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  • File : 1323999503.jpg-(45 KB, 500x720, 1320832799452.jpg)
    45 KB TG Quest 37: What Lies Sleeping MetaQuest OP 12/15/11(Thu)20:38 No.17229803  
    ...mainly the OP as time ticks by.


    Short Summary: You've managed to slay both Dracula and Strahd and the mists have receded from the greater part of Eurasia. This leaves mists covering the Japan area and half of China, Africa, the poles, and India.

    After regrouping your forces, you have eight days left to accomplish your mission of ridding this world of the mists and their dark master, the Ebon Night.

    Last thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/17206876/
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 12/15/11(Thu)20:40 No.17229819
    so, where'd we headed next? Antarctica or Japan? Do we get a 'rest period' or something?
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/15/11(Thu)20:40 No.17229820
    TEN days. I cannot into math.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)20:42 No.17229847
    Can we get an update from the probe droid in Antartica? also, check with the farseer council to gauge the threat level in various places. Which paths to victory are steeper?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)20:44 No.17229863
    Was worried I'd have to generically complain. Ha.

    Eight? That sounds off.
    Thought the longest we spent in any of our simultaneous stops was almost three days in Transylvania.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)20:44 No.17229874
    Fuck, I was worried when you said we only have 8 days.
    10 is still a bad number, too.

    Okay, we have a tentative plan of action for scouting Japan from here:

    Also, can we get a status update on our forces, how many are in the reconstruction tanks, and which ones are combat ready?
    Also the status on the one KI that was nanny-bagged?
    Are the transporters on the Inde repaired?
    And finally, a point of book-keeping: from the 48 KI, is Darius included in their number, or is he kept separate by being on the Hero Roster?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)20:45 No.17229877

    How are our newly-returned away teams doing?

    Also, I recall that we set some X-com psychics and perhaps some other scientists working on helping Cheryl realize her godlike powers or something. How's that coming along?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)20:45 No.17229882
    Probably Antarctic, we still haven't even managed to get a probe to Japan.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)20:47 No.17229896
    Shouldn't it be 11? or did I miss a day somewhere?

    Either way, we're running low on time with, probably, the worst places left.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)20:50 No.17229924
    Actually, the probe droid is environmentally sealed for operation in all environments, so we shouldn't need to change and thing there. Good plan for an approach though.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)20:52 No.17229943
    The reason for a submerged delivery is because the atmospheric wind conditions would tear the probe apart, as was shown when we last sent a probe into that storm system.
    That's why we need to go in underwater, then deliver a probe once it reaches land.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)20:54 No.17229975
    One thing keeps nagging at me.
    What is Ebon Night's 'hook' for Antarctica?
    He's brought in at least the Mountains of Madness, but there's not really much there to torment. Shoggoths haven't really been shown to have the ability to feel bad or want for much.
    So what does the Dark Power have down there to torment?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)20:56 No.17229988
    I understood that and was agreeing that it was a good plan. Just noting that we didn't need to make anything for the task.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/15/11(Thu)20:56 No.17229993
    Darius is separate.

    There are 2 KIs in the tanks. Combat ready KIs are:
    Squad 1: 17 Knights, 4 Silencers.
    Squad 2: 18 Knights, 4 Silencers.

    Your away teams are all pretty frazzled. The time to regroup included a day to get everyone patched up and regrouped, but they could use another day. If you think you can spare it.

    It's only been two days since the X-COM teams have started running Cheryl through the psionics tests. It's going to be at least another two days before they have basic results. Normally it would be a full month, but Cheryl's memories and natural talent are greatly accelerating her progression.

    The Probe Droid in the Antarctic has not located any sign of the Peabody Expedition, and the surface levels of the alien city seem to be completely abandoned. It has made a rough map of those above-ground areas.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)20:57 No.17230008
    Possibly the main character, or his companion, from the short story, Mountains of Madness.
    There's also the possibility that it's not just the Mountains and the city that were brought. The Thing and the Antarctic research station might also be down there.

    ANON, to do a scan for reality distortions so we can narrow our search down.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)20:58 No.17230020
    Good, good, they needed that small rest.
    What are we researching right now, and how is it coming along?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)21:00 No.17230050
    Basically, The Thing and a Shoggoth are the same thing. On that note, we should only send down environmental sealed people and set-up pass phrases and tests.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)21:01 No.17230053
    Let's give the away teams another day to rest, while sending additional probes to Africa, India, And the North Pole- any locations that we don't have concrete data on yet.

    Having fully rested troops will help minimize casualties, and increase our success rate. I'm willing to wait an extra day for that.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)21:03 No.17230080
    Has the probe noticed anything differing in the hieroglyphic murals from the established story they should tell?

    Has it come across the entrance to the underground? Probably avoid that, don't need to lose another droid.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/15/11(Thu)21:04 No.17230096
    The Storm is now able to detect an additional reality distortion within Japan. It also detects the storm within the mists has weakened by a large amount.

    After the mass-destruction at Pennsylvania, you only have the probe droid in Antarctica, and one Protoss Observer to deploy.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)21:05 No.17230101
    Let's let them have what they've had already and try to cycle in some of the unused people if we need to send people down. We are on a time limit afterall, and we've got spare people that haven't been down.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)21:06 No.17230108
    Wasn't the Probe Droid from Transylvania recovered?
    It wasn't taking part in the fighting so it should have been okay.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)21:07 No.17230121
    We have teams that haven't been deployed yet, and we don't have the time to not be working.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)21:09 No.17230153
    Does the Storm detect any reality distortions in Antarctica and Africa?

    Wasn't the probe droid we were using in Transylvania recovered yet?
    Beam it up since it should be safe to do so now.

    What's the status of the Indefatigable?
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/15/11(Thu)21:14 No.17230201
    Indefatigable is being repaired still, but it's functional.

    Good point. Must've been a record-keeping snafu. I'll add that to the list.

    Antarctica has a reality distortion deep underneath the alien city.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)21:16 No.17230227
         File1324001791.jpg-(61 KB, 592x800, Salamander.jpg)
    61 KB
    What do you think, send down the SCP squad down to assess the Mountains of Madness?

    Do we have anything in the way of flamethrowers to equip them with?

    Note to self: Request Salamanders at next requisition.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)21:16 No.17230229
    Okay, so question again:
    Can the Probe Droids survive being underwater, and can they move at an appreciable speed, so that it could penetrate the storm system surrounding Japan via underwater?
    If it can, have it land on the Korean Peninsula and make its way to Japan.

    Secondly, there's no reality distortions in Africa? If so, then we can ignore it.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)21:17 No.17230245
    And the two from Silent Hill and Raccoon City as well now.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)21:19 No.17230256
    I was actually thinking Delta Greens, for their Cthulhu Mythos experience, but the SCP are also a good choice. If they need to go underground, then we should have the Inde replicate some comm amplifiers to boost and relay their signals as they go underground, and proximity grenades to make sure that they aren't flanked.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)21:21 No.17230272
    That's right. The Probe Droid from Silent Hill survived; it was the Observer that didn't.
    And we had left a Probe Droid at Riverside to watch for a zombie attack that never came, so it should be safe as well.
    But the droids we sent to Raccoon City were all destroyed, though, except for the Observer there that stayed above the city.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)21:21 No.17230280
         File1324002092.png-(499 KB, 640x480, CoC_Shoggoth.png)
    499 KB
    Alright gentlement, how do we fight Shoggoths?
    Because, in theory, that's what awaits us in the undercity.

    This question is directed to the rest of the Command Crew, ANON, the Delta Greens, and the SCP folk.

    Also, parts of it will probably be underwater. So plan accordingly.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)21:23 No.17230300
    Simple: With superior firepower.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)21:23 No.17230302
    Why did someone send probes into direct combat anyway??
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)21:26 No.17230332
    we can conceivably use phaser rifles set to maximum setting. That should be equivalent to some of the weapons used against them by the Old Ones. The troops using them will need to carry spare charge packs, though, since the energy cells likely won't regenerate fast enough. The Mass Rifles should also have an effect.

    Because they were expendable, and losing one of them is cheaper than losing a member of one of our specialist teams.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)21:27 No.17230345
    And there is still the question of what, exactly, is Ebon Night's game here anyway?

    He wants to use us somehow.

    We should try: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/17206876/#17213007
    Ask our people what _they_ think EN is up to.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)21:29 No.17230366
    I heard fire worked reasonably well
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/15/11(Thu)21:30 No.17230372
    According to my notes, for the final attack you sent in all the probes you had save the one still mucking around Transylvania/Antartic. The Silent Hill one was back by then.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)21:31 No.17230379

    >Cheryl results

    This may mean that Cheryl won't realize her power fully, or in any appreciable amount until our time is up or until we force Ebon Night into a direct confrontation.

    >Other stuff

    All I know about the Cthulu mythos could fill a mouse's teacup.

    As for our Antartica team, the Battlemechs are atmospherically sealed, but generally don't perform very well at all in water. Dunno if we have any aquatic troops either.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)21:32 No.17230388
    how's that sue in a bottle keeping?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)21:32 No.17230392
    OP, on a side note, we managed to grab the Treasury last time, did we get the +1 ghost touch longsword that would have been mixed in there?

    +1 ain't much, but the ability to swat spirits and the incorporeal could be mighty handy.

    On a related question, do any of the Delta Greens or SCP feel handy with a blade?
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/15/11(Thu)21:34 No.17230407
    Yes they can.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/15/11(Thu)21:35 No.17230413
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)21:35 No.17230417
    Too big, I fear.

    Perhaps we should follow the suggestion someone made last time about trying to find a Eldar Thing that's still in stasis and try to wake it up and make it understand that Shoggoths are loose.

    Either way, I've got to go cook dinner. Try not to get anyone too killed.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)21:38 No.17230440
    Hah! I told you we didn't get it!
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)21:42 No.17230477
    Okay, then have the Probe Droid drop down in the sea off the coast of Japan, near Tokyo (because it's ALWAYS Tokyo), well outside of the storm system, and have it submerge.
    Have it make its way to Tokyo Bay, and surface, then re-establish communication with the Storm.
    If it fails to make contact, the Probe Droid is to submerge again, and get out of there, and then re-establish communication from outside of the storm. We'll figure something out then.

    Without Peabody's Expedition, we have no idea where the Old Ones might be.

    ANON, can the Probe Droid in Antarctica fit through any of the doorways and begin exploring inside the city, making it's way down towards the reality distortion?

    We need information, and even if it gets attacked, it'll at least tell us what monsters are active down there.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)21:42 No.17230478
    Well, it seemed reasonable that it should be there.

    Anyhoo, looks like someone else wants to cook, so that'll buy a half hour or so, then I'll have left to eat it.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)21:43 No.17230486
    Suggested counter-shoggoth strategies:

    -Highly mobile units - such as MI with their jump jets - equipped with flamethrower or plasma weapons. Lure the shoggoth into the open where they can dance around it, and slowly burn away its mass with heat weapons.

    -Psionics. Shoggoths were originally designed to be telepathically controlled. They likely are still somewhat vulnerable to psionic attacks. The X-com psychics may be able to control them just as their ancient masters once did.

    -Transfiguration. Shoggoths may be big, but all of the aurors working together might be able to transfigure one into some more brittle material that can be harmed by conventional weaponry.

    In general, heat should work best against them. Heat, and mental attacks. Additionally, we should look carefully for any surviving Elder Things; they'll likely be able to advise us further in this regard, assuming our telepaths can communicate with them.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)21:46 No.17230509
    >ANON, can the Probe Droid in Antarctica fit through any of the doorways and begin exploring inside the city, making it's way down towards the reality distortion?
    Considering the size and shape of the Elder Things, that shouldn't be an issue.
    Though I'm hesitant to send the probe droid down.
    A cloaked Observer is probably a better choice.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)21:47 No.17230513
    Phasers may also be able to disintegrate away a Shoggoth's mass, so they should also be considered.
    Mass Rifles, while they might get through whatever defenses a Shoggoth might have, may not work too well because a Shoggoth doesn't have a vital organ that can be destroyed via black hole.

    According to the story, the Old Ones used electricity-based weapons against the Shoggoths when they first rose up against their masters.
    Possibly the Prawn suits with the arc weapons might work.

    And though it'll be within tunnels and buildings, remember that these structures were meant for beings the size of the Old Ones. The Prawn Suits and MI should be fine.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)21:51 No.17230545
    There are other things to consider. So far the main grabs Ebon Night has been doing have been game based, this might be more the place for Beyond the Mountains of Madness, rather than the original Lovecraft.
    Anyone here have that module?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)21:52 No.17230557

    Ah yeah, I forgot about phasers. Set to maximum strength, they should damage a shoggoth. Too bad we don't have Romulan disruptors though, as those would work even better.

    I forgot about the electricity vulnerability. Have the prawns warm up their lightning guns as you said, and also tell our magic types to prepare lightning spells.

    Let's not get overconfident about maneuverability though. The ruins may be cavernous, but shoggoths are pretty f-ing big, and can form long tentacles at will. As soon as we see one, we should backtrack to the nearest large, open space.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:00 No.17230612
    Well, a search of the Transpace Guard Meta-Archives (aka Google)
    Gives me this as a top result:
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:02 No.17230635
    Alright, phasers and prawn suits. That gives us some decent options.
    SCP is already armed with phasers, aren't they?

    Go with SCP and Prawns along with an Observer to help scout?
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/15/11(Thu)22:03 No.17230639
    Yes it can.

    With your current plan it will be about 2 hours before the Probe emerges. Are you doing anything in that time?
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/15/11(Thu)22:04 No.17230655
    SCPs have Tiberium enhanced lasers.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:07 No.17230674
    2 hours.
    Have the replicators produce X-COM motion detectors (can detect motion through walls), exographic scanners (so we can see through walls), and X-COM Proximity Grenades.
    Also replicate some Phaser Rifles and spare energy packs, enough to equip a squad.
    If not Phaser Rifles, then Type 2 hand phasers.

    Also, research status update from our X-COM scientists.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:09 No.17230689
    Also, send the Observer to Antarctica, over the City in the mountains. Have it attempt some ground-penetrating scans to come up with a map of the city's underground tunnels.

    Also, has the Probe Droid found any evidence of humans?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:10 No.17230697
    Well, lasers burn, so at least those are useful.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:12 No.17230714
    Whatever human infantry we send down, we should give them phasers AND flamethrowers. Possibly X-com plasma guns as well. In case something doesn't work.

    And keep the X-com psychics within mind control range.


    Use these hours to brief our troops on the Cthulhu Mythos, and the Plateau of Leng in particular. Also go over The Thing, Xenomorphs, and Predators, in case those show up.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/15/11(Thu)22:13 No.17230721
    The Observers begins to travel there. The Probe reports no sign of human life in Antarctica.

    Production begins on the motion trackers and scanners. You are out of the materials needed to produce phasers.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:13 No.17230727

    Lasers only burn a small area. That's not going to do shit to a shoggoth. Plasmas and wide-beam phasers are better options for this. And, of course, the prawns with their lightning guns.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/15/11(Thu)22:17 No.17230764
    Actually I missed this. The SCP troopers have Tib lasers AND phaser rifles.

    Also, in case you forgot, the UNIT boys have Fallout plasma rifles and plasma casters.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:18 No.17230776
    Alright so what the hell is in Japan/Anatartica?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:20 No.17230804
    We could send in the Delta Greens, the SCP, and the UNIT team, since all three were on either light duty or didn't take part in the ground-side operations till now.

    But, as has been shown, the more people we send in, the greater the threat response. It might be better to limit this to just one or two teams.

    I'm thinking SCP and UNIT, since they've had the least amount of action so far, and will be the most rested.
    Also all of them have Fallout powered armor.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:21 No.17230818

    Antarctica has alien ruins, presumably from the Cthulhu Mythos, with a reality distortion buried below them.

    Japan has a major reality distortion, but the mist storms around it our too thick for our sensors to penetrate.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:22 No.17230826
    Oh, it's /tg/ quest.
    We discussed some things after you left, Op. Mostly just people yelling at each-other for being weeaboo, but there were some plans.
    One talked of using a submersible to carry a recon rover to Japan, since the air might be too turbulent to allow any flying units to get close.

    OP, what regions of the planet still have mists around them? Japan, the Arctic, Africa, Australia, Antarctica, and the Pacific/Indian Oceans?
    I figure we need to find the sources of the mist over as many areas as possible, for more simultaneous operations.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:23 No.17230833

    I'd say either SCP or Delta Green, MI, and prawns, with X-com psychics aboard the dropship.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:26 No.17230861
    Generally agree, though I think we might make use of the Prawns as well. That arc option could be handy here.

    Two on Japan it seems. We've decreased the strength of the distortions enough to tell them apart now.

    Now I eat, and virtually offer the command crew some chicken fried steak while we ponder the situation.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/15/11(Thu)22:28 No.17230890
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:29 No.17230896

    Outfit 'em with plasma rifles, too.

    OP, can we allocate any X-Com psychics without negatively impacting Cheryl's progress?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:30 No.17230905

    Nice steak. If this mission goes well, it'll be calamari next time.

    Delta Green in Fallout armor with phasers and plasmas, prawns with their suits, MI with plasmas, and X-com psychics should get in that dropship and prepare for landing. We'll send them down as soon as the probe returns.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:30 No.17230906
    This is the Antarctica Away Team?
    SCPs, Prawns, UNITs (these should all be well-rested). X-com's troops, too. If Shoggoths hate fire, then Shoggoths hate high-explosive packs.
    You always need a healer, so send down a few White Mages. Maybe 2 or 3. It'll give us more of a chance to argue over what Lyla's abilities should be.
    As for heroes, Spike's fear-immune now, and Darius is no doubt hardened against sanity-breaking horrors.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:32 No.17230923
    I'd say that using the SCP, Delta Greens and UNIT squads together with light mechanized support (Prawn suits) would be our best option. We need to travel light, probe deep and strike hard with troops fully prepared for the absolute horror of the Cthulhu Mythos. While the Prawn suits operators could be freaked out, we can rest assured that the SCP, Delta Green and UNIT have seen and survived this kind of shit before. If the Sandmen are combat effective, add them to the group as Shoggoths could find them indigestible.

    X-Com Vets could be good, but they took a real beating in Pennsylvania, so I don't think they're combat effective.

    The Knights Inductors, we'll want fully rested and patched up for Japan. It promises to be a clusterfuck.

    Keep the MI and BattleMechs on standby in case the guys on the ground need it.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:32 No.17230927
    So SCP, MI and Prawns, with X-COM psi-veterans with Psi Amps on standby on the Oncoming Storm.
    Delta Green and UNIT on standby in case we need more people on the ground.

    Liberal use of motion trackers, exographic scanners to see around corners, and proximity grenades to prevent being flanked.

    Also, ANON, begin a replication run of electro-flares right after the scanners and trackers are done; beam up raw materials from the cities in the USA if you need more.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:35 No.17230947
    Spike's fear-Immune? sweet, which thread did that happen?

    Also, has he physically recovered from his wounds?

    And didn't Egon have some dealings with Miskatonic at one point? Maybe get his input.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:35 No.17230953
    Derp. I can't read today, it seems.
    So, mists around Japan, India, Africa, the North and South poles.

    While we hax! up a submersible probe to send into Japan, how should we go about investigating India, Africa, and the North pole? Tie a reality-meter or a PKE meter to the Gunstar or a Leopard and have it do a flyover?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:36 No.17230966
    Delta Green's already have Chinese Stealth Suits and have blasters and mass rifles.

    They also saw action in Strahd's castle, though no direct fighting.

    The SCP and UNIT are already equipped with Fallout armor and are trained to use it, while the Delta Greens are not.
    We shouldn't change around armor at this point, as the training time is prohibitive.

    The White Mages had a realy tough time in both operations, and they probably need a rest.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:36 No.17230967

    I agree with this, except that I don't know if X-com mind control can work from orbit. Send the psychics down on the dropship, but have them stay aboard while the rest of the troops enter the ruins.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:37 No.17230979
    For healers, lets send some aurors. People keep forgetting that they can heal (though admittedly not nearly as well as the white mages).

    Also, if we're going to send a hero, maybe Tosh is the best choice. If anyone stands a chance of communicating with the elder things, its him.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:39 No.17230999
    The probe to Japan is already on its way.

    ANON has been asked 3 times about reality distortions in Africa, however, and has not yet responded.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/15/11(Thu)22:42 No.17231029
    Because there are none. As I said, there's one in Japan, and one under the alien city.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:42 No.17231030
    I'm weary of sending anyone sensitive to things beyond 3 physical dimensions around the Mythos, but you're right. At least, if we establish communications, we might be able to negotiate with the Elder Things as rational and logical beings (they are rational and logical as we understand it. That's fucking rare in the Mythos.).

    Tosh can probably do it, if anyone can. (Ideally, I'd ask for Professor X or the GEoM, but what can you do?)
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:45 No.17231050
    >Spike's fear-Immune? sweet, which thread did that happen?
    After going through Silent Hill, we got fear immunity and psi-resistance on everyone we sent through it. That was Spike, Data, Heather, and Heather's Bum.
    As for recovery: We have BLU Medic's Medigun, a crapload of White mages, and Data's competent at anatomy.

    Good point. The Aurors didn't see much action so they should be better rested, and Tosh is our psychic hero, and thus well-suited for this.
    X-com psi attacks attenuate very strongly with range. Assuming one 'square' is 1mx1mx2m, then X-com psi attacks are unreliable past 50 meters, and completely ineffective past 200.

    In my opinion:
    Initial team:

    On backup:
    Delta Greens

    Strange. I wonder what could be generating the mists there?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:49 No.17231090
    Have the Aurors use scrying at the North Pole, at some populated cities in India, and at some in Africa.
    Ask the Seer Council to untangle skeins, asking them if there's anything in Africa/India/North Pole that we need to go and kill.
    Use the Mirror on Cheryl.

    We've got magical info-gatherers, might as well use 'em.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:50 No.17231104
    I find it better that you articulate an answer, even if its negative, otherwise uncertainty is introduced.

    I'd have the initial team be Prawns, SCP, UNIT, Delta Green, Tosh, Mobile Infantry, Aurors.
    X-COM on standby in the Al'Kesh.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:53 No.17231128

    in b4 Ebon Night merges/assimilates the body of Walpurgis Night.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/15/11(Thu)22:53 No.17231134
    2 hours pass and the probe droid surfaces in Tokyo Bay.

    The city seems shrouded in mists, with sullen, fearful looking people walking the streets. Immediately the probe notes there are no cars or auto-motives present, though occasionally someone will ride a bicycle through the roads.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:54 No.17231143
    Whatever it is in Japan, it's a sign that we need to go to Japan dead last.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/15/11(Thu)22:55 No.17231154
    The Farseers sense that the mists in those regions are proto-domains. They do not possess a distortion to anchor them yet, but are latching onto the ones already present.

    Using the Mirror on Cheryl shows her reflection, save an aura of golden light around her, almost blinding in brilliance, lending her features somewhat of an angelic cast.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:56 No.17231171
    We should have painted the Probe Droid in United Nations colors and affixed UN decals on it. Japan and its animation industry just love the UN.

    Anyway, have the Probe Droid attempt to interface with a local telephone connection and see if we can get ahold of whatever remnant Internet is available here.
    Also see if there's any electricity at all.

    We'll attempt questioning one of the locals as a last resort.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:58 No.17231182
    And don't stop the preparations for our Antarctic expedition!
    We need to continue to replicate the equipment we'll need, and have the Observer and Probe Droid gaining as much intel as we can gather.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:58 No.17231184

    Hell's Gate. Darker Than Black.

    This has got to be it, I'm sure of it.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:58 No.17231192
    Additionally: Tosh might have some sense of hostiles in Africa, the North pole or India. It's unlikely, but worth a shot.
    Does Egon have any input on how the mists work? Particularily, what means exist to look into the mists? They might be transparent to certain waveforms and frequencies.

    We need data on winds and atmospheric conditions. Head on over to a weather station and see if we can either steal or politely ask for atmospheric data.
    Checking whether any electricity exists in the area seems to be a decent thing to do - for instance, are electrical wires in the area? Put a Compass near one and see if it aligns to them.

    Cool. I wonder if there's anything else we should mirror?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:59 No.17231196

    Does the city's architecture look more or less in-line with what we would expect from modern-day Japan?

    Also, can the probe intercept any radio or TV broadcasts?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)22:59 No.17231206

    Does anyone recall the episodes of Darker Than Black season 1 when they enter Hell's Gate? The one with the electricity dude leaving behind shoes, and the season 1 finale?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:03 No.17231245
    Hm. So we don't have a target yet to attack to clear the mists in those areas. Presumably one will open up once we've cleared Antarctica.
    I don't know how you can be so sure; all we've seen so far is a lack of cars and a sullen look on people's faces. For all we know, Gas prices suddenly got really expensive and nobody can afford to drive any more, so they're upset.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:03 No.17231253

    Have the drone run a scan for rumors about a BK-201 and Contractors.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:05 No.17231270
    Let's worry about Japan once we've finished with antarctica.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:06 No.17231284

    Hell's Gate in Darker Than Black is a section of the city completely shrouded in mist. From time to time there are weird phantoms and out-of-place things occuring in there.

    I wouldn't put it past the idea that those people the probe droid are seeing are people who got trapped by something somehow by Hell's Gate.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:06 No.17231289

    Alternately, something is killing tech. No cars could be sign that electronics are down for some reason. Though the probe not being affected for some reason takes away from that argument.

    Wait, how much gasoline does Japan have access to. If there has been a complete break down in trade due to the storm around the island nation, it might explain the lack of automobiles. Simply not enough petro to go around.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:08 No.17231303
    It's got oil rigs dotted around it.
    However, if a powerful hurricane recently went by, the oil rigs or oil tankers may have been destroyed or damaged.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:10 No.17231319
    Japan isn't actually heavy on private transportation unlike Western countries. It's all about the trains and buses there.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/15/11(Thu)23:10 No.17231322
    The Probe Droid swiftly discovers that the internet, and indeed all communication grids are down within Japan. It detects no radios, no internet, nothing. Analysis of the power grid reveals electricity IS present, but minimal.

    Egon hasn't had time to look into it yet.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:12 No.17231340
    Looks like Hell's Gate swallowed the whole of Japan instead of just a section of Tokyo.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:13 No.17231362
    Task a Japanese-speaking member of the Command Crew, or someone via ANON using a real-time translation program, to use the Probe Droid to corner a person and start grilling them for information, such as what government is still in charge, what is walking around besides the people, and if any of the Metropolitan Police Department or the Japanese Self-Defense Force are active.

    Are the preparations for our Antarctic expedition readied?
    Everyone got cold-weather gear?
    Motion trackers, exographic scanners, Federation medkits, tricorder, electro-flares, proximity grenades?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:14 No.17231363
    Strange. Have the Probe overhear rumors as it trundles to a weather station. I expect the weather station will be inoperable, but it might have records of atmospheric conditions there.
    Well, it shouldn't take THAT long for Egon to spam various frequencies and waveforms of light into the mists. Heck, "Spam all frequencies" was one of our first actions. I'm just wondering whether Egon's bullshit science hax might technobabble something about circular waveforms or step functions.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:15 No.17231379
    Cornering a person might just make them panic.
    If we're talking to anyone, a decent place to go is a Police Station and just start talking normally to people there.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/15/11(Thu)23:16 No.17231395
    It will take some time to manufacture all the equipment you asked using only the replicators and the materials we can scavenge from the surface without being detected.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/15/11(Thu)23:17 No.17231405
    So, no. A few more hours.

    Nothing is revealed with the basic spam, no.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:18 No.17231409
    Didn't we already have two days in which to do that while the crew rested?
    Prioritise the scanners and the electro-flares first.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:20 No.17231427
    Shit is gonna be hard to determine about this. We can only guess it's Hell's Gate. It's gonna be hell trying to find very specific occuring (and oddly quantum-reactive) material that only appears inside there (certain meteor fragments, "odd" flowers....).
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:20 No.17231430
    >So, no. A few more hours.

    Also, how are the astronauts and cosmonaut we rescued from the ISS holding up?
    Any of them mention the Star Destroyer and Federation starship we have in our little fleet?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:22 No.17231444
    Just one day. This is the second day, and is currently Day 10. We have 10 days left.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:23 No.17231455

    >> you have eight days
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:24 No.17231470
    No, you're wrong.
    >TEN days
    >The time to regroup included a day to get everyone patched up and regrouped
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:29 No.17231515

    Proto-zones, eh?

    That either means that Ebon Night hasn't fully taken control of those areas, or is otherwise having trouble asserting his influence in those areas. He still had Azalin and Strahd leftover from the old Ravenloft to assert their influence over part of the US, and took Silent Hill because one of his brothers left his mark on there.

    Ebon Night may have asserted his influence over Antarctica because of the potential threat of the Old Ones. From all accounts, they seem to be brilliant and the only Lovecraftian thing that may not utter malevolence about them. They may know some way of how to deal with Ebon Night.

    In resolving the Japan proto-domain, perhaps we can learn why Ebon Night hasn't completely taken over them despite it being a likely place for a Darklord to take root.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/15/11(Thu)23:30 No.17231525
    Japan is NOT a proto-domain, the areas without reality distortions are.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:31 No.17231538
    The proto-domains are the North Pole, Africa, and India.
    Japan is firmly under Ebon Night's control, and has a reality distortion to anchor the mists there.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:32 No.17231544
    Hm. How would we deal with a proto-domain?

    In any case, Waiting for Op to give more details about what the probe sees in Japan.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:34 No.17231555
    >How would we deal with a proto-domain?
    By destroying the nearby reality distortions that they are using as anchors, as said by the Farseers.
    So clearing Antarctica and Japan will also take care of Africa, India, and the Arctic.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/15/11(Thu)23:36 No.17231576
    OP is waiting for you to give the drone orders. There was a suggestion about talking to a townsperson, but it got shouted down. So now what?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:36 No.17231582
    Waiting on the Antarctic expedition gear to get ready (a few hours we can afford, a day we can't), and for the Probe Droid to find anything from the Japan Meteorological Agency's main office in Tokyo, and questioning locals if there's nothing there.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:39 No.17231600
    Actually the suggestion about talking to a townsperson didn't get shouted down, so much as lost in the noise of people not knowing what to do, not having read relevant posts properly, and just general dicking around when we have a job to do.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:41 No.17231618

    Have the droid get data if the stars in the night sky aren't what they're supposed to be/out of sync for this region.

    I'm looking for another Hell's Gate symptom.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:41 No.17231621
    We don't.

    As for the Japan situation, let's use the Pennsylvania excuse. It's a prototype drone (why yes, Groom Lake does test hyper advanced technology, thank you) on "loan" to UN from the US (Alternatively, the US is checking up on its vassal-state of Japan after getting rid of the mists over its own territories).

    Using that excuse, we establish communications with a native and get info.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:41 No.17231622
    Have the drone look for a police officer or disaster response worker. Preferably military or upper government, but we'll take what we can get.
    Have it move towards the Japan Meteorological Agency's main offices as it searches for these requested people, as scientists will likely be at the main office.

    If none of the requested types of people show up, just grab a random passerby and begin grilling them for answers.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:41 No.17231623
    Also, don't try to scare any civilians.

    Drone's cover story: UN Recon Rover. Much of the world has been misted, and we're trying to understand what's happened to Japan in the chaos.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:42 No.17231637
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/15/11(Thu)23:44 No.17231654
    The stars seem perfectly fine.

    Are you going to try to get them alone or just waltz out into the open?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:44 No.17231655


    Maybe the mist would create that as a side-effect.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:46 No.17231678
    The open is fine. We're not planning on abducting or murdering the guy, just saying Hi and asking what's up with Japan.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:47 No.17231682
    Dinner was good.

    Not much progress, eh?

    And we've got cold weather gear replicating for the antarctic expedition. Don't forget ice-picks and climbing gear. Been thinking we might put a couple Sandmen with the group as well, have a couple different perspectives along with the SCP guys.

    Let's see, Japan.. Bikes, low electricity, but people are moving around.. Have the probe maneuver itself within audio range of a bathhouse and see if it overhears anything of interest. People always talk about shit in the bathhouses.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/15/11(Thu)23:47 No.17231685
    I was assuming it used some advanced technical sensors able to chart...

    ...OK, I derped and forgot the mist would block sight.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:47 No.17231687
    I vote to waltz out into the open.
    It's Japan, there are virtually no guns, and the repulsorlift of the drone can have it hover to safety.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:50 No.17231708
    >The stars seem perfectly fine.
    As in the stars are visible?

    Let's try the eavesdropping first.
    Probe droids are pretty crazy looking if they aren't used to sciency things.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/15/11(Thu)23:51 No.17231725
    rolled 72 = 72

    The stars aren't. My derpiness is.

    The Probe Droid sneaks behind a wooden fence and puts its photoreceptor to the hole to spy on the bathers...
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:51 No.17231726
    >stars are visible?
    Well apparently not, as evidenced by:

    >...OK, I derped and forgot the mist would block sight.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:51 No.17231729
    Hm, might not be Darker than Black as some have thought then.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:52 No.17231738
    100 years of technological advancement and half a week of planning, and we're using it to spy on bathing women.
    Does EVERYTHING in Japan become Hentai?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:53 No.17231746
         File1324011221.jpg-(70 KB, 470x356, yatai05.jpg)
    70 KB
    Check the food carts and pick up rumors. Crazy stuff gets passed around there.

    --after all, there is always reason for booze.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:53 No.17231747
    At least it doesn't have tentacles, or a tentacle-like manipulator.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:54 No.17231754
    Spying on drunk people with loose lips would be easier than spying on bathing housewives.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:57 No.17231773
    All that these food carts need is a tank of kerosene. Sometimes they have a generator running.

    Trust me, there WILL be people drinking and complaining about the situation.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/15/11(Thu)23:59 No.17231791
    The Probe Droid overhears the following.

    "This is... I still can't believe this is happening. Centuries of scientific progress, of cultural development being wiped out!"

    "Shhh! He has spies everywhere! Don't say things you'll regret..."

    "His spies have got to have better things to do than listen in on bathhouses! No one's spying on us!"

    "I just don't want to end up like those girls..."

    "If there were any cars left, we could chance driving out of the city. There's got to be a boat left somewhere..."

    "And then what? Where's the rest of the world? For all we know the same thing happened there!"
    >> Anonymous 12/15/11(Thu)23:59 No.17231798
         File1324011593.jpg-(42 KB, 308x466, bath1.jpg)
    42 KB
    Not bathing housewives, bathhouse. Guys, girls, sometimes separated.
    Closer to the idea of the Roman bathhouses. Social and relaxing.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:03 No.17231833
    Maybe Tetsuo from Akira.
    We need more information.
    These two people seem to know what's going on, but entering the bathhouse will be problematic. And knocking will just cause them to panic.

    I suppose we could have the Probe Droid speak up, but they'll still panic regardless for a few minutes.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:04 No.17231839
    Now would be a time for the probe droid to introduce itself as a UN Recon Vehicle, ask who "He" is, and whether "He" needs artillery shells dropped on him.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:04 No.17231844
         File1324011883.jpg-(808 KB, 1859x1552, ProbeDroid_egvv.jpg)
    808 KB
    They do have a variety of manipulators..

    Looks like playing peeping tom paid off.

    Now.. who banishes technology and has spies?
    Or does something unpleasant to girls.. though that might be a wide category.

    Probe Droid! Take care to keep yourself hidden from anyone else, seems the local threat is anti-tech.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:05 No.17231853
    Oh please. The Romans thermae were, on average, much more spacious and comfortable... so long as you wore your wooden sandals and stayed away from the walls in the caldarium or laconicum. The floors and walls were... a bit hot, you might say, but they sure kept the room as hot as it needed to be.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:07 No.17231875
    Yes, yes. A said the closer to the idea, not design.
    We in the west find group bathing/nudity a bit unusual, on average, so rough examples help.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:08 No.17231880
    Abe-no-Seimei from New Getter Robo I guess?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:09 No.17231888
    >Now.. who banishes technology and has spies?
    Everyone from L5R.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:11 No.17231902
    Xavier from Sengoku Rance?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:11 No.17231903
    I'd say the Droid should avoid contact, at least with groups. Maybe see if we can catch someone alone, and hide behind a wall of something.
    Then again, it is behind a wall right now, if we can speak to them without being seen by anyone, maybe now is a good time to try.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:16 No.17231937
    Have the Probe Droid knock a manipulator against the wall to get the bather's attention.
    "This is Commander Fuyukawa of the Marine SDF, working with the UN and America. A group of us were caught outside Japan on manuevers when this mist came up. We're working with the UN to figure out what's going on. I need you to tell me who you're talking about."
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:16 No.17231944
    My Google-fu is largely turning up the historical figure or stubs about the show. Tell us more.

    They said a 'he' though, and these people know modern things, someone have been removing them.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:16 No.17231948
         File1324012613.jpg-(72 KB, 500x375, waiting_op_1.jpg)
    72 KB
    While we wait for the OP to get back:

    Last thread, it was suggested we recruit a negotiator/diplomat/talker type person for our team, for those times when talking would help us more than sneaking and shooting.
    Brainstorm ideas for a negotiator/diplomat/talker type hero. And if someone says "Corbin Dallas" I will kick you in the nuts.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:18 No.17231968
    who you are talking about and what's been going on since the mists. Though if there are spies, you probably want to be as brief as you can.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:20 No.17231978
    What? OP is right here and we are doing things!
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:21 No.17231988
    >OP is right here
    >Last OP post was 20 minutes ago
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:24 No.17231999
    You don't watch this quest much, do you?
    If we spend 30 minutes deciding what to do, he isn't going to have anything to say.
    20 minutes is making good time.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/16/11(Fri)00:25 No.17232008
    More or less. But to prod this along...
    Are you doing this, with the probe droid staying out of sight?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:26 No.17232013
    Works for me.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:27 No.17232016

    This is WTF inducing for ANYONE in a bath house.

    it will not go well.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:27 No.17232019
    >17 minutes before we even said anything he might respond to.
    >It'll be another 10 from there before we're all sure that is what we want to do.
    Oh yeah, I'm sure that's his fault.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:28 No.17232025
    Yes. Though if they want to see us, just tell them to come around or look through the hole in the wall.
    We go with the cover story that as the only Japanese JSDF forces outside Japan, we are working with the UN and the United States, who were gracious enough to loan us this top-secret drone from their military.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:28 No.17232029
    Oh. What do we do instead?
    We know there's a dude with spies who hates technology. How do we get more information on this dude? It'll tell us at least part of what's going on here.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:30 No.17232046

    Agreed. Move on and continue to collect intel as we go. We can try striking up a conversation if the opportunity arises later.

    But seriously?

    Knocking on the bathroom wall and saying you are an authority figure who is ease dropping and would like more information will just end in screams and generally dickery. Which, while hilarious in those sitcoms on the TV with their wacky misunderstandings, is not what we are after.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:31 No.17232052
    I'd say go with it, and be prepared to make a break for the shore.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:33 No.17232064


    This will not end well at all.

    It's a fucking public bath.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:33 No.17232065
    By collect intel, do you mean eavesdrop some more?
    And how exactly do we hide a 1.6 meter tall robot in Tokyo?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:33 No.17232066
    Continuing to wait for OP
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:35 No.17232081
    Just head towards the Meteorological Agency's main office.
    Look for a chance to grab a police officer, but otherwise get to where scientists would flee to, which villains would consider unimportant.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:36 No.17232084
    Shut up. Please.
    Thank you.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:36 No.17232088
    There is none, this isn't Darker Than Black.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:38 No.17232095
    What the fuck are you talking about?
    The Japan Meteorological Agency is a real agency, with real offices in Tokyo.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:40 No.17232110


    It's time to ask Char the question,

    "what would he do if he were this type of villain? Banning technology and kidnapping all the young women...".
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:41 No.17232112
    Yes, but outside of Darker Than Black, why would you go there?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:41 No.17232116



    We need the data anyway, and we have a better chance of contacting someone who is not naked and likely to start screaming bloody murder at the sight of a alien-looking device with probes everywhere coming towards their unclothed bodies.

    HOWEVER, this is Japan with no internet, so lord only knows what is going on elsewhere. Thus, I make no promises about people not being naked in the future. But we should still look for a better person to strike up a conversation with.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:42 No.17232121
    We don't know that it's all the young women.
    Besides, we don't want to get him off track thinking about young girls.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:43 No.17232126

    Actually, any scientific or academic facility would be good. We should keep to the back alleys as much as possible to avoid unwanted attention. If cars are banned, that are going to be fucking LIVID when they see this mucking about.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/16/11(Fri)00:44 No.17232130
    rolled 26 = 26

    You disappoint millions of viewers as the Probe Droid moves away from the baths, refusing to take part in anime-style shenanigans.

    It begins to move through the streets again, alert for anyone it might contact alone while staying out of sight. On the way, it notices something odd. Several times it sights men in medieval armor on barded horses patrolling the streets, or foot-soldiers in livery and mail.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/16/11(Fri)00:47 No.17232146
    rolled 54 = 54

    The best the probe droid can find is an overly tanned woman with dyed blonde hair in an alley. Her clothes make no subtle hint about her profession.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:47 No.17232147
    ANON, analyze that livery. Cross-reference with our Canon database.
    What historical period does it come from.
    Also, analysis on the weapons; Medieval European, or Japanese?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:49 No.17232158
    European medieval armor.
    Hates tech.
    Has spies.
    Does something with girls.

    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:54 No.17232192
    A prostitute?
    On the one hand, she's unlikely to have any love of the new regime.
    But on the other, we've got nothing to offer her.

    Move on, continue towards the Agency offices.
    Other academic buildings are more famous, and therefore, more likely to have already been overrun.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:55 No.17232196
    Bah, fuck it. If we can find a wall or room to talk to her from concealment, let's give it a try.
    If we can get a pinch more information, like a name, we can unravel who is at foot here.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)00:56 No.17232202
    Hey, if we can even get a name to go with someone here than'll be a huge help.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/16/11(Fri)00:58 No.17232207
    Medieval European.

    A.N.O.N.'s limited database cannot find a match for the livery, but it is a sword with white wings outstretched on either side.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)01:00 No.17232227

    ...Why does this sound like pre-heresy Caliban Knights??
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 12/16/11(Fri)01:03 No.17232237
    I recall one of Junji Ito's work, it has at least a knight in it.
    Said knight in armor gets smacked by a horror thingy. But not sure about the livery.

    Expect Junji Ito horrors.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)01:08 No.17232258
    Ok, find a wall to hide behind:
    "This is Commander Fuyukawa of the Marine SDF, working with others, what is going on here, who has taken control of this area?"
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)01:08 No.17232259
    Are we questioning the prostitute, or are we continuing towards the Agency offices?

    I already voted to just go to the offices already in >>17232192
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)01:09 No.17232269
    I say give her a quick question and hurry onward.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)01:12 No.17232283
    Wait, why are we in Japan now? Weren't we about to land in antarctica?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)01:14 No.17232299
    This is while we're waiting for the Antarctic expedition to finish getting its equipment replicated.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)01:15 No.17232305
    We are. We're replicating the gear the arctic expedition needs right now, but we also found a way to get a probe to Japan.

    Remember, timed mission, do as much at the same time as possible.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)01:25 No.17232376
    So we're harassing a prostitute for a question or two, then continuing on to points of technological interest?
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/16/11(Fri)01:25 No.17232380
    rolled 47 = 47

    The Probe Droid hides behind a dumpster and extends a comcord so it seems the voice is coming from somewhere else.

    "What? Who- where are you?" the woman says, looking around confused.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)01:29 No.17232403
         File1324016973.jpg-(132 KB, 800x500, Band_of_the_hawk.jpg)
    132 KB

    Guys. I found the emblem.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)01:33 No.17232431

    "We are trying to keep a low profile mam' while we understand what is happening here. I apologize for the cloak and dagger, but please try to stay calm. We are here to determine the extent of the mists effects on Japan. So far we have gathered that there is some in control that really does not like technology. Given how we got here, the less attention we draw to ourselves the better for all involved. If there is any information you could give us, we would greatly appreciate it. If not, we will press onwards."

    Sound reasonable?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)01:34 No.17232441

    OH GOD DAMN IT. What little I know is not good for us.

    Beserk fans, get in here. We need your intel, stat!
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)01:35 No.17232446

    To elaborate, we're looking at someone taken from the Berserk canon and made into a Darklord or somesuch.

    The sigil on the knights' finery indicates that they are members (or are employed by) the Band of The Hawk; this mercenary group was lead by Griffith. The original group was all sacrificed in a dark ritual (save for 2-3 people) in order to make Griffith some sort of dark god. These other Hawks may be conscripts.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)01:39 No.17232482
    If she asks, we're working with the UN on this.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/16/11(Fri)01:41 No.17232497
    "Bullshit," the woman says. "Hows I supposed to know if you're one of Lord Griffith's spies? Or someone looking to earn favors from his court by turning in 'traitors'?"
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)01:43 No.17232515

    Since we're dealing with the Berserk canon, it might be helpful to read up on it:



    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)01:46 No.17232545

    "Well, at least we know who is in charge. Thank you for your time mam' and please stay safe."

    And disappear into the night. We got a very useful piece of info and I wouldn't put it past this lady to TURN US IN for a reward. Projecting and all that jazz.

    Alternately, pop a camera up and say
    "I HIGHLY doubt we would be approved for use under this "Griffith" person's employ. What with the hundreds of millions of dollars in research that went into designing this."

    But I vote just to move on. I doubt we will get anything else from the conversation other than more headaches.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)01:47 No.17232548
    We can roll the Probe Droid out.
    "Now do you believe me?"
    It's obviously mechanical, and high-tech.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)01:48 No.17232560
    "I suppose you can't, but you've already helped enough. Carry on citizen, and thank you."
    And slip away.

    Alright between this and anon's find further up, we can confirm for Berserk.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)01:49 No.17232569

    The problem I have with that is I have no trust in this person. And we would be potentially alerting the authorities indirectly that we are here/coming. If the thread wills it though, go for it I guess. Just be ready to stun the bitch if she starts getting ready to rat us out. DO NOT TELL HER WHERE WE MAY/MAY NOT BE GOING.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)01:49 No.17232574
    Stick with slipping away. No need to tip our hand here.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)01:51 No.17232589
    Bad news is, if it's Femto, there is nothing known to the Berserk series that can kill him permanently (or even injure him). Except the Skull Knight's sword (maybe, based on the fact Femto absolutely had to fuck with reality to avoid the blow) or the DragonSlayer (even bigger maybe and it's based on narrativium).

    Good news is, Femto (and the Godhand) is small time compared to Morgoth and Berserk-verse Elven Magic can impede, harm or even stop them cold. Get a few good strikes with Ringil and we can (maybe) cut them down to size.

    Better news. Even the most high powered Apostles aren't anything special by Space Marine standards. Femto (or any of the Godhand) would be tough to kill especially with their reality warping... except we've got Silencers to shut down their reality fucking (honestly, Berserk magics work sufficiently like the Warp for Nulls/Pariahs to matter).
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)01:53 No.17232606
    Alright, looks like we're slipping away. Let's continue on our course, then.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)01:54 No.17232616

    She's just confirmed what we've suspected. It's probably safe to move on.

    Now we just need to know at what point did Ebon Night grab Griffith and his minions. Is this Femto with a new Band of the Hawk, or the reincarnated Griffith with the Army of the White Phoenix?
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/16/11(Fri)01:59 No.17232670
    rolled 63 = 63

    Where to now? Still trying to find the Meteorological Society?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)02:02 No.17232688
    It's the Meteorological Agency, and yes.
    If that turns bust, we'll try the local JSDF base.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)02:06 No.17232723
    Which reminds me again that we need an idea of how the science team's research is going.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/16/11(Fri)02:07 No.17232730
    The probe droid eventually makes its way to the society building, passing by a few murmuring cityfolk.

    "They say that kid summoned some sort of monster to battle one of Griffith's freakshows."

    "I'm telling you it's just a rumor. The JSDF remnants got creamed by him. Why would a teenager be any different, even with some sort of superpower?"
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)02:07 No.17232734
    If we had the Protoss Observer there, I'd say to continue to investigate until we find their main encampment and then we'd be able to identify the timeline by the composition of his forces. With Protoss cloaking tech, it would have been easy.

    With the Probe Droid... I don't know. Look for... large heat signatures on long range thermal sensors. Something that'd look like a good number of fires. Alternatively, remain at a certain (high) altitude and seek out patrols. Once one is found, follow them (from high altitude) to their camp and proceed with investigation. Humans (and derived abominations from Human standard) rarely look up.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)02:08 No.17232741
    Timeline identified. Of course, it's Femto.

    We need to identify the "kid". Remain and listen to the rest of this conversation.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)02:09 No.17232750
    Actually, it doesn't make much sense for it to be Femto, if he's going by the name Lord Griffith and employing the Band of the Hawk.
    Though that begs the question of whether it is pre or post Femto.
    And there's still the question of why all the anti-tech.. or it that something we overblew and the mists stripped them away?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)02:09 No.17232751
    >They say that kid summoned some sort of monster to battle one of Griffith's freakshows.
    A Pokemaster? Here?
    Or could it be a person from Shin Megami Tensei?

    Have the probe droid stop and stay out of sight as it collects more about this "kid and his monster".
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)02:10 No.17232761
         File1324019456.jpg-(96 KB, 600x787, 1256040451819.jpg)
    96 KB


    Seriously though, a kid summoning monsters could be any of a dozen distinct continuities. We need more info. ONWARDS TO MORE SNOOPING!
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)02:11 No.17232764
    It does make sense. In Berserk, all the humans know him as Lord Griffith, most of the Apostles as well. It's only the really high-tier Apostles that know he's Femto (so, only Zodd and the Kushan Emperor, really).
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)02:17 No.17232811
    Hm, and >>17232730
    seems to confirm it.

    Though it is odd that we find someone fighting against him. If past instances are any indication, it might be a competing antagonist from another canon.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/16/11(Fri)02:18 No.17232822
    "I'm allowed my hopes, aren't I?"

    "The way this maniac runs things, I wouldn't be surprised if they enforce mandatory agony."

    The conversation then turns towards a program of turning empty lots into gardens and farms to better support the city's populace since their communication with the outlying farms has been cut off.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)02:20 No.17232855
    Alright, we're not getting much more info here. Let's go to the Meteorological Agency. If that turns out as a bust, then we'll try looking around the city for this kid.
    This Probe Droid is the one we got back from Transylvania, so it still has a holo-emitter installed. We can use it for optic camouflage or for creating a human looking avatar to speak with people.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)02:22 No.17232867
    Hm, farms are cut off at well.

    I think we should make contact with these guys..
    Hey, do they still have a radio up or anything?
    Maybe we could park by the antenna and tap into the line for a little close circuit communication.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)02:24 No.17232889
    Not so much installed as carried, but I'm down with it being along if OP is.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/16/11(Fri)02:26 No.17232917
    I'm calling it here because not only is it almost 2:30, but I just lost all 4 of my elite Mechwarriors to a cascade engine failure AND their assault mechs thanks to freak luck, leaving me with nothing but rookies for the rest of the online Battletech campaign I'm in.

    My jimmies have been severely rustled.

    Friday, tomorrow, 8 PM, continue, blah. Goddamn Daishis....
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)02:28 No.17232931
    Egad. Good luck OP.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/16/11(Fri)02:32 No.17232972
    Aaaand there goes my Nightstar and my Warhammer thanks to QUADRUPLE COCKPIT CRITS.

    Fuck you, Megamek. FUCK. YOU.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)02:37 No.17233027
    On an unrelated note, team, I think I know where we can recruit some elite mech pilots from..
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/16/11(Fri)02:38 No.17233034
    Oh yeah, and someone should archive this.

    Eh, before I head off, though...
    You don't currently have it, but with the storm as light as it is, it shouldn't be a problem to ship it down in a dropship, along with whatever you want to deploy.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)02:50 No.17233138
    We might want to consider that then, along with trying to talk to these guys covertly.

    Beyond that I'm sitting here trying to come up with ideas.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)03:07 No.17233274
    Here's a thought. We get Data patched up, and we bring him and Darius down for dealing with Griffith/Femto. Darius has Ringil, and as I recall Data accidentally-ish looted some Great Katana or something. I cannot into Silent Hill stuff, but it sounds like it's good for God-hunting.

    Plus Silencers and all that.

    As for Antarctica, explore that shit. Explore it like we're gonna loot stuff from it (protip: we probably are because we're lootwhores like that.). I want full maps and all that jazz. All scans, every frequency, all tools. Keep in mind possible insanity-causing architecture.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)03:18 No.17233371
    >His known powers are inter-planar travel between different layers of the world, untouchability against ordinary physical attacks, and a space-wrapping ability that either sucks in everything within its radius or traps a supernatural attack. The extent to which these powers have been passed on to his human form is now determined to be the same as at the Eclipse when, atop Ganishka in his second form, he reverted to his true form.

    We're going to need a bit more help here than regular physical attacks.
    Now I know why we didn't get that ghost touch weapon.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)05:24 No.17234195
    Suggestion for the Mountains of Madness team: Have the Aurors prepare to cast Fiendfyre as a last resort. It burns everything and can't be extinguished by normal means. If all else fails, we can burn the shoggoths out with that and run like hell.

    It's considered Dark Magic, but with everything they've seen so far I think we can convince them.

    Also: Am I the only hoping to recruit a dark horror version of Ash Ketchem?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)10:38 No.17235837
    Guys, we need to get Egon and the Farseers to examine the Voiceless Spear again. Now that it's been charged, we need to see what its capabilities are.

    Also, now that the BLU Team is back, don't forget that Demoman has the Voiceless Sword, and magical attacks are going to be needed for use against Femto.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)11:17 No.17236145
    Make sure he's got the Chargin' Targe equipped too.

    I wonder if the Demomen have been hitting on Elaine and Lyla lately.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)11:25 No.17236220
    Demoman? I'm wondering about Spike hitting on the girls in general, the White Mages bothering Finalon to do up their hair (because apparently Elven dexterity makes him an incredible hair stylist), and maybe the Clanners and Knights Inductors discussing the relative merits between vat-born and post-birth biotic augmentation.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)12:09 No.17236560

    Dear Metaquest OP:

    You've clearly exchanged dice-rolling programs between Megamek and TG, what with the truly horrifying misfortunes.

    May Murphy have mercy on your probability-condemned soul.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)12:52 No.17236911
    Honestly, we might want to consider getting the Nameless Blade to someone sturdier, and perhaps more skilled.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)13:30 No.17237150
    We could consider giving it to Finalon, seeing as he needs a melee weapon, and as a Tolkien Elf he will be able to wield it with skill and dexterity rivaling a Space Marine.
    We could also consider assigning it to another Space Marine, like with the Voiceless Spear.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)13:52 No.17237298
    Do we have time to get the Brasta's VX system looked at? I'd like it to get tuned to work properly, so we can kill stuff dead with it.

    In that case, is the Brasta a good fit to kill Apostles with or is it too much? (save it for the Mountains of Madness monsters instead?)
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)13:54 No.17237312
    Ash? Ash would be worthless. Now, if we were to hope to recruit someone useful, hope for a version of RED. His story's dark as hell.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)15:21 No.17237813
    At minimum that would take a few days, and we don't have the luxury of waiting for the VX system to be ready.
    We have 10 days left, rapidly closing in on 9 days left.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)15:48 No.17238008

    Blatant favouritism on my part aside, do we really have anyone that would qualify at the moment?
    OP? Can we get some writefaggotry of this between missions? If its not too much trouble, you're already churning out pure gold as-is.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)15:52 No.17238045
    >do we really have anyone that would qualify at the moment?
    As mentioned before, Finalon or one of the other Knights Inductor.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)15:58 No.17238079
    And since he did DIE at the end of Zero 4, we could very easily make a copy of that body. Heck, his mind and body's been copied before.

    We just have to leave the original's soul for future events.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)16:10 No.17238175
    Sorry, but this debate has been going in circles since it got proposed, namely whether model Z is Zero. I think we agreed to leave it up to OP.

    Unfortunately Zero doesn't have much utility outside of combat, save for his ability to apparently upgrade weapons on touch (according to the Official Complete Works, his Z-buster was just a 9mm pistol until he picked it up). That might prove useful. If we were going to recruit a combat-only hero like Zero, it may best to do it in conjunction with an entirely non-combat hero to balance it out.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)16:17 No.17238228
    Still see no point in getting Zero.

    Agrias has more going for her. PLUS A DISCOUNT.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/16/11(Fri)16:23 No.17238261
    I'll write something up when you return to base. It'd be a better setting for downtime shenanigans anyway.

    I'm still thinking about it, but if it happens it won't be for a while. You have a few other high levels due to pop up before then. But I'm not ruling out Zero (with a slash through the center) showing up at some point.

    You guys already have two very nice surprises waiting for you when you get back to base thanks to the way you completed earlier missions.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)16:24 No.17238272
    What's our time quote to tuning the VX System?
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/16/11(Fri)16:26 No.17238289
    Messing with the VX system beyond normal repair sounds like you'd need the base's more advanced facilities. Once there it shouldn't be too long, however.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)16:30 No.17238319
    I'm not saying Zero is the be-all and end-all of heroes.But he has canonically:
    Fought an entire army nonstop for a year (Megaman Zero 1-2)
    Defeated an opponent with his original and superior body and skills (Megaman Zero 3)
    And somehow dying several times, coming back several times, often stronger than when he died (Megaman X-X2, X5-X6)
    Oh, and as a reploid he can fight in space or underwater with no issues.

    He certainly has a survivability that is admirable. I'll grant he's a more direct character than Agrias, but then again, so was Mechagodzilla at Kyoto, and he had a utility all of his own. Mind you, it's not an either/or proposition-we can recruit one or both of them.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)16:31 No.17238322
    Hey OP, since you're here, if we recruit a hero like Zero or Agrias, we get them with all the abilities they've picked up, right?
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/16/11(Fri)16:33 No.17238335
    Yes. I do not abide the "Megaman Rule."
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)16:34 No.17238345
    >.multiclass Agrias into yet ANOTHER White Mage
    >hurr durr
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)16:36 No.17238353
    >I'm still thinking about it, but if it happens it won't be for a while. You have a few other high levels due to pop up before then. But I'm not ruling out Zero (with a slash through the center) showing up at some point.

    >You guys already have two very nice surprises waiting for you when you get back to base thanks to the way you completed earlier missions.

    OP, have I mentioned I love you? You're my favourite quest OP.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)16:38 No.17238370
    > two very nice surprises waiting for you when you get back to base thanks to the way you completed earlier missions
    >the way you completed earlier missions

    If we get back to base and there's a very angry lich driving our Super Star Destoryer, I'm going to laugh my ass off.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)16:41 No.17238391
    oh god I LOl'ed.

    But what else could it be?

    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)16:43 No.17238397
    Well, technically, we had TWO ships being outfitted, but that wouldn't be as funny.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)16:45 No.17238421
    Getting back MechaGodzilla is a sign of future mech battles to come.

    >>If wanted to be Meta, we could talk to our crew and say, "If you were an evil presence and you wanted to take over this planet, where would YOU start?". We get lots of sensible suggestions from most of them, then Char will say something totally batshit and random and Char's guess will turn out to be correct.

    In any case,I think we should ask our Char Aznable some questions to help us speculate about what else Griffith might be up to.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/16/11(Fri)16:48 No.17238450
    Note to self: Writefag "Ask Char Aznable" 'advice' column.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)16:52 No.17238474
    "Dear Char,
    What would you do if you were Griffith and had control of Japan right now?
    -Confused in the Metaverse

    Dear Confused,
    I would. . . [details exactly what Griffith's plan is] but I know you all think that's crazy, so just do the exact opposite of what everyone else thinks is sane.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/16/11(Fri)16:53 No.17238481
    "How could you hope to understand Griffith's plans when your souls are weighed down by gravity?" -Char.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)16:59 No.17238535


    man, I'm glad we brought him on board.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)17:02 No.17238559
    Turn artificial gravity off. Ask again.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/16/11(Fri)17:03 No.17238564
    "My coffee keeps floating away." -Char
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)17:10 No.17238609

    Fuck you, and no.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)17:11 No.17238614
    What kind of faggot would waste time with this and get us killed faster?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)17:11 No.17238615

    Someone get the man a thermos and a straw.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)17:14 No.17238632
    Someone get this man some booze! Oh, wait.. We're saving that for Holtz. Uhm.. Will you accept a cookie? I'm sure we can replicate you a really badass cookie.

    One small problem, though. If Griffith's post-Eclipse, he can fly in Femto-mode. It'd be glorious to kill Apostles this way though.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)17:17 No.17238649
    We can replicate him some cheap booze. It's the expensive stuff we've been using to keep our boss drunk and happy with us, regardless of any problems we cause.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)17:19 No.17238661
    No, fuck you, and the horse you rode on.

    Stop making this into weeaboo quest.

    If I could get rid of all the faggots I'd put a bullet in Char's head in the hangar to prove you a point.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)17:24 No.17238689
         File1324074249.jpg-(92 KB, 450x525, gundam1.jpg)
    92 KB

    Well, we ARE in Japan, and probably dealing with something straight out of a manga. Just sayin'.

    And oddly enough, bringing in Char and company here for firepower would probably have the least distorting effect of anyplace we're going to use mecha...half the people already believe it's possible anyway.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)17:25 No.17238704
    >>17238632 here
    I just had a really trolltastic idea of how to distract Griffith and any lurking Apostles!

    We take that big holo-emitter... We take it and hang a Reality Emitter on it.. And get this! We make it project a hologram of Guts. Full Black Swordsman gear and all! While the Apostles and Griffith are trying to figure out what crazy new magic "Guts" is tapping into, we sneak up from behind and plaster the backs of their heads or other such vital areas with heavy artillery like Blaster Bombs!

    >roramst "Simposio"

    Yes, captcha. Simposio. We shall create a symphony of Most Glorious Destruction all over their Hell-bound black souls! Mwahahahahaha!
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)17:26 No.17238706
    Dude. We've going from story to story. Fallout, Lord of the Rings, Shadowrun, Ravenloft.


    This is the point of the quest, if you don't like the fact that this quest uses EVERYTHING, fuck you and fuck the horse you rode in on.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)17:27 No.17238715
    You won't believe how horribly low-tech most Japan is.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)17:27 No.17238722


    Believe me not.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/16/11(Fri)17:28 No.17238723
    OK, to head off another long argument, I'll be here for a bit so might as well get started early tonight to make up for the loltastic lateness I've been plagued with lately.

    Your probe droid is standing by for orders and your men await the order to deploy.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)17:32 No.17238753
    An interesting proposal, but we have to find them first.
    Of course, the hologram is just an image, so it won't be able to hurt them.
    Also considering the range of the holo-emitter, the best way to get the emitter in position would be to put it on the cloaked Al'Kesh.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)17:33 No.17238771
    We should probably attempt to find out where Femto's base of operations is. Has the droid seen any newspapers around? Are there any giant castles around?
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/16/11(Fri)17:35 No.17238782
    When last we left the droid, it was listening in on some people. Do you want it to continue scouting until it gets a basic map of the area?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)17:35 No.17238789
    The Antarctic expedition is ready?

    Alright, have the men go down in the Leopard.
    Once they reach the city, have them begin to move down into the tunnels underneath the city. Have the Probe Droid take point, staying ahead of the teams.

    Was the Observer able to get an scans to penetrate the ground and map the tunnels?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)17:38 No.17238806
    Good thing I decided to check the thread from my phone.
    I think we want the probe to contact those last guys it overheard. Possibly through a radio if they had one.

    Who all did we decide for the antarctic trip? SCP and Prawns? Or were we throwing in UNIT and a couple Sandmen as well?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)17:39 No.17238818
    Have the Tokyo Droid continue mapping the area, and be on the lookout for a teenage human that doesn't fit the demographic of the people here.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)17:41 No.17238827
    And stay out of sight. This area is extremely low tech so a droid will stick out like a sore thumb and give Femto the chance to prepare for us.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)17:41 No.17238840
    Delta Green, SCP, UNIT, Prawns, Mobile Infantry.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)17:41 No.17238842
    No, it was the Observer we wanted on point.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)17:43 No.17238850
    Tosh is also supposed to be the Hero lead for this, because of his telepathic abilties which would help in communicating with any Old Ones, and of taking control of shoggoths.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)17:45 No.17238863
    Delta Green was just on an Op. Left them rest up while the other guys go. Also don't want to shove a whole army down there.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)17:48 No.17238886
    Well, if we're not going to use anyone that was deployed recently, then we have to leave Tosh out.

    That would make our deployment be:
    SCP, UNIT, Prawn Suits, Mobile Infantry.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)17:49 No.17238893
    Wasn't the whole point of this group to send down the other guys for a change while the rest rested?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)17:49 No.17238898
    Remember, Snake; this is a sneaking mission. You can't win in a direct engagement.

    Also, this might not necessarily be someone from Pokemon. Alter Users from S-CRY-ed can create "monsters", too. As well as the aforementioned SMT craziness. Have the probe look up and see if the mist has a reddish tinge in the rough direction of the Moon.

    Has the probe droid noticed anything about the individuals it's seen so far? Namely, are they anime technicolor, or straight up regular Japanese, or what? Clothing types and colors and cuts/patterns? This might give us a better idea of what would "stick out" demographics-wise.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)17:50 No.17238907
    Well, Tosh and Spike may be a good idea. Tosh has telepathic abilities, and Spike is currently immune to fear and extremely resistant to psychological effects.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)17:51 No.17238916
    But Tosh was just in two major fights, and Spike was in a regeneration tank last I remember. He took a real beating back at Silent Hill, after all.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)17:51 No.17238918
    May I suggest we send the Sandmen to get human intelligence from Tokyo? Possibly with Spike taking the lead once more, like in Rivendell.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)18:03 No.17238987
    Our transporters can't beam in or out living beings, and our last attempt to use transporters to destroy an enemy resulted in damage to the Indefatigable.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)18:09 No.17239021
    The point being, if the Sandmen got in trouble, we don't have a way of getting them support or beaming them out. We can get adequate intel from using the droid without endangering our Sandmen, who are a very limited resource. We can't get more of them, without subjecting someone to the Sandman nanite.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/16/11(Fri)18:11 No.17239040
    They all appear to be normal Japanese people. Except of course for the occasional knight patrol.

    The Leopard is loaded up with those men in short order. Are you or are you not taking Tosh/Spike?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)18:13 No.17239053
    Voting no to both. Spike still needs to recover from Silent Hill, and I suppose Tosh has earned a break.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)18:14 No.17239064
    No, I mean send the Sandmen into Tokyo, where they can pass for human and talk to the natives. Maybe find out more about this summoner.

    What did you think I meant when I said like Rivendell?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)18:18 No.17239085
    And that's what I thought you meant, and my response still stands.
    We would be sending them into an area from which we can't recover them, and where we can't beam in reinforcements.
    It's too much risk for too little reward.
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/16/11(Fri)18:44 No.17239291
    The Leopard finishes loading and departs. It will be on-site in one hour.

    The Probe Droid has arrived at the Meteorological Society. The building seems intact.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)18:47 No.17239311
    Have the probe droid do an IR and EM field scan.
    Do we pick up any life signs, or signs of habitation?
    >> MetaQuest OP 12/16/11(Fri)19:12 No.17239528
    You do. Since this seems to be on autosage and I have a few quick errands to run, be back at 8, and then new thread.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/11(Fri)19:25 No.17239664
    Maybe we should send Egon to the Antarctic. He hasn't seen any field action so he's fresh, and he's practically an expert in that sort of mission.

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