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  • File : 1326071617.jpg-(43 KB, 800x600, Darkcave.jpg)
    43 KB TG Quest 47: End of Ebon-JUST KILL HIM ALREADY! MetaQuest OP 01/08/12(Sun)20:13 No.17468187  
    Excited Exclamation: Look, Master! TG Quest!

    Last thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/17450144/

    Short Summary: Everything is accounted for, all lands freed, all preparations made... The time has come for your final confrontation with the Ebon Night at the site of the mysterious crystal pillar that seems to be bearing the weight of the world.

    You deploy your troops and defensive emplacements around the pillar, VP-99 wheeling the shard of Adam within the chamber, but not CLOSE to the crystal structure.

    >Mechs and fliers on standby on the surface.
    Cheryl, Tosh, X-Com Psi-Vets, Psions, and Farseers taking on the World Pillar.
    Our troops with First Age weapons and the Spear joining the on the inner ring, along with Douglas (if anyone else has a Persona, recommend them here as well though it looks like just the one pick).
    Our magic users in the next ring out, to provide support to the inner ring and outer ring.
    Outer ring is the rest of our units and turrets and guns set to keep outside trouble from coming in.
    Position ships geo-stationary over the south pole. Deploy all the shuttlepods and the shuttlecraft to the site as well.

    Your psychics stand in a circle around Cheryl and the pillar, the young woman looking a bit uneasy, waiting for the command to send her mind into the giant crystal formation and attempt to interface with it.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:15 No.17468203
    Have the White Mages cast ReRaise on themselves and the telepath team. They'll be Ebon Night's first target.
    Then on everybody else as they have MP available.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:18 No.17468247
    >yfw whiteblue contrast is trex skull

    awww yissss
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:20 No.17468273
    rolled 72, 26, 94, 43, 8, 73, 71, 90, 87, 91 = 655

    Do we have the Lance of Longinus on a KI silencer, the Aglaphotis, and our other gear ready?
    Are either the Relentless or the Indefatigable able to approach and provide cap-grade reality emissions?
    Turrets, dispensers, etc. set up?
    Char suitably VERY FAR AWAY from pillar?
    Orbital support ready in case Shoggoths try kicking down the door?

    Right. Let's start the party.
    I offer a prayer to the Dice Gods. Dice Gods, shield us from fumbles, and grant us rolls above 50.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:22 No.17468293
    The Dice Gods are pleased. Proceed.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:22 No.17468299
    We can't keep casting Reraise quite that much, but agree with getting it on the Telepaths and White Mages, and letting them rest a bit to recover before the fight, which is fairly soon at current estimates.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:22 No.17468301
         File1326072146.jpg-(72 KB, 500x375, waiting for op5.jpg)
    72 KB
    The Dice gods have heeded my prayer and given us their blessing.
    Now all that is left to do is wait.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:22 No.17468303

    This sounds like a time for an inspiring speech.

    But me am terrible at making big word-things. Maybe we should just do a second go-over of our assets then begin?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:22 No.17468305
    Make sure that the pure Aglaophotis sample is with Cheryl, and that the Lance of Longinus has been assigned to a KI Silencer.
    Also, give one of the Toxiguns to Spike, and the other to Douglas. They won't be great, but they might help.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:23 No.17468315
    Char is with the mech team, covering the surface.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:25 No.17468327
    Status of turrets and shield generators?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:28 No.17468357
    Actually, that's a good point. Have Spike and Data join the inner ring, they are immune to fear effects along with Cheryl and Doug thanks to earlier adventure.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:29 No.17468370
    'This is going to go really, really, well, or really, really, badly.'

    'Did you mean to broadcast that to the ground team, sir?'

    'Oh, son of a-'

    >meanwhile, on the ground

    'well, THAT'S encouraging.'
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:30 No.17468377
    Data status: In orbit.
    Well, everyone's here. Let's roll.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:30 No.17468379

    This too.

    Agreed, Darius should be the one to give the speech.
    He's good at those.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:30 No.17468383

    It would also be good to have a source of Treknobabble close to the psychics in case they need to pull off some serious bullshit.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:31 No.17468397
    >Give speech
    >roll badly
    >Darius channels Boreale

    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:33 No.17468421
    Not really, we pretty much said 'SEND ALL THE PEOPLE!'.
    Only one's left up here are the ships' crews, the Command Staff, and the scientists.
    Even the Farseers and TIEs are down there.
    >> Tolkienfag 01/08/12(Sun)20:34 No.17468423
         File1326072845.jpg-(62 KB, 529x479, tolkien.jpg)
    62 KB
    I'd just like you to know, good luck, and we're all counting on you.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:34 No.17468427
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:34 No.17468429
    "Believe in me who believe in you, courage is the key to victory, true courage makes 1% into 100%, etc etc, hard work and guts, in brightest day, in blackest night, erm.... superstitious and cowardly lot...With liberty and justice for all! ~kira~♥♥♥"
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:35 No.17468438
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:35 No.17468442
    Aye, this one is for all the marbles.

    Warm up the proton pack Egon.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:35 No.17468443
    There's only one thing that needs to be said:
    "Try not to die."
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:37 No.17468465
    what about the protagonists?

    Somebody suggested in the planning thread casting reraise on them, so we could use them in this fight without worries over them dying.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:37 No.17468466
    Egon? I still think he should stay in orbit.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/08/12(Sun)20:37 No.17468468
    Cheryl takes a deep breath and steps forward, placing a hand on the crystal pillar. She closes her eyes and focuses, the air around both pillar and Cheryl becoming wavy, like heat rising from pavement. Energy readings begin to skyrocket all around the cavern chamber as several gauges and instruments on the probe droids and scanning teams break. The ground begins to shake and all around the pillar chamber, everything fades to black.

    Then, on the bridge of the Oncoming Storm, several monitors explode. Gouts of shrapnel and sparks erupt from crew stations as slowly all light fades there as well. Even the star and moon light from the portholes and bridge windows fade to nothing. Then all sound is lost. Shortly after that, you realize you are no longer standing on solid matter, but floating.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:37 No.17468472
    I am actually trying not to fall to the floor laughing at that.
    As good a speech as any. Good natured humor is also a likely counter force to Ebon Night.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:39 No.17468487
    We're elsewhere.
    Welp, that can't be good.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:39 No.17468489
    Largely decided to keep them up, as we've seen things Raise can't fix down here.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:39 No.17468495

    >Open your heart, it's gonna be alright!

    >>We can make it if we all stick together/We won't give up, not ever/And everything's going to be alright/We all bring out the best things in each other/Together we are stronger than anyone else could be on their own
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:39 No.17468496
    Boss music status: Go
    Time, transpace guard?
    Is it really that time again? It seems as though you only just arrived.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:41 No.17468513
    Oh dear. Looks like we all get to fight in trippy floaty space?

    Command team!
    Band together, think hard on our allies, see if we can bring ourselves together!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:43 No.17468539
         File1326073398.jpg-(33 KB, 320x400, GoTime_Lets_do_this-s320x400-4(...).jpg)
    33 KB
    Let's do this thing.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:44 No.17468546

    Time for some final battle music!

    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:45 No.17468566

    Now I see what I gotta do!
    Open your heart, it's gonna be alright!

    I don't know what it can be but you drive me crazy
    All your cunning tricks make me sick, you won't have it your own way!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:46 No.17468569
         File1326073575.gif-(34 KB, 650x450, POSEASATEAM.gif)
    34 KB

    Here we go.

    Also, try to get a line into the other staff of the Starships. See if we can contact the science teams, etc.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:46 No.17468576
    Looks like keeping Guts and co. on the ship isn't going to keep them out of the fight after all.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:49 No.17468610
         File1326073748.gif-(21 KB, 650x450, Pose as a team cause shit just(...).gif)
    21 KB
    Welp, time to bring the noise.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:49 No.17468623
         File1326073796.jpg-(55 KB, 625x468, waiting for op1.jpg)
    55 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:50 No.17468630

    Grandmother said this...People become stronger through adventures.

    Grandmother said this...A bond is a deep connection that can never be broken. Even if apart, heart and heart are still connected.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:51 No.17468651
         File1326073892.png-(66 KB, 500x500, 99877294.png)
    66 KB
    forgot picture
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:52 No.17468674
         File1326073976.jpg-(43 KB, 640x480, 1276467455534.jpg)
    43 KB
    Sanity is for the weak! Lets do this!
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/08/12(Sun)20:54 No.17468692
         File1326074062.jpg-(4 KB, 558x425, watcherinthedark.jpg)
    4 KB
    "Did you really think I would let you direct your puppets from safety in the embrace of the heavens?" a deep, resonant voice asks as twin pinpricks of ruby light break through the darkness. "Did you think I would let you escape the consequences for defiance? Allow you to watch the finale of our play, the climax of our song, from your sanctum in the stars?"

    A soft blue glow begins to pierce the gloom as well. Slowly, the pillar of the world begins to appear, and as it sheds light, the pillar chamber with all its fortifications and troops is revealed. Your feet touch ground just as the ring of psychics are revealed around you.

    "No..." the voice echoes, the illumination rapidly beginning to grow towards the gloom-shielded lights. A massive claw slams down into the lit area, with scales of mirrored obsidian. "If I must make an appearance here... if that damnable girl draws out my true form, so must you. And there will be an end between us."

    The light grows strong enough to unmask the being in the shadows as the twin lights emerge to reveal themselves the glowing red eyes of a gigantic draconic form, a massive ebon dragon.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:54 No.17468695
         File1326074081.jpg-(28 KB, 640x480, ryoma holes.jpg)
    28 KB
    See pic.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:54 No.17468696
    Meanwhile I have this sequence running though my head:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_tFxgxr2YQ

    Alright people, let's mosey.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:56 No.17468718
    It's time for knife-throwing pilot and Crowe to make their entrance!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:56 No.17468720
    Move to COVER.
    Talk to DARIUS and STAR-LORD. Select "Inspiring speech"
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:57 No.17468724

    Turn on your respective final boss theme guys.

    Shit just got real.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:57 No.17468736
    Well, shit.


    'Quiet you, if I wanted to see a black dragon, I'd watch that dreamworks movie again.'

    Also: tell Guts and Persona kids (also ghost pally) to prepare to repel boarders.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:58 No.17468743
    Roger that.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:59 No.17468759
    "Fuck off."
    Give him the finger, fire sidearms if any, cue the attack.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)20:59 No.17468769

    If I know any way to kill a dragon, it's with brute, and unrelenting force.

    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:00 No.17468778
    rolled 8 = 8

    My armor is contempt. My shield is disgust. My sword is hatred. In the Dice God's name, let none survive.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:01 No.17468792

    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:01 No.17468796
         File1326074493.jpg-(59 KB, 500x602, Quaritched the fuck up.jpg)
    59 KB
    "It doesn't matter. We're Meta. We'll keep coming, and coming, under filth like is erased from the Forest."

    He's taken a physical form, he can be killed.
    Abjurers, cast Circle against Evil on yourselves, then on everyone with a melee weapon.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:01 No.17468798

    Mood-ruining quip:




    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:02 No.17468807
    wait...we're not on the ship, are we?

    damnit, how'd I miss that?

    Are Guts and Persona kids still up there? If yes, tell them to stay put.

    That won't keep them away, but it might cause them to show up and save thee day at a dramatically-appropriate .

    Also: continue CHILDISH TAUNTS. If Ebon Night is focused on us, than Cheryl can do her thing unmolested.

    We do have a way of avoiding death by eldritch abomination already set up, for us, right?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:02 No.17468814
    As you wish.

    Anyone else having 'cannot find record' problems posting?!?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:02 No.17468815
         File1326074573.jpg-(41 KB, 400x300, H-2-2945-bard-black-arrow.jpg)
    41 KB
    >a massive ebon dragon.
    >Black arrow
    >Given to Fingalfion, who we deployed
    >Instantly slayed a dragon
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:03 No.17468830
         File1326074636.jpg-(18 KB, 314x283, Genius-choice.jpg)
    18 KB
    Save it until we're sure it can hit though.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:03 No.17468832

    Seconding this.

    Along with FIRE EVERYTHING!!!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:04 No.17468850
    To be honest, I was expecting tentacles.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:06 No.17468872

    It's a pleasant surprise, actually. Always nice to see variations on the theme.

    For a given variety of 'nice'.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:08 No.17468891
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:08 No.17468892
    That's obviously the finisher.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:08 No.17468893
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:09 No.17468909

    Yeah. But the dragon's a classic, you know? The whole thing WAS named Dungeons and DRAGONS. We've been through tons of dungeons, it wouldn't be a proper romp if there wasn't a dragon in there somewhere. And no, Smaug's lair does not count. He was not there and was long dead at that point. But I'd better, stop, I'm rambling again.

    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:10 No.17468918

    Alrighty, let's save the Arrow for when we have a clear shot or when he's immobile.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:10 No.17468923
    Just picture the Flash Gordon Theme.
    Then replace "Flash AAAAHH!"
    With "Transpace Guaaaaaaaard!"
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:11 No.17468926


    did we already use that line?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:11 No.17468930
         File1326075077.jpg-(56 KB, 360x275, waiting for op3.jpg)
    56 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:12 No.17468942
    It'll be Arrow and Spear for the heavy hit, I'd wager.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:12 No.17468947
    Guys, we should unleash our most powerful weapon we have here.

    Bureaucratic arguing about who we should get for future requisitions.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:12 No.17468950
    Quite a few times in Castlevania, actually.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:12 No.17468956
         File1326075168.png-(266 KB, 976x978, 1319213188733.png)
    266 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:13 No.17468963

    >> MetaQuest OP 01/08/12(Sun)21:13 No.17468964
    rolled 49 = 49

    "It's just a big lizard! A... really... really... really big lizard. A... hey..." Spike murmurs as he readies his phaser rifle. "...did anyone else notice the chamber's about fifty times bigger now?"

    "Fire!" Darius shouts, slashing the air with his sword as the Knights Inductor open up.

    "Toast 'em!" Starlord roars, doing the same with his men. The SCP and UNIT troopers roar a battle cry and open fire.

    "Reduce him to his component particles, neutralizing his threat for all time," Egon states, pushing his glasses up on his nose as he clicks on his proton pack. The Prawns look at each other, shrug, and then fire their ARC guns at the massive being.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:15 No.17468979
    That would be a full broadside from our battleships.

    Second on the list would be the VX-SPIGOT.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:15 No.17468984
    I throw a rock at him for good measure!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:15 No.17468986
    'that tickles.'

    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:16 No.17468991
    "It was not by my hand that I am once again given flesh. I was brought here by Humans who wish to pay ME tribute."
    Shut up asshole, you broke out of Ravenloft on your own.
    "Perhaps the same could be said of all religions."
    That doesn't even make sense you assgobbler.
    "What is a man? A miserable pile of Secrets! But enough talk, have at thee!"
    Everyone, kill this retard.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:16 No.17468992
    What about Cheryl and the telepath team? Are they here as well? Can they debuff Ebon Night using the World Pillar?

    Also, perhaps now might be a good time to have the KI Silencer with the Lance of Longinus come in from the size and cut through Ebon Night's defensive fields.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:16 No.17468993
    And we yell "Ebon Night. I fucked your mother!"
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:16 No.17468997
    Prawns use the TK fields to pull his heads APART! That or use the TK fields to pull out his eyes!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:17 No.17469010

    Toss in additional THAT GUY criticisms about Ravenloft 2e for MASSIVE DAMAGE.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:17 No.17469012

    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:18 No.17469028
    Prawns, use the TK field to pull out his tongue!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:19 No.17469030
    Cheryl is probably going to use the pillar to strike down the Ebon Night.

    >Guys, we should unleash our most powerful weapon we have here.
    >Bureaucratic arguing about who we should get for future requisitions.
    "Hey, Ebon Night. If you could have pulled ONE additional group of people, and have them fighting at your side right now, who would it have been, and why?"
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:19 No.17469038

    Also, if you had an elf slave, WHAT DO?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:21 No.17469060
    More appropriate boss music:

    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:22 No.17469071
         File1326075745.jpg-(30 KB, 300x300, Knights-Of-Cydonia4.jpg)
    30 KB
    Engaging: Muse - Knights of Cydonia

    Come ride with me,
    Through the veins of history,
    I'll show you how god
    falls asleep on the job.

    And how can we win,
    When fools can be kings,
    Don't waste your time,
    Or time will waste you,

    Ahh Ahh Ahh
    Ahh Ahh Ahh
    Ahh Ahh Ahh
    Ahh Ahh Ahh

    (repeat, alto)

    No one's gonna take me alive,
    The time has come to make things right,
    You and I must fight for our rights,
    You and I must fight to survive..
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:24 No.17469089
    Fartmongling Aspergerburglar, Go eat a burning ocean of fuck.
    Stabby weapons stab.
    Shooty weapons shoot.
    Buffing casters cast buffs.
    Psychics either fuck with the Ebon Night's mind and body, or help Cheryl rain Reality down on this asshole.

    I expect to see Ringil, the Voiceless spear, the Lance of Longinus, Anguriel, the Dai-Katana, the Black Arrow, and Aglaphotis needles in this fucker.

    Oh, Lyla? I believe this is your cue to cast Holy.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/08/12(Sun)21:25 No.17469096
    rolled 50 = 50

    “Arrogant fools..." the Ebon Night murmurs as ARC guns trace along his scales, exploding lines in the massive hide of the creature. " Femto was part of the God-Hand who had the power to reshape reality with the dreams and nightmares of every mortal in their world."

    Bolter shells erupt uselessly against those obsidian plates, making cracks and dents, but failing to pierce the impossibly dense hide.

    "Nyx and the Idea of Evil were powers beyond god-hood," the Night booms as he reaches out and with an almost casual motion smashes a trio of UNIT troopers to bloody smears against the stone ground, their powered armor splintering and breaking apart with audible cracks. Glistening white fangs between which oozes some crimson venom show in a grotesque smile. "Did you really think I would let you dance and play in my garden if I thought you had the slightest chance of truly harming me? Did you think eating the apple of knowledge here would provide you with some secret that would slay me?"

    The dragon lets out a booming laugh that hurts your ears as panther assault cannon and phaser fire uselessly spatter against it.

    "Foolish, pathetic motes of light, all you send against me are bags of flesh led by a child-god. Against me? I, the Ebon Night, the Worm of Ways, the Twister-Between-Worlds, the Black Wyrm?" the dragon roars, almost seeming offended. "I have more names than you have soldiers. I have sowed the seeds of nightmare in more worlds than atoms in your pitiable bodies. I am part of you, part of that thing that drives you, part of the invisible world beyond that even you with all your vaunted secret lore are ignorant of...”

    A volley of mass rifle fire begins to eat away at the scales of the Dark Power's hindsection as the Sandmen and Delta Greens complete their flanking maneuver and open fire. The Ebon Night flicks his tail and scatters them, the stealth of the Greens proving useless as three are smashed to bits.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:25 No.17469099

    White Mages and Medic, prep for mass healing!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:26 No.17469106
    We really need those FFT bards, and give them electric guitars.
    Maybe D&D bards too.
    Construct the ultimate bard band to buff us and blow the minds of the enemy.
    Pick of Destiny sold separately.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:27 No.17469137
         File1326076073.jpg-(86 KB, 500x313, IMG_0008.jpg)
    86 KB

    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:28 No.17469147
    We're gonna have quite the Soldier Replacement Bill, aren't we?
    >Did you really think I would let you dance and play in my garden if I thought you had the slightest chance of truly harming me?
    Don't make us ram you with the Defiant.

    Actually, how big is this motherfucker? Could he be hit with an ion cannon from orbit or a salvo of artillery and missiles?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:29 No.17469166

    Oh my. It appears that for all your talk, you are still subject to the rules of reality here.

    Keep firing!

    Do you other guys think we should give Cheryl the command to interface with the World Pillar?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:30 No.17469177

    I think we're in JRPG battle mode. Nothing can affect the field of battle from the outside.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:30 No.17469185

    Available troops, concentrate fires on the gaps created by the mass rifle fire!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:30 No.17469186
    Com'on Cheryl and crew.. now would be a great time to shove a sock down his throat..

    "Even 'gods' can die, or worse."

    Continue to cover for the psi-team.

    "And they can make mistakes.. very sloppy work you've been doing around here, playing with other people's toys. Your arrogace exceeds your abilities, Ebon."
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:31 No.17469190
    Isn't that always the way of it though? Some ancient spirit of evil, older and more powerful than anyone can imagine, beaten by a ragtag band of plucky nobodies?
    Probably a law of the cosmos.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:31 No.17469192
    No one is up there to give those commands. Did you not read where the entire command crew was teleported down to the World Pillar?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:31 No.17469201
    She's already in the World Pillar.
    Any moment now, maximum bolts of Fuck You are going to come screaming out of the darkness at us.
    >> X-com rookie 01/08/12(Sun)21:32 No.17469210
    rolled 6 = 6

    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:33 No.17469218
    Guys, if you didn't already know it. He's going to be immune to almost everything until Cheryl and crew can fuck his shit up.
    We're just the distractions while that gears up, try not to get us killed.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:33 No.17469222
    You need to put them in valkyries with Sound Boosters too.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:33 No.17469234
    Good job, Rookie! Take one for the team!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:34 No.17469245

    We can't very well be distractions if we can't make loud noises with tons of weapons, can we?

    At any rate, have the White Mages and Medic patch up whoever they can.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:35 No.17469255
    Prawns, pull out his eyes and tongue with the TK fields!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:36 No.17469268
    We need White Mages to cast Protect against Ebon's physical attacks.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:37 No.17469279
    Troops, fire and try to avoid being destroyed, we need to keep his eyes off the ball until Cheryl and the psi-types can shove it down his throat.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:37 No.17469280

    Yeah, we don't want to blow our load right now, just try and survive until we can drop his defenses.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/08/12(Sun)21:38 No.17469295
    rolled 36 = 36

    The Prawns switch over to their TK fields and begin to attempt to pull out one of the monster's eyes as Lyla calls down a pillar of light on the Dark Power.

    "He's weak," Cheryl's voice reverberates in your mind, the Farseers aiding her in creating a psychic link among you and your troops. "Even now, he hasn't recovered from the energy expended in escaping Ravenloft, or in creating this... place. I... we're using this pillar to manipulate reality here. It'll be tough... but for a short time, physical weapons can harm him. I don't think I can keep it up for more than a few minutes though... Hurt him as much as you can! I don't think I can trap him again, and most of our weapons will be useless once he wriggles free..."

    The dragon is easily a hundred feet long.

    "How very... unfortunately true," the Ebon Night admits as he breathes in. "But not always."

    A cone of pure darkness blasts from the Ebon Night's jaws, washing over the BLU team as the psychotic mercs attack again and again only to find their weapons ineffective. When the energy recedes, all that remains of them are their weapons.

    "Melee fighters, sweep around to the other side and attack!" Darius calls out, beginning to move. "We should be safe from any friendly fire positioned thus!"

    "Come on sirs, can't have you out here in harm's way," a UNIT soldier says, two of his fellows stopping to help him point you towards the other end of the cave. "We'll get you to some better cover. With your permission, of course."
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:38 No.17469304
    These! Our guns are useless here.
    Have the Arrow and the Spear ready to go, but wait until there is an opening.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:39 No.17469307
    Have the White Mages heal who they can, then have them start casting Protect and Haste spells on the heroes. Medic should spot heal the regular people as best he can.

    Everyone else fight should defensively. Be as annoying and grating on Ebon Night's nerves as possible, but keep your well-being in mind.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:39 No.17469313

    Take up a better position ourselves, we're no use to our troops dead.

    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:40 No.17469323
    Why are we shooting?
    We always knew that would be fucking useless, we just sent down troops to keep things from killing our Psychic Dream Team.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:41 No.17469331
    >physical weapons can harm him

    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:42 No.17469352
    >We'll get you to some better cover. With your permission, of course.
    Not when someone left a perfectly good Medi-gun lying around. Who's injured?

    >but for a short time, physical weapons can harm him.
    Well then. Fire everything. I expect to see Ringil, the Voiceless spear, the Lance of Longinus, Anguriel, the Dai-Katana, the Black Arrow, and Aglaphotis needles in this fucker.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:43 No.17469356
         File1326076988.jpg-(23 KB, 400x345, chose poorly.jpg)
    23 KB
    yfw this is OP's punishment for us dragging this out three threads longer than he meant it to.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:43 No.17469363
    We can't even communicate with the shipboard AI?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:45 No.17469379
    god damnit.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:45 No.17469380
         File1326077133.jpg-(45 KB, 800x543, Onyxia_phase2start.jpg)
    45 KB
    Deep breath incoming, move to the sides. Watch out for the Whelps
    >> X-com rookie 01/08/12(Sun)21:46 No.17469389
    rolled 92, 68 = 160

    Surely I can hit a room-sized target from here!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:47 No.17469401

    I don't whether to hug you or brutalise you.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:47 No.17469402
    "Don't worry about us, worry about the mission."
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/08/12(Sun)21:48 No.17469419
    rolled 5 = 5

    The Ebon Night laughs maniacally as his tail thunders against the cavern wall again, and again, and again, the room shaking as stones and stalactites begin to fall from the ceiling, causing injuries for the entire assault force. Cheryl for a moment is knocked back from the pillar, but a fast Farseer grabs her with telekinesis and repositions her before the psychic web can be disrupted.

    One of the command crew picks up the Medic's medigun and begins liberally applying healing to the troops hurt by the rockfall.

    The White Mages begin casting Protect on everyone as the storm of weapons fire continues to pour on the Ebon Night, the vast majority of it plinking useless off his scales. Only the mass rifles seem to succeed in piercing the monster's heavy hide, but the holes they create are small and the amount of dragon to kill is big.

    The prawns fail to rip out the Power's eyes, their TK pull is simply too weak against whatever force is keeping the dragon together. The melee fighters have managed to maneuver themselves into position and are poised to strike.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:49 No.17469429
         File1326077367.jpg-(67 KB, 369x460, What_did_you_dooooreaction.jpg)
    67 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:49 No.17469436

    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:51 No.17469462
    rolled 90 = 90

    Reroll pls
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:51 No.17469463

    If any of the psions can spare a moment, prep a Wall of Ectoplasm to attempt to mitigate any damaging attacks.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:55 No.17469514
         File1326077739.jpg-(49 KB, 600x600, shirt_ninjabot_gurren.jpg)
    49 KB
    Damnit, we ain't going out like that!
    I throw another damn rock at him and charge at him from the side opposite the real melee guys!
    I'm not sure what losing a member of the crew will do, but we can't have him wiping those forces!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:55 No.17469516



    >drinking sanize

    yeah, I'm drinking alright captcha.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:56 No.17469533
    Hyaku Shiki's Mega Bazooka Launcher, FIRE!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)21:58 No.17469561
    100 feet = 27-30 meters

    Alright then. The Prawns should use their TK fields to slow down Ebon Night's blows, and to deflect any falling rocks.

    Brasta, switch to Clutch Sniper and start firing.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:00 No.17469586
    OP, be straight with me.

    On a scale of 1-10, how fucked are we right now?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:00 No.17469589
    Welp, time to pour one out for the brave members of the TG Command Crew.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/08/12(Sun)22:01 No.17469597
    The Psions are too busy communing with the pillar and Cheryl to take other actions.

    The Ebon Night's eyes flash.

    "Points of light... Pure intentions..." he growls. "Disgusting. Imperfections in a sea of black. Your holy magics have no place here. Allow me to drink your pain."

    Suddenly all of the White Mages gasp and let out agonizing screams as their bodies unravel into nothing, their skin flayed off, then their musculature, then their bones. Only Lyla and Elaine survive as Re-raise brings both of them back breathing, but their eyes are haunted both from the immense pain and the vision of their friends' gruesome deaths.

    "And you... since you want to be a healer of the sick..." the Ebon Night growls as the Command Crew member with the Medigun is scooped up with telekinesis. Shards of black crystal form from the air and lance into him, nailing him to the wall of the cave in a certain pose. "...be crucified, and watch your future die."

    None of your mechs are in the chamber currently, though the size alterations make it possibly for it to hold them now.

    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:01 No.17469605
    We had a good run.
    47 threads is a decent amount I'd say.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:01 No.17469608
    rolled 5 = 5

    Let's ask the dice
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:02 No.17469620
    Right, get the Mechs in here.

    Also: Fffuuu.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:04 No.17469631
         File1326078260.png-(18 KB, 123x139, 1316724633075.png)
    18 KB

    Oh god this had better turn around soon or the entire crew is going to wipe.
    >> mick824 01/08/12(Sun)22:04 No.17469632
    meh somwhere in the middle
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:04 No.17469633

    Let's get those mechs in here, then.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:05 No.17469634

    To the UNIT operative: "Soldier, your sidearm."

    We're the fucking boss of this operation. Time to get our hands dirty.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:06 No.17469655
    Dear god..
    Just insert a bunch of curses here, I can't type them all and I have no image macro for this.
    All of the white mages, just ripped out of existence..
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:07 No.17469662


    Hyaku Shiki: Mega Bazooka Launcher
    Brasta: Bayonet Spiker, then ACP Faiz.

    VF-25s: ALL THE MISSILES. Use pinpoint barrier to shield troops from physical blows.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:07 No.17469670
         File1326078471.jpg-(140 KB, 600x750, Humanity.jpg)
    140 KB
    "You can kill us, but we'll keep coming, and coming, and coming, until you and your kind of filth go back to where you belong! You dare to pollute the Meta with your presence!"

    "All Command Crew, it's time to show this Canon upstart what it means to fight against MetaHumanity."

    Have all Command Crew pick up weapons and fight. We're Meta, we're expendable. There's a whole world of us that can be drawn from.
    Someone get Medic's medigun and get to healing again.
    >> X-com rookie 01/08/12(Sun)22:07 No.17469673
    rolled 28 = 28

    Don't worry! I'll take good care of the Soldier's Rocket Launcher! Now which end do I point at the enemy?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:08 No.17469684

    Yeah, X-Com rookie? We're going to pummel the fucking SHIT out of you when we get to hell.

    'Do you really think we'll stop fighting, ebon Night? Your domain is pain. Pain is something that can be overcome. And when it is, we are all the Stronger! If you think we're going to lie down and die, you are SORELY mistaken! We are the Transpace Guard! And YOU DO NOT BELONG HERE!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:08 No.17469685
    ...Obviously there's only one thing to do now.
    Char, interface with the Reality Pillar.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:08 No.17469687

    Timberwolves: Apply weaponry liberally. Try to snipe eyes with lasers.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:09 No.17469696
    I spite his efforts, I stop throwing rocks and grab that medigun and apply it to the other Crewman while trying to pull the shards loose.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:09 No.17469698

    Hey! A spare medigun. I always wanted one of these.

    Time to heal up a storm!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:10 No.17469702
    The VF-25 pilot mech suits come with an assault rifle apiece. Get them to toss those out so we can get more firepower in on this shit.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:11 No.17469705
    BFG time for Char or interface with the World Pillar?

    Fuck it, I'm going to pilot his mech and bring him to the pillar.

    Char, we're switching places! Get to the Pillar!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:11 No.17469713

    Don't be silly. We don't have MS training.

    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:12 No.17469722
    The Hyaku Shiki arrives at the cavern, with it's huge gun in tow. One of the command crew climbs in and switches places at the seat.

    >>now then, let's see where I left my Simchamber stat sheet for Valkyrie pilot class....
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:12 No.17469728
    >Char, we're switching places! Get to the Pillar!
    Do you realize how bad of a fucking stupid idea this is?
    Just shut up, grab a grenade, and charge Ebon Night. You'll be doing us a favor, and at least it might do some good.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:13 No.17469743

    My mistake. You already got the medigun.

    I'll throw this spare aluminum bat, then. Bonkai!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:15 No.17469768
         File1326078934.jpg-(17 KB, 240x232, leeroy.jpg)
    17 KB
    rolled 71 = 71

    Somewhere, up in space, A.N.O.N. is facepalming.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:16 No.17469775
         File1326078973.jpg-(54 KB, 600x600, I have a rocket launcher - you(...).jpg)
    54 KB
    No Char you silly person.

    Grab the Soldier's weapon and tell him pic related.

    Hopefully the Spear and Arrow can find their mark while he gives me his counter-argument.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/08/12(Sun)22:17 No.17469792
    rolled 61 = 61

    Oh, I don't know... is one eternal damnation or salvation?

    The Ebon Night utters a screeching call that seems to devolve into a conglomeration of a million screaming voices as all throughout the battlefield, everyone drops to the knees and clutches at their heads.

    Nightmarish visions overwhelm your senses.

    Grotesque monsters devour your families.

    Horrible blobs of darkness fuse with and transform terrified people into terrible, half-formed creatures.

    Parents are flayed alive, their still dripping skeletons used as hosts for dark spirits that turn on their children.

    You feel something moving around inside of you, something alive, and hungry. The tearing pain grows as you rip open your shirt to see the dark flush of internal bleeding in your stomach...

    Planets are consumed as rifts to hell itself open up and spew infernal fire and their own demonic spawn to overtake and play with the hapless inhabitants.

    Your skin turns into a layer of maggots, burrowing into your flesh.

    Those twin glowing eyes... you've seen them before. They were under your bed as a child. They were in the shadows of the closet. They were watching from the end of the alley you feared to go down when you walked in the city. Even as you grew up, you always knew they were watching you. They never left. They hid. Until now.

    Vision after vision hammers you, and your training allows you to retain just enough conscious thought to realize that these visions were probably affecting everyone. The battlefield warps and twists, you cannot see beyond the visions, you cannot tell what is, and what is not.

    "It's not real..." Cheryl whispers, her presence in your mind. In a softer voice, she adds, almost surprised. "None of it is."
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:17 No.17469799
    You know, having the Persona kids and Guts swoop in might be helpful, except all the good rolls hadn't been taken up by certain people who will remain nameless.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:20 No.17469845
    "Then it is about time to write Ebon Night out of this story, isn't it?"
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:21 No.17469858
         File1326079284.gif-(979 KB, 400x225, My Body Is Ready.gif)
    979 KB
    Get up, grab a weapon, and fire it at Ebon Night's form.
    "I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. I will face my fear.
    "I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
    And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
    Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
    Only I will remain."
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:21 No.17469865
    rolled 66 = 66

    >Vision after vision hammers you, and your training allows you to retain just enough conscious thought to realize that these visions were probably affecting everyone. The battlefield warps and twists, you cannot see beyond the visions, you cannot tell what is, and what is not.
    I look where-ever it's scariest and shoot there. I instruct others to do the same.
    Do I, um, need to roll for myself?
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/08/12(Sun)22:22 No.17469868
    rolled 33 = 33

    Your vision suddenly clears at Cheryl's mental touch, the visions wiped away as you see the vast majority of the battlefield still twitching and writhing, caught in the grip of their own torturous visions. Only Douglas, the psychic team, and Spike remain standing currently. The psychic being shielded by Cheryl, and Douglas and Spike immune to the visions by virtue of the Silent Hill trials.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:22 No.17469875
    facepalming at another anon TAKING THE GOOD ROLLS GODDAMN.

    No, it's not. The boogeyman doesn't exist. There's nothing there in the dark that isn't there when the lights are on. Once we realise it's not real, it has no hold on us!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:22 No.17469878
    rolled 83 = 83




    The targeting starts to settle on the huge dragon....
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:23 No.17469886
    What about Mr. Data? He should be here, and he should also be immune.

    Look around, find the KI Silencer with the Lance of Longinus.
    Run over to it, heft it, and launch it at Ebon Night.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:24 No.17469890

    Come on! Fire that cannon!

    Looks like he's getting lucky with that gold mech.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:24 No.17469895

    ME Renegade style: "You talk too much."
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:24 No.17469899
    By none of this is real, Cherl, did you mean that a gigantic dragon -isn't- decimating our forces, or just the nightmarish visions part.
    Or are you getting all existential and talking about the nature of reality? Because now is NOT a good time for that.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:24 No.17469902
    You forgot the KI silencers. They should be immune to his bullshit, and stabbing him with a Lance of Longinus right now.
    You know, I always wondered what it would be like to be a hero. Pardon me while I pick up this "Voiceless Spear" and stab Mr. Dragon with it.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:24 No.17469904
    Come on Char, help Cheryl! Get up damn it!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:25 No.17469910
    >rolled 83
    >won't do jack shit
    What is wrong with you?
    Is this your first time playing?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:25 No.17469916
    Please see >>17469419
    aka "rocks fall"
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:26 No.17469922
    We can do this!

    None of this is real. If we're not afraid of it, it has power over us!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:26 No.17469929
    rolled 61 = 61

    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:27 No.17469937
    >If we're not afraid of it, it has power over us!
    I know what you meant, but this is still a spectacular failure.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:27 No.17469945
    Yeah this is a clusterfuck.
    What happened to Adam?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:28 No.17469949

    OK, they used up two really good rolls, but it's not the end! Not while one of still stands! Ebon Night will not prevail!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:29 No.17469965

    We've all been subject to the internet since its inception. We have nothing to fear from this thing.

    Perhaps we can help *will* it out of existence, since we're effectively meta-universe beings. Or lend our will to Cheryl to help her.

    And where are those 'mechs?!?! Mucho support del fuego would be good here timberwolves, quiaff?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:30 No.17469973

    I really hope ANON is working on a way to help us from the outside...
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:31 No.17469975
    God damn it who let the S.U.E. on our staff.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/08/12(Sun)22:31 No.17469977
    rolled 5 = 5

    "It is," Cheryl agrees. "I can't... I'm trying to get more help, but it's difficult... Hold on..."

    Some of the Command Crew scramble for arms even now.

    Surprisingly, the UNIT operative, one eye open and with shaking hands, reaches for his pistol and slaps it into your palm. "Give... Give 'im hell, sah... I'll... be along... momentarily..."

    Looking at the Silencers, you see them emerging from a stupor as well, though it looks to be of a different nature than the hell you just went through. Data too, is present, though the Lance is in the hands of a waking Silencer.

    "Brave..." the Ebon Night commends. "You have some stern stuff in you. I applaud that. Nonetheless..."

    The massive dragon scoops up a handful of SCP troops and begins dropping them in his mouth and chewing, one by one, apparently savoring both the taste and the discomfort the act gives your forces.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:32 No.17469990
    Lets stop being stupid, and start focusing.
    Namely, focus on getting out of the way and letting the very well trained soldiers and heroes we hired do their job.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:32 No.17469996
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:32 No.17470004

    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:34 No.17470024
    I believe I'll second the Fffuuu.
    >> Fireman Prime 01/08/12(Sun)22:35 No.17470036
         File1326080123.jpg-(58 KB, 600x450, fuckpizza.jpg)
    58 KB
    I'll step from the darkness to offer my opinions.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:35 No.17470038
    Have the Brasta and the VF-25's hurry in.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:35 No.17470039
    Bugger it.
    Shove Adam in the Pillar.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:35 No.17470041
         File1326080156.jpg-(58 KB, 620x436, 1316280220086.jpg)
    58 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:36 No.17470045
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:36 No.17470046
    There is nothing that will save us here.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:36 No.17470047
    "Silencer! Launch the Lance at Ebon Night!"

    "Douglas, Spike, shoot those SCP troopers out Ebon Night's hands! Kill them if you have to! As long as their brain survives we can build them a new body!"

    "Mr. Data! Get the AI's on those Prawn Suits online! Get them to pull the SCP troopers out! Tear their heads off if you have to! We'll nanny-bag them later!"
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:36 No.17470051
    ...Gentlemen, it's been an honor.
    We -really- should have gotten the advanced communications equipment.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:37 No.17470061
    >entity of pain and fear from beyond reality
    >our weapons are useless
    >we cannot comprehend the true nature of its attacks
    >no hope remains

    The is the part where we pray for the Player to intervene, right?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:37 No.17470064
    Only one thing left to do, tell Ebon Night everything about the Orz that the Orz don't want people talking about.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:37 No.17470069

    Then the next episode starts off with the new executor and pelleon going to investigate what happened in this sub-sector.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:37 No.17470070
    You that doing that is likely to cause an Impact, right?
    >> mick824 01/08/12(Sun)22:37 No.17470071
         File1326080274.jpg-(157 KB, 375x500, 1320822741611.jpg)
    157 KB
    pic related, it's our current situation at the moment
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:38 No.17470079
    All my why when we let in these bads and BRs take the reins of this quest.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:38 No.17470080
    We are the player.
    I'd say that now's the time for a Persona User to gain the World Arcana though.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:38 No.17470083
         File1326080337.jpg-(292 KB, 1568x1185, Please__Give_Us_Strength_by_za(...).jpg)
    292 KB

    It's looking like it.
    >> X-com Rookie 01/08/12(Sun)22:39 No.17470087
    rolled 29, 45, 65 = 139

    Don't worry! I'm sure to resist mind control, aim my Standard Issue X-com Rifle at the beast, and do at least 20 damage to him!
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/08/12(Sun)22:39 No.17470095
    rolled 55 = 55


    Douglas and Spike make a valiant attempt, but fail to rescue the SCP troopers as Data runs for the Prawn suits.

    Cheryl grunts with exertion and a shimmering column of light appears in the cavern. When it recedes, the Brasta, Hyaku Shiki, six VFs, and Mad Cats stand where it was.

    "No time for snacks? Pity," the Ebon Night says, hastily finishing his gory meal before turning to face your war machines. Immediately lasers, missiles, autocannon, and particle beams launch at the massive monster, but space warps around him and each of the attacks miss, consumed by a perfect defense. The Ebon Night retaliates with another cone of darkness that melts away two of the VFs to oblivion despite their agility.

    One of the Silencers shakes off his stupor, grasps the lance firmly and hurls it at the massive dragon...
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:39 No.17470096
    Pulling the bodies away using the TK fields, or at least ripping off the heads. Bloody, but it should still allow them to be reconstructed.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:39 No.17470099
    >next roll that actually counts is a 5
    seriously, I hope Ebon Night eats you next.

    Which is how I know he won't. The most I can hope for is that the some stops you from rolling dice on your DUPA SPESHUL AWSHUM 'I get up and shoot him with my MEGA BAZOOKA' stuff that is not actually helping us. Honestly you're acting like a SUE, trying to get the story to revolve around you.

    'If you think that killing us is going to break our spirit, you are mistaken. We gladly give our lives in the name of duty'.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:40 No.17470103
    Yeah. And?
    At this point, getting Ebon Night caught in it would count as a win.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:42 No.17470117
    ...Lets see how the lance plays out first.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:42 No.17470122
    Nothin' left to lose here. Do it.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:43 No.17470130
    >but space warps around him and each of the attacks miss, consumed by a perfect defense
    <sarcasm>Well, bringing the mechs down was such a success, wasn't it?</sarcasm>

    We don't know if it would actually hurt him.
    It would result in the destruction of this Canon and who knows how much collateral damage to the surrounding sector.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:43 No.17470132

    VFs and Char to do what they do best, fly circles around that thing and shoot it dead.

    Mad cats pilots: work together and concentrate your fire on specific points. We don't need multiple holes through that armour plating. Blast one and the melt whatever is inside down!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:43 No.17470138
    Have ALL our TIE Defenders come in, even as slow/hoveringesque turrets.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:44 No.17470153



    seems to be the way this is going.


    Although, if that turns out to be the voiceless spear, I'll still take the win if it shuts that smug asshole up. He's already lost. He just doesn't know it.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:45 No.17470161
    We need to see if the Lance has an effect.

    Fly? Inside of an underground chamber?
    Even if it's large enough to accommodate mechs now, that doesn't mean it's now large enough to allow aerial manuevering.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/08/12(Sun)22:45 No.17470164
    rolled 36 = 36

    Funny you say that, because that is EXACTLY the plan if you ever wipe. Before you got Pell and the Executor it was going to be Yellowman and his scouts. Oh well, spoilers.

    The Lance twists in mid-air to form an immensely long, perfectly straight spear that plunges through the Ebon Night's left wing and pins him to the cave wall. A horrid shriek of pain assaults your ears as the weapon hits home.

    "Yes! Great!" Cheryl mentally says. "It didn't hurt him as badly as it could have, but that lance-thing is helping me keep him pinned! You've got a little more time now, and I think I can... yeah, I can get some help! Do you want more VFs or Guts and the kids?"
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:46 No.17470169

    no. that's the Samson option.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:46 No.17470175

    Shout encouragements and inspirational shit like a commisar. Start plinking away with that sidearm.

    It's the act that we're not helpless. We can still do this and get the hell out.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:47 No.17470179
    ...Damnit, the Canon must be preserved at all costs. Send in the VFs.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:47 No.17470185
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:47 No.17470189

    Have the Brasta pin Ebon on the other side with the Bunker Breaker.

    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:47 No.17470192

    We may not have enough room in this cavern(?) for more mech-sized things.

    Guts and the kids already faced down one horror. I think we've also reached the point where we're quickly running out of options. Should we call them down here?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:48 No.17470200


    wait. I think I found the source of the antiluck that's been plaguing us...
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:48 No.17470203
    Damn, bring in the VF's. I don't like it, but we can't afford to lose Guts or the kids now that we know when in their storylines they're from.

    And where's Gondegal? Isn't he having any effect?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:48 No.17470209
    Have Finalon fire the Black Arrow!

    Send in Guts and the kids!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:49 No.17470211

    Guts and the Kids.

    Yuu is a mass healer with Titantia now.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:49 No.17470215
    I want:
    A Capital Grade Reality Emitter.
    Now are we going to FIRE EVERYTHING!!111 or not?
    >> mick824 01/08/12(Sun)22:51 No.17470241
    then what the fuck is that source?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:51 No.17470246
    Let's do it
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:52 No.17470253
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:52 No.17470254

    >called it

    Yea. Too genre savvy for my own good. Tends to ruin enjoyment.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:53 No.17470277
    Itano, GOOO!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:53 No.17470278
    If we DO get guts and the kids, their orders are to do what they can while keeping themselves alive. Not that I really expect them to take orders, but I can hope.

    I vote for mechs and no kids.
    >> X-com rookie 01/08/12(Sun)22:54 No.17470290
    rolled 20 = 20

    Fuck, how do I use this gun again?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:54 No.17470297
    Wait...wasn't the tarot reading that too much caution would be detrimental? I think it's time to go all-in. I mean, considering that we have an Impact as one of our options here, somebody's canon is getting fucked if we don't stop this guy.

    But if we betray our principles and act on fear, might that make him stronger? and any casualties make our victory hollow?

    fuck, this is a tough call.

    'Ah yes...the cry of one who has inflicted pain, but rarely if ever experienced it themselves. HOW DOES IT FEEL?''
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:56 No.17470316
    Our caution is the fear he's feeding off.

    >> MetaQuest OP 01/08/12(Sun)22:57 No.17470322
    rolled 81 = 81

    The Ebon Night reaches one massive clawed hand over and rips the Lance out of the wall, freeing himself as he tosses the weapon aside.

    "Trinkets!!! You think to wound me with trinkets!!!" he roars. Spike and Douglas manage to get close enough to fire with their Toxiguns, but the Aglaophotis-A seems to do little but irritate the beast. "...and squirt guns?! You really ARE children!"

    A whip of a gigantic tail sends Spike and Douglas sailing through the air to crash against hard rocks. Spike slips from consciousness with a groan, but Douglas holds on, barely.

    "Not letting you get to Cheryl..." he murmurs as he seems to slip in and out of consciousness. "Not... letting..." his eyes roll back in his head.

    Gondegal's translucent form shines over Darius and Star-Lord. He appears to be accelerating their recovery from the nightmare effect.

    Another pillar of light brings down the rest of the VFs, who begin to open fire while spreading out. The Ebon Night's form ripples for a moment as he pounces on one like a feral beast, tearing the mech apart with apparently little effort before swallowing the pilot whole.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:57 No.17470329
         File1326081457.jpg-(92 KB, 1191x670, posing_as_a_team_by_masterlego(...).jpg)
    92 KB
    "Even if we are to only continually scratch and knick it, it SHALL. FALL.
    The ants, the bees, the death by a thousand cuts!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:58 No.17470334
    keep this up, rookie, and you just might redeem yourself.

    I'm going to say guts and the kids.

    See if you can get Fin fang foom up and plugging him with the black arrow. Failing that, Spike's going to have to figure out how to use a bow right quick.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:58 No.17470336
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:58 No.17470339
    How did the ONE choice of sending in the planes overrule sending in Guts and the kids?!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:59 No.17470348
    "Hah! The fool!
    "Silencer! Get the Lance, and try again! You saw how well it it penetrates his defenses; aim for the heart this time!"
    >> Swarm of Rookies 01/08/12(Sun)22:59 No.17470350
    rolled 27, 26, 18, 5, 7, 75, 42, 48 = 248

    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)22:59 No.17470351


    Send in Guts and the kids!
    >> mick824 01/08/12(Sun)22:59 No.17470357
         File1326081582.jpg-(49 KB, 750x600, 1320247674374.jpg)
    49 KB
    >rolled 81 = 81

    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:00 No.17470362
    'Trinkets that wound you! If you bleed, than you can can fall, and we shall make it so!'
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:00 No.17470364
    Finalon, fire the Black Arrow when the dragon gets pinned down again!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:01 No.17470378
    VFs, raise barriers and shield the troops!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:01 No.17470386
    >Douglas holds on, barely
    Barely.. isn't he supposed to be getting a Bear God?

    Douglas, call out for Philemon, you need backup.
    Godspeed my friend.

    VFs, give that fucker all you got!

    Me, go recover that Spear!

    We will show that fucker how we do things downtown.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:02 No.17470394
    No! Have the VFs raise up their barriers to protect the troops!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:02 No.17470395


    outstanding, rookies.
    now let's smite this fucker.

    anyone think Doug's persona might be manifesting soon?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:03 No.17470402
    Can you not fucking read?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:03 No.17470421
    f5ing like a motherfucker.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:04 No.17470424

    Looks like Finalon's aim is true!

    Maybe those timberwolves got some TACs too!
    >> mick824 01/08/12(Sun)23:04 No.17470429
    damn rookies! turns out you are not complete pieces of shit after all!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:05 No.17470442
         File1326081916.png-(14 KB, 508x395, FUCK-YEA.png)
    14 KB

    Let's fucking rock.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:05 No.17470452
    Silencer grabs up the Lance and launches it again.
    Finalon shoots Ebon Night with the Black Arrow once he's pinned.
    VF's use their Barriers to try to protect the infantry and keep the dragon at bay.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/08/12(Sun)23:05 No.17470454
         File1326081949.jpg-(465 KB, 1260x977, dabears.jpg)
    465 KB
    rolled 98 = 98

    "Activating... VX SPIGOT!" Crowe warns as the ring-like machines fly around the Brasta and fall into formation. A second later a devastating blast of energy flies from the powerful machine to the Ebon Night, searing off even some of its supernatural scales and causing it to roar in pain once more.

    With a howl of triumph, Darius and Star-Lord finally conquer the visions and stand, resuming their charge towards the Ebon Night. Gondegal floats towards Finalon now and begins to guide the elf out of his personal hell.

    Douglas gives out a feral roar as a giant bear with prismatic fur and glowing claws materializes out from him. The great beast immediately leaps towards the Ebon Night, seeking out a patch of flesh bare of scales thanks to mass rifles, and messily ripping into it. The bear himself is lost to sight, so great is the shower of gore his attacks produce.
    >> That one rookie 01/08/12(Sun)23:06 No.17470458
    rolled 28 = 28

    u mad?
    >> That one rookie 01/08/12(Sun)23:07 No.17470482
    rolled 27, 41 = 68

    'cause bro
    I think u mad
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:07 No.17470489
    Pretty much listening to this on loop.

    You and I must fight for what's right.
    The time has come to make things right.

    Ebon Night, you are fucked.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:08 No.17470504
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:08 No.17470508

    "Lets do this! All units, OPEN FIRE!"

    Be like a boss and add the sidearm fire to the hail.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:08 No.17470509
         File1326082130.jpg-(55 KB, 250x250, 1316313021494.jpg)
    55 KB
    That Silencer needs to double-time it to get the Lance of Longinus again, and use it to pin Ebon Night.

    Have VP-99 bring Adam and the Shard closer to the World Pillar; Cheryl needs more power!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:09 No.17470518
         File1326082167.jpg-(48 KB, 224x257, Evennowthereishopeforman.jpg)
    48 KB

    So, any last words, Ebon Night?
    Fuck, he's going rip out the guys that got swallowed like Red Riding Hood's gramma.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:10 No.17470531
         File1326082225.jpg-(6 KB, 191x234, 183.jpg)
    6 KB

    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:10 No.17470535
    Fire all missiles, then FULL POWER TO THE BARRIERS!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:10 No.17470539
    If that Medgun is still within reach, I'd like to grab it and start dousing Spike with it.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:11 No.17470550
    And then our attack was Bear.


    Spear him again, Spear him hard.

    Finalon, wake the fuck up, you've got black arrow to fire!

    VFs continue firing, avoid the section with the bear, the dragon is big enough.

    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:12 No.17470553
    I somehow doubt that will be necessary.

    Hether's Bu- DOUG's persona just tore the fucker up from the inside out, I think.

    shit, what if we'd rolled a 1?
    >ebon night burps
    >your tears are delicious
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:13 No.17470576


    is the ubercharge ready?

    Use it, ubercharge a KI or something. Have then take the S2 organ and charge into Ebon Night's mouth before STABBING IT, setting off an Angel sized explosion.

    Would this be enough dakka?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:14 No.17470581
    As an aside, anybody recognise that bear?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:14 No.17470585
    Ubercharge only works on BLU.

    Has BLU respawned yet?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:15 No.17470599
    Yes, it's Okku from Neverwinter Nights 2, Mask of the Betrayer.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:15 No.17470601

    If the Medgun doesn't have any risky side-effects for overcharging non-Medic surgery modified people, then that may be a good idea.

    Speaking of Medguns, I hope BLU has respawned by now. If their spawn timing is right, they may have avoided the dark fear wave aura thing that Ebon Night just did.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:15 No.17470603
         File1326082531.jpg-(389 KB, 1228x1200, killing_the_dragon_front_big.jpg)
    389 KB

    Song and pic related.

    Drag him down, tear the beast down, bring him down and tear him apart.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:15 No.17470606
    >Ebon Night growls as the Command Crew member with the Medigun is scooped up with telekinesis. Shards of black crystal form from the air and lance into him, nailing him to the wall of the cave in a certain pose. "...be crucified, and watch your future die."
    No, you.
    Also, Ow. My arms.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:16 No.17470620
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:17 No.17470623
    guys, we rolled a 98

    that bear, a probably maxed out persona, has literally torn Ebon Night a new asshole.

    I think we're gonna be alright.

    'Doug, you're doing it! You're not just saving Cheryl, you're saving the world!'
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:17 No.17470629

    I'm tryin'!

    But I somehow can only perform one action per round! It's almost as if I can only move as fast as the narrative does!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:17 No.17470631


    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:17 No.17470634
    In theory I scooped it up to heal you while trying to work the things loose, before we got Fear'd.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/08/12(Sun)23:17 No.17470640
    rolled 89 = 89

    Finalon draws in a shaky breath and stands with Gondegal's urging, the spirit setting his jaw and vanishing into a formless light that wraps around the Black Arrow as the elf draws it forth and notches it to his bow. He pulls back the string and concentrates, his elf eyes searching for a vulnerable spot... and finding the ever widening circle of mutilated flesh, bare of scales, caused by Douglas' persona. Aiming at the bear patch, Finalon whispers.

    "Black Arrow, you will not fail me, and I vow to always recover you. You came from the bottom of a lake, and before, the bottom of a mountain. If ever you truly took the life of a great wyrm... go now, and speed well!"

    The arrow flies and vanishes within the bulk of the ebon dragon, even its more perfect defense failing against the legendary item. The Night howls in pain as it thrashes from side to side.

    "He's weakening!" Cheryl shouts. "We're almost there! Keep it up!"
    Something is keeping BLU from respawning, and you cannot activate Ubercharge without an advanced knowledge of the Medigun.

    But you can, and do, keeping healing people with it.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:18 No.17470649

    Doug, if we get out of this in one piece, I'm never calling you a bum ever again.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:19 No.17470666
    Time to fire the Black Arrow?
    >> Even more rookies 01/08/12(Sun)23:19 No.17470676
    rolled 22, 12, 100 = 134

    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:20 No.17470682
         File1326082815.jpg-(53 KB, 524x797, 1316305338846.jpg)
    53 KB
    >"Black Arrow, you will not fail me, and I vow to always recover you. You came from the bottom of a lake, and before, the bottom of a mountain. If ever you truly took the life of a great wyrm... go now, and speed well!"
    Where's that Silencer with the Lance? We need him to take part in the charge along with Darius and Star-Lord!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:20 No.17470684
    'This is the end, Ebon Night! You threw your power against us, and still we prevailed! What say you to that?'
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:21 No.17470688

    BLU's equipment is still lying around!

    Someone grab Engie's wrench and BEAT THE RESWPAWN POINT.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:21 No.17470695

    Hey. Lyla. Elaine.

    If you don't do the most awesomest, biggest, double column of Holy to Ebon Night right now, we're cutting your pay in half.

    We are SO serious right now. We're not kidding about this.
    >> Even more rookies 01/08/12(Sun)23:21 No.17470696
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:21 No.17470700
    ...Damnit. Still, I'd say the net gain of your work is positive I suppose.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:22 No.17470704

    Charge the fucker with the Spear I grabbed here, >>17470386
    -can't wait for the Silencer at this rate. I'm joining the Bear.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:22 No.17470717
         File1326082967.png-(30 KB, 275x204, 1298939954246.png)
    30 KB
    >rolled 22, 12, 100
    You saved us from 2 low rolls but took from us a critical success?
    I don't know how I should feel about this.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:22 No.17470718

    Darius! Starlord!

    Ebon Night is HUGE EVIL. That means he has HUGE GUTS.

    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:23 No.17470724
    Time to end this nightmare, and it only took like... over half our forces I'd say.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:24 No.17470730
         File1326083042.jpg-(29 KB, 452x283, medigun.jpg)
    29 KB


    Someone check the respawner!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:24 No.17470732
    Looks like a crewman is charging with it if the Silencer doesn't get up again.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:24 No.17470733
    rolled 73 = 73

    Just a question. Suppose, in theory, all this shaking of the cave were to loosen the black crystal nailing down my right hand, someone were to heal me enough that my hand works, and I were to throw the black crystal at Mr. Ebon Turd while screaming "No you".
    What would happen?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:24 No.17470742
    Don't worry, kid. It all worked out in the end, I think. You did good.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/08/12(Sun)23:26 No.17470764
    rolled 7 = 7

    You'd need to have someone rip it out from your hand, the cave shaking ain't gonna cut it.

    Still reeling from the arrow strike, the Ebon Night cannot react as Darius and Star-Lord leap onto the nightmare-king's hide and begin stabbing through the scales, their legendary First Age blades carving through the monster's hide with ease. Not only immensely powerful and magical, the blades bear with them a history of heroics and legend, and the memory of these myths carve into the metaphysical portion of the Night even as the blades cut his flesh. The Silencer that threw the lance grabs the Voiceless Spear off of a comatose Knight Inductor and begins to advance with it even as Finalon readies the Nameless Blade and prepares to do the same.

    "Do WHAT with my pay?!" Lyla shouts, her most dire nightmare about to come to life snapping her out of the visions. She smacks Elaine across the face. "Come on, Elaine! That sick scaled sonofabitch killed Mark and Leo. We have to make him pay! You- oh, right. Heavenly wind, carry us to the fountain of power! Esuna!"
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:26 No.17470771
    Watch 'Meet the Medic', it will explain uber to you.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:27 No.17470785
    >> Fireman Prime 01/08/12(Sun)23:27 No.17470791
         File1326083275.jpg-(33 KB, 640x480, aku sad.jpg)
    33 KB
    Jesus Fuck it's like Shadow of the Colossus all over again.
    With the climbing and the STABBING and the prompt falling of, oy oy oy.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:28 No.17470794

    Oh no nonononononononono.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:28 No.17470795
    >> Even more rookies 01/08/12(Sun)23:29 No.17470817
    rolled 96, 27 = 123

    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:29 No.17470820
    Think of it this way, this is probably the second-most damage Ebon Night has ever been dealt, the first of course being those gods what wrecked Ravenloft.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:30 No.17470826
    well, it seems it makes him even stronger, well done!

    >don't fucking roll dice for no reason in future
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:30 No.17470832
    'Woops' is right jackass.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:30 No.17470836

    If there's anything I can do to absorb this bad roll in its entirety, I give myself willingly!

    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:30 No.17470843
         File1326083459.jpg-(106 KB, 452x308, Goddamnit.jpg)
    106 KB
    >dumb fuck rolls 73
    >MetaOP rolls critical failure next turn
    You dumb shit.
    Fuck you.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:31 No.17470846
         File1326083511.jpg-(51 KB, 332x511, This-Isnt-Even-My-Final-Form_e(...).jpg)
    51 KB
    >video of the end of FF7 I've been watching just hit the One Winged Angel theme.
    Fuck, he's changing to his final form!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:31 No.17470848
    Maybe one of us should just sidle up to the World Pillar with Adam and get Ebon Night's attention.
    See if he's elated or terrified of merging Adam with it.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:32 No.17470857

    Dammit, we need Yuu and Titania in here. Theres gonna hurting everywhere.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/08/12(Sun)23:33 No.17470876
    rolled 90 = 90

    "ENOUGH!" the Ebon Night roars, ripping off Darius and Star-Lord from his hide and throwing them across the room. The impact kills Star-Lord instantly, but Re-Raise activates and puts him back on his feet. Darius does not die, but even a space marine cannot walk away from such a blow unscathed, and several of his enhanced bones are broken.

    Finalon and the Silencer halt their advance, scattering as the mechs open fire. The Ebon Night runs around in an odd pattern, not quite dodging the weapons fire as his body sustains a few hits... it takes a moment for you to realize that he is deliberately moving to where TG troops are still caught in nightmares, and allowing the explosions from the mecha munitions to kill them. He is killing your soldiers with your own weapons.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:33 No.17470881
    Creepy and Metameta.
    Ebon Night is reaching into our players' minds.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:35 No.17470897
    I think it was the command crew being brought directly into this battle that caused a lot of our problems.

    Mainly people trying to RP themselves and WASTING A SHITLOAD OF GOOD ROLLS. You know who you are.

    All those dead are because you listened to your inner Sues.

    But recriminations are for another time. We keep hitting it, again, and again, until it finally falls!
    >> All the rookies 01/08/12(Sun)23:36 No.17470906
         File1326083764.jpg-(44 KB, 320x242, flanders_rage.jpg)
    44 KB
    rolled 56, 53, 7, 67, 60, 36, 75, 13, 63, 4, 6, 93 = 533

    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:36 No.17470909
    "All mechs cease fire! CEASE FIRE! Defensive actions only!"

    "Whoever's got that medigun, get over to Darius and Star-Lord now!"

    Are any of the other Silencers awake? Get them scrambling to find the Lance of Longinus, we're going to need it.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:36 No.17470910

    Turning your back to not one, but TWO timberwolves? And GOD knows how many VFs plus the Hyaku Shiki? And all of them have an ABSURD amount of missiles? AND YOUR REAR ARMOR JUST GOT STRIPPED OFF BY A BEAR AND A LEGENDARY PALADIN ARROW?

    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:36 No.17470913
    But if he was really clever he would have run while he still had a chance.
    Time to end this nightmare.
    >> All the rookies 01/08/12(Sun)23:37 No.17470914
    Woops, shouldn't have absorbed that last one again.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:37 No.17470915
    VFs, stop the firing, RAISE BARRIERS!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:37 No.17470917

    Prawn units! Use your fields to throw our guys out of the way. You don't have to be gentle, just get them out alive!

    Melee troops, go for its legs, stop it from advancing futher!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:38 No.17470926

    Alternatively, Lyla + Elaine, do the Double Holy Flare whateveryoucallit to Ebon Night's MASSIVE WEAK SPOT exposed by the Bear!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:38 No.17470930
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:38 No.17470938
    Prawns are still caught in their inner nightmares, and Data is still working on getting the AI's of the suits to override pilot control.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:39 No.17470943

    Alright. Let's just settle for the double holy then.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:39 No.17470945
    TG. Rise up and destroy him.
    Reach forth, our loyal soldiers and strike down the beast that would turn brother against brother!

    He wants to walk over to our troop, then I call forth for them to fight free of his influence and strike him from underneath! Finalon, Silencer, with me! And silencer, take this Spear of Longinus instead. Charge!!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:39 No.17470949
    Do you think putting our own people into the line of fire will spare you? They give their lives for the cause! Perhaps to cause us pain of lost comrades? But that pain is tempered by the inevitability of your defeat.

    Spite, then. So be it.'
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:39 No.17470951
    SHUT UP! We need to NOT team-kill!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:40 No.17470962
    Bear: Rip and Tear.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:40 No.17470963
    So you missed the part where Ebon Night retains enough mobility to not only dodge all such weaponry already launched at him, but also is kiting the mechs so that their weapons fire kills our own guys?

    Is English not your native language?
    >> Yes, I'm Mad Fireman Prime 01/08/12(Sun)23:41 No.17470976
         File1326084114.png-(262 KB, 826x667, 13177895379918.png)
    262 KB
    >bringing the command crew was a bad idea
    YEP. Pic related.
    >people trying to RP themselves
    >wasting good rolls
    Like hell recriminations are for another times. Jesus Christ on a Land-Raider, people. You people (who know who you are) are the reason why Flawed Canons shatter so many good worlds. There'll be brig time and possible re-education when we get back.

    AND THE REST OF YOU, the theatrical taunts and smack-talk aren't as impressive as you think. ACTION, not WORDS are what change the course of the Chronology Core.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:42 No.17470984
         File1326084155.jpg-(47 KB, 781x600, weighting for op.jpg)
    47 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:44 No.17470995
    >bringing the command crew was a bad idea
    That wasn't our choice though; Ebon Night did it, probably knowing how much chaos it would cause.

    But I agree with your recriminations. Some people will not be allowed any leave when we get out of this alive.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:44 No.17470996
    This man speaks the truth.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:46 No.17471024
    Have we passed autosage?

    Because the planning thread is still around, so once we're done here, shall we bump that baby up and get back to BUEREAUCRACY!?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:46 No.17471031
    Get out BRs
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:47 No.17471038

    Sorry. My bad on that one.

    I thought the 90 roll would cause our guys to become super-accurate and shred the weakened Ebon Night.

    If we're going to be better off with legendary weapon damage (i.e. Voiceless Spear attack and whatnot), we should really add more suggestions in that vein unless the OP gets one of our stupider suggestions (like mine) as our action.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:47 No.17471041
    Do not worry! It is only midnight!
    There's at least 3 hours of OP left.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/08/12(Sun)23:48 No.17471045
         File1326084483.png-(183 KB, 415x585, Ialwaysendtheserieswithfencing.png)
    183 KB
    rolled 75 = 75

    "Bright light, shine down on bloody impurity!" Elaine and Lyla chant in unison. "HOLY!"

    Twin columns of light strike Ebon Night in the head, one in either red eye. The god-wyrm howls as it is blinded.

    Confused by contradicting orders, some of the mechs keep firing while others stop. More damage rips into the Ebon Night, its defenses temporarily down due to Holy, but at a cost of lives. But some mechs have a better idea.

    "Yes... I see. Thank you, Cheryl," Char murmurs as he draws his beam saber. Behind him, the VFs draw their knives, their pinpoint barriers going live. "Men! Form up. I hope you enjoy fencing..."

    With that, the Hyaku Shiki and the VFs fall on the Ebon Night, stabbing, hacking, and slashing with their gigantic weapons. Not a one escapes damage. The Ebon Night claws, bites, tail whips, body slams, and grapples each mech that comes into contact with it. But as badly damaged as the warmachines become, the damage to the dragon is getting worse by the moment...

    And latched onto him even now is a huge bear, ripping and tearing with his bear hands.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:49 No.17471068
    No more missiles!

    Go to knives and bear him down away from our troops.
    Hold him while everyone else hits him.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:50 No.17471076

    Gather what active ground personnel available. Begin getting our comatose guys out of the immediate danger zone. Nanny-bag those who were hit but are still savable.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:50 No.17471077

    OK, no it isn't. Damn. Oh well. New thread, then.
    There's the old one if anyone wants to check it out.
    Hence why I went for the Bearsona ripping it to pieces.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:51 No.17471088
    rolled 13 = 13

    Hm. Are Bear hands likely to heal a target, or harm a target? Better roll my Bear Lore to find out.

    Also we're autosaging.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:51 No.17471090
    ...And Char saves the day?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:52 No.17471094
    And one is OP!
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:53 No.17471104
    where's v-99 in all this? if it survives, it has to be a hero by now.

    and dear god, how many more rolls are we going to have to make?
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:53 No.17471105
    >but at a cost of lives
    You know those people killed due to mech-based weapons won't be salvageable, because their brains are damaged.
    Your ignorance has cost us lives that we can't Raise or repair.

    Have any regular troops that are there and up, get themselves and their comrades out of the giant melee fighting.

    Have those Silencers been able to find the Lance of Longinus yet?

    And someone make sure to get that medigun over to Darius and begin healing him.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:54 No.17471122
    VP-99 is with Adam and the shard. It's ready to merge Adam and the shard back into the World Pillar on our order.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:54 No.17471127

    Mr. Data, try to rouse any other conscious personnel and get those troops still affected by the horror effect back to the other end of the cave where the rest of the command staff is holding out. If you still have spare time, get that medigun from that command personnel and see to Darius. After that, start tending to the wounded.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:55 No.17471129
         File1326084906.jpg-(42 KB, 800x450, Ka-Bar OTEC AK-VF-M9 Assault K(...).jpg)
    42 KB
    Damn, it only I posted sooner we might not have fired any before knifing.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/12(Sun)23:56 No.17471140
    Has Data been able to get the AI on the Prawn Suits to override Pilot controls so that he can order them to scoop up personnel out of the danger zone?
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)00:00 No.17471179
    rolled 19 = 19

    The Voiceless Spear sails through the chaos to embed itself deeply into the Ebon Night's flesh. It lets out a chilling howl that slowly dies in volume until it screams in silence. Lashing out in retaliation, it blasts the assembled mechs away from it with a powerful blast of telekinesis. Two of the VFs are badly damaged enough that they go critical and are destroyed though their pilots eject safely.

    Data finally gets the autosystems on the prawn suits to work, and the power suits stand up and begin to strafe the dragon with ARC gun fire even as their occupants are still beset by nightmares. Then Data directs the suits to use their TK fields to pick up and remote control the dropped blades from the destroyed VFs. These weapons draw lines of blood in the dragon's sides.

    Cheryl, the Farseers, the Psi-Vets, Tosh, and the Psions suddenly each raise their right hand. Streams of energy begin to surge forth from them into the crystal, which in turn streams into Char's beam saber, temporarily empowering the fellow telepath's weapon as he uses his thrusters to dart in for one final attack. The beam saber glows molten silver as it is imbued with the combined psionic power of everyone manipulating the pillar, and slashes open the Ebon Night's belly. The dragon gives a silent scream as its form begins to dissolve into smoke.

    "He's getting away!" Cheryl shouts, her eyes opening. "VP, give me Adam! NOW!"
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:01 No.17471187
         File1326085276.jpg-(13 KB, 297x350, 1313379746464.jpg)
    13 KB

    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:02 No.17471200
    Char: "Lol you want me to put Adam in this dragon? Okay."
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:02 No.17471207
    "VP-99, don't fail us now!"
    Alright, NOW I can get behind merging Adam back into the World Pillar.

    And you would think that a big red and black two-pronged trident would be easier to find than this.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:03 No.17471210
    welp, there goes Impact.

    We were so close, too!

    Chalk up another someone who's going to come back and fuck us in the ass.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:05 No.17471230
    Seconding the motion.
    We shall mate with the digital polyhedron representations.
    Because, seriously, fuck them.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:05 No.17471233

    Hes not getting away!

    Data, use the prawns TK field to keep him here. Immolise that shit!
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:07 No.17471259
    pretty sure that means jack and shit at this point, captain. he's gone intangible.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:08 No.17471263
    Damnit Cheryl, you better not be gearing up for some kind of Heroic Sacrifice.
    That is against company policy.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:08 No.17471276
    We can do this, it might be slow and difficult, but we are wearing him down! White Mages, hit that smoke with Holy! We are not letting him get away!
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:09 No.17471282
    Actually, even if Ebon Night went intangible, the Elder Thing's research suggested that the Lance of Longinus would still have an effect.
    Also, I want to make sure that it's found, otherwise we might lose it when this place begins to collapse, which I think Ebon Night will try to do.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:09 No.17471290

    That's right! Holy affected Wesker even when he was in smoke form.

    Another dose of holy might affect him enough to disrupt his concentration or somehting.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:11 No.17471308
    Damnit, these dice have us on fucking emotional roller coaster. It is starting to wear at me.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:11 No.17471311
    Somebody, go find that damn lance!
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:11 No.17471318
    wait, is he still putting energy into terrorising our guys?

    maybe we can try and trap him somehow? like a communal effort!

    Ebon Night doesn't seem to me like the kind of guy who values pragmatism over getting his kicks in. We can turn that to our advantage!

    Everyone, it's not real! The fear isn't real!
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)00:12 No.17471322
         File1326085937.jpg-(19 KB, 260x149, damnationorsalvation.jpg)
    19 KB
    VP-99 floats over and hands the shard over to Cheryl, who takes it in hand, looking at it with a face torn by emotion. One of the X-COM vets puts a power suited hand over hers. It is joined by a farseer, then Tosh, then a psion, then another farseer and vet. Cheryl blinks, sets her jaw, and nods, pushing the shard into the pillar.

    It clicks into place like a puzzle piece and the Ebon Night utters a silent scream before finally the Voiceless Spear's enchantment fails and his voice bellows from his throat once more.

    "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!" the Ebon Night demands as the pillar's light grows blinding and wings of pure energy begin to unfurl from it. "You can't... You'll destroy the world just to slay me?!"

    The pillar shatters into countless pieces as the blue light turns white and washes over everything in sight. Your own vision gives out and you float blind once more, but this time in a sea of light instead of dark.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:12 No.17471324
    So, actions:
    Data gets the Prawn suits to use their TK Fields to try to contain Ebon Night.
    Lyla and Elaine hit Ebon Night with a double holy.
    Silencers still look for the Lance of Longinus.
    VP-99 gets Adam to Cheryl and the World Pillar.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:14 No.17471337
    .....aw fuck.
    Refuse Instrumentality!
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:14 No.17471338
         File1326086068.jpg-(23 KB, 320x214, begins.jpg)
    23 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:15 No.17471342
    doesn't help that some people decided to roll for completely spurious crap. and those guys are presumably going to get reamed out for it.

    OK, so we're A trying to find the lance
    B using holy
    C attempting some kind of feedback loop against him?
    maybe D BEARSONA, too
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:15 No.17471345

    Data, do you see the lance anywhere? Hand it to someone who can throw it!
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:15 No.17471347
    Anything to save the world.. though hopefully it won't come to that, even that would be better than living in darkness that would spread to other worlds.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:15 No.17471348

    So we know the innermost thoughts of our crew and they know what shit flies about in our minds?

    This might be a bad thing.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:15 No.17471351
         File1326086146.jpg-(45 KB, 640x480, TANG%20ORANGE.jpg)
    45 KB
    Second impact. Fuck.

    Well, lets get ready for Pelleon.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:15 No.17471353
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)00:15 No.17471357
    Please insert TG Quest Disc 2.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:16 No.17471365
    Haven't you been paying attention?

    ...Hey Philemon, I don't know if you can hear me but I'm still holding you to your promise, of sending Guts and those kids back where they belong.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:17 No.17471379

    I want physics ready to swat back impact

    Can we raise the fleet? If yes, do it

    We can still fix this,
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:17 No.17471381

    I guess we should do as the man says.

    Motioning to insert the 2nd disc.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:18 No.17471384

    >> mick824 01/09/12(Mon)00:18 No.17471390

    >takes out disc 1 and puts in disc 2
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:18 No.17471391
    Oh. Second thread coming up soon.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:19 No.17471395
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:19 No.17471397
    So, is this Disk 2 as in FFVII continuing, or as in, "Fuck, prologue's over, new character"
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:19 No.17471408
         File1326086395.jpg-(16 KB, 530x376, insert-cd.jpg)
    16 KB
    Second disk inserted, clicking 'continue'.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:21 No.17471424


    Every SRW has managed to reject instrumentality. We can too.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:23 No.17471453
    well, goodbye Team 1, nice knowing you.

    And it was an honour serving with you.

    Quick question:was there any way we could have won that? At all? I mean, what the fuck. At least we killed Ebon Night.

    You guys...what were you fucking thinking? I'm doomed to being tang with this glory hound assholes forever? Fuck that, I hope you're happy.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:23 No.17471456
    That's like giving up.

    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:24 No.17471464

    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:24 No.17471470
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:24 No.17471472
    We can still reject Instrumentality! We can still reach the minds, the souls of the others, can get them to reject it as well!
    I need my pain!
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:25 No.17471476
    I'm pretty sure Adam's instrumentality is different than the one in End of Evangelion though.
    It's more like he's just making a fuckhuge explosion.
    >> MetaQuest OP 01/09/12(Mon)00:26 No.17471488


    Press any key!

    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:26 No.17471492
    That isn't giving up, we're just switching disks because they could fit all the full motion video onto on disk.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:26 No.17471495


    I really hope OP's not going to leave us hanging here.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:26 No.17471496


    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:42 No.17471667
    I push the space bar.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)00:46 No.17471717
         File1326087975.jpg-(10 KB, 280x205, tgquestdisc2.jpg)
    10 KB
    This is a disc?

    Aw shit, I thought it was a coaster. Sorry. Will it still work?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/12(Mon)01:28 No.17472130

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