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    121 KB Humans are Dead Fantasy Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)17:06 No.17136450  
    continuation of >>17130263
    basically, humans are dead, elves are gone, dwarves are sealed in their mines.
    So Orcs, Goblins, and the other lesser races rule the world.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)17:09 No.17136476

    Archived thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/17130263/

    For when old thread gets pushed off the board
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)17:10 No.17136484
    Sounds like a tryhard Hordebaby campaign. Sage because I'm insulting it and adding nothing wortwhile to conversation.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)17:10 No.17136487
    So I don't want to wade through the old thread, because I'm a lazy shit.
    Did you come up with anything awesome?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)17:16 No.17136547
    yes, new Pelor the Burning Hate fluff.
    Basically, the Big God of Evil was killed by humans etc, and used his death curse to make a plague that wiped out the humans.
    Without believers the old gods started to die, including Pelor, but
    "Perhaps it was his own way to survive. He can't stop his death, not unless he goes for a Lesser Race, and he has way too much of a rage-on to do that. When his death gets closer and closer, he gets more and more desperate. Bahamut does he what he can, but ultimately Pelor dies in the midst of his last ditch attempt, his most desperate grab at a continued existence. And Pelor is gone."
    Only to be reborn as an undead god of Skeladins, worshiped by the undead remnants of humanity.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)17:17 No.17136556
    It's got a great bunch of concepts, you should read the thread.

    The only bad thing is the OP wants to put Orcs as the posterboy. You know, the whole "Orcs rise to prominence and are unifying the clans". You know the same thing World of Warcraft, the biggest MMO ever basically took and smashed to the ground.

    I say he should focus more on the other races.
    Gnolls, Kobolds, Hobgoblins, Goblins,Mind Flayers, Ogres,Drow.Orcs being the main lead AGAIN is just...bleh.

    I respect the OP, but damn. Be original, man. Strive for more.We have a wealth of creatures we can take to prominence, and you want the same old ,same old?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)17:19 No.17136575
    Quick rundown of setting:

    A coalition of races including Humans, Dwarves, and Elves wage a war against the most powerful God in the setting, when they discover he's pretty much responsible for all the evil shit in the world through crafty, subtle influences. While successful, the God's dying acts completely eff over the world. With his last breath, he breathes a curse that takes the form of a divinely inspired plague that focuses on the races who struck him down. The Dwarves are able to hold onto survival thanks by hiding in their mountains. Elves use up almost all of their magic to skip time, removing themselves from danger by skipping a couple centuries. Humans however, are utterly fucked. Those who survive the plague number in the dozens at most, and are spread across the globe, and will quickly die out. Undead however, had no problems with the plague. Many wizards even became liches to avoid the plague, and are now trying to preserve the human way of life. The Gods, unable to stop the curse and dying out with their client races, seek new domains to stay alive. Most latch onto the Lesser Races unaffected by the plague. Pelor, however, refuses and ends up dying, only to return as an Undead God, who spends his time reviving his paladins as the undead. The Dwarves are opening their mountains now, and find all of their ancestral rivals have taken over pretty much. In stubborness, they can't allow it, and have in turn become the very thing they used to hate, randomly raiding and marauding forces that can't be reasoned with. Eventually, they'll calm down, and a resurgent Dwarven Empire will arise out of the ashes. Currently, though, they are known as the Golden Horde. Lesser races to come in next post.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)17:19 No.17136581
    I for one am all for either Hobgoblins or Kobolds inheriting the lands that belonged to man.
    >> Inquisitorial Librarian 12/07/11(Wed)17:20 No.17136590
    The Humans are dead, the Dwarves sealed themselves away from the world and the Elves left it.

    Liches and undead hold many major cities in their grasp. Undead Paladin orders, some bereft of their gods, but powered by burning rage stalk the lands, smiting the non-human.

    Mindflayers begin to marshal armies of lesser creatures from the underdark, intent on expanding into the surface world.

    The Drow are mostly the same, with the same infighting and hatred, but without numerous humans to keep them in the underdark, and the Elves for them to hate, they are looking in new directions.

    It is the Age of the Orc. The goblin races are now the everyman of the surface world. Orc warbands are now struggling to come to grips with agriculture, while fighting off swarms of the lesser goblins and other creatures.

    Hobgoblins, maintaining their distinct militaristic culture are expanding, using their orderly discipline to overcome their foes.

    The Draconic races are muchly the same, the Dragons only little concerned at the lack of humanity.

    Last thread in a nutshell. May be some errors here and there.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)17:20 No.17136593
    actually, i Not OP is to blame for the 'unify the clans' bit, and I was only trowing around the idea at the very end.
    I'm actually turning away form the idea, and prefer an continuous tension among the orcs between old and new guard. The orcs could be the most numerous, and currently (30 years in) most powerful race, but their internal conflict could prevent them from actually coming out on top.

    Happy now?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)17:22 No.17136609
         File1323296557.jpg-(197 KB, 1024x768, The_Ladies_of_Dead_Fantasy_Wal(...).jpg)
    197 KB
    The subject line made it sound like you were talking about a certain series of action shorts.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)17:23 No.17136613
    Technically, Pelor could continue as is by becoming a death-god for vampires.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)17:23 No.17136618
    I'm a big fan of a Hobgoblin/Kobold Kingdom.

    You know, Hobgoblins being the lawful, honorful society of stable warlords and honor duels for position...and the Kobolds are their wacky next door neighbors making cool things,wielding sorcerous dragon-power and generally being really obnoxious, but useful.

    The Hobgoblins challenge each other to duels for HONOR...and POSITION...and the Kobolds bet fucking money on who wins.

    Hobgoblins could see Kobolds as their charge, or something.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)17:23 No.17136620
    So it's based on the d&d setting?

    Why not have the orcs be the first ones to rise to power, dominating the world for a short time, but then they don't know what to do with their time and start fighting each other and run down their empire.
    The other races see their chance and claim land for their own.

    So you would have an old human city that was modified by the orcs, who destroyed half of it again, only to be rebuild be kobolds. That would be a quite ridiculous looking city.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)17:24 No.17136627

    The Lesser Races are set in a catch-22. Their ancestral rivals are gone. But, they were rather dependent upon them, too. Their success depended upon their ability to plunder the success of now dead or disappeared races. How they changed depended on each race. Drow rose up to retake their old Elven Kingdoms. The Hobgoblins were pretty much fine, as their current society is well fashioned to be self-sufficient. Mind Flayers become a much greater danger on the surface, as those that could conceivably threaten them are mostly gone. The Orcs responded by enslaving the remaining humanoid race, the Halflings, and forcing them to provide for the Orcs. As the old Orcs still set in their old ways begin to die off, the younger Orcs born without the influence of the evil god begin to attempt to learn for themselves. Since in the earliest days all was war between the factions, Orcs had the advantage, and were the most numerous. However, since it took so long for them to become self-sufficient, they hit a massive population dive that has only recently leveled out, putting them on a more equal to lesser standing than others.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)17:25 No.17136641
    Orks with human blood are legendary warriors capable of great feats?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)17:25 No.17136642

    The orcs were never on top, they were just the first to be fluffed out. The guy's rage is unfounded and just a troll attempt. Ignore him.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)17:26 No.17136652
    Why not say "It is the Age of the Goblin".

    Orcs are an specific subset of goblin-related creatures. But there's also Goblins, Orcs, Kobolds, Hobgoblins and other goblinoid creatures rising to prominence.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)17:29 No.17136674
    Liches as a mostly "good" faction (wizards that escaped the plague with lichdom), with undead as mostly people who is just too stubborn to go to the afterlife, but at the same time, dangerous as hell

    Vampire clans warrying for the scarce resources: few humans they breed like cattle, because feeding on monster races makes them equally monstrous

    THE GOLDEN HORDE! dwarven paladins in golden hazmat fullplate that are out to die a glorious death against the chaos

    then there's other thrown-it-in ideas, like towns populated with spirits n shit, covens of half-orcs plague doctors, skeleton paladins, and others.

    We should discuss what are gnolls, hobgoblins, lizardmen, troglodytes, and drow doing right now.
    >> Inquisitorial Librarian 12/07/11(Wed)17:31 No.17136683
    That works too. I said Age of the Orc due to that being literally the third line of the old thread, and the fact that I was summarizing.

    Age of the Goblin is probably more accurate.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)17:32 No.17136697

    I'm not trolling.
    Read the last thread. The OP clearly specified twice he wanted Orcs to be the big boys in charge and the focus of the setting.

    "Also I chose orcs because I feel they are a classic of DnD mythos. Hobgoblins are much less common. I have always felt that Hobgoblins are just special snowflake orcs. I also feel silly saying the word Hobgoblin over the word orc. I could never take them very seriously.

    the orc decision is a personal one. I personally feel that orcs are not stupid but a product of their environment, one in which they are constantly under threat from predators (Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Dragons, and Adventurers) They are hated by all and live short lives. They seem dumb because they are still living in the iron age when everyone else is living in the renaissance.

    But I feel they have the same primal motivations as any human. They want shelter, food, and water. They value family (or tribe), power, and strength. They also come in many different flavors or shades of green that you can focus on. For some of us, the dastardly and cunning orcs of Lord of the Rings are attractive, for others the savage but noble orcs of World of Warcraft are attractive. Meanwhile Hobgoblins are one note creatures. They are like orcs, but you know, with military structure. They are LAWFUL evil instead of being CHAOTIC evil. What's going to make this work out well as a game is not focusing on black and white simple bullshit. What makes it attractive I think is that it is a relatively simple idea, and one that can be entertained and taken in many different directions."

    Check the last thread.

    In other words...."Let's reuse orcs again, guys!"
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)17:34 No.17136706
    nobody cares, and the more you draw attention to it the more fluffed out, and thus, the more important orks will be.

    If you stop interfering, RIGHT NOW, the conversation is on track towards hobgoblins. unless you insist on talking about orcs more.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)17:35 No.17136718

    Well, we know the Drow initially move in for their old surface kingdoms. I kind of see them as failing though. They've simply become too accustomed to the Underdark (or equivalent) and can't quite cope with the surface. This angers. This angers them terribly. Think of the Hulk. Yeah, he's always angry, but you know how there's always that one last thing that pushes him over the edge and gives him that final boost into truly terrifying levels? Well this was the last thing that pushes the Drow over.

    Current Hobgoblin fluff counts just as much in this setting. They simply don't need to change much. Lizardmen and troglodytes need some love. I mentioned Dragonborn earlier, but that could just be something specific that can be ignored outside of the appropriate editions.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)17:37 No.17136731
    Regarding cows, sheep and chicken.
    Would there be more or less of them now that the humans are gone?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)17:38 No.17136737
    Dragonborn have nothing cool to add to the setting besides treading the territory of older races, and breathing fire.

    I agree, they should not be considered.

    Lizardkin, fuck yeah.
    I remember seeing in Arcanum these lizard-dudes in the swamp- those guys were cool.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)17:39 No.17136745

    Less initially. Eventually the Lesser Races would begin to adopt agriculture and animal husbandry.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)17:40 No.17136754

    I actually meant that Dragonborn can provide a lot for the setting, but should be ignored if the setting is played in an edition that didn't have Dragonborn.

    I'd honestly greatly prefer it if we either ignored Lizardmen, or made them something completely different.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)17:40 No.17136756
    Less cows.
    Cows are no longer fit to be in the wild.
    They have NO defenses, they are literally MEAT SACKS. Unless another culture domesticates them ASAP, consider them gone.

    Sheep would be fine living in the hills and steppes, chicken.....

    I dont know,man.
    Chicken dont seem particularly hardy.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)17:45 No.17136808

    4e Dragonborn, the only ones I'm really familiar with, would be just as civilized as the now dead races. If they were unaffected by the plague, that would mean that goblinoids still had a civilized race to deal with. Since it was always a small one, they could still easily raise up around it. I dunno, I think it'd be interesting to see an untouched civilization watching the world go to shit around them and reform into something so different than what it used to be. 4e Dragonborn could easily fill that.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)17:48 No.17136835
    There could be one big dragonborn city somewhere high up in a moutain or on a island, where they all gather, because the other races were too numerous to be fought off.
    Some call it a utopia some call it a refuge.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)17:48 No.17136836
    For some reason, i picture goblins taking care of the chickens.

    And using cows and sheep as mounts
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)17:52 No.17136867

    Only after voraciously devouring them until realizing "Oh fuck, we kind of need them to continue existing."


    So they could adopt an isolationist approach until the other races begin to create their own stable societies, at which point they begin to open trade and learning centers for them. Sort of the opposite of how the Dwarves react.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)17:58 No.17136930
    I raise chickens, both the heavily selectively bred broilers, and "traditional" chickens. Broilers wouldn't be able to live on their own, but the ones that aren't fat sacks of meat could live on their own just fine, the only reason you even have to feed them is to get them fat and keep them on the farm. They forage on their own, can find their own cover, the whole nine yards. They may not be able to pass the winters in a cold northern climate, but they should be fine from a middle U.S. like climate (or say the southern half of France for our Euro-Friends) year round, so long as there is dense enough brush. Even so, we still let them roam the property in the winter, and I live in Minnesota, and they seem to do fine, I just have doubts they'd survive the night without a coop, or that they'd be able to find enough feed in the winter. Then again pheasants seem to manage...
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)17:58 No.17136931
    They will worship the chickens, because even though they appear much weaker then them, they managed to survive amidst the humans.
    They crowed the biggest cock their new king and build a nation.
    Then they noticed this was going nowhere and rebelled against their leader.
    It was a fierce battle but the goblins won.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)18:10 No.17137029
    quick, guess what chickens eat

    it's fucking NOTHING. well, actually it's shit they scratch up from the dirt, but they are so low maintenance jesus christ.

    the only problem is that they're very easy to predate.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)18:11 No.17137042
    OP from the first thread here, think of me as the Typhoid Mary of this whole thing.

    First of all Orcs are not the poster-boys of this setting, they were the first to come to mind. This setting is all about the monster-races now facing a world devoid of their natural predators: Adventurers. Orcs, Drow, Gnolls, Kobolds etc. all had to hide in the dark places in the world while Humans, elves, dwarves etc. all built beautiful kingdoms in more fertile lands.

    However a plague has struck that ripped through the world and killed all the humans (or mostly all, if any humans survived, the maximum number is 3 dozen humans) The elves abandoned this world, the dwarves locked themselves in their mountain halls etc. etc. Thus the monstrous races were able to climb out of their caves and take hold of those cities, castles, etc. It's a bit of a post-apocalypse story.

    Now I want this setting to be a playground not an amusement park, so there are a lot of theories about the plague and I don't want there to be a definitive answer. This idea of a god's dying breath or a wizard's experiment, or just a natural disaster are all cool ideas that I like a lot and it's all about how you present it to your players. They could be survivors trying to make sense of it all, or orcs, goblins, hobgoblins, etc. trying to capture forgotten elven and human magicks. So as I write the fluff, I set it up so that there are so many answers based on who you ask. The Red Dragon who calls himself a god considers the plague his greatest miracle, some healers believe it was spread by the wind. It doesn't matter how it happened really (but the cool thing is that you can make it matter! It could be the end of your campaign and the start of the next campaign!)
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)18:13 No.17137057
    > (or mostly all, if any humans survived, the maximum number is 3 dozen humans)
    Keep the number ambiguous.
    Ambiguity is the GM's friend.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)18:15 No.17137078

    Giving the players ambiguity, sure. But we can still have it set at less than a hundred living humans left while having players not know that. Legends and myths could still persist of surviving human civilizations.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)18:17 No.17137088
    Sure, no problem.
    It can be any number really, just as long as they're NOT HERE (or in large groups.)
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)18:18 No.17137097
    I can see it now
    >special snowflakes playing pure humans
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)18:19 No.17137109
    OP from last thread here.

    You're right! I did say that. I was just spitballing ideas to see what stuck. I discussed this idea with my friends and we all agree that it should be up to the players and DM who is the focus. They could all want to play Liches, or orcs, or kobolds/hobgoblins (as stated in this thread which was a cool idea) or drow, or as their favorite characters who had been having a gay old time on the Astral Plane for a few years and just came home to all of this! The idea has a lot of notes to be played, it's not a one note campaign setting. At least, I don't want it to be.

    Ultimately, the different factions only have small footholds in these New Kingdoms. The orcs would really only be able to take hold of a small handful of castles/cities, the same goes for the dark elves. That's just due to numbers. I personally love orcs, but accept that not everyone believes as I do. Also it's only been less than 30ish years since the orcs or what-have-you moved in, they are still getting their bearings on this strange world! They are figuring it all out. So don't let my love of orcs get you caught up, there is room for pretty much any monster in the Monster Manuals to look around and say "Hey, there aren't any more dudes trying to kill me! And their houses are empty!" The only creature I'd say that would truly suffer would be the rust monsters since they are no longer getting a steady diet of +1 longswords anymore...
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)18:20 No.17137130

    Just throwing it out there, but I kind of been using the name "Phoenix Kingdoms" in my head to define all the new ones. You know, new societies and civilizations arising from the ashes of the old.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)18:26 No.17137178
    Do d&d goblinoids even know what a phenix is?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)18:27 No.17137189
    OP from the last thread

    That's actually what I really want to discuss, what would be a good name for the project as a whole? I had a few bouncing around but didn't like any of them. Phoenix Kingdoms sounds interesting, New Kingdoms is pretty ok. But I am interested in what else you guys have.

    As for the human question: Any surviving human is going to be really old. 50ish or at the least 30ish. It's possible that one last Paladin is running around on the quest to kill the one last dragon that burned down his church, but he's a nut. There might be a human woman still locked inside the dwarf hold, but she's an outcast who is pitied and ignored. They leave her to herself and want nothing to do with her. It's up to the DM how big a role they really play. I was really more interested in the idea of Hobgoblin and Kobold archaeologists discovering human books and studying them (because english and elvish is a dead language)
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)18:31 No.17137220
    A Phoenix traditionally implies a sense of glory,immortality, or a perpetual richness and magnificence.

    Your dirty, downlow monstrous races and barbarian people reforging themselves in an era of uncertainty and chaos, doesnt exactly fill me with 'Phoenix".
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)18:31 No.17137224
    You mean Common.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)18:33 No.17137236

    If you want more Human societies, you can always say that a few of those Undead societies actually almost succeeded in perfectly imitating their original life. Look fully human, act like humans, etc. But they're Black Pearl status. Look human, really undead, and go mad because of it.

    That, my friend, is exactly why I chose it.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)18:36 No.17137256
    Hey, OP, what did you think about my idea of there being rare paladin filled 'Scarlet Monasteries' and PC piloted 'Hikkikomori Cube' places in the world, maintained by paranoid hyper-xenophobes?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)18:39 No.17137280
    Well..........you should think something more appropiate, more gritty, darker.

    Phoenix Kingdoms sounds.....illfitting.

    It's like me titling a book on 18th century debate: "Puttin' them Niggas in dey place, Victorian Style- Word."
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)18:41 No.17137297
    I approve of the chicken state.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)18:41 No.17137299

    Something gritty, darker, would be the ill-fitting name. This is a setting focusing the overcoming of it, after all.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)18:41 No.17137301
    There are a lot of good ideas being spread around. I'm digging them a lot. The idea of the scarlet monastery makes sense, it's a bit of a role reversal. Now the humans are the monsters that have their homes invaded and their items stolen. They would make a great group of antagonists.

    I'm also not loving Phoenix Kingdoms. It's not the right fit. Nor am I in love with any names I've come up with so I'm VERY open to suggestions as for what we should call the project.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)18:44 No.17137322
         File1323301454.png-(61 KB, 1236x370, the twilight zone.png)
    61 KB
    The Twilight Zone
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)18:45 No.17137329
    "The Successor Races".

    "Age of Goblins"

    "Of Beast and Goblin".
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)18:47 No.17137345
    > Dungeons And Dragons reversed
    The Chronicles of Snograd and Snoegnud.
    >> 008 12/07/11(Wed)18:49 No.17137357
         File1323301746.jpg-(73 KB, 1024x578, life after people.jpg)
    73 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)18:49 No.17137362
    >So Orcs, Goblins, and the other lesser races rule the world.

    Orcs die out from overpopulation and lack of food.
    >> tgdude 12/07/11(Wed)18:50 No.17137370
    'Greenskin and Iron"?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)18:50 No.17137373
         File1323301845.jpg-(65 KB, 500x375, not mad, dissapointed.jpg)
    65 KB
    Orcs are repressed non-humans, not idiots.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)18:51 No.17137382
    The lizard kingdoms have flourished along the coasts, where it is hot and wet.
    They keep the kuo-ta and sahuagin out in the seas for the most part, or trade peacefully with some isolated tribes of the fish-folk. They have taken some of the forests of the elves, expanding from swamplands into the green. This has brought them into conflict with the Drow.

    The Lizard Kings move faster in the hot climates, they think more rapidly. Without the mammals squatting on the best sulfur springs, the best sunning spots, the Lizardkin are making new alliances with their cousins the Kobolds and are militarizing. The old human infrastructure remains in many of their lands, and they are taking full advantage of it.

    They are mastering fishing and trading in the hot parts of the world, where the undead have difficulties surviving the glare of the sun. And they fight bloody battles door-to-door against them by night, clearing cities and burning the hateful dead.
    Their antipathy extends towards more of the mammalian races than not, but they are not on a war footing with any one race outside of the sea.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)18:52 No.17137385
    "The Zarus Prophecies".

    "The Beast Age: Origins"

    "How My People Died and I Came to Accept my Unlife as a Lich"

    "After The Fall: The Goblin Age"

    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)18:53 No.17137404
    They're idiots compared to humans.

    Without nothing to keep them in check, overhunt everything. And I don't see them being grand farmers.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)18:56 No.17137424
    "Planet Rising"
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)18:57 No.17137432


    I laughed.

    Other suggestions:
    Life After Us
    "Holy Shit, Nigga, What The Fuck Just Happened?"
    Plague: The Revival
    The Loss of Man
    Kingdoms Ascendant

    Just read the thread, k?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)18:59 No.17137455
    Maybe there is oine group of goblins/kobolds/whatever, who don't believe in this new world. They think it's a trick to lure them out and no matter how many years pass, they won't come out of their cave, because they know: As soon as they set foot outside, the humans will come out of their hideouts and ambush them.
    No way in hell are they going out there.
    They laugh at the fools who wander around in the empty cities, killing the cattle, burning houses and having fun.
    They will get what they deserve.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:00 No.17137468
         File1323302443.jpg-(32 KB, 401x271, nakamats.jpg)
    32 KB

    Fuck off, you creepy little worm-loving fungus boy.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:01 No.17137481
    The successor to the popular roleplaying game Dungeons and Dragons.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:05 No.17137514
         File1323302744.jpg-(152 KB, 1024x768, 1304201956596.jpg)
    152 KB
    Crumbling ruins of an underground city filled with undead humans. While most of the denizens are common folk, rumour has it that there is sect of zealous knights whom stalk the lands at night, recovering curios from the remains of human settlements.

    Undead archaeologists who want to keep the memory of mankind alive and do so by pillaging statues, paintings and other works of art/technology from human capitals. Led by a Lich. They are not friendly and many are consumed by the rage that their race was lost, while other, lesser races survived.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:07 No.17137537
    The Orcs should have acted. They were always there. Gruumsh's Prophecies told of their return.Their banishment was merely a delay.That a time after the plague...that the sons of goblinkind would spill their blood.But no one wanted to believe...believe they even existed.

    And when the truth finally dawns....it dawns in spellfire!

    "The Return of The Elves"
    I'll write the hardback.It'll be nice to write elves as evil conquerers of myth.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:10 No.17137577

    Heck yes and heck yes. I approve.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:14 No.17137625
    If the Elves are the legendary ultimate 'badguys' of the setting, I'd cream my pants.

    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:14 No.17137627
    I really like After the Fall, also I'm now watching Life after People and it is perfect. Thank you /tg/

    Any other ideas?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:20 No.17137682
    "After the Loss"
    "Pestilent Kingdoms"
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:21 No.17137687

    You should add catfolk to your setting.Have them be a lawful, regimented society based on a caste based society ruled by a King and the Noble family. This family's power should be based on the hereditary genealogy of their clan,and the family's ability to wield an ancient human artifact- a Gem that grants great power, and more importantly, visions of the future. However, being relatively weak in magic, they only saw it's power and placed it into a sword and use it as the totem of the Kingdom's power, a sacred family relic, if you will.

    BUT- the TWIST is that one of the last few remaining humans, a mighty powerful Lich has awakened from his slumber, only to find humanity gone, and his ancient artifact stolen.

    He commissions party members to find who has stolen his ancient artifact.

    Perfect quest hook.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:22 No.17137702
    OP here

    So what's the best way for me to collect writings on the setting and share them with /tg/? Should I make a wiki, or googledocs? or what?
    >> tgdude 12/07/11(Wed)19:23 No.17137707
    I really like this idea.

    As the orks and ork-kin are struggling to develop a civilization after a period of isolation, the elves finally decided to expand in full force with a new manifest destiny. To establish a racially pure planet.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:25 No.17137730
    I dont think the name should focus on the humanity being out of the picture, else it doesnt bring enough attention to the present/future of the setting and instead focusses too much on the past and mankind/elves/dwarves dying/locking up.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:25 No.17137731
    >illithids and aboleths not taking over
    This is exactly the perfect situation for the aboleths, at least, to reconquer the world. Illithids might be hindered by their preferred host bodies dying, but in any case goddamn why would you think a bunch of barbarians can slow ageless abominations.

    And I'll jump onto the hobgoblin bandwagon, they're like greener humans already.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:25 No.17137732
    What I want to talk about are the Golems, and trolls, such
    I know the warforged are fucked and are living on borrowed time
    But what about the other big races?
    >> tgdude 12/07/11(Wed)19:26 No.17137741
    A wiki?

    Obsidian Portal even?

    It would get more eyes on it.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:27 No.17137750

    There's a 1d4chan wiki. What I would do is try and collect it all into a document and coalesce it into coherent pile. Bring older pieces of it up to make sure everyone is still okay with it, or pieces that got added in simply because no one contradicted it. Once done, add it to 1d4chan.

    After the Fall is good.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:28 No.17137762
    For some reason I see all the lesser races having not much changed for them except they aren't getting raped by humans anymore
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:29 No.17137770
    If I allowed Paladins in this setting....
    I think OP should right that Paladinhood is a lost art. Something happened in the transition between the times After the Fall, and the Rise of Goblinkind.Something decent, and great was lost, in the fury, pain and sadness of the great plague.

    TRUE Paladinhood should be a lost art. Wielding the power of Pure Goodness... is no longer wielded by living beings.

    That those that feel the path of goodness in their heart...the ones who have recognized the calling againts injustice- to devote themselves to an ideal so important, that they're willing to lose themselves and become a weapon of goodness...

    And seek out the last remaining Paladin....an undead human, still walking the lands, saving the innocent, protecting the good, and defeating the unclean, the unjust.....
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:30 No.17137775
    I really liked Godsdeath, but don't think it'll fit just right. Maybe for a prequel game involving the killing of the god...
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:32 No.17137790
    I second this, and great name for it, too.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:33 No.17137801

    Did you read what we wrote about Pelor? It ties into what you're talking about, but different.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:37 No.17137829
    If anything, hobgoblins would dominate this world. They are highly intelligent, socially developed, professionally military, and utterly amoral.

    I expect orc tribes would be absorbed into the growing hobgoblin empire as shock troopers and auxillaries.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:37 No.17137833
    Eh, no thanks. We're doing DnD minus Elves and Humans.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:39 No.17137846
         File1323304748.jpg-(13 KB, 425x300, 1267419492918.jpg)
    13 KB
    It'd be cool if the concentrated amount of death in human population centers caused the fabric between the world and the Plane of Shadow to be permanently weakened and torn a-la Exalted or Abhorsen, turning them into essentially uninhabitable boils of undeath. The savage races take the world, yes- but all the but the bravest avoid human cities, because every single human who died of the plague came back- and brought friends. Lots of friends.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:40 No.17137852
    I like this.

    I also like the idea of lizard-people being the new people of the sun.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:40 No.17137853
    Catffolk arent humans or elves, captain. They're beast races, just like gnolls, flinds, ect.

    Yarr, ye be smokin' too much hookah, capn.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:42 No.17137873
    Cat-folk sound like Mithra-swap-outs and, by default, fap bait.

    This is an UGLY setting. UGLY RACES.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:43 No.17137883
    What about vampires and other undead(I understand that liches exist) but human vampires and other undead would also exist.
    Hmm kind of brings more terror to the idea of Humans as First Ones.

    Some Orcs and goblins might think all were like that.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:43 No.17137884
    Well yea with all that HobGobs will win it all
    But this is 30 years in and it's the Age of Orcs and everyone is land grabbing and figuring out of to live and survive, and try to figure out dem 'umie magikz

    So hush bout the hobgoblins
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:43 No.17137890
    At this very moment a neckbeard is fapping to goblin futa. There is no such thing as not fapbait.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:44 No.17137900
    Nah, but people fap to Gieger even, so let's just throw that category out the window.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:45 No.17137903
    BUT, there is much more obvious fapbait than others.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:45 No.17137907
         File1323305127.gif-(11 KB, 300x360, tabaxi.gif)
    11 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:46 No.17137916
    No, make that just the human capitals.
    Now they are self-automated cities of death and undeath, of Shadow and Terror, where the magical contraptions continue their work as the pale wraiths haunt the blighted land.
    >> OP HERE Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:47 No.17137920
    The introduction paragraph, please offer suggestions.

    After the Fall
    Dungeons and Dragons in an Empty World

    The last human being died 30 years ago choking on his own blood as a foul plague burned through his sweaty body just as it did the rest of his people. The pestilence killed million of people indiscriminately, leaving the world pockmarked by empty villages, cities, and castles. The elves vanished, abandoning this world to its fate. The dwarves locked the iron doors to their great mountain halls against the please of those seeking sanctuary. The plague destroyed everything, and laid the world bare before the monstrous races who came crawling forth from their cold mountain caves.

    It is the age of the orc, the goblin, the gnoll, the kobold, and the drow.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:50 No.17137960
    Hobgoblins could serve a role as unifiers and bringers of harsh order that is the only hope against Mind Flayers and their threat.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:51 No.17137966
    >The last known human died 30 years ago choking on his own blood,
    > The elves vanished without a trace, taking their cities with them, abandoning this world to its fate.
    >The dwarves locked the iron doors to their great mountain halls, returning to the old ways of self-sufficiency and implacable xenophobia.
    >The plague destroyed the civilized world, and laid the world ripe for the taking before the monstrous and oppressed races who came crawling forth from their cold mountain caves.
    That's better.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:52 No.17137980
    I think there should be a quest line here.
    Hear me out.
    A powerful Lich, awakes after years of slumber, only to find humanity dead, and the monstrous races now masters of the world. But, instead of descending into madness, or his sanity failing him....

    He decides to do something about it....so the beast races feel as he has felt. As his people have felt. He creates a monstrous, colossal undead construct, wrought out of the eternal, undying souls of the remains of humankind's errant souls....

    And sets it to attack settlements....the more it kills...the more it grows.

    It's purpose?


    He'd make an awesome boss, properly written.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:53 No.17137984
    Tips hat

    Thank you good sir!
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:53 No.17137993
    Who doesn't fap to Gieger? It's entirely sexual in its design.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:55 No.17138015
    I like it.

    What do you think of Lizardfolk taking the coasts and some elf forests?
    As in
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:56 No.17138019
         File1323305768.jpg-(45 KB, 445x500, 1304202375378.jpg)
    45 KB
    >a mighty powerful Lich has awakened from his slumber,
    >A powerful Lich, awakes after years of slumber

    What if the Lich just wants to sleep?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:57 No.17138037
    Then he'll still wake up if only to tell those damn Orcs to stop watching WWE so loudly.
    >> OP HERE Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:58 No.17138052
    I think yes I will include them.

    Question: What does goblin, hobgoblin, orc speak sound like? What are some orcish words?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)19:59 No.17138058
    When the players attack him, he should say:



    "First....the Elves abandon us. Then,the dwarves leave us to die.Now, -you- rape our cities. It's a pity you Goblins die so easily, or I MIGHT have a sense of satisfaction now."
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:00 No.17138067
    >So Orcs, Goblins, and the other lesser races rule the world.

    Soooo...it's basically Philadelphia?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:00 No.17138071
    If I where to play in this setting I'd play a scientist, goblin or ork, bent on trying to find a cure for the plague, and resurrect enough humans to rescue their species. [spoiler]In small enough numbers that humans would always be a small minority constantly reminded of their great debt to the higher races and subjugated to servitude[/spoiler]
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:01 No.17138082
         File1323306075.jpg-(38 KB, 450x336, StatlerWaldorf.jpg)
    38 KB
    OH hohohohohohoh!
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:01 No.17138085
    A young goblin is on a quest to find Ancient One with magical powers.
    He is the only one who can help defeat subsurface dwellers which kidnap whole villages.

    The lich bored by lack of company, reluctantly agrees.

    Comedy happens.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:01 No.17138086

    Sounds like the dude has a MAJOR case of being hurt in the rectal region.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:02 No.17138090
    So what is New Jersey?

    No, that's what one of the Resident Liches is doing.

    Also there IS a present minority, the Paladin Monasteries and the heavily munchkinned Precursor Fortressess. Neither one moves, both are hard to find, and if you go within a hundred yards you are already dead.

    They are meant for high level players to have a challenge.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:04 No.17138116
    I thought that lich just wanted to end all life because he was butthurt?
    >> OP HERE Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:05 No.17138123
    more writing:

    After the Fall is designed with a wide open sandbox style to be a playground for the players rather than an amusement park. There are elements of the Campaign Setting that are purposefully vague, designed to be filled in by the players, DM, or by the writers at a later date. However, anything that's written can be easily ignored and sculpted to tell the type of story you want to tell. Each faction only has a small foothold in the New Kingdoms. What had once been human or elven cities and castles is now the home to the monstrous races.

    30 years ago, a plague killed all the humans, leaving their cities filled with corpses. It did not take long for the monstrous races to take note and claim the now empty kingdoms as their own.

    Hobgoblins: They are a feudal militaristic society closely allied with the kobolds and dedicated to conquest. They have laid claim to a large fortress they call the Dark Keep, they are driven to capture as many human magic items as possible. There are even rumors of them learning to use weapons that belch smoke and thunder, launching a stone hundreds of feet in the air.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:05 No.17138132
    Hey, OP....
    Any remaining humans or human Liches in your game should be amazingly hurt and feel betrayed by everything . Why? Think of everything we wrote.

    >>"First....the Elves abandon us. Then,the dwarves leave us to die.Now, -you- rape our cities. It's a pity you Goblins die so easily, or I MIGHT have a sense of satisfaction now."
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:05 No.17138134
    Nah, remember, all the Mages who were anybody turned to Lichdom or left for another plane to avoid the Plague.

    There are DOZENS of liches out there now, each on with a different agenda.
    Think Tomb Kings.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:06 No.17138137
    If I took a nap and when I woke up my entire species was dead, I'd be pretty full of buttrage too.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:08 No.17138161
    So remind me, did any humans survive at all? Like, maybe a few that crawled into a cave for 30 miserable years?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:09 No.17138173
    They are all in hiding.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:10 No.17138178
    It's open to DM interpretation. It's possible some rogue survived because he got the Ring of Disease Immunity int he dungeon and was thinking "What a lame item" but then got to survive the plague.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:11 No.17138198
    Sure. In myriads of ways.

    But its a 1:1000 ratio of those who survived the plague, then cut that down by 2/3 for the number who died to the raiders.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:12 No.17138206
    I would feel more panic then anything
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:13 No.17138224
    But the lich didn't, because he's a lich and doesn't really need to rely on others.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:15 No.17138250
    Seriously, If -I- was a powerful magus Lich,who slumbered or was in the process of becoming a Lich (which takes time)....

    And I woke up to find ALL my people gone? My family dead to divine plague? Betrayed by my elven allies, who left to their own devices? Abandoned by my dwarven FRIENDS who dug deeper and left my people alone to DIE, drowning in their own blood?

    ONLY to now have their remains and living graves picked clean and RAPED by the same beasts and goblins that fate saw to leave alone, unharmed?

    My rage would reach unfathomable levels. I would wallow in a grief and rage so hard that I would probably spend the rest of my time doing TWO things.

    1- Planning to raise my beloved humanity.

    2- DESTROY THE TRAITORS...STARTING WITH THE ELVES....and then the DWARVES....and everyone else desecrating my poor humanity.

    I'd probably create a gigantic living golem out of the biggest human city.

    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:16 No.17138259
    No, but Liches are like old men: they HATE change outside of their control. It confuses them, introduces new factors to account for.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:17 No.17138260
    I think a cool campaign idea would be everyone is playing vampires and you have to protect your human cattle
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:19 No.17138293
    That's a good point.
    in DnD do vampires require human blood to live?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:20 No.17138305
    There are no rules for not feeding, but all the monster and template fluff blocks state vampires need humanoid blood to survive.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:23 No.17138334
    You'd probably get assaulted/have to deal with human Liches trying to recover enough human/genetic samples to orchestrate a human 'rebirth'. But , you'd want them to continue spreading your pureblooded human Vampyre family.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:32 No.17138439
    I think the Vampires and Revenants and such would all be forced under the banner of the Lich's Crusade.

    >So the lich Erin Rah stands tall as he watches his perfect army slaughter another orc village. He watches the death of hundreds of orcs, and his only reaction is to silently whisper over and over to himself. “Bleached bones, bleached bones,” he says. “Those perfect human bones.”
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:38 No.17138496
    I can't help but to imagine a high level party ending up entering the lair of a somewhat eccentric Elder Wyrm, and not only dealing with the usual traps and puzzles and everything else one would find in such a place, see a giant crystal over the center of the horde, inside of which the party discovers are two humans, kept safe in magical stasis. When the plague hit humanity, the Dragon collected them for the sake of having an extinct race as part of it's horde, and has no intent to release them, ever.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:39 No.17138507
    What about Giths? They should be all over the place. Gith magic and army>>> anything that lesser races have.
    Only thing stoping Ilithids from taking over are human undead
    What about Yuan-ti? They should become major players
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:40 No.17138514
    That shit would be worth tons of GOLD to a lich.Maybe a kingdom worth of gold or two.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:40 No.17138518
    Considering the folk tales told of Humanity, and of the horror stories about their current undead incarnations, they should practically pissing themselves with the assumption that the Dragon is powerful enough to capture and hold two HUMANS!
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:48 No.17138591
    Campaign ideas

    You and your party are playing as ambassadors of your respective races, in attempts to create a more unified nation against a larger threat.(Undead, demons, race that players aren't races)

    You party is playing a group of adventuring Orcs (Drow, goblins, undead, any of the other races) going on raids, attacking enemy towns etc

    Your party is part of the dwarven GOLDEN HORDE! being a vanguard of the dwarven race and purging the filthy green skins
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)20:59 No.17138710
    I think the name Age of the Boar fits nicely to the setting

    About the old races coming back I think we pretty much fleshed it out nicely

    Dwarvish warbands pouring out of their old mountain fortress, clad in mighty golden armors with powerful constructs purging the land clean from the "beasts" that taint them

    Elves returning from their immortal refuge, more powerful than ever before, seeking to reclaim their ancient cities using their astounding knowledge in magic gained since their exile

    An undead human god thristing for revenge, twisted and scarred with the loss of his beloved children, rising and bringing forth his former followers from the afterlife, all too eager to share their pain with those who rose in their absence

    Gnomes, druids and wood elves merging with the fae energy of the worlds great forests, preying on those fool enough to tresspass their domains
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)21:01 No.17138725
    Hey, why don't we put together an adventure path? 6 or so adventures that will really help to flesh out the world?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)21:04 No.17138752
    Giths are mutated humans. They might die too.

    Yuan ti should rule a big part of the world, true. Would they be the only major surface race left with a real magic tradition ?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)21:07 No.17138792
    >The goal of the Yuan-ti, as dictated by their demonic god Merrshaulk, is to bring about the ultimate destruction of the world.
    Is that right?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)21:07 No.17138793
    A lot of yuan-ti originate from human stock as well. Without their breeding kine maybe they degenerated, or allied with other reptilian races to be their hands.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)21:10 No.17138827
    The previous god of humans? With all of his followers dying, and the evil god's wicked power still strong even in it's dying moments, the god of humans also perished. His last thoughts were full of hatred and injustice, and this allowed a profane energy to surge within him. He became the Profane Emporer, ruler of the undead. He rose once mighty paladins and clerics of humankind and showed them the same resentment and hate he bore for the races that were allowed to survive the plague that had so mercilessly killed off his followers. They became the very thing they had hunted: undead zealots.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)21:11 No.17138834
    The races of Hobgoblin and Kobold quickly gained lands nearest their typical lairs / grottos due to superior organization of community, snatching away lands from Halfling and Gnome. The Gnomes were the third race to disappear from the world, falling victim to the Kobold's ancient vandettas, or the sadism of the Goblinoid races. The Halflings, who were so resilient against the curses of a wicked god, proved rather frail when faced with the blades and clubs of the Orcs and the Goblins. In a last ditch effort to save their kind, they agreed to teach what they knew of agriculture to the barbarians. This however, did not prove to be a lasting savior as they to perished soon after the gnomish race.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)21:12 No.17138840
    The Dwarves, who had betrayed the mortal races by locking themselves safely inside of their strongholds within the mountains emerged only to find themselves without ally, and their ancestral nemesi had inhabited what once was the homes of civilized races. So did the Golden Horde, as they were referred to by the Goblinoids, descend upon the land dispensing their brand of rightous fury amongst the races of the living and the dead alike.
    >> OP here Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)21:12 No.17138843
    More writing:

    The orcs have claimed several northern cities that once belonged to the humans. No one now knows what names once belonged to these towns, but they are now collectively known as the Fangs. The Fangs are now possessed by quarrelsome orc tribes, their goblin allies, and their Halfling slaves. The orcs struggle with surviving the cold winters and each others greed.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)21:12 No.17138851
    The races residing within Elven lands grew, unrestricted by their fickle overlords. The races of Satyr and Centaur expanded, and grew. They took into their posession what was once the Elves greatest achievements, and they warred amongst themselves for unrestricted priviledge to these treasures.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)21:13 No.17138856

    I believe this has summed up the events that have happened during the absence of mankind, should someone... or something find this journal of mine I could rest knowing that the knowledge of civilized races may have a hope of continuing into a new, godforsaken age. Signed, Erethas Theruman.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)21:15 No.17138874
    Does /tg/ like my take on this setting and the ideas that have unfolded over two threads?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)21:17 No.17138903
    NIcely done bro.
    THogh I thought e was supposed to become Pelor, THe Burning Hate?
    He was once Zarus of Humanity, then Pelor of the Sun.
    What now?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)21:19 No.17138919
    yea man, I think you have a lot of good ideas and I appreciate them a lot.

    Thanks for your help. I feel like you really get it. >>17138874
    yea man, I think you have a lot of good ideas and I appreciate them a lot.

    Thanks for your help. I feel like you really get it.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)21:19 No.17138922
    I didn't want to use the base D&D gods, so I'm slowly coming up with replacements.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)21:20 No.17138935
    Pretty good imo, but seems like we're not really sure what we wanted to happen to halflings and gnomes, but I'm ok with this
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)21:20 No.17138939

    Say, what happened to all those Divine Artifacts?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)21:21 No.17138944
    don't you dare remove the Burning Hate, God of Skeladins.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)21:24 No.17138978
    It appears unintentional slight has occurred. I didn't want to DM Plagurized Thread Setting. I had to include my own personality and make it different enough that I felt I wasn't straight up copying everything that had transpired. Otherwise it would be a boring setting without a shred of my creativity in it. I say boring because if it doesn't have any of my own content it feels rather uninspired to DM for me.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)21:25 No.17138986
    >Age of the Boar

    It reminds me of this.

    There had been five immigrations into Ireland up to the
    present time. Before the Deluge no one came thither, nor
    after the Deluge until three hundred and twelve years had
    passed. Then came Partholon and twenty-four companions;
    they multiplied until they were five thousand, and
    then all perished of the plague save Tuan alone. For
    twenty-two years he was the sole inhabitant of Ireland.
    Then came Nemed, and by that time Tuan was grey, de-
    crepit, naked, long-haired and clawed. One evening he
    slept, and awoke on the morrow as a stag, full of youth and
    vigour. He sang Neraed's coming and his transformation.
    Now Nemed had come with but eight companions ; they
    multiplied until they were four hundred and thirty thousand
    of either sex, and then all perished. By this time Tuan
    had again reached the extreme limit of age; again he
    changed his form for that of a boar, and he sang as follows :
    ' To-day I am a boar, a king, a mighty one, looking forward
    to triumph. Once I was in the assembly which gave the
    judgment of Partholon ; it was sung, and all praised the
    melody. Full of pleasantness was the chant of my judg-
    ment — pleasant to the young women, the very fair ones.
    My voice was grave and sweet, my step in the battle was
    swift and firm, my face was full of charm...
    To-day I am a black boar.'
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)21:43 No.17139145
    But it's not your setting anymore, OP.
    It's /tg/'s communal effort now.

    Are you going to claim dominance and responsibility for all the fantastic ideas the fa/tg/uys have provided you?Are you going to just edit it as you wish instead of allowing /tg/ to choose?

    How could you, OP.
    After all we did for you.
    I am hurt.I will never cooperate on a /tg/ setting again!
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)21:50 No.17139208
    Ignore the melodrama.

    But that is a good point. It is a general understanding that anything that gets put onto /tg/ becomes 'ours'. It is yours, and mine, and that guys all at the same time, unless you, the OP, specified otherwise early on.
    We realize this and make the conscious decision to NOT fight over it, but instead find compromises and alternatives that are sensible, and if one cannot be found then one of the already present options is chosen as overall the objective best.

    And you are the GM of your game, take of it what you will and leave what you won't, and make your own things to add into it.
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)23:12 No.17140138
         File1323317572.jpg-(28 KB, 317x238, rita_4006.jpg)
    28 KB
    "At last, after ten thousand years I'm free! It's time to conquer-- hey, where is everybody?"
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)23:23 No.17140249
         File1323318199.jpg-(19 KB, 210x230, hardboiled reaction.jpg)
    19 KB
    I remember seeing a version of that with relation to nuclear warfare. It amused me.

    In this case however, Rita Repulsa would fit in so damn well. All the gods who may have been containing her are dead or weakened, the seal was broken, and now she awakens, an ancient demigod facing earth without the benefit of the Elven Sorceries, Human Tenacity, and Dwarven Technology to protect it.
    On the other hand, the New Order promotes pragmatism and overwhelming force without prejudice.
    How will this turn out, I wonder?
    >> Anonymous 12/07/11(Wed)23:42 No.17140450
    Poorly for Rita Repulsa, very very poorly. Odds are a hundred to one that she gets curbstomped and then brutally raped within a week - at best.
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)00:03 No.17140612
    I think the only beings in this setting capable of fighting Rita's supergiant monsters are Lich's.

    I am now imagining a Lich-skull floating in a tube inside a giant underground lair, giving Medallions of Power to five energetic, young Orc Adventurers.
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)00:05 No.17140626
         File1323320723.png-(256 KB, 396x318, delete.png)
    256 KB
    It's official, we have our first adventure hook.
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)00:08 No.17140646
         File1323320885.jpg-(6 KB, 251x193, rainbows.jpg)
    6 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)00:11 No.17140679
    So what's the theme? Chromatic dragons?
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 12/08/11(Thu)00:11 No.17140686
    So... Rita Repulsa = dragonkin archmage (preferred spell: enlarge animal)
    Big Hologram Dude = lich
    orc youth adventurers with attitude = powa rangas
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)00:20 No.17140731
         File1323321600.gif-(1.48 MB, 320x240, 1252830237176.gif)
    1.48 MB
    I like the chromatic dragons idea. The power coins could be like five Lich phylacteries made from dragon (hearts/souls/soulstones) whatevers.
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)00:21 No.17140742
    so we have a blue, black, red, white, and green ranger.
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)00:26 No.17140783
         File1323322018.png-(390 KB, 905x4232, 1323181330829.png)
    390 KB
    And yellow
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)00:31 No.17140803
         File1323322266.gif-(302 KB, 294x266, bard.gif)
    302 KB
    that is the worst shaggy dog story I have ever read.
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)00:35 No.17140837
    It was a counter-trolling attempt, IIRC.
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)01:02 No.17141054
    Left the thread for work five hours ago, glad to see it continued with some great content.

    Gonna give it a bump and see if there's still anyone online who wants to see any more progress.
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)05:39 No.17142633
    Guys, there's a big question left unanswered.

    With the death of the great god of evil, his portfolio was ripe for the taking.

    Who claimed the powers of the old god? One quick witted being, or has it been split into multiple parts?

    For that matter, how did the powerful god of evil come to be? Did he, through ages of planning and plotting wrest power away from other gods, or slay/imprison his "colleagues"?
    Are they now free to retake their power and rule over this new world?

    Is Rita one of these old gods?
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)06:05 No.17142725
    How about some halfling refugees escaping to isolated area behind mountains which was once a sea based human kingdom?
    Therre they settle in defensive farms(imagine tunnels of vietcong) to protect against any raids that may come from goblinoid invasions, mostly kobold and goblin raids.
    All is well, untill a group of halflings explores the tempting ruins of the former country's capital which was a port based city. There in the sewers and catacombs ancient beings lie in slumber. Former heads and leaders of trade houses who are vampires(before the plague some trade houses were secretly led by vampires, when it happened, other heads and top members joined for promise of immortality and salvation).
    Now the halfling nation is protected and herded for its much tastier blood(than that of animals) by the Dark Coven. Selected halfling rogues and warriors are made thralls to help boost protection and defense(are there any good vampiric classes or thralls in 3.5 E?).
    Occassionally the vampires send a merchant or adventurer group to more civilised areas(lizardmen, distant hobgoblin lands) to spy and learn about the world.
    >> Kreetn 12/08/11(Thu)06:09 No.17142737
    My players wanted to try something between conan and the power rangers, rallying behind a leader, etc.

    With that in mind, as soon as this is done I'm stealing it and running a finn the human/highlander grimderp campaign
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)06:11 No.17142755
    Seems like pelor has gone full-on burning hate, worshiped by skeladins and by vamps as a death god. Maybe him?
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)06:16 No.17142772
    The other major evil besides the Human Liches should be Illithids and Aboleths.

    Let the Drow grow in complacency and opulance. As they took over Elven cities and sites they dwelled in intrigue and petty games, and as such forgotten about true dangers of the world. There is a group of Drow who know of the Illithid threat and have tried to warn their kingdoms but most have been either ignored or exiled(of course there could be a city where they are in power). Now the both the hidden supporters and exiles have organized themselves as Night Guard. Their goal is to shape surface races into their tools and create a surface empire ruled by drow. Now their advisors help Hobgoblins hoping that eventually they will be able to control them(big mistake).
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)06:29 No.17142820

    In his attempts to stay alive despite the death of his followers, Pelor had to use the powers of his once enemy.

    Defiling the laws of reality, Pelor denied his followers the salvation of death and forced the clergy to continue to s serve him in eternal vigil.

    Guard the flame, that the Sun God prevails
    Pile high upon the flame the corpses of enemy, that it burns strong.
    Guard the flame.
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)08:41 No.17143316
    I'd play undead human still possessing a modicum of intelligence and self-awareness who is acting upon orders by his lich king to find out what happened, gather intelligence on the world as a whole and retrieve everything of sufficient magic value. No. Matter. What.
    Or is that going against the whole idea of the HUMANS ARE DEAD setting?
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)09:27 No.17143466
    This has potential. Party can be groupe of undead and powerfull adventurers but something went wrong when the Lich was resurecting them and they lost most of knowlage and personality. Leveling up for them is not geting new skills and knowlage, its remembering stuff they forgot
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)10:16 No.17143693
    Of course, regaining their memories can cause... unwanted effects unless their lich keeps an eye on them. You could do a lot of things with this. Say that you find and equip a ring that prevents scrying or mind control which will stop the lich's dead man's grip on them and they eventually become fully self aware and able to think and act on their own. Then they have to defend themselves from the lich's thralls sent to destroy the rogue agents.
    Or if they stay loyal, the lich decides that they are useful henchmen as is and devotes some time to restoring them to their full potentional.
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)11:56 No.17144305

    I like this idea, but we should keep the borrowed powers to a minimum. It'd make Pelor the most powerful deity around, if he simply took the emptied divinity of what was once the most powerful deity around. Maybe the over-all 'power' got gobbled up by all of the deities who struggled to survive, but nobody wanted to touch the core of power for fear of becoming too corrupted. Even the surviving not-so-nice deities didn't want to go near it.

    Pelor missed the power grab, because he was too proud to fully recognize his own danger. At the moment of his passing, however, when desperation took hold, he grabbed that core with both hands and plunged himself in.

    What came out was something . . . different.
    >> Anonymous 12/08/11(Thu)16:58 No.17146889

    Good point, though the other gods not wanting to take the core seems a bit weird to me. I'm sure there are evil enough gods that don't mind a bit of corruption in exchange for power. Perhaps Pelor, being strongest of the gods of the light, kept it from them? He meant to saveguard it at first, but when all seemed lost... it was just there, for the taking.

    >wasnaryb here?
    I don't know captcha, if Naryb is a human, I doubt he's still alive...

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