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  • File : 1326235417.jpg-(112 KB, 566x800, 4096843860346.jpg)
    112 KB Black knight quest V Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)17:43 No.17493306  
    A bit early never hurt anyone.
    Previous threads:http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?searchall=Black+knight+quest

    >"A mysterious stranger once sold me a magical set of armor. His price was my own flesh and blood. I graciously accepted, for I would sacrifice anything for king and country."

    >"I still remember my own horrid screams as I donned the armor, blood pooling at my feet as my flesh was consumed, and my soul bound."

    You are Sir Hadrian Blackhand, all that remains of a shattered kingdom and her people. Your soul bound to a living suit of armor, and entombed in the fallen capital of your kingdom. Recently however, you have regained your freedom, and set out for find the cause of the apparent cataclysm that rocked the world while you were imprisoned.

    You traveled east, only to find a blasted landscape seared by a massive fire elemental, and the sick cult that worshiped him. Dealing with that, you followed the coast, and were rewarded when you found the city of Grandal, with hopes you can find some information and a home for your charge. The city is not without its troubles however, strange murders are taking place, and evidence seems to point towards the rival God of the area, the water god. Smelling foul magic afoot, you break into the guard componed to try and speak to a witness. You are deeply infureated by what you find.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)17:45 No.17493316

    Living armor (Your body)
    >Arcane hearing(Hear things that aren't normally heard)
    >Arcane sight(See things that are left unseen)
    -If you have read a map of the area, it shall guide you to what location you want to go. Very General.
    >Consume (You can eat things, seems to be at random what works)
    >Creation (Using souls, you can create things)
    >Conversion (Gives items properties of your armor)
    >Flames of manipulation (You are wreathed in fire. Changes depending on your mood. Also has let you become a master of thermodynamics)

    Your Cloak (Crimson)
    >Has hammer space storage. (Enough for half a shark)
    Currently contains a lockbox of treasure

    Glaive (Your weapon, no name currently)
    >Converted into the same material as your body.
    >Blade has a ghostly white glow and can cut through stone
    >Same regenerative properties as your armor.
    >Can imbue it with the fire that surrounds you


    Mercy(Your Horse)
    >A horse you made with the soul of a boy we killed in the entombed city
    >Can use the flames to a lesser extent
    -Uses them to walk on water, and shield his legs from harm. Also, Thermodynamics

    Vengeance (Your metal Snake)
    >Born from the tortured soul of a creature you found in the tower, it begged you for a chance at revenge, to strike down the ones responsible for its plight.
    >Can control her size
    >Very quick (Spring at the old mage quicker than you could even catch)

    Drei(Your interpreter)
    >Vengeance's sister
    >saved her from the tower
    >You have her a convered necklace that lets you mind talk with her
    >Short, brown skin, with green eyes with vertical pupils, sharp teeth and short white hair
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)17:45 No.17493320
    You are mad, no you are infuriated. The rage you felt with the Fire God was childsplay comapred to this. Condeseded literal buring rage violently pours out of you, searing the room with blistering heat. Had the building been made of anything other than stone, it would have combusted rather than going molten and settling, leaving the room charred black and very deformed. That. Mage. Shall. Pay. But first you have a witness to get information from.

    You hear commotion outside the room, there is only one entrance.

    >What is your course of action?
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)17:51 No.17493370
    Perhaps its a bit too early?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)17:51 No.17493373
         File1326235906.jpg-(108 KB, 600x849, Possible Canon.jpg)
    108 KB

    Walk out the door calmly, our attempt at stealth just blew out the fucking window with enough fire to make Hell jealous.

    Also I stole this from google, its my personal image for the Black Knight.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)17:54 No.17493411
    Well he certainly has the cloak right. Its very hard to find black knight images with any cloaks other than black ones.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)17:56 No.17493437
    kick the door and shout at them.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)18:01 No.17493480
    No other actions?
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)18:05 No.17493519
    I suppose not. Writing
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)18:12 No.17493598
    Forcing as much of the fury down as you can, you stride over to the door, and with a quick knock it flies open, startling the three guards, and two servants as your smoldering form steps out of the blackened room.

    One of the servants faints, and the guards flee in the opposite direction shouting about some demon coming to kill them all, the other servant stayed to try to help her friend, but now just has her eyes fixated on your looming figure.

    The place is now most certainly aware of your presents. Things could get difficult now.

    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)18:16 No.17493643
    I'm not playing this quest, but if there's hardly anybody around and you're just getting stupid suggestions, wouldn't pausing be the smarter course of action?
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)18:17 No.17493654
    True enough, I shall try again later on.
    >> tha/tg/uy 01/10/12(Tue)18:17 No.17493659
    Tell the servants before us to show us the way to the dungeon.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)18:17 No.17493661

    i agree.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)18:19 No.17493694
    Oh look, someone who I know plays this. What do you think, pause for now and restart in a little bit?
    >> tha/tg/uy 01/10/12(Tue)18:21 No.17493709
    Fuck that, some of us have been waiting all day for this.

    See what information we can get out of the servants, if it proves fruitless than start moving again, those guards will be back with friends.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)18:22 No.17493722
    Very well, perhaps others shall join in as the night goes on.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)18:23 No.17493745
    Agreeing with this man.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)18:26 No.17493787

    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)18:27 No.17493805
         File1326238060.jpg-(38 KB, 600x800, possible cinderfolk.jpg)
    38 KB
    Wait, can this be Drei? Minus the Weapons and armor.
    >> tha/tg/uy 01/10/12(Tue)18:30 No.17493841
    She looks a bit old. Judging by the way the people in town were treating her, I'd think she would be a young woman at best.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)18:40 No.17493949
    You "eye" glares down at the servant that is not incapacitated, you decide to probe him for the location of where the witness is being held. As someone who works here, surly they would know.


    Your voice does little to contain the bottled inferno contained in plated armor. You can tell do to the growing wet spot flowing out from under the man, he begins gibbering about some pray to the water God, to protect him from this infernal beast. He talks much but does little to answer your questions.


    You demand, it was no question, Vengeance hisses silently. "T....The wench will drown in the infinite waters of our benevolent lord, giver of all life and cleanser of the dirty, we shall wash way all the filth from this wretched city that worships the blasphemous destroyer of cities and crops..." Trailing off he regards your glowing exterior and the destruction that was left in your wake, and seems to see you in a new light.

    Pressing himself against the wall, he says in a quiet steady voice "We have taken her, she will drown on the morrow......" He covers his head while he speaks "Please my lord, I am not worthy of your mighty gaze."

    You can hear what sounds like approaching men, with the "Tink" of metal against metal.

    >What do you do?
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)18:42 No.17493982
    "Young" in whatever way her race ages. She is at least 50 years older than Vengeance. I would put her around maybe looking anywhere from 18-23, but she has a slim build that made you mistake her for a child. Shes about the average height of other women around here.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)18:43 No.17493998

    time to exit stage right?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)18:43 No.17493999

    Go from hell fire to Colder than the abyss immediately, Ice crystals hanging off our armor type cold. Calmly walk away from the approaching guards.

    That should scare the piss out of him even more.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)18:46 No.17494028
    So what exactly are we doing?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)18:47 No.17494040

    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)18:48 No.17494046
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)18:48 No.17494048
    I mean like, do that with the cold, then out the window, walk out the front door, what do you want to do?
    >> tha/tg/uy 01/10/12(Tue)18:48 No.17494057
    We go Cold, and call for Mercy to meet us outside. We exit through the same window we entered, in a most dramatic fashion.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)18:49 No.17494072

    cold then out the window.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)18:50 No.17494079
    After all that hard work climbing up the building in the first place. Oh well.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)18:55 No.17494122

    There is a difference between entering a building to interrogate someone stealthily, and busting the door down and letting them get away.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)19:01 No.17494199
    Kill him as he seems to be a cultist of the water god, scare the shit out of the guards and disappear into the night with fog
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)19:05 No.17494256
    Still glaring at the coward in front of you, the approaching commotion makes you consider your viable options. Taking the less bloody of the two, you turn to head back into the room, but not before turning and letting lose the cold relentless fury of winter around you. The servant cried out to the sudden change, and the collision of the cold air and still hot air from the charred room made for near instant fog, pouring out of the room like some kind of otherworldly portal. Pointing to the man, you give a warning.


    Stepping into the cloud without even bothering to see his reaction, you make a running leap through the window, and thanks to the architecture of this city now being built for someone your size, you manage to clear the small space in between the building and wall surrounding it, and land in the ally on the other side.

    Quickly pulling your cloak back over your head, and removing the spikes that had once again exploded out of your exterior. With that you switch your fire back off and steal out into the night, before someone notices you creeping about.

    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)19:06 No.17494266

    i say we punch his skull in, he is scum, not worthy of our glaive.
    then turn in the direction of approaching, start walking towards them, with each step, our pace faster, until we are charging at them, when we see them, roar at the top of our "lungs" and start the slaying!

    note, while going towards them, we should turn up the flames
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)19:07 No.17494279

    lets get back to tavern.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)19:07 No.17494282
    damn my slow typing!
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)19:08 No.17494299
    Why are you guys so keep just to cleave and smite tonight? They are just town guards.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)19:10 No.17494326
    head back to the tavern, check on drei. we'll begin the search for this wicked cult's lair tomorrow in earnest.
    >> tha/tg/uy 01/10/12(Tue)19:11 No.17494338
    This. They have done nothing to deserve the punishment we dole out. Head back to the tavern and check on Deri, then we should look over the map of the docks as that is likely where the 'water cultists' are hiding out.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)19:13 No.17494361
    Heading back to the tavern it is.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)19:28 No.17494533
    >Playing Dark Souls for a while
    >"Oh! I forgot about Black Knight quest! Let's what they are doing"
    >People want to kill town guards and servants

    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)19:31 No.17494562
    With the ruined chance at information, you decide to return to the tavern. The trek seems longer than it did before, and your mind keeps wondering back to the books and what they could mean, to see if there is something you missed. Had there been any history books in the room, perhaps more accurate information would have been avaiable, but there is the possibility that the continent has been lost for so long, history became myth. But you knew what it was, history is written by the victors, as sad truth you have come to know. Your people lost.

    The moon is height now, it is very late when you finally return to the tavern, with spars company. Part of you wished you could indulge in the pleasures of the drink, to help escape these depressing truths.

    Nodding to the barkeep, you silently return to your room where you are greeted by light snores. Sitting by the window, for the first time since your entombment, the reality of the situation seems to kick in. Everyone you have ever known or loved are long dead, home wiped off the face of the earth. Even if any of your family had children, you wondered if your line had even managed to escape the horrible cataclysm.

    And so your thoughts trailed on, thinking of the past and what it means for the future, waiting for morning to come.

    >What shall you do in the morning?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)19:33 No.17494578

    We lost track of the water cult, so I think the best we can do is start the search for Drei's new home
    >> tha/tg/uy 01/10/12(Tue)19:35 No.17494602
    We should ask her about what she found out about the Cinderfolk in the city in the morning.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)19:36 No.17494616

    i agree with these.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)19:40 No.17494660
    We could try to transform Vengeance into a raven let him scout for us, it would make our 'life' much easier
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)19:40 No.17494663
    Very well. You know, your probably don't need to find her a family to stay with as much as a house or something. Remember shes at least more than 50 years old. Just throwing that out there, but I'm sure some of her own kind would make her feel more comfortable
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)19:42 No.17494687

    I'm mostly worried about the grudges against her kind in this city, we shouln`t leave her unless we see that cinderfolk here can live fairly normal lifes.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)19:45 No.17494727
    i don't think they can, considering the guards from the city gates.

    find her a place outside the city perhaps? would definitely be safer for her in some regards.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)19:47 No.17494749
    rolled 21 = 21


    Given that the city is somewhat racist against the Cinderfolk, there must be a Cinder Quarter. I'm sure she'll have no trouble fitting in, so long as she doesn't talk too much about us.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)19:49 No.17494771

    That would be enough for me, if she at least lives near her people we can leave her, what happens next will depend on her.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)20:07 No.17494993
         File1326244077.jpg-(234 KB, 443x1069, waiting quietly.jpg)
    234 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)20:09 No.17495018
         File1326244193.jpg-(76 KB, 586x446, 19845614367.jpg)
    76 KB

    Is that time already?
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)20:10 No.17495024
    You spent the remainder of the night reading through all the books that you had consumed, though most of it was just stories, there were other interesting things like guard rosters, patrol paths, inventory, among other things.

    You are soon pulled out of your reading by the rustling of sheets, and a loud yawn and stretch. Looking sleepily over at you, Drei scratches her head while smiling "Its the first time I've even slept in a bed this comfy." Sniffing the air she comments on what must be for breakfast and starts getting dressed. Your own daughter had looked around her age, you thought as you watched her, still feeling rather depressed from the revelation last night. Shaking the feeling off, you ask her about what she found last night, if anything.

    Sitting back on the bed, she gave her report. "Well sir, there seems to be much unrest in the city, a sect of the Water God seems to have infiltrated the city, and are waging a holy war against the devote of the true God of Fire..." She continues on as if reading it from a script "...At least thats what the shouting man in the market said." You bring a palm to your head, she spent the night listen to the ramblings of some doomsayer.

    >What shall you ask her?
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)20:11 No.17495038
    Sorry about that.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)20:12 No.17495048

    Ask about other cinderfolk
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)20:14 No.17495069
    I figured as much, just giving anyone else the option of asking her other things.
    >> tha/tg/uy 01/10/12(Tue)20:20 No.17495131
    Anything else about the 'Water God's' followers would help too.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)20:26 No.17495192
    Waving away her confused look, you think to yourself you are going to have to do something about her naivety before you part ways, you ask her about any other Cinderfolk she found in the city. With that she exploded into smiles "I've never SEEN so many of my kind before, not only that, but all the ones I saw all had respectable jobs like shop keeps and members of the clergy! Though one baker admitted that our kind were not permitted in political positions here."

    She finished and continued sitting expectantly for you. You ask her about the Water God cult. Putting a finger to chin, she ponders for a second "I admit I don't know much more than what I overheard from the market, but I heard two men speaking in hushed tones about some strange activity around the one of the warehouses in the harbor."

    With that, she excused herself to go get some breakfast.

    >What shall you do?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)20:29 No.17495232

    we head off to the harbor and kill some cultists.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)20:29 No.17495234
    So, just to make this clear. We let the water guys drown the girl they had taken?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)20:29 No.17495235

    Hmm... This are good news, we can leave he in this city once we deal with the water god cult.

    How much money do we have? From the orc ship's treasure. Will she need to work after we go? If so we need to find something that she can do.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)20:33 No.17495270
    An entire lockbox of gems and other shiny things. There are some silver dinnerware, coins, and jewelry. You aren't sure what the currency is like around here though.
    Probably, unless they haven't already.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)20:34 No.17495287

    Well then! leave Drei in the inn, take Vengeance and Mercy to the harbor.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)20:36 No.17495303
    >Probably, unless they haven't already.
    Ugh. Nothing we could do about it, like find another of their followers and squeeze him/her for information? We already had a hint towards a location that sounded pretty distinctive for their could

    Well, if it's toolate anyway. I guess I'll just read the archive tomorrow.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)20:38 No.17495329
    You guys just wanted to get out of there and go back to the tavern. I asked if you wanted to do anything else.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)20:39 No.17495345

    do we know who's in charge of this city?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)20:39 No.17495349
    Today's audience seems rather herp-derp. I'll just go to bed and read the train wreck this wild end up as tomorrow. It's not your fault, but damn...
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)20:40 No.17495351
    Very well, TO THE HARBOR
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)20:40 No.17495361


    Time for >>17495018
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)20:40 No.17495364
    A King Kaden.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)20:41 No.17495377

    we should find out his views on cinder folk at some point.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)20:42 No.17495384
         File1326246124.jpg-(187 KB, 1200x1500, 89388affdd9d116be439c2984102a6(...).jpg)
    187 KB
    Looking for some picture for Drei.
    How about this one?
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)20:53 No.17495517
    Gathering your thoughts, you stand and exit the room soon after Drei. Passing through the crowded tavern as best as you can, you overhear some sobbing man talking about "How he was almost killed by one of the Flame Gods angels, which glowed a fiery red yet was as cold as a northern winter." Quickening your pace, you hear the man also say he is having a severe crisis of faith right now. You spy Drei from across the room, and she waves to you.

    Nodding, you step out into the once more crowded street. Reunited with Mercy, he tells you that he was brushed and feed, although unnecessary, he still appreciated the gesture. With that, you mount and carefully tread through the crowd towards the harbor.

    Luckily you were not stopped by any guards on your way, but many of them looked incredibly uneasy. But finally, after almost two hours of trying to not step on anybody, you reach what could only be the harbor.

    Just as you were trying to decide where to search, you hear a scream. Quickly kicking Mercy into a trot, people dive out of the way as you head to the source of the noise, only to find an emaciated corpse of what looked to be a woman.

    You found the witness.

    >What do you do?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)20:55 No.17495534
    little too young in my opinion, but not bad.

    she isnt a cat person though
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)20:55 No.17495535
    I like it, but are those ears on top of her head?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)20:56 No.17495542

    Inspect her and the surroundings.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)20:57 No.17495555

    can we use arcane sight too help notice anything useful?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)20:57 No.17495559
    >>What do you do?

    Start killing everybody in the city until we get the right one.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)20:58 No.17495572
         File1326247128.jpg-(328 KB, 2000x1500, 040041645c900f926ca1d3537dd9fb(...).jpg)
    328 KB
    Yeah but she also has a picture with a big BLACK ARMORED CREATURE (not much of a knight unfortunately) and holding some kind of GLAIVE.
    I found it oddly fitting.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)20:59 No.17495581
    You might be able to see something.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)21:02 No.17495610
    That IS oddly fitting.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:02 No.17495611
    Use arcane sight/hearing to track the murderer.
    If only we had supernatural sense of smell, we could be an damn bloodhound.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)21:03 No.17495627
    Sadly one needs a nose for smell. Alright, using arcane vision and inspecting the body to see if we can find where the murderer went.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:05 No.17495659
    Do you want me to post the other pics of her? I have a few more.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)21:06 No.17495671
    By all means, perhaps it will attract some more players or people with differing opinions.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:07 No.17495679
    But we totally doesn't need eyes and ear for sight and hearing, right? :p
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:07 No.17495681
    in that pic it doesn't look like she has cat ears....

    maybe she just has a rather unruly mop of hair on her head?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:08 No.17495699
         File1326247725.jpg-(216 KB, 1800x1500, e4aec6ad3c799cce3fcb83cdcb57bc(...).jpg)
    216 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:10 No.17495716
    >Arcane hearing(Hear things that aren't normally heard)
    >Arcane sight(See things that are left unseen)
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:13 No.17495760
    we have two glowing red orbs for eyes, so we can see

    hearing... perhaps we can feel sound vibrations through the suit of our armor? best not think about it. it's magic, we ain't gotta explain shit. plus i think the reason we don't have a sense of smell is because it wouldn't be rather important to a magically constructed guardian of a long dead kingdom.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:13 No.17495769
         File1326248034.jpg-(204 KB, 1500x2000, 4792e295be7143367b212ab23946d7(...).jpg)
    204 KB
    Yeah I don't think she have cat ears, the artist just wanted to give her that kind of haircut.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:16 No.17495788
         File1326248175.jpg-(181 KB, 1200x1500, f92e82f3abc28047ecb6387324b48c(...).jpg)
    181 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:16 No.17495793
    rolled 61 = 61


    My, but I am late for the beginning of the quest.

    Anyways, let's go check out the warehouses, a corpse is of no use to us. Perhaps we should dismount Mercy around the back of the first warehouse we find, not too far and not on the main road.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:17 No.17495803
    Also, cinderfolk are dark-skinned cat-people? I'm okay with this.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:17 No.17495804
         File1326248266.jpg-(114 KB, 1200x1500, c959ace10733c5dc485ac4f2c20528(...).jpg)
    114 KB
    One more to go.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:19 No.17495822
         File1326248344.jpg-(154 KB, 1200x1500, 66b06def405f186355032706fb42fe(...).jpg)
    154 KB
    And done.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)21:20 No.17495837
    Inspecting the corpse, you use your arcane sight to see if there is any magical residue left after whatever spell was used. You can see stray bits of the cast floating, but you can't make any sense of what it is, you are no mage.

    Instead you try a different approach, focusing on you hearing. It is hard to pick out anything with the jumble of noise from the harbor, but in the chaotic sound, you manage to pick up ragged breathing and the sound someone running into some thing wooden, knocking them over. The murderer was running, and he was still close.

    Setting off at gallop, you keep focused on the sound, ignoring the curses of the people you nearly run over. To the front, you see a robed man running very quickly crash into another man unloading boxes from a ship, only to take off again once recovering.

    Gaining on him, the robed figure soon turns to the thundering of hooves, only to try and run faster than his legs would take him. Luckily for him, he could turn quicker and he ducked into an ally. Luckily for you, you notice looking down the narrow ally, was that it was a dead end.

    Dismounting Mercy, you stand at the entrance, baring the only means of escape.

    >What do you do?
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)21:22 No.17495861
    Now that I think about it, they do sound like catpeople, minus the furry parts. I was going for something like brownskinned elves with pointy teeth, but that works.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:23 No.17495870

    Say nothing. As we approach, pull the cloak back and set our spikes out, make the ground bubble from heat. Stare him down until he breaks, then ask why he ran.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:23 No.17495875

    we get information from this monster.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:24 No.17495885
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)21:24 No.17495886
    > magically constructed guardian

    No...we are some poor guy who put on a suit of armor that destroyed our body and bound our soul.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:26 No.17495912
    I say we stow him, take him some place more quiet so we don't get interupted. Last thing a interrogation needs is distractions and being rushed.

    Any abandoned areas we could take him if he were stashed in the cloak?
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)21:28 No.17495932
    Not that you know of, the allyway is empty save for yourselves though, probably the closest place you will find.
    >> tha/tg/uy 01/10/12(Tue)21:30 No.17495952
         File1326249031.jpg-(107 KB, 654x421, Guts Slasher Smile.jpg)
    107 KB
    "Water God. Talk."
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:32 No.17495977
         File1326249150.jpg-(218 KB, 500x800, 56cfae456741670076d0d53a7942a7(...).jpg)
    218 KB
    Found another good one.
    It's surprisingly hard to find pictures of little white haired brown girl that are not catgirl or well.. porn.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:32 No.17495978
         File1326249156.jpg-(102 KB, 724x1102, wildlings.jpg)
    102 KB
    Hey, how about this chick?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:33 No.17495988
    Ok, this will work. Ask Mercy for some fog and a little warning if he hears someone coming.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:33 No.17495991
    Fuck, realised she has long hair. Not good.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:36 No.17496024
    >Dark skin
    >Green eyes with vertical pupils
    >pointed teeth
    >pointed ears

    this is what cinder folk physical features are, correct?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:36 No.17496032
    >he thinks that's a girl
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:38 No.17496043
    Enough with wondering what Drei looks like.

    We won't be seeing much of her after we are done with this city anyway.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:39 No.17496059
    >little white haired brown girl that are not catgirl
    I see you've met Blade
    >or well.. porn
    In his many forms
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:39 No.17496063
         File1326249559.jpg-(70 KB, 400x800, 1dc30e62e51513c3a31688f86284af(...).jpg)
    70 KB
    It's tagged as a girl by the artist on pixiv,
    Alright last one, I don't want to derail this thread.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:40 No.17496077
         File1326249601.jpg-(396 KB, 620x877, black_knight_and_companion.jpg)
    396 KB
    hey, what about the chick next to the knight?
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)21:40 No.17496091
    Striding down the length of the alley, you can here the man cursing "...Was so CLOSE...Just need one MORE..." Turning, he didn't see you coming. He saw a wall of fog blocking the exit, creeping slowly towards him. Erupting out of the fog, you cause the man to fall backwards against the stone wall.

    Planting your Glaive in the ground, and remembering what the other water follower had said in the bar, you gave yourself a burning red glow. The fear in his eyes was evident as was the shock and awe that his Gods enemy would send a champion after him.


    The man looked as though he was about to faint, but he still refuses to speak. Some more...."creative" ideas might be required.

    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:41 No.17496103

    That is actually quite perfect.

    And for some reason I FULLY expect some shit to go down in this city that will absolutely fuck with our mental stability if we decide to just leave her here.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:42 No.17496107
    See, there is one problem with all of this: How the hell do we talk to people in a normal fashion without a mouthpiece? Someone last night said that our voice sounds like a rusty threshing machine processing souls. While great for interrogation, not so great for less...intrusive methods of information gathering.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:42 No.17496112
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:42 No.17496114

    freeze him too the wall.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:43 No.17496123

    He is tiny. We have huge hands. Grab his neck with one, tight enough to cause discomfort but weak enough to not choke him (unless we want to). Start snapping fingers, while increasing the heat of our hand around his neck very slowly. Repeat our demand with every finger.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)21:43 No.17496128
    Yes, that is correct.
    Sort of.
    You know, I thought the same thing when I first saw that image, shes even around the right height.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:43 No.17496136

    Pump out so much cold (or heat if you deem heat to be more acceptable) to freeze / melt the bricks surrounding us and in the quietest voice me can muster "Don't force me to ask again"
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:44 No.17496144
    We envelope our left hand with hot flames and burn his arm by grabbing it.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:44 No.17496150




    We still have Vengeance with us, even if she's a metal serpent, we can use her in the strange case we need to talk, she also won`t die so easily.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:44 No.17496152

    It's settled then.


    Is our canon Hadrian / Drei image.

    Cool beans.
    >> Archivist 01/10/12(Tue)21:46 No.17496174
    Can we bring up cold fire in one hand and hot in the other?
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)21:47 No.17496181
    Why do people keep talking about Vengeance being our interpreter? The only way she talked with Drei was by coiling around her. I've yet to write something where either Mercy or Veng. have outwardly spoken to anyone.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)21:49 No.17496202
    You know, we don't have that much control over the flames, we can't shoot them. He would die if you made it that cold.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:49 No.17496210
    I guess I imagined her more childish than she is.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:51 No.17496226
    yeah, i don't understand it either... anyways

    demand to know where his "god" is. How many of his followers are there? and ask him if he would like death by blade, fire, or ice.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:51 No.17496228
    A little much. Screams of agony contain little information. Start light. We have time.

    Ask Vengeance to bind him, tightly but don't cause injury. Take the guy down.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)21:51 No.17496231
    She does look younger, but I can't help notice the similarities, like the height and green eyes.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:52 No.17496240

    Hadrian only saw her as a child because we are fucking monstrously tall.

    The tallest people in this city barely come up to our chest.

    OP described her as Hadrian saw her.

    Hell I fully suspect that on Mercy we are taller than the average house.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)21:54 No.17496265
    We were tall enough to be able to reach up and climb over the wall of the guard compound if we wanted. I'm amazed we can fit in buildings.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:56 No.17496284

    So...using a real-world myth example.

    We could go toe-to-toe with the Minotaur and be about the same size.
    >> Archivist 01/10/12(Tue)21:56 No.17496297

    Might as well try this....

    I suggest that at first we use heat then cold on one place on this persons body maybe a leg... Enough to cause severe pain... We keep doing this until they break or pass out from the pain either way... When we break them we start talking and make our voice a pants-shittingly scary as possible...

    That is all we say but when we do so the glaive's blade is by their head and we wait for an answer
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:57 No.17496302

    Now I fully understand why everyone seems to piss themselves when they see us coming their way.

    Our Glaive was oversized for us to begin with, but how big is oversized for a dude THAT large?
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)21:57 No.17496308
    So whats the verdict on the interrogation?
    Also, good to see you friend.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:58 No.17496327

    I had a mental image of a tall guy wielding a fucking guillotine blade on a long metal pole.

    I chuckled but not for long.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)21:58 No.17496328

    can we absorb him like the books?
    >> Archivist 01/10/12(Tue)21:59 No.17496334
    Sorry I am so late running a 102 fever so I am in bed had to find my netbook
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:00 No.17496355

    get well soon.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:00 No.17496356

    Oh for the love of...


    Just stand there, he can`t possibly escape
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:01 No.17496365
    We don't have that kind of control. We can physically dominate him to such an extent that it probably won't matter.

    So, my vote is still get Vengeance to bind him, and approach slowly.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)22:01 No.17496369
    Sorry to hear that

    So are we just going to try and look intimidating as possible, while glaring so hard we see his soul billowing cold and fire at him until he breaks?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:02 No.17496380
         File1326250964.jpg-(125 KB, 507x799, Knight_Cross.jpg)
    125 KB
    Efficient torture is 90% intimidation, 10% bodily harm.
    I suggest we make a demonstration of the Fire God power (flaming hand or something) and then something along the lines of:

    Then and only if it doesn't work, we start hurting him (although it'll be wiser to move him first somewhere more discreet).
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:03 No.17496384

    Pretty much.


    Stroke one of our weapons lovingly. Glaive or sword it doesn't matter.
    >> Archivist 01/10/12(Tue)22:03 No.17496386
    sounds about right... was hoping we could heat/cool the suit but maybe I dont understand the power well enough
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:04 No.17496395

    Yes, too much heat/and fire trickery is starting to annoy me, let's go back to the basics.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:04 No.17496396
    Still saying bind him with Vengeance, approach and ask again. With a little more insistence, perhaps.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)22:05 No.17496412
    Alright, going to start writing now.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:06 No.17496421
    We need to find something that we can carry around to sharpen our weapon, it doesn't matter if it actually works we just need it.
    It might not do shit physically but it will do wonders when we try to intimidate people, imagine a huge black knight sharpening a glaive while staring into your soul.
    >> Archivist 01/10/12(Tue)22:08 No.17496434
    I am going to second this because even standing next to someone taller sharpening a knife is scary IRL
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:08 No.17496439
    Bind him with Vengeance, approach him, and ask again:

    "Tell me about the Water God, or I will have to make you do so."
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:09 No.17496447

    Our glaive is sharp enough to cut through solid stone.

    Would be one hell of a whet stone mate.

    But I see your point, imagine the SPARKS flying off of it illuminating our massive form, the slits of our visor illuminated but the unnatural red glow of our eyes, and how if you look closely enough, the glaive isn't actually getting sharper, no the STONE is getting cut apart.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:13 No.17496494

    It's actually only that sharp because we made it so. We can make it not sharp at all if we wanted to, I think.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:19 No.17496559
    If I saw a tall guy wielding a guillotine blade I wouldn't be chuckling for long either
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)22:27 No.17496655
    Remembering back to your days starting out in the service of the king, you had, on occasion, had to gain information using many creative ways. However, you had found in most cases a good bit of intimidation was all you needed. With that you glared at the man. You glared so hard, it was if you were peering his very soul, the crimson light from you "eye" illuminated the surrounds. And his mind the man was starting down the weighted gaze of an avatar of his own god, being crushed by the blazing power.

    Sadly, this man was braver than most, as evident by the chanting you soon heard, as a wave of....something flew by you. The man was more surprised that you were still standing there, and didn't notice the snake inches away from his face until it was too late.

    Sinking his fangs in the soft flesh of the mans throat, he coiled around him growing in length until only he robed mans face was visible. Yet he did not crush him, or puncture the mans jugular, he waited for your command.

    Striding forward, the alley warping and burning as we went, until you leveled the Glaive mere inches from his face, and set it ablaze.


    The man had long since wet himself, and had tears pouring down his face when he revealed that there was a lower part of the city in the waterways, and that is where the water God held power here. The quickest way to get there was through a sewer grate, but there was also a formal entrance just off the main market. There was another entrance as well, a pipe pouring waste out into the harbor. He was ready to tell you his life story and sell out his family when you were finished.

    >What shall you do?
    >> Archivist 01/10/12(Tue)22:31 No.17496693
    End it this man just killed the witness he deserves no mercy... Then we hop back on mercy and get in contact with Drei and figure out what to from there
    >> Archivist 01/10/12(Tue)22:31 No.17496701
    Where to go from there*
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:32 No.17496706
         File1326252738.jpg-(181 KB, 1318x800, Knight_giant.jpg)
    181 KB
    Bind him and deliver him to the authority.

    Then off to the sewer.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:32 No.17496710
    Get him to walk us past the guards, natch.
    We are, after all, a representative from the Fire God's island, here to deal with the Water God's current avatar or speaker, or whomever it is with which we need to deal.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:33 No.17496715
    Put him out of his misery, freeze him solid and shatter him
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:33 No.17496716
    Immolate him.

    With Cold Fire.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:34 No.17496727
    So, we can either kill him or deliver him to the guards. If popular sentiment is against the worshipers of the Water God, why not get some help from the law?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:34 No.17496733
    rolled 11 = 11

    Obviously we need to find access to the waterways.

    I say we let the man live, and let him tell his fellow cultists that there is an Avatar of the Gods with a bone to pick. The horror stories the man, in his ridiculously frightened state of mind would be perfectly exaggerated and fear of us will spread through the cultists ranks.
    Hopefully the same stories that put fear in the hearts of the cultists will put daring into the Water God himself, and he'll come looking for us, making our job that much easier.

    So either we go down to the Water God or have him come up to us. Either way, we got some deity killing to do.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:35 No.17496740
    rolled 32 = 32

    Drag him with us to make sure he didn't lie. Then drown him.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:35 No.17496745
    This was a vote for turning the fucker in, by the way.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:36 No.17496754
    I can just imagine it now, the guards are sitting down just minding their own business when some huge armored juggernaut walks in and throws some old man on the ground before simply walking out the door
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:36 No.17496755
    Turn the fucker in.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)22:39 No.17496787
    We have a tie, and one vote to let him go.

    You know the drill, 1d100 first 3 rolls after this post, the highest of the three.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:40 No.17496797
    rolled 63 = 63


    We take him with us
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:40 No.17496800
    rolled 15 = 15

    Let him go.
    Rumors are powerful.
    >> Archivist 01/10/12(Tue)22:40 No.17496803
    rolled 1 = 1

    End him hes a piece of shit
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:40 No.17496804
    rolled 82 = 82

    kill him!
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:40 No.17496809

    Gonna have to throw my vote in for turning him in.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:40 No.17496813
    rolled 63 = 63

    Turn him in
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:40 No.17496814
    rolled 29 = 29

    Rape him...with our knee.
    >> Archivist 01/10/12(Tue)22:40 No.17496815
    well with that roll :/
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:40 No.17496817
    rolled 66 = 66

    Get him to lead us to his leader.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:41 No.17496821
    rolled 22 = 22

    Turn him in.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:41 No.17496826
    rolled 20 = 20

    Guess we're taking him with us.
    That's better than killing the guy.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:42 No.17496831
    rolled 67 = 67

    Turn him in.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:43 No.17496844
    rolled 9 = 9

    We should turn him in.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)22:43 No.17496845
    Define "Take him with us". What are we going to do with him?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:46 No.17496872
    rolled 98 = 98


    have him lead us there as insurance to make sure we're not walking into a trap.

    When we get to the sewers, tie him up and leave him on the street for the guards to find.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:46 No.17496873

    We take him with us the hideout of the water cult to make sure i'ts the right place, we can decide to kill him or let him go later.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)22:46 No.17496876
    That wasn't even what we were voting for, it was a tiebreaker between turning him in and killing him.
    If no one minds, going with this then.
    >> Archivist 01/10/12(Tue)22:47 No.17496884
    Go for it... it won the roll
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)22:47 No.17496889
    Yes mister almost 100 I understand.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:47 No.17496891
    rolled 95 = 95


    Oh fine. Don't make it painful though. Quick execution style if that's really what we're going for.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:48 No.17496898

    Christ I should've gotten in here earlier.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:49 No.17496908
    rolled 15 = 15

    Losing a major opportunity to get into the head of a god.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)22:50 No.17496915
    You people aren't making this easy. I guess we will just take him for now and decide what to do with him later.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:50 No.17496917

    Yesterday we had three 100s, it was magical...
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:51 No.17496929

    yeah I was there for that too.

    Taking him with us for now and then deciding what to do with him once we reach the sewers sounds like a good compromise though.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:52 No.17496933
    rolled 88 = 88

    I would prefer this, please.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)22:52 No.17496936
    If this God is anything like the "fire god" it is a water elemental. We killed the fire god already(though Drei technically did.)
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:52 No.17496944
    rolled 18 = 18

    I wish people weren't so herpaderp and trying to kill everything we come across.

    We're a Soulforged Black Knight Paladin Batman with animal friends of metal, dammit, not a psycho.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:54 No.17496952
    >Not a psycho
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:54 No.17496963
    rolled 78 = 78


    hush, you.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:55 No.17496968

    Wasn't it Vengence, since Drei was found afterwards?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:55 No.17496973
    rolled 11 = 11

    Who nonetheless would be much easier to deal with if we didn't have to go looking for him.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:56 No.17496977

    Yeah, vengeance got him . Drei was hiding out in a wardrobe downstairs.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)22:57 No.17496990
    Keeping the man bound in the snake, you casually toss him into your cloak, sheath your Glaive and walk back to Mercy. The sudden fog is causing quite a commotion with the dock workers as you head out to one of the entrances to the undercity.

    >Which entrance?
    -Sewer grate
    -Sewer pipe
    -normal entrance
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:58 No.17497002
    Pipe. It's unexpected
    >> Archivist 01/10/12(Tue)22:58 No.17497003

    Mislabeled the thread man haha this is Part 6 D:
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)22:58 No.17497007
    No....Drei had stabbed him in the stomach. He going to die anyways, Vengeance just finished the job.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:59 No.17497015
    rolled 97 = 97

    Yeah, there were 2 part 3s so the numbering has been off.
    The archives have it properly, tho, so it doesn't really matter.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)22:59 No.17497017

    sewer pipe for dynamic entry
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)23:01 No.17497031
    Ask yourself: We have trouble fitting into a building, will we be able to fit into a sewer grate?

    I'm not saying you cant try, I'm saying it sounds silly to try.
    >> Archivist 01/10/12(Tue)23:01 No.17497032
    Yep I know I have been archiving it so yea haha, It was just something that made me do a double-take

    Throwing my vote in for the pipe since they would not be expecting us to come in that way...
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)23:01 No.17497035
    rolled 1 = 1


    Grate, I doubt we can fit through the pipe and breaking down the door is too obvious.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)23:02 No.17497043
    Please stop rolling.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)23:02 No.17497048
    We can always make the hole bigger. With a glaive.
    But I deleted my post because I realized grate=/=pipe.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)23:03 No.17497059
    rolled 79 = 79

    >> Archivist 01/10/12(Tue)23:05 No.17497080
    Please STOP rolling it wastes the good rolls
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)23:06 No.17497088

    Going with pipe.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)23:08 No.17497119
         File1326254918.jpg-(556 KB, 848x689, Knight_encounter.jpg)
    556 KB
    rolled 9 = 9

    Normal entrance.
    It's no longer the time to be sneaky.
    We are going in and we are going in HARD.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)23:09 No.17497127

    Sorry dude I didn't realize we had come to a conclusion.
    >> Archivist 01/10/12(Tue)23:13 No.17497172
         File1326255214.gif-(39 KB, 344x226, tmyk.gif)
    39 KB
    Its ok now you know and are better for it

    >dockshow fill
    sure captcha sure
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)23:16 No.17497221
    Traveling down the dock, you reach the point where the stone walkway ends, and drops off down into the water. Using fog as cover, you get Mercy to hop over the guide railing onto the water below. Riding over, you stop just short of the pipe and inspect it for any traps.

    You notice some faint traces of magic perhaps indicating some form of simple trap, but nothing major, perhaps an alarm? The pipe is big enough to walk through, but you wouldn't be able to ride Mercy through it, as it is not high enough.

    You haul the man out of your cloak.

    (Going to stop for the night after this next post)
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)23:18 No.17497235
    Demand he disarm the spell.
    >> Archivist 01/10/12(Tue)23:18 No.17497242
    Get him to tell us what the magic is for and how to deactivate it

    >the archive is ready to go when you are
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)23:20 No.17497261
    rolled 91 = 91


    Point to the pipe.

    Either he disarms it or he goes in first.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)23:29 No.17497378
    No one's going to try and beat that 91?
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)23:32 No.17497412
    Showing the man the pipe, you make it quite clear that you want him to disarm the trap. Begrudgingly, he asks that he be able to have his arms free so he can work the magic. You instruct Vengeance to let the man have access to his arms, but still keeping him bound.

    Again the wave of magic flies past you, but nothing happens. Glaring down at the man, he resigns defeat and says a phrase under his breath. The view of the interior of the pipe goes distorted for a second, the its as if the air shatters, revealing a man wearing a similar robe to your friend here, but this one was armed.

    Glancing over, he goes to stand "Cedric, I was't expecting anyone through this wa...." He is interpreted by "Cedric" being flung at him, hopping up into the pipe, a quick crack across the head puts him down for a while, and Cedric seems more than happy to just curl up in a ball.

    You are in.
    >> Archivist 01/10/12(Tue)23:33 No.17497419
    Archive it mate?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)23:34 No.17497425
    Attempt to sneak. And this time, ACTUALLY SNEAK. No fire allowed.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)23:34 No.17497430
    rolled 2 = 2

    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)23:34 No.17497435

    See you next time OP.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)23:35 No.17497440
    Glare and point at the trap, if he doesn't disarm it kill him (for his crimes) if he does disarm it kill him (for his crimes).

    Then glare some more
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)23:35 No.17497444
    Stopping here for the night. I might not be able to make a thread tomorrow, and I diffidently wont be able to make one Thursday, so the next thread will probably be Friday. If I am able though, I will make another tomorrow.

    Same time as always, around 18:00-19:00 4chan time.

    Also sticking around for a bit if anyone has any questions.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)23:36 No.17497453
    Cedric has done his part, tie him up and leave him in the street for the guards to find. Stare at him again for good measure to prevent him from getting any ideas about running off and warning the rest of the cult while we're working.

    Get Vengeance to tie up the cultist's hands and try to revive him so we can interrogate him.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)23:36 No.17497454
    Ah, thanks for that.
    >> Archivist 01/10/12(Tue)23:36 No.17497455
    Here ya go As always it has been fun

    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)23:37 No.17497468

    thanks again man, this has been fun so far.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)23:37 No.17497471
         File1326256642.jpg-(669 KB, 731x1166, Knight_GreatAxe.jpg)
    669 KB
    Good thread mate.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)23:38 No.17497488
    Thank all of you, I wouldn't be able to do this without players. Or someone to archive the thread.
    >> Archivist 01/10/12(Tue)23:39 No.17497503
    Figure I should ask since I dont entirely understand how this works...

    So say we NEEDED to torture someone could we bring up a cold flame in one hand and a hot one in the other or is that not possible?
    >> Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)23:43 No.17497540
         File1326257006.jpg-(112 KB, 1200x891, No Drei.jpg)
    112 KB
    I have a feeling that when we part ways with Drei, it'll be a bit like this scene from Berserk.
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)23:49 No.17497616
    No, but you can change flames fairly rapidly though
    >> Archivist 01/10/12(Tue)23:51 No.17497634
    Ok so in theory the rapid cold/hot torture method could work
    >> Blackknight !EGl50Sr6go 01/10/12(Tue)23:54 No.17497675
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)00:14 No.17497890
    I wonder if Drei will ever ask us about...well, US.

    Should we tell her everything? From the deal made, from the Kingdom becoming entombed in stone? The madness and chaos that followed? How in an act of mercy we murdered almost every one in the city and spent the better part of a millenium by ourselves?
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)00:18 No.17497927


    She`s better having a normal life, that means without us, so telling her that is not necessary.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)00:20 No.17497944

    Yeah, there's no reason for her to know that.

    If she ever asks, just say that we paid a heavy price to gain the armor and powers we wield today. And leave it there.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)00:35 No.17498053
    Definitely no. She needs to get back to a normal life asap.

    Can you imagine if she wanted to be our friend? We're setting ourselves up for a lifetime of endless combat. She'd have to throw away all her dreams of a peaceful life, and probably just end up dead anyways. And any help she could offer us would be useless because of how durable we are.

    And if she got romantically interested? We don't even have a body. How would that work?

    Better that she only remembers us as the mysterious knight who helped her out of a tight spot.
    >> Anonymous 01/11/12(Wed)02:04 No.17498804
    rolled 6 = 6

    I don't know, we got some big fingers...compared to these people that is.

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