes to speak too with her first voice are cleaned and brought before the throne.

    The work itself is constantly growing, as cultists from the barbie republic bring offerings to the work in hopes of becoming a part of perfection...
    >> Bigfoot 01/17/12(Tue)19:53 No.17579307
    That, sir, is fucking horrifying...
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:54 No.17579320
    Actually, this all happened to me ten years ago. The Daughter & Son are 4 and 1, and the grandparents have bought them lots and lots of Grandparent house toys.

    My Daughter loves the used Rocking Horse they got at goodwill, my son is happy with anything he can chew on to allieviate teething pain.

    Included among the toys from goodwill are about two dozen Duplo blocks. I know those will be thrown away some day as well.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:55 No.17579324
    ... Glass, not beam. Stupid fingers.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)19:59 No.17579381
         File1326848384.jpg-(21 KB, 458x500, ruth.jpg)
    21 KB
    Perhaps even more so when you see what Ruth would have looked like before as the center of the mass.
    >> Bigfoot 01/17/12(Tue)20:01 No.17579399
    Hmmm...perhaps there could be a counter faction who's goal is to find and destroy the Queen Harlot
    >> ◆AEonN9InG2 : !AYhRGAlEdc 01/17/12(Tue)20:02 No.17579413
    Haven't had a chance to make it through this thread yet but have been monitoring the first thread.

    >Name? Automata

    I was thinking that maybe some of the larger plush toys could have been captured and half hollowed out in a sort of trojan horse function.
    The plush toy works for freedom, a day when he would be granted his insides back, carrying the evil toys into settlements so that they could catch the residence by surprise.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)20:03 No.17579429
    Link the first thread?
    >> Bigfoot 01/17/12(Tue)20:03 No.17579434
    Also, perhaps there could be a cult within the cult of perfection that is made up of toys who are not good enough or too good to be sacrificed to the houses or whatever you wanna call it who instead live within the houses in a state of permanent pleasure through perfection or constant torture due to their lack of perfection or some mix of it
    >> Bigfoot 01/17/12(Tue)20:05 No.17579447
    just find my first post, has a stack of links to the first thread. just don't only read my posts, check it all out
    >> Meccanoid 01/17/12(Tue)20:05 No.17579453
         File1326848718.jpg-(67 KB, 400x325, Capsela_model_with_swivel.jpg)
    67 KB
    >Magnifying glass deathray
    I'm gonna put something out here. When I was a kid I pulled some lenses out of an old projector, (my father was the pack rat type. He'd go to the dump and actually come back with shit).
    Now, you might think your magnifying glass was hot shit when it came to frying ants, but the lenses from this projector were amazing. They could char wood in a matter of seconds on a clear day and set dried leaves and such smoking in less. I never tried it on plastic though. I don't doubt it would have done some serious damage.

    Now, old and/or broken projectors definitely get dumped. So there would be some powerful weapons around.

    Yes, you could. Meccano could also do the same, as could Capsela. (I had a lot of construction toys as a kid).
    That said, Capsela would probably serve as the water transports, since they can float easily and Meccano, lego etc can't.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)20:07 No.17579475
         File1326848874.jpg-(143 KB, 1024x755, Teddy_Bear_Samurai_by_da_G3.jpg)
    143 KB
    Trying to get weapons figured out. Most common weapons are probably razor blades from disposable razors, and nails used as spear points. These are very effective against stuffed toys. Spears are good for toys with joints, actions figures etc. To win in battle you don’t have to destroy just immobilize.

    Blunt weapons aren’t very common and tend to be used by stuffed toys as they have the great strength to wield them. Ex. Teddy bears with hammers. These weapons tend to be effective vs. plastic toys as they can destroy joints crush army men etc.

    Weapons that melt based off of magnification are unwieldy and tend to be used as siege engines. (example melt through a lego wall). They take a while to set up and are very complex. They are sometimes used as torture devices on captive toys.

    Very uncommon are fire based weapons. They need a fuel source of course. Hair spray, disposable lighters, aerosols. Very deadly to stuffed toys and can be useful vs. plastic toys.

    Very very rare are electric weapons as they have to use batteries. I’m thinking maybe a tazer using a battery and some wires. It could be used to disrupt electronic toys.

    God tier weapons. Weapons that kick ass used mainly my armies etc. fireworks, electric carving knives (teddy bear samurai ftw), nerf guns with oil soaked darts, bullets.
    Going to start to figure out armor/shields.
    >> Meccanoid 01/17/12(Tue)20:10 No.17579502
    Read the old thread damnit. Let's not work out everything TWICE.

    See my posts here:
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)20:11 No.17579510
         File1326849095.png-(18 KB, 800x1100, 1326762375629.png)
    18 KB
    thrown away silly putty has mysteriously reached sentience. Considered a disease by the plushie type, this ooze often forces itself into the fabrics of unsuspecting plushies forcing the plushies to submit their free will as the putty can now freely control all affected areas of the plushie. Infected plushies are normally captured and burned on sight. Others factions may find uses for this sticky fiend
    >> Bigfoot 01/17/12(Tue)20:15 No.17579546
    I like it, summed up my thoughts pretty well. Also, I don't think that the toys should really feel pain. Instead, they should have asense of self preservation based on fear of being destroyed/dissasembled/immobolized/etc. and instinctually wanting to be whole which also goes so far as to wanting their original accessories (not necassarily the ones they were boxed with though). Also Also, would a toys weapons be nothing more than chunks of plastic or would they be functional? IE, G.I. Joes with functional rifles and missiles in their tanks and such or just chunks of plastic?
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)20:16 No.17579557
    Chuns of plastic unless there's a actual mechanism to launch projectiles.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)20:17 No.17579564
         File1326849427.jpg-(31 KB, 400x258, Princeton LIFE 1950.jpg)
    31 KB
    I like the Idea of them being just chunks of plastic interesting.
    >> Bigfoot 01/17/12(Tue)20:17 No.17579566
    I like it, just another part of how they can be a threatening thing beyond just our version of Gelatinous Cubes
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)20:17 No.17579568
    >> Game Names Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)20:17 No.17579570
    Toy Tale
    Plastic Rising
    Thrown Beyond
    Thrown Away
    Dustland Fairytale (it's The Killers shut up)
    A Massive Dump
    Over the Tin Cans
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)20:20 No.17579603
    How about a furby hivemind? They're hooked up to a raw mains wire and wired together, they have perfect recall of everything they saw and heard out in the wider world and act as oracles for the various toy factions. While each faction would love their removal the fact they know vital information makes them a necessary evil.

    The only way to receive an answer from them is to bring them a new furby to add to the collective. Also the idea of Furbish as a high language makes me giggle like a retard with stickers.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)20:20 No.17579604
         File1326849622.jpg-(1.33 MB, 2592x1936, IMG_20110812_153159.jpg)
    1.33 MB
    toy occupied landfill?
    >> Bigfoot 01/17/12(Tue)20:20 No.17579610
    Alright. So going that way we could have the weapons with a mechanism, like springloaded launchers for missiles, be functional. Now, would this mean that the toys missiles and such are explosive, or again just chunks of plastic. Also, the launchers could be used to launch missiles and such that the toys build in the dump even if the original toy missiles are non-functional
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)20:23 No.17579634
    All these names fucking suck.. so... no.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)20:23 No.17579637
    Chunks of plastic. Knockdown on plastics, less on plush. Could be modded with bigger springs and what not.
    >> Bigfoot 01/17/12(Tue)20:24 No.17579654
    Toy World
    World of Toys
    A Toys Life
    Forgotten Memories

    We still haven't decided on a name for this setting, heh.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)20:26 No.17579664
    Armor and shields tend to be used by stuffed toys plastic ones sometimes will use armor to protect important joints.
    Most common shields are can lids as they have a handle built in. shields tend to have painted designs on them usually the toys brand. Plastic shields are around but not that common tend to be used by toys that came with them.
    Types of armor
    Mud tends to be used by stuffed toys makes them a bit more resistant to slashing and piercing and helps against fire but reduces their mobility the more mud there is.
    Tin foil armor think of it like chain mail helps vs slashing weapons but sucks vs. piercing. Readily available and common among some stuffed toys.
    Real Metal armor is extremely rare. Offers a lot of protection but poorly made armor can cause rips and tears in the wearer. Also a lot of weight issues.
    Plastic armor is most common and tends to work best. Common due to the large number of bottles. Most toys lack the strength to pierce the armor with the common weapons. So resort to fire.
    Bit of fulff there is a group that makes the best plastic armor. Their forge consists of using a series of lenses, the concentrated light cuts through the plastic
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)20:27 No.17579679
    They are just chunks of plastic. No ICBM or missiles or rockets in this setting. Maybe if you build one out of firework powder. But even bullets will be horrendously rare (cause what asshole throws live bullets in the trash).
    As for ballistic launchers. Nerf guns are siege weapons pretty much. I imagine smaller personal launchers like those shitty one missile guns on transformers to be the equivalent of normal launchers.

    In fact "Launcher" seems a good catch all name for them, just stat them by size and ammo modifiers.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)20:29 No.17579696
    So far I like Thrown Away the best.
    Toys and Trashheaps.
    >> General Plastro 01/17/12(Tue)20:29 No.17579704
    Going this route poses a problem for certain factions, namely the Army Men and LEGiOn: if their weaponry is now a hunk of plastic, what power do they hold other than being able to expand? Would this not also keep a Green or Tan Soldier literally attached to his now-useless rifle? The only reason the LEGiOn is frightening now is their ability to create catapults and similar mechanisms; it's still a rather unsettling fact, but other than this they have very little in the way of personal protection.

    On a side note, do the Army Men remain attached to their bases after The Animation, or are free to move?
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)20:30 No.17579711
    Meccanoid my post was meant to take those ideas and put them together for easy reference and to try to build onto them. Also the main reason was there will always be dumbasses that didn't read the previous thread. also is this one archived yet?
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)20:30 No.17579713
    Don't see how metal armour would be rare condiser all the scrap metal/tin cans that accumulate at a dump. I'd say the resources are easy to find, but the secret process of crafting such armour suits would be a lost art.
    >> Bigfoot 01/17/12(Tue)20:30 No.17579722
    Hey, is OP still around or did he go off to other things?
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)20:31 No.17579736
    I see them waddling around like in Toy Story.
    >> Bigfoot 01/17/12(Tue)20:32 No.17579739
    That's why it's rare. Or atleast, good quality, usable metal armor that doesn't have a chance of slicing up the wearer is rare.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)20:32 No.17579751
    Never watched toy story did you? Army men are pretty much exactly the same from that. Permanently attached to bases and guns. They make it work.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)20:33 No.17579760
    the issue with metal is working it. most metal they would find would have sharp edges. sharp edges= bad. you don't want armor that can rip you open. some plastic toys would use it though. plastic is a better option just as common lighter and most toys lack the strength to get by it.
    >> Bigfoot 01/17/12(Tue)20:35 No.17579782
    Never played Army Men, have you? No bases and functional guns...unless they fall victim to plastification.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)20:35 No.17579785
    Don't see how this is a problem for the Lego Empire. Building stuff is their most interesting ability, and building scrap launcher catapults is awesome.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)20:36 No.17579794
         File1326850604.jpg-(34 KB, 589x442, 1320788097973.jpg)
    34 KB
    I don't know how you did it, but you just 1up'ed Ruth on the disturbing scale.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)20:37 No.17579811
    Functional guns would be silly. Why does a tiny toy have a ballistic projectile weapon? Little kids would shoot their eyes out with those.

    These are toys, I think people forget this quickly when they come up with ideas.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)20:40 No.17579837
    It really depends on the setting, oh look toys being awesome, is a different setting than oh look real toys fighting wars in a scrapyard.
    >> General Plastro 01/17/12(Tue)20:42 No.17579849
    I have, I was just curious as to how we were handling that one; haven't studied both threads enough to understand if we established that or not. So will the armies simply charge into a massive melee after sending primitive artillery at each other?

    As for a name, I suggest something that makes it seem suitably sinister, possibly in the vein of All Quiet on the Western Front; "A Yard of Plush & Plastic", maybe?
    >> Meccanoid 01/17/12(Tue)20:42 No.17579856
    We need to get shit written down somewhere so we don't have to sift through posts to find details. Google doc anyone?

    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)20:43 No.17579868
    The Heart of War
    >> Bigfoot 01/17/12(Tue)20:43 No.17579870
    They weren't functional, any more than they were living, before they were thrown away and came to life. I'm just putting forward the thought of whether or not the guns are now functional (load a magazine of plastic or whatever in the gun and it shoot chunks of plastic, no need to actually have little bullets). Because if they aren't functional, then the soldier toys are at a huge loss. Another part of this, is would a little toy knight's sword become an actual sword, even if it is just plastic?
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)20:44 No.17579883
         File1326851081.jpg-(6 KB, 184x273, images.jpg)
    6 KB
    Sir Cuddles A Lot
    Stuffed Teddy Bear.
    Armor plastic with tin foil on the joints.
    Wields a steak knife in close combat. Has a cross bow that shoots nails with matches attached. The matches light when fired.
    Believes that he is an actual knight. Was the toy of a little girl and longs to return to his princess, and so he searches for a way to return. His current goal is to find a mount.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)20:45 No.17579892
    Is the idea toys just coming to life or is it toys becoming what we imagined them as.
    >> Bigfoot 01/17/12(Tue)20:47 No.17579916
    I think it's just toys coming to life
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)20:47 No.17579919

    The lego knock-offs should be part of the empire but there should be internal elitist sentiments amongst "pure" lego bricks that they are the superior block race with plenty of racial epithets to throw at the mega blocks men.

    Also Technic stuff should be an elite sub group. Revered and respected but distant. Like special forces or a leadership council.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)20:48 No.17579929
    I pitched a ton of ideas for the first thread, and the consensus seemed to be about how they were toys first trying to rediscover their meaning in life. Improvised everything and all that. I like that.

    If you guys want to take it in a different direction and have fantasy land toys that shoot magic bullets and all that that's fine. But it definitely doesn't have the same feel, and I won't contribute anymore as that doesn't interest me.

    Especially when you consider some kid is going to bring in 40k. (in the other thread models get melted into lego blocks cause they cant move or defend themselves.) Which would be a tad odd if they had plasma shooting death tanks everywhere.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)20:48 No.17579930
    >>17579916 in that case just nonfunctional. The only magic is sentience.
    >> Bigfoot 01/17/12(Tue)20:48 No.17579932
    alright, that just clicked. From the beginning I've been against the idea of a superman doll being able to actually fly. Wouldn't make anymore sense if a plastic nun-functioning gun can suddenly shoot.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)20:51 No.17579956
         File1326851464.jpg-(15 KB, 336x229, 1326161340436.jpg)
    15 KB
    how do toys hurt each other? they don't bleed, they can't really be cut open, the toys just can't be that strong. How the fuck would this work at all? They don't need armor, BITCH THEY ARE ARMOR! But for what? why? how?
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)20:51 No.17579959
    Yeah. Everything is more post-capo cobbletech.
    >> Meccanoid 01/17/12(Tue)20:51 No.17579963
         File1326851485.jpg-(17 KB, 317x307, buzz_lightyear2.jpg)
    17 KB
    >superman doll being able to actually fly.
    >actually fly.
    >> Bigfoot 01/17/12(Tue)20:53 No.17579991
    See my post at:
    >> Meccanoid 01/17/12(Tue)20:54 No.17579993
    Plush toys can kind of be cut open.
    Just imagine how much stronger and heavier a stuffed toy would be if they had 3x the stuffing they normally have.

    Plastic toys can have parts ripped off and reattached. I would expect to see action figures with mismatched arms or even multiple sets of arms because it makes them stronger.
    >> Bigfoot 01/17/12(Tue)20:54 No.17580000
    Alright, I lolled...heartily
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)20:55 No.17580016
    Most Brick Men conform to their roles as part of the Legion quite quickly as their identities are mostly related to their torsos and accessories. With those changed or gone, assimilation is easy. On the other hand, there are the Bionicle figures and others of the Technic line who are far more individuated. Their conformity is much harder to obtain, but it can be taken. Part by part if needed. Then there are the Brick Men whose appearance to other toys is uncanny like the Star Wars Legos. For them, assimilation can come through normal means, but it may not and those are the most dangerous for the difference between a Brick Men Rebel and a Double Agent is merely the difference in paint.
    >> General Plastro 01/17/12(Tue)20:57 No.17580032
    Should we at least allow the bases to be cut free from the Army Men? It doesn't seem that frightening when a small horde of soldiers waddles toward your trench, waving their plastic rifles in the air because they can't drop them. Seems rather hilarious, actually.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)20:59 No.17580058
    Random warfare ideas.
    Rc cars used as chariots. Fire projectiles from them also just run shit over or hell just go real old school and use blades attached to the center of the wheels. Maybe drop lighter fluid from the back of one and then light it as a way of trapping or cutting of escape.
    Strong movable toys like Tonka trucks etc. would probably be used to move siege weapons and artillery.
    Glue used for slowing down enemies and immobilization.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)21:00 No.17580069
    Cutting the Base off is a delicate, but sometimes necessary procedure for any Army man. Properly done, it gives the Army man a new lease on life and combat and creates more plastic for the Press.Poorly done, and that soldier may not have a leg to stand on.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)21:00 No.17580071
    Why would Legos be in the junkyard? Those things are valuable man, scroungers would pick'em up.
    >> Meccanoid 01/17/12(Tue)21:01 No.17580077
    I'd say yes. But it'd be like surgery. Something painful and possibly traumatic. Some Army men wouldn't go through with it.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)21:01 No.17580083
    i would expect the army men to cut their bases. I would think most toys would end up altering themselves in some way to stand a better chance of survival.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)21:04 No.17580115
    So far all of the factions that have been suggested are either neutral or malevolent. Shouldn't there be some sort of benevolent faction, so that a party of different toys can have respite from the constant warzone and allow roleplaying other than battle?
    >> Bigfoot 01/17/12(Tue)21:07 No.17580155
    I was thinking they would probably have their weapons and bases removed and during the time of the Press and total war they'd probably have them melted down while in other times they might convert the bases to shields and such while converting their weapons to another form of weapon. Question is whether or not these weapons and bases would hold a part of the toy's soul, and whether or not the instinct of being hole would effect them relative to their bases and guns
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)21:07 No.17580162
    Hm, maybe there could be a few very rare Tabletop game miniatures that were thrown out for some reason? They'd probably either have some sort of deformity or be terribly painted, but would be very deadly. They could possibly either form their own small group, or act as high-price mercenaries.

    Besides, who doesn't want Space Marines and Paladins running around beating the shit out of things?
    >> General Plastro 01/17/12(Tue)21:08 No.17580173
    So we make it a perk... good idea.

    I would also like to know where, as one anon said earlier, plastic Knights, Napoleonic-Era soldiers, and models such as a Space Marine reside.
    My imagining resides that they are valued members of the Armies of Green and Tan; they're exotic and can go most places a soldier can't.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)21:08 No.17580184
    good factions tend to be action figures the non-villian ones anyway. Stuffed animals would tend to band together for protection so would be open to helping others.
    >> Bigfoot 01/17/12(Tue)21:12 No.17580220
    Well, i think we're all just trying to come up with ideas for the more massively produced and empirical toys while we assume that the dump is full of other toys that aren't like that, like your average teddy bear, which are just trying to meek out their own existance.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)21:13 No.17580232
    I can see some Island of Misfit Toys shit going on, where toys that are unafiliated with a faction band together and form settlements. There's where you'll find your community leaders and benevolent dictators and such.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)21:15 No.17580253
    Mercs. They're looked down upon by the actual armies, but amongst their own, they're valued. Regardless of how they feel, there is sometimes benefit in working with each other.

    Like associates with like here. At the end of the day, an action figure is an action figure and even enemies have to band together to survive in this wasteland. To see a Shredder and Ninja Turtle work together is as common as seeing them fight each other. Similarly, just because a G.I. Joe and a Power Ranger are good guys, doesn't mean that they will get along and that that Power Ranger wont get along with a Cobra Commander
    >> Bigfoot 01/17/12(Tue)21:23 No.17580342
    Also, idea: Some sort of a cult of elitist stuffed animals. Comprised mainly of beanie babies and other such highly collected and prized stuffed animals they look down on the other toy and will go so far as to take the fluffing out of others toys to keep themselves fluffed up. Alternatively, they could go the exact opposite way and try to help other toys, especially stuffed animals. going so far as giving of their own fluff to save another toy or whatnot.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)21:33 No.17580466
    That is a step to the path of the mangled.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)21:40 No.17580555
    While we're on army men, what about board game pieces? Specifically games like older versions of risk, where every player could have hundreds of tiny soldiers, calvary, and artillery pieces on the board. These tiny pieces are used as conscripts, maintaining and supporting larger armies. And there's a dozen different versions, each with 4-6 color coded armies.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)21:43 No.17580578
    Or be the goblins and kobolds of the setting. Harmless alone and in the open, but lethal when engaged in groups or on their territory.
    >> Meccanoid 01/17/12(Tue)21:56 No.17580734
    I've written a bit of a preface here. Not sure what to write next.
    Anyone can edit so do whatever.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)22:00 No.17580786
    idea for a name: Lost Toys
    anyway we should get the factions down and then put in the fluff weapons and armor etc.
    >> General Plastro 01/17/12(Tue)22:00 No.17580795
    On the subject of names for the territory itself: how does "The Scrap" sound?
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)22:09 No.17580891
         File1326856147.jpg-(49 KB, 640x480, MKoTPyre2.jpg)
    49 KB
    For some reason, I saw this thread and remembered a favorite toy from my childhood.

    Pyre, the dragon from the old Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog show.
    >> Bigfoot 01/17/12(Tue)22:09 No.17580896
    Well, it takes place in a garbage dump. A scrapyard is a different thing, really.
    >> Meccanoid 01/17/12(Tue)22:13 No.17580948
    I could imagine some RC cars making trips to a nearby scrapyard to retrieve certain components like springs, or oil cans for fuel.
    >> General Plastro 01/17/12(Tue)22:21 No.17581045
    Well, in all honesty there isn't usually one without the other. I imagine that a trip between the two would be undertaken only by the most courageous of the cars or some bullshit like that.
    >> Bigfoot 01/17/12(Tue)22:26 No.17581121
    Alright, sure. Then that name could fit for that area.
    >> Bigfoot 01/17/12(Tue)22:49 No.17581428
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)22:52 No.17581479
    have it from his point of view.

    Then you can make the backstory filled in like that way without needing a "all there in the manual" type deal.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)23:02 No.17581614
    So, just thinking aloud here.

    Most of the Army Men's backstory revolves around the great press, forging fresh waves of recruits from the plastic of the fallen.

    What happens if/when it stops or breaks? What if the LEGiOn decides they want to destroy their last obstacle on the road to domination?
    How would the various Armies cope? Would they destroy one another, or unite once it is assured "reincarnation" is no longer possible? How would the yard fare with a reunited Army Men race?

    Is this just a giant plot hook waiting to happen or what?
    >> Meccanoid 01/17/12(Tue)23:05 No.17581659
    Considering rust as meccano's "weakness" so to speak. A rusting construct will slowly lose awareness as the rust spreads.
    Due to this, they despise anything that causes or accelerates rust, including water.

    To prevent this, some constructs will lightly oil themselves. Indeed, a common method of paying a Meccano for their work is to bring them some oil or help them apply oil to themselves. (plush toys are good for this as their plush fur can act as a brush).

    To this end, I would think that meccanos have an agreement with RCs. The RCs bring oil, metal and tools to the Meccano and in return the Meccano repair and maintain them.
    >> General Plastro 01/17/12(Tue)23:13 No.17581764
    We might need a bit more information on the LEGiOn's fortress; anyone have a decent or awesome idea for it?
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)23:17 No.17581801

    So a plush toy would make itself more vulnerable to fire just to get the help of metal dickhead?

    Fucker can oil itself.
    >> Bigfoot 01/17/12(Tue)23:19 No.17581831
    Who said it has to be a singular fortress?
    Also: Holy shit, captcha knows my last name...
    >> Meccanoid 01/17/12(Tue)23:20 No.17581842
    I would think a huge amalgamation of all those lego castle sets built into the the side of a trash hill.
    Various defences such as water pistols shooting flaming oil, falling rock/trash traps and rubber band ballistae would provide static defence.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)23:21 No.17581859
    for the legos i like the idea of one huge fortress overlooking the dump on top of a mound and going deep into the mound. and multiple smaller forts scattered throughout the dump that tend to get moved around often
    >> Meccanoid 01/17/12(Tue)23:22 No.17581875
    Sounds good.

    Also guys, don't forget K'nex, lego's arch enemy.
    >> General Plastro 01/17/12(Tue)23:27 No.17581930
    I like it.

    Loved those things as a kid, why not make them MJ12-like? Behind the scenes, secretly manipulating things to further their own goals, as they build up in power?
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)23:28 No.17581945
    I like this. The top is made from similar-looking sets, coordinated and designed as the glittering nexus of the Brick Empire's might. As one travels deeper, however, the construction becomes less controlled, blocks of different shapes and colour haphazardly thrown together to hold up the teetering mass of the Seat of LEGiOn.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/12(Tue)23:33 No.17581991
    thought of another faction. The tamers. They are almost entirely plastic toys. They ride rats around. They might even have a cat or two. Ideas?
    >> Meccanoid 01/17/12(Tue)23:34 No.17582002
    I dunno. If you read the original thread they were of a similar power level to the lego empire.
    >> Meccanoid 01/17/12(Tue)23:34 No.17582009
    I don't really see that as a faction, more like a possible job.
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)00:00 No.17582333
    Just some of my thoughts on the Brick empire and lego.
    Minifigs (lego or other brands) poses a sort of "blockinesis" like telekinesis but it only works on block bits. They have varying power and most can't do much more than animate their body with it but some can do much more (mainly those that where sold as pilots). Though they have a great deal of trouble with other brands of block. This means that though Lego is the dominant faction the other brands are equal in the empire because they are needed. A lego minifig will never be able to pilot a Block Bot as well as a Megabloks minifig for example, and a block bot is too potent a "mech" to waste.
    >> Meccanoid 01/18/12(Wed)00:02 No.17582356
    >I haven't read the original thread.
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)00:16 No.17582544
    don't be so hostile, i was just giving my thoughts
    >> General Plastro 01/18/12(Wed)00:24 No.17582634
    Well, now that we have Spoiler tags enabled for the day...
    We've got a K'nex section done, and we need more information on The Glorious Barbie Republic of Freedom other than the fact that they're cult-like fascists who brainwash their citizens.
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)00:40 No.17582792
    a clean outfit and working hairbrush are to them the most valued items they can poses. to the point of being a status symbol, a long dress and long hair are harder to keep clean/untangled and those who do so are afforded greater respect and power.
    >> Meccanoid 01/18/12(Wed)01:14 No.17583076
    Yeah sorry. It's just something that really gets to me.
    Anyway, I do like the idea of the minifigs having a great deal of trouble with other brands of block.
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)01:16 No.17583088
         File1326867364.jpg-(63 KB, 636x366, village.jpg)
    63 KB
    [spoiler]Awww yeah, time for some shitty writefaggotry.[/spoiler]

    We didn't have much in Fisher Price Ford, but we had our freedom. We worked day in and day out to scratch a living from the Junkyard. Some days you did your chores early and could go back home or play with friends. Other days... it took longer. But we lived what lives we could in our town.

    We've lived in Fisher Price Ford for years, but it's far older than us. The elders even say this village stood during the Golden Age, built in the light of the Erectors. Today, though, it's a simple town. Houses for the families and tents for everyone else. An inn, a well, and a small store. A town square at the center, where the people gathered to discuss new arrivals or the food stores for the winter. Every once in a while a trader or wanderer would come through, telling tales of the wide world to those naïve enough to listen. I was once a boy sitting at feet of those travelers, in rapt attention as my imagination painted fantasies to the words of the wanderers. I dreamed of leaving the village at my back one day and seeing the yard in all its glory.

    I grew out of those idle fancies long ago. I was born in Fisher Price Ford; I would work, get married, start a family, and die in Fisher Price Ford. The words the wanderers brought changed, but I turned my back on them with a frown. There was work to be done, and I would not waste another day listening to their tall tales. Empires may rise up and crumble back down out there in the yard, but I thought the winds of history would never touch Fisher Price Ford. I was wrong. The winds did come, and when they did they tore our village from the ground.
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)01:18 No.17583098
         File1326867501.jpg-(76 KB, 500x428, soldiers.jpg)
    76 KB
    I was working in the fields when it happened. I heard their footsteps first, the single thud of a hundred boots hitting the ground in perfect unison. When they stopped, I could hear shouting from the village square. Throwing down my shovel, I ran back to the town and skidded to a stop as my eyes befell the soldiers of LEGiOn, the sun shining on their drawn swords. One Lego, wearing rich silks instead of burnished steel, stepped from the ranks and read from a scroll. I drew closer to hear his voice.

    “...bested by the dauntless armies of the Lord Emperor, this village has been liberated by the boundless Brick Empire,” the Lego droned. “As of Year Thirty-three of the Brick Empire, the denizens of this town have been re-appropriated to work on the construction of the countless new wonders of LEGiOn.” He rolled up his scroll, cast a contemptuous gaze over the stunned crowd, then turned to the soldier on his right. A mutter was exchanged, and the soldier shouted an order to his unit. The Legos sheathed their swords and began to move among us, shoving us into four ranks and affixing manacles to our feet and wrists. A long chain connected each man to his fellow, and I was chained to the last line. Two more men were pushed in behind me, and a soldier strode down our ranks, a whip clutched in his hands.

    “WHEN YOU ARE TOLD TO MARCH, YOU WILL DO SO,” he roared. “YOU WILL NOT STOP UNLESS ORDERED TO.” A woman stumbled and fell before the Lego, the people attached to her lurching in response. She began to cry, hands scrabbling at the soldier's feet. The Lego drew back in revulsion, and slashed her across the face with his whip. “YOU WILL NOT SPEAK UNLESS ORDERED TO. YOU WILL NOT BREAK RANKS UNLESS ORDERED TO.” Still the woman wept, tears mingling with her blood, and her hands desperately clutched at his cloak.
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)01:19 No.17583109
         File1326867596.jpg-(117 KB, 500x375, castle.jpg)
    117 KB
    A soldier strode forward from the ranks, drew his sword, and pinned the woman to the ground. With one smooth stroke, he severed her head from her shoulders. I was sick on the ground. The corpse was removed from the chain, leaving a set of empty manacles lying in the mud. The Lego with the whip continued on, pausing only to kick the head from his path. He reached the end of a line and mounted a horse. A command was bellowed and I felt the chain pull at me. The bowed heads in front of me began to shuffle forward, and I followed in turn.

    We marched until the sun sunk low and red in the sky. Finally, the weary walk of the rank stopped, and I rose my head. Ahead of us, outlined in blood by the sunset, were the half-finished walls of a vast Lego fort. Dots of light swarmed across its surface, torches set on the scaffolding. The din of work and clink of chain emanated through the twilight. Soldiers walked down our ranks, uttering a curt word to us and scratching a line down on their paper. One came to me. “You are worker number 1047. You sleep in hostel five.” I was unchained from the line and shoved forward toward a low, ramshackle building roofed in canvas. I half-turned my head and saw others from the lines in my wake, soldiers pressing swords into their backs. I ducked my head under the wooden beam and stepped into the hostel. There was no light inside, only the torch held by the guard illuminated the room. Straw piles stretched along the walls, each with a rusted iron ring set in the floor next to it. I was half-dragged to one and chained to the ring. The soldiers did the same for my fellows, then left, slamming the door behind them.
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)01:21 No.17583114
         File1326867700.jpg-(51 KB, 500x500, playmobil.jpg)
    51 KB
    “Roight!” he said to us, “'ere's the deal lads. You're being re-re-appropriated as free boys 'n girls of the big ol' Yard. You can march where you like, and speak whenever you damn well please.” He quickly rushed down the row of pallets, unlocking each chain as he came to one. As he got to mine, I peered up at him. His face was hidden in the gloom, but he was taller than the soldiers that took us. “You're not Lego,” I said. “Damn right!” he exclaimed. “I'm a Playmobil, laddie, and a free citizen o' the Yard. And now-” he unlocked my chain with a flourish, “you are too!”

    As he freed the last one of us, he straightened up and herded us out the door. Through the light of the stars we could see other workers streaming silently from the hostels. He put a finger to his lips and pointed to the edge of the site. A light flashed in the gloom. The man led us through the dark, creeping silently through the camp and under the grey leaves of a forest.

    Five more figures emerged from the tress. “That you, Fletch?”
    “Yeah, 's me.” Our rescuer furtively looked around. “Where's Jerky?”
    “We thought he was with you.”
    “Nah, he did another house. He not back?” One of the figures shook his head.
    “Goddamn,” swore Fletch, “must've done summat stupid again. Hang on.”
    Snatching a fresh quiver of bolts from the ground, he hurried off back into the camp. His compatriots faded into the forest again. Before I could restrain myself, I bolted off behind Fletch. As he snuck behind the wall of a hostel, I followed him.
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)01:24 No.17583125
         File1326867876.jpg-(63 KB, 550x287, fire.jpg)
    63 KB
    He was crouched down, reloading his crossbow, when he looked up and saw me. “What the hell are you doin'?” he muttered angrily at me. Lost for words, all I could do was shrugged. He gave me a searching look, then drew an unlit torch from a pack slung over his shoulder. “Roight, long as you've got nothin' better to do, you could help me out. When I give you the signal, light the torch and fling it on the roof o' this building.” He shoved the torch and some flint into my hand, and ran off toward the half-built fort before I could ask him what the signal was.

    There I sat, in the shadow of a slave hostel, waiting with bated breath on the word of some lunatic so I could burn the building down. For the first time in my years, I could feel the fire of adrenalin coursing through my veins. Finally after what seemed like hours, I heard a crash and a shout from the fort. Scrambling for the flint, I hurriedly struck sparks against a rock until one caught on the tar of the torch. A flame roared to life, and I hurled it over the wall. I couldn't see it, but I could hear the blaze crackling as it took to the canvas of the roof.
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)01:26 No.17583134
         File1326867963.jpg-(29 KB, 397x310, rebels.jpg)
    29 KB
    Rising to a crouch, I desperately searched for Fletch's figure in the night. The sound of violence and the soft thrum of a bowstring grew loud. Suddenly, I saw Fletch sprinting from the fort, laughing maniacally. As he whirled and fired his crossbow, I saw another man running alongside him, one hand clutching his hat. They both slid behind the hostel wall and tumbled to the ground beside me. “Nice fire you got 'ere, bucko,” Fletch grinned at me, and I grinned back. “Roight, let's be off, then. Can't stay an' chat.” We got up and raced back into the forest, leaving the confused shouts of the waking Lego soldiers behind us.

    The figures were there standing beside the cowering mass of former slaves.
    “That you, Jerky?”
    “Yeah,” the figure beside me panted.
    “Who's he?” said the figure, nodding in my direction. Fletch gave me a glance.
    “Not sure his name, but 'e's a fighter. And a damn good fire-lighter to boot.”
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)01:29 No.17583147
    I imagine the Barbies as large Amazonian valley girls that live in their dream homes and each one has a Malibu.

    The table top war games would each have a separate factions as well. Imagine, you see Dante and Terminus clash on the field of battle, next thing you know an army of Lego men march across the carpeted floor and take up position by a wall they built as soon as they stopped walking. Suddenly Godzilla comes out of the toy bucket and breaths nuclear fire, melting the Lego men before they have a chance to build some sort of catapult they were going to use to bombard the Cygnar Trencher unit that was advancing to open fire on Terminus for what he did to the Fire Toad.
    >> Meccanoid 01/18/12(Wed)01:31 No.17583154
    Be careful. They HAVE a cult, but they are not ALL cultists. It is a facist state though.

    As for K'nex, would they really be that new?
    I liked the idea from the 1st thread that they were fairly established and challenging the lego empire for power.
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)01:34 No.17583170
    They're the scattered remnants that once fought the Legislation for dominance. Or they're a building material.
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)01:38 No.17583196
         File1326868733.jpg-(32 KB, 500x500, RC-Dalek-2.jpg)
    32 KB
    In my mind, K'Nex were just about as bad as LEGiOn, but they rely on more advanced builds than the more solid ones of the Brick Empire.

    And to the writefag, it just feels right having Playmobil as goodguy types.

    Here's a very frightening idea for a monster toy. We can discuss enemy sorts later.
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)01:43 No.17583222
    Somebody archive this, please. I want to finish reading in the morning.
    >> Meccanoid 01/18/12(Wed)01:48 No.17583256
    I've already archived it. You can also see the google doc for a solid base of what we have so far:
    >> Bigfoot 01/18/12(Wed)01:48 No.17583257
    What he said. Also, we need to decide on the system that could be used with our setting
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)01:50 No.17583265
    New system!
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)01:51 No.17583270
         File1326869511.jpg-(11 KB, 513x389, claydevil.jpg)
    11 KB
    The mighty clay overmind absorbs every pile of other clay or plastic part it can get its 'hands' on into its big collective consciousness.
    With the volume of a thousand voices it wanders through the wastelands mourning.
    >> Bigfoot 01/18/12(Wed)01:55 No.17583287
    Also, even more important than a system...A NAME, DAMNIT! WE NEED A NAME! Or, I suppose, we could just wait till we get the whole thing figured out and just let the name come to us; like some sort of essay title.
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)01:55 No.17583290
    How about "Chunks of Plastic" as a name? I know not all toys would be plastic but most probably are.
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)02:00 No.17583316
    Here's the archive link for those who don't feel like looking it up.
    >> Meccanoid 01/18/12(Wed)02:06 No.17583346
    "The Discarded" might b cool.
    >> Guy who's been postion anonymously since the last thread 01/18/12(Wed)02:10 No.17583360
    Pleasing to the ears, fits the setting, I like it.
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)02:24 No.17583419
    All i read 'bout plastic toys. But what about wooden or plasticine toys? They are really rare, but almost invulnerable to blunt or blade attacks
    >> Bigfoot 01/18/12(Wed)02:38 No.17583464
    relative to the battlefield and the warring armies, perhaps we should have camp followers too...although now that I'm about to click submit, I realize this goes into a zone that probably crosses the line...
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)02:41 No.17583475
         File1326872505.jpg-(339 KB, 977x591, onorio-monster.jpg)
    339 KB

    See here


    My idea for plasticine characters:

    They are invulnerable to regular attacks but can be killed by fire or too much dirt. If their life points reach zero due to regular attacks they go into a regeneration phase.

    Clay characters have no physical attack unarmed and a penalty on armed combat , they can vastly decrease enemy stats by sticking to their joints.

    Clay characters are shapeshifters and can implement other toy parts i.e. lego arms to their body.

    If a clay character gets cut in half or splits on purpose, his other half becomes conscious over time and might get lost.
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)03:13 No.17583587
    My thoughts about wood:
    Blunt damage almost noneffective, sharp damage are 1/2 per normal (knives just stuck in body), but get extra damage against fire (obvious) and water (too much water - they began to rot).

    Arm and legs can be removed and be use like weapons (blunt damage) or replace for new ones. So old ones wooden toys on scrapyard can have three or more arms for any occasions - where hands are replaced for blades.

    Wood can be dried up and become fragile to sharp damage.
    Any more ideas?
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)03:28 No.17583626
    >> Meccanoid 01/18/12(Wed)03:59 No.17583714
    I don't think clay would work. Clay dries out. Plasticine would be fine though.

    That said, I reckon that plasticine characters wouldn't be too smart. They're a special kind of mud. They'd be slow. Not like retard, but just slow. Like they could reach the same conclusions as others, but it'd take longer.

    >They are invulnerable to regular attacks
    That's a bit misleading. They take damage, but don't die unless they're very dirty.

    I like that. Nothing else comes to mind, except that the water damage thing should be more of an ambient thing. Example: Take X rot damage every Y hours when wet
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)04:20 No.17583769
    Not always rot when wet - for wood small amount of water is essential from time to time (if they lacquer is gone)

    And Wooden toys sometimes harder to learn than plastic, but with big memory. And that because they can be a historians or archivists.

    About fractions - Wooden toys i think likes to stick together, because outside wooden villages they quickly become clubs or fire (Wood are more classy than plastic, and rarer dumped). So in backwater outskirts lives in a small villages, or like a crazy hermits
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)05:11 No.17583967
         File1326881472.jpg-(244 KB, 556x600, dude....jpg)
    244 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)05:25 No.17583991
         File1326882322.jpg-(115 KB, 1024x768, IMG_0228.jpg)
    115 KB
    Hey guys, /toy/soldier here but I lurk some. Army men are one of my hobbies, thought I'd chip in a little inspiration.

    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)08:03 No.17584524
         File1326891783.jpg-(194 KB, 1280x1100, 17 -.jpg)
    194 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)09:07 No.17584724
    are we having it that toys function as their real world equivalent would? So toy cars can drive themselves and toy planes fly despite not having proper airfoils and engines and so on?
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)09:21 No.17584766
         File1326896501.gif-(92 KB, 396x250, FiguresGroupPic2a.gif)
    92 KB
    These mother fuckers rule the night.

    Very rare, to the point were many say they don't even exist. Just a scary legend to tell new toys that arive at The Yard.
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)09:31 No.17584789
    That's a tough one. I've seen good arguments for both sides. I like >>>>itsmagicicIaintgottaexplainshit.jpg so guns shoot, hotwheels cars drive, planes fly, etc. but I see the downfall to this as well, Superman toys would rule them all.

    I think it could just be handled fluff wise. Supermen toys (and thier likes) consider themselves as gods and don't give a shit.
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)12:06 No.17585430
    >> General Plastro 01/18/12(Wed)12:58 No.17585668
    My idea stems that they aren't new, but newer than some of the other stuff (K'nex launched in '93). They're very much an established power in The Yard, but have not had clear motives other than to war with the LEGiOn.
    Changing the Barbie Republic as I type.
    >> General Plastro 01/18/12(Wed)13:15 No.17585770
    Sorry about double posting, but we established earlier in the thread about the fact that they're all just normal toys.
    They don't bleed and they don't breathe. Their guns don't fire bullets. However, the only thing we have in terms of toy cars so far are RC cars. As for things like Matchbox/Hotweels, I've got no clue if we're including them.
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)13:56 No.17585979

    Clay kingdom all the way.
    >> Bigfoot 01/18/12(Wed)14:30 No.17586218
    bamp, lets get rollan' again
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)14:32 No.17586230
    I brought them up in the first thread. It's been listed on the second reply. The first three things on the list actually.
    >> General Plastro 01/18/12(Wed)14:43 No.17586303
    Yeah, I know. I was simply stating the fact that we have nothing on them, seeing as our current car section is about RCs and we only mention Tonka Trucks in passing.
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)15:41 No.17586781
    Well, let's bring them all together. Not as a faction, but maybe things that apply to all vehicle type toys, like issues with terrain, mentalities, places in the world.
    We know that while independent, they often work as couriers. They should be able to move on their own, RCs generally being the fastest with decent carrying strength, but become incredibly sluggish when their batteries run dry. Tonka and similar are the generally slowest, but have a wide range of abilities, depending on what they are (Dump Trucks are the best haulers, Graders maintain the roadways, etc), Hot Wheels are slow off the tracks, but get to a good mid-speed on. If speed boosters and hills are along the track, they can even surpass RCs, but they have near non-existent carrying capacity.
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)16:02 No.17586971
         File1326920522.jpg-(113 KB, 1024x768, 1970 Mighty Tonka II.jpg)
    113 KB
    After posting, I find this thing!
    >> General Plastro 01/18/12(Wed)16:02 No.17586979
    That might work pretty well.
    >> General Plastro 01/18/12(Wed)16:06 No.17587019
    Whoa, did we just hivemind?
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)16:22 No.17587177
    This thread is good, and you all should be proud of yourselves.
    >> General Plastro 01/18/12(Wed)16:42 No.17587327
    We need some more writefaggotry and legends. I've got little imagination at the moment.
    >> Meccanoid 01/18/12(Wed)19:45 No.17588729
    I think that sounds reasonable.
    >> Bigfoot 01/18/12(Wed)20:29 No.17589016
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)20:34 No.17589051
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)20:36 No.17589059
    HEY dats pretty interdasting
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)20:37 No.17589069
    Middle ground between RC and Action Figure.
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)20:49 No.17589179
    are they still doing their old Decpticon vs Autobot war or has the junk yard changed their allegiances?
    >> Meccanoid 01/18/12(Wed)21:09 No.17589368
    Not quite RC. I mean, I haven't seen any transformer toys that were actually battery operated.
    More middle ground between action figure and any other non-powered car toy.

    There are possibilities for both. Remember that the toys do have the memory of being played with, etc.
    >> We're not finished yet guys. Meccanoid 01/18/12(Wed)21:21 No.17589466
    Ok so, we've got factions pretty much down.

    I think we should separate types of toys from factions; toys aren't necessarily bound to them. We need to get the info on plush toys, wooden toys and plasticine toys as well as details on the plastic ones.

    I'm also not sure about the whole 'Lego empire melting down toys to make more bricks.'

    Remember that _not all plastic melts;_ There are two types of plastic:
    Thermosoftening and thermosetting.

    Thermosoftening plastic, as the name might imply, turn soft and then liquify when heated.

    Thermosetting plastic can not be liquefied.

    Different toys are made of different types. As a kid I had a plastic table. One day it was left next to the heater. The legs started softening and the whole thing deformed.

    Then there are those that don't. I'm sure you've left toys outside on a hot day and the only thing that happens to them is maybe a bit of sun bleaching. Those toys are thermosetting. They can not be melted down and recast.

    That aside, making a cast would be a bitch.
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)21:58 No.17589819
    hmmm, could that be represented by say a "fire resistant" perk normally flamable toys can take (so a plstic toy with it is thermosetting, a wooden toy has a thick layer varnish or something, the soft toy is made of leather not cloth and so on).
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)22:13 No.17589943
    It just seemed that all vehicle types were being tossed together with RC at the time.

    This depends on if we want to get that realistic.
    The only actual factions are Lego, Knex, Army Men, and Barbie. Others either how they choose or under the subjugation of one of the major powers.

    Ragdolls- Many of these are the oldest plushes of the dump with manufactured toys becoming more and more common. Their very nature of being stitched together from scraps of cloth, they are immune to the effects of reconstruction. But being homemade, their stitching has a higher chance of coming undone over time. They do not resent those made in factories, but rather pity, because they cannot indefinitely reconstruct themselves when their fabric rots.

    Can anyone get stuff animals?
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)22:15 No.17589956
    Must have changed thoughts mid sentence.
    Others choose how they live, or live under---
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)22:27 No.17590035
    stuffed animals would just be a varient of plushies. Maybe with less intelligence but better physical stats
    >> Bigfoot 01/18/12(Wed)22:41 No.17590153
    Making a cast isn't really too hard. it can be done with clay and legos, even. Also, what you brought up about the different types of plastic is a good point. Maybe we can have them melt down and brickify the ones that can be melting while enslaving/scrapping the ones that can't?
    >> Anonymous 01/18/12(Wed)23:53 No.17590736
         File1326948835.jpg-(36 KB, 364x400, commandabot.jpg)
    36 KB
    This just popped out all of a sudden from the Knex section of the document.
    With so little information on them, most of the Discarded are worried that something dark is brewing.

    If we are going with the semi-sentient/sapient trading cards, something which a legend could be based on is a shoebox filled with some of the oldest baseball cards.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)00:29 No.17590951
    So the junkyard is a crapsack world of warring factions of various flavors of douchebag, diabolic cults hidden in the recesses of the trash mounds, wandering heaps of monstrous flesh-clay and roving monster-toys bereft of purpose?

    There seems to be only a few 'good' guys, like the Playmobil rebels and perhaps the occasional altruistic plush toy. And the Hot Wheels acting as couriers for whatever reason.

    I've heard the Erectors being talked of as being the progenitors of some sort of Golden Age. Perhaps we could use this? The K'nex likewise have been mostly forgotten in thread as 'something that was supposed to rival LEGiOn in power'. How about tie them to the Erectors?
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)00:42 No.17591028

    Here's my idea:

    Long ago, The K'nex, they once thought themselves to be a rival power to LEGiOn, back when it was still pulling itself into the empire it is now. They fought them several times, but ultimately lost and realized they couldn't fight such a behemoth. So they decided to outwit them. Today they are a weird combination of publics works contractors and arms dealers. Other factions or communities contact them when they need something built. Bridges and building frames are especially common. More complex things are occasionally seen in larger cities. They have a working partnership with Meccano and, through them, the Alpha-Cars of the Hot Wheels Packs and Matchbox Gangs. They use this network for information on the goings on around them in an effort to find a way to subvert LEGiOn and topple their brick empire.

    Their reason comes from the discovery of an ancient Erector site (something small, like a single building) and the uncovering of legends about their Golden Age. They see themselves and the Meccano as the inheritors of the Erectors and wish to bring about a revolution through the building of public works. Eventually they hope to seed enough K'nex throughout the 'yard and then submit themselves to it, forming a god-like plastic and steel consciousness dedicated to peace. The Meccano see them as fanatical but ultimately good-intentioned, and other toys see them as an organization for good. They have the occasional sanctuary site for damaged, abandoned, or lonely toys and administer to their needs. They have built up a sizable credit of goodwill with the dispossessed.

    They also build and maintain a sizable number of weapons, which they sell to the Army Men and LEGiOn in an effort to keep the two distracted long enough for them to complete their plan.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)00:58 No.17591113
    > forming a god-like plastic and steel consciousness dedicated to peace.
    that just gave me an idea, the leader of knex (or perhaps all knex is a hivemind) is a mechanical computer hidden away somewhere underground (perhaps inside that erector building they found and based on some mechanism that was found inside.) Major works are in fact linked to it through underground passages and draw their mechanical power from it.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)01:08 No.17591181
    Lolwut, the Playmobil writefaggotry's missing a paragraph.

    >I awoke later in the night. The work on the fort had stopped; not a sound crept into our hostel. Suddenly, a scream shattered the night and the door crashed open. In stepped a tall silhouette, a bolt-less crossbow held in his hand.
    >> Meccanoid 01/19/12(Thu)01:18 No.17591236
         File1326953887.jpg-(217 KB, 480x534, 1277729928782.jpg)
    217 KB
    FUCK. YES. Everything you said, I love it.
    >pic related

    Yeah, good points here. I'm gonna go sort out the toy car faction and make a heading for toy types separate from factions.

    I dunno, the cast would be passable, but the resulting bricks would certainly be sub-par.

    As for enslaving and that; I think there needs to be more discussion.

    I was thinking that not all of the yard (is it a yard or a dump? It was originally a garbage dump... We need to get our terminology straight.)

    ANYWAY, I don't think that all of the yard is under the rule of a faction. Sure, the factions would control some of the best parts; but in my mind there would be a lot of unaligned 'villages' as well as towns controlled by local toy mafia, with their own godfather type thing.
    Example, there might be a few towns scattered around with their own plush toy bosses with names like The Bearfather, Big Ted or Ol' Fuzz.

    Fire resistant or just removing the fire vulnerability. Both work.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)01:28 No.17591298
         File1326954503.jpg-(64 KB, 617x232, 26.jpg)
    64 KB
    Ok, so I'm super late to this conversation and I'm not sure if the army man situation has been decided, but here's my 2 cents that no one cares about.

    Army men are, by their very nature, the most DISPOSABLE of all the toys. They can't repair themselves without turning into horrid monstrosities (no connecting joints, only able to sauder/melt themselves back together), but there are always, ALWAYS going to be a fuck ton of them. The issue is that they're not going to be the best soldiers, sure they may have a tank or some barbed wire here and there, but most of them are not tank drivers or pilots. The best they have in specialists are the scouts with binoculars, radio guys, and mine sweepers. Every one else is mostly infantry.

    There are hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of factions of army guys, if they banded together, it would surely be a force to be reckoned with but can they band together? I think not. It seems that matching colors would feel some sort of affinity, but if it isn't the same type of army guy then it is impossible to get along, or possibly even to understand each other.

    So you have roving bands of armed forces that exist only to wipe out the other existing bands of different colored army men. Basically Army men are Gone with the Blastwave.
    >> Meccanoid 01/19/12(Thu)01:36 No.17591362
    I have absolutely no problem with this.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)01:37 No.17591372
    I'm thinking that every setting needs an enemy like kobolds: weak individually but lethat in large numbers. I imagine that a single army man is little to no threat, but a squad is more dangerous, a platoon more dangerous still. The larger the force, the more trouble you're in, and god help you if you meet a battalion. With the proper numbers they're like the army men form Toy Story: preforming recon over long distances and using teamwork to accomplish goals normally impossible for toys their size. Of course, it's easier to spot a thousand of them than it is to spot one, so there's that as well.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)01:40 No.17591388
    >icklyzz the



    Doing some further thinking on the K'nex after reading that computer idea. Perhaps, instead of that, the Erector site they discovered was a still-working mechanical... generator thing? Perpetual motion engine? They figured out how it works from scraps of instruction manual left behind by the Erectors and, rather than falling into worship of it, they looked out on the chaotic state of the Junkyard and felt the need to stop it, especially after their experience with LEGiOn.

    They've scoured the 'Yard for more Erector sites and have scavenged old machines to augment their K'nexian constructions. They have a leader, more of a lead foreman/manager than ruler, and they rule through committee. They have for the most part agreed that the best way to live up to their duties as inheritors of the Erectors is to join with their machines and create a god-consciousness through a mix of half-understood soul dynamics theory and electrical science. Kind of like the blockinesis of LEGiOn and the stories of Army Men feeling connections to their bases even after having them removed.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)01:52 No.17591467
    So they're Army Ants?
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)01:56 No.17591504
    Knex are still just as bad as LEGiOn. If they were to ever gain the upper hand, they'd show their true colors to those who helped them get to that point, starting the melting and enslaving all over again.
    >> Bigfoot 01/19/12(Thu)01:56 No.17591507
    I suggest we make toy cares into packs, of sorts. This would be explained with the reasoning that nobody ever owns just one toy car. So maybe they'd stick together in the group that they were thrown away with.
    Love it. We must develope this further.
    That already seems to be how we want to do it, with periods of unity.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)01:59 No.17591528

    But do they have to be? Why not let them be good guys? Or at least good-intentioned but ill-informed? Why do they have to be evil?
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)02:00 No.17591534
    I just think it's important to emphasize that they are all crazy though. I mean they are leaderless. How many "leader" army guys are there? Very few. So they have squad commanders, or even a field commander now and then. They get damaged, or killed and it's a bunch of army guys who only know how to kill only want to kill out being army guys.

    I think they should be addressed as a combination of nuisance and threat. But absolutely bloodthirsty and crazy.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)02:03 No.17591556
    My preference for them is actually what is written in here.
    >> Meccanoid 01/19/12(Thu)02:21 No.17591663
    This is not 40k. Not everyone is GRIMDARK.
    Yes, this setting is dark, it's not absolute shit.
    I don't want this to end up GRIMDERP THERE IS NO GOOD IN THE WORLD.

    Fuck, come on. Not every toy was maltreated. yes, they were thrown away but a lot of them would have had a good playtime before that.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)02:24 No.17591676
         File1326957869.jpg-(108 KB, 1024x768, image028.jpg)
    108 KB

    >>17583991 here, Army Men could definitely be organized by factions besides color. For example, I have an army of grey British paras/commandos of WW2, and then I have an army of German Afrika Korps, also in grey. It would seem natural enough that they'd remain hostile to each other, despite being of the same color.

    Overall, I can see a very complex system of factions and alliances emerging from the various types of Army Men out there.

    -WW2 Army Men I can see remaining true to their wartime allegiances and enmities, circa mid-war

    -The oft-cloned/copied Vietnam War Army Men (the ones from Toy Story) would be more likely to group by color, having no equivalent foes of note

    -The mixed bag armies that include soldiers from more than one army/historical period, could be more random in deciding how to group themselves

    Army Men can be surprisingly specialized, the common ones you named of course (binoculars, radios, minesweepers), but there's light, medium and heavy machine gunners, anti-tank troops with RPGs or rocket launchers, mortars, flamethrowers, sharpshooters/snipers, grenadiers, designated officers and NCOs, and more.

    Army Men tanks tend to be out of scale with their soldiers for the most part and are assumed to either operated by a never seen internal crew, or are kind of sentient in themselves. Same for aircraft, helicopters, most other vehicles... Towed artillery requires crew to operate, but general infantry can stand in easily.

    And then there's these...
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)02:28 No.17591696
         File1326958129.jpg-(13 KB, 221x216, knexdude.jpg)
    13 KB
    I know this isn't 40k. Never even played it before. It just that the original grimdark direction the first thread was heading in seemed kind of fun.
    >> Bigfoot 01/19/12(Thu)02:31 No.17591713
    I'm going to pretend like I never saw that image due to the absolute absurdity and lack of thought that went into the design of that thing...
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)02:36 No.17591744
         File1326958585.jpg-(126 KB, 1024x768, image002.jpg)
    126 KB
    If it helps, it was originally a MicroMachines design that was (cheaply) copied for packaging with Army Men.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)02:43 No.17591792
         File1326958996.png-(166 KB, 368x251, sargeswar.png)
    166 KB
    Would you thought that when you were seven? We also need to do some minor refluffing to the General, as there is a history of the dump before him, and remember him for the cause of the in-fighting between army men.
    >> Bigfoot 01/19/12(Thu)02:44 No.17591798
    Well, atleast micromachines have the whole world within thing going for them...that thing is just an APC without an engine, crew compartment, or even "functioning" treads..
    Also, how can we include micromachines? Make them like the Rakk and the Hive from Borderlands? Make them into villages and cities that occasionally pack up and move to a new location? What?
    >> Meccanoid 01/19/12(Thu)02:46 No.17591807
    To quote the OP
    >I have been trying to base a game around the Toy story theme, just a bit darker.
    >just a bit darker
    Not complete grimderp.

    What >>17591528 said is totally correct. There isn't a good reason.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)02:49 No.17591829
         File1326959370.jpg-(118 KB, 1024x768, BELIEVE-Jima.jpg)
    118 KB
    Another potential rival to the LEGiOn.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)02:50 No.17591833
    Fuck it. For all I care we can ensure that in the grimdarkness of the junkyard there is only grim darkness

    But let's remember 40k had the Tau. Having that one long shot chance for good doesn't make the setting less grimdark
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)02:50 No.17591835

    "God's Story"

    "Baby's Day Out"

    "Plastic Confederate Soldiers"

    Reminds me of my childhood, only the racism was much more overt in my household.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)02:50 No.17591837
         File1326959440.jpg-(26 KB, 450x376, Micromachines.jpg)
    26 KB
    Micro Machines act as the scavengers of the wasteland roaming in packs.

    They cart the carrion of deceased toys off to some unknown location deep within their labyrinthine, miniature tunnels.

    Nobody knows why they do this, but like crows in our world, their presence is ominously associated with impending death.
    >> Bigfoot 01/19/12(Thu)02:55 No.17591875
    Oh, shit. I never knew they came in packs that weren't the giant cars with a city-type structure within it and a bunch of little cars with it...
    >> Meccanoid 01/19/12(Thu)02:59 No.17591909
    I'm not sure you interpreted my post.
    Now I'm wondering what you originally meant.

    What I'd like to see in terms of 'morality' scale, or scale of noblebright to grimdark is varying shades of grey to black.

    The LEGiOn wouldn't be 'black' evil, just dark dark grey because when you get something that large, Sturgeon's Law comes into effect. But The Great Work of Ruth, that would be BLACK. Real evil.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)02:59 No.17591911

    The two sides gear up for the battle over the newly found stash of lithium ions and double a's. The Stuffed Brigade is at the back, readying their weapons of war, while the green soldiers and the GI Joes in the front exchange cigarettes and once last nip of courage before the battle.

    And, at the edges of the battlefield, the half seen tiny shapes move back and forth, awaiting the carnage to come.

    The Micro Machines will eat well this day.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)03:03 No.17591939
    oh god,laughed so hard.
    >> Bigfoot 01/19/12(Thu)03:05 No.17591955
    "Strike hard and may the CARrion beasts of this field feast well tonight!"
    >> Meccanoid 01/19/12(Thu)03:06 No.17591960
    I've got something possibly better.

    Micromachines are usually part of a larger whole. They follow preset tracks in their larger city-vehicles. They can technically survive on their own but only under favourable conditions

    You know what other things are part of a larger whole? Transistors. Neurons. Bees. They can technically function on their own too...

    To cut to the chase: Micromachines are a hivemind. The large container vehicles are nodes for the hivemind, the smaller micromachines themselves are like data packets, workers, messengers, whatever.
    >> Bigfoot 01/19/12(Thu)03:06 No.17591961
    Also: I read this in the voice of the narrator Spartan of 300...
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)03:06 No.17591964
    I like the GWTB angle for the Army Men, especially referring to each other by colour. Generally speaking Greens are the most common and are usually American, with Tan and Grey Germans being a close second. Vietnam-era Greens are better adjusted, often working as sentries in k'nex-run towns and much-appreciated mechanized infantry amongst the Tonkas.

    WWII Army Men are a little more fanatical, more focused on the Kraut/Americana menace, and actively combat each other. I'd say they wander the Yard in platoons, with larger organized armies often attracting the wrath of LEGiOn.

    Hah, they could work with the GWTB angle and even refer to LEGiOn as 'yellows' with the same fear and respect the comic gives them.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)03:08 No.17591968
    Isn't clay/play-dough already hiveminded?
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)03:08 No.17591971
    My pint is not that there are not specialized guys, there are very FEW specialized guys, especially when you take into consideration that army guys are totally disposable. They are not fixable.

    My issue with your posit that gray english troops would hate gray german troops is this: they are not English or German. They are army guys. They are dudes who kill, the only toy whose sole purpose was to kill and be killed. Never once did any child ever have tea-party with army guys.

    And if we're going on the idea that LEGiOn is all lego, then why is it a stretch that opposing forces in our world would not band together in theirs? For example: if the LEGiOn includes the Aquanauts and Aquasharks (enemies in their own world) Aliens (constantly trying to destroy the earth in EVERY set) and humans, then why would the Krauts care who they were allied with as long as the color was the same?

    This is my stance: the bonding attitude of all Army men is color due to recognizability on the battlefield. All they know is war, all they do is war. They are essentially warring raiders a threat to any peace. Alternatively they are also a bit of comic relief due to their interest only in doing as much violence as possible in new and interesting ways.

    Again I see them more as the armies in GWtBW.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)03:08 No.17591972
         File1326960508.jpg-(30 KB, 447x300, creepy_crawlers.jpg)
    30 KB
    Posted this in the first thread. Similar niche but were active hunters.
    >Creepy Crawlers bug maker. Out in no man's land, one was found, and over time, reconnected to power. A cult of sorts has been formed around it, willing to melt themselves down and be reborn in a superior form. For the smaller plastic toys of the dump, it is recommended not to go out alone after dark, for not all come back.

    MiroMachines are scavengers of the battlefield, Cult of the Bug Maker is a predator of the night.
    >> Bigfoot 01/19/12(Thu)03:09 No.17591975
    Sooo...perhaps we can make them like locusts. Where the larger hive vehicles are nearly always on the move, only stopping for enough time for the smaller vehicles to spread out and strip the area of resources?
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)03:10 No.17591980
    Oh man, their chittery little wheels, I can just imagine them being like the scarabs swarms in The Mummy movies.
    >> Bigfoot 01/19/12(Thu)03:13 No.17591991
    I've asked this once with no response: Is OP still around?
    >> Meccanoid 01/19/12(Thu)03:16 No.17592013
    Someone proposed a clay blob that absorbed other things. Not really a hivemind.

    Maybe? I'd go with it, but what would they DO with anything they collected? How would they collect it? They don't have hands or claws, just wheels.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)03:18 No.17592026
    Are we using either of the current Furbie ideas? Wired together into a massive hivemind/library with no faction messes with, or Tarrasque equivalent.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)03:18 No.17592033
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)03:20 No.17592045
    They just pick it up by pushing it together and making little swarms like ants.

    They could take it to the bigger foldout vehicles for storage, then those vehicles drive away after all the little ones go inside.Nobody knows what they do- is an obvious plot hook, kinda like the black library etc

    Love the chittering wheels/scarabs idea
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)03:20 No.17592047
    Kinda related, I just had a crazy mental image of a swarm of Micro Machines running around inside the skin of a Care Bear, in a similar fashion to the Edgar/Bug from Men In Black.
    >> Bigfoot 01/19/12(Thu)03:21 No.17592051
    I vote for the Tarrasque equivalent. Not only because it's my idea, but also because we need to put some thought to what we could have for monsters and the like.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)03:24 No.17592076
         File1326961479.png-(219 KB, 500x375, woody.png)
    219 KB
    I did laugh when I first read that. One of my monster ideas was him.
    >> Bigfoot 01/19/12(Thu)03:24 No.17592077
    Also, we'd have to decide whether they woud be malevolent or benevolent; as in, would they actively "hunt" other toys while they're out resource stripping or would the biggest threat they pose be them stripping the area around your village of resources (possibly also stripping anything possible from the village itself).
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)03:25 No.17592079
    Perhaps they're a bit like amoeba too, and actually absorb matter through their wheels, and so consume things by literally swarming over them. They could be considered a pest in smaller numbers, leaving tracks everywhere and getting into resource stores...
    >> Bigfoot 01/19/12(Thu)03:27 No.17592097
    That was how I imagined them them doing it. Only I had the imagery of nanobots. Hmm...maybe they could use the stripped resources to multiply/clone themelves like most interpretations of nanobots in fiction
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)03:29 No.17592107
         File1326961790.jpg-(42 KB, 500x336, swarm_escape-708935.jpg)
    42 KB
    This is great
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)03:30 No.17592113
    They'd have to acquire a mold of their own, possibly inside of a large one that's been hollowed out for the most part.
    >> Bigfoot 01/19/12(Thu)03:32 No.17592123
    I was thinking fission, like cells or nanobots of science fiction
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)03:34 No.17592135
    They could cart the plastic pieces off underground to a processing plant ( a giant garbage truck micro machine playset) and they go in one end and come out the other as new mm's
    >> Bigfoot 01/19/12(Thu)03:39 No.17592158
    I'm fine with whatever the majority rule is.
    >> Meccanoid 01/19/12(Thu)03:42 No.17592178
    Someone said it before and I agree with them:
    >I like the idea that there's no "new" toys in the wasteland, just trash.

    The whole setting revolves around "these are toys that kids played with and then threw out."
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)03:43 No.17592190
    I came up with an idea for classifications in character building.
    Start with form, such as vehicle, action figure, animal, etc for general abilities.
    Then material to determine physical strength and weaknesses.
    And then size which has impacts on abilities and strengths, and provides its own weaknesses.
    And lastly powered or not. It's already established that some fully shut down without power, some are greatly weakened without it, and the rest don't have any need for it.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)04:21 No.17592390
    It was in the simple land of Army Men where toys go to war with other toys. The land of colors some call it. In the middle of the night a squad of Green Army Men sit around questioning an old soldier they had only met yesterday. The soldier was green, like Army Men he sat around. He was wrapped in grey cloth, his face partially melted. The group sat around a burning fire, akin to what their kids used to do during the night on camping trips. The grizzled soldier spoke aloud for all to hear, "You boys still fighting the Tans?" One private with a mangled hand answered him, "Nah, we're fighting Greys, Tans signed a truce." The wise soldier scratched the half melted side of his face as he said, "That won't last long." A green soldier who seemed to have been thrown away right after he came out the bag said, "What's your name dude."

    The old veteran shifted in his grey cloak. He said, "Ranger. Just call me, Ranger." One soldier from the group spoke up, "Why you here Ranger? Miss fighting for the Green way?" Ranger shook his head. "No," he stated, "I got a story to tell." Green faces looked at each other with bewilderment. "The story is, I was out there. In the land beyond this one. Where no soldiers of colors fight. Where another empire rules. It's name, is the Brick Empire. I was travelling with a plush toy named Fluffy. Was a stuffed bunny, talked alot about her kid." One soldier interjected, "My kid's mom was a bitch. She said, If I find any toys on the floor I'm throwing them away! The kid accidentally pushed me off his couch and onto the floor, mom didn't even care what happened. She just threw me right out."
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)04:21 No.17592396
    A hand of a fellow soldier was placed on the betrayed Army Man. Ranger continued on with his story, "That's sad. But I'll go back to my story. Now ya see, if you aren't of use to the Legos, they'll put you to work. If your plastic and can melt, into their molds. If your plush, get to work. If your plastic and can't melt, they make you work searching for plastic in the garbage. Fluffy and me got cornered by a group of those single file freaks. We didn't last long. I'm here to tell you boys, there is something out there. And you all, should be afraid of it."
    >> Anonymous 01/19/12(Thu)04:22 No.17592399
    We're in autosage. Shall we make a new thread?
    >> Meccanoid 01/19/12(Thu)04:36 No.17592475
    New Thread

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